An Ode to L Ron Hubbard

You said your legacy would be the tech
but the dictator said otherwise
and the church began its demise
and hurt came to those who would object

You said there was no hidden data line
but the dictator said he knew better
and burned all of your policy letters
and the church went into long term decline

You said the tech was timeless and free
but the dictator wanted power and cash
and made your truth a confusing hash
and status and greed replaced the state of OT

You acknowledged the loyalty of your gracious wife
but the dictator used her as a stepping stone
and she died forgotten, friendless and alone
and thus he erased your dear Manuela from your life

You raised three fine children and one who died too soon
but the dictator wanted them forgotten too
and your progeny turned from sunshine to blue
and the many who loved you wept under a sorrowful moon

You had faith that your friends would make it come out right
but the dictator mis-used your treasure to enervate them
and black dianetics, reverse scientology internecine mayhem
and with violence did he destroy their willingness to fight

You said only truth could penetrate thick armor plate
and though the dictator protested this fact
it was your ace in the hole that has our back
and everyday now more are working to reverse your fate

And alas, it may take time and a perilous struggle
but we assure you it is too late to reverse our tide
you’ve got friends to the end of time on your side
and come hell or high water we’ll emerge from this jungle

Because we know you were right that the truth shall set us free
and that is one thing no dictator will ever take away
it will be your real friends standing at the end of day
humanity freed, the only proper acknowledgment of thee

Italian translation available at

Grateful acknowledgment is due to Karen De La Carriere for supplying the LRH images for this Ode.  She worked tirelessly at her own expense over decades to amass perhaps the largest collection of LRH images in the world.  Images that show LRH in all his humanity, images that the church would never allow to see the light of day.

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  1. Friend of Ron

    Now THAT is BEAUTIFUL, theta, timless and rehabilitating. Thank you Karen, Marty, all who post her constructively.


  2. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing Karen!! I love these.

    I got an invite to the LRH centennial birthday event for next week and it doesn’t even have a picture of the birthday boy! Just buildings.


    I especially enjoyed the photo of LRH and his children.

    Thank you!

  4. Sugar Plum Fairey

    I would love to know who wrote the Ode. My hat is off to Karen!!!

    Altho’ the pics and the Ode are wonderful, it pains me that a man and woman and family of such greatness have been dragged through the mud and filth by one who is completely at the other end of the spectrum in intelligence, grace and greatness.

  5. Happy Birthday Ron! A true friend. I’m sorry some of us were sleeping while the church was usurped by a dictator. We’ll make it right.

    More pics of Ron!! He’s The Man!!

  6. martyrathbun09

    It is my Ode to him.

  7. Thank you for such a gift – images of LRH and his family and friends. Such a treasure. And thanks to Karen for the assistance in this endeavor.

    I remember hearing of Mary Sue’s departure a few years after it happened. It was sad that not even one word was mentioned about it at musters, or graduation, or anything. That was truly an insult the LRH and his family and his legacy. I hope wherever May Sue is that she is flourishing and prospering in her new game.


  8. I forgot to mention that the ode is so beautiful too. Thanks Marty. A real tear jerker though.

  9. Sugar Plum Fairey

    Great poem Marty!

  10. Beautifully spoken, Mr. Rathbun. Wonderful pictures.

  11. Just absolutely lovely – this warm my heart.

  12. Sugar Plum Fairey

    Marty, you are such a wonderful wordmeister. I look forward to the day when we sit across the table from each other with you as the Auditor ad me as the Pc. Or just as a friend enjoying good cups of Casablanca Joe.

  13. Happy birthday Ron!

    I like to thank you very much for your legacy and hope to meet one day.

    Marty, thank you for the powerful aesthetics that cut through walls.

    Karen, thank you for the beautiful pictures and your continued support.

  14. Fellow Traveller

    This is an incredible display of all(?) those things that make man noble — love, honor, respect, integrity, humility, gratitude.

    What a tribute to the man who has helped renew those in me.

    Thank you Marty for those words, thank you Karen for those photos.

    Bruce Pratt

  15. Wow, those pics were wonderful Karen. Thank you so much.

    And Marty … you outdid yourself. That ode was BEAUTIFUL! Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for being here.

  16. Alex Braverman

    Happy Birthday Ron. I’ll bet you’d never guess what happened…

  17. These are such beautiful pictures. Thank you for the ode to ron today, Marty. love, g

  18. Today, and not for the first time since you left us, I spare a moment to drink a toast to you, to consider your legacy, and further to contemplate what it means to be a Scientologist. You warned us that it wouldn’t be easy, and I fully get that now.

    Happy centenary, sir.

    Rob Judd, Melbourne Australia
    HDC, Course Sup, Qual W/C, HAS Co-Audit Sup, Ethics Specialist
    Clear 13611 (Sydney), OT III (Freezone), Free Being

  19. martyrathbun09

    Rob, Thank you Sir. And welcome.

  20. Well yeah.
    We were warned and we still goofed 🙂
    Thankfully you gave us the tools to dig ourselves out again.
    I’m sorry it’s taken us some time to find our own bootstraps but we’re back now.
    I hope you’re looking down on us from some place, smiling happily with Mary Sue in your arms.
    And I hope that you know that all your friends are assembled with everlasting love to protect and forward the legacy you worked so hard and sacrificed so much to give us.
    Happy Birthday Ron ♥

  21. So beautiful and inspiring. Thx

  22. It’s the perfect gift Marty. I’m sure he loves it 🙂

  23. Thanks you Marty – Great Ode and photos! Perfect.

    Recognized the living room at Rifle on the last photo, quite nostalgic.

  24. Yvonne Schick

    A beautiful tribute. I was moved to tears. Thank you, Marty.

    Happy Birthday, Ron.

  25. Wow thanks for sharing this Marty.

    You really are the most wonderful King Pin, SP, criminal I’ve known and I’m glad you’re hear making leadership look easy. Ron would be proud.

    HB RON!

  26. What a great acknowledgement! What a beautiful way to say how much the old man meant to many, and the legacy he really left behind. Thank you Marty for the words, and Karen, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. Hope to see many more in the future.

    Happy Birthday, Ron. We will keep the lights burning bright, always.

  27. Every time I see happy photos of LRH with his family I do wonder about their legacy and what the CoS’s effect was on them and their relationship with their bigger than life father.

    When someones father is considered a giant in a field or a founder of an org with adherents it does place a large amount of pressure on the children. Many time once the parent passes the children carry the mantle and continue the legacy but in the case LRH that wasn’t the case. Was this because of the wishes of LRH or because of a large organization of people who viewed his children as a threat to their own agendas?

    I’ve read some negative comments pertaining to some of LRHs children on here. Why did things go sour and/or now are certain children viewed in such a bad light? If my understanding is correct his daughter Diana is still involved in official CoS but you hear nothing of her from the cult and it barely acknowledged Mary Sue when she was still living.

    Whenever I see photos of LRH and his children it raises these questions in my mind. Did the organization he founded end up destroying his own children? Or since many biological connections in CoS are not given high value did LRH not really place high importance on his children being the ones to inherit his legacy and instead on people he chose? Why did some end up becoming alienated from their father during his lifetime.

    I guess any time you see images of a young happy family together you wonder why certain things turned out the way they did.

  28. Thank you so much for the Pics Karen Warm and touching memories that go behind them.The words attach to those images are very very warming and again Thankyou Karen and Thank you Marthy It .Nearly brought me to tears.

  29. Beautiful, Marty. Very appropriate.

  30. Marty,

    Fantastic Ode.

    Tremendous that Karen has collected so many photos, many I have never before seen, and I’ve seen a few in my day.

    He would be so proud.


  31. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Lovely ode and great pictures. Thanks, Marty and Karen!

    And Marty, you are so right that the church would never have us see photos like these – they’re simply too real. These kinds of images might actually make us feel like we have a connection to Ron.

    Happy birthday, Ron!

  32. TroubleShooter

    Thank you Marty for the post – Thank you Karen for the pictures and I soooo look forward to enjoying them with everyone.

    Happy Birthday Ron!

  33. Priceless … absolutely, totally, and completely priceless. Thank you! H

  34. Thank you Marty, and thank you Karen. And Happy Birthday to you, Sir!

  35. Crashingupwards

    Thanks Marty and Karen for making these available. It gives more real humanity and perspective to the man. Both always being is short supply in photographs. Listening to tapes always helped give a better feeling for the man. Back in 76 at the USGO there was a photo display presented to the staff of pictures of LRH which were not BPI and not staged. Some sort of reward to the GO at the time. I recall us all filing by the pictures. I am glad your blog has made similar photos BPI. I think its helpful given the all or nothing attitude towards the man that many have. I like the pictures here very much. When all is said and done I think history will judge the man well. Thanks to the many here who are working to salvage the subject from the mess thats been created.

  36. I move to joy.
    By it all.
    That’s the gift I get, on HIS birthday, from him.
    And so many more to come.

    Marty, Karen, thankyou so much for this.

  37. While I studied on the academy I had the idea that I will never forget that what I learned. And I knew as I made it through TRO that my time track changed to the much better. I have been dumped as veggi here on earth and had no chance. You gave me the change to go alive again. Thank You very much Ron.

  38. This Ode comes from heart ! Mine too . Also seeing this pic´s touches me.

  39. Tony Dephillips

    Great poem.
    Loved the photos. It makes LRH look more like a genuine person. It actually raised my ARC for his physical form.

  40. mark mckinstry


    Such a great tribute. Thank you.

    Your ARC and ability to differentiate is off the chart. Your site gives many hope and strengthens our connection to LRH despite the ravings of the current regime.

    May this mark a turning point for the better.

    Happy Birthday LRH!

  41. Michael Fairman

    Thank you, Karen, for the pictures. They are a wonderful reminder of LRH’s good and great human qualities. They throw into high relief who David Miscavige is and what the church has become. Marty, your ode is like a Greek chorus lamenting this era of the dictator, yet hopeful of a future that will contain LRH’s true legacy.
    Happy Birthday Ron.

  42. Thank you Marty and Karen for the wonderful acknowledgment to L Ron Hubbard and his family.

    I would like to add my Birthday wishes to those going out to L Ron Hubbard on his centenary.

    He is true giant among men and an inspiration for many of us as we “move on up a little higher”. Thank you Ron.


  43. That was fabulous, Marty. And thanks for photos, Karen. A very uptone, poetic tribute to a really great guy. Happy Birthday Ron!

    Here is one of Ron’s quotes that guides my personal and business life. I find it reflects nearly everyone I know in the independent field.

    “If a government were very strong, if a government felt very secure, if a government could see and was well upscale, it would employ the most peaceful, quiet methods of granting beingness and getting cooperation from its various enemies—potential enemies. It would square them up, it wouldn’t fight a war.
    “You don’t find an educated, secure man fighting with all of his neighbors. No, the person who fights his neighbors is a very insecure, not at all sane man.”
    — L. Ron Hubbard

    From the lecture The Control of Hysteria, 15 April 1957.

  44. Happy Birthday Sir! Thanks Karen and to Marty for the wonderful ode.
    Karen, you once gave me a few pics of LRH for which I am grateful. It is good news that your true legacy will not be lost.
    Here’s a toast to the next 100 years of truth.

  45. Operatingwog

    Wow! Unbelievable ode. Reminiscent of some of LRH’s great lyrics.

  46. one of those who see

    Thank you Marty and Karen. Beautiful! Back in the 80’s the independents had a newsletter called “Reconnection.” I love the wonderful theta of the reconnecting of our group including Ron, Mary Sue and Quentin, Diana, Suzette and Arthur. (Having never met DM it is still observable he has a HUGE aberation on the 2nd Dynamic. The debris is everywhere.)
    And more reconnection in yesterday’s acknowlegement of Auditors from the Freezone, who I believe have been out of the church since the first wave. We are healing.
    “You said only truth could penetrate thick armor plate
    and though the dictator protested this fact
    it was your ace in the hole that has our back…” &
    “humanity freed, the only proper acknowledgment of thee”

    Happy Birthday Sir and thank you for all the work you have done these many years and for what I’m sure you are still doing. The future is bright.
    I am keeping my eye on the mountain.

  47. Friend of Ron

    “You don’t find an educated, secure man fighting with all of his neighbors. No, the person who fights his neighbors is a very insecure, not at all sane man.”

    Great quote!

    Thank you LDW.

  48. one of those who see

    Excellent. Thanks for posting this quote by LRH. Never read that one.

  49. Friend of Ron


    I fully agree with you — the way MSH was treated during her life by DM and when she dropped her body was an absolute insult. Many many old timers were disgusted. They well knew what she contributed to the tech and also how much she kept the family values alive in the SO.

    Here is a link to a theta tribute that was put together for her:

    And here is one of her memorable tributes to Ron, taken from this site. I’d like to republish it here as I strongly believe she would be VERY proud to be part of this group of free, on source beings:

    Mary Sue Hubbard Quote
    “…To my dear husband, auditor, teacher and our Founder go my thanks and acknowledgement for having given the most precious gifts of Freedom and true Beingness to me and my fellow Man. Without him, none of this would have been possible; and so to Ron goes my everlasting gratitude for having provided for all of us the Road to Clear.”

  50. I echo your sentiments, Margaret.

    Impossible to read Marty’s ode while looking at those great photos without the eyes welling up with tears of both gratitude and sadness and probably all sorts of other emotions mixed in too.

    Thank you Marty, and Happy Birthday LRH.

  51. This is a man who shared his life with others, and taught me that self-determinism is a fundamental human right. It cannot be “given” or “taken away”, except by ones own doing and\or consideration. Further, these rights of sovreignity, freedom and self-determination derive from the divinity of our own creation, so cannot rightfully be “regulated” by any temporal entity. Unselfishly he worked to help us realize these truths in fact, and taught us how to allow others to do the same.

    Thank you Sir.

    And Karen, these pictures are AWESOME! I hope someday to see them all..;)

  52. Those pics are fantastic. So different from the photoshopped, “ideal” images the Church uses.
    Great poem too.

    There’s something to this. Scientology, LRH and his works and life are so polished and PR by the church that you can’t just accept it as truth. It feels like you’re being sold something. I’d rather have the good and the bad, the wrinkles and the real man instead of some perfect god that the church PR has made him.

  53. Yes. It’s like more R on who he was. This has been lost in the Church.
    In the first pic I think he’s mixing. Sliding faders and listening to the monitors. I’ve done that many times. It’s like I can feel that same thought and emotion he’s got there.

  54. Jethro Bodine

    Is that Ron working on the Apollo Stars recording? They don’t make music like that anymore.

  55. LRH Communicator

    I enjoyed all of them, words and images.
    Thank you.

  56. Marty, those were the best words ever written FOR Ron. I really dig that you love him. I really dig that you duplicate his intentions to free man. I really dig that you duplicated what personal loss and strife he went through to get us the tech. Thank you Marty, from the depths of my heart, for such a moving tribute. And thank you lovely Karen for the photos. I know you too love The Man. It has always shown.

    ML Tom

  57. This Ode is quite beautifully written Marty.
    Anne Greig (OT 8 RIP) LRH personal Librarian WW and Irene Thrupp (not a Scientologist ~~ LRH Personal Secretary for 40 years at WW~~ St Hill Manor) just about adopted me in my early years at St Hill when I lived with Anne Greig at 6, St. Hill Green for 2 years.

    Both of them started my LRH photo collection by giving me copies of their treasures ~~ especially LRH in the 1950s ~~ a lot of family ones with the 4 kids that they personally took with their own cameras. This started my journey into the collection…locating old timers and getting the images.

    Marty will have all of them in due course …..

    Happy Birthday LRH !

  58. Inspiring words Marty…thanks Karen for the theta photo’s of Ron.
    This post brought chills and a knowingness we will somehow make Scientology whole again.
    Happy Birthday Ron from a long time loyal friend.

  59. Eileen Clark

    Beautiful. Perfect.
    An honest and sincere tribute from the heart that stands out loudly against the hypocritical rant in CofM$.

    Thank you, Marty, for expressing it so well. Karen, thanks so much for sharing those photos.

    I, also, feel that some important point has been reached. We continue.

    Happy Birthday, Sir!

    L, Eileen

  60. Scott Campbell

    Beautiful Ode of a tragedy turned to triumph, Marty.

    More appropriate fare for the Centennial celebration of L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday I cannot think of. Thank you for tirelessly leading the vanguard ensuring the Legacy of LRH’s tech shall endure.

    The never before seen pictures of LRH at work, as a family man, and humbly receiving birthday gifts are priceless. Thank you Karen for providing such wonderful reminders of LRH the man – not the Idol.

    L, Scott

  61. Wonderful and apt tribute Marty, thanks. Karen the pics are simply amazing showing a warm and human Ron. Just lovely, heartwarming stuff.

  62. Scott Campbell

    Dear Karen,

    Your comment illustrates your true intentions as a being. Many would want to hoard such possessions in order to attribute some special significance to them.

    That you are willing to share them because of the good intentions with which they will be used truly speaks to your benevolent and generous nature.

    L, Scott

  63. Thanks Marty and Karen, absolutely wonderful! Happy Birthday Ron.

  64. Marty, Karen, et al,

    Thanks for a wonderful tribute to a true humanitarian. Splendid!


  65. Marty and Karen,

    Thank-you. A fitting tribute.

    Happy 100th Ron!

    ML, Vic

  66. Fellow Traveller

    Dearest indomitable spirit,

    Thank you for your generosity. The ole man was right to request you join him. I know of no better ack of who you are.

    On a lighter note — hey this is Ron’s birthday, so what’s up with Marty gettin’ the goods!? Is it Marty’s birthday too? His Christmas?

    Bruce Pratt

  67. SunnyV – I don’t recall ever reading anything bad about LRH’s children on this blog. Suzette and Arthur – the two youngest are no longer involved with the management of the church.

    Dianna the eldest is still involved but hidden away – much to the horror of many of us who knew her as a vibrant, fantastic ambassador for LRH and Scientology.

    Hopefully, this will be the year where she somehow breaks free from dm inc.

    I love this photo of the family. The look on Suzette’s face is priceless.


  68. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Thank you, Marty and Karen.

    And Happy Birthday to Ron!

  69. Beautiful ode – choked me up.
    Beautiful photos .
    Happy centennial Ron.

  70. Marty — lovely ode to LRH.

    Because you understand that man is basically good, and because your intentions are to help man (re)discover his basic goodness, it is only a matter of time before enough people have recognized this spark of goodness. This dark age of materialism will then be illuminated and the shackles that bound mankind will be broken forever.

    Thank you for keeping the flame of LRH’s hope for mankind from being utterly extinguished.

    Wisdom traditions are often trampled, scoffed at, brutalized and buried but they can never be fully extinguished because there is always someone or a few who refuse to give up.

    I’m glad that you and your friends refuse to give up!!


  71. Karen #1 — thank you so much for sharing these photos.

    They are simply wonderful.

    It’s great to see LRH looking so happy.


  72. Warm and human … that’s exactly how it felt to me too Martin.

  73. Roger that Erwin.

    Some very cool pics.

    Loved the one with Ron with Mary Sue.

  74. Wow. Thank you Marty and Karen.
    This was the best birthday event I’ve been to since. . . . .


  75. martyrathbun09

    Thank you again Karen. You are an angel.

  76. Kathy Braceland

    Beautiful ode Marty.

    “You’ve got friends to the end of time on your side.” That’s us.

    “Because we know you were right that the truth shall set us free
    and that is one thing no dictator will ever take away
    it will be your real friends standing at the end of day
    humanity freed, the only proper acknowledgment of thee.” Beautiful.

    Beautiful photos.

    Thank you Ron, for giving us a priceless gift that keeps on giving.

  77. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you Marty and Karen. Wow.

  78. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    My thanks to all as well, including the Mr. and his awesome earlier stat analysis.
    Marty, I’m taking these birthday posts as your answer to my email for advice. You may know that I ‘ve received lots of advice from some of our other good friends and for Ron’s birthday, I’m gearing up to audit my first Independent PC! I’m so excited!
    Happy, happy birthday Ron!

  79. martyrathbun09

    Audit her well! I know you will.

  80. OSA: Please REALLY take note of that quote and apply it!

  81. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Ditto on that Wow Christie. And again, I have no words like Marty’s but thank you and Happy Birthday Sir!

  82. Thank you Karen and Marty. A great tribute.
    And, Happy Birthday to the thetan who was Ron, wherever you may be.

  83. Marty, Thank you. That was beautiful. I loved the pics, thanks Karen. Love

  84. one of those who see


  85. Tony DePhillips

    He looks more like a real person eh DFB?

  86. In tribute to LRH Birthday, I would like to tell an Apollo story

    A Pc arrived from Chicago, lets call him BRUCE. He was a high high druggie. In the drug lists, the pc is asked how many TRIPS or incidents on each drug.

    Bruce’s list ran like this

    Ecstacy 2912 times
    LSD 4982 times
    STP 3777 time
    Mushroom hallucogenics 5449 times on and on and on

    (Obviously I cannot remember figures I listed decades ago, but each drug was high 4 figures.)

    You get the picture. He was assigned to me to audit and could not run Dianetics. On the first command he doped off and fell asleep. There was almost nothing I could do to wake him up. He red-tagged at the Examiner daily ~~ of course, he got NO AUDITING. All red tagged folders went to LRH immediately and Senior CS ~~ no ifs or buts to see what went wrong and why.

    LRH met me on Promenade Deck. He asked if I got the significance of such a heavy drug list and we went to his research room. Bruce’s folder was right on his desk. I sat opposite LRH as he focused 100% of his attention units on the folder and how to get the pc to WIN. I fully and absolutely EXPERIENCED the personal care, the empathy, the deep LRH desire to make the pc in front of him WIN with auditing. He cared. He pushed aside all Evals and other traffic in his office and focused on the pc folder.

    He lifted his head and told me. “I know ~~ I have a bright idea. We will make him SWEAT OUT. If any residual drugs are in the body, let’s see if sweating it out makes a difference !” I was somewhat foggy on what “SWEAT OUT” meant. LRH wrote out the CS as I sat intently watching what this would be.

    Bruce was CSed by LRH to put on swimming trunks and do deck work 5 hours a day, heavy heavy exercise ~~ we were in the Mediterranean and it was summer. There was no Sauna. There was no exercise gym machines. There was nothing…we were on the high seas. LRH made sure the MLO gave lots of vitamins and cal mag to Bruce daily. Bruce did this for 6 weeks. He got a nice tan, he became alert and perky. He did not come back to me as a pc because my line-up was full, he was re-assigned to Quentin Hubbard. Quentin was my daily morning Twin for daily morning TRs in the Interneship. I asked Quentin before morning TRs how Bruce was running.
    I found out that Bruce was running R3R (Dianetics) without doping off !!!.. He was able to run Dianetics and was bright eyed and bushy tailed. His sluggishness and druggy appearance had vanished.

    This story is the story of the very first PURIFICATION Rundown ever run. It was primitive. It was done on the High Seas. It was done because LRH cared that the pc would WIN. When BRUCE left the Flagship Apollo he was hardly recognizable from the drugged up sluggish dopey looking guy of 3 months earlier.

    The Purification Rundown greatly evolved after this. Cal-mag, minerals, oil and all the fine tuning.

    But this was the research PILOT, this was the test case than then later rolled out as PURIFICATION Rundown.

    I saw and experienced how much LRH cared for the next guy and wanted then to improve and advance. You would have to have been with me in LRH’s office to see LRH’s attitude and caring and diligence for this one druggie to duplicate why I say I saw and experienced the good and exemplary side of LRH.

  87. Wonderful , wonderful tribute Marty and Karen – thank you both so much for this posting.

    Thank you dear Ron for working out the truths and the traps and sharing them. Happy Birthday Sir!

    Love Bernie

  88. WH,
    Your words so mirrored my thoughts. I won’t try and repeat the concepts. It is fitting that on his birthday we are the group keeping his dream alive.

    Along with Scientology his family was important to him and so very fitting that we have the wonderful photos supplied by Karen. It gives me peace on his birthday that I have not felt for years at the other birthday events. This is the real deal. We respect him for who he was and honor this day for that.

    Thanks to all on this blog for helping celebrate this day.

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  90. Freedom Fighter

    What Sam said. Perfect.

  91. Karen#1~Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous treasures! XOXO

  92. What a story! I always knew LRH genuinely cared for anyone and everyone he was connected to. I could tell this from his lectures and his tech. Proof positive. No inval, just care. 🙂

  93. ✿♥ ❤ ♥ ✿ Beautiful ✿♥ ❤ ♥✿

  94. Beautiful story, Karen#1! I love connecting up the pieces like this.

    And happy birthday Ron, because it’s now March 13 blog-time.

    Every man has a life, but few have a legacy. LRH has a long legacy ahead!

  95. Beautiful and theta, Marty. Thank you for keeping LRH and his legacy alive for us.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our best friend, Ron!

  96. regis martinez

    Thank u for posting the photos. I can see an infinite kindness in his eyes…
    A wise old man. You made my day. Happy birthday MISTER HUBBARD.
    Régis from FRANCE.

  97. Watching Eyes

    What a lovely tribute and so, so true. The accompanying pictures are perfect.

  98. theystolemychurch

    This really feels like the Scientology I signed up for and did years on staff for….. Happy Birthday Dear LRH.

    And I salute you, Sir and your very accomplished friends here, bringing your truths to all of mankind, unlike some “other” organizations on planet Earth.

  99. Phenomenal story, Karen. Thank you for sharing. It exemplifies the kind of caring and help for which many of us are so deeply grateful to LRH. It is also motivating in terms of renewing postulates and pledges.

  100. Scott Campbell

    Great story Karen.

    The care LRH displayed in your story reminds me of another story I’ve heard regarding LRH.

    Here’s a brief synopsis of what I can recall of the story:

    LRH was living in Phoenix and doing his research. One day he was approached at home by an agent for a major Hollywood movie studio who offered him a lucrative contract as a movie sceenwriter.

    When LRH balked at the idea. The agent said, “C’mon Ron – do you really think all of this Scientology stuff is worth it?”

    Ron closed his eyes and was silent for a long time. Suddenly he opened them, looked at the man and said, “Yes, yes it is.” sending the man away.

    After the man left, Mary Sue asked him what he was thinking about when he had closed his eyes before answering the Hollywood Agent.

    LRH told her, “I was picturing the faces of all of the people I have helped with Dianetics and Scientology over the years.”

    L, Scott

  101. Thank you for sharing this fine story , Karen and the pictures.
    Hip hip hurray Ron !

  102. Marty and Karen,
    Thank you so much for this beautifully expressive and thoughtful tribute. It is far, far more meaningful than the PR event at our local org.

    Happy Birthday, LRH! 100 earth years from the time you were born in Tilden, Nebraska, USA, 1911 AD. This is a moment to renew good postulates and pledges.

  103. All of you are so beautiful!

  104. Happy future to us all and “Happy Birthday” to the being that taught us that we create our future!!

    With infinite Love and Respect…


  105. theo Sismanides

    Dear Karen #1, this is so precious. Never seen those pictures of LRH. Please do pass them over through the net. This is wonderful and what we are doing here is so theta. This ode with the pictures raises tone level and moves one from ARC to KRC. Thank you so much.

  106. theo Sismanides

    I second that and I am covered by what you wrote Scott. Thanks Marty and Karen. To LRH!!!

  107. theo Sismanides

    Karen # 1,

    This C/Sing was amazing! From a C/Sing comes a whole new Rundown. The Purification R/D. I mean I am speechless. As I was reading and wondering how LRH would tackle that case I couldn’t imagine he would have the PC SWEAT, though I know of the Purification R/D.

    This teaches us some things. First of all is the CARE thing. LRH really cared and you have conveyed this idea to us. Second thing is you LEARN as you move along life and DO things. By doing and daring and caring you amass KNOWLEDGE and knowledge is a Pyramid and you can build up things, undo the traps and the barriers. When you have confront and live Life you learn things as you are doing them. And then comes a BRIGHT idea and you move on to another plane.

    Amazing story about the Purification R/D. I didn’t (of course) knew that. Never heard it in the church. Thanks a lot Karen. That’s quite some gifts for the LRH centennial.

  108. Thank you Karen and Marty for sharing such theta pictures. I’m sure LRH was the happiest when he was with his family at St. Hill.

  109. ++++ UAU, That´s a beautiful Piece of Art! ++++

    Thank you Marty for everything.
    Thank you so much Karen De La Carriere.
    Great Ode, wonderful Pictures. Just Perfect!

    ++++ Happy Birthday Ron on your centenary! ++++

    I would like to add an extract from a well known LRH reference.
    This by itself gives the indy movement, IMHO, maybe the legally but surely the spiritually legitimating for doing what we do.

    My Philosophy – L. Ron Hubbard
    “So my own philosophy is that one should share what wisdom he has, one should help others to help themselves, and one should keep going despite heavy weather for there is always a calm ahead. One should also ignore catcalls from the selfish intellectual who cries: “Don’t expose the mystery. Keep it all for ourselves. The people cannot understand.”

    But as I have never seen wisdom do any good kept to oneself, and as I like to see others happy, and as I find the vast majority of the people can and do understand, I will keep on writing and working and teaching so long as I exist.

    For I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others.

    If things were a little better known and understood, we would all lead happier lives.

    And there is a way to know them and there is a way to freedom.

    The old must give way to the new, falsehood must become exposed by truth, and truth, though fought, always in the end prevails. “

    ++++ Thank you Ron for everything you have done to your fellow men. ++++
    The time will come, when the whole world will recognise your Greatness.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back.
    3. David Miscavidge & followings shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as
    intended and designed by LRH:

    By the way Dave boy:
    Where is HEBERT Jentzsch– my President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavidge – your dear wife?

  110. Yes I had the pleasure of being audited by Ann Greig at St Hill and also knew Irene Trupp aswell and the memeries are just heart warming it brings it all back thank you for sharing

  111. Dear Ron,


    We thank you for your Legacy of the technology that you left to us, and we promise to use that Legacy to achieve the aims and goals of Scientology. Yes, it’s your Centennial Birthday, and we celebrate your life and the wonderful gifts that you gave us all: the wisdom to free ourselves and others and to live life at its fullest potential.

    You once said that the winds sigh across the empty fields of a planet a galaxy away, and that you wouldn’t always be here. Well, we are carrying on until we can join you, and we hope Target Two is easier than this one! We love you and miss you, Ron.

    Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Infinite Love and ARC,

  112. I believe Diana stays because she is the embodiment of “Semper Fi” – “Always Faithful” – to her father, his creation, and his legacy.

    I think she decided she would stay so she could be a first-hand fair witness to the course and fate of the Church, to the bitterest end if necessary.

    This poem by Diana was published in Advance! magazine issue 45, March/April 1977. There is some darkness to it.

    Here’s to you, Diana, and to your dad. Your voices are not lost.


    The night casts silence
    And darkness hides fate
    Here is death’s stillness
    And life hung in wait
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    And blindness is his mate.

    When the time cometh
    Beck’ning truth will show
    Dreams thread all that’s real
    You alone shall know
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    And it’s time you must go.

    Time and space mingle
    You challenge the stream
    For in all shadows
    You think to catch the dream
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    Haven’t you looked and seen?

    You made the blindness
    For sight stabs pain
    You knew all along
    Disowned pieces of game
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    Breaking from slumbers lain.

    Thrilling future’s song
    Flowing on the brim
    I heard just your voice
    In the shaking dim.
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    You cast him and you rode him.

  113. Valkov,

    Thanks for posting this one … I remember that issue – one of the most touching pieces I read, and one of hope & futures.

  114. The ode, the photos … simply beautiful.

    They remind me of the cramped quarters, making it go right with what we had, and more importantly, the common purpose we all shared.

    Very exciting times they were.

    Thank you Marty & Karen … beautifully done!

  115. Karen, thanks for this great story.

    I also noticed the undivided attention that Ron gave his pcs while C/Sing myself when I went thru numerous old pc folders. They were not just ‘off the rack’ C/ses in those days … Ron was truly wanting to understand and parallel exactly where that pc was sitting and help him out of a rough spot.

    Many of his C/Ses had notes and you could see he had a deep caring for that individual.
    Not only that, there were small critiques of the auditor worded in such a way as to encourage the auditor to excel at his craft. There were also complimentary notes to which any auditor would be thrilled to receive from the old man.

    He truly cared – the antithesis of the church today.

    Thanks to you Ron for your vision, your sensitivities, and keeping an eye on that mountain.

    We shall prevail.

  116. Thank you Karen. Great story.

  117. FOR, Somehow I missed that quote from MSH, thank you for bringing it back up. I was beautiful and I completely agree that she would be very proud to be part of this group!

  118. +1, perfect!

  119. WOW, Incredible perception and depth of understanding!

  120. Your humble servant


    Thank you very much for this beautiful and moving ode, and Karen, thank you very much for the great pictures and wonderful story of the first purification rundown pilot. Personally, I think Ron has every right to be regarded as mankind’s greatest friend. Although the subject has been perverted and misapplied now with a vengeance for nearly 30 years–and, of course, it was never perfectly applied in the first place– the stunning discoveries that Ron made about the mind, the spirit, and life have never been equaled, in my opinion, and the application of the them by Scientologists and others across the world may in fact have been responsible for our not destroying ourselves in nuclear war. I believe what you are all doing here is our best hope of preserving and disseminating the enormous potential good of the discoveries that Ron made. So, thank you all for that. Happy birthday, Ron!

  121. Karen and Scott,
    You reminded me of the ONLY thing I liked about the LRH birthday event…the stories of LRH!

    I will never get enough of them, thank you!

  122. “I charge you with this – look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original work, not off shoots.

    If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of man, to keep it free from some destructive “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further.

    I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields a galaxy away.

    You won’t always be here.

    But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons – “The work was free. Keep it so.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

    I don’t recall when exactly I first read this passage from Ron. I do recall that it deeply moved me. As time passed and the Corporation Of Scientology with its greed and inhumanity came to power I recall re-reading it and thinking, “Well, that was a good idea, too bad it didn’t work out…”

    It is so ironic that it is out here in the Independent Field that we are talking about keeping the tech alive. The “Official Church” has become the off shoot and now it is up to us to keep the tech free.

    Unfortunately, most of what people DO fight about is the result of careful manipulation by those trying to benefit from the conflict.

    There IS a lot on this planet that is worth fighting for.

    Scientology helps an individual play a better game. Keeping it free is worth the fight.

    Happy Birthday, Ron!

  123. Scott Campbell


    Send me an email. I need to get in comm w/you.

  124. Scott Campbell


    Reminder, my email address is:

  125. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Theo,

    I’ve always loved the Greek mock-up. The greeks are great beings who love causing theta effects.

    The home of the Gods!

    L, Scott

  126. These are the best photos of LRH I’ve ever seen.

    Marty, your straight from the heart, incredibly moving Ode from one man to another has stunned me speechless.

    It takes a lot to render me speechless.

  127. I’ve never told anyone this. A few weeks before LRH dropped his body I was cleaning out the horse stalls at the stables on the Creston ranch when Annie called me and said ‘HE’ wants to see you. I started to go to the Bluebird motorhome but was met by LRH at the stables apartment breezeway. He asked me what I wanted from him when he was gone. I was in disagreement with his leaving and was not-ising the whole thing. I told him nothing and tried to make light of it. I’ve had a lot of time to think about this and what I wish I would have said and will say now.
    Sir, Its been an honor and priviledge to have served you. You have already given me your treasure of the Tech. The only thing that I would ask is that you remember me. Good and bad. Remember me as your friend and that I Love You.
    HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY SIR! Much Love, Sarge

  128. Thank you Karen and Marty for the great combo gift. Really love to see Ron the approachable human versus the overpolished, retouched prints from the so called church.
    Happy Birthday!!

  129. It makes my heart weep. But I know I read the premonition story he wrote in the 50’s. He predicted he would be taken away to an isolated place, his “captain” would go to jail, and his Children would be treated horrifically.

    But what DM also cut out of the present version of this Story, is that in the end the bearers of light come and release his creation, so that it is free for all. And that is what we are all doing in our own way. Especially you Marty and Mike Rinder. You had to go thru the years you went through, to know enough to rally the bearers of light, and dissipate the darkness that fell.

  130. Beautiful. Stiring.

    Thank you Marty and Karen

  131. Great story & pics.
    Gee it’s nice to find theta again.
    Thank you.

  132. Kathy Braceland


  133. becomingAware

    Marty – Beautiful and True!


  134. Your words paint quite a picture, Marty.

    And the pictures themselves show the real man, rather than the cold, authoritarian, stone-carved idol DM wants us to worship and fear as some sort of distant, unreachable, philosophic deity we all know we’ll never be anything close to ourselves.

    DM positions LRH as Big Brother, always watching to make sure we lowly sinners who stand in his shadow donate all we can, trying to be good little boys and girls, constantly having to make ammends for all our horrid misdeeds.

    And DM positions himself as the Power Change who cleaned things up and offered us a new and improved, Radical Scientology.

    I’d love to see more photos as the future rolls out. They show that LRH was just like us. A real person. And that brings me one step closer to him.

    I want to know that LRH sometimes ate with his elbows on the table and perhaps forgot to unfold and place his napkin in his lap. And maybe even told a dirty joke from time to time.

    I simply want to know that LRH was human.

    Happy 100th!

  135. Happy 100th Ron! Great heart warming photos

    Irene Thrupp, not a Scientologist and LRH’s personal secretary for 40 years! The dictator would have demonized her and ousted her long ago! A 20 year old CL IV public was hanging out with some Scn’s and non-scn’s at a house in the mountains and was told she was out ethics for hanging out with non Scn’s. Then you have other extremes were SO members are not allowed to hang out with public. I remember the day SO members could be married to non-SO, non SO were allowed to hold posts in the SO, etc. What a deviation DM’s caste system is as compared to how LRH operated.

  136. martyrathbun09

    Comment of the Centennial.

  137. martyrathbun09

    Someone, please de-speechlessize OTDT.

  138. Tony DePhillips

    That is great Mrs.FofR about getting into auditing again.

  139. Mockingbird6

    (Streamers) (Balloons)
    }}}}}}}}} OOOOO
    {{{{{{{{{ ///////

  140. Mockingbird6

    Looks like my post disappeared. I will do it again.

  141. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Karen,
    That was a very interesting story.

  142. Sarge,
    That was beautiful! I feel the same way and I thank you for the service you gave Ron. That was an incredible statement for a Happy Birthday!!!

  143. Mockingbird6

    (Streamers) (Balloons)
    { } } } { { } { O OO O O O
    { } } } { { } { / O / / / O / / O
    { } {{ }{ {{ / / / / / / / / / /

  144. Tony DePhillips

    Nicely said Mr. U.

  145. Scott Campbell

    Right-on Sarge,

    I love your stories of LRH.

    You’re a great big being with a lot of love in your heart.

    L, Scott

  146. Kathy Braceland

    Wow Sarge. Friends always remember things like that.

  147. LFBD, thank you for this. Beautiful, sad, but finally hopeful. Happy Birthday, Ron, wherever you are…

  148. The negative comment was in reference to Ron Hubbard Jr (De wolf), Rons eldest and first son, a couple of months back. Ron had 7 children I believe I was going beyond those children from his marriage with Mary Sue.

    Any one know where or what Suzette or Arthur are doing now? Is there any type of relationship with the CoS?

    There was also a grandson (maybe great grandson) of LRH in Florida who spoke out publicly against the CoS for a bit – he had flaming red hair and did spoken word/ stand up. (can’t remember which child he would have descended from but he had never had any personal involvement in Scientology)

    Quienten’s suicide/ death was never properly acknowledged by the CoS either.

  149. Welcome Rob,
    VWD on your OT III and speaking up.

  150. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Marty & Karen,

    Thank you for making my day!!!! I’ve never seen those photos of Ron and his wife and kids.

    Viewpoints of Theta!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary 🙂

  151. becomingAware

    Thank you Valkov

  152. Freedom Fighter

    +1. Sarge, that brought a flood of tear to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  153. Wonderful story, Karen. Thanks. Being soooooo deeply interested in everything around him is I think what makes LRH still such an interesting figure. The original “Most Interesting Man in the World.” Happy 100th birthday, Sir!

  154. Sugar Plum Fairey

    Consider it done!!!…..s/g only a Fairey can do!

  155. Me too.

  156. Friend of Ron

    THANK YOU Sarge. With a few sentences you bring him right back to LIFE.

  157. Oh, he’ll come around. Completely against his nature to remain speechless for any amount of time (and aren’t we glad).

  158. Happy Birthday Ron!
    Thank you Marty, Karen and you all for putting the puzzle pieces together, creating anew what was, what is and what will be thus increasing our understanding towards true freedom and liberation adhering to LRH’s legacy.
    Sarge, your story chocked me up but good!
    I just can’t think of a better day to come out than today……

  159. Nancy, what premonition story are you referring to? Is/was it published?

  160. Awww, Sarge. Tears.

  161. Marty your Ode to LRH really touched my heart!!

  162. A poet, great. I too :-).
    A real artist never performs/portrays in order to be liked, but to show/demonstrate.
    (Quote by Christian Morgenstern, German Poet, 1871-1914.)

  163. Wow, Marty! Incredible! ml, 1 SP

  164. one of those who see

    Tbank you Valkov. Beautiful. Diana, I hope you know all the love for you that is out here.

  165. Happy Birthday, LRH!
    Love forever.

    I Will Remember You

    “You gave me everything you had, ah, you gave me light.”

  166. one of those who see

    Crying here too, Sarge. Beautiful!

  167. Sarge,
    My friend.
    Timeless gifts you’ve given and received.
    Remember me as your friend, and that I love you, too.

  168. It has been quite a road Nancy. For all of us. Better days are here and getting better all the time. Glad you stuck around. One tough thetan you be.

  169. (latest leak from base is indicator DM is preparing for the inevitable:)


    Prison Preparation Battle-Plan:

    _1. Get tattoo of LRH on bicep.
    _2. Shave head bald and build skull muscles.
    _3. Smuggle in my own tailored prison uniform.
    _4. Practice Mad Dog stare.
    _5. Get tattoo of Farrakan on other bicep.
    _6. Convert to Islam.
    _7. Get “Kill Whitey” tattooed on forearm.
    _8. Get that foot implant surgery that’ll make me taller.
    _9. Get that skull bone implant surgery that’ll also make me taller.
    _10. Get Farrakan’s agreement to visit me often, with an entourage. 
    _11. Get Shelly out of hole so I’ll qualify for conjugal visits.
    _12. Call Jeff Walker and see if he’d be willing to take over the Church while I do my time.
    _13. Have all my attorneys killed.
    _14. Friend warden on Facebook.
    _15. Arrange secret blinking code with Starkey, like the North Korean Pueblo prisoners.
    _16. Work on more harmful Black Scientology processes.
    _17. Call Ingo Swann to find out if it’s possible to exteriorize out of here.
    _18. Screw the tech up some more before I leave.
    _19. Sell warden on my Ideal Prison program.
    _20. Arrange worldwide protests to pardon me.
    _21. Promise Obama 8 million Scientologists’ votes so he’ll pardon me.
    _22. Hang up that photo of Mohammed Ali pretending to be hurt by my fake punch.
    _23. Write “Keeping Prison Working” manifesto.
    _24. Convince inmates I can move clouds around in the sky.
    _25. Build a model replica from matchsticks of that big wheel spaceship Farrakan is always talking about.
    _26. Horn in on the cigarette trade.
    _27. Google “How to make applejack”.
    _28. Start anus tightening exercises.
    _29. Get teeth capped with stainless steel.
    _30. Impress fellow inmates with 3 Minute Psychometry fortune telling sessions.
    _31. Start new international  prisoner membership association, complete with fees, statuses and awards.
    _32. Use my acronym cursing skills to write some rap songs.
    _33. Learn cocaine trade as a back-up plan.
    _34. See if warden will allow golden pillars in my cell.
    _35. Connect wires to cell bars for grounding rod use.
    _36. Put up posters of  Malcolm X, Kennedy and Tony Montana.
    _37. Sell my story to National Enquirer.
    _38. See if Cruise can buzz the warden’s office once a week in his jet.
    _39. Get tapes of my rantings sent to me so I can impress inmates with my command of others.
    _40. Rewrite HCOBs on Motivators.
    _41. Work out the logistics of multi-level marketing scheme for selling applejack.
    _42. Carve gun out of bar soap.
    _43. Pay some big tough guys to pretend to lose to me in arm wrestling.
    _44. Hire prison guards to moonlight as guards at the base.
    _45. Tell fellow inmates I killed L. Ron Hubbard and took over his religion.
    _46. Only talk out of the side of my mouth.
    _47. Watch Shawshank Redemption again.
    _48. Tell inmates about how I have my own prison.
    _49. Become pen pals with Broeker.
    _50. Get new lawyers.

    Technical Bulletins 1950-1952, Page 285

    A Story

    “Once upon a time there was a man, or perhaps he was not a man, who slept for a very long time.

    When he laid himself down to rest, the world was not too terrible. People were happy and their actions were productive and the green hills had flowers upon them.

    When he awakened, however, things had changed.

  171. Congratulations on getting back in the chair

  172. Hahahahahaha …

    Man, so many good ones .

    I loved #14 & #19


  173. Rare True Story by OTDT

    I became friends with John Okeefe when I was a public at Flag. He was ex-Sea Org, a Class VIII auditor and had for a brief time been captain of one of the Sea Org ships in the sixties.

    He hung out with LRH a bit and told me some stories about him and LRH that would listen to with great relish.

    He was on some island in the Carribean, I think it might have been Cuba, I can’t remember for sure which island, but he and LRH ordered a rum and Coke. LRH didn’t dig the way his tasted and asked John to go get him a glass half-filled with rum and the other half Coke.

    When John returned with the LRH C/Sed drink, he said Ron took a nice healthy swig and exclaimed, “Aaaaah, now THAT’S a Cuba Libre!”

    LRH, the man.

    PS: I don’t where John is now or what kind of situation he’s in or if he’s even alive (although I hope he is) but he would make one hell of a great Independent Scientologist.

  174. Thank you Sarge for sharing that intimate story and your sweet addendum. Obviously, a lot of tone arm blow down for many of us. It made me imagine if anyone would really shed a tear when cob falls on his sword, other than tears of joy, that is.

    It also gave me an inspiration. Let’s all postulate today that cob is exposed this year and permanently handled never to have any further influence on the tech or SCN except as to what will never happen again. The power of all of us is bigger than his bank …account.
    This is my birthday wish for you, LRH, Sir, on your 100th. Be it so.

  175. theo Sismanides

    Dear Sir, my gift to you for the centennial will be to serve the purpose of your Legacy to Mankind as much as I can. And to this effect I do pledge to be a better man and a more efficient thetan. With my teammates here we make up now a good team that will follow that purpose. I am certain of that. My own contribution here will be to help myself and my fellow team members here in making a better and more efficient group. Out of this group a lot of goods are going to come. They have already started showing up all around the globe. And may many more groups similar and better be created by others to serve similar purposes and may we, of this group, be in high ARC with them so that we can get the job faster and more efficiently. Thank you for all the care, love, attention and diligence you have put there to sow the seeds of the Tech on this planet. I can see them now that the storm is calming down! Thank you Ron my friend!

  176. So, IndieNow, did you mean you’ll come all the way outside and play, or did you mean you just opened the windows on the Indie side of the house? Either way, best regards to you as you progress along this road!

  177. Scott Campbell

    Happy Birthday Sir!

    Love, Scott

  178. When I first learned about the Sea Org in 1972 I fantasized that it was populated by beautiful people like Sarge.

  179. Marty and Karen and team, this is awesome! I love these pictures, and the poem is from the heart, and echos my own feelings. Thank you!

    You know, we are actually in a great position. I wrote an open letter to Ron on my blog, and as I was writing it, I realized, well, we are not going down the path we thought we would, but we’re going down the path. The road to truth is alive. THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT!

    Cheers, Ron. If you are reading this, these are your friends.

  180. Sigh.
    Marty don’t encourage him! LOL

  181. Sarge
    Who could ever forget you?
    Thank you
    Wow we’re all getting presents. What a birthday party!

  182. My personal favorites are 15 & 17.

    I edited out #51, “Write new directive on why it’s OK to masturbate.”

    I wanted to end at an even fifty.

  183. Any day is a good day to walk the path of integrity and freedom. 🙂

  184. Tony DePhillips

    Joe H,
    Did he drink Dos Equis?

  185. Solitude … no you’re not alone, your seeds of truth was sown and we will be at your side for eternity.

    Happy Birthday my dear friend Ron!

  186. Friend of Ron

    The DM minions tried hard to stop her from auditing forever, as you know Marty. But it just took the few days of theta time spent with you and Monique to get all of the SP stops blown away and for the PCs to find her. Nothing can stop her once she sets her mind to it. I am lucky to have her as a terminal and have her love and support . We are lucky.

  187. Fellow Traveller

    Wow! Now THAT is a present to Ron! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing that.

    Bruce Pratt

  188. Simply Revolting

    Lovely words! Lovely pictures!

    Happy 100th LRH!

    How bizarre that, after finishing the first, that today, on your birthday, that I get great auditing on the second of the big three theta boosters.
    But that is the way it is with LRH…
    I only hope I can be effective in helping the exact group I know, and want to help.
    Already, an old friend, long off lines, shed a little tear today when I passed on the knowledge of my being able to get the tech outside the walls, after all theses years. I hope they and many others will follow it up too.

    As always: Thank you Ron!

  189. Fellow Traveller

    Welcome aboard, sir. I’m glad you’re here.

    Bruce Pratt

  190. No worries Lynne,
    I am braiding the rope to climb out the window and make it safely down to the ground.

  191. He didn’t have to, Tony.

  192. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    You are the person that Ron had admired. Let’s say that theta-mates is a good term here and that when beings recognize each other “being” as close to each others’ “truth” that increases the love and admiration. You got to experience that with him and we get to experience that with you. Thank you for you being you. Thank you for remembering and reminiscing.

    Love and a whole lot of ARC,
    Gary 🙂

  193. Tony DePhillips

    This is a great peice of work that embodies LRH’s goals for life. I am sure he is a non- Scientolgist. It shows that there are great people around everywhere and that there is a lot of theta out there in the world. Watch it if you have time.

  194. Go, Rapunzel, Go!

  195. Very enjoyable!

  196. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Wow Sarge, beautiful.

  197. Thanks, that’s so beautiful and telling, it’s very calming.

  198. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Fantastic choice, Tony. The Old Man would love it, I am sure.

  199. Thank you for posting these beautiful picture Marty!!
    That is the best present to all of us.
    Ones I was talking with an Old timer good friend of Ron, and he asked me, while looking at 100’s of unpublished picture of LRH: “Do you know what would be the best present for the staff on Sea Org day? One of these picture…”
    Source… but source was never really delivered.
    beautiful picture…
    Lots of love to you and Mosey

  200. Rob Judd (aka haiqu)


    This story resonates with me for several reasons. Firstly, before the Purif was released several SO members on mission surveyed public about whether they had ever taken drugs and somehow handled the effects afterwards. I related that I had run out the effects of my drug history – light in comparison to your example – by several months of hard work in a tropical climate (Cairns, Australia) and good nourishing food. Apparently this parallels LRH’s handling here almost exactly.

    In contrast to this, on my only visit to Flag in 1996 I was refused service on the basis of a late 1986 Flag Order purported to have been written by LRH which stated that anyone who had taken LSD was not eligible for Flag services.

    After writing up my report to RTC on this hidden data line and how it conflicts with tech issues of 1978 I stood in front of LRH’s office for the longest time, looking in at the desk and bookshelves. I recalled the story of the fall of the monastery, and for me the monastery fell that day.

    It was a long road back, but by definition a trained Scientologist isn’t a victim.

    I know of at least one guy in the same situation who spent years doing worldwide promotional talks with the intention of petitioning Flag to do the OT levels. But for an organization to require such a solution defies the meaning of freedom. We are not slaves to the machine, and we owe no duty to it, except for that which is freely given.

    My duty is to LRH and his tech, not some latter day bastardization of it.

  201. Bye the way what happened to Revolt in Stars?

  202. Very Very approciate what is written by you flytrike!!!!!!!
    I don’t expect your expecting a open letter reply do You ? But he will have noted your views what the thoughts are on outside, and justifications of his rights will be reforced some how to make it all right . Nothing is impossible with this SP
    I will comment on Diana and that is Diana is a key figure to be cared and looked after God help her. I doubt to date her Mother would have just stood there and wonder what on earth is Dm doing if time lasped by , and she never heard anything regardless if at her time when alive she was alive they were limited to visists , and Susie silenced by DM .The question that runs around is Who knows what private conversations between Mum and Daugther even if it was agreed between them w what does Diana do within and for how long she remains. People aren’t stupid to think thoughts of such .

  203. Clarify Is this a joke or what ?

  204. OH yes she would have been gone ages ago

  205. Irene Trupp died a few years ago so a source currently I am in touch with had it confirmed.

  206. John O Keeke and Joki O keefe who was his wife back in Apollo days were at the ship and at St Hill also whilst I was there They had a rough time on the Ship along with many others , But also good times.

  207. Friend of Ron

    Thanks for sharing this. It actually blew some MUs I had on music theory and revitalized me to finally get back into classical guitar.
    Amazing what one finds on M’s blog.

    P.S. I sent you an FB comm

  208. 😆 Bwhahahahahahaha 😆

  209. Oh wow, me too…beautiful Sinar.

  210. Marty and Rob/Haiqu,

    I’m a day late reading this thread, but am astonished to read above that in 1996 Flag was refusing services to anyone who had done LSD, simply because they had done LSD. This is literally the first time I’ve ever heard of Scientology services being refused to anyone who’d done acid. Hell, practically everybody I was on the Purif with had done acid. Was this “hidden data line” ever identified as such — or is that “policy” still in effect (if you know)?

    Just Me

  211. Marty and Karen,

    Although I’m a day late, I thank you both for this heartfelt love letter to LRH acknowledging his many contributions to civilization. Let us not be weighed down, but lifted up by love.

    Just Me

  212. this is just great to see all this theta it just pumps me up. as lrh would say the show must go on, and it is for sure going on.
    thank you for such a great effort that everyone is doing, i am sure with the boots in the sky lrh never dies.
    lots of arc darren may

  213. I see 4 children in that picture you have put up.

    Alsoo this:

  214. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    You’re welcome Bruce. We all have each other to thank. So thank you and ❤ to you all.

  215. martyrathbun09

    Read the stanza more carefully – you missed something.

  216. one of those who see

    He is just wonderful!!!! Thanks Tony.

  217. Thanks for the pics.

    If you like to have any them restored before posting, give me holler.

    I have been doing digital restoration for over 15 years, and I can bring out details you’d never imagined existed within those images.



  218. Thank you so much for that most enjoyable story.

  219. I met all LRH’s kids. Suzette and Arthur were both really open and friendly people.
    Quentin never looked at me when I walked past him on the decks. He appeared to be quite introverted. I never talked to him.
    My only communication with Dianna was when I had just arrived at Flag and was standing watch as quartermaster by the gangway. From the deck above she threw an intention at me and then asked in a quiet voice projected with intention about whether a particular person had left the ship.
    No slightest hint of ARC.
    Suzette was a bit bubbly – not into the seriousness of it all. She was HCO area sec on the ship when I arrived. She was open and friendly – I never saw any slightest entheta from her or Arthur.
    Arthur was a really pleasant guy – someone you couldn’t help but like because he was just there and being himself.

  220. Ralf. I myself do remember them all at the ship buddly as Arthur was. Quentin reserved but once you got to talk to him he was fine at least for me , Diana I liked very much and worked with and got on very well.
    Who ever mentioned why diana stays , I could agree perhaps she stays for her own private reasons loyal to Dad, and yes she can’t avoid being a witness.
    Suzette was fun to be around. Mary Sue /But known also as Susie of course I liked Very much . You could have a laugh with her and often whilst I had been delivering telexex that was for her and LRH to her, there woudl be moments of a joke .I certaintly myself personal wouldn’t say Diana gave no ARC thats never been the case when I knew her. As regards to the way they have been treated especially Susie LRH’s wife was appauling and no words are their to describe Out of respect to them I won’t .
    I certainlty own a lot of thanks to LRH for his help when I had difficult
    moments and to Diana.

  221. Really just a horrible poem, I cannot believe everyone here just gushing over your “ode” just really, really bad Marty.

  222. Michael Varnsbury

    Johnny D has a point. It’s a crime against poetry – actually, no, that’s too limiting – it brings literature itself into disrepute.

  223. allen pamplin

    Hi Marty, Zak here. I hope all is well with you. I remember you at SHQ, and the time we worked together briefly when you were the puchaser there way back then in 1979. I’ll never forget your spirit back then, you are a great guy. One of my favorite memories of you was during the 1978 Christmas party in the “Tavern” at SHQ. You were swinging from the rafters with one hand, and a bottle of spirits in the other yelling to everyone while they danced, “I love everyone”! zak 🙂

  224. martyrathbun09

    Zak! Howdy. Wait’ll Mat Pesch gets a load of this appearance.

  225. everything is in the universe has duality

    that poem was like an ode to hitler

    L Ron was a great man, but he had many a flaw
    either way. i salute his creativity

    god is a women


  226. allen pamplin

    Hi Marty, I can’t believe you replied to me. Sorry it took so long to find your answer here. I have spoken to Mat lately. He has been filling me in on what happened to him and Amy. I have also been keeping up with all the changes with you as well. I don’t know if you remember Yvonne, the girl I married while at SHQ. We were together for 24 years and have four children together. She left and divorced me in 2004. I have some pictures of the first film studio being built at SHQ. You can find them here at this link: … Take care Marty, I always have good memories of you have high admiration for you. Take care. allen, AKA (Zak).

  227. martyrathbun09

    Zak, thanks for that. Brings back old memories. Hope life is good for you.
    Mark (AKA Marty)

  228. Such a Beautiful Poem… such great photos… I’ve cried most of the way through reading all of the wonderful replies.
    Thank you so much.
    Ron has given me so much….
    Regardless of any thing negative ever said about Ron, I will always respect and honour the strength of spirit, the strength of truth that he shares. A man who was willing to share all of himself , so openly… mistakes an’ all. Thank you so much Ron… I just can’t wait to meet you
    and hope that I can work and play closer with you in the next round of this billion year game…. what a game!
    ……. look at that Thetan go…. man you are a beautiful soul.. I Love you for eternity… tears rolling down my cheeks… one little sparkle… the size of a thousand galaxies… I love you … Thank you.

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