Laura Wilson – OT VIII and Texan

Laura Wilson exemplifies all that is good about Scientology.  She exudes all that is good about Texas.  She is giving up things that are irreplacable by performing  this public act of integrity. You wouldn’t know it from her declaration because Laura is not about Laura; Laura is about helping others. In my view, knowing her circumstances, her write up below is – like Laura – pure grace under fire.

With a Little Help from my Friends

With a little help from my friends, I am able to look a little more.

With a little help from my friends, I am able to see a variety of truths.

With a little help from my friends, I am able to gain more certainty on what is true for me.

With a little help from my friends, I know the goals I had when I came into Scientology are attainable and I’ve never loved LRH more.

With a little help from my friends, I have moved up a little higher!

My deepest thanks to Marty, Mosey, and Yvonne. I have never felt so cared for.

Thank you to all people of good will who contribute to bettering conditions in life for others, especially my friends here on the blog.

By the way, I am not announcing that I have left the church. That is because I don’t feel I have. The church has left me. I just want to let y’all know, I am still here, with a little help from my friends.


Laura Ann Wilson


Midland, Texas

Yvonne Schick and Laura - OTs lighting up Casablanca

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  1. You are right on Laura, the Church has left you because they are following the very Pied Piper down the trail to mest and destruction.

    Welcome aboard girl!

    ML Tom

    • I figured it out. Young people stay with the church. Most Scientologists are in their 20s.

      But some old and tired people are joining Mark and Mike.

      • Bodies aren’t beings, dude. You should try Scientology, delivered standardly, and with your own personal gains you can experience yourself – not your body, name, your car, or anything else. It’s quite something!!

        Good luck on your road to truth Adamo.

        • Adamo you are one sly whippersnapper!! Unless you have the secret scoop?? on some sooperdooper Scientology Inc Rundown that has reversed the chronological ages of their only two big celebrities in the hole for the past 30 years, Tom Cruise and John Travolta? Are they in their 20s now? And Rex Fowler was he in his 20s?

          Besides, the only people in their 20s still inside the $cientology Inc are naive younguns born inside the walls or a few who have yet to see that the Corporation Soul Trap does not practice it’s purported Creed.

          Adamo, you talk from the (transparent) (quicksand) premise that you think only 20 year olds are cool? Like people are fodder or something with shelf life? To use. Sounds like $cientologyInc’s latest Ad Campaign…”young and hip”. Right? 20s only lasts afew years. :::yawn:::

        • Scott Campbell

          Now that’s a Scot’s Thetan if I ever heard one!

        • The sad truth for Adamo is that, try as he may, he also will wind up old. I am sure he will fight it tooth and nail, and fail. The question is, when he/she is old and feeble and all that stuff he finds so terrifying, will he still be drinking the KoolAid? Bwahahahahah!!!

        • @ Jim. Dude! Bodies are not Beings! Wisdom and knowledge come from many millenia of existance.

      • that’s actually just figure-figureing it out Adamo. You should try to think for yourself too. The KRC that is reflected in the people who have been separating themselves from cob’s squirrel group is one of the most powerful aspects of those posting on and owner of this blog!

      • I left when I was 25.

        It takes time, willingness to confront, ability to recognize out-points, determination to break the reverse Scientology and black Diantetics that have taken place over the years.

        Your analysis is incorrect. And you gravely underestimate the ability of those who are leaving… those who are “joining” Mark and Mike. Funny… it’s kinda hard to “join” a group composed of like-minded beings. You either “are” or you are not.

        Which group are you with?

      • martyrathbun09

        Older and wiser perhaps.

      • Not so. I was 32 when the church left me.
        There are many of all shapes and sizes.
        We are who we are. 🙂

      • What’s funny is, when I joined the church at 30, my mother said practically the same thing, “It’s just all you young people.” Wrong then, wrong now.

      • My daughter made a self-determined choice to leave at the age of 12. It’s about courage and endowment of theta, not generalities.

      • Tony DePhillips

        Yep Adamo,
        We are not hep and groovy like you young whipper snappers.
        I used to walk five miles in the snow to go to school.
        But I bet I can beat you in a foot race even if I am using my walker.
        I really would like to wear one of those cool vampire uniforms you got goin on too. They are real sexy.


        BRAVO LAURA.

        • It’s just sport Colwell 😉

          • Yep, jus’ sportin’.

          • Yep, it’s a nice game that provides some excitement and can be stopped any time as it’s not serious. It’s good to play as trolls are not voluntarily doing their nasty jobs. They’re not a free people, they’re owned and have been forced into a valence that was never theirs to begin with. Playing the game provides them new data, no matter how little gets through, they will shed (parts of) valences in the process. One day (for some way up the track) trolls will eventually be freed as well but it’s true that the lion share of attention should be directed to those who deserve it first.

        • Thank You! Colwell

        • Mrs. Friend of Ron

          Awesome, Fabuloso, Amazing!

          Love the “Church leaving you” concept.” That’s the true is-ness, eh?

          Love that you’re here.

      • Nah, if a staff member or parishioner is too tired, they’re also too tired to leave. A different hypothesis is that the tired stay in.

        Ever try to scale a high razor-wire fence when you’re old and tired? Duh.

        An old and tired parishioner generally finds it to arduous to hoist themselves out of the window at the Firt Harrison hotel and make their way down the side of the building on sheets tied together. Whew, takes arm strength and nerves of steel, which they particularly don’t have after so many years of being driven punchy and skitterish from all the regging.

        Well, the exception pertaining to arm strength is if you’ve ever done Key To Life; ever seen the size and felt the weight of those books, like Small Common Grammar Words? I hear Olympians are training with those volumes strapped on their backs.

        But back to this “old” remark, ah, hmmm. Hey, wasn’t it Buster Crabb, who in his seventh decade of life pulled FIVE HUNDRED boats (yes…500!) tied together with ropes down a river In Japan while he swam, clenching the rope in his teeth? Ah…Yeah! Duh…WINNING!!

        Age schmage.

      • aDAMo,
        Daniel is 20 and did you forget that he also didn’t want to stick around with the church who abused and gave him no education?

        If you look around Facebook, most of those who grew up under Dear Leader’s oppressive, off-policy and out-Tech dictatorship, even his own niece, say: NO THANKS or TG I’m out! Those majorly are in their 20s!

      • Haha, if only that were true, I know several 19, 20, 21 yr olds that on their own got turned off by numerous events on their journey to experience the tech but due to out out tech discontinued. These were newbies and very sharp who noticed the outpoints immediately and didn’t continue in their journey much to my sorrow as I was hoping…… much for my hopes of disseminating, every single one of them withdrew quietly. The crush regging, crush SO recruitment, crush basics regging, out tech in the courseroom and needless to say the auditing out tech all contributed. It just wasn’t a safe place to be and the good results (with all but one of them) were substandard, but even that one with good results got turned off by other events. One of my 38 year olds “my so old” was told she had to buy and read all the basics before she could get auditing. This is B/S to the extreme, needless to say didn’t she buy an ounce of auditing ever, no….she smelled a rat and withdrew…lrh never required such B/S! haha and these are the “old and tired people”, get a grip, the young BODIES and OLD bodies are sharper than you think, so stop the sterotyping.

        • When you take a group of all ages, and all the older ones are wise enough to leave, and most of the younger ones are also wise enough to leave, I guess that just leaves the young, stupid ones. So go ahead, Adamo, brag about how many young, stupid people you know.

          I beg pardon for those I’ve just insulted by placing them in the category of Adamo’s friends.

    • Hi Laura. I like what you said.

  2. Dear Laura,

    For many years (intermittently) Senior Willie B was a pc of mine.
    I remember well his passion for POLO.
    These were the days when he was playing POLO with Prince Charles of England.

    Then he had Monetta his wife… come to Flag to be my pc as well…..

    When I saw MIDLAND Texas, I wondered if you were his daughter

    The Wilson Family of Midland Texas was an Icon in itself in Scientology circles……….

    I used to receive the Annual Christmas Card of the whole family all 30 -40 of the Wilsons looking spectacular.

    Is this the same Wilson family ?
    Whether or not, many *blessings* to you.

    • I was immediately wondering about Willie B when I saw Wilson and Midland in the same line. I remember his watch with the big face surrounded by diamonds. That man had havingness. But he also had adventure!–he got out and lived life!

    • Karen #1 — good guess, I’m thinkin’ —

      I’ll take bets Laura is Mike Wilson’s (one of Willie B’s sons, his 3rd son, Bryon being the 4th and youngest) wife. I don’t believe Willie B. had any daughters.

      Leaving behind the Wilson clan, if indeed this is part of Laura’s story, is no small feat. Monetta was one of the casualties of doing that, many many years before.

      Welcome to Laura. Looks like she already has landed on her feet, with Yvonne and Casablanca there to help.

      Greatest smile I’ve seen in a long time!!


      PS: Willie B. was responsible for getting Mary Sue moved out of a “bad” prison into a medium/minimum security prison. Heber was involved.

      • Windhorse,
        I have loved reading your comments for a long time. You have been instrumental in helping people regain their viewpoints and lives. Not to worry, I’m not leaving behind the Wilson clan. Things are much lighter in this family. I really love them all. I expect the percentage to walk away from Mike and I to be very low. You see, they love us, too. And one thing I feel they all have is an inner core integrity that is awfully hard to shake. They don’t turn on their friends. I hope to meet you some day. ml, Laura

        • Laura Ann — wonderful news (and I should have placed money on my call – you could also have been Bryon’s wife but I guessed Mike)

          I then went to bed (after 2 days of intense meditation practice) remembering as much as I could (age – memory slips) of Willie B, Mike, Monetta and Bryon. I never met the older boys.

          Here is a CLASSIC Monetta — she arrives at Flag as a PC. NOT happy with the Lemon Tree dining room (for FCCIs) place settings she goes out and BUYS her own glasses (I think they were blue), place mats (very cheerful bright colors) and insists that HER table always be set with this.

          I knew her from CCLA so she was always very sweet and welcoming to me.

          As for Willie B. — well, everyone should have a White Lacquer Grand PLAYER piano in their living room – even when the LR is no longer grand after his separation from Monetta and he was living in a somewhat small condo. You GOT to love the guy 🙂

          The beauty with Texans, IMHO, is that FAMILY is first. When I landed on my sisters doorstep years ago, mentally and financially broken in two, I thanked my brother-in-law months later for his kindness in taking me in — said — simply: You’re family

          And of course this would be true with the Wilson’s!!

          And so happy for you that you have Mike at your side. I’ll bet he’s a good lookin’ now as he was as a teenager 🙂


          • Windhorse,
            That sounds just like Monetta. By the way, Mike says he remembers reading letters between Mary Sue and Willie B written while Mary Sue was in prison. I was honestly unaware of Willie B’s involvement there. I’m glad you told the story. My husband Mike actually got Willie B into Scientology. It’s a funny story. Mike was having trouble getting through the Dianetics book but, found it facinating. He asked Willie B to read it and help him understand it. Wm B loved it. They decided that they could each go Clear in 200 hours each. They were in Santa Barbara and went into the Church there. They asked to buy 200 hours each of auditing. The guy they talked to thought they were plants or something as no one walks in and asks for 400 hours of auditing. Wm B and Mike were turned away. Well Wm B being Wm B looked in the book and found the address and phone of the Advanced Org. He figured he would go straight to the top and called them. The then Commanding Officer, Sam Loria and assistant came out to Santa Barbara and the rest was history. He coordinated with Celebrity Center. The whole family was on the bridge the next week.

            • Laura Ann — yup!! I know the Santa Barbara story, the story with Sam Lorie (then Captain AOLA) who had previously been staff at CCLA, she called Yvonne and bammo — everyone was sitting in Hector’s office in short order.

              Had many talks with Willie B., back then. Getting him to do the Student Hat was a CHALLENGE as he was extremely literate (to wit had his own vocabulary building set of tapes/courses) and didn’t think he should have to do it. He explained polo to me – how the team points work etc.

              In any case, I always loved Willie B. and the Wilson family!

              Glad you are both doing so well!


        • Laura Ann,

          I am so moved and thrilled to hear this news of family love and integrity and that you have so many friends!

          Welcome to the Independents!

      • martyrathbun09

        WH – thanks for that bit of history on Willie B and MSH – I can attest that is correct. Heber and I worked on it together.

        • To all who helped MSH – thank you. She was a great part of LRH’s family and she was a great lady. Again, thanks.

    • Karen#1 | March 14, 2011 at 4:49 am | Reply Dear Laura,

      When I saw MIDLAND Texas, I wondered if you were his daughter

      Perhaps his daughter-in-law, but Laura is the daughter of 2 fantastic Scientologists in the 1960s, Frank and Barbara Fowler. She was also married to Jerry Boswell at the time he won his IAS Freedom Medal, greatly helping in everything he accomplished with CCHR in Texas. Laura, we have both known the best that Scientology has to offer, and now the worst that Scientology Inc delivers. Welcome!! Love, Michelle

      • Michelle,
        My mother was always particularly fond of you. She had good taste. ml, Laura Ann

      • martyrathbun09

        Hi Michelle.

      • Michelle,
        Will you please send my love to Ron. I think he will remember that I audited him briefly in Austin. I was so proud of him when he posted his real name on this blog. I was under the radar but, really wanted to acknowledge him. I am very sorry that his elig cycle at AO was so horrendous. But, I am thrilled that he is solo auditing on the Clearing Course right? I hope you both come to the Indie weekend. ml, Laura Ann

    • Hi Karen,
      Yes, I am related. My husband, also OT8 is Mike Wilson. Willie B was his father and Monetta his mother. Willie B passed away in 97 and Monetta passed just last May. They were both larger than life personalities. As you know they were both close personal friends of Heber. In fact one family member just mentioned to me how Heber was a shining example of a true leader. You are right, it is a big family. Many of them Scientologists. When this all shakes out I believe I will still count most of them my friends. Thanks for your kind words. ml, Laura Ann AKA 1 Square Peg

    • Karen#1,
      Note, I answered your comm below under 1 SquarePeg. ml, Laura

      • Thanks Laura Ann.

        Although I had the news on Willie B, I was sad to learn that Monetta has passed.
        She was quite the striking Debutante beauty in her day and sassy as they come…..

        I very much look forward to meeting at the July 4th weekend !

        ML Karen

    • Ha ha, I audited Willie B, too. He was a cool cat from Texas.

    • He told me the story of the polo pony falling on top of him and bustin’ him up. Ouch.

  3. one of those who see

    Wow! There is somethin’ about Texas! Hi Laura! Thank you.

  4. Laura, welcome to the world of Independent Scientology!
    We are not necessarily all heading in the same direction, but we care for each other in ways that were not possible in the COS.

    May you enjoy the resurgence that others have found on separating from the insanity of corporate Scientology.

    • wise words

    • Not intending to derail this into some “direction” discussing per se BUT

      I think most of us ARE heading in the same direction and that direction is one of acknowledging our OWN basic goodness and from THAT core, going forward to show others rather than a life of darkness and despair, “I stand for GOODNESS — which you too are”.

      It is not knowing that we are basically good, which leads man to divide into THEM and US. You bad, me good.

      That said — HOW we manifest this goodness throughout our lives is what makes us unique as people – not a glob of some gooey paste 🙂

      So – I think David you ARE going in the same direction as each of us on this board. You just tend to get irritated with those who are more “tight” in their application of LRHs legacy.

      The buddha when explaining to someone who just couldn’t get the hang of meditating asked the young man, who was a musician — “how do you string your instrument”

      The young man answered — “Not too tight, not too loose”

      The buddha answered — “exactly. And that is how you meditate”.

      And to me — that solves nearly all the problems regarding how to proceed with LRHs tech, buddhism, atheist, democrat, republican, husband, wife, parent, friend …

      How to proceed with being human. IF as your core you know you are INTACT — basically good, you can then get up in the morning, see how your life is unfolding and tighten those strings or loosen them as the need might be — that day.


      • Many years ago I read a book entitled The Ludwig Drum Instructor, written by Sanford Moeller and published in 1925. It gave a definitive methodology of holding and moving a drumstick, based on sound physics and workable form. Mr. Moeller was very positive in his approach and if done as he instructed, lo, the smooth motion and coordination of arm, forearm, wrist and fingers resulted in a clean, effortless stroke. The fundamentals were in place and from there, well, all sorts of new vistas opened up.

        I then studied Murray Spivak’s approach. Again, sound basic physics are the foundation to this method. Not surprisingly, both methods are in essence similar, since in this particular universe, the basic laws are manifest throughout.

        Since learning the above, and with my own students, from 5 years old to 75, I ensured the exact same principles were communicated, and practiced to the point of recognition that THESE WORK. I’d consider myself remiss had I not been so ‘doctrinnaire’ on what works.

        Now, every great drummer I know, whether they learned these from Moeller (via Jim Chapin) or Spivak from Billy Gladstone, or not, applies the exact same mechanics. They work.

        Makes sense to me.

        Here’s an example.

  5. Now that’s an “exit”.

    Great to see another VIII arrive at NOTS Landing.

    This is getting goodier and goodier…


  6. Beautiful song (With a Little Help from my Friends) … Beautiful photos!

    … and congrats to you!

    Yes, those goals are achievable – keep that eye on the mountain!.

  7. Floating Needle

    “By the way, I am not announcing that I have left the church. That is because I don’t feel I have. The church has left me.”

    NICE!… Very NICE!

    I have always said that I have been forsaken by my church… story coming soon!


  8. Tony DePhillips

    Welcome to the party Laura!!
    You look like a class act.
    You Texans are a force to be reckoned with.

  9. Welcome, Laura! Succinct and sweet.

    Just Me

    • Laura,

      What a nice surprise to wake up and see your smiling face!

      I am so happy to see you join the ranks of those who have had the courage of their own real convictions to see that these have not been upheld by the current Church. I would love to be in touch with you. Marty can give you my email address.

      I assume that since you didn’t mention him that Mike and you are no longer together and that he is still “in”. I hope that he too can have the same courage to see the truth.

      I wish y’ all the best in your new life, as taking this stand for independence really does give you a new life. I feel like I did when I was 23 again (I’m a bit older than that these days but don’t tell anybody).

      You look great and all the best to you. You can count me among your friends. Let me know if you need anything at all.

      Hy Levy

      • Hello Hy,
        Thank you. Your friendship means a lot to both myself and Mike. Mike and I are still together. We both live by “we are together no matter what”. That is our 2D mantra. He let me go first so to speak. He says to tell you now that I have come out he is putting you back on his facebook page as a friend. He was being hassled by the “facebook police” before but, now it doesn’t matter. We can’t wait to see you again. ml, Laura Ann

        • Laura,

          I am SO happy to hear you are together on this. I always thought Mike was the rebel in the family so it didn’t make sense that you came out and he didn’t. But he was always a gentleman, so letting you go first is just his style.

          I am glad we can be in touch again. I don’t use FB much but Mike and you can get my email address from Marty. I for sure will see you at the Indie 2011 weekend. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

          Well done to both of you!!


  10. Hello Laura, Way to GO!! You so are right about the Church. We didn’t leave it – it left us. I take it I can add your name to the Indie 500 list?

    • Rob Judd (aka haiqu)

      Apparently the list is nio longer being updated. An email I sent weeks ago has not been acked and nor has my name appeared on it.

      • Rob, Sorry about that — my bad! Your name fell through the cracks. I retrieved it and you are now added. – Steve

      • Boy howdy! Rob Judd. Good to see you mate. That really takes me back 🙂 Remembr ‘One, two, three strikes you’re *OUT!* 🙂 I think you lasted about 2 weeks on ARS back in ’99. 🙂

        Are you the ‘Haiqu’ on ESMB too?

        Joe Lynn
        Joe Lynn

    • Steve,
      Yes, you can. I’ll e-mail you first. I’d like my training added as that is my best and favorite accomplishment in the church. Thanks for all you do. ml, Laura

  11. Welcome Laura!

    And thanks for the powerful brevity!

    Few words. Lots of meaning!

  12. Well done, beautiful lady!

  13. Thank you for making this known, Laura. Very nice to meet you.

  14. Laura Welcome!!! Very well done for having the courage to look and stand up to the lies!!
    Will love to meet you soon… Big hug and love
    Contact me any time. We are a big family!!

    Silvia Kusada

  15. Welcome Laura,
    I’m so happy to see the exodus of OT’s snowbal.
    May many more follow.
    Enjoy your regained freedom, friends and abilities.

  16. Texas and Texans have always been ‘different’, the only US State that was an Independant ‘Nation’ for that short time, a place of the ‘Alamo’ where so few people made such a difference, maybe there is something in the air and water there that allows clearer but determined vision , who knows.

  17. DM and the destructive ‘Golden Age Tech’ has alot to answer for, found this you tube clip just out about Charlie Sheen, asking a question, is he a ‘Scientologist’, well it is worth a watch to decide for yourself but the sad part is the question is raised because of the negative aspects that the general public now associate with Scientology.
    The general public don’t understand the changes in management and Tech in the org and thus the whole name of Scientology is Tarred with the DM and ‘Golden Tech’ brush.

    • Scilonschools,
      Your differentiation between Scientology and the current scene warms my heart. ml, Laura Ann

      • Your acceptance of an ‘outsiders’ viewpoint warms my heart likewise Laura Ann.
        I hope the abuses can be addressed and those aspects and people of Scientology who are truely good, can rise as a Phoenix ,

    • Tony DePhillips


    • Manic bipolar guy is manic

    • Well ya gotta admit SS that Sheen and Cruise do have er…..similarities.

      Anyway Laura.


      You’ve basically communicated so well what I’ve felt about the Church for so long.

      I never left it.

      It left me.

      In fact I just waved as it was going the other way.

      • RJ,
        I have followed your comments for a long time. I missed you when you took a long break from the blog and was excited when you returned. You were instrumental in keeping things together in the early days of the blog and I always enjoy your comments. ml, Laura Ann

        • *Blush*

          Thanks Laura.

          Wish Marty felt the same way.

          But I was banned until I admitted that “Marty is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

          Just kidding 🙂

          Actually I was off writing a novel which will very soon be published probably long before the Church decides to release OT 9.

          Anyway thanks again Laura.

          It’s nice to know that I had at least till now one secret admirer 🙂

          • RJ,
            And you probably know what I think of your comments.
            Just Me

            • Yes,

              In fact I hear you are publishing a book with all my choice comments in it.

              However you needn’t go to so much trouble.

              Especially since they’ve already been published here on this blog 😉

  18. Hi Laura!
    Welcome to the Independent Movement! Wonderful! Laura, it’s been years since we talked! Wow! What a shock! Hope all is well with the rest of your family! How’s Mike?
    Much love, Catherine

    • Catherine,
      Yes, It’s been a while. Thanks for the warm welcome. Mike is doing fine. Anyone who knows him well says Mike is always fine. It takes a lot to rattle him. He is my rock. Hope to see you at the Indie picnic. ml, Laura Ann

  19. In the immortal words of Bruce Willis
    “Welcome to the party pal”
    I hope the personal danger isn’t too great and thank you for what you have done.
    When enough find the courage to do what you are doing, the hostages of the church can be freed.

    • Sam,
      I can’t tell you how many times you have posted exactly what I was thinking. Again, you know what I’m struggling with. Things can be replaced, people are a different story. My heart will ache for a few I will lose. Truth be known, I had already lost them. It’s just playing out in the real world now. The good news is, I have lots of new friends. ml, Laura Ann

  20. theo Sismanides

    Welcome Laura! So simple, so true! We are on the right path! Putting pressure (without even applying ANY force) is the secret! And WE are doing it. Meanwhile, we are getting on with getting people some real Scientology. Thanks so much for coming out and speaking out!

  21. Oh my goodness. I hardly recognize you, you have the smile of an Angel and look twenty years younger! Many blessings to you! Mike is lucky to have you in his life! I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to see you and catch up!
    VWD Marty! Keep up the good work!

    John in Midland,Tx too!

    • Hey Bozz!
      Thanks for the sweet compliment. Adamo had me feeling “old and tired”. LOL We will definately catch up. Thanks for holding the fort while I was gone. ml, Laura

  22. Hello there!
    Nice to have some more free theta added to the whole whack of it already present.

    As this increase in life force continues, and directs its clarity to the Situation, it inexorably moves closer to the turn over and Mr. Group Bank’s dissolution.

    What a great day it is today!!!

  23. “By the way, I am not announcing that I have left the church. That is because I don’t feel I have. The church has left me. I just want to let y’all know, I am still here, with a little help from my friends.”

    Hi Laura, The above statement you made – the room went brighter when I read it. You are so correct. Thank you for sharing this moment !!

    • Troubleshooter,
      Wow! Thanks! Got a little lighter on this end, too after reading your comment. ml, Laura Ann

  24. Hi Laura,
    Welcome ! You are the epitome of caring.
    I loved your write up – so apropos. But you have, since I have known you, an uncanny ability to select the right song for the sitaution.
    Thank you for pointing out the the Church has failed its parishioners. It is very sad in a way, that parishioners care more about the Church than the Church cares about its parishioners.

  25. Welcome Laura!
    We all get by with a little help from our friends.

    Glad to have you as a friend.

  26. Thank you Laura for being here with us!

  27. Laura Ann,
    A big heart felt Welcome!! I have never met you but you are amongst friends here. We are Independents because we know, believe and understand we are FREE BEINGS. Always have been and always will be unless we agree otherwise. I will post the following as fitting to you – and to all Independents.
    (Always curious as to who was behind 1 Square Peg and now I know.)

  28. Wow, how wonderful to see your bright and smiling faces. Welcome!!!!! This is great news. Well done everyone!

  29. Laura,
    Welcome. We are stronger every day.
    How eloquent is your declaration. Wonderful.

  30. Kathy Braceland

    Beautiful Laura! Thanks for being here with us.

  31. Hi Laura, welcome to the sunshine!
    I spent some time in ’91 in the L’s waiting room where the gym is now, playing with Willi’s grandaughter, about age 8 or so? She was a corker, getting her first auditing I think. I showed her how to write her name backwards and say it, and she had a lot of fun with that. What relationship is she to you?

  32. Thank you to all of you for your acknowledgements and warm welcomes. I feel like I’m walking among Giants. ml, Laura Ann

  33. Hello Hello and nice to meet you!

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  35. Laura Ann, I just wanted to expand on my quickie welcome and say you are sooo pretty! And that smile … wow! I also agree with you that Windhorse is way cool — she’s one of my faves around here at Marty’s blog.

    It is wonderful to see so many Texans around here — I also entered Scientology through the Austin Org, in the early 1970s. July will be here before we know it, so I look forward to meeting you then.

    Just Me

    • Just Me,
      I was there in the early 70’s. My name then was Laura Fowler. I was a teenager with long brown hair. Did you know me?

      • Wow, Laura, I really do remember you. I was in the Austin org from 1972 – 1977. I’ll betcha we’ve done lots of TRs and drills together.

        • Just Me,
          I’m looking forward to meeting again. We’ll catch up. I wish I knew where David Dorsey went. He was my auditor back then. It is still my favorite time in my Scientology career. ml, Laura Ann

  36. Fellow Traveller

    Well, lord a mighty! Another operatin’ Texan doin’ what comes natural.
    Welcome to this here rodeo and stock show. Most pleased to be makin’ yur acquaintance.

    Bruce Pratt

  37. I remember Willie B striding into the OEC/FEBC courseroom on the Apollo and announcing in his big booming voice, “I just attested to the State of Texas!”

  38. Glad you are out of the trap Laura Wilson

    You might be needing a special OT level “Operating Texan” 😉

  39. (more leaks than a swiss cheese boat)

    Office of COB

    Top Secret Confidential


    1) Buy Texas and pave it over.
    2) Lobby Congress to make communicating illegal.
    3) Change my legal name to L. Ron Miscavige.
    4) Get busts of myself put in every org.
    5) Send Marty more pizzas he didn’t order.
    6) Make Heber iron my underwear.
    7) Declare March 13th L. Ron Miscavige day.
    8) Get Shelly back and make her change her name to Mary Sue Miscavige.
    9) Have sex with all the apostates’ ex-spouses.
    10) Rename my dog ‘Marty’.
    11) Create a counterfeit Moving On Up blog that only praises me.
    12) Photoshop my head onto all photos of LRH.
    13) Mandate a four swing F/N.
    14) Lower prices to compete with Marty.
    15) Start a new ‘Even More Ideal Org’ program with even more expensive buildings.
    16) Ban all sleep in the Sea Org for the entire length of the contract.
    17) Leaflet bomb their Independents Day party.
    18) Send Tommy Davis in as undercover apostate.
    19) Replace Cal Mag on Purif with Scotch.
    20) Make a new ‘We Stand Tall’ video without any of those damn apostates.
    21) Give Farrakan Marty’s old job.
    22) Get Farrakan to reg Jessie Prince into coming back.
    23) Hire Mayo back.
    24) Buy entire stock of apostates anti-me books and destroy them.
    25) Write my own book on how bad all the apostates are.
    26) Initiate Black PR campaign that the Independents are the same people that killed Jesus, reincarnated.
    27) Get Jive Aces to play bad songs and say Marty wrote them.
    28) Start rumor that Rinder killed Robert Minton for money.
    29) Leak fake sex tape of Marty and Mike to TMZ.
    30) Buy BBC and only broadcast loop of my Ted Koppel interview.
    31) Get Scientology outlawed in Antarctica and blame it on Marty.
    32) Buy the word ‘Independent’ and have it copyrighted and trademarked.
    33) Start rumor that Trey Lotz audits better than Marty.
    34) Get evidence that Marty fishes while he audits.
    35) Hide some KKK brochures in Marty’s house so Mosey discovers them.
    36) Air-drop killer bears onto the property of those top Independent bastards up in Washington.
    37) Populate Marty’s favorite fishing spots with poison puffer fish.
    38) Hire Chuck Norris to stand across the street from Marty’s house and stare at it.
    39) Get Tom Cruise to denounce the Independents on a You Tube video.
    40) Hire Charlie Sheen to get Marty addicted to crack.


  40. I wanted to post this as a tribute to Laura, and what she has done this day, and to Ron, for all he has done for us. He was in the inpiration for this writing, as well as the Freedom that came about allowing me to leave the past behind. It is some of my best writing. Hope you all enjoy it.

    “The Meaning Of Life” by J.A.E.B. circa 2003

    Blank as slate and clean as new paper, I search for the words to describe.
    The life I live now seems forever changed.
    The feelings I experience know no range
    I am new. I am better. Yet, lost in a world unknown to me.

    Once upon a time, the words ran forth like a river. No dam could hold them. No praise could give them deeper meaning. They were to me, my paint and canvas, my marble and chisel. They were the very air that I breathed and the soil beneath my feet.

    I am reborn in the world, fresh and new and eager to see all things before me. That which I cherished in the past is but a distant thought, echoing in the Halls of Yesterday. Oh, how I loved those passages. They took me beyond space and time to friends and family and places I had seen and longed to see again. In a way, I long for them still. But not to live amongst them like I once had. No. Now, I find myself locking the door to the Hall and leaving it … right where I want it to be. Like a favorite book, it will always be on the shelf for me in times of longing or remembrance.

    Behold! Welcome, Child and breathe anew! Welcome to the world that is Today. And yonder, across the meadow there, you will find the Halls of Tomorrow with wonders and dreams you cannot yet realize. Take hold the reigns and go forth. Adventure into thoughts you dared not look upon and know: all your time in the Halls of Yesterday have not been in vein, for there is no better teacher than that of experience and education. Both Knowledge and Experience together make up the cornerstone of Wisdom and you have built yourself a sturdy foundation for the Halls of Tomorrow.

    The oak forests about the place hang their heads in envy. The slabs of granite that lay about weep with sorrow, for they know in no amount of time will they ever be as strong or hold so heavy a burden… or so great an honor.

    Mankind has ever been in search of material things with which to build and craft. We, in years past and ever still, have looked to “gods” or the one true God, to give us strength in which to stand against the burdens that befall us. A select few of us have surpassed so much and in such great years that we few have come to know that all that is needed, all that is required of us… is within us. Though a good cornerstone I have laid and still many more stone to build upon it, it is the human Heart that binds all things. It is not just love. It is not pain. It is not only God. It is that which we were gifted in a time so long and forgotten, there will never be a text found about it, but it is there just the same.

    Heart: the Love of self and one another, the urge to survive and see to the needs of those around you, the betterment of ourselves, and seeing to it that life goes on at any cost.

    What is the meaning of Life? To live your Life to the fullest is the very meaning itself. Never have truer words been spoken. Should they ever, you would do well to listen.

  41. Hey Laura – awesome! I completely agree regarding the church left us.

    Lots of powerful people in Texas!

  42. Hey Laura ! It was truely lovely to see your face on the blog.
    We spent many refreshers together with you and Mike at the Sandcastle and you are good people. Love you both.
    PS. Tell Mike when we meet again there will be a fine cigar and some excellent sushi and no three swing f/ns

  43. Laura, absolutely wonderful. In the whole wide expanse of existance there is no substitute for truth, never has been, never will be. The currency of honesty and trustability defines what friends are, alas the Cof$ is dead broke where that is concerned. Good on you and as Spock says, “flourish & prosper” you are amoung friends.

  44. Laura Ann,

    Thank you for posting this. You are a WONDERFUL AND REAL OT!

    Sicne we all suffer from disconnection in one form or another, as part of the price of freedom we pay, and to highlight just how that fundamental policy of Miscavology embodies reverse Scientology, I’d like to share this from LRH, spoken on the 4th London ACC:

    “Attitude and Conduct of Scientology” …(4th London ACC, 3rd November 1955) straight from LRH:

    “…the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only not only difficult to do but does not work. That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work.It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology. Got that?”

    “It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?”

    “Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?”

    “So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie. “The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.”

    “The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.”

    “Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve. “And it never solves by being tough.”

    “What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got.”

  45. Welcome Laura! Another vibrant, theta being amongst the Independents. And yes, the Church sure did leave us.

    All this Independence in Texas is making me want to pack my bags and move there!

  46. Hmmmm! Another Texan….. Well done Laura!

    Tom Gallagher

  47. I want to answer every post but, that’s tough. I just want you all to know I am reading each and every one and smiling at all of you. ml, Laura Ann

  48. Independent Scientologist

    Laura, you audited part of my Scientology Drug Rundown many years ago. It was blast! Glad to see that your out. I hope you are planning to attend the 4th of July celebration. Michelle and I will definitely be there.

    – Ron Matlock

    • Ron,
      Look earlier and you will see my comment to you. It was very similar to yours to me. I love real duplication. I really look forward to seeing you and Michelle in July. ml, Laura Wilson

  49. Laura Ann,
    Welcome to the Indies! Great to see two more OT VIIIs out.

    • Sinar,
      Thank you. People like you, who were there have made an incredible difference by speaking out. I was going to list everyone but the list got so long and I was afraid I might leave someone out. It is all you guys who saw it with your eyes. There is nothing like first hand truth to sort out lies. Many have been harmed and are trying like a gasping fish out of water to survive. The confusion created by the questions and not knowing can make one doubt his or her own reality. You and others like you have put enough truth there that people can see and sort out their painful confusions. I will never forget the day I found the Friends of LRH website. My thought was OMG I’m not alone and there IS hope. Anyone who speaks up in order to help those who are hurting is a REAL HERO in my book. So, thank you Sinar and everyone else who has cared enough to lend a hand to their friends. ml, Laura Ann

  50. 🙂

  51. redneck Janette from Detriot

    I like your write up laura, well put!! It does take a little help from family and friends sometimes, to see what we may not have seen before or not wanted to see. Looking forward to meeting you in July!!

  52. Hello Laura Ann,

    Good choice. What a warm and friendly smile you have. Reminds me of the pictures of Ron where he has an ear to ear grin.

    I have to agree, the church left you and me and all the fine people posting here. This is because it left LRH’s objectives and Std Tech. Who would have though that the malcontents would turn out to be the standard bearers.

    Bettering conditions seems to be the soup de jour here, glad its yours too.

    Welcome to the independent field.

  53. A BIG Welcome to you Laura Ann!!
    You are among TRUE friends here….friends that really care and have genuine love and compassion!!!
    🙂 Lori

  54. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hi Laura!

    Welcome to the bestess (hey, I can create words all on my own) blog in Texas! Glad that you made it out of Cof$ with your self-esteem and integrity intact! 🙂 — Smooch

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (a villager with Texas-size torches for little davey and his minions)

  55. Sweet Laura,
    Though a new comm line, I so enjoyed spending the evening with your recently. I knew immediately that you were such a caring, exemplary being – and that we would be fast friends. It was such a pleasure to now be true friends of LRH that are all bound to the same goals – that of seeing LRH tech correctly applied and being true to the goals we had when we found Scientology.

    All the misgivings that we have observed are truly of a church that has left its parishioners high and dry, going down a trail to nowhere.

    But the greatest thrill is the magic of the power that all of us collectively amass – it is staggering the difference that we are making. And we haven’t really gotten started.

    Whoa Baby! Are we a force to be reckoned with or what?

    I continue to key out just thinking of your sweet message. So simple, so succinct, and with such love and care.

    I look forward to expanding my comm line with you.
    Much much love,

    • Hi Kay,
      I had great fun with you, too! You really know how to play! I look forward to seeing you more often in the future. And, thanks so much for your kind words. ml, Laura Ann

  56. On a somber note I’ll leave tonight with a “prayer” for the folks in Japan. I’m sure you’ve all already made yours.

    Cause you’re good folks!


  57. The VERY FIRST Full Golden Age of Knowledge Completion!!!!!!

    So this guy spent years studying through all these materials with no practical?

    Why is it a big win that only one person has gotten through these courses over a year after the release of the ACC’s and years since the other Basics were released?

    How many auditors have been misdirected onto this route?

    • Very good point, DFB. Thought the same thing. No practical application. Twinning and Winning on application of the theories studied was/is one of the most effective educational methods LRH developed and encouraged. Does it work? When I did the Com course in 1975 and studied the HCOB’s then actually drilled the concept/theory
      with another was revolutionary at the time (apparently). Comparing the technique to many of the classes I was taking at the time in my senior year at a University. When I suggested this (develop methods to apply the theories in some of the more theory laden classes) to a few of my profs I got “Some good points you’re making. Just not sure how we could work this into the class though, given time constraints.”

      • Uncle Buck,
        Good point, auditor training was the norm in the 70’s. Not donating your way up the bridge. In my opinion the lack of real auditor training for everyone has been the basic downfall of the church. The subject is not being taught. The “solution” Golden Age of Tech is a via from the REAL THING. Thanks for pointing this out. ml, Laura Ann

    • If anyone is going to listen to this canned, series of lies as to how it applied to the speaker (Tom Cruises career yes-man, Michael Doven), please read the following post and listen to the linked audio conversation between Michael and I, where Michael demonstrates his ability, “I don’t have maybes, I live with swift certainty.”

      • Tony DePhillips

        I could only listen to a few seconds of it before getting real bored.
        It is like he has set himself on a pedastal and we are supposed to worship him.
        When did studying LRH become some sort of status?
        Everyting in the church is status now, it’s really sick.
        I bow down and worship Mr. LRH boy who listened to all the tech and is now my superior. I am unworthy to be in your presence. Blah!

      • Never met the man – I think my cocoon theory seems to be in place. Heard the phone call from the post. I think we are in a world of “this part is good, ergo all is good.” Despite being an apparently unknowing dup in a blow drill. I also think there is a lot of “I am doing good things with the tech, therefore everyone is doing good things with the tech.” (Whether he really is or not).

        No confront of true evil, and yet imagining evil where there is none. I liked your point – “You should be asking these questions of David Miscavige.”


        • Great observations Grasshopper. And I loved your line: “No confront of true evil, and yet imagining evil where there is none.” What a perfect capturing of the modus-operandi of the CoM for the last 20 yrs.

      • What kind of squirrel bullshit was he trying to run on you?
        I don’t know what that was. Did he think it was a session? He seems to have a “CS” for some process to be run.

    • TroubleShooter

      “How many auditors have been misdirected onto this route?”

      DFB, All of them. All of them save those who were shielded from shameless orders and who yet insist that LRH be applied in spite of the threats that accompanied the arbitrary; a nice word in this case to describe an all but unfathomable evil effort from WITHIN the church itself to prevent auditors made.

      Of course those who shielded were under threat of being labelled “CI” and attacked while those amongst them were under RTC order to KR any such dissident non-compliance. The whole future of Scn through auditor delivery was severely undermined with malice aforethought – FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS by the same man who holds himself up as THE SAVIOUR and whose minions are under threat to chant and enforce recognition of as well lest they be lobbed off and labelled and never allowed to work on tech lines again. If you want to find some of the most suppressed yet formerly valuable tech terminals who remain in the SO are you have to go to ask the staff in the kitchen, grounds crews, mills, folder pages and rpfs and ask them for their tech training histories and prior posts held…and let’s not forget the medical liason office for the names of those who are seriously physically ill or dead…and to the HCOs for the list of those who were formerly tech trained who were FTRBed out, routed out, silently shooed away or blown…it can be mind numbing. Only those with the highest level of confront of evil do it as THE REAL WAKE UP CALL is there to be experienced. The shock of it is electrifying to the core of your thetan if you really wrap your wits ’round the strategy and it’s effects so ensure that you’re well grounded before you try it.

      And this brings up a question I’ve had for years – could someone explain to me why the tech of PTSness and suppression aka the PTS/SP course was not one of the first things someone routed to the RPF did if they hadn’t already? because it isn’t.

    • Thanks for the link, DFB. I watched the whole video. In my humble opinion, only good can come from people reading and listening to LRH. The seeds are planted. The wins he had are consistent with wins you would expect to get from studying LRH. Even if some of the tapes have been edited, you can’t kill LRH, and that seems apparent in his wins.

      What is interesting is that the wins he had are inconsistent with what the Church is actually doing. Apply communication. Validate rightnesses. Disagree with MEST.

      I know it may sound counter-intuitive, but having people reading the basic books, even as they are, and listen to Ron will only hasten the demise of the usurper. Because Miscavige ain’t doing it, if you really apply a little Ron, you can see it. Once people leave the cocoon of theory courses and start to apply it, and start communicating, and wondering why they are prevented from communicating when Ron is clear that communication is the answer, and why vitriol is being spread when it is clear that Theta is not vitriol – well, the light will shine.

      • one of those who see

        Grasshopper, I had this thought too. Like a criminal who leaves clues at the scene, so he can get caught. DM has released the LRH Congresses, ACC’s etc… that expose the outnesses in the Church.
        Very helpful of him.
        And as wonderful as it is that Michael got all that theory and it is wonderful. Here’s what LRH has to say:
        From LRH ED 299 INT 28 Sept. 1978
        “…In the old days an auditor, given the basics, learned to audit by AUDITING. It still holds true today.
        You can stuff a student with theory until it’s coming out of his ears but you won’t have an auditor until he AUDITS. You can even put him through all the drills that have ever been dreamed up and you still won’t have an auditor until he AUDITS.
        We’ve had the datum for some time that a student too long on the runway is going to lose the spark and zeal he started out with.
        The new, shorter checksheets are geared to that datum.
        The direction we’re going in is-we’re going to MAKE AUDITORS…”

        HCOB 7 JUNE 1961
        “…Here is the leader in all this data: You can dawdle around with theory outside an Academy, read books and so on. But in an Academy only can you LEARN certain things, and not all the books in the world will teach them.
        These things are as follows: the TRs 0 to 9, the Model Session while obeying the TRs, the E-Meter, the CCHs, the Prehav Scale and its use in assessment, the running of general Prehav levels, how to do a Security Check…” LRH

        • Yes, of course, that is a hell of a lot of theory dump. And one must remember that the bulk of the time spent in each ACC was in PRACTICAL, with just an hour or two per day on lectures. There is no way anyone can get through the 14 years of this stuff – 1,500 lectures and all the books and tapes, in one year if there was practical involved. It is almost full time listening as it is! four to five lectures per day, seven days per week.

          There was an old trick used by the more nefarious of BC students back in the day that would play tapes at 7.5 IPS (double-speed) to get through the tapes faster – and some even listened to two tapes at once (one in each ear). This, of course, is madness.

          Listening to 4-5 tapes per day is madness as well. You can’t get them, I don’t care who you are – unless you are retired and are truly doing this full time (9am-10:30 pm – real full time), and even then.

          I am a fast student. I was lucky to do one BC tape per night. You don’t just play and let it run through. I can’t remember how many times I stopped and replayed a section several times – sometimes because it was so freaking cool, and sometimes because the words were unclear (and Clearsound may be awesome, but there are times you need to stop and just figure out what the hell he said. I’m not the sort to trust the transcript – especially DM’s transcripts).

          And, the whole point is to get asses in the chair and hands on the cans.

          But even then, people reading and listening to LRH is better than not. Perhaps the cog of Basics courses is “Hey, maybe I should try this stuff!” The other main cog would be “Hey! How come THEY are not doing this stuff!”

          The EP is Independence 🙂

      • His “wins” seemed scripted to me. I didn’t buy it. He was acting. I hate to say that. I’ve never said that about anyones wins or graduation speech before. It wasn’t pure. His indicators were not good.

        • DFB,

          That’s a pretty spot on observation.

          The fact is at least this was the case when I left in ’05 that pretty much all “wins” that are given a graduation or recorded *are* scripted to the degree that they have to be “approved”.

          I gave an unscripted not approved “win” once at graduation once in ’03 and was almost run off the stage.

          My crime was that I “failed” to acknowledge RTC.

          • I’ve known about a lot of stuff being scripted. At Flag in 2000 it was for upper level stuff and probably before that.
            I just don’t believe him.
            It’s like he is under pressure to have “huge wins”.

            • DFB,

              He’s afraid to actually say what he really thinks because of the possible repercussions.

              I mean back in the ol’ days when a PC or Pre OT was BIs or so so ind or the success story indicated such we used to review them until they were happy.

              What I think they do these days is route ’em straight to ethics because it’s immediately *assumed* you must be PTS or a no gain case.

              The possibility that they may have screwed up never enters their little head these days.

              Talk about a *ser fac*.

              Anyway this guy is probably afraid he’ll go to ethics so he’s in total propitiation giving all these non existent “wins”.

              Sorta like the PC who fakes an “F/N” at the examiner just so they won’t be harassed etc.

              I knew a guy who could do an almost perfect mock up of a Floating TA by squeezing and letting go of the cans.

              Others who could “F/N” at will by thinking of a pleasure moment.

              It’s like give ’em what they want so that they leave you alone.

              However you probably spotted the fact that the more “wins” this guy gives the more his havingness drops out the bottom.

              Something the PC Indicator challenged org terminals would never notice or don’t want to notice.

  58. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Go, Texas!! Yay!! What a wonderful, simple and gracious letter.

    Laura, you are so right – our church left us! In my case, it took a little while to realize they were gone, but I’m so much happier now.

    When someone like you leaves and makes it known, I can almost feel the cages rattling in the insane domain of the church. Thank you.

    • Cindy,
      I have heard so many nice things about you from Yvonne. I look forward to meeting you at the Indie picnic. ml, Laura Ann

      • Cindy Pinsonnault

        I can’t wait to meet you too! Kay and Yvonne have both told me wonderful things about you. See you then!

  59. Scott Campbell

    Wow Laura Ann,

    Boy O boy there’s lots of free theta in Texas! No wonder Texas is so Independent.

    If Y’all secede from the Union, I’m moving there there next day!

    L, Scott

  60. Dear Laura,

    Your words communicate so. Great to have you among us. Welcome!

  61. Dear Laura,
    we admire your courage and integrity . We know what you are going thru and you are demonstrating you are a REAL OT.
    “By their actions you will know them”
    Claudio & Renata

  62. Most of those 40 points are frivolous, some are dangerous! Particular of note item 32) Buy the name “Independant” and get it copyrighted
    Don’t give DM any Ideas(As he is clearly out of good ones himself)

    • Thanks for reading.

      • Thanks for writing!I Always enjoy good humour and wit, no real worry about DM ‘buying and copywriting ‘Independant’ , he is so stuck in his own loop he probaly would try to buy ‘impotent’ instead.

  63. Yahoo!, another Texan!!!!

  64. Bert Schippers

    Welcome Laura!

    One by one the able beings achieve freedom and render the ‘church’ useless.

  65. Expelled 4 Life

    This just in. Straight up and vertical jammed packed new Tampa Org course room:

    • What are they going to do in Ybor City?? Body route in drunken bar-hopping revelers and poor semi-literate HCC college kids?

      Seems like a big waste of money just for chunk of brick prestige.

    • Completely packed with 8 students! Wow! After 7 mil for the property and 6 mil for renovations according to the photo captions?

      • Expelled 4 Life

        I guess it’s the ideal Ideal Org strategy. Surely you’ve read the LRH reference on ensuring that each Org is placed in an area of town that positions it well with the local community but that no one in their right mind would go to at night let alone during the day. Pure idiocy.

  66. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Laura,
    You said that you were married to Jerry Boswell the Freedom award winner. Any data as to whether or not he is waking up to any of this data about the abuses in Scientology?

    • Tony,
      I haven’t talked to Jerry in quite a while. I wouldn’t think so though. He is pretty dedicated to CCHR and the church. ml, Laura

  67. Laura- I was in the So for 11 years and left 6 years ago due to what I was seeing in upper management. I often wondered how I was feeling and when I read your statement about not leaving the Church but how it left you – WOW! Perfect. Thank you!

    • Mr. G,
      You’re welcome! You left about the time I started waking up. You have a head start on me. Hope to see you at the Indie picnic. ml, Laura Ann

  68. Hi Laura,
    Thank you so much for adding your theta comm to the ever-expanding group of independent thetans who gather here. Every new voice adds to the ARC enveloping good old planet earth, and helps dissolve the 3rd and 4th dynamic engrams.

    Les Warren

  69. Tony DePhillips

    Let’s party another Indy is created!

  70. Thanks for being you. It is true we never left or lost our faith. We are the same people we have always been. The same extraordinaire that wooed us into magic has lifted us beyond the tragic.

    “If you want to get real tragic, forget it was just magic.” L.R.H.

  71. And a beautiful new indie, at that, Tony. Laura Ann, your face radiates theta.
    We are all waking up a little more every day. Your write-up hit the spot. Simple. To the point. Perfect. I am betting your needle is floating dial wide. All the best to you in your bright future. Hope to meet you one day soon. ML, Mirari

  72. Laura, I remember you from when you were on staff at AOLA back in the mid 70s. Glad to see you’re out of the C of M. Wishing you the best. Peter McMahon

  73. Real interesting about the cult’s version of NOTs and OT VIII. The cult has managed also (though they are unheard of amongst younger Scientologists) to suppress the original OT Levels, OT IV through VII, authored by the man himself. If anyone recently departing from the Church is familiar, these are known as “The Old OT Levels” LOL! They are NOT replaced by Ned for OTs or the cult’s version of the upper bridge. Just thought I’d make a comment from one of the oldest of the old dudes.

  74. Hello, Laura! I am so pleased to meet you, even through this medium of Internet. Your statement is beautifully done and in particular “With a little help from my friends, I am able to gain more certainty on what is true for me.” is what truth is really all about.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

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