Richard Reiss – Kha Khan


Richard Reiss, long-time Senior C/S Flag Service Organization has recently left his physical body. He reportedly lost a bout with cancer. Richard died at the age of 66 on March 4, 2011. He died at the Brookside Hospice House in Palm Harbor Florida. Seventeen days after his death, less than a quarter of Flag staff, and handful of public gathered for a church of Scientology memorial service.

I believe Richard deserves to have the world know about some extraordinary things about his life. Things that David Miscavige will not only not ever let be known, but as you shall see below he will likely spend more pretty pennies trying to silence.

Richard was a giant intellectually.

Richard, though many never had a chance to see it, had quite a theta endowment.

I don’t know how many people got to see Richard relaxed and being himself. I was fortunate to have been one of them.  Richard, you see, as the Snr Technical terminal at the Mecca of Technical Perfection was under a tremendous, continual pressure to abandon his integrity to forward the suppressive whims of David Miscavige. In fact, in one of his last public appearances he was forced to announce the “breakthrough” in Objectives, that every Scientologist needed them (wherever they might be on the Bridge) and up to 125 hours of them to boot.  In my opinion that was the last straw for Richard Reiss.

In early 96, Richard and I were assigned to “qual check” the Golden Age of Tech” drills that were being produced by LRH Technical Comps Unit at the direction of David Miscavige. Richard and I spent weeks together, sitting across a meter and reads simulator in the Qual Division Gold, Scientology Inc’s Headquarters doing just that.

Richard had been pretty much rotting for months at Gold under the auspices of some kind of “Correction Program”. I think he had been sent there mid 95 shortly after Miscavige had pushed him aside to bypass to write Lisa McPherson’s long, rambling Clear r-factor – and then continued to supervise suppressive programs like Expanded Dianetics and Power Processes after that fact, driving her to insanity and ultimately to death.

Richard was happy to be finally assigned to something he thought was meaningful.

Richard was one of the most analytically gifted individuals I have ever met. To most I think he came across so analytical as to lack esprit vital. That combined with the fact he was under the constant strain of lesser minds of RTC children relaying micro managed and generally suppressive tech orders to him from Miscavige.  And yes, I was an integral part of that apparatus, and I wish I could have apologized to Richard and make it up to him before his untimely death.

But, I was lucky for a while.  I worked alone with Richard for a good period of time where I didn’t have to walk the suppressive walk.  In our little Gold staff auditing room, for many hours day after day, while we worked in privacy he couldn’t help but let his hair down. Many a time I got him to crack a smile, and sometimes laugh – and sometimes even line charge while we tried to make sense of the plus, minus shunt computer logic being implemented with a tech the founder of which once said, “the only way the technology can be lost is if you become a slave to procedure. There is no substitute for understanding.”

Richard and I would test the draft drills and attempt to correct them. Richard would run through the drill with me and we’d get to a “what do you do?” spot, and I’d answer something like, “well that depends. There are about four or five avenues I could explore depending on a number of factors not covered in the linear scenario just given.” Richard would suppress a smirk. Then I’d launch on a soliloquy on those four or five possible avenues, until Richard couldn’t handle it any more and he’d crack up. Richard would then put his straight face on again and slowly, but surely, cite a punch list of LRH references validating my contentions.

And Richard had a wicked, wry sense of humor of his own, with which he caused an occasional belly laugh for me.

I have told elsewhere on this blog what happened with those drills – a great percentage of our corrections were never made, and a higher percentage of the drills never made it to Richard and I before the RTC bots snatched them up under the orders of Miscavige to “make it for the event” (May 9 event 1996).

I tended to have a more practical understanding of the tech – having been assigned to unsnarl many a case Richard and the rest of the tech hierarchy “screwed up” under the stifling, blanket arbitraries enforced by Miscavige. I sensed Richard got a kick out of seeing me do so. He clearly wished that he could operate the way I was allowed to. Later that decade I would sometimes call Richard for a tech reference because the man could cite me chapter and verse for any principal I threw at him.

By now some of you may be wondering about the title of this post, Richard Reiss Kha Khan.

Well, I was assigned Kha Khan status by Miscavige for having been in his words the “guy who got us tax exemption.” Here is what LRH said about the title of Kha Khan that Miscavige based it upon:

In an ancient army a particularly brave deed was recognized by an award of the title of Kha-Khan. It was not a rank. The person remained what he was, BUT he was entitled to be forgiven the death penalty ten times in case in the future he did anything wrong. That was a Kha-Khan.


Admittedly, Miscavige – as is his wont – dished it to me for manipulative, calculating, and insincere reasons. Namely to entice me to return from New Orleans a month after tax exemption was obtained in 1993. (Incidentally, if anyone is having trouble tracking with this, I suggest you watch the 3 and one half hours of video taped interviews with me at . I just don’t have time to recount all of the context, and it would tend to divert from the man of the moment, Richard).

I tell the following story to explain why I have eschewed the distinction and on my own origination award it, instead, to Richard Reiss.

Miscavige and I first spoke to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service in the late summer/early Fall of 1991. By the end of the year we were deeply into negotiations with a team headed by the D/Commissioner for Exempt Organizations of the IRS. We pretty much commuted to D.C. – a couple times a month for the next year, preparing and bringing boxes and boxes of documentation to answer all of the questions the IRS had. By the Fall of 1992 Miscavige was becoming extremely impatient with the process. He used every carrot and stick method he knew to overwhelm the D/Commissioner to grant exemption.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to gather intelligence to flank all of this. We even received information from credible sources from the White House. And by near the end of the 1992 we were hearing that Papa Bush himself – exercising his trademark indecision – was concerned about the effect granting exemption to the Church of Scientology would have on his re-election hopes.

And so, the stalemate continued for another year. Nine months into the Clinton administration in fact.

There was not a single thing we provided the IRS during the year 1993 that was the make-break point of exemption entitlement.

Yet, lo and behold, in September 1993 – several months into the tenure of a Clinton appointed IRS Commissioner – the IRS Scientology team started swapping settlement drafts. In the first week of October we received tax exemption.

Fast forward a couple years.

Scientologist celebrity Ann Archer took a White House tour. To her surprise she was pulled  aside and lead to the Oval Office. Moments later President Bill Clinton appeared for a very rare one on one meet and greet.

Ann thanked Clinton for his administration having granted tax exemption to her church.

Clinton told Archer a little story as to why he considered it was the right thing to do. Clinton said that in the sixties when he was pursuing his Rhodes scholarship at Oxford, he hung with a fraternity of Yale University graduates. He said that a couple of the members of that franternity were Scientologists. He said he never forgot how kind and spiritual they both were. He knew then and there – by the beingnesses and conduct of those Scientologists – that Scientology was a spriritual activity and that “Scientologists were good people.”

President Bill Clinton did not mention names. But, I’ll tell you straight-up, Richard Reiss was one of those Scientologist Yale graduate, Rhodes scholars who met Bill Clinton during those days in the sixties.

Richard never spoke to Clinton since Oxford.

Richard didn’t know him well enough to do so.

But, Richard didn’t have to.

Richard left his mark by simply being himself around some amiable genius from Arkansas.

And that is why I say Richard Reiss is Kha Khan.

And I hope Richard that you find yourself a healthy, strong body with some parents who recognize a beautiful being and mind when you join their family. Or not if you’d prefer to do something else.

Whatever you choose to do, remember, it is entirely up to you.

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  1. Everything Marty says here matches my own experiences with Richard, from working with him in 1994 during the re-export of XDN to the GAT drills piloting he and Marty did in 1996. Richard is one more example of the super intelligent guys that DM could not bear to let flourish but who he needed to keep his game going. Things don’t go well for these people, unfortunately. But Richard is done with that and I share Marty’s wishes for him. Best of luck to you, Richard.

  2. Nice tribute, Marty.

    I’ve noticed the tone of this blog is often warmer and perhaps less purely analytical in the last twelve or so months.

    Is it just me or is it case-advancement phenomena on your part… or?

    Either way, you are blending tech and important data with human understanding better than I’ve observed ever before.

    I like the trend. It matches my original goals when I entered Scn. The only effective movements that last must include some real affinity for everybody’s scene.

    Cool stuff.

  3. Marty,

    Thanks for the back story on all this and how Richard may have contributed to the Church’s tax exemption as a Yale man.

    Anyway I’d like to wish Richard the best and hope by the time he gets back.

    If he ever chooses to come back

    That Miscavige and his spiritual wrecking crew are just a foot note in history.

  4. Thanks to this kind of descriptions we can know the things that inside Cof$ we would never know.

    Inside the individual is nothing. The S.O. ; the orgs and the missions are full of unknown heroes.

    Thanks for sharing this Marty. We cannow know who really was Mr. Reiss.



  5. Thank you Marty, for this touching story and the tribute for Richard Reiss.

  6. Thank you for this about Richard Reiss remarkable .

  7. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person!
    Richard is now free to do as he chooses. I hope he’ll come back and grace us with his presence.

  8. Scott Campbell

    What a great story, Marty.

    I’m glad that you were able to spend time and share a laugh with this man, who by your account was truly deserving of the title of Kha Khan.

    I never had occasion to meet him but sure would like to in another place and time. The most profound revelations I’ve had in my life I have had while in the company of great spirits of an intellectual bent.

    That you are moved to bestow your title of Kha Khan on him bespeaks the love and respect you have for him and removes the taint from which it was given to you. You have restored honor to that conspicuous and rare distinction and thus reclaimed your own honor in doing so.

    Marty, you have proven once again that chivalry and gallantry are not dead and are indeed, alive in the heart of Texas.

    L, Scott

  9. Marty, what a beautiful expression of your very high appreciation of this man. It may be that you are the only individual who knew these things about Richard who is also free to express them. I never knew him, but after reading this he is real to me and I have admiration for him. Multiply that by the number of people who will read this, and those they will tell, and that’s a significant legacy Richard now has.

  10. I knew who Richard was, but never met him. I am sorry to hear of his passing at such a young body age.

    When I first saw the post title for this thread, I was almost thinking that Richard had left Flag and had shown up at NOTS landing. Now that would have been something. But, in a way, he has left the SO and is bound for adventures that I hope he enjoys.

    It must have been very hard for him to accept Mestsavages tech alterations and continue on post. How ironic that an educated man like Richard was forced to work for a high school drop out/camera operator, like DM.

    I also did not know Lisa McPherson. The reference to her having been run on Power and EXDN after her Clear attest was chilling. Now that I know that, I can understand why she went insane and ultimately died. What a tragedy.

    Good trip to you, Richard. May the gods feed you honey.


  11. Sad to hear of Richard’s passing. Very nice tribute, Marty. Thank you for that.

  12. Friend of Ron

    Richard was auditing at Saint Hill in the 70s. By the mid 70s he already had a reputation of being one of the most standard and technially most knowledgable auditors and later C/S at Saint Hill. He never left that path.

    I often wondered over the last couple of years, while learning and seeing more of the truth of the Scn Inc “tech” Div , what happened to Richard as he had clearly faded out of sight.

    Thanks for filling the void Marty and for bestowing a status that only another Kha Khan can truly bestow.

    Richard will be missed and he will be back.

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    This is sad news.
    My prayers go out to family and friends.

  14. Wow, that is an awesome story! I wonder if his son Jesse (busted from RTC to RPF, the put into CTO WUS) was even told his father was dying before-hand, or whether he was permitted to fly to Flag for the memorial. Somehow, I doubt it.

  15. Very sad but also such a waste of an incredible genius. My condolences to his family and friends…

  16. My first experience in front of a word clearer at St. Hill UK was with Richard Reiss. I was indeed afraid that he would fine out how many MU’s I had. He found them. He made it safe for me to stop being a glib student and become an auditor. RIP Richard.

  17. Marty, what a beautiful tribute to an incredible being. I enjoyed knowing Richard, I loved his smile and respected his KRC and ARC for the tech. Richard , you will never be forgotten. To Richard’s family, I am sorry for your loss.

  18. (reputedly found on the floor after the memorial service)

    Office of COB

    To: Richard Reiss, Ex-CS

    You did not submit a CSW for an LOA and therefore are considered blown from the Sea Org. Your Freeloader bill is being drawn up and will be sent to your relatives with expectation of full payment.

    Remember, you still have 999,999,960 years left on your contract, which I fully expect you to honor, as I have a lot of work for you to do, that is, after you get through A-E and do your lowers.

    Until such time, your certificates are hereby cancelled along with any honors bestowed upon you.

    Captain David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

    PS: I received a report that you failed to salute me at last week’s COB Night during an airing of one of my videos at the hospice. This type of suppressive, out-ethics behavior is disgraceful and sickens me to the core of my being and believe me, you will pay dearly for this next time I see you.

  19. It’s posts like these that cause one to take an involuntary deep breath.
    Beautiful tribute . Thank you for the story and your words.
    RIP Richard.


  20. “I was almost thinking that Richard had left Flag and had shown up at NOTS landing.”

    Me too Centurion.

  21. Michael Fairman

    Marty, what a wonderfully dimensioned picture you paint of the man whose path I would cross during my years on solo NOTS. In those brief moments he would always smile and be curious about what I was up to. But I knew very little else about him until now.

    I am saddened to learn of his passing, and am angered by what he was evidently made to swallow.

    Go gentle into that good night Richard, and I wish you well when you return in the morning.

  22. Kathy Braceland

    Beautiful epitaph for Richard Reiss.

  23. You know there is something to be said for the theta band, that’s my name for any level above the effort band because so much can be accomplished when beings are in that band, as we see with Richard Reiss and Pres. Clinton. Just a theta comm is so important and powerful in this world.

  24. A wonderful tribute Marty. Thank you very much.

    I remember that John Travolta, too, had met with Clinton, and Clinton told him that he had a “Scientology roommate” that left a positive impression on him (Clinton). That was reported by TIME magazine in 1998 (,9171,987987,00.html). It wasn’t a direct quote from Travolta, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same person/people that Clinton met and knew.

  25. one of those who see

    Thank you for your tribute to Richard Reiss and for giving those of us who did not know him, insight into the man. I love that we take the time to honor these wonderful people.
    Richard, thank you so much for getting so trained and working all those years to free man. What a wonderful, courageous and intellegent being you are.
    Wishing you the happiest of futures!

  26. Marty,
    Thanks for sharing the experiences, which for me adds to the whole picture. I did observe, similarity to Dans posting of Richard’s comings and goings to the Int Base and wasn’t aware of the reasons.

    Thought perhaps it had something to do with DM’s why of the “Blind leading the blind” which as a situation still exists today which GAT, GAK, Physical abuse, The Hole, Basics, Idle Orgs, Direct Donations, Central Dissem Center, Couch jumping & ad nauseum have not handled.

    Did not know Richard personally but have seen him many times – it’s totally ironic and quite an indicator that the top tech terminal at the FSO for years became the effect of the Big C similar to many high case level people indicating the tons of Black & reverse Tech applied to them by Dear Leader. Condolences to his family – knew Jesse who was an RTC Rep at the FLB for a number of years before he and his fiance who was in CMO CW got RPFed.

  27. Thanks for giving us more knowledge on what went down
    and how.

  28. Thank you for your tribute Marty. Really very touching.
    I met Richard in 1986 when I first went up lines. He was such an easy going, truly theta person.
    I had to drive him to LAX later in the year when he had been sent to FSO, demoted from CMOI. We chatted the whole way and I remember he had a special quality, and to me he acted like a real OT.
    Seven years later (1993) when I was in England holding the post of ED Birmingham, I asked Richard for help regarding a public of ours who was on OT 7. I think Richard was holding Snr C/S FSO at the time. Richard responded within a few hours. Seven years had passed and I didn’t think he would even remember me but he did. He was such a genuine person and he had amazing care for the public.

  29. Perhaps he is travelling by less conventional means. For sure he has left Flag 😉

  30. Lisa Hamilton


    Thank you for your story on Richard and letting us know that he left his body. I also think he must be a bit relieved to have gotten out from under his suppression.

    I was lucky enough to work with him when he came to PAC and I very much enjoyed the comm line, his sense of humor and his ARC. He would give LRH Tech references when I needed it for my post and I very much valued the line to him.


  31. I am so very saddened to hear of Richard’s passing. But I am angered by the fact that such a valuable being wasn’t granted the respect and acknowledgement he deserved for his life’s work and accomplishments and contributions – less than a quarter of the staff attended? A few public? What a disgrace. But why am I not surprised?

  32. A beautiful and moving tribute. Thank you Marty.
    Richard – Godspeed on your journey. You live on in our hearts.

  33. RIP Kha Khan!

    Very very sad news and I offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Richard Reiss. I have lurked on this blog for quite some time and I always trusted Richard’s comments. It always “felt” like he was really the real deal.

  34. So sad that such a question is even possible.

  35. Thank you for what you wrote and awarding Richard his kha-khan status. I truly believe Ron would approve and smile. I did not know the man, but only his name and reputation. From the data given I would greatly have admired him for who he was and for what he did to help others. He is welcome on his journey with, in my humble opinion, no debt due to others in any way. He did his part, he helped from the heart (a trait he obviously had in college and before being in the SO), and his slate is clean. He may journey where he wishes and is most welcome to return here if he sees that to be his game. May the sun shine for you, Richard, during the day and the moon at night – travel with gusto my friend.

  36. This might seem kind of strange, but it hits me that DM is going to be surrounded by able beings in new bodies. He won’t know who they are, or where they are, but they will (often) know enough tech to be a threat to his power. It’s a delicious thought.

  37. This quite saddened me. There is an entire Reiss family, mother and father and perhaps siblings, possibly aunts, uncles and cousins who at one time had a young, bright Rhodes scholar, Yale Graduate who just disappeared.

    Knowing the schedule of the Sea Org, and Richard’s position it’s doubtful he spent more than a few weeks in 40 years with his family. And now, he has died.

    I have always felt that the draconian schedule of the Sea Org was unnecessary and definitely not conducive to maintaining good relations with ones family.

    Perhaps someone who knows Richard could get a message to his family – sharing your warm messages about him, his sense of humor and his bright mind.

    Thanks for remembering him Marty.


  38. I never got to know Richard Reiss, but I’ve never seen anyone be held in more esteem walking down the hallway at Flag. He was the man…and everybody knew it.

    It used to really bother me that those young CMO brats referred to him as Richard. It was demeaning from my viewpoint. I referred to him as God, then again, I was on C/S training. Getting that “R” signature on one of your programs was like getting approval from God. I certainly held him in higher esteem than Snr C/S Int (sorry, Dan).

    Here’s a story I heard, don’t know if it’s true:
    Class IV Auditor = Red Tags a PC
    Grad V Auditor = Double Red Tag
    Class VI Auditor = Triple Red Tag
    Class VIII Auditor = Quadruple Red Tag
    Class XII Auditor = Quintuple Red Tag
    Richard Reiss = F/N after a very short session, F/N at Exams, Red Tag OFF.

    From a Flag-trained Case Supervisor, Thank You!

  39. Very special.
    Your open and public admiration of him and the recognition that other comrades of his have to say is, I’m sure, a liberating acknowledgement.
    And he is free to pursue his future, whatever that may be.
    Via con Dios.

  40. Sir Ralliart, You said it all with that last post.

    “Richard Reiss = F/N after a very short session, F/N at Exams, Red Tag OFF.”

    What I remember of Richard Reiss was his COMPETENCE!
    When it comes to one’s case and C/Sing, what does one want to trust the most? The competence of the C/S. RIP Sir Richard. Return soon if you wish.

  41. Expelled 4 Life

    I am very sorry to hear of Richard’s passing but I don’t get the Kha Khan award as Richard seems to have been very much involved and part of what the Church has become. And that he appeared to be aware of the shortfalls of the GAT does not endear me to him considering the number of auditors who have been shot for non compliance to the GAT. Between him and Debbie Cooke one really has to wonder what the hell is the point if you can’t maintain your integrity when push comes to shove.

  42. Richard audited me on L12 as well as he was my senior C/S on OT7 “Golden Age of Tech”. He also personally did a qual consultant interview on me once. Richard is a wonderful and caring being. He was and is what LRH dreamed for us to be.

    Thank you Richard for all your help along the way.



  43. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    When we found out that our little girl was profoundly brain injured Richard himself, on our next six month refresher, urged us to perform our own extensive search of the S.I.R. (Source Information Retrieval) system at the Flag library. He kept in touch with us until we had exhausted every source reference on disabilities that could be found. He then wrote a program for me to audit for her and guided me in the extension of it, we stayed in touch and he was always interested in her progress. I’m grateful for his interest and help. I’ll always remember and admire him.

  44. Man. The good they die young – around DM.

    I met Richard in 1982 at AOSH UK when he was Snr CS there. We became good friends there and I learned his wicked but lovable sense of humor there. Later on he and I went on mission together in PAC to release the CCRD in PAC.
    We had a good time on that mission. He was a hoot.

    That Richard died in a hospice with a small wake afterwards really riles me. DM should hang onto his grounding rods for the next 24 hours. I got evil stuff headed his way.

    ML Tom

  45. Spoken like a true Greenhorn whose never spent a day on staff or in the SO…or am I wrong?

  46. Bryon Eckert

    Wearing one’s SP declare like a red badge of courage is all fine and well, but remember that a thetan has a right to play or not play any game. I suspect that Richard does not require praise, approval or sympathy.

  47. Wonderful statement Roberto … “the unknown heros” inside the CoM. So true … I know several myself, and really do hope that one day they wake up. It’s such an insidious trap inside the CoM right now.

  48. 🙂

  49. Michael, Just beautiful! … especially …

    “Go gentle into that good night Richard, and I wish you well when you return in the morning.”


  50. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    **Forever to be admired – Richard of the Stars**

    Looking forward to seeing you somewhere again,
    Love and ARCU,

  51. Expelled,

    The beatings continued until Richard’s morale ‘improved’. Same goes for Debbie.

  52. This was shocking and saddening news to say the least. Thank you for posting this Marty. Richard was one of the kindest, most knowledgable and patient people that I ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. He was wonderful and he will be missed. I am sorry for his family and his Son. I hope that they got to say goodbye to him before he went.

  53. Thank you Richard Reiss. Take a well deserved break. Recreate. Hope to see you around again.
    Jim Logan

  54. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that remembrance Kevin.

  55. If there were a song that might possibly voice this man’s thoughts it’s this:

  56. Your humble servant


    Thank you for the stories about Richard Reiss and your times with him. I didn’t know him, but respected him from afar. Very interesting about him and Mr. Clinton. Clearly, no one is being trained today with his level of understanding. It is quite amazing that an ill-intentioned technical moron like David Miscavige could have pushed such people as Richard Reiss around, but that is only amazing for us because we have an exterior perspective. For those under his suppressive influence, it must seem that there is no escape, and it is not even possible to spot that there is suppression and where the suppression is coming from. Best wishes for the future, Richard!


    RICHARD REISS RIP… you are finally FREE!!!!! there is no more SUPPRESSION for you…..
    I had the honor to meet Richard and work with him very closely…. he was an impressive man whit a wisdom not easy to find….I knew him as a Snr C/S FSO, but also had the honor to know the men behind the title, and I can tell you that he was the most caring person I ever met….I had the opportunity to see the love he had for his wife Cala and how much he cared for her….as well the love and care that he had for his fellow staff members , being A.J. Sprecher one of them to mention.
    He was the kind of person you can go to with any problem and he will help you and give you any program that will help you to get through the situation you were confronting…..
    Saddened me to see that he isn’t here any more,and anger rise on me to know he died in a Hospice with very few people around……. but in the other hands it made me happy to know that he is a FREE BEING!!!!in control again of his own destiny….and with the knowledge that he had, I’m sure he will be fine wherever he may chose to be ……..
    RIP !!!!!until you come back!!!!!!

  58. Expelled 4 Life

    Yes, you are wrong. And when push came to shove I put it all on the line risking marriage, children and income. Fortunately I only lost the kids.

  59. Expelled 4 Life

    Either could have walked and taken a stand or at least withdrawn support. Debbie is still out there as a full-fledged supporter. Check her Facebook page. She makes her living servicing Scientology dentists. To each their own but I’m sorry if I’m not all misty eyed.

  60. Expelled 4 Life

    Nor am I required to give it.

  61. Marty,

    Your tribute to this giant among men was very heart warming. To those of us who knew Richard well, as I also did, it hurt to see him during his illness in the last years of his life.

    Instead, I prefer to remember him as the mischievous soul that he was. Oh yes, he was an excellent public speaker and had presence to rival many great historic figures…but there was another side to Richard. Like how he used to “hide” egg nog in a fridge he wasn’t supposed to have in his C/S office and how at Xmas time I would be in his office (I was the D of P and he was the NOTS C/S) and this look would come over his face like a little kid about to do something he knew would get him in trouble but he was gonna do it anyway. He got up from his desk and kind of tip-toed over to the fridge, put his finger to his lips as if to make me swear a blood oath I would not reveal what I was about to see, and out of the fridge comes this huge container of egg nog. He got us 2 glasses and we had a ball.

    Even after I changed posts from D of P to reg, Richard and I still had a special comm line. He trusted me and I totally trusted him. At times, towards the end of my time in the S.O. that could be rare.

    Words fail me in describing the essence of the man. Everything Marty said was very accurate, actually maybe even an understatement of his knowledge, intelligence, compassion. I don’t think I ever met anyone who ever had a negative thing to say about Richard. He made himself accessible to the public by going out on Tours and was a favorite tech terminal for many OT’s.

    I will miss you sorely Richard. So will the world.

    Hy Levy

  62. Tom Klemesrud

    Marty, I think I can concur with you a little bit on this. In 1999 when I was pushed off my point of power at the ABC television network, I returned back to my hometown of Thomson Iowa to publish my family’s newspaper, the Thompson: Courier.

    The anti-Scientology community had suspected for a while that Bill Clinton had a college roommate thzt was a Scientologist.

    As the publisher of the Iowa newspaper, I sent a letter to the White House requesting the name of the college chum who was the Scientologist.

    It took about two months for them to respond. When they didn’t respond they said essentially that it was a personal matter, and was none of the media’s business.

  63. Expelled 4 Life

    I’d like to add that Richard sounds like he was a very caring, gifted, theta and highly trained person (like Debbie) so it baffles me even more that he ended up the effect. I understand how the untrained go to the effect but the highly trained? Its exasperating. Anyway I expect I’d have done much worse in his shoes but it still baffles me. I hope he’s getting some peace.

  64. sad for richard and sad for his wife carla and children – jesse i remember and a girl. he was also a lego nut – having taken over one berthing unit at the QI to build, with the help of jesse, a lego castle that filled the whole unit. so he had this hobby – hardly anyone knew except those who were invited inside – it was locked and off linits due to secret research or something. otherwise i knew his as very closed, methodical, quiet, but in ubguarded moments he could be outrageous. condolences to carla

  65. Hy,
    I’d like to ask you a question about Flag. It’s kind of private. Can you drop me an email when you have a chance? Thanks.

  66. E4L has a valid point IMO.
    How does David Miscavige even get the authority to issue a “Kha Kahn” status? That’s a sick joke of it’s own.
    And any of the tech hierarchy, current or past, who somehow have justified altering the tech, are not heroes by any definition. Or are they “just following orders” and thereby excused?

    RIP Richard, may your life lesson and legacy be the very real importance of retaining ones personal integrity.

  67. Eileen Clark

    “Go gentle into that good night Richard, and I wish you well when you return in the morning.”

    Wonderful tribute, Marty. Thanks.

    I had the honor of working closely with Richard Reiss a few times on projects. I learned so much from him that served me well in my own dealings with the public. He is a great being. I am sure his last two decades were hell.

    Fly high and free, Richard.

    Love, Eileen

  68. Eileen Clark

    I don’t know your personal story, it may be really awful.
    However, this day’s blog is a tribute to very great man, that many, many people all over the world think of in the highest regard.
    If you can’t contribute something decent, then please don’t say
    anything at all.

  69. barneyrubble

    Well said Hy,

    I agree I knew Richard in the same you did. RIP.

  70. Eileen Clark

    BTW…there is a photo of Richard Reiss in his Sea Org uniform in Who’s Who from Yale. Don’t recall the exact year, sometime in the 90’s. He asked me to help him do the write up for it and he went to have a pro photo taken.
    A top graduate of Yale, Rhodes Scholar and other accolades from his Oxford days (that was not known by many at that time and no doubt few since then) and he was proud to be seen as the Senior C/S FSO to all who would read that issue of Who’s Who. Such a brilliant man.
    Whew….this made me cry.


  72. Fair enough. But if you already put it all on the line, I’m just curious, why do you post under an alias?

  73. Wow. Thanks for the hearwarming and record straightening tribute.
    Richard was on my list of individuals whom I sent SP declares to after Anita and I left Flag. He was the senior C/S over some of the worst auditing I’ve ever seen in my life.

    I read your tribute, and I know you are an honest guy, and I ask myself, “how the hell can this be?”

    Maybe I have the answer. Tech terminals who see a PC in trouble or an auditor flubbing have KRC with the concept of cramming and correction lists to move the offender a little bit higher.

    Any snot nosed little prick on a high and mighty admin post can get a good tech terminal declared with nothing more than some well placed 3rd party. And these days, that seems to be their favorite pasttime.

    Man, you really got me thinking.

    I’ll have to concede that the likelihood is that Richard was working his butt off trying to plug holes in a hopeless ship while avoiding the snot nosed little pricks trying to stop him.

  74. Well, that’s one way to disconnect. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what it was.

    While I was Solo I/C FSO Richard was my C/S for about a year. The public loved him and so did I.

    Three anecdotes about him:

    1. One of the smaller duties was to make new folders for solo auditors. I got a new stapler one day and noticed it could bend the feet bend inward or outward depending on how you turned the base. I wondered if there were any advantage to bending them outward. So I made an experiment.

    A few days later, the door opened to my office and Richard Reiss came in. He glared in silence then reached over the wooden auditing shield on my desk and seized my stapler. He opened it and switched the base so the staple legs would bend inward.

    “Every time I pick up a solo folder I get a staple stuck in my finger.”

    2. In the Solo HGC, we used various enticements to encourage solo auditors to audit as much as possible. If they did 5 hours in a day, I awarded them a wooden nickel with “5 hour star” on it. If they audited 8 hours in a single day, I’d draw them cartoon, ink it in with markers, and put it up on the bulletin board of our HGC. Those pictures, silly as they were, generated great word-of-mouth because pre-OTs would take them home and show their friends. People stopped into our HGC all the time to see the latest drawings. The funny thing was, I’d pull the ideas for my pictures off the person’s own whole track — LRH talked about doing that in the PDCs and it is easy enough to do. Maybe that was why people liked them so much.

    Anyway, Richard came to see me one day and after a little small talk said, “Maybe you could do one of those for me.” I told him I’d do it. But for him, I went into the future instead of the past.

    It was just a little cartoon, but I still have the original line drawing (plus about 100 sketches from the same series). It’s just a quick sketch, but Richard loved it and mounted it on the wall of his office. It was a drawing of him doing what he loved most: C/Sing… moving people up the Bridge. But his office was in a space station somewhere, a photograph of his family on the counter. Folders coming in on a conveyor belt. He’s C/Sing a session from Susi Luthy and marking it VWD. On shelves across the room are the folders of Greg Bashaw (RIP, another Miscavige casualty) and John Spagnolia — pre-OTs we had on the Solo line at the time.

    Before him is an electronic window with a view outside. 2:40 PM, -459 degrees outside, orbit status stationary, altitude and conditions of various stats such as STP, WDAHs, etc. All in Affluence. Here you can see it:

    3. In 1985, Richard and I had a meeting. We wanted to raise tech quality. At that time pre-OTs moving from Solo to III would inevitably spend hours in review, in addition to many hours in Cramming. So we formed a little conspiracy and put in line so that every time a solo auditor messed up in session, in addition to fixing the auditor, we sent the supervisor to Cramming. Boy, they protested! But after a few months with supervisors in cramming every day, the magic happened. Someone went all the way from Solo II to OT III without making a single mistake in session. Not only did they never hit Review, they never hit cramming. Every session was perfect. Another dozen followed in their tracks. I promoted the hell out of that in briefing sheets, fliers and mail-o-grams. And public beat our doors down to study in those course rooms. By 1986, our “Bodies in the Shop” normally in the lower 30s was up over 90 — a record that corresponded to no technical release or change in the Grade Chart.

    More than a decade before “GAT for OTs,” Richard Reiss and I were making perfect Solo auditors at Flag. But we did it — not by adding to LRH’s checksheet — but by grooming up the most crack team of Solo and AO professionals the world had ever known. Our course rooms were located under HCI behind the Aft Lounge and so many students were crowding into our course rooms that I literally had to knock down walls to make room them all.


    Miscavige’s sphere of influence is toxic. No one can live in that fetid air and so it killed Richard.

    But only temporarily. Somebody somewhere is going to get one hell of a son. I’d certainly want him as my son. What an asset he would be!

    I for one will not miss him. For he’s not gone; but free.


  75. I thank you for this proper and appropriate acknowlegement to one of Scientology’s main thetans. Richard once commed telepathically to me at a time I was in trouble case wise and let me know he understood and it could all be handled. He did not have to do that at all, but he did. Org Bd wise I was down there, and yet he cared. I send you my love Richard and thank you for all you did for all of us.

  76. I haven’t posted here since early July of last year, when I decided to stop posting. But I can’t pass up the opportunity to add my sentiments about Richard Reiss, who is, I agree, a beautiful and brilliant being.

    Richard was one of my C/Ses on OT III at Flag in the mid 80’s. At the time, he was Sr C/S at St. Hill, and was at Flag on a training program (shortly afterward, I think, he became Sr C/S at Flag).

    Richard and I got into good comm while I was on OT III. He had the most wonderful (could I say “delicious?”), clean, auditor beingness, which is why I wanted to get in comm with him beyond the C/S — solo auditor relationship.

    At some point, Richard asked me to help him with another Flag public, a woman with some serious medical issues. I drove her to various doctors appointments, got complete briefings from her doctors, and reported back to Richard. He wanted me to brief him verbally, in person, after each appointment, so he could question me and make sure he understood the full scene.

    Sometimes we would sit in the waiting area outside the old solo HGC. After the medical talk, we would often spend time talking about other things. And I once had him over to our place for dinner.

    Richard was the sort of person I could have talked to for hours. He just had the most appealing theta presence, with all the qualitites that make a being a desirable communication terminal: an incisive mind, a lovely comm cycle, and always, an intention to use Scn for the greatest good of anyone under his purview.

    I’ve missed those discussions with Richard. I’ve missed having his wonderful beingness on the other end of a comm line, and I hoped some day we might have the opportunity of friendship again. I hoped he might come to see what David Miscavige had turned LRH’s organization into and de-PTS himself (and, in so doing, many others).

    Well, in another place and time, I’m sure I’ll have that opportunity. Richard, I wish you everything you would postulate for your next lifetime.

  77. I did not know you, Richard, but here’s a song for you, too. I hope you like it! Take some R&R for yourself!

  78. theo Sismanides

    Hey Marty, though I didn’t know Richard, I got a lot of R on him by your and others posts here. So I too, wish him farewell.

    The amazing thing here is that we keep it Real! Never in the SO were we allowed to talk and be Real. This is wonderful because I felt that the SO was a headless organization and Scientology never was. Now we are putting the head back on. All the comments here are very touching!

    So Richard I was happy to know who you were and what you did for me and others in Scientology! Farewell until you come back!!

  79. OTDT
    Closer to the truth than you may suspect.
    Around 1995 one of my dearest friends submitted a full CSW for an 18 year LOA from the Sea Org whilst in the final agonizing death throes of cancer.
    At the start of her illnes, the CO CCInt had announced to the full crew at muster that she was an out-ethics downstat for being ill off post.
    RIP Natalie ♥

  80. I met Richard at Flag during a SNR CS Conference in 95/96 I think. I was there as a rep for our Org CS who was sick at the time. We had a blanket order to do an OW write up as CSs before the conference. I baulked as I wasn’t a CS just an auditor but got forced to join in. I did the write up with protest.
    Richard did my end ruds and got in comm. I have never been so well handled, he just knew what was going on with me and we ended up having a chuckle at my impersonation of a CS. Cool guy and I wish him well. Thanks for the data Marty.

  81. Karl Bergmont

    Mr. Rathbun:

    I would like to say something regarding your “journalism” on Scientology. First, let me make this perfectly clear, I have never been a Scientologist. Media interviews such as yours brought my attention to it.

    I did take the time to read you reference on Richard Reiss. Although I have never had auditing before I am aware of what he is being honored for. But the fact that you are the one doing the reporting raises some questions with me.

    First: You are in the Church of Scientology and while in there are reporting that David Miscavige and the church do no wrong. That all these stories of wrongdoing by the former two mentioned parties are all part of a “conspiracy” against the church.

    Second: Then you leave the church and you tell the public that you lied while you were in the church to cover up for David Miscavige and the church’s bad deeds.

    Third: Other people that left the church before and after you did then report on the internet in many, many places, I am not going to list here {and I am not talking about hate sites Scientology put up about you, I am referring to Scientology critic’s circles} that not just David Miscavige did bad things but that Marty Rathbun did a lot of damage to them as well that you have never been truly held accountable for yet you want other held accountable for their actions in the church.

    Fourth: Then you admit that you did do many things to harm people while you were in the church along with David Miscavige and others.

    So, now, Mr. Rathbun, is it safe to say that you have “lied you way down into a point of communication and confront with the public that would like to know these things”?

    Because I can assure you that is what I am, is a public, and if I am one of the person’s you are trying to convince of your integrity you have failed.

    I am not trying to get you to like me, to meet me, to praise me, or to apologize for your acts, I just don’t consider that you are motivated by ethics but rather popularity.

    Considering the type of subject matter that L. Ron Hubbard wrote about that you and the church at one time together were contracted to support, I don’t see that any of you have ever gotten the job done.

    Why do I feel the way I do? Maybe I am one of those beings that someone freed a while back on their OT levels, maybe I am just someone with a very ethical point of view, maybe I just never thought before of using L. Ron Hubbard’s information corruptly whether it worked or not, but one fact remains.

    Neither you or the church are about to convince anyone that you mean business. This is my first posting to this BLOG and if their are readers here that expect a huge rebuttal from me, don’t flatter yourself, I would not have written what I wrote for the world to read if I did not stand behind it.

  82. Expelled,
    I don’t think Richard and Debbie bear comparison. Richard never found his way out of the headfuck of DM’s church and what he did while there he did as a Sea Org member in accordance with the promises he made for the good of mankind and out of loyalty to LRH.
    Debbie got out and then used her position as the ex CO Flag to promote her own business while hiding the circumstances of her departure. There is so much good she and Wayne could have done but they chose the path of cowards and betrayers.
    When so many of us have lost so much to do the right thing and yet people we once looked up to and respected behave in this manner we have a right to be angry and I’m with you all the way on that.
    But maybe that discussion is for another time.
    Let’s afford those people who knew and loved Richard (including Marty) the unadulterated right to say goodbye properly.

  83. Order up supplies of copper wire DM you in big trouble now 😀

  84. martyrathbun09

    Steve, Thanks a lot for that. Love the drawing. You noted, btw, the answer to the future:
    “More than a decade before “GAT for OTs,” Richard Reiss and I were making perfect Solo auditors at Flag. But we did it — not by adding to LRH’s checksheet — but by grooming up the most crack team of Solo and AO professionals the world had ever known. Our course rooms were located under HCI behind the Aft Lounge and so many students were crowding into our course rooms that I literally had to knock down walls to make room them all.”

  85. martyrathbun09

    Les, interesting. If you read it again you’ll see I never extolled a single tech result of his. However, you might also note many comments here of people who do.

  86. I remember Richard Reiss he was my C/S. He handle me well.
    Marty, this was a great tribute to Richard.
    I have tears in my eyes.
    God Bless Richard…..

  87. Expelled 4 Life

    If I was at the crossroads and the Devil approached me and said, “Your soul in exchange for playing like Eric Clapton” I’d say, “Where do I sign?”.

  88. Expelled 4 Life

    Agreed about discussion. Peace be with you, Richard.

  89. Expelled 4 Life

    Because I chose to. Why are you curious?

  90. I never got to know Richard. In spite,
    here´s a beautiful blues for you:
    ARC SW

  91. Expelled 4 Life

    With all due respect Richard was the senior tech terminal at the Org that caused me to lose my children so I think I have a right to add my two cents.

  92. Expelled 4 Life


    I know you and respect your opinion. Richard sounds like he was a lovely man; the kind of person I’d have loved to work for. It’s a tragedy that his life ended as it did. Thanks for the story.

  93. Expelled 4 Life,
    I understand your upset. That said, what we don’t know is how many people Richard may have saved from pain. I didn’t know him but, my impression, in passing and having had him C/Sing my case is that he really cared. Just maybe he hung in there to deflect the bullets comming at his beloved pc’s and pre-OT’s. There are always 2 sides to every story. None of us really know what happened there. As a pre-OT, I can say, there were times I felt watched out for. ml, Laura

  94. I am sad to hear about Richard. But i cannot say that i have had a good run with him. He was instrumental in destroying my scientology as a PC since 1997. He barred me from doing my OT 7 and said i had to M9 my entire Bridge training which was already then to class 6. For 12 years i sent him letters to explain why he took such a harsch decision what did i do. I i never got any answer except it is in FO which is confidential. When arbitraries were introduced at an event i wrote to him again stating why am i barred and he said he relooked at my folders and i was unstable as a PC. His letters were not full of ARC nor the theta you described.
    Only in 2010 when i told Flag i no longer wish to have services in the church they sent me a letter to say the new nots C/S found arbitraries in my folder and i am welcom to come to flag to get my OT7.
    Luckily i have wisened up and is no longer involved with the church

  95. ExIntStaffMember

    Richard Reiss was a kind, caring, gentle soul. And yes, an intelligent one too. Richard devoted his life to helping others – one good, decent act at a time. It’s no wonder David Miscavige couldn’t stand him. The injustice of his passing with so little recognition for his numerous acts of kindness and compassion infuriates me. Deeply. But revenge is the last thing a good man like Richard would want. He wasn’t a victim. He simply was what he was. And still is.

  96. Well, I’m just sayig that you rather easily sit in judgement of Richard for, I guess, not either getting himself RPFed for life or leaving the SO and being declared and demonized to everyone he knows, and in the process losing his wife and son. You say you did that when push came to shove, and sort of imply that anyone who doesn’t hasn’t done the right thing.

    So, if you have put it all on the line at the risk of losing it all, and that’s “the way to go”, why do you choose to post anonymously? Aren’t you hiding?

    I know why I post anonomously. But I’m not throwing stones at Richard Reese and questioning his spine.

    Fair question.

  97. Free and Clear

    That story is true, and happened more than once.

  98. Friend of Ron

    Thanks Steve. Your addition really added to the tribute for me. Yes, Richard flew over the cuckoos’ nest and he is now free. Thank GOD!

  99. Dear Snitt,

    Here’s the deal — I’m guessing that the number of casualties during this time where HUGE. Greg Bashaw was one of them. (One of the pc folders in the great drawing of Richard’s office by Thoughtful). Lisa McPherson had died only 2 years earlier!!!

    You arrived at the time that unless you were perfect, never showed any signs of upsets/instability/suicide thoughts/prior psych drugs/relatives who blinked their eyes etc etc— a pc would be deemed — an Illegal PC.

    Just my guess but the FO referred to was probably the one which LRH mentions that no one who has had a psychotic break could be at the FSO.

    (it was written as a result of someone who was IN a psychotic break being watched IN THE LOBBY of the FSO — not really an appropriate place – DUH –
    but then expanded to mean NEVER to step foot IN the FSO even after the break is long long ended)

    The Lisa McPherson disaster closed the door very very tight.

    NOW only the perfect are allowed to step through and even THEY have a hard time. 🙂 (and btw — NO ONE who reads Marty’s blog and admits it would EVER be granted a hall pass)

    Richard Reiss was as much the victim during this time as you were. You actually fared much better and have been creating your life outside of Flag I’m assuming for the last 10 years.

    And just a word — compassion for another person can start by recognizing that they JUST LIKE YOU are wanting to be happy. Forgiveness does a great deal to bring a sense of inner happiness.


  100. Expelled 4 Life

    I am not following your logic of my comments regarding Richard versus my choice to remain anonymous. I still do not understand why you are curious however in a nutshell I am enjoying my life and do not seek the increased randomity a public announcement would bring. That may well change in the future as I gain greater emotional distance and the chances of reuniting with my children dims. But for now I am content to have withdrawn support and make my feelings know one on one when the opportunity arises . I can tell you my comm lines were fairly substantial and those who know me know I am out.

    As for Richard he sounds like he was at one time a stand up guy and perhaps as some other poster wrote he was doing his best to “plug the holes of a sinking ship” but I would rather he had walked and begun posting here. 😉

  101. Michael Henderson

    My one and only Richard Reiss story: In the late 90’s there was an evolution to get OT VIII’s back onto Solo NOTs, called Solo NOTs certainty, part one and two. I had got through One with considerable hassle, and expense, and it took more than a little skin off my usually thick hide. I eventually would up spending over a hundred thousand dollars without making it onto part Two. Richard Reiss came out to LA as part of a mission to round up guys to get onto the level, and he did a Dof P on me. It was the best Dof P I ever had in 34 years in the Church. He was perfectly in comm with me. He understood exactly what I was saying. He was a Minister, in every sense of the word. I decided right there to do Ethics Specialist to handle my situation, and a few days later I was on the course at CC Int. when he came through with his missionaires. The courseroom sups visibly tightened up as they came in. Richard came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder and said gently” I’m glad to see you in here”. He had a real ability to duplicate what was going on with a PC and care enough to do what they needed done.

  102. Expelled 4 Life

    1SqPeg: You are right. It is possible. It is obvious Richard touched many people in a very positive way over his career. I think I would have liked him very much if I had known him well. I am certain the Church would be a better placed if it was manned by people like Richard at the top of the Org board. I am very sorry his life ended the way it did.

  103. Karl,
    Just curious, besides deciding to change his life, apologizing, exposing the corruption behind the scenes in the Church and helping others to clear their heads after being snarled up by Church handlings, what would you have Marty do exactly, if you were to make a suggestion, to prove his sincerity and that he means business?

  104. Friend of Ron

    Mr. Bergmont,

    Thanks for this.

    You took the time to communicate, which indicates to me that you do care. So I thought I share this thought with you, which crossed my mind reading your post.

    Imagine you were the captain of a ship, a big ship with lots of crew, and skippered it on a bad course across the ocean, one that almost cost the crew their lives, but you realize your mistake in the nick of time and then do your damnedest to right your wrongs. Wouldn’t you say that you then got honest and straight and in the end followed your personal conscience and at least tried, whether you get credit for it or not? In my own personal experience that is what Marty is doing.

    Of the many things you said there is one thing that is 100% correct: “…… I don’t see that any of you have ever gotten the job done….”

    And that is why many of us here are posting and doing a lot of other things in line with it: To get the job done, eventually no matter what. Mr. Hubbard called it the Supreme Test of a Thetan.

    And if the job will ever get done then it is because of the people congregating here, jelling into a juggernaut that has Keeping Scientology Working as their senior datum. Not credit, not publicity, not acknowledgement or admiration – just KSW and, like you put it: GETTING THE JOB DONE.

    So thanks again for posting and in doing so prompting me to reflect. Because of people like you contributing is getting people like me to reflect, look and think of what else needs doing to get the job done.

  105. Expelled 4 Life,
    I love your pan-determined viewpoint! I hope I get to meet you in the near future. ml, Laura

  106. martyrathbun09

    Michael, I am really beginning to like you based on the last two posts you’ve made here.

  107. Hi Marty
    Great post !
    I’m sad to hear that Richard Reiss passed away.
    I remember way back on the BC at Saint Hill this two guys routing on.
    Richard and his friend Marc (maybe the second Rhodes scholar you mentioned).
    I remember distinctly the feeling I had at the time : That the heavyweights, or rather the aristocrats of our religion had just walked in. A feeling that never left me as I watched them doing their demos, going through their tapes.
    Later when I saw him at Flag, the burden (supression !) on his shoulder more physically visible each time, I often wondered, what happened to him. How he could take it, how he survives it all.
    Saddened, now I learn, that he didn’t.

  108. Thank-you once again Marty.

    The recognition of Richard Reiss on your blog is a valuable service.

    It’s pleasing to hear some of the good he has brought and of forgiveness for his failings.

    With freedom to hand, may you rise even higher Mr. Reiss.

  109. Tone 41 is giving another example of Richard’s willingness to do whatever necessary to move people up the Bridge. Keep in mind that all this was before anyone at Flag had even heard of DM. Flag was still about responsibility back then, not MEST. It had not yet been converted into a police state/slaughter house. Richard (and Tone 41, for that matter) demonstrated responsibility and courage that went far beyond the norm.

    Technically, Flag stands as the “last port of call” for those who weren’t able to make it in an AO. So we also inherited the flat ball bearings and the worst-case scenarios — a pre-OT who had been on OT II for two years was cracked in about two hours. A man who had stopped after OT II, waited 10 years, got cancer and then realized the danger in stopping mid the No-Interference Zone. We got him through OT III. Occasionally we got some pretty eccentric personalities, but we did whatever we had to do to get them through. The person Tone 41 is referring to was a handful to say the least, but what a person!

    The Solo – OT III line operated as its own Tech division with three departments. Between sessions solo auditors helped out with coaching and sometimes they were called on to do far more as was the case with Tone 41. In other words, making OTs was not just something Flag did. The public had an important role in it too and every OT we made was also their product.

    Tone 41, I don’t know what happened last July, but I hope you continue to contribute when you can. 🙂

  110. Richard was a brother in arms, though I never had the pleausre to make his acquaintance. He has earned his freedom, and I can only wish to see him return up the line.

  111. A touching tribute to Richard Reiss. Thank you for this story.
    I have a story about Mr Reiss which, in my opinion , shows how much he cares about people. I was on the Solo Nots Certainty at Flag (dropped out time intentionally) and was on the confidential auditing part of the course . I received a lot of endless ruds handling which made matters worse and I refused to go into session with another auditor. Richard Reiss came into the confidential course room sat beside me, put his arm around me and assured me nothing was wrong. He told me to go and do a solo session and to enjoy myself and not to worry about anything. He added I want you to win in life and to be happy. I was deeply moved. Went into session and completed my entire cycle in the next two weeks. Thank you Mr Reiss.

  112. Beautiful post Marty, for a beautiful and exceptional person.

    I always had the highest respect for Richard. It really bothered me to hear the RTC reps and the Captain FSO (always going with the flow of “power”) working to break and suppress Richard in the late 90’s. MANY times I over heard him being called a f…ing squirrel and SP in the most vicious tones. It really bothered and confused me as he was the Snr C/S FSO.

    God help anyone trying to apply LRH’s green on white or red on white instead of Miscavige’s shit on a shingle.

    I wish Richard the best.

  113. SS – There are three choices for anyone within DM’s sphere of influence. Either adopt the behavior patterns of an SP (to survive) or get sent to the RPF (forever) or leave. People leave by blowing, routing out, faking out-ethics to get kicked out, or dying.

    The confusion level is very high inside the CoS because Scientology is being run in reverse — first of all — on the staff, to break and enslave them. Staff who can’t confront leaving either because they have too much invested or because they fear leaving have no choice but to behave like a suppressive person because DM watches them like a hawk. It would be like a Nazi showing compassion to the Jews. Folders are inspected, every session is videoed, cameras and microphones are everywhere, all incoming mail and outgoing mail is inspected. It would have been impossible for Richard to respond in any way except to hand out DM’s party line.

    It’s a no-win situation. But you have to recognize the actual source of the problem. I knew Richard in the 80’s before DM came to power. Even when LRH was still alive. Sea Org members could have kids. One of my juniors got pregnant. Had a baby. She had some time off for that, but on one forced her to get an abortion. And after the baby she went back on her same post.

    Then LRH died and DM arrived on the scene. Another one of my juniors found out his wife was pregnant. That was 1987. He was shipped off penniless to a Class V org as punishment. You came onlines long after 1987, which is when the darkness first reached the FSO.

    Yes, you definitely got a raw deal. But by then the Nazis had taken over and were monitoring his every move.

  114. Sam~I am not surprised one bit. The only staff member who commented on my ex-husband’s death in December was totally cold and unsympathetic.
    So sorry for your loss. Perhaps she will join us too. 🙂

  115. I remember Natalie well. She was an awesome SO member. My kids were on course full time and they really loved her. I did not realize until now how she was treated at the end of her life.

  116. Lynne~DM will not be surrounded by them in the S.O. thanks to abortions and banning children completely. This is what he is afraid of…as he well should be!

  117. Karl,
    You are more informed about Scientology than most Scientologists. You use it’s nomenclature all through your post and sound like you are speaking from personal experience. Are you SURE you are not a Scientologist?

  118. Windhorse~Where would we be now if people like Richard were allowed time and space to create not only in the S.O. but in and with his family? Family by family I’d say we’d have islands of families accumulating into a Cleared city and state, nation and continent and world.

  119. George White

    Although I never met Richard, his reputaion as a Yale graduate at Flag was mentioned to me by others. Thank you for this post. Flag was a very exciting place in the early days when it first opened in the mid 1970’s. It was teaming with lines of people and a brilliant staff.
    Rest in peace, Richard.
    “May all beings be well and happy!” – The Buddha.
    George White

  120. Off-point question, but since you mention her, I am curious: do you know if AJ is still in the SO? How about Stephan?

  121. Expelled 4 Life

    Thank you. I’m not out to ruffle anyone’s feathers. It’s nice to be able to communicate without worry of “now I’m supposed to” provided it is done politely and with some degree of manners. I expect Richard did far more good than myself. My own overall conclusions regarding how someone like Richard, a man of obvious good will, ends up like he apparently did, is that there are major flaws in the system. I don’t know what the flaws are but I think they are there thus allowing someone like DM to take advantage of the flaws to the detriment of so many people of good will.

  122. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mat for sharing your experience with him. I think I’ve learned more about him from the comments of people I know here than I knew of him before.

  123. martyrathbun09

    Well put Steve. Richard struck me as the kind of guy that hung in there to protect people as much as he covertly could.

  124. Thoughtful, what a wonderful write-up. Thank you.

  125. Thoughtful~Love the drawing! And the anecdotes too!

  126. E4L:

    I think you hit the nail on the head and have in the end, answered your original question for yourself: “someone like Richard, a man of obvious good will, ends up like he apparently did, is that there are major flaws in the system. I don’t know what the flaws are but I think they are there thus allowing someone like DM to take advantage of the flaws to the detriment of so many people of good will.”

    A large number of very dedicated and fundamentally good people have been sucked into the vortex of the Cult of DM, many of them doing things they would not ordinarily do in order to survive.

    You are really asking the million dollar question.

    Once Dear Leader meets his inevitable demise, what then happens? How can the subject withstand the possibility of the second biggest SP in the universe stepping into his shoes and repeating history. No matter how brilliant the planning, the solution LRH worked out (the elaborate corporate structure designed to prevent anyone seizing control of the entire subject) has not worked. THere are no separate corporations and none of the checks and balances have worked. As Marty has repeatedly said, the Church is dead. Of course, the subject is not, and will never be killed. The question is how it can best help the most number of people? Because what exists right now is devoted only to “helping” the existing public unburden themselves of their unnecessary MEST (cash, bank accounts, houses, credit cards, inheritances, old jewelry, gold teeth etc etc) so the Vampire Empire can accumulate more MEST.

    Perhaps there should be a little more emphasis on getting the technology into the hands of people and letting them apply it to their lives? Maybe even use the internet to get it easily accessible? Instead of the idiotic site the Church has now that show a bunch of puff-piece videos, half of which are CGI (computer generated imagery) that try to sucker people into believing they are reality (Dear Leader really is enamored with Hollywood — its style over substance, conspicuous consumption and suspension of disbelief at every turn).

    Apologies for the ramble.

  127. Les, you got it. That is what he would try to do. He would try to “weather the storm” of DM’s squirreling, do the right things with pcs he was c/sing as much as he could and all of the time knowing that it will soon be over. He would have been the buffer. But we are too late and another one slips to total effect. No, Richard would never bail. He would ride the crippled plane all the way in while wrangling with the controls.

    ML Tom

  128. Sugar Plum Fairey

    I remember Richard when, during the winter, he would take a dip in the FH pool. He would help me in and out of the pool because my legs were useless. He frequently told me that a cold dip first thing in the morning was good for the cardo-vascular system. Truly a gentle soul. I could see that there were things weighing heavily upon his shoulders in the mid 90s, yet he still managed to keep his TRs in and exude ARC.

  129. Well you certainly expressed a big recurring question that’s lingering in my headspace, Michael.

    And I strongly agree with the concept of exporting the tech in as wide, diverse, and usable manner as possible. For many, the subject will stand on it’s own merit, just like this blog has…

    Please ramble on, mate!

  130. Thank you, Marty, for a gracious remembrance of Richard Reiss. Thank you also for bestowing (your) Kha Khan upon him. For all who have commented, I have enjoyed the anecdotes and acknowledgements. I have also enjoyed the few testy comments which have resolved to new understandings, as well as the occasional rambling. The passing of a friend is a difficult circumstance at best; we have handled it well. H

  131. I agree!

    Instead we have immediate families not being allowed to spend time with their children, wives sent to other lands and mothers and fathers who can’t even remember the last time they spent a week with their child — even if the “child” is now 40, 50, 60 etc.

    And thus we have all these extensions of family calling dm Inc. a cult. Which it is.



    Great write ups !!!! and for you PUBLIUS, to answer your question, I don’t know if A.J or Stephen are still in SO , don’t even know if she is alive!!! cuz she was sick too…. but in any case wish them well….

  133. In defence of the staff, it’s actually amazing that 1/4 of them were able to CSW time off to attend.

    Regardless of the duress and other insanities that kept more people from attending the official service, the thoughts, wishes and memories being shared here serve the man well.

    Whether the SO is in existence in 18 years, or not, I personally hope he takes a few more years off and gets at least another Oxford degree. Who knows, yet another future president may benefit from his beingness.

  134. Claire Swazey

    He was a good guy. Very sorry that I won’t be hearing from him in the identity in which I knew him.

  135. Thank you to Marty:

    Many wisdom traditions, including Scientology, wish those who have died well in their journey to their next life.

    The Scientology funeral ceremony, by LRH, is a wonderfully beautiful ceremony that thanks the person for having been a part of the lives of those in attendance and thanks the person for what they did. It mentions how we will miss them but urges everyone to wish them well and say good-bye.

    Without this type of acknowledgement, according to the buddhist tradition, the person can be confused – not even certain that he is dead because he can still hear, see etc.

    Sweeping a person’s death UNDER the table as it appears the FSO has done is an enormous betrayal to that person RIGHT NOW.

    I’m so glad that so many here have chimed in with their positive stories and thanks. I’m betting Richard is smiling!


  136. Karl Bergmont

    Friend Of Ron:

    It seems like a task that will never get done if the technology with which to do it is in the hands of the Church of Scientology who at the same time claims that they are the one’s that are the authorities on these things.

    Slightly apart from that idium, if I had not stopped for a moment and listened completely to something a person from Anonymous had posted to a BLOG {and just so you know I am not to privy to walking around in a mask in public or taking for granted the truth in the word of someone that does} I might not have known WHO Marty Rathbun actually is and would have believed that he was some fine gentleman that belong to a religious crusade group and was assaulted nearly every day along with his friends by a jet setting thug with ties to Hollywood.

    Honesty begets honesty. Honest people leaving Scientology, or EST or even North Korea can do so honestly. Is there the requirement first that one must dishonestly lead the public up to the idea that one is an honest person leaving a dishonest group? And the question still remains are there more honest people in Scientology like Mark Rathbun willing to come forward in this manner and enlighten the public. I would more trust an Anonymous person this afternoon and welcome them into my home than I would a former high ranking executive of the Church of Scientology both of whose results in life a comparatively null.

    I hope that sets the record straight.

  137. Hey windhorse

    I made peace with Reiss many years ago as i realized then the church was suppressing the able. I was staff myself at some point. I only did the “crossing over” to the sane side last year. But i do wish him all the best. your words are very true thank you

  138. one of those who see

    OMG. Thank goodness the independent movement has already changed this insane behavior. The new civilization exists and we honor those who have worked like Natalie and Richard to free beings.

  139. one of those who see

    So beautiful, so gentle, so needed. Thank you Michael

  140. You’re intent is obvious.
    This is neither your first post, nor unbiased.

    Say what you will. We know better.

  141. one of those who see

    Thank you for the story. This brought tears to my eyes. What a competence!

  142. Marty,
    The more I read about Richard, the more I know the world has suffered a great loss. I never knew him, and I’m truly stunned and sorrowful over his story and his departure.

    You know you have touched the world, when the people you never met mourn your loss. How’s that for effective Cause well demonstrated?

    Cheers, Richard. I look forward to meeting you someday.

  143. What a cool story, re: Clinton and tax exemption. Thanks for sharing.


  144. Expelled4Life


    You are entitled to ramble. I’m not sure what is right but I do know what is wrong which is why I withdrew my support and paid the price of severed comm lines including family. I look forward to breaking bread with you one day.

    E4L (I think this moniker!)

  145. Expelled4Life

    That would certainly explain some things and fits with the many tributes made to him here.

  146. unrelated question: Is DM the C/S of Katie Holmes ?

  147. martyrathbun09

    Sets the record straight for me.

  148. Was gonna call it…
    But nah. Can’t be bothered.

  149. Friend of Ron

    You are right WINDHORSE, a proper funeral cermony is important.

    We’d all want our friends to do that for us, I’m quite sure.

    So this is for your Richard, from all your friends here.
    Hope to have you back soon.

    Via con dios

    Our loss
    Is gain in other times.
    Our hopes on future bent
    Must then depend on incidents like these.
    For bodies wear
    And in
    The fine grist mill of time
    Are spent in service such
    As yours
    And go, our time by smallest time
    Into the yesterday wherein began
    The conquest of Eternity.

    What did we know
    When yesterday we wept?
    What grip upon us had our ignorance
    That we in our conceit did feel
    That all of us were mortal here
    And lives once led were spent
    And wasted on our selfish selves?

    How narrow is such scope
    To feel that we
    Should be eternally
    The goal of all the toil
    And wretchedness
    From birth to death
    And like a play
    The curtain dropped
    And left an empty stage.
    How dull of us to feel that we
    Were all the target of this strife
    And that we lived but once
    And living then did reconcile
    The whole in one brief life.

    Oh no, a wider drama here
    Was planned and staged
    And we with narrowness of mind
    Did overlook the plan.

    We said that all is
    Mortal flesh
    The spirit just a thing
    To send, for pence
    To some strange heaven
    There to waste its skill.
    Or, had we not the price,
    To some deep other place
    To pain, and waste again
    The life.
    To what dark depths
    Were dropped our minds
    To feel that flesh
    Is capable of love or trust or livingness,
    To feel that fingernails and masks
    Are all we need to dream?
    To what deep place
    Did our love go
    That mass could recompense?

    Anxieties that ruled our years
    Were nurtured here.
    And we
    Made blind and numb
    By other greed
    Spanned down our lives
    To One.
    What waste!
    To feel that all our love
    Our work,
    Our gifts,
    Our knowledge and our
    Were meant
    To be consumed
    All in one
    Breath and flash
    And by one name?

    Today, come wiser now
    The chains gone weak
    And tyranny of cult
    Gone tired with the years,
    We look
    We find we live
    Not once
    But on and on
    From body’s birth to
    Body’s grave and then
    To birth again
    And yea to grave again
    So to dispose possessions
    Oft come undone
    With livingness.

    From century to century
    From age to age and on
    We go in march along
    The path that leads
    Forever up the countless
    Ticks of time.
    We crawl, we walk, we fly
    We win
    From here and evermore
    The heritage of all our lives
    And spend it once again.

    Why this is no sad and
    Bleakish look,
    No sorrowed thing
    This life.
    This an adventure pure
    Where without knife or
    Provender we leap
    Aloft into eternity
    And span forever in a breath.
    This is adventure where
    We step from tie to
    Body tie
    And go
    Our way.

    Our suff’ring is
    Self-centered here
    For we have lost,
    In truth,
    The smile,
    The touch,
    The skill and happiness
    We gained
    From Richard
    Who gave to us
    From his past
    Ability to live
    And fare against
    The tides and storms of fate.
    It’s true we’ve lost
    Richard’s shoulder
    Up against the wheel
    And lost as well his counsel
    And his strength
    But lost them
    Only for a while.

    Richard goes
    Not with the dismal roll drum
    But with a whisper like
    A Faery’s sigh
    To smooth the way
    For when we come.
    He will be in some good
    Future time
    And future place
    His smile
    His touch
    His skill
    Invested there to make
    A way for life.

    True, true we may not
    Know Richard then and
    Only know his work.
    But still
    If we sent not ahead
    Our vedettes into time
    We would not have
    A race.

    And so, branched off from
    Genetic Line
    And into some new
    Corner or new world,
    We’ve sent you, Richard,
    And there there’ll be
    We know it now,
    A smile,
    A touch,
    A happiness for us
    And you
    You could not find
    On Earth.
    And so it turns,
    The day, the year,
    The age.
    And so we go
    With banners furled
    And quietly
    Upon our way.
    But now we know
    And now we’ll find
    The Way.

    Into the dark
    Has come the light
    Into tomorrow
    Enters night
    Into heaven
    Go no more.
    Into life our
    Spirits soar
    Conquering ever
    Wisdom’s store
    We do not tremble
    Faced with death
    We know that living
    Is not breath.


    Go, Richard
    And take
    The life
    That offers now
    And live
    In good expectancy
    That we
    Will do our part.
    Go, Richard
    You can control
    That which you must.

    Our loss
    Is gain
    In wisdom and in skill
    To future dates and other smiles
    And so we send into the
    Chain of all enduring time
    Our heritage
    Our hope
    Our friend.

    Goodbye, Richard.

    Your people thank you for having lived
    Earth is better for your having lived
    Men, women and children are alive today
    Because you lived.
    We thank you for coming to us.
    We do not contest your
    Right to go away.
    Your debts are paid.
    This chapter of thy life is shut.
    Go now, dear Richard, and live once more
    In happier time and place.
    Thank you, Richard.

    All now here lift up
    Your eyes and say to

    ………… …..

    Goodbye, our dear
    We’ll miss you, you know.

    Let the body now
    Draw away
    To be consumed to ashes
    And to dust
    In earthly and in cleanly fire
    To be no more, no more.

    And that is done.

    Come friends,
    Richard is all right
    And he is gone.
    We have our work
    To do. And he has his.
    He will be welcome there.

    To Man!

    L. Ron Hubbard

  150. R.I.P Richard Reiss.

    However, all of you whining about every OT dying of cancer, do not forget that 1/3 of every person who passes away dies of cancer and that a large amount of them are in their 60’s and 70’s. To be able to analyse if OT’s are more likely to suffer from cancer and if there’s any correlation, larger studies have to be performed.

  151. I didn’t know Richard Reiss but remember his briefings published in COS magazines. The man exuded competent and calm professionalism. One is saddened to hear of his passing yet gladdened by his future prospects.

    As wonderful as the Tech might be — and I believe it is wonderful in parts, limited by my training and processing levels, yet informed by almost 40 years of experience with SCN and broad studies outside the strict confines of the subject — SCN alone is insufficent to protect one from the dark influence of a mestsavage. It may be that the gems in the Tech are only polished and brought into sharp relief in wide and direct comparison with other subjects, too. However, I happen to believe that studying Scientology alone is by no means sufficient to survive in the world and interact with its peoples and MEST, most of whom are not Scientologists and vast swaths of which were not covered by LRH.

    One can never truly know another’s circumstances in full, and extrapolations and generalizations can be fraught with errors, yet one potential lesson from Mr. Reiss’ life is that even a skilled and schooled intellect, a personal committment to excellence, and abundant good will and works might not yet protect one from suppression.

    Arming oneself with SP tech would help but that must be supplemented with close study of the lives and practices of successful con artists, thieves, dictators and other sociopaths. Personal contact with such people adds depth (mass — in all senses of that word) to experience, as well. Such people do inhabit the world, much to the woe of others. We should proof ourselves.

    It’s no accident that Miscavige is so interested in Hollywood since he seems bent on trafficking in mass illusions, brutal ones in his case.

    Future generations advance or decline on the legacies of their forebears. Mr. Reiss left a rich legacy and many who mourn his passing. The same will not be said of Miscavige, though he will add, in a minor way, a rich case study to a large and sordid history of organizational and individual suppression.

  152. Mat you bring up a really good point on how some staff (SO, Class V, missions, etc..) tend to ridicule and call people names usually behind their back because they aren’t towing the party line, or in most cases are trying to hold their position on some tech point. I have also heard some of the most horrific things about public in staff muster, some of the comments are derived from case folders and ethics data. The insanity of this when you stop to look at it is so sick but yet the accepted way of life. This is normal behavior from an organization that promotes affinity, reality, communication, knowledge, and basic humanity towards mankind!

  153. very sad that “death” becomes probably the cleanest exit with no PT strings attached by DM and his enforcers.

  154. TroubleShooter

    Beautiful post for a great man, thanks Marty.

    I laughed when you painted the picture so well of you two drilling together for the drafts of the GAT drills. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall.

    In the early days as an auditor I was nurtured a bit by Richard. I was auditing a long time Flag pc and Richard was my CS. This was when I saw that he could smile. While we progressed on the rundowns of this pc’s program I would be taken from time to time to HIS IVORY TOWER! Now that resulted in the auditors exchanging looks with raised eye brows with an “uh oh…” “WHAT?” or an “Omg” whispered between them so I didn’t know WHAT to expect the first time when I received an executive escort to his Ivory Tower door. The second time I was called and told to come to his office – with no escort. I arrived at his door staring at the large brass sign on the wall by the door that said seomething like “NEVER knock on this door!” because I stood there for a minute considering which was worse – knocking or not showing up when called – so I knocked as if I had a sleeping baby I’d just walked to sleep for 2 hours in my arms.

    His Ivory tower was several rooms and in all of them were stacks of folders, stacks and stacks and stacks of neat towers of folders and behind several of those stacks each time I went was Ann Glushekow, sweet as could be and deadly as a sniper all rolled in to one silently CSing a folder and undisturbed by my presence.

    Mr. Reiss engaged in dialog with me about the rundowns in general and we went over a few HCOBs relative to the procedures with him asking me questions about what I would or wouldn’t do, about what I thought I needed from back folders. He was warm and kind and soft spoken I was too nervous to let the relief of this sink in fast enough. We were going to watch some of my session on the video and he wanted one of the pcs backfolders which he directed me to in a fourth room of this Ivory Tower to retrieve. I did but if it had only been that simple. As I turned back toward the room he was in with the folder held out in front of me I heard a CRrASHHHHHH!!!! and down went this heavy brass lamp with a silk lamp shade. He calls out “Are you OK in there?” I was so grateful to see that it still worked,”oh, oh, a-um, oh no, wait, it’s ok, yes, it’s ok, it was a lamp, everything is ok, just knocked the lamp over, it’s not broken, it still works, oh my god”. I walked back to him three shades of red and said out loud though not actually intending to “I feel trapped in a Lucille Ball episode!” he looked at me and smiled. It was the first time I’d seen that.

    Our pc made gains on that program that he hadn’t in years and this auditor learned in a very short period of time the importance of and success for the pc when the auditor takes as much ownership of the pcs gains, next CSes and programs as the CS does and that in fact you’re not a real auditor until you own that responsibility and a CS isn’t a good one until they not only welcome it but in fact nurture it in their auditors until it’s their own too. The experiences were invaluable to me and proved to be in many ways.

    I’m saddened by the fact that such a young man, so trained and so valuable and at the top of the Bridge on both sides didn’t get the treatment that saved his life. I’m personally hoping that he finds a way to deliver an effective blow to cob before he moves on to whatever he decides to do next.

  155. Used to bother me no end too to see and hear those vicious tones. I couldn’t understand why the Snr C/S is treated this way and I died a little each time as I witnessed it. Mat it was in your former treasury where I discovered where Richard had disappeared to around 2003/04. I saw an item in FP print-out; City of Hope, ‘R. Reiss’, and my heart skipped a beat. I had lost a staffmember there in 2002 for pancreatic cancer. No, this can’t be our Richard! THE genius on Tech and a wonderfully spirited giant? I confirmed it with one Treasury staff, yes it is him and not a word to any others as it is such bad news, right? There a chunk of that gung-ho’ness of an SO member one is suppose to exhibit died in me and I didn’t want to play that game anymore, really. I hit the RPF soon after, but before I left for good I was happy to see Richard had made it back to the Hacienda, taking his walks and looking well. Iron bars were erected to his berthing window, perhaps he was C/Sing from there. But it looked like a prison though (and he escaped).

    Thank you Marty for this wonderful tribute to Richard. I will always know him as a gentle genius. Richard, I wish you a peaceful voyage.

  156. I’m with you, SR. It was beyond me, which I expressed to COB Asst, how the top technical post in Scientology could be staffed by someone who had done only one C/S course, never interned and never held a C/S post. But, such was the management style of DM (“set up the next clay pigeon”) and I quickly came up with another post title that allowed the Snr C/S Int post to remain unfilled until Ray finished his stint in the RPF.

  157. Karl Bergmont

    I am glad you stepped up Mr. Rathbun, stepped up to the plate.

    No disrespect intended to you. Now that the cat is out of the bag so to speak and the Church of Scientology’s confidential doctrines are no longer confidential, it would help if people did try to see things from my or perhaps I can speak for many and say our point of view. Innocent people standing by with out eternity hanging in the balance for the grabs and the holders of the technology battling over whether we are worth it to share it with or not!

    I cannot get over my astonishment that here is a chance for everyone to get on with their lives in the longest time imaginable {not all people know how long they have been around according to L. Ron Hubbard} and so why don’t I and everyone else just step to the side until the fight is over and see if we make it or not.

    I appreciate your honesty in trying to set the record straight as well. But just remember, not everyone was a friend of L. Ron Hubbard and got to share in his discoveries. This information {about the Galactic Confederacy and the society around us} is pretty much news to me. So I am hope I am counted one day in the list of people that was bettered from it, for the sake of those delivering it.

    Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind, sir.

  158. What kind of door has a sign on it saying to never knock on it?! It goes against everything doors stand for…what next “never open this door?!”

  159. plainoldthetan

    My $0.02 is that Miscavige realizes that it’s possible he’ll be surrounded by old souls running new bodies. That’s why he’s so obsessed with making them so *in*capable now.

  160. Amazing story, Marty, thank you for it.

    I’ve never known of Mr. Reiss, but from reading everyone’s comments I can tell he made a difference in people’s lives. And for that, I thank him.

  161. Thank you for this posting. This man dedicated his life to helping, and hung in there through an impossible nightmare. Doesn’t mean he was perfect.

    The posts here illuminate Richard’s caring, which it is always right to honor. Like many SO members who tried, blindly, desperately, to keep going no matter what, because you have promised to “make things go right and persist until they do”. And many public too. And who are still trying “on the (impossible to win) inside”.

    I remember Richard (and Tom M) on the PAC CCRD mission, and several other times over the years. He always seemed to me REAL, CARING, and DEDICATED to the point of…. now proved to be dedicated to the point of death.

    Some people will, in fact, die trying, against insane odds. That’s a hero. Marty, you are so wise and right to take the “medal” from your own neck and bestow it to Richard. He tried to help, and to be himself, and like many, may never have known the ripple effects that went out into the world, as the Clinton story goes.

    Scientology is a valid attempt (the philosophy and technology) to try and lift up oneself and others. It may not always succeed, but it is a good attempt. There are other attempts, other philosophies. Intentions to help – I call “good”.

    I am happy to see people judged here on this blog on intention – do you try to help people, or hurt or destroy them? Richard Reiss tried to help. I am happy to honor him, and all of you, trying likewise.

  162. I forgot to mention – the other Scientologist – roommate of Bill Clinton – auditor Dan Woodruff. Last I heard he was a NOTs auditor at AOLA. May still be.

  163. Thanks to all for your lovely stories of Richard.
    Richard, fly free. Stay free.
    Just Me

  164. FoR,
    Thank you. Richard would have enjoyed this tribute to him, his life, his purpose and his products to help others. This is a proper farewell.

  165. Scott Campbell

    Hey Mike,

    I would say that you guys have already hit upon the correct answer and model for the continued successful application and expansion of Scientology. INDEPENDENCE!

    Standard-Tech Trained INDEPENDENT practitioners of Scientology hanging out their shingles, free and unfettered – delivering standard Dn & Scn processes is the only way to ensure that we will ultimately achieve the Aims of Scientology.

    “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.” – LRH

    Obviously we can train and deliver Standard Tech in the Independent field.

    The only danger to us is in recreating a monolithic, management top-heavy organization with authoritative control over the administration and delivery of Dianetics and Scientology.

    As we have seen, these types of organizations ultimately become too covetous and acquisitive to survive over the long haul.

    We do know the answer to our problems and the answer is: INDEPENDENCE!

    Recognizing the sovereign nature of the individual and allowing him to be free is the only way to ensure that his basic goodness shall create ethical and rational interactions in his responsibilities to the group and along the dynamics.

    How’s that for some ramblin’?

    L, Scott

  166. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hi Tone 41 🙂 !

    I did not know about that story you told about Richard. There are some beings (well actually a lot of them) that are “safe” to be with in their universe. Good comm lines and theta galore. I miss the old days at Flag when you could just sit in the lobby and enjoy the company of ANYONE who came by. Amazing theta back then. Not so much now, huh?

    I too have missed your presense here and look forward to more. Tell your significant other HI for me, OK?

    Love and ARC,
    Gary 😉

  167. Scott Campbell

    Me too.

    Phew! I’m exhausted.

  168. E4L,
    Want to admit that at first I didn’t agree with your attitude but understand why you felt that way. I do admire and acknowledge that you are willing to look at what he (Richard) did to help so many people.

    Having been on both sides of the fence now I can see that for those stuck inside, some may truly feel they can simply help as much as they can and protect as many as they can until the chaos and insanity subsides. Like any natural disaster it does sooner or later come to an ending.

    Without access to the internet and knowing there are many our here who understand and want to see this insanity corrected Richard may have felt the most benefit he could do is continue to help those inside. I don’t know you but really appreciate your willingness to see the pan-determined view. Thanks.

  169. Scott Campbell

    To Flavio P.

    Hey Bud. Email me again if you did already. I think it went to my spam folder and I zapped it unintentionally.


  170. Thank you FOR. I haven’t read this since May 1980 at my father’s service.

    It’s such a wonderful tribute.

    Thank you again for finding LRH’s ode …


  171. Beautiful writeup, TS.

    There were and are so many great people on staff at Flag and elsewhere, dedicated to delivering the most liberating of all technologies if applied properly and with the kind of caring and responsibility you talk about.

    There was a time, a long time, during which Flag really lived up to its slogan “The Friendliest Place in the Whole World” – at least, from the perspective of this public person. I always arrived with various kinds of baggage in tow, and (with one exception) always left feeling like I’d had a spiritual shower.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again – what a tragedy that the whole track SP wrecking ball known as David Miscavige was able to seize power and unmock so much of it.

    On the plus side though, more and more, I am coming to see this blog as its own “Friendliest Place in the Whole World”.

    Even though the debate can be contentious at times, and the subjects not always the most uplifting (as some are understandably difficult to confront), there is so much intelligence, humor, wisdom, history, philosophy, even music, intertwined in these discussions. It’s impossible not to key out, sometimes hugely.

    There’s a lot of healing going on here, a lot of bypassed charge being released. I have FNs here on a daily basis, and just like an auditor experiences the FNs and cognitions of his preclears, I can also feel the FNs that occur here on a daily basis for others.

    This is a true theta oasis. Thanks for putting it here, Marty.

  172. TroubleShooter


    The kind of door to a Snr CS office. There are a few who know who they are who can enter the Ivory Tower for delivery purposes but a Snr CS or any CS must be undisturbed for the most part and a ref named HCOB IVORY TOWER explains this point. If there were constant interruptions while a CS studied or programmed a folder or CSed a session adds time and mistakes could be made – breaks in concentration can slow down auditing and CSes are there to ensure that this above all things happens – thus the sign which wards off those who might need to be made to
    think twice about disturbing a CS.

  173. What has been proven is that there is a correlation between stress and cancer development. Simply put, stress sets off a number of hormones, and other chemicals, that can allow a cancer to develop quicker.

    OTs should be way up the tone scale and should suffer much, much less from stress than the 1-in-3 average people that get cancer. However, the stories coming forth tell the opposite.

    One only has had to experience a list error, or a few other nasty phenomena, to understand the mental and physical stress that a body can suffer from out-tech.

    It may well be that those same tech-related stresses become as gasoline to otherwise smoldering, dormant, cancer cell fires and cause them to burst forth with killer energy. There has certainly been a lot of anecdotal evidence of past paced cancers.

    I have also seen it happen. In that case it was an extremely fit, early thirties male. His crime was not wanting to take a post that ripped him off the TTC. He was a natural auditor and was wasted. He died from cancer within 3 months.

  174. TroubleShooter


    Thank you and yes I remember those days when Flag lived up to that promo. I too have observed what you described so well about the blog. I was just telling a friend of mine about the possibility that mutual friends of ours might have been followed by church spies. I looked at him and said I just don’t know when or if I’m ever going to get over hearing myself say things like that. It’s just so so strange to be talking about such goings on, disturbing strange, the kind of strange that has even at times made me wonder if I was under some kind of freaking spell! I was one of the best kool-aid drinkers I knew for a long time and I was proud of it. Now I look at it and the fact of it has scared me from time to time. It’s a mixture of things that I’ve felt when I’ll describe it as looking myself in the eyes and asking what’s really going on there. I can only do what feels right to me and following my heart lead me to Marty’s SP times link from almost 2 years ago now and here I am.

    There has certainly been a lot of healing going on in this blog – so many puzzle pieces coming together and so many people getting to communicate. It’s huge. I appreciate it very much Marty.

  175. martyrathbun09

    I appreciate you too TS.

  176. Thanks so much, Steve! I just have to add that Steve Hall at all times made being on solo lines a pleasure. I always looked forward to his bright smile. And yes, back then Flag was a place with a mission to raise mankind on up a little higher, not a place to extract $ from the public.

    People like Richard Reiss and Steve Hall, and the great products they were getting, made me dream about other times and places where I conceived that the same players, all of us, worked together for justice, worked together to free mankind from various tyrannies and toward various rays of possibility. As I saw it then, getting beings up the Bridge was the latest and most vital in a long series of important theta endeavors. 🙂

  177. Hey, love you too, Gary!

    “Safe to be with” is such a good way to describe Richard. His universe was a safe and theta place.

    And yes, I miss those old days at Flag, with the endless theta. Oh well, I think that’s what this online group is all about, isn’t it?

    I’ll pass on your “Hi.” 🙂

  178. TroubleShooter


  179. “Miscavige’s sphere of influence is toxic. No one can live in that fetid air and so it killed Richard. ”
    Dear Steve, I would like to add the name of another victim, Myriam Stave (Lahlou). She worked in FSO as a Class XII. Later she was ordered to audit DM. The last thing I heard was that she has died of cancer. She was a very loving person, too.

  180. He was, in 2007, and was still writing to me in 2009 or 2010.

  181. plainoldthetan

    Marty: the tale you tell about you and Richard qualling GAT drills was EXACTLY my experience. I wasn’t LEARNING how to audit. I was UN-LEARNING how to audit. After my first week on the SHSBC certainty course, I realized that the poor practical supervisor was gonna get comm-ev’d if he answered one more question for me. He finally resorted to sighing, and asking “what do your materials state?”….good for him, bad for robotic indoctrination of auditors, though. When I could show my twin what the materials stated, the twin would mindlock and be unable to finish the drill.

    I finally resorted to MEMORIZING how to do each GAT drill, rather than to use it as a learning experience.

    But I can tell you this: after doing the whole G.D. SHSBC certainty course, and not getting ONE RESPONSE to any of my writeups, I decided not to RE-DO the Class VI internship. There was no way I was going to be caught on video doing things I knew were out-tech…even though the GAT drill “told” me to do them.

  182. I knew Richard from my Chaplain hat at FSO. He was always very nice to me, we did recoveries together. I brought him the pc folders and he gave me the r-factors, he was incredibly spot-on on these – we would always get the ARC broken guy talking and onto a handling again. He had that smile and had that funny sense of humor when I would go up to the “Ivory Tower” – he cracked some jokes which I at times I didn’t quite get, maybe because I was in a hurry, but they would go right over my head – he was calm working away with an endless stack of folders waiting for him to review. The years I was at Flag I worked with Richard quite a bit and will be countless infinite more.

  183. Right OTDT, and in 2,500 words or less, please, Karl…..

  184. Ah, well that makes sense then. I would certainly think twice before knocking, laugh at the absurdity of the sign, then knock anyway… 😀

  185. In the entire world, the Sea Org is the only culture I know of that denigrates its members for dying.

    I did not know Richard Reiss but it’s obvious from the many comments here that he had long ago deserved the Kha Khan status that Marty gave him posthumously. And Marty, thanks for bringing a little humanity to this good man’s passing.

  186. “he was the senior C/S over the worst auditing…”

    Thank you Les.

    I ,for myself, did not benefit from this C/S ing.I went to Flag from1988 to 1999 or 2000 for CCRD and OT levels.I began OT I in 1989,OT III in 1991….and have not attested since then.
    I applied, as a solo auditor, the auditor’s code and refused to audit my pc past a release point.
    I had all the handlings, repair ,advance, progress or whatever programs, ethic interviews, Qual ,Confessionnals,FPRD… and I never had ,with a Class IX auditor , any read indicating I was wrong (I could have been !). I did not have a full OT III correction list.
    I was told I was not Clear, PTS, …..had to do objectives, grades…I refused.

    I used to save money and energy every year and come to Flag to “handle” my “situation”. I would go away (with a C/S OK ) when I had no more money and when I had no more energy , meaning when keeping my integrity was becoming to painful (emotionnally).
    The auditing would run well,my folders would make it to the Deputy Senior C/S and once in a while would go to the Senior C/S and then ….it would always be go back and audit the level. I never did.

    The Senior C/S being Richard Reiss.

    So excuse me ,I am sorry, but reading all these comments just does not resonate with me.I could even indicate a small amount of BPC.

    “If you know the tech ,it will protect you” LRH

    At what point applying out tech becomes an overt?
    At what point knowingly applying out tech becomes an overt?
    Is the Senior C/S responsible for the C/S ing ? I would say yes that’s his post.
    Why did all the SO members leave? because of out tech.
    Does anyone believe massive out tech can be justified by some PC advancing? and we now see how they did advance with altered OT levels….

    So rest in Peace ,Richard Reiss, but staying inside was not the best option. Out tech is out tech.

    To anyone staying inside and trying to make things better, get out and go to the Indy Field.

    When no one is left inside to deliver out tech,no out tech will be delivered…

    Thank you to all who read me


    Class V Grag (provisionnal)
    Basic books and lectures completed

  187. Here is a picture of Richard Reiss;

  188. martyrathbun09

    It takes a hell of a lot of strength to survive what he did and continue to look – as much as he could without being detected and punished – out for the quite a large number of people he did individually. It took me three years on the outside to even recognize without doubt that all of my invalidated perceptions of rightness and wrongness on the inside were correct. I have no doubts or reservations about acknowleding this guy.

  189. I first met Richard Reiss when he was training at SH England.
    We both had flexible schedules so we got to spend time with each other. (DM was there then as well). He was such a Good Good Person. Our paths would cross several times again as we both shifted jobs and geography. I am sorry to hear of his passing, but he’s one of those people that you are happy to cross paths with over the years. A very Compassionate and Caring person.
    The loss of him, is the loss for all of us.

  190. The links in the previous comments did not work. I hope this does.
    This is is Richard Reiss:

  191. Thank you FOR…Goodbye Richard!

  192. Marty,

    I fully duplicate what you say.
    I just had a different experience ,on my side of the “fence”.
    You knew him as a person,I did not.
    Which means you are absolutely right when you say the church is dead, no reformation possible from the inside when Big Thetans in a high Tech position are powerless against DM.
    The only way is to get out .


  193. Eileen Clark

    What you experienced was awful and should never have happened, most especially at the FSO.
    The Senior C/S your folders would have been sent to was not very likely to be Richard Reiss, but Cala Reiss (or whoever was holding D/Snr C/S Flag AO post at the time). When public requested or were told their folders were sent to the Senior C/S, that was not always true and was often not sent to Richard but to a D/Snr C/S at either the Flag AO or in the FH, there was also a D/Snr C/S for Training.
    Perhaps Hy Levy might have more up-to-date info on this.
    L, Eileen

  194. Eileen Clark

    Thank you so much for this posting. You are so spot on.
    He loved that drawing and it was in a lovely frame in his office all the years I was at the FSO. Whenever a person first came into his office and noticed the drawing, he always pointed it out proudly and named the artist. At least he did that for me and several others in my presence.
    He is not gone, simply flying high and free.
    L, Eileen

  195. TroubleShooter


    It seems as though you don’t have experience with auditing. I hope you decide at some point to avail yourself of it. I’ve created miracles, what I consider to be such anyway, with the processes LRH gave us to move people up a little bit higher and in some cases save their lives.

    The majority of the posters on this blog have given and received it enough to continue to carry the work of LRH forward because they too know of the riches there are to be had for an individual.

    In actual fact the sign was up to remind the administrators that they are entering a room of which they are not in control of and to respect that fact – so those who can actually apply the tech to another to raise them up can do so without interference.

    Auditors and CSes in the majority are the most caring people I have ever known. People who celebrate the joys and wins of the pcs behind the closed doors with humble pride, knowing that they helped create these effects as a result of their own personal discoveries of Scientology.

    Differentiate between Scientology and the “church” as DMonology and you will see the forest for the trees.

    When you turn an oven on you expect heat, when you push the gas peddle you expect speed, when you audit standardly you are assisting another to improve their own life.

    I didn’t think the sign was absurd. When I stood before that door I was mostly confronting the fact that I was going to be entering the door of a man’s office who carried more responsibility on his shoulders than most can ever imagine – and I was full of respect for his contribution to my purpose to make a better world of which I had yet to contribute to in any real effective manner.

    I’ve been as disappointed as anyone can be I think to learn that their were people I trusted to hold the line who didn’t – but without forgiveness in ones heart, without the belief that people can change, without recognition that one lives in their own glass houses life is a dark and unhappy place.

    Can someone be full of compassion and yet surge ahead with pen as sword to effect the demise of a located source of evil and destruction? this blog is full of such individuals; who want to ensure that auditing as LRH intended it continues from now until forever.

  196. martyrathbun09


  197. TroubleShooter

    Wow Sergio,

    I came to you as a chaplain and received help more than once. I’m glad to see you’re around.

  198. I have never posted on this blog before but some of the comments about Richard Reiss have incented me to write.

    First , as always, it is important to strip off opinion. You just have to look at WHAT IS.

    But before that let me propose a theory about living in a suppressive environment. Obviously there are a variety of responses any being can take:

    Let’s say at the lowest level he can go insane – an attempt to stop punishment by claiming to be no threat at all to the powers that be.
    Above that would be “homeless” living in the gutter with absolutely no power.

    But if one wants to live any life at all they have to have some power and therefore are a potential threat. In a totally suppressive environment one must maintain some semblance of agreement with the suppressive power or they are attacked. So one maintains as low a profile as possible so as not to come to the attention of the “authorities.” He demonstrates agreement and avoids being attacked.

    But if one has any self-determinism at all he is covertly or overtly going to try to subvert the suppressive power. Therefore we have the individuals who continue to work in the power structure but covertly subvert the directives – carrying out to the best of their ability what they consider “right” but avoiding being attached. And then we have the true “rebels” who are openly and aggressively attacking the suppressive power.

    And on the other side we have the PTSes who work for the suppressives. They are basically robots controlled by the suppressive(s).

    Alright, let’s look at Richard Reiss. Obviously brilliant, ect., but that has nothing to do with it. My wife and I had an encounter with Richard Reiss and the level of out-Tech was appalling (I am a Class VIII.) He was just carrying out suppressive directives. In my opinion he was totally PTS and had collapsed into the suppressive valence.

    How could somebody who was so highly trained in the Tech, and could quote it chapter and verse, generate such blatant out-Tech? Because his agreement with the suppressive directives was senior to his agreement with the Tech.

    And how does one become PTS? Ultimately overts, evil purposes. We all know the story.

    So I strip off the opinion and look at what he actually did. Was Richard Reiss a good guy? No, he was actually a being who had gone PTS and slipped into the suppressive valence.

    And the only way he could get out was to die rather than face what he was actually doing.

  199. Hi Troubleshooter,

    I think you’ve taken my comment the wrong way, which was meant to be on how something is funny (perhaps didn’t make it through cyberspace with only written text).

    I understood the context and logic you were giving for the sign. Makes perfect sense. But do you see the illogic that makes it quite absurd and funny on a more basic level.

    Your imagination on me being someone who has had no auditing and is some kind of enemy of scientology is incorrect. 🙂 But imagine what you want though (that’s all we’re all doing anyway!) In fact I’ve found the more I’ve advanced spiritually the funnier the world becomes, including both the big and little things.

    There’s the famous image of Buddha sat there crossed legged laughing his head off. What’s so funny? Life!

  200. Eileen,

    Thank you for your communication.
    It does not matter now who did what and when.
    It is just that my “stable data” had been to never return to Flag as long as R Reiss was Senior C/S so when I read all the comments I just went rrrrrr…
    You cannot keep your integrity around a real SP.That’ s why LRH says to handle or disconnect.We all know NOW there is no handling from the inside….

    ML Sandra

  201. I hate to state the obvious but it looks like the Church enprisoned him at the end of his life and blocked any chance of getting additional treatment for his cancer.

  202. ” So I strip off the opinion and look at what he actually did. Was Richard Reiss a good guy? No, he was actually a being who had gone PTS and slipped into the suppressive valence.”

    You arrogant @#$% just be thankfull it wasn’t you

    “And the only way he could get out was to die rather than face what he was actually doing.”


    held prisonor and an untreated cancer will do that

  203. TroubleShooter


    You’re right I did take your posting the wrong way. So sorry. I’ll tell the truth I’m working my way back to thinking that life is funny. I like so many who have posted here have had some trauma to work through personally and haven’t fully recovered my sense of humor about life in general.

    But give me some time and I’ll be funny as hell again – at least I’ll work on it.

    I didn’t intend it to be. I didn’t think you were an enemy no no no. Thank you for letting me know I’d gotten it wrong and I hope my posting didn’t come across as too harsh.

  204. TroubleShooter


    You bring up so very good points. I believe that Richard did far more good in his lifetime of helping people go free than he did once he was operating to survive as a PTS in a suppressive environment.

    You have enough KRC for what you’re talking about to have a respected opinion and enough to understand that Richard was a good man to alot of people for a long time. In his death I choose to remember all of the good things he did – that’s where I’m coming from on it.

  205. Nice commentary Marty.

    The saddest part of this, to me, is that it shows that there is really no “ethics protection” in the Church. No real acknowledgement for R E A L products.

    My experience on staff showed me quite to contrary; the more one produced, the more “it was not good enough”. I learned the remark, “what have you done for me lately?” after closing a three cycles in one evening.

    I never knew Richard Reiss, but from what I have read here of him and his work he deserves your kind words and postulates.


  206. martyrathbun09

    me too

  207. martyrathbun09

    I want CD on my team.

  208. Hi Troubleshooter,

    Thats okay. Thanks for the apology.

    Here’s a song I watched recently that makes me laugh. It’s by the actor who played Biff in Back To The Future and how he’s overrun on people asking him the same questions…

  209. OK AWF, let’s look at what is.

    Did you write up a KR on that out-tech? Did you go into the scene and handle it? Did you go off in a huff? Or a rage? Did you decide it wasn’t your responsibility? What did you do? What are you doing now?
    Let’s look at what is.

    From an earlier post: “Richard was auditing at Saint Hill in the 70s. By the mid 70s he already had a reputation of being one of the most standard and technically most knowledgeable auditors and later C/S at Saint Hill. He never left that path.”

    There are over 87,000 hours in a decade. 4 decades. How many people do you suppose he helped? vs. How many people did he fail to help? And he apparently died trying to help. Were we not encouraged to look at both sides of a person’s record, before we judged him?

    I don’t know what actually happened in your case. Do you? I have no doubt your anger is fully justified. I am sorry to hear, yet again, a horror story about the “Mecca of Technical Perdition”. They are routine nowadays. And of course they make one angry, especially when one is subjected to the horrorshow. But perhaps you ought to take a closer look at what happened. Was Richard ultimately responsible for the atrocity visited upon you?

    The answer is blowing in the wind.

  210. I can be persuaded with caek and cute cats 😉

  211. I’m not interested in a long and tortuous discussion on this subject. We all have our own opinions. But I thought I might add a little more clarity to the situation.

    But first, as an aside, I audited and C/Sed for thousands of hours. I wrote up the policy violations (and there were many) involved in my cycle.

    I think it is important to differentiate between Richard Reiss the being and Richard Reiss, Snr. C/S International.

    As a being I can easily find compassion for someone in that situation. I’ve been there. I’ve been weak and cowardly. We’ve all been at one time or another. The Code of Honor is tough. This situation in Scientology is a minor pimple compared to the suppression we’ve faced on the track. For those of us who know what’s going on we aren’t de-PTSing from Scientology. We are de-PTSing from the whole track – and it’s a bitch. And it takes time. As Marty said, it took him 3 years just to exteriorize enough to see what had actually happened.

    But let’s look at Richard Reiss, Snr. C/S International. He took on a post and a major responsibility and a trust. He took on the hat of keeping the Tech pure and delivered standardly. In that he not only failed but betrayed the Tech by promoting Out-Tech. FPRD on OTs in the middle of Solo NOTs. “I’m not auditing you” Sec Checks when there was no HCO investigation in progress. Now I hear something about all OTs having to redo their Objectives. These are the major ones I know about ignoring the minor individual occurrences. He betrayed his post. Wouldn’t it have been better to have refused to deliver Out-Tech than to actually promote it?

    Now of course we can always justify. But it doesn’t change the fact.

    That was the point of my first post. Hopefully this makes it a bit clearer.

    As far as Richard I wish him all the best. Now that he has escaped the prison I hope he can destimulate and de-PTS and he can regain his integrity and find his way back to his true heart.

  212. Á̌nonymous̸̬͙̞͙͓̺͇̱͎̟̖̑̃ͬ̔̑̆ͬͦͥ̀ͭ͗͊̆ͮ̕͞

    I never met Richard IRL.
    I only saw what he attempted to do OL.
    Which was to try and get WWP/ESMB and this blog to co operate in major reform of the COS.
    And though it did’nt work it was a noble idea.
    In very simple terms he was a good man.

  213. TroubleShooter


    Richard was never Snr CS International but assuming you knew that and meant to refer to him as Snr CS FSO let me let you in on a little secret no one wanted you to know…Richard hadn’t been wearing the hat of Snr CS FSO for several years as he fought and lost his battle with cancer, nearly 8 years FSO hid the fact that Snr CS FSO wasn’t on post.

    And as a trained individual you also know the way the mind works – you know that protests and suppressions and mysteries and problems to name a few are taken up when handling illness in HCOB Assist Summary Rudiments. You know that hang up at doubt is addressed by handling PTSness, you know his wife and sons were in the SO. You know he had some major problems to face every day.

    AWF – we who chose to remember the man by his good deeds do so in honor of the good man we knew and at a time when he is unable to defend himself.

    I’m highly trained and can completely understand your reasoning. It’s just that he’s dead now and he was/is not the source of the suppression the church is under – not for me.

    If your attention was introverted on to whether you would see your wife or children again or whether you were going to get sleep for the second or third night in a row or whether you were going to be banished to a place 100s of miles from your family and not allowed to speak to them for years or you were going to be thrown in the hole and no longer able to do ANY good at all anymore IF you spoke up and you already knew that speaking up was going to be drowned out by the din of the group bank that cob has in a death grip – when you feel you’ve fully duplicated that concept then perhaps you can grant us the beingness to us who chose to remember this man in honor and respect based on the man we knew him to be.

    My grand daddy used to say : Until you walk in the shoes of a man you judge you know not of where he’s been and such judgement risks you looking like a child trying to walking in daddies shoes and declaring they fit.

    This doesn’t acknowledge you for the pain and anger and every other element of living that been betrayed. But doesn’t Richard’s early death tell you to what extent he was PTS aka in a problem – an unsolvable problem. If these acknowledgements make you feel that we care less for your viewpoint please please please find a way to separate the two matters. My acknowledgements to him are NOT intended to make nothing of the upsets from trust put in him now laying like dead leaves on the ground forgotten as we trample them in our forward push through this whirlwind of created confusion. We just HAVE to rise above it and succeed at what we came here to do – free beings. Richard was part of that group if he ever left it he was for sure at one time one of it’s leaders.

  214. martyrathbun09

    TS, that explains how public has been treated as so much cattle in the past several years – they had NO SNR CS at least trying to act as a buffer.

  215. TroubleShooter

    That’s my take on it too Marty.

  216. I have had “out tech” entered into my journey as well.

    The “out tech” is as interesting to me as the “in tech”, because I stepped over it and regained a good position back on the bridge.

    Yes, there have been stops and pitfalls and ups and downs.

    But when you keep on moving on that bridge , and there are plenty of people out here willing to help you cross it now, the little slumps and set backs seem to amplify the glory.

    “The greater the obstacle , the more glory in overcoming it”. Moliere

  217. TS
    Thank you for the clarification. That’s the beauty of this forum: clearing up the lies and misconceptions delivered by CoS.

    For almost 20 years I was under the impression that my denials and an mis-handles were C/S by Richard Reiss. Now I know that probably for the last 8 years it was not Richard.

    I can understand the extreme angst he was under. We all can probably state the exact moment we said, ” I can’t take this any more. I’m truly leaving the Church.”

    But through this blog one can finally regain an understanding of what really happened. I wish Richard had left the Church through the front door declaring his independence rather than the back door by death.

    I wish him clarity on his journey to the other side.

    My heart has been eased from a bit of resentment. Thank you.

  218. TroubleShooter

    You’re welcome,

    My heart has experienced some easement from this blog as well – it’s been a long row to hoe. Marty’s SP Times interviews and blog has kept the fire from going out completely in me.

  219. An aspect touched on in this story raises an interesting point – the very notion of “Kha Khan” status as devised by Hubbard. Above and beyond the name being rather dubiously lifted from history, what does it say about the moral system in place in Scientology? If someone who produces enough is granted immunity from the very ethics – and I mean that in a woggish sense – that the community is based on, how is that defensible? Does it not invalidate the rules themselves which the others are asked to hew to? I’m not sure that’s the kind of society I’d like to live in.

  220. Dear reptile,

    Obviously you have a problem with political correctness and want to live in some far away politically correct paradise where people only do and say the “right things” that don’t upset your tender sensibilities.

    Good luck in finding it.

  221. Sigh. I really did not expect a gratuitous ad hominem attack in this community. We’ll put aside the fact that my namesake is in fact an amphibian in the interest of not fanning the flames.

    But RJ, in attacking the asker of the question it seems you are also ignoring the matter of principle at hand. The very definition of “Kha Khan” from LRH is that, given that you bring in enough money, members or otherwise raise stats, you can literally “get away with murder without a blink from ethics.” Does this issue not go to the root of how a society values and treats its members? If the fact is that you can commit all the crimes you want so long as you are a big producer, what kind of a system are we talking about? This is beyond meritocracy, but rather something much more severe. Some actual person is on the other end of a Kha Khan’s “allowable” misdeeds. Is that a fair or equitable way to treat them?

  222. Mike Henderson

    Richard gave me the best DofP Interview I ever had, at AOLA, on a OT VII recovery cycle.

  223. RE: Salamander’s post on March 30, 2011

    Thank you for asking a very thoughtful and poignant question. The simple fact that your comment was the penultimate statement back in 2011, clearly shows the communities unwillingness to have this conversation.

    The idea that a paradigm like this exists is odd, if not downright paradoxical at its root. Scientology was established to improve humanity – to take Us (the royal/collective use of “us”) to the stars as it were. How can we condone murder, an abhorrent violent act that we morally hold deplorable, simple because a member has generated “enough” positive gains to the Church.

    Moral and legal immunity, especially over the sanctity of human life. . . the human life we’re trying to improve, cannot be assigned in such a glib fashion. I believe the Nazis also awarded special commendations to their SS Troops for murdering the most Jews. When you change the characters in the story, this concept stands as not only ignorant, but bereft of any true value and meaning.

    It is not my intent to speak ill of the dead. We can still remember Richard for his acts and contributions to this world. But let us not taint his memory with titles that would detract from beliefs. I don’t think Richard would have wanted people to think he was above the moral teaching of this community.

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