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Mosey and I took a long drive across the South Texas plains yesterday to get some space and watch the wild flowers bloom. She had a very interesting take on the three-blog “debate” over the past couple days on the subject of OT abilities. Her introduction to Scientology had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with any representations or hopes of attaining “OT abilities.” She originated getting some auditing in hopes of getting a little bit of what I had, whatever it was she saw I had. Shortly into it she saw that it was bringing her closer to taking a peek behind a curtain that she just knew must remain closed, because she just knew that whatever was behind it was formidable, foreboding, and scarier than all hell. After a little more auditing, she began to peek, and after some more began to look a little more, and after some more decided to tear the curtains down altogether. Voila, the monkey on her back that had been terrorizing her all her life as-is’d (disappeared). The clouds parted, the sun shone, and lo and behold, happiness and being became effortless. According to her, never in her wildest dreams was such a feat possible. Ever since, we rarely use phones or texts to communicate, even though we spent ten hours physically apart most weekdays since. And we’re in about as good comm as any two people could be expected to be. The less we try to label it or promote it the more it seems to manifest.

When Monique asked me what Scientology was initially I think I explained it with about the same few sentences I did when Anderson Cooper – and others since – asked the same question. Something like this: You ever hear the U2 song Stuck In a Moment? Goes something like this, “you’ve got to get yourself together, you got stuck in a moment and now you can’t get out of it.” Does that resonate with you? Well, Scientology is a pretty simple and effective method of getting you unstuck from those moments. And to me, that is the simplicity of it.

What that process leads to is as varied as the billions of personalities who inhabit this planet. From my experience in applying it, one thing can be said about just about everyone I’ve applied it to: wherever they were at when they started they ultimately felt like they had moved on up a little higher.

The moral of this story? From my perspective it is this. What do claims, representations, and promises have to do with it? Not a blessed thing. Just like any other life endeavor, if you reach for it you might achieve it. What is it? It is whatever you consider it to be and whatever you consequently discover it to be. If you see it in another, maybe you’ll try what that other did to achieve it. If you enjoy pursuing it, and you achieve a little higher ground while doing so perhaps you’ll continue pursuing it. And maybe one day you’ll find it. Or maybe you’ll just get a kick out of, or continue to move on up a little higher, trying.

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  1. You are an angel! Scientology is just about that and for this reason it will last forever, no matter who is trying to cut it down and destroy the subject. Power of simplicity, uh? By the way, beautifull photo of a beautifull being!

  2. Marty and Mosey,
    Simple and wonderfully stated! Truth is simple and the power of that is infinite. We create in PT and when stuck anywhere before or after we are less of what we could be. I enjoy your wins and thank you for stating these. This wonderful feeling is what I expect we all wanted when we started on this journey of enlightenment. LRH gave us the tech to get unstuck but it is our journey. 🙂

  3. Absolutely! And you’ll notice that an abstract concept like money (which has gotten awfully solid for something that is fundamentally an accounting system to keep track of our exchanges with one another) plays no part in it.

  4. LRH HCOB 3 April 66
    “It’s just a picture, secondary or engram. The whole of the technique is just finding the incident the pc is “in”, running the pc through the incident, beginning to end, several times and not letting him digress and letting him come up the tone scale past boredom to enthusiasm by doing so. When I think of the millions of words I have had to speak or write just to get that terrible simplicity across, I see it cn be bent as technology in a thousand thousand ways.”

    “The whole answer to the mind is mental pictures and masses created by the thetan. There is no other source or cause of aberration.”

    “Scientology is the route from human being to total freedom and total beingness. Dianetics was the route from aberrated or aberrated and ill human to capable human.”

    I have found these datums to be true just as Marty and Mosey have experienced. These are the tools for all of us to be able to move on up a little higher. The basic capability and goodness inside all of us is incredible and I would like all of us to splurge on that goodness! Ah, when we can fully be who we innately are – sunshine and fair breezes ahead!

  5. Marty, Monique, this rings so true. When I arrived for help, I wanted to regain zest for life, no big OT aspirations. I came away feeling I had attained what I set out to recover. And felt quite simply I had moved on up a little higher.

  6. martyrathbun09

    Hi McGins!

  7. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that reference. The words of that PAB someone noted the other day – that Scientology teaches nothing, it just reminds of what we forgot – in play once again.

  8. Great post. I have the same thoughts when I hear that song!

    Samew with this:

  9. I could not have described one’s personal experience with auditing any better than what was stated above.

    The experience is so personal sometimes that the variables cannot be catagorized with all the super computers in the universe. The variations are just too impossible to number. Cookie cutters have no place in Scientology.

    Thank you for sharing your wins. I love hearing of such wins, and to handle what was handled in this instance sounds like a wonderful gift to have been given with LRH’s tech.


  10. Mosey & Marty — Thank you for sharing these very real, intimate moments with us.

    Bruce Pratt

  11. Mosey and Marty, I love you both and am so happy for your continuing wins and good work.
    Just Me

  12. Marty and Mosey, absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! So well stated, says it all actually. Love you two.

  13. Marty, Trying to keep up with this blog is difficult. One thing that I’ve noticed is that simplicity is sometimes overstated. You do have a way of cutting through the crap. Also, I Love the picture of those two beautiful Texas flowers!

  14. Thank you for sharing this Marty – beautiful and simple, which is the essence of Scientology to me.

  15. I’ve been doing some peeping recently too.
    Even us ‘old hats’ can have the most incredible miracles happen when that curtain comes crashing down.
    God bless those flying teapots 😉

  16. Well said, Marty. Anybody who quotes U2 song lyrics is alright in my book! Love that band!

  17. Thats it man. It’s funny how Scientology is everywhere around people and they don’t just know it yet.

    I don’t really need to say any more on it.

  18. On a side note:

    I went to the LRH 100th birthday event last night.

    The massive PR, mega-over produced, computer graphics, explosions, massive sets, over the top, overwhelming big-top spectacle implant I suffered through is at the opposite side of the spectrum to what you are describing here.

  19. martyrathbun09

    Sagrio, my motto “lies are complex; the truth is simple.”

  20. I am a better person for finding Scientology and using the practical technology to improve my life and my ability to reason. As long as truth in advertising is used I have no beef with the selling of Scientology services. One should always undersell and over deliver and the world would be a much better place.

    Just don’t try to sell me a pretty piece of glass and tell me its a diamond, because I might be just as happy with the pretty piece of glass and not have to feel deceived.


    “Knowledge of the third kind is not a rational understanding of how our existence follows from the existence of God but a type of intuition, or “mental seeing,” of how in each moment of our lives we exist timelessly as modes of the one substance.”

  22. Love the photo! Love what you wrote too.
    I never was looking for special powers or even anything written in Advance magazine. I was just looking for a workable way to help other beings for real! I got that. And of course a whole helluva lot more! 🙂

  23. Kathy Braceland


  24. Big hugs to you and Mosey.

  25. Sounds like you’re fixing valuable beings for the long haul, Marty.

    I admire the products you’re getting.

    Glad you two pulled eachother in.

    Looks like real love. Real help. And that’s real important.


  26. I mean “just don’t”, not “don’t just”. It changes the meaning little.

  27. Marty and Mosey,
    We have reached cruising level. Please remove your seat belts and move freely about the cabin.
    Thank you both for your simple but powerful take on things. I love being up a little higher!
    This was one of the first things I read in 1970. It is what sold me on the Scientology philosophy.
    “Once upon a time there was a little thetan.
    And he was a happy little thetan and the world was a simple thing.
    It was all very very simple.
    And then one day somebody told him he was simple.
    And ever since that time he’s been trying to prove that he is not.” LRH from the Power of Simplicity tapes.
    ml, Laura Ann

  28. Absolutely lovely.
    Marty ~~ you have the knack of hitting the “R” of this community.
    Beautiful image Mosey.
    “OT abilities” as a subject has been hotter than anyone imagined.
    I wondered if you could do a blog inviting personal GHOST STORIES or ENCOUNTERS that then effected the person spiritually ~~
    What it meant to meant to them, how it translated into more certainty on the immortality of the soul.

    The polls on just how many Americans have had GHOST experiences are quite revealing and in some polls belief in Ghosts have doubled in the last 10 years ~ A cultural change.

  29. I am very happy that you and Mosey have such a great marriage. I’m sure you both apply LRH tech to make it work. Wonderful.

    Are you working in different towns?

    Marty, about that “keeping it real” part of your blog… See, I was FSM for many years. I brought new people into orgs. Some of them are practicing SCN outside others are still inside the orgs but all of them are still thankful that I introduced them to SCN.

    I met many people who wanted to become Scientologists to handle their problems, e.g. drug problems, 2D problems, money problems, insecurities, you name it. They really handled their problems but later won some new problems with the way DM runs the show.

    I also brought other people to Scientology who were really complex fellows. They did not join SCN to handle a problem or problems but were mainly interested in figuring out what science and religions didn’t explain to them. These guys were indeed mainly interested in the 8D and OT abilities.

    I didn’t had to apply any dissemination drill on them. No need to find the ruin. They studied the axioms before they opened the DMSMH. These were my favorite recruits because you could talk to them about anything highly spiritual without being out of reality. There were not too many of these kinds, but some. Those were the most fascinating fellows I ever met.

  30. That’s wonderful Marty.
    I truly wish more people would grasp the friendly hand of the auditor and dicover just what they do.
    Such a beautiful thing lies within the realm of true Scientology – the truth of you, that wonderous all engrossing captivating joy as a child dicovers the wonders of life for the first time, are simply you before some baggage got added.
    You know, it’s OK to be you.

  31. Scott Campbell

  32. M&M,
    Thanks very much for the simple, incredible and beautiful story. Sure puts a full cap and end piece to the over 500 reply subject of yesterday!

    Moving on up a little higher is the basic and simplicity from wherever one is.

  33. I T H O U G H T something wonderful was going on in the universe we have created among friends. Just wasn’t sure what it was. It could even have been my joy at the arrival of Spring. Now the something wonderful has been communicated and I’m absolutely delighted. Really nice job, Mosey and Marty! H

  34. beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  35. You wrote: “Ever since, we rarely use phones or texts to communicate, even though we spent ten hours physically apart most weekdays since.”

    For most people that isn’t real yet. Tells me that there are many real realities out there.

  36. Beautiful. The single word that best describes Mosey.
    Beautiful. The single word that best describes this post.

  37. Marty & Mosey,

    Amen to that. That’s it. Simplicity. My first trip to your place all I wanted was to feel a little bit better. I never dreamed I would leave with what I got and the biggest smile on my face ever.

    I LOVE M&M. 🙂

  38. Beautiful. Really cool and theta.

  39. Marty, this is an amazing post of yours!! Wow!
    I love the message to people, the freedom and simplicity that carries that thoughts through.
    I have met Mosey and I always been fascinated from her ability to grasp concepts, perceive, for the support that she was giving you unconditionally.
    She is an amazing being.
    It makes me happy she got to Clear and above… you pulled in eachother.
    just wonderful!!
    hugs to both.
    Silvia Kusada

  40. Thats a really beautiful and meaningful song I hadn’t heard before, so thanks.
    Yes scio teaches nothing from an high perspective. It’s really just cognition/realization based all the way to the big realization that you are free, totally free. Just stop telling yourself that you are trapped…
    (oh damn did I ruin it for others…lol)

  41. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Together. Space. And gorgeous wild flowers.

    The two of you are such a beautiful pair.

    Mosey glows!! And keeps Marty doing the same 🙂


  42. You all are making this a wonderful blog to read daily. It is restoring my viewpoint of when I first cognited and got excited about SCN as it is so darn intimate to a thetan. Thanks Marty and Mosey and everyone else who comments here. It is a joy to see this expansion of space and beingness. You are restoring my hope for mankind after a sizable betrayal that I trust you all know about.

  43. Hey DFB, what is your most accurate count of how many people were in the audience? After your response, I’ll tell you how many people the DM”S PR staff claim attended.
    I was outside enturbulating while I was making a rough mental addition of how many people were arriving. They also had staff arriving bussed-in at the back. There may also have been “extras” bussed-in too.

  44. Speaking of Texas drives and wild flowers…uno mas por los Tejanos.

    Texas State of Mind

    Itsa Texas mornin,
    lookin down on me.
    It’s those rollin hills,
    far as the eye can see.
    Itsa peaceful mind.
    It’s friends from afar.
    It’s treatin us right,
    that ole Lone Star.
    Talkin bout that
    Texas state of mind.

    Itsa door always open
    Itsa baby’s first gasp
    It’s big oak trees,
    And fresh cut grass.
    Itsa sign from God,
    A real rare find.
    Talkin bout that,
    Texas state of mind.

    It’s raisin Hell,
    on a Saturday night.
    Then Sunday church,
    to make things right.
    Itsa real cute butt,
    in tight blue jeans.
    It’s the biggest smiles,
    you’ve ever seen.
    Talkin bout that,
    Texas state of mind.

    It’s bringing up kids,
    and teachin em right.
    It’s backin your friends,
    despite a fight.
    It’s measuring up,
    but keepin it mum.
    It’s believin in you,
    and then some.
    It’s called a Texas,
    state of mind.

  45. Theo sismanides

    Marty this is so Real indeed. And beautiful. I think You can do it so real because you are an Auditor. And an auditor can appreciate the simplicities of Life as He only can confront the heavy charge of the lives of so many. You bring back the right perspective and meaning to the Scientology community, lost for so long: Care for and Attention to the PC. So simple but hardly won only by those who confront and persist despite everything. Thank you for showing
    up to me that not eveybody in that Mgmt I served for 10 years was not worthwhile of that service of mine. My hat is off to you, Sir!

  46. When I got into Scientology I was pretty much going through the motions of life. I had no goals or purposes, no direction. The thing that drew me most to Scientology was the people. I observed people who were animated and enthusiastic about life and they didn’t need drugs to get that way.

    The comm course changed my life. I think it was the first point in realizing that I was cause. The wins were so significant that I naturally reached for more courses. I wouldn’t say that I had a specific thing to handle at that point but I did see that each course I did made me feel more confident about myself. If the comm course was all that Scientology had to offer, then I would have been grateful to have done just that.

    One thing that I did realize is that I was a lot more able than I had ever allowed myself to think. I realized that I wasn’t ready to handle my case so I happily took more courses, getting more tools to handle my life. That is all I wanted, no auditing but simple tools to handle life more efficiently.

    It wasn’t until I had been in Scientology for more than 20 years that I became interested in handling my case. Admittedly, the bit of auditing I did do prior to this was rough and seemed to take forever and I think that is because I wasn’t ready to confront it. Once I did decide, It was a rocket ride. I was a great PC because I was so interested in getting rid of the baggage that I did everything I could to make sure I got the most gains of every session and after a bit I went clear.

    Even though I had read all about clear, I really never got it. But getting rid of those stuck points has been absolutely wonderful. I found that I was compulsively committing overts without realizing it and I didn’t have to do that anymore. It has allowed me to go back and fix all of the mistakes that I had made earlier in relatonships, at least the ones that were important to me. It allowed me to get my dynamics in alignment, for the first time in a long time.

    OT abilities are something that has happened as a natural progression in moving on up a little higher and they are fun. It is more like hitting the tone level of games when it occurs. But, there is nothing better than experiencing a moment of complete ARC with the environment, no matter the dynamic. Those are the moments that I treasure and they are probably the greatest gift that I have gotten from the tech.

  47. Mark, is that all that I can get from the auditing you provide? Feeling a bit better and somehow being connected spiritually?

    I want real OT abilities. Can you recommend anybody who helps me to reach the stars?

  48. DFB, if you’re so inclined, I’d enjoy (I think) hearing about the event — how many and what kinds of churchies attended, the mood, how LRH was remembered on this 100th, and any other observations you made and want to share.

  49. Cowboy,
    Nice! 🙂

  50. Hola!
    Both of you are part of my life, thank you for be your self and help others, my time at Casablanca last year was the best thing happen to me in years.!!

  51. So when you and Laura say “good morning” and I should overhear, it’s okay to acknowlege back?
    Noisey neighbors… But I’ll forgive it. 😉

  52. Well when I met you I met Mosey. She didn’t say much. Was early days.

    I felt much affinity from her. Its reciprocated. But what the hell
    its maybe just because I bought her a wine. NOT!!!

    She clearly loves you. 🙂

    You lucky asshole. 🙂

  53. INDEED!

  54. Moon,
    The moment I stepped into Casa Blanca, I could feel the lightness of being. It radiated down from upstairs where Marty and Mosey hang out. But, I also felt as if those who had been there before me were part of the magic of Casa Blanca. I was experiencing some pain before arriving there. I was afaid it would ruin my trip. It disapeared completely as soon as I arrived. That lightness stays with me still. There is no place like it. ml, Laura Ann

  55. Was it really last year I posted I’d find a song for Sam as the “Queenpin of the UK”?
    Well, finally, this one clicked for me. These were very OT musicians, even behind all the psychedelics they took, doing one of their best songs – and they had a lot of good ones.

    Hope you like it, Sam!


    As I was walkin’ ’round Grosvenor Square
    Not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air,
    From the other direction, she was calling my eye,
    It could be an illusion, but I might as well try, might as well try.

    She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes.
    And I knew without askin’ she was into the blues.
    She wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls,
    I knew right away she was not like other girls, other girls.

    In the thick of the evening when the dealing got rough,
    She was too pat to open and too cool to bluff.
    As I picked up my matches and was closing the door,
    I had one of those flashes I’d been there before, been there before.

    Well, I ain’t always right but I’ve never been wrong.
    Seldom turns out the way it does in a song.
    Once in a while you get shown the light
    In the strangest of places if you look at it right.

    Well there ain’t nothing wrong with the way she moves,
    Or scarlet begonias or a touch of the blues.
    And there’s nothing wrong with the look that’s in her eyes,
    I had to learn the hard way – I had to let her pass by, let her pass by

    Wind in the willow’s playin’ “Tea for Two”;
    The sky was yellow and the sun was blue,
    Strangers stoppin’ strangers just to shake their hand,
    Everybody’s playing in the heart of gold band, heart of gold band.

  56. martyrathbun09

    David Miscavige c/o Scientology Inc. He’ll sell you Super Woman.

  57. Thank you everyone for sharing in my wins! Let’s all keep Moving on Up a Little Higher 🙂

  58. martyrathbun09

    Thanks again for sharing your brilliance Cowboy.

  59. Devil. Lucky Devil. Handsome Devil. Definitely Devil.
    And a beautiful angel.

    Reminds me of song — Devil and Angel.


  60. I think just perhaps you’re a better man than me, Marty. I don’t know if I’d have let this one through. I find it does taint the atmosphere.
    (Or if it’s one of the moderators, y’all be better people than me.)


  61. Well, the “share” code didn’t embed it, so I’ll try the “old embed code”….

  62. Laura Ann,
    I was there early Nov. for five days, was a fantastic time, unforgettable!! I can feel your great affinity too.

  63. I’ll second that Mose 🙂

  64. There…! In music by Rondo Veneziano…

  65. martyrathbun09

    The feeling is mutual.

  66. Yvonne Schick

    Love you and your work, Cowboy.

  67. Just Me,

    I started writing along account of this for the second time (I started on another one yesterday), and again I have decided to delete and skip it.

    I wasn’t mugged or attacked or anything. There were some nice people there. I had some cake.

    There may have been 100 people there + or –

    The Dan Sherman LRH biographical section of the event was complete hyperbole. There is no way much of what he said LRH did in his early life was true. Much of the “story” was supported by actors made to look like LRH, photoshopped pictures and computer animations which was something new. He also made use of many “quotes” which were not attributed to any source. It was quite strange if one was able to stay in PT and actually confront it. It was as if people who knew LRH from age 3 to 20 were found and quotes were gotten from them, but then no source was given, just a qoute. Does that make sense? It’s so bizarre I don’t really know how to explain it.

    Ok, forget that, I don’t want to talk about the event anymore.

    This is what I believe:

    The events are intended and designed to overwhelm the analytical mind of attendees and implant general ideas. For example- 20 statistics that are impossible to judge or even understand are flashed in quick procession with hypnotic booming music. The end result- you are confused and then accept the idea that Scientology is expanding, or books are being sold, or whatever. Implant tech?

    Talking to a staff who possibly shouldnt have told me that it was likely that everyone would be there until 11:00 or later (The event started at 4:00), and after seeing signs of IAS fundraising after the event I snuck out early. I’m not sure I could confront all that.

  68. JM —

    PlainOldThetan has a review:

    Maybe it’ll answer some of your questions.


  69. Yvonne Schick

    Beautiful photo of a beautiful woman and being.

    I love your tag line “moving on up a little higher”. My personal motto had long been “there is always further west to go”. When we have bested the barrier/challenge immediately in front of us, we move up a little higher and discover the next challenge and tackle that one. One day, perhaps we really do find ourselves reaching for the stars.

  70. OK, that about sums it up.

    You see in that pic how Miscavige is glowing? I’m not sure what that means. It was like he was lit differently, from behind to give the appearance of a heavenly glow. Also, I’m not 100% sure, but I think his image was enhanced with video editing. The way they enhance the pics, making his eyes glowing blue and photoshopping everything perfect. The event was like that. They may be going through and doing that, similar to the way they enhanced LRH in the Clearing Congress and other filmed materials.

    Ok, damn it. I want to stop talking about this event.

    Bottom line:

    I am sure the events are designed and intended to implant ideas by overwhelming you with data and then leaving you to grab onto the idea that Scientology is expanding or some such thing. It’s a repetitive rhythm to the event.

  71. I was at an Ideal Org, but not the one you were at.

    I’ve got a trained eye for estimating event attendance and I guess they may have broken 100, but not by much. “100 + or -” is how I would say it.

    At the start of the event there were @ 50 people and then after the event started and it was dark it gradually filled up.

  72. Yes, damn. That was one “stat”. That this year was Scientology’s greatest expansion ever, by far.
    This decade LRH books were in the hands of hundreds of millions of people and I belive the graph said a 500% or 500X increase over all previous years combined??
    God, there was bucketloads of this stuff. Unfortunately I think it’s buried in my unconscious mind.

    Holy jesus, please let me stop talking about this event. I promise I’ll never go again. I think I need to log of and go to bed.

  73. I second this 100%. I read your blog daily and want to thank you and Mosey for being there and communicating!

  74. Hints of McCarthism FellowTraveller, kind of scares me when the audience cheers for censorship and want others realities blocked off in favor of only happy, positive, pretty stories that cheer on the status quo.

    Marty let the comment through because he like to insert little zingers after some comments, but both Anon and Marty have a point. One of the main problems with the CoS is the super abilities they sell to people. Now there can be debate over who is responsible for the overselling, LRH or Miscavige. But I doesn’t matter so much as long as it’s recognized that much of the disappointment and bitterness from many Exes comes from creating false expectations in order to obtain money. Because money is involved, people are paying for to receive the promises the regges and books make, when the exact abilities/ promises aren’t met people feel defrauded and rightly so. If the expectations could be kept reasonable (self improvement, not super abilities) and the money = enlightenment/ abilities be removed or reduced you would have more workable atmosphere for Scientology.

  75. Marty and Mosey – nice landing after the last three days of tone-arm getting free-for-all. Perfect, just perfect.

    ML Tom

  76. Tony Dephillips

    Im glad you found it Marty.
    I’m glad you and Mosey found each other.
    Marie Joe and I are glad we found you.
    Here’s to finding things.

  77. Fantastic post Marty. I have not had enough time to read the lengthy blog and comments on OT abilities, but what you mention here is simple and true.

    To me, it is all about love and happiness, however you experience it. It’s not about being “Stuck in the moment” as you correctly state.

    It’s all about enjoy THIS moment, each and every day and doing what you have to do to make sure you and the ones you love are happy, full of enjoyment and love.

    What is that LRH quote? – Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your own tomorrow.

  78. 🙂 Touché

  79. Thanks, DFB. Sorry I made you experience it again. Hope you wake up feeling better. 🙂

  80. Thanks, Bruce. Just read Plain Old Thetan’s post and summary. No stats reported at the event re Clears, Auditors or OTs made. Apparently, those aren’t important anymore.

    He also reports DM now has visibly shaking hands. Being David Miscavige must be so unpleasant.

  81. ++++ Mosey – You are so BEAUTIFUL, wonderful picture!
    Thank´s for the great sum up and your perspectives, Marty. ++++

    Just some notes to the last article: OT Abilities.
    Up to now I have experienced quite a few times, I would call them great and increased abilities and rehabs of beingness through Scientology.

    One of my first steps I did, it was the life repair.
    At the beginning of that action the auditor asked me, what is my goal for this.
    One of the goals I had: “I would like to laugh again”.
    Even if I was a young person, I had a hard time and was very unhappy those days.
    After a couple of sessions, we did some Orientation and Havingness processes outside and what do you know. I started to laugh again, and continued to laughed, than stopped just to start over and over and over again. Even the auditor was so happy and keyed out he couldn’t do anything else but laugh with me.
    I can tell you, I was then for days one, maybe the most happy person in the city or the whole county.

    Some years later while on FSO I remember having rehabilitate some theta perception, so I could communicate very well, special with some friends, almost complete telepathically.

    Of course, I would like to rehabilitate some great and useful abilities too like, I don’t know, at will reading minds, moving MEST just by thought, while my body is sleeping, learning a new language in just one night, flying around the moon as a Being, or just general being able to pervade something, everything, and just take out the knowledge of this, what actually Scientology is about: “Knowing how to know” .

    But at the same time, we could ask the question, is this really my, yours, who ever next step on the way to a happier and easier conduct of life and in Moving On Up a Little Higher?

    Well, I don’t know.

    What I would like to tell you here, is this:
    I believe, actually I know this because I have experienced it, Scientology delivered in a safe, unsuppressed, friendly and kind environment, delivered really for the person in front of you and always to a win, and where the person is allowed to BE, to EXPERIENCE, to KNOW and ENJOY his WINs, but not for some stats reason, senior satisfaction, to get some certifications or some other weird PR reasons, will bring the person, just as LRH describes it, bit by bit into states of beingness, he just never dreamed of.

    The main reason for disaffection is, IMHO, not the pc, not the auditor, not so even much the wrong process, but the environment, general atmosphere and prevailed attitude, in which this has been delivered.

    (today I am to kind to you DM, and will not TR3 my usual bottom line)

  82. Mosey I just want you to know that you’re a beautiful woman and Marty you’re a lucky man :-).

  83. Sunny V,

    You obviously don’t know what you’re typing about.

    I mean you’re fingers are flappin’ on a keyboard but you ain’t typing anything thing that hasn’t been typed from people with a similar narrow perceptive.

    If you want a little self improvement go to an Anthony Robbins seminar or buy ‘The Secret’ or go to what we jokingly call the “Church of Scientology”.

    The Government Approved *mainstream* squirrel trap.

    But if you want OT abilities than get some of dat Ol’ time religion that we now only audit out here in the field.

    Otherwise skip it and take up knitting or something.

  84. I meant at the Shrine in Los Angeles. The highest car count they can claim from my rough count is 480. Some cars had 4 people in them, most had one or two. That would add up to 1000. Add about 5 buses + various vans for staff and Sea Org to that and maybe you’ll get 1,500 total max.
    DM’s PR says: “I just got home from attending a Scientology event at the Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles. It seats about 10,000 and there was standing room only. ”
    But Glib gotcha comments: “The only thing is, the Shrine has 6300 seats, and only 3,000 are on the bottom floor. The rest are in the balcony, which can’t really be seen from the bottom floor (maybe the first couple rows). In other words, half the seats could be empty, and people wouldn’t know.”
    But then they had plenty of OSA, checking out the incoming crowd for possible spies.

  85. martyrathbun09

    Scientology Zero has been lost, forever, it seems behind the Wall. Wait’ll you get a load of another coming post on ACT ONE.

  86. JM

    Miscavige reminds of the following line from Dylan’s Positively 4th Street:

    “I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes/You’d know what a drag it is to see you.”

  87. The brillliance is yours, my friend.

  88. One has to know when ya swing a loop like that, that there’ll be a Texan at the end of the rope when they call the time.
    You and your husband exemplify everything “Texas”. Hope all is well.

  89. Thanks, SA. Just some of that fresh cut alfalfa smell that runs through all of us.

  90. Bozz,
    You crack me up! A laugh is always a good thing. ml, Laura

  91. Is there an earlier beginning to this incident?


  92. The previous column on OT Abilities had so many answers I would like to sum up the whole thing with this little story:

    A Scientology Volunteer Minister decided to take the message of OT to a cannibal tribe.

    They greeted him warmly and soon he had them sitting in two lines, doing confronting drills. He showed them his Clear bracelet and his diamond-studded gold OT necklace and they all wanted to know how he had achieved all this.

    The discussion on OT abilities was the most interesting for them. After dinner they all sat around for hours discussing what they might expect from going up the bridge.

    One cannibal said, “I think OT ability is being able to light the cookfire without touching it.”

    A second one scoffed, “Noo! I’ve seen the witch doctor do that. It’s just a trick.”

    The third cannibal said, “I have OT abilities. This morning I was so hungry I postulated that food would appear and it did.”

    “Nope!” said the fourth. “That was a one-time thing. According to the missionary, Scientology gives you abilities you can repeat and never lose.”

    The third one said, “Yes, it would be nice never to be hungry again.”

    “Damn!” said the fifth cannibal, studying the diamonds on the gold OT symbol. “Maybe we shouldn’t have eaten him!”

  93. Friend of Ron

    Thanks for that piece of LRH wisdom.

    I study the tools and then decide to use them or not. When I do, and the more I do, the more the clearer it becomes how I create whatever happens in my universe, good or bad.

    It is easy to see how one postulated the good things. It is harder to see how one postulated the bad things as the pictures provide such wonderful justifications. But the more I see how I am CAUSE either way the more content I become with myself.

    There is always the next moment ahead, which I can create anew, with the past behind and eternity in view.

  94. Friend of Ron

    +1 !!

  95. Hey! I might be funny… but looks aren’t everything. 🙂
    Talk to ya soon.

  96. Everyone has a concept of who they ultimately want to be (I know you can only be you ) The character – the integrity, the life ones wants to live and rules he feels he wants to live by. That’s what it’s about. And in doing that your postulates are sticking and that’s what we all ultimately want. 🙂

  97. Scott Campbell

    Wonderful poem, Cowboy.

    Makes me think of time spent with friends, appreciating each other and what this world has to offer.


  98. Annegret, if you really want OT abilities there is only one path.
    Learn to audit another to the state you wish, then audit them to it & lo and behold there you are too.
    It’s a two terminal universe you are trying to operate in – treat it as a one way flow or totally self indulgent activity & it’ll bite ya and make you it’s own.
    Outflow is trick, try it.

  99. Scott Campbell

    Great story, Lynne.

    Perhaps that would only happen to a “Church of Scientology” volunteer minister though.


  100. I’m on the road to freedom
    On the road to love
    Yonder can you see them
    Who they’re thinking of

    I met a rich man on the road, he told me where to go
    To get my hands upon some gold, but still I answered no
    Cause freedom waits for me ahead, your gold will slow me down
    I smiled as I walked on my way, and left him with a frown

    I met an old man on the road, his eyes were clear and wise
    Can you direct me on my way, to where the answer lies
    I’m looking for the road to freedom so I can be free
    He said keep thinking as you walk, and one day you will see

    I’m on the road to freedom, on the road to truth
    Yonder can you see them wasting precious youth

    I thought as I walked down the road, of what the man had said
    It seems to me that what he meant is freedom’s in your head
    The road I walk along is time, it’s measured out in hours
    And now I need not rush along, I stop to see the flowers.
    Stop to smell the flowers.

  101. Jim Little is a great man.

  102. 😆 Good one Lynne!

  103. All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

    – Galileo Galilei

  104. Anyone care to use their Div 6 skills on my old man? I decided to use my OT abilities to dissolve a huge ridge and after doing so, decided this ain’t the job for ME.
    Pilot. Chemist. Has gone exterior before. Has quite a bitch for a wife… 😉 tmb(dot)stuff(at)gmail(dot)com

  105. O you 😉 go buy yourself a big 3D TV now will you.

  106. Sounds you where a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

  107. One thing that was clear was that, being a “captive public” or essentially a closed group, odd customs have evolved. aFor example- any on-lines Scientologist knows the survey custom.
    Any activity or movement or thing requires that every participant be surveyed.
    There were dancing lessons before the event. Why I do not know, but there they were. So after 30 minutes a staff gets up on the mic and says “Ok! So everybody please go to the door to be surveyed!”.
    It’s gotten kind of weird. There’s different surveys after the event. “Yeah, I already did the survey”. “Ok, but did you do THIS survey?”. “Uh, no I guess not (sigh)”.

    So now I guess after the pny rides and cake eating contest there are surveys too. I guess soon there will be a survey to get peoples opinions on all the surveys. Or maybe a survey for each survey. There could be a staff following the first staff doing surveys. “Can I do a survey on you about the survey??”

  108. My meter is on the other side of the room turned off in the case and I still think it read on that one Tom.

  109. I can’t wait for COB in 3D.

  110. plainoldthetan

    As ghoulish as this is, I want to tell a story about my old man. He was a rigidly fixed Catholic his whole life. He totally disapproved of my practicing Scientology and especially getting ordained as a Scientology minister. The odd thing is that, just before he died, he told my sister he wanted to talk to me very urgently. When I arrived, he wanted to know what the afterlife entailed, and what would happen to him, and was it frightening. This was stuff he hadn’t asked any Catholic priests, by the way. I sat down with him for an afternoon and, despite him moving in and out of an Alzheimer’s fog, had a straightforward and honest discussion of the parts of man; that the spirit persists and operates after and despite death; that the reasons for hanging on to a physically failing body don’t outweigh the freedom from the suffering he would get from continuing to fight to use of a failed body.

    L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t mentioned once.

    But my training, both as an auditor and minister, finally pierced the ridge he propped up against Scientology.

    Unfortunately, he had to die in order to reach that point.

    But *I* never gave up on him. I suggest that be your stable datum, too.

  111. I didn’t notice the shaking hands. I would be interested in watching the beginning again for that, or to hear if others noticed it.
    I think I was looking at his face and the background.

  112. Ok. I felt like there were people in the event and around who were observing the crowd, but who knows.

    Comm with Tory and now Anon Orange.

    I’m definitely going to Scientology hell.

  113. Very cool!

  114. Ah, that is very very cool!
    My old man’s ridge is not on LRH…it’s on me. LoL
    I am too close to the problem to be effective soooooo I am reaching out to someone who might like to get in comm with him. I have big plans for auditing myself and others.

  115. I value your openess in telling about all this. Sounds like micromanagenmentt to the Max.

  116. PS. It is NOT ghoulish at all!

  117. Hair on your arm or at the back of your neck 😉

  118. Saint David, Sounds like the effect the Chatolic church was aiming for with their churches back in the day: Overwhelm

  119. “I had some cake.” This pleases Anonymous
    Smart move sneaking out before the IAS “wraith descended upon you 😉

  120. When I look at that picture I think: “that Marty is a lucky guy”I really do

    I alsoo am glad he has such a foxy lady at his side. Was the main reason I knew he was a person trying to do a good thing when he started this blog.

  121. Well I’ll try it one more time with a different video, then if it doesn’t work I will sputter like Daffy Duck, !@#$%^&****())))(**&^%$#@!.

  122. This photo is joyful! Beauty pondering beauty.

  123. LRH wrote some real good stuff on the proper use of surveys and PR. Unfortunately, what little of that is in use by the Church is used in a negative way to control the captive public. I think Miscavige is like a politician who says whatever the polls or in our case surveys say. If people like the org that was painted purple, then the next event will show more orgs being painted purple- with the help or your donations to the IAS of course.

  124. It is like you are reporting what you saw after you looked.

    Thank you

  125. Mosey Beautiful picture!!!!
    Loved your Wins!!!
    Marty so true what you said “lies are complex; the truth is simple” this is why all your PC’s are winning as you deliver TRUE Scientology auditing!!!
    A big thanks to both of you for helping me move up a little higher.
    Love, Lori 🙂 🙂

  126. Aren’t you “rubbing elbows with all sorts of men”

  127. From an Advance! mag, lecture titled Universes.

    “A person does not think about what he knows. He knows what he knows. …

    “And when you know it, it won’t be because I told you to know it. It will be because you yourself have observed it and now know it. And the only thing I can do for you is to tell you to look in a certain direction. And when you’ve looked in that direction, if you saw anything, it was totally because you saw it. …

    “Scientology will never be an academic study. It is directionalizing someone’s observation to get them to observe and, if possible then, know.” ~LRH

    SA: Sunshine and fair breezes ahead….I love this!

  128. Hey Marty!

    This one is for you… lucky Man !

  129. Happiness
    More or less
    It’s just a change in me
    Something in my liberty
    Oh, my, my
    Coming and going
    I watch you look at me
    Watch my fever growing
    I know just where I am

    But how many corners do I have to turn?
    How many times do I have to learn
    All the love I have is in my mind?

    But I’m a lucky man
    With fire in my hands

    Something in my own place
    I’m stood here naked
    Smiling, I feel no disgrace
    With who I am

    Coming and going
    I watch you look at me
    Watch my fever growing
    I know just who I am

    But how many corners do I have to turn?
    How many times do I have to learn
    All the love I have is in my mind?

    I hope you understand
    I hope you understand

    Gotta love that’ll never die

    More or less
    It’s just a change in me
    Something in my liberty
    Coming and going
    I watch you look at me
    Watch my fever growing
    I know
    Oh, my, my
    Oh, my, my
    Oh, my, my
    Oh, my, my

    Gotta love that’ll never die
    Gotta love that’ll never die
    No, no
    I’m a lucky man

    It’s just a change in me
    Something in my liberty
    It’s just a change in me
    Something in my liberty
    It’s just a change in me
    Something in my liberty
    Oh, my, my
    Oh, my, my
    It’s just a change in me
    Something in my liberty
    Oh, my, my
    Oh, my, my

  130. Annegret, even though your post is not sincere: don’t underestimate the power of feeling better and being connected spiritually.

    TR O (being there) may seem like a simple thing but is a vast thing, and gets exponentially amazingly so to those Operating.

  131. lolol! Soopah Hero! Complete with gold gilded cape you can wear for your photo ops in front of styrofoam columns. An extra patronius supermaximan donation will get you a special effects fan to ripple it in the wind.

  132. martyrathbun09


  133. Ah, the spirit of play! A being not being the effect of the bank – simply beautiful to behold. Thanks veritas!

  134. Sometimes these blogs start songs running in my mind, and here’s a Texas-style version of one great song. May Marty and Mosey forever be for each other, shelter from the storm!

    I was in another lifetime one of toil and blood
    When blackness was a virtue and the road was full of mud
    I came in from the wilderness a creature void of form
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    And if I pass this way again you can rest assured
    I’ll always do my best for her on that I give my word
    In a world of steel-eyed death and men who are fighting to be warm
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    Not a word was spoke between us there was little risk involved
    Everything up to that point had been left unresolved
    Try imagining a place where it’s always safe and warm
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    I was burned out from exhaustion buried in the hail
    Poisoned in the bushes and blown out on the trail
    Hunted like a crocodile ravaged in the corn
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    Suddenly I turned around and she was standing there
    With silver bracelets on her wrists and flowers in her hair
    She walked up to me so gracefully and took my crown of thorns
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    Now there’s a wall between us something there’s been lost
    I took too much for granted got my signals crossed
    Just to think that it all began on a long-forgotten morn
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    Well the deputy walks on hard nails and the preacher rides a mount
    But nothing really matters much it’s doom alone that counts
    And the one-eyed undertaker he blows a futile horn
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    I’ve heard newborn babies wailing like a mourning dove
    And old men with broken teeth stranded without love
    Do I understand your question man is it hopeless and forlorn
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    In a little hilltop village they gambled for my clothes
    I bargained for salvation and they gave me a lethal dose
    I offered up my innocence and got repaid with scorn
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    Well I’m living in a foreign country but I’m bound to cross the line
    Beauty walks a razor’s edge someday I’ll make it mine
    If I could only turn back the clock to when God and her were born
    “Come in” she said “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

    And here’s The Bob’s own most desperate ever version, live, sung and played outdoors in the rain in 1976 I believe.

  135. And for Mosey, here’s a very nice cover of another great song by The Bob, as Marty might sing it (if he could sing….? That’s what we have good vocalists for though, right?)

  136. What a beautiful woman!

  137. martyrathbun09


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