Restless in Seattle

The following post is the complete article Vicki and Richard Palmer wished to post the night before last.  Unfortunately, the only thing I received at that time was the declaration of Richard which was posted, The Palmers – Dignified Departure and Arrival.  I did not republish that portion of the larger post below – but noted where Richard’s declaration (the last post on this blog) fits in.  I think you might find the last section “You’ve Got Mail” particularly interesting.  It recounts a creative means by which Vicki and Richard permeated the Wall with some truth. 

Restless in Seattle

by Vicki and Richard Palmer

We are proud to finally announce that we are no longer members of the Church of Scientology. Although we have each had immense gains from the tech and continue to support its application, we can no longer support a management that has become abusive.

Richard and I had dedicated our lives to the church and were betrayed on many levels. I was raised in Scientology, did the Comm Course at age 9 and started academy training at age 12. Richard joined staff at Seattle Fdn and stayed on for 13 years.

In spite of the many gains we got from the tech, our years of participation left us in overwhelming debt, poor case shape and treated like ethics bait. Richard has been posting under the name Joe Doakes. I’ve posted under the pseudonym ClearlyMistreated and I believe my letter to the C/S below explains the name well. After reading this you’ll see why we were ready to open our eyes when we heard about The Truth Rundown in July 2009.

To: AOLA Preps HGC C/S

Via: D of P Lou Hayes


From: Vicki Palmer, PC

Dear AOLA C/S, 7/3/06

I am just writing to let you know what I think is wrong with my case and why I won’t be coming back. After 10 long years of trying to handle my case, I still must conclude that I am Clear. Nothing else explains everything as well as this does.

Although I am not well trained in tech, I am familiar with the LRH tech on going back to just before the point of having trouble and that is where something was wrong. The point where I was doing exceedingly well and winning was when I originally thought I was Clear.

I was getting my auditing at Celebrity Centre Int and had gotten into debt about $60,000 to do my KTL, grades and NED to the point where I thought I was Clear. At this point I didn’t care about the debt. I was on top of the world. Everything had changed. I had never been so happy.

Unfortunately this only lasted for one day because the very next day they told me I wasn’t Clear. I had to borrow another $40,000 or so to audit repair and the rest of my NED because I was determined to either convince them that I was Clear or to actually go Clear.

I left CCI on the bottom of the world. I was sad and in debt way over my head.

I have been struggling for the 10 years since then. I’ve barely been able to survive financially. Mentally I’ve been in a confusion. It is something that I’ve literally thought about every day since then, at least a little bit. It has really drained me and made it difficult for me to enjoy life. What seemed like a dream come true turned into a nightmare that I can’t wake up from.

I have visited different orgs at least 6 times in the last 10 years in attempts to resolve the matter. Nothing has ever been resolved, I just leave in more confusion and debt. I come away with new “whys” but no org has yet been successful in convincing me that I’m not Clear. Some have come pretty close, but never 100% permanently.

I don’t really care if you agree with me or not. I’m not writing this to convince you. I’m just writing it to explain what I think and why I won’t be coming back anytime soon.

You can write me off as having O/Ws or being out-ethics, I know I have all the “symptoms.” But I’m not going to buy that. I know that is not my “why” and I find it annoying to have that pushed on me. It just confuses and depresses me more.

I know it’s sad, but I’ve given up on doing the Bridge for now. I have to get on with my life. I had one child but I’ve put off having any more because I wanted to get up the Bridge. Now it’s time to put that dream on hold. I’ll come back some day in about 20 years when my children are grown and I’ll have more than enough time and money to dedicate to doing the alternate route.

Until then you can just stick this letter on the top of my folder and send it to deep storage. The only thing I can do now is try and forget about it all and hope it will destimulate so I can live at least a little bit happily ever after. Please don’t try to call me any more because that only restimulates it all.


Vicki Palmer


I have felt such relief since having the correct SP indicated: DM.

Here’s a message directly to you, David Miscavige: I want my folders back and I want my brother back! Until then you can consider me “Theta the Problem.”


Vicki Palmer

Richard’s declaration (see last post on this blog)

You’ve Got Mail”

We believe that the suppressive element in the church can be dissolved if enough people stand up and deliver the truth to the Scientology public. It is the public that empower and fund the suppression. The people with the best chance of communicating the truth are us—former and independent Scientologists.

After a year of internet research, Richard and I were certain that the existing church was corrupt to the core and couldn’t be fixed from the inside. Yet we felt the need to do something. After months of evaluating the situation and potential solutions we came up with our master plan. We wrote and mailed out our own “SP Declare” to the Seattle field! We followed up the mailing a few days later with an email to the Seattle field to drive them to our website Needless to say, this lit a powder keg in Seattle!

Scientologists opened their mailboxes to see a white envelope with an obviously goldenrod paper inside. The return address had a note above it that said “Seattle E/O.” All the feedback we’ve received indicates that people feel compelled to open these letters and read them in their entirety.

Although most of the direct comm we’ve received from current church members is negative, it represents very few people. The vast silence speaks volumes.

Our website stats were “straight up and vertical” for the first week with each visitor spending an average of eight minutes viewing six pages on our website before clicking off.

The plan was calculated to use a known comm line to deliver our message. We hoped to sidestep the mental blocks Scientologists have that keep them from looking—at least long enough to get them to ask their own questions. We knew these triggers too well, having been on that side ourselves. We used the local recognition that Tony, Marie-Joe, Bert, Lynne and the rest of us had. We hoped that local Scientologists would be interested in reading about someone they recognized, just like Richard and I had listened to Marty’s testimony because we recognized him.

Besides, no Scientologist can resist reading a goldenrod! The Church is left defenseless since they refuse to distribute any actual declares, in direct violation of LRH policy. They are defenseless because there is no defense against the truth.

The church thinks they can go around declaring people and hoping they’ll disappear. What they’re really doing is creating a mystery in the minds of all those that knew them. A vacuum waiting to be filled. They can continue to disconnect, but we will continue to communicate. Communication, not disconnection, is the universal solvent.


Vicki and Richard Palmer

Seattle, WA

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  1. Your “mailing” was brilliant. I think that basic concept should continue to be used on a broader scale by others who want to be heard by cult members trained to keep their eyes closed and their ears covered.

  2. Just curious, Vicki–How many people thought the goldenrod was real? How many started noticing outpoints and then said, “Wait a minute!” You really “counted coup” on that!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Marty!

  4. Chapeaus, Gentlemen and Gentlewomen!

  5. That is brilliant – widely distribute your own goldenrod telling your side of the story. Way to overcome group bank agreement!

  6. Tony DePhillips

    Pure genius Vicki and Richard.
    Vicki your note to the c/s was sad and I hope you get that handled some time.
    It was also disgusting to see the out tech and Q&A involved in your “handlings”. Sometimes it just does look like the cult of greed.

    As far as the “golden rod” idea, that was incredible. I wish it could have been included here so people could have read it. It is a work of art.
    I think this action could be duplicated all over the world to get more people in the coccoon of ignorance to start looking.
    I know there is an LRH reference that talks about using Scientology in the world around you. This is a prime example of doing that.
    Ethics orders are supposed to be broadly issued and contain accurate data. It runs the engram out, not in.
    Your ethics order was distributed broadly, giving the Seattle feild some true data.
    I hope others do this as well. It is a great method of delivering an effective blow to the enemies.
    Thanks again Vicki and Richard.

  7. Vicky, simple and direct yet great communication to the org.

    What a smart move you made to distribute the news! The org thinks they know our buttons. Here’s a surprise for them – we know theirs better than they do because they definitely do react to them – like clockwork.

    The worst “enemies” of the org are former staff and publics who have been there and the more involved they were the worse the scenario gets for the org. Once people spot they have been betrayed and defrauded they are not going to sit still and let it continue to happen to others – not if they are real Scientologists which today seems to be spelled Indie.

    Vicki and Rich, you guys serious rock!

  8. WoW! Excellent website! You guys rock! 🙂

  9. Floating Needle

    WOW! …… WOW WOW WOW!

    This is just so awesome!

    I’m using this as a template… this is definitely the correct way to expose the truth.

    Very well done!


  10. Declared for reading a website!!!

  11. Okay, I’m reading this SP declare and am shocked at line after line! This is why they don’t publish them like policy says you must…it’s full of idiotic bullshit, to put it nicely!

  12. LoL But wait, now I understand. I hope those who read it are as flabbergasted as I was! Excellent work!

  13. Friend of Ron

    Vickie and Richard,

    “They can continue to disconnect, but we will continue to communicate. Communication, not disconnection, is the universal solvent.”

    What a piece of powerful truth! Thanks for being such stellar examples of KSW.

    When I was in the Sea Org, the ones who became long term friends were often those I shared the RPF trenches with up lines in the 80s. We had no status, just ourselves, the willingness to help each other and LRH tech. That was a long time before the hole and now not even the RPF is a ‘save place’.

    Now the safest place, the friendliest place and most on source place is amongst the Declareds and the Expelleds. I am honored to share those ranks with you.

  14. Sorry, if I keep posting comments here – I did read “your” “SP Declare” and the rest of the website ….. BRRRRRRRRRILLLLLLLLIANT!

    Confirms what I said about you in my first post: you guys are true Scientologists with their heart sin the right spot and some serious trouble in the face of real SPs or idiots that follow them.

    “Idiot” is not really meant derogatorily here for once they disconnect from that SP or SP Group they will again be their likable self. To call someone an idiot you better have been one first.

    A humble ex-idiot

  15. Friend of Ron

    My wife posted this at the end of the yesterday’s blog feature, just before todays news came out. I am hoping you can repost as it is such a theta story, also very much thanks to your standard help as a C/S. BTW, her PC is a brand new Scientologist and the Church of Miscavige never had a chance to mess with her.

    FROM: Mrs. Friend of Ron


    You sure miss a lot when you’re away from the blog for a few days!
    Congratulations and and huge welcome to you two and everyone seeing the light!

    I completed a rundown on my first independent PC yesterday and just got her permission to post her success story on the blog, so I’ll take this opportunity to do so…

    “After completing the [Scn] Drug Rundown I feel that I have really confronted all of the harmful drugs I put into my body in the past.
    I know I don’t need to take any of these drugs or alcohols. I am in control and I know I have the choices to put in my body what I want. I don’t need any of these drugs any more and I feel healthy and really good about it. I really enjoyed the rundown auditing and found it to be enlightening.” (smiley face) N.C.

    …This comes after I experienced all the same kinds of inval as an auditor that you and others have experienced and expressed here, and thinking I would not be able to audit again, let alone receive my own Bridge…

    There is so much I could say, but being able to watch a being recover so much theta in front of my eyes again, well there just aren’t any MEST universe words to express it.

    As Marty recently said… …Imagine…

  16. Richard & Vicki,

    “After months of evaluating the situation and potential solutions we came up with our master plan.”

    A master plan indeed! Brilliant strategy! Beautiful and effective demonstration of Axiom 10. I love it! This will create huge effects in the field and will help many wake up.

    Very very very well done guys!


  17. Hi Vicki, Good job standing up for yourself against the non-thinking suppressors. The bad news is this, the bridge you speak of can not be delivered by the CO$. The good news is, you dont need the CO$, or their bridge to free your mind! You, by standing up for what you know is right, despite being told by almost everyone you love and trust that you are wrong, have made the biggest step towards spiritual freedom in your life. You faced fear and the unknown, and entered a world you’ve never been. No preacher, teacher, family, or friend could ever take away the courage of that act. Your act reminds of the following: “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    You have a right to be proud of yourself. Mike

  18. And yet another one – sorry, this is just toooo much fun what you guys do.

    It is an amazingly similar idea to what several other long-time Scientologists currently do that I have personal knowledge of. I won’t say here how the org terminals respond to their actions for why give anyone a clue. Only so much: they ain’t got a clue what is happening although it is obviously clear and illuminated by bright sunlight (provided you applied just a small fraction of a speck of LRH tech).

    Please note: I said “similar” and not “identical”. Plus, I said “similar idea”. I could also have said “similar principle”. No need to explain more details. Indies will understand if they have a need to recover lost family members or friends. It’s all in the old ARC Triangle.

  19. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
    Great, isn’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Wow. I love the “” site. Brilliant! Well done.

    Your letter is truly sad. The BC tape “Principals of Auditing” has a very interesting datum: All ARC breaks are caused by “no auditing.” This is fundamental to the collapse of the church, and the magnitude of Mr. David Miscavige’s overts. I know a LOT of people who had the clear status “revoked” (Sort of like revoking your thetan 🙂 ). This is even worse than no auditing, really, because:

    1. Auditing DID happen, and as in your case, lots of case gain occurred. But,
    2. It was cancelled, revoked, whatever. Invalidated.

    Imagine how much collective by-passed charge is out in the field these days!

    And, now any new people are NOT getting auditing. They are getting some lower toned mockery. And a LARGE bill.

    Where is the auditing happening? In the independent field.

  21. Vicki and Richard: Brilliant idea of using goldenrod to get the message out! The dim(inutive) one is going to be scrambling to counter that message medium.

    Vicki: I have a bit more than a glimmer of an idea of what you encountered on the good side of your auditing, and of what you felt after being told you weren’t Clear. There’s more to the story, but the nub of it is that I was handled well and attained certainty, while people a short while later were coming back with BIs, inval, eval and false “certainty” that they weren’t Clear. The writing was then on the wall about handling of Clears. Over the years after that I saw many people quite messed up by the new CCRD handlings – people who, if they’d had auditing and C/Sing equivalent to what I’d received, would likely have been in a spot of happy certainty.

    The good thing is that the Independent field is producing more and more stories of resurgence of cases once C/S’d and audited free of the CoS arbitraries and out-tech. A very sunshiney new day awaits for anyone ready to move on up!

  22. Vicki & Richard (you too Marty),

    Thanks for the reprise and well done on your web site. All of this represents one more nail in the coffin of the psychotic runt. It take guts to stand up against the insanity of the Co$; You stand tall.

    “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste death but once.” Shakespeare, Julius Caesar Act II Scene II

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  23. Yeah, Vicki!!! Vicki is such a fun uptone person to be around! You guys will love her when you meet her at the Indy Party. She’s funny & very witty. Make sure you check out Realize that everything in the SP declare is actually true. This is probably one of the few SP declare that tells the truth without obscure generalities, LOL.
    I’m so happy your my friend. Big hugs,


  25. 🙂 Awesomeness!

  26. Hats off! And congratulations for your website. Your idea about the goldenrod shit is a marvel, a real work of art, subtle and funny together! We should use it here in Europe.

  27. Friend of Ron


    BRILLIANT INDEED and straight out of YOUR POST AND LIFE:


  28. That’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing

  29. BTW, make sure you read the FAQs
    You will see just how creative & brilliant their idea is.

  30. Martin Padfield.

    100% agreed. The web site is a work of genius and the ethics orders are a sublime piece of work. This is a very easily duplicatable format anyone can use.

    A few weeks ago I went to St Hill to hand route a letter to IAS Admin. The security guy who intercepted me on the drive informed me that as far as he knew he and my friend – who video’d it all – were declared SPs. Cathy Sproule OSA UK showed up to inform me that I had been “committing suppressive acts”. (This is available for view on my FB page if anyone’s interested). Well, neither of us have had an SP declare; I have invited various OSA terminals to get in touch to no avail. So, either 1) there is an SP declare that is somewhere in the Org to be viewed on a “need to know” basis, or 2) there is no such document. Either way, it’s squirrelling ethics and justice policy. OSA UK – if you are reading this – you know who and where I am. I promise you you haven’t seen the back of me…

  31. Friend of Ron


    I believe the reference you are thinking of is THE JUSTICE OF SCIENTOLOGY ITS USE AND PURPOSE BEING A SCIENTOLOGISTS, Vol 0 pg 713.

    There LRH writes the following in caps:

    “A Scientologists who fails to use the Scientology technology and its administrative and justice procedures on the world around him will continue to be too enturbulated to do his job.”

  32. That’s a huuuuge compliment guys, considering who it’s comming from; the mastermind himself!

  33. Friend of Ron

    Tony, there here is also this from LRH:


    “The dangerous environment of the wog world, of injustice, sudden dismissals, war, atomic bombs, will only persist and trouble us if we fail to spread a safe environment across the world.

    “It starts with our own orgs. They must be safe environments…………..”

  34. Faux Goldenrods/impostor Goldenrods…! Very well played and creative, I must say. Now to start seeding the organization …JBill or P.O.Thetan came up with this one: Mail off every pre-stamped and addressed response letters you receive from the CoS, and just stick a piece of paper, unfolded and immediately visible upon opening, with something short, poignant, and in large writing.

    Yes, its just one or two people opening mail who will see it, but it can’t hurt…

    Actually, Marty (or anyone who would know): for regular organizations, how is incoming mail dealt with? How about at Flag or any of the addresses found on the more “generic” response mailers (inserts in Ability, order forms for Basics, etc.)? There is still human interaction, right? Not completely automated somehow?

  35. Freakin’ spectacular!!!
    Brilliant touches on it. Yes.
    1) I’m sorry I didn’t think of it.
    2) I have no tech training on the computer or internet, so I’ll just keep refering people to THEIR website until a TEXAN comes up with one for us!
    Awesome job, you two. Restless in Seattle… hell! Try “Up In Arms in Seattle!” LOL

    Go get ’em!!

  36. This will have an effect….

    There will be cognitions, realizations, wins and changes for many….

    Okay……who is joining us next?


  37. 🙂

  38. It got me the first time through too. By the end I was going, wait a minute. This is hysterical and brilliant. Way to go Vicki.

  39. Don’t mess with Vicki!

    This is called PUTTING ETHICS IN ON THE CHURCH. It exposes, plain as day, the slimy tactic of coldly, dispassionately tossing people under the bus who have helped tremendously for years and even decades, and hoping that nobody notices.

    We aren’t going to just hide in caves. The internet is here. We are now very educated as to the exact bullshit David Miscavige is running.

    If anyone else out there can duplicate what Richard and Vicki have done (keeping it peaceful and legal), GO FOR IT!!!

    I can only imagine the ripples….no….the TIDAL WAVE of panick and missed w/h phenomena that must’ve occurred around our local DSA’s office around the 20th of March.

    I picture a hundred or more fence-sitters chuckling silently, grateful that somebody in Seattle is DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    VVWD my friends!

    And I think it’s safe to say, WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED!

    Bryan Ubaghs
    Seattle Independent Scientologist (because y’all in the church are MISERABLY UNHAPPY and you know it)

  40. Vicki and Richard this was pure Genius! I read the Golden Rod at the party and it looked real. But then as I was reading I realized what was actually being said and after laughing till tears rolled down my face I talked with you and found out what you had done. WOW !!!!!! Bty I loved the sign off. DM:dm
    Yes it is true that one MUST look at the piece of paper if it is a golden rod out of pure FEAR! The all too typical DM tactic.

    When they wanted me to redo Clear for the third time is when I walked away. Now I hear the church is taking the OT’s and putting them back to objectives! DISGUSTING!!!!

  41. Whoa, F O T, there’s hitting a nail on the head!

  42. Dear Tara,
    When the project was underway (Bulk Mail Out party) we were all laughing and hoping to get a reaction just like yours! Thanks for the feedback.

  43. ClearlyMistreated

    Thanks you guys! I love hearing your reaction because I know that others have felt that way too!
    Although it is a fake SP declare, it is 100% true! Scientologists need to know why the church is declaring their friends.
    -Vicki Palmer

  44. ClearlyMistreated

    Thanks, Samuel! I’m glad you liked it.

  45. ClearlyMistreated

    Yes! We would love to see others follow suit.

  46. Nice guys, very well thought out. Well designed and good effective blow.

    ML Tom

  47. Thanks Mat. We’ve considered opening up and expanding the website for any cities that would like to use it. I’d need to do some work to it, but I’m prepared to. Just wanted to get enough feedback to justify the work.

    But yeah, Vicki’s brilliant. We cut right through all traditional lines and resultant barriers and communicated directly to a large audience…

  48. ClearlyMistreated

    Indeed, Luis is a tough act to follow. Thanks!

  49. And that’s JUST what we wanted! Muahahahahahaha!

  50. ClearlyMistreated

    Yeah, I had noticed the change too. I’ve wondered if the change was co-incident with the Lisa McPherson incident because I got my first CCRD just months after the incident. (Of course didn’t know about that at the time.)

  51. Yup. Those on the decks with me are some of my best friends too. 😉

  52. ClearlyMistreated

    Thank you, MJ. Of course, you are the nicest person ever (like you said, the SP declare is actually true!)

  53. ClearlyMistreated

    Thanks, Bozz. Seattle isn’t just famous for it’s coffee. Our other major industry is Microsoft. Don’t mess with a techie!

  54. That’s really fantastic!

  55. ClearlyMistreated

    Thanks, Bryan. You make a great co-conspirator.

  56. Thank you Luis! You know that old saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? Well, let’s just say I’m glad I’m friends with Vicki… 😉

  57. I think my reply got blown out so here goes again,
    Mrs. FoR, you rehabbed a feeling I used to have at knowing people’s wins were real and not enforced.

    And you rehabbed the feeling as an auditor when you know you’ve helped someone (like the day I had been doing unconscious person assists on my nephew for 17 days in a row and finally got him out of the coma.)
    ML, Lynne

  58. Great quote and song/video! 🙂

  59. Hi Mike, there’s even more to it than what you’ve seen. When Vicki and Richard found out the truth from Tony and Marie-Joe, Vicki took a chance on telling me, her mom, at the risk of losing me. Then I took a chance on telling my husband, at the risk of losing him. We didn’t lose anyone to that point.

    But when Vicki took a chance on telling her brother, we all lost him. So it really does take courage, because it doesn’t always turn up peaches and roses.

    Not to worry. My son will cognite someday.

  60. Mrs F of R
    So very very well done!!! 😀

  61. We wholeheartedly agree! It really should be used everywhere. Because honestly, the only “rebuttal” the church could do would be to show the real declares to the public, which in turn would act as yet one more foot bullet!

  62. 2ndxmr, ” Brilliant idea of using goldenrod to get the message out! The dim(inutive) one is going to be scrambling to counter that message medium.”

    Another laugh is to be had by the fact that the DSA cannot possibly tell anyone, “That was a fake declare, I have the real declare, but I can’t publish it.” LOL

  63. That whole tech thing is something we can bring to the table. Do you happen to know of any places to get good BBQ down in TX? I’d be willing to trade… 😉

  64. martyrathbun09

    Any self respecting town.

  65. I grinned all the way through this posting. This was genius! Genius!

    Truly, I cannot wait to meet you two and to shake your hands.

    Just Me

  66. Tony Dephillips

    Yep, that’s it.

  67. martyrathbun09

    …and fish.

  68. Vicky and Richard
    Stunning and spectacular!
    Love the website.
    SP declares made me laugh – very insouciant! 🙂

  69. What a cunning plan Black Adder! I have to yell BRILLIANT! What a key out!

  70. From my Scientology background, this post is another example of the following:

    1) the freezone and independent Scientologists are wearing the “ARC Break Program” hat by default, since official Scientology is incapable of correcting their own self generated mistakes on their parishioners’ cases, causing the parishioners to give up going in session and getting their cases handled in official Scientology. This is straight out of the “Book of Case Remedies” book by LRH. People give up when they can’t get audited, and mis-C/Sing is NOT delivering auditing.

    2) Snr C/S Int office has been in non existence, and it’s apparent David Miscavige, who is NOT a Class 8, is bypassing on tech and creating these blanket tech fads, going back to the late 1980s. As imperfect as Ray Mitoff was/is, Ray’s better than Miscavige, by a long shot. Ray’s accumulating years of tech mistakes might even be mostly attributed to Miscavige’s domination of Ray, so Ray I hope someday apologizes to Scientologists and I hope Ray stops apologizing to DM.

    3) The continuing problem official Scientology has, is Miscavige is too low toned to be a minister/therapist/tech person in Scientology. He’s NOT qualified to even be an auditor, much less be Case Supervising, and even much less is he capable of wearing the Snr C/S Int hat, which he’s probably complained to Int staff that he’s had to wear that hat for years now, also.

    Official Scientology has technically forfeited it’s right, I see now, I’m slower than most sorry, in claiming that official Scientology is “true” Scientology.

    Get Ray Mitoff to defect, and dialogue for a year or two, and then I think a legal case could be made to remove David Miscavige from ALL positions in Scientology, in some kind of legal suit.

    I think there are now sufficient ex members, and if Ray were to defect, that would be legal in dislodging Miscavige, since he is NOT applying church scriptures, and Ray has tons of firsthand tech experience, I would wager my life on, showing Miscavige’s tech mistakes that Ray knows firsthand of, which would prove Miscavige has to legally step aside due to Miscavige betraying tech and policy scriptures of vast and serious consequences.

    I hope Debbie Cook is reading this blog from time to time, and other ex top people who’ve quit, like Jane Jentzsch, I hope they are watching and keeping tabs of things.

    This blog is priceless!

  71. ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩V V W D ✩✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

    and Thank You from all my dreams of what can truly be (and is) reality of Life.

    “As I walk through this wicked world
    searching for light
    in the darkness of insanity…”

  72. theo Sismanides

    Friend of Ron,

    Thank you for the LRH quote. LRH is spot on more than ever. Except instead of the word “atomic bombs” where we can also imply “atomic plants”, as happens right now in Japan which, in fact, due to their old age across the globe potentially makes them equal to “atomic bombs” just by themselves.

    This is now the most important thing for me. Everyday I follow on Twitter all the twits under “nuclear Japan” and it is evident that Man (or should I say better as LRH points out, the Wog World and his dangerous environment) cannot be trusted with nuclear energy.

    So, I charge Miscavige and all the (remaining) Management of Scientology with the failure to bring about or better SPREAD as LRH says a safe environment across the world through the correct use of the correct Technology of Scientology. LRH says, it starts with our own orgs. They must be safe environments….

    So, they didn’t make them “safe” and they didn’t spread a safe environment across the world.

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that WE are ALL now called to spread that safe environment across the world. Hundreds of Indies spread the words of LRH across the Internet and in their communities. Scores of them audit people. Some have training centers and deliver the Tech. Some insist and act on organizing things more and more and applying more of the Admin Tech throughout the Globe.

    This might not be much compared to all of the “production” the church does but as we have seen their “production” of actual OTs is non-existent. Actually they produce “OTs Roboticus”, those who cannot disagree with anything or cannot anything outside what they are told to do or what they are supposed to do. I don’t know what Scientology is doing on Japan but I where is that book ALL ABOUT RADIATION in any case. It kind of disappeared at some point of time after mid 90’s. It should be campaigned on all those sights talking about Fukushima. Where is that book? Maybe Miscavige has gotten it back now to make some bucks. Wouldn’t surprise me. He is that kind of man. Money man!

    So, we will soon surpass them if not yet, which could be the case if we had all the data.

    But the most important point of all is that with us Scientology is Free once again and we can teach the Great Lessons in a Troubled World so that our children have the correct Technology. It is of imperative importance to me that we now do a good job and it has to do with Admin. I see it everyday happening. I see Scientologists, the Indie type, the true Scientologist, like for example Vicki and Richard here to be doing all kinds of things. What a marvelous idea, that site. You see, an Org Board and a light organization is already forming up. Just by itself, almost. Imagine we put attention to it and we make it happen faster and faster.

    LRH was not a genius, he worked diligently and was very thorough and analytical. He could observe things that others couldn’t and then he would note them down and put them in order.

    I don’t want to be tiring but this org board thing, this organization in this light form is forming up. And function is superior to structure. We know that. And I am learning that by the acts of so many good people around here who do ACT. However, we can focus our efforts and get organized more and more. Nothing bad to that. It is happening. It’s my BIG postulate, to see us ALL united and kicking butt around the globe. It’s a tremendous gift to be able to get auditing and realize WHO YOU REALLY ARE. We cannot withhold that. That’s Miscavige’s Achilles heel. He stopped dissemination no matter if things appear to be different. He has stopped broad dissemination of Scientology as an applied philosophy. We can now do it. And where is that book, ALL ABOUT RADIATION? It’s time we did something with that.

  73. Hey Bryan U.
    Another funny thing is that the DSA, Ann Pearce, will be checking to see how many people in the field FAILED to report to her that they got this fake declare, or that they received the email. She tries to nail people that way, you know. But she doesn’t have a clue how many people this went out to, so she’ll be needing diapers by the time she’s through doing you-know-what!

  74. Richard and Vicki
    You got me again!!!! Bravo. Smile from ear to ear! No one has said STELLAR PERFORMANCE. What a creative solution! You guys are the BOMB! If I were my dog I would have wet the rug!

  75. It’s fascinating how the church acts, not as theta the communicator, but as MEST, the circuit implementor.

    “A circuit is a ‘you’ phrase addressed to the individual from an exterior ‘I.’ And the phrase is invariably received from persons who seek to nullify the independence of the judgment of others. Persons who seek to nullify the independence of the judgment of others are people from whom control circuitry is gained.”
    “If a person can’t control you physically, he/she might resort to nullification, by cutting your affinity, communication and reality.” (From Anatomy of a Circuit, Nov 25, 1950

    Interesting how the lead psychotic on the third dynamic case, installs circuitry in individuals to drive the machine. A circuit replaces “I’s” ability and right to think by absorbing attention units. Attention units which should be free to analyze, evaluate, understand and conclude are absorbed in the circuits.

    Vicki, I think most of us here have had some tremendous gains just by acknowledging what we long knew and understood, not only about the CofS, but about ourselves and various dynamics. Somewhere along the line I realized that theta “reads” before the meter. I’d rather trust the thetan than the meter. Only theta knows the truth about theta. So, kudos for knowing what you knew about being clear. And kudos for all the other things you knew that got crapped up on that chain of invalidation and evaluation.

    Richard and Vicki, what a clever plan you guys have implemented. It’s like moisture in a small crack, freezes and expands, making a larger crack, which fills with moisture, which freezes and expands, which fills with more moisture, which…. Pretty soon, you have to build a new road.


  76. theo Sismanides

    Mrs F or R,

    Thanks for sharing this. That success story makes me so happy. “Do you others to have similar gains to yours?” Yes, we do and yes we can!!! Let’s go guys!

  77. And grunge, and microbrews, and Boeing, and rain…

  78. theo Sismanides

    Forgot the “want” about in “do you WANT others” but what the heck, that’s a given!!! Hurray! We are doing it and we are above this MEST Universe because we have the KNOWLEDGE of how to do it. Isn’t this Happiness? The overcoming of not unknowable obstacles. Miscavige and suppression is past! The field is opening up!!

  79. Didn’t know Texas had any self respecting towns.

    Now, Kansas City barbecue….

    Not that KC (a simple cow town which outgrew its roots) has any self respect, but the barbecue ain’t too bad. All that cattle crossing the nation–some of it had to be put to good use by those who knew how to cook, not only the books, but a good piece of pilfered meat.

  80. theo Sismanides

    Vickie and Richard, as said already: BRILLIANT! The amazing thing here is that we as educated Thetans now on all fronts, can THINK and ACT without Remorse!!! Hahaha. We are going to give back to those SPs a surely good blow! That was a bull’s eye, you got there! Keep it up!

  81. Hey, Marty, you can take a charter boat right into Puget Sound and catch a salmon. There’s a place you can get it smoked and ship it home. Next time you’re up here, huh?

  82. How about Old Dime Box? Big enough for a barbecue even if it’s not at a restaurant?

  83. I’ve just always liked that name since the first time we drove through there.

  84. martyrathbun09

    Mos’ Def!

  85. martyrathbun09

    and trees…come to think of it, you all have nothin’ to bitch about.

  86. Friend of Ron

    WOW Lynne, 17 days of persisting and you would have done longer if it had needed that. The SUPREME TEST passed!! Boy do we have a tough team here that really cares and provides REAL help.

  87. Sugar Plum Fairey

    The actual reason, besides missing their withholds, that Flag and orgs don’t allow declared persons to have their goldenrod, is so that they won’t b published in the local papers thus exposing their, The Church’s, crimes.

    Another question to Marty, concerning intellectual properties created by LRH, isn’t it a fraudulent matter that these have been altered by DM and his cronies that people pay good money to get LRH and then get delivered something else? Seems like this could be another charge delivered by the FBI.

  88. I know of a few good brew pubs we can take you to next time you’re ’round these parts, Marty.

    By the way, I just saw a little story on Comcast’s home page about Texas (specifically Austin), having the best sense of humor in the US.
    Them’s braggin’ rights I ‘spect.

  89. Friend of Ron

    ……..calling OTDT !!

    We need intel man and some prediction. What does Deep Fax report regarding the counter campaign dear leader is planning, now that people are declaring themselves and are even using the truth when doing so?

    My hunch is DM will try to find refuge here by expelling himself, claiming he had been PTS to Norman Starkey and Mark Yeager all this time. Well there is always that crack one has to leave open, although LRH does not specify how big or small (!) that crack has to be… 😉

  90. That’s funny,

    I didn’t know they made Depends in triple extra huge.
    Google-Image “Ann Pearce Scientology” and meet the woman (using the term loosely), who kicked the OL’s out of the Seattle church.

  91. +1

    Yup, you had me going there too 🙂 Had to go back and start over more than once, just to make sure it wasn’t actually real!

  92. Tony DePhillips

    Another funny thing MJ and I were talking about. Now what is the church going to do? Tell people they can’t open their mail?? LOL!!! Or, don’t read any ethics orders that are mailed to you because they will be fake?? LOL!!

  93. Tony DePhillips

    Too much information on that mock up bro!! Not a pretty visual.
    Oh heck, I guess I shuold try to confront anything!! 🙂

  94. Yes, and an extra-high-calibre foot bullet as well as a REAL declare would show all the earmarks of being produced by the usual lie-factory, whereas the Vicki-created issue sounds like it was written by a Committee on truth serum.

  95. Tony DePhillips

  96. 🙂

  97. I like where your head is at! 🙂

  98. Can I get a hallelujah my brothers! 🙂

  99. F.O.R.,
    The word I got is that DM holds as aces up his sleeve actions similar to what your hunches tell you. Although he’s not yet prepared to play those cards, he does, according to Deep Fax, have an immediate plant he’s pushing for blood:

    Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB



    LRH said that weird things were going to occur on planet Earth. The truth of that statement is evident by the recent events in the states of Washington and Texas whereby Church members are resigning left and right for no apparent reasons.

    As part of our in-depth investigation into these matters and following our usual protocol of an overabundance of caution, as well as leaving no stone unturned, we enlisted the help of some of the world’s most renowned environmental scientists to determine if there were any environmental (5th and 6th Dynamic) causes that could be unwittingly influencing the recent rash of resignations among the ranks of parishioners in these two areas.

    The results are now in and I’ve no doubt that what I’m about to tell you will fully indicate.

    1. For quite some time now, the Jet Stream coming from Asia has been blowing in air particles from the factories in China to such an extent that the brains of Washingtonians have become clogged with pollutants resulting in most inhabitants of that region losing their minds.

    I have personally spoken to the Governor of that state and have provided full documentation of our findings and have been assured their top environmental and mental health officials will be getting back to me.

    2. In Texas it has been revealed that the gargantuan oil spill and chemical clean-up pollutants have caused a widespread phenomena similar to Washington.

    Therefore, all blown, resigned, expelled, hiding, preparing to leave, or insane Scientologists from these two areas are ordered to immediately report to Flag for a specially constructed program to address and resolve this matter physiologically, mentally and spiritually:


    a. Super-Locational: you will be given a special 12 hour locational by a confidential, Flag-Only specially trained Class XIII auditor, breaking you free of the spell you have been unwittingly subject to.

    b. Super-Purif: consists of 2 gallons per day of the new COB Advanced Formula Dave-Mag™, 15 hours per day in the new specially constructed COB Hot-Seat™ 180 Degree Super-Sauna, 3 hours per day running uphill, and no sleep. At first, this part of the rundown may seem arduous but after approximately 15 days it becomes much easier.

    c. Whole-Track Chemical Recall: “What overts have you committed on chemicals?”, “Recall a chemical”, “What have you done to Asians?”, “Have oil companies missed a withhold on you?” And more.

    d. Responsibility Increase Process: “Pay the IAS”, run repetitively until there’s a major change in mass.

    e. Amnesty Declared: due to these strange environmental factors that LRH predicted and the swift investigatory actions taken by RTC, a full amnesty is hereby declared covering any and all acts for those in the above two areas, providing they arrive within 24 hours to Flag for their Rescue Rundown.

    f. Special COB Personal Briefing: you will watch a video-taped impassioned plea from COB designed to inspire you to help boom the Church back in your respective areas.

    Good luck and we’ll see you at Flag in the next 24 hours!

    Tex/Wash Emergency I/C

    PS: Finances are not an obstacle to receiving this rundown. You will be billed and allowed to make payments over the six weeks following your completion and arrival back home.

    PPS: There is one exception to eligibility for this rundown and that is Marty Rathbun. (Even he will eventually be issued his own personal rescue and recovery program once it is completed, as The Sun Never Sets on Scientology.)


  100. plan not plant (damn transcribers)

  101. martyrathbun09

    What say you, Yvonne and Kay?

  102. Well, I ‘think’ so….. you should know — I brought a bunch of it with me and you’re getting a first-hand view of this lovely Austin humor right here in Casablanca. For those not presently priviledged, well, Yvonne & I will be at the 4th of July picnic and we will ‘try’to pass the hat. Just look us up!

    Ain’t no way to mess with us Austin Texans….

  103. Tony DePhillips

  104. Wow, what a brilliant strategy! Vicki and Richard, congratulations. I’m sure you’re both WAY happier than you were and I wish you much joy in your future.

  105. That mail campaign and ‘Ethics Orders’ website is brilliant! That’s handling suppression with style! Of course if too many people copy this idea, Miscavige will just have to make the reading of Ethics Orders a suppressive act.

  106. Tony DePhillips


  107. Tony DePhillips

  108. I’m toast! How can I refuse this offer?
    Whoops! There went my dinner.
    Okay, I feel better now.
    Love it, OTDT!

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    There is a piece of info about that needs mentioning.
    Sponsoring, Inc.
    Do your homework on

  110. Truly brilliant, well laid-out website.

    Maybe also an SP Declare for those who have moved up the OT Levels by “LRH personally trained C/Ses/Auditors not approved by the Church” for a fraction of the cost … lol

    “John Doe, Clear, having committed the high crime of achieving the State of OT-3 assisted by properly routed-off standard Class VII LRH personally trained C/S ‘Joe Smith’ (who hasn’t been seen in 20 years nor been GAT-duped.)

    John may be be tricked, sued and ruined utterly.”

  111. Like everyone else on this blog, I am blown away at the website, the skillfulness, the adroit technique at doing your own Declare and the Publication if it,
    High Fives and Congratulations !

  112. 😆 LM@O 😆

  113. Friend of Ron

    Awesome intelligence, flawless as always. Tell Deep Fax he is awarded a special I.S. campaign ribbon — Best Seattle Brown background with a red Tx lone star.

    Proud to report we are already busy undermining this plan in our true SP style now . First order of priority – get a hold of the New COB Advanced Formula Dave-Mag and spike it with Mark Yeager-meister.

  114. You exclaimed my name? Well, OK, while I’m here … really nice job Vicki and Richard!! H

  115. And that’s one of the pluses I see in all of this. At some point it just gets to be too gross an out-point with all of this “don’t look” stuff. People will eventually look when they’re told not to look (even if just a tiny bit)…

  116. Thank you so much! 🙂

  117. +1

    Chuck very well written.

    And Vickie and Rich.

    You guys rock!

  118. Bawaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahh!!!!!!!!!

  119. ClearlyMistreated

    Thanks, Grasshopper. And that is why we did this campaign. I want to help others that were in my position. They need to know that there is hope outside the church.

  120. ClearlyMistreated

    …except the rain. 😦

  121. ClearlyMistreated

    Thank you! Humor is indeed a good tool for dissolving seriousness.

  122. ClearlyMistreated

    Thank you Veritas, and I love Colbert too!

  123. ClearlyMistreated

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Indeed, I think this will grow.

  124. ClearlyMistreated

    Hallelujah, indeed.
    Theo, you make a good point: I actually owe about 95% of my writing ability to my gains in Scientology–KTL and tons of word clearing. They should really stop creating such able enemies!

  125. ClearlyMistreated

    I Love it! Maybe they’ll send VMs out to Tex/Wash to handle the emergency.

  126. ClearlyMistreated

    I love it, keep putting the truth out there.

  127. ClearlyMistreated

    Thank you, Karen!

  128. In my mind’s eye I keep seeing DM jumping down from his high chair and pacing around under his desk muttering over and over, “LRH was right, he wasn’t kidding, that Joe Doakes really IS a monster, really is a monster, Joe Doakes……”

  129. LOL. That took guts. I’m sure you really created a real “HUH?” moment for a whole bunch of folks.

  130. Sounds good, in fact I was in troubles ONLY when I dealt or worked with SCN ists (too much). Reports ,ethics, enturbulation, bla bla bla…….
    Nit-pickers. “You want to leave our glorious company?, this is a blow..bla bla”.
    Life became easy when I started working an dealing with “WOGS”. They are easy going, grateful and they are able to “admire” or acknowledge good products. I made explicit experience in SCN that:
    a) nothing is good enough
    b) nothing is fast enough
    c) everything is not enough
    give me more give me more give me more….
    ARC SW

  131. Yes, we have to keep telling people about the rain so we don’t get overpopulated!

  132. Loved your “Ethics Handling”, what a great spirit of play! Welcome, even though you both have been out for a while, getting off the suppress is so much fun. Like most people who have gone public, your dynamics will expand and your space will get freer and freer.

    Vicki, I know an auditor in Texas 😉 who has had some very remarkable handlings for those who have been beaten up on their clear cycles. As I recall, it was something called standard tech! You don’t have to wait until your children are grown up anymore. I know that there are guys near you as well but don’t know much about them. Hearing how you were handled really pissed me off…your free now! No more inval/eval! Again welcome and sending my postulates of lots of theta for the both of you!

  133. Friend of Ron

    ma pleaashure ma friand… 😉

  134. Pingback: That feeling of being lost. « SILVIA KUSADA's Blog

  135. I have no doubt he is. And what’s really entertaining is he hasn’t seen ANYTHING yet. There are always plans in the wind…

  136. Shhhhhh! You keep quiet about that! You know the rules…

  137. And while I’ve heard that’s the case — I’m going to let my palette be my guide. What’s funny is that I’d be willing to barter technical services for BBQ. I sure hope I have the opportunity to eat a lot of it while we’re down there… *sigh*

    “Will trade code for BBQ!”

  138. Oh you dirty bastard… Now I’m hungry!

  139. What’s your point exactly? goDaddy is a domain registrar.

    Enter “I want to buy a domain” into Google, see what comes up.

    The “piece of info” you mention is about as unsurprising as “someone bought 4 cups and saucers from WallMart”

  140. outethicsofficer

    Vicki and Richard I have been on your site and I validate your efforts. You are spot on in relation to the mental blocks, yes they come out and have a look around but quickly rebuild the blocks. Soon the weight of vilification leveled at you and those you are connected to will take it’s toll and the blocks are reinforced. It is, IMO, necessary to constantly be looking for ways around these blocks.

    Well done.


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