Miscavige’s New Shock Squads


One major reason why we are having such huge and lasting effect on Scientology Inc is that we have refused to underestimate the calculating cunning of David Miscavige.   While I have noted that he is a virtual idiot when it comes to understanding such building blocks of mankind as ARC and compassion for one’s fellows, I never said he was anything but a genius at Macheavellian maneuverings to take out potential threats to his power and greed. 

Try as we do to prevent people from listing out of session, this listing question seems to have taken on epidemic proportions: How does Miscavige get away with his smoke and mirrors gig to this day?  

I haven’t been listing on this question for some time. The answer lies in the first paragraph above.

Tonight, we’ve got some documentary evidence to support that idea.

OT VIIIs Sherry Katz and Geir Issene left clues some time ago on this blog. Both exposed how Miscavige handles OT VIIIs to make them think they are the cat’s ass provided only that they kiss the COB’s ass.

Geir related how Miscavige marched into a restaurant on the ship and “tone 40” announced to Geir that he would be the new ED of the Oslo org. He didn’t care about any lack of OEC training, Org experience or anything else. Geir was an OT VIII – and that is all that mattered, you are automatically trusted by the COB to take over a country.

Sherry later exposed a pattern along that line – OT VIIIs (OT Ambassadors) being appointed as org ED’s willy nilly by Miscavige. Sherry also hit the nail right upon the head as to why. Miscavige considered OT VIIIs as his “Ambassadors” will listen to him rather than read policy to direct an org. Obviously not the case with Geir, because he told COB what to do with that offered job).

There is another reason Miscavige thinks OT VIIIs will willingly do his bidding, irrespective of what L Ron Hubbard has to say on the matter. He’s got them hoodwinked (and desperately hoping) that Miscavige really does have more OT Levels for them. He’s been dangling that carrot for twenty-five years. While enturbulating VIIs and VIIIs no end with his endless “arbitraries cancelled” arbitraries, he holds out the promise of the next levels that will handle the enturbulation he carefully manufactured on his little own lonesome.

But, how does the public keep falling for his unceasing parade of alterations of L Ron Hubbard Scientology, foisted off as Miscavige’s latest “breakthrough”? First and foremost by brainwashing the most gullible and conditioned of all Scientologists, those OT VIIIs who eschew the ability gained at that level (to see, live with, and tolerate nothing but the TRUTH) to act as Miscavige’s personal agents, OT Ambassadors, to shill and pimp his lie laden agenda. They, being opinion leaders within the Scientology Inc public community, are the first to defend Miscavige, and the first to forward his OFF POLICY, OUT TECH PROGRAMS.

Miscavige has conditioned his OT Ambassadors to not question a single word Miscavige says. In fact, they cheer him when he makes utterances Miscavige would be forcibly removed from the stage if he uttered in a broader public event, say at the Shrine for example. Miscavige treats the Ambassadors to their own little, private briefing aboard the Freewinds during Maiden Voyage week each year. This is the only “public” venue in which he has not got a pre-written speech hard wired to his head through teleprompters.

He artfully mis-uses HCO PL Responsibility of Leaders, to create a “tight conspiracy” with OT Ambassadors. He takes them into his confidence and shares “secrets” with them, not intended or shared with the general public.

What follows is the first in a series of disclosures on the verbatim words that David Miscavige has spoken to the ears of only the OT Ambassadors. Theses were uttered during the Maiden Voyage 2004. Please note the parenthetical notations of crowd reactions to certain parts of his talk. Those were noted by official transcriptionists of Miscavige himself. This is taken from a transcript of the talk recording that was prepared by his own staff.  


Now, other things on Tech. Something I mentioned last year and I’ve been working on quite a bit. But one thing you will see coming up by the end of the year is the LOC course in 15 languages. (Cheers & applause.) There’s actually going to be some fascinating new things in there. I hate to tell some of the people who did it. And no offense, we’ll work out how you get it, okay. It’s not like that. But generally, we’ve briefed you before, but as time goes by and you finally get through all of the Archives. Which by the way, we keep talking about Archives, I wish you could get a reality on it. It’s like you take a look at LRH materials. You see the published ones. You can not believe—I cannot to this day imagine how it happened—but there is a tunnel that is oh, twice as long as this room and about 25 feet deep with high density shelving and it’s all originals stacked end-to-end. [Wow.] Now, of course, that includes a lot more than just the materials of Dianetics and Scientology. His writings, his letters, etc. But still—well, one day we’ll figure that out. We just keep going. (Laughter.)

And just keep going” he has done to this day. If this is not TECHNICAL DEGRADES – the Policy Letter (and all of the KSW series for that matter) is meaningless. If the slavish response to such degrades is not HIGH TREASON, then LRH’s legacy truly has been burned and buried.

David Miscavige has apparently convinced OT Ambassadors, as of June 2004 that he has an unending source of justifications for continuing to revise tech forever. Interesting it should start with LOC (Life Orientation Course) a course he makes mandatory at all levels and which establishes a person’s hat (and thus purpose in life). And his products of the entire bridge are applauding, cheering, and…laughing to the inside skinny that Miscavige will “just keep going” with issuing his brave new version of the tech.

For the most part Int Execs, and the rest of management for that matter, are not even players any more. They are not applauding, cheering and laughing. They are prisoners.

Miscavige put a whole new set of shock squads in their place date coincident with imprisoning management (early 2004). After all, it was the OT Ambassador 2009 Annual Program that helped destroy Class V orgs by having OT Ambassador’s divert grades and NED pcs from the orgs to Miscaviges cash cow, Flag Service Organization. The most fraudulent place on earth where you can conservatively estimate they blew off the bulk of the new arrivals with medieval reg tactics. What other chaos and destruction are they cheerfully carrying out for the mad man?

But, look at the brighter side. He can’t keep his new shock squads hidden behind razor wire topped prison fences. They are public. They are accessible and they can be communicated with by caring, creative people.

Care and create to your heart’s content. Or just chew it over and recognize you are doing the right thing already.

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  1. Scott Campbell

    “And on tech and policy, it’s equally true. If it isn’t in an HCOB or an HCO PL or recorded on a tape in my voice, it isn’t tech or policy.” –LRH

    From HCOB 16 April 65 Issue 1, The “Hidden Data Line”

  2. Scott Campbell

    Miscavige may be diabolical but he is also unoriginal and uncreative.

    Adolph Hitler used the same technique to establish the NAZI regime in Germany. Every man, woman and child in the country was given a job.

    Hitler knew that when one has no alternative, and is (other-determinedly) assigned and finally accepts a job (Hat in Life), he then resigns himself to his fate and determines to do the job.

    Curiously, a secondary phenomenon also occurs. The individual thus resigned also lowers his awareness and shuts off his critical thinking ability. He “refuses to look” at anything that falls outside the purview of his job. The most shocking and horrible outpoints in his environment thus go “unnoticed”.

    This process is accurately detailed in Albert Speer’s book: “Inside the Third Reich”

    It is a “Big Lie” that Hitler used to effectively control his population.

    Shame on you Dave, you have committed the Cardinal Sin of being…



  3. “While I have noted that he is a virtual idiot when it comes to understanding such building blocks of mankind as ARC and compassion for one’s fellows, I never said he was anything but a genius at Macheavellian maneuverings to take out potential threats to his power and greed.

    I have often wondered about this. Marty was kind enough to share with me a couple of examples of Miscavige’s “shock doctrine” techniques…..ie: how justice was suborned in Pinellas County. These stories need to be told and they *will* test your ability to confront evil. He is one cunning little runt, and will do whatever it takes to to implement “no effect on self, total effect on others”. Can’t wait for the book!

  4. Great post Marty.

    The “OT Ambassadors” are also the “shock troops” behind the “Idle Orgs” insanity. He has propagandized these OTA sheeple into Opinion Leaders with his special treatment of them. They go out and run the local “OT Committees” who run the orgs on their Ideal Org fundraising. The OTAsses sit in the front row at the events and lead the applause and standing O’s to the most absurd statements and “stats” having been conditioned on the Freewinds where Dear Leader is just a few feet from them and if they dont stand and applaud they know they will be in a sec check the next day.

    The OTAsses also help keep the fallacy alive that Dear Leader is “expanding Scientology like no time in history.” He stands on stage spouting Shermanspeak lies and unintelligible endless sentences and the sheeple clap and cheer and everyone else follows suit.

    The hidden data line is far more pervasive than I had even realized. It is a disease that has permeated all aspects of Scientology Inc. The thought MUST go through a lot of heads at these events “Man, that is crazy” or “That makes no sense” but everyone looks around and sees everyone else clapping and cheering like idiots and they wonder “I guess they know something I dont know” or “I must be the only one who doesnt understand.” But the applause is led from the front of the audience with the RTC staff and OTAsses as shills. They are lke trained seals that clap when thrown a fish — in this case, every time Dave gives one of his “applause points” (and every one of them is marked on the teleprompter [APPLAUSE] and is marked in the lead up sentence so he knows its coming and can give his specal inflection to make sure the seals know that its time to clap, whistle, cheer and leap up from their seats).

    The exact same Hidden Data line phenomena occurs in orgs. The staff and public look around and see an empty org — no public, no pay. They have been conditioned NOT to think “Boy, we are off policy — what does LRH say”, but to think “COB said we would Clear the Planet when we get an Ideal Org, so let’s get money for a building.” And then when they have the magnificent edifice in some industrial park or on a suburban sidestreet and its still empty, they think “COB said there is a new release coming that will solve…….”. The Holy Grail that will save the person, case, org, society, planet is always something that “COB is working on” and he will “save the day.” Yech. It makes me gag.

  5. Scott Campbell

    Here’s a resource that my friend Karola turned me on to. I might have missed it if it has been posted here before.

    It keeps track of all posts and responses to this blog and has all of the stats of posts and comments and allows one to look up the posts in chronological order.

    Likewise it also allows one to look up his own or others’ back comments in chronological order. Totally cool.


  6. Scott Campbell

    Did you say “cunning runt” or…

    Wait for it…

    Wait for it…


  7. Scott Campbell

    Sorry, This link works. The other was from my “bookmarks” folder.


  8. Scott Campbell

    …and I accidentally cut off the last “p” when copying and pasting.

  9. Scott Campbell

    As you can see, I check my work thoroughly before commenting.

  10. Scott Campbell

    And complete my thoughts before…

  11. Tony DePhillips

    Not that picture again!! Please stop the pain Marty!! I’ll be good, just not THAT picture again…..

  12. Mike,

    I hppened across a Guardian Order of 30 Nov 1971 ostensibly written by Jane Kemper, titled SP Comments recently.(http://www.newsfrombree.co.uk/stolgy_10.htm)
    Obviously not Source material, but there were two items listed there as “1.1 comments” that took on a whole new dimension given the current situation:

    “22. If the orgs had wonderful expensive premises, with deep pile carpets, chandaliers [sic], etc. then they would be successful. ”
    “40. I am the stable datum in the area. I am Scientology, the Org etc. ”

    It seems that 1.1 is the highest tone level that DM is capable of! 🙂

  13. I don’t have a great track record on this blog, but I couldn’t resist telling you that that was a cunning stunt, Scott!

  14. mark mckinstry


    You are very accurate in your observation.

    I remember a number of times, going to an event and hearing some datum or “stat” given that I had familiarity with, only to find it alter-ised or magnified. I would often look to another staff who was also familiar with it and see the same reaction. Then the applause would come and the AGREEMENT and with that the reality established, despite what the real scene was. You are left with the feeling that you are alone in your observation, the one who is going to bring the party down with the facts, and so, on it goes.

    As an S.O. member, to question anything that was said by COB is the route to Treason and the RPF. A career/family ending decision that is not easy to make.

    I think that under this, a vacuum was left when LRH dropped his body. Miscavige stepped in to fill that vacuum/confusion. Most Scientologists who cling to the current organization want someone in authority to stand up, tell them how right it is going everywhere (except in the sector where they are), interpret world events and explain the tech for them. And, as you say, come in and make things go right in their area sometime in the future.

    And, the fact that it is wrapped in a high-tech glitzy presentation just adds to the credibility. LIke going to a movie, you can suspend disbelief for two hours and let the outpoints wash over you.

    I was a WISE consultant back in the early days with Latch Management, which then started Sterling and a host of others that followed that model. Dentists and Chiropractors would pay big money to have us evaluate their offices for them, or provide LRH solutions. After a year of consulting them, I would tell my clients that the answers I was providing them were covered in policy. They could buy the OEC volumes, use the index and solve 90% of their issues that way. But, to my surprise, they answered that they were happy to pay someone to look for them, interpret for them, act for them.

    In any case, Miscavige has organized this mass implant every few months and through it has continued his charade to this point.

    I’d love to figure out a way to get a Mike/Marty fishing briefing onto one of those Int event CDs! Maybe that would crack the spell.

  15. I would appreciate if you included jokes aimed at both sexes to even out the playing field.

  16. Awaken Soul

    At least the members get some physical exercise at the events. How to sit still for 3-4 hours on these chairs? Jumping up and down the chair makes the event more bearable. Noticed the much longer the speaches have grown over the years…?
    Event or implant?

  17. Scotty me boy — amazing coincidence of analogy? Perhaps. Plain Old Thetan in top form: http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=2160
    He discovers that phoney graph tech was used by the Nazis.

    Bruce Pratt

  18. Being as I was unable to think with the Miscavigism at the start of this posting, I went back to analyse it. It is composed of:
    3 statements that he is developing new technology.
    3 references to “it” that never tell you what any “it” is.
    An incomplete thought stated as a complete sentence.
    5 digressions A to B to C to D to E, never finishing A
    AND a Hidden Data PILE!—WOW!
    All that in less than two hundred words, under two minutes’ worth of speaking. I think there must be a Kha Khan medal in the offing for that achievement!

  19. Mother of Grendel

    You are so right. I’ve pasted below the text of a recent email sent to OT VIIs and VIIIs. It just pushes their button on importance! The fact that the claim that so much has been accomplished is a total fabrication is lost in the stroking of fragile OT egos. Compile this with the total lack of ethics being put in at this level of the bridge, and DM has created a race of supermonsters, craving the constant reassurance that they’ve done to get on to “the level” – even the destruction of their own dynamics – is somehow vital to the survival of mankind. They crave motivators and justifiers, and DM keeps pouring them on… all for the price of whatever the IAS and FSO demands.
    Someone save us from these so-called “saviors.”

    Dear OTs,

    There are now over 5,300 people on or through Solo NOTs…

    When this campaign was first launched, it was estimated that with 10,000 on or through OT VII, it would produce enough theta and OT Power to significantly

    Look how much has changed since this all began!
    Scientology is expanding like never before…
    Ideal Orgs are opening all over Earth and we are making more Clears and OTs than ever before. OT VIIs and VIIIs have been the driving force in the field behind all major accomplishments.

    You play a vital role both as a Solo NOTs Auditor yourself, and in getting others to reach this state.

    4,700 left to go – every Solo NOTs session counts.

    Jeff Feher – 10,000 Headquarters aka Flag Office LA

  20. Tony, didn’t you recognize the APRIL FOOLS?

  21. plainoldthetan

    Sorry, Dave, but as AN ESSAY ON MANAGEMENT suggests, you’ve created new hats-in-life for hordes of ex-Scientologists:

    2. When the show or game is over, there must be a new game or a new show. And if there isn’t, somebody is jolly well going to start one, and if you won’t let *anyone* do it, the game will become “getting you”.

    We know what our purpose is; we know what our hat is. You ruined the game for us and wouldn’t let anyone continue to do it.

    So the game is now “getting you”.

    We know it.

    It’s time you did, too.

    “As one’s ability to confront increases, his level of responsibility increases; and an OT cannot be an OT in a world which is insane or a universe which is mad.” — RJ67

    People recognize that Idull Orgs are DM’s game, and thinkin you’re playing as broken pieces in the Idull Org game is not a game at all. It’s a world which is insane and a universe which is mad.

  22. Marty and Mike,

    I think what you are saying is SPOT ON. That’s the game and DM is desperate not to have it exposed.

    It’s very well thought out and executed evil shit…

    Those that see and understand what is going on need to communicate and warn others. A lot of progress has been made in the last 2 years, we need to continue getting the truth out in as many ways as possible.

  23. Ok, first off, please lose that picture.

    Secondly, Scott Campbell, that link was pretty good. Creepy at first, but I think it’s a potentially useful archive.

    There’s been a lot of key points that I can go back and find now.
    Stuff like confirming in my first couple posts that yes indeed, EM9/9a were wrong. After not completing my training and being somewhat stuck on this lie for nearly ten years it was nice to finally get the truth. John Nunez had a really good writeup on this and some other points. Specific, deliberate technical alterations of Scientology.

    martyrathbun09 | May 7, 2010 at 6:17 am | Reply
    DFB. Yes emeter reads film is very messed up; only after DM insisted on doing the final edit himself; after Ray and I had it right, imho”

    Another Jeff | May 7, 2010 at 12:56 pm | Reply
    I can attest that when DM personally showed this film to every outer org trainee at Flag and told us “these were verified electronically and ARE instant”, we were all in shock watching priors and latents in front of our eyes. John may have even been sitting next to me!

    martyrathbun09 | May 7, 2010 at 3:20 pm | Reply
    Jeff, right on. That is the precise section he messed around with endlessly until it was a hodge podge or priors and latents. You guys were not imagining it. You knew what you were doing from studying your material and drilling with the meter.

    NOTSaware | May 7, 2010 at 2:45 pm | Reply
    The bastard! No wonder some of the reads are prior and were implanted as being instant!!!

    martyrathbun09 | May 7, 2010 at 3:18 pm | Reply
    You are right Ignacio, that was the over riding problem. The net result is confusion on what to run on EVERY item called

    NOTSaware | May 7, 2010 at 2:51 pm | Reply
    The rock slam shown in the film is artificially speeded up too. I’ve seen R/Ses and none were that way. The SNR C/S AOSH UK went as far as rejecting valid R/Ses because they were not as fast as the one in the Tech film. In another he accepted one as valid just because the RTC Rep said so, but stated it wasn’t one for him. Talking about KSW!

    Gaiagnostic | May 7, 2010 at 4:08 pm | Reply
    It would be great at some point to have all the specifics on how the data on FNs and instant reads were altered by DM. Before I blew from ASHO, I was all paid up to train on the SHSBC and become a Class VI C/S. The magnitude of the loss I have on failing this is something I am just coming into contact with after two years out. Marty, and all of you, keep on communicating. K

    First | May 7, 2010 at 5:54 pm | Reply
    And me next to you Jeff.

    DFB | May 7, 2010 at 6:37 pm | Reply
    If you study the HCOB’s and do some drilling a person should know what an instant read is. It’s just an instant read. There was so much confusion and enturbulation on this simple point when I was at Flag. Students on metering coming out of the film room with a glazed look muttering “I dont know what an instant read is…”.
    If it’s that confusing something must be wrong. An arbitrary, right? Now I’m beginning to get what it was.

  24. I keep thinking the word “douchebag” when I look at that picture.

  25. I gotta agree Tony.

    I find it difficult to hold down solid food after being exposed to that picture.

    BTW Marty the phenomenon you discussed explains why I found many “OT VIIIs” in the Church to be mindless morons.

    They have simply gone into you know who’s valence.

    “Apparent Theta but intent vicious”

    Pretty much describes Miscavige.

  26. Tony DePhillips


  27. scilonschools

    ‘White and Black Scientology”
    I came across a report that examines the Parallel between current Scientology practice/policies and the 1955 “Brainwashing Manual”, it may seem negative to some at first glance BUT it defines the ‘good’ parts of Scientology worth salvageing out as ‘White’ Scientology. which seems to coincide with what Marty and the Indies on this blog are trying to achieve.
    As I said don’t be put off by some of the content, try to read through it!
    (Top of page 63 helps explain some of the Disconnection stuff)

    Click to access BrainwashingManualParallels.pdf

  28. A most enjoyable read.

  29. Damn, Marty!

    This absolutely fits exactly what happened with our OT8 E/D, who had lunch with DM on the ship one fine day, right as he was signing his first-ever staff contract to come back to the NW and make Seattle “Ideal”.

    You would always see him in the front row, being the first to leap up and clap at events, turning around to see the comm-laggy audience grunting and groaning begrudgingly all the way to their feet for the umpteenth time that night.

    So, the new data we need to creatively spread around is that THERE IS NO HIDDEN DATA LINE! It’s a big, fat lie by DM. And if I’ve understood past reports correctly, there is no 9 or 10. No carrot. Just manipulation and alter-is toward an ultimately destroyed Bridge.

    Let’s get the word out there folks.

    Wake up OT8’s!

  30. Below, I have included the opening words of an article I wrote on Scientology-cult.com entitled “Selling Out Scientology”, as it is utterly apropos, describing the grotesque PTSness DM has installed into a wealthy, upstat, confident being who had recently completed OT8 and promptly joined staff as E/D, and in doing so, sold his soul to the devil:

    ” “Help us out of a JAM!”….he exclaimed, a large glass jar of the purple condiment held high in one hand for all to see, a microphone in the other. The guarded crowd at tonight’s “event” chortled and moaned at the attempted humor, a few faint claps in the distance. Our New OT Vlll Foundation E/D was auctioning off a jar of jam, and then a bag of potato chips, in order to buy his way into having an “Ideal Org”. “CHIP in!” He shouts. He proceeds to begin reading off the ingredients on the back of the bag, coercing the slightly disbelieving audience to mumble “Mmmmmm” in unison. And no…there is no dubbing anything in here. There are roughly 70 witnesses to this hideous display of personal-integrity gone bad. And then it was on to his neck tie. Around Twelve-hundred dollars, it seems, was the final price. His own wife was kind enough to bail him out of that one.

    In all the green vol’s one can read, you will find nothing by our founder to even remotely support the above…”

  31. I think what you have described, what I observed independently and key contributor to my escalated disgust of church management AND those so-called OT ambassador’s, is that DEGRADED BEINGS are in charge of Scientology. Corporate Scientology.

    Degraded Being is a harsh and hard-to-confront term. I’ve hesitated to pull that one out previously due mainly to it’s mis-use within the Scientology culture.
    But if the shoe fits…as they say.
    Steve (Thoughtful) made the same observation in one of his recent articles and it mirrored my own analysis.
    The OT VII & VIII, senior management, opinion leaders in various areas and above all, Celebrity people still shilling, duping, stooging and variously corrupting themselves and allowing themselves and their comm lines to be corrupted thusly, are indeed Degraded Beings.
    That is the product of the CoS today. DB’s.
    The two biggest ones are pictured above.
    Harsh, but true…IMO

  32. Sara Finning

    Guess this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, is it?

  33. Great find, Marty. And it occurred to me that Class V org staff (which most are no where on the Bridge) tend to “look up” to OTs. Meanwhile, OTs are so many echelons below Miscavige — DM is bypassing the whole of management, and orgs in ordering public on a direct line. That puts the orgs and all of management into non-existence (violating the form of the org — ala Danger Conditions: Why Orgs Stay Small); but it also has the added benefit for DM that OT Ambassadors — who aren’t even staff… there’s no way they are going to question DM (unless your name is Geir Isene). I remember when I was mission staff, I was star struck just to meet someone from a Class IV org. Can you imagine what it must be like when the head of the entire Church, is now going to be your buddy.

    Oh boy. Anyone who knows any policy at all would know these “OTs” have no stinking business taking orders from DM. He’s not their senior. They don’t even have a senior. Can it be any more ludicrous? This is DM preying on the out-ethics of public.

    Who’s more responsible: the lowest staff member of any org or a public person? No offense, but the staff member is taking far more responsibility than any public. So who does DM reward?

    If anyone deserves a “briefing” it would be the staff member. Now I remember how hearing about these “exclusive briefings” used to piss me off. It’s a bypass of all staff and rewarding someone who is, relative to any staff member, a total downstat… I’m thinking “suppressive attention sluts” so out ethics they will believe any lie designed to sell Scientology down the river.

    So I agree with your outrage that the OT VIIIs are a bunch of tools selling Scientology down the river. DM got the person with the least responsibility and — yeah. You got it. Big find. What a string pull: Sherman Tank after Sherman Tank.

  34. LOC… Makes sense that DM has his sticky squirrel paws all over that one.
    I did the pilot of KTL at ITO when it was first released and completed my LOC shortly after at Saint Hill to rave results.
    weeks later I was pulled in for a ‘review’, whereupon I was told that we had ‘all been doing it wrong’ and Sea Org members were required to re-do their Hat in Life as “Your Hat in Life is the post you are currently on” (translation – we’re now going to throw out your LFBD F/N item and force a wrong item on you).
    A month later I had been busted off post and was on the decks.
    I spoke to a staff member from Saint Hill Foundation one evening who was highly enturbulated and caved in having just had her ‘LOC correction’. I told her we would get her folders to the C/S and get it sorted out. She never made it. She died in a car crash the following morning.
    DM’s ‘tech’ specializes in throwing PCs out-list. Whether it’s use of illegal auditing or forcing wrong items on the PC (not-clear, not your hat in life, not the correct overt, not completed on the level, need to re-do the Bridge, must be ARCXen, must have overts, must have done something to pull it in). Added to this it is quite impossible to find the ‘correct’ item on any kind of PTS/SP handling owing to the fact that you are not allowed to voice who the real SP is and so 10 Augs and S & D’s turn into a bizarre activity (and more out-lists).
    Case in point: I was told (in session by a Flag Class IX auditor) that I could not have my (LFBD F/N) listing item on my 10 Aug as that person ‘is not a bad hat’ and so I must ‘find another one’.
    Out lists!

  35. 😀 well that was entertaining 😀

  36. Excuse me if I don’t share your view but there is some *hidden* or *unknown* factor involved for the scene to be as aberrated as it is.

    By the way Hitler would have never gotten to where he’d gotten to if it wasn’t for the Rothchilds, Rockerfellers, JP Morgans, IG Farbens, Thule Society etc, etc.

    And other hidden influences that have since been uncovered by historians.

    That said this post does explain a lot.

    And if there is any historical analogy here with the current scene and Nazism it is that the OT VIIIs have become Miscavige’s version of the SS.

    As Marty says his “shock troops”.

    Also Miscavige is a classic example of a 1.1 as covered in the “Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation” which explains his “genius” and “cunning”.

  37. Case in point: I was told (in session by a Flag Class IX auditor)….

    FLAG CLASS IX IMPLANTER must be the right title.

  38. OK, he’s a peckerhead too.

  39. Scott Campbell

    Fellow Traveller,

    Thanks buddy I’ll check it out later. Gotta go to work now!

  40. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Jim. Nice backup.

  41. Scott Campbell

    Well, when we start seeing mass transportation of people to concentration camps for gassing and incineration, then we will probably find that he was using Necromancy to harness the newly released Thetans and bend them to his will.

    What do you think? Plausible?

    It’s a mystery…

  42. Scott Campbell

    I’m unmedicated ADHD, OCD, PTSD and GOP.

    Just kidding about the GOP part, Marty. Just thought I’d through a bit of a scare into ya’.

  43. Scott Campbell


  44. martyrathbun09


  45. crashingupwards

    These “shock squads” are in a real fix. Trapped by their pride and vanity. Looked up to as being the “ideal scene” and some sort of Homo Novis on one hand and also being pulled around on that psychic leash by DM and played on the other. Any OT who embraces that has a long way to go to being humble enough for real gains, in my opinion. They are in a fix, but they can choose freedom.

    I recall when we would say scientology was western bhuddism. Well, a lot has been lost in the translation as well as the emphasis. Less should be more, not more is more. The bank is being reinforced when you puff up people. Bigger buildings, higher status, etc. They have lost their way. Pride and vanity are not part of any native state I am looking to achieve. Quite the opposite.

  46. Jeff: Not sure when you received the above email with the OT VII stat of
    5,300 people on or through OT VII but I left in 1993 and while I don’t recall the EXACT number on or through OT VII at that time it was around 5,000. (Hy Levy probably has fairly recent stats on this)

    Therefore in 18 years only 300 new OT VIIs made it onto the level or through.

    Which equals 16 per year.

    WOW — such expansion. At that current rate it will ONLY take 293 more years to reach the target of 10,000 —

    Which is quite remarkable given the average life span of human beings at this time of 70-80 years.

    Keeping in mind of the 5,300 OT VIIs mentioned above I’m going to make a conservative guess that 2,500 of them have either died, are quite ill OR (the majority) long gone OFF the bridge, haven’t audited in years and are reading this blog.


  47. I think of these “OTs” I met in Boston and at Flag. Comical. Nice people- for sure. At least the ones I met. But as I look in a new unit of time, just so pathetic and either in complete denial or living in some fantasy mock up.

    During my Purif- (I had been in Scientology for probably 10 days) I was invited to the home of Bob and Lorraine Baritz. They, along with Rick Poulin, regged me for 100,000 to be a Humanitarian of the Ideal Org in Boston.

    I hadn’t even finished reading Evolution of a Science so I was pretty taken back with their demands “to be responsible for Boston”

    Of course, I said no, and as I look back at it now- it was one of the creepiest, weirdest, strangest dinners of my life. (and now funniest) 🙂

    I can’t help but feel a sense of sympathy for them. I know that sympathy is low on the Tone Scale- but in this case it is an appropriate emotion, because that is what I truly feel. I feel bad for them.

    Their entire existence seems to have become a justification.

    What is true for me, is that apply those things in Scientology that I have ARC for and I see amazing results. My NOTS auditing has handled my case in such a profound way. I don’t think I ever would have posted my story on this blog without it.

    The best thing I ever did was leave Flag. The reverse Scn that goes on there is amazing.

    Its really funny- right before I left- I did a big interview with Source Magazine. They were going to run this big story on me and my brief experience in Scientology. I had just come out of the worst session of my life and I heard myself in the interview blatantly lying about how great Scn was blah blah.

    There was of course some truth to that. There is greatness in Scn. Just not at Flag.

    Its here.



  48. TroubleShooter

    lol, thank you Lynne for pointing out the April FOOLS! Oh my yes. Marty you’re brilliant. The senses of humor on this blog DO reflect back to the days when the orgs were a fun place to be while actively doing something to improve the conditions in life. It’s good to laugh! I bow to OTDT in this regard and did lol at that Scott and Tony exchange above. 😀

  49. Oh boy, the power of the hidden data line, the oldest trick in Scientology squirreldom.

    In 1981 Miscavige said: “I’ve got a line to Ron and you don’t so you’ve got to buy my lies and BS on this external legal scene, every last crumb.”

    After Ron died in captivity due to that unhanded external scene Miscavige was supposed to handle but sabotaged, it was: “I’ve got all the unpublished and highly confidential LRH advices at my command so I’m the king of the mountain and you all have to hang on my every word. And by the way, Ron says that anyone who ever, at any time, leaves the Int Base will be declared suppressive and damned for all time, so you all you int staff are held captive starting now.”

    Now its: “I have an entire tunnel of unpublished, unseen LRH works”. And entire tunnel no less. And of course, buried deep in that tunnel must be the imaginary OT IX & X and secret LRH documents which justify the crazy crazy out tech squirrel paint-by-numbers auditing that screws up PCs and the so called Ideal Org strategy which crashes orgs and even though they all go against published LRH tech policy, the OTs fall for it.

    Marty, the man is certainly not dumb when it comes to machinations but he IS a total Berkley Hunt (that’s Cockney rhyming slang).

  50. This blog is open and free. It is refreshing to read and packed with information. Here is a quote for those who follow the path of hidden data.

    “Three things are conducted in secret – not openly:
    affairs with women, verbal repitition by an elite , and wrong view.

    Buddha Gotama, AN 3:129

  51. Sam

    I wouldn’t dream of distracting from your high-impact comment!

    I would like, however, to confirm that I, too, was called into the org to correct my LOC “hat in life.” I said no and wouldn’t go as I really liked — and still like — the hat I came up with.

    I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you and your fellow staff member. Criminal out tech. H

  52. TroubleShooter

    Here is LRH and what he says about the 10,000:

    PDC lecture 61
    given on 18 Dec 1952 HOW TO TALK TO FRIENDS ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY (track 13 para 3)

    “…A survey of all of this demonstrated that at any one time on Earth there were not more than about ten thousand people of a
    caliber that was sufficiet to do a little steering or leading. And it wasn’t a very high IQ and it doesn’t flatter you very much. It isn’t up there around Army Alpha 212 as you’d think it is -not at all. There’s only about 10,000 of them, really. And below that level you have something in the neighborhood of about 100,000 or 150,000, 200,000 people who have a competence of assimilation. That’s about all.”…

    An FSO staff member perverted this ref in a promo piece that has “dinged in” the message that the OT VIIs were the 10,000 LRH referred to or used that concept to create the ideas in the VIIs that THEY were the 10,000 LRH was referring to.

    So survey – how many OT VIIs and VIIIs do YOU know who live UP TO the beings LRH was referring to????? EXACTLY!!!!! and how many people do you know who haven’t made it to Clear yet who you feel ARE???? YEAH, ME TOO!!!!

    I’d like to acknowledge all of you who know you are among the 10,000 LRH is actually referring to.

  53. Mark. Thanks for this, you expanded on my comment perfectly. You are exactly right — the apparent “mass agreement” erases the “WTF?” moments so you end up with the idea there must be something wrong with you.

  54. Mother of Grendel

    I’m not Jeff Feher – he’s the author of that email. But you’re right to question those numbers! That 5000+ includes everyone who got on to the level and then routed off due to inability to pay, out ethics…and those who actually did figure out what was really going on!
    I’d love to see a promo with the numbers of OT VIIs who have turned in their materials and just gotten on with life!

  55. I wonder if the COB invokes “The Supreme Test” in making an OT VIII an ED of an organization. In the end, he simply sets up the OT VIII and the org for disaster as the position should be earned through study (ethics – tech – admin), experience and proven production record; not simply assigned by case status and then ordered about. H

  56. So there is an enormous archive hidden from sight? An archive that no one can see, examine, review for themselves? An archive that only authorized people can see? This is so similar to what happened to early Christian materials that it is simply astonishing. And it is so counter to what LRH said about hidden data lines and publishing policy so people actually know what it is that it is simply horrendous. Meanwhile, materials that were approved by LRH such as Notes on the Lectures are discarded as being “not LRH.” I have to wonder if the the HCOB that directed auditors to *rate M9 M4 Notes on the Lectures has disappeared too.

    I had a fascinating conversation with a newbie Scn a few months back. He saw nothing wrong with going back through the materials and deleting items that had been previously approved, in publication for upwards of 30 years under LRH. He told me that it was a good thing to do because LRH had no idea that those books and materials were published!!!!!!!! That messed up staff members and editors were the culprits, publishing wrong materials unbeknownst to LRH. This utterly defied my imagination, the idea that in all those years, three decades, LRH never once looked at the materials that had been published and sold and sold and sold to countless numbers of people! Then he went on to tell me that it was obviously necessary for the Church to be able to update the materials, after all, they did become outdated.

    What’s missing here is the difference between notes and technology. Ideas and policy. Personal opinion and core truth. Tried and true processes that are published and concepts untested. All pushed forward on the basis that LRH was a God come to earth with “perfect” truth and all we have to do is read everything he ever wrote and accept it?

    Its so hard to think with, mainly because it makes no sense to me. But then, much of what has been happening throughout the Church in the last 20 years is very hard to think with, especially the slavish behavior of the OTs coming off the line.

  57. Brightened up my morning! H

  58. Perhaps this is where Tom learned how to jump on the couch at Oprah’s. 🙂

  59. Brian,

    Having appropriate emotions? Not so bad.

    Stuck dramatizing “high-toned” feelings and expressions? Not so good.


  60. Lynne,

    And what of us asexual reproducers? Does no one care for our feelings? Sniff. Sniff. We don’t even merit crude and tasteless jokes.

  61. Goodness Tom,

    If only. Since the blog’s title is “Moving On up a Little Higher,” I would think that 1.1 is an improvement over controlling bodies, punishing bodies. The poor little guy probably was inspired by these “way up there on the tone scale” examples; and using postulate processing, he just skyrocketed above body death on the tone scale. We should all stand up and applaud him for his win.

  62. mrinder,

    Isn’t it interesting that one of a thetan’s primary abilities–the ability to have an opinion–has fallen into such misuse/abuse?

    Maybe if more thetans practiced having opinions in abundance, we wouldn’t become so fixated on the importance of a single one

  63. Nice comment Mark. Wow the Prior Confusion followed by the Evil Intention: LRH dropping his body, then DM sets in the False Purpose. Yoiks!!

    ML Tom

  64. He has managed to get his minions to fork over 150+ million to build their own implant station across the street from the Fort Harrison. They will likely flow there like lemmings to get their “orders” if Miscavige ever completes the monstrosity.

  65. (Leaked from Int Tech Archives…)

    Religious Technology Center
    COB Technical Archive Project




    2.0 Action
    1.5 Anger (Purpose)
    1.1 Covert Enthusiasm
    0.5 Hate
    0.01 Sleeping (Waiting)
    0.0 Body Death (Between Contracts)

    Tech Archives I/C


  66. One of the mechanisms DM uses is to play on the idea that there is this reality that exists, that everybody else seems to be aware of, and you are the one that is the odd man out. This same sort of mechanism exists to get one to be a ‘good boy’ or to introvert a being into false overts by convincing them that everybody else is good but them. I ran across this quote in the 2ndACC, a tape about force titled Force Part I, 13 Dec 53.
    “We can get somebody to repent—how could we possibly get him to repent? By teaching him everybody is good but himself. That’s how we could get him to repent. “Everybody else is good and deserving and trying hard, and they’re all loyal and noble and swell, and they’re just fine people. And you, you dog, you come along and you eat one of them.” And you tell him this and convince him of it after he’s eaten one of them, and he’s been wrong. And there’s the finest way to make anybody wrong.”

    A continuing experience expressed in the comments is the idea that ‘Am I the only one that sees this?’. Miscavige counts on this and the false image that ‘everybody else agrees’ with him on these absurdities he spouts. Eventually the individual takes his own observations and with his integrity is willing to observe what he observes, and THAT IS integrity.

    Independent Scientologists have a hallmark – the willingness to observe what they observe, and say what they have observed.

  67. I can tell a little story of just how confusing Miscavige was able to make calling an “F/N” at Flag.

    Those reading this blog have probably already heard that Miscavige went to Flag in the 90’s to introduce his new definition of an F/N and to “correct the tech”.

    As part of this “correction” all the Flag auditors had to come to work an hour early every day to make a video showing they could call three correct F/Ns in a row.

    One Thursday night at the FSO Staff Meeting we were doing a segment called “Flaps and Handlings”. This is where staff can state some major “flap” in their area and what their proposed “handling” is.

    The Qualifications Sec stood up and announced that after 3 months (despite submitting videos daily) not one FSO auditor was able to correctly call three F/Ns in a row. At that point the Captain FSO jumped all over the Qual Sec for “spreading black PR”….

    The point I’m making is how utterly confused Miscavige was able to make some of the best auditors in the world, regarding one of the most basic and important aspects of auditing.

  68. Tony DePhillips

    Are you going to the Indy party? I hope so, I think it would be fun tippin a few with you.

  69. +1 with knobs on.

  70. In typical dm fashion, he’s taken something quite wonderful — the boxes and boxes of notes, personal letters of a larger than life individual – LRH – and made this fact of “letters” into something to harm everyone.

    Nearly every historic figure has “tunnels” of boxes, notebooks, filing cabinets. Some are fortunate to have Presidential Libraries built to hold these documents.

    To then shift these documents INTO policy and tech — well, that’s like saying President Clinton’s college correspondence IS a current “Executive Order”

    dm played to the pride and conceit of OTs. Already beaten down financially through endless sec checks – they clamored eagerly to get onto OT VIII. Where he bestowed this the HIGHEST honor — AMBASSADOR.

    Pins were given out. Pictures were taken. And the chests which had been caved in and concave, now become PUFFED UP.

    AHHHH — hubris so vile.

    BUT — Marty’s last sentence in this article gave the clue how to overcome all of this:

    “Care and create to your heart’s content. Or just chew it over and recognize you are doing the right thing already.”

    Care is the key. Care and continue to know that these ridiculous travesties of ambassadorship are just trying SOMEHOW to make their lives meaningful.

    If we can care enough and manifest that enough … the ice of their hearts and minds will melt.


  71. H
    Well done on holding your ground.
    Back in those days I just didn’t have the strength or confidence to do so – I was pretty caved in accross all of my dynamics already after a year of ‘Sea Org’ insanity. I was also young, naive, impressionable and VERY trusting :).
    None of it ‘felt right but I didn’t have enough tech training training to know what was wrong.
    Anyway, regardless of the above clarification, I was more interested in making reference to the out-list situation.
    It’s good that you shared your experience as it shows that this out-tech (implant tech actually) was more widespread.

  72. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Brian,
    You are smart for getting out of there. They would have loved to dress you up and parade you around in their dog and pony show.

  73. “Having appropriate emotions? Not so bad.
    Stuck dramatizing “high-toned” feelings and expressions? Not so good.”
    Yep – that’s what it came down to in those last years at Flag.
    It feels good to disagree or get angry now without evaluation and condemnation.

  74. watchoutforcb

    Another great example of this is the speech Dave gave at the Freewinds after Lisa McPherson died. He blamed it on the psychs, Eli Lily, the Clearwater police and hinted at many dark conspiracies afoot. It is amazing that not one person questioned his reasoning or at at least commented that it was in very poor taste.

    I think his cadence and voice modulation at these events puts people in a hypnotic trance, and as you say, with the OT’s they are terrfied to say anything. No rational person could listen to that speech and not want to throw up.

  75. Agreed.
    A chicken plucking charing crosser!

  76. + 1.
    with bells and whistles on.

  77. I don’t see anything wrong with feeling bad for people – that’s way better than fake high tone “OT must feel” emotion. That fake stuff is actually a low toned mockery of the real thing. On the flip side, you can be appreciative of the good stuff, like not having your family washed out to sea in a tsunami. Or, escaping the theta trap.

  78. I think it’s more like Shock Squids.

    Slimy and devoid of backbone.

  79. martyrathbun09

    Damn, you have tremendous capability of duplicating, understanding and acknowledging. You are one hell of an auditor, whether you call yourself one or not.

  80. martyrathbun09

    Great, instructive story Mat. Thanks.

  81. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to be my own C/S, in a sense. If something is not true for you (including a C/S or “R-factor”) then it isn’t true. Also, remember this stable datum: never accept auditing from someone in a uniform.

  82. +1. with a smile on. The Fudd does it again. Love

  83. Shall I finish my thought? I, personally, love “The Supreme Test.” But, to me, it is dynamic. In order to apply the datum, I simply have to know one heck of a lot of LRH to make it go right. I can see no end of difficulty for an OT VIII who is not trained to run an organization. There, I believe I’ve concluded my original thought. H

  84. WH & MOG, excellent observations.

    I know several who have done exactly as you describe, turned in their materials and gotten on with life. And my network is rather small so there must be dozens more.

  85. scilonschools

    The biggest issue with trying to rationalise with those enslave by DM’s modified Tech is the Semmelweis reflex , through fear, hypnotism repitition etc a false idea is implanted and given authority as a ‘long held’ belief and hence it’s automatic aggressive rejection by the normally rare falsely created Semmelweis reflex. So named after the sad story of Ignaz Semmelweis , the 19th century doctor who tried to educate the world of cross infection 20 years to early.

  86. Frankly, Tom, if that list by Jane Kember was the way that the GO was thinking in the 1970s, then it’s no wonder that she and the others ended up in prison. It also explains why the field was demanding reform in the late 70s and early 80s. Easily, more than half of that list is nuts!

  87. Tony DePhillips

    I would tell you to go f#ck yourself but you don’t have any sex organs! Ha,ha,ha…

  88. Mike wrote: “The thought MUST go through a lot of heads at these events ‘Man, that is crazy’ or ‘That makes no sense’ … ”

    I’d say it’s pretty much “mass denial”. Everyone knows how ludicrous it all is, but they think that somehow “the emporer” must know what he’s doing … even though he’s standing there with no clothes. And so they sit there and not-is the obvious. Nobnosis? 🙂

    For Staff and SO … they get into the nutty thinking that “lying is the greatest good”, and from that point forward, they simply get more and more PTS, due to their own participation in the deception.

    How anyone can expect to get any semblence of “gains” from either auditing or training — under these conditions — is amazing.

  89. Thank you!

  90. Okay, he’s daffy. (You’ll have to figure that one out for yourself.)

  91. (ack to Deep Fax for the leak)

    From: OT Ambassador Int I/C

    To: All OT Ambassadors


    Successful actions and Be, Do, Have components of proven, high-stat OT Ambassadors:

    1. Always sit in the front row at all events and meetings so that your enthusiasm is clearly communicated to COB and adds to his energy .

    2. Practice squat thrusts and deep knee bends at home so that you will be able to leap to your feet with a panther-like spring action whenever COB adds emphasis to his sentences or looks expectantly at audience for an ack.

    3. Master the loud two-finger whistle so that you can harmonize with the high soprano shrieks, roaring outbursts and thunderous clapping at COB events.

    4. Watch and practice the TC Couch-Jumping at home so you can join in if TC happens to burst into Tone 8.0 during one of COB’s secret briefings.

    5. Watch Pentecostal church-dancing YouTube videos so you can bring more of a spontaneous flavor to your exuberant foot-stomping and overall body motions during events.

    6. Buy at least two tuxedoes (men) and three evening gowns (women) to compensate for the dry cleaning comm lag on the ship.

    7. Put Vaseline on your teeth in order to be smile-ready at all times.

    8. Using a dog, cat or small child, practice scowling and looking down at them; you will find many uses for this at events and in your daily org activities.

    9. Put the Quick-Retort Purpose Quips into use on a daily basis:

    For those who won’t pay:

    *Why are you trying to destroy mankind?
    *If I killed you, you wouldn’t pay either.
    *Yeah, like we need YOUR money?!
    *The only times I’ve really exteriorized was when I paid.

    For any perceived slight against COB:

    *This man has saved the world and YOU are saying he’s not following policy?
    *Yeah? Well, LRH ain’t here NOW, Buddy!
    *Well, YOU don’t have access to the Technical Archives that DM has.
    *The man has the highest stats of anyone, anywhere, at anything, at any time, in the entire history of all races on all planets!

    For added inspiration and purpose booster:

    *What ARE you? Suppressive?
    *Don’t you want to do what COB and Tom Cruise say you should do?
    *You’re not reading the Internet, are you?
    *Your future is so so so so black, it’s blacker than black, it’s blacker than a blind black man buried inside a black pile of coal underneath the ground at midnight during a total eclipse of the moon.

    10. Emulate RTC in your attitude, social connections and facial expressions:

    *Stiff Face
    *Hang out only with other OT Ambassadors
    *Republican dress code
    *Total Confidence
    *Instant Ferocity Capable

    Suggested Reading: How I Rose From Camera Boy to Leader of the World’s Fastest and Most Important Religion by David Miscavige (Confidential Essay), Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise, Scientologist (Transcript), Mission Earth by L. Ron Hubbard, Advanced Heckling Techniques by Don Rickles.

    OT Ambassador Pledge:

    I, ____________, do hereby solemnly dedicate every erg of my soul, mind, body, family and assets to the purpose of getting every other Scientologist below me to donate to every cause, buy every service, acquire at least two sets of every product and package and new release, join staff, travel to the Freewinds as many times as possible, continually manifest serenely-enthusiastic support for COB, attend all events, frown on all others who do not live up to these attributes, remain in awe of Tom Cruise, think Republican, push Scientology into every nook and cranny of existence, help complete COB Technical Archive Project, give Independents the finger, punch Anonymous protesters whenever possible, disconnect immediately from anyone who attempts to change my mind about this pledge, support all PI activity against enemies of the Church, acknowledge and validate my OT Ambassador peers, and personally continue to strive to make as much money as I possibly can by whatever means that will still allow me to evade the Dev-T of prison.

    Signed, _____________
    OT Ambassador

    cc: COB

    Approved by Board Members of OT Action Planners
    Final Approval by Office of COB

  92. ‘Hip Hip Hooray!’ has been replaced by ‘Ja Wohl Mein Fuhrer!’ Ugh….

  93. I dunno Bryan
    Any path that leads to the necessity of self C/Sing is a gnarly one in my opinion. It just shouldn’t happen.
    As for never accepting auditing from someone in a uniform… yeah, I can cetainly track with that!

  94. Great tool, Scott. Thanks!

  95. This is what drives me the most sudden – highly trained auditors and C/S’s – Cl VIs, VIIIs, IXs, XIIs, who KNOW what the correct tech is – tech on FNs, instant reads, wrong items, ARC breaks, on and on – who have in spite of their KNOWLEDGE have nevertheless chosen to line up and force DM’s squirrel arbitraries onto public and staff pcs and pre-OTs.

    I understand how and why many still drink the Kool Aid. There can be a number of understandable reasons for that, including just not being aware that there are things like the Truth RD and a growing independent field 100% committed to LRH, his goals and the tech. I can vouch for the fact that even now, this knowledge is not widespread (but its reach is definitely spreading).

    I can somewhat understand otherwise intelligent public still being blinded by the glitz (even if it is mostly styrofoam and teleprompters) and continuing to write huge checks to DM.

    But I cannot understand highly trained terminals continuing to knowingly support this insane alteration and degradation of a tech they have basically sworn to uphold (if only on a spiritual level). I can only attribute it to an abject fear of some sort – of losing family connections, of not being able to make it go right out in the “real” world, etc.

    Whatever the reason, these most highly trained people have a special responsibility IMO and at the very least, they should withdraw from the game by whatever means rather than continue to contribute to this destruction and degradation of the tech and the resultant harm to those whose cases and spiritual futures are in their hands.

    I was updated a few days ago about someone I knew for 35 years, one of the most competent, highly trained, dedicated, experienced Class VIII C/S’s on the planet. I could not believe he was not out by now. But instead, I heard that he has become wealthy over the last few years by way of “FSMing” his public for IAS and SuperPower contributions, and that he is still 100% on board with DM.

    All the respect I had for him is gone, gone, gone. All that remains is contempt. Because this is someone who KNOWS better.

    Sorry, hope my suddenness does not offend. Doesn’t happen all that often. I just have a particularly sensitive button on this subject.

  96. Exactly. The 10,000 are on the outside looking in.

  97. The ability to have an opinion may not exist for the majority of kool aid drinkers for the same reason Mark McKinstry found “…they were happy to pay someone to look for them, interpret for them, act for them.”

    These people may be too unsure of their own ability to duplicate – or too lazy to try to duplicate – they prefer to work at the level of orders, and they know it takes a strong hand to get them to act at all. In other words, robotism – either by basic nature or inculcation through suppression.

    On the other hand, in the Independent field, thought, opinion and individual initiative flourish: the antithesis of robotism.

    The great thing is that so many can emerge from the inculcation of dimology and regain the ability to think, opine and act.

    Poor dim one, all of his hard work and efforts to make robots undone by pixels.

  98. Mark, you said, “I’d love to figure out a way to get a Mike/Marty fishing briefing onto one of those Int event CDs!”
    See if CalTech students are up to it, like that time they changed the whole card routine at the football game (was it the Rose Bowl game?) so the letters that displayed across the stands spelled out Cal Tech instead of the team that was playing. Feel free to bump my memory on this anyone–it’s a bit dim back there.

  99. Steve, what a great point. Giving “special briefings” to the public, and treating the actual staff (letalone the SO and your direct reports) like they’re worthless. Another reversal, from the king of reversals.

  100. Scott,
    Thanks, had no idea someone went through all that trouble to create an engine to index Marty’s blog and comments. It’s hard to catch up to and keep up with Jim Logan!

  101. Recently I pushed the squirling into the face of an FSCWUS Reg. Got one of those Flag promos promising All grades in X amount of intensives. I sent back to the reg asking why he was participating in committing a high crime. No response of course. AND, this person has the financial means to pull up stakes and leave.

    There IS a point where it moves from mere PTSness to being SP. MANY staff & Public “OTs” have now crossed that line.

  102. Bryan, I was at that event. My reaction was not so much on the corny jokes, but the fact that they thought a $1200 donation was going to go anyplace toward a $13 M building. It was like, “Why are we diddling around here like this?”
    And I was busy covering my ears every time Mark Arnold got up to shout into the microphone. I had told him that hurt, but still he did it. Now I know why. Can you say IMPLANTING? Yes, Mark Arnold was implanting people with the pain in their ears and the command, “GET OFF YOUR HANDS AND DONATE!” (Actually, that command was at another event.) Maybe Mark will see this and realize that we know what he’s doing. Mark, don’t give yourself another attack worrying about it, you’ve pulled your anchor points in and wrecked your body enough. You are basically a good being. When you repent, we will forgive.

  103. Hey Sam, I was given that same R-factor at a Class V org in 1979. It was the phenomenon of “he’s upstat, therefore you can’t name him.” I have met several people since who’ve been through this same revolving door, with the protection of the “upstat” in spite of what he/she has done.

  104. Just to handle your sniffles, good buddy, but not to go all taxonomic on you, let me congatulate you on your new title of “consummate earthworm”. A worthy title for someone who can cast pearls from shite and can reproduce itself in the color of the moment for all to enjoy. So, please, continue to follow those who drop their crude and tasteless trash for you to consume, digest and re-process. Make the dirt more, or less, dirty. Just spare us certain visuals of conjugations you might be inclined to try with some twisted verbs.

  105. Publius, DM’s convinced them that it’s all from LRH. And it’s insidious because there are actual “private LRH advices” from 1980-1986 that do exist. And so if you trust DM, he can use that hidden data line to alter the tech “in the name of LRH”.

    For me, it was finding out that the “group insanity” is actually emanating from DM himself … learning from enough first-hand witnesses, how completely insanely DM treats his staff and behaves when the public aren’t watching. Then it made sense where the “group insanity” was coming from. And it was at that point that my trust in DM evaporated.

    From there, a lot of other things started making sense.

  106. M & M,
    Great observation and posts for the day, and totally agree with the points you bring up having observed and attended many of the week long series of events.

    Those MV events were completely different and there were videos shown which are omitted from the event videos shown at Orgs which were funny and showed the events for the day to “bond” those OTAs together with Dear Leader. One of the nights was invariably the IAS night with penguin suits where the high rollers and those coughing up for new status got to get their pictures taken with the Emperor, in the same restaurant which Geir described being regged for the ED post. Dear Leader did not hob nob with public or OTAs in other events. This -in your face -“Hidden data line” is to be part of DM’s power to control Kool Aid addicts’ “Eternity”.


    What is not generally known about the Tom and Dave Motorcycle Photo is that it is four feet by six feet in size and resides in a specially housed large lambskin envelope inside a sealed capsule in COB’s personal Photo Archive Unit, where all the photos of him and LRH are stored.

    Notations on back of Motorcycle Photo, in DM’s and Tom’s handwriting:

    “Dave, this telepathic communication we have between each other is fantastic!”
    “Yeah, I know, Tom. I borrowed it from OT XI.”
    “Dave, did you put Super-Glue on my arm? Is that why it’s stuck on your shoulder, or are you using OT XI intention to keep it there??”
    “April Fools, Tom! Ha ha!”
    “Dammit, Dave, you got me again. You just wait!”
    “Tom, are we cool or what?”
    “Liquid Nitrogen, Dave.”
    “By the way, Dave, I have better leather on than you!”
    “Yeah, well, my headlight is bigger.”
    “Dammit, you got me on that one too, Dave!”
    “It’s a good thing we don’t have any withholds from each other, Tom, I hear everything you’re thinking.”
    “It’s why we play so well together, Dave…COB…SIR!”
    “I love you, Tom Cruise.”
    “I love you too, David Miscavige.”

  108. Good point, Bryon. I’ve been my own C/S for 13 years now and very happy with the results. Sure beats the “C/Sing” I got at the Mecca of Technical Perfection.

  109. Think…I’m…going…to…be…sick…

  110. I had a friend who had been off the Bridge for 5 years on an ‘ethics handling program’ for daring to have an ‘upstat’ as his in session listing item.
    I guess we’re getting to see just how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

  111. Amen brother! Mike that was spot on. I have often pondered the same thing. How could these sheeple not see what is happening. But you got it!

  112. Yes, a complete bowler hat

  113. Mark Arnold and Chris Finn should both be declared. Let’s face facts, Scientology is Seattle is going nowhere fast. The independent field there is growing much faster than the Church field. These two clowns are the most responsible. Just by stats alone they are suppressing Scientology in the Great Northwest. The fact that former heavy hitters are now outside the org practicing Scientology and speaking out is no excuse. Arnold and Finn are responsible for the condition they are in. They have a brand new beautiful building and it is empty. You can’t blame this on Tony, the Palmers, Bryan, et al. No, the bony finger points squarely at Arnold and Finn. These two clowns need big time goldenrod on their asses. (And the fact that DM needs 5.4X the amount on his own ass is no excuse.)

  114. Steve, I think DM knew that he had already lost staff, most of whom, particularly at Int and Gold, had seen through his bullshit, so he turned to a crowd that was more gullible but a lot wealthier than the staff.

  115. WH, I agree with Marty. Marty,I think ‘the force is strong in this one’. Love


  117. I don’t think so. He has been quite overtly hostile to some of his staff . I suspect that on good days he gets up to 1.8 for a few minutes.

  118. Nah, not gonna happen.
    Body and being move each on their own tone scale whereby the body ends at 0.0, body death. The being can’t die and moves further down.

    Granting his organism 1.1 is way too much credit; that was in 2004. At that time he was deep into controlling and punishing bodies. Since then deterioration has done a splendid job.

    Wild lies to gain sympathy (0.5). Enturbulates others to control them (0,5). Continuous foot bullets (0.5). No concept of reality (0.5). It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it (0,7). Marty and those low life independents betrayed me (0.5). No control of reason or emotion (0.5). Utterly careless of others (0.5).

    Punishing bodies was pretty high for the being but now he tries to hide but can’t hide which is close to total failure, not unlike the last days of other dictators that eventually had to face the music.

  119. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa there…what do you have against republicans? Ha! Just kidding, no, but seriously, do you have something against republicans? 🙂

  120. martyrathbun09

    She may be Nea (female Neo).

  121. Excellent comment.

  122. What year did you do the Pilot of KTL at ITO?

  123. I agree Marg,

    Jane had a “unique” perspective that wasn’t shared with a lot of the GO staff and public (GAS) because it was completely and totally paranoid.

    As you know.

    Instead of concentrating on the Legal Branch to accomplish the objectives of ‘Snow White” she spent her time turning the GO into a premier Espiocracy known a B1 that even impressed the judge before sentencing her to prison.

  124. Scott,

    “Just Me” posted it 23. January

  125. OOps. MU….. You mean like a sign….. Ok, just a minute. Think I got it now.

  126. Wow!

    Funny OTDT as always….

    But scary too.

    I’ve been subjected to each of the following lines at one time or another while still “on lines” every time I complained of His Squirrellyness’s squirreling of the Tech or policy:

    *This man has saved the world and YOU are saying he’s not following policy?
    *Yeah? Well, LRH ain’t here NOW, Buddy!
    *Well, YOU don’t have access to the Technical Archives that DM has.
    *The man has the highest stats of anyone, anywhere, at anything, at any time, in the entire history of all races on all planets!

    Man you’re spooking me out dude.

    BTW keep up the good work 🙂

  127. Yep – I bet you’re right.

  128. So what you are saying is that DM has managed to brainwash the majority of OT8s still active in the CofS!
    That takes a lot of power and ability. I suspect that most of the people here have spent their past lifetimes in various attempts, succesful or otherwise, to increase their own and others’ understanding of theta. They haven’t spent too much time learning how to manipulate and control people. I must admit that I spent quite a few lifetimes immersed in the darker aspects of life.
    In looking over my track, I see many lifetimes of naivety, many of using manipulution to survive in a hostile environment and quite a few of working toward sanity.
    I see that some put a lot more attention on the dark technologies than I did and some put a lot more on the more ethical aspects.
    The conclusion you seem to have drawn is that this flunked class 4 managed to manipulate himself into a position of power and control many OT8s.
    I regret that I can see no flaw in your logic.

  129. Publius,

    By the old Japanese samurai code of Bushido, all those highly trained tech terminals who have betrayed and reversed LRH tech would have long since been required by their own consciences (and eventually by the society of their peers, when their crimes were discovered) to ceremonially disembowel themselves with their short swords, with an assistant standing behind each one, long sword at the ready, to behead them should they falter in anyway.

    As far as understanding, incomprehensibilities do exist, and that may be all that can be understood about some things.

  130. Marty and Sarge — thank you for your kind thoughts.

    I just feel it’s important to continuously be reminded, because it’s just so damn easy to forget because of our stories of loss and heartache due to dm and his gang, that man/woman IS basically good.

    And IF we are ever to have any sort of impact – IMHO – it will be by MELTING the ice with warmth and care.

    ICE has never melted ICE.

    And funnily enough — both ice and water are the same substance, just configured differently.

    In other words — it isn’t as if we need to CHANGE someone into something he/she never was … like a frog to a prince.

    He is already the prince (water) but forgot and seems to be a frog (ICE)

    Whew — that was stretching the analogies a bit — sorry 🙂


  131. OT VIIIs have become Miscavige’s version of the SS.

    Yup, you can see their Regging propaganda Machine in the smaller Orgs after they have returned from some Upper Org Service. The second-most detested individuals beside the Regges. (At least Org Regges have something to exchange).

    OT Ambassadors = DM “No Exchange” Collaborators.

    Its these dregs that appoint, in a Third-party style fashion, everyone to reg everyone else in order to get another step up on the pointless “meritorious patronis” ladder. (Flow 3 regging).

    These are the people the membership wants to look up to for having achieved the highest spiritual levels, and instead of receiving some words of inspiration, they want your pocketbook, or have you loot other people’s.

    Subversion of leaders.

  132. Append to include:

    “Can I polish your Sissy Bar?”

  133. Anna,

    If you haven’t already, you may be interested in a book titled”Beyond Belief” by Elaine Pagels who is a top-notch student of early Christianity.

    I was amazed at the parallels between the establishment of early Christianity and the establishment of the CoS, including the politics and suppression of original materials.

    It seemed to me that the COS recapitulated at least 500 years of Christian history in about 50-60 years. Due no doubt to the existence of printing recording, and modern communications technology.

  134. Yes! Perfect! Love

  135. BTW — when I say “change someone” the person I’m really talking about is myself and the person I have to remind about basic goodness is myself.

    My knee-jerk reaction tends to be: — “they are doing it wrong” “they are idiots” and “I’m the only one who gets it”

    It’s a continuous practice to SEE the goodness in another person by touching my own heart. It sounds all very la-de-da but it’s hard friggin work. Much easier to turn to ice. 🙂


  136. I agree — this picture of Miscavige and Cruise is icky.

  137. His alter-ego?

  138. Mat, you tell so many good stories about events you were PRESENT for. And they’re always on point. Just love your comments. You are TESTIFYING!

    Just Me

  139. “I recall when we would say scientology was western bhuddism. Well, a lot has been lost in the translation as well as the emphasis. Less should be more, not more is more. The bank is being reinforced when you puff up people. Bigger buildings, higher status, etc. They have lost their way. Pride and vanity are not part of any native state I am looking to achieve. Quite the opposite.”


    Just Me

  140. Marty, I think you should have titled this post as some mentioned ‘April Fools’. It definitely would have communicated better. Seeing ‘that’ picture everytime I log on just really turns me off. Ya see, I’m a real mess. My feet stink and I don’t love COB. Love

  141. WH,
    That’s exactly the way it is. Well, well said.

  142. As a card-carrying member of the Benevolent Worshippers of the Inner Earth Mole People, I hold Republicans and Democrats in equal contempt.

  143. Yvonne Schick

    Perhaps the VIII’s and OTA’s are trapped by the same thing that traps SO members and staff. They are dedicated to helping others. At one time, they determined that LRH’s tech and the organization of the church were the most effective means they had to help their fellow man. Along the way, that tech has been altered and that organization abused. Many have serious doubts about what they hear at events but they look at the guys sitting on either side of them and know that these are good hearted people with noble intentions but don’t know that they are having the same doubtful thoughts. Remember, it is forbidden to speak such even to one’s spouse or very closest friends. It is a remarkable point when one finally pulls oneself up by the boot straps and admits even to one’s self this is much too wrong then goes to the internet and discovers that one is not alone in this thinking.

    It is a process. We all know that there are surely many VIII’s and OTA’s whose TA is moving. You would have thought for sure that I was a total Kool-aid drinker right up until the day before my announcement.

    They are coming. Some will never look. Some have doubts but aren’t willing to look yet. Some are looking and seeing. Some are totally aware and arranging their lives. Those are the steps. I have no doubt many are moving along. I know these people. Most are genuinely very good and caring. They are not bad or wrong because it is still the month before or week before or day before they have cognited and/or gotten to the point of going public.

    Grant them some beingness and they will be with us soon.

  144. martyrathbun09

    Not to mention LRH communication technology.

  145. Valkov, thanks for the key-in!

    All you had to do was mention Bushido, and the pictures started flying.

    Just kidding – but your description of those ceremonies did bring back memories of Shogun, what a great TV mini-series that was!

    Also, great point about incomprehensibilities.

  146. martyrathbun09

    APU, you’ve misread me entirely. If I meant to say that I would have.

  147. WH, I tend to be a little careful commenting with you but I want you to know that it’s out of respect and not to invalidate or add to your com. I know how hard the work is but knowing you are here with us and communicating shows your compassion and understanding. I learn from you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and heart. Love

  148. Good point about the snakey use of “LRH advices” to manipulate staff. I was not aware of that. Takes some of the incomprehensibility out of it for me (see Valkov’s comment below).

  149. David, I couldn’t agree more. DBs for real. From HCOPL, “Alter-Is and Degraded Beings,”

    “A degraded being is not a suppressive as he can have case gain. But he is so PTS that he works for suppressives only. He is a sort of super-continual PTS beyond the reach, really, of a simple S&D and handled only at Section III OT Course. …

    “In an area where suppression has been very heavy for long periods, people become degraded beings.” — LRH

  150. Centurion!

    You shoulda puta warning sign on that comment like:

    “Avoid drinking hot liquids or food while reading.”

    Okay I’ll be back after cleaning my screen.


    “Shock Squids”


  151. Hey Sarge — no need to be careful. I’m just like you – someone who is trying to follow a path that brings happiness to myself and others.

    I enjoy being on this website — it’s fun for me, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

    I think this blog and it’s participants have a vital part in creating an enlightened society — which is what we all originally came aboard for. (as well as to help ourselves, of course)

    I really look forward to meeting you and everyone else at some point. This summer I have to take a rain check on the Independent Party — I have a longish program to do in Nova Scotia that conflicts with the party.

    Next year — fingers crossed.


  152. Tony,

    I won’t promise anything just yet as I may be auditing.

    But I will definitely try to be there because I look forward to lifting a few with you as well.


    And meeting with this incredible group of real Scientologists.

    Anyway you can stay in touch with me at:




  153. I completely agree.

    “They are not bad or wrong because it is still the month before or week before or day before they have cognited and/or gotten to the point of going public.”

    Each of us was once “IN” — and most of us never would have dreamed that one day we’d be separated from the “official church” —


  154. Marty, again thank you for your insight. What a great post! I have noticed that behavior with the OT8’s I know and I used to think “is this what OT8 is like? These people are terribly out ARC and manipulative.” Which is a huge outpoint!
    So thanks again for helping us that are new Independents sort out the BS.

  155. Tony DePhillips

    If you don’t come we are going to have a MAJOR SERV FAC battle!!

  156. Tony DePhillips

    Pretty amazing story Mat.

  157. +1

    Thoughtful Steve.

    You da man 🙂

  158. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Joe H. Hope to meet you at the party. I have always wanted to meet you. You are kind of a Scientology rock star having been in all those tech films. It would be great if you could come in a Sea Org officers uniform and give official amnesties to everyone, since you and a handfull of others are still representing what was good and honorable with the Sea Org.
    Not that we need a licenst to survive but it would be fun symbology.
    I don’t take anything too seriously.

  159. Tony DePhillips

    I like.
    Thanks for putting down the Kool Aide.
    You are a big thetan and it shows.

  160. I’m in full agreement with you Big H,

    I remember the Lil’ Rodent bragging about posting all these OT VIIIs at various “Ideal Orgs” at some event at the Shrine and wondering what other quals these people had other than the fact they were “OT VIII” while everyone else was applauding like trained seals.

    It made as much sense as posting a Senior C/S in Qual without any technical training at all because they just happened to be OT VIII.

    Like totally unreal.

    At that point I think I wanted to drop acid or something to feel like I was part of the audience.

    I mean were these people on drugs???????

    Definitely an out point noted.

  161. mrinder, perfect description…to the degree these OTasses keep agreeing, is to the degree this stays alive!

  162. Oh noooooooooo!!!!!!

    Not another ser fac battle!!!!!!!

    I think I’ve used them up on Mike 😉

    Now all I’ve got left is computations.

    Okay I’ll see if my PCs wanna do a road trip.

    Stay in touch and call off the hounds of Grade IV for now 🙂

  163. “By the way Hitler would have never gotten to where he’d gotten to if it wasn’t for the Rothchilds, Rockerfellers, JP Morgans, IG Farbens, Thule Society etc, etc.”

    True. Etc, etc = Henry Ford, J. Edgar Hoover, Vatican Mafia and more etc.

  164. And in 2004 you have five of the top tech terminals at ASHO, supposedly the top training org on the planet, standing around a video arguing about whether or not what they were looking at was or was not an F/N…doing this for over 15 minutes and never reaching a consensus.
    And not one of them botherd to ask what the PCs indicators were.

  165. Lil’ Dave emulating Big Jane now that’s funny 🙂

    Sorta proves out what Ron says in the PDCs about becoming what you resist.

    I betcha the lil’ guy cross dresses when no one’s lookin’

    ‘Ceptin Tom of course.

  166. From some inside skinny I got a while back.

    After the “Golden Age of OT” was released about 2/3s of all those on OT VII decided to pack it in or found something else to do than get in that squirrel cage.

  167. A tonnell of Love isn’t it?
    I can personally filter ALL of this DATA in less then a year. What a nut job. I mean, Who can’t??? Such BS!

    So it has to be a dis-ease (a something rather uncomfortable) A something else? We are closer to a Why. But I dare not say. My info says we are in the deep.

    Want a DM handling? Here’s a clue:
    Get him under Contract.

    Or let him be. (where I personally want him) ( we are stronger with him in Place. ) sorry. Truth is brutal ssometimes

  168. Summer Wind

    I got the strangest email from an org in southern California today:

    “There is something happening in the world that is of vital importance to every Scientologist in our area. It is insidious and is already affecting your daily life. It affects more directly an entire region of the U.S. You need to know what is happening so you can be at cause. We are changing conditions and that is what we as the IAS represent”
    Does anyone know what this is or means? Or Is it just a scare tactic to get even more money?

  169. Very important points on this blog.
    The big question mark is how to the Public swallow DM technology,
    DM Ethics, DM admin.

    Did these OT VIIs and VIIIs not see the way Miscavige was proclaiming himself as the new MESSIAH ?

    In the “BASICS” release event he all but said LRH versions were BAD COPIES. Full of ERRORS. LRH supposedly could not see the errors and did not have enough staff to correct the books.

    ONLY Miscavige in his wisdom and skill could give us flawless copies


    Nothing has offended me more than the phrase “The Blind Leading the Blind.” The delivery in the 70s and 80s were not BLIND, were not full of returns to Flag for CORRECTION and REPAIR, were not full of REFUNDS, were not tainted with the Golden Age of Technical Bullshit
    “Blind Leading the Blind” is Miscagive the Messiah ARROGANCE.

    Then one can ponder over why he goes free after Assault and Battery after ASSAULT and BATTERY, Felony after Felony, KIDNAP, Held against will, imprisoning SO members under the guise of “Ministerial Exception.”

    It was helpful and really indicated to read ~~
    A genius at Macheavellian maneuverings to take out potential threats to his power and greed.

    And I guess it doesn’t hurt to have the vulture sucking out of $$$$ from the Public so that his hoards of Private Investigators and Dirty Lawyers are well paid can protect him

  170. T Paine,

    That ol’ Hidden Data Line trick was pretty rampant around the PAC in the late ’80’s.

    Ya know LRH said in a confidential advice that….

    Except a lot of us Non-SO never fell for.

    In fact when someone with a lot a braid used to try and pull that trick on me I’d ask to see this “Advice” in writing like it says in the Policy.

    They’d say that I’m not bonded etc.

    I’d then say that I’ve got bonds that probably amount to more than Bill Gates combined income so let’s see it.

    At which point they’d go away in a huff shaking their boney finger at me.

    Probably one of the reasons they got rid of us in the early ’90’s

  171. Marty-I am so with you on this continuous listing question. Thanks for your insights !!!

  172. martyrathbun09

    The latter.

  173. I recall these two OT VIIIs at the Tampa test center. Here is a huge facility capable of handling around 100 students at a time, with three staff and all the high-tech gizmos in the testing area.
    In the five times I was there I saw one student. He walked in late and walked out early.
    I kept asking myself “how could this possibly be?” The answer, which I kept to myself for several years was simple.
    OT VIIIs do have good postulates. They do know they are dragging people into a cult that will remorselessly rip every dollar from them and yell at them and make them wrong and demean them.
    These OT VIIIs do know that. That’s why they kept the place empty.
    That’s why the idle orgs are empty. They can claim upstats by having nice mest, but most of them really don’t want to subject others to what they KNOW is in store for them.
    A few gleeful ones are into it, I’m sure, but most don’t IMHO.

    They just need to be coaxed into doing a REAL Doubt formula, and coaxed into Announcing Publicly. Takes courage. Takes balls. Pleeze you guys, do what Ron says and it’ll turn out alright.

  174. Well, I have a bit of a different take on this Les.

    I think those “OT VIIIs” were probably incompetent boobs. They were not trained. They had no confront. They couldnt Body Route and Disseminate to a new person if their life depended on it. They got certs on the wall, pins on their lapels and commendations in their ethics files all based on how much money they handed over. The old saying: “Money can’t buy you love.” There is a lesser known one that goes “Money can’t buy you competence” (I might have just invented that).

    I happen to know the person who did Body Route thousands of people into the Tampa Test Center. Personally. They had to replace him with 6 people when he finally got nuked for being unwilling to be a good boy. He was low on the grade chart, but high on the CHart of Human Evaluation.

  175. Exclusively a scare tactic.

    They are probably going to brief everyone that Texas and Washington have been invaded by the Marcabs and they need money fast to finish the new Ideal Bunker for Dear Leader to duck, cover and hold in.

  176. OTDT,

    Let’s not forget those who enthusiastically purchased Mine Rant while he was doing 6 months “hard time” for treason against the Weimar Republic.

  177. Sapere Aude

    WH and Yvonne,
    This is so very very true. The flow has started – the few shall become the many – each has the correct gradient of steps of confronting to be completed. Those with the ability to live, to see and to tolerate nothing but the truth shall persevere along this road to truth. They are goodness encapsulated. Clear the cobwebs from their vision and watch the truth shine.

    Yvonne, you stated it so well: “Grant them some beingness and they will be with us soon.”

    And Windhorse followed with the second valid point of “Each of us was once “IN” — and most of us never would have dreamed that one day we’d be separated from the “official church” –”.

    As spoken before

    “Rise, and rise again;
    Until lambs become lions.”

  178. Very well stated Yvonne. Most of our friends are there because they were searching just as we have searched … for the truth. They will eventually cognite. My transition was very fast. I was ripe and one little shove over the edge and it all lined up. Wow! Ziiiiippppp! Done!
    I postulate for my friends a swift realization. Be it so.

  179. Wow Mike,

    Something we agree on 🙂

    This has gotta be a first.

    Just kidding.

    We actually agree on quite a lot.

    Anyway Summer Wind it’s an old tactic called “making shit up”.

    They call it “scare heading” but really it’s pure unadulterated BS.

    These guys are so far below knowing where cats are going to jump to not even knowing what an actual cat looks like.

    File it under D for delusion and get on with your life.

  180. barneyrubble


    I am with you on this one re the recall of the 80’s up to the 90s in PAC. We are on Q on that equation.

  181. Scott Campbell

    1.1 is his social tone.

  182. 🙂

  183. Not to mention his so called “friends” Karen.

    Though I think the guy’s teflon is wearing kinda thin these days.

    Could be this big thing affecting the West Coast that the IAS is yammering about 🙂

    If only!!!!!!

    Anyway Karen that “blind leading the blind” was a total wrong indication, wrong why, wrong item, wrong wrong.

    Miscavige should get a special prize in hell for giving more people an out list in Scientology than anyone history in the history of the subject.

    Of course we both know what his item on an S&D would be 🙂

  184. My thoughts exactly.

  185. Scott Campbell

    Literal avatars of the Ev Perp phenomena.

  186. I’m laughing.
    You’re probably right.

  187. Scott Campbell

    More like “Mass Hypnosis”.

  188. RJ: He doesnt do S&Ds, only S&Ms.

  189. I think you have nailed the crux of the matter. Most of us sought out “help” from the CoS for one thing or another, and got some real help. Some of us went on to learn how to give help as well, and accepted the “reality distortion fields” as a necessary exigency to maintain an atmosphere in which it could be done. O\W only enters the scene when help fails. The early help and wins was the “glue” that kept us there despite the occaisional experiences of failed help. Under DM, Help has become Betrayal. And all of his products are overt products. Those that have given the most money are now committed to that group as they have majorly “contributed to the motion”. It takes a great deal of humility to admit that one was “mistaken” after so much investment of time and money. But the thing is, they may “lose” the money, but they will get their case gains back.

  190. Scott Campbell

    Sinar, my Culinary Creationist,

    I thought it was really cool too. Might re-post a “blast from the past” every now and then.

    I’m sure “Just Me” likes a little TR-3!

    L, Scott

  191. Now, of course, that includes a lot more than just the materials of Dianetics and Scientology. His writings, his letters, etc. But still—well, one day we’ll figure that out. We just keep going. (Laughter.)

    This tells me DM has not yet gone through all the materials in the archives to be released.

    We know many tape lectures from the archives had been restored and were released a few years ago, and we know that more is yet expected to be released.

    Not putting 2 + 2 together what TECHNICAL DEGRADES/KSW has to do with this.

    There is no reference in this transcript about revising anything or about any version of his tech. It stated “as time goes by and you finally get through all of the Archives”.

    Although its possible that fantastic quantities of LRH data exists and he simply hasn’t been able to complete it, 25 years is way to long.

    Either he has staffing problems, or making Tech restoration releases a carrot-dangling operation forever instead of getting on with it and getting it all done.

  192. And I thought you were a Pastafarian!

  193. martyrathbun09

    You mean done what he announced WAS done in 1989, 1993, and several other times?

  194. When I was doing an obnosis drill one time, I spotted a guy at 1.1 across the street. By the time he reached me, and I gave him a cheerful hello, he gave it right back cheerfully. I was confused a moment, thinking I had been mistaken. Then I realized that the 1.1 is very good at mimicking tone levels he’s observed, when he sees them being useful to him.
    When DM is being 1.5 or 1.8, it is possible he is only pretending to be that high so as to dominate those just a bit lower than that. I am not saying that someone like Mike or Marty were chronically lower than DM’s put-on bravado, but they must have dropped some notches at least temporarily to stand there and let him beat them.
    How does that seem to you-all?

  195. Karen#1 you wrote, “Then one can ponder over why he goes free after Assault and Battery after ASSAULT and BATTERY, Felony after Felony, KIDNAP, Held against will, imprisoning SO members under the guise of “Ministerial Exception.”
    This has been a question for me: when did the concept of separation of church and state change? It seems to me that it was instituted not just to make it so that the government would not invalidate people’s religions, but also so that religion could not be above the law as it had been in England, in Catholic countries, etc. Yet here we have religion once more posing itself as being above the law–“you can’t touch me, I’m a religion and I can do anything I want.” It is a perversion of the intention.

  196. Well Lynne there is actually a pretty good description of this phenomenon in Science of Survival.

    I’m not exactly sure which chapter but if you look under “dominate”, “nullify” and the “hurdy gurdy technique” in the index you should be able to find it.

  197. Scott Campbell

    Tell me about it. My wife Karry was the KTL/LOC lead sup on the Freewinds for the broad public release during MV anniversary 1990.

    Her team also got 40 or so other KTL/LOC delivery teams through at ITO before firing back to the ship to deliver it to Freewinds public. She also had a personal charge to write up any outpoints or mistakes in the materials or delivery of these courses. There were still corrections needed on the KTL materials after they were released. She had to persist through tremendous CI to get these handled.

    She encountered the same type of outpoints that you did and every time she would write them up she would then get hit. Karry however is made of sterner stuff and all you have to do is find anyone who has been in her courseroom to see what kind of product she delivers.

  198. Hey Marty,

    You forgot 87 when they released Botwo the Squirrel’s version of the Tech under the rubric of the Life Improvement Courses and 91 when they rewrote the Tech and OEC Vols to blame…er …I mean give him credit for stuff that he never even wrote.

    I mean that eagle eye of Miscavige is something else ain’t it?

    Just for fun guys.

    Just grab a seta “old” Tech Vols and newer ones and compare the Auditor Admin Series.

    The originals save a few were originally BTBs that magically became HCOBs in the newer ones.

    Beats the hell outa loaves and fishes don’t it?


  199. Tom said: “It takes a great deal of humility to admit that one was “mistaken” after so much investment of time and money. ”
    True, and I oughta know! But the only alternative once you find out what’s going on is to hit yourself in the head with a rock until you’re unconscious enough again to dive back into the koolaid.

  200. Wait, there’s a symphony in your signature line, OTDT. Yes, it’s:

    D D D M: D D D M: D D D M—–

    D D D M: D D D M: D D D M—–

    D D D Mmmmm: D D D Mmmmm: D D D M: M: M!

    (Add the melody of the classical piece used in Saturday Night Fever.)

  201. I’m not current on the specifics … when, where or what. It had always been my understanding that the Tech Restoration Project was so huge it would take decades to complete. But I don’t have any Facts on it. So I can’t answer your question.

    But DM should have given the member-base an Indication of whatever Workload was still ahead, or how much, even if in Terms of Percentage, was still to go. Mystery Sandwiches we can do without.

    As I mentioned in a Post on another Thread, its not cool to go around changing the Tech every other Tuesday because of something else newly found in the archives, and now everybody has to do some Course/Auditing all over again.

    If that is the Way DM thinks things should go, time to get someone a little more competent behind the Wheel.

    My biggest Issue is that DM and his small clique of corroborators have access to all the original Scientology Materials in the Archives, but the member-base is not allowed to see them. No matter how huge and endless the archive is, with today’s technology, its but a few months with high-end scanning techniques to copy all the archive materials so we can see them for ourselves. In this fashion no one needs to wait for his highness to get on with anything.

    Case in Point: DM apparently went back to the original LRH source writings on the Basic Books and he himself personally blah blah …

    Well, I don’t give shit what DM personally did, I want to see the original writings he had access to that resulted in the release of the Basics.

  202. Yeah Barney,

    Those were the days 😉

    Actually there was no altruistic intent behind my refusal to get behind “command intention” or whatever.

    I just had a natural hatred for people wearing lanyards and walked around like they owned the fucking place.

    Sorta reminded me of the GO.

    I mean what were they going to do to me?

    Slap me in irons?

    Though I tried to be nice when I euphemistically told ’em to go fuck themselves 🙂

  203. Hmm, sorry, I have to disagree here amigo.

    Incompetent because they can’t body-route on the one hand yet somehow managed to be competent enough to figure out how to make enough money to pay for the entire Bridge (including their spouses in most cases) pay a mortgage, keep kids in school (often expensive private) medical, taxes, cars, insurance…AND make Patron & whatever other phony statuses cooked up, promoted and sold by “competent” staff?
    AND, be on course, go to Flag aprox. 4 weeks a year (with accomo’s & intensives paid for of course), volunteer on the OTC…
    And go out to dinner or take a trip with the fam from time to time???

    Haven’t seen many ex-SO or former high-flying Scientology executives be all that successful in the real world. At least not if measured by a similar yardstick as OT VII’s & VIII’s failing in the org schema.

    That their very high purpose has been corrupted, as Yvonne pointed out above, and they were willing to risk all they have built for a greater good, deserves respect.

    And DM’s manipulation of this element, to sow dissension and guarantee failure by pimping a lot of good people, using them up, and discarding when done, is an exclamation point to Marty’s post topic.
    Clever boy indeed.
    All part of the evil rabbit hole we’ve fallen into.

    My dear o’l dad used to say: “there’s two sides to every story”
    The old staff V. public make-wrong thingy is part of the dark.

  204. +1 Mike,

    I agree with every word you wrote.

    This has been my experience with false VIIIs too.

    (The rare exception is OTDT of course and many of the *trained* OT VIIIs I’ve met.

    But for some strange reason they’d wind up in “ethics trouble”.)

    Tons-o-money and absolutely no sense.

  205. Ah, yes, “Shogun”. Visions of DM buried in the sand up to his neck, with a bamboo handsaw laying there next to him….

    Did you see Tom Cruise’s “The Last Samurai” ? Good movie that was underrated in the USA, but I believe was appreciated more in Japan and that part of the world.

    Koreans are another tough as nails bunch who still live by that type of code.

    There were ROK (South Koreans) in Vietnam working with the US army and our guys were in awe of them with good reason.

  206. David — That’s a lot of assumptions you made. How do you know they werent bankrupt and had irresponsbly borrowed hundreds of thousands to pay for their certs? Or had some WISE rip off group pay for them? The only thing you DO know from the informaton provided is that they couldnt get anyone into the Test Center and onto service. Doesnt sound too competent to me. I dont believe in any staff v. public make-wrong. I have met a lot of incompetent staff and a lot of competent public. One thing I do know, you can’t make that judgment based on the certs and lapel pins they have. Only based on products.

  207. Very,very well said and I believe all that you said is true.

  208. Actually more plausible than the idea that a high school drop out with no understanding of the subject of Scientology could seize control of the entire Scientology network all by his little lonesome.

  209. LRH wrote for 30 years … that’s 11,000 days.
    Lets say he wrote 30 pages day.
    Some 4,000 lectures (so I’m told) @ 30 pages per tape transcript.

    That’s maybe 500,000 pages. Lets’ add 50% overheard, or stuff written by others per LRH’s instructions. Lets add another 250,000 to most definitely make it into the overkill zone.

    1,000,000 pages in the archive, lets just say.

    Pro Scanning equipment can easily render each page to 25KB into the PDF format and keep it razor sharp and clear.

    That’s 25 GBs of Data … about the same as on your average Bluray Movie Disk.

    Everyone could have a copy of the entire Scientology archive on 1 single optical disk playable on virtually any computer without any specialized software.

    plus …

    4,000 lectures losslessly compressed to FLAC … = 400 GB’s (8 Bluray Disks)

    And all of that will amply fit on most current Harddrives. Some custom gold-plated BD-Rs will last several hundred years ($200), some even longer, so you can pass on a copy to your great grandchildren.

    But we are told it takes tunnels full of Stainless steel platters underground to “safeguard” the Tech.

    There are safes now available that will withstand virtually any atomic blast at ground zero. Not cheap, but they’re out there.

    So wouldn’t it be a much better “Tech Safeguard” policy is everyone had a copy of the Archive?

  210. Well actually Dave.

    One is a DB and the other one’s an SP.

    I’ll let you guess which one 🙂

  211. Bert Schippers

    Thanks Joe for that comment. I couldn’t agree more! And don’t forget that they’ve bankrupted the field!!

  212. Ha ha, the first post I held in an org was body routing in downtown San Francisco. It’s definitely a drill and a process unto itself.

  213. They must have done strange things with KTL. I was on it at ITO in 1982.

  214. crashingupwards

    Lynne, no sense in throwing good money after bad, right. And waking up is different for everyone. I focused on the vanity trap which fit in with the blog article. And that is a trap for many, not all. Tom and yourself mentioned the need for humility which also shows that ones pride and vanity are under control. Two sides of the same coin. And Yvonne mentioned the help we received and the help button we gave on, all factors in our scientology journey.
    There is certainly not any one reason or formula for waking up and walking out. Everyone is different on a variety of levels. So are our factors which lead to the decision to leave the church. As Windhorse said, each of us was once IN. There is no judgement leveled on those yet to see the light. Who amongst us wants to be judged. Lets just hope its sooner rather than later when they arrive. And arrive they will.

  215. “I happen to know the person who did Body Route thousands of people into the Tampa Test Center.”

    I met that guy a few times. I knew his father quite well.

    I’ve walked by that test center in Ybor a bunch of times, always empty of public. I ran into a guy in Ybor who had gone in for a personality test and a two-hour consultation and he told me he kept asking them, “Well, what IS Scientology?” and they never told him. He might as well have been on a tour of a cigar factory.

    Now it’s closed, presumably replaced by the new gigantic and empty Ybor Square building which is an entire square block of renovated brick emptiness which they obtained by lying to the city for their occupancy permit. It does have nice brick, though.

  216. OTDT — Thanks. Yeah, I am sure its the same guy. A legend in Tampa.
    I have been past that old Test Center many times ( I always check it when I go to Ikea or anywhere in Ybor — the Comedy Club is 50 yards away) and though I can’t stop and go in (usually being tailed by 3 or 4 cars so they can jump out and stop me from “trespassing”) it has never had a SINGLE person in it visible from the front windows that stretch across the entire building. Now you can’t see into the new building….

  217. Thanks for the comment, RJ. I actually felt like my original comment may have “fallen on deaf ears.” Now I see it hadn’t.

    Remember the LRH materials about posting an org board? (Sorry, don’t have them to hand and am writing from memory.)

    Didn’t it go post, name, training, processing?

    For example: HGC Admin
    Joe Blow SSII, Cl II, Clear

    In some cases it would now look like:

    Executive Director
    Joe Blow SSII, M-1 Co-Audit, OT VIII

    But then, I don’t even know if there’s a posted org board in the orgs these days. H

  218. martyrathbun09

    In those releases of the Tech Vols and the OEC, he announced unequivocally that HE had achieved the END of revisions and new issues. That was presented as if he had achieved LRH’s legacy for him. That is what I meant the other night on the IRS “achievement” being one of many he claimed as stepping stones to unquestioned power for him.

  219. Summer Wind

    –So he’s like a dirty politician “never let a crisis go to waste” Just like he did with 9-11. Thanks guys!

  220. Joe, you are indeed a Scientology rock star and not just for your tech film starring roles. For many other reasons as well, not the least of which is your prowess on the golf course about which much has been spoken and written on this blog and elsewhere.

    I love Tony’s idea of you showing up at the party in your SO uniform. I’d love to be there to say hi but unfortunately that will have to wait. Unless of course Marty allows us under the radar types to show up wearing Lone Ranger masks, Clark Kent glasses or other suitable disguises.

  221. Exactly Marty,

    I remember him saying at the event that they now had the correct technology as if that step had been achieved by him and RTC.

    In fact the later ’07 event was almost an exact replay of the earlier ’91 event.

    Funny how many of the OT VIIIs applauding his later corrections as in “The Basics” seemed to be suffering from amnesia at that event.

  222. H,

    I can’t remember the last time I saw an org board posted in the reception area per policy.

    It seems org boards faded out of use in the late ’90’s when the self proclaimed “Finder of Lost Technology” lost the technology and developed the “hey you” Org Board.

    Not that mattered since musical chairs had pretty much infected the whole organization.

  223. OTDT,

    They probably need all that space for their RTC approved Fac 1 implanter and moving screen cinema 🙂

  224. Foremost,

    What you write here is too well intentioned especially since those who want a monopoly on the technology are not.

    Also they wouldn’t be able have their favored sock puppet Miscavige give the impression that he has made “new discoveries” or proclaim that he found new “lost tech” that he can bilk his gullible public for at such an extravagant price or dangle OT IX-XV in front of them like a carrot on a stick to keep ’em paying the IAS and for Ideal Orgs.

    Ron talks about this sort of thing in “Essay on Management”.

  225. Wow! I had no idea. Now I’ve got it. H

  226. 2ndxmr

    You said: “These people may be too unsure of their own ability to duplicate – or too lazy to try to duplicate ”

    If you consider the data and observations of Marty’s post and others, it seems that much of the effort of Miscavige is bent on creating those exact effects. Even if a person starts out relatively rational and observant, being continually bombarded by “bombastic utterances designed to overwhelm ones own reality”, he will become “pliable” and start doubting his reality. Desiring to be “admired” and to be “in agreement” with his fellows, he will often give up his determinism, bit by bit, until he is totally “other determined”

    Why do so many people look back and say “I thought it must be ME that was wrong”? Well….I believe that that was exactly the product that was intended.
    If I rebember correctly, one of the items on the list of “bad indicators” is…..”increased uncertainty of own reality” ( or some such phrase). It is the key product of “Black Dianetics”. Coupled with hypnotic commands, and backed up with force, or threats of force, or unconfrontable loss, you have a perfect robot assembly line.


  227. outethicsofficer

    DM may be ‘unoriginal’ he does however hold the reins! My step daughter is in CMO at Flag and she spits fire over our stand in relation to the C of $ and DM, how do you break through the conditioning, the OTs ‘know it is sacrilege’ to listen to the detractors.


  228. Have you tried applying the HCOB ‘You Can Be Right’ ?

  229. Publius~Confusion. The condition applies to ALL levels of training and ALL case states.

  230. Pingback: End of Days | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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