Why Come Out Now? – Greta Eckhoff Alexander


Rapunzel got the knots out of her hair, braided it and is climbing out of the tower window…..

I am here = Crime no 1.

I have duplicated what has been, is happening in the Cof$ and the history of Scientology = Crime no 2.

Despite a DM bot strongly advising me NOT to post on this blog I dared to communicate here and defied the implied threat of what would happen to me if I did = Crime no 3.

Time permitting I have occasionally posted under a temp name of ‘IndieNow’. From now on it will be ‘ZEPHYR 101’.

I have felt as a part of this group for a year now. After applying LRH’s “PERSONAL INTEGRITY” (Ability Issue 125) to my situation this was the only acceptable choice. I was a “Closet Indie” and was afraid to lose my old friends. Now I have decided it is better to look forward to finding new friends who are not afraid to look, see and accept the truth.

Following the “Red Radish-Principle” -that was applied in East Germany before the Berlin wall came down, appearing red on the outside to blend in with the communistic trends but being white on the inside- worked for a while. Then it dawned on me that that there are better choices here, like taking a stand. One inspiration came from my local park: VICTORY OVER VIOLENCE – ONE OF THE GREATEST CRIMES OF ALL IS TO STAND SILENT IN THE FACE OF WRONGDOING. SANTYANA.

Having been in the Sea Org for 27 years and being a trained NOT’s C/S, mid OT VII, I have seen and experienced a lot. It took me almost 2 months to wade through the data presented on the Internet, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, lies from truths and then connecting the dots to my personal experiences. I will touch on some of these in “MY SCIENTOLOGY ADVENTURE”, at  http://www.scientology-cult.com/greta-eckhoff-alexander.html

It was amazing to look back and see how I spotted many of the off policy, the out-tech points at that time. While I then protested, wrote KRs or crammings orders I was nevertheless often quite reasonable or simply apathetic about those situations. Looking back and as-ising some of my own failures brought about great Tone Arm Action and a renewed zest for the subject of Scientology and life. Call it a rehabilitation for what is good and workable in Scientology.

I have now completed my Doubt Formula in writing and want to thank the terminals who helped me along. Ah, it is a two-terminaled universe!

As per The Way to Happiness, Precept 10: SUPPORT A GOVERNMENT DESIGNED AND RUN FOR ALL THE PEOPLE, now knowing that the Scientology ‘Government’ is NOT run for all Scientologists I hereby withdraw my support of it.

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  1. Michael Fairman

    It is an honor to be the first to congratulate you. Welcome to the fresh air of ideas freely expressed and where good people flourish.


  2. Hello Greta.

    Great to know you story.

    Happy to have such a trained being here.

    Your communication will help a lot to others.

    Saludos Amiga

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  3. Wonderful news!

    As we all expected, another stellar, trained OT is among our ranks. I sense more are on the way.

    Izzy? Are you reading this? Look – don’t listen, Izzy.

    The ever shrinking universe of DM-ology just got another kick in the groin. LRH just got another OT for the cause. Somewhere, on the outer rim, LRH is smiling.

    Thank you, Marty and friends, for bringing this wonderful news to us.

  4. Greta,

    How wonderful to see you here! I will be sure to read your blog. ml, Laura Ann

  5. Woot hoot! Greta, you wouldn’t remember me as I wasn’t really supposed to talk to you but, I remember you from CC int during the time when I was the ED of CC Chicago. I spent a fair amount of time there. As soon as I opened this up and saw your picture I was thrilled.

    How great to hear your story. I am so happy that you are out and speaking up to be counted. Thank you!

    I look forward to learning more from you.

  6. Welcome Greta!
    Thank you for the awesome announcement and wonderful to have you here. Well done on chosing to stick with your integrity! It is the best decision you can make.
    You are amongst friends. True friends.
    Welcome, again.

  7. Dear Greta,

    Congratulations to Coming Out and a BIG WELCOME to the Indies. You will be amazed with how fast you meet new friends that really care. I loved what you stated about friends: “it is better to look forward to finding new friends who are not afraid to look, see and accept truth.”
    I would love to be one of your new Indie friends. I admire you for your COURAGE to stand up for your Independence and Freedom!!!!!
    Much Love, Lori

  8. Scott Campbell

    Hi Greta,

    Welcome out!

    It’s great to see more and more veteran scientologists deciding to come out in the open and declare their independence. I know what you mean about achieving a new zest for scientology and life.

    Thank you for your friendship and support.

    L, Scott

  9. Greta
    Your cat has an identical twin! he looks just like ‘Roger’ the cat who decided to move in with me last year.

  10. I was a “Closet Indie” and was afraid to lose my old friends. Now I have decided it is better to look forward to finding new friends who are not afraid to look, see and accept the truth.

    Isn’t it wonderful being in present time! Every time I hear that someone has chosen to reach again with Scientology rather than contract with the church it rekindles all that is great ablout Scientology! Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Indies!

  11. Greta,

    You’ve done the right thing and I thank you for speaking out.

    Those of us who support the end of COB are growing daily due to people like yourself having personal integrity to the point of telling the full truth as you observe it.


  12. The things people will do to get invited to the greatest picnic of all time!!!

    Just kidding! Congrats, Greta! As the Aussies say,”Good on ya, Mate!”
    It really is quite liberating, the feeling you get coming out and openly hold true to your personal Code of Honor and being first and foremost… true to yourself!

    Being a C/S, you know better than most of us, Scientology Tech… and what it means to be able to openly USE the Tech, as Ron intended everyone to do! I’ll bet your Ivory Tower feels a little bit lighter and friendlier from now on too!

    Power to you! All the best and good luck in your future endevors!
    John in Texas

  13. WindWalker

    Dear Greta/Zepher101

    Thank you for coming forth to join us here.
    It is wonderful, is it not, to get the resurgence from understanding and then standing up for what you believe in?
    You did it before when you became a Scientologist in the first place, and now you have done it again. I am guessing that your basic goals, intentions and viewpoint have not changed. More likely just reaffirmed.
    I am glad that your reassessment of the situation within the Church has brought you to us.
    Eric S

  14. Hi Greta!

    Welcome home!

  15. Luis Garcia

    Dear Greta,

    I so welcome you with open arms! Your display of integrity in stating the truth as you see it, will help others to do the same. Congratulations and welcome to the Indies!


  16. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Greta,
    It’s always such an inspiration seeing power Thetans doing the right thing.
    Welcome to the “outies” of the ” Indies”.
    You want new friends? You got them!!
    Hope you can make it to the party in July. It will be a blast!!

  17. Hi Greta,
    Thank you for taking this step. It is a very big step and also will help many others in their search for “the right thing to do”.
    It has been said before but bears repeating, the only power DM has is the power to keep others in fear.
    Putting your name on the Indie 500 list and posting here, takes that fear factor away.
    Again, thanks for coming out and please consider me a friend.

  18. Welcome to the bright side of the road, Greta. Out! Out! Out! Up and away!

  19. Claudio Lugli

    Ciao Greta
    your story was very intense! we are really happy you are free and Indipendent.
    Anytime you want to come back to Italy, please let us know!
    You will be always welcome here,
    Ciao, a presto


  20. Greta,
    What amazing experiences you’ve had … and all over the western world (I also read your full write-up at Steve’s site)! It’s great having you here. I loved reading how you ultimately kept your knowingness and integrity in regarding GAT, and how you connected all the dots which led you out of the SO. I wish for you every happiness and fulfillment in your life. All the best to you! And Welcome!

  21. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Great Greta!!!

    What a Great announcement. OT style!!! Concise and powerful!! Says it all. Thanks for joining your true friends… we are all here, fighting a good fight! You join US now in the Open. Wish others can do the same fast now!

  22. Greta, Your story is amazing. It makes my heart sing & dance. Your tenacity, perserverence and committment make me so proud to now have you out in the Indie field. Perhaps now our paths will cross. I would love very much to have you come to Austin Texas — quite a pleasure I’d have to show you around and get in comm. ml, Kay

  23. Alex Braverman

    “The truth will set you free!”

    Welcome Greta & Congratulations!

    “One a day is all we ask.”

  24. Greta,

    Well done on joining the ranks of the proud and the unspoiled. Good to see you again – a fellow survivor of the Jennifer DeVoct PAC mission. Your C/Sing skills are very welcomed and very important out here. Please contact me (get my info from Eileen).

    ML Tom

  25. Wow, Greta, what a great write-up. Welcome! We embrace you as you have embraced us. L, H


  27. Awesome! Good to have you! Another battle-hardened vet. The amount of dedication and contribution that DM is absolutely wasting and destroying is unbelievable to me. Welcome home.

  28. It is, isn’t Mike? Home. I said the same thing, and I mean it!

  29. Nice write up Greta Thank you for sharing

  30. Welcome Greta.

    I knew Jens a bit and it sounds just like him to recruit you after 2 weeks in scientology. He seems to have spotted what a power house you already were and would become.

    The beauty of leaving corporate scientology is that all the wins that were suppressed come flooding back, the knowledge gained was never lost and the future is yours for the creating.


  31. Hi Greta,
    Please count me as one of your new friends! Expanded comm-lines, not shrunken ones, will be the new order of the day!

  32. Hi Greta.

    I rarely if ever have gotten to communicate with a real NOT’s C/S so on that remarkable note alone, hi honey, and welcome.

    Isn’t it just bal*s that all of these people are just walking right out the front doors of the Church of Scientology and never returning INSTEAD of the church’s books walking off of their shelves and brining in new people?

    There is always some good news here on Marty’s BLOG and yours is no exception.

    So, welcome.

  33. Welcome Greta, Well done. Twenty Seven years in the SO, thank you for your service.
    You are definately among many friends here!

  34. Cowboy Poet

    Thanks for showin up here!
    Good to know once bitten, twice shy doesn’t apply to you. It would never feel right, would it?
    Have fun!

  35. Greta, It’s wonderful to see new faces standing up. Very well done. I can’t help but think of ‘what would Ron do’. I know what he would do and you did it. I know it feels good to stand up. To be free of the ‘Church’. Even though you were a ‘closet’ Indie you were just that much PTS. Your life is going to change for the better because of this. Your new friends won’t disconnect from you and the old Scientology atmosphere will be rekindled.
    Welcome home! Love

  36. OMG! So many wonderful welcoming statements from up and down the time track. It truly feels like finally getting ‘HOME’. Thank you all very much.

  37. Congratulations GRETA !
    High Fives and Kudos to you.
    Warm welcome to the Indie community and a New Life !

  38. Hi Greta-Welcome to the sane side of Scientology. It is so great that you are so highly trained-the more the merrier!!!

  39. Welcome, Greta, and well done! Thanks for a beautiful Rapunzel analogy.
    And thank you, Marty.
    Love, Rich

  40. Wonderful story Greta…. and I read your whole story on the other weblog that you linked your story to. Very nice. Thanks.

    No one can thank you enough for the time you spent in the SO helping so many people. Thank you sooo much!!!!! There are many, many people who would thank you here, if they were not drinking the kool aid! Some day they will. So, I do it for them. Thanks Greta.

    I have the same time “in” the Church as you and similar case level, but I did not do all of your training and I did not spend so much time in the SO as a staff member. My favorite people at AOSH EU in the early 70’s were Hanne Nelsen the Qual Sec and Yvonne Larssen Ad Course supervisor and Ken Denderfield at pubs.. it was a wonderful time then. Our red on white issues came clearly identified as LRH:nt not the bullshit un-source mis-source and off-source DM promotes today! Ugh!

    We love you Greta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  41. Yvonne Schick

    Hello, Greta. Welcome to your new life. You may be amazed at the joys ahead of you. Quite a tale you have. I am not highly trained technically and it is always so reassuring to me to see those who are come out here as independent Scientologists. May you enjoy the pleasure of many new friends. Much love, Yvonne

  42. Sam,
    Ah, these red guys……
    4 years ago I got adopted on a walk by this red fur ball that walked between my feet for a mile to my car and hopped in and at home hopped out and joined the family.
    If Roger is red is he also an avid hunter? Stubborn without limits? If so he must be Irish too!

  43. SaveTheTech
    Thank you!
    I DO remember Ken Delderfield from AOSHEU&AF. Meant to ask him about these changing book covers. I thought LRH was very specific that they were to be as then designed, R6 images. But I don’t have a specific LRH ref for that.

  44. Yvonne
    Thanks. I am VERY much looking forward to some good changes in the future bringing much joy indeed.

  45. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Greta – Your story is amazing. Thank you so much for making your announcement and telling us about your adventure! It means so much to all of us here and gives courage to others. Welcome.

  46. Tom M
    Thanks Tom. I talked to Eileen and will do so again to get your contact data. Then WE can talk!

  47. Cindy Pinsonnault
    Thank you Cindy. That is what it is about, give courage so others can join us and help end the COB reign.

  48. Seeking4know

    Hello! And welcome!

  49. Greta,

    Glad you made it through and out the other side!

    Great write ups. Great example to others.



    You and your beautiful cat friend are welcome.

    Loved your write up.


  51. Greta,

    Welcome back.
    Its great to have you aboard and your timing couldnt be better!
    Is anyone counting??


  52. Sapere Aude

    Welcome to the world of free beings! I read the entire story and you are truly an amazing lady. You now walk in the world of the last free OT’s. Thank you for everything you have done for and with Scientology in support of the legacy of LRH. He would be proud of you and your honest stand. Give the kitty a treat too. He also has come out and become part of the group.

  53. Yay Greta! Thank you for speaking out. I hope to meet you soon! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  54. Ahh Great,

    I remember you at St. Hill in 1990 when you were helping the UC … great to see you again!

    I read your story on Steve’s site … ahh well, the future is looking much brighter now!

    Thanks for being here.


  55. Hey Haydn, I remember you from INT,
    Jack, Byron, Sapere Aude, Christie,

    Thank you all for your genuine warm welcome. This is a lot better than being in the twilight zone!
    I hope there will be more parties around to catch up in the physical universe and get things going.
    P.S. Obi (red cat) is a pretty good detective and just rounded me up at a neighbor….

  56. martyrathbun09

    David Leblow and crew are currently in Ingleside Texas. Jim Lynch and the Freedumb crew are stalking Mike in Tarpon Springs Florida. That means, we are drawing the heat. We are literally writing David Miscavige’s daily battle plans for him – and he is in lock step compliance. It also means that while the right and third coasts are crawling with gnats the rest of the globe is free to stand up and sound off. It is time to start standing up being counted like Greta. Leblow, et al are becoming a sorrier joke day by day, in direct proportion to the number of folks who stand up and sound off. Major tipping point forming up pre-Indies Day. Be part of it.

  57. Barney Rubble


    Great too see you again . Well Done. I wondered what happened to you, as I hadn’t seen you since 1998. I trust you will be posting your email address. Will get in touch with you soon.

    Dont worry you have many friends over here on the good side.

  58. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Greta.
    Just read your full story. WOW!!
    Glad to have you on our side.

  59. I am ravish and happy for you to get in a sudden, so many friends and beautiful acknowledgment ! You deserve it !

    As we can see, your are applying pretty well ”JOY OF CREATION”

    Bravo, thank you, welcome and wishing you happy days for years to come


  60. Tony DePhillips

    Isn’t there anything we can do to stop this harrasment Marty??

  61. Barney Rubble
    Hmmm, help me out here, 1998….. where did we meet?
    My email address is with the “My Scientology Adventure”-article on Steve’s website.

  62. Marty, Tony Dephillips, thetalibre,
    Thanks guys /gals (?).
    I DO apply “JOY OF CREATION”, though the priorities could use some adjustment…….

  63. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    This is fantastic! Boy do I remember you. I’m gonna guess you remember me…..

    Thank you for exercising what I knew you had in you all along….. Integrity and Freedom of Choice! There is something about a CS you represented so well for me.. Peace and Competence about life. You, Schobels, Dan and Sue Koon, Ray, Gelda and a hand full of others always represented that for me. Even if it was in the RPF! Ha!

    Look forward to seeing and laughing with you Greta!

    — Jackson

  64. Welcome, Greta.

    Thanks so much for publishing your adventure. There is truly a multiple viewpoint system in place here. Truth being spoken from so many different vantages is as-ising the mass that our prior third dynamic has become. What is emerging is a new and vibrant free-being comm system that cannot be alloyed because the purpose is freedom and the tone is far too high to op-term with invitations to individuate.

    There are a tremendous number of pcs and pre OTs who are rapidly approaching the NOTs band. Are you planning on activating your emeter or your ivory tower?

    So good to have you here.


  65. And the “squirrel busting” OT Asses are out visiting Karen DeLac tonite making fools of themselves too.

    Obviously they are in panic mode. Dear Leader doesnt know whether to shit or wind his watch, “You had better do SOMETHING you useless pieces of shit — I dont care, anything is better than nothing (I do think he believes that!) and spare no expense — I got plenty of money, but I dont have many friends and I dont need more of them bailing on me. I dont care if you dont have anyone left in OSA, get some OT Asses, get Lablow, get that out-of-work actor guy — heel, if you need to, go pay some homeless people to stand in front of their houses!” It’s “Desperation Dave” running around like a rat on the titanic. And in the midst of this, another pubolic announcement. Oh what a rotten day!!

    But it is qute remarkable how the footbullets keep on rolling — today Minerva/Bozo the Clown managed to get word about their antics spread far and wide in the legal community of Pinellas County. Of course, he is oblivous who it is that he is pissing off and how the connections work.

    It is reallty interesting to watch — when people ask “Who are those assholes” all you need say is “They are out of work actors/PIs hired by the Church of Scientology to try to intimidate whistleblowers” and the knowing nods, derisive sneers and “you want me to go beat the shit out of them?” comments start flowing. I think its probably good that Minerva/Bozo has a large bodyguard with him. Someone chased him off with a shotgun today… And there are a lot of locals just waiting for an excuse to pop the smarmy little weasel. Pinellas County hasnt exactly rolled out the welcome mat for Minerva.

    I suspect Dave Lablow is about as welcome as a turd in a punchbowl down in San Patricio County.

    Sucks being a flunkie for a boss that everyone despises….

    But with all that said — the real message is this.

    Independent Scientology is driving Miscavige to ever more irrational and over-the-top antics which in turn drive more people away. ANd that gets his blood pressure soaring more than anything is seeing more of his flock disappearing before his very eyes.

    So, well done Greta for today.

    Who is going to step forward tomorrow?

  66. Barney Rubble

    Just emailed you.

  67. Marty,
    Thanks for the update. David Miscavige the footnuker is doing the same loser antics using proven losers and hoping & praying for better results?

    Thomas Paine says this about you and Mike:
    “The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.”

  68. Greta/Zephyr,

    Welcome to the Indies!

    Your story on Steve’s blog is pretty incredible and brought up a lot of memories. Somehow I missed seeing you at Gilman the times you were there due to working on different projects off base. From about 82 on, LRH wanted to come back on lines at the base & many facilities such as the Music studio were built. There were mainly two guys who opposed this – David Miscavige and Pat Broeker and these two SPs managed to prevent LRH from returning to the Int base and being back “online”.

  69. Here is what Marta is talking about, sung by the musician’s musician who admired LRH as much as anyone. (And kind of looks like him IMO.)

  70. As has been reported,both Karen DeLa Carriere and Michael Fairman have been visited by “squirrel busters”in the last 2 days. They are friends and neighbors of mine .Lest anyone get scared, both Karen and Michael let them know they were calling the police and did so. These busters squirreled out of the area immediately.The police are now developing a file on the real squirrels. Should they visit me I can add to their police ethics files. Repeated offenses will result in action taken by the police.
    DM is taking on people who can apply Scientology and have real confront. What an idiot.

  71. Thank you, Greta. Reading this was so good!

  72. Sinar:

    Interesting observation: “David Miscavige the footnuker is doing the same loser antics using proven losers and hoping & praying for better results?”

    I believe what really happens goes something like this:

    Dear Leader: “I am the only one that knows how to do anything. Here is how you handle an SP. You go out, you get in his face and you tell him he is forbidden to think bad thoughts about DM.”
    CO OSA: “Yes, Sir, we are sending the troops out now. We got the local DSAs fully briefed and drilled”
    Dear Loser: “You Jewish dyke, don’t you know how to do anything — send public or preferably non-Scientologists. The last staff we sent didnt come back…”

    Some time later:

    Dear Loser: “You useless cunt, why do I have to call you for reports. I expect minute by minute updates…”
    CO OSA: “Sir, the squirrelbusters went out to the house and got a trespass warning.”
    Dear Loser: “You retard. Nobody said to send them to their houses. Cant you do anything right?”
    CO OSA: “Sire. we will send them out again…”


    Dear Loser: “No report again…”
    CO OSA: “They went out and confronted them in the parking lot of a supermarket. Security threw them out, but not before they were pelted with fruit by some people that were there…”
    Dear Loser: “Did you hear me say to send them to grocery store parking lots? I told you to impinge on them in public”
    CO OSA: “No Sir, we will do it right this time…”

    Dear Loser: “I havent gotten an update for 15 minutes…”
    CO OSA: “Sir, they went to the airport and confronted them but TSA arrested them as possible terrorists…”
    Dear Loaser: “Lou — do you see what I mean. They are all incompetent. Nobody EVER just complies with my orders. I am surrounded by DB’s….”

    Really, he is more arrogant than your hypothesis. He will keep ordering the same insanity again and again and when it doesnt work he blames someone for not having done it right and orders it over again to prove himself right — and as it keeps creating disasters that too makes him right because it proves nobody else can do anything, ONLY him.

  73. Greta, Well done.

    This is my first post on the site. It feels very good to speak out.

    I have been a Scientologist for a long time, am trained, OT, etc. I’d like to say “hello” to all here, and to thank Marty, Mike, and Mosey for their courage, confront of evil, and willingness to experience force. You are very real.

    And, very well done to all of the rest of you for your personal integrity – your ability and willingness to see what you see and to say what you see. I appreciate the sacrifices that many of you have made to uphold LRH’s Tech and vision for a better world.

    I know that LRH would be/is proud of you.

    Yes, the fight is not over. There will be challenges. But, our cause is just, I know that your intention is unwavering, and we shall prevail.


  74. Of course we will win the war, we can use Sun Tzu, dm is acting like a five year old child with bowel problems…

  75. What you are doing is highly laudable, Marty, the sort of thing that earns a Medal of Honor – drawing fire to make it safer for your comrades, so they can get on with it.


  76. Gary Morehead
    Well of course I DO remember you!
    In ’82 you were still on post as security guard or I/C thereof.
    I am definitely looking forward to some good laughs.

  77. Geeez Mike – you’ve nailed Dear Loser completely. This is exactly what he does. I don’t know whether to laugh or what. He’s a very sick man … and has no clue!

  78. Hi Greta, Welcome to the Independent Scientologists! We are a large, every-growing family.

  79. Welcome James.

    Nice to have another voice and another vewpoint.

    You answered my question of a little while ago: “Who will be next?”

    So, maybe we need to raise our sights to a few new announcements every day! 🙂

  80. LDW
    You know I had no idea this story would have such an impact. One just goes about living life and choosing the correct amount of randomity.
    There has been such a tremendous amount of validation here that I decided tonight to review the C/S series for starters. It has been a while and number of times over the material is still very valid.
    It is not going to start overnight but how can one turn away from what works?
    So we will see.

  81. Good points Mike,

    Perhaps he won’t be enjoying his Caribbean diving excursions this year having to constantly call for updates!

  82. Way to go James! Great to see another Indie out!

  83. Sinar,
    With all of the study of the material now available on the Internet I can totally share your viewpoint re the terminals stopping LRH from returning. It just made the all-nighters so useless. All I remember hearing was that it “wasn’t safe for LRH to return’.

    I have been reading your own postings with high interest.
    Hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet somewhere so I get to see the matching face!

  84. Tunedale
    Glad you liked it.

  85. Greta to reply to a post on this blog – click on the “Reply” by the person’s name – Gary Morehead in this case, at the top of the post. The “leave a reply” box will appear after the person’s post and not the bottom of the page. Your reply once you push “post comment” will appear right after the person’s post.

  86. JamesLawsonJr
    Hi and welcome and well done yourself.
    What comes to mind here is a quote I saw a few days ago that stuck with me: “SOMETIMES YOUR ONLY MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION IS A LEAP OF FAITH”. That seems to apply very much to this blog and coming out on it.

  87. mrinder
    Mike, I hope someone IS keeping a stat of new people coming out which is far, far more enjoyable that square feet of empty idol org space acquired…….

  88. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Thanks Joe. Did anyone else notice that the trumper player in Van Morrison’s band is Mark Isham? I wonder what he’s doing these days… ambush squirrel busting like the other “OTs”?

  89. Mike,

    I really laughed hard on this one. Sometimes you just give the exact mental image pictures in 3d and Home Theatre Surround Sound !

  90. Rita Wagner

    Greta, thank you so much for speeking out and telling us your “SCIENTOLOGY ADVENTURE” . A warm welcome from the German Indis!! Rita

  91. Grüezi Greta,

    Wonderful ! I never forgot how you trained me on upper Indoc Tr’s in 1974 in Munich Org when I was a 16 year old boy ! I don’t know if you can remember me.
    Those were the times.
    So you are the “FIRST SWISS INDIE” coming out ! So far I remember you have swiss roots as well as Hans-Ueli.
    It would be of great Help for German speaking Scientologist, if you also post on Felicitas Forster Blog (http://dertreffpunkt.wordpress.com) you’re coming out in German as you are well known in Germany and Switzerland.
    My wife would like to know if you can remember Paul Tanner ?
    Do you intend of delivering auditing ?

    Greetings from Switzerland !


  92. Hey Greta! Don’t know if you remember me, we were on the GCT together, and didn’t you also get shipped up to Portland ’85? Also crossed paths at AOSH UK a couple of times since… Anyway, great you are in the sunshine of Freedom. Loved your write-up on Steve’s site. Living proof that German’s DO have a sense of humour too, as long as we don’t mention the war of course!

  93. We are fortunate to have such a STUPID opponent (enemy)

  94. Please all of you, be sure to have a small camera with video capability with you at all times. Practice using it so you can pull it out quickly and be ready to film. At home keep it next to the main door.
    Don’t be afraid, that’s the key. When they show up, keep the conversation and keep filming. Be sure to mention the name “David Miscavige” in the conversation. DM personally sees video that has his name mentioned.
    Have fun!

  95. Yep they’re definitely related.
    Hopping in to join the family is a dead giveaway.
    Roger used to belong to my neighbor (who had 7 cats and 2 dogs). When I moved in, Roger decided that my calm dog-free house was much better so he simply packed his suitcase and moved in with us.
    He has 2 brothers (who live next door) and they frequently leave mangled bird feathers all over the garden.
    Looks like you hopped into our family the same way 😉
    Welcome home!

  96. By the way if you push the ‘reply’ button next to the person’s name you can post a response directly underneath theirs (like this)

  97. And this… 😀

  98. Hey James!
    A big hug from across the pond.
    Welcome home 🙂

  99. Ingrid,
    LOL! Love your gamesy attitude!
    Admiration coming your way from west Texas! ml, Laura

  100. James,

    Welcome! ml, Laura

  101. +1000

    ml, Laura

  102. When the TA is moving, do nothing. A lot of TA here with all the stalking. A lot of restim blowing off. One thing DM might try, however, is rather than pay expensive PI’s is to offer free services or steeply discounted services for church members to stalk who he wants. Then later reneg on the agreement siting “Free Service, Free Fall”. It appears to me that the harassment here has become a custom rather than a severe threat, sort of like complimentary bread and water you receive at a restaurant. Start feeding DM mutliple reports of highly successful indies. Keep him busy.

  103. martyrathbun09

    HRD is the simplest RD in the world to deliver. Believe it or not Miscavige STILL has corporate Scientologists in a perplexing confusion about it all.

  104. martyrathbun09

    Yeah – get more people to declare independence from this madness. The more our ranks swell, the more his dwindle. Look at them, the level of his desperation is manifest in the streets each day. It becomes more absurd and pathetic by the day.

  105. Save the Tech :
    Lovely to read your view and those times at AOSHDK were
    very special .Having worked with all of those you mentioned .I will add Nan Starkey / Marie Passmore / Gail Schumemaker/ Maria Maloney / Asweel as many throughout Europe having spent a lot of time in Dissem Division Div / Tours / and in Munchen Org with Jens I remember Greta of course..If you care to contact ask for the email

  106. I certaintly second the action of reporting any such actions by the church Its harrassment and invasion.The church appears to think once you are known , or had been in the Church that you are their property regardless if left ,NO .

  107. Tony DePhillips

    I’m with Laura, Ingrid. I like your spirit!!

  108. Hello Greta,
    Intense story. I remember seeing you at AOLA. Wonderful to have
    you here.

  109. Tony DePhillips

    It’s hard to believe that someone could be that insane.
    But I guess that is what we are dealing with here.
    It would be great if some others would come out and help take some pressure off these guys and finally put miss savage out of it’s misery.

  110. JamesLawsonJr, well done and welcome.

  111. What does LRH say to do in the face of suppression? “Flourish and prosper”. For us Indies it means to come out in force and declare independance. Each time DM attacks like this, we should swell in numbers. As LRH says “that drives the SPs wild”.

    ML Tom

  112. Greta,

    Perfect duplication of the entire scene summed up in a sentence!

    Steve has a listing of Independent Scientologists on his blog.

    Every now and then someone posts here how many people visit this blog site, which is another indicator of how many peoiple are out — whether overtly or covertly (and its usually orders of magnitude more than the expensive official church site).

    Very happy to touch bases with you again.

  113. Sinar — Don'[t fret. He has an underwater phone. Lou swims along next to him to hold it up to his ear…

  114. I found it pretty easy to deliver. One of the main things that really got my TA out the roof when I was on my internship was being forced to “run” a precept that the guy was F/Ning on. Lousy TAA and the C/S looking for a problem behind the lousy TAA and an utter refusal to confront the truth. The truth was, he blew the charge on the precept as soon as he read the damn thing.

    I’m certain Miscavige fully intends to have everyone in a constant state of perplexed confusion.


  115. Sapere Aude

    Welcome to the sane world of the Independent beings. I agree – LRH would be proud!

  116. Wow, James … welcome!! I held off posting a song but now I simply must do so. L, H

  117. Dear Greta,

    Welcome to the grassroots sea-change. The shakedown continues.
    ML, Tom Gallagher

  118. That is a very pretty cat you have there Greta Eckhoff Alexander.

    I am sure he alsoo inspired you to take your leap to freedom. 😉

    “You can’t own a cat. The best you can do is be partners.”
    – Sir Harry Swanson

  119. James

    Welcome. Good to have another “Soldier of Truth and Wisdom” by our sides. Your support and help is valuable and welcome,

    Eric S

  120. Tom,

    Great point on “that drives the SPs wild”. Especially true for the one in Helmet with a prehensile tail.

  121. Francois,
    Thanks for the tips, way to go on exposing Jeff Stone’s hidden campaign contributions!

  122. Mike Hobson

    Greta, it is really great to see you our of that increasingly dark group and over here with us in the bright sunshine.

    I remember you from PAC Base, where I was the SHSBC Course Admin and Tech Films I/C ASHO Foundation when you were on the SHSBC (according to your story on Scientology Cult).

    Do you remember me ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  123. Amazing, Marty! It was one of the best RDs I had, delivered by Lyman in the very early 80’s on a pilot basis.

  124. Oh Jeez! Thanks Sam. I never noticed that button and wondered about how easy some of you guys were quarreling and fencing. I sure made it very complicated a la “fossil / newbie combination”. I just moved up a little higher re blog knowledge. Now where the hell is that smiley face that you show?

  125. Hello Greta,

    Well done! I didn’t know you well but your personal strength was always evident and remains so.


  126. Dennis,
    Thank you. It is just awesome to get reconnected all over the planet. I’ve been missing that thoroughly.

  127. Welcome out, Greta.
    You leaving is certainly a blow to the cult. And, I am sure, an inspiration to many.
    Many thanks!

  128. Hi Rita,
    So good to know you are the same side in Germany, way cool!

  129. Cowboy Poet

    Amen to that.

  130. Friends,

    I appreciate your warm words of welcome.

    I’d like to share one of the things that impresses me about you – about Marty, Mike, Mosey, and all the rest of the good people on this board:

    In a fight, it is very easy to be dragged down tone, and off-purpose, into some “sub game.”

    That is what DM would like – for us to be diverted into off purpose conflicts or irrelevant, junior targets.

    Because you are Scientologists, or incredibly intelligent, perceptive (supposed!) non-Scientologists, though we may get distracted for a bit, I have been incredibly impressed with your ability to work through the Human Emotion and Reaction of a situation, and to get back on target. A true application of Scientology.

    LRH states that “Q&A is man’s deadliest disease.” It is clear to me that you have a deep understanding of that fact.

    My hat is off to all of you.


    “The fight is not over. There are challenges ahead. However, our cause is just and no force will stop us. We shall prevail.”

  131. Well said, Greta

    It is great that the Independent field has another highly experienced, upper level auditor and I was over joyed to see your announcement.

    Of course, one of the principles of the movement is respect for the self-determinism of the individual. That said, if you have any thought of resuming auditing, I know there is a huge demand and the world desperately needs the Theta that gets released via the application of LRH Tech.


    “The fight is not over. There are challenges ahead. However, our cause is just, our intention is unwavering, and no force will stop us. LRH and Mary Sue will be vindicated and we shall prevail.”

  132. Hoy LO (Roger).
    Das isch ja grossartig. Da choemmer ja rede wie s’Mul gwachsen isch. Mis Schwitzerduetsch isch zwar roschtig aber das macht ja nuet!
    I truly enjoyed training that Upper Indoc TRs course in Munich. That was the real stuff, not that wishy washy Div 6 comm course they offer now.
    Thanks for the additional blog address. I will be looking into that.
    Oh yes, I remember Paul Tanner. Hope he is doing well.
    I have not excluded auditing and C/Sing again. There are a few obstacles in the road that need to be removed for clarity sake. It is a possibility and one that would appeal greatly.

  133. Martin,
    Yes that was a good time in Portland with the GCT/RPF. This is where I had the most fun in the SO, devising a marketing campain.
    I promise I won’t mention the war……
    My write up would have contained a lot more funny things but it was too long and I had to cut it down some. Oh well, we can talk about that when we meet and roll on the floor…

  134. Thank you Lucy. May we meet again.

  135. Right on TEG.
    Let’s shake him down!

  136. Cat Daddy
    You got it.
    He’s one of my 2 rascals. I can’t go anywhere nearby without being followed by them. They keep tabs on me, partners……

  137. Hi Mike,
    Yes I certainly do remember you.
    One of these days I will have to continue the SHSBC somewhere as that is incomplete.

  138. James, I think LRH would be proud of you too! Love

  139. Hi Mat,
    Thanks. I DO remember you as a nice team mate!

  140. Hi Michael,
    Now that I’ve figured out how to place a response where it belongs (duh!) it is great to see you first in line here.
    I am literally bathing in all of that theta, getting a theta tan.
    Hope you are doing well!

  141. one of those who see

    So theta. Crying at work. Thank you! Hi Greta!!! Hi James!!!

  142. Bozz,
    Thanks. I almost would have to get myself fired to be able to make it to the greatest picnic.
    4th of July is a black out date so no time off but there will be future great picnics which I very much intend to attend.
    For now I will join parties in CA.

  143. It IS a hell of a resurgence. I just love it.

  144. Hi Luis,
    Thanks. Oh we will meet in July, no worries…….

  145. Emancipated

    Wow Greta, what an incredible write up that you gave us! And I am so happy that you are now part of the correct group of Scientologists and I personally thank you for all your past contributions to help others, even through all the insanity.

    There was a specific point in your write up that really hit home for me and that is where you said that you noticed that DM “HAD TO WIN”. Isn’t that what this really is all about even now…the games condition? Isn’t DM acting aberrated, reactive, fixated?

    I think that all independents should just keep saying, “We know your game David, and we aren’t going to play it”.. let’s deny him the interchange.

  146. Get your name on the Indie 500 list.

  147. one of those who see

    Hi Greta,
    We really have a renaissance happening out here in real Scientology. Your comments about reviewing the C/S series warms my heart. LRH smiles. The Aims of Scientology are within our reach once again.

  148. Hello Greta,

    I remember you from Mumich Org in the 1970ies, as an auditor with a remarkable presence and long fair hair.

    Too bad what you went through in those Sea Org years …

    All the best to you

  149. Tony Dephillips

    Hit colon,dash and paranthesis and it will convert into a smiley face.

  150. Another Layer


  151. Tony Dephillips

    Way to go James!!
    I would love to hear your whole story.

  152. ^^^^^ What Karen #1 said. 🙂

  153. Felicitas Foster

    Dear Greta,
    thank you very much for taking a stand. We all went through one or the other “peculiarities”. Good that you found your way out. Welcome to the freedom.

  154. Greta, I’ve read your posts here and over at scientology-cult.com — they are amazing. You come across as strong and steady and sane. Again, just great, great communications. I hope to meet you one day.


  155. How to post emoticons on wordpress 😉

  156. Dear Noble and Statuesque Greata,

    I am damn near speechless. This is one of those moments where I have to look at the path to arrive here. DM turns LRH’s Legacy into a furnace of hell, with all the hellfire, pressure and attendant minus randomnity and here you emerge a jewel, one of those anvils against which he will indeed break all hammers he can forge.

    All I can do at this point is thank you from the bottom of my thetan. (How I hate to mix metaphors, but I don’t have any others to draw upon.)

    Thank you.

    Bruce Pratt

  157. one of those who see

    Just an observation. Definitely a big increase in “who’s online” on steve’s blog. And I assume the same is happening here!

  158. Greta has set a good example. Coming out against Miscavige is not just a nice thing to do. People are being harmed.

    1. He has many long serving Sea Org members under house arrest (base arrest) at Int and subjected to his insane antics.

    2. He has hundreds of middle management staff living a life of useless servitude, housed in slum conditions in Los Angeles, they have no where else to go and nothing to get there with. Witnessed it myself.

    3. His IAS and Idle Orgs programs continue to financially rape Scientologists across the globe which results in fall out far worse than the mere financial ruin of the many.

    4. His out tech auditing and ethics handlings are rampant, causing more cave-ins than you could count. And again, the fall out from such goes way beyond mere out tech.

    5. Under his illegal dictatorship, the church of Scientology has become “radical Scientology” and all that that implies. Just as real Scientology has huge potential to do good, reverse Scientology has the power to crush, and he wields it.

    6. The so-called Church of Scientology no longer leads the way in clearing the 4th dynamic suppression from this planet and hasn’t for a couple of decades. It used to be the solution, its now part of the problem as Miscavige struts around with the in crowd. If you think all our liberty hasn’t suffered as a result, you are kidding yourself.

    If you were a fly on the wall and witnessed just a tiny fraction of the above you wouldn’t just come out, you’d take to the streets in protest against Miscavige, which is where we really belong.

    Factor this in when deciding whether to make your voice count but realize, enough voices WILL bring Miscavige down.

  159. LDW

    I love your technical observations. To spot outpoints is important, but to have insights into them and their underlying causes is what Scientology is all about.

    Regarding DM and having PCs running items that are already handled:

    For many years, I thought that “can’t complete a cycle of action” meant the person could not get from “”A” to “B.” Studying the reports of DM’s behavior, one day it hit me that I only got half of LRH’s meaning:

    If a fellow starts out at “A,” gets to “B,” then continues, he, also, is “not completing the cycle of action.”

    So, what many of the reports are saying is that not only can’t DM get from A to B, but if he or others somehow do get to “B,” he will continue – can’t COMPLETE a cycle of action. Hence, the reports of his ordering hundreds of hours of objectives on OVIIIs, having people who are Clear redo clearing actions, hundreds of hours of sec checks (after the person has no more O/Ws to handle), etc.

    The reports describe something I do not recall seeing in such broad manifestation, not just on one or two flows:

    “Can’t complete a cycle of action for benefit of self”
    “Can’t complete a cycle of action for the benefit of others”
    “Won’t let others complete a cycle of action for benefit of self,”
    “Won’t let others complete a cycle of action for benefit of themselves” and, a cross flow,
    “Won’t let others complete cycles of actions for the benefit of others.”

    And, in a record setting expansion of suppression,

    “Has others prevent others from completing cycles of action.”

    (You probably word the above into a pretty effective rundown).


  160. Great point, James. Part of control is knowing when to stop.

  161. Bon giorno Claudio & Renata,
    Gracie. Oh I would love to come back to Italy, you bet!
    I remember you bunch of Italian OTs vividly from Milano
    You know they just can’t make the Spaghetti a l’alio e l’olio right here and I’ll never get used to drinking that ‘dirty dishwater’ which they serve for coffee here. Nor do they serve any Grapa!
    Ciao, Greta

  162. Windhorse,
    Later on in ’89 I gave Jens a NOTs assist. Unfortunately he was already too far gone on his cancer. There is a list somewhere with names of Pre OTs and OTs that have died unexpectedly or of cancer and I did not see his name there.
    He was a hell of a power house. Just needed someone equally strong to hold the establishment lines.

  163. Lynne,
    Now that I am no longer in the ‘tower’ I love that!

  164. Hi Tom,
    Just talked to Eileen and got it.
    She is doing better and hopes to go ‘home’ tomorrow. She was very happy and it made her day, week, month……

  165. What a courageous, public stand. 🙂

  166. Very welcome!

    Saludos Amigo

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

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  168. Θ_ΘTaterPie/GaryLerner

    Hello Greta and Welcome to the Indie Show that will Never End! Your posting on Steve’s site was wonderful. No doubts about the Doubts! Every point you made/cognited on most every one here would wholeheartedly agree to have witnessed for themselves.

    Thank you for coming out and joining us and thank you especially for continuing the respect and admiration for LRH that he justly deserves.

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (just a villager with a lot of torches for Der Miscavigstein)

    P.S. For every new Indie that joins, they will get a fully functional burlwood torch to stick it to David Miscavige! 🙂

  169. You hit the nail on the head re DM’s ‘HAVE TO WIN’! 🙂

  170. Thank you very much. Yeap that WAS me. Now the hair is short.
    You know I only way later on realized that I WAS in power then. I DID need a new game and based on the data I then had that was the way to go.

  171. Thank you Felicitas.
    I really hit the skids a few weeks ago. Its water under the bridge now and MUCH, MUCH BETTER! 🙂

  172. Dear Fellow Traveller,
    Wohoww! Well, I am actually pretty down to Earth so no high chair for me.
    I’ve also done my good share of O/Ws and idiocies, believe me.
    On the other hand some of the best moments, particularly with the German language, have been to mix metaphors. So DON’T give this up. It’s way too much fun and joy of creation.

  173. James,
    Great observation! This is it indeed with all of the flows.

  174. May you never have to withhold that wonderful video/song.
    In happy tears again.

  175. Thanks.
    I hope to meet you too in the not too distant future!

  176. Hi you all!
    Just to round this off, this has been the most amazing ‘Theta assault’ in decades.
    2 Indies told me beforehand “when you come out you will be amazed about how good and liberated you will feel”. I kept the attitude of an ‘unbelieving Thomas’ or of “LOOK, DON’T LISTEN. I just wanted to let you all know. Yes, it I S true and just wanted to thank ALL of you from the bottom, the middle and the top of my heart for the incredible validation and encouragement. With all of these global comm lines how could the future not be anything other than bright.

  177. Floating Needle

    Hip Hip Hooray!

  178. Great Greta !!

  179. T Paine : I ceretaintly would agree.

  180. Very nice to meet you, Greta! So glad you’re here! (Crime #1) 😀

  181. Zephyr/Greta

    This is just a message to let you know that your “coming out” post is now up on the Italian Blog. Visit them at independologo.wordpress.com/ . They are a wonderful bunch of Indies, and you probably know a few of them.

    Eric S

  182. Greta/Zephyr

    Oops.. the earlier version of this went further up on the blog in error. Try this.

    Go to the Italian blog http://independologo.wordpress.com/ Your “Coming out” post has been posted there. The Italians are a great bunch of Indies and I am sure that you know some of them. Have fun.

    Eric S

  183. Eric,
    The link posted doesn’t work. Try this one: http://indipendologo.wordpress.com/
    Perhaps a space is needed after the link.

  184. Hi WindWalker,
    Awesome, I love the Italian Indies.
    I tried that website but it doesn’t exist. Maybe some typo or something missing or altered.
    Can you give it to me again?

  185. Thanks Sinar,
    That one is working. Got to brush up on my Italian but get the general idea here.

  186. Got it now. Boy were they fast to translate it all. Typical Italian, just get it the hell done!

  187. Sinar

    Thanks. I had to study yours and mine carefully to spot the difference. I was using inde…, whereas it is actually, indI ….as you posted.

    Eric S

  188. Dear Greta,
    Great to see you’re out! Contact me anytime you want. DominicNObrien@gmail.com

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