Squirrel Busting


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  1. Can any sane person watch these poor souls and not feel sorry for them?

    I’m glad you folks are recording these incidents (of deluded cult victims stalking you). But still, it pulls at my heart to view them.

    What are they thinking? What are they feeling? How do they rationalize this behavior?

  2. Marty-I love your “cool as a cucumber” way and the uptone comm you give.. But, these guys, who are following you are truly uptight.

  3. Oh man — that was a FAIL! They came all the way to Corpus with a nice white van, expensive cameras and even CLIPBOARDS and they choked. Couldn’t even say a word? Except Ralph whose brilliant commentary “No cult here” livened up the show.

    They are spending money on this?

    At least Minerva talks…

    These guys arent being invited to the next Maiden Voyage, thats for sure.

  4. OK, Can you see the Irony here. The PI is following an ex member of Corporate Scientology in TEXAS, miles and miles away from his home, harassing him, following him with cameras and he says “There is no cult”. LOL! What’s the elephant in the middle of the room, huh? Amazing……..


  5. Robert Earle

    Gotta love the “squirrel busters” busters. Can we take a survey here on whether the Church of Miscabbage story is a comedy or tragedy?

  6. Me too, Ingrid. I loved the “I have some eating recommendations for you”.

    That was great, Marty. 🙂

  7. Robert Earle

    My vote is that it is a comedy in that it contains so many outpoints it’s funny. On the other hand it is heading to an unhappy ending (the C of M) which would make it a tragedy. So I vote that it is a confusion.

  8. Seeking4know

    The corporate Scientology cult. All money, all talk, zero action.

  9. The very first words out of the driver’s mouth were a lie (“Just drivin’ around.”)
    That set the tone and pace for the entire criminal harassment.
    Who is “Ralph”? Why is he lying and being hostile?
    Who is the scrawny guy with the long whiny nose and why is he smirking n amusement as he stalks/films people in a car?

  10. I only feel pity for these characters, Observer…but, aren’t there anti-stalking/anti-harassment laws? Isn’t it off policy to KNOWINGLY break the law? Are these poor souls willing to go to jail for the C of $? Pathetic…

  11. “There is no cult” Riiigggght.
    And there is no disconnection, and no lying to the public and government either. Uh huh.
    And people should just “Come on in” and read all the uber-glossy slicked up materials to see how “wonderful” it all is.
    But can we look behind your smoke an mirrors, Radical “Scientology? And your justified lying and not practicing what you preach?
    Scientologist Finally Arrested in Child Sex Abuse Cover Up

  12. Look, these people know. They KNOW.

    You can see it in their eyes. The few remaining members of the Cof$–and even some of the PIs they employ–are exactly like children of Alcoholic parents. They HAVE to defend their “parents”. They just do.

    On a deep, inner level, yes, of course, they well realize that their parent(s) are embarrassing, dysfunctional Alcoholics.

    But, since they’re stuck in child mode, the only defense these people have against the Big Bad World around them is “attachment”–i.e., linking themselves to mom (or, in this case, “dysfunctional dad”) for protection, no matter how crazy or even abusive said parent may be.

    One’s heart goes out to these poor ‘kids’–some of whom are in their 60s and beyond–because they really don’t know any other way to Be than to defend their broken parental units.


    John in Austin

  13. Mike,
    I think this “Squirrel Busters” trip to Tejas is yet another Flow 0 foot bullet for davey and the gang. Do you think these vids should be part of a “Pie Face” TR’s course “How to Spot a Pie Face”?

    Next time you or Marty get a chance you should flunk them for not keeping their Pie Face TR 0 in.
    Bullbaiting Pie Face 0.
    Do Pie Faces Fly?
    Do Pie Faces Swim? “There is no Scientology Cult”. I’ll repeat the Pie Facing Question… Do Pie Faces Swim? “I’m not a member… there is no cult”.
    FLUNK!!! 🙂 hehehehehe

    Ralph has Pie Face!

    Gary (a villager with Tater-Pie-Face and a Torch)

    P.S. Thank you and Marty and Mosey (and of course Christie) for your good-natured professionalism in dealing with these really, really stupid P/I’s. I’m starting to think they don’t have a single brain cell between them. They certainly don’t know how to know. 🙂

  14. Mark Fisher

    I can’t understand what they possibly could think is their Valuable Final Product?

    Sit in the van and say and do nothing?

    Video tape mundane everyday activities?

    I don’t know about them, but I would be bored and after awhile, would wonder what lunatic sent me on this fool’s errand.

  15. Show these videos to 100 people and 99 will say, “That’s a cult”.
    This is what they consider successful PR.

  16. Well done.

    My hat is again off to you, Marty. You have to be one of the highest confront beings on the planet.

    To underscore and validate some of the successful actions being demonstrated:

    In non-violent warfare (and, make no mistake, it IS warfare, just without physical violence), a key action is simply to DOCUMENT THE BEHAVIOR OF THE OPPRESSOR..

    Because the oppressor is involved in out-ethics activity, and is usually an out and out SP, it is usually unnecessary (and inadvisable) to try to DO anything to the oppressor.

    1.) The oppressor WANTS one to get into a games condition with him, conflict, debate, etc.

    2). The oppressor knows that if he can draw you into a confrontation, sooner or later you may go PTS and do something the oppressor can use against you. – trying to “do something” to the oppressor and his agents opens the door to reactive behavior on the target’s part, and

    3), trying to “do something” is almost always unnecessary; As Marty and Mike have pointed out, the oppressor is often his own worse enemy! All you have to do, largely, is just keep your TR-0 in, and record what the oppressor is doing. He screws himself, as Marty and Mike and others have pointed out.

    The workability of this tech was proven in the South. JUST BEING THERE drove the oppressors crazy, because, in part, it gave them no motivators!

    I have won every battle I have been in, sometimes against large multi-nationals, with this tech. When the opponent has overts, just putting your TR-0 in on them, and not getting dragged down into their HE&R, is intolerable to them. They HATE to be confronted with Theta and sometimes will go into crazed attack, which is great – you get it on film.

    The only thing I would add, is sometimes, per LRH’s issue “Battle Tactics” it is beneficial to say things that redefine the playing field. You can point out the specific out-ethics of the oppressor’s agents. You can ask them questions that are not snide or HE&Ry, but focus the attention on their crimes, then you simply record their reactions. For example:

    “Are you aware of the fact that stalking is a felony?”

    “I am putting you on notice that you are harassing me”.

    “You have followed me for the last three days. Please tell me what legitimate purpose justifies your actions.”

    “Do you deny that you have been stalking me?”

    They almost never handle these sorts of statements or questions well. They have too many overts and too many evit purps.

    The above questions or statements are designed to at least try to move some of the battle onto the other fellow’s territory, a key strategic objective in war, as detailed by LRH in “Battle Tactics.”


  17. Yawn….

    I wouldn’t want to ride around in that car full of grumpy dead beats. What a boring drag to be them. Could they be more down tone, solid, pathetic and useless? I bet they are really looking forward to calling Dumb Leader to update him on their lame day and to have him rant back his insane dribble….

  18. Stat/Andrey Organ

    Ralph, you probably will never read this, but in case if you will – Internet is your friend.
    I am sure DM is proud of you and I am sure it means a lot to you at this time, busting
    them SP squirrels, confronting evil and all, for all the right reasons… I’ve been there too.

    “Everything is good in the Church of Scientology: it’s the only hope for the mankind, it’s the most ethical group on Earth, The Bridge To Total Freedom that starts from the pinch test, happy celebrities, wonderful public and stuff, theta campaigns, amazing events showing the awesome victories, glossy magazines, books, binders. New stunning buildings and uniforms. Short films that make one teary (they made me teary for sure). And more theta.”

    And then there some little outpoints here and there that are easy to explain/justify, little red flags, but it’s nothing, we’ve got ethics, justice and a personal responsibility for all of it. We can fix it, it’s all good. It’s nothing.

    Well, if you can’t confront googling Scientology at this time, Ralph, or anyone who reads it, google brainwashing. I have to admit, I underestimated the concept of brainwashing.

    If you are a truth seeker, why to limit yourself in sources?

    If you can confront Mike and Marty, you should be able to confront any “entheta”. No?

    Educate yourself about your church, your religion ON YOUR YOUR OWN TERMS.

    Fear nothing.


  19. Hi all;

    Isn’t one of the crimes that allow for charges under RICO intimidating a witness?

    Considering that Marty and Mike are in fact witnesses to crimes, I wonder if what these wing-dings are doing could be seen in that light. Just think, every single one of them indited as conspirators to intimidate a witness, committing hate crimes, and so forth. All the video evidence, patterns of behaviour …

    Be fun to watch them squirm once the axe of justice begins to fall.

  20. Marty and Mosey – Hope you had a nice dinner in spite of it all. You know they didn’t as they would be sweating getting their behinds kicked after the boss found out how poorly they did.


  21. You cannot compare this conduct to anything. in any religion previously.
    There is no “Religion” that carries on like this.
    It defies reality.
    How very hypocritcal for them to call Anonymous “Terrorists” when they Stalk, arrive at people’s homes unannouced, shove cameras in ex-members and follow them around with Private Investigators for Fair Game and vindictiveness.



    for Dictionary definition of what it is. Whistleblowers are a particular group that get Gangstalked.

    Don’t they know that a film archive is being compiled which is going to turn into a kick-ass music video that will be used to show how crazy they are? Don’t they know that the PUBLIC is going to see what Scientologists do to people who leave the church?

    It is unimaginable to me the depth of stupidity (and depravity) to conduct a campaign GUARANTEED to make Radical Scientology the object of worldwide ridicule and contempt.

  22. There’s Richard Hirst again! Is the woman his wifey? Trying to get on camera to look good for the MAAs for her next elig too? Poor dear!

  23. If DM was truly intent on clearing the planet, he would divert all the resources from these PI jerk fests into making Clears and OT’s and making Class 8’s. After all, if he was doing so, who would care about a bunch of independents? They harm nothing, make Clears and OT’s as well, arouse no government resistance, bad press, etc, and generally just contribute to the motions of a sane society.

    He is just trying to stop what he should in fact be doing.

    It is beyond obvious what he is about.

    I sense another heavy hitter is about the leave the church and join our ranks. My senses are just on fire. I wonder who it will be?


  24. Martin Padfield

    I wouldn’t be so sure. In the parallel universe of Corp Scn this was probably a “huge win”.

    I would like to see one of these guy’s pay checks and on-camera admission that it’s all being paid for with parishioner donations. What are the rules in the US about religions being able to spend millions of $ of their money on snooping and harassment?

  25. Tony Dephillips

    Boy, what a waste of cash. Dm might as well just flush it down the toilet.
    Those guys are bumbling idiots. That one guy who said that there is no cult is wound up tighter than a drum.
    Marty, you were calm and in comm, I think that really shatters them
    I think little miss cabbage should take lessons from you on how to detect and shatter suppresion.

  26. simonbolivar

    Never tought someone could be so stupid. LOL

  27. Theo Sismanides

    Hey you… Tone 45 boy, you scare the shit out of them.. Busting the squirrel busters!!

  28. Here’s an idea for those who are being tailed and stalked by people fearful of communicating. How about getting a series of placards (inexpensive at Kinkos or such) to flash at the quailing tails who are involved in these operations. The placards could ask thought-provoking questions…something like
    1. What would LRH say about what you are doing?
    2. Who is source – LRH or David Miscavige?
    3. Why is there a bigger push for IAS statuses than for auditors made?
    4. How many WDAHs and Class IV auditors were turned out at your org last year?
    5. How many people’s state of clear have been invalidated?
    6. Why are so many old-timers who were with LRH saying David Miscavige is destructive to Scientology?
    7. Why are pretty buildings more important than people on the bridge?
    8. Why is there inward facing razor wire on International compound fences?
    9. Why are people left on the RPF for years?
    10. Why have 32 SO veterans (or whatever is the number) sworn that David Miscavige has physically attacked, abused and locked up staff?
    11. Why does David Miscavige live in far greater luxury than LRH ever did?
    …and so on. Work out a few particularly well turned phrases.

    The sheeple might not see the light today, but it may encourage looking! If it is true that a lot of these people are public trying to get in good graces for some sort of dispensation, it might be a way to communicate some truth to them.

    Such signs may also be an insect repellent of sorts.

    Funny to watch, but sad. Life just isn’t like that. For every stupid harassment, 20 people observe it on third flow and become even more convinced scientology is a destructive cult. Nice going, DM.


  29. A tragedy, this morning it feels like.

  30. LOL – this is a tragi-comedy that just gets more riveting with each installment.

    I would hate to be one of these guys in a few years when they wake up to what they’ve been doing – it’s gonna be sooooo embarrassing to admit to having worked for the Demented Midget in one of His “Rathbun & Rinder handlings.”

    Love the “eating recommendations” line – that one had them scurrying away like cockroaches when the light’s turned on.

  31. Marty ,
    can u please point me where to look for those differences between LRH and
    “MissCarot-ge” lectures…tnx.
    (or anybody else it will be so nice of u…)

  32. BUSTED! ha ha.
    Multiple Choice Question – which of the following would accurately describe DM’s current state of mind?
    1. He is having one of his prepubescent tantrums right about now.
    2. The delusional lunatic is chanting victory and gloating at his success of having proven himself to be such a bad ass desperate, psychopathic, bullying slime-bucket.
    3. He is hiding in a closet, holding on for dear life to his copper grounding rods hoping no-one will ever find out he had anything to do with it.
    4. All of the above

  33. Stalking?

  34. DM a clip from my favorite musical – see any similarities? 😀

  35. Continue the light-hearted bull-bait!
    It impinges and they cannot drill in preparation for it.

    Some suggested lines:
    -So you went all the way up the Bridge to spy on independents?
    -We must be getting to Miscavige or he wouldn’t be sending you here!
    -Do the parishioners know their money is being spent on boondoggles like this?
    -Will this footage be shown at the next Int event? Please spell my name right this time.

    I am sure you can all think of many more.
    The proper content will not only impinge on the perps, but will make the video useless for showing to the Emperor as you are pointing out that he has no clothes on.

    These spying videos give you a direct line to Miscavige and his cohorts. Anything you say will be seen by him or will have to be discarded by his underlings as too inflammatory. I can think of some lines that might impinge enough to make him close down this operation:
    – Is Miscavige still hiding in Hemet?
    – Is Heber Jentzch still locked up?
    – Is Davey still going out 2D on his wife?
    – Is it true that Super Power is going to be delivered in 2015?
    – How many staff members are you going to lose this year?

    The drill is very simple: They ask a question and you respond with a provocative question about the state of corporate Scientology, or Miscavige, or the organization the person is from.

    You can even apply this to the PIs:
    – You have job security – I understand that Moxon will be extending your contract.
    – Are you guys licensed to operate in this state now?

    These are better than the no-answer answers of TR-L. They ask questions and you provide information they don’t want to hear.

  36. Good coffee!
    Funny videos!
    Having a great time in Ingleside!

    Hey Marty, Mike wants to know if you’re up yet?

    ml, Laura Ann Wilson

  37. Marty: “Ralph, are you following me?”
    Ralph looks at the ground and says: “No, I am just driving around…'” what a wimp..

    Hey, DM, when you send Scientologists that need to lie to explain their existence, they cave in and look like cult members! You need to send some circus actors like that Bozo Minerva … or better yet, send Tom Cruise and Marty could repair his case too..

  38. Marty — help me out here.

    Laura and Mike live in Texas. They drove to visit you I’m assuming.

    YET — these silly whatevers are there – stalking the 4 of you.

    I don’t think I really got it but it appears that you and Mosey have PIs or whatevers camped outside your home 24/7

    I think you’ve said it before but please just repeat yourself.

    How many and how often do you have PIs or whatevers trailing you at home?


  39. Who was the gal whose T.L. was Hiding? (ran into van with clipboard covering her face)

    Talk about useless, even as an SP. LOL

  40. “All money, all talk, zero action.” I’d say zero EFFECTIVE action. Looks like there are actions going on which don’t produce a positive result, or in fact produce a negative result. I’d say zero EFFECTIVE action.

  41. Whoa Ralphie boy you need to go back to the School of Deception and Lies. All that lip smacking you are doing clearly shows you are uncomfortable in what you are saying and unless you are interested in Marty that is a clear sign of discomfort and lying on your part.
    On the other hand perhaps you are just hungry as the Squirrel Busting team looks completly dissheveled and unkempt. Must be from spending all those long hours sitting in hot vehicles with not much to do chasing M&M around. And really does it take 4 peopple to do this? Let’s see one to drive, one to film, one to take notes and one is what the muscle? All in matching hats. Really? And this is not a cult? Marty look around the parking lot. Surely there is plenty of marbles lying around coz these guys sure lost them….

  42. Is that some “confronting”going on overthere 😉

  43. martyrathbun09


  44. martyrathbun09

    Good morning Laura. Just got up – coffee on the deck!

  45. Who’s busting who here? I think they need to turn in their trucker hats!!

  46. Presumably these are upper-level OTs, the best and the brightest. Not a good testimony for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and enduring untold pain and misery in the grind to achieve the corrupted level as mis-delivered by mis-scabbage’s implant factories.

    Geez, when good beings go bad…they turn themselves into quiet little robots.


    WOW — THAT must cost a lot of money (note sarcasm here) — $$ gone forever when it *could* have been used to help mankind.


  48. martyrathbun09

    Dave thinks it is a great investment of parishioner donations. He wants to scare people off from getting repaired of his Black Dianetics; and bankrupt me in the process. It has intensified greatly date coincident with Mosey resigning her outside job and working full time with me. It is in an now an intense drive to achieve the second target. But as with every op from Wile Coyote it backfires. It has become another attraction. There is fishing, dolphin watching, the bay and ocean, killer sunsets; and now Carnival Geek spotting in the streets is the biggest draw.

  49. Yup, all you say rings so true…apparently, because DM never finished High School he has to act out these immature passion plays. And it is incredibly silly! But remember, adolescent boys are not well known for their common sense…

    Mosey and Marty, I am sorry you have to put up with this kind of nonsense. Next thing you know they will be TPing your house! Of course imagine the video that will create!

    It is hard to imagine what kind of product they are after with this behavior…

  50. Mark – reading some of the comments here made me realize that DM’s squad are trying to emulate the “Men in Black” of UFO lore. They are trying to effect the “silencing” of dissent. Maybe the crop circles will start saying “Surrender DM” or perhaps even “Surrender Marty”. The most notable outpoint in the UFO field is researchers slinging mud at each other. This will soon, if it hasn’t already, become the same for Scientology as a subject. In both cases, actualities are lost and become irrelevant in a stream of consciousness that is fixated around the anger band.

  51. You can’t go on like this year-after-year-after-year. You will become just a protester, like Tory, Gerry Armstrong, Shawn Lonsdale. “There is Marty…” they will say, “he was the no 2 in the SO, but now…” Flourish and prosper. Stay in control. Don’t lose it. – Change tactics.

  52. On the day these characters pack and leave for good, you will actually miss them in some strange way. Sort of like the affinity you have for a losing team you beat in the finals. Without them you could not have been victorious and when they leave so do the memories of that old victory. In this respect, they are blessed and should be admired for what they are: tributes to your success. As they do not seem bent on violence (only hoping you will do something), they have the potential for experiencing affinity. Might want to have a nerf ball handy or a badminton set to try and get them up to games. Whiffle ball would be good too. Football or basketball could get a little too rough.

  53. I read some time back (don’t remember where) that DM was hiring an outside security firm for personal protection. Apparently he didn’t trust his immediate SO members. Can anyone verify this or make any comment?

  54. Windhorse,

    Last time I was here, I came in a different vehicle. I was spotted, documented and declared before I even returned home.
    I tried to tell family who were being “handled” on me that, my guess was, the spies would have had to have run my license plate number to know who I was. That was unreal to them.
    This time we were here in a different vehicle and were spotted, documented and our vehicle staked out within 3 hours of arriving? And our license plate wasn’t run?
    “Are you Mike and Laura Wilson from Midland Texas?”
    “Are you a Scientologist?”
    These were the questions asked.
    I’d say 24/7/365 is fairly accurate!
    These guys have actually done me a favor. I think it will be abundantly clear now what goes on. ml, Laura Ann

  55. WH — You are right of course, — its what the people who give the money think its for (thats why the IAS is a legal fraud — they collect money claiming it will be spent on certain things then spend it on other activities or not at all) but that’s not Dear Loser’s idea. He has 3 reasons he will spend money:
    1. Protect David Miscavige
    2. Ensure the safety of David Miscavige
    3. Try to make David Miscavige look good

  56. Marty,

    Practice makes perfect, and you’re getting really good at this.

  57. MQ — That’s been going on for years. They are all ex-cops. He had one down here in Clearwater that was hired full time to be with him everywhere — movies, scuba diving etc. He sat outside his apartment at the Hacienda or his office at the WB. Ted became “part of the entourage” to such an extent that he married Penny Atwell Jones a prominent Flag FSM.

    When he goes to events he has a team of these sort of people — a few from LA with him always and then local hired ones whereever he goes.

    The reason he has these guys is they can carry firearms.

    He was paranoid 5 years ago — and its gone downhill from there.

  58. martyrathbun09

    …and part of 3, or 4, is wipe out, destroy by any means necessary, anyone who might not kiss the twisted sister’s ass.

  59. Ethel Dingle

    ‘Mildred’! Is that PIE on your face?!
    The answer to your question is #4 – Duh!
    Remember when we talked about DM with our little group of friends – Thanksgiving 1996 at CC Int?
    Boy did we have good PIE Faces! 😉
    Love ‘Ethel’

  60. Here are the survey results concerning the little paranoid loser…………………

  61. ..

  62. Karen #1,
    There is in fact an Earlier Similar to this sort of persecution. There was the Inquisition. Perhaps DM thought he’d try it with Scientology.


  63. That is precisely right Mike. That is the ONLY thing he spends money on. I have seen it myself over years, that, plus what Marty said about sparing no expense to destroy anyone who refuses to worship David Miscavige.

    LRH never wanted to be worshiped. He was revolted by the thought. But not DM. He really does want to be worshiped.

  64. I am quite sure that that chunky fella with the ball cap and the woman in fact DID do a ‘Chinese Fire Drill’ around that van.

    I have always found people who run around parked vehicles to be vewy intimidating.

  65. I was waiting for you to post Tony 😉 Your favorit protester AnonSparrow is gearing up his Game to go back pretesting DC Org. Just a trail run. (1 of 3)

  66. Is that Ralph as in Ralph Kramden? “Hamana-hamana-hamana . . .”

  67. Amazing the solidness of their space. Very little theta present.

  68. Mother of Grendel

    If I had any doubts before, after watching these videos, and experiencing my own private Scn-induced hell for the last few days, I can now honestly say that the Church of Miscavige is the single most evil enterprise on the planet. Its pursuits are pure destruction. I takes otherwise decent people and turns them into monsters. It is Dante’s missing circle of hell. And the poor dupes that can’t see what is happening to them are responsible for more misery on this planet than any other single group.
    We have to fight them with everything we have.
    Thanks for your part, Marty.

  69. I am afraid it might be the RPF, Do they do that now adays to public ?

  70. One more thought about the purpose of these videos. They are trying to bring back clips they can use to discredit Marty and the rest of the independents. That means that they HAVE to view these videos and send them to COB eventually.

    That means that your dialogue should consist almost entirely of statements and questions that impinge. Do not waste time trying to inform them. They have opened a comm line to the HGIC (head goon in charge), so why not USE it!

    If you want to completely demoralize the OTs who are participating try saying something like:

    “When Miscavige sees this video, you will be in lower conditions forever!”

    David St Lawrence

  71. What I didn’t mention was that since I came out, I’m closer with more family and friends than ever. I have experienced more love and support than I ever knew possible. I feel more alive every day. My quest for a quiet eventless life was nothing more than a sort of prison before. Now that I am confronting what is, I feel alive! Big difference! I don’t regret anything. ml, Laura

  72. Ask Miscavige some day were 60 million of the 150 million dollars of the Super Power Building went to.

  73. Dear Loser is attempting to export “hole” tech to the streets of LA, Casablanca and the Tampa bay area, with 5 figure costs daily.

    He doesn’t seem to realize that this tech doesn’t work!

  74. Marty,

    I don’t know how you and Mike manage to keep your cool in some of those instances but…. very well done!

    You guys are getting into the spirit of play while the robots look very serious and heavy.

    My summation: Y’all are kicking ass!!!

  75. Thanks Marty for the video. These culties are eerie people. They came all that way, spent all that time and money so a girl in a baseball hat could flash a “Squirrel Buster” sign at you?

    What did they really accomplish but nothing except to look and act like damned fools.

    The Church of D. Miss Cabbage® does a lot of “busting” around the world it seems. Let’s see there are “Squirrel Busters”, “Psych Busters” and I am sure a lot of other busters to be announced. I am disappointed they didn’t arrested this time. It always appeals to me when a corporate Scientologist acting in this manner does.

  76. How is it LEGAL fraud – that’s the bit I don’t get.

  77. Is it possible that Ralph and his SB cohorts are living out of that white van? Did the vampire squid cult get their very last dime? Those endless Sec Checks, Objectives and redoing the Bridge costs a lot of cash.

    Maybe we can get Jerry Lewis to do a telethon to help these poor folks out………………

  78. On the subject of the Super Power Building…. here’s a few words from Mat.

  79. Tony DePhillips

    Unbelievable. The guy is a machine. He takes protet PR to a whole different level.
    Thanks Cat.

  80. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Laura Ann and MIke!! He makes good coffee right? Have fun!!

  81. Tony DePhillips


  82. Tony DePhillips


  83. It is so apparent that this is about making DM right! Hell he can do no wrong in the eyes of these sorry sad sacks. To never question what it is someone wants you to be involved in shows me the ones involved in all of this have nothing going for them at all whatsoever. Nice evidence Marty and Mosey.

  84. Sapere Aude

    Agreed – confusion. Think I found one of the earlier videos some of these “squi-bs” were in. I think you will see the some similarities here.

  85. Sapere Aude

    I see it shows an error. Just go here:


    Exactly. Because so few SO members and other Scientologists’ kids have even a ghost of an education outside the Scientology world, probably few understand these lessons of history. What was it all the History teachers told us?… The reason we study things long gone is so that we do not repeat the mistakes of history that have been learned by humanity. Yet, here we are again. Lack of a broad education = ignorance and slavery. This is why oppressive movements and religions suppress education and hunt down intellectuals.

    Maybe the COS Inquisition is not yet to the point of torture racks and other nasty devices to elicit confessions, but emotionally – it’s close. There are so many parallel, it’s appalling.


  87. Ethel!
    That was the best ‘pumpkin pie’ I ever tasted 😉
    You are still the supreme reigning champion of the ‘pie face’ and I know it has to be that way until you are free.
    So good to see you here old friend
    😀 Happy!

  88. Observer,

    @ $70 per hour each, they feel fine about what they are doing. None of them are actually real honest-to-god Scientologists. None of them. They use Scientology to make money, that’s all. I worked with one of these PIs from DMA and asked him if he is going to do more bridge. He said “Naw, I’m done with that. I’m just makin a livin right now.” Yet he will act like he is part of the club because he knows the C of S will throw money all around.

    Hell, all these guys have to do is sit in an air conditioned car, wait for Marty to appear jump out and film Marty and fend off any and all of his questions, act like bad asses and collect $700 for a days work. Ten hours of telling jokes in a car and 15 minutes of action with Marty. These “perifrial” Scientologists feel just fine about that kind of money and not worry about how it is being wasted. Hell, even if they had a little bit of care for Scientology their justifiers would take care of the overts of wasted parishoner funds.

    Make no mistake, none of these cats real give a rats ass about Scientology. If they did they would be using their skills to turn over the rocks in the C of S.

    ML Tom

  89. Scott Campbell

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. There are only 2 things I can think of that might motivate someone to stalk someone like this. The first is MONEY. The second is spiritual blackmail.

    These idiots actually think that someone can take their eternity away. They don’t realize that it is literally impossible to do so.

    You should start asking them questions like: Do you realize that you can go up the bridge, both training and processing – outside of the church of scientology? And, Do you really think that someone can take your eternity away?

  90. If it was me I would be sorely tempted to toss a flash bang grenade in their car instead of just video recording. At a minimum, they have a potato in the car’s tail pipe coming while they are being distracted.


  91. Whoever she is, she looked terrified.

  92. Ha ha! 😀

  93. martyrathbun09

    Great video, thanks Amy and Mat.

  94. Robert Earle

    lovely Yes those are the same ones in the squirrel buster shirts lol

  95. Yvonne Schick

    The best Texas has to offer there to help laugh off the SB’s. I know you all are having a great time together. I’m envious. Can’t wait to hear the details.

  96. Yvonne Schick

    Love you!

  97. Robert Earle

    Sam a beautiful choice….loved it….Ode to DM

  98. Robert Earle

    what a brilliant idea STT…….I would love to see the video of TC with his helmet camera and Squirrel buster shirt and hat …..it would make such a wonderful PR piece for DM …top liner video on the net for sure……

  99. Doer in the body

    Sam, your right. She definitely did not want to be on film. They can dish it out but cannot take it. Marty totally turned the tables and pulled the carpet out from under them. Catching them on one of their many breaks. If this was a SO mission, it would be an instant recall and lower conditions. Caught off guard, they couldnt recover. Imagine the fun Marty could have with them if he wasn’t so busy with full time work as an Auditor and writer. They were low hanging fruit. Pluck.

  100. I’m really getting into Sun Tzus art of war. Here is a clip demonstrating it is smarts that wins, not military might. Guess who is going to win in our battle.

  101. You could always report that there is a “suspicious vehicle” in you neighborhood and you are concerned that the occupants are casing houses. That they don’t appear to have a valid reason for being in the neighborhood, and minimally, they are disturbing the peace.

  102. http://www.friendsoflrh.org/COBvsLRH/

    Just click on the various subjects such as stats etc. to note the differences.

  103. Great video, Mat & Amy! One can predict the desolation of downtown CW even if the SP building opens, which will probably go in a similar pattern of the Idle Org openings as in a big flash bang and then (silence) as time goes on.

  104. These people truly are “busters” – often spelled “busta” or “bustah”. They are the mini-mes of the Muthah of All Bustahs, David Miscabitch. They are indeed “squirrel busters” but not in the way they think they are.

    From the Slang dictionary:

    Definition of buster

    1. inexperienced. 2. a chump.
    “He can’t rap – he’s a busta rapper.”
    by Sean F., Detroit, MI, USA, Nov 12 1998 (Edit definition)
    someone who kills the “game.” Keeps you from reaching a climax: a loser.
    “Don’t be a busta.”
    by leyla, Jan 27 2000 (Edit definition)

    A guy who will fight a woman, but will coward and use every trick in the book, to not fight another guy. —“he is a buster, always slapping around his own woman, while the guys on the corner will clown him left and right, and he never even considers touching them.”
    by Anonymous, Jul 28 2010 (Edit definition)

    A person who thinks that they are the shit.
    “That mug is a buster.”
    by Sachin, Chicago, IL, USA, Oct 20 1998 (Edit definition)
    n. A derogatory term, usually for a man, similar to calling him a bitch or implying he is weak; not worthy of respect.
    “He’s a buster.”

  105. Mike,

    Perhaps the fear and paranoia started longer than that, more like 15+ years ago.

    Prior to that, an armored van for trips to LA was built by Yvonne, JB and a few others – starting from a GM Savana van. The project grew and changed and grew, essentially so that the only original was the sheetmetal of the van and took quite a long time to get done.

    A big guy from Freewinds Security who was a martial artist black belt was posted in RTC to be a body guard, which didn’t last very long.

    Then Ted (T-Bone), retired vice cop and VIP protection LAPD, was hired. He went everywhere (LA, Clearwater, Caribbean, and UK) as personal bodyguard except when Fear Leader was at the Int base, even though he could not carry a weapon in the UK for years. He was fed the meals similar to the Fear Leader and went to the restaurants & everywhere as he did (in addition to the regular entourage) and only went home when Dear Loser was safe in his digs.

    There were reinforcements at the Int Events in the various places of an additional 3-4 retired, ex-CHP, Secret Service, LAPD Swat, hired guns.

  106. Sue, this is exactly right!

    In my town the cops would be all over them like flies on sh*t, because this IS how some would-be thieves “case” a house or a neighborhood to determine patterns of activity so they might pick the best times to do a break-in. The police don’t like “suspicious vehicles” hanging around and usually want folks to report them.

  107. Love y’all!

    We’re having grilled peaches! You have to try this!

  108. Thanks Ingrid,
    Very interesting and very unlike Jim’s Chinese fire drill in his post for today.

  109. Karen#1,
    Bingo! Gang Stalking:
    Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Using occupational health and safety laws, warning markers can be added to a targets file. Individuals can be added to a Threat Assessment List for monitoring. Once a target is flagged, a notification is sent out, and the target is followed around 24/7 by the various communities that they are in. A covert investigation might be
    opened, and electronic means used by the civilian spies as part of the covert monitoring and surveillance process. http://gangstalkingworld.com/

    That’s the latest Dear Loser Golden Age specialty rundown!

  110. Thank you, MIke. I had read that he was employing people from Wackenhut, a major security firm that is tied to all the wrong companies (Dick Cheney types, etc). It appears, however, that he is autonomous and calls his own shots, albeit foot bullets.

  111. Scott Campbell

    This fuckin guy is hilarious! That’s gotta be BRUTAL for these staffers to endure day after day.

    Well guys, look at it this way. It wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t deserved. You pulled it in.

  112. Ciao Marty,
    miss the Tejas feel!
    What I see is that they are pathetic. After more than 2 years one would suppose that they would change tactic at least, since this IS NOT WORKING, the PI shit is just NOT WORKING:
    1. The Indi field is expanding and more and more people are waking up
    2. The Monopoly is broken
    3. The fake Blogs are not working
    4. Freedumb magazine is not impinging anymore if it ever did
    5. They use OTs like Izzy and Mary Anne …. WHY???? What does he think they can achieve with you?????? Handle you????!?!??????
    point 6 to 1000 are omitted due to time reasons so to summarize:

    Kudos to you Mosey, Mike and all the people on the front line!

    Claudio & Renata

  113. “Squirrel Busters”??

    These guys need to clear up their purpose here. For starters, the squirrel thing. I mean, there’s quite a bit of evidence that Miscavige is the squirrel here but I won’t go into all that.

    Busters? Doesnt “busted” mean you have been caught or exposed and now will face punishment, legal consequences etc? I’ll look it up, but they clearly didn;t think this through. If you were “busted” then you would have to face the music or something. They seem to be unaware that they have no authority moral or otherwise to inflict any kind of punishment or even any effect on you after they “bust” you.

  114. Scott Campbell

    Excellent video, guys. I love Matt’s history and background info on stuff that really happened behind all the boneheaded glutz PR.

  115. Yvonne Schick

    That has been on my list to try. Grilled pineapple recently and loved it. I can tell you are enjoying the downtime between sessions. What a treat.


  117. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  118. ndroock1,
    Yes, I can see going to lunch a major strategy of ‘protest’. Good eye. You should work for the Busters.

  119. Sinar,
    Perhaps I should have renamed the old hijinx the ‘Everybody outta the car at the stop light and run around once and hop back in’ fire drill.

    No offence to any ethnic group intended. Even the silly dweebles in the van, whatever their ethnicity. I did mean to point out that it was very scary that they got out of that truck, apparently circled it in terror, and then got back in it. This all as some sort of ‘busting’. Not sure what busted other than a gut at this really dumb ass stuff these guys are in fact PLANNING. This is PLANNED. Imagine that. The incredible minds that put the drill-around-the-van together as the most efficacious caper they came up with.

    Oh my.

  120. Oh yeah, The Courseroom, in Havana, Fla. had two Comm Course comps. Two hours of TRO, being there comfortably and confronting, by the clock. Then through the Comm Cycle for use in life. Man, did it feel good all around to see these beings get through all it took to do that course honestly and come out the other side.

  121. Hi David;

    That’s a good observation, to use DMs own videos against him. Giving the wing-dings true data about DM, about IDEAL org fiascos’, about the arrest in Australia of that CCHR slimebag, actual stats, internet references, etc., may well cause some of these wing-dings to think for the first time in years, and who knows … If their videos are full of this kind of data, then they cannot be shown to CofSers because it is forwarding the ‘enemy’ line to do so.

    Art of War tactics.

  122. Watchful Navigator

    A whole lotta BUSTING going on.
    Let’s not leave out the:

    CLEAR Busters

    AUDITOR Busters

    OEC/FEBC EXEC Busters


    FAMILY Busters

    MARRIAGE Busters

    CAREER Busters

    INTEGRITY Busters


    PREGNANCY Busters

    DREAM Busters…

  123. Sapere Aude

    VWD! 🙂

  124. +1,000 Jim!

  125. Tony DePhillips


  126. Tony DePhillips

    +1. The serene getting in comm drives them nuts.

  127. Tony DePhillips

    I just had a cognition. This aligns with some stuff that I was talking to Windhorse about. I still say it’s ok to speak derrogatorily about them in this forum. But when talking to THEM if possible talk to them the way Marty and Mike have been doing lately. These are actually overwhelmed cases and if you talk to them very quietly and patiently (almost like children) it will penetrate their charge. I know it is not always possible especially when they are hostile. But I can see that Marty was really ripping into this guys universe by his comm and sort of humorous communications.

  128. Hi Tony! Yes, the coffee and the company are great! Thanks! ml, Laura

  129. Marty, I liked “Do you know what a comm cycle is? Have you guys ever heard of Scientology?”


    They don’t know what a comm cycle is. Eventually they’ll realize what a “con cycle” is, though

  130. MOQ- Great update.

  131. Asking the wing-dings questions such as, “Where is Heber? What happened to ED Int?
    Is it true the head of CCHR was arrested for counselling a young sexually assaulted girl to lie to the police about it? What was her name again? What ever happened to XXX?”

    These are taboo questions and can never be brought up in the Scino field.

  132. one of those who see

    The inefficiency, the waste of $$, the waste of personnel on this stalking which accomplishes nothing is really insane. But, kind of in line with how the church operates. Tons of promo going out to every household, duplicates and sometimes triplicates. Tons of personnel kept on call in. Even people sent to houses to confirm for events, recruitment, reg cycles etc… (when most of the time NO ONE IS HOME!) Since there aren’t many public to recruit at your home ideal org, recruiters travel to other cities to recruit!

    Better, saner to spend the time, money and personnel servicing the public and training your staff. Servicing the public is defined as people actually winning and going up the bridge. (see example of Independent Scientology Field)
    Servicing the public does not mean – Public somehow hanging in there trying to get some LRH tech in spite of the Church.
    And Yes, promotion is important. I run a company. But the Church is out of comm and annoying regarding promotion and then not delivering.

    Marty, wonderful as always when faced with these intruders.

    For many of us, Enforced Disconnection is the guard blocking the door to continuing with our auditing and training. May the evil end soon and families and friends reunite.

  133. Squirrel Busters? “Squirrel” is to a Scientologist as any racial or ethnic slur is to any race or ethnicity to which such prejudicial epithets have been leveled. Such has been alluded to previously on this blog, the fact that it is a hate crime to call a Scientologist a “squirrel”. I personally was never wild about “WOG” and now “Asian” is preferable to “Oriental”. So should we say “WAG”? How about our putting our attention on the types of activities and/or practices for which one might receive the label, “squirrel”. One simple example is heavy gauge copper grounding rods. This was brought out in a video on this blog. If non-Ron is being “squirrel”, then where is the reference HCOB or HCOPL to support the proof of heavy gauge copper grounding rods having any legitimate effect, use, or application? The goons carrying out the orders of David Copperman would defecate in their drawers if they knew about the famous copper grounding rods…or are they so far gone that their heads are so deeply anally inserted that truth is no longer recognizable to them?

  134. martyrathbun09


  135. SaveTheTech

    Hey Robert…

    Maybe we could switch this whole subject around from these childish antics of DM to an honest debate about the difference between Corporate Scientology and the subject of Scientology.

    An intelligent debate between Marty and Mike and TC and John Travolta.. ALL of these people are intelligent and can communicate. Lets call this debate: “When in doubt, communicate.” in honor of LRH and let the world know what we stand for and what Corporate Scientology stands for…

  136. I wanted to ask if DM (and Monique et al) are still following the plausible deniability ruse in that the DM and his officers are paying lawyers and they in turn are actually hiring the PIs. The Squirrel Buster paraphernalia kinda makes that a moot point I would think. Could be one other benefit or reason for OTAsses — no money trail.

    Bruce Pratt

  137. Jim-This is our real strength-people trained to confront and deal with life and actually be in comm. dm has weakened his public so thoroughly that they wind up in vans twiddling their thumbs and doing a horrible job of harassing.

  138. Looney Tunes.
    Marty and company are the Road Runner. The “busters” are Wile E. Coyote

  139. What about gut Busters for the laughter produced?
    Duh ledah probably has a gut/vein buster as well.


  140. Ingrid, thanks for posting the video…I know who is going to win!

  141. Tony Dephillips

    Great point Claudio & Renata!

  142. Ahhhhh…I can feel a shift in the force. I can feel a newly envigorated sense of excitement and purpose igniting. I can feel the tipping point cresting and a tidal wave of theta about to uleash on the planet…just like the old days.

    Well done. Ain’t no patty-cake TRs never gonna clear no planet, according to Mr. Hubbard hisself.

    I’ll have a couple of newbies on upper indocs comping in a few days. Let’s swap success stories!


  143. Scott Campbell

    Yaaay Jimmy!

    Wow, man. Real products. Real theta. Real good news. Good job, Jim. You’re doing a man’s job of it.

    L, Scott

  144. Good:

    If I didn’t make 2 comments here it would be an overt! {LOL}.

    First comment being that Tom Cruise in this video looks like he was punched in his left eye and got a shiner {take a close look, his left eye looks black and swollen underneath}.

    And the next thing being the news about Jan Eastgate, whom I am familiar with. I will be honest in telling you I had not heard about this until you mentioned it, so thank you Good and thank you Marty.

    About Jan? I cannot say I am not shocked by this news about her but I am not surprised. Anyone, and by that in my book I mean just about anyone, that goes around the world bad mouthing people that have had to sit through going to college to become Psychiatrists without ever even so much as doing a Student Hat course or learning about Method 3 Word Clearing are entitled to give a good swift kick in the pants.

    Who in the hell does she think she is telling people that if their children are molested by some pervert “don’t go to the authorities, go to the church”?

    If she is found guilty she will be going to jail, not jail, prison, for covering up a crime like that. I am shaking my head. I can laugh and cry at the same time right now this moment. What an overt to tell someone not to go to the police but tell the church instead.

    Thanks for this news.

  145. Tony DePhillips

    Robert and STT,

    That would be great. In the spirit of true Scientology that could happen.

    In miss cabbages world, not so much…

  146. Tony DePhillips

    Come on Yvonne, SP’s don’t eat grilled pineapple!!

  147. tnx, very much…..
    now i have to spend all afternoon on that….

  148. Yes I tought poor guys at some point , but in the end it’s about denieing DM “new bodies in the shop”

  149. This”machine”is best deployed at DC Org , I can wait to see him there again. He sutre hasn’t flattened his protest button yet 😉

    As he said himself the Comm -course bennefitted him.

  150. Man, it is almost painful to watch that interview with Tom. He comes across so know best, one sided and with HE&R. Glib himself. Unhatted and inexperienced, on national television. Very hurtful to his career and to his cause… He definitely didn’t help Scientology there.
    And yet, wasn’t that shown at an IAS event?

  151. Hey Cat – never came across it. Sounds like a red herring to me. I read through the thread on ESMB. In fact, let me make it very clear:

    The guy is full of shit.

    I don’t know what his game is, but the real give-away was his comment :

    3) I hope people responding are ex-scien because as a scientologist, hastening physical death is no big deal…she may have had a flight to catch.

    He is an idiot and a troll.

  152. Frankly, I don’t care about the epithet. To me, a crime is a crime, and hate crimes only add a speech factor to it. Someone murdered silently and with torture is just as bad or worse than someone being murdered while the murderer screams racial slurs. The crime is the murder.

    In the case of these idiot “squirrel busters” their signs make them look silly and childish. I am all for them looking silly and childish. The fact that they are stalking people is the crime, and that would be a crime with T-shirts or not.

    I reserve my right to call Mr. David Miscavige a squirrel. Calling him a squirrel is NOT a hate crime. It is a fact.

  153. AWE—- SOME!

    Great work!

  154. So, I looked at this video again this morning. Oh my God! Ralph looks like he got caught with his pants down, and the bearded dude – I mean, really! This is incompetence at its finest!

    So – let’s chalk it up:

    1. Burning gas for a half hour = no regard for global warming or spending parishioner money at $4 per gallon.
    2. Caught by surprise when THEY are the ones supposed to be awake and watching.

    (By the way, this last is sleeping on watch, which per FO is an automatic Treason assignment. Their eyes may be been open, but they were sleeping).

    3. Getting up and walking around… and getting back in? What is up with that?

    4. “Just driving around” – nice!

    I mean COME ON! If you are going to cussing do it, DO IT. WEAR your buster hat, don’t just have it sitting on your useless skull. Have the cussing nuts to engage!

  155. Watchful Navigator

    Grasshopper: Good call!

  156. Thank you for your input and perspective on this matter. Sometimes it is good to follow a lead even if it is onley to be able to put rumours to bed in the end.

  157. Sure. The whole thread was like he was throwing meat to the hyenas. He is feeding the mindless robot unfeeling zombie meme for Scientologists which is very untrue and insulting. I have known a hell of a lot of people in Scientology, in all roles, and none would hasten anyone’s demise using a pillow. Outright murder is not something a Scientologist would ever do.

    What has been done by some “scientologists” is neglect (of children and elders) caused more from incredible self-centeredness and taking the game too seriously. This is the “Klingon” attitude toward life and the body that some Scientologists exhibit. We don’t put them on the ice floe until they are dead.

    To me, a very realistic scenario would be that the ex-wife went to Flag and spent X thousands of dollars while her mother was on life-support or tube feeding or in Hospice, where the mother then dies alone. This is tragic enough. That is a realistic scenario for some “scientologists” – “ME, ME, ME. “”I am on the Bridge, I have a planet to clear, her life is over, move on.” Yes, cold and callused, but not to the point of pushing the knife.

    But let me add, that is the extreme, and no Scientologists I know would ever do that, even if their parents were bastards to them about them being Scientologists.

    One more thing: I will also add that Scientologists I know HATE death and death reminders – to a fault. I had a family member in Hospice, and the more caring people were non-Scientologist friends and family. Scientology, in my experience, does not prepare you for the pain of losing a loved one during the process itself, and does not “hat” you on how to handle terminally ill people. That is a fact. In fact, when I come out completely and if I decide to set up a center of some kind, service of this nature would be a requirement, because life is to be lived now, not in some future lifetime.

    Anyway, Cat, you can see that this is nuanced – far more than “my ex killed her mother 17 years ago, I think. Should I tell someone?” THAT is BS.

  158. Exilo ←
    Please have a look at Phong Nyuen at the table on the right.
    [This guy was slated to be trained & posted as an evaluator in the Eval Corps of Exec Strata at Int since 1991, but was never able to “qualify” for the Int Base – his saving grace, actually ! Smart man but very denigrated by DM’s phobias.]

  159. Exactly what they’ll do, edit to prove their point but that’ll make people confused and looking for truth on the net. Yep, footbullets!

  160. I feel educated. Thank you for the considerable time you spent puttin this to bed. postings will be made.


  161. Exactly! Nothing but the $$$$$.

  162. Leonore, that is definitely happening with staff kids I knew. They’re absolutely clueless which makes them easy targets for not just S.O. recruitment but for delusions of grandeur and scams and even corporate slave labor.
    I am grateful every single day that I got my kids out of that environment!

  163. He really has some good comm and made me LOL.

  164. Awesome & Congrats!

  165. Grashopper I spoke before my time. On WWP Smurf (Gary Scarff) has dug up the names of the suspected poster and the “suposed murderer” including children and spouse because the poster had allready revealed all of that in earlier posting(s). And reported the information to the FBI tipline.

  166. WWP on the Spy list:

    “Note: Sue Lane Harrison is on this list (see thread about scientologist suffocating mother).”

  167. Interesting connection, Cat. So, let me see if I have this straight – The “ex-husband” is still married to one he accused, and the wife is on the OSA go-to list? Crazy.

  168. It seems she remaried:

    “He’s outed his whole family, so someone over there should know who the son-of-a-bitch is. Wife’s name was Sue Lane while married to the SOB. She then married a guy named George Harrison (srsly?) The adult kids are Megan, Melanie, and Mason. If he’s fucking trolling they ought to ban his stupid ass.”

    His previous posting on ESMB


    17th August 2008, 03:45 PM
    I have not seen or heard them since I was g rodded early 2001. The last I knew they were in California in the orbit of the mother Sue Lane or Harrison of Sunnyvale. Mason Lane was a car mechanic, 31 yo, propably married to a red-head scio, may have moved to a town near the Base. Melanie,26 yo, has blond hair blue eyes. Meryl 24, dirty blond, blue eyes.”

  169. Interesting how Hirst starts to walk, always keeping that girl protected from your camera. At 1:13 he even directs her back into the car and she promptly covers her face with the clipboard. You must know her Marty.

  170. great list – thanks!

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