Rocio Finds The Right Item

I, Rocio Garcia, hereby declare myself as an Independent Scientologist.

I would like to acknowledge the staff that helped me and those who extended their friendship, all those who have the best intentions but remain trapped inside the church. My experience with the COS does not compare with those of many who have truly experienced hell.

I started in 1982 at the Orange County Org, in California. I took several courses and received auditing and attested to Clear in 1989.

I continued moving and a few months later I was at AOLA for my OT levels. During the preps for these I “reaffirmed the state of Clear.”

This was funny because I didn’t even know I was running such a program until I went to attest its completion. Nevertheless this took 2 intensives.

I was on AOLA lines until I completed OT V. I was happy with the results, had many many wins and I really liked this new state.

A few months later I received a call from my auditor who informed me that I needed to “re-do” OT V because there were now new rundowns. I felt really bad and invalidated. I had no interest in these “new rundowns.” The following week I fell ill. I eventually arrived to AOLA, still ill, to re-do OT V. Once completed I was told that I should go to Flag to continue with OT VI.

For the next 10 years I focused on working and expanding our business and creating my family. I was happy and prosperous.

In 2001 the registrars started to come. In 2002 I went to the Sandcastle for the first time to route onto OT VI. As I entered the building I felt a chill all over my body. I somehow felt in danger. I communicated this to the MAA and my auditor, because I wanted to find out why I felt this way in a place where everything was supposed to be very theta. Nothing was found, and I invalidated my perception and thought it was my imagination. Two months later I returned home, without having started OT VI. I felt I made no progress.

I tried two more times in subsequent visits but again, I did not accomplish much. My auditing sessions often ended with a red tag and I did not understand what was wrong with me. I decided I was done with auditing. I just didn’t want it anymore.

From 2001 to 2007 there was much tension with the registrars. An infinity of calls, unannounced home visits late at night, even a KR written on my husband for “failing to donate the expected amount” and accusing him of being PTS to me. Such was my displeasure with such cycles that in 2007 Clive Rabey ordered the registrars at Flag to leave me alone.

In 2006 my husband had to got to Flag for a refresher, and my kids and I accompanied him. During this time, I was approached by a senior executive and he asked me for one more chance and asked me to go in session. I agreed. The new auditor had me try different cans, wrist straps, the solo cans, a heater directed at my feet, a small fan directed at my face, a folded-up blanket to rest my hand on, a very comfortable chair that he brought in, a special soap to wash my hands with, etc., etc., etc.

I was finally informed that they had found my problem. I ended up with a set-up that included two solo cans on my right hand, the very comfortable chair, the heater at my feet and the fan at my face, and the examiner would always come to the auditing room.

This was the WHY. This was the final solution to all my auditing difficulties.

So the auditing resumed and we run several correction lists. All that was found was BPC on past auditing at Flag and while re-doing OT V at AOLA.

Just when I started that to think I was making some progress, a new auditor took me in session. The R-factor was “quick interview.”

Once in session, he asked me to define “reactive mind.” I gave her the definition as I remembered it from the dictionary, and she ended the session. Soon after I was sent to Qual where I was told I was not Clear.

I tried to be strong but I could not help repressing some tears. I left Qual as the Qual officer, Susan, was asking me “are you OK?”

Soon after I was in session once again in my quest for the ever elusive state of Clear. This was yet another “advanced program.”

I then finally started OT VI, and while reading the books I fell ill again. I returned home and went to see a doctor. He prescribed a medication that made it possible for me to move my body.

I told the Flag terminals I could not go back because I was taking this medication but they told me this would not interfere with auditing so they pushed for my return to complete OT VI.

So in June of 2008 I was once again at Flag, and having completed part A of OT VI, the first order of business was another advanced program which consisted of auditing OT IV actions, followed by another advanced program which consisted of some OT V rundowns, followed by another advanced program which consisted of the FPRD basic list.

I was now ready to start my eligibility check.

It went fairly smoothly but right toward the end, I was told that I needed to wear the wrist straps, so we moved away from the ideal, case-cracking set-up previously found. This proved not to be such a good idea. The wrist straps caused high TA so the auditor had someone turn off the air conditioning to our room. This caused me to sweat profusely and a skin rash, so the sessions had to be stopped every 2 to 5 minutes, to wipe off the sweat on my wrist and forearm.

The auditor confided that “we were almost done,” but the next day I was informed that there were more questions added by the C/S. We continued to work on these new questions for about two weeks. But I did complete the eligibility!

I was sent to see the MAA who told me there were no KRs from the eligibility check, but he did want me to read the policy that talks about the requirement for participation. He then told me I would “have to join the OT committee” once I return home. I told him I would not do that, I would participate in other ways but I would not join the OT committee. He left it at that.

So I was on my way and when I started part C, I was told to get my own wrist straps and was sent to Qual to work out their set up for solo. The straps never really worked on me as I would have to get them off to wipe the sweat off every 2 to 5 minutes. But after a few drills, I was sent back to the course room and began solo auditing.

I was doing OK, no red tags, but the C/S sent me back to Qual and had them look into the frequent session interruptions due to the constant removal of the straps. For several days, I reported to Qual every day on a full time basis, and tried innumerable ways of wearing the straps without having to remove them due to sweat. No luck. Finally the Qual sup just had me try the normal set-up, with solo cans, just like everybody. This seemed to work fine so he sent me back to the course room.

So I started solo auditing again but the very next day was sent back to Qual. The C/S wanted to know why I was auditing with the solo cans. At this point I was not very happy and it was probably evident, because my next action was to go in session to “find out what was happening with me.” The session uncovered BPC.

Back in Qual I told the sup that I would not use the wrist straps anymore. So he sent me to an interview with his senior, Susan. She said I could not hold the cans with my left hand so the only way was to hold the cans with my right hand (I am right-handed) and write the worksheets with the left hand. She sent me away to drill it. I tried, I really tried but I just couldn’t learn to write all over again with my non-writing hand.

I went to see Susan again and she asked me how it was going. I told her I just couldn’t write with my left hand. She said: “the only way you are ever going to solo audit is when you learn to write with your left hand.”

I told her I was done and I would leave the base. I then informed other terminals as well that I would be leaving.

A few days later my auditor insisted I go in session but I refused. He told me that I was bound by the “contract” I had signed with the church. I asked “what contract?” He said it didn’t matter whether or not I had read it, the fact was I had signed it.

I knew my decision to leave the base like that could stir up trouble at home, since my husband had recently completed OT VIII, was swimming in Kool-Aid, and I could not freely communicate with him. But I had had enough. I left. My illness was now chronic.

Later, I looked on the Internet for the “contract I had signed,” and what I found left me dumbfounded. I completely read for the first time the enrollment forms I and everyone else signs prior to starting a service at Flag. I had not realized how much power I had granted the church over me. Then I found the stories and experiences of so many other people. My heart grew heavy. I also found a blog that gave me hope.

On November of 2010, I visited Mr. Marty Rathbun at Casablanca. I arrived sad and broken. I spent five fabulous days receiving auditing I really needed. I got exactly what I wanted that addressed my concerns and condition. I did not have a heater on my feet, or a fan on my face, or the wrist-straps. Gone were the special soap and blankets and even the magic chair! Instead what I had was incredible wins and I regained my health, my well-being, stability and self-confidence. I am truly grateful and I know I can count on Marty and Mosey for anything. They are honest people with a very clean space and I felt peace next to them.

Now, a few months later, I do not feel overwhelmed, I have a well-balanced happy life, I don’t use much effort to accomplish tasks and my kids continue to grow happily.

I am auditing on Solo NOTS with great wins. I am finally flourishing and prospering… outside the “church.”


Rocio Garcia

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  1. Wow Rocio!
    Thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations on your wins! Excellent write up and will inspire others, for sure!

  2. Very Welcome!

    Good to ear you are flourishing and prospering now.

    Is very good to see people achieving that kind of life!

  3. Yeah! Way to go, Rocio! Very well done!

  4. Tony DePhillips

    Wow!!! Rocio!! One of the best wins I have ever heard!!
    WELCOME to the Indies!!!
    Booo Yaaaa!!! In your face miss cabbage!! Who is part of a squirrel group ??
    I say you are the king of squirrels dm!!
    With your “standard tech” people cave in. With Marty’s application they get better and win!! Ha ha!!

  5. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop



  6. Tony DePhillips

    By the way, sorry it is a bit off topic. I had a person in the Seattle field who read mine and my wife’s SP Declare in the Org. It didn’t make sense to this person and the staff wouldn”t talk to them about it. Today this person called me and told ne they have been reading the blogs and they KNOW now that dm is the SP and now they know what has been going on in the “church”.
    So, we will have another new Indie soon….

  7. Welcome Rocio!

    It is painful to read your story and see what our church has become.
    I can dimly remember when church auditing was like the auditing you received as an independent.

    You are fortunate indeed to have found Marty.

    Fortunately, there are a growing number of independent practitioners who can help repair the damage that is caused by prolonged exposure to the CO$.

    Enjoy your solo auditing!

  8. Gosh Rocio.

    After reading your expriences it really dawned on me further how problems people get into moving along in their auditing and training in the church are becoming more and more frequent.

    While smooth progress and real success stories {like the kinds people used to write} are becoming a thing of the past.

    Enlightening, sad, tragic, true and very poignant. I applaud your courage in coming forward like so many others.

    You are a brave woman and not alone, there are a lot of us honey! {LOL}

  9. scilonschools

    Rocio that was Heartwarming!
    I don’t know if i fully agree with your statement “My experience with the COS does not compare with those of many who have truly experienced hell.” though, sounds close to hell to me!
    That isolating effect of ‘special treatment’ as if YOU were the problem not the corrupted Tech!
    I am pleased you found the ‘forest’ and hope others close to you will benefit.

  10. Sapere Aude

    Welcome to the world of Indies. I am very happy you are having such incredible wins. Your journey through life continues, with you in control. It is your life – win at anything you wish to do and splurge on your success. Thank you very much for your touching story. Peace and happiness to you.

  11. Scott Campbell


    The first time I met you I found a being that is filled with intelligence, grace and loving kindness. That you were treated in such a callous and uncaring manner by David Miscavige’s squirrel organization puts proof to the perception that the Church of Scientology has become entirely money motivated.

    I’m so glad that you are out of the C of S now and have declared your Independence. I know that we will find in you a fierce advocate of freedom for all.

    L, Scott

  12. Good to see you here Rocio. And to the Flag terminals I’d say “You are all a bunch of clowns and auditing people is none of your business anymore!!!!”

  13. Behold! A thetan, moving, once again, unvexed to eternity.

    What an incredible story of overcoming the roadblocks set up by the Greatly Altered Tech and it’s leader, Dracconian Munchhousen.

    Izzy, are you reading this?

    Allender, are you hip to the idea that your traveling clique of flunky videographers are not going to stop LRH tech from going in wherever it is sought outside the puzzle factory you work for?

    Who is next?

  14. Dear Rocio,

    Very well done to you! I am so , so glad that Marty is there to help people like you.

    I worked at Flag for over 20 years and I saw David Miscavige and his flying monkeys put the tech terminals into complete uncertainty and confusion. I saw Class XII’s literally cry over their uncertainty regarding instant reads and F/Ns. I personally got auditing from some of Flags most veteran and celebrated Class IX’s and their auditing was painfully disgusting and I’m under stating it.

    I realized something the other day that blew some charge. After spending weeks trying to route out of the Sea Org I finally blew up while in session and stated that if I wasn’t off the base by noon the next day that I was walking out and the only way I could be stopped was to shoot me in the head. I didn’t put my foot down because I was being guarded 24/7 or that I was eating rice and beans 3 times a day. I put my foot down because I couldn’t stand one more minute of auditing from the FSO Class IX auditor that SUCKED beyond belief. The sessions went like this – miss an F/N the first minute of the session, spend hours doing more correction lists than I had done the entire Bridge up to OT 7, red tag. The next day she would give the R factor regarding the missed F/N at the start of the session and then start the whole cycle over again.

    Of course for every hour she audited she would re watch the session for 2 hours on a big screen, playing parts in slow motion, over and over to see if the needle swung a full 3 times per the Miscavige definition of an F/N.

    I had similiar experiences with other FSO Class IX’s and all I could think of was the poor public that were paying hundreds of dollars per hour for the butchery.

    Well done on finding your way out of the woods and back onto the Bridge!

  15. Welcome, Rocio! I am glad you are free from the foolishness.

    Once again, tech is discovered to be OUTSIDE the CofM, not inside. It is a fallacy that you forfeit the bridge by leaving the church. Mr. David Miscavige has already forfeited the bridge.

  16. Wow Rocio … what a story!

    I am glad you are now flourishing & prospering.

    Well done!

  17. By the way,

    That is a stunning photograph … simply beautiful!

  18. dm acting as a senior tech terminal.
    That´s far out.
    The senior tech terminals in the church who accepts his BS
    are in TREASON.

  19. Joe Pendleton

    Very well done Rocio! And VWD Marty as well!!!! We’re very fortunate that Marty is around doing what he’s doing (and Ingrid Smith and others as well). What a story! Honestly, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at certain points. What a bunch of dolts. And THESE my friends are your experts in the field of the spirit and the mind! At the MECCA! Yes, your advancement as a spiritual being depends on wrist straps, fans, wiping off sweat and turning off air conditioning (and this bunch of morons). And all you have to do is pay every last cent you have. Part of the big problem the CofS has (THE big part) is that apparently it is SO easy for them to get rid of ACTUAL experts in the field of Scientology (witness Karen D, other Cl XIIs, Marty, etc). In my own case, no one blinked at saying good-bye to a person with a 35 year sterling tech record. And so the idiots that are kept on are the folks described in this post. And those evals on Clear!!!!!!! When did beings’ states of case depend on what SOMEONE ELSE told them about their case? This is one of the biggest lies Scientologists have been made to swallow. My case state depends on MY considerations – not yours, buddy. I was hoping that after you got your RF on not being clear, you might have said “OK, but I AM OTV! So there!!”

  20. As a clarification – I was referring to the auditing, not the auditor when I said it “sucked”.
    The auditors were wonderful people that were dedicating their lives to help others. I truly liked the auditors as people, I appreciated their intention and courage and I tried hard to be a “good pc” and not create a problem or get them in trouble. I had some understanding of their situation and I felt sorry for them. It was sad to see “professional auditors” in that state.

  21. Rory Medford

    Glad things worked out for you! Good luck and it sounds like you are happy as a clam.

  22. Stat/Andrey Organ

    What a clusterfuck of a journey, pardon my language.
    Just happy you are all better now, Rocio!
    Welcome to the free world!

  23. Rocio,

    It’s wonderful that you’ve “escaped” the madness. Life has it’s “adventures” and you’ve posted several of them here today. 🙂

    Honestly I was gobsmacked at reading the BS that the Church of Scientology idiot auditors and qual terminals had you do. Everything you mentioned about what they did is so absurd that it is criminal. It seems (hell I KNOW), that the Corp Church is doing everything possible to PREVENT successful auditing from occurring.

    I can just imagine what Marty and Mosey’s faces must have looked like when you went to them and described your experiences at the Cof$! (insert jaw-dropping visual).

    Welcome to the most Theta Place!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (a villager with truck load of torches for the monster Davey Miscreant)

  24. Thank you Rocio.

    A Knowledge Report for failing to donate the expected amount ! </b

    “You HAVE to learn to write with your left hand !”
    “You HAVE to hold the cans with you right hand !”

    Special soaps, blankets and magic chair and wrist straps

    Once in session, he asked me to define “reactive mind.” I gave her the definition as I remembered it from the dictionary, and she ended the session. Soon after I was sent to Qual where I was told I was not Clear.


    The Mecca of Technical Perfection indeed

  25. Martin Padfield

    Amazing story honestly told. Thank you vey much for sharing and welcome OUT!!!

  26. Awesome. Good for you. Glad you are free from the tyranny.

  27. simonbolivar

    Wow Rocio, congratulations, you made it!!
    Sad story anyway, I love the way they try to overcome any trouble with Mest set up e.g. Special Chair, blanket, fan, heater ect… It reminds me of a lecture you can find on the Student Hat, where He tells that complexity is so far away from truth. Truth is always simple.
    Well done, I’m glad you are out from complexity.

  28. OMG, what torture, waste of time and money!
    It is barely imaginable to get any further away from the Ideal Scene of upper level auditing.
    I always had a slight problem with the fact that there was no perfection except at Flag.
    Thank you for coming out into the open and so glad to hear you are doing well now.

  29. Felicitas Foster

    Dear Rocio,
    welcome to freedom and thank you for sharing your story. I am happy that you had the chance to recover so perfectly. Very well done.
    Good job, Marty!

  30. Rocio,
    While this can read almost as a comedy of out-points after the fact, I know it must have been an incredibly enturbulating, painful and confusing nightmare at the time.
    I had to go through similar squirrel ‘handlings’ and invalidative/evaluative ‘auditing’ but not close to what you had to endure. Well done on getting through it with your sanity intact and welcome home 🙂
    Hey ‘Squirrel Busters’ –
    “Squirreling (going off into weird practices or altering Scientology) only comes from non-comprehension. Usually the non-comprehension is not of Scientology but some earlier contact with an off-beat humanoid practice which in it’s turn was not understood”.
    L Ron Hubbard
    Read Ricio’s story. That sure as hellfire is some off-beat shit!

  31. Gorgeous photo by the way.

  32. Rocio, I’m glad to hear that you are well and happy. And your husband? I hope he made some discoveries as you did.


  33. barneyrubble


    Terriffic Blog, welcome to thereal world of truism. And fantastic representation of Orange County in your photo. So happy for you, getting rid of DMism’s.

  34. plainoldthetan

    Rocio: When I was reading your story, I couldn’t help but think of HCO PL 2 Nov 71 II TRAINING QUALITY. “EVERY TIME YOU TURN OUT A BAD AUDITOR YOU MAKE ENEMIES FOR SCIENTOLOGY. INCOMPETENT AUDITORS ARE THE ONLY SOURCE OF OUR TROUBLES.” Apparently Marty doesn’t fall under those classifications.

  35. mark mckinstry

    Well Done!!

    Congratulations on your persistence, despite it all.

    With results like this. no wonder the camera goons surround Marty. Clearwater will return to a sleepy beach resort and all roads leading to Casablanca.

  36. “failing to donate the expected amount”

    Imagine that not helping slappy out with a kick-back of extortion money

    Rocio Garcia, glad you are out

  37. Imagine that! So they thought they applied ethics tech when they wrote that declare. Ha ha!

  38. What a fantastic read, Rocia! I especially liked the part of your perception of Sandcastle. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Last time I was there was in 1997 and it was like a wet wall of mass, a confused place.

  39. Mat,
    Reading this story from Rocio, then the one related by you it is incredible, literally, that auditors can get this messed up and application so far from the Standard.

  40. Very nice to meet you and congrats on getting back to battery and back on 7! 🙂
    I’m dumbfounded by the confusion and arbitrary crap you were put through…glad you made it out!

  41. Rocio .What a pleasure to read your story Thnak you for sharing it . It was sad to read what you went through in a lot of areas, Now your free from that . And your out , Your winning and Marthy and Mosey helped you. Fantastic. !!!!!!!Well done.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing your final days. It is remarkable how complex the dictator has made it all. One of the first bulletins I read in Scientology was COMPLEXITY AND NON CONFRONT. It opened a whole new world. That along with every other bulletin, lecture, and policy that ever lent a hand to a person trying to simply move on up a little higher has effectively been canceled in that hell hole.

  43. Rocio- VWD.

    Reading your story, I see what could have been for myself if I had stayed in this destructive group. Leaving the church but still continuing my auditing program was the possibly the nest decision of my life.

    I am thrilled for your success and wishing you happiness and prosperity as you move on Solo.

    My postulates for your continued success.

    Thank you for being there. Thank you for communicating.

    Brian Culkin

  44. Incredible photo by the way. Props to your theta photographer.

  45. martyrathbun09

    I agree, far too refined and perceptive a thetan for Corporate Scientology to handle.

  46. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for holding your position in space and weathering the storm. You have earned Ethics presence, by definition.

  47. Tony DePhillips

    +1. 🙂

  48. Rocio,
    What a great, great story! I enjoyed reading it very much. It reminds me of my wife’s expereinces, like a rat in treadmill.
    I’m glad you’re doing well.
    Here’s a little something for you.

    The Early Bird

    Like a kid with a car,
    he didn’t earn.
    Some respect for the work,
    you never learned.
    Oh, you trumped the deck,
    in your elevator shoes.
    Deciding who’d win,
    and who would lose.

    First went the sages,
    and then went the crew.
    Even the unborn,
    paid homage to you.
    Deciding who slept,
    and who should eat beans.
    The likes of which,
    your lips never seen.

    That you water your men,
    first before you.
    Never entered your mind,
    or tightened a screw.
    Now you’re left alone,
    a ship run adrift,
    No shoulders to lean on,
    or help with the lift.

    It’s a shortsighted man,
    with a podium grasped.
    Who utters untruths,
    just to cover his ass.
    Taking the money,
    wasn’t the worst of the lot.
    Although it’s a sentence,
    in prison to rot.
    It’s running a sham,
    based upon a lie.
    And the long term vision,
    that you belied.

    There’s one thing you missed,
    that you think you stole.
    It lays at the core,
    of every heart and soul.
    It’s something you’re lacking,
    it can never be bought.
    It’s the goodness of man,
    you’ve always fought.

    So take your worm,
    you’re the first in line.
    But empty hands,
    is all you’ll find.
    As to King of the Mountain,
    or Pope if you please?
    It’s the second mouse,
    who ends up with the cheese.

  49. Rocio,
    What an Amazing story! Your strength, integrity and persistence on your journey are to be admired! It struck me after reading your account and reading some of the comments that there were people going through a sort of personal hell right under my nose without my knowing it. When you are going through it, you think it is just you. You don’t want to upset others so, you keep it to yourself. Somehow, amidst all the diversions from standard tech, you still have some wins from Real LRH Scientology. You hang onto those moments to make it through. Eventually the out tech just piles up to a point, that just the thought of one more moment of it is more painful than you can endure. That’s the breaking point. I’m so happy for you, myself and others that we have an alternative in the Independent field. All the latent gains that you didn’t get under constant pressure are recoverable when auditing occurs in a Theta and caring environment.
    Rocio, you are an Amazing being to have gone through this, and found the solution. Thank you for flourishing and prospering as we all should! I applaud you! ml, Laura

  50. Joe,
    Wow! 35 years! We are soooooo fortunate having people like you, Karen and the other stellar Experienced people we have in the Indie field! Thanks for being here! ml, Laura

  51. And if it is happenning at Flag, the so-called Mecca, imagine how fast Micavige’s technical merry go round spins, out in AOs and Class V Orgs. Full blown circus my friends, full blown circus.


  52. Mat,
    What is Greatness came to mind while reading your comment. No matter what you were going through, you cared about your auditors. You are a great person! ml, Laura

  53. Rocio,

    Wonderful write up. There is great power in its detail.

    Many others will read it, see themselves in it and come to realize how trapped they’ve become on Miscavige’s spinny out tech merry go round.


  54. In Dianetics ’55, LRH talked about the mistake of putting a device such as emeter between a preclear and auditor. That was when emeters had falled into disfavor for the time being, perhaps due to due political considersations with Volney Mathieson. In any event, what he said then applies to so many situations, only one of which the False TA checklist attempted to remedy. Later, it was ok to call F/N’s above 3.0. Auditing the preclear in front you is always the most important datum and maintaining 2WC per the auditor’s code and not distracting the preclear (with false reads, false TA, etc.) Meters have introduced a lot of arbitraries to real auditing. On the other hand, it can work like a laser diagnostic if used accurately.

  55. Rocio — although you say your story wasn’t that bad — good grief. It sounded bad to me.

    Wrist straps? Just a little to close to being strapped to an electric chair.

    Any relation, by the way, to the terrific OT VIII Luis Garcia.

    Just thinking that if you are — he obviously stopped swimming in the kool aid (love that expression) – hosed himself off and has been a beacon for many others.

    As you are and will be. Your photo with that glorious sun rise is a testament to that.


  56. Rocio, The first thing that came to mind when I read your story was ‘unusual solutions’.
    DM has designed his own version of the ‘Tech’ to invalidate and create BPC so he can extort more money out of all PCs and Pre-OTs fixing the problem. Thank god people are waking up and ‘looking’ and walking away. Well done and welcome. Love


  58. George White

    Thank you for sharing your story. I commend you for your strength of character.
    You endured all of that trivia, and managed to escape. Congratulations!.
    George White

  59. Rocio,

    When you wrote, “As I entered the building I felt a chill all over my body. I somehow felt in danger,” I thought, “Now, that’s theta perceptics at work.” Honest to goodness theta perception. It’s what we’re all striving to gain.

    Why not explore and acknowledge our abilities?

    Too bad the organization doesn’t actually practice the principles of affinity, reality and communication. Too bad someone wasn’t willing to just find out what you perceived and why. Simple communication. Simple granting of beingness and reality. Simple understanding.

    So many unusual solutions needed when simple ARC disappears.

    I’m almost surprised those working with you didn’t settle on a couch rather than a comfortable chair, c/s ” explore deep conflicts with mother and father with focus on suppressed libido–electro-shock treatment if this fails to produce results. Put pc on mood enhancing drugs.”

    Love the dramatic photo.


  60. TheWidowDenk

    What a great statement, Rocio. Thanks for sharing and we embrace you!! L, TWD

  61. TheWidowDenk

    Yes, Dr. Denk came home from a Flag refresher — I’m guessing 2003 was the year — with some kind of forearm apparatus; he mentioned something about developing a tremor and the apparatus would make the meter easier to read.

    (Maybe there were two? One for each forearm? Sorry, I simply cannot remember!)

    He didn’t wish to return to Flag and the rest of that story is known: developed cancer, etc., etc.

    What is not known is:

    I requested an RTC investigation after his departure in later 2004. My request was never responded to. This apparatus would have come up, I’m sure, as I’d never seen nor heard of such a thing.

    After Dr. Denk’s departure, I gave the apparatus to his AO auditor — now be aware of such a device being possibly used at the AO! TWD

  62. Dear Rocio,
    You are one STRONG Lady!!! You saw the INSANITY going on in the CO$ and left…VWD!!!!
    I’m so happy you found Marty and now your really FLOURISHING AND PROSPERING!!!
    WAY TO GO!!!
    ML, Lori 🙂

  63. TheWidowDenk

    Rocio and friends — There are incredible success stories of folks taking the correct action(s) and coming out the other side. The above is a perfect example of such a success story. I cherish these. Please don’t think I wish to rain on our parade; I’d rather relay data to help others who are, say, at a crossroads. TWD

  64. GetTheConcept


    That trick worked once before, let’s see if it works again.


  65. Rocio, what a great post & thanks for sharing. Flag sounds more and more like a truly wicked place. It was bad enough in the 90s but sure is worse now. Best to you & yours.

  66. Theo Sismanides

    Rocio, wow!!! Did the right thing!! I am so happy you are with the Indies and doing great! Marty my hat is off to you! No special chairs, no ring straps or chairs? Nothing? Just Auditing? You must be nuts, man!!!

  67. Karen, like you I am appauled at the scope og out tech. I have done a lot of cramming at FSO on tech terminals, but this is the worst squirreling I have ever seen there. Back in the days when they approximated standard tech you would never see those gyrations for a high TA – never.

    Marty, you are going to have to start training auditors in volume at your place. The amount of squirreling at FSO that is visable is showing us that below FSO tech is going to be in even worse shape. People are going to be beating down your door soon, if not already, to get fixed from the ongoing holocaust and the need for more auditors is apparent.

    ML Tom

  68. So happy to see you here Rocio.
    What terrible experiences in the Church;
    but what a great ending…..
    “And they lived happily ever after!”

  69. Mother of Grendel

    You are absolutely right, GH – the true tech is in the hands of the real Scientologists – those of us who respect LRH, not DM; those of us who can open our eyes and SEE what is going on; those of us who actually care about others and who are Scns to make things better for others, not just to justify our own dones.

    Oh, and along with tech, Ethics is also outside the CofM, in our world. There is no Ethics in the CofM, just extortion. Why don’t the Kool Aid drinkers see this? Too many justified overts, I suppose.

    I applaud you Rocio! What happened with your husband? Did he leave, too, or were you forced to choose?

  70. Rocio,
    Cool name & congrats on coming through all that. I hope your husband has followed your lead.
    Your story is one of the best detailed descriptions of the insanities that go on within the CoS tech lines today. Chilling to read.
    Lesson – Staying away from Corporate Scientology is therapeutic, in and of itself.

  71. “I always had a slight problem with the fact that there was no perfection except at Flag.”

    I agree, as I remember when AOLA was cracking cases that Flag refused to service. Greta, I recognize you (even though we never spoke) from when I did my Class VIII retread in the early ’90s. I hope you will be at the Independents’ celebration. I, too, had the pleasure of receiving a session from James Fuller. I truly miss him, as well as Amir and Griffee.
    Michelle (Dillard) Matlock

  72. Flag = The Mecca of Technical Suppression. ‘Nuff said. I hope your marriage was able to survive the carnage. Welcome, Rocio!

  73. Yvonne Schick

    What an opening – that photo exudes tremendous theta. So very artistic. It is a statement by itself. Your story is heartbreaking and totally demonstrates the tech has been taken completely off the rails. But the joyful conclusion with your very apparent OT awareness, your standing up for yourself, your finding real help with Marty and Mosey, this makes me elated.

    Thank you for being who you are and for speaking out. It is a contribution to mankind.

  74. All I can say is Wow! Rocio, welcome and I am so very happy for the wins you are currently having. That was one hell of a nightmere and I for one am so happy you made it through all of the bullshit.

    Love Carol

  75. Find your M/U.

  76. Wrist straps to help hold the cans? What’s next, eye clamps to keep you from dozing off during session? How about a gun to the head to “keep you i present time!”

    I have a WHOLE new level of respect for TR’s after 1) having been in the real world for a while, and 2) Reading the stories of people who’s realities have been turned upside down by the utter bullshit going on in the “cos” these days.

    Kudos to Marty! My God… if he can keep his TRs in through all this crap, then He’s da Man!!! Oh.. and Mike to. He’s alright for an Aussie. 😉

    VWD, Rocio!! Congrats to you and all you do!

  77. Rocio, your description of your handling at Flag paints such a vivid picture of what happens when tech goes out – when you fail to do the usual. You resort to an unusual solution. My Gawd! That’s all the Miscavige’s “New Tech Breakthroughs” are! UNUSUAL SOLUTIONS!!!

    I am thrilled for you that you are free from that madness, have gotten in session with Marty, and found those wrong items. It appears that that is now the one thing in which Flag does excel.

  78. Luis Garcia


    Her husband made the same discoveries. It was a path they each traveled alone in secrecy from each other, only to arrive at the same place. And what a glorious reunion it was!

  79. Rocio,

    I am so glad for you! You have found the alternative to ‘hell’.

  80. Very nice to meet you Rocio! You made it through DM’s wall of out tech. Very Very Well done!

    Excellent write up on the current state of the Mecca of Technical Alter-is. Freedum magazine should publish your writeup as a Win for standard tech obtainable out in the wild free world.


  81. Rocio Garcia

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.
    I’m very honored to be part of this fine group that is helping others to regain their freedom of choice.

  82. martyrathbun09

    That’s dope* poetry man.
    *Dope: 1. adj. cool, nice, awesome Urban Dictionary

  83. martyrathbun09

    That was Luis Garcia himself behind the lens.

  84. Luis Garcia


    Public at Flag do get into problems while pursuing their spiritual freedom. It is by design.
    It is by machiavellian design.

    People arrive happily after having “made it go right,” they leave their work, their home and families, and they use their hard-earned savings in their quest for spiritual enlightenment.
    And rightly so, as it is what we have all wanted for eons.

    But instead they get into an implant factory disguised as a temple that is nothing but a spiritual meat grinder. I invite you read the theta line incidents in The History of Man. Specially “the Education, the Misassist, and the Degrader.”

    It is all by design, it is all by machiavellian design.

    Miscavige has implemented a regime of systematic destruction of Scientologists. His product: “a person that has given me his trust, his money, his family, his life, his everything, then leaves the church completely disgusted and will never have anything to do with Scientology.”

    That is why he is terrified of Marty, Mike, and all Independents. We are the “odd tough chunks that didn’t get ground up.” We are exposing his con game and we are a real threat to him.

    Because we still care. Because despite of all the abuse, implants, lies, torture, degradation, and self-denial we still kept an ounce of integrity, which has blossomed into an avalanche of self-determinism.

    Because we are reversing the trend and are truly flourishing spiritually.

    Because regardless of any faults he had, we still love Ron and work to preserve his legacy.

    Because we are still Scientologists.

    I say it again:

    “And, you know? Eternity is a very long time and it is ahead of us. You may destroy the Church, but you will not destroy Scientology.

    I am confronting you today, but you will have to confront me some day and pay for your crimes. And pay you will.”

    Luis Garcia

  85. Rocio — Sorry to be late for the homecoming party here! Your write up captures the essence of you in person: strong, intelligent and very theta. Am so glad to count you and Luis as friends.

  86. Hayden,

    Funny thing about how fast things spin near the center. Stars far larger than our sun travel millions of miles an hour near the center of the Milky Way, pulled by the gravity of a massive black hole. I do believe you have inadvertently touched on the black hole effect of Der Leader: density so great that even light can’t escape its gravitational pull. Density.

    Light being a metaphor for knowledge.

  87. Grasshopper,

    Yea, isn’t it ironic that one forfeits the bridge by STAYING in the church rather than leaving. What a weird inversion.

    Staying in the church only provides the illusion of the bridge, not the actuality.

    But, that’s how you trap a thetan, with illusion.

  88. Tony DePhillips

    Excellent post Luis.
    I am glad to stand next to you as a tough bit of cartiledge…

  89. Sapere Aude

    Cowboy Poet,
    Pure magic with the words you are! Thank you.

  90. Tony DePhillips

    The word is Centurian.
    The mu is whether you are already out or not. I guess we figured if you are calling out others to go Indie then you must be already or should be.
    It’s all in fun my friend.


    Those are very GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!news Rocio……that’s what all of us intend and are doing flourishing and prospering….. welcome to the Indy’s and hope to see you soon at out next gatter together!!!…
    Enjoy !!!

  92. Tony DePhillips

    Great poem Cowboy. 🙂

  93. Rocio Garcia

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for letting me be part of your circle of friends.

  94. Luis Garcia

    Excellent Luis. Very well put.

    Eric S

  95. Luis Garcia


  96. CP,
    You are the Indy Bard. Simply a master, an artist, a magician of the finest order.

  97. “We are the “odd tough chunks that didn’t get ground up.””
    ROTFLMAO! Thanks! I think 😀 😀 😀
    And pay they will.

  98. Luis Garcia

    I’m with you, Matt. Most of the auditors and staff and only doing what they think is best, trapped in the quagmire. Some have abandoned their purposes, lost themselves, and are dramatizing the SP valence. But for the most part the staff are victims of the con much like the public are.

  99. Sarge,
    In your wonderful style you have done it again. I love the laconic and yet locked on to what’s what, you got.

  100. Luis Garcia

    That was just beautiful!

  101. Rocio,

    Thank you for sharing your story, and taking a stand. I really needed your fresh wind after the “squirrel busters” stunk up the joint.


  102. WOW! 😀

  103. CP you are a pure combination of everything good. That, to me, swas your best.

    ML Tom

  104. Theo sismanides

    Great news Tony, just great!! Tks for letting us know!

  105. Luis Garcia


    He had to choose between keeping his integrity, keeping his wonderful soul mate, his children, or his misguidedly pledged allegiance to that little turd, miscavige. The choice was rather easy.

  106. Theo sismanides

    Hahaha, Marty… So we are handling refined and perceptive thetans here! I like that!

  107. Rocio-Welcome to the field outside the Church!!! It is abhorrent what you had to go through at Flag. You are now in excellent hands.
    What a beautiful photo!!! It shows your current state.

  108. ok, mi es pendejo! Hadn’t connected the dots and put the last name ‘Garcia” with the first name. VWD Luis & Rocio!!!

  109. Theo sismanides

    Once Upon a Time,

    Nice parallel!

    Miscavige is NOT a camouflaged hole…. he IS the Theta/Money Sucking Black Hole!!!!

  110. Rocio Garcia

    You are an artist!! thank you for the poem.

  111. Luis Garcia

    I just got a promo piece from Flag:

    “Don’t wait. It’s your freedom at stake. Come travel from Clear to Eternity at Flag.”

    This is reminiscent of the call to come in and get Fac One installed.
    Same fleas, different dog.

    “No arbitraries on OT preparations,” the flyer proclaims!
    They even have the audacity of quoting LRH in C/S Series 93RA, “THE GRADE CHART IS THE BASIC PROGRAM OF A PC.”

    You can only con people for so long before they realize they are being conned. The sad thing is the damage that it is inflicted daily.

  112. Rocio

    Wow! You are a testament to the perseverance of a Thetan.

    That we are working so hard to “make things go right” is being used against us, but it is also the very thing that gets us through it all in the end. “The way out IS the way through” but one still has to be in present time enough, and keep his integrity and intention in enough, to make sure he really is on “the way out”.

    Well done on your perception, tenacity and courage to see that you got through it all, and OUT!

    Eric S

  113. A sage of prose, that CP!

    Does DM keep looking…?
    “…for where is my cheese?”

    “The second mouse has it, sir, if you please!”

    DM is not happy with that, his flying monkeys perceive.

    “Where are my Busters of Squirrels?” DM demands…

    “Sorry Sir, but Marty has spotted our Fools.” The flying monkeys coo…

    “Off with their heads, those Busters of Squirrels!” Dm drools…

    “But wait! I then have no tools!”

    “Damn them, I guess I do need them, those Fools.”

    🙂 — Hmmm….. it truly seems that DM is soooo DooMed!! –mwahahahaha–

  114. Theo sismanides


    We fight with Reason but your Sword Man is even Greater: Aesthetcis!!! You the Indie Bard as Jimbo proclaimed ya!!! Thanks buddy for yr fine wavelength you are putting into this fight! No effort Guys!!! Over The Ramparts Now!!!! We are taking the Fort with Poems, Songs, Love, Reason cause we are ALL 45s!!! Tone 45s, we are ALL!!! (PDC, lecture 1) !! Oh yeah, Mad Pirates are taking “your” ship David!’ HAHAHAHA!!!! we are inside but you cannot see US!!!!

  115. Mother of Grendel

    Unfortunately, I know that one all too well – and very personally.

  116. These clowns are trying to get reads with wrist straps on??????????
    Is there any sort of LRH reference on this? From my own tests such straps will give very high TA and no reads rather consistently.

  117. Hmmm … Your comment brought this to my mind:


    “Late Lament”

    Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
    Watch lights fade from every room.
    Bedsitter people look back and lament,
    Another day’s useless energy spent.
    Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
    Lonely man cries for love and has none.
    New mother picks up and suckles her son,
    Senior citizens wish they were young.
    Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
    Removes the colours from our sight.
    Red is grey and yellow white.
    But we decide which is right.
    And which is an illusion?

  118. +1 Great post, Luis!

  119. Mat,
    It’s amazing you could metab on rice and beans to get in session.

  120. Triple Wow, great partners indeed!

  121. CP, spectacular as usual. Makes one realize it’s been a while between great poems!

  122. Wow, Rocio. I understand what you wrote. Every year, the level of squirreling by the DM crew just rose and rose. Well done on not misidentifying it with LRH Tech.

    And, without Marty, and his high confront, integrity, etc. this could not have happened, either.


  123. Hey, Mat, that thing about “being a good pc because I liked the auditors and didn’t want to create a problem for them or get them in trouble,” sure rings the bell here!

  124. Theo Sismanides

    Mr. Garcia, having done what you have for the Indies with that report and many other Indy actions and seeing now how Theta a… photographer you are (LOL) and seeing your wife declaring her Independence now and reading her wins from Marty’s auditing, I want to acknowledge you for everything you have done, are doing and will be doing for Scientology and Mankind and take this opportunity to direct your and other’s attention on… the latter now.


    Scientology is just a tool for Dynamics…

    I am earnestly asking you to focus our attention on this blog and others towards that ONE goal LRH had…. The Dynamics…

    If anyone thinks I am bypassing Marty, let me tell you I know Marty and I can see his pros and cons. And Marty never played it THE DEAR LEADER!!! Far from it! We are not here to be good boys and girls, we are here to get the show on the road and one Marty is NOT enough, don’t you think?

    I know Marty respects you and I know many here we do respect you. So on the occasion of Rocio’s Independence I would like to seize the opportunity, Luis and everybody here, to PUT our ATTENTION on Mankind and NOT just DM. And make this a special day for Independence.





    I know and respect Marty for everything he is doing and I know he is a Thetan who really cares. Now all of us share this responsibility as we are ALL moving up a little higher and higher. And I know I am not the best as far as “action” is concerned but I have that certainty and cockey-ness to ask for this. Yes I do! Just because there is NO INDY AUDITOR IN GREECE and I WANT ONE OR MORE HERE !! I want us ALL to move a little higher now. I have worked for this for the last 20 years and more of my life.

    So, I am just so happy with this very theta occasion and that very theta Declaration and Pic of Rocio’s. THIS IS A BIG DAY FOR THE INDIES! And I wish we combine efforts, all of us to FOCUS on Mankind and the 4th Dynamic THROUGH THE ADMIN AND MISSION TECH. We now got a stronger 3rd… we can go ahead for the ultimate Target the 4th!!! Because the Suppressives are doing things on this Planet and we need to act.

    And of course this is Marty’s target too! Who I know has his many things to handle so I am pitching in here and helping out too. We are ALL 45s as I said. I don’t need or have to have anyone do it for me… neither do you or anybody else here! But together on an more organized fashion we can do it. I am always, always, always for the Org Board, stated that many times and it’s gonna happen! It’s the next level after Tech goes In which as is more than evident here, is a done.

    We just need to help Marty and other Tech terminals and take this to another level!!!

    I know how Tech terminals think and work. I am an Admin terminal, though!!

    Waiting for your and other’s reply on this!

  125. I don’t get it. What the wrist straps were for?
    I had similar experience. Fan, heater, everything even before there was anything to handle. Put me out of session immediately. Then TA goes up. Anyone remember tape “demo of an assist”, part of TR course? Ron call that “duddle daddle and monkey business” and he says that it does push the TA up and the PC off session!

  126. Hi Rocio,
    Isn’t it wonderful to have your man “out” too? It is so good to have the person you most trust in the world, able to see the truth too.

  127. Watchful Navigator

    Thanks Rocio and Thanks Mat
    That really puts things into perspective. All those blankets and heaters and crowds of worried auitors and Qual terminals in the orgs gathering around the exam booths. These auditors have had their anchor points slammed in hard on calling F/Ns that are “for the pc”. And this has invited the most unusual of solutions.

    So we get a COMPLEXITY (thanks Marty) and a horrible non-confront comes over the auditors who are told they are PERFECT and that a floating needle swings a minimum number of times. This easily becomes what Ron described as “DOG PC”. It couldn’t possibly be the PERFECT auditing, so it must be the pc or something about the pc. We blame the pc for any TA position or state of needle that doesn’t match up to PERFECT.

    At Flag and on the Ship, this has sometimes been, “salt”. The examiner who’s just watched the needle dial like a “chinese pilot frozen at the controls” and thereby froze up your needle, sends you to “eat more salt”. Actually a somewhat toxic substance (if taken in excess) that LRH only ever mentioned in a small reference about possibly needing it on the Purif. NEVER in connection to TA trouble or F/N trouble, that I know of.

    Other orgs play variations on DOG PC. What did you eat? How many grams of protein? The D of P here is confessing that “well-fed” isn’t good enough for the squirrel out-tech being practiced in the HGC.

    DOG PCs are inevitably “out-ethics”, right? So we send them to ethics for “failing to Metab”. Couldn’t possibly be an upset, ARCx’n pc who is also not eating, digesting and sleeping well because of the new (and more and more,dangerous) environment.

    Try it some time. Fly a pc’s ruds who is anxious and introverted about Metab’ing. Maybe he’s been told he can’t have a session unless he stuffs himself with 3 eggs and a sausage. Yogurt and cereal wasn’t good enough for the D of P. Get another Metab. See the difference. And don’t neglect that LRH says the needle responds to the amount of ARC in the session.

    And Vitamin E and B1 are useful advice, but not always the WHY either.

    TA high? Don’t pull out a C/S-53 like LRH says to do. Oh no. We don’t have a Grad V around here at the moment! So, even though LRH says “send to the C/S” or if no C/S “it will be considered standard practice for an auditor, seeing a high TA, to at once do a C/S 53 Method 5 (assessing it all), and then handling” – C/S Series 74. Even though…(we don’t want to get shot for doing a Grad V action, even though…) we’re going to pile on the handcream, blankets and foot heaters and VALIDATE YOUR MEST BODY while completely BYPASSING YOUR CASE.

    So if the needle responds to the amount of ARC in the session (and you could also say, the session environment including the HGC, by extension), wherever you have “know-best” Ds of P prescribing diets, an array of gadgets calculated to adjust TA high or low on the BODY, and not for the thetan getting auditing… Where you have these unusual solutions, you have
    OUT-TECH in the EXTREME!!!

    And I have seen entire teams of C/S, Qual Sec and auitors working together to push these unusual solutions and making the pc look like a hospital patient with foot heaters and fans and blankets and handcreams and whatever… to COVER IT UP.

    It’s sad, because these people are working hard to help, and some pcs even enjoy all the special attention. But they’re really missing out on the real product of high-ARC auditing that ignores MEST universe barriers and gets the pc in session and winning without distraction.

    This went off the rails a long, long while back. I date it back to the tech inspections following the Golden Age of Wreck release in 1996, that were pushed down from Flag and Snr C/S Int and RTC in the late 90’s. Videos were demanded of auditors where F/N watching and “was that a read?” arguments came into play. What a horror.

    But have you seen the way orgs handle this now? It is beyond ridiculous!!! There are good, veteran auditors who have adapted and who know better and seem to get along without much trouble. But the new kids they are putting on the line are being trained to commit Gross Auditing Errors before the body of the session is even begun.

  128. Ciao Rocio,
    congratulation for being yourself!
    Your story is detailing exactly what FSO did become: A THETA TRAP.
    You think to go there because people will bring you to higher states of awareness, because you think that’s the way to regain your abilities and reach the goals you have set for yourself ….. but…. what is there is a TOTAL TRAP … is full of glue .. that sticks you there … half truths … that make you think …that maybe …you are wrong ….. and so your anchor points shrink and you become smaller and smaller ….. but !!!!!!
    People like you can see, and when they do they do not compromise and so they regain their freedom.


  129. Komra Moriko

    My recollection of tech at the Boston Class V Org level circa 2007 — was that it was relatively un-interfered with by Flag, notwithstanding GAT. Three swings of the needle was not being enforced, and good results were being gotten, I can personally attest to that. What pissed me off about ASHO (physically closer to the DM black hole) was not only having my case state invalidated (you’re telling me that I falsely attested?), but the realization that my auditors and C/Ses were thereby also invalidated — these being a Class IV intern trained by Flag trained Supervisors and C/Ses, Flag trained Clear Class VI Auditor, OT III Class VI C/S, and OT III Class 8 C/S. I loved these capable dedicated people, and this invalidation pissed me off.

  130. Watchful Navigator

    “They even have the audacity of quoting LRH in C/S Series 93RA, ‘THE GRADE CHART IS THE BASIC PROGRAM OF A PC.'”

    Oh Lord! Don’t get me started.

    You mean the Grade Chart that places Objectives right AFTER THE PURIF and states its EP as “Oriented in the Present Time of the Physical Universe”???

    Who’s following that program now?

    Is for all those OTs and Clears who have been declared “unClear”? because it’s rather disorienting to be told that. I’d need more than a Locational or two myself.

  131. Rocio – wow, big hug and welcome !

  132. +10 Luis. Wonderful post!

  133. Was the Church of Scientology ever really any kind of infinite guarantee that Scientology will always be around?

    There are people that did their best and people that did their worst and ones the did their worst seem to wind up the tough cookies that stick it out in corporate Scientology.

    No matter how long eternity is, that will never be me again, even though you can count me as one of the best not one of the worst.

  134. Very cool! 🙂

  135. Rocio, I remember you from Orange County days. I was one of two Treas staff who were there most of the time you were on lines. (Ironically, I suppose, we’re both now declared.) I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well! It’s nice to hear from the home team. 🙂

  136. That’s wonderful that you and your loved ones have escaped to freedom.
    Well done! And welcome.

  137. My Dave:

    Not with the armed gun Centurion.
    Not with him.

    We should wait some more.

    And yes Tony; he calls left, right and center to all to become public while he remains in the shadows. Not a good example I must admit.

    But that´s fine as far as I´m concerned.

    He can ramble on and on in his free dub-in to eternity.

    He will think twice next time he wants to ask someone to go out.
    I bet.

  138. Tony, you are kicking butt and the names are calling you.

  139. Luis, Beautiful post. You are independent royalty.

  140. Beautiful photo and beautiful Roccio, never saw you looking so good!

    Glad the squirreling you had to suffer is over.

  141. Rocio,
    Congratulations. Your story is both stunning for what you put up with and inspiring for the wins you tell. It offers hope. Thank you.

    Cowboy Poet,
    I loved this.


  142. “Source: Internal Revenue Service

    Related: 275,000 Groups Lose Charity Status After Failing to File Paperwork With IRS”

    From WWP:
    “According to a database set-up here, as of June 8, 2011, these two Scientology front groups have LOST their tax exempt status with the IRS!

    62 CALIFORNIA ST, WATERTOWN, MA 02472-2539
    EIN: 22-2704727

    701 FIFTH AVE, SEATTLE, WA 98104-7097
    EIN: 91-1199161

    Spread the news far and wide.”

  143. Rocio,

    What a beautiful entrance you’ve made into the warm waters of integrity. Let’s get your name on the Indie 500 list…


  144. Athena8,
    Hi Michelle,
    You probably know that Amir and Griffee have passed on.
    I wish I could come but not this year. I am looking forward to some CA parties.

  145. There should be a lawsuit filed Mat.

    David Miscavige does not have any right to “re-define” what LRH wrote to be the true definition of an F/N.

    Anyone that has ever been in Scientology KNOWS that if it’s written by LRH, then that’s what you do, and here is the church deliberately applying “new and different” tech OTHER than what LRH wrote as if LRH had written it himself and faxed the new tech to the church.

    I can understand how this would upset people. Instead of getting what you need and want you are told “We are not going to do what LRH wrote, instead, we are going to apply this new tech that David Miscavige and Tom Cruise just came up with at Tom Cruise’s birthday party.”

    Well Mat, you can just see the public flocking to the church for wins now can’t you? {LOL}

  146. This blog and the new announcements and videos must be really impinging.

    There are about 4 or 5 new PR Web blurbs coming up in top position when you type google scientology and then click on news.

    There is a clear attempt to keep the Jan Eastgate news low on the page and this blog.


  147. Rocio Garcia

    Hi Deirdre,
    (Ironically, I suppose, we’re both now declared.) yes after they took a lot money from me for “the ideal org” so the building they are going to moving in is with the help of “SP”

  148. Rocio,
    Thanks for an additional cognition here.
    When you describe entering the Sandcastle “I felt a chill all over my body”……it gives a really good description of an OT’s ability to spot evil.
    .I guess when I described in my write-up my TR 0 going out when the RTC brass entered the Universe Corps floor in Zuerich, it could very well be described as a “FEELING OF IMPENDING DOOM”. Yeah, sort of like in Tolkien’s ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’ when the Hobbit and company approached the realm of the dark lord Sauron.

  149. Tony, Great!

  150. +2

  151. Really nice comment, WN. I understood everything you wrote. Thanks! L, H

  152. WN,
    I really enjoyed reading your comment. There have been all kinds of flip flopping gyrations since GAT. The ones you have hit on here are very real to me. ml, Laura

  153. Rocio Garcia

    I’m very happy that I was able to keep my family together.!! and I wish the same for all.

  154. Come to the 4th July party. I’ll get Tiz to get you to tell us whooooooole story 😀

  155. Rocio,
    Thanks for sharing the detailed experiences & quite gruesome treatment to a highly paying public which is unbelievable but has a great ending! It surely sets a good example for those still swimming in Kool aid.

    Welcome to the Indies – you have a lot of good friends here.

  156. Firebreathing Frog

    So good post.
    Thank you so much for posting this.
    When I started to read this blog nearly 2 years ago, I though all the chances I had to move up the bridge are totally gone.
    Reading these wins, I have hope I could be to the top of the bridge in few years.
    And more standard than ever.
    Thank you for putting back the purpose again.

  157. hallelujah

    anyone who lovingly quotes the moody blues is a friend of mine.
    yet another deeply spiritual experience from the 70’s.
    thanks for reminding me.


  158. A very pleasant wish!

  159. Rocio your story was extremely helpful! Thank you!!! I was on Solo nots for 7 years and comped it 3 times!! Did VIII set ups and thank God stopped there even though VlII was paid for! You did all you could!

    Marty Thank you for making it safe for all of us! We have talked on the phone once and will again!

  160. LOL! Yes, it was an easy choice.

  161. one of those who see

    Thank you so much for writing your story. You are a shiny beacon of hope to many of us not yet back on the actual bridge. I am a past life clear, so I’m sure invalidation of that state would have been coming soon. Probably, didn’t because I COULDN’T ACTUALLY GET INTO SESSION. So, their incompetence in one area led to me being spared the pain of the other. I was not spared the shoes off, loosen pants and underwear scenario however. And I know someone who was asked to take off their pants!! They refused. Oh and for different reasons then me – THEY NEVER GOT IN SESSION EITHER!!
    When I got to the part of your story where as a right handed person you were being forced to write with your left hand – or denied OT 7. I lost it!!! I’m sorry, but this action is in the psychotic band. What’s the computation? We must torture the OT so they can go free. That must be it.
    Well done for continuing on your quest for freedom even with all the barriers thrown at you. Wishing you the best of everything.

  162. Scott Campbell

    Right on, Tony. That proves what your REAL positioning is in the Seattle field.

  163. Rocio,
    Thanks so much for communicating. Every person who exposes the out tech (writes their knowledge report) on the abuses inside the Co$ is speeding up the downfall of Miscavige and those who are the real squirrels.

    LRH said in a PL (OEC Vol IV) Instruction and Examination Raising the Standard Of: “The basic reason students remain long on courses stems from inept criticism by instructors regarding what is required.”

    It is pretty obvious that this INEPT criticism has spread from the course room to the C/S office to the examiners room to their OTAs to their dissemination to …well, everywhere in the entire Co$ empire.

    Miscavige’s “blind leading the blind” was simply one of his many such inept criticisms. It all went exponentially downhill from there. There is no way that Flag could have sunk to such a degraded state without both his blessing and his intention to have it sink there. He is the who. Carefully hidden terror of others being more powerful along with the companion evil purposes is the why.

    Your words diffuse the bomb and save lives that may have been ruined had you not spoken.

    Thank you


  164. Rocio,

    When your husband, Luis, came out last November with his famous “A Letter to Garcia” I posted a big acknowledgment to him here in the form of a (ha-ha-funny) marriage proposal. He charmingly declined, saying: “You are too funny! I am married too, to a wonderful and very powerful girl. We’ve been together for 28 years and she can’t still get rid of me!”

    It is lovely to meet you this way, you wonderful and very powerful girl! I loved your own letter of independence and enjoyed so much hearing your obvious rejection and disgust of the evil empire you had wandered into and simply refused to obey.

    I’m hoping to meet you both soon and introduce you to my own wonderful husband.


  165. one of those who see

    Watchful Navigator – THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the correct indications and truth. You are obviously highly trained and duplicate LRH. That you are on the planet is a win for me. You have no idea what your statement “VALIDATE YOUR MEST BODY while completely BYPASSING YOUR CASE” means to me. I feel totally acknowledged!!! I have printed out your comment. Already read it to one friend who’s experiences at a higher org you covered and will read it to another tonight. Neither are writing on the blog.. yet. Hope we can meet one day. I am under the radar for now, because of family.

  166. Scott Campbell

    Wow Luis,

    Powerful and eloquently stated. I agree wholeheartedly. What Miscavige doesn’t realize is that you can’t kill theta.

    We’ll always survive, always flourish and always prosper – as beings – not just bodies.

    L, Scott

  167. Correction, – those auditors , or anyone executing any of the out tech such as crash regging, regging for Ideal orgs, IAS, ethics officers telling you what is ethical or not, C/S’s sending you to redo clear and all kinds of other actions, as well as the assigned auditor then auditing on those false and suppressive actions, are NOT GOOD People.
    Absolutely not, – they are stupid, PTS, and SP’s. They have NOT gotten a word of what Run said, and if they did get it then – well they are SP’s. It’s rather simple – really!
    Anything but good people.
    No reason to be socially polite (actually 1.1 according to LRH) about it .
    It is this unreasonable reasonableness which has made it possible for Mr. Missmanagment to get away with keeping people form going, clear and OT, and by that I mean getting the state of OT not the cert.
    It has everything to do with not being able to confront EVIL, and Mr. Missmanagmnet is COUNTING on it.
    (Not wanting to announce that you are out, in order to prevent hard ship between relatives and friends, as was talked about by Mr. Fairman falls under the same unreasonable reasonableness, and non confront of EVIL)
    A bad auditor does all those actions with intention and that is all there is do it.
    Love, Helmut

  168. Watchful Navigator

    Wow, Les. Was that ever a correct indication! Thank you.

  169. Scott Campbell

    HA! Roberto, You’re killin’ me.

  170. Scott Campbell

    Speaking of Hole…

  171. Yvonne Schick


  172. Dear Rocio,

    Congratulations for being on the other side of endless cycles to being able to complete a cycle. You are a testament to the power of those that willing to say no to the blind followers of the Church of Altered Tech
    I left after watching the church destroy what seemed like an endless supply of SO terminals and public. I was training at Stevens Creek after a VERY succesful Acadamy
    was dismantled that opperated under the San Franscisco Org. I was OT V, a Class IV auditor and did the OEC courses amongst other Courses. The final straw that caused me to leave was The Golden Age Of Tech and the cancelation of all the training that I had done. Not only that but now all our Volumes were now “Out Tech” I’m sorry but “Executive Directives” don’t cut it with me, not when it cancels LRH red on white or green on white. To me this was the same as book burning. We still have our origional volumes.

    I could go on but, I would like to say I can fully relate to the wins you had at Cassablanca, I was just there a couple of weeks ago and routed onto OT VII. Thanks Marty and Mosey. I have been auditiong every day, with great wins every day. The tech is safely away from the church, and it is spreading with every Indy OT. Before I finish Iwill be a NOTS auditor, and will be able to hand off the tech, to the the next batch of Independents. The tech is carved in stone and works very well outside of the church, the altered mess in the church may have some success but it’s only because the tech is that powerful.

    May your NOTS Voyage be a pleasant excursion on tranquil waters.
    David Kramer

  173. Scott Campbell

    Great comment WN.

    Common sense is one of the first victims of authoritarian rule.

  174. Watchful Navigator

    One of Those Who See – That is awesome!!!

    The day we meet is, I hope, not far off. Like you, I am working on getting all the friends and family I can out, via this mighty Underground Railroad, while I can still be on staff.

    OSA’s been looking, but unfortunately for them, the tech applies. You simply cannot see when you have overts. You cannot even approach the correct target when you are in the valence of an SP. I feel bad for the HCOs getting ripped apart (including ours) but they will get up to speed as to what it’s all about, faster, and we’ll one day clean them up, too.

    David MisSavage took out the “shake out your hands” arbitrary going on before 1996, and replaced it with all of the above horrors and more, shutting tight the wooden door onto the Bridge, with wedges, but opening…

    If you have just escaped the cult, don’t miss the above article. It launched me on the road to TOTAL FREEDOM. Thanks so much, Thoughtful (Steve)!

  175. Scott Campbell

    We can install FAC ONE in two weeks! (boasting as to speed of delivery)

  176. Scott Campbell

    Luis, you just like fuckin’ with people, don’t you?

  177. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic poem Cowboy. Your homespun wisdom communicates TRUTH. Loud and clear.

  178. Scott Campbell

    Perfect word Jimbo, Laconic.

  179. Scott Campbell

    I totally got it Rachel. No rain here!

  180. Thanks, Helmut. Very true and very well stated.

  181. martyrathbun09

    David, yeah – they’re burning books and burning bridges. That’s why we gotta do what we gotta do.

  182. My gosh, I had no idea! That is a remarkable validation and a huge win for us all and I am going to savor that you can be sure.


  183. My final auditing was much the same. It was awful auditing. Horrible. Fans, heaters, cushions, blankets, protein bars, vitamin bombs. Constant attention (PTP) about the auditing, about the F/N, about the metab, about the amount of sleep, etc. And the most horrible thing of all the auditor and examiner staring at the e-meter and not indicating the F/Ns. It made me want to punch people. This may explain the all too common hostilities within radical Scientology.

  184. Great observation and analysis!

  185. Right on Marty and I can attest to how well David is doing because I see it on a daily basis. Thanks again Marty and Mosey. Love Carol

  186. Tony Dephillips

    I’ve had auditing from James Fuller back in the day. It was good.
    He is still alive I believe.

  187. Seeking4know

    Welcome aboard!

  188. Les, we’re going to have to start calling you Zoro!

  189. Robert Earle

    Dear Mother of Grendel
    It sounds like you may not have had the pleasure of reading Luis Garcia’s letter.
    It can be found on the Scientology-cult site .
    It’s a terriffic read. Bob Earle

  190. Rocio Garcia

    Congratulations !! and thank you.

  191. Rocio Garcia

    Just Me,
    Sound great!! maybe July 4th ?

  192. Robert Earle

    I would tend to believe that your statement regarding lower orgs not being so fouled up with such things as 3 swing f/ns is probably the case as long as the tech personnel there are old hands not closely overseen by DMbots.Of course if word gets out about this and DM wants to truely destroy the lower orgs more than he already has he will “get standard C of M tech being done eveywhere” and blow off the lower org tech staff in doing so. Thus accelerating his demise.

  193. Hi David-It still blows my mind that we were told to get rid of the old books. Good for you in not participating in the “real tech” books burning. I got a whole library when I went off to do the BC in 1980. They are now treasured.
    Congrats on your wins with Marty!!!!

  194. Good Grief !
    Unusual solutions in the auditing room ~~~

    And I know someone who was asked to take off their pants!! They refused.

    I thought I had heard it all..

  195. Bravo, Luis! This is so true.

  196. Very Well Done, Marty!

  197. Rocio,
    DM’s church will continuously come up with a multitude of reasons NOT to deliver Scientology, with desperate measures to delay, stop or repeateadly re-route parishoners up, down and around the Bridge — for the one reason that they (the church) can get more $$$ for their pot.
    This is more than supressive.
    L Ron Hubbard did his job in laying out a very clear and concise Bridge, which is easily followed, step by step. Auditing is simple, fun and results in an unlimited range of gains.

    LRH’s tech is fortified in that it works if standardly applied.

    This is the ONE aspect DM cannot and will not ever be able to control.

    No matter what he puts in place to build up his coiffers…
    No matter what he puts in place to forward his demonious means — while claiming it is “command intention” — he instead ties himself up in a knot.

    Thetans (spirits) know and recognize truth. Kool-Aide is pretty thin and parishoners of all levels are beginning to see through it. They are becoming de-programmed from DM’s freak mind control programme.

    Welcome to the freedom to apply LRH’s tech and policy standardly and have unlimited wins!


  198. David,

    Really great story, thanks for sharing and welcome to the Indies!

  199. The auditors are all in TREASON (or CONFUSION).
    The little camera mans strategy is to confuse, then he can “control” his robots.

  200. Absolutely right!
    The basic formula of auditing is: pc + auditor are greater than the bank.
    When the auditor is off on a wrong importance/wrong target chase around body phenomena, he has left the side of the pc. Attempting to solve HIS problem with procedure he creates the problem of “no auditing” for the pc.
    Aside from that the PTP of a thetan is with the body, so validating that weakens the pc. And the auditor seems to be on the side of the bank.
    I have seen a TA come down 2 Units just when the PC realized he is getting auditing now instead of some problem-giving Q and A. All I had done was to be there and communicate that I would not follow that beaten down track of “problems with the body” but would audit.

  201. Nicely Put !!!

  202. That promo should read:
    “Don’t!!!!”, “Wait!!!!”, “It’s your freedom at stake!!!!”, “You travel to Clear for an Eternity at Flag!!!”
    And for geographical comparisons drop “Mecca” and go a bit north-east: Call it “Babylon”.

  203. scilonschools

    Mr Rathbun, I see you got a mention in “The Village Voice” article about the upcoming “Inside Scientology”

  204. Excellent Luis.

    Very well said!


  205. Watchful Navigator,

    Yeah, and what kind of ARC is available in session when the entire environment is basically hostile to thetans? Social pretense of ARC covering the fear, propitiation, hostility? How well is the needle going to respond to ARC operating down that low?

    But, you’re right. It’s got to be the pc.

    The lower a person’s tone, the less capable of observing. So, how can you audit the pc in front of you when you can’t even observe that person? Can’t even actually communicate with them? Can’t accept their reality because it doesn’t agree with the perversions created by the low-toned leader?

    What kind of affinity can there be between thetans when the communication and reality are so low? Is it any wonder the members of RCS can’t really have friends, can’t have integrity, can’t implement the Code of Honor?

    How can you have true friends when you know you’ll have to throw them under the bus at any moment? When you can’t trust anyone because the entire organization operates on distrust?

    Look at how many independents have written about wanting to reveal their feelings to their spouse but been afraid to do so, reluctant to lose a person they love. Afraid to reveal their own feelings and opinions and observations to family members. Then finding the courage to do so and discovering their spouse, family, friends actually felt the same way.

    Or not.

    In such an environment, isn’t hand cream more reliable than trust?

  206. Les,



  207. Hallelujah,

    One of my favorite bands of all time. Remember working out in the garage when “Go Now” was first released back in ’64 or ’65 and turning up the radio every time that song came on. Then years later being exterior on drugs listening to “Nights in White Satin.”

    Those were the days my friend
    We thought they’d never end
    We’d sing and dance forever and a day
    We’d live the life we choose
    We’d fight and never lose
    For we were young and sure to have our way.

    Not by the Moody Blues, but it came to mind.

    Ah, the passions of youth.

  208. Lunamoth,

    Agreed. You can tell a lot about a person by what resonates with them.

  209. Thank you gentlemen. I do have things to say but being laconic keeps my friends from being bored. I don’t write comments to impress but to communicate my feelings. Love

  210. Rocio, all I can say is that I am happy you and Luis are out and loving your newfound freedom and joy together. And that all this nonsense is behind you. ….geez…..amazing…..Wishing you all the best!!!!!

  211. Kathy Braceland

    Beautiful Rocio!

  212. 🙂

  213. Rocio Garcia

    Thank you, we will see you next month!!! fiesta time

  214. Ralph,
    It’s pretty hard to get the scope of just how far off the rails Flag has become. It’s a test of one’s confront of outpoints. It’s almost a continual assault on reason. That’s maybe a tactic DM fell upon; the barrage of irrationality.

    Wrist straps?!

  215. martyrathbun09

    You are the second most laconic guy I ever knew, a close second behind Dr. Gene Denk. Would have loved to have seen you two together.

  216. Whatever they thought is irrelevant! Ethics definition is the contemplation of optimum survival. What occurred is an action was taken based upon what was considered by whoever to be the right course of action from their point of view. The result of the action motivated “another one who could see” to investigate why this action didn’t makes sense and to conclude that the issuer was at fault. LRH’s Ethics Tech is so powerful that when applied correctly creates happiness, well being and long term survival. When it is applied incorectly it destroys the terminal applying it unjustly. An electrical company technician has no problem working with high voltage electricity wires but a dufuss at home thinking “I’ll just cut through all these messy wires blocking this new door I’m installing”….BOOM CRACKLE, SMOKE!

  217. Les,
    Spot on ref from Instruction and Examination, Raising the Standard of.

    “Inept criticism”. That sounds awfully like a right area of invest. DM is a Dangerous Auditor by demonstration on his training at St. Hill. He is inept. He CANNOT audit a standard session. He cannot handle a student on course (he’s one of those Ser Facy ‘sups’ that makes a student wrong with ‘FIND YOUR MU’ and walks off in a supercilious huff.

    The guy can’t DO Scientology. Never has. That is inept by definition.

  218. Luis,
    Your description was my experience joining the SO! Total betrayal! Worked like hell to pay off all my debts. Got rid of all my MEST. Was totally willing to spend the rest of my life helping! Then the attacks began!

  219. Marty, Yes, I would say Gene was laconic. When he first arrived at Creston he was friendly but really didn’t say too much. Slowly we became close friends and he would open up more but he definitely was not a gabby goose. God I miss him. Love

  220. have you ever read the NEW TESTAMENT. Jesus helped all believers “get clear.” don’t discount a personal relationship with Jesus on your way to a direct connection to God.

  221. Michael Fairman

    Dearest Rocio
    It is anguish to learn what you gave over to the Church to reach the spiritual freedom it promises and then betrays. Your continued pursuit of that freedom in the face of gross incompetence and out-tech is remarkable. What courage! The relief and happiness you found at Casablanca brings joy to my heart. May you continue your golden life.

    Love, Michael

  222. lunamoth and OUT …

    Thanks so much for the comments … really made my day. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too old or too nostalgic for us, but I strongly feel the wondrous tone of music. Sure beats mowing the lawn! L, H

  223. Michael Fairman

    Powerful Luis. A salvo of rockets aimed at busting the actual squirrel.

  224. Love it! 🙂

  225. Scott Campbell

    Great post David. Congratulations on your wins at Casablanca and getting back on VII. Fantastic job!

  226. Dear Rocio,

    Congratulations on your Indie announcement! Welcome! Also, thank you for sharing your technical horror story with all the details; it was very enlightening and revealing about the state of auditing at Flag, and all the attendant unusual solutions.

    I am so happy that you got auditing with Marty that straightened things out, and that your life is moving well in the direction that you want it to move, and that you are happy! This is how life is when the arbitraries of David Miscavige’s interpretation of Scientology technology are removed! Life is so easy when you use the CORRECT TECHNOLOGY, and so hard and so much effort when one uses or has applied to oneself the INCORRECT TECHNOLOGY. I have not had any auditing yet, but having so many correct indications from this blog had made me truly happy for the first time in this life. So, I share in your joy, and wish this state for all Indies as they progress in their pursuit of the TRUE TECHNOLOGY!

    You have a wonderful husband, and I am so glad that you arrived together at the same conclusion independently! That makes for awesome self-determinism, and a true joy of unity on the second dynamic, when one knows his or her viewpoint was arrived at without influence, but is in harmony with others! VERY, VERY WELL DONE!

    Hope to meet you soon! YEE HAW!

    Much love, Catherine von Ach

    P.S. My apologies for the communication lag on this message; was at a FULL MOON IN JUNE celebration at a friend’s ranch, one I have been going to for over 25 years, and it was difficult to do comments over the phone!

  227. P.S. I meant I have not had any auditing since being outside the CSI. Had lots of auditing before DM took over the tech, that was WONDERFUL! This blog had rehabilitated so many wins from my previous wonderful auditng, and given me right indications about previous terrible auditing experenced from DM’s version of the tech!

  228. Tony,

    It is Centurion. C-E-N-T-U-R-I-O-N. Not, Centurian.

    I AM OUT and an independent.

    Roberto, just keep on invalidating me. Very revealing.

    Now, let’s get back to the subject of this blog, okay? This is NOT about me.

  229. Pingback: Luis and Rocio Garcia vs. The Machine | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  230. I treasure the content on your site. thnx.|

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