Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Church of Scientology members would do well to read the writings of Martin Luther King. In the following one sentence King pithily describes the danger of what they have become individually and collectively:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

That people would continue to forfeit their homes, their retirement funds, and their children’s educations in order to line the pockets of a head of a cult who spends that money consistently, and now very overtly, for the purposes of destroying the constitutional rights, the livelihood, and the very life of anyone with the fortitude to step out of cult lock-step is anathema to the very principles Scientology is built upon (not to mention America, and Western Civilization).  The church’s “creed” for example:

We of the church believe…

That all men have inaliable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others…

And that no agency, less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

Last week the representatives of the 619 people of Ingleside on the Bay Texas, on their own origination and determinism, sought to protect those very rights in their own community:

also see New York Village Voice coverage:

The Miscavige Cult’s response to this article which was published yesterday was chilling:

1) the cult’s PI Ralph S Gomez stalked my wife and I all day long with three cult members in tow. Seven separate incidents, including the photographing of us at our home and Gomez slowly following us by car during our evening walk.

2) Cult PI Gomez and cult member Joanne Wheaton toured a home across the street from us expressing the intention to purchase it.  Once again, under false pretenses.

3)  Cult PI Ralph S Gomez foreshadowed a Miscavige cult legal threat to the city.  While denying his affiliation with the cult to many citizens over the past weeks, and lying about his identity and affiliations, Gomez wanted to know whether the ordinance was directed at he and his cohorts because of their “religion.”

This coming Tuesday at 7 p.m. the town council will consider the Cult’s application for a 5-day permit to shoot a “documentary” in Ingleside on the Bay.  Notwithstanding the fact they have spent ten weeks disturbing Ingleside on the Bay using the cover of “just filming a documentary.”  The Cult has applied for the permit under the name Squirrel Busters productions notwithstanding Gomez’ and Wheaton’s exchange last week with an Ingleside Police Officer memorialized in the officer’s report as follows:

I asked Wheaton where she worked, and she confirmed that she and Gomez worked for Squirrel Busters.  At that time, I asked Wheaton and Gomez both if they had any business cards for the company, and they both replied no.  I asked who the producer was, who the filmographer was, and who the company is owned by.  Neither Wheaton, nor Gomez could answer my questions, and continued to tell me they are filming a documentary on Mr. Mark Rathbun, and have simple questions that they want to answer, and until Rathbun does, they will continue to follow him.  I asked Wheaton and Gomez if they would have the common courtesy to allow Rathbun privacy while eating dinner, and they both replied, not until we get answers.  Neither Wheaton, nor Gomez produced any identity cards that state they work for Squirrel Busters Productions…

A number of good citizens of Ingleside and Ingleside on the Bay have emailed me since I posted my Open Letter to them on this blog,

They have asked what they might be able to do to help.  While none of you have any duty or obligation to do a darned thing about all this, if you feel you and your community are in any way being disturbed, abused, or gamed by the Los Angeles based cult of Scientology (aka Squirrel Busters, aka Falcon Investigations) you might want to weigh in on the cult’s permit application at IOB City Hall Tuesday 5 July at 7 p.m.

Thank you all for your continuing strength, courage and wisdom.

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  1. What’s it take to recognize this as a hate group?
    Squirrel Busters=denigration.

  2. DM is messing with Texas???
    ROTFLMAO – Nooooooooo! That’s an all time high on the stupid scale!

  3. Marty and Monique, you and your Texan neighbors will be the rock that sinks Miscavige’s ship of fools.

    Their pirate caper is coming to an end. People are beginning to recognize them for the loathsome living dead cult members that they are.

    David St Lawrence

  4. quote: Gomez wanted to know whether the ordinance was directed at he and his cohorts because of their “religion.”

    “Squirrel Busters Productions” playing the “religious persecution”


  5. correction : “Squirrel Busters Productions” playing the “religious persecution” card?

  6. Well done to the leaders of Ingleside for their support and efforts to prevent hate crimes and human right violations in their community.

    Keep exposing these criminals (radical Scientology) including the PI firm that thinks it’s okay to make a living in this way.

    Most importantly – keep helping people and communicating. It’s driving Miscavige out of his friggin mind. He probably has someone following him around with a bowl to catch the drool.

  7. Well, this is a scenario which could effectively lead to an upgrade of stalking and harrassment laws in IOB.

    While the footage of Squirrel Busters acting like assholes is priceless and informative to the masses, it is also a burden on a few people’s lives.

    Anderson Cooper ought to pick up on this story and run with it, seeing as how it’s now involving 619 good people.

  8. Prison Planet

    I surely hope the city council can tell the difference between a legitimate film company doing a documentary and a cult using a “documentary” as a front for harrassing a former member.

    BTW, I found this article from 1990 in which Joanna Wheaton tried to turn over a settlement from her then-husbands death to the C of S, but it was blocked by an attorney who was appointed to look out for the welfare of her children:

    “Several years ago, church members persuaded a Florida woman to turn over a workers compensation settlement she received after the death of her husband, Larry M. Wheaton, who left behind two children, ages 3 and 7. He was the pilot of an Air Florida jet that plunged into the Potomac River after it had departed Washington, D.C.’s National Airport in 1982.

    “The Wheatons were longtime church members.

    “Joanne Wheaton gave nearly $150,000 to the church and almost as much to a private business controlled by Scientologists. But the deal was blocked when a lawsuit was brought by an attorney appointed by the court to protect the children’s interests.

    “The suit claimed that the Scientologists had disregarded the future welfare and financial security of the Wheaton family by taking money that was supposed to be used solely for the support of the children and their mother.

    “After protracted discussions, the money was refunded and the Scientologists who negotiated the deal were expelled by the church for their role in the affair.”

  9. Prison Planet

    Here’s abother article that describes in better detail how Joanne Wheaton turned over money to the cult of Miscavige:

    The widow of an Air Florida pilot
    whose jet plunged into the Potomac got
    $300,000 in workers’ compensation bene-
    fits for her husband’s death—and the
    next day donated nearly half the money
    to the Church of Scientology.

    Joanne Wheaton also invested much of
    the remaining payment in a firm oper-
    ated by a Scientologist.

    Larry Wheaton’s plane crashed Jan.
    13, 1982, onto a crowded bridge in Wash-
    ington, D.C., and then into the Potomac
    River. Only five of the 79 people aboard

    – Wheaton and his wife were ardent Sci-
    entologists and had made sizable contri-
    butions to the sect before the crash.

    Wheaton, 34, who was earning $72,000 a
    year as an Air Florida pilot, left no will.
    His wife inherited their house in south-
    west Miami and a $142,000 life insurance

    The life insurance money was Joanne
    Wheaton’s to spend as she saw fit. But
    not so with the workers’ compensation
    benefits, a probate judge says.

    “I was flabbergasted,” Dade Probate
    Judge Francis Christie said of learning
    that the workers’ compensation money
    had been spent.

    Christie told The Miami Herald in a
    story published Thursday that the money
    was supposed to go into Wheaton’s estate
    to pay off any debts and at least part
    was supposed to be safeguarded until the
    couple’s two sons, Eli, 2, and Joshua, 8,
    turn 18.

    Court records show Mrs. Wheaton got
    $300,000 on June 8, 1982, and the next day
    spent $299,400 this way:

    – $80,000 went to the Church of Sci-
    entology for church expansion. .
    – $42,000 to the sect’s Library Dona-
    tion Service, which places books about
    Scientology in public libraries. ;
    – $8,000 to the building fund of the
    (Please see * WIDOW, next page).
    (from page 1A)
    Learning Academy, a Scientology school
    in Miami.
    – $5,000 in gifts to Church of Scientolo-
    gy ministers.
    – $150,000 invested with MSR Inc., a
    Dade County firm owned by a Scientolog-
    ist named Robert Almblad.
    – $10,000 in a certificate of deposit
    – $4,000 for credit card debts left by
    her husband.

    Joanne Wheaton said in an interview
    with The Herald that her lawyers never
    told her the workers’ compensation mon-
    ey wasn’t hers to spend.

    “The funds I donated to the church
    were not supposed to have been do-
    nated,” she said. “It was a little flub on
    the part of one of the attorneys. I had not
    been advised that by law, it had to go
    into the estate.”

    Former Florida Attorney General Rob-
    ert Shevin, appointed by the probate
    judge, filed suit Wednesday on behalf of
    Mrs. Wheaton and her two sons seeking
    return of the $150,000 invested in MSR
    and punitive damages.

    The various entities of the Church of
    Scientology are not named. Shevin wrote
    them a letter threatening to sue, and
    $145,400 was returned.

    The sect also excommunicated Almb-
    lad and another Scientologist, Kenneth
    McFarland, who was the sect’s deputy
    commander of international expansion at
    the time. Shevin says in the suit that
    both men coerced Mrs. Wheaton to give
    away the money.

    Mrs. Wheaton also gave the sect at
    least $75,000 of her husband’s insurance
    policy. But since the policy was not a
    probatable asset, she was entitled to give
    that away.

    Five months after the crash, Mrs.
    Wheaton and her two sons moved to Bel-
    leair. She remains a devoted Scientolog-

    Contacted at her Belleair home Thurs-
    day evening, Mrs. Wheaton had no fur-
    ther comment.

    Founded in 1954 by science fiction writ-
    er L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Sci-
    entology offers counseling and courses
    designed to make a person “clear” of
    personal and spiritual problems.

    With branches in London, Los Angeles
    and hundreds of cities throughout the
    world, the sect moved its retreat head-
    quarters to Clearwater in 1975, when it
    purchased the Fort Harrison Hotel down-

  10. Tom Gallagher

    As a full-blown ‘stage 4’ psychotic, David Miscavige’s disgusting behavior most closely resembles a monkey throwing his own feces. Ugh………….

    On the bright side Marty, your neighbors are some outstandingly good folks doing the right thing.

    Citizens of IOB, my hat’s off to you!

  11. Marty and Mosey,

    Is there anything I can do from here? Can I write a letter? Or do you think the IOB authorities / Town Council would prefer to hear only from IOB citizens on this issue?

    BTW, if Gomez is now a cult member, i.e., a card-carrying member of the International Association of Scientologists, I bet his priest would like to hear about that.

    It is interesting to me how far down this rathole and how quickly Gomez has been sucked. For an ex-cop with a security / PI practice, this has GOT to be one of the weirder transformations in the history of PI’dom.

    “Cop to Cult Member.” Now that would be a documentary worth making!


  12. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Marty, I am into lounge music and R&B/Soul… I like the way you think… Strenght, Courage and Wisdom… awesome music!! Be strong, courageous and wise, dude!! You can outdo them… ALL!!

  13. Pingback: Texans act to limit CO$ harassment of Marty Rathbun

  14. martyrathbun09

    JM, Thanks. I think they’d prefer to keep it a local matter. They simply want peace and quiet as I am sure you can understand from meeting some of my neighbors.

  15. If only DM had it in him to “Do the Right Thing”.

    I salute the people of IoB.

  16. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    IOB Residents,

    Just as my good friend Matt P and Marty has, I’d like to extend a heart felt THANK YOU for doing what is right!

    Actually a thank you I don’t feel is enough…. So how does a big o’l hug and hand shake sound; for now what I feel is for warm heartedl great extended friends of my neighborhood!!

    Here’s to celebration of INDEPENDENCE DAY my friends!!

    — Jackson

  17. A community can pull together to support and uplift its members without doing so at the expense of others. COB (Clown on Board) should take a cue from IOB.

  18. Cowboy Poet

    I find it amusing that after all is said and done it will have been people like the good citizens of Ingleside that will put an end to it.
    With some help and exposure to the Cof$’s deeds such as Marty is doing, mind you, but I still find it amusing that folks who just want to live their lives without fanfare and commotion, and wish others the same opportunity, are the ones who will resolve it.
    God bless the regular folks!

  19. Cowboy Poet

    That was quite a picture there, Tom!

  20. Aren’t they harassing you purely because of your religious beliefs? Just saying.

    The company “Squirrel Busters Productions” should be required to provide a business license somewhere, proof of liability insurance and workman’s comp insurance, if there are actually employees. They will have to legitimize themselves. Filming a documentary is not a religious activity. It appears weird for them to ask if the City passed an ordinance because of their religion when that’s not the activity that is being regulated.

    Good luck on Tuesday. I hope your neighbors show up to support you. I would if I were there.

  21. The C of M seems to be doing everything possible to ruin the hard won religious image of Scientology. Freedom of religion has not long been protected in human history, and to continue prodding and provoking like this is likely to have a longer term consequence of seeing it evaporate once more.

    Furthermore, to use Joanne Wheaton on a cycle like this where there is bound to be press attention shows complete incompetence and ignorance. The NTSB found the crash – one of the most horrific and publicized air crashes ever in the USA – to be pilot error. Her husband, a scientologist, failed to call for adequate de-icing of the plane. He failed to make a correct judgment regarding the weather conditions, and a slew of people died most horribly and most visibly. It is a tragedy all around, and I am very sorry for her husband and family as well as the hundreds of others directly involved. I’ve always considered it a great shame that a scientologist was responsible for one of the worst aircrashes in the USA when we carry the banner “making the able more able.” It was a cavalier and incautious decision that caused the tragedy – not the decision of an able and wise pilot. Contrast this with the pilot who safely landed his jet in the Hudson Bay a year or two ago, and hundreds survived engine failure. She should never have been involved in anything like this.

  22. Hmmm…. maybe some kind of small affair ‘block party’ is in order later this year. Not for any particular reason, just for the fun of comming.

    Several locals could get together for hot dogs and coke on a street corner, and meet each other. We had spontaneous block parties a lot when I was a kid, and they really pulled everyone together. Hot dogs, relish, mustard, ketchup, onions, mmm good.

    Always, always a good time was had by all, and friendship and ARC really soared.

    Anyway, just dreaming.

  23. Thanks, I figured as much. Ingleside on the Bay is such a lovely, special place. No one who lives there deserves to have their town invaded by Miscavige’s cult zombies.

  24. Right on!

    Davey… what part of “Don’t Mess With Texas” do you not understand???
    Yes, Texas is all inclusive: the state, its wildlife, all the land, the people living here, our history, our traditions, our guns, our ammo, our lakes…

    Seriously David… find your freaking WORD!!!

  25. Marty, I’ve been following your unfolding saga for almost two years now…. a wild ride indeed.

    Judi Dench’s touching rendition of Sondheim’s classic Send in the Clowns speaks to me.

    Don’t you love farce?
    My fault I fear.
    I thought that you’d want what I want.
    Sorry, my dear.
    But where are the clowns?
    Quick, send in the clowns.
    Don’t bother, they’re here.

  26. one of those who see

    America, land of the free, helping to put in ethics. As I tend to be for less laws and regulation, not more, I would prefer that the clowns with cameras be stopped specifically because of the stalking and invasion of your privacy. They are definitely attempting (albeit ineffective) to obstruct your pursuit of happiness. But the intention of the people of Ingleside on the Bay is really beautiful. Taking a line from Avatar – They see you, Marty.

  27. TheWidowDenk

    Question — Don’t you need the expressed permission of the subject(s) of a documentary before filming of him/her (them) can occur?

  28. It breaks my heart that this cult has the name of Scientology. I know there are many reading this blog who are not Scientologists and I want to assure you this Church is not Scientology. I, along with quite a few others on this blog are Scientologists and this behavior is abhorrent and against everything we believe in.
    L Ron Hubbard wrote an article “Critics of Scientology” 5 Nov. 1967. The Church is paradoxically a CRITIC of SCIENTOLOGY! The top of the Church is run by a criminally insane person. In the article Ron states” Criminals hate anything that helps anyone, instinctively. And just as instinctively a criminal fights anything that may disclose his past.”
    A little later he states ” We are only interested in dong our job. And we are only interested in the crimes of those who try to prevent us from doing our work. There is no good reason to oppose Scientology. In our game everyone wins” “Our business is helping people to lead better lives”

  29. Marty,

    As you know you have my friendship and support. Interestingly after my visit to you a week or so ago, an act of friendship in face of diversity, I got a visit from the EPA on an anonymous tip. No big deal, I actually like regulatory visits because I can show off what we do and have accomplished, and the visits with new eyes help me with a process of ongoing improvement. This visit was especially timely as we are in design stages on a million dollar expansion, and certain new and evolving regulations helped improve our design.

    I can’t prove it was the COS here or in the anonymous tips to the tax authorities resulting earlier in the year, which I also enjoyed after we were proven to be clean and straight. When a tax auditor complements your system, records and accuracy it builds your confidence and strength. It now happens that we welcome any inspection, address any questions or issues, when they realize we are straight players and responsible stewards of the environment, I pull them aside personally and let them know it is possible that this was directed at me personally because of my human rights activism, with appropriate documentation and references. It amazes me how many government investigators are already familiar with the COS games and tactics.

    Because of my time in RTC and working on OSA lines, I well knew the game they play against their critics. As our business was not built to support the Miscavage empire, we have always alocated resources in a priority of 1. protecting human life and health; 2. protecting the environment; 3 compliance with govenrment agencies. Profits were always one of the last priorities because a business that does the above cannot but create long term and sustainable profits and customer satisfaction.

    By the way, as the sea is central to our business, and anyone who makes their living from the bounties of the oceans and waterways knows, safety is essential. I forwarded your video and page to associates in the USCG Marine Safety Office, concerned for the safety of the poor little squirrel busters. I believe this is a violation of marine safety laws and rules; a vessel involved in commercial business, a camera production team with a private investigator providing both propulsion and steerage, over loaded with camera and personnel, no captain, no safety equipment or life jackets. After my contact finished laughing, he started forwarding. If you are contacted by the USCG, that may be why.

    As always, love you and Mosey, especially Mosey (smile).

  30. Leonore-Another PTS parisioner, who was a complete danger to others.

  31. Squirrel Buster Productions has a facebook page, created around June 15, which details its purpose. Check it out! Bring this to the City Council meeting.

  32. Well — drat. I really wish the ole’ PIs would give you and IOB a rest and come up to my neck of the woods.

    Cause it’s woods. And bears and moose and lots of winding dirt roads. Which they could never find their way out of. And if they did, they would be greeted by security who would cite them for trespassing, as it’s private property all through the 2500 acres of this community.

    My neighbors watch out for me. I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of any of them.

    People in these parts of New England are not the rarified Nantucket Island types — nope they are the Green Mountain Boy types 🙂


  33. Marty,

    Regarding the Miscavige insanity about stalking you. My advice is that you stop wasting time on these people. The energy should be focused on spreading Scientology, the auditing techniques etc and not about wasting time with Miscavige and his idiotic robots. Just completely ignore them and don’t communicate with them. The moment you start communicating with them you lose. Why? Because time is spent on nothing instead of spreading Scientology. Miscavige is an insane lunatic and he should be put into prison or a psychiatric hospital. Don’t waste any more time on him and his apostles. Quit communication on all channels with them. Focus on spreading Scientology and getting Miscavige busted by the police and the FBI.

    Miscavige is just creating an ongoing endelss insanity with his squirreling techniques.

    Think about it.


    “The name, based on the Caddo word “Tejas” meaning “friends” or “allies”, was applied by the Spanish to the Caddo themselves and to the region of their settlement in East Texas.”

  35. Ingrid, you got that right! Anyone left in this cult no matter what they use to justify it with are PTS and a danger to whomever they are around.

  36. Maxim46, that song has always been a favorite of mine.

  37. one of those who see

    Tom. Yes!! Perfect!!

  38. Are you paying attention?

    Do you see cope and organize? Do you see flourish and prosper?

    I do.

    Just in the last 2 posts, by the way, much less having to do a lot of research. What do you see?

    Bruce Pratt

  39. It’s about Time the Church Of Scientology starts answering some hard Questions.

    It’s one thing to document a crime or some sort of wrongdoing, yet another to ceaselessly harrass and stalk someone hoping to capitalize on slip-ups possibly brought about by all the pressure. The latter would be more akin to generating something, rather then something already in existance.

    I’m still a bit baffled why anyone can be stalked and harrassed to no end by merely staying within certain legal guidelines — an utter failure of the legal system, thus permitting the Church of Scientology to continue to stomp its Critics into the Mud. A very big Hole in the Justice System. Speak out and you can be run down with the assistance of the Law.

    Land of the Free … well as long as you keep quiet.

    Even while the Eyes of the Nation are watching all this, busted, the Church Of Scientology still overtly continues to stalk its Victims in plain Sight without any remorse or Sense that there is something seriously wrong with that. Whoever is running the Church now is most definitely not dealing with a full Deck and under Delusions Of Power they do not have.

    If all it takes for a couple of Ex-Scientologist to bring the Church to its Knees by Dissemination of Information alone, then it’s Footing was never solid enough to begin with. I’m sure if some Ex-employee of Microsoft was publizising it’s inner working, it would be doubtful the Company would go any further than repond to a few Media questions, perhaps a libel issue at most, but otherwise would not even give him the Time of Day. But no, the Church has to personally run them into the Ground.

    Since the Depth of the Church’s financial Resources from it’s parishioners has no limit, neither is its Vindictiveness.

  40. Marty,
    Way to go, there is strength in numbers – a natural expansion – and will further improve this awesome community of yours.
    I’ve given a ‘heads up’ to my neighbors, friends and people at work.

  41. Expelled 4 Life

    Saw “Yes” live around the time this was filmed. Great song. Great band. It’s on my iPod!

  42. simonbolivar

    Well if call that paddleboat a real boat sinking it it’s very easy 😀

  43. simonbolivar

    David Miscavige has a facebook page, only 8 people like him 🙂

  44. +1 Well stated. This whole Miscavige fiasco is embarrassing. On the other hand, the best way to (try to) defeat Scientology is to put in leadership that is insane, since it appears to refute the efficacy of the subject.

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist. The issue with Miscavige is that there is no mechanism to kick him the cuss out, and there is no mechanism in the church for self-reflection and correction. In circumstances where there is no correction available, things almost invariably fall apart.

  45. Here’s their stated purpose from the facebook page:
    ” We know who the major squirrels are. We know who goes to them and gets squirrel auditing. We document what we find so they can be busted.
    Products: Busted Squirrels who cease this activity.”

    A perfect example is Mike Wilson’s story. His wife visits Marty and both his wife and Mike are declared as SP’s. There is no documentary in production.

  46. Communication is the universal solvent. Disconnection does not work. Let the church continue to waste away and die by cutting its communications.

    I love the videos of these so-called Scientologists ignoring questions asked, putting on their “pie faces” and acting like the protesters out in front of the org are not really there. This is not an effective handling. It is a fiasco, and looks ridiculous.

    Scientology is about dealing with life. Handing people who are actively trying to knock you out is part of life. Doing it well has the side benefit of promoting Scientology. You can’t be focused on spreading Scientology if you look like a buffoon when confronted by people who disagree or are actively trying to discredit or suppress you.

  47. top of the vale


  48. Tony DePhillips

    Are you joking??

  49. top of the vale

    Mike Laws, where are you in Texas?

  50. Tony DePhillips

    This is the time for everyone who can, to stand up and be counted.
    When we finally win, you can then be proud that you actually took part in making history.
    Freedom to practice your own religion without the permission of a psychotic didctator and also applying the Creed of a Scientologist.
    It is isn’t right to let others take all the heat.

  51. If anyone said they were doing a documentary about, let’s say, “Mexicans,” and they wore t-shirts that had a picture of a Mexican person and a “No Mejicanos” sign on it, you would be able to tell that they weren’t doing a documentary but rather a hate film.

    How does that differ from what these guys are doing with their setup?

  52. This is a legitimate environmental menace and Marty has to deal with it just to keep his auditor’s code in. Think about it. He went to the boondocks to get away from everything and he’s being pursued as if he was Moby Dick. DM is Captain Ahab here. Moby Dick got so pissed off in the story that he stoved (caved in) the ship, unprecedented in whaling history (that part based on a real story of the Essex). There is real magic here because what could be considered a steady practice by Marty is now going to make bigger national headlines with this obvious stalking. Squirrel Busters are making a documentary they think yet they are actually participating in one being made about themselves. (Call it “Busting the Squirrel Busters”. Marty has the wind of humanity at his back and that is the 4th Dynamic, the real 4th Dynamic. Scientologists (before and after DM’s regime) never quite twigged on that dynamic. That is a sweeping generality that is far more true than false.

  53. I like that idea for Anderson Cooper: What do Texans do when a cult persecutes their neighbor? I think he could get a good chunk of program out of interviewing some of the good people of IOB…

  54. Have you heard the expression “Reductio as absurdum” ?
    Marty is reducing them to absurdity. I must admit that he is quite good at it 🙂
    He takes everything they do and makes them look utterly stupid.
    While I agree that the higher purpose is the dissemination of true Scientology, such is difficult in the face of DM and his continuing investment of millions into denigration of LRH and all who follow his ideas.
    For the Koolaid drinkers who continue to stay in the Cofs – one of the nastier techniques DM uses is to offer amnesties occasionally – to receive the amnesty you have to write up all your sins. All that you confess will be used against you to guarantee your loyalty. I’ve stayed pretty clean the last few years and the worst thing they could find was that I posted a picture of our dog on a website with the subtitle “Ethics Officer”. Eeek – he posted a dog as Ethics Officer! Seems like Marty has done much the same :.-)
    But its rare to meet a better Ethics Officer than our dog 🙂

  55. ” We know who the major squirrels are. We know who goes to them and gets squirrel auditing. We document what we find so they can be busted. …”

    Cute generality. And they are not even remotely close to busting anyone. They’ll need far more than a Fleet of paddle Boats. Why doesn’t Anon go to Texas and harass them back?

    Nevertheless, that however is an internal Church concern and does not supersede the Law which affords its Citizens protections from harassment and stalkings.

    At best they are monitoring a very small percentage of Ex-parishioners, and usually only those of higher repute, those with many Clients, and those in the Forefront of public Attention. If it amounts to more than 2% I’d be surprised. Mathematics indicate there aren’t enough Cool-Aid Drinkers nor sufficient resources to harass every Freezone Practitioner. Thus this Type of Information should be viewed as a poor Deterrent only, since the Freezone operates primarily on e-contact not physical Addresses.

  56. That’s quite a generalized statement, but when I try to think of people I know are still in the cult, I have a hard time finding examples of those who are NOT PTS. Hmmm….

  57. Documentary? What documentary? For a new course that the church is offering an internship on? There is no documentary.

    It has already been written in LRH tech what a squirrel does and why and how and what to do about it, what is this something new, Squirrel Busters?

    Marty: when I first got into Scientology, I did so upon finishing reading a Dianetics book, like a lot of people have done. There were no staff on the track in between my buying the book at the drug store, taking it home and reading and then cogniting that auditing was for me. They got involved AFTER that fact. After I came in contact with LRH’s writings!

    What is this Squirrel Buster Team documentary they are lying about just so they can go paranoid in Texas too, and hope somebody comes and asks them out on a date? They are nuts Marty.

    You and yours and all the Independents have a happy, healthy, holiday weekend on me! You deserve it. And don’t go overboard on the cheesburgers you cute man! 🙂


  58. Standing up to be counted is not enough.
    What is needed is for people to stand up and deliver Scientology.
    For all those who are watching I have to say that there are 3 important things you can do:
    1. Get yourself up the Bridge.
    2. Train as an auditor and help get others up the Bridge.
    3. Train up as a Course Supervisor so that you can train up auditors to help others train to deliver Scientology.
    There are now quite a few experienced Scientologists out in the field who can offer their services to help.
    If you run into problems then there is lots of help available so don’t be scared.
    At this time I think we have far better technical resources in terms of really experienced terminals who actually knew LRH and studied the tech when he was around than the current regime.
    It seems to me that DM has purged his Junta of anyone trained by LRH or even that knew him. All are out now. Some of us are here to help.

  59. Marty — Interesting that Gomez is trying to gain some sort of “protection” on the basis that IOB is “targetting” their religion. I dare say if it was a bunch of radical militants from any religion targetting someone they would have the same claim. But there arent any other religions there — if they were they would get the same, equal treatment.

    I also find it interesting that they are so willing to try this game, as it also puts them squarely in the category of HATE crimes.

    Can’t have it both ways….

  60. Dave,

    Somewhere locked away in your titanium vaults is a piece of Wisdom, intended for everyone. It goes something like this: “To make someone guilty is the most self-destructive Overt Act of all.”
    Think about it.

  61. Thanks, Maxim. Love Dench, love Sondheim, love “Clowns.” Great post.

  62. Congrats, Mike. I loved hearing all your truly lovely wins, but laughed out loud imagining the USCG hilarity that might ensue with the crew of SS Pedalpusher.

  63. Residents of Ingleside; Thank you for your efforts to maintain a decent environment. The predatory actions, on the part of a religious cult, against one of your residents are outlandish and bizarre. This bizarre behavior is not a part of the belief system of Scientology as I am sure you are aware. But rather the result of some rather mind numbing behavior of one wacko at the top controlling the organization. Marty’s whistle blowing expose of that behavior further enrages this man. He is quite mad (insane) as the behavior you witness attests to. Many Scientologists, still remaining in the church, are unaware of these insane antics. The ones in power work very hard at keeping the “faithful” ignorant of these destructive activities. Unbelievably, many would not beleive this story if they read it. Amazing I know. I was one for 35 years, I know how it occurs.

    You are to be commended for your efforts aimed at keeping the peace and tranquility in your community and for rallying around one resident that is the target of harassment for his religious practices by a fanatical cult. Lacking any representation in the area it is dismaying that they would behave this way. Thank you for what you are doing.

  64. Poof! Done!

  65. I am here. Where are you? Who are you?

  66. Hate crimes involve murder, injury, etc. The harassment taking place are more hate “incidents” (physical assault without injury, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, or offensive graffiti or letters (hate mail).

  67. Sue — any violation of the law — whether a felony or misdemeanor can be enhanced under “hate crime” laws that exist in most states. Not sure of the wording of the Texas one.

  68. Joe Pendleton

    Whenever I read the accounts of the COS stalking/harassing Marty, my blood pressure goes way up, I become enraged ……..and then……I remind myself that this is really EXACTLY what is needed every single day for the COS to slowly degrade and fade away. Every day that it commits these fascist anti-American acts, it slowly but surely takes its already in the toilet PR and finds a way to even lower it. Actually, the COS can’t help it. Too much momentum. Too many decades of too many people going into agreement with a guru/organization running every aspect of their life and taking all their money and agreeing to be completely other determined and mind-controlled. They’ve already fallen off the cliff and now these daily outrages are the LOOOOOOOONG drop down. Every action the COS does in this regard is THEMSELVES destroying themselves. It’s great to fight back. I’m just pointing out where this is all inevitably headed.

  69. George White

    Thomas Jefferson had this to say about the British despot
    in the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776:

    “He(King George) has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

  70. Hmmm…that may be true, but in my city where there is a very diverse population, the police have had to walk this very fine line of legality between speech that is hateful (but protected) and hate crimes. I think it is up to the local community to determine what it will tolerate and when things have crossed the line into the realm of criminal acts based on hatred.

  71. Marty

    Quote: ” 3) Cult PI Ralph S Gomez foreshadowed a Miscavige cult legal threat to the city. While denying his affiliation with the cult to many citizens over the past weeks, and lying about his identity and affiliations, Gomez wanted to know whether the ordinance was directed at he and his cohorts because of their “religion.”

    By even bringing this up as a possibility, they have of course as good as admitted that they are operating on behalf of their religion. Since the ordinance is totally nonspecific as to religion, or anything else, it seems pretty stupid of the so called “Squirrel Busters”, to do this. (Surprise!)

    IOB simply can refuse their application, on grounds of their not being a bona fide production company. Of course, David Miscavige, via his lawyers, can quickly incorporate, but, in reality, that would not make them bona fide. One simply has to ask, “Who owns the company?” ( If they say “Scientology” or any of its entities, they have legalized the connection to the Church. If they don’t, then there could be no case for denial on the basis of religion.) Or “Where are their incorporation documents?” ( If they produce them they will inevitably be dated after they started their harassment.) Or “Where is their production record?” “What is the EXACT nature of the “documentary” they are filming?” (if it is at all the same as anything that “Squirrel Busters Productions” has claimed they are doing, then IOB knows who they are really dealing with)

    It would be standard for IOB to require a bond be put up to handle any expenses that may be incurred by their activities. (police interventions, legal costs, crowd control, etc) I know that money is no issue with the “Church”, but it is more DOX, and the community can recover any costs incurred.

    IOB can put restrictions on what such a company is allowed to do, and WHERE. They can pretty much make any rules they choose. It is their town.

    And, in the long run, IOS doesn’t have to grant permission in any case. “Squirrel Busters Productions” have already demonstrated how they intend to behave.

    IOB would be wise to grant any permits on a “probationary” basis, so that they can withdraw it at any time should “the Company” break or exceed any of the parameters of the “permit”, as laid out by IOB.

    If these clowns, or a replacement group, set up some other “false front” production company, it will take only one incident for them to show their true colors, and BAM, BANNED!

    Just a little armchair, quasi para-legal musing.

    Eric S

  72. Robert Earle


  73. You can go to Facebook and get to the Squirrel Busters Productions page. look on the lower left in column 1 and click on “report a page”.

    You’ll know what to do.

    Cheers to the “INDEPENDENTS”

  74. Mike that is exactly what I was thinking!

  75. Marty I am very level and stable 36 agnostic WM in Okc who has a
    Three mon old son at home. II hope to teach him and my other children that follow to think for themselves in every way. If he grows up and decides to believe in Jesus, than I will respect and honor that choice. If he wants to do anything I will never stand in his way as kong as I don’t find it morally corrupt.

    Having been someone on here who comments from timekeeping to time and has met – online at least – Fisher The Headleys Amy S etc. Let me ask you.

    What can I do to help? I know more about the Co$ than anyone I know, although I’ve never met a member, I am very educated to the ways of David Mismanage and the evils of his cult. I don’t know why I am so offended and or why I want to help bring about it’s demise. (I’m not an attention seeker and there is no other single subject that I am semi obsessed with seeing destroyed),

    Anyway, what can a guy like me do here in Oklahoma City. I mean
    Seriously do. If my son weren’t just born, I would love to just have been able to roll w you guys, not to protect you or to hurt or confront these idiots, but just so I could show these morons that normal people like me are sick of these ass holes.

    I don’t pretend to think you’re the best guy that’s ever lived, by your own admission. But, I do believe you’re jurying to be a better human and make amends to past mistakes. It’s nice that you have cameras. It is nice that you are able to know HOW to combat them….. Fit fire with fire.

    Even though you don’t have the money like they have at their disposal. You have the Internet and lots of people backing you.

    The Internet was then worst thing for the Cult of David Mismanage.

    I believe you are the second worst and Mike may be tied with you.

    All the best, Kim serious what can I do to help from Okc.

    Keep your head high and your —k higher!

    Bed man in Okc

  76. They’re probably making the Squirrel Buster “documentary” to show to all of the Kool Aid drinkers at the next big event. The documentary will “prove’ just what a “squirrel” Marty is, and how the “church is so on top of stopping him. They will try to make it look like they caught Marty doing all sorts of absurd things.

    They’ll have Guillaume Lesevre announce all of the things they stalked Marty doing at the next event. Guillaume will say “We’ve been squirrel busting all across the country in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Florida and Texas (all said in his lovely French accent)”! Whoopee!

  77. HATE CRIME ~~ Stalking Marty in Ingleside on the Bay.

    It is important for the community and Law enforcement to understand that the word  “squirrel” is an epithet to a Scientologist, on the lines of the N-word to an African-American and the F-word to a gay man.
    People showing up at the door of an independent Scientologist wearing a “squirrel buster” shirt is similar in offense and intimidation to a skinhead showing up at a Jewish home wearing a Swastika headband, or a hooded white sheet at the home of an African-American.

    The practice of L Ron Hubbard’s religion is why Marty has been labeled a “squirrel,” and Miscavige’s campaign against him is designed to “bust” the movement, to harass and intimidate him into giving up his practice and to discourage other Scientologists from joining the ranks of the “Independents.”

    Squirrel Busters.

    What does BUST mean ?
    Dictionary definition :
    to arrest; to be incarcerated.
    bust – definition of bust by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus … 1. Slang. a. To smash or break, especially forcefully:

    A Drug BUST.

    Squirrel BUSTERS is a Radical Scientology contrived term with a menacing connotation as if Taliban Scientology had Federal/Marshall powers.

    Marty has spoken out against the abuses of Miscavige, which include physical beatings and other serious human rights abuses, as well as gross financial crimes of personal benefit from tax-exempt organizations (known as “innurement”).This has included unusual favors and Sea Org Labor used for Tom Cruise.

    Were it not for the real and substantial abuses of Miscavige, Marty Rathbun would be practicing his religion within the Church, not as an Independent.

    Clearly, the unlawful campaign against him is designed to retaliate and silence him as a whistle blower, and to prevent him from the free exercise of his religion and discourage others from going to him for spiritual counseling – as part of an effort to squash the growing “independent movement” in the religion of Scientology.

    Within above definitions the harassment are Hate Crimes because he is being targeted purely for practice of Scientology doctrines outside of
    Radical Taliban Scientology.

  78. Sorry for the typos, new to the I Mac and I messed up a lot of spelling and just to clarify, what I said about you and Mike were that u guys are second biggest problem for the Co$ and David Mismanage. Bed Man

  79. Kim O'Brien

    One of the things that stood out for me in this post ( just my 2 cents ) is how supportive the community of ( per the short guy ) – “Wogs “- have been to you and your wife ( . I am a bit confused by this word “wog” because when i lived in Australia…the word “wog ” was pretty much like the “N” word here in the U.S. so either way …not a very nice term ) I imagine that most of you who have come out of the church after being “declared ” and disconnected from your families …are afraid to reach out , to share what you are going through . Reach out to us . Talk to us . Things really will not change until you do .

    Sad but true : civil rights for black ppl did not become an issue until white ppl cared about it

    Sad but true : Women were not given the right to vote until their husband,brothers,fathers and sons , cared about it

    Sad but true: Marriage equality for same sex couples did not become an issue until straight ppl cared about it

    Sad but true: Crimes committed in the name of Scientology ( insert other “religion “here ) will not stop until non scientologists care about it .

    We care …do not hide your stories from us . BE A TATTLETALE !!! If Mr. Rathburn and his wife lived in my community …we would also rally around him . No one wants a bunch of freaks with retarded t-shirts, cameras either strapped to their heads or mounted on a paddle boats, cars, etc…staking out our block , filming our streets…our homes ( i imagine if you went to a neighbors house for dinner ..they would be filming you . If I were that neighbor – there would be a BIG problem )

    Trust us …reach out …TELL

  80. WindWalker


    ” We know who the major squirrels are. We know who goes to them and gets squirrel auditing. We document what we find so they can be busted. …”

    I have to wonder what they mean by the term “BUSTED. They have already said who the “squirrels” are, and they have already been “declared Suppressive”, so when they “BUST” them, what are they planning to do exactly?

    They haven’t even cleared the words of their “purpose”.

    No wonder they are running around like idiots.

    Eric S

  81. It's complicated, my position

    You guys have the wrong Joanne Wheaton here. There are two of them, one out of Florida and the other one you are seeing on the recent videos. Both are OT 5 or thereabouts.

  82. Tom Gallagher


    Relevant examples are profuse on Youtube.

    I’m being nice.

  83. Good wishes from the UK, Marty.
    Midget knows he’s busted.
    It’s over. Time for him to move aside. Now!
    What do these goons think they’re doing, really? Midget intention? Nope. Midget will cut them loose if any connection is made to him. These goons are on their own.
    When this little escapade fails – as it will because it’s stupid – there will be nowhere left for them to to go.
    C’mon goons – get a life, and sack the midget before he sacks you! He’s just wasting everyone’s time – that’s his intention.


  84. Tom Gallagher

    I’ve seen him “in action” on the ship. He’s actually primitive.

  85. Tom Gallagher

    CoB = Chimp or Baboon

  86. Scott Campbell

    We moved from Laguna Beach, CA to NW Oregon when I was 12.

    The best advice my dad gave me at the time was, (paraphrase) “They’re suspicious of strangers up here. You best stay square with the locals or they’ll take you out back and beat you with a Pine tree.”

    I expect things are no different in Corpus Christi. ‘Cept they probably use a Cottonwood tree.

  87. Mike Hobson

    If Davie McSavage knew what was good for him, he’d drop this stupid harassment campaign right the fuck now, before he does even more PR damage to Co$. But, of course, being psychotic, he will not change his behavior, I reckon.
    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  88. I don’t see them going after Ron’s Org for their practice of CBR tech. All I see are a bunch of hateful, infantile nerds stalking a guy who dares to apply and deliver Scientology to help others.

    To me it reads like a threat to their own public. “Don’t even think about seeing these guys because we’ll know, we’ll find you and then you’re really for it!”.

    What an effing joke. This from the KoS and his supporters of Squirreldom.

    Clean up your own backyard, Ralph. It frikkin’ stinks.

  89. Doc "Smith"

    When Bon and I moved to our current neighborhood on July 1 a decade ago, a neighbor came over that day and invited us to a neighborhood-wide BBQ, party on the 4th. It was a great time and a yearly event here. I felt most welcome and part of the group immediately.

    It’s a good idea and creates a local 3D.


  90. Tony DePhillips

    Lana Oye,
    Why do you sign off Larry? Are you a man? If so, why do you call Marty a cute man?

  91. Doc "Smith"

    Ralph, You’ve been out a while. There hasn’t been an amnesty in the church since 1986. If Dm had one he’d be inviting anyone back in who wanted and he sure can’t confront that. (Not that we’d go, but he has to keep the wall up and getting higher).

  92. Cured Robot

    Another very well done Miss Savage on another one of your horrible statistics, the world is finding out what a horrible waste of money and time is spent on useless activities (parishioners money)…where those millions of dollars could go into worthwhile activities….you are worried about the continued exposure of your crimes…shouldn’t have done the things you did and continue to do…thought you were beyond reproach, the last laugh is on you. Go have some more foi gras while the dedicated lifetime SO members eat beans and rice on sleep deprivation, w/o a single day off in years & years, how’s your conscious enjoying skuba diving in the Caribeean, while your slaves work their asses off totally misguided as to what is really going on? You know what LRH would have done about you? Use your imagination…but one thing I can guarantee you, he wouldn’t be seeing the mass exodus of good Scn’s you are now seeing… those r your stats…

  93. Doc "Smith"

    How about if the local sheriff checks them for their I.D. and in the case they aren’t carrying any , to avoid entanglements, they could be held as possible illegal immigrants and maybe shipped to south of the border for a while.

  94. Tony-Now you have peaked my curiosity! So Lana are you a Lana or a Larry?

  95. What used to be a church that cared about people has blatantly and without any concern about their appearance become nothing but beggars and con men out for every dollar they can steal either directly or by lying and/or making misrepresentations. Any church member that cannot see this change since DM took over the church needs to step away for awhile., get some space (that is to say disconnect from the suppression) and look around. It is probably not too late to recover your honor and get along with your life and contribute to society and mankind.


  96. I personally think the “handling” should be done by the authorities. Every minute and every hour Marty spends on these implanted thought-stopping robots is a minute and hour less spent on living, auditing, prospering etc and every one of those wasted minutes is a winning minute for Miscavige. I think the handling should be done by people who do that for a living.

    Why haven’t any police reports been filed for all the abuses by a number of people? Isn’t this stalking they’re engaging in by the way? Is there a law against this in the US?

    Miscavige wants to disturb Marty, he wants to waste his time since he is actively trying to destroy the church with higher and higher pricing, more IAS donations, abuses in a military style, using PLs the wrong way to try to motivate it etc. Miscavige probably suffers from Aspergers syndrome and needs professional help to deal with his problems and this will continue in an endless cycle until he is removed from post.

    The Misquirrel/Miscarriage will probably not remove himself since he has nowhere to go, surrounded by yeah-sayers with no guts. This is the problem with most Scientologists: They are too nice! That’s why Miscavige is still ruling.

    The good thing is too keep focus on all the people telling their stories, leaving the CoS and why they left etc and reveal Miscavige crimes, report to the police, spread the word and eventually get him out of there. He should never have been the COB and is more appropriate as the SOB.

  97. Unbelievable – as if the citizens and the local counsel reps don’t see right through the “pretense and falsity” of the so-called Squirrel Busters’ (supposed) “filming of a documentary.”

    At least the GO attempted serous, high-level ops, not the buffoonery of these poor imitations of Dept 20 agents.

    This is like Junior High School students decided to play as operatives. Except, they would likely do a better job. This is more like what Elementary School children would do.

    So, in case there remained any doubt, it is now official, DM and the Miscavige Administration have:


    The Miscavige Administration is running a Black PR Program and Black PR Ops on ITSELF

    Unfortunately, it does not end there. The real victim is LRH, and, the highest of HIgh Crimes, the Tech, which DM and company are, by association, horribly Black PRing by the minute.
    Anonymous is right when they say they have not done half the job of destroying the Church that DM is doing.

    LRH says we should “Look, don’t listen.” I think we can now clearly see, in Marty’s latest posting, that a long-asked question, has finally been answered,

    :”Who is the leader of Anonymous?”

    David Miscavige

    At least by stats and “setting a high example,” he deserves the honorary title.


  98. No insult to Anonymous intended, by associating you with the anti-Scientologist, David Miscavige.


  99. You used the exact analogy I was thinking of. The Church’s PR is no longer in the toilet. It is FLUSHED, being carried down the pipes to the sewage treatment plant. I have not seen a positive story mentioning Scientology in I don’t know how long, except of course for the ones they put out on PR Web or in their own publications.

  100. What are the chances??

  101. Complicated position.
    What are the odds it would be so!
    Thanks for the correction.

  102. plainoldthetan

    I was excited in this post because at first I thought it said “ordnance had been taken out against hate group”. But then I brushed the fly off my glasses and saw it was “ordinance”.

    Oh, well, one step at a time.

  103. THIS

    The great danger is to get dragged by DM into mainly trying to STOP.

    LRH says that focusing on STOPPING is the route to madness. Yes, Dept 20 actions are vital. Using all the tools of non-violent warfare (see Gene Sharp’s writings) is essential.

    But, delivering the Tech is above all of those things and the reason of all the Dept 20 work.


  104. NO


    Still a lot if I go on

  105. Ingrid,
    To be fair, this crash happened in 1982 (see Wikipedia) so it had nothing to do with present management. That there was a PTS situation goes without saying.

    A poster above said this is a different Joanne Wheaton than the one from Florida. In that case, I am sorry I said anything on this topic. My mistake.

    My primary position is still that this kind of stalking is unbecoming any group that claims to be religious in nature, and in the end such abuse threatens our social enjoyment of freedom of religion as a concept. Sooner or later governments and/or courts will start implementing rules and regulations and issuing precedents that restrict such freedom. OSA staff who I believe once upon a time cared about these things – cared about the VFP of De[t. 20, the indispensibility of Scientology – either are just utterly powerless (PTS) or ignorant. (Bad data, bad intelligence). I believe they have no idea how ridiculed and reviled Scientology is socially and how it it far worse today than in 1982. STATS HAVE CRASHED. This stalking just makes it worse. One simple change – one person removed with an airing of all data and opening up of comm lines – just might reverse this otherwise inexorable slide.

  106. Another amnesty was also done in about 1993. But, as you know, it doesn’t mean a thing with this bunch of keystone cops running the show.

  107. It kind of throws a man off when someone calls him cute and signs it “Larry”.

  108. “Movin’ On Up A Little Higher”

    It’s a little rough and I might change it a bit later, but I probably won’t have any time to work on it in the next few days.

  109. Good catch. …and she’s still a looser? Poor kids.
    The System isn’t the problem.
    Certainly LRH Tech isn’t the problem.

    The trouble comes out of ignorance alone, thus the KRC triangle (Knowledge, Responsability, Control) symbolically placed as a triangle behind another triangle known as ARC (Affinity, Reality, Communication) These two are linked together under a large TM “S” for Scientology. You may have seen it…
    Scientology simply means, as a word; Study of Knowledge or Knowing how to Know.

    I think we are very much over reaching our gradient on basics. Particularly Affinity. (Joanna)

    (poor kid) *not plural

    I was amazed, when I first read LRH books and tapes and followed him, despite being years ahead of his time, he respected the Gradient Scale.
    I would forgive Marty unconditionally if he scaled it back, after the Holidays, considerably.
    It would be right, and quite the challenge personally, I’d image. Nevertheless, nessary.
    Considering resent events.
    It was very nice to see this in quoting above Creed. Very basic, completely ignored.

  110. Scrolling down to notice this PP, obviously the Dynamics are confused with this girl.

    We need and will have surely, at some point, a link point where any LRH Ref. can be bridged to exact LRH source, in this case all 8 Dynamincs, secured from verbal Tech. As Hubbard explains the Dynamics best! Presently, I can not provide that link to that concept. 😦


  111. And I replied to the wrong person lol.

  112. scilonschools

    The Lone Starv State and ‘Lone Star Indies’ triumph for humanity again!!
    When a child at Bay Elemetary school seabrook Tx , I remember that we were instructed tio fly the The lone Star (Texas Flag) above the Stars 7 Stripes (USA Flg), as Texas was the only state that was permitted in.
    Looking at Federal Law (Currently) that instruction may have been false, but it shows the heart & pride of Texans and the willingness to stand up for themselves!
    I am so proud of my birth state and the ability to see reason and stand up to bullys. Alamo, San Jacinto and now Ingleside a salute to all Texans.

    Alama, san Jacinto

  113. Sara Finning

    The FBI finally got Al Capone on tax evasion, so guess there goes your proof that it doesn’t really matter how…

  114. SaveTheTech

    “The Church is paradoxically a CRITIC of SCIENTOLOGY!”

  115. The Facebook page has been reported as a Hate Page, harassing an individual for exercising his religious freedom.

    As for the PIs who ‘Ho for the cult – this is one is for you:

  116. markthehungarian

    Slowly but surely, non-Scientologists are being forced to see what the CoS really does and how it acts. It is a vicious, mafia-like, organization that lost whatever morality it had *long* ago. For years, they managed to hide their disgusting actions behind the cloak of “religious freedom.”

    DM must think that because CoS was granted religious status, that same status cannot be revoked. This is false. It can be taken away, and their actions will lead to it being revoked, seemingly sooner rather than later.

    DM’s insanity and pathetic ignorance are starting to show, not just to those who left the CoS, but much more importantly, to the rest of the world who until now knew absolutely nothing about Scientology. And what will they be seeing…? A bunch of loons – who cannot be taken seriously – harrassing, threatening, and intimidating Marty, who has the right to practice his religion without getting hassled by grown men wearing stupid T-shirts and carrying video cameras.

    To the Squirrel Busters – GREAT Facebook page by the way – the face that you cannot see how ridiculous and embarrassing your actions are is a crushing indictment on the CoS. You are humiliating yourselves willingly. How you are acting is ludicrous to anyone with an IQ over 50 or anyone who has managed to graduate from kindergarten. Take the blinders off and take a step back. What would you do if a 5-year old acted this way?

    I also *love* that the Squirrel Busters page is massively popular… 11 people like it. Eleven! Wow! A whole soccer team! Great job! That’s only 8 people less than like DM (, who has a whopping 19 likes. That can only be because KoS is *such* a great leader! Compared to the current Pope (20,634 likes,, the CoS is proving to the world that its PR attacks are nothing more than lies.

    My hat’s off to you Marty. What you are doing is drawing these criminals into the open where eventually they will be spotted.

    As for the Squirrel Busters… keep it up! Your actions – recorded for the world to see on youtube – are PRICELESS. You are eroding what little chance the CoS had to maintaining its status as a religious organization.

    To quote Tory Magoo, “tick tock, tick tock, time is on OUR side.”

  117. SaveTheTech

    Regarding the limit of the Church’s financial resources:

    Maintaining their financial resources is dependent on keeping their members in the dark. Marty and others are shinning the light of truth on this perversion of LRH’s life’s work called the Church. The weak spot in the Church is communication. They need to prevent it to survive. I don’t think that will work in 2011.

  118. SaveTheTech


    Thanks so much. We will speak out and we appreciates your words of encouragement.

  119. FYI there is also an Ida Squirrelbuster page on facebook
    something you can show them at the Next Ingleside meeting
    you’ll find Ida Squirrelbuster has friends like Bhodi Elfman Mary Ann Chait and Grant Cardone as friends as well as several names and Scientology groups you will recognize.
    interesting list of friends and supporters.
    Make sure you bring this to the attention of the folks in Ingleside
    and show them that these goofballs are a joke

  120. “RESPONSIBILITY” A lecture given on 1 January 1960:

    “And if we were a religious organization going to town on
    the sin of man, we would at this moment have it made! We
    could convince with what violence, with what brimstone
    that you sinners had better come clean, or hellfire and
    damnation was going to be your lot! Man, we’d have it made.

    Fortunately, we’re not. So we can get something done. The
    greatest overt act in the world is making other people
    guilty of overt acts.”

  121. “Marty has the wind of humanity at his back and that is the 4th Dynamic, the real 4th Dynamic. Scientologists (before and after DM’s regime) never quite twigged on that dynamic…”

    So true, and it helps make the eventual outcome even more significant.


  122. Bobo & Doc Smith,

    Great idea.

  123. Beautiful song! A perfect anthem for those who have chosen LRH over DM.

    Your little Texas community gets more charming every day (sans DMs mafia squad of course). I have always loved the pics from the dockside chats but having neighbors like you do is simply outstanding. It does a soul good to know that decency, caring and community still exist, things that I once thought could only be found in the church.

    I couldn’t help but chuckle about the contrast of the church’s “Ideal Orgs” to the Ingleside community. While the church has very little theta left, Igleside has gone off the dial.

    Truly this is proof that the church is corrupt and Independent Reformation is the only way to salvage the tech!

    You all have a fantastic Independence celeration, ya hear! I’ll be looking west for what I am sure will be the brightest fireworks display of the season.


  124. Probably, one of their major purposes is preventing or destroying any case gain of those visiting Marty through suppressive tactics.

    Judging by the responses of those who have gotten auditing in Ingelside On the Bay, it ain’t working.

  125. mrinder,

    And, isn’t Marty practicing his religion? Aren’t these radical militants trying to abridge his right to practice his religion? Aren’t these radical militants attempting to create a climate of fear in order to further their agenda?

    As long as Gomer is trying to use code words to further their radical cause…

    Which begs the question, “Who will define our terms?” Both denotatively and connotatively? Who wins the battle of definition? Who wins the battle of assigning meaning and association to these words and phrases? What invidious associations can be attached and/or negated?

    Ah, the battle of definition and meaning.

    “Santorum” anyone?

  126. Ann,

    Can we say, “Block Party?”

  127. Sue,

    The determination of what one will tolerate is always amenable to persuasion. In the fifties, grabbing your secretary’s rear end was “just boys being boys.” Today, if you make an off color remark around your secretary, she can get you fired or hauled into court–even though she might joke with her co-workers about dildos powered by car batteries.

    Nuanced differentiation has never been a human forte. A=A=A can be used to one’s advantage.

    The degree of a crime becomes irrelevant if you can convince the court or authorities that the tort was grievous

    Or, vice versa.

  128. Joe,

    I kind of view it as Marty’s gravitational force sucking the cover off DM’s planet, exposing the barren landscape below. Truth exposed. And all the harassment merely represents the necessary turbulence in exposing that truth.

    Because Marty holds the stronger position, DM and his resources are being drawn in. If Marty were weaker, he would have been overwhelmed by the influx of particles. And if he didn’t have all of our support, he would have been overrun by all those particles.

    The nice thing for Marty is having a means to discharge all the negative energy along sound communication lines, much like you experience in an auditing session. He moves through an incident, ITSA’s to us, we listen, acknowledge, and more third dynamic case is as-ised.

    So, Marty serves as a relay point by which the experiences can be communicated, analyzed, understood and handled. Cognition and VGI’s.

    It’s just third dynamic case blowing off through those mechanisms.

    Auditor plus pc is greater than the bank. Marty is sort of the third dynamic pc by proxy. He’s the point of observation for the case, the viewpoint being addressed here by which the session progresses.

    And the whole case moves forward in cycles of action which are expressed by the posts and comments.

    Of course, I’m prone to bouts of creative thinking that have nothing to do with reality, so…

  129. Thanks for the update and for DM status / Its pretense status currently rlisted as a church will come under fire sooner rather than later , Also as long as documentation and the appearance carried on of misreprentation of its status will get grilled at some stage and the rest remains what the outcome will be.All will be revealed I am sure .

  130. Thank you, LurkAnon.

  131. In this case where DM was appointed COB Did he appoint hismelf if No who ?

  132. Happy Birthday to all you Crazy Canuks!

  133. So cool that LA Times chips in. Too bad they don’t really differentiate between Davey and LRH.

  134. Mike Wilson

    It’s complicated,

    So, can you tell us about the one in recent videos?

  135. theystolemychurch

    Very witty and funny, you! LOL

  136. It’s complicated,

    oops! That question is from me, Laura Ann and not Mike. Thanks.

  137. He apointed himself

  138. Don’t insult the beggars

  139. Thank you for your many contributions. The Church of LDS never lost its religious status (they almost did in the Seventies until they changed their policy on admitting blacks) even when prophet Joseph Smith raised a militia so big it frightened the hell out of the government. His downfall began a few years earlier however (which prompted the militia forming) when his top lieutenant (a lawyer) caught him courting the lawyer’s wife in a “spiritual marriage”. Smith could have any woman he wanted but he took his best friend’s. (Obsessive/compulsive). Lawyer wrote it up in the press and Smith destroyed the press which incensed the people and government against him (over Free press restriction). Smith moved to Illinois, joined the Freemasons and raised a militia. He was then assassinated and the Freemasons utilized Brigham Young to take over the movement, even though Smith had designated James Strang for that. DM will only be taken out by the government if #1) the power behind the secret societies by which the government is administrated are threatened by DM, or #2) he creates such a massive outrage (like Jonetown or the like) that the government is FORCED to come in and get rid of him. DM does not threaten the secret powers because he serves them by distracting people from real freedom.
    I should also point out here to everyone that the Church of LDS has been documented to be involved in high level satanic ritual sexual abuse. A Bishop of the Church investigated these matters and found that it all stemmed from the highest individuals in the Church. It was a psychiatrist who investigated this who brought the original matters to light. He was forced to stop however (Tom Cruise will jump up and down on the couch if he reads this) when his senior shrinks, through the APA, told him not to investigate SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) because research had shown their was no basis in fact for it (denial) and that no one got therapeutic effects from it. Further, that he would lose his shrink license if he continued to investigate it further. (Source on this info is Dr. True Ott, an apostate Mormon who was initiated at the highest level of Freemasonry and is a personal friend as well). True’s name by the way reads like “True OT” and LRH had a penchant for pointing out the people dramatize their names. He also stated that he was invited to homosexual orgies by the elite of the church (this might also have someone jumping up and down on the couch), but he declined. This and other factors caused him to reject the Church.
    If you study the very grisly subject, you will find that the government power structures enables all sorts of heinous abuse. What DM does in disgusting but comparatively light touch. If he were smart, he would put a more genuine veneer of ARC to hide his crimes.
    The only hope is massive protest as is already being inculcated by people on this board such as yourself. If you know you’re enemy and properly assess his resources, talents, and weaknesses you then have a chance of overcoming them. The best hope is to act so that DM continues to make mistakes which compound and compound.
    All major churches on this planet are subordinate to Freemasonry and the older institutions are directly under their thumb. This is history and not conspiracy theory only. Scientology might seem to be the exception in terms of Freemasons holding positions in the Church but it is a new church and they are still subordinate to the masters of Freemasonry and, more importantly, the judicial whims of the California State Supreme Court.

  140. Karen,
    This is spot on! ml, Laura Ann

  141. It isn’t there

  142. technicly DM is still a mere Messenger in the Sea Org

  143. Good catch, even then he already altered basic policy. I never looked it up as I had no clue as to what I should ask amnesty for.

  144. Yes, he did appoint himself. Even more weird.

  145. You are Squirrling Anon Tech !!! Clearly you need to submit yourself to hours of Lulz handling.

    Our leader is in hiding although some say he is still posting Anonymously.

  146. SaveTheTech

    Chris, you don’t need to fix a thing. It’s fabulous! Thanks

  147. Miscavige has buttons, You onley have to push them.

    He is easily trolled.

  148. Gary,

    Thank God for the Italians!!!!!!! ml, Laura

  149. scilonschools,

    No wonder I like you so much!

  150. Leonore- 1982 was the beginning of this present management-It was DMs first year emerging and when the beginning of the crash of the field began, with the infamous mission holders conference.

  151. LA,
    That was nice! Thanks!

  152. Strength Courage and Wisdom, exactly what I’ve been experiencing more and more every day since I announced. Thank God for that opportunity! ml, Laura Ann Wison

  153. Hubbardianen,
    Marty is spreading the word like no one else, he is doing best what you say is the most effective way but you look really upset by Marty spending any time on it.

    You want people that are paid for it to do the job but not only can Davey buy them off (the only one that can’t ever be bought is the very Marty you’re objecting to), he probably doesn’t have to as their pay stops the minute they’re successful.

    You infer that Scientologists are yeah-sayers and too nice, whereas in fact, if you look at this blog where Scientologists are found, you won’t find any that say yeah or approve of Davey. Scientologists and implanted robots are opposites.

    You also publicly diagnose SOB to get him in an institution, knowing they’ll get rid of all of his loot and nothing can be returned to the rightful owners. Do you diagnose for a living?

  154. Using “clap” words

    “Amnesty” clapclapclap

  155. Thanks Bobo,

    Yes, we will all be streaking down Main St. Canada today with a bottle of Molson’s and Jim Logan in the lead 🙂

    And to all, have a great ‘Independents’ Day party!!

  156. Because of the meter reads being read incorrectly the pc’s knowingness is undermined. That’s got to shake you. And that’s virtually every time you go in session.
    Basic tech is not being followed, like the Auditors and C/S Codes. This undermines LRH.
    Because LRH policy is not being followed, your confidence in it will be shaken. All the big decisions regarding finance, buildings, dissem, promo, the org board are by-passes of easy-to-understand HCOPLs. The field, for example, before ’82 was thriving, rich, successful. LRH policy may appear corny – until you follow it! It’s no wonder Ron brought the term ‘know-best’ into use. He couldn’t single-hand every org, and didn’t even want to. LRH was master of giving you the tools. If you fail, don’t blame the tools or start looking for unusual solutions. Incidentally, KSW PL is a joke that LRH should even have needed to write it. Yet it has been used as a weapon to hit with, all down these years since it was written. Following KSW isn’t going to boom anything. If you followed policy, you would not need to refer to this PL.
    Because Ethics policies are not being used to aid you, but to make you wrong, or to investigate you, particularly if miscavige and his dementors identify you as a potential threat to the status quo, that will knock you back.
    Plus the false stats, empty orgs, dwindling public numbers, kooky advertising, horrible public events, diverted attention with the stat-pushing Birthday Game, staff poverty and crashed first and second dynamics, lack of case progress except for the super-rich, all adding up to a desperation for staff and public, undermining their knowingness and pleasure in pursuit of known goals.
    Factor in the gnawing realisation that since GAK and GAT, the church hasn’t boomed, and that the distance between ‘on board’ Scientologists and the general public has widened.
    Factor in also, the change of emphasis by church leadership from making auditors, Clears and OTs, to ever more rigid control over staff and public and soliciting their donations.
    If you’re connected to all that, you might not be PTS, but you’ll be close.

  157. I saw a man give a homeless person a tent today and he did’ntexpect any thank you shit . He just wanted to tell how you had to put the tent up and the specifications. I felt like Sharing because I thaught it to be a beautifull thing.

    They had a real conversation abopt the techical stuff.

  158. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the nice little piece of wisdom Poet.

  159. You know, I’m sure there are others on this blog besides myself who would appreciate DOCUMENTATION when an entire ideology or group of people are being smeared by otherwise unsubstantiated accusations.

    Do you even understand the purpose of this blog?

  160. That’s all well and good saying that Now. Its a bit late. The fact is a question remains .Did DM self appoint the position he claims. ? Either way its open for questioning , because by demostration he certaintly applies the mispresentation of a leader, and likey to be open if it was claimed honestly, ethical with intergrity I very much doubt. His.Seems everyone fell for it .
    I don’t beleive he was majority approved by any means. He certaintly is not acting at present like a messenger, that’s for sure. regardless him being one . He made sure any one that was above him was shot .That tells you a lot right there , And those were the key signals at that point of destruction. How he did it the results are destroying any one close to LRH, and after LRH Death .

  161. [in respect to forgiving sins]

  162. Its a laughing joke ,

  163. You’re welcome. (Hat tip)

  164. If the Zombie Cult had given a homeless person a tent, they would have first flogged their members to raise $2 million, and spent $200 to buy the tent plus another $9,000 to send in a crew to record the gift and produce a video. That promo video would then be used to raise another $2 million to flog members to build custom motorcycles for $40,000, one bike for Davey and a matching one for his Hollywood BFF.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

  165. It’s there where it started, and seemed no one challenged !! Or if did it broke down. I was witnss to challenges made directly by some eurpean Mission holders from DMs intergregation They got wind he was poucing around doing what was done in the USA, So some refused admittance and reported to authorithy’s and DM Brass did not get a foot in some doors. Thank god.

  166. Good luck with the town meeting. If I lived closer, I would attend. I hope things come out for you and easing away these supposed Squirrel Busters who are in fact squirrels themselves.

  167. LOL

    I apologize for any disrespect to your illustrious leader. I will comply immediately, Sir. Hopefully, the Lutz handling is not too unconfrontable. Perhaps being made to eat cake by femanons?

    After I hopefully get upgraded, can I get that monthly check from Big Pharma?


  168. Hello,

    Thank all you, and Marty, Mike, Mosey, Karen, Jim, and company in particular, for being there and carrying the torch forward.

    I know we all know this, but it might bear repeating.

    What DM is doing is not Scientology. It is particularly not ‘”radical” Scientology. Radical Scientology would be Scientology that focused on the (real) basics, or rigorous application of Scientology.

    As we know, DM principally uses Punishment Drive. That is the same approach used by some institutional psychiatry and by implanters. It is not a form or variant of Scientology.

    I don’t think we should give DM any credit for the use of Scientology in any form, by saying he is practicing any variant of Scientology. We contribute to the degrade of the word “Scientology” when we do.

    At BEST we, can say he practices “pseudo-Scientology.”

    Corporate Scientology is not the right term, either, because that is not what he is doing.

    In fact, I WISH DM practiced corporate Scientology. LRH laid out the Articles of Incorporation of the various corporations. If corporate Scientolgy was being practiced, at the worse, DM would be one director on the board of one corporation – say a director of RTC. There are SIX other boards he would NOT be on and he would be ONE director out of more than TWENTY.


    The system LRH set up is a system where authority is not even concentrated in the hands of a small group of people, like one board.

    DM is NOT practicing corporate Scientology – he is daily VIOLATING corporate Scientology. (BTW, that is where the situation and why is, but that’s a longer article).

    He is not practicing Radical Scientology, or fundamentalist Scientology, or Taliban Scientology, either. He is a tech and admin Squirrel who CLAIMS to be practicing Scientology. At best he is a “psuedo-Scientologist.”

    Most accurately, he is simply a despot,at the end of a long-line of despots, whose stock in trade is “control by domination and nullification.”

    Everyone is free to chose their own words. For me, it insults and degrades the word “Scientology” to associate it with David Miscavige, except to say that he is a “psuedo-Scientologist” and an “anti-Scientologist.”


  169. LOL

    Tragically, not far from the truth.


  170. You guys are on it.

    What apparently happened was that:

    1. DM overwhelmed those who had (and have) legal authority over the church (the 20+ directors and trustees of CST, RTC, and CSI),
    2. DM kept secret LRH’s plan and written legal documents requiring the end of one-man-rule after his death, and
    3. He promoted the idea that he was “selected” by LRH as his “successor.”




    DM has undermined LRH’s requirement for the end of one-man-rule by force of personality, by “control by domination and nullification.”

    He has allowed or promoted the idea that a “Chairman of the Board” is the supreme authority within a corporation. That idea is total B.S. A
    COB has no more votes on a Board of Directors than any other director!

    A COB is merely the person who is the admin of board meetings.

    Lastly, DM calls himself the “Ecclesiastical leader” of Scientology. That is a made up, Squirrel post. It does not appear in any LRH Policy.

    Some can think of DM having all this “power.”





    While not meaning to be reasonable, we should not blame those around him. That does not get a product. They are connected to a very suppressive person and are PTS.

    The same thing happened when the Mafia took over the Teamsters. The exact analysis and the correct strat would take a lot more writing. For now, know that the situation and the handling lies within the fact that


    While he may SEEM powerful, he OWNS no rights. The Church is a non-profit corporation and no one CAN own it.

    DM’s seeming absolute power can be gone is a second, with the right actions.


  171. Hey, Cat

    Absolutely, the oppressed must be freed and the abuses ended

    The successful non-violent liberation movements have also strongly focused on a wide variety of “positive gain” programs, such as schools, social programs, etc. Without necessarily knowing the exact theory, they found out that if they just focused on what we call “negative gain” in Scientology (getting rid of something bad), they did not achieve as much, as quickly, as a balanced program.

    You and are together on this. Plus, I would never contradict you. You might threaten to send me to that Lutz correction regimen again :).


  172. crashingupwards

    metaqual, your statement that “All major churches on this planet are subordinate to Freemasonry and the older institutions are directly under their thumb” is just incredible. I believe there are things on this planet which are subordinate to higher intelligences in the universe. Freemasonry is one such teaching. Freemasonry is a path just as most major religions are “paths”. They are all subordinate to the truth. Freemasonry has a very distinct method of conveying the truths they were designed to perpetuate. Their use of symbols is their most valuable aspect. But I do not hold that others are subordinate to them in any controlling or sinister manner. Or any manner for that matter. I believe you have been misinformed.

  173. KING & QUEEN

    We would like the residents of IOB would receive the thanks, even from here ‘Italy for their American spirit, for their willingness to defend a member of their group.
    Marty Rathbun will surely be proud to live alongside people of such mettle.
    Their contribution is of immense value.
    Much love

  174. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Davey can’t find his WORD. He’s illiterate! Besides he’s a WHOLE TRACK S/P (Super Puny).

  175. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Chief Of Buffoons is more like it. Every particle COB slings is just the aforementioned primate’s flatulent laden ejecta.

  176. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    +1 🙂

  177. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    CP, It’s the folks like Marty, Mosey and their neighbors, as you well know, that has helped this country and it’s independence survive and prosper.

    This country of ours was created by fighters who wanted to be free to worship, live, love and care for others of like kind. That’s what Davey and “his” kind will never comprehend.

    I’m not from Texas but have been there a bit. I cannot appreciate more the “heart” of people who love their state, (ok, republic 😉 ), and their goodness for what is right, than these true citizens. Every where you go in this country you will find that most people want to be left alone but will join forces to fight off any evil that threatens their lives. Too bad, Davey. You are in a “lost” state of mind and you’re not going to win.

    To those who will be free, I wish all, the best 4th of July – an “Independents” Day.

    Love and ARC,
    (insert fireworks and BBQ and beer and family and friends cheering!)

  178. gern gaschoen

    WHOLE TRACK SP, you say?

    If I, once, just ever ONCE saw DM properly clear a word, or M9 an OEC Vol or two, you know in a course room, with Supervisors .. and if this were presented in some sort of positive way as an exemplary demonstration of Scientology, The Subject .. maybe presented to the public through means with which they are familiar .. using some sort of modern technology like, say, a film, well then ..

    I’d be mighty impressed.

    You never know. He could do that. If he does, it will most certainly have been a most interesting WHOLE TRACK experience.

    However, I think he is just plain suppressive. He has had two decades to produce evidence of his own hat-wearing, and .. well .. WHERE ARE THE …… STATS OF YOUR POST, MISCAVIGE!

  179. gern gaschoen

    >What used to be a church that cared about people has blatantly and without any concern about their appearance become nothing but beggars and con men out for every dollar they can steal either directly or by lying and/or making misrepresentations.

    Those in the church blindly following stupid and ridiculously anti-LRH/anti-Scientology orders are being held in place by a massive restim.

    DM has the UFO stuff fully happening in the background. Don’t think he doesn’t think he’s trying to rescue the species by programming his underlings into savage submission, to prepare .. “for THEM!”

  180. scilonschools

    Back atcha:)!

  181. The results you speak of are the means by wich he grabbed power.

  182. James Lawson, Jr.,

    Your observations are spot on. CORRECT IDENTIFICATION AND RESULTING DIFFERENTIATION OF IDENTITIES IS CRITICAL TO THE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION OF OUTPOINTS. Those at the heart of the Miscavige administration do not subscribe to the philosophy of Scientology, do not practice the technology of Scientology, nor adhere to the organizational policies of Scientology. The structure of Scientology’s management organizations is not utilized by the Miscavige administration and has been usurped by Mr. David Miscavige, as you so well described.

    For those still influenced by the Miscavige administration, these differentiations are not perceived. Most of us have struggled to understand why.

    Perhaps one reason is that the individuals involved in the Miscavige-influenced organizations and communities do sometimes apply Scientology techniques and principals to improve conditions or experience relief. These individuals and their fellows mistakenly assume that these beneficial results are identical to their organization. The non-differentiation goes something like this: Any benefits that I experience -equal- LRH -equal- Scientology -equal- the organizations of (pseudo) Scientology -equal- David Miscavige -equal- the Miscavige administration -equal- the IAS -equal- the Ideal Org program and so on and so on. (Anyone critical of ANY of those identities is labeled suppressive and thereby nullified.)

    How is an individual brought to this state of non-differentiation (A = A = A)? Based on my experience, this “mushing together” of identities is fostered by the Miscavige administration’s continuous indoctrination, the misdirection of each individual’s activities, time & money and the nullification of all dissent. It took a couple of years for me to overcome the condition brought about by the aforementioned. I could see things that didn’t make sense but couldn’t spot the source of the insanity. Through research and a good enough grasp of the Data Series, I was eventually able to sort out the identities involved and evaluate them.

    I admire your reasoning, appreciate your observations and look forward to your posts.


    “# lulz: Often used to denote laughter at someone who is the victim of a prank, or a reason for performing an action. This variation is often used on the Oh Internet wiki and 4chan image boards. According to a New York Times article about Internet trolling, “lulz means the joy of disrupting another’s emotional equilibrium.”[32] Can be used as a noun — e.g. “do it for the lulz.”, shortened into “ftlulz” (to distinguish it from “ftl” – “for the loss”).[33][34]”

  184. “Perhaps being made to eat cake by femanons?”

    That is just the propaganda anon uses to get people protesting.

    Although some lovely femanons exist. Ask Terril Park 😉

  185. “Why doesn’t Anon go to Texas and harass them back?”

    What’s the point ? They are clearly capable of making asses out of themselves without any help.

    Besides, There is a difference between harashing and protesting.


  186. I think Marty is doing a good job but I suffer when I see all the time spent on robots. Getting those robots off Marty’s lines would be good. And they will not go away by themselves, and filming them will not do the job either. This is all just wasted time that could be spent on improving the world instead of playing aberrated games (I realize of course Marty has to protect himself and videotape etc.) So some force should perhaps be put into this, some police force.

    Read about Asperger and you see what I mean. Look at some videotapes of Mr. M and you realize he’s got the “my way or the highway”-problem. Mind spinning very fast, above intelligence (not unusual), into lots of details but worse on social interaction.

    “The lack of demonstrated empathy is possibly the most dysfunctional aspect of Asperger syndrome….Adults with AS have trouble demonstrating empathy for others, and social interactions continue to be difficult…”. No, I don’t diagnose for a living. I do it for fun.

    If this isn’t stopped it’s going to be an endless cycle. Read the LRH essay about force and intelligence and put it into practice is my advice. Collect all the testimonies and press charges. Can’t understand why this haven’t been done. Bad PR? There’s already so much bad PR out there that it can’t get much worse.

    CoS will NEVER flourish and prosper under Miscavige’s management. Evidence: The last decades and all the blogs out there.

  187. Standing up and being counted is good. I think it’s one layer of suppression shed off. It feels really good. To say it’s not enough I think is incorrect because they are different things. Why not do both? Why is one item done “not enough”? Some do this and some do that and it all adds up.
    Ralph, I agree with you on the training and getting all that going personally and as a group(s), but for me, right now standing up is what I can do. I am under attack and paying a big price for coming out. Hopefully I’ll have the option soon to restructure my life so I can train up and go your suggested route.

  188. There is no Church of Scientology anymore, only a Church of radical reversed Scientology. Davey suffers from continuous present time overts like any criminal and is on the verge of total collapse like any SP at the end of his career. Sunshine is the best disinfectant, like we’ve seen with all power subversions.

    Could Marty spend his time better on auditing and getting training rolling, yes definitely! Could that be done without exposure of rodents that nag him 24/7, I don’t think so as the power subversion reaches very high in government and it would already be an accomplished fact if it where.

  189. Too general remarks. They are ?

  190. Like yr Comment.

  191. Yeah Good question .

  192. I have to wonder what they mean by the term “BUSTED. They have already said who the “squirrels” are, and they have already been “declared Suppressive”, so when they “BUST” them, what are they planning to do exactly?

    They haven’t even cleared the words of their “purpose”.

    Greetz Eric.
    I got your point, and well taken.

    It most certainly is an inappropriate public Statement to the World at large, since “busted” refers to an internal Church concern that the public does not know what it means, nor do they care. In the public’s eye, it’s not an answer to anything, and certainly no excuse for Stalking and Harassment.

    Secondly they are completely ineffective at what they do, and could only leave a good impression on a few empirically stupid Cool-Aid Drinkers. Thus I wonder who they were talking to … lol

  193. Standing up to be counted is not enough.
    What is needed is for people to stand up and deliver Scientology.
    For all those who are watching I have to say that there are 3 important things you can do:
    1. Get yourself up the Bridge.
    2. Train as an auditor and help get others up the Bridge.
    3. Train up as a Course Supervisor so that you can train up auditors to help others train to deliver Scientology.

    Wow !!!

    Someone who actually has a workable plan and can see beyond the Fixation of DM and/or the Church.

    3 Cheers. An Island of Sanity.

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