The Billion Dollar Cult vs. The Little Texas Town

My bet is on the latter.

The Corpus Christi Caller TImes:

The New York Village Voice on the Caller Times:

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  1. Right on!!!!!

  2. Keep on keeping on. We shall over come. Happy 4th to you all.

  3. Michael Fairman

    My bet’s on the folks from Ingleside too, The gall of this Wieland robot! “Squirrel Busters” not part of the church? What an unmitigated lie! Hired by Miscavige’s lawyers who are paid by Miscavige, with money donated by Church of Miscavige”parishioners”! These people are disgusting! The Justice Department needs to get on their asses for interfering with Marty and Mosey’s or anyone’s constitutional rights to practice whatever religion we choose in whatever way we choose. We’ve got to find a way to put an end to this suppressive madness. Let’s do it now!

  4. It seems like the bottom line is, Ingleside does not have to issue a filmmaking permit to anyone it doesn’t want to issue one to.

    For that matter, it seems to me that Ingleside could simply ban filming by any outside production company within it’s town limits, if they wanted to do so.

    I don’t believe any filmmaker has the “right” to film wherever they please.

    If I lived in a small peaceful community like that, that’s what I would vote for.

  5. Bill Holly

    Are there no anti harassment and/or stalking laws in the US?
    If Mr. Rathbun lived in Europe he’d soon have these so-called Squirrelbusters in Court and get a Court order to these nuisances not to come within half a mile from him, where ever he might move.
    Another law in Europe which could be applied is “breaching the peace”.
    Surely US Law has such protection of its citizens?

  6. scilonschools

    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  7. Me thinks DM is approaching his Waterloo. It is a good thing for all Theta he is too stupid to realize it.

    Bye bye DM.

    Hello LRH.


    “ESTABLISHED PUBLIC MEDIA, we are there when you need us capturing your ENG, Interviews and B-roll when you couldn’t get there in time since 1998”

    “If you found us, you need us”

    What a joke. They have to be insane!

  9. If this continues (and the trend is moving that way), independent documentary crews are going to be visiting to do a documentary on Squirrel Busters’ documentary. A documentary on the documentary. As I have said before, they are making a folk hero out of Marty. This obsession of DM’s is giving Marty a far greater celebrity and leadership role than he would have otherwise, but it is a hat DM can’t wear so he is basically giving it away. This will continue to snow ball because DM does not understand grass roots. Grass roots was what made the mission holder movement and Op 4D very popular. It was populist “of the people.” He didn’t understand it then and he doesn’t now. DM has not pursued anyone like this before. He sees that Marty has power and he wants it. DM destroyed David Mayo but these are different times and a different situation. The worst thing that could happen to the Independent Movement right now is for DM to order Squirrel Busters to pack up their cameras and go home. That would mean the Independent movement, or Marty’s leadership thereof, would be irrelevant. Marty, despite the b.s., you have to enjoy all the TA (refers to tone arm action on an e-meter) you are getting. Congratulations!

  10. I honestly have no words for this. This will end in a very bad way for the C of $ and their Squirrel Busters. You are doing the right thing, Marty– keeping calm and taking responsibility for having created this monster. Well done and continue!

  11. scilonschools

    “The gall of this Wieland robot! “Squirrel Busters” not part of the church?”

    When you need to deny who or what you are and stand for then you and your cause is truely nothing.

  12. Theo Sismanides

    Wow, Marty! Right on! You just expanded the R factor through C (your open letter to the neighbors) and the Affinity of those people starts showing up! Isn’t it amazing?

    Look what they are saying, the neighbors:

    “”To say the least, it’s been irritating for these jokers to be out here doing that,” Orr said, referring to the film crews. “Since I live right next door to him, it’s offensive to me.”

    Orr said he believes the majority of Ingleside on the Bay’s 650 residents support the Rathbuns.

    “I don’t think there’s anybody sympathetic toward the Squirrel Busters,” he said.

    Rathbun recently apologized to Orr for the commotion.

    “Mark, you don’t need to apologize to me,” Orr told him. “You hang in there. You’re our neighbor.”

    Parr said Rathbun has gotten the residents riled up about nothing. Rathbun’s recent blog post, an open letter to Ingleside on the Bay residents apologizing for the trouble, outlined a host of transgressions and intrusive surveillance activities for which he blames the Squirrel Busters and the church.”

    People are Soooo Ready for Scientology… which is basically ARC… get that DM? ARC… meaning so that you may remember, Understanding(S). And I say UnderstandingS, capital final S, because you are such a Squirrel that you drive the Whole World AWAY from Scientology, turning it from ARC for the basics of Life into a Cult and a Squirreldom!!!

    Even non Scientologists can see that Squirreldom now! You are incapable DM to give ANY UnderstandingS to the people of the world. You just create ARC BREAKS, wherever YOU WALK IN! You are a MisUnderstanding just by Yourself! It’s only that you have become a Pope and you have BELIEVERS that saves your ass!

    But believers are NOT needed or wanted in real life and in Scientology. UnderstandingS is what needed and wanted.

    Thank you people of Ingleside.

  13. Joe Pendleton

    Of course you’re completely right in what you say Michael. I would just add that actually what the COS is doing though is EXACTLY what will slowly but surely destroy its repute. It seems to be a slow process, but every single time an article like this appears and every single time someone repeats the truth abou the COS, that is one more point in its destruction. It is the exact opposite of creating safe points. It’s complete reverse PR and they can’t help themselves. The only way they can eventually destroy themselves and keep themselves from committing their overts is to continually destroy their PR and keep the public away from themselves.

  14. oldauditor

    Ingleside may be the rock on which the garbage barge of Scientology will founder.

    The cult tries to separate their targets from their communities and to portray the targets as criminals and outcasts. In an urban area where few know their neighbors, this tactic may be successful.

    In a tightly-knit community, the cult’s actions expose them as the criminal organization they are.

    This might serve as an example to all who leave the church. Become a member of a community where you are recognized for your contributions. Develop friendships in the community and develop good relationships with those that represent the community. It actually aligns with the final steps in a Doubt Condition.

  15. from my perspective,as someone who is not religious man,not ex $,not indie, from small country where $cientology just start their orgs ,this is only way to win this….just let them be there few more months,and that is it…. D.M. probably know what big mistake he makes ,but it is too late now to stop that… if he stop that now ,that will be like he is WRONG,and i understand – that is Mission Impossible (I,II,III,IV…) .
    it is different now,with all that cameras ,cameras on cell phones,hidden ones,etc…. it is so easy now to have all, what is happening ,on “tape” and so easy to show to millions of people. fair game is no longer between “u and CO$”,and that is one thing YOU all have to say-” thank you very much”- to ANONYMOUS.
    i follow this 4 years,and i think they helped so much to educate public.
    anyway , hang on there Marty….just month or two….
    big hello from Croatia.
    P.S. maybe both of u can come here and try fishing on our beaches…..

  16. Marty,
    Just grant them their interview, invite the Sheriff and the press as well and answer all their questions fully and completely. They may or may not like the answers but communication always provides the solution. Of course you would have to tell the truth like we do here and it’ll make more bots wake up, especially if it gets broadcasted by mainstream media.

    Their main focus will be on you altering Scientology and practising outside the mother church. You only have to make calmly clear by multiple examples how it is the church that is altering Scientology, that they’re the squirrels and that you uphold Standard Tech, again backed up by multiple examples. Continue differentiating between Scientology and the Church; if they really want to bust squirrels they’d have to investigate RTC.

    They might argue that they’re expanding 100x and all you have to do is DA those arguments and proof the falsities. We have TD’s proven false statements, empty idle Orgs, stat push, the IAS scam, the selling out to Big Pharma, no auditors made in the Church (compare to 70’s and 80’s) and no Bridge progress. On the other hand your independent movement is expanding daily and they only have to look at your blog to find out. They may argue that you don’t do anything about the WTH and all you have to do is refer them to the 100’s of happy people on this blog regaining their lives.

    I think the interview they scream for will be an eye opener for many that don’t have internet access. See it as dePTSing educational material on their (and our) record. It might provide good PR for Scientology and more foot nukes for Davey. So probably they’ll prevent you really answering their questions by interruption, eval, inval, etc; don’t Q&A, just insist you have the right to answer every question completely (their legally stated reason for pestering you). They may refuse to continue or even start the interview and then the Sheriff can move them out as their stated reason for being there proofs to be false. If they let you speak, they’ll also have to move as you’ve given them what they came for.

    Have a great independence day!

  17. Oh, gag me! These “Squirrel Buster” harassers insist they’re not representatives of the Church of Scientology? Of course, they are. Everybody knows it. They know it. In fact, they already admitted it to a San Patricio County Deputy Sheriff.

    David Miscavige, your third-rate lawyers and their hired and volunteer thugs can’t seem to get anything right and are losing on every front lately:

    You lost in DC with those trumped up harassment charges against AnonSparrow; the judge found him not guilty.

    You lost in Melbourne with those trumped up DDOSing charges against Emma of ESMB; the police dropped the charges for lack of evidence (there is none).

    You lost in California with that state’s recent Court of Appeal ruling in favor of ex-Sea Org member Laura Descrenzo that those bogus waiver documents you force fleeing staff members to sign will not keep her for suing your ass for multiple crimes.

    And now you’ve lost in Ingleside on the Bay, where Texas citizens know their rights and won’t let you walk all over their them in their own community. Who in the world convinced you to let these “Candid Camera” losers loose down there?

    David Miscavige, isn’t it past time for you to toddle off like the little criminal you are to Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, the Falklands or the Seychelles? Don’t you realize you’re irrelevant?

    Not to mention the laughingstock of people everywhere.

    Not to mention personally guilty of hundreds of crimes that violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act!

    Just Me

  18. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    Let the Freedom Crusade Begin Michael, I’m with ya!


  19. Well done, Marty

    DM’s strat and the behavior of the Miscavige administration members is embarrassingly juvenile. Like they think no one will see through the transparently obvious “documentary” cover? As I earlier wrote, at least the GO seriously attempted to play the intel game.

    I sense a major footnuke coming.

    What you said to the paper is spot on. DM is trying to goad you into ANY sort of 2.0 or below action . . . he is trying to “give you a motivate,” hoping you will act on it.

    As I earlier wrote, it’s a “game of TRs.” Whose ever TRs go out first loses. Whoever follows “What is Greatness” wins.

    Unfortunately, there may be a lot more TR-0 Bullbait run on you, Mosey, Mike, Karen, etc. between now and then.

    Though it may be rough, I think you will end up getting a “pass.” You are all too smart to fall for DM’s childish provocations.


  20. Yes, Michael!

    It’s harassment. The key is for all involved to keep a running chronology (a time track), backed by video. The time track entries are posted within five minutes of the event.

    The time track is what is legally called a “contemporaneous record.” It’s very powerful and it’s your core ammunition.

    As Anonymous says, “Docs or STFU.” The time track is THE basic doc.


  21. Former Scientologist? I don’t get it, I thought you and the Independents are still Scientologists.

    DM will tell their church members, see, Mark and his people are no Scientologists anymore.

  22. The following can seem a bit airy fairy, after one has been subjected to constant harassment. But, LRH wrote it, and he was hardly airy fairy.

    Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Otpor in Yugoslavia, and others won by applying the principles LRH discusses:

    “The real lesson is to learn to love.

    “He who would walk scatheless through his days must learn this – never use what is done to one as a basis for hatred. Never desire revenge.

    “It requires real strength to love man. And to love him despite all invitations to do otherwise, all provocations and all reasons why one should not.

    “Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.”

    — LRH, from Scientology: A New Slant on Life, pp 183 – 184

  23. and Marty, U MUST EDUCATE public, your neighbours, so put this also….
    Clearwater Scientology Hearings, Paulette Cooper 1/4

  24. The more they lie the better. What is notable about all of their activities is that it is aimed solely at the existing, cowed church members. “Squirrel busters” obviously has no reality with the general public, they don’t seem to care how many lies they get caught in, the whole purpose is get “rolling thunder material”.

    None of their activities, which are about to explode across the world stage once this story gets picked up by AP, are aimed at making the cult of miscavige broadly known and well thought of (broadly known, yes, but stinking like a dead mackerel).

    A very good point of all this is that it is Marty’s, and all the rest of the indie’s, willingness to honestly communicate and raise ARC which appears to me to be raising awareness and understanding of the subject of Scientology as it should be.

    From mis-scab-age’s viewpoint “to hell with the wogs”.

    (My apologies to the non-Scientologists reading my comment, as used in Scientology the term originally meant an apathetic individual who wasn’t really trying in life. The term now applies to the majority of kool-aid drinkers in the cult. Given the terms racial overtones, particularly as it is used in Great Britain, it is odious and needs to be retired for good.)

    And to hell with the cult members, but they are obedient sheep and need to be managed so they can continue to be fleeced.

    Fortunately mankind will determine that he is a little tin-pot dictator, who has betrayed, imho, one of the great spiritual movements of Earth.

  25. Marty – where is Tommy Davis ? The Church has a new spokesperson?
    The lies from the Church are astounding. What is even more astounding is the fact that these Scientologists so blantatly lie for the Church. Do these people not realize that the Church will turn against them immediately if they step one foot out of line.

  26. Yup, King of Squirrels has cut them loose so there’s no comeback on him when it all goes horribly wrong. They haven’t paid the filming fees as it will have to come out of their own pockets – obviously, there can’t be any money trail leading back to KoS. So who’s paying their expenses?

    It’s the RPF for you goons, maybe a comm-ev, a declare even. That’s if they’ll let you back in, oh, woops, you’re not in the church, forgot.


  27. Freetothink

    Great article! We love you Marty!

    Looking forward to hug both you & Mosey today, Tony & Marie-Joe

  28. This “documentary” is clearly a harassment. Is this legal in the USA to harass people? I can’t beleive…

  29. The title of this post…boy, there’s a dichotomy if there ever was one. I think Miscavige is about to get his first taste of “flyover country”.
    My money is on the folks!!

  30. They are being very careful to not break any laws. And a $250 fine per day is not going to stop the Cult (and I doubt Ingleside has the resources to force payment through the courts). I doubt that the authorities have the guts to prosecute a billion-dollar cult during a recession.

    However, one thing that the Cult cannot abide is widespread press coverage. Every time that the Cult gets more bad press, their numbers have dropped. They may not be bright enough to figure out that when they act like a cult people think that they’re a cult, but there are a lot of parishioners that can still get the wakeup call. At some point, the attrition will take its toll as more orgs continue to lose money and PIs drain the war chest.

    So, keep those cameras rolling on the “Squirrel Busters” at your home, when you go out for dinner, when you go out for a jog, etc.-I’ve no doubt it will make great TV on CNN.

  31. These people who continue to harass need to be taken away period. What they are doing is in direct conflict with ones civil liberties. No Man, Women or Child deserve to be followed and recorded by this group of ignorantmorons. Those doing this think it is some kind of war they are fighting and they are somehow going to make others look bad, when truth be told they look completely nuts.

  32. The metamorphosis and subsequent contradiction of their stories is absurd. But typical.

    It just adds more gaping holes in the hull of their rapidly sinking ship of credibility.

    My best wishes to all and have a terrific Independents Day celebration! Wish I was there, but there’s a little baby girl due in just a few more weeks and the travel just wasn’t possible. It’s one of my dreams coming true!

    I am with those of you in Texas in spirit though!

  33. I feel proud and happy to know if I die tomorrow, I took a stand for the beautiful truth that our dear friend L Ron Hubbard left us. He never intended his technology to be subverted and used to harm or control people he loved. People who dedicated their lives to his cause. There ars too many people out of the church, many of whom are the cream of the crop who worked directly with Mr Hubbard for the problem to be them.
    Scientology is pure simplicity and truth and it brings happiness. The complicated web of lies and deceit being created here is the only squirrel, offbeat activity happening, IMO.

  34. I agree, Michael.
    Continue to communicate in a relatively undisturbed tone of voice.

    TR 0 Bullbait…START!


  35. I’m waiting for some thing to happen with this goon squad. Do you think that Gomez’s insurance will pay for the damages?
    Or does this

  36. martyrathbun09

    Mornin’ JB and Mareka and the little one.

  37. A Wise Fool

    How To Become Dangerous

    “A man is as well off as he can consider himself dangerous to his environment.”
    PAB 124, Communication and Isness

    There has been quite a bit of discussion on the blog about whether people should announce they are publicly leaving the Church. There are many reasons why some do not so declare – family or personal connections, business, etc. Essentially this situation creates a missed withhold with its attendant phenomena – including withdrawal and anxiety. In other words feeling like it’s dangerous to be dangerous to your environment. You don’t want to be found out with its consequences.

    So for those who choose to remain “under the radar” there is a way to fight the off-policy and out-tech in the Church and do something effective. You can be dangerous to the Church and retain and communicate your viewpoint.

    The stated basic agreement of all Scientologists is that we adhere to Ron’s tech and policy. The “rookie” staff and public are all taught this – KSW is a standard feature of all courses. But the senior staff uses the tech and policy when it is to their advantage and ignores and alters it when it isn’t. (They wouldn’t still be there if they didn’t agree with THAT unwritten policy!) And the crux of the matter is that most Scientologists do not know either tech or policy and therefore rely on seniors in the organization to tell them what tech and policy is.

    In your standard dealings with the Church you will be confronted by the“rookies”. They are told what to do and they do it – without knowing it is off policy. People out regging for the IAS or “Ideal Orgs” for instance. Their Achilles’ heel is being confronted with the fact that what they are doing is off-policy. It throws them into doubt and confusion. You don’t have to argue, you don’t have to discuss, you just quote policy or tech. Of course if you are up against a senior staff member he will just viciously attack anything that disagrees with his current viewpoint whether is comes from Ron Hubbard or not. Then of course you can attack him for not agreeing with Ron.

    Now the thing that the powers that be fear most is the erosion of their power base – that is the people who are still loyal to the Church. To the degree that you can seed doubts in the minds of those staff and public who still believe in the current Church you are wielding the weapon the Church leadership fears most. In case you haven’t noticed they go to extraordinary lengths to cut communications with anything that they feel challenges their viewpoint. And that includes Ron’s tech and policy.

    So in the spirit of making all you “under the radar” dissidents dangerous to your environment and getting off the missed withhold and “safely” communicating your viewpoint I give you the following:

    If You Are Confronted With An IAS Reg:
    There is no policy from Ron authorizing the creation of the IAS. There is only policy on the HASI – and that was a membership organization only. Ask for the policy authorizing the IAS. If they say it is in a confidential program written by Ron ask, “Is that a Hidden Data Line?”

    And fund raising is illegal:
    Urgent Org Programming, HCOPL 24 Feb 1964

    “If the Org slumps during this transition period, don’t engage in “fund raising” or “selling postcards” or borrowing money.

    “Just make more income with Scientology.

    “It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside of Scientology. It has always failed.

    “For Orgs as for pcs “Solve It With Scientology.”

    If You Are Confronted with a request to donate to the “Ideal Org”, Super Power building, etc.
    Quarters, HCOPL 23 September 1970

    “In twenty years an enormous amount of experience has been gained regarding quarters and housing of orgs.

    “A. …In terms of quarters an org can afford so just much expense. Therefore, viability is the first consideration – not how posh or what repute or what image.

    “C. Image is a secondary consideration.

    “F. Renovations are destructive if extensive.

    “CONCLUSION: Don’t renovate at vast expense.”

    HCOPL 12 March 1975 The Ideal Org

    “The ideal org…

    “(It) would have enough space in which to train, process and administrate without crowding.”

    Urgent Org Programming, HCOPL 24 Feb 1964

    “If the Org slumps during this transition period, don’t engage in “fund raising” or “selling postcards” or borrowing money.

    “Just make more income with Scientology.

    “It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside of Scientology. It has always failed.

    “For Orgs as for pcs “Solve It With Scientology.”

    If an auditor tells you, “I’m not auditing you” or a friend says he was Sec Checked.Ask, “Am I under an Ethics investigation?” or, “Were you under and Ethics investigation.”
    HCO Confessionals, 7 Jan 1985

    “Overts disclosed in the course of Confessionals done for investigatory or justice purposes (generally called “HCO Confessionals”) are always the subject of Knowledge Reports to HCO and are actionable on the person.
    “Overts and withholds divulged during routine auditing may not be used as grounds for ethics actions on a preclear. This is part of the Auditor’s Code and has been well known for many years.
    “One does not send someone to HCO for an overt or crime gotten off in routing auditing.
    “The usual circumstances under which an HCO Confessional is done are that the person is already undergoing a Comm Ev or other ethics investigatory action or is working through lower ethics conditions, and the Ethics Officer has requested that the C/S order an HCO Confessional done.”

  38. Thank you! I do not think we can be reminded often enough of this reference about what greatness is!

  39. freespirit

    Erwin- unfortunately they do NOT want an interview. It is only a ruse- a cover story – so that they can just continue to legally harass Marty. Marty, they and any persons who worked in OSA or the GO all know that the REAL end product of that interview is NOT an article but a calculated effort to slaughter – drive his anchor points in – cave him in- enturbulate him and anyone else, and then they send the tape up as a “Compliance Report” to DM. Further, once they get one, they will just dream up other ways to continue to harass him. They have no intent to let up – and this fight is very real. Their whole tactic is to HARASS COMPLETELY and TOTALLY – all done within the confines of the law, and supervised by the “Church” at arms length so that there is no legal liability to them for doing so. (Allender – isn’t he in the employ or if not a former employee of the very branch -OSA that specializes in harassment of “churc” critics? Don’t tell me that Linda doesn’t know what’s going on – for as much as the “church” evidently controls all aspects of its members – that it professes to have none over this – is such an obvious insult to intelligence). It follows the same mentality used by the “church” in its corporate structures – constructing shell corporations and complex corporate structures that appear to be functioning but in actual fact provide a cloak for DM to stretch his little crooked fingers across “corporate identities” and boundaries and control everything in the manner that he sees fit. These guys are so slimey – eeewww! M & M – I like your neighbor’s advice ” Hang in there”

  40. My best estimation is that if he ever flees, He will live on Aruba and Bank in Curacoa sometimes Scubidives on Bonaire

  41. Local media coverage is good. Expect a packed City Council meeting. Try to stay on topic – don’t let it digress into a Scn religion bashing session, even if the Squirrel Busters people invite it. The town has a lot of power here. They can merely deny the permit. They are not Press. They have been labeled by the Police and towns people as a Nuisance. Hang in there.

    Have a great 4th of July! Enjoy our freedom!

  42. It’s a learningcurve or “gradient”if you will on the part of the towns people.

  43. Congrats JB and Mareka. I too wish all attendees a fantastic Indie Day celebration – book my place for next year right now!

    As for the OP, they reckon they haven’t committed any crimes. Really? How about the crime of being terminally stupid? Of the crime of being so thoroughly mesmorized by a psycho that they’ve lost the ability to tell right from wrong? Or the crime of being a raging hypocrite? How about the crime of compromising their own integrity so often and so thoroughly that they’ve become the very thing they are piously lecturing others about. What about the age old crime of simply being a hopeless bunch of completely useless wankers.

  44. martyrathbun09

    Read the article. It took the reporter less than one week to prove rather conclusively that they are not media. Read the Inglside PD Officer report that is linked. He too determined the same thing in one short interview. No, to acknowledge Miscavige’s false pretenses and identities is to legitimize his mafia like harassment tactics.

  45. ExIntStaffMember

    All these apes are doing is making themselves look like, well, apes. Actually, they are accomplishing a lot more than that. They are making Marty a hell of a lot more friends. I think Marty is handling all this commotion perfectly. At some point, when these idiots are situated in front of Marty’s house, I hope his neighbors all come out in force, surround these guys, and just point and laugh and laugh. What a sight that would be!

  46. Just a thought…
    Taking the datum from the policy on Knowledge Reports, that an ethical group won’t stand for someone giving one of their members a black eye (which is what tipped me off that DM’s group was unethical because they stated bluntly that they allowed beating to go on for years…) apply this to the town of Ingleside on the Bay. They WON’T just sit around and allow someone to “give Joe a black eye.” That says they are an ETHICAL group!

  47. Another part of LRH’s tech that has been reversed is PR tech. It apparently isn’t used to improve the image of Scientology or anything like that.
    It it only used to control and enslave the captive public

  48. Dear Old auditor,
    Allow me to make one slight addition to your beautiful phrase…”.Ingleside may be the rock on which the PADDLEBOAT garbage barge of Scientology will founder.” 🙂


  49. Documentary?? More like a slanted, propaganda newsreel that Geobles would have savored.

    Now, since the name of the production crew is “squirrel busters”, one would think that to back up the assertion that they were “busting squirrels” it would need to include evidence to that effect. Well, I ask the “squirrel busters”…where are your testamonials from Marty’s PC’s that they are now spinning and want a refund from him? Where are the dissatisfied throngs lining up at Marty’s door with their fists in the air, and signs of protest proclaiming that they received poor auditing/ethics handling results?

    I would think that to make a documentary about taking down a squirrel that you would first have to prove that he is altering Scientology. We know what happens when PC’s get bad results. They leave, they do not go on, they become unhappy and seek repair and help from someone who knows what they are doing. That is why they arrive at Marty’s home, Once there, we have not seen any evidence that they leave and return to DM’s guilded implant factory seeking repair.

    It would take a rank, ignorant simpleton to believe that this is a documentary in process. Documentaries require proof, testamonials, evidence, documentation. All they have so far is a lot of video of people coming and going from casa blanca, and little more. That would qualify it as a documentary of people coming and going from a house, and nothing more.

    But, I want to be fair with my critique, so please, squirrel busters, if you are reading this, please make a documentary of people REJOINING the church after dissatisfaction with Marty’s guidance and counseling. We would love to see it. And I am sure Marty would post it here for you. Come on, I double dutch dead dog dare ya!

    I look forward to the next round of defections from the DM circus. True squirreling causes it.

  50. Marty,
    these crazy Co$-goons are making you a martyr in the public opinion.

    Even the CIA knows that you don’t do this to your enemy because it gives the enemy popularity and allies.

  51. So when does it become stalking?
    There is probably a fine line between corporate stalking and a “documentary”

    No self respecting film crew is going to be using GoPro’s.

    If it is a guise of being a film crew then ask your local constabulary to have them provide credible evidence they are what they say. This should be on the permit form for the license. Then, file stalking charges against the main guy. Make him prove they’re legit.

    My bet is for the town folk…

  52. I love DM! Now wait a minute … loving to me means granting beingness – allowing lots of space. Space to view & create all that one is. Since DM is total evil & blackness that is all that he creates, it is all that he knows. He is creating his own demise. I’ll grant him the love to create all day long, the tighter the destructive self imposed noose becomes, the sooner he’ll be gone. VIVA independent thought & thinkers who can see past the DM controlling bs.

  53. martyrathbun09

    The New York Village Voice on the Corpus Christi Caller Times:

  54. Obviously your intent is good here, but it’s important to remember that the truth in all venues is supported by the freedom of individuals or groups to shoot photos and video. I cannot cite the case-law, but if memory serves there are precedents where it has been ruled that when in public a person has no reasonable expectation of privacy, and can be photographed. But harassed, no. Seems best to keep the focus on the harassment.

    There are many who use the tool of photographic documentation to fight tyranny in various of its forms.

  55. SaveTheTech

    We all know this is NOT about stopping squirrels from delivering adulterated Scientology. The truth is, Scientologists in and out of the Church abhor Squirreling the technology.

    No, this is NOT about squirrels. There have been thousands and thousands of Squirrels over the years and they have been ignored for the most part. The truth is, never in the history of Scientology has there been this sort of harassment of a man and women in a residential house delivering auditing. Never. Marty’s little sea-side community has been turned into a 3 ring circus complete with laughable clown and paddle boat rides for retarded adults.

    What Squirrel Busters is all about is preventing truthful communications to the members of the Church of Scientology. That is all it is about. DM is trying to prevent Marty’s and others communication at all costs. If it costs a lot money, spend it. If it causes a huge PR flap, let it happen. If you need to go out-tech or off-policy, do it. But at all costs, stop the truthful communication to members of the Church.

  56. Tory Christman

    Having spent a night with some of the “Handler” OT’s (spit) here in LA, down at the Bonaventure Hotel (where their event was) last night….all I can say is thanks to every single person who stands up and speaks OUT. This joint is goin D O W N, and as I told OSA when I was “in”, and Davey boy since I escaped out in 2000:::***YOU*** are C R E A T I N G
    Your own enemies. Thank you, Scios “in” for proving why we are OUT.
    Also, this Mexican Security guard from the Hotel tried to insist we were not allowed on the public sidewalk, as “My boss told me to tell you, THIS is private property and you’re not allowed here”. I showed him the written sign that said where that line actually was, and WE as CITIZENS of the USA, had every right to picket peacefully. He tried to enforce “My boss”, and I then said, “I don’t care what your “boss” told you. The DAY, The SECOND *YOU* agree and begin to stop free speech, is the day it’ll ALL be over.
    I also reminded him that many, many men and women died to protect the very freedoms he uses, daily. He burst into a huge grin, said, “Well OK__-then have a nice picket, we’re all settled” and left.
    Happy 4th of July to you ALL 🙂 🙂 Keep Peace and freedom ALIVE.
    Tory Christman
    Aka: Magoo~!

  57. Marty,
    Of course they’re not media and they don’t want an interview, everybody knows that. The interview is not for them; the point is to invite real media that spread the truth you’re speaking and they’ll do better to the degree that the controversy is greater. Squirrel buster productions gives you a beautiful forum and their lies will be exposed instantly; 95% of the world will come to that conclusion if they only hear you speak for 2 or 3 minutes.

    Even if Allender obstructs your answers, you should still take the time to explain them fully to the real press. If the press does its job well they will have to get a reaction and visa versa. This way the comm can be enforced (or broken by Davey) and it’s impossible to loose as truth is on our side and will prevail.

    By emotion as well as by reason and fact the harassment mafia tactics will be stopped and/or exposed for what they are. The choice is simple: keep chasing them away and keep resisting them (you know what that does to their false identities) or communicate the truth about them in presence of a large public.

    They can’t win that argument based on facts (which should be aired one way or another). Sunshine is the best disinfectant and the more the better. The media are on your hand, so why not use them to disinfect some larger area. I think it’s about time the bots get to hear why RTC is the biggest squirrel group on the planet.

    The only valid reasons I can see for not doing it are legal consequences but if there’re things you can’t say, your legal people or f.i. Mike should answer those. You’ve helped develop this monster so you know that its only value (restimulation) evaporates the moment there’s nothing to restimulate at which time only the backlashes remain.

  58. Now now, Goebbels is perhaps not the ideal example. He would have done a much better job than these poor robotic goons that are following Marty around. He would have had real camera man and good writers and actors to impersonate what they were pretending to do and to be. After all, he was an artist, as was Adolf, even though a failed one. Anything like that in DMs resume?

  59. Spot on.

    Use POLICY against DM. It won’t work, immediately, against most senior management. But, as you say, it may plant the seeds of doubt


  60. INGLESIDE ON THE BAY — There’s something squirrelly going on in this small town, and it has attracted the notice and the ire of the townspeople, the City Council and the sheriff’s office.

    They have had to put ethics in on the Sea Org.

  61. In a battle, it is important to identify the correct target.

    We sometimes mention “the Church” as a target. My two cents:

    The Church is:

    1. All those people currently in, and/or

    2. A California corporation (CSI) (or, arguably, three California corporations, CST, RTC, and CSI).

    The majority of people currently in are not our enemies. They are the very ones we are attempting to free. They are, in many cases, us before we left. We can call them stupid, but that is not going to get them to cognite. They are not targeted, but won over. Without their support, DM will fall.

    As far as targeting the corps:

    There is a notion floating around that you can “end” the Church, as an entity. In France, and some other countries, a corp can be found to be engaged in illegal activities and it can be dissolved.

    In California, only the corp can dissolve itself.

    This is properly the subject of a longer article, but suspending the tax exemption of the Church will not end the Church and will have only a minor impact (around 10%), on its revenues. Plus, it can live for decades solely on its reserves.

    Some think that without tax exemption, the Church won’t be a Church or a religion. Not so, these are three different things. If the Baptist Church starts paying out large “dividends” from its positive cash flow to its senior management, it could lose its TAX EXEMPTION. That’s all. It is still a church and still a religion. It just starts paying taxes.

    Targeting “the Church” is a horrendous strategic error for this reason, in particular: it can be easily be made to sound like religious persecution, and it might be! Plus, it plays into DM’s motivator, allowing him to claim the Church is being discriminated against and victimized.

    Targeting the church for destruction is likely illegal or can be made out to be illegal. And, it is certainly out-PR. What if we set up a group to “Wipe out the synagogues,” or to “End Judaism practiced within organized synagogues.”

    Plus, practicing Scientology within corporations is not what is wrong. LRH set up Scientology within corporations. What is wrong is that a tyrant kept secret LRH’s intention for the end of one-man-rule after his death, and governance of Scientology by seven boards of directors populated by more than twenty independent directors. And, then, DM amped up his abuses.

    Targeting the social personalities still supporting DM and targeting the “Church” is a no win situation and plays into DM’s hands.

    Per the data I have, the correct target is DM and the abusive practices of the Miscavige Administration.


  62. Tory Christman

    PS: “Handler OT’s” is a dichotomy ..thus the (spit).Hope you all have a VERY fun 4th of July week-end…filled w/ meetings, greetings, games and tasty food~! Our Independence::: OH YES IT IS.

  63. OK, hold onto your horses, and please don’t start preparing an Independent Field Expulsion Order against me, but.

    Yes, DM’s actions are horrendous, the worst overts I know of on the planet – yes, beyond genocide. At the same time:

    DM, the Being, is basically good, and
    DM, the Being, should be loved.

    LRH says that there is POWER in the above approach.



    Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Otpor, and others won with this approach. It has tremendous power.

    It takes a very strong, very tough being to do what LRH says, and to love someone like DM, despite every reason not to.


    If we want to not play DM’s game and to win more quickly, we will do what LRH says and what King and others showed is the Correct Technology.


  64. I wanna see this story get onto AC 360 or the like. It’s now affecting hundreds of residents. What a black eye it would be to the church if something could be done legally to blacklist the squirrel busters (aka the cult of DM).

  65. Michael Fairman

    Why don’t we ALL bombard the US Attorney for South Texas with the crap that’s going on? Last night I sent them the Squirrel Buster credo and the Caller article with a short note of what’s happened in California. Here’s their e-mail address: . It could, possibly cause some ante Fourth fireworks.

  66. Kathy Braceland

    My money is on The Little Texas Town. Hands down.

  67. Michael Fairman

    Thank you for an excellent “Rules of Engagement” manual.

  68. Mother of Grendel

    If they’re “not part of the church” then they’re in real trouble for being in communication with a declared SP!

    Of course they are doing this under the full and complete direction of the Church.

  69. DM is really worked up about your Independant Party

  70. Michael Fairman

    …ante and post

  71. Wow JB you have a killer Girlfriend in Mareka

    And congratulations

  72. Yes! That is all that is being run on you, Marty, Mosey, Mike, Karen, etc. TR-0 Bullbait.

    He who goes reactive loses. He who keeps his TRs in, and refuses to play the game that DM’s GPMs are demanding, wins.

    Love what you are doing, Thanks for being there.


  73. Spot on!

    DM should have just ignored Marty.

    But, he is GPM driven. He is not putting discipline in on the GPM goals that are dominating him.

    This shows that:



  74. Koki,
    I hear the Dalmatian coast of Croatia is very beautiful. I have seen photos online.

    Is it good fishing there, too?

  75. WindWalker


    Whoa Lad. Seems like you missed something here.

    Mike, Marty , and the majority of those who call themselves “independents” call themselves INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGISTS, because they desire or intend to carry on being Scientologists and using Scientology to better their lives and the lives of others.

    However, there are many viewpoints expressed on this blog.

    Some were Scientologists and now will have little to do with any of it.
    Some were never Scientologists at all.
    Some are just here “for the show”.

    But most are aligned with us in bringing down the David Miscavige Administration. They want to see the corruption, and human rights violations end.

    The viewpoint that you have forwarded here is simply a somewhat uninformed viewpoint. Anyone who takes the time to read even a small portion of this blog’s contents will be easily able to assess the truth.

    Eric S

  76. martyrathbun09

    Go have a tall, cool one on me. It is the Fourth weekend.

  77. If you are still in good standing at the org, then it might be worth printing out some of the most illuminating write-ups, the ones that create no ridge as they expose the truth.

    Seed your local org. Be creative about where you leave them.

    Here is one article that I think nicely hits the expansion lies, but there are a hundred others that might do better:

  78. I miss you guys tremendously. But all is peaceful here. Happy Fourth to you all.

  79. Barney Rubble

    Cheers! Amen,brother well stated. It IS about DM right this moment and nothing else.End of story.

  80. “Have you ever met a real SP, a real monster”

    L Ron Hubbard

  81. Chris Johnson

    Best analysis I’ve read in a while. Nice work!

  82. There has been far worse.
    is just one example.
    Marty is thankfully still alive – others have sometimes not fared so well.

  83. Its a bit sad that “wogs” have to be called in to put in ethics on the Sea Org.
    Thankfully LRH doesn’t have a grave to roll over in.

  84. I think the correct target is cases properly addressed with auditing.
    Marty knows dept 20 policies as does Mike Rinder.
    Department 20 is being handled by Marty and Mike with help.
    It is only 1/21 part of the org board.
    My take on this scene is that Marty is takng a lot of flak with the intention of creating a safe space for the application of Scientology.
    I know that I am useless at dept 20 activities but can audit and train.
    I think that the best thing most here could do is to find their hat on the Independent Scientology org board and take responsibility for it.
    The main thing we need to do is apply the tech to ourselves and others.

  85. You bet.

    I sense there is drama to come.

    Drama usually involves DM footbullets.


  86. Happy Fourth, y’all!


  87. Moving Forward

    Last I knew, Mark Warlick was the DSA of Los Gatos Org and had been for a very long time. Does anyone know if this is no longer the case? If so, it puts a minor dent in the lame PR line that this isn’t an organized church activity.

    BTW, I knew Mark many years ago and he was a good and caring man, but that really changed after he went to LA for extensive PR training. It’s sad for me to see that he’s fallen so far as to be involved in these shameful activities.

  88. the squirrelbusters took out 4 ads on KDOL 96.1 radio station in Livingston
    in an effort to slime you,Mike and Christi
    these are now on their squirrelbusters youtube page

    the spots are lame, what else would you expect

    take it to em Marty

  89. Point taken…and at least the Nazi’s let you know where they stood. These clowns lie about their missions….yea,,a documentary…sure, sure.

  90. martyrathbun09

    For the record I delivered 5-7 NOTs sessions per day on two pre OTs all week. Those who believe I am in some kind of war or games condition are not reading or seeing very closely or accurately. Miscavige’s obsession as created the apparancy of war. He is at war with the world at large and with himself. I am simply the object of his obsession – quietly trying to sweep the alley while all this noise is going on.

  91. Why are they instead of youtube? I don’t like clicking on that.

  92. Michael Fairman

    Lame and lamentable., Mr. T. The incompetence and idiocy of these people knows no bounds. Do they really think the people of Livingston give a hoot in hell about the squirrel busters? Do they even know what they are?
    Miscavige is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Pathetic!

  93. Who was it that said the truth can go through armor plating?

    Do you think it could also go through a billion dollar cult?

  94. We miss you too. Glad that everything is beautiful over there. Big sweaty hugs and kisses from Texas. Love to you!

  95. Freetothink

    Ithink you need to restudy some of the references on handling SP’s. You are getting a tad theetie wheetie to me.
    Or, You can sit and flow mud cabbage love and admiration if that makes you feel that you are helping, if that is all you can muster up.

  96. Yes, I have, Cat Daddy.

    And, I am undefeated using his Tech, against thugs, murders, organized crime bosses, vicious multi-national corporations, etc.

    Martin Luther King, Otpor, Gandhi, the Ukranine non-violent warriors, etc prevailed against vicious sociopaths with this Tech. They prevailed against those guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, such as Milosecvic.

    Gene Sharp and others have extensively documented the results of this Tech.

    LRH says it is THE secret of this universe. As do some of the greatest other teachers in history.

    The problem is, that almost every single impulse in the GPM Bank is programmed to tell us NOT TO USE THIS TECH . . . because, it is the Tech of Liberation.

    It is the Tech than takes us out of the reactive bank and its stimulous response patterns.

    MLK knew this, on some level, as did Gandhi.

    Love your work . . thank you for being here and helping.


  97. Brilliantly written!!!!!!

    Incredible, exterior view!!!!


  98. Un-cussing-believable! This is hilarious! What really amazes me about this is that it has no purpose at all other than to bug Marty and Mike and team.

    All you church members reading this – listen to these ads, and then ask if LRH would do anything like them. Ask if Ron would condone them. Ask yourself what policy could possibly support something like this. Ask yourself if they are effective at anything at all, other than making the Church of Scientology (your organization, your Church) look ridiculous. Because this whole squirrel-buster thing is REALLY effective at that.

  99. No worries, Chris – “” is YouTube’s URL shortener.

  100. Happy Independence/Independents Day Everyone! Hope all y’all are having a great time enjoying the fruits of your liberty!

  101. Splendid post.

  102. “It is not part of any organized Church of Scientology,” she wrote. “Our understanding is that this is a group of individuals who have formed an independent production company in exercise of their First Amendment rights.”

    How stupid is the CofM??? The fact that the squirrel busters group is made up of Church PI’s and Scientologists who are in good standing should say something. Or the fact that if Scientologists in good standing do something like this, OSA jumps all over them and tells them “no” and then tells them that they are crossing the orders and strategies in place by OSA to handle SPs. Scientologists in good standing don’t do anything off the reservation, not even defending Scn on internet message boards because OSA doesn’t want Scientologists in good standing to look or be connected with anything like this – except for the PIs and OSA volunteers. Full circle.

    The left hand and right hand are fighting each other.

  103. Marty,

    Aren’t we enough at this point that we have enough resources to give this A-hole a taste of his own medicine. Can’t we get a few guys who know how to operate film making equipment to make a documentary of how he spends his days, post it on the internet and Heaven allow, maybe even sell it to the National Enquirer or any other fine establishment. I would be in on the financing such an endeavor. If you vouch for it, I’ll send my share.

    And by the way, the “Squirrelbusters” vidoes just linked by MrT say nothing about you, Jason, Mike and Christie and everything about what an unbelievably pathetic, psychotic coward is behind the scenes of this operation.

  104. theo Sismanides

    lol Oracle, lol !!!!

  105. You are basically right. I have used this on a difficult neighbor. DM is not loved. He craves admiration and he elicits it through forcible tactics. He is a narcissist infatuated with his own image. This, however, blinds him to real love. The role of evil in our world is far more complex than most of us would ever have imagined. I specialized in ferreting it out learning Expanded Dianetics. Mankind has always struggled with evil and has overcome in various degrees for various periods of time. It will keep repeating in one’s life experiences until one “learns it”. If one learns the lessons of oppression and the personal tools to overcome it, there is tremendous gain for the individual. One could argue that there are more gains in overcoming DM than there are in all of Scientology because if you are subject to suppression, Scientology is not going to work. I was never fooled by DM but I resented what he did when I left in 1983. Looking back, I can see that he played a role whereby he did me a favor and enabled me to grow much further than I might have otherwise. Hitler did a favor to the Jewish people. Whether or not you believe all the progaganda written about him by the Allies, his actions have led to a situation where the Jewish people have an unshakable platform for justifying eternal vigilance against extinction. DM may prove to be the catalyst by which true Scientology can never be forgotten or ignored. Is this worth loving him over? It is worth considering.

  106. DM is toxic. One releases toxins in the Purif by sweating. He is sweating a lot. Deep breathing also facilitates detoxification. Everyone reading this can take a deep breath and visualize him existing your own system as well as that of the bigger picture. Alcoholics in AA begin their own detox by first admitting there is a higher power. In the case of those still in DM’s grip, they would do well to overcome their denial by admitting there is a higher power. Everyone who left DM’s movement had to do this first.

  107. “The Church of Scientology is rapidly losing support in Switzerland, and the number of members is declining, religious experts say.”

    Helmut Flash would know about the Swiss Independant Scene ?

  108. scilonschools

    Nice to see the OTIX briefing room (Marty’s Blog) is celebrateing 4 July in style!

    Hope an off trhread comment is acceptable, it appears the NOI is not the only organisation the CoM(RCS) is forming alliances with.
    Since the major detor to the ‘darker side’ of Black Dianetics there are other organisations who classically inhabit such ‘realms’ such as the large number of modern occult ‘covens’ found around Sussex UK , it seems the idea of identifying a ‘group’ as an ‘underdog’ and offer to further their cause is an appealing one to many classically ‘fringe’ organisations!!
    Have a great 4 July to all in Marty’s ‘tent’ and beyond…..!!!

  109. James,

    My favorite! Thanks. ml, Laura

  110. James,

    I always felt this one ref epitomized LRH and is the one thing that separated him from the drama of life. He could see the other guys viewpoint. He had a great capacity to LOVE!

  111. Squirrelbusters make really heavily sick videos. I would suggest to them a study order on this item: “Never go full retard!”

    by the way
    Tom plays the Church staff member.

    He is A to B, manager type, totally out of reality and speaks like a pro(fane) like a real SO member 🙂

  112. Ralph,

    Good point! 🙂 Laura

  113. of course…. i think our Adriatic sea is one of the clearest (no pollution).
    u can do fishing from coast-but only small ones,or u go on sea with boat for larger ones….and lots of beautiful and very old city’s. like Dubrovnik,Pula…. and lots of islands – i think 1200….

  114. James,

    I agree that long term hate isn’t good for the soul but, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action to stop someone from harming others. Remember the water buffalo story and what happens when you try to help him out of the mud? Man, you’re gonna get gored!
    Constant allertness and the willingness to fight back! We need to move forward but, you better be watching your back and those of your friends, too!

  115. It doesn’t matter whether the busters are there or not. The Independent movement will grow because Marty and others are getting RESULTS!

  116. Kim O'Brien

    Metaqual –

    “Hitler did a favor to the Jewish people. Whether or not you believe all the progaganda written about him by the Allies, his actions have led to a situation where the Jewish people have an unshakable platform for justifying eternal vigilance against extinction. ” –

    That rationalization is total bullshit . Gee – my husband might beat the crap out of me but hey …he taught me how to take a punch ~

    you are sick . How about you use your actual name when you post something like this ? Granted – i am not a scientologist ( yup – still know where my kid is and have all my $$ that i worked for and have never yelled at an ashtray ) …but if being one means saying something like that – good luck to you all .What “golden tech” supports shit like that ?? I thought all of you scientologosts were ” the most caring , hardworking people who really really care about the world” – i did not see ONE statement against this post about hitler doing the jews a favor . Leads me to believe you support it .You might want to ask some of those ‘wogs” that are helping Mr. Rathburn and his wife ….if any of them feel the same way – or are Jewish. (Ah yes…I know …i need to understand the Lord LRH’s tech to fully grasp what you meant ….) Miscaviage is a total prick – but he did not take anything from any of you – you GAVE it to him . Gave him your mind , your will ,your money , your self respect , sometimes your own freaking CHILDREN for gods sake – and ALL of that …brought you to a place where a statement like this -is acceptable . ( yes i read the entire post – yes i understand you were trying to make some sort of comparison – there is none . )

    “Hitler did a favor to the Jewish people. Whether or not you believe all the progaganda written about him by the Allies, his actions have led to a
    situation where the Jewish people have an unshakable platform for justifying eternal vigilance against extinction. ” –

    ( pretty sure we all have a good case against extinction – all without the “help” of Adolf Hitler. And what propaganda about good old Adolf should i NOT believe ? )

  117. Happy fourth to all of the independents who are celebrating not only their independence from King George but also their independence from King Miscavitch. It would do us all well to remember that the Declaration of Independence was only the begining of the fight for freedom in this country and that the struggle is ahead. Be strong, shore up the Tech and and support those who take the fight to the enemy, remember the COS is not the only enemy, if we lose sight of the undulterated tech we still lose.

    We love you Marty and Mosey, and all of the defenders of the faith.


  118. After listening to the ads the SBP placed in Livingston Texas I would have to say their PR skills are only matched by their inability to practice real Scientology

  119. Mike Hobson

    We are not in a games condition with Davie McSavage.

    We have neither the need nor the desire to be the Opposition Terminal in his GPM.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  120. I bet it’s a beautiful morning in the Texas woods!

    Have a sweet 4th ofJuly meet, Independents!

  121. Tony Dephillips

    You are amazing Tory!!

  122. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Just Me. Your presence is missed here.

  123. crashingupwards

    “What really amazes me about this is that it has no purpose at all other than to bug Marty and Mike and team.”
    Grasshopper, joking and degrading best describes the videos in my mind. Why does a person or group J&D others. Whats the motivation? Whats the tone level? Fear comes to mind. And they do it under the pretense of defending standard tech. LRH would be turning in his grave if he had one.

  124. Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope the Independents Party is a blast!

  125. To All-Have a happy 4th of July!!!

  126. Another Layer

    Yes! Here’s to sweepers everywhere! Because in spite of the truly gnat-brained efforts to stop by Miscavige, you keep delivery happening. I am so grateful to you all! Happy Independence Day from LA!

  127. Billy Jack

    Excellent observation and solution! An admin scale could be done on the goal. How would the goal be defined? It is WELL worth doing the entire admin scale.

  128. I’ve been trying to think of a word. I wanted to use it in a few conversations recently but I couldnt think of it. It just came to me:


    noun /zelətrē/ 

    1.Fanatical and uncompromising pursuit of religious, political, or other ideals; fanaticism.
    Fanaticism: excessive intolerance of opposing views

    Thats Mike, my best friend of twenty years and brother in law secretly working with OSA to convince my wife to disconnect from me.
    of course they dont talk to me or want me to know the details.
    In his mind I guess the correct course of action is to “save” my wife’s spiritual eternity by turning her against me. I assume the ideal product would be my wife and seven year old son disconnected from me.
    Mind you that he didn’t feel any need to talk to me about this.

    He apparently received a call from OSA about me and that was it. I was suppressive, even though we’ve been friends for @ 20 years, were on staff together, were room mates, I was his best man and he mine at our weddings. We were the first person each other called when we needed help..

    I got Mike into Scientology by giving him locationals and a Dianetics book. He was heavily on drugs and in deep apathy and appeared to be dying. He was a friends room mate and I stopped by his apartment to visit.

    I saw him dying there on the couch and I got him to get up and we went out to the park and did a locational and he came out of it. I went back, did this again, talked to him about Scientology and gave him a Dianetics book and told him to read it.

    I didnt hear from him for some time until he called me and said he needed another Dianetics book. So I drove out to his new place- he was sleeping on a couch in an apartment rented by two felons who were dealing drugs and commiting crimes. One of these was the only person I am 100% sure I have ever met that was a 100% no-doubt SP. He was a very dangerous person to be around and freely admitted to stabbing and attacking people and committing other crimes.

    I told Mike he had to leave there. He again was on heavy drugs and in an apathetic state and told me he didn’t have anywhere to go and couldnt leave. I insisted and got him to think of some places. Within a few days he was living at his mothers house and was off drugs. After that I got him to the org and he did some Div 6 courses, his purif, joined staff etc.
    We have been friends ever since. Over the years I have supported, defended, helped and advised him in uncountable ways and times.

    All it takes is the idea that you may be against Miscavige and you become the enemy. He didnt even call me.

    Maybe there’s another word stronger than zealotry that I can’t think of right now.

  129. That is the worst voice guy I have ever heard. He sounds like he’s drunk.

  130. Free to Think

    Actually, per LRH, if you could flow Miscavige, the Being, sufficient admiration, you would blow him out of his misidentification with the GPM bank (or whatever) he is confusing himself with.

    LRH developed an entire rundown predicated on handling a person’s upsets, problems, etc. (and therefore lack of ARC) with the suppressor.

    The EP of that rundown is that the suppressor stops suppressing the person, WITH NO MEST ACTION REQUIRED. Just the restoration of ARC, by one party, alone. See LRH’s writing in the Suppressed Person rundown.

    Re: your implication that I am theetie wheetie:

    LRH says it takes a strong Being to apply what he wrote in New Slate on Life and in What is Greatness. You have to have a really high confront of force. The theetie wheetie will not be able to use this Tech fully, until they get their confront of force up.

    The true non-violent warrior is one of the toughest beings on the planet. You have to be, to wear the hat. LRH says only the strong will be able to love those who give you every reason to hate them.

    I don’t mean to brag and I won’t go into details, but as touched on above, I have used this Tech in situations where my life was on the line.

    I have operated in situations involving overt threats of murder, both from individuals and secret police organizations. I have been in violent confrontations, more than once, situations where rather than drawing my weapon, I used this Tech. I didn’t need to, because LRH’s Tech, and the aspects of the same Tech, as discovered and articulated by King, Gandhi, etc. works.

    The Tech works.


  131. Absolutely correct.

    The problem in thinking in this area – in trying to apply LRH’s Tech, and the similar Tech of Gandhi – is that all these confusions and reactive thoughts can come up. All these ser facy, revenge, hatred, punishment type thoughts (not to imply that you, Laura Ann, are manifesting those).

    Having ARC and duplication, and love, does not mean we do not act. It does not mean we do not have a fully in place Dept 20, with the sort of “threat awareness” you mention.

    It means that when we act, we have ARC and duplication. With ARC and duplication, our action will be more effective, than action driven by out-rudiments or mis-emotion.

    The Godfather counseled “Don’t hate you enemies, it clouds your judgment.” The great tank corp generals of WWII studied each others’ books and writings and had high ARC for each other. It increased their effectiveness.

    I have interrupted an assault by a huge goon on someone, on the street, by using upper indocs and the appropriate tone. To do that required ARC and duplication. I then overtly admired what a muther fucker he was. If you can believe it, I then hatted this huge thug. He broke down and confessed his life confusions. People confess and change more easily when they, the being, are loved.

    If someone is running down the street, shooting people, if I have seen to my bridge progress, I should be able to duplicate him, permeate his space (which requires very high ARC), command him (verbally or non-verbally) and stop his shooting spree. This does not mean we are to be theetie wheetie.

    If I have not seen to sufficient bridge progress or I don’t have enough upper indoc skill to command him, I am I am going, without hate (it interferes with getting off a good shot) put two carefully placed rounds in his upper chest, and then shoot again if he is not stopped. If he dies, I then contact the just exteriorized Being, orient him, qual/ethics handle him, etc. and send him on this way. I don’t want him to repeat his behavior in the future.

    Hatred, fear, mis-emotion, out-rudiments, humanoid and just gets in the way. I want to be a Scientologist and get a PRODUCT. I do that best by applying LRH Tech and by trying to follow what LRH wrote about refusing to hate and loving despite every reason not to.

    LRH says that is THE secret in this universe.


  132. Michael Fairman

    I must have passed by this post in reading the blog. But it was brought to my attention further on down by Kim O’Brien. Regarding your statement,
    “Hitler did a favor to the Jewish people. Whether or not you believe all the propaganda written about him by the allies, his actions led to a situation where the Jewish people have an unshakeable platform for justifying eternal vigilance against extinction.” Just the slightest effort at research into the countless documentaries, eye witness accounts, transcripts of the Nuremberg trials etc, etc, would determine whether or not you believe the allied “propaganda” about Hitler. And the idea that Hitler’s actions were a “favor” to the Jewish people, no matter what “situation” it led to, is repugnant. It insults and defiles the six million Jews who were slaughtered under Hitler’s personal orders. I am hoping that you misspoke using this analogy. If not, it is unfortunate that you believe what you say. Either way you owe us here an apology.

  133. Michael Fairman

    Thank you for bringing my attention to Metaquil’s remarks. I missed it reading down the blog. You are absolutely correct in your reply to him. His statement reveals his ignorance, but does not reflect what the great majority of Scientologists believe. As a Jew and as one who believes in many of the humanitarian viewpoints expressed by Hubbard, I would suggest that you not judge the rest of us here by what he said. I have addressed his statement under his post.

  134. Sapere Aude

    You are a paradox. Somethings you write make sense and then out of the blue some off the wall stuff.

    “Hitler did a favor to the Jewish people. Whether or not you belief all the propaganda written about him to the Allies. …” Bull crap!

    My cousin almost had her brother (about 3 hears old) forcefully removed the family for not standing when Hitler drove through town. I have relatives living in Germany today who were alive during this period. Hitler did NOBODY a favor. He brought about the destruction of that country and there were MANY casualties. He caused ultimately the death of 3.25 million German military deaths and another 3.8 million civilian deaths. He was an evil mad person bent on destroying anything he perceived was an enemy or had decided was bad and should be exterminated. The allies did not write this propaganda and I know because I have personally, face to face, discussed this with living German citizens and this was not via any ally intervention in what they were stating.

    Study history – there are many instances of a race, group or faction having “an unshakable platform for justifying eternal vigilance against extinction.” We, you included, have an inherent RIGHT against extinction whether due to our race, creed, beliefs, occupation or birth. We have a right to our own life, our sanity and our future!

    I do not believe you a bad person so please re-read what you wrote and realize the meaning communicated and that the justification of evil in any way is never a correct thing. Not much different from the justification of evil occurring currently.

  135. Sapere Aude

    I read the blog today and commented when I read this from Metaqual. Now I get down and see you also commented. I won’t repeat what I wrote but I did find his statement off the wall. Enjoy the 4th with your family in this great country where we still have freedoms (even if some are being pushed beyond what I believe to be their initial intent.).

  136. Wishing you a day (a life) of liberation:

    Freedom to embrace truth as you understand it.

    Freedom to speak your truth as you see it.

    Freedom to be the truth in your heart and your life.

    Freedom to communicate with whoever you wish
    if they are willing to communicate with you.

    Freedom to spiritually be theta light
    and to shine radiantly across your dynamics.

    With this postulate, we withdraw our support
    with that which we believe
    limits or blocks our rights to these freedoms.

    The CO$ threatens these freedoms that we cherish.

    We resign and withdraw all allegiance
    to the corporate CO$ and DM.

    He has abnegated the ideals and principles of LRH
    replacing them with something disreputable and diseased.

    All that we find abhorrent in the CO$ we trace back to DM.

    That which attracted us has vanished, except you.

    Thus our participation in the CO$ has vanished.

    But our love for you has not.
    And we still hold firm to our support for pure LRH tech.

    He had a great capacity to love and support each individual.

    Our spiritual truths will now be practiced independently.

    This is our Liberation Day.

    Our wish for you is that you have your

    Freedom to live as you choose.

    Jerry and Kathryn Brady
    July 4, 2011

  137. Freezone …

    … Mike, Marty , and the majority of those who call themselves “independents” call themselves INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGISTS, because they desire or intend to carry on being Scientologists and using Scientology to better their lives and the lives of others.

    Semantics. Pretty much the same Deal.

    Not a Fan of Robertson’s, but the Freezone is an area established to practice Scientology uninfluenced by the Church, implying LOCATION.

    And “Independent Scientologist” is an IDENTITY. One who practices Scientology independent of The Church.

    And that’s the long and short of it.

    “Freezone Scientologist” is my choice, and I identify myself as such as the Term “Independent Scientologist” now appears to have the connotation as one who stands up against, attacks or wants to reform the Church. I believe Mayo and company first coined that Nomer long before they were hunted down by the church forcing them subsequently to retaliate. They never cared to reform the Church in the first place, they just wanted to do their own thing.

    Secondly no clear Definition of “Independent Scientologist” exists. Some see themselves each Individual as one, holding their own Council making their own personal Decisions, others as part of a larger Group by that label. Thus its those who consider “Independent Scientologists” as a Group on certain Blogs tend to prod others to come out from under the Radar and join their anti-church crusade.

    Whether you like the Church or the Freezone … either way, all the power to you. I have no agenda to pull anyone one way or the other. However you move up the bridge, most importantly, get up the bridge.

    The Church just don’t work for me. Was great to get started, but a Point came when I had to switch Tracks.

  138. martyrathbun09

    Hey Kathryn and Jerry, Congratulations!

  139. I wasn’t having a go at you, Marty! You are involved in DM’s war and you are involved in DM’s games condition. You are dangerous and you are feared. I chose a different way and operate in a location where DM’s minions would be jailed rather quickly if they tried such stunts.
    That is not a criticism – I was acknowledging that you are a master at handling such as DM and lots of people love you for it!
    You are taking a lot of the flak from DM and I’m suggesting that people use the opportunity to expand as Scientologists.

  140. Chris, I just checked in to read messages here while the Indie party is going on down in Texas and found your post. Jeez, that sucks.

    Zealotry is a strong word. I can think of others — some angry, others sorrowful.

    Your brother-in-law is in as bad a mindfuck and running with an even more dangerous crowd than twenty years ago. The SP controlling him now is the same version of creep you recognized as one back in the day.

    Whatever else your brother-in-law is right now, he is not on your side. And he is also confused as hell.

    Maybe your brother-in-law will figure things out one day. Maybe he won’t. Not everybody makes the best choices. You saved his ass twice. Maybe it’s time he figured out how to save his own damned ass.

    One thing I do know is that nobody in their right mind would choose to live in Miscavige’s world, betraying their best friend who saved their life twice and their sister and their young nephew.

    Good luck, Chris. Do what you gotta do. Happy Independence Day.


  141. I guess I really understand how you must feel: betrayed.

    It’s too sad that your friend didn’t have the spine to stand up against the calling OSA terminal.

    Good luck !

  142. Kim O'Brien

    Dear Mr . Fairman~

    Walkeure wrote this in regards to how bad the camera crew was

    “Now now, Goebbels is perhaps not the ideal example. He would have done a much better job than these poor robotic goons that are following Marty around. He would have had real camera man and good writers and actors to impersonate what they were pretending to do and to be. After all, he was an artist, as was Adolf, even though a failed one. Anything like that in DMs resume?”

    You might want to go back and read a few more …there seems to be some sort of ” Hey – Hitler was really good at his job” type of sentiment . I am disgusted that you were the ONLY one to say something ( pardon – there was one more ) I am gobsmacked really . I like this one too
    “Point taken…and at least the Nazi’s let you know where they stood.”

    or how about this one …regarding us poor ethically challenged “wogs” from Ralphilton_

    “Its a bit sad that “wogs” have to be called in to put in ethics on the Sea Org.Thankfully LRH doesn’t have a grave to roll over in.”

    Yeah ….WOW – us “wogs” – what could WE possibly know about ethics ?? Mr. Fairman, you seem like a nice man…i have seen your photo and you have a kind and open face …with bright eyes and great laugh lines ( you once thought i was a troll with a fake irish name but you at least made me sound like a fantastically sexy red-head with green eyes . I am blonde but hey …i will take it ) and I am glad that you responded to him …I am grossed out that you and one other person were the only ones that did . Substitute the word “wog” with “Jew” ….EVERY TIME you see it posted ….and then get back to me . I have lost count how many times the word “wog” is used to describe everyone who just is not as smart and caring as all you scientologists – very dehumanizing word once you look at it . And is it not the point to “clear” the planet of all of us “wogs” ? Sound familiar ??

  143. Sapere Aude

    Kathryn and Jerry,
    I suggest a toast and special fireworks just for you – Congratulations. Welcome to the world of free beings. You are amongst friends and those who want you to lead your own life and win at that game! Cheers!

  144. Chris,

    Very sorry to hear about Mike treating you this way. My husband and I have a similar recent story. A “friend” of 20 years was recently at AO for an ethics cycle. While we will probably never know the exact sequence of events, we can surmise that the MAA pressured her to give up any known friends or acquaintances who were disaffected or reading Marty’s blog. Although she and I had not discussed anything about this for over a year, she instantly disconnected from me and we were suddenly “defriended” from all our Scientology Facebook contacts. All our comm lines to friends ceased—–no return phone calls or emails, and all comm from our local org stopped.

    We had been holding off on our “Coming Out” announcement because of personal and business connections that we were in the process of handling. We received no KRs, no goldenrod, no invitation to go see the MAA (which we would never have done!)

    Only in Miscavige’s world can you go from loyal friend of 25 years to the trash heap in one obliterating moment!

    Oh well……..This event has now become the turning point for us and you all will shortly see our announcement of independence!

    Hang in there, Chris. You have done the right thing and Mike will one day see the truth, as it seems you always have been a leader for him. In fact, I strongly suspect his doubts right now are giving him some sleepless nights.


  145. I talked to Mike on the phone tonight for hours. My wife is going to the Nashville org tommorow to talk to some people. They have a “file” on me and apparently have things I’ve said on this blog and elsewhere assembled into some sort of DA Pack. Mike had seen a bunch of “data” on me and my “suppressive acts”. The meat of it was that I am in comm with “suppressives”, namely anyone who has spoken out and then been declared.
    I asked him if the purpose of getting my wife to the org was to have her disconnect from me. He said I was asking him a question he couldnt answer.
    Very difficult and I am glad my mind is free from that.

  146. Wow, right as I hit “Post Comment” the phone rang and it was Mike.
    He was calling for my wife (his sister), but she’s asleep. When you’ve known somebody a long time (maybe time isnt neccesarily part of it) you can sense them across space or something. I felt ARC like we used to have sitting at the diner after course talking about business and life and everything else. It was like he wanted to talk like that but didn’t know what to say. Then he hung up.
    I thought it was going to be like this for a second:

  147. I want t omake a slight correction. I said my friend Mike was “secretly working with OSA…”. Maybe I should say Mike was contacted by someone, I’m not sure who, who presented Mike with a DA Pack on me, Mike Rinder, Marty, et al and was asked to “handle me” so I would recant or something. His intention for my wife as he stated it is to have her go to the org and get the correct data or “make sure she has the correct data” I think is how he said it.

    Anyway, I communicated a lot to him tonight and for the most part I kept my TR’s in and I went over a few key data multiple times so maybe something will get through. The Friends of LRH site helped.

  148. martyrathbun09

    I’d love to see that pack of your greatest posts on this blog. It ought to be published and distributed for the benefit of others not so willing and able to commnicate about freedom.

  149. That was sarcasm and certainly not a nod towards any Nazi past or present!
    I am with you on the term wog, never liked it. As per LRH isoteric insider language is snobbish and could create misunderstandings, which is not helpful. So, perhaps the use of sarcasm can also lead to misundertsandings and should be avoided.I certainly will refrain from now on.

  150. Freetothink


  151. +1000 for Tory!

  152. Kim – please read the explanation of the use of quotation marks at .

  153. Michael – I am sorry, but I think you might have misconstrued something here and would advise you to reread what I wrote word for word. The Allies have misrepresented a lot about Hitler but I am NOT referring to the controversy of the six million nor am a holocaust denier. It is unfortunate (to say the least) that he signed the Nuremberg Laws (which, by the way and according to CofS propaganda were concocted by psychiatrists and not Hitler himself – although he hated Jews) which were inhumane and insane and just plane crazy as was Hitler who was highly drugged up. The eugenics movement was created right here on Long Island which was also a Nazi stronghold. His evil actions, however, did create a platform for eternal vigilance. This is not a bad thing to have a platform but cost of it was literally lethal. What I am suggesting is that D.M. is exacting a horrible price on souls but that it might have a positive platform in the end to never let if happen again. Hitler by the way, was not the complete perpetrator. He was a monkey on a string who got way out of hand. Anti-Semitism is still very high in Europe and Catholic countries. I see it frequently when I travel, and I am not in favor of it.

  154. Please read what I wrote to Michael. You are reacting far too emotionally. I am not taking up the cause for Hitler but there is much that cannot be covered in such a discussion on this board. Yes, he was crazy and it was wrong to be anti-semitc. That is not my point. Destruction, however, brings about creation. It is the universe, not me saying that. You are protesting the way life works. Is it wrong? Well, I don’t like it anymore than you. I don’t like TIME either. Time is a teacher which eats all its pupils. The universe is a CRUEL place. It has to be monitored/changed/imroved and that won’t happen without eternal vigilance. People didn’t stand up to Hitler. They didn’t stand up to DM. Why? They didn’t learn the lesson. There is hope now.

  155. martyrathbun09

    You in fact are the one reacting. Your semantics excuse and validate suppression of the worst kind.

  156. martyrathbun09

    No, it is you who have misconstrued. You write like a revisionist – of the fascist variety. If you can’t afford yourself the luxury of the slightest introspection about the effects you create, you’ll need to find another forum.

  157. I am a revisionist but not a fascist. And by revisionist, I am not isolating Jewish history but most accepted history on this planet. As LRH once said (paraphrase), “If you want to read lies about yourself, read a newspaper article about yourself and you’ll see not a word of it is true.” How can history be much better? Also, I do NOT accept the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as being true in the sense that conspiracy authors have presented them. As for fascism, I would not work for DM or embrace his fascist policies. He is a fascist. I considered LRH to be a benign dictator. I am an isolationist.
    I respectfully differ with your opinion about the effect my words created but I can’t disagree with the effect itself! I would agree that the words invited some suspicion which I can responsibly own. They have also invited a certain degree of intrigue.
    According to non-revisionist history, the Jews temple was sacked in 70 A.D. (not unlike DM taking over the CofS) and they’ve never recovered their Holy of Holies. There are intriguing parallels here. Vigilance is key. They go deeper than is the context of this board at the moment (Black Panther avoided or ignored until it can be attacked). There is a time and place for everything. This rather ugly issue arose on a comment about the eternal vigilance of protecting Scientology. THAT is the important issue.
    Looking into a mirror can be a painful experience, but if one looks long enough, the confront of evil will come up. Longer still, exhilaration ensue.

  158. Thank you SA for the kind welcome. We are celebrating life more each day.

  159. I suppose I have to take the risk of getting kicked for this but I think it needs to be said.
    A few people took the remarks of Metaqual a bit too literally.
    As I saw his original post that evoked criticism he was saying that he had a thought that DM helped him escape in a weird paradoxical way. Then he seemed to say that Hitler paradoxically and unintentionally brought the Jewish people to a far stronger position than they previously held.
    Different cultures have different ways of communicating and the English especially are given to the practice of subtle wit which can go unappreciated by other cultures. Especially in that it is often communicated in the tone of voice and subtle gestures which are missed on the internet.
    Marty, you were the first person in this lifetime of 58 years to accuse me of being over-literal. I think you need a bit of introspection, not metaqual.
    Please take a little time to read over the original posts and look for the subleties that might have been missed in a cursory glance.
    You have quite enough enemies at the moment – its really not a good idea to attack your friends.

  160. Pardon me, but your words are judgmental while I have merely offered an opinion. In the ordinary human sense, what I have said might seem preposterous. Of course, no one is done a favor when they are killed….at least in the immediate picture. The Mayans, however, played a game whereby the captain of the winning team was killed in order to free him from his earthy burdens. Life is far more complex than surface human observations and that is why “he who is free from sin may cast the first stone” is taught as an important lesson in Christianity. In the time of Christ or before, there was the ritual of the immolation of the King where the king was killed to ensure the crop yield would be fertile. Rather inhumane, isn’t it? I do not advocate that, but LIFE is far greater and wider in scope than most humans even care to consider. Much of it is based upon sacrifice. LRH was DEEPLY involved in a ritual than became the ultimate sacrifice for his partner, Jack Parsons. Parsons wrote a work called the Black Pilgrimage wherein he stated he would give up his life for what he deemed the betterment of humanity.
    You have also gone after me for not giving my name. Its known to those who follow the board, but you should also know that I have authored a far reaching book on Nazi’s (it admits the holocaust) which has literally changed the way the History Channel and others approach the subject. It is called “The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection” by Peter Moon. Nicholas Goodricke-Clark, the most “esteemed” British historian on the Nazis was forced to change his tune as a result of my book and he even had the audacity to use the same title (which is not illegal but in poor taste). It has spear-headed a plethora of other books which used the same title. The Black Sun, by the way, was the name of the secret society behind the Nazi Party, the Thule Society and the Vril Society being spinoffs of the Black Sun. So, when Michael (unfortunately) uses a sweeping generality that all those documentaries couldn’t be wrong, I would beg to differ that they could be wrong. Not that there wasn’t a holocaust but that Nazi documentaries have a certain spin. I invite everyone to read the autobiography of Felix Kerstin for starters (not more important than you Scn studies however…only if interested in these topics). He was Himmler’s personal physician, who was forced to work for Himmler and not leave Germany (he was Finnish). He saved far more Jews than Schindler but is virtually ignored by most historians.
    Many of the issues I brought up in my book were met with the same type of response I am getting from you, but they have now been absorbed into “non-revisionist” history. I have affected wide and sweeping changes, but there are other issues they will still not touch or bring up.
    I would also like to say that it is wrong to ever group Scientologists or “Scientologists” as having a uniform opinion. Each are individuals and each one has vastly different opinions. What I say is not representative of anyone nor vice versa.
    As for “not caring”, I will challenge you on that. If you knew me, you might find me more loving and caring than most. In fact, if you wish to dialogue with me off this board, I will address these issues to a deeper degree. Beyond that, if you have issues in your personal life, I will offer to help you free of charge which is more than can be said for a lot of people. I’ve been getting some very heart-warming results. If you desire, you can email me at I will treat you with respect.

  161. Sapere Aude

    I did read what you wrote. I just simply see that what you state doesn’t fully align to the earlier statement or the comments posted by Michael or myself. You seem to imply that evil and destruction can be viewed as being “beneficial” or “good” because of the creation that follows. What is created following the destruction may be good but there was NO INTENTION on the evil doer for that good to occur. Good only follows evil with good beings/people make it happen. If good conquers evil; is not followed with the restrospection viewpoint that the evil somehow caused some good.

    The evil caused evil and destruction. The inherent goodness in man causes the creation that follows. You have traveled a lot, studied a lot and had the opportunity to view a lot. Then just look at it for what it is. It is good intentions that cause beautiful creations. It is evil intentions that cause destruction of theta things. NO justification of the evil action is to be seen in any culture. What followed is what that group or person created and you should simply validate their constructive good intention and don’t make any reference to the evil that was in the past.

    Time isn’t a teacher which eats all its pupils. Time is an apparency that we create continuously. The universe is a CRUEL place only when we allow evil suppressive intentions to prevail. I believe you can be more at cause than that – seems a full effect viewpoint you have written there. Remember, at the heart of the ability to review is humility.

  162. martyrathbun09


  163. martyrathbun09

    I highly recommend HCOB on Complexity and Non Confront.

  164. Kim O'Brien

    Metaqual ~

    Are you fucking SERIOUS ? This is like shooting fish in a barrel because i am at a loss as to how you can be so self centered ( count the “I”;s in your post ) but i think you doth protest just a little too much . Most of your post just laments to your greatness and then there is the condescending tone …just to top it off with total bullshit with my favorite cherry at the end – about me personally . ( after all , i must have issues if i took issue with you – right ? )

    “Beyond that, if you have issues in your personal life, I will offer to help you free of charge which is more than can be said for a lot of people. I’ve been getting some very heart-warming results. If you desire, you can email me at I will treat you with respect.”

    Let me be clear . Go GIVE this shit to Mel Gibson –

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