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Update, 7 July a.m.:

Update, 7:30 pm 6 July: Village Voice’s Tony Ortega hits another nail on the head. He’s become quite the carpenter.

Now that the Squirrel Busters have been busted by the American public in a small Texas town as chronicled in the Corpus Christi Caller Times, and about to be chronicled in even larger publications, Cult boss Miscavige is apparently fixin’ to switch out the bustees with Freedumb “reporters.”   Check this out this current ad on

Grab your popcorn and soda as the meltdown intensifies.



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July 6, 2011
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Company: Freedom Magazine
Angeles, California
Salary: Negotiable
August 10,
Job ID: 1267076


Freedom Magazine is looking for experienced investigative reporters
for short and long-range freelance assignments.  Freedom, published by
the Church of Scientology since 1968, covers human rights and social betterment
issues and does investigative reporting in the public interest.  Current
assignments are based in Los Angeles, New York and Southeastern Texas.

Please send your resume to

72 responses to “Freedumb Magazine

  1. Old School

    Salary: (Does NOT include bail when arrested for stalking. )


  2. Michael Fairman

    “The Keystone Cops” meet “The Dawn of the Dead”. I hope they release it in Blu-Ray.

  3. “covers human rights and social betterment” whose rights and betterment? anyone signing up for this is in store for a real awakening! Certainly one with any skills is not going to touch this one.

  4. “Current assignments are based in and Southeastern Texas.”

    That made me laugh, I wonder what that is all about?

    In fact, I am inclined to laugh at all the pathetic and blatant attempts by these Tiny Tyrant™ goons to intimidate you. It’s all so stupid, but also nasty and vindictive and for that they deserve to be punished.

    The really sad thing is that they probably think that they are protecting their ‘church’ but in reality they are just showing the world what a crazy and desperate cult the CoS has become. And in doing so they are actually doing far more harm to Scientology than any number of ‘squirrels’.

    Just how brain-dead do they have to be to not see how much bad publicity they are creating and trouble they are storing up for the future?

    Anyway Marty, I think that you have done exactly the right thing by communicating all this to the local community and getting them on your side. Like any right-minded group of honest citizens they will take offence at this egregious attack on your human rights and create a whole new set of problems for these imbeciles that continually harass you.

    This cannot end well for the cult and whatever does happen, it will be clear that they brought it upon themselves.

    It is clear that you are big enough to take all this in your stride, but I get really angry when I think of all those around you who have done nothing to deserve this (not that you have either) who are also targeted.

    Stay strong and don’t let them grind you down.


  5. What do you say to this?

    The Church of Scientology has denied all the claims and gone to great lengths to discredit its detractors. But it claims no association with the Squirrel Busters.

  6. Let all proper journalists laugh at this.

  7. Minerva and Joe position DM with LRH. Are they nuts or what? LRH was NOTHING like DM.

  8. Oooo, I’ll apply for that! Should be a cinch to land the job. I mean, how many other applications do you think they’ll get from Data Series Evaluator’s Course grads??? I’m just sure they’ll be thrilled to hear from me. I already have legitimate, responsible work to do, so hopefully they’re willing to give freelance/part-time assignments.

    Might be awfully civic-minded of us (indies) to provide them with a FLOOD of applications. Who better to do investigative reporting than people who can confront, observe, see what they see (not what someone short tells them that they see), communicate clearly and so on?

  9. Marty, DM may think that there are greater protections for intrusions into the private lives of people by journalists, than a film production company. There is a current melt-down going on over News of the World (owned by Ruport Murdock) hacking into a missing child’s cell phone, listening to her voice mails, and then deleted some so that there would be more room for incoming calls (leading the parents to believe that their child was still alive and accessing her phone!) The benchmark should be that any intrusion must credibly be held to serve the public interest. I have gone into Freedom Magazine’s website and read their current articles. There is no public interest served in the articles, only Church of Scientology interest. They can gather information to respond to your blog, or refute your public statements, but that would be the limitation to their intrusion. No honest journalist, or honest anyone, would participate in the obvious campaign of harassment that the CofS is engaging in and it’s these types of actions that are “threatening to undermine a pillar of our liberal democracy.” Anyone with access to the Internet could find out about Freedom Magazine and see that it is merely a tool for the CofS/DM. It makes me wonder what kind of person would respond to the ad. Wouldn’t it be a real career killer?

  10. That’s like the Bazooka Gum Company advertising for serious writers. What respectable journalist, in their right mind, would ever consider that a smart career choice? Come on C of S.

    The church should simply send a letter to the mafia for such requests. (No offense to the mafia).

  11. scilonschools

    “Grab your popcorn and soda as the meltdown intensifies”

    Knowing midget’s ‘dirty tricks’ and applying them with integrity and ethics.

    Marty, you are every twisted CULT/MAFIA bosses worst nightmare!!!

  12. Good lawd o mighty. What yur donations buy nowadays?

    I wonder if the editor is still Tom Whittle. Met him a coon’s age ago.

    I understand LA because Tiz and Jason and Karen and and.
    I understand Southeastern Texas because that’s got Marty and a whole new social movement that is newsworthy. They are causing the movement, not covering it.

    New York? They’re going after Tom O already? Ms Dubin? It really does not make sense to be going after Anderson Cooper.

    Bruce Pratt

  13. Yvonne Schick

    Theatre of the Absurd. Squirrel Busters is “not associated” with the CofS, but Freedom Mag which clearly is associated with CofS is hiring investigative reporters to investigate in the same geographic area.

    And all because one dangerous madman is – uh – making people happy??!!

    Almost does make me want to bring my popcorn and soda and sit on the curb to watch. It is definitely entertaining in its own bizarre way.

    Thank you for keeping us updated. And most especially thank you for being a beacon of calm and reason in a storm of insanity.

    ML, Yvonne

  14. Freezone auditor

    I’m a French Freezone auditor and have a question to those who know David Miscavige personally. Does this guy have some secret master(s) maybe even psychiatrists he answers to? I wonder about that because some of you posted that psychiatrists are winning under DM.

  15. Rope and more rope and rope for miles. Is it possible one person can be so stupid?


  16. top of the vale

    More like ‘ FIND A LIFE!’

  17. So, this is an ad by the Church of Scientology, who are “unrelated” to the Squirrel Busters?

    Yes, the melt down does continue. This is like the Skin Heads flying the American Flag. Freedom used to be a real mag under the GO. Now, it is a very much lower-toned mockery of its former self.

    The church is also a lower toned mockery of what the Church used to be under Ron. Again, it is like having Skin-head KKK members in meetings with George Washington’s picture on the wall, passing out fliers on the first amendment while lighting crosses on fire.

    And every Scientologist who sends any money at all to the IAS, the Idle Orgs fund raisers, and for their sec check intensives are funding this craziness.

  18. Let’s all sign up.

  19. I prefer Reese’s Pieces and lemonaid, myself.

    Ahhh, psychosis is indeed fun to watch….

  20. It is obvious by this post that David Misgavige has run out of talent! In the old days we had the best PR guys, reporters, data evaluators etc because we were operating on LRH discovered natural laws that operated in those areas. The first thing that DM did was to create the conditions whereby the talent he had who was loyal to the natural law of LRH exemplified by his Policy Letters, had to get out of there as fast as possible when they realized there was no chance of getting things back on the LRH tracks from the inside. So now DM has left the guys who are willing to go along with his Golden Age of Admin which is DM’s version based on his own think. Not based in natural law their PR tech doesn’t work! So Now DM is hiring guys with no knowledge of LRH to run investigations and do PR work for the church. Is DM going to train these new guys on LRH Tech for these areas? If so won’t the brighter of them recognize DM’s alterations and also leave in disgust rather that compromise their integrity, leaving only those robots like the ones he has now?
    Food for thought

  21. Martin Padfield

    I’ll send my CV right away. I’m sure I have the skill set needed.

  22. Oh, if only journalists and the public knew the true nature of Freedumb Ragazine and the church of $cientology, and could be warned of the
    damage associating with them will do to their credibility and reputations…

    Oh, wait. They do.

  23. Rory Medford

    Well if the church wants an honest, truthful and factual investigation they should hire none other then Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder.

    They would do a swell job!

    DM might be fired in te process but at least the report would be factual and the general public would get the straight real version unlike the slanted version the church always gives.

  24. Robert Earle

    Hey! What about our buddy Jim Lynch . Did he quit already? Maybe he’s out shopping for new “reporter” clothes. Mike R was a little hard on his shoes.
    I vote for Janet Reitman. I think she is pretty well qualifed for the job.

  25. If I recall, they put out a similar ad following the first episode of The Truth Rundown in the SP Times. I expect that the result was that epic custom issue of Freedumb they inflicted on as many Clearwaterians (?) as possible.

    I’d sign up for this jerb, except I’m on their Do Not Invite To Parties list, which probably means they wouldn’t hire me.

    Pity. I could visit Texas and teach you jokers how to fish!

  26. If you take this job, leave your soul with the little troll.

  27. Robert Earle

    Not only is Marty trying to give poor DM a hand in finding some fresh blood for Freedumb by posting the ad here but Tony at village voice is giving a helping hand as well. And with Marty’s blog and the wealth of links to other sites with lots of reports it should be a pretty easy job . Lots of storys ready for the picking on human rights and social betterment. And we can even help out by giving them assignments like .”find out the current whereabouts and status of Shelly Miscavage” or same with Heber.

  28. You got it David-“Leave your soul with the little troll”would’ve been a good Twilight Zone episode

  29. Carol, unfortunately people in this country are free to be DUMB !

  30. Interviewer: Have you heard of the Bill of Rights?
    Applicant: Bill who?
    Interviewer: When can you start?

  31. top of the vale


  32. Robert Earle

    It’s like the squirrel busters have been left up the canal with no paddle(LOL).
    Maybe there’s been a squirrel buster revolt!
    It might be part of a Grant Cardone turnaround stratagy.
    My oh my how the outpoints glare.
    If nothing else DM sure can develop outpoints galore.
    Back on 6 July 70(41 years to the day) LRH wrote a letter(PL) named IRRATIONALITY . I’m going to give a portion of the section entitled “LOSING ONES WAY” which might relate to all these outpoints.

    “One’s direction is lost to the degree one fails to work out the ideal scene.
    It is so easy to toss off an “ideal scene” that is not THE ideal scene that one can begin with a false premise.
    As he tries to work with an incorrect “ideal scene” for an activity he may fail and grow discouraged without recognizing that he is already working with an ommitted datum—–the REAL ideal scene for that activity.
    This is a major reason one can lose one’s way in handling a situation.
    Also in trying to find a WHY of departure one may refuse to admit that something he himself did was the reason for the departure—-or why the ideal scene never took place. It requires quite a bit of character to recognize one’s own errors; it is much easier to find them in a neighbor. Thus one may choose a wrong WHY , for this and other reasons.” LRH

    What DM has for an ideal scene is anybodys guess but the size and number of outpoints would easliy fill a blog and multiple other web sites and they do.
    What they don’t fill are the Idle Orgs but then they are just one of the outpoints.

  33. Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

    It is a paraphrased version of the 1810 poem “The Liar” by William Blake, reprinted here in full.

    Deceiver, dissembler
    Your trousers are alight
    From what pole or gallows
    Shall they dangle in the night?

    When I asked of your career
    Why did you have to kick my rear
    With that stinking lie of thine
    Proclaiming that you owned a mine?

    When you asked to borrow my stallion
    To visit a nearby moored galleon
    How could I ever know that you
    Intended to turn him into glue?

    What red devil of mendacity
    Grips your soul with such tenacity?
    Will one you cruelly shower with lies
    Put a pistol ball between your eyes?

    What internal serpent
    Has lent you his forked tongue?
    From what pit of foul deceit
    Are all these whoppers sprung?

    Deceiver, dissembler
    Your trousers are alight
    From what pole or gallows
    Do they dangle in the night?

  34. The 1810 poem is dedicated to Dear Loser and his minions!

  35. GH-
    Great analogy to the KKK

  36. Sad thing: being Dumb is NOT FREE!

    Co$ charges by the hour.

  37. OK. I gotta say this. There is no “Southeastern Texas.” It’s “Southeast Texas.”

    Either way, Ingleside on the Bay ain’t there.


  38. Scott Campbell

    Did Minerva/Bozo get the axe too?

  39. Who is Joe?

  40. I llove the last paragraph -It might not look so good on a resume !

  41. Robert Earle

    Marty and Mike even get their own paragraph in this with Marty being positioned as kind of like Martin Luther of Scientology.(page 2)

  42. Bob Peterson

    Marty, I want to apply for that job, do you think you could give me a letter of recommendation? I’m sure Jesse Prince would give me one but your name would carry a lot of weight.

  43. martyrathbun09

    JM, in case anyone failed to notice, they are not much on demographic studies and manners. DM and his minions make continuous, conscious efforts to remain clueless.

  44. Tony Dephillips

    Great poem selection Sinar.
    I enjoyed meeting you in person.
    You are a classy thetan.

  45. OT DT

    You are missed !! Please come back.
    Can you relay Deep FAX take on the ad for a Freedom “Journalist ”


  46. martyrathbun09


  47. Barney Rubble

    On Target as usual Sinar. VWD.

  48. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1.
    Don’t let the evil one get to you if he has.

  49. Ok guys, I’m under attack.
    They are posting stuff on other sites in my name.
    Other things are going on too but it’s not important.

    I had a realization. The Church of Scientology has very bad PR and their actions (Disconnection, SP Declares, interfering in and destroying families) is obviously very, very wrong and cult-like. Outside of the small world of The Church is just doesnt makes sense to people.

    Therefore, the cure is communication.

  50. scilonschools

    ” cult-like”
    I struggle a bit with that terminology “like”!!!
    (I think full scale out of control CULT fits a bit better! 🙂 )

  51. This Martin Luther comparison is a good fit. When Lorenzo Medici’s second son became Pope Leo X, he started the practice of selling Indulgences to raise money for the restoration of Saint Pepetr’s Basilica. No matter what sins you commit, your eternity and your status in the Church depended on how much money you coughed up.

    Martin Luther decided this wasn’t Christianity and concluded that one would have to leave the Church to be a true Christian. And in #86 of his 95 theses, he asked “Why does the pope, whose wealth today is greater than the wealth of the richest Crassus, build the basilica of St. Peter with the money of poor believers rather than with his own money?”

    So now we have Miscavige, another second son, as the Pope of Scientology. Once again your eternity and your status in the Church depend on how much money you can cough up. Marty “Luther” Rathbun has concluded that this isn’t Scientology and that one has to leave the Church in order to be a true Scientologist. And he asks, if the expansion of Scientology truly depends on Ideal Orgs, why does Miscavige squeeze every penny for this out of the parishioners instead of dipping into his billion-dollar reserves?

    Looks like deja-vu all over again.

  52. Marty,
    I have no idea how you get your intelligence—you can’t be just lucky time and time again. And I know you don’t have time to be scanning Help Wanted ads.
    He can’t fart sideways without it becoming a very public matter within 24 hours.
    You’re puttin the spook in the troops, big guy.
    And then those website stats from yesterday….OUCH!

    :There’s a killer on the road
    His brain is squirmin’ like a toad”

  53. freespirit

    I miss you too! Please come back. Your sense of humor is so sharp and bright – its so easy to see why you would be made a target. You are just too theta! Where is Heber? Where is OTDT?

  54. I’m thinking Tom Whittle must be another casualty of DM’s reign of terror. Freedom Magazine has always been slanted journalism, but it was a slant that Tom believed in. Under his watch the magazine did some heavyweight stories of national and international scope, such as exposing the CIA MK-Ultra mind control experiments.

    Now the magazine is reduced to character assassination of one guy in a small town in South Texas, and they can’t even do that right. Tom Whittle must be rolling over in his RPF bunk bed.

  55. The above history lesson was Aeolus blowing his wind across the keys of lunamoth’s computer…

  56. Well said, Rob.

    Also from the Data Series, No. 5, INFORMATION COLLECTION:

    “Whole spy networks are maintained at huge expense to obtain information.

    The Japanese in the first third of the 20th Century had two maxims “Anyone can spy.” “Everyone must spy.” The Germans picked this up. They had their whole populations at it. The Russian KGB numbers hundreds of thousands. CIA spends billions. MI-6 _____ well you get the idea.

    It is not amiss however to point out that those 2 nations that devoted the most effort to espionage (Japan and Germany) were BOTH DEFEATED HORRIBLY.

    Thus the Quantity of data poured in is not any guarantee of understanding.


    All these elaborate (and expensive) systems of collecting information are not only useless, they are deluding. They get people in plenty of trouble.



    Not being a Scientologist himself, DM has not the slightest interest in clearing any planet. For instance, what is the ethics condition of the church, and what formula is he following? Personally, he knows he’s in Treason to the group.

    The only stat that appears to be in power is his own first dynamic. Everyone else around him is failing or cowed (own up, you hangers-on).

    So, what exactly is DM’s Ideal Scene?

    One doesn’t have to be a Scientologist to work it out.

  57. scilonschools

    I see4 they are inviting phone ‘guests’ for Janet R new book Inside Scientology, on Godsdiscussion today 2:00PM Pacific

    After Interview Chat and an Open Invitation to Anonymous.

    Janet will be available for one hour. An additional two hours are reserved for the live podcast to discuss Scientology.

    GodDiscussion has had its own interesting experiences with Scientology, after “sock puppets” (meaning one person using an IP but posing as several people) were exposed in the comments to a small article published in April about a Scientology protest by members of the group Anonymous. Through the dozens of comments, members of Anonymous revealed a great deal of information about the church and its operations. No one directly associated with the church, nor a Scientology apologist using the name “Louanne Lee,” responded to requests in April to defend their positions on the show. They are welcome to call in during our discussion.

    Members of Anonymous or others who have had experiences and/or insight about Scientology are also welcome to join the show after Janet Reitman’s interview. We can call you (your name will remain anonymous if requested) from the switchboard and schedule you into the live discussion. Please contact Deborah, the show host, by 2 PM Pacific time if you would like to participate. (Clarifying update – You don’t have to schedule — this is only if you need us to call you from the switchboard to schedule you. Callers are welcome to call on their own at 914-338-0452.)

  58. Marty,
    If they get literal… maybe they’ll get lost in the Gulf? That’s southeast too. 😉

  59. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Chris,
    They have done that to me also.
    It is a sign that you are moving up a little higher. LOL. The more this happens the more the cult looks psychotic.

    Who in their right mind would go to the cult to attain “spiritual freedom”???

    They act like some kind of SP crack head. Nobody pays any attention to them now. They are the laughing stock of society. Someday they will wake up to that fact.

  60. Tony DePhillips

  61. Take a look at this….I don’t know who created it, but it is informative and rather sane. A long time Scientologist who is a mission holder linked to it on her facebook page.

  62. Re: the Inside Scientology facebook page. I take it back. When I first looked at it, it had Janet Reitman’s book linked. Now, an hour later, that has been removed and it is all promotional videos, etc. Only 22 people like it – low, probably due to the fact that CofS prohibits members from accessing the Internet freely.

  63. Thanks Tony!

    I really enjoyed the Indy weekend despite the heat, due to really good company & meeting stellar beings like you and the wife, Luis and too many to mention here! Perhaps having it in the Northwest, in your neck of the woods would be better for next year? I would definitely help as needed.

  64. 😆 Yep, that sums it up!

  65. Thank you! A perfect history lesson.

  66. I am not trying to boast here, but I came back from my brief vacation this week, to find an E-Mail from the Freedom Magazine editor in my in-box. I was surprised as I do not have any training as a private investigator free lance or otherwise. I still have answered it, but yet, the interest was in other qualifications I possess and degrees and in my specific geographic area, because I believe there is something going on over at the church big time over Tony Ortega who also sends me daily updates about what is going on in Scientology at the Village Voice.

    My husband Larry {last name not mentioned} received one as well, and so they are not just LOOKING for people to help them, they are recruiting within the church as well. The E-Mail is looking for an editor – proof reader for new upcoming releases that will not be published in the Freedom Magazine but circulated separately and the project is listed as confidential because I was told I could reply in confidence regarding my response.

    They are always up to no good.

  67. That is a typo. It should say I still have NOT answered the E-Mail. Not that I still answered it anyway. I hope that ya’ll all had a good 4th of July and if there is more bad news about those Squirrel Busters well they better leave town.

  68. I am sure they got my career stats from OSA that spends their time looking into why honest church members may be doing what they are doing, among other things.

  69. Bat shit crazy

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