indies and stats

2011 group photo 90 folks up from 48 in last years.  Number of people willing and able to travel from 19 states and 4 foreign countries (including France, UK, Australia and Canada) and manage to make it to the photo shoot.

Today also marks the Four Millionth visit to this site.

Current Alexa Blog Stats:

International Reach Ranking: 98,035th 93,179th

US reach ranking: 57,583rd 26,118th

On a few occasions over the past two years we have crossed graphs and surpassed and its 1,400 linking sites and Miscaviges millions spent on  enhancing its ranking (while we spend nothing).  However, we have exceeded their rankings almost continuously since mid April, right when their current, non stop daily insanities started being performed on our doorstep (The blue shirts first appeared on 17 April).

Dave’s latest PR coup on the blue shirt front appears in the early on-line edition of the Corpus Christi Caller Times:

One stat Dave definitely has going straight up and vertical.  Rope production.

Oh, yeah – throughout this meltdown, we’ve been reversing Miscavige’s Black Dianetics on an average of two people per week.

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  1. Doug Parent

    This is a great turn out! Very theta stuff! Go Indies!!!!!!!

  2. Great shot! Great times!

  3. Just beautiful!
    Keep on flourishing and prospering.

  4. David Lingenfelter

    First off – A BIG thank you to Marty and ALL those that made the day possible and fun!!!

    Secondly – I don’t see how producing a slanderous handout fits with “filming a documentary”.

    Thirdly – Threatening a lawsuit anytime they don’t want to follow the law is a historical trait with the ‘Church’.

    Fourthly – They have already told law enforcement that they work for the Church of Scientology.

    Do they think others are as confused as they are?? Come on guys. Get a life of your own and live it.


  5. Well done! you all look marvelous! Looks as though the meeting went well and to you so called “producers” flunk. You truly look nuts.

  6. Gawd Damn! DM must be crapping in his knickers!

    Next year you’ll need a wide angle camera!

    Congrats all!

  7. Daniel Montalvo

    Dear all,

    I want to thank everyone for a) going well out of their way to assist me in any way possible and b) for everything you guys do to forward this expanding movement.

    I wish to let you all know that I had an awesome time here in Texas and best fourth of July ever!!!!

    Attempting to make a list of everyone who has helped me would be near impossible, however I want you to know that I am very grateful and thankful for what you have done!

    All my love, Danny

  8. Danny,

    It’s wonderful that you had the best 4th of July ever. And thanks for letting us all know how you are doing. Enjoy life and best of luck with everything!


  9. Great stuff everyone!

    I read the story about the cult spreading pamphlets about Marty amongst his neighbors. What DM just doesn’t understand is that you have to be indoctrinated for years and years before you start believing his bullshit. IOB residents aren’t involved in the cult and so can still think for themselves.

    Happy 4th!

  10. Tony DePhillips

    Doesn’t LRH say something about a person below 2.0 on the tone scale having the intention to succumb?
    Well, it is obvious to me that dm will succumb and he is taking actions here that is helping that along real well…
    Good job mud cabbage. I admire those actions and I just LOVE the way you are doing yourself in.
    How is that for loving my fellow and admiration processing?

  11. I feel like I want to play my new song again.
    It sounds best in 720p if your internet can handle that.

  12. Well done on surpassing!! I have never been a scientologist, mainly because the corporate group seemed, well, scary. Honestly, I’ve found out more on your blog over then on the CoS website, which would be quite funny if it wasn’t so sad. I think if Hubbard was around he would have quit the CoS and you can bet he would have been in your picture. 🙂 Thanks for all the great information on REAL scientology! Keep up the good work and If I’m ever in Texas I would greatly appreciate meeting you.


  13. Damn! That was FUN! 😀

  14. We’re movin on up a little higher
    We’re taking it all the way, we’re never gonna tire
    We don’t let anyone decide
    Just what’s true for us, or who is on our side

    We’re movin’ on up a little higher
    We’re movin’ on up a little higher
    The theta’s gonna set this place on fire
    We’re movin it on up a little higher

    The wrong went on and on and things got kinda strange
    Now we’re tired of the way things are, you know they’ve got to change
    If we all work together you know we’ll make it new
    We don’t need no ideal morgues, all we need is truth

    We’re movin’ on up a little higher
    We’re movin’ on up a little higher
    The theta’s gonna set this place on fire
    We’re movin it on up a little higher

  15. This is the happiest and best looking bunch of “SPS” I’ve ever seen!! And……the stats are only going to go up.

  16. This pamphleteering tactic was used against Stacy Young when she lived in Seattle–putting derogatory handouts on the neighbors’ doors to slime her. OSA doesn’t change. It is a No Case Gain group!

  17. Lovin’ it!

  18. Picked up a bunch at the airport tonight and boy were they full of cheer about the indie party! Good job y’all!

  19. David Lingenfelter

    Just have to talk some more. I meet many beautiful people and we talked and talked. It was like have a correction list to see where our paths crossed and sharing observations and actions from different viewpoints. It straightens it out. Doing your post was trying to avoid being shot. Not shot for doing something wrong but being shot for doing it right or trying to do it right. The definition of Right I’m using is as defined per LRH Policy. There were so many political undercurrents and power plays going on it made you STRONG to be able to get your post done dispite it all.
    The Dark Side (not worth the trouble of writing a name) was busy taking the church apart while I was there but I didn’t get it totally figured out at the time but just knew it was not the way it should have been.
    I meet some people in the last few days that have such a clean, pure, peaceful space that I cannot find the words to describe it and these people are people that the Dark Side has worked hard to destroy.
    If one cannot see this clearly it is because of choices you have made. I feel sorry for you but want to make it diamond clear that you have no power and neither does your slavemaster. I’ve stopped granting you any power at all. You are off source and insane. Read SOS and the Ethics book if you are able. This will help some. Others of course will know this does not apply to them. In that case – good bye. The world has moved on past you.



  20. Tony DePhillips

    Nice jam Chris!!

  21. Excellent song Chris, TWO THUMBS UP!

  22. Karry Campbell

    I loved being there these last 4 days!!!

    I cannot tell you how good it feels to be part of my TRUE GROUP again. I talked to most of you there and I really feel that each of you are such great beings. The best thing that I found out while talking to you all, is that despite everything each of you have gone through, you are stronger for it and that you have kept your personal integrity intact.

    And yes, you can now find me on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Karry

  23. Great photo of a bunch of great people!

    Sounds like the Bustahs are trying to set up a scenario where they are portrayed as victims in an “our free speech rights are being trampled on, because we are a religious minority” case.

    Like the Soviet Union of old, they are getting ready to accuse others of exactly what they are guilty of themselves – trampling on the free speech rights of Marty and all the Independents – not to mention the civil rights of all those still on CoS lines.

    Much as I dislike the tone of Ursula Caberta and some of the official German hard-line against the CoS, I can see how the CoS has brought them upon itself by it’s own anti-social actions. There are elements of the CoS that seem to be aggressively bereft of conscience. The lawlessness has to be coming right from the top, and it is only a matter of time until society responds with censure of the organization and it’s “leadership”.

  24. scilonschools

    Marty et al
    Waking from Amnesia can be a bit like the Novocaine wearing off after major dental work.
    It feels unfamiliar and a bit painful at first, you might even dribble for a while, but when you get your bite back!!

    DM (et al) really underestimated the power of truth and Love, mankind fundamentally wants to help and not just compete with each other.

    Find that last button is the ‘Great Glass Elevator’

    “So shines a good deed in a weary world!”

  25. Scott Campbell

    Wow, what a great reunion of old friends. Karry and I had a great time seeing you all, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

    This is a group of people who truly love their fellow man. I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you all for your kind attention and sharing your stories with me.

    Love, Scott

  26. Posted this week on TIME magazine’s website, an interview with Janet Reitman:

    The Great Scientology Implosion: Author Details Church on the Decline,8599,2080870,00.html

    TIME magazine of course has “history” with the CoS, having been one of the major targets of Miscavige’s public attacks in the full-page USA Today ads of the early 1990s. TIME has been quiet about the CoS since then. Looks like those muzzled days may be over….

    What goes around, comes around, eh, Davey boy?

  27. Wikipedia has a good detailed history of the “history” between TIME Magazine and David Miscavige, and the tactics used by DM and the CoS to intimidate and shut critics and whistleblowers up, here:

  28. Command Intention

    Production Statistics of our little Independent group since March, 13:
    Clear: 1
    WDAHs on OT-Levels: +100
    Starts on Auditor Courses: 4

    Congratulations to your statistics, Marty and friends. Keep going. Keep growing.

  29. SaveTheTech


    Great to hear you had a great 4th of July visiting with all the Indies… well, not all the Independents, because there are 1,000’s of us out here in the internet world that didn’t make it to the event. But, we are with you Danny. Keep up the good work.

  30. Thanks so much to our hosts and hostesses and everyone who worked so hard to make this the best 4th of July ever! It was incredible connecting with old friends and meeting new ones! My world is forever changed for the better! Let the sunshine in!

  31. Daniel,
    It was great to meet you! ml, Laura

  32. Marty,
    I see as you predicted, there is a new guy. I looked at the photos in the link. The buster team looks so bad, like they need some vitamins, sleep or maybe a transfusion. Those guys are sure to screw this thing up.

  33. Martin Padfield

    What a great photo! Some really welcome new faces there!!!

    On the stats, it’s been obvious for some time that DM’s war against fee thinking was lost some time ago. It’s only a matter of when he is forced to accept it. But the battle is already won, freedom has won. At the risk of sounding corny this truly a historic time. Thank you to all the standard bearers. LRH would be proud.

  34. Alex Braverman

    Searching the faces of this photograph as diligently as I can, I fail to find one face that isn’t glowing with freedom and happiness. Imagine that; an independence day celebration that really does celebrate Independence. Little Miss Mud Cabbage must be fuming right about now. Congratulations to all of you, your individual personal success stories are an inspiration to all that will surely follow in your footsteps.

    Freedom and liberties are ours to keep, fight for, or surrender. Never surrender.


  35. Andrew Organ/Stat

    I really enjoyed it! So as friends of mine! FUN, indeed!

    Thank you everyone for being there!
    It was so very good to meet some old and new friends!..

    Special thank you to the hosts, organizers,
    friends who helped us, you all know exactly who you are!

    It was a special experience, in every way.

    Also, it was the 1st time my wife and I took a vacation together
    and went some place in 10+ years. Coincidentally, we are not on staff
    anymore and are “SP’s”. And somehow, we like it that way.

    Thank you, again!

  36. Wonderful photograph, everyone. And super get-together.

    And in Ingleside on the Bay, “rope production” describes perfectly the Squirrel Buster doofuses and their employers – the Church of Scientology, through their sekrit slush pot, the International Association of Scientologists.

    David Miscavige, you’re doing great. Keep on taking your lawyers’ advice. You’re adding daily to your long list of RICO crimes.

    Just Me

  37. Marty, congratulations on a successful weekend event!
    The stalkers are doing more to discredit the cult every day.

    Stay strong and keep auditing. You are going to have a busy year!

  38. I’m impressed.
    You do that all yourself?

  39. Co$ does have another stat to note: number of GAT basic books being dumped via e-bay! LOL I think it’s in affluence for a while now. 😉

  40. Here’s a bit of a stat. We brought five new people into the Tampa org shortly before we left the Co$. All five left within an hour, disgusted with the atmosphere and pressure from various staff they met.
    This weekend was our daughter-in-law’s first exposure to a “scientology” group. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and came back for day two and is now in ARC with the subject.

    Thank you all for being there and communicating (well above 2.0 on the tone scale)


  41. Sara Finning

    Marty, think Happy Anniversary too?

    What an adventure the last year has been….

  42. Hi everyone!
    Shannon, Hiro and everyone who worked the lines to make the party happen – wow, you did it up smart – thank you to all!

    I am so proud to be counted amongst the group of Indies in this pic for the 2011 celebration. It was great to meet so many old friends from my SO days; and wonderful to meet all of you whom I’d not met before. Best of all is having all you wonderful people, old and new, as my friends.

    Marty, a special thanks to you (and Mosey). This movement of change that HAD to come for the subject of Scientology, started years before many of us left staff or dropped off public lines. Yours has been an energizing spark in rolling that “snowball” of change down the path, gathering speed and agreement to itself.

  43. Good to hear from you Dan.

  44. Ziba Feulner

    I double that! I looked at the picture and thought the same thing, then read your post ;). REAL happiness in the faces of everyone…Reminds me of the first pictures taken at Saint Hill in the 60s…Nice job!!!

  45. You guys look incredible, Carol and I wish we could be there with you, well maybe next year. The Indy movement will really make some motion this year, I can tell just by the shaking of the Theta Universe.

    On a lighter note the CO$’s equivilant of the KKK (SBP) have failed in their primary mission. They have made themselves look like fools and exposed themselves to public scrutiny. Some of these people own companies that deal with the public and with large Corporations. For instance, the spokes person for the group, John Allender, owns a construction company, Sterling Gerneral Consruction, that is listed with the BBB and purports to do work for AAA insurance. As the CEO, CFO or whatever his actions reflect back on the company. Comments and complaints about his actions in or out of his company are legitimate and probably would not be taken lightly by the BBB or AAA. As his company is also on the web there are numerous rating services he might be under that would publish his blatant hate crimes.

    I’m sure that the rest of SBP could be found out and could be the subject of similar expose’. After all their faces are all over the internet and many of us are bound to know who they are who they work for or what companies they own. The church only recinded “fair game” to take the onus off themselves and leave the poor saps that would like to try it twisting in the wind.

  46. freespirit

    Congrats to everyone who attended! Great picture – full of genuinely happy brethren!!

  47. The CofM claims they are not connected with the Squirrel Busters Productions; then who is funding them to rent houses, cars, airplanes, who is funding them to be there day in and day out? Are they all independently wealthy people? Who are the Squirrel Busters and what did they do before forming this (OSA) group? Who bought all their equipment and where are any other documentaries they’ve done? Where has Ralph Gomez ever produced anything? It’s very obviously a lie! The CofM has dug a hole so deep and David Miscavige is so deep in sh*t over his little self that he must be having night sweats by now and sleeping with grounding rods.

    Seriously, to be caught red-handed by lies easily disproved as uttered by Tommy Davis and then not figuring it out that one shouldn’t utter lies and then to continue to do so is the mark of real insanity AND epic arrogance!

    Way to hang in their Marty, they intend a war of attrition, but you’ll win long before because the CofM is busy using it’s own gun on itself.

  48. Rory Medford

    Nice group and it will only get bigger as more people leave the fold. Even with all of the venom C of S spews at you at a rapid fire rate and in such a malicious and cowardly way you guys continue to grow.

    Now that is real freedom right in your own backyard without the garbage DM has created.

    Good luck and continue fighting the fight!!!!

    Just think at the rate u r growing in 5 years u will have over 5000 Indies in your backyard. Now thats AMORE!!!!

  49. Azul Celeste

    Made my morning, and the article on Time is making my almost-noon!!!

  50. Firebreathing Frog

    Love to all of you.
    Wish I were there.
    My wife and I will be with you next year.
    Much Love.

  51. Very, very well done. What a bunch of free happy people!

  52. Start saving for a new camera lense,,,with a wider angle. You will need it next year to get everyone in the shot.

    Prediction: More high ranking defections, some that will blow the socks off of even those who don’t wear any.

    This expansion news was very welcomed and much appreciated, and expected. Because after all, how can you do nothing but expand when you apply the tech.

  53. I’m happy that all of you had an enjoyable 4th of July celebration. Happy, healthy, and relaxed group, I must say.

    Squirrel Busters aka Church of Scientology is borrowing a page (or should I say “chapter” from the Westboro Baptist Church’s game book and is starting to be recognized as one of those weird, hate-motivated, offensive groups that we all have to put up with/deal with in order to maintain freedoms for all. It is really mind-boggling that this is the strategy that they have chosen to take. Picketing a 4th of July celebration??!!!!! The media coverage extends across the world. Don’t underestimate the power of local government, local citizens, local media.

  54. Free and Clear

    Interesting that Squirrel Buster Productions was created specifically to try and pin Marty down, right at the same time that Tommy Davis dropped off the face of the earth. It would be just like Dear Leader to demand an over the top crush on Marty regardless of consequences while the effort to find/handle Tommy went on. Could it be all an effort to avoid a repeat of the JB defection but this time with Tommy the defector? Is Tommy on the loose?

    Also interesting that everything Marty does is covered exactly and specifically in the Code of a Scientologist. That document should be on every indie website. It is vividly evident how the indie movement is exactly applying that code.

    A suggestion. For OTVIIIs and others who are declaring independence, it would be great to first build a huge facebook friends list while still in good standing, and then the declaration with all facts and info can be sent using the facebook messaging system to hundreds or even several thousand Scientologists. There are Scientologists with 1, 2 or even 4 thousand friends. Facebook actually forms the only open line of communication between members of the active Scientology community. OSA was unsuccessfully trying to shut down that line for at least 10 years and now is unsuccessfully trying to police it. It is a powerful tool to reach those Scientologists who are not willing to read Marty’s blog, but who have lingering doubts about the direction DM is leading the Church. Anyone flying under the radar who is seriously considering stepping forward should be very active on facebook. Facebook could easily be the place where this battle of information is fought (and won). Most Scientologists are completely unaware of the pace of defections and the stature of those defecting. Regular messages from new defectors coming directly through facebook would have a strong impingement, and could help the indie movement reach more deeply into the Scientology community with its message of truth.

  55. Rory Medford

    lets see who gets to 10,000.00 first

    10,000.00 Indies or

    10,000.00 on Solo Nots

    lets the games begin

    who will reach their target first?

    or has the Indies hit 10K already

  56. I really agree with you David. Seems like most of us are now set to move on up, leaving the slaves and their master far behind.

    For me the new watch words are “prepare to deliver.”

    Take care and it was a pleasure to meet you at the event.

    Vic Krohn

  57. Oops, computer still had Vicki’s id up since she posted last and I neglected to change the ID back to mine…

  58. Nice picture!
    For everyone shown, there are 100 more not shown.

  59. Bert Schippers

    Great party, great people, great communication!!!

    Big thanks to the hosts and everyone who helped make it happen!

  60. Mark Fisher

    What a fantastic weekend! It was an honor to attend and meet so many new people while also seeing some old friends who I haven’t seen in over 20 years!

    Looking at this photograph, I know we beat the hell out of any Idle org DM has opened in the last 5 years.

    Not only that, with all the firepower that attended, I would bet we would be the size of Old Saint Hill in a matter of months if we were all working together in any city in the world.

    After all, we had some of the most trained, experienced and powerful executives that were ever involved in Scientology. We also had some of the biggest producing FSMs at the event this weekend and the best legal and PR executives Scientology ever had.

    More importantly, we had some of the highest trained, experienced and producing Auditors, Course Supervisors and C/Ses on the planet including an LRH trained Class 12.

    We had some of the best HCO and Qual terminals I ever met in my years in Scientology.

    And that was only the independents that were able to attend! Imagine how many people would be in the photo if every independent on the planet were there!

    It goes to show you how many happy, able people are seeing the truth about David Miscavige and what he has done to suppress the use of LRH’s tech around the world for his own ego and financial benefit.

    Scientology has been shrinking during the last 25 years he has been in charge.

    Look how much the Independent movement has grown in just over 2 years!

    I am proud to be a member of this group.

    One more thing – a big big thank you to Shannon, Hiro and Christie for organizing and hosting the event and also to all those who pitched in and helped including Marty, Mike, Sinar, Eric, Tom, Jan, Jackson and many many others. It was a great weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

  61. Awesome Chris!

  62. Totally and completely! Loved meeting everybody live and in person! 🙂

  63. Belen Bertran

    Thanks so much to our hosts and hostesses and everyone who worked so hard to make this the best 4th of July ever! It was incredible !!!!!! God we have grow !!!!!! it was great to see old friends and meet new ones…. and experiencing such enthusiasm from all in this group…. trully JOY!!!
    Let’s keep FLOURISHING AND PROSPERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. What an awesome party! Thanks to the hosts extraordinaire! And the people…well, I was just bursting with ARC so much that my face hurt from smiling. Here’s the group that won’t go away – ever. This IS the future of LRH tech.

  65. Luis Garcia

    A big Thank you to our gracious hosts and everyone that helped set up this fun event, including the chefs who constantly kept us nourished.

    It is my observation that in all the conversations I had with all of you this weekend, there were two things notably missing: blame and regret. Although most of you have had horrific experiences, you have all risen above them, got past them and are causative in PT. You have become players and are creating a game that is truly worthwhile playing. This is admirable in the extreme.

    So much talent, wisdom and theta all in one place! This was a weekend I am proud to have on my time track. It was great meeting you all face to face. You guys are incredible beings!


  66. Man!

    Operatin’ Texans all over the place, some natural, native, some not so, but all oh so operatin’. The weekend was most spiritually rejuvenatin’.

    My own thank you to those gracious hosts, organizers and woikers.
    THAT was one helluva Axiom 10.

    Folks wanna experience the best of Scientology principles in action need only experience Indy Day. Somebody earlier on this blog or a prior one mentioned where would Ron be if he were here. As far as I am concerned, he put in an appearance at Independents Ranch this weekend.

    I am truly and significantly blessed to be able to participate in this.

    For the tempo, the tone and the temperature of the celebration:

    Bruce Pratt

  67. martyrathbun09

    I agree, great observation Luis. You’ve got a way of distilling things down the simple truth.

  68. My husband, Bert, said he got to talk to you and your wife and enjoyed that a lot.

  69. Is that Sarge up there standing behind/between Marty and Mosey? If so, Howdy, Sarge! If not, just Howdy.

  70. Seeking4know

    That is awesome guys! I want to go next year!!!

  71. martyrathbun09


  72. Rory Medford

    Indies should go on a FACEBOOK blitz and find all of the dissatisfied people in SCN and have them make the switch. Thats a great idea free and clear

    lets blitz facebook with the truth and save people from more misery and unnecessary donations they are forced to give its worth the effort 100 fold

  73. simonbolivar

    It makes wish to come too. Maybe. Great, keep going I’m with you all the way.

  74. Michael Fairman

    Your photograph and comments are alive with theta.
    Congratulations to all on a successful and fun Independents Day blast.

    Hey you still in the Church who happen to be viewing these posts, watch out! You are in serious danger of being disenturbulated!

  75. Mark — an honor for met to have shaken your hand and had a few works.
    Thank you for attending.

    Bruce Pratt

  76. I was privileged to be walking among spiritual giants. Thank you Luis.
    Bruce Pratt

  77. The spirit of independents’ day at the ranch lives on!
    Wonderful news. Thanks for sharing Les.


  78. Nice to meet you Daniel. I glad we were able to get in communication over the weekend. What a great time had be all. It was and a fantastic venue for free thought.

    Our stories are very much the same and I am thankful for the wonderful support system that you were able to find.

    The way out is the way through.

    your friend, Dylan

  79. That’s a bunch of healthy looking people right there 😉

  80. There are Texas State Laws about filming. The Texas Film Commission handles filming and operates based on existing state laws:

    There are possibly state laws Ingleside could use to handle Squirrel Busters.

    1. Filming on Roads
    Texas Film Commission:

    With very few exceptions, filming of public right-of-ways, whether or not traffic flow is restricted, must first be approved by the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Right-of-ways often extend past the road shoulder by several yards or more, so if you’re filming beside a road, and you’re not on private property, you’re probably on the right-of-way. As soon as you’ve identified your intended location, call the Texas Film Commission (512) 463-9200; we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate authorities.

    For street closures within a city, you’ll usually be working with the local film commission, the police chief or the police department’s public information officer. For county roads, your contact will be the local sheriff. For interstate highways, state highways and farm-to-market roads; filming requests are handled by the Texas Department of Transportation–call the Texas Film Commission for a referral to the appropriate district officer.

    It’s important to understand that any section of any road may be under the jurisdiction of up to three different agencies. It’s a common occurrence: an interstate highway passes through a city limit, or a city street is also an extension of a county road. In such cases, permission for filming must be obtained from each of the overseeing agencies.

    Most public officials who handle road closures have worked with filmmakers before, and are familiar with the process. They usually require at least two weeks notice. It’s possible to approve a request with a shorter lead time, but depending on the complexity of your request, the more notice you provide, the better your chances for approval.
    Employee or Independent Contractor?

    Regarding hiring freelance film crew in Texas, Texas law considers crew members to be employees unless it can be shown that they are independent contractors. For details on the differences between contract labor vs. employee status, please see the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Web site or call the TWC’s Tax Department.

    You’ll find that, among other criteria, if an employer retains control of the worker’s hours and directs how the work should be done, the worker is likely to be deemed an employee. On the other hand, a preproduction location scout, hired to provide photos by a certain date, without employer control over what hours are worked, is likely to be an independent contractor.

    If you are using a payroll services provider, your provider can also guide you on employer/employee issues.

    Further Information
    For more information about contract labor, please contact:
    Texas Workforce Commission
    Tax Office
    (512) 463-2731


  81. Great song Chris!


  82. Hey Danny! I am glad you are doing well. Good to see your smiling face!

  83. What a great looking bunch of folks! Glad you had a great time, and I am glad to know you all!

  84. Andrew,

    I was so great to meet you and your beautiful wife and friend. I’m so glad to have gotten the chance to talk with you in person.

    Thanks to all. I had a fantastic time. It could not have been nicer!!!

  85. Andrew Organ/Stat

    Yes! We enjoyed meeting Bert too! Thank you, guys!

  86. Great! Glad to see you all are flourishing and prospering. It’s cool to see what one can do when not under the thumb of suppression.

    I, myself, asked for my repayments … right after I contacted the Treasury Secretary at my formerly friendly Org and asked how much I had on account and was told that I should have been receiving statements these last 5 years, and that they’d send me my PT statements right away. So, I waited three weeks for my statement, got nothing, and submitted my repayment request.

    I hope others get their money back, too, and spend it with you!

  87. Robert Earle

    WOW! Marty’s blog has a new theme song. Very well done.

  88. Danny,
    Hey, the 4th of July is a great day filled with fun isn’t it? Cook outs, games, friends and laughter! Bet it’s almost hard to believe you lived in the CULT bubble now that you are living a normal life.
    So great to hear you’re doing well and enjoying life the way a young man should be. Good luck in all you do and it was sure nice to hear from you! I sincerely wish you nothing but the best, you sure as hell deserve it!



    The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature

    A coyote jumps out and attacks the Governor’s dog, then bites the

    1. The Governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie
    “Bambi” and then realizes he should stop because the coyote is only doing what is natural.

    2. He calls animal control . Animal Control captures the coyote
    and bills the State $200 testing it for diseases and $500 for relocating it.

    3. He calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and
    bills the State $200 testing it for diseases.

    4. The Governor goes to hospital and spends $3,500 getting checked for diseases from the coyote and on getting his bite wound bandaged.

    5. The running trail gets shut down for 6 months while Fish & Game
    conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is now free of
    dangerous animals.

    6. The Governor spends $50,000 in state funds implementing a
    “coyote awareness program” for residents of the area.

    7. The State Legislature spends $2 million to study how to better
    treat rabies and how to permanently eradicate the disease throughout the world.

    8. The Governor’s security agent is fired for not stopping the
    attack. The State spends $150,000 to hire and train a new agent with additional special training re: the nature of coyotes.

    9. PETA protests the coyote’s relocation and files a $5 million suit
    against the State.


    The Citizen of Texas is jogging with his dog along a nature
    trail. A Coyote jumps out and attacks his dog.

    1. The Texan shoots the coyote with his State-issued pistol and
    keeps jogging. The Texan has spent $0.50 on a .45 ACP hollow point

    2. The Buzzards eat the dead coyote.

    And that, my friends, is why California is broke and Texas is not.

  90. Dear Danny,
    It was really good to meet you and have some time together !
    Roll onward and upward !
    ML Karen

  91. Karry ~~

    Super cool to meet. Scott told his story to enraptured audiences.
    Yes, TRUTH will out.


  92. one of those who see

    Stats are up for the beautiful, free people! Love the picture. Thanks for posting!

  93. Thanks. Everything but the drums.

  94. Silvia has a bunch of great photos of the Independents Day party up on her blog, including two good ones of Sarge:

  95. Great gathering, fantastic people, good food, lots of REAL communication. One thing that was interesting to me was how many people showed up, considering the amount of travel & arrangements needing to be made.

    Within the church people need to be called, corralled, pursued, made to feel guilty & ultimately coerced to come to an event. And during the course of it stand, clap, sit, clap in accordance of what is expected of them — typically on cue from the staff that have been previously drilled on doing so. The whole thing is a sham — and a pretty gross one at that.

    But this gathering was all about pure interest. People were there because they wanted to be there — so much different than the last several years in the church.

    I’m happy to have met everyone I did. It’s so nice to be able to genuinely be in ARC with others. Thank you…

  96. Looks like the group is getting bigger.

    That’s good! 🙂

  97. Very impressive stats! And good to know too–thanks!

  98. Jason Beghe

    In the words of the great modern philosopher Charles Sheen:

  99. GetTheConcept

    I just want to say that I had a great time with all of you and I am very happy to have met you and to have the opportunity to continue to communicate with you.

    The highlight for me was for about an hour or so on Sunday evening, what started out as a small question and answer session involving me, my wife Sindy, Christie and Mike Rinder, which turned into a huge “panel discussion” about the history of the church and things that happened, and viewpoints about how that history, along with what is happening now, predicts what will happen in the future. Many others who are very knowledgeable joined in the discussion. To name a few, there was Gary Morehead, Steve Hall, Sinar Parman. Who else? About 7 or 8 others. It was very educational and very enlightening. I was sitting in the midst of many great people, and learning. And Mike’s final validation of all staff and how it is that good people are very appreciated. And then Gary’s (Jackson’s) very inspiring viewpoint about standing up to be counted in this stand against DM’s regime.

    A moment I will never forget!

    Thanks to all.


    Dave Fagen

  100. Andrew Organ/Stat

    Same here, Synthia! I feel exactly same way! Thanks to all!!!

  101. Doc "Smith"

    What a great group. Glad all had a good time. Hope I can make it next year.
    In any event we’ll keep moving higher and raising the stats. Two new families have reached us locally this past week to join in the Indie group, having left the cult behind.

  102. Danny,
    Despite all manner of bullbait you received from Logan, from a cute woman on a 4WD quad bike, and from others — you came through in one piece! That alone is pretty miraculous! You only lost the plot once — when we were doing the group photo — but I forgive you for that brief lapse into past valences (which had us all rolling on the floor laughing!).
    I really loved spending time with you over the weekend. You are the best and I am already looking foward to next year!

  103. Sam I will swim in alligator infested waters with you anytime! That was a real pleasure moment!!

  104. Pingback: indies and stats (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  105. Thanks for sharing the photo .A lot of happy faces, and a lot of happy and fruitiful comments. Reminds me when Indept first started early days back in 1980’s so on.

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