Corporate Scientology Implosion

More evidence that Cult leader David Miscavige has gone stark, staring mad is surfacing by the day.  While he employees round the clock teams of between one and two dozen Private Eyes and OTAs on me and Mike Rinder each, his empire is going down in flames.  Janet Reitman is only beginning the promotion tour for her book Inside Scientology.  And her central conclusion that the church is imploding and reform is only possible from without is being published far and wide in her initial interviews.  Miscavige cannot do anything about Reitman because virtually all of his resources are tied up in Texas and Florida making lulz videos.   Implosion, meltdown, or tipping point?  Or all three in one?   Rome burns while Nero plays with his fiddle.

Time Magazine interview:,8599,2080870-1,00.html

HuffingtonPost interview:

Village Voice on Reitman’s first book signing event:

It is gonna be a long, hot summer.



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  1. It is the opposite of musical chairs, the last one left down goes down with the ship.

  2. Mark Fisher

    When I first met with Janet Reitman over 4 years ago, people were not speaking out as openly as they do now for fear of being attacked and harrassed and in the case of past reporters – sued.

    The first thing I asked her when we met in Palm Springs, was whether or not she knew what she was getting into and was she afraid that DM and OSA might come after and harrass her?

    Her response was something like:

    “Listen, I was embedded with the troops in Iraq for a long time with real guns and bombs going off all around me. After that, nothing really scares me!”

    I admire her courage in tackling this subject and hope the book is a big success. I really enjoyed reading it and learned alot I didn’t know.

    You are right Marty, that DM cannot keep up with all the leaks springing in his dike. He only has so many fingers!

    Let the flood continue!

  3. crashingupwards

    “If might makes right, then Rome still rules the world. Who now fears this archeological curiosity that was Rome?” LRH.
    Your right Marty, and if not another word was spoken on this blog the wheels have been set in motion for the implosion. The Independents, or Eastern Roman Empire, survived for an additional thousand years if I recall. There is a future for scientology. There has never been a lack of reach for the subject or a lack of need.

  4. Tony DePhillips

    Burn baby burn!!!
    I love it Marty!!

  5. plainoldthetan

    I read these articles and was a little disappointed when I saw the statement that “you can’t do Scientology for free”. To me this is part of the continuing misrepresentation of LRH’s Scientology as perpetuated by the press. You can go to a library, borrow a Dianetics or Self-Analysis or Handbook for Preclears and “do Scientology”. It’s true that you can’t do ALL of Scientology for free. Training as an auditor is like training in any discipline, even religion. One cannot become a Catholic priest for free. One cannot become a dentist for free. And, like most technologies, one is taking a risk when one attempts to apply the technology alone, without training. Have you tried to tune your own car these days? Anyone who’s seen the movie Castaway knows the liabilies of doing your own dental work.

    It seems to me there’s some kind of group agreement among Scientology critics that “you shouldn’t have to pay for religion”. But I’ve seen the same think in other disciplines: “You shouldn’t have to pay for medical care”.

    And it’s just plain not true that “you can’t do Scientology for free”. My local org has a FREE Sunday Service every week and a FREE night of group processing every week. I know because I attend.

    Now, it may be true that one can’t get very far up the Bridge for free. But it’s certainly not true that “you can’t do Scientology for free”.

  6. Excellent articles re. her book. The more publicity the better for Independent LRH followers!

  7. Impartial English Girl

    This is all very encouraging. Justice and the side of right will prevail.
    IEG x

  8. Marty – I’ve never been a Scientologist, but like many others I fully support your right to practice what you beleive, so long as you don’t cheat or abuse your members/clients. I admire your courage in standing up to the abuse of official Scientology and will do what I can to hold the “Church” of Scientology repsonsible for their actions.

  9. Lets hope he’s not playing with TC’s fiddle.

  10. Indeed, the heat is on Marty. DM is shooting himself in the foot on a daily basis with a full auto M-16 foot-nuker.

    You can feel the franticness in all of the emails the “Churches” send out (I get about 10 per day). Invites for BBQ’s at the local org are at an all-time high. Same for invites for Karioki at the local orgs. They cannot get public in for training and processing and they try to drive them in with BBQs, but who wants to spend their time getting hammered to donate $20,000 for an IAS BBQ when you can have one with friends for a lot less?

    Further proof that DM is coming unhinged was relayed to me by Becky at the 4th party. She was at FSO a year ago and told me that pubblic are not allowed to refer to Him as “David Miscaviage, Dave, David or DM”. You can only refer to him as “COB” and that is all. Anything else is out ethics. And the best one of all is that public, especially OT public, are not allowed to look DM in the eye. You have to look away when he is present. If that isn’t bat-shit crazy I dunno what is.

    We’re almost there Marty.

    ML Tom

  11. Michael Fairman

    The TRUTH is doing its work.

  12. Awesome!

    The swell is cresting into a wave that could wash Miscavige and his ilk out to sea for good!

    Grea job Marty, Mike, and all you other feisty uppity Independents!

  13. On a more serious note, Janet deserves immense credit for her work. This is the crux of the matter:

    “David Miscavige is really the Brigham Young to L. Ron Hubbard the founder, and I don’t see a new leader that’s coming up from within the organization who could be the next leader, who could lead a reformation. It would have to come from outside.”

  14. And, like Nero, if those surrounding him have ANY sense of survival and dedication to LRH, they will see that history repeats.

    For those that do not know, Nero was eventually declared an enemy of the state and was forced to committ suicide, with the help of a slave, since he was too cowardly to do the act himself. His lavish spending and recklessness eventually enraged the upper classes to a point that they acted.

    Sounds all to familiar. But, I hope we can avoid the suicide. Just a quick exit and proper justice is good enough for me.

    One thing is for sure. Change is coming.

  15. That’s funny. I recall about 15 years ago Dave was doing an Org inspection at AOSH UK, I was in the HGC helping out, as although not on staff I had useful skills as a trained DofP. Dave asked what I did during the day. I told him, with perfect eye contact, what I did. He said I should be selling SHSBCs instead. He went on and on for about 5 minutes implying that my day job was out-ethics because I wasn’t selling Scientology. I maintained eye contact throughout and I sensed him getting more and more wound up as he was talking. I tried to lighten the mood by relaying an amusing (to me) incident about the previous time I’d met him, but there wasn’t so much as a flicker of a smile. He certainly doesn’t appreciate even average TRs. (I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to say my TRs were good).

  16. You are right. There are LRH references on more free, enlightening services. Unfortunately, to the present vampire cult masquerading as a church, it’s L who or “COB says….”

    How many folk ever benefited from, er, ah, participated in, on any flow a free scientology center?

    Also, even with Ken Urq setting the record straight about the RPF’s origins, false, misguided data abounds.

    Time to get out my Evolution of a Science and reflect once more on a couple of basic principles there like selection of importances and engrams are contagious.

    Bruce Pratt

  17. Yes, but you shouldn’t have to commit more than 10% of your annual income to your religion or be wealthy to participate. The Scientology levels (training and auditing) are presently beyond the reach of the vast majority of people in the world. It forces people to join staff in order to participate in a meaningful way, but even that is no guarantee. I am Clear. A level reached through co-auditing on Dianetics before the switch in the grade chart. I was never able to get passed OT preparations due to lack of resources, despite being a staff member for over 17 years. Very few people have the resources to pay for OT levels, move to LA or Clearwater for months at a time, and maintain jobs/life at home. With the emphasis on “going OT” and the formation of elite OT Committees and the continual implication that one was somehow out-ethics by not reaching those levels, it has left people out. There is still a tinge of this that appears even on this blog – most people seem to be ex-SO and/or OT. I question if I truly fit in. Independent Scientology needs shake itself of this DM created practice of exclusion, isolation, and elitism. You are right. Anybody should be able to access a book, reasonably-priced training, co-auditing, access to independent practitioners who deliver auditing and training, but also what is needed is the creation of a fraternal organization of Scientologists.

  18. “The truth shall make you free, but first it shall make you angry.”


    “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to“All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  19. An Open Letter to he who must be referred to as COB

    Resign, fool.

    Or if you prefer, take the money and run. You cannot hide. You may be left alone. No promises.

    Bruce Pratt

  20. RoryMedford

    its just a matter of time people who are significant and matters the most to SCN will leave the fold

    most good thetans who are good observers eventually leave the insanity and will find their way into another game worth playing

    The eal truth is this: Playing under DM’s rules is just no longer worth it and people are just fed up with his crap

    Numbers do NOT lie, SCN is shrinking and people are flocking to a safer, kinder and more gentle group who cares about the beings they interact with

  21. Who does that psychopath think he is, the Emperor of Japan?

    I hope he doesn’t melt down before he is brought to justice – he will only be hailed as a martyr by the bots if he does. My postulate is that we see Miscavige and his RTC Nazi stormtroopers doing the perp walk after their arrests, with complete 24/7 media coverage. My ideal ending would be a televised trial for their numerous crimes against humanity (which include, but are not limited to, human trafficking and slavery) with guilty convictions on all counts and ending in lengthy prison sentences with no hope of parole.

  22. Brenda,
    Personally, I’d like to thank you for posting here. I’ve noticed more and more this trend of “non-scientologists” coming to Marty’s blog and saying very much what you just did.

    It did not occur to me that people who have never been involved, had no “skin in the game,” would ever be remotely interested.

    More than anything, it would be my hope that the general public will 1) see Scientologists as real people, with real beliefs, and not the money-grubbers the “church” presents NOR the silly kooks demonstrated by Cruise and others like him. And 2) be a little understanding and accepting of Independent Scientologists. The Independent’s really are a movement growing in numbers. I think it will be surprising how this number will not only grow, but how people will be more Open about their status as such, and willing to share it and share what it really means to BE a Scientologist.

    We really don’t try to beat people over the head with our philosophy. Anyone who is true to what Ron founded never would do that.
    Anyhow, Thank you again for posting here!

  23. Poor, poor Dear Loser is losing it big time!

    Hiring another Jim Lynch to put out another glossy rag mag with reverse data seems to be his desperate ploy of putting the fire out with lighter fluid? Or is this another bigger footnuke specialist action he’s so expert at or perhaps he will need to get a bigger paddle boat & better skank to be put up on YT?

    It does seem that the DM cold chromed steel dam is breaking from all the relentless pressure of truth which he is simply powerless to stop.
    LA Times:
    Boston Globe:

    Her event schedule seems to take it at least a couple more months of Dear Loser bad publicity: This doesn’t include her TV show and radio gigs to publicize!

    Jelly and Saffi better stay away by a leg’s length when those tantrums occur!

  24. SaveTheTech

    Yup, DM has cracked. Totally Bonkers PR. I think he was always nuts, but now that he’s wiped out everyone that opposed him, there’s no one left to filter his psycho reactions to current events.

  25. SaveTheTech

    News Flash:
    Wall Street Journal online “Inside Scientology”

  26. “… public, especially OT public, are not allowed to look DM in the eye. You have to look away when he is present.”

    Aah, the pain of missed withholds …

  27. My thought, exactly.

  28. Actually, the costs of becoming a Catholic priest (or nun for that matter) are paid for by the church. The individual makes the commitment, the rest is free. When one becomes a nun, there is a small fee of a dowry — As a nun you have a symbolic marriage to Jesus — Usually it’s $100. , and that’s it. All training, including college (and there are denist and lawyer nuns and doctor priests and all kinds of teachers, etc.) are paid for by the Catholic church.

  29. top of the vale

    DM, having never been on a real sailing ship in his life and therefore wouldn’t have any idea what real organization is or what it represents, is now yanking out ALL the ‘sea cocks’ as fast as he can thinking that doing this will keep his ship afloat.
    He’ll be up to his nose in water before he realizes that he should have taken one last breath before going under.

  30. Ralph Hilton

    It is true that you cannot do Scientology for free if you want a highly trained auditor to deliver it to you. There are not a lot in the Independent field yet and they all need to pay for their food and accomodations etc.
    I think all the tech to make it to OT8 is now available on the internet if one searches around. A couple of dedicated intelligent people co-auditing could probably make it through with a lot of hard work.
    I gave up on the idea that I should dedicate my life to the welfare of others for sfa many years ago. Especially when those suggesting it were executives eating caviar while I was supposed to live on beans and rice.
    What I would like to see is that most people can progress up the Bridge for manageable prices.
    If someone starting on the Bridge wants to do the Bridge and at low prices then they will have to first of all find a co-auditor. A co-auditor relationship means that you trust each other fully and agree to work together up the Bridge.
    Auditing up to around Grade 4 does require another terminal. At higher levels one can Solo a lot but when you hit NOTs then it needs another terminal for a while.
    Finding a terminal to co-audit with up the Bridge does need looking for a terminal of comparable magnitude. Some people need hundreds of hours of word clearing to make it and others can handle word clearing themselves.
    Some need 10 hours to study a bulletin that takes another 10 minutes to study and be able to apply.
    What I do see is that is that in order for Scientology to be delivered to the people of this planet in a way that results in millions applying the tech needs a major effort in redesigning the way the Bridge (The LRH Bridge) is delivered.
    It needs to be as free as possible with hundreds of videos available demonstrating the basics of the tech.
    My feeling at the moment is that Independent Scientologists need to flood utube with videos showing basic Scientology in action.
    The CofS has not done that and continues to put atttention on sleezy attacks.
    My suggestion is that all Independent Scientogists could help by putting up dissemination of workable, inexpensive Scientolgy on media such as Utube.
    If one searches for data on Scientolgy on the net at the momemt one finds mainly the critics.
    So I’m suggesting and asking that anyone with enough knowledge of the net to post a video on utube or post positive things about the results they have had in the Independent Field does so.
    Lets make Scientology available. The biggest upset people have is that the correct and workable tech is not availoable at affordable prices. Most of the vehement critics are people who wanted Scientology and never received it.

  31. plainoldthetan

    In 1937 in Germany you couldn’t refer to Him as ‘Dolf, Adolf, Hitler, Schicklgruber, the Corporal, der UberDouche, Der Groefaz or anything but Der Fuhrer, either.

    Of course, we could always refer to Ron as Ron.

  32. Ralph Hilton

    I guess he has missed withholds 😦

  33. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Nailed it Michael !!!!


    — Jackson

  34. Bring it on!

  35. Seeking4know

    Hopefully Miscavige steps down and goes into hiding before it’s too late. I promise I won’t look for you… Just disappear.

  36. What Michael said.

  37. Ralph Hilton

    It is quite possible that DM reached a level of awareness wherein he could perceive others looking at him. You have to be fairly clean as a being before you can stand in front of a thousand people all looking at you without putting up a screen.
    DM is far from clean.

  38. …or Ron as “the old man.”

    If you didn’t know “the old man” personally? Have said it to him personally? Well… it’s one thing if it’s a term of endearment. I honestly doubt DM ever meant it as anything OTHER than a degrading term.

  39. If this is true (that people are instructed not to look “cob” in the eye), the obvious reason is that to do so would miss the hell out of his withholds.

    Plus, it stands to reason that an OT looking him in the eye would miss them even more!

    But what a negation of the most basic of Scientology basics (TR-0) this is.

    Can anyone imagine LRH instructing people not to look him in the eye????

    This little strutting poppycock (“cob”) needs to be taken down YESTERDAY!

  40. Tom Gallagher

    Oh Marty! Woe is me! Just where am I going to get my dose of kool-aide once the Sawed-off Psychopath (SP) is frog marched off to spend an ‘eternity’ with his special cellmate buddy?

    No more Golden Age of Bullcrap!?!?!?!

    All I can do is wail, “Boo Hoo Hoo”.

  41. “A protester was backed into a corner by a Flag security guard and when she allegedly pushed a guard to free herself.. was arrested by Clearwater Police.”

    Booking Date: 7/6/2011 2:54:17 PM
    Docket #: 1461497
    RELEASED – 7/7/2011 12:07 AM -SURETY BOND

    Report Number: CW11080710
    Statute: 784.03/F9
    Court Case Number: CRC1113752CFANO
    Bond Assessed: $5,000.00

  42. While you can’t do Scientology for free, at least you don’t need to pay the little troll that lives under the bridge a sack of gold to get across, not while we have a this bridge and the toll is much saner.

  43. Yea – Minerva’s site had an anti-Janet rant yesterday that was so full of inaccuracies and vitriol that they pulled it – for whatever reason.

    One thing I will say, the tech and LRH is powerful enough that no matter how much koolaid the idiots drink, picking up guns is not an option. The only way you can subvert Scientology is through 1.1 covert means – abortions, unneeded sec checks, lies about how we are all under attack, lies to the media, lies to its members, etc. Moving to the band of actual action is, again, not an option. Thank God for that!

    But, this is 2011, and there are lots of people in who still remember the way it was. In ten or fifteen years, if things don’t change, who knows? I can see Scientology filtered through the lens of Miscavige, with Miscavige-written programs, documents, and out-of-context selected LRH quotes – already happening now, of course, but in spades as the best leave the church.

    Thankfully, the Theta-MEST theory is in process, and Miscavige is following it to the letter. Theta is rejecting the MEST of the church, and the MEST is returning to chaos. I wish I had copied Minerva’s rant – it’s argument was “Certainly we’re expanding! Look at all these big buildings!” Some argument!

    The church is dead, but that does not mean it is not a zombie. The current actions are actions of the “undead.” This needs to stop, and Mr. David Miscavige and his supporters need to stop besmirching Ron’s name and legacy. Russia is banning LRH books, solely because of Miscavige, not because of Ron. Australia has been a hotbed of anti-Scientology government sentiment for quite some time, but it was Miscavige who made them right – at least about the abuses he has condoned.

    This insanity of Gestapo-like tactics and over-sensitivity to media, government, and laws has been going on for at least 35 years – but, it was under Miscavige that the church succumbed to it, and actually became what the critics were criticizing. It is time for this to stop, because what is happening now is hurting people, and is not Scientology.

  44. I’m glad you posted this, pot. It’s been my hobby-horse, that there is a whole lot folks can do in scientology for “free”, incurring only the cost of a few materials. And nowadays these can be downloaded and printed off at home. Books and lectures can be purchased cheaply on Ebay; thanks to Dave Miscavige’s waste of what he couldn’t have himself, the Basics are a glut on the market, but as interest in Scientology and LRH grows with Janet’s book and the increasing favorable press about the Independents, LRH, and Scientology itself as opposed to the CoS, it’s not a bad thing these materials are out there.

    They contain, and always have, everything needed for a “grassroots” use. LRH designed and wrote them that way. All one needs is a copy of Self-Analysis, a couple of chairs, the basic bulletins on how to do TRs, and a “twin” – simply another interested person. The book DMSMH is an encyclopedia of information about what folks might discover when they start on this route.

    And for example, how to do TRs is contained in the Volunteer Minister’s Handbook as well as the book Dianetics Today.

    It’s easy to forget, when you’ve gone up into the Advanced courses, how much people who are just starting out can gain from the simplest introductory processes.

  45. Mike Hobson

    Not going to happen. Guys like this don’t *ever* “step down” because in their mad delusions, they believe they are still right and still “winning” all the way to the end.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  46. Keep on pushing!

  47. Sue,
    Don’t forget the ex-org staff. I was lucky that when I joined staff. I had already paid for all my training as a public. But that was a time “73” when it was affordable ($1000 for primary rundown/HSDC/Class IV). I routed onto the TTC and spent my 13 years on tech lines. It was sad to see that even those who joined staff to work their way up the bridge never got very far. But they still were devoted to ensuring others could make it.

    With the new independent movement, almost the entire bridge is now available to those who want it. It’s great to know that you can now do your OT levels without having to leave town…or pay tribute to DM.

  48. Watchful Navigator

    Hear, hear! Point well taken.

  49. Sue,
    Get ahold of some of the indies in your area, your next step should be a piece of cake, it shouldn’t take long since this group isn’t interested in holding you up for your cash. I got onto OT VII with Marty in a little less than a week, And that included sitting for a 5 hour test for Master Electrician in Texas. My sincerest thanks to Marty and Mosey for putting me up, ferrying me around, and training me on the level. I will always be grateful.


  50. He must be like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet in private.

    One time I was running very fast down a narrow hallway at Flag to get back to filming a video for metering. I came flying around a corner, full speed (I weigh @225 and I’m not fat) and almost killed Ray Mithoff. He was cool about it, like it was amusing and then he motioned for me to continue and gave me the idea it was good that I was “hustling”. I wonder how Miscavige would react?

  51. Hey Marty… I really do hope that Janet’s book will take some of the pressure off of you, if even for a little bit.

    She’s making a big splash. I have a feeling this is going to be way bigger than she imagined. It’s not going to go away like the Time article did, and she won’t be handled that way either.

    HUGE blow to the enemy.

  52. Tony DePhillips

  53. Gotta give credit where credit is due.
    Under the brilliant leadership of SOB, John Allender et al have absolutely stopped all Div 6 flows in the US.
    You can’t Google far about scientology without running into their antics and proving to the world what mental health isn’t.

  54. Right on, Sue.

    There are many, many, like myself, who are not even Clear. I don’t have my Grades. It’s good to know the Advanced Courses are there and achievable, but people like me tend to be worried about how I will get my next step, or even what is my next step, having accumulated incomplete cycles from too much reging by too many terminals from various orgs. At some level they may have wanted to help me, but they needed to always have an eye on their stats….

    Now the Independents have the job of reclaiming the field that has been abandoned by the CoS these many decades…..

  55. Watchful Navigator

    Sue, I agree wholeheartedly.
    LRH’s solution to his long-time dream of an efficient means of planetary clearing was easy training and co-auditing. At one time you could co-audit everything on the Scientology Bridge. That was the way LRH wanted it.

    “Now, if you looked around, you would find out that there aren’t on earth at the present moment enough auditors to give enough sessions to enough people to make any significant gain in the society at large in the next century. The mathematics are all against it.
    “If you never made one more auditor, if we just took the auditors we
    had at this particular moment and everybody audited hammer and
    tongs, seven-and-a-half hours a day for the next ten years or something like that, you add it up and you compare it to the world’s population and you get a drop in the bucket. It’s a discouragingly small amount.
    “And if we never trained another auditor, the auditors that had been trained would have long since gone by the boards before they even got through–halfway through the population of New York City. You see, the mathematics are dead against it.
    “Don’t think that you, with your auditing, cannot make a change in the society. You certainly can, you certainly can, but you would be making a — actually, a ‘rico’ and a ‘pobre’ society. In other words, you’d be making the society of the rich and the poor, the aristocracy and the slaves, and so forth. You wouldn’t help but do that, because of course you could pick out people here and there and put them into terrific condition and never fix it up so they’re ever backed up, see?
    “Well, they–oh, yeah! They’ve got a big zone of influence, that’s for sure! And they’ll get things done, that’s for sure; but let me assure you they would not, all of them, be tempered by the peculiarities that I suffer from which is that man should be free. Not even after you’d audited them would they suffer from that peculiarity uniformly, let me assure you. It just wouldn’t be done.”
    LRH – Study Tapes transcript p154 (sorry I don’t have a date or name for the lecture)

    So you can see just what MEST-Have-ige and Radical Corporate Scn are doing: putting in a future slave society. Knowingly or not, that IS what they are doing!

    If staff down the years, were really getting auditing that measured up to their hard work – in other words, a real exchange, along with the Superpower, Universe Corps and L’s LRH put there for them – we’d have already cleared this planet a while back.

    It is no longer possible or permitted inside, to co-audit more than about half of the Bridge. So you better have a lot of money. It’s no longer possible (since MEST-Have-ige entered the picture) even to train rapidly and economically. And the runway has been made far, far too long even if you can afford the over-priced meter and all the other required accessories.

    see also:

    And yes, the “Free Scientology Center” has been entirely ignored by the MisSavage bots. They can’t even think with it! Better to hypnotize newcomers with DM’s event videos in the “ideal” Div 6, I guess.

    I really enjoy seeing this push for co-auditing, cooperation and really freeing up the subject in every sense of the word. I think LRH would be proud.

  56. Watchful Navigator

    Great comment, Ralph – good ideas.
    You are so right:
    “The public HATE LIKE HELL to be denied Dianetics and Scientology” – LRH

  57. “Miscavige cannot do anything about Reitman because virtually all of his resources are tied up in Texas and Florida making lulz videos.”

    So therefore the cashflow is low at this point.

    There are many here who care and have done so for many years. You can clearly see the attitude of “fear” and “intimidation” has changed and that is due to you know who. Since then many have carried the torch. I read a comment when someone was asking for help the other day that said along the lines of “I Don’t care”.

    This made me think if we all cared so much and dedicated so much time into helping others, comments like would not leave a bad taste in our mouthes.

    I reall hope things continue to change for all.


  58. Andrew Organ/Stat

    Freewinds called us tonight, again.
    So I called them back, talked to a nice lady,
    told her we are declared SP’s, so it’s probably
    a good idea to make adjustments in their CF accordingly.
    Otherwise, it’s Dev-T. She sounded rather surprised, but
    managed to stay cool while talking with an SP. Kudos to her.
    She told me she will fix it. I thanked her and wished her good luck.
    Hope she will get some some sleep tonight.

  59. Scott Campbell

    From Village Voice:

    “Marty Rathbun just sent me this reply to the critic’s accusation about him wanting to replace Miscavige: “If I wanted to take over the church of Scientology I would have done so long ago. The church is dead. The only hope for the subject is humane, independent practice.”


    Excellent response. I’m sooo glad that you are TR-3ing this important point. The best use of Scientology is as a tool to help people. Blow charge, blow charge, blow charge! Become more sane, less aberrated, more rational, less compulsive.

    Who wouldn’t want that? Only beings who do not want to see man evolve to higher states of being I daresay.

  60. plainoldthetan

    Sorry, Cindi. My father gave away my inheritance to someone who was training as a Catholic priest. $250,000 easy.

    And where does a Church get its money? Out of thin air?

    “Free” is a price.

  61. Marty,

    Finally made it home after a spectacular weekend with real friends.

    Dear Loser has managed to change the dialogue into something he cannot win. When the “debate” was framed by statements from you, me, Amy, Tom et al, he could send in his phony “DAs” and false declarations and cause the legal departments of the media to get cold feet. It was a delay tactic, but it had some success.

    Now, the debate is about the antics of the goon squads and the implosion of Corporate Scientology. No matter how many DA packs he sends about the Mayor of Ingleside on the Bay or the county attorney, they arent going to mean a thing.

    Because he cannot control his knee jerks, he keeps on kicking the cat, the dog, the closest chair and whatever else, and now his reach has extended out to kicking the citizens of IOB with his bullies and soon it will be the reporters who are covering the activities.

    To say the squirrelbustahs are not connected to the church is another incredible foot-bullet. It’s relatively easy to prove this is a lie. Then what? (Just for starters, in LA, Allender was part of the entourage of LaBlow and Minervozo…). LaBlow is coordinating the activities of Freedom and no doubt the Squirrelbuzzards… LaBlow has no problem saying on camera he is working for RTC (Yes, that’s Religious Technology Center). Minervozo says he is a reporter for Freedom (he only omits his “credentials” when he tries to file false police reports against someone completely uninvolved with the CofM who he decided to harass — of course that was another footbullet as when the police found out who he was working for they said his complaint was going in the roundfile).

    The implosion is truly being witnessed by the world. The first rocks of the landslide are tumbling down the hill. The media have ceased to operate with a comm lag when it comes to Scientology stories. Tony Ortega has a starring role in this change of attitude, now followed by Huffpost. And then Time and WSJ and and and….

    Six months ago nobody could have predicted that the media would be talking about the “implosion” of corporate Scientology and the emergence of the “Independent Scientologist” movement. But that’s what is happening and they are being emboldened by the insanites Dear Loser is spewing out via the squirrelbuzzards and Freedumb.

    Rock on Dave. I tip my hat to you. I figured it would take a year or two more of hard work to achieve what you have gotten done in a few short weeks!!

    All Hail the Mighty Midget!!

  62. “Say what you will of Scientology, one has to wonder what type of religion goes out of its way to spy on ex members and what this on a whole has to say about organized cult figures?”

    This question is being asked even in Arkansas!

    Hasn’t the Cult Dear Loser realized that his Psycho actions against Marty and Mike & his targets in LA goes totally against the grain with the citizens of each community and the entire free loving world? The IOB front page story is still going, along with Janet’s interviews and upcoming TV coverage & books being written.

  63. Zhongjianren

    Gawker: Scientology’s In-Flight Magazine Seeks ‘Investigative Reporter’

  64. Is it odd that an “Anon” on WWP attacks me after I come out?

    To answer your question “Anonymous”- my son is doing well. I believe that application of Scientology and the advice I got from Marty and others helped a lot in that. He is on the honor roll in school and now likes going to school.

    Thank you for your concern.

    I’m only bringing this up because I think it’s actually from the Church:

    Still a thoroughly mindfucked Scilon. Running processes on a 6-year old kid. Check out this request made to Marty last December..



    Dear Chris

    You are very astute in your understanding that your son is getting a contact high from PTS schoolmates on psych-drugs. You were also very wise to seek the help of Marty Rathbun. By now I am certain that your son is doing well in school. See how great Rathbun + Hubbard Tech is? If the tech is applied correctly it never fails. 100% success rate. If it doesn’t work it is because it was misapplied…or possibly you’re pulling something in. Anyway, congratulations, Chris. Great job!

    Your true friend


  65. Of course if you look him in the eye you have to look down on him, but we all look down on him anyway.

  66. There are no “free” churches, really, except for the indigent. Many Christian churches I know of expect a tithe of 10% (based in the Bible) for their members to be truly members.

    Here’s the irony – If the Church of Scientology had a tithing system of 10% of income for all members who are actively a member, the Church would have gotten a hell of a lot more from me than they did, and that includes my IAS statuses. I am Class VI, OT IV, and an IAS member. Granted, most of my prices were circa 1975-1993, but even then.

    But regardless, the pricing issue would not be an issue if the pricing was fair, and the TECH WAS STANDARD. Which it ain’t.

  67. Wow!!!! The media coverage is spectacular. I can’t imagine what DM is going through right now- i see copper rods being brought in by the truckloads now and scotch by the barrelfuls
    I want to see him in an orange ( or pink) jumpsuit in chains on trial where all his crimes are exposed.

  68. You would have been pulled in by the MAA for 6 hours of “Has COB missed a withold on you?”, “What has COB failed to find out about you?” and “Do you have an evil purpose or destructive intention against COB?”

  69. scilonschools


  70. All Hail the Mighty Midget!!

    Dave, ol’ buddy, li’l guy, peckerheaded, dweezlefaced, whining, no-product but an overt product, useless shit that you are – seeing this false ’empire’ you worked so hard to attain crumble as a reality played out on the open stage is very satisfying.

    What’s more satisfying is despite what hell and havoc you’re wreaked this past decades, there are those of us who know how to clean it up and are doing so daily.

    Those numbers of people recovering and reaching out to help others recover from your suppressive reversed implant tech are increasing steadily in numbers, maybe proportionate to your collapse.

    So many reasons to celebrate independence 🙂

  71. Unfortunately, I believe that if the pressure gets too strong, we’ll just find out that the Church is opening a new AO in Brazil where there are no extradition laws. Dirty pig-Midget will build a fortress around the AO, refuse to let any public in (send them back to Flag to flatten purif and Objectives again) and build a special RTC-only bunker UNDER the AO (just him and Lou by that point), and watch his world cave in from there.

  72. You mean that a Catholic Priest-in-training convinced your father to donate $250K to the church that was rightfully yours? Did he steal it from you to donate? You have a case to sue.

    Back to the subject: Priests and Nuns get their college educations at Catholic Universities at no charge.

    The Sacrament of Confession is free too.

  73. Tony DePhillips

    I was going to post the Blue velvet clip but it was too over the top. I CAN see dm doing that “mommy” thing while inhaling nitrous oxyde….

  74. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!! Perfect Mike.
    Mike did the BBC thing air in the USA and is there any good results from it that you might know about?

  75. ALLHAIL!!

    I am SO going to photoshop a pic of mighty-mouse with DM’s head superimposed on it. Who knows…maybe I’ll put it behind the strike-out symbol with a title MOUSEBUSTERS, could be great!

    The book was the most complete timeline I’ve ever read of the Church, but I haven’t read the three primary “insider” books that were written back in the day. They always sounded too anti-LRH for me to have any desire to read them.

    Anyhow, I think the media as a whole is relieved to have Janet leading the media charge on this nationally. Childs and Tobin and AC did as well, but this book is a bit further reaching in my opinion and is getting more coverage.

    Only a dude as blinded by his own crimes as DM is could have led the Church down this steep a slope this fast with Tom Cruise by his side. I know stats have been down for a long time, but I’ll bet the last two years have just been horrible!

  76. Tony DePhillips

    Smells like an OSA bot to me.

  77. Tony DePhillips

    If Scientology was delivered in an open market format then each person could charge as they saw fit.
    I don’t see anything wrong with charging money for auditing. Auditors need to survive just like everyone else.
    If it was free market Scientology then those who were fair and delivered a good product would flourish. Those who didn’t would die off.
    It’s pretty simple really.
    Currently $cientology (Radical Corporate Scientology) charges super high rates for a shabby product. That is one of the reasons people are leaving them in droves.

  78. Google: Scientology Book news. See how many outlets are talking about Janet’s book. The number is growing!

    Prediction – She’ll be on the “Today” show within 60 days. Realistically… Couple of weeks.

    Marty, get spiffed up! Major news will be calling on you too!

    And David… Don’t go away mad! Just go away…

  79. Robert Earle

    Mike ,
    Don’t know if you’ve been invited but you could catch the “world of color fashion show” at C of S Tampa on the 16th of july which is curiously sponsered by the florida coalition against human trafficking . At least the St Pete times might find this an interesting topic( CofS hosts event to support anti human trafficing????—-headline “Imploding church being investigated for human trafficking hosts local fashion show is this a costume party? or a PR ploy? “)

  80. Just did a google. Some orders do require that priests pay for their undergraduate degrees. However, after ordination, graduate degrees (law, medicine etc,) are paid for by the church.

  81. Try Googling the E-mail Adress (alsoo on pictures) and see what comes up.

  82. I was able to get in and be the last caller at the radio show she had today and managed to mention that it was just not possible to get up the grade chart due to the Dear Loser being stuck on the Bridge himself and thus not allowing any others to get higher!

  83. simonbolivar

    Even Rome Idle Org is an archeological amenity 🙂

  84. Aylesbury Wolf

    “… OT public, are not allowed to look DM in the eye. You have to look away when he is present. If that isn’t bat-shit crazy I dunno what is.”

    It’s because he can’t stand having his withholds missed.

  85. Actually, I am sorry Chris, you have now personally experienced the 2 sides of the same coin phenomena associated with the extremes. This is also why the route leading on up a little higher is generally coincident with the Great Middle Path.

    My opinion anyhow, and it really is immaterial to me if the anon was an OSA poser, and OSA dupe or through and through anti-Scn.

    Carry on with your own awesome life! Keep making music on all dynamics. In fact, splurge!

    Bruce Pratt

  86. Agreed, Mike. He will have to be pushed.
    There must have been a time in his demented thoughts when he figured he was going to rule the world. Such is the cartoon world he lives in.

  87. Thank you for your replies. I believe that there is hope for a better way.

  88. Ziba Feulner

    How will they keep up with all these Scientologists leaving the cult??? Surely there will be donation and recruitment events to keep up OSA’s work…”Let’s forget about the Ideal Org Fundraising Events!!! There is more important work to do…We have to silence Marty…” Well, that’s not happening…Don’t mess with the Marty, Dave… 😉 😉 😉

  89. “It is gonna be a long, hot summer.”

    Yeah. DM – how can you sleep when your beds are burning?

  90. I have to say it. “Anonymous is not your friend” and chanologist Anons are not all anons.

    First message sounds like Anon verbatim

    No it isn’t strange,

    Second message sounds like sarcasm

    I am glad your out, It’s just that religions have bad trackrecords with children period. No not directed at you personnaly.

  91. plainoldthetan

    Thank you. I knew I wasn’t making it up.

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