How Miscavige Ruined Tom Cruise (continued)

The despatch below from Tommy Davis  to the head of the Office of Special Affairs Network concerning Tom Cruise is revelatory in several respects.  I have included some comments in between certain paragraphs in the following document to clarify and provide context.  All inserted comments by me are in italics.  The rest of the text is the original document in full.

For those who are concerned about me being a little tough on Tom, I invite you to use the search function on this blog with his name and see how thoroughly I put him on notice about the serial human rights violations his support of Miscavige has wrought.  I probably would not even have posted this, except that I saw the Int Scientology News New Years 2011 edition with Tom Cruise front and center of the two page Shrine spread worshiping at the feet of his lord, Miscavige.  Publication of such would absolutely require Tom’s personal green light.  Ethics gradients, my friend, and believe me to date they’ve been light.

The internal church of Scientology memorandum:

CO OSA Int                                                                          9 January 2006

SVP CCI                                                                    cc:       D/CO Ext OSA Int

PR Chf OSA Int


Pres CCI

D/Tech Sec 4A CCI

Re: Yours of 8 Jan

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the ack.  It was a bad oversight on my part to have not sent that debrief to Mr. Rinder.  Thanks for doing that.  I would very much like to see his plan on MI3.  Mr. Cruise and I have been having a lot of comm on the subject and I want to make sure I am in the loop.  I still have catching up to do myself in this area.

There are a few things that have been coming up that I would like to touch base with you on that are on a similar line.

One thing is that he told me today that he has been asking for regular CCHR briefings and has not been getting them.  He mentioned that when he used to get them they were just suppressive as they were filled with MUs, etc.  I told him I would handle this.  I did brief him a bit on the recent feedback from the CCHR tours and the recent Time magazine article on Ritalin.

Tom used to carry a dictionary he was so big on word clearing. But, now that he is D/COB it is “suppressive” when someone uses a word that he does not understand.  This is the vicious victimology practiced by Miscavige. Ask anyone who spent much time around him, he is very good at convincing those around him that the world is out to get him, his stewards, his cooks, his secretary, the groundsman, his staff, his wife, his mother, his father, the US government, the psychs, you name it.  He is being attacked by “suppressives” at every hand. Guess he got his tight friend to buy into that crap too. By the way Tom knows about psychiatry (despite the misunderstood words) and you, Matt, don’t.

The other thing is that I would like to get a new briefing for him on the results of his dissemination and PR actions.  I.E. what is the count of kids off drugs now?  New FDA or CCHR products as a result?, etc.

I think the point I am harping on here with all of this is that the MI3 press tour is coming and it will be on us before we know it and we have to be prepared.  That means briefings on what is happening in the EU, Japan, Mexico, surveys from those areas from the marketing units, buttons, etc.

Translation:  Tom Cruise is being provided with church of Scientology surveys which will give to him the “buttons” to push in his press conferences in different countries in promoting his movie Mission Impossible 3, so that Tom can a) become more of a star and make more money and b) promote Corporate Scientology objectives.

He asked me to draft a note to Sarkozi (he is Interior Minister now isn’t he?) for him then there is Pinault (the French billionaire T met on the Collateral tour who owns FNAC, the major EU electronics, music, books store, etc.) and those two are just France.  What do we want to do there?  What about Spain?  I don’t want to just leave this all up to COB to figure out because you and I both know he will if we don’t do it now.

Translation: Tom Cruise’s correspondence with world leaders is being drafted by church of Scientology hack Tommy “two tone” Davis so that David “low toned” Miscavige won’t have to bypass, and kick the living … out of Tommy for having to do so.  Tommy can’t even spell the leaders’ names and doesn’t quite know their positions; but hey, in the scheme of things they are just riff raff.  After all, Tom knows that Dave is the “leader of leaders”.  To make sure it stays that way he is going to insulate himself from any information about the actual world leaders, and he is going to prove it by having the church communicate to those leaders for him. Guess what Opinion Leaders of the world who have confided in Tom Cruise?  Every word you’ve said has gone back for processing and handling to the “church” of Scientology.

COB made it clear that the message for him is to promote the film.  Be the biggest movie star ever, etc.  He is pumped about this and is already on a full create on getting proficient with his planes, cars and motorcycles, and just doing cool intense bigger than life movies star stuff.

Translation: By then there was already severe repurcussions from DM’s previous coachings of Cruise (to wit, Matt Lauer meltdown, Oprah psychosis) so Dave is doing the 1.1 thing:” Tom, just go out there and be a movie star, just like I always told you.”  Remarkably, Tom is “pumped” about that, and with the direction from his guru is going to dive into movie star valence with reckless abandon, because that is what COB has directed.  Interesting how date coincident with COB’s message to Tom to “become the biggest movie star ever”, Tom steadily fell from approaching that target and instead plummeted toward becoming the biggest laughing stock in town.

However at the same time we need to nail down the exact DA docs that can be used when he does these interview or when Paul and Arnold do the pre-interview preps.  Like the one doc that DAs the silent birth, or the sonogram crap, or even the psych stuff.  I will of course have the guys in my office all over this but I want to have the line in very tight with you, Karin and Linda.

Also, I am working with Michael to ensure Paul Bloch and Arnold Robinson are on track and on message, that they are getting T’s stats as a star out there and that they ride over and out create and stay above the  BS.  I’ll be meeting with them with Michael this week when I get back.  I also want to work out how to attack these “year end list” people who are saying he is voted as “most annoying” or “most irritating” as I don’t believe them.  I think getting Paul or Arnold to demand from these magazines the actual survey results/raw data, the numbers, the questions asked for the survey, etc.  They can not let this crap slide with out a fight but make sure that it never looks like it is T who is behind it or cares about it or create a new sit by digging into it.  They are going to get to the bottom of things like why TC has not won a People’s Choice award in ten years.  The point is that more pressure has to be kept on Paul and Arnold to get out there and be proactive.  The kind of pressure that will counteract the negative SP pressure they are getting from the press and their PTS comm lines, etc.

Ok, when Tommy says that “I” don’t believe the polls that consistently voted Tom “most irritating” and the like, he means David Miscavige doesn’t believe it.  Tommy, and anyone else for that matter on those lines, is not allowed to have an opinion let alone express one.  DM was already ordering Doven and Tom’s sister to gather Tom’s stats and ordering they be “slammed dunked” on every publication that attempts to say a negative thing about his tight friend as early as 02/03.  In other words, DM is the source of turning even Tom’s outside professionals (publicists in this case – and as you will see later his agents and attorney in later documents) into robots carrying out terribly unpopular, ill-advised strategies that cemented the uber-mirco-manage, laser head image they wanted to erase.

I think this is it for now.  I will for sure come and see you guys when I am back and we can catch up on all of this.

ML, Tommy

158 responses to “How Miscavige Ruined Tom Cruise (continued)

  1. David Lingenfelter

    No words . . .
    The tech has been altered, upper management nuked and he is spending resources and money that ARE NOT HIS on ‘helping’ friends.


  2. Dripping with arrogance and stupidity.

    I see another Village Voice article in the making.

  3. Marty,

    This is very revealing on a number of fronts:

    1. Tommy Davis – “VP” CC Int is a TC sycophant/gofor. More of the “service” provided Tom by POB.

    2. It leaves little doubt as to who runs Cruise’s career – his “PR” (which is in the toilet since Pat Kingsley was shoved out because she didnt kowtow at the applebox) is controlled by POB.

    Tommy’s history as TC gofor in charge is what put him in the position to become POB’s “international church spokesman”.

  4. Remindes me of the story of Faust by Goethe. Man sells his soul to the devil for material gain and is henceforth micromanaged by the big D and suffers the fall from grace.

  5. Oh how history repeats even in fiction!

  6. Another brick falls….

  7. Tony DePhillips

    Marty said:”Ethics gradients, my friend, and believe me to date they’ve been light.”

    Hey Marty, I really wish you would ratchet it up a little higher. Nothing has bit yet.

    I really can hear the arrogance in tommy boys comm. It is like he is real important and is running the planet for the pope on the box. Like these guys are real movers and shakers.
    Hey, if these guys were so good, why don’t they get the Idle Orgs booming??
    Oh, ya, they have to safe point the planet first. They are doing a real good job of that….

  8. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Last month, some members of the goon squad showed up at my house. We didn’t speak, so I don’t really know what they wanted; I assume they hoped to get me to say bad things about my marvelous auditor, Marty.

    I called the police, and while I was trying to explain who these dimwits were and what they might have been here for, the police didn’t quite get it — until I mentioned “the religion Tom Cruise is a member of.”

    Instant recognition — not in a good way.

    Those few little words were enough. They instantly understood, wrote up my report, made sure our neighborhood constable patrol knew what was going on and told me what to do if they ever show up again.

    In this twisted little circular insanity of DM, the cult has ruined Tom Cruise’s career by helping Tom Cruise ruin the word “scientology.” I know very few people who don’t think of Tom Cruise’s bizarre behavior when I say scientology, or think of the strange cult of scientology when I say Tom Cruise. They are mutually destructive to one another.

    Well done.

  9. Cindy – so true. I was recently explaining this whole subject and mess to some ladies that I work with. When I asked them if they knew what Scientology was or had heard of it, they said “Tom Cruise?” As the church goes down, Tom will be going down with it.

  10. It’s amazing that this Church has as its top priority the PR of an actor., while Ron is dragged through the mud.The ethics gradient on TC has been way too low.

  11. Scott Campbell

    Oh my God. What is Tommy’s level of education? This dispatch reads like it was written by someone at junior high level.

    Not to mention the content. Talk about altered importance! I guess his interest must be important because of penalty.

  12. Cindy ~~

    The sheer hypocrisy of the Church. It wails and wines about Anonymous as a Terrorist group while Miscavige is fully duplicating the valence of ANONYMOUS.

    +++++++showing up at a location unannounced was first introduced by Anonymous. Now done by the the “Church”.
    +++++++Posting vulgar blogs including private parts was first introduced by Anonymous. Now done by the the “Church”.
    +++++++Shooping images to distort the person’s face and weight was first done by Anonymous. Now done by the the “Church”.
    +++++++You Tube videos ~ a combination of MTV/parody/SaturdayNightLive spoofs was first done by Anonymous. Now done by the the “Church”.

    Office of “COB” in the valence of Anonymous.

    Cindy, Email me if you would like your law enforcement officer to hook up with mine and Michael Fairman’s via Email. They are counterparts to the same harassment and they share info with each other. (We had the same goon squads show up) Goon Squads in the valence of Anonymous.


  13. Tony Dephillips

    Wow! Powerful words Cindy. Very true too.

  14. Tony Dephillips

    Good connection Karen.
    He’s going into the winning valence. Or truth be told they probably matched his tone and got him in communication at least on a reactive level.

  15. What complete psychotic arrogance…if anyone doesn’t like me/us they must be suppressive. There is NO effort to consider “why am I voted most irritating or most annoying”. The only effort is to manipulate the stats. Corporate Ser-Fac-ology run by David “I’m-very-short-but-never-wrong” Miscavige is completely stark, staring bat-shit crazy.
    God, I am SO glad I don’t work for those psychopaths anymore…

  16. Marty,
    Make sure OMG! blog sees this. Hollywood will ratchet up the ethics gradient for you. Any reason to go after TC. He’s been on their D-list for a while. A lot of this will have ripples we common folk have no idea about, I’m sure. 😉

    More please! This is the button to push. TA action is on the way. The way out, is the way through!!!

  17. one of those who see

    Hi Karen, Just some info: Was just on the Squirrel Buster Productions Facebook page. If you click on their video called “The Notice” It says: “This video has been removed as a violation of You Tube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

  18. True, Karen. Except that Anonymous never turned up at people’s homes, considering that behaviour to be too low. 🙂

    Back to TC, I feel for all the professionals who had to cope with Tommy and his PR hacks constantly trying to tell them how to do their jobs.

  19. CC should really be called Cruise Central.

    The way they fawn over this guy and even pimp for him is beyond nauseating.

    They’ve turned the whole organization into Tom Cruise’s PR office.

    It used to be that CC was instrumental in launching or reviving an artist’s career.

    Now its more likely to destroy it.

  20. Delusional/Dub-in. I was in Rome a few months after the “Oprah”/Matt incidents, when the topic of Tom Cruise came up because the group of people I was with found out I was a Scio. The general consenus then was that TC’s career was in the crapper and would not recover because of his antics. Insanity is insane. No use trying to figure it out, insane is insane its not suppose to make sense.

  21. Geeze, you are right Karen. How spooky does it get? How to make some sense of that? Are they “out of valence” out here beyond the walls because they are so out of comm with ordinary Earth people they don’t know how to act?

  22. one of those who see

    Tom Cruise has done some beautiful work-Far and Away, Top Gun, Last Samurai, Minority Report. I even liked Night and Day. I hope someone can get to him and help him open his eyes. Your Auditor is out here and he can help you clean this mess up. Real freedom awaits.

    After reading this post tonight, I went to find “The Reason for Orgs”
    HCOPL 31 January 1983 “The Reason For Orgs”
    page 84 – 85 Vol 0

    …Oh, of course the unholy will beg you not to do it, will try to pervert policy and corrupt tech, will cause trouble and mock and lie and try to discourage or stop you. But that’s the reason things went bad-and those were the creatures that did it. And no objective worth obtaining was ever achieved without some barriers arising or industrious dedication.
    So: Make it happen!
    The Stars wait!

  23. Tom Cruise needs to fire his handlers if he hopes to do what he wants to do with his career. Can’t someone reach him? Is his friendship with DM really worth losing so much goodwill? I enjoy his movies, but he is not the opinion leader that his handlers are leading him to be. This makes me sad. DM is evil. I can’t tell if TC and DM are two peas in a pod or if Tom is oblivious and too trusting.

  24. There was a funny sketch on Monte Python; “and here’s the inquisition” showing up unannounced. Maybe DM and company could get a chuckle if they wore red robes in the paddle boat.

  25. Nicole Kidman really got screwed by all of this DM interferance into TC’s life around the turn of the century.
    She got her heart ripped out.
    I wish she’d speak out about it now that her kids are over 18. That would have some serious horsepower behind it.

  26. scilonschools

    “I really can hear the arrogance in tommy boys comm. It is like he is real important and is running the planet for the pope on the box”

    And where is Tommy now?
    (Shows how dedication and loyalty to the CoM is repaid!)

  27. I had a cog reading this. Could call it the „magic of the hidden or not ised datum“. In real life we evaluate all those people around us. We are asking questions like: „can I trust him?“, „is he honest to me?“, „does he tell me the truth?“. We need to do that basically to survive the jungle. Especially in our work environment. But DM is the one exception. Those around him are not allowed to evaluate him. And I think he makes that point pretty shure by sec checks and more violent handlings. The result is that those around DM seem to act stupid or worse for those that see the not ised datum.

  28. For you Tom (or Cass or Marian or Lee Anne or Mary Anne or Derek or Nicole or Bela or Connor or Katie or Katie’s family and friends or anyone else who is reading this blog out of concern for him – do something about this!). If you won’t listen to us then perhaps you will listen to LRH:
    “Men in the field of the arts are very often victimized by these aberrative personalities. The “merchant of fear” closes terminals rapidly with any area which contains a great deal of admiration. Since the person is actually incapable of decision, this is a mechanical closure. The presence of admiration around anyone else begins to dissolve some of the completely stultified bank of the “merchant of fear” and this finds him very close to the source. Orchestra leaders, painters, writers are always having the terrible misfortune of closing terminals with such personalities. There is hardly a man of art or letters who does not bear on him the scar of having associated with a “merchant of fear” for these are vampire personalities. They are themselves so starved of admiration and of sensation that they drink out of others around them any possible drop of admiration in any form…”
    “…I wish to impress upon the auditor that the “merchant of fear” is extremely dangerous, both to creative impulses and to sanity….”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    You can find the rest of the reference in Tech Volume I or the front of any PTS/SP pack.

    For you DM: Someday one of Tom’s family members will do the right thing and help Tom out of this trap. When they do, Tom will cognite exactly who you are and what you have done to him. God help you when he does and his family unite to protect him from you. It will happen.
    “…The truth of the matter is: such people never win. If one traces out these people, as I have done occasionally after processing a preclear, he will discover that the aberrative personality is very close to the brink of a crack-up, has a very low survival level, and quite commonly goes insane…”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    Your triumph in controlling and manipulating one of the greatest movie stars of our time will become your Achilles’ heel.

    Same message goes to John Travolta and any of his friends and family members. Don’t walk. RUN!

  29. Oh yeah and Kirstie Alley too.
    Kirstie, you didn’t look like you were doing to well the last time I saw you at Flag. Get the hell out! You are being suppressed!

  30. Now if I were an Anon I would find that highly insulting! LOL

  31. True, true words, Cindy.

  32. I swear, if Tommy Davis displayed this level of ignorance about the “public” in “public relations” and then memorialized his ignorance in a dispatch / memo at any other organization in the world, he would be escorted to the door with his family photographs and memorabilia in a cardboard box. He is unfit to write a press release, much less plan and manage any kind of program.

    This child has no understanding of public relations at all. You don’t INFLICT your viewpoint on another person or even “the public,” because nobody can inflict a point of view on anyone else. You must create a CONVERSATION in which you and those whom you hope to influence are willing to exchange ideas and, thereby, create some shared agreement. You build from there.

    “Public relations” is an exercise in theta and ARC. Stated another way, it is difficult to agree with someone whom you don’t like and who is very different from you. The very practical and useful corollaries to this last statement are numerous. Whether you’re involved in a political campaign or a family disagreement or a spiritual movement, the principles are the same.

    It is otherworldly to me that David Miscavige and Tommy Davis who grew up knowing these principles are completely unable to recognize them as the senior solvent in resolving disagreements. I don’t know what they are, but they are not Scientologists.

    Just Me

  33. “part of handling is handling now”. LRH

    And that’s what you did, Cindy – great !!!

  34. “+++++++Shooping images to distort the person’s face and weight was first done by Anonymous.”

    No Karen, this one was a Co$ strategy as early as in 1992 or so. At that time Co$ distributed a propaganda pamphlet called “hate and propaganda” (sic!) about the alleged suppression in Germany.

    It included edited photos of vocal critics of Co$ looking like sinister goblins.

  35. Very well written, JM !

    For decades we have witnessed propaganda of “Co$ supremacy” – and the natural setbacks and side effects that it created.

  36. Tom Cruise is caught in a COBweb 😮

  37. niiiiiiiiiiice!

  38. Jethro Bodine

    >> He is pumped about this and is already on a full create on getting proficient with his planes, cars and motorcycles,

    Did someone say planes, trains and automobiles? Tom Cruise’s life has turned into a real life John Hughes comedy. I hope he can find his way out of Wichita, though I have a feeling he may be f*cked:

  39. JM,

    I agree.
    IMO, Tommy was thrown into something he wasn’t up to dealing with. He was in over his head. My gut feeling is there is still a flickering light of decency in him. I hope he gets out and decompresses before it goes out all together.
    IMO, I feel that D/COB as a title for Tom is not far from the truth. Too much mutuality there for any kind of exterior viewpoint on the suject of the church. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. I think there’s a lot more to this story.
    IMO, There will be retaliation on Marty in the next week. He has pushed the number button, the button you never dare push, Tom Cruise.

  40. I specifically remember your posts—the shots fired over the bow of his ship.
    At this point he’s got to have some spots of daylight in his life–experts that are saying, “Hey, you might take a look here.”
    His window of opportunity to slip out of this is so near to being shut completely, that if I were him I’d figure out what I could do damned fast.

    It’s either that or M14, the infamous bull from the Independant Rodeo Company in south Texas, is about to be let out of chute #5.

  41. she didnt kowtow at the applebox….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    An applebox—the pulpit!—the alter!

  42. “Cruise Control”
    It was a big deal when it came out in cars too.

  43. Mr. Cruise,
    If you would, please indulge me for a moment.
    You are in the middle of the arena with your pants down around your ankles.

    Yours is the quintessential story of the artist and the SP. Modern day Shakespeare. Life has a way of giving one precisely and exactly what they need to grow. Unfortunately it’s the hard lessons we learn from.
    (Wiser men might learn from the mistakes of others but those are few.)

    You are right in the middle—shit-sandwiched if you will, between the clash of two Titans.

    It aint nowhere to be.

    “The more bread ya got, the less shit ya taste” is not workable this time.

    Get your act together. You STILL have the ability to turn things around—it is not going to taste good but it’s your cross to bear. YOU straightening yourself out and assisting in correcting the situation at hand would be fondly remembered.

    Look at Marty. I don’t begrudge anyone for things they’ve done especially when they set things right. Hell, after a few hours of talking, Marty would probably put ya on the cans and help you through.
    You have some confronting to do.
    Do it.

    Dean Thomas

  44. martyrathbun09

    Well put CIndy.

  45. Right on! It cannot get more exact than that!
    , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,the author of Faust knew about valences. He let his hero say:
    Two souls, alas! reside within my breast and each withdraws from and repels its brother.

    Good discription of confusion. We can only hope that all those artists that have been duped will find their way back to themselves.

    Goethe, August 28 1749 – March22 1832, also sugested the following:

    Every day we should hear at least one little song,read one good poem,see one exquisite picture and , if possibel,speak a few sensibel words.

    The list is expandable. Everyone who contributes to this site and confronts the evil that it seeks to expose, should remember that and take time out. I know many do.
    And Sam, You spoke a few sensibel words and passed on the perfect LRH references.
    Thank you!

  46. sorry for the typos, should be,
    number one button

  47. Sam, I believe that the reference from LRH says it all!

  48. Mr. Cruise,

    How proud are you of the gifts from David Miscavitch? Would you stand up and tell the world, your fans and all your peers that The CO$ gave you a custom motorcycle, a Custom Motor home, Renovated and Customized your plane hanger, pays for and manages your life and family tells you who to marry and who to divorce?

    Is your life better now than it was before? Why don’t you get some self determinism back? Scientology works, but only if you work at it. A free ride like yours will profit you nothing, The monkey on your back is not your friend but hangs on to vicarioulsy live your life.


  49. Despite the ages of her kids, I’m sure she knows she risks loosing them if she speaks out. If either or both of them are kool-aid drinkers they would cut her off if she speaks out against the C of M.

  50. That’s telling it how it is cowboy 🙂

  51. I do not understand the importance of tommy’s education level? does it make you feel good to put someone down by stating they have a junior high school education? how is this productive?

    Tommy is not the problem here. He was doing what he had been told to do. Just as Marty, Mike and all of us did while we were in that money driven corp structure of scientology. If you do not tow the company line you get chopped at the knees. There are plenty of really good people who were not afforded a good education because they were coerced at a young age.

    Please help me to see how it is productive to put people down. Does this not bring us down to their level? I would like to think that we can and do operate on a HIGHER level.

    my humble opinion.

  52. Summer Wind

    I think it’s interesting that Tommy says ” make him the biggest movie start in the world” He actually was until Miscavage’s Minions started running his life for him. Another good question would be : “and why did Tom let them”?
    Sad, very sad.:(

  53. Dylan:

    I agree with you. Just to set the record straight, Tommy dropped out of Columbia University to join the SO.

    You are right — both Marty and I have stated that his normal state is a decent. likeable guy.

    He became a sycophant and gofor for TC — that was his job. This is something he can do. POB grooved him in on what was expected. Total subservience. ALmost like a slave. He was perfect to move over onto POBs personal “PR” (make no mistake, there is nothing about being the “international spokesperson” that has anything to do with Scientology — it is ALL about POBs “PR” first, foremost and exclusively).

  54. Yvonne Schick

    Sam, you nailed it again. Right to the simplicity and essence of the situation.

  55. Mr. Cruise, it is apparent you are not applying conditions. If you were you would see change in your own personal life. You have allowed yourself to buy into what you consider knowledge of the subject of Scientology. You have put your family and friends at risk. Perhaps you will have to lose everything before you can see.There has been no change in how others view you, it is time to look.

  56. Yvonne Schick

    Why did Tom let them? The same reason any of us “let them”. Betrayal disguised as help.

  57. scilonschools

    As said many times before “It’s all covered in STANDARD TECH!! , As an ‘outsider’ working my way through LRH’s written record you have to admire the level of detail to cover all this stuff that was left, though as we all know there are some trying to erase/change that reference material!

  58. Karen,
    There’s a lot of truth to what you have said; but I have to say that comparing the Church of MIscavology to Anonymous only reflects poorly on Anonymous, as the CoM is much worse.

    My observation is that Anonymous never had to make anything up to squawk about. They have been pretty consistent in protesting about the abuses of the CoS and in insisting that they stop-something that echoes in the pages of this blog.

    Nor did they ever raid the private confessionals to smear anybody.

    Nor did they ever make threats on individuals, invade privacy, harass family and co-workers of Scientologists, nor hire PIs to dig up any dirt on any Scientologist.

    It’s like you’re comparing a wild tiger to a feral cat. Yes, the feral cat is bad enough, but which one would you rather be locked in a room with? :-/

  59. Yehaa

  60. Mike,
    Your reference of POB PR actually reminded me of a discussion of the positions you and Marty were in following the Applebox!

    Then again, perhaps TC one of these days might cognite that the addiction to Kool Aid might be the why of his career going down the loo. JT also better start smelling the coffee as he’s still flowing power to Nero playing rap about boats while his ship is going down.

  61. +1 CP!

  62. Tony DePhillips

    I like Cowboy logic.

  63. Jethro Bodine

    BTW, it was later that year (2006) that Tom Cruise got fired by Paramount because MI3 was a disappointment at the box office. This seems to be a direct result of letting Miscavige micro-manage Cruise’s career.

    LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22 — Citing Tom Cruise’s yearlong metamorphosis from pure box-office phenomenon to pop-culture punch line, Viacom’s chairman, Sumner M. Redstone, said Tuesday that Paramount Pictures was ending its 14-year relationship with the actor’s production company.

    Stephen Vaughan/Paramount Pictures, via Associated Press
    Tom Cruise in “Mission: Impossible III.” The relatively weak opening of the movie in May worried officials at Paramount Pictures.
    Mr. Cruise’s representatives insisted that they had not been fired but instead had quit and had already lined up $100 million in financing to produce movies on their own.

    Either way, the parting of the ways was anything but amicable. And it came as the latest sign that the media conglomerates that control Hollywood are growing impatient with the megastars who earn the highest salaries.

    Last year, Mr. Cruise seemed to sprout cracks in his megawatt-smile facade: jumping up and down on Oprah Winfrey’s couch to declare his love for the actress Katie Holmes; assailing Brooke Shields for taking prescription drugs to treat postpartum depression; and speaking out publicly against psychiatry and for his religion, Scientology.

    Mr. Cruise’s third installment of the “Mission: Impossible” series has earned nearly $400 million worldwide and could earn half again that much from DVD sales. But its weak opening weekend in May left Paramount executives believing that the negative attention and mockery of Mr. Cruise had hurt the film. Worse still, Mr. Cruise’s rich chunk of the profits could leave the studio barely breaking even.

    After weeks of negotiations to extend a production deal, Mr. Redstone said Tuesday that Paramount had given up.

    “As much as we like him personally, we thought it was wrong to renew his deal,” Mr. Redstone told The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the studio’s decision on its Web site. “His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.”

  64. Perhaps she’s just moved on – her career and family life got much better and took an upswing, winning an Oscar which her Ex probably craves more than anything, having distanced herself from the PoS and Deputy/PoS & BFF.

  65. As well as JT and Kelly! Two of the nicest people you would want to meet without their Kool Aid connections!

  66. Summer Wind
    It is all about blind Spots.

  67. Nice one Marty.

    “The despatch below from Tommy Davis to the head of the Office of Special Affairs Network concerning Tom Cruise is revelatory in several respects.”

    Adj. 1. revelatory – (usually followed by `of’) pointing out or revealing clearly; “actions indicative of fear”
    indicatory, significative, suggestive, indicative
    revealing – showing or making known; “her dress was scanty and revealing”
    2. revelatoryrevelatory – prophetic of devastation or ultimate doom
    apocalyptic, apocalyptical
    prophetic, prophetical – foretelling events as if by supernatural intervention; “prophetic writings”; “prophetic powers”; “words that proved prophetic”

  68. Tom has such unused potential as an actor. I do not think that he has yet to be challenged to his maximum extent as an artist in any film so far. And that is very unfortunate because now that he is blindly connected to a suppressive, he never will truly be given a chance to spread his wings and hit his true potential.

    I remember Rob Riener saying once that if Tom Cruise is an example of a Scientologist, that we all should be Scientologists. That was back in the days of “A Few Good Men” when Tom was full of life and wasn’t jumping on couches and calling Matt Lauer “glib”, or publicly invalidating a woman who just had a baby.

    I wonder if Mr Riener still feels the same.

  69. Miscavige personified Carol.

  70. Expelled 4 Life

    Tom: You’re getting close to going full retard. Don’t do it.

  71. Simply Revolting

    Leni Riefenstahl was a talented and innovative film director was pilloried after the war for her supposed artistic support of a suppressive regime. Although she denies being a member of that group, her ground-breaking ‘work’ is rightly or wrongly tainted by this, and history remembers her so.

    Tome Cruise you played a character opposed to the above mentioned SP in a film. Which side do actually belong to in real life?

    Our current ‘regime’ has deprived tens of thousands of case gain through the halting of the great expansion that many of us still remember of decades past. It has invalidated and ruined cases and caused death and suicide. It has broken families and forced abortions. The great plan of LRH lies in tatters. This is a whole track overt of magnitude; we are talking not bodies but theta and theta universes here.

    Tom Cruise; you are not just an artist who work was appreciated and used by an SP, you have openly embraced and collaborated in close contact with an SP of whole track significance. History will remember you, one way or another…

    How do you think history will remember a collaborator, of an SP who has halted the expansion of what LRH describes as; the only hope for this universe, will be? We go back a long way for such crimes on the track.

    Tome Cruise stands to be judged by the history of the whole track.

    Any gains received, or artistic awards, or works of artistic merit, are paled by this likely judgement…

    Can Tom Cruise get his ethics in?

    Whole Track history will tell.

  72. Just a passing thought, but it has GOT to be suppressive to take someone’s own item, e.g., “become the biggest movie star in the world,” and then re-issue that to him as an order — as if it were not HIS own idea, but an other-determined one.

    Goodbye, item! Goodbye, personal horsepower! Goodbye, game!


  73. Lil’ D was also behind the breakup between Tom and Mimi.

    Turned the Int Base into seedy motel so Tom and Nicole could cheat on Mimi.

    So Nicole’s hands aren’t totally clean on the whole affair and Tom isn’t just an innocent victim of Resident Evil.

    Though I’m happy that Nicole got away from all that insanity and her career seems to have blossomed while Tom’s seems to be circling the bowl.

    Just goes to show you what happens when you remain connected to an SP.

    And Tom’s about as *connected* as it gets.

  74. Yvonne Schick


  75. Very well put JM,

    However Tommy Two Tone and Lil’ D no longer use the PR Series.

    That is “old”, “background” etc.

    They now use what is called Perception Management tech. Something he got from his friend Bob Gray at H&K:

  76. Before the premier of the last Harry Potter movie at midnight last night…
    On-screen pre pre movie trivia – Katie Holmes trivia re. Dawson Creek – 20ish guy behind me says, isn’t she married to Tom Cruise? 20ish girl says, yes and he’s whack with his religion so she must be too.

  77. Just Me~Great point! I’d even say TC had already accomplished that level in the past so now that’s also invalidated heavily. Interesting, very.

  78. She moved on, to an Academy award, Keith Urban and Prince William. I don’t think she’s crying her eyes out!

    When she split with Tom she rose up and he fell down.

  79. As Anons say “goodnight sweet prince”

  80. Hells yeah! It IS hate speech!

  81. Maybe you agree with everything Tom Cruise says.

    But look at his body language in comparison with the interviewers body language

  82. Just in case anyone has any doubts about TC and “the winning valence”:

  83. 😆 Bwahahahaha Love it!

  84. Yes Anonymous talks to Miscavige in the language he understands.

  85. Sinar, I think you are absolutely correct. Their daughter apparently is with her mom more now too.

  86. Did Anon do that ? lol

  87. Anonymous

    No PI’s
    No bribing politicians

    I am lazy and let your knowing how to know fill the list

  88. It is as old a practice as human kind

  89. Marty, this posting is brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

  90. And now the Tiger’s teeth are rotten

    Anonymous is not your friend but that is consistent too

  91. Me too! I fer sure got that concept!

  92. morelivesthanacat

    “Ask anyone who spent much time around him, he is very good at convincing those around him that the world is out to get him, his stewards, his cooks, his secretary, the groundsman,…”

    First I personally observed this was about 1990. And it was a groundsman. I overheard the accusation and knew for a fact that P.O.B. was dead wrong. Laughably so. It was actually the first time I wondered about him owing to the particular and misplaced malice in his tone for a relatively insignificant matter. That groundsman soon blew and was declared. Ironically the guy in charge of Grounds (P.O.B. appointed) was an actual raving psychotic (SP) who enturbulated the Grounds Dept for years–so much so that the Security Force was often called down there to calm down the psychotic outbreaks. (but this particular chap was “untouchable” because of what he knew from an earlier posting–did I mention he was P.O.B. appointed?) Years later P.O.B. told me about a change in operating basis regarding suppressive elements and their CI. He pantomimed a knife across his throat. When I approached the brink one day, he looked at me and pressed his hand against his mouth as if he “didn’t want to say it”. He didn’t have to. His minions got the execution underway. Well, actually he got the ball rolling pretty good, but I won’t go into that. That’s a clue Dave. But hey–how many people have you have you had that done to anyway…Hard to keep track, isn’t it? ‘especially with the Scotch an’ all…

  93. Mr Fancy.

    You make excellent points

  94. Tony Dephillips

    Yep. Positioned in time and space by another = savery.l

  95. Thank you Han Solo.
    Well, the “Church’s” strategy certainly worked, didn’t it ?
    The Church accuses others of BLACK PROPAGANDA while it wallows in it
    beyond anything any Church in history has done.
    Witness their black propaganda pages on Marty and their hate sites.
    Invented fantasy and some truth taken right out of CONBFESSIONALS.
    Marty whistle blows the TRUTH.
    Miscavige retaliates with a tissue of lies.
    Is there any “church” more beloved in Germany than Scientology ?

    ~~~Where a Government Intelligence agency looks over their shoulder and their reputation is below MUD.

  96. “How Miscavige Ruined Tom Cruise (continued)”

  97. That there has been such a heavy backlash against Scientology in popular culture is not some sudden phenomenon. It is rather a long-overdue indictment of Scientology by a planet outraged by decades of Scientology’s inexcusable lies, intimidation, and brutality.

    Scientology has pulled this in on itself because it first created and then perpetuated a culture of brutality, hostility, inhumanity, and intrigue against society which was expressed in Operation Snow White and continues to manifest itself in the covert operations of OSA, the utter inhumanity of RPF, and the terrorism of Fair Game. Scientology created the preconditions necessary for the wide public contempt and scorn it is now justly receiving at the hands of the planetary citizenry and its media.

    Tom Cruise’s appearance on Oprah marked the zenith of Tom Cruise’s career. He walked on stage as the most famous and powerul movie actor in the world. He was considered invincible. No one in the press would dare attack him or say anything less than flattering about Tom Cruise if they ever hoped to get an interview with this living screen legend.

    Yet Tom Cruise’s Oprah appearance would prove to be his personal Little Big Horn, for he allowed his ego to lead his power and prestige into a media massacre he never saw coming. Tom thought the Oprah interview would be a romp where he could charm women the world over and convince them that his love for Katie was pure and true and that Scientology was the most tres chic thing in the world.

    In what has to be the single most bizarre interview in television history, what was supposed to be Tom’s boyish charm was seen as full adult lunacy and perhaps even the erratic hints of an approaching insanity.

    The Matt Lauer/Tom Cruise interview was Scientology’s Pearl Harbor. This was the defining moment when Western Culture worldwide saw a major weakness in Scientology and launched a broad attack where Scientology least expected it, and that would be Tom Cruise. Scientology wrongly thought that Tom Cruise was invicible and that the media would never dare attack him. But by this time Pat Kingsley was gone as Tom’s PR guru. She had been replaced by Tom’s sister and fellow Scientologist, Lee Anne DeVette. Stripped of the guidance and protection of Pat Kingsley, the stage was set for disaster in Tom’s career.

    Tom Cruise and Scientology were caught sleeping. They never suspected that the planet was so angry at them. People all across the globe were watching and waiting for an opportunity to repay Scientology for inflicting decades of intimidation and outrageous and uncivilized barbarism upon the planet.

    Tom Cruise’s interviews with Matt Lauer and Oprah interviews were defining moments in culture, for the world witnessed in them a major actor fall from his pedestal by his own bizarre actions. The world also decided that payday had come for Scientology: The world was no longer willing to accept the outrageous conduct or actions of Scientology and its adherents. Scientology and Tom Cruise had sewn the wind and they would reap the whirlwind.

    In a stunning reversal of fortunes for the Cult of Scientology, Squirrel Buster Ed Bryan has now become the leading Scientology celebrity. According to SB Productions, Ed is now being solicited to appear in additional music videos.


  98. Running out of PCs – how to look busy – without real production.
    What about…
    Number of new Clears?
    WD auditing hours?
    Number of trained auditors?

    Smelling the reform!

  99. We need not even wait for history.

  100. Get ’em Cowboy!

    ML Tom

  101. Tom Gallagher

    Mr. Applebox, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.

    As for you Mr. Cruise, you have the right to remain stupid.

  102. CD,
    Anons believe that Scientology has limited or no value, but most of them support your freedom to practice your religion as you see fit.

    To guarantee that your first amendment rights are not abused, many of them have spent their own money, taken time out of their lives, and risked (and in several cases weathered) retaliation from your former co-religionists.

    Why? Because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

    Can you say that all of the people you have called friends have done as much?

  103. J.Swift

    Good comparison between 2005 and 2011 ~~ THEN and NOW.
    How far have they fallen ?

    2005 Tom Cruise “OT 7” jumping on a sofa on Oprah.
    2011 Ed Bryan “OT8” dancing on a boat on a canal in Texas.

    2005 Mike Rinder, International Spokesman
    2011 Squirrel Buster Productions take the stage as International Spokesmen as the NEW Face of Scientology.
    John Allender and Ed Bryan OT 8s is all Miscavige can come up with.


  104. Brilliant, my man. So true.

  105. Typical “Scientology Critic” pov:

    Translation Scientology and LRH are responsible for TC’s melt down because of “Operation Snow White”.

    Actually it was GO1361 interestingly written by the same guy who turned or more probably was a Fed Informant but who needs accuracy when ranting endlessly about “evil cults”.

    J thanks for taking the time for posting here but aren’t you wanted back at ARS?

    Oh BTW say hi to Arnie for me.

  106. I just hope Independent Scientologists are not shy to let hear their voice.

  107. Looking forward to the day, when Tommy and Tom are both here. It will take a while longer for Cruise, he has a thicker barrier to work through, but he will arrive as the ship flounders.

    Tommy may arrive much sooner. As soon as he acknowledges that he knows that what he has been doing is perpetuating a lie no one longer believes, he’ll have no choice but to reconsider his considerations. He may be ignorant, but he is not stupid.

  108. That is hilarious.

  109. That’s a classic speech. Loved it – and the thing is, it is true. TC’s gone full koolaid.

  110. So, it could just be that TC is studying DM for psycho roles.

  111. “I won’t hesitate to put ethics in on someone else, ya know, ’cause I put it ruthlessly in on myself.”
    – Tom Cruise

  112. One of those who See.
    Good catch !

    A “Religion” needing to be censored for HATE SPEECH.

    Religion indeed.

  113. No, and touché

    In the end Chanologists will onley have Indy Scientologists to talk to

  114. Does anybody have a clip of Cruise coming back onto Oprah years later and basically apologizing while in a very “calm” valence?

    Am I correct in recalling that Cruise basically said that he realizes he came across as arrogant and that he wouldn’t be talking about Scn in public anymore?

    Can’t locate that clip…

  115. That’s a good summary, J.Swift. I started an article this week that points out the CoS’s denigration of and contempt for the planet — referring to people as “wogs,” assuming all are stupid or against Scientology — all this is symptomatic of a group that utterly lacks a 4th dynamic. They have no urge to survive as… no affinity for… no pride in… no agreement with… their own 4th dynamic — the human race.

    LRH said a quick gauge of a person’s sanity was how many dynamics the person operated on 1 – 8. The more dynamics the person operated on, the saner the person generally. Miscavige only operates on one dynamic — the first. He does nothing but chop and rail against the rest.

    To me, any staff member in Scientology, who’s 4th dynamic is so FUBAR that they think the entire human race is generally vicious or stupid or irrelevant… well, that person is a walking betrayal of trust. The entire rationale behind Scientology was an effort to preserve the human race by making people sane, one by one. It was supposed to be an effort to help the planet.

    Today, and for decades, the Church has been doing the opposite: reverse-processing people and outputting them as one of the following:

    a) degraded human beings (DBs)
    b) suppressive persons
    c) corpses.

    Those who were strong enough, left the CoS to become either

    d) an independent Scientologist
    e) an ex-Scientologist

    For many years, the CoS had no other products, except for broken families, abortions, divorces, dollars ripped off, entubulation, hatred and confusion. Anyway, again, good summary you wrote.

  116. MLTAC,
    Agreed, about 1990 was a turning point of sorts mainly the Int Stats and perhaps the birth of the PoB coincident with the flood threatening the BFF’s quarters & handlings thereof.

    The grounds dept guy really got sick and recovered and offloaded, now as Security for the Santa Clarita ex kids ranch where nothing is happening last I heard, still drinking Kool aid. It’s a shame that some of these cats don’t realize they’ve been thrown under the PoB bus and don’t realize it! Thanks for sharing the story.

  117. That is beautiful. Wow!

  118. CD,
    You beat me to it, posting the big PoB masterpiece of editing, which when viewed by the world reclassified TC as the weirdo in the weirdo cult.

  119. Bryan, is this the one?

  120. Tony DePhillips

    These Kool Aide commercials remind me of the bots in the money regging video with their false “high tone”.

  121. I, for one, look forward to that day, CD.

    And judging from the looks of this crowd, I think this time around you can avoid the injustices that brought Anonymous into being in the first place. 🙂

  122. Tony DePhillips

    = slavery

  123. Tony DePhillips

    Tom looks very serious and keyed in. mudd cabbage is in his universe.

  124. Tony DePhillips

    Sure he does… LOL!!

  125. I, for one, look forward to that day, CD.

    And judging from the looks of this crowd, I think this time around you can avoid the injustices that brought Anonymous into being in the first place. 🙂

    Oh, and I almost forgot: “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…” 😉

  126. Holy shit!

  127. Lotus Miyamoto

    Definetly Tom C. You should simply walk away from DM and his squirrel tech before your career, your family and you are completely destroyed by him. Why remain friends with someone who will turn on you and your family the very second he feels threatened by you in any way?

  128. Indeed! Thank you Sinar. 🙂

    TC damage control 101. I wonder how much input DM had here?

  129. His tone level in this video, – 0.7 accountable. He is coming off like an E/O and I don’t know who he is preaching to. Scientologists? “Don’t depend on the Orgs or David Miscavige”?

    He needs some sort out, obviously.

    So, Let’s decide he gets sorted out with a good name, want, and get on that. Tom, your mission is to call Marty!

  130. Aww…those were the days! I think I got a Rick Astley tape in a christmas stocking one year, lol. (1988?) That dude can sing.

  131. Down to what clothes he wore and that Katie was there to greet her, and what script she would pull off the shelf and what page it would be opened to….

    He was madly trying to “salvage” Tom as a film star who could call anyone in the world and get them to pick up (from heads of movie studios to presidents of countries). Tom is no use to POB if he loses his “star” status. I would guess he has one last chance — if MI 4 tanks, he is a has-been and you will start to see stories like that about him. There were murmurings after Knight and Day, it will turn into a roar if MI 4 doesnt exceed box off ice expectations.

    Miscavige created his own monster. Cruise went totally into his valence. They practically as-ised on stage when they stood face to face saluting each other on the IAS stage. The world got to see the arrogance and insanity of the POB’s creation — his so called “best Scientologist” and it went over like a fart in church.

  132. Thoughtful

    Quote: “LRH said a quick gauge of a person’s sanity was how many dynamics the person operated on 1 – 8. The more dynamics the person operated on, the saner the person generally. Miscavige only operates on one dynamic — the first. He does nothing but chop and rail against the rest.”

    Exactly. Check out this definition of “self-determinism”.

    “SELF-DETERMINISM, 9. A condition of determining the actions of self. It is a first (self) dynamic action and leaves the remaining seven undetermined or, in actuality, in opposition to the self. Thus if one wants to take on the rest of life in a free-for-all fight, one could be entirely insistent upon total self-determinism. One is Self-determined, then, in any situation in which he is fighting. He is pan-determined in any situation which he is controlling. FOT, p. 50)”

    Eric S

  133. Scott Campbell

    I take it from your response to my criticism of Tommy’s dispatch that I was being politically incorrect.

    Please send me a list of whom it is correct to level Ad-hominem attacks at so that I can modify my socially offensive behavior for the group.

    I assume that Miscavige is fair game.

  134. Rafael Sanchez Nuñez

    ” tommy is not the problem here.He was doing what he had been told to do.” this is the defense for the nazi criminals and is law mens.

  135. RJ, wow, there you go again. That’s some good party line there…trying to get Scientology off the hook by blaming the “Feds” for Snow White. Where did you get the inside track on what was going on in the GO at that time? You sound more like an SOB, sorry, I mean COB, apologist. Plus you’re not very good at disguising your tone level.

    Linda Hamel was the Snow White Programs Officer whose job it was to make sure the Snow White program targets were completed.

    And how you made the Cruise/ Snow White connection from J Swift’s post is a mystery to me.

  136. I don’t see any probs with what you said Scott – the guy is currently acting like a moron. He is in a condition a little south of confusion. But then quite a few of the people here were in such a state quite recently.
    Marty wouldn’t post my de-PTSing rundown but its on ESMB if you care to wallow in the mud and look for it 🙂 I certainly think Tommy is in need of it.

  137. “They practically as-ised on stage when they stood face to face saluting each other on the IAS stage. The world got to see the arrogance and insanity of the POB’s creation — his so called “best Scientologist” and it went over like a fart in church.”

    LOL!!! 😀

  138. COB is about at the end of his reach as far as retaliation goes. What will he do – get 3 or 4 more paddle boats?
    DM and TC could go to jail on charges of inurement.
    DM would not be attacking Marty as strongly as he does unless he were shit scared of his imminent doom.
    Millions of $ of Church funds were spent attacking David Mayo and he was a much smaller threat than Marty.
    DM is at this moment cringing at the thought of his missed withholds being exposed. There is no real need for him to sit in the uncertainty – they will be exposed. Davey has used a non-profit organization to provide himself with a very lavish life style. In the USA that is a felony.

  139. It came across as staged to me. But mostly, though he claimed “I get it, I get it”, and tried to come across as calm, I don’t think he really did get it.

    Starting at about about 5:20 on part 2, he’s still blaming Oprah for “egging me on” … as though he never really took responsibility for his own behavior. In his mind, it was Oprah’s fault … “egging me on” … as though Oprah drove him to his actions.

    Personally, I was disappointed in this when I saw it (and I was still in the CoS at the time). Knowing now how micro-controlled Tom’s PR was behind the scenes by DM and his sychophants, I have no doubt that others were blaming Oprah too … and feeding this to Tom C. And they probably still do.

  140. Scott Campbell

    Thanks guys,

    Don’t know who you are Rafael, but I agree. Here’s the data on your ref to “law mens”:


    When I was in the S.O., I had the temerity to say “What the fuck is going on here?” and “This is a snakes-nest of lies, deceit and corruption.” loud enough that I was attacked with Black Dianetics by Owen Starkey. Whether he originated it or it was done at someones orders I do not know, although the sequence of events leading up to it and subsequent actions by him leave me leaning toward the latter.

    No one can tell me that people don’t know the difference between right and wrong at some level.


  141. Scott Campbell

    And Just to set the record straight, I’ve already admitted on this blog that I became considerably stupider while I was in the Sea Org.

    I’m sure that Tommy D. suffers the same effect.

    Nothin’ like a little M W/H action to create that “Wakey wakey eggs and bakey” effect, eh?

  142. Anyone can do that. Just flag the video and the reason you think it should be booted. Some YouTube flunky will review it and either agree or disagree with your reasoning.

    Easy as pie. And with vigilance, you, too, can control da Interwebz. Keep an eye out on YouTube and Craigslist. If you want to see what Anonymous is doing, take a visit to whyweprotest and there you will see various projects that others propose, including writing various people in government about the antics of the CoM.

  143. Edit: about the subject of Scientology.

  144. I get how its all technical for a lot of you. for me, its just another disappointment. Tom Cruise, for me, was way up there when it comes to heroes. turns out he’s just another fake.

  145. I read these posts with interest. In many cases there are intelligent and meaningfull comments. In many others you can feel the bitterness and venom leveled against individuals. I have plenty to be bitter about with circumstances arrived at by being in the SO. I do however also have case gain and wins that have bought me up from certain death. If you really wanted to contribute something of use then expose factual events that show really whats going on behind the scenes at the church. There are still a lot of dedicated staff members that have been blinded by suppression.
    Martys post shows that the Church is using resources to “PR” a celebrity to gain what they feel is a favorable impression of the church instead of PRing the wins and gains of its parishioners. Isnt that a VIA and is there some LRH that covers this.

    The real way to handle the church is with REAL LRH. How about we start using it instead of nattering and bitching about TC.

  146. +5, priceless chat:

    There’s the LRH datum about a post is better left unfilled than filled, and long range DM has allowed this to be the case for “top management” the WDC and Exec Strata zones.

    Well, Scientology history would have been way better, to have left the “COB ASI/RTC” “top” position quickly become vacant, and instead over the years built up a tradition of allowing the WDC and Exec Strata areas to build themselves up and blunder along in their learning curve dodging and trying to figure out WHAT Hubbard policy to retire, and what to focus on!

  147. “…better left unfilled, than filled with an incompetent…..” I should have said.

  148. Yes, Good definition. DM has zero pan determinism and is in control of nothing as everything LRH built collapses in slow motion around DM’s head.

  149. EXSO, I haven’t read every post on this thread, but I think you are missing an important point. Tom Cruise, with his money, etc., is supporting and contributing to a regime that is destroying the lives of thousands of people and Scientology. What you are calling “natter” is in fact the application of an Ethics gradients. A sane person doesn’t stand around speaking sweetly of someone who is acting like a maniac and destroying people. TC is funding the destruction of Scientology. One has to put in ethics and one gradient toward doing that is speaking derogatorily about the person to others — it’s in the Ethics book and that IS real LRH, however it’s not like that handling is unique to Scientology. People do this naively all the time and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s called “putting in ethics” and “exerting some control on one’s fellows.” Tom Cruise is grossly out ethics to say the least… actually, he’s far beyond that in fact — he’s suppressive and his career is going into the toilet because of it. TC needs to wake up and come to his senses — the first step of A to E. If TC weren’t funding the destruction of Scientology, part of which money goes toward funding the PIs that harass Marty daily, the people on this blog would not be so pissed with his. My 2 cents.

  150. Thoughtful,
    Yea I get your point. There are some posts that just seem a little too whiney and non productive is all I was saying.

  151. Thanks for the insight on the Oprah interview, Mike…
    And what they don’t seem to realize, is that to the world at large, such carefully overscripted interactions come across exactly like that.. Fake, false, forced. UNNATURAL. Most women I know cringe at the Tomkat show, rather than swoon at it. People will up to a point accept a certain amount of illusion, but after a certain boundary is crossed, suspension of disbelief cannot be maintained. This interview in particular strained credulity. Too much felt unnatural. Too much still does.

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