Restoration of Personal Integrity

Everything we do here  is aimed toward waking people up.   Part of that process is helping to restore Personal Integrity to those who have been conned into checking it at the doors of Radical Coporate Scientology organizations. 

The video below shows a person who was positively effected by our getting true information out about a rather insidious and dangerous cult.   Anyone who may consider my words here a tad strong, consider the implications of a group creating the mindset that it is rather honorable to volunteer to go out to ruin someone’s livelihood and life in order to deprive them of their constitutional and human rights to communicate.

Thomas Paine in The Age of Reason nailed the mindset required to commit such felonies and its consequences quite competently more than 200 years ago:

It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental  lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to suscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime. 

Radical Corporate Scientology produces this state of suspended conscientiousness as a matter of standard operating procedure day in and day out.  It is often hard to break from because of the blackmail and punishment the “church” metes out to anyone who dares wake up and exercise personal integrity.

L Ron Hubbard wrote the following:

It is fascinating that blackmail and punishment are the keynotes of all dark operations. What would happen if these two commodities no longer existed? What would happen if all men were free enough to speak?  Then and only then, would you have freedom. On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on earth.

And so congratulations to Paulien Lombard for your exercise in Personal Integrity.  Thank you for bringing us a little closer to peace on earth.  My hat is off to you.

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  1. Wow. That brought tears to my eyes. She did very well. Thank you Marty for bringing the truth out for all to see, confront and know.

  2. I’m proud to call Paulien my friend. Love, Songbird

  3. Now, that is one brave woman!

  4. Thank you Pauline Lombard.

  5. disinfected

    I am so impressed by Paulien and her presentation. So measured, so rational. No histrionics, no name-calling, no placing blame on persons that she does not know and cannot testify to. Not one word that rang false.


  6. Thanks for the write up,However Outside of USA unable to link the video suggestions to obtain ?

  7. Despite the PIs who followed Paulien to the Riverside County on Tuesday July 26th, Paulien delivered the truth to the board member at the Riverside County.
    As you also notice in her video, she exposed one of the board members at the panel (he is good friend with the churchies who helped him to get him more vote) by telling him ” you are friend with many Scientologists who used to be my friends but disconnected from her”.

    Thank you Paulien!

  8. Mike Hobson

    Mike & Marty: Joe “Zinjifar” Lynn is using the comments on that article to repeat his slander about Marty. I have called him on it there.

    Everyone else: I could use some backup.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  9. Mike Hobson

    I’m sorry. It’s on the Mark Bunker thread at Village Voice:

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  10. It’s an amazing speech. May Oaulien find what she needs outside the CofS.

  11. martyrathbun09

    He’s a card-carrying OSA agent. I am surprised there is anyone ignorant enough to not have puzzled that out by now.

  12. Seeking4know

    That’s great. I am sure a big weight was lifted off her shoulders.

  13. Wow. That’s some confront.

  14. Well done, beautiful TR’s too.

  15. Silly typo. Of course I meant Paulien.

  16. Let me tune in and say that this is a very brave woman.

  17. He certainly seems to be drinking the kool-aid (on the opposite side of the ledger) as deeply as an OSA agent. And so effectively arrives at the same place.

  18. Wondering when and what it takes for various officials to act regarding the crimes of the COS? Any thoughts?

  19. Thank you Paulien.

  20. Way to go Paulien!

    Hey Marty, I’ve got an idea for all the folks out there stuck in hiding due to the threat of losing their job and family by declaring their independence from RCS. Everyone I know gets an endless stream of mail. Many of the mail pieces and publications contain business reply envelopes (or a page with a business reply envelope front, to which one can write or fold in whatever one wants). I suggest everyone start using DMs money to mail messages in the envelopes back to SO members who will open and read them.

    1. Postage is deducted from DMs war chest (a drop in the bucket I know, but what a judo move, to use his money against him).
    2. Every message will be seen, if not read in it’s entirety by a trapped SO member. Could the right message lead them to escape?
    3. If only half the lurkers do this one time to each org they get mail from, the number of messages like this will FAR outnumber the other types of responses – and I like the message that sends.
    4. Such mail will be reported to OSA, leading to investigation and use of resources.
    5. For those living in fear, this FEELS GOOD and allows them to contribute something to the cause.

    Potential Benefits:
    1. Maybe someone will decide to quit sending business reply mail envelopes, which cuts RCS reach.
    2. Maybe they will switch to variable data printing so that some identifier is added to business reply mail envelopes, which will increase their cost by several fold (not to mention this can be defeated by defacing the mark).
    3. Maybe they will have to assign OSA or other zero-case-gain staff to open all the mail – what dev-t!
    4. Maybe someone will write just the right thing to create some unrest in one or more staff members.

    Remember we are dealing with OSA here, so be sure that what you mail back contains no personal info (sometimes the address portion with your name will be attached and need to be cut off). Also, OSA might do some mailings of their own with business reply mail envelopes that have been marked in some way. I would suggest that anyone who is truly terrified but wants to do this collect some envelopes and do it right away before there is time to take such measures.

    Inspiration for Suggested content:
    I like how Jeff points out that they can’t legally physically hold someone who wants to leave. I know they do it sometimes anyway, but letting someone know there’s a huge legal risk to them if they do is a big help.

    Those of you who’ve been in the SO can put yourself back in your shoes back there and try to imagine what would have made you think, or given you a push to leave. Maybe post some suggested messages?

    Thanks Marty for posting this (if you decide to)!

  21. Information control…lies spread to discredit critics and give a favorable impression of the church…accusing innocent people of being terrorists because they communicate what is true for them. These actions are not religious in nature and are evil.

    Thank you, Paulien Lombard, for speaking up and making your statements part of public record.

  22. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Paulien!! The more people stand up like you the faster the job will get done.

  23. Tom Gallagher


    It’s truly heartening to witness this bull market in truth and integrity. Paulien represents the best in everything Scientology stands for. The same goes for all of the trailblazers who have created a safe environment and space for the truth to be revealed. All I can say is Thank You!

    As for the two-bit failed cult leader, POB, who most closely resembles a Ted Bundy-like serial spiritual murderer, I say this: Goodnight Dave. You’re done. Just a legend in your own slime.

  24. There is an old Cheyenne expression, I am told, that says: “A Nation is not conquered, until it’s Women’s Hearts are on the Ground. Then it is finished, no matter how brave it’s warriors or how strong their weapons”

    Compare the Indy women to the AC wives. It is clear to me which side is “finished”. Thank you Pauline! (And Sam, and Mosey, and Christie, and Mary Jo and Yvonne and Kay and…..well, you all know who you are.)

  25. martyrathbun09

    Money. If you don’t think money controls justice in this country read Mark Twain, read Howard Zinn, read Gore Vidal, read any number of American greats. It has always been that way.

  26. Works fine for me. (Netherlands)

  27. Better ask Mike Rinder , to me he is just a very bitter man. If you persist in labelling him an OSA agent I would like to see dox.

    Other than that his behavior doesn’t differ much from people who have it in for you because they think you have more information omnseveral scientology tragedies.

  28. Tony DePhillips

    Good comment Tom.

  29. I hope she is safe.

  30. Kudos to you, Pauline, for doing the right thing in speaking out. You’ve shown real courage and heart.

    OSA may try and intimidate you, but always remember that they are far more afraid of your truth.

  31. Ethical and Brave woman is Brave and Ethical.

  32. This is what other religious leaders are doing:
    Example of a basic Clergy Arrested in Capitol Budget Protest

  33. I have to admit though … reading some of the extremist comments at Tony Ortega’s site (and other places), particularly against anything related to auditing, the subject of scientology, or LRH … it makes me glad that scientology — the subject and field (not the organization) — is recognized as a religion in the United States and elsewhere. While DM’s actions and organization are certainly sullying that recognition, it would be a shame to lose the overall recognition of religiosity/spirituality of the subject.

  34. Impartial English Girl

    What a wonderfully brave, articulate, intelligent woman. Forgive me if I sound ignorant, but who are the panel she is speaking to? Are they judges or lawyers? I wasn’t sure. But she certainly made a fantastic speech and one can have nothing other than the greatest respect for her.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. Keep smiling!
    IEG xx

  35. Paulien gives some great additional detail at the Village Voice:

    Great job Paulien! Hope you and your family are doing well, now that you’ve left the CoM. I got my mother out as well, and tried the same thing with other friends stuck with the CoM propaganda.

  36. Impartial English Girl

    Tom – that’s a really great saying; I had never heard it before, but I won’t forget it now! It puts me in mind of a similar quote (I’d like to claim it as an English saying, but I have to defer to the fantastic Eleanor Roosevelt!): “A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.” Totally agree with you on the “wives”-front as well. To look at the dignity of the ladies you mention alongside the screeching harridans from Anderson Cooper, etc. – there’s no comparison. xx

  37. Yes, she was perfect. No misemotion – just the truth and very cleanly stated. Thank you Paulien.

  38. CD — I think Tory has some information about Joe Lynne based on piecing things together from the doc that Marty posted about the operation against her. I dont have any knowledge of him other than what I can observe like you or anyone else. I tend to agree with the comment made by Margaret.

  39. I knew Paulien around 2006 at CC-wonderful lady-She and I left the Church around the same time in 2007. She is someone I wondered as to what happened to them-then when I came out on Martys blog in March, she reappeared. Wow what a story she has. Thank you Paulien for your courage. I also want to thank Marty for creating a network system so we can all be in comm.with each other.

  40. Wow! Very well done Paulien. If everyone kept their personal integrity the insanity of people like Miscavige wouldn’t spread outside their own heads.

  41. Paulien decided to stop allowing herself to be used as a stooge for the CoS. She also decided to come clean about the illegal harassment and other actions the CoS put her up to.
    These are not easy things to do.
    This is a very courageous woman.
    I look forward to a very long parade of others following suit.
    I read where Paulien gives credit to “The Truth Rundown” for being key to her waking up. So I’d like to give a shout-out to Tobin & Childs and the editors and Board of the St. Pete Times. They had the guts to take on the CoS at a time when other media were still peeing themselves at the mere thought of taking on the CoS. They gave us the gift that keeps on giving with products like Paulien.
    God Bless journalists with guts and integrity in their craft.
    And God Bless the Indie women.

  42. IPEG,

    She was speaking to Hemet city council members.

    These are the people elected to write the bylaws ,city ordinances, issue bonds or taxes and manage the budget.

    They are basically the civic government.

  43. Good choice as an example of personal integrity Marty.

    Though I’d say “OSA” and “Intelligence” are somewhat oxymoronic.

    Not that I want to give these morons any pointers on espionage but recruiting public to carry out “active measures” or “dirty tricks” pretty much guarantees a *foot bullet* like this eventually.

  44. That’s exactly why those insane PI, stalking, fear and black mail antics happen in America. Someone stalking my house for 1 hour will be automatically removed by the police without a single phone call. Of course corporate America has tried to export its insane power buying tactics to EU but we fought back just hard enough and just in time to avert disaster.

  45. Simon Bolivar

    + 1 I agree totally with the indians

  46. Mike Hobson

    No, she was speaking to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  47. Margaret, I agree with you 100%. Thank you for making the point. Many of those standing on “our side” against the atrocities of DM want nothing more than for LRH to be seen as an insane con man and for all of Scientology to be destroyed. They may be allies on one front of the battle but they are not truly allies. But then there are some whose minds may not be beyond changing if the comm lines for dialogue remain open. It is a fine needle being threaded here, IMO.

  48. Tom Gallagher


    I believe they are County of Riverside, CA Commissioners. A tad higher on the government totem pole.

    In fact in descending order the power hierarchy is Coroner, Sheriff, and then the above.

  49. Tom Gallagher

    State constitutionally speaking

  50. Great example of how to get the truth out ethically/rationally.
    Love your Dutch accent, VWD Paulien!

  51. IEG:
    It’s actually the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, governing the entire Riverside County and not the City of Hemet, which the Int Base is not located at nor in the jurisdiction of.

  52. Gilman Hot Springs, which the Int base is located at used to have it’s own post office, closed before the property was purchased.

  53. Ingrid, she’s been a Facebook friend and on that network for a while.

  54. Indeed Greed one of the Seven sins. Vanity is another DM practices.

  55. Wow…

  56. If you say something is your Religion it simply IS your religion.

    No need for a goverment stamp

  57. It’s important that in the heat of conflict, we don’t get diverted into attacking wrong targets.

    Scientology is not a cult.

    Scientology is one or more of three things:

    (a) a body of data developed by L. Ron Hubbard;
    (b) a set of corporations, established at the direction of L. Ron Hubbard (and currently usurped, but, nonetheless, LRH’s creations); and
    (c) sociologically, that body of people holding the philosophy and data developed by LRH to be true and attempting to practice it.

    “c,” above, is composed of:

    (1) us, who are Independents, and
    (2) most of those who are in the organization.

    The majority who are “in” are:

    “us before we were out,”

    The majority are people “in” are people of goodwill, who want to help others, just as we did (and do).

    Marty correctly points out that those still in don’t have all the data. YES, LOOKING BACK we can see that some of the data was there for the seeing.

    And, yes, we not-issed data we actually had. But, let’s be honest, don’t we see it more clearly, now that we are out? Aren’t we FREER to see what is actually there, now that we aren’t subject to the constant brainwashing/PR, social pressures, intimidation, etc.? Should I have had a higher confront, more integrity, and cogged sooner? Maybe yes, BUT I DIDN’T.

    The data on DM was out there starting in 1983. He HIMSELF published a TRANSCRIPT of the Mission Holder massacre. Reading it now, it’s all you needed to know.

    But, added to that, you had the Finance Police (give me a break) running around iat that time, led by a person that had been given the OFFICIAL title of” FINANCIAL DICTATOR” (unbelievable). That goon squad was PUBLICLY running rampant. But, did all of us act on that clear data? Did we all get “out” in 1982 or 1983. A few of you did. But, the rest of us?

    In my case, I spent over 500 hours on the ‘Net, researching, until I finally figured out what was going on. Was I a ‘bot or “out-ethics sheeple” before that? And, what if I was? Calling me that WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN A PRODUCT. If anything, it would have driven me BACK.

    Instead, a good way to go might be to widely spread true, “blow the lid off the situation” data, like:

    -the fact that LRH intended that one-man-rule end at his death but this most important LRH intention was KEPT SECRET,

    -the fact that DM has contravened LRH intention, by turning the SEVEN boards LRH set up to govern Scientology, into rubber stamps;

    – the excellent data in Marty’s videos on the Truth Rundown; and

    – the sort of laser focused data in Luis Garcia’s excellent write up,

    If we want to get a product, if we want to wake people up, rather than just run them down, the above might be a way to go.


  58. He blames you two for him being Fair Gamed by the Church.

  59. The Supervisor who Paulien specifically directed her comments, Jeff Stone, received $50,000 from CofS (funneled through individual staff members, members of the public and their children) toward his unsuccessful June 2010 California State Senate race. He tried to hide these donations by not filing finance disclosure papers until after the election had occurred. His campaign was fined $16,000 for this violation of state elections law. Jeff Stone is the same person that now actively promoting a plan amongst State Republican representatives to divide California into two states, divided on political party, rather than by geographic, lines. He is crazy.

    Paulien is one very courageous woman to face Stone so directly and point out to California and the world who his friends are and what they are doing.

  60. Paulien, you are awesome! And are doing an awesome job “speaking truth to power”.

    Thank you very much!

  61. In an ideal world, CD, yes. But read the comments on Village Voice blog; it’s obvious there are people who would bend the government to stamp out scientology if they could.

    Why else would we bother with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights? Because there are people who don’t care about our Rights or what we feel is our Religion, and wouldn’t think twice about taking them away from us.

  62. I caught some of the “news” coverage on Warren Jeffs of the FLDS Church today. He’s apparently self destructing and “self representing” himself.

    The news talk-show debate about religious freedom and the law seemed like something we likely will see soon with the Church of Scientology. I feel the Church has made many wrong and incriminating moves, particularly recently, some of which surely are enough to motivate the FBI or other law enforcement agencies to act.

    I don’t think it is unreasonable to assume they are building a case against the Church and Miscavige. How soon they will act on it I don’t know. It generally happens very suddenly as law enforcement agancies don’t show their hand until they act.

  63. Agreed!

  64. Hi Marty,
    Is it possible to have videos categorized and grouped together in one place on a blog? It would be great to have video evidence in one place where one could link to it and back to the blog. Just a thought. Stay strong! You are a hero to many.

  65. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I think that’s his ruse anyway Cat Daddy. It’s a good cover until you see that he never could coherently explain how that was so. When asked he just spat divisive bile

  66. Ralph Hilton

    I seriously doubt that he’s OSA. He has been rapidly attacking Scientology for 10 years or so.
    He was kicked off one chat after multiple reports of his “grooming” an underage girl.

  67. Marty and Mosey, I’m watching the baby hurricane coming your way. I understand that it will side-swipe Corpus Christi. Take care and be safe.

  68. In the Bill of Rights it is basicly the founding fathers saying they aint gonna but in.

  69. Smart Ralph is Smart

  70. Thank you Pauline. Articulate, accurate and effective.

  71. CD — He is apparently a very important person in his own mind. I can assure you, he was never on my radar screen. Perhaps someone thought he was important and required some sort of handling or something, but it werent I. And I seriously doubt Marty ever heard of him either when he was in the church. He seems to have a vivid imagination and some sort of self-imnportance button….

  72. Yvonne Schick

    Paulien, thank you for your courage and for speaking out so bravely. May this act bring you a new found peace of mind.

  73. Facebook is not necessarily a place for people coming out, even though more people maybe now are letting it be known there.

  74. Very well done Paulien. Your reach is free again to extend throughout this whole wide world.

  75. CD — Do you think I did everything in OSA? Even when I was in the Hole? Or spent 3 years in Clearwater? Or was LRH PPRO Int or CO CMO Int? There were 400 staff in OSA and for the vast majority of the time that day to day activities of OSA were run by the CO OSA Int Kurt Weiland or Linda Hamel. Sorry, I didnt know what every one of the 400 people was doing and I didnt write articles for whatever website this is, nor did I see or approve them. Try Gavino Idda or Frits Kavenaar or someone like that…

  76. I usually reserve my comments for those times when I want to stand up and shout. I applaud you Paulien! Thank you.

  77. No I do not. And I do not think Marty did. I am trying to hint about the current climate of thinking because people percieve you two to be the top dogs they do think this way.

    Most Anons think this way.

  78. No I think Joe did that, That was just “dox”to show he is being defamed by the Church

  79. The website is Religious Freedom Watch.

  80. Joe Lynne? He ought to be declared! 🙂

  81. Can’t wait to hear his deposition down the road…

  82. Thanks for civics lesson Tom 🙂

    My ignorance comes from studying Government from the top down instead of from the bottom up.

  83. Maybe he’s an SP! 🙂

  84. Acknowledgement to the relentless Francois Choquette (ANON ORANGE)
    for his investigative data below.
    The Riverside Council Member Paulein spoke directly to on the video was Jeff Stone.
    Corrupt Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone may regret his attempt in 2010 to run for CA state senate. First, he lost. Then in 2011 one of his donors, James Larry Minor, got caught money laundering his donations to Stone and had to pay a $60,000 fine. A few months later Stone himself was fined $16,000 for not reporting donations properly. His accountant claimed he didn’t know the rules despite the fact that they are printed on page ONE of the state’s campaign manual. Stone is very important in the fight over Scientology because his district in Riverside is home to Scientology’s world HQ Gold Base and they hold great sway over him.
    Although Stone has denied being a Scientologist he is known to hang around with members of the failing Temecula Org. His life is also organized into a series of front groups and charities very similar to Scientology. Now protester AnonOrange has found evidence that Scientologist Nancy Cartwright donated to his Republican campaign even though she is a Democrat and lives hundreds of miles away in Los Angeles. Stone’s campaign tried to hide this fact.

    ANONORANGE: Yes, actress Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, gave Jeff Stone money for his failed 2010 senate campaign!! And now Jeff is in trouble for failing to report it in time (DOCUMENTS See Page 5, item 1). Scientology has illegally funded Stone’s campaign though various indirect means: (Churches cannot fund political candidates). Muriel Dufresne and Catherine Fraser (who admitted in the IE weekly they earn NO SALARY), cult lawyer Samuel Alhadeff (through Buchanan, Ingersoll law firm of PA). There’s others I’m trying to track down like Steve DiMemmo of San Jacinto, who may contribute under a corporate name.

    Other illegal contributions:

    Bail Bondsman Fausto Atilano illegally paid $3,900 for his Senate campaign. Bondsmen cannot fund political campaigns of sheriffs and local politicians. Also Fausto told me he does the Scientology purification rundown. That pretty much means he’s a Scientologist.

    We need to look at the list of his contributors carefully. Scientologist Oliver Schafer personally told me that his employees would help fund Stone’s election. Stone claims his accountant made the mistake. The law is clear. Was Jeff trying to hide his Scientology connections? I will go check with the registrar of voters and find out who files Stone’s political contribution forms. If it’s NOT his accountant, then the good Jeff Stone will be in trouble again. The law requires that political contributions made 90 days before the election date be reported within 24 hours. Here’s why this is important: During Stone’s campaign, I often looked at his contributions, but never saw Nancy Cartwright listed. That’s because it was filed late.

    Now I know why I couldn’t find Cartwright’s contribution to Stone. I had to re-download everything and look at each submittal one-by-one until I found it, but it was originally IMPOSSIBLE to locate. This is the same Nancy Cartwright who cut a check for $10 million dollars to the “Church” of Scientology some 3 years ago, but here’s why I could not find her:

    1) Nancy paid her contribution on April 6, 2010, but Jeff Stone reported it on June 2, 2010, almost two months later and a mere 4 days before the elections! He was required to report it within 24 hours.

    2) The other trick is he filed her contribution as a “Late Contribution Report”, on PAPER instead of online, which requires the Registrar of Voters staff to process them manually, redacting the addresses with a black marker and (most importantly) making Google searches impossible.

    3) The Registrar of Voters generally reports contributions twice a year. The documents show up approximately one month after the closure of the reporting period. Reporting period ( 01/01/2010 to 06/30/2010 ) will show up in late July. Reporting period ( 07/01/2010 to 12/31/2010 ) will show up in late January the next year.

    So even though the contributions were filed four days before the elections, there was NO WAY TO SEE THEM!! They only showed up AFTER the elections. I consider this a pretty serious and a clear violation of election laws. On the other hand, it is true that it was his accountant that filed the reports, but why did he wait two months? I’d love to see that accountant being recorded during a deposition. You can see the name of the accounting firm at the top of the PDF file Kubler, Prudhomme & Co. which was sent to the registrar of voters on June 2.

    Nancy Cartwright is most likely a Democrat and funds Democrats.

    I correlated the entire list of donors to Jeff Stone’s 2010 Cal Senate election campaign with Google searches of scientologists. 34 are confirmed Scientologists, 11 are suspicious donors (Out of state, or some possible Scientology association), four considered “illegal” donations and about a dozen “interesting” donors.

    It is not illegal for scientologists to donate to Jeff Stone, of course. However, it appears that there was a lot of influence applied by Corporate Scientology to coerce people to donate and THAT would be illegal. Sometimes we see multiple small donations from people that live out of the district. The Mormon church got in trouble for doing something similar with Prop 8 and had to pay a fine.

    In addition, if executives in CoS are indirectly making donations from Church coffers (because they earn no salary), then that’s illegal too.

    Those are some of the things we must expose. The sooner this is done, the sooner the human right abuses at Gold Base will end.

    Please spend some time to check though my list to see if I may have erroneously categorized someone or if I forgot a donor from the original list (attached).

    If you are aware of illegal activities by any of these donors, please advise. I’ll make good use of the data, but will keep my source secret.

    This info, once properly vetted will be submitted to There’s a meeting on June 9.

    I will announce these findings at the next Board of Sups meeting of June 7, 2011.

    Illegal campaign financing need to be brought to the light of day.

  85. Scott Campbell

    Exactly Marty,

    What do all of the fines and court fees pay for? More courthouses and more judges.

  86. An OT from the church stalked me for 20 years using things he stole from my folders at the church as the reason. That gives an example of how suggestible and obedient staff can become under the right circumstances. Finally he was caught, in the act, by the Police and removed. Funny, how he didn’t have his “usual remarks” about me to make. Most people might take such a thing lightheartedly, thinking “Who me? The target of a stalker?” Until it happens. And in this case a real one, one who is OT VIII and has retreaded his OT VII at least twice. He “found out what I was up to for the church” and went to handle it, like a nut case. It happens.

  87. Scott Campbell

    What type of house do you have? Is it a standalone house with only you or your family in residence?

  88. Well, more fool them.

  89. Scott Campbell

    Great Presentation Paulien!

    Thank you for taking the bold step of speaking out publicly against the C of S and it’s tactics. I’m sure it’s a great relief for you to know that you are no longer supporting that suppressive group.

  90. RJ, I still don’t like the way she was hurried away in the end. The bench person told her that her time had expired. It would have expired for good had she stayed in the church. I wonder if Paulien is German, because it sounds like she has an accent. Who knows? She may even have…uh oh, excuse me, that is enough about the Holocaust for right now RJ. 🙂

  91. Paulien,
    Thank you for demonstrating true personal integrity.

    I have witnessed a number of radar flyers (some, not all) using ‘personal integrity’ as an excuse to stay silent about the abuses of the church; “I will only ‘come out’ or ‘choose a side’ when I’m good and ready – that’s my ‘personal integrity’ ”

    Personal Integrity is by LRH’s definition:
    “… knowing what you know–
    What you know is what you know–
    And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
    And that is integrity.
    And there is no other integrity…”

    You know the difference because you have courage.

    Love, respect and power to you.

  92. I second that comment.

    To be honest.

    Actually at the time I was very upset about the whole Franchise Fiasco but since it didn’t affect me directly I did nothing which is the position a lot of public and maybe even some staff are in right now.

    Besides as anyone remembers there was an International Amnesty declared afterwards and Reynold’s Gestapo was sent packing.

    Funny how with all the “straight up vertical” stats and “unprecedented expansion” there hasn’t been an International Amnesty declared since ’93.

  93. Will cite the reference tomorrow when I have more time!

  94. “Oswiecim Tid Bits Magazine” it is like the equivalent of the “INT Base Weekly Newsletter”.

  95. Paulien, you hit the nail on the head in every regard. I’ve been in, on and around the same lines and what you speak is EXACTLY how the Church acts and what they do. It’s quite sad.

  96. Yes, the Truth with a capital “T” — her measured accounting of her own personal knowledge and experience was first and foremost. I have never been a scientologist, but I have repeatedly read the LRH axiom that goes something to the effect of “what is true for me is true for me” (apologies if I have butchered the original quote but I am just recollecting my impression of it). Paulien just told her story as she experienced it and as she saw it. Truthfully.

  97. CD, they won’t butt in if it’s considered a religion. So it becomes a catch-22, until someone in authority steps in and says “yep, it’s a religion alright.”

  98. Well, the hurricane (with it’s promise of much rain) seems to be just a depression. My friends on South Padre Island say that the status of the storm is properly named in every way.

  99. CD,
    Might be a good “red herring” – don’t cats like fish?

  100. That doesn’t speak to my post.

    I was responding to your statement that “If you say something is your Religion it simply IS your religion. No need for a government stamp.” And your post was in response to Margaret’s statement that she was glad it was recognized as a religion in the USA

    Why bother to have a Bill of Rights?

    Because there are people who would try to bend the government in the direction of “butting in”. It is happening in Germany, and in some places in Russia. The Bill of Rights is necessary to PREVENT government from favoring one religion over others, or, conversely, from DISfavoring one religion over others.(Suppressing one over others).

    That’s what our “government stamp” is for – to let me be of whatever religion I choose, not what the State tells me I can or can’t practice.

  101. “It is fascinating that blackmail and punishment are the keynotes of all dark operations.”

    Wow, so true, Punishing bodies. Kind of explains the mass in courtrooms, prisons, gangs, and detention centers as well. Any group, who’s purpose it is to degrade or punish. What about “strict” parents? This really spreads a long way in social intercourse. Wow this blows a lot of charge for me. This soothes the gypsy soul in me. I might have to get this tattooed to the bottom of my foot.

    Great reference Marty! Thanks a million!

  102. Who or What is the Cult?

    I wrote, above, that:

    “Scientology is not a cult.

    Scientology is one or more of three things:

    (a) a body of data developed by L. Ron Hubbard;
    (b) a set of corporations, established at the direction of L. Ron Hubbard (and currently usurped, but, nonetheless, LRH’s creations); and
    (c) sociologically, that body of people holding the philosophy and data developed by LRH to be true and attempting to practice it.”

    OK, so Scientology is not a cult. Then what the hell am I perceiving that seems like a cult? If it isn’t “Scientology,” what it is?

    When tyrants take over governments, they frequently do a certain thing. The impulse to do that thing is part of the reactive bank. They often establish:


    “A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized and heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. Cults of personality are usually associated with dictatorships.”

    “Personality cults were first described in relation to totalitarian regimes that sought to radically alter or transform society according to radical ideas. Often, a single leader became associated with this revolutionary transformation, and came to be treated as a benevolent “guide” for the nation without whom the transformation to a better future couldn’t occur.

    This has been generally the justification for personality cults that arose in totalitarian societies of the 20th century, such as those of Adolf Hitler”

    Sound familiar?

    “David Miscavige is leading the greatest expansion in Scientology history.” “David Miscavige saved Scientology one hundred billion times.” “David Miscavige saved the Tech two hundred billion times”

    Heck, there is this famous one, that tops all: “David Miscavige IS Scientology.” See this link for endless praise of Miscavige’s super human abilities:

    So, what is the cult we are perceiving? For me, I see:

    Miscavige Personality Cult

    Not a “cult of Scientology.” Heck, a “cult of Scientology” would be a great thing. We’d all apply Scientology rigorously, we’d be keyed out, we’d grant beingness to everyone, per the KSW PL we’d have no enemies, and all would be fine.

    It is the Cult of Personality that is the problem. It is the Miscavige Personality Cult that is op-terming the world, creating enemies, in its attempt to WIPE OUT OTHER IDENTITIES.

    That’s what a Personality Cult is about — extolling the superiority of the tyrant’s personality, and running down all other beingnesses.

    We are not the victims of Scientology. We have been the target of a person who believes that HIS PERSONALITY, his IDENTITY, is superior to all and he must crush all other personalities, in order to establish the dominance of his.

    It seems to me that:

    It’s the “Miscavige Personality Cult”
    Not “Scientology cult”


  103. Paulien,

    I would really like to commend you for what you did in speaking out against the abuses of OSA. Your actions are admirable.

  104. Thank you Pauline for taking responsibility where you could.

    I think the bottom line is that most of the folks that are supporting the actions of the church are doing so ONLY because they do not have all the data. I have never met a Scientologist who was not of good will and who would not do the RIGHT thing if they had the full data on it. The problem is members are not allowed to get the full data. It is a crime in the group to look at anything that is critical of the church. A member has NO opportunity to get the full data as 1. Everything they have gotten from LRH through his writing etc. appears to be true data. 2. The assumption is that the church is the guardian of LRH’s data and therefore whatever they say would be LRH’s intention. 3. The penalties for looking at negative data on the church are so sever and would threaten ones being allowed to receive the benefits of LRH’s data. 4. Church members do not know there is pure LRH available outside of the official organization. 5. Those that have left became aware of enough outpoints to override their justification that they are just caused by a lone or uneducated staff members.

    It took a long time for me to want to look outside of the official line and I did have some help from a friend.

    So that’s what we are up against. They are us before getting all the data!

  105. Reading the comment to CD from mrinder What is Kurt Weiland doing these days is he still there ?

  106. Any one can tell me how to get the video of these report unsuccessful so far

  107. Paulien has made her place in Heaven. Heaven BTW is a future, and I can assure you, it is THERE as certain as another sunrise. But as the old adage NOT for everyone. Haha!

  108. Impartial English Girl

    RJ, Mike, Tom and Sinar,

    Thank you so much for your helpful explanations. I really appreciate the time to took to help me understand.

    In this case, then, Ms. Lombard is speaking to people who have the potential to make a great deal of difference – extremely brave of her. Alas, a hefty wad of Scientology Dollars will probably outdo Ms. Lombard’s intrepid efforts. I hope that, in saying this, I’m doing a disservice to the official Board. Fingers crossed, eh?

    Thank you again – and have a great weekend.
    IEG xx

  109. Gandiguy .
    Extremly well described , I will add those that are in remain infected
    Those that now are out, and saw the Light, GREAT !! and thanks to this Blog and Marthys team for all they do, They can hopefully get repaired damage caused and move on .For those that remain under the dictator, its painful to see that.
    Its against the rights of a Thetan and that’s against What is Scientology is all about. If Dm would have any sense I think he needs to know that he has changed what it presents, and hopefully he finds himself getting outested pretty sooner rather than later.
    DM does not practice Scientology in the real world today within,and its surroundings and misuses it for own self gain, and mis presents The Scientology image completly.
    DM’s head would have been off long ago if LRH was still around and given correct data and not false data ,( Regardless of surroundings stories on that issue and of his health I refer to before that happeend or when under control, and com getting stopped and altered and proecedure’s going under the wing of DM, and DM taking advantage to staff and LRH, and LRH’s Health declining and then the whole thing messing up became the issue. LRH being lied the hell out of ) I have no doubt in my mind and how I knew Susie, had she had a chance she would have got rid of him. How evil can you get .

  110. Excellent Paulien !!

  111. I read all about it but I am uinable to download the video to comment.

  112. LIke the comment scott / Nice one LOL

  113. Ralph Hilton

    Don’t forget to include a brick in the package! :

  114. Wow! So simple. So specific. So effective.
    Paulien Lombard, you did good.

  115. And even that one wasn’t real.

  116. Well done Paulien, that was an excellent presentation.

    Just the facts, no mis-emotion, no trying to justify things.

    We need more people like you.

  117. Yes, it takes courage and integrity to make up the damage and hurt one has caused others in the past as a member of organized scientology, doing their dirty deeds. We eexes been accomplices in the past, to one degree or another, in committing destructive acts in the name of KSW – including Fair Game harassment tactics against supposed enemies or disconnection of loved ones or ‘volunteering’ to aid in stopping critics of the church when we were members of the church. Paulien Lombard’s speech before the county sets the bar on integrity, accountability and making amends for the past. I encourage readers to reflect, if they have not already, on what they can do to make up for those things that unjustly hurt others in the name of KSW.
    I applaud Paulien and admire AnonOrange ( Francois Choquette ) for their effective blows against CoS lies.

  118. James,
    You are right, it is the Cult of David Miscavige that is the target.

  119. Let me amplify that comment.

    The ‘cultish’ aspects that have been taken on by the CofS are directly manifestations of David Miscavige’s personality.

    The organism that is the group, has been tainted by the self-appointed, and ‘cult’ demanding leader. His case is manifest. His fear, his unreasoning fight against chimera. His stuck in the past (cancelled fair game, disconnection and abusive ‘sec checking’).

    Scientology is an applied religious, spiritual philosophy. It isn’t ANY ‘cult’.

  120. Hey everyone, this is off post, but OMG – yahoo has an interview with Janet Reitman. This press is read by millions.

  121. Good investigation.

  122. Robin, correct me if I’m wrong.
    Davey left the hospital where he got his “power is assumed” implant late 1980 after his asthma attack.
    The coupe was in 82.
    Mayo was thrown out in 83.
    Mid 80’s the original OT levels were changed and the new grade chart came out.
    Late 80’s delivery of OT levels stopped (real techies like you got busted).
    Those OT’s that did the OT levels in the 80’s had done the original levels.
    After that you didn’t see any real OT’s coming off the lines.
    Early 90’s Davey’s handlers empowered him through Ted Koppel and the IRS.
    Mid 90’s the Bridge got completely destroyed.

  123. Paulien’s accent is Dutch, her name is Dutch, her attitude is Dutch and I even think she’s from Amsterdam.

  124. Critics of the church come about from people in the church that produce ZERO results in exchange for something of value. Can anyone imagine if all the people who criticize the Church of Scientology’s activities (and I have yet to hear or meet one person whose criticism was not valid) were all competent auditors? How better the world would be? For whom then are these OSA/church overts intended? When I sometimes in the past have gone past the Church of Scientology in New York I realize that there are more people out in front of the church protesting than there are people acually getting auditing and training in the church at the time. Which means that the church’s overt are BIG, HUGE and cover more than just one dynamic.

  125. Karen,
    VWD! Your overt data collection is meticulous and right on! OSA should be envious! What a pity OSA doesn’t have talent like this correctly targeted.
    PS. May I reiterate to OSA: Disaffected Scns, ARCXen, whitleblowers, failed cases with incorrect tech and incorrect applications, harassed and abused former staff and SO, etc. etc. etc. are WRONG TARGET – even if they are all talking together seemingly conspiratorially. The noise is a symptom something is really wrong within, and things are getting worse because actions being done are wrong targeted and so socially offensive. Information and communication must flow freely, and when it does – there might be hope of resurrecting the subject of Scientology as a spiritual tool (not a phreaking control system) and LRH’s good name. Help us to that end!

  126. Is that surpose to be a joke Ralph and for Who

  127. Moneca Where is the link ?

  128. I agree with you Ingrid 100%. I was computer saavy for many years (technically hardware, software wise) and I never looked on the internet for information about Scientology until the end of 2002 – beginning of 2003. I did not look at Facebook until about 2009. Although I would like to have friends on the internet on Facebook I know that OSA’s prying eyes would ruin the experience with all kinds of entheta.

  129. Ralph, that is so funny! The postmand would say “Wow! Now that’s what I call a heavy package! 🙂 That is so funny!

  130. Karen!
    You go girl!!

  131. ERWIN, Leonore, Blue Bonnett….

    OOOOOOooooooops. This entire above Text is Francois Choquette;s work, not mine, ANONorange. He posts on this blog sometimes.
    He is being stalked and harrassed by OSA round the clock.

  132. I live in a big city with many neighbours but it matters more that our politicians can’t be bought that easy.

  133. O.K.. I added some push towards truth over there. Hope it helps. Thanks for your efforts.

  134. +1.

    Very good comment James.

  135. I was in the Sea Org for six years and had no idea what was going on in there until I left and read the internet. I was mostly far away from my org and didn’t go to staff meetings at the Org I stayed at because I was not part of staff there. I was “outside” with public all day and living in that universe. Neverhtheless, when I entered into the Freezone all sorts of stigma was attached to me, as I had been in the Sea Org. In fact, someone recently wrote a little unauthorized biography on me ESMB and accused me of being all sorts of things far removed from any “self” I have never been. I’m sure you and Marty read these little “unauthorized biography’s” of yourselves frequently on the net. I never understood how “hallucinatory” could be a condition on the grade chart since Scientologists didn’t take drugs, until I got involved with social intercourse on forums and the internet. Sadly, a large percentage of society is tripping. Cat Daddy (who I think is someone’s Mommy living in So. Cal not a daddy in DK) frequently writes these little unauthorized biographies as if they have some familiarity with figures on the internet. And it amounts to wrong items and wrong indications as it is spun from fictional imaginings.

  136. Nobody likes the grooming a minor stuff to be stuck to his or her persona. Not even as a cover.

    It’s so veil It is Church-doing

  137. Huh?

  138. The Oracle. I am Niels martens or Cornelius Antonius Martens from Holland aka The Netherlands

  139. No one in OSA would pick the MO of a predator when being undercover. Sinar said the Religious Freedom Watch defaming page said was a red herring. I say it’s not.

  140. If the people pictured here pulled together for a class action law suit about this web site, this kind of harassment could really be addressed and handled. This is one of the most flagrant and reckless risks (pts make mistakes) the Church has invested in. The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.

  141. See.

  142. That’s what I’m talking about.

  143. The Freedom Religious or Religious Freedom or whatever it is web site describes him as a sexual predator. At Int Managment, this can come from “2d thoughts”. What did he do, send someone a poem?

  144. Margaret, I totally agree and think that OFTEN. At least in the United States OUTSIDE the church of David Miscavige, I have rights that my constitution will uphold because it’s a religion.

  145. Thanks, Karen, for clarifying this and for bringing the data to our attention.

    Very Well Done, AnonOrange, on the painstaking research! I don’t know your whole story, AO, but your experience must have been pretty nasty for you to have gone to these lengths to find out about and expose this data.

  146. Jim

    Thanks for your kind words. Coming from the Master of Qual, I doubly appreciate them.

    Thank you for being there.

    Please continue to keep us on the straight and narrow.


  147. That’s interesting Erwin.

    I never knew that DM2 was in the hospital for an asthma attack.

    A little known factoid about Lee Harvey Oswald was that he spent time in a hospital in Moscow for his suicide attempt and then later in Minsk for an ear infection before returning to the States and offing the Prez.

    Probably just a coincidence.

    Anyway that’s a nice summary of my embarrassingly turgid and possibly purple prose on the matter.

    If they did implant the lil’ guy I don’t envy the difficultly in locating a live brain cell.

    Seriously from what I seen of Miscavige “live” on the stage is that he has something that goes beyond a “fixed dedicated glare”. What some commenters have called those “laser beam of doom” eyes that seeks to drill a hole in the audience.


    In short the guy looks *possessed*, at least obsessed or driven.

    Again it wouldn’t surprise me if someone didn’t have him under some kind of remote control.

    Then again in could be a whole track engram that he’s stuck in or maybe a combination of both.

    Whatever it is.

    It looks like he is dedicated towards the destruction of Scientology while pretending to be its greatest benefactor.

    Even greater than Ron if you read between the lines of much of the “promo” or notice that many of the recent photos taken for their mags position him next to or just above the Ol’man.

    Talk about Megalomanic!

    Also have you noticed that the practice of reserving a seat or table for Mary Sue and Ron at any event ceased sometime in the late ’80’s or early ’90’s?

    Have you also noticed on what we call the natter boards like ARS, OCMB, ESMB etc that anyone can malign or character assassinate Ron to their hearts content but if they bring up the lil’ despot OSA is in there defending his “honor” like a dirty shirt.

    Or they’ll at least say something like he’s only doing what Ron wants him to do.

    Such obvious BS!

    To anyone who knows policy or tech.

    Miscavige and his wrecking crew wouldn’t know policy or tech if it came in and bit ’em on the ass.

    Yet there are people in the so called “critics circle” who wants us to believe that he does.

    Like that guy Lynne who goes by the screen name Zingifar or something like that.

    It’s a covert op.

    CIA will take some off the wall wacko and credit him with being an “expert” in conspiracy theory or parapolitics to totally sully or discredit the field.

    The irony is they learned this tactic from the KGB and is what is called “active measures”.

    Anyway there may be some inaccuracies in Reitman’s book “Inside Scientology” but at least she is able to make the distinction between Ron’s brand of Scientology and “Scientology” under Miscavige’s “leadership”.

    So I’ll give her props for that.

    Masscavige is just a cheap shoddy imitation a substitute which is really low on the havingness scale.

    How he got there and who is running him as an agent of CHAOS or SPECTRE or whether he is Scientology’s version of Ernst Bloefeld or Machiavelli is secondary to the fact that what he is doing *is not Scientology*.

  148. Jim

    Glad to hear you say this. It really, really is a wrong indication – and an insult to LRH – for US, of all people, to say “cult of Scientology” or any similar words.

    Miscavige Personality Cult
    Cult of Miscavige, etc. OK

    Scientology Cult, Not OK


    As I wrote before, the only exception, that I can think of, would be the use of the term “pseudo-Scientology.”

    “Radical Scientology,: “Corporate Scientology,” “Taliban Scientology,” are all incorrect terms, BECAUSE THEY AREN’T SCIENTOLOGY.

    They aren’t even a form of Scientology. They are something MASQUERADING as Scientology. Therefore, at best, they are “psuedo-Scientology.”

    Everyone is free to chose their own words. My opinion: I think we should talk about:

    David Miscavige
    The Miscavige Administration, and
    The Miscavige Personality Cult

    And, use the term “psuedo-Scientology” if we have to describe their purported application of tech.

    Other than that, it seems to me that we are degrading Scientology if we use phases that include the word “Scientology” when we talk about DM’s activities.


  149. Here it is. It’s gone major wire 🙂
    Scientology book author reveals church’s inner workings
    Reuters – July 29, 2011 10:03 PM PDT

  150. +1 too

  151. I would NEVER call Scientology a cult. I would call that place we refer to as the church of David Miscavige. Unfortunately, the followers of the CofDM are confused and haven’t realized the name change quite yet.
    Been there, done that. I got into the CofS in 1987 – right when that Story of a Squirrel came out, and way down South, far removed from Int. How the hell was I supposed to know then what I know now?

  152. Perfect delivery of the truth Ms. Lombard! And from reading the comments, that was an excellent revelation of truth pointing out the Board member too! Truth revealed!

  153. What country?

  154. Cat Daddy, real good slang for someone not from DK now but from Holland. ” ……. aint gonna but in.”

  155. Cat Daddy, real good slang for someone not from DK now but from Holland. ” ……. aint gonna but in.”

  156. A very important point.

  157. A very good point, Tara, which is why Marty’s recent post emphasizing the need to get DATA to those still in. Or, to present that data until it sinks in.

    Calling them names, as we sometimes do, is not going to get them the data they need.


  158. Mary, it has to do with personal integrity. Many people find it hard to believe that when I was in the church I never, ever treated anyone there any way I would not have liked to have been treated back. It could have been personal integrity, or honor but most of the time it really wasn’t strict rules I was following just me, exercising good sense. Can you imagine, good sense in a place like the Church of Scientology that is famous for…well these days it seems plenty of O/W’s on plenty of people. More than originally suspected. As an Independent Scientologist I do not have any problem listening to anyone’s O/W’s PROVIDED it is that person’s intention to take responsibility for their actions afterwards, some kind of true amends, any kind. Even the Catholic church believes in this only it is quite mildly administered to a point of saying 10 prayers as amends and then going home. Gosh! That sounds easy enough! 🙂 Perhaps I should be a born again Christian so I can try getting away with murder for the sake of 10 Hail Mary’s? Not to condemn Catholicism but 10 Hail Mary’s per se may or may not be considered a true amends if one’s overt on another fellow human being was accidentally running them over with one’s car let’s say? All religions can have flaws, not that they all do, Scientology does not have too many I know of except in the way it is “practiced” by people in the “church” not independently. Those people get daily overts on others and then take pride in never confronting them. To them, that is integrity.To others, including other religions it is not. Not only is it not acceptable, from a conscience point of view it is not truly possible.

  159. That was hilarious and brilliant Ralph. I had never thought of that before. lol. I wonder if it would work…?

  160. Yes I did notice that she was given short shrift too Lawrence.

    However she did get her main point across and even got media coverage on it.

    So I’d say she scored well on that.

  161. Davey’s asthma attack is well documented, and the medication was his justification for slapping his pc in session. A NCG pc we can only expect to deteriorate and need more treatment, pills, copper rods, groundings, massages, alcohol, etc; the perfect candidate.

    We can not expect a high school drop out to come up with the most intelligent, well researched, super ingenious, workable scheme to wipe out the most sophisticated Tech in the field of the humanities ever developed which was greatly expanding and couldn’t be bought, subverted or stopped during the life of LRH.

    The shadow (bankster) government hates OT’s as much as Davey because they found out early on that remote viewing would terminate all their covert power pushes and world domination goals. They stopped those experiments as soon as they found out the workability and are #1 suspects for preventing OT’s to come into existence while destroying those that were made by LRH.

  162. Tara I would agree about not caling Scientology a cult ( Its DM world and what he has made it to be )

  163. BTW, the best way to control someone is by (heavily) restimulating whole track engrams through meticulously administering PT pain. Megalomania is also restim (by valence) and has nothing to do with rationality.

  164. England .I have tried direct to link it from theblog site directly and not from the message off the blog sent to email address does not work

  165. Agree most certaintly

  166. nearly All Dutch people learn English in school ands watch American and English spoken moies with SUBTITLES in dutch.

    When I was 10 lower school for 6 to 12 year olds., it was considered preferable to learn contractions as in American English. That proved somewhat of a difficulty since in dutch highschool for 13 to 16-17-18 year olds they taught the Queens English.

    I ´m more tenacious than a billygoat eatin´ a rattler

  167. TFW is DK . Danmark maybe

  168. If the Church had behaved itself all this would ot have been nescercary.

  169. Religous Freedump Watch is the original home of `minerva´

  170. I agree Erwin,

    According to Hal Puthoff in his interesting article “CIA Initiated Remote Viewing” he says much of the research was directed toward Threat Assessments and developing Countermeasures to the phenomenon.

    An effective countermeasure to eliminate the “threat” would be to suppress or invalidate the technology.

    And I believe that Miscavige is part of this overall objective. Most likely an unwitting agent who due to limited perception and intelligence is unable to see the whole plan.

    A perfect candidate who is obviously a List 1 Rock Slammer because of his secret hatred for L Ron Hubbard and not only his hatred for Mary Sue but by actual overts committed against her during the coup.

    These people are and have been involved in long range planning over decades.

    The same ones Ron mentions in the PL “Current Planning”.

    Obviously we haven’t matched their dedication or we wouldn’t be in the position we are in right now.

    If we had of Miscavige would have been handled per the HCOPL ‘Ethics the Design of’ and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion but for some reason and for our own reasons we got reasonable.

    And so here we are trying to rebuild Ron’s legacy after Miscavige and the wrecking crew he’s been unknowingly working for has basically torn it down.

  171. All they’d need is to keep his manic engrams in restimulation and active.

    One way is to continue to validate his insanity as “leadership” or by continuing to acknowledge it as such.

    Those of out here should at least acknowledge the fact that there is no actual “leadership” of the Church but only an apparent “leadership” which is in fact the dramatization of an engram.

  172. I didn’t know there were any publications telling us that half their budget was to counter remote viewing but it makes perfectly sense. Í don’t know if it’s dedication, lack of, that put us in the slumps. I feel that lack of comm and free data traffic like the internet was a major reason.

    But #1 cause lays with CIA lawyers implementing the corporate structure that legally empowered Davey to crush management structure. Now, after 20 years of legal battle bringing the Tech into the public domain, he can’t crush not even a butterfly. Looks like we owe a lot to those who fought the legal battles smartly so the banksters will have to invent new methods of suppression.

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