The South Texas Siege – Day 105

Calm between two storms at Casablanca

We enjoy a short calm between two storms.

One storm incoming, the other outgoing. 

In this brief respite, a few words below from wise men describing what it is we are dealing with here.   This week David Miscavige, Dave Lublow, John Allender and the better part of the entire OSA Network have been scrambling hard to keep the general public ignorant. Even while we delivered three complete Scientology Grades, by tactics of attempted intimidation and bribery they have sought to keep the outgoing storm of truth at bay. 

Thank God for honest folk.  Common folk. Folk with conscience and integrity. Folk who are motivated by something higher than fear and material gain.

The applicable words:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

– Martin Luther King

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!

– Sir Walter Scott

Unethical conduct is actually the conduct of destruction and fear.  Lies are told because one is afraid of the consequences should one tell the truth. Destructive acts are usually done out of fear. Thus, the liar is inevitably a coward and the coward inevitably a liar.

– L Ron Hubbard

The old must give way to the new, falsehood must become exposed by truth, and truth, though fought, always in the end prevails.

– L Ron Hubbard

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

– Matthew 5:5








122 responses to “The South Texas Siege – Day 105

  1. Truth indeed will prevail.

    Looking forward to the next storm.

  2. I’m currently auditing one PC and one Pre-OT and have three MORE pcs
    lined up for next week. F & P baby!

    Who else got game?

    ML Tom

  3. this “siege” is nothing compared to the pruson sentence that you, and mike, and the midget deserve. you are one of the least credible people on this planet. fuck you. fair game. who cares

  4. Tropical Storm Don packed little punch. If this comment is indicative of the upcoming storm, it likewise will pack little punch.

  5. Watching Eyes

    Hey “no”, had any wins lately?

  6. Tony DePhillips

  7. Wow, “No”, so much hatred. Get some auditing it will help with that.

    ML Tom

  8. Tom Gallagher

    Have a great weekend Marty & Mosey. By the way, a Janet Reitman interview has been picked up on Reuters news service and linked through the Drudge Report. This still has lots of legs.

  9. I have been finding it fascinating – the psychotic, swivel-eyed hysteria of the the cult to your simple delivering of therapeutic services to people who have asked for it. Some one really cannot tolerate the idea of human kindness. I am sure even in my most brainwashed state when I was in , I would never have volunteered for harassment duty of innocent men and women. Incomprehensible.

    “Yet do I fear thy nature;
    It is too full o’ the milk of human kindness.” Shakespeare.

  10. I bet his cat’s got a headache.

  11. With nothing else to go on than tone level and ability to communicate (or lack thereof) I’d have to say either an OSA bot, a rather ignorant Anon or a devout follower of the Tao Robin Scott.

  12. Nothing like a good storm to blow out the bad and bring in new beginnings.

  13. Impartial English Girl

    Fortunately, LOTS of people care. You, “no”, clearly don’t and I am sorry for that. You must be a very unhappy person inside.

    Incidentally – has anyone ever introduced you to the notion of the capital letter within sentence structure? And I’m not sure where “pruson” is, but it sounds terribly glamorous.

  14. Remind me of Rio Bravo with John Wayne.

  15. The difference between you and those that follow you on paddle boats and golf carts is that you are producing something of value. You live to help and create. They live to “stop”.

  16. Excellent Tom! That’s great news.

  17. “From Caring Comes Courage” – Lao Tzu

  18. Enjoy this respite, Marty. I’m afraid it won’t last long, though I hope for the best.

  19. Cue the Jaws music. I have a feeling something big is about to surface and bite the midget in the butt….

  20. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic stats Tom!

    You’re doin’ it brother! Keep on truckin’!


  21. Tony Dephillips

    I hope it’s a Tsunami.

  22. Tell you what, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

  23. Incredible POB siege of 105 days – equivalent to 105 x $20K per day =
    $ 2,100,000.00 of parishioners donations.

    What did the POB get out of it?
    – PR as the fastest, craziest, shrinking Cult of mest, now needing to re-do event viewing and having to add another crazy MV event to the agenda.
    – One time used paddle boat.
    – Horrible PR for basic human rights so that it is unwelcome in IOB.
    – More of those with personal integrity coming out and speaking out.
    – More fear of M&M and negative daily Media coverage.
    – Tons of Indy Case gain at Casablanca and elsewhere for PCs and Pre-OTs & more standard Indy auditors made outside the box!

    Way to go – POB with your actions! Hope the next storm will be good and totally better for you to achieve more of these results.

  24. Sara Finning

    Could someone please let me know what’s happening?

  25. Fellow Traveller

  26. Scott Campbell


    It has nothing to do with the delivery of “therapeutic services”. It has only to do with the fact that Marty, via this blog keeps his eye on the ball (Miscavige). By keeping his focus on the WHO (David Miscavige) and the why (Money) regarding the Church of Scientology, Marty (and others inspired by him) cause a PTP for David Miscavige – personally. He knows its dangerous to continue doing what he’s doing as long as his ethical, moral and legal transgressions are being exposed.

    At the same time, these supposed “attacks” are how he justifies his continuous PT overts.

    Believe me, people can deliver Dianetics and Scientology all day long – just ask my auditor, Trey Lotz (who consistently delivers at about 40 hours per week) – and not be bothered in the least by the C of S.

    Also, people can attack the subject of DN & SCN till the cows come home and the C of S doesn’t care one whit.

    But when David Miscavige senses any perceived threat, you can bet that he will fight back like the cornered animal that he is.

    THAT is why what Marty is doing is significant. He’s in there keeping that badger boxed into a corner, and the room is getting smaller.

  27. Scott Campbell

  28. Marty, that song rocks! I love Drive By Truckers.

  29. John Fennessey

    “a feeling”, Mike. You have more comm lines than AT&T. If anyone knows whats happening, its you.

  30. John Fennessey

    Hi “no”. I have a quote for you;

    “a man never discloses his own character so clearly as when he describes another’s” .
    Maybee you should put some attention on getting your own house in order. It sure sounds like your locked in a struggle.

  31. John Fennessey

    “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by priase than saved by criticism”. Norman Vincent Peale

  32. :popcorn:

  33. Scott — Excellent obnosis. I would even venture to say that the *reason* Trey and others are able to deliver unmolested is *because* of all the heat that Marty absorbs. They are focusing their resources on him. He is the root of all evil in the eyes of POB (all mirrors have been removed from POB’s environment so he can’t ever see the real source of evil…) and he is convinced if he can take out Marty, everything else will fall apart. There is no question that Marty and his blog have become a Liberty Tree for Scientologists, so there is some twisted logic to POB’s fixation, though I suspect at this point if Marty went off to spend the rest of his life peacefully fishing in the South Seas, someone else in this community would step forward and keep the tree growing.

  34. Marshmallows?

    Weanie-roast 🙂

  35. M&Ms!

  36. Jean-François Genest

    Kudos on delivering 3 complete Scientology Grades despite the hell & high water you are experiencing @ Casablanca! The Supreme Test of a Thetan is its (his/her) ability to make things go right. You and Monique PASS this test on a daily basis. Thank you! Θ

  37. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Absolutely….As long as there are crimes and lies yet to see the light of day, there will be ways and means and individuals to expose them.

  38. Poor no, looks like they got to you real bad, do I sense an ARCX?

  39. Trumped 🙂

  40. one of those who see

    Go baby Go!!! Great news!!

  41. Tony DePhillips

  42. Scott Campbell


    I think you’re right about that. Indies all over the world owe Marty a debt of gratitude for occupying the attention unit of POB. I also agree that there will always be a light to keep the darkness at bay. We should all be thankful for the brilliant, strong and supportive beings in our group. I know I am.

    That being said, I would add this: As one is most able in the area that he has the least overts in, Marty is the best man for the job.

    And you my friend, are still the voice and face of Scientology.

  43. First, thanks for this blog and for making so much information public.

    Second, perhaps someone can answer a question I have after reading “Inside Scientology.” What reasoning does the corporate Church of Scientology provide to justify its position that someone has to be in good standing with the Church in order to fully benefit from the teachings of LRH? In other words, why can’t independent auditors accomplish the same thing?

  44. JP — They can and are. It is a cage of shadows created and promoted by “the church” to try and control people and income. Simple as that.

  45. One of my favorite handlings of suppression is in the WTH:”The real handling of such a situation and such people, the real way to defeat them is to flourish and prosper. Oh, Yes, it is true that such people, seeing one improve his lot, can become frantic and attack all the harder. The thing to do is handle them if one must but don’t give up flourishing and prospering, for that is what such people want you to do.”
    Marty, my hat is off to you for continuing to bring wins into this world in the face of attacks.

  46. one of those who see

    Well done M & M on delivering 3 grades!!! Truth is as long as you are freeing beings, you have already won.
    Glad the misbehaving children have a time out, even if just for a little while.

  47. “Cage of shadows” – I like that.

  48. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    – Martin Luther King

    That’s why I said I’d rather live with an evil person than a stupid person any day of the week.

  49. awesome!

  50. Comes from Self Analysis where LRH talks about fishing usng shadows on Lake Tanganyika.

  51. Okay Tom,
    Here it is. Success stories will be forward when Anita has time to get them published.

    Today a Grade O comp, a Level O comp, a Grade IV start, a Grade one start. We have a new pc who will be going all the way up the line with us.

    In the past two weeks we’ve comped a level one and a level two auditor completion and another grade III comp and a NED auditor course start.

    This is all in addition to three salvaged OTs and two successful clear cycles with vvvgi’s.

    Looks like we’re delivering tech in all four corners of the country:)


  52. My girls are getting on the LRH Bridge next week – I’m gonna move on up too.
    All the stops were from corporate CofDM, filtered down and altered insidiously, coming out as “reasons” why you can’t.
    I can.

  53. Tom~You rock! 😀

  54. No~You exemplify the stops of the corporate/radical church of david miscavige. No. No. No. No. No.

  55. Spot on.

    LRH warns against letting all the people in the org get dragged off of PRODUCTION into Dept 20 matters. It crashes production and income.

    Most people visualize successful tyranny-fighters as just being focused on fighting. What they don’ know – and what the “hat write ups” (the works of Gene Sharp and others) show – is this:


    To do otherwise is to focus solely on STOPPING the tyrant, which LRH tells us will lead us to losing our minds.

    Focusing TOO much on the tyrant grants him altitude and power in an odd way; it’s like saying “I can’t do anything because David Miscavige ___________.”

    Non-violent warriors just say “screw the tyrant,” and set up day care, schools, medical clinics, etc. The people TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, ASSUME GENTLE CAUSE, and CUT THEIR DEPENDENCY on the tyrant.

    So, as others have pointed out, the AUDITING and TRAINING delivery actions of Marty, Les, Anita, Tom, Leslie, Helen, Jim, etc. are VITAL.

    That does not mean non-violent warriors do not take back the government – leaving the country to the tyrant gives him victory . But, in the mean time, they don’t just sit around and motivate. They Flourish and Prosper, while roasting the tyrant’s ass (uhh, non-violently of course).


    P.S.: Marty, Mike, etc. get a lifetime Kha Khan designation for Vigorous Ass Roasting while Under Fire (and while doing Tech Delivery, which is an accomplishment)

  56. Sinar~Excellent points!
    I’d like to have that paddle boat for our lake. Of course I’d be using it for fishing, not spying…
    two million one hundred thousand dollars – Wow – that’s a whole lot of donations wasted!

  57. My hat’s off too! Awesome y’all getting people up the Bridge!

  58. Simon Bolivar

    I’m auditing on OT 2, there’s five people lined up already, 3 of them at the end of solo 2 and 2 on OT2. More shall come on the near future.

  59. +1

    Marty, thank you so much for what you do for all of Scientology and for me personally. The last year has been a period of discovery for me, and a gradual de-hypnotizing. I drank the Kool-aid for years. I was hypnotized and I was implanted. It’s embarrassing to admit but it is true.

    Thank you too Mike. Because of your former high profile posts, we all know who you are and that lends credibility to all of the whistle-blowers. Anyone less than you and Marty and I probably wouldn’t have looked.

  60. Marty – I listened to the full 11 minutes of that song. I loooooved it. Thanks for sharing that. Great post. 🙂

  61. one of those who see

    Beautifully said, Scott. Made me cry.

  62. +1 on Christie’s comment. Me, too!

  63. “Thank God for honest folk. Common folk. Folk with conscience and integrity. Folk who are motivated by something higher than fear and material gain.”

    Boy, I’ll second that!

  64. There’s an old country saying: “If you’re gonna be dumb, you’d better be tough.”

  65. — Tech Delivery, A Key to Victory —

    Marty has set a very good example, by not solely protesting the tyrant, but also DELIVERING THE TECH at the same time.

    Tech Delivery is good for the PCs and students. But, it is very important, for another reason:


    Tyrant Removal:

    Tyrants are removed by eroding their pillars of support. That is it. That is THE admin tech observation of King, Gandhi, Gene Sharp, etc.

    What about jailing the tyrant? Jailing the tyrant is only important to the extent that it erodes his pillars of support. What?

    Well, history has shown that jailing a tyrant – though usually a good thing – will not, by itself, necessarily break his power. Mafia bosses have continued to rule from Federal Penitentiaries, because their supporters still supported them. Napoleon returned to power after being imprisoned. Because he still had support! A non-tyrant example: Nelson Mandel retained power, though imprisoned for almost thirty years!

    Trust me, if DM is arrested, he will have it PRed to the f__king roof that his arrest PROVES that:

    “The brilliant expansion lead by Mr. Miscavige was on the verge of taking planet Earth, in its entirety. So, in a last, desperate move, the psychs paid off the FBI and had Mr. Miscavige arrested.”

    We KNOW that DM’s arrest is going to be spun and spun. He will USE his arrest to try to prove how upstat he is!

    I don’t mean to downplay how important DM’s arrest would be, but just want to put it into perspective: DM’s arrest is strategically important only to the extent that it might be used to erode his support.

    — A Primary Impediment to Eroding Support of DM–

    A percentage of the population are willing to die in a just cause. They figure they will go to Heaven, they will reincarnate well, they will die with a good conscience, knowing they leave a better world for their families, etc.

    However, Gene Sharp and others have found that most people are just not going to rally to a cause, no matter how just, if they think the consequences are too great. So, the non-violent strategist has to (stop complaining) and come up with creative ways for people to stop supporting the tyrant and ways to protest THAT DON’T INVOLVE GETTING KILLED.

    But, it’s worse when it comes to removing religious tyrants. Whereas some percentage of the people are willing to die in a just cause, very, very few are willing to endure Eternal Damnation and Endless Pain, no matter how just the cause. This is a primary reason why RELIGIOUS REVOLTS are so difficult:

    It can be hard to break people from the tyrant if they believe he controls their eternity.

    Let’s face it, it takes more personal integrity than most people have – me included – to oppose the Miscavige Administration


    So, leaving aside whether or not people are “out-integrity” for feeling that way, as a practical matter:


    Or else, dramatically fewer people will rally to the cause. Call them out-ethics, call them low integrity; them’s the facts.

    If I had to chose ONE strategic action, only, to bring down the tyrant, it would be:


    You know that DM knows this, on some level, too. Look at his attacks on Marty.

    It is not for me to say what any independent should do. At the same time, I believe that for those of us who are Tech Trained, our greatest contribution — and a vitality needed contribution — would be to follow the lead of Marty, Les, Anita, Helen, Jim, Dan,Tom, Ralph, and others and


    This is likely THE most effective, single blow one could strike.

    Plus, it’s a Theta thing to do – it will lift our tone level and effectiveness as a group. I believe it’s right. all-around.


  66. Hey that’s great Tom!

    I’m auditing a few myself.

    I mean ain’t that what Scientology’s about?

    That and training people to audit.

    I mean where does chasing Marty around on a Golf Cart fit under VFP’s?

  67. “all mirrors have been removed from POB’s environment so he can’t ever see the real source of evil…”

    Well duh Mike!

    Doncha know he wouldn’t get a reflection any way.

    I mean have you ever asked yourself why he doesn’t get up until the sun goes down?


  68. I have just completed three OT repairs, an Expanded Grade II completion and I have three pcs scheduled for next week.

    I am extremely grateful for the air cover that Marty and Mike provide by taking on Miscavige and his army of goons.

    We all have a part to play and there should be no time wasted on trying to cut anyone’s reach. There are thousands of people leaving the church and only a few dozen of us are delivering right now.

    There has never been a better opportunity to set up an independent counseling practice and you can specialize as much as you wish. People need assists, Life Repairs, OT case Repairs, Grade Chart auditing and all the wealth of Rundowns that are being neglected by the church.

    I invite you to turn on your meters and audit!

    David St Lawrence

  69. Scott Campbell

    Hey Tony,

    When you’re surrounded by Dentuso, it’s good to be an Orca.

  70. Tara, Yeah! 🙂

  71. One day I was walking down the beach with some friends when one of them shouted, “Look at that dead bird!” Someone looked up at the Sky and said, “Where ?”

  72. I like that 🙂

  73. Tom Gallagher


    No offense, but Good Gawd you can get long winded.

  74. Thanks for the response!

  75. martyrathbun09

    Well Done, Les and Anita. Oh, yeah we also had a St Hat comp and Level 0 start.

  76. martyrathbun09

    Well done, DSL

  77. Tom Gallagher

    David Miscavige is simply a NCG. Spelled out: NO CASE GAIN.

    What did Ron say about someone like POB? From the dictionary-

    1. the suppressive person is a specialist in making others ARC break with generalized entheta that is mostly lies. He or she is also a no-gain-case. So avid are such for the smashing of others by covert or overt means that their case is bogged and won’t move under routine processing. (HCOPL, 5 Apr 65, HANDLING THE SUPPRESSIVE PERSON)\

    POB is factually a POS. That’s my two cents.

  78. I can feel the intention all the way up here, Marty. High ARC, good quality delivery and a clear desire to help folks the way I always thought it should be done.

    Postulate: Hundreds and hundreds of such delivery units all over the country, each with its own unique theta, and the tech being delivered “for the PC or Pre OT.”


  79. I’m absolutely certain you are correct, Mike.

    The reason miscavige zeros in on Marty is because he feels that Marty is his biggest threat, and is truly dangerous to his income and the goals of his implant station.

    Of course, in this he’s absolutely correct.

    However, now that the way has been paved for honest and rapid communication between independents and the world, we are in a very tenable position. If you two stellar dudes were somehow knocked out of the game, others would pick up the ball and run with it.

    But I think the cat is so so far out of the bag on what miscavige’s game is that it’ll never fit back in. Too many people who really care will never be fooled again.

    The free flow of accurate stats, data and tech is what terrifies miscavige. He is utterly powerless to stop it.

    I would recommend any and everyone to get ahold of the EST correction list that Tom mentioned. It is absolutely incredible that this list, designed to handle the charge accumulated by Erhard’s followers, is 100% applicable to people who have been audited in miscavige’s implant station.

    Happy auditing!


  80. Great advice James! … and not too long winded (for me) at all. 🙂

  81. No offense taken, Tom. .Particularly because you are right.
    I should have broken the piece into at least three different posts.

  82. one of those who see

    A bit off topic, but just got an email from the church “Youngest Solo Nots Completion”
    Here is a quote from the success story:
    “I came to Flag with my sister in May of 2008, and I was a Grade IV completion.
    “I did the entire Bridge from New Era Dianetics up to auditing on New OT VII in less than 6 months.
    “After auditing for a little bit more than a year and a half, I have now attested to New OT VII!

    I would think this announcement may be enturbulating to people on the level for 10, 20 years. Any thoughts from those more trained than I on what is up with this???

  83. David Lingenfelter

    You can hold your position in space and that says a lot about you.

    Thank you.


  84. Michael Fairman

    Hey Marty
    The wins, they just flowed right in didn’t they?. Isn’t it beautiful?

  85. one of those who see

    HI James,
    Agreed. Widespread standard tech delivery is key. Basically out creating the out tech “delivery” and mistreatment of staff and public in the buildings.

  86. And there you go David. That’s the point. There is no point in watching Marty having to play these horrid games with OSA Idiots while we sit by and idly watch. We should be applying the old LRH Trick of Flourishing and Prospering in the face of suppression while Marty goes through the hoops.

    Yes, “turn your meters on and audit!” Goddam right. And then train!!

    And well done to all of the delivery you guys! You are indeed the ones who are carrying it forward!

    F & P!!

    ML Tom

  87. DM is a cs

    but enjoy this tune everyone.

    luv Bed Man Okc

  88. Sorry, please define POB, IOB and POS used in the above posts.
    I would imagine since you are defining DM, POS might be Piece of S#!+ but not sure of the others.

  89. I got to thinking about Marty and what it would take to end the siege. You know, I understand the FBI has a Witness Protection Program…

    (Of course, Marty would never do it because to do so would take him off-lines, but it makes you think just how stupid Davey Boy is by provoking someone who could probably be the star witness in a felony trial.)

  90. I believe you’re analysis is faulty James Lawson Jr. Tyrants can be dealt with in many different ways. Put DM behind bars – now. He can PR as much as he wants from there. He will be done.

  91. Joan Wood just died from a stroke, I suppose.
    She was the key in Lisa McPherson case outcome.
    Rest in Peace.

  92. Tony Dephillips

    Go Tara go!!!

  93. Tony DePhillips

    The Drudge Report carried an interview with Janet Reitman today. It is a large conservative news link. Pretty tame article.

  94. Great to hear all that delivery happening; its the most effective tool we have! I would love to see a weekly updated page where all Indies could publish their results.

  95. if YOU are curious,what was Dutch lady talking about….

  96. There were two OT 1 completions and an OT 2 completion in Australia in just the last month. In the US I know of 5 stalled Clears who are now moving ahead on SOLO to be onto OT 1 within a very short while….

    Yep — it is happening. And it is standard.

  97. Dear “no” — or should I say “No case gain”?
    You are just an OSA bot trying to take attention off the real content of this blog posting and the comments. Yep — Scientology delivery IS happening. And you venting on this blog, stamping your feed and kicking the cat is not going to change that.

  98. Totally agreed Mike.

    Marty has been a catalyst. If he did choose to take an extended and well earned holiday, fishing, travelling or anything that takes his fancy, the independent Scn community would carry on — delivery of Scn training and auditing independent of Corporate Scientology, will continue and grow and grow.

    Why? Because the independent scientology community IS independent. We don’t have a “leader”, we don’t have some thug who with a whip is perverting standard Scientology technology, we are not in fear — and most of all — we HAVE our integrity and a purpose. And with THAT — we can accomplish the world!

    Squirm little Davey — squirm!

  99. Totally agree with your assessment Scott, although I can’t help thinking that DM is just as paranoid about the fact that his brand of reverse Scientology is being undone, and real OTs are being made, as he is about Marty having become a Liberty Tree for ex-culties across the world.

    Your other point about the debt of gratitude we all owe Marty is well taken. Believe me there are many doing their bit to support him in different ways.

  100. The urge to punish comes from a darkness within the soul. The urge to punish makes one less and improves nothing. The urge to punish reduces one to the level of that which one feels must be punished.

    Or worse.

    Forgiveness is less for he who is forgiven than for self. Forgiveness makes self better. And making self better radiates out to make the world better.

    If the goal of punishment is to improve, then forgiveness is a necessary tool.

    Forgiveness is not an act of weakness. To forgive requires great courage and strength.

    Forgiveness is not allowance, but a demand that he who is forgiven take responsibility for his actions. You can not make another more responsible by beating them down.

    Responsibility requires trust. Responsibility requires knowledge and control. To take another’s control from them does not increase their responsibility.

    Nor does pretending that one’s harmful and bad acts didn’t happen improve anyone’s responsibility. To forgive is an act of knowing and understanding.

    Responsibility does not rest in ignorance of what was done. Responsibility rests in knowing and moving on.

    Forgiveness resides in the capacity to be responsible for another. Forgiveness lives in the capacity and willingness to make the world better.

    Making the world better by making the world worse is self-defeating. The only way to make the world better is to make the world better.

    And one makes the world better first by making self better, and then reaching out to help others become better.

    To forgive says that the present and future are more important than the past. The urge to punish fixates one in the past.

    We are all in this together. Punishment and harming others always comes back to harm self.



  101. GetTheConcept

    There’s nothing wrong with saying a lot as long as everything you say contributes to making meaningful and useful points. To just say that he is “long-winded” contributes nothing to the conversation.

  102. Marty,

    Something David St Lawrence said reminded me that I owe you a bit of thanks, a bit of acknowledgment which stems from an incident with my sixteen year old.

    I had asked my son to mow the lawn and lock up the back gates before we left for a Florida vacation, and he kept putting it off. Each time I reminded him, he became more upset.

    As I watched him respond I noticed that in his viewpoint he was actually being responsible for what I asked but with one huge drawback: he was operating within the confines of his own anchor points. Within those anchor points, the task was being accomplished. Within those anchor points he knew the job had to get done, he was getting it done and being responsible for getting it done.

    But the job wasn’t getting done in the back yard.

    So, my thanks to you involves your willingness to extend your anchor points outwards and actually mow Scientology’s back yard. I hear the mower running. I look out and see swaths of cut grass falling neatly in place.

    It is one thing to have knowledge, responsibility and control. We all have that within our own anchor points to one degree or another.

    It is an entirely different matter to be able to extend one’s anchor points outward, taking on bigger and bigger responsibilities than comfortably fit within the neat confines of what we consider safe.

    To take on greater and greater responsibilities moves one into the province of that where irresponsibility exists. Responsibility collides with irresponsibility. Confusion boils up. Things get messy.

    The mower purrs. Sweat pours into your eyes. Grass sticks to you. After a few acres, you begin to wonder whether you actually did put on deodorant. Your skin itches. More sweat drips in our eyes. You begin to ache.

    You continue.

    You look out and see the tree line. You see the majesty of the cumulous cloud above you. A pair of gold finches fly over. A doe and a fawn step from the woods. And you smile, knowing that life is filled with wonder and beauty.

    The ultimate test of operating as a thetan may well be demonstrated by the willingness to reach out to any anchor point, to know those anchor points and the particles operating within the jurisdiction of those anchor points. To take responsibility for those particles and the considerations, postulates and opinions about those particles.

    So, thank you for being willing to reach.


    ps. Even if you are a horrible, rotten being who deserves to be punished for eternity. Nasty, nasty, nasty being that you are. Ssssss. Snivel. Slobber. Oh my, oh my. Tasty rats to be had. Bother, bother. Must catch the tasty rats. Yumm. Delicious rats, full of delicious sewer flavors. Rich in scents. Rich in flavors. Ssssss. Snivel. Slobber. Catch the rats. Catch the rats. Crunchy bones. Hurry, hurry.

  103. So true …. and … Marty & Mike through their posts and continued willingness to hold their positions in space continually show us their depth of caring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration and example.

  104. Way to rock ‘n’ roll! Reminds me of an old ad on TV, a (very) pregnant woman ordering from a buffet, big smile all over her face, hand on her belly, motioning with her other hand … “Keeeep it coming’ … keeeeep it comin’!”

  105. POB = Pope on a Box (applebox) — DM, the self proclaimed “Pope” of Scientology who stands on appleboxes (term used in cinematography for a box an actor stands on to raise his height in a shot)
    IOB = Ingleside on the Bay, home to Marty and Mosey, ground zero for the OT Asses
    POS = Piece of Shit

  106. +1 GTC.
    James, very well thought out invest and view of the current situation. I did not think it was long at all. It gave all of the info and even suggested a good handling. Thanks for your thoughts I got it. D

  107. Fellow Traveller

    Michael — Mostly I think these no sayers should receive no subsequent replies. Now here you go posting some pretty damned eloquent exposition on the character of punishment and forgiveness to one such no sayer.

    Life can be a wicked mistress or master to those who too staunchly adopt their positions and points of view.

    I forgive you. This time. 🙂 Hell, I’ll even go so far as to thank you.
    Thank you, Michael.

    Bruce Pratt

  108. Bruce,

    Like communication, affinity, reality and all theta attributes and abilities, the nature/meaning of one’s forgiveness is defined partially by where one lives on the tone scale.

    In that light, this time, I accept your forgiveness.

    But don’t let it happen again, buster. Never, ever, ever.

    And I agree about responding to down tone comments. I marvel that we get sucked into responding to the nonsense, but there’s just this compulsion to mock up what we don’t want unmocked.

    Silly us. As if some piece of shit idiot can unmock us.

  109. Wins on 4th American ACC. 30-7-2011

    The 4th ACC is the very best auditing I’ve ever had by far without any doubts whatsoever. I’ve done all those tapes over and over for at least 15 times. It’s incredible and I already experienced phenomena like full 3D bright visio turning on, pictures becoming movies, exteriorization from bank into lighter beingness and actually creating and changing mock ups in 3D which is incredible, but now I really cracked.

    I used to be in heavy waters as the processing increased my confront which blew overt chains into view. Those would be painful as I had before decided to suppress them so as not to be hit by them. Confronting them gave me headaches and some days migraine and nausea while writing them up.

    Today before session I thought to myself that the pain was getting less and less to a point where it wouldn’t hit me anymore. Now, while writing this win, I realize as well that during the endless OW write ups at Flag 12 years ago I hit the Clear cognition in addition to the CCRD. Good bye Davey inval!!!! Wow…!…line charge….line charge…

    Anyway, I was going to write my session win; I realized that I could consider big space without being hit by mass. The reason I had decreased my size was to escape mass and thus every time I would look, I would see it, get kicked by it and withdraw. But after many hours of group processing complemented by erasing counter thought, emotion and effort, I don’t necessarily get hit by mass anymore.

    I realized that it is considerations and the absence of mass which inhibits them, is what really counts. I have been able to as-is pain for a long time but sometimes it took hours. Now I feel cause over mental mass and I feel those long hours are history. I’m so curious about all the surprises the future will bring.

    Reading the “Good bye Davey inval” keeps getting line charge……, wow,… you guys for listening!

  110. Dear tunedal,

    Thanks for your comment. For clarity, I am not saying that jailing DM would not be useful. It is simply that history has shown that jailing is useful to the extent that it lessens support for the jailed person.

    Jailing has often been ineffective in broadly lessening support for religious figures, in particular. Jesus Christ was jailed, then executed. Most of the apostles, Peter, Paul, etc. were repetitively jailed, for years, and many executed. This strengthened the dedication of many Christians and within a short time Christianity took over the Roman Empire.

    When Heber, President of the Church, was arrested and jailed, I believe it triggered strong support from most Scientologists, who were outraged.

    Again, I am NOT saying that efforts should not be made to jail Miscavige, just that in the long run, the actual, real world experience is that tyrants are brought down ONLY by lessening their support.


  111. EC,
    Great on your wins!

  112. Dear no,

    You’re being a dick.

    XOXO Mr. F

  113. But James,

    If DM is not arrested, you’d miss out on the Lulz!

    Besides, Koolaid drinkers are gonna drink their Koolaid. I’m not concerned about the Die-Hards because only they can get themselves out of their own trap. If they swallow the spin, it’s because they’re the most gullible group on the planet.

    The rest of the planet will get a good look at the crimes of Miscavige, and the CoM will have it’s hand slapped but good. The next Pope on a Box is going to think twice about pulling the same crap.

  114. Mr. Fancy,

    LOL – yes, tremendous lulz.

    I would love to be there in person, as the cuffs are slapped on. It would be like watching a “correct indication.”


  115. Totally agree here, Lana!

  116. Just for the heck of it…..

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