From Ukraine With Love

One bright spot in the otherwise oppressive International Headquarters Base of Radical Scientology experience for me was encounters with people like Michael “Misha” Priv.   Despite long hours, sleepless nights, general suppression, and executing many times pointless work Misha always appeared to me to have a glass-half-full attitude.   Recently Misha sent me the forward to a book he is writing on his Scientology experience.  He granted me persmission to share it here on the blog.  You can find it below this introduction.   You gotta love the way this guy rolls.

Michael "Misha" Priv


By Michael Priv




Spurred by adrenaline rush and pure desperation, I dashed to the back emergency door marked DO NOT OPEN, ALARM WILL SOUND and slammed into it. The sound of alarm tore through the hospital calm with insane intensity. I afforded a quick glance back as I bolted out of the bellowing door. Nothing but a couple of oblivious nurses and medical equipment along the hallway walls. There was no pursuit. Yet.

Momentarily blinded by the sunlight outside, I raced across the parking lot toward the concrete wall, grabbed the top, pulled myself up and over and ran across a busy street on the other side. As a lousy runner, I wanted to put as much distance as possible between me and the expected pursuers. I had to assume that the guards, alerted by my absence and the insane hospital door alarm, would chase after me. A terrifying thought. With my heart clucking somewhere in my throat, I ran into a shoe store across the street and looked back just in time to see one of the guards clearing the wall across the street. He looked around and sprinted to his right along the wall.

I hurriedly marched all the way through the store in long strides toward the back door, soliciting quizzical looks from a couple of Latino sales girls in attendance. I smiled at them, panting with exertion. A long time ago somebody once told me that I had a nice smile. The moment seemed right to try it now. The first door I encountered at the back of the sales area of the store stated DO NOT ENTER in large cheerful letters. I entered. The back door proclaimed once again that alarm will sound and it did—with now familiar ear-splitting intensity. Another parking lot, another wall. A glance back confirmed that I was not being pursued.

I ran across an overpass bridge, then along some street lined up with warehouses and auto repair shops and turned into a grungy alley. Keeping at a brisk clip, I labored to get a full breath into my burning lungs. No resting on the laurels just yet. Freedom was too close to take any chances. Several turned corners later, completely out of breath, I ran into a liquor store with an ironic name “AA Liquors.”

“Can I use your phone, please?” I wheezed, fighting for a breath, to the middle-age, hefty blue-eyed sales lady.

“No,” curt but to the point. “Customers no phone,” she added sternly with a heavy Russian accent.

“That’s okay then,” I replied in Russian with an attempt on a smile which probably came out tortured, “I am not a customer because I don’t want to buy anything from you. So I am okay.”

“That completely changes things! I thought you were a customer!” The lady replied in Russian, laughing, “My name is Anna. Sure, use the phone in the back,” she waved her hand vaguely. “Why are you so huffed up? Hey, you want some?” She handed me her bottle of Gatorade which she was drinking from and I downed the remaining half-forgotten chemical sweetness hungrily.

“Thanks, Anna. I am Misha.”

“You are welcome, Misha. Russians must stick together and help each other, right?”

I nodded despite being a Ukrainian. Who wanted to split hairs? Good being a Russian if you wanted a favor from a chubby, blue-eyed Russian lady by the name Anna. Otherwise, not especially.

I discovered a tiny office in the back with a phone on a table cluttered with papers, a bunch of loose change, torn up bags of potato chips and mangled soda cans. With shaking hands and trembling voice I placed a collect call to my parents in San Francisco.

“Hi mom, it’s me.”


“Me who?”

“Your son, Misha.”

“Do I have a son?” mom started crying.

“You do! I just ran away.”


“I am out, mom!”

“How? Where…? Are you okay?”

“I am okay, I am fine… How are you and dad?”

“Never mind that, you scoundrel! Are you in any danger? Are these Scientology bastards chasing after you?”

“Bastards? Mom, listen, there is Scientology which is good and then there is a Church of Scientology which is… Never mind. I am alright. I am in a liquor store in LA, they won’t find me here.”

“What happened?!”

“Well, as you know, I refused to continue working at the International Management Base where I’ve worked all these years and they sent me to LA for a special rehabilitation program…”

“They put you in jail!”

“Well, it is not exactly…”

“Shut up, Misha! They threw you in jail and you escaped!”

“Well, pretty much, I suppose.”

“I hate Scientologists!”

“Mom, that’s unfair. The corrupt Church of Scientology is one thing but tens of thousands of Scientologists who…”

“Shut up! Just shut up! Stop this nonsense! Get on a bus and come home!” mother yelled, “Or are you too brainwashed to do at least that?”

“I have no money, not a penny.”


“Okay, hang on, honey!”

Then I heard my mom yelling to my father, “He escaped from that damn prison!” then it sounded as if she dropped the receiver and moved further away from the phone. In a minute my father picked up the phone, “Hey, idiot! How are you?”

“Pretty good, dad, how are you doing?”

“Better than you for damn sure! Eighteen frigging years you gave them! Eighteen best years! You were twenty-seven when you started! And for what?!”

“Not now, dad, please.”

“Okay, okay. Stay where you are, we are getting somebody to pick you up. Call me back collect in a few minutes and give me the exact address.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The line went dead.

“Who are you?” a quiet voice behind me. I turned around and found myself staring into Anna’s blue eyes. How long has she been standing in that door?

“Who are you?” she asked again, wide-eyed.

Who am I? An interesting question. Who am I? A Ukrainian man? A Jew? A US citizen? A human being? An animal? A fool? A brainwashed victim of a hateful cult? A holly man? A soldier? A traitor? A hero? A loser? A former member of the Sea Org, the elite paramilitary management corps of the Church of Scientology? A former translations executive, a member of the International Management of the Church? A convict? A coward? A fugitive?

I looked deep into Anna’s pretty eyes and replied, “I am a Scientologist.”


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  1. top of the vale

    Misha, you roll like Homer! A fine a forward as ever was. You definitely have my vote to acquire your book when it hits availability. I am writing one of my own and and my own experience and will be honored to read yours.

  2. Yvonne Schick

    OMG – I love it! Reads like a spy novel. I can’t wait to read the rest. Thank you Misha/Michael.

  3. Do you have an English editor, Micha? How do you write so well in another language? In any case, I am impressed.

  4. Misha is one of the best of the best of those I got to know at the Int Base.
    I’m definitely looking forward to reading his book. As he writes, it would be an entertaining read even if he didn’t have anything to say, but de does have a lot of really good stories to tell, so it will be hard to put that book aside once you start reading it.

  5. Firebreathing Frog

    I like your style bud.
    I came working with you in LA beginning of the 90’s.
    We had a good time together.
    I hope to see you again soon.
    You sure have a couple of reader for your upcoming book.

  6. Fellow Traveller

    Wow! Marty is spot on: “You gotta love the way this guy rolls.” I do.
    I know of no better example of this from the LRH lecture in the Route to Infinity series (5025C19B):

    There is only one way, really, to get into a state of living, and that’s live! There is no substitute for an all-out, over-the-ramparts, howling charge against life. That’s living. Living does not consist of sitting in a temple in the shadows and getting rheumatism from the cold stones. Living is hot, its fast, it’s often brutal! It has a terrific gamut of emotional reactions.

    Thank you Mischa.
    Bruce Pratt

  7. David Lingenfelter

    Wow, I want to read your book.
    VVWD for getting out!


  8. That’s awesome. “Who am I?” Having gone through the lowers a few times in my life, that questions always burned fire with me – as it does with anyone with any sense of curiosity of life. It has never been easy to be a Scientologist. There are so many facets to it to truly being a Scientologist, and then there are so many “synthetic valences” out there people assign to it (both inside and outside!).

    Great introduction, Misha!

  9. Simply Revolting

    Wonderful stuff!
    The only good thing that DM has done is inadvertently given us some great escape stories…
    Thank you for yours!

  10. Hey Misha,

    Nice job! Nice to see you here!

    Marty is absolutely right — glass half full you are. Add to that amazing persistence and determination and perhaps the most infectious smile I have ever come across. Blend them together and what do you get? One wild and crazy guy 🙂

  11. Hello Misha. Wow, what an intro. I’ll be ordering your book as soon as it comes out. I knew you from an echelon below and remember the crazy translations “evolutions” which were it seemed being managed by a bunch of crazy madmen from uplines. At least now we know the “WHO” behind those inanities, depriving hundreds of SO members and volunteers of sleep and driving others literally crazy and out of Scientology and staff.

  12. Cowboy Poet

    Holy Hanna, Mischa!!

    I’m riveted! Finish it up, man!!!
    And God Bless your Russian/Ukranian hide!

  13. Misha,
    I love you and your incredible parents! Thank you for posting here the beginning of your new beginning!

  14. Thank you, Top of the Vale! Good luck to you too in your memoir!

  15. Thank you, Yvonne! Spy novels are best if you know the ending and they are written by Graucho Marx, I always say. Thanks for the good word. This book is about a year out but I am about to publish my first novel FRIENDS OF FRED.

  16. How many years had it been, I wonder, since you last smiled? (Too funny!)

  17. Wow! I can’t wait to read it!

    I suggest you include the word Scientology in the title so that the title itself fully communicates what the book is about. People will also find it easier when they search for information about “Scientology”.

    If you need tips on getting your book published I’m sure my wife Amy Scobee would be willing to help you. If you self publish your book you can avoid a middle man that the “church” can pay off or blackmail to stop it.

    Good luck!

  18. I do not use editors for anything except strategic decisions having to do with plot line and character development. I tried using an editor. I just don’t see why I would want to replace my style of writing with somebody else’s. I do have a proofreader who helps catch all kinds of boo-boos. This Foreword did not go through proofreading.

  19. Thank you very much, Smeso! We all live a great story, I just have fun noticing stories within stories and serving them on an acceptable carrier wave.

  20. Thank you, Firebreathing Frog! I do not recall hanging out with anybody by the name Firebreathing in the 90’s. Would be great if you dropped me a line to Thanks!

  21. Sara Finning

    Love the comment from your mother where she equates ‘rehabilitation’ with jail as if the RPF was on par with the gulag. Hmmm….

  22. I can’t describe how much I appreciate the good word, David! I have all kinds of short stories on my site Have fun!

  23. TheWidowDenk

    Misha —

    Great introduction! High quality of communication, high adventure and high impact.

    This line:

    I looked deep into Anna’s pretty eyes and replied, “I am a Scientologist.”

    brought tears to my eyes.

    Keep writing and I’ll definitely keep reading! Rachel

  24. Michael Fairman

    Миша письмо замечательна

  25. Thanks for the info about editing and proofreading, Micha. Shining example that LRH study tech and word clearing works and pays off by being able to keep you very own style.

    You were at the Int base? What kind of post did you hold?

  26. Scientology has a hospital . Wow another `blown for Good` or JB expierience.

  27. Misha – fabulous! I love your story telling style. Am looking forward to reading this book when you have it ready! Best of luck to you my friend.


  28. In my book this reference is the absolute key to existence, Bruce. Thank you. It may seem that since we live forever, there is no special importance from a greater viewpoint of whether or not we achieve anything at all or how we live at any particular point in time. I figure the opposite is true: since we can’t do anything else but transcend, we might as well do something outrageous, helpful and have fun!

  29. mark mckinstry

    Hi Misha,

    What a great intro…

    Don’t know if you remember me from the Pac RPF..

    All I can say is.. “been there, done that”.

    Best to you.

  30. Thank you, Grasshopper. A Scientologist is simply a person who uses Scientology to help himself and others.

  31. Ahhh………….a cliff-hanger………

  32. For Misha, Johnny Winter (Edgar’s brother) An all time Texas great and a mean guitarist!

    I hope this worked!

  33. Michael, you can write, dude! Can’t wait for the book.

    ML Tom

  34. Off the fence.

    Now, that’s a writer! On the edge of my seat. I, as many, have my own escape story. (And yes, I was held prisoner).
    Can’t wait to read your book!

  35. Wow! The book will be a page-turner.

    Misha in his own words:





  37. Ziba Feulner

    Your final response to Anna is very moving…

  38. God Misha! What a superbly well-written forward for your book.

    It gives me chills — not just because of the vivid imagery you use — but also the fact that I too blew from that hell hole PAC RPF, running like a fugitive. They had me under 24 hour buddy watch – a shadow would never leave my side – as they thought I would try and blow to try and see my mother (who was travelling across the world from Australia specifically to see me — and who I had been told I was not permitted to see). For three days I watched and waited for any slight opportunity that would give me a brief window to escape — and on a Friday afternoon that moment came when my security watch stepped into the bathroom furtively, thinking i had not noticed. I immediately ran — and ran for my life — just as you did. I ran for blocks and blocks through Hollywood, looking and feeling like a convict. Waiting to be spotted and approached by one of the 20 plus people who were immediately sent out to hunt me down.

    I spent the night on the streets of Hollywood — not a penny in my pocket, only wearing a t-shirt. My only blessing was I managed to make a collect call to a location where my mother was staying and then meet up with her the next day so I could see her in person for the first time in years, and communicate to her that I was coming home.

    I spent hundreds of hours with you in the following 8 months — as I tried to “route out standardly”. It was 8 months of hell there on the RPF’S RPF — and I must say that the one person who kept my tone level up, kept me somehow smiling no matter the circumstances, was you and your wonderful stories of coming from Russia. The one story that is still my favourite, about you and your dad trying to open a coconut, I have repeated to many friends since. I hope you don’t mind.

    I will read your book when it is out. I look forward to that time very much.

    I also look forward to seeing you in person at some time soon so I can give you a huge hug!

    P.S. And congratulations on going Clear — you wonderful Russian you!! I love you Misha! You exemply what is a Scientologist.

  39. I can’t wait to read your story. Another brave soul finds the “EXIT”

  40. Scott Campbell

    Excellent writing Misha!

    I like your style. Very engaging – with the gripping drama of an action/adventure novel.

    What’s better is that it’s all true! I look forward to reading it.


  41. Mischa

    What a heart moving piece. I can’t wait to read the whole book. Please finish it soon.


  42. Defender of Theta

    Michael –

    What pan-determinism!
    What certainty of self!
    What differentiation (not confusing the Tech with the actions of the Squirrels who had imprisoned you)

    to identify yourself as a Scientologist under the circumstances you described.

    (Hey, Les, what’s up!?)

  43. Misha, Thanks for that adventure!

  44. You are amazing, Misha!!!

    Today’s first page of IMDB Pro (actors,directors,producers site) news on Janet Reitman’s book “Inside Scientology”:

  45. Misha, very wise words taken from your website:

    “DM is a criminal, he belongs in jail. I want to get rid of him and get my Church back. Why? Because I want to see the world without insanity, criminality and war, where decent people can flourish and prosper, have rights and go up the Bridge!”

  46. ExtIntStaffMember

    I can confirm the glass-half-full attitude and the nice smile. Misha is a good man. A very sweet, genuine nice guy. God bless him…

  47. “I am not a customer because I don’t want to buy anything from you. So I am okay.”

    That one had me in stitches 🙂

    I’d love to read the rest of your story, can’t wait for the book to come out.

  48. Some Foreword from Action Misha!! Wow, I have to remind myself he is telling us what actually happened back then, this is no fiction! The ‘introspection’ section where Anna asks ‘who are you’ started to bring in tears…Can’t wait to read the rest. Everything in your writing tells me that you totally rock, man!!

  49. Eileen Clark

    Great, just great!!! I am looking forward to your book being complete, to read the whole.

  50. One should never have to escape from a church or a group of people who are pursuing spiritual growth.

    One has to escape from traps, cults, dangerous situations.

    We know what you escaped from, Misha.

    Well done on getting out.

  51. Eileen Clark

    Not so.
    It sounds like he describes LAC/USC where RPFers were taken for any medical emergencies or follow up care.

  52. Misha I like your statement, “We all live in a great story…” And at the end of your Foreword I realized I was holding my breath in suspense! Wow!

  53. Wondering,
    You’ll just have to buy the book! 😉

  54. It’s been wild where we are finding out that moms saw things as they were, not as we put out the “cover story” for what they were. LOL

  55. Michael, I think I have a misunderstood word here… I’m going to ask Bert to translate this so it better be clean! LOL

  56. Great opening, Michael – rivetting! I’m looking forward to the next part. Don’t worry about the editing, your stories and articles are fresh and easy to read.

  57. JohnInAustin

    Wow, what a breathtaking start to your story! I’m imagining an alternate future where Tom Cruise also manages to escape, wakes up and plays the lead in the inevitable movie that will be made of this!

    Big Love,

    John In Austin

  58. “I am a Scientologist”. Misha Priv.

    I am a Scientologist too Misha. My name is Jim Logan. Good to know you. Here’s to the future, mate.

  59. I’m on the edge of my seat now!
    Nice to meet you, Michael! I’m very happy too that you have an exit story to tell. Can’t wait to read the whole thing!

  60. Misha
    My parents ‘told me off’ too 😉
    I often think how much pain it must have caused them to lose me to the Sea Organization; all the time they knew something was wrong and that I was young and gullible. Then the years with little or no communication that they waited in the hopes I would one day ‘wake up’ and ‘come to my senses’.
    I look forward to reading your book very much. You are a talented writer. You touched my heart with this small excerpt and I found myself smiling at the all too common, and very strange experience of suddenly finding you are in complete Non-E with the rest of the world.
    It’s an honor and a pleasure to meet you.

  61. Or the other Marx Karl who I think has contributed to some of the best.

    This intro reminds me John LeCarre’ s “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold” Michael.

    Well written and suspenseful.

    I’m looking forward to reading the rest.

  62. Very well done. Can’t wait to read more!

  63. One word – wow!

  64. Misha~~
    It was riveting. Another expose on INT BASE….more truth revealed.
    There is currently a “Recovery Unit” in Los Angeles (perhaps in other locations as well) that are calling up declared SPs of 25 + years ago, plus others who departed even 30 years ago.
    They are miraculously tracked down through several changes of address and given the spin that the Church has text rooted out infiltrators who had been responsible for the abuses of the Church and that the Church was now reformed !
    May I express the hope that you will especially cover the ABUSES, the SADISM, THE SLEEP DEPRIVATION, THE HELD AGAINST WILL, THE USE OF CONFIDENTIAL CONFESSIONAL DATA REVEALED WITHIN THE SANCTITY OF A SESSION, etc etc etc as eloquently as articulately as you wrote up this pursuit by guards to chase and hound you down for leaving the RPF.
    High Fives to you Misha.
    I guarantee the purchase of a BUNCH and more

  65. Fellow Traveller

    Misha —

    I gots sumthin’ else to add, now that I have had opportunity to reflect upon both what you wrote and how you wrote it.

    This crucible, this furnace that was and is Int Management, aka little Davie’s now dwindling cult of personality, cult of vampirism, cult of adoration, well it’s produced or revealed some really incredible beings. You are definitely among those produced or revealed.

    I toast your endurance, your sense of rightness, your abilities, you!

    Bruce Pratt

  66. top of the vale

    Michael Fairman’s translation – “Misha letter is remarkable”

  67. Having had the privilege of reading Friends of Fred I can tell you that people are going to LOVE this story. Misha calls it a novel. It is really his autobiography growing up in Mother Russia, getting his family and himself out and to America and various hilarious adventures.
    Misha, I’ve been gone a month and I already miss our conversations. I will call you on Skype. Hope all is going well. By the way, maybe you can get Carrie to design FoF. She did a fabulous job on Allan McDougall’s book.

  68. Bert Schippers

    Outstanding writing Misha!

  69. Freetothink

    Wonderful smile & beautiful eyes. Can’t wait to read the rest of the story.

  70. TheWidowDenk

    I’ll just see if we can get a screen …

  71. Bravo Misha!
    I love it and Your website is well named!

  72. I have to agree with Yvonne, this reads like a great spy novel. Excellent job Michael, I’m really looking forward to the book’s release.

  73. David Lingenfelter

    Beautiful and Theta website. I am enjoying your writing and sharing just a bit of your space.


  74. Holy cow! Great introduction, Misha! I know “who” you are… You’re freaking James Bond! What a story! The only sad thing, it’s autobiographical, huh? Not fiction?

    Welcome to the club, Friend!

  75. Waiting for a response to my last email. Didn’t you get it?

  76. Misha,
    Thanks for such a wonderful “hook.” I am waiting with anticipation for the rest of the story.
    My father was Ukranian. I could hear the accents in your parents voices. Brings back memories.

    I am trying to reconcile what I believe it means when I say, “I am a scientologist.” Does that mean that if someone decides they no longer want to work for 16 hours a day, seven days a week and live in a hell-hole while being treated like crap while pretending to clear the planet that I should run after them with 10 or 15 other guys and bring them back forceably? Is that what it means to be a “scientologist?”

    I kind of think it means that I audit people and they become spiritually free.

    But then, I’ve been accused of being theetie weetie. Oh well.

    Keep smiling my friend…it is extremely contagious.

  77. Hi Misha! Mat wasn’t aware that we knew each other and have already been in touch – of course you know you can contact me any time, though your talent far exceeds mine. What a wonderful and suspenseful intro! Your parents sound like characters – I love it! Wishing you all the best.

    ❤ Amy

  78. TWD,
    Thank you! love, Laura

  79. Admiration is the best particle of all so I guess it won’t hurt to get another one! You definitely got mine!

  80. Misha, what a brilliant use of your resources! I love it!

  81. Oooh this is a fun thread!
    My name is Sam Domingo.
    I am a Scientologist and never felt happier or prouder to say it out loud 😀

  82. I love your spirit of play and the humor you can have despite everything and your still a Scientologist.You remind me of a wonderful character I grew up with-The constantly insouciant roadrunner being chased by the always ill-fated and very serious coyote.

  83. Damned true Bruce!

    It’s mind-blowing to see the caliber of beings that have joined together to fight for the rights of every being to be free to practice Scientology as LRH intended and to end the injustices of David Miscavige’s neo Nazi regime.

    Davey – you REALLY did get rid of your best staff (and public) didn’t you??? Guess that makes you an SP – as if it weren’t clear enough already.

  84. Tony Dephillips

    So sad what so many fine Sea Org members went through. What a disgrace to the philosophy of Scientology.

  85. Misha,

    I am happy that you escaped. The world needs to know your story.

    David Miscavige and his RTC Stasi must be brought to justice for their crimes. Their Sea Org gulags must be closed permanently. No amount of PR will be able to cover up the human trafficking and slavery in the long run.

    Church my a$$. Looks like a vicious Cult to me.

    Thank you for writing your book.

  86. I like your style.
    I like you web.
    Thanks a lot for a good words!!!

  87. The “Church” is reformed?

    I must have missed something – have David Miscavige and his RTC Gestapo been sent to prison for their numerous crimes?

  88. I am so glad to hear your story, Misha. I always thought that those at the top of management were treated to the best food, best berthing, the best auditors (with auditing being received regularly), exercise, awards and good pay. You know, it made sense for it to be totally distraction free so they could expand Scientology.

    I thought that even though I was in the S.O. myself and had far from an ideal scene and my daughter was at Int. All I heard from her was the plus side when she first arrived there, and I went on assuming this was the case. Now I know the truth and it breaks my heart when we hear of someone’s children being recruited and sent to Int Base. If your story helps save one person from that same fate, they good on you. And well done to anyone getting the word out. My husband and I are certainly working on it.

  89. Simon Bolivar

    I think everybody on the outside should take that phrase as a motto “I’m a Scientologist”, said with the large smile that sits on Misha’s face.
    Great writing, great story. I’m glad you are here.

  90. It appears that page cannot be reached unless logged into IMDB Pro. Can you summarize?

    Misha, GREAT story!

  91. Brillantly done Misha, sometimes in life you just have to do the commando thing. The first step is the toughest, then adrenalin lends a well needed hand. Can’t wait for the whole story.
    Welcome home.

  92. one of those who see

    Misha, OMG!!! What amazing writing. I can’t wait to read your book!! Wow!!!!! I am so in awe of the intelligence and quality of communication of the people that write here at Marty’s place.
    Marty, looks like you have put Eden here.

  93. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Misha!
    Now that’s what I call “come on dissemination”.
    I can’t wait to read your book.

  94. Lisa Hamilton


    That is absolutely awesome! Looking forward to the rest!


  95. Awesome, Misha! Isn’t it odd that free will and free choice is part of most religions and that they are based on belief and faith? As faith and belief grew for you, it turned into a horrific betrayal and yet, you had the strength to survive and flourish. Well done!

  96. Misha,

    Wow, can you write! I was riveted! Took a look at your site and will be back there to read every story. I will buy your book immediately upon release.

    This is a story that needs to be told, the sooner the better. I don’t know how you SO guys endured such complete suppression (RPF) in the name of help. Total betrayal as far as I’m concerned so congratulations on getting out.

    You are one bright thetan and I wish you a perfect future!

  97. Damned true Sam!

  98. Misha,
    I will be on the Amazon waiting list waiting to buy this book!

  99. Bob,
    Here it is:
    ‘Inside Scientology’ Author: ‘They Have the Goods on Everybody’

    8 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

    (Updated, Sunday, 9:19 a.m. Pst) Scientology operates more as a business than as a church, relying on techniques perfected by car salesmen to attract new members and celebrities to its rolls. That’s just one of the takeaways from Janet Reitman’s controversial book about the world’s most controversial and secretive religion. “Inside Scientology” chronicles L. Ron Hubbard’s creation of Scientology six decades ago and traces its development into the faith of choice for movie stars such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Also read: Paul Haggis’ Break With Scientology Over Gay Rights The book has inspired »

    – Brent Lang

  100. Yvonne Schick

    As an aside: Washington Post review of Janet Reitman’s book ( was published front page of the Editorial/books section of today’s Austin Statesman. See if I can stir some further attention with a letter to the editor.

  101. Misha, wow I can’t wait to read your book! Well my Mother was Ukrainian and her name was Anna, small world! I am truly happy for you. Your writing brings back many wonderful memories for me of my family. Ukrainians and Russians are extremely tight! I happened to also have a Russian Father. My very best to you.

  102. I don’t know which I like better….your fiction or your non-fiction:

    I guess your fiction is less painful to write, but damn dude…..that is one unbelievalbe story!

  103. Sam,
    My old Dad after some 30 years or so and with me going through the most godawful stuff with DM while he watched and experienced the pain a parent experiences when one of theirs was having the troubles I had, finally got what I’d been telling him about Scientology.

    He told me one morning while we sat and chatted over coffee – “I get it! Scientology is your religion!” Me being me, I clarifed and said it was my applied religious/spiritual philosophy. He smiled, and said “Yes, yes, that’s fine, but I understand now. It’s OK. ”

    From that point forward there was never any issue, any misunderstanding between us. Instead we even had conversations about spirituality, reason, life after death, the philosophy of Kant (I cleared a mis-understood word from Critique of Pure Reason my father had had since before WWII and he was soooo relieved) and he respected my religious philosophy as my ‘beliefs’.

    This was possible because I loved my father. He loved me. Together we persisted until a reality was achieved.

    At his death, he had left his body and thought he was dreaming. He was happy outside as the pains of his old broken vessel were eased somewhat, as he wasn’t in direct contact with it. When the doctor pronounced his death and he and the nurses left, I had to tell my father that the body was done. He didn’t believe me.

    A quick locational and he blew the mental pictures of the pain of the body completely. He realized he was himself, a spiritual being and as “young” and alive as he ever was. I glimpsed the little boy my father loved being – and he was gone.

    A few days later, while I grieved on the veranda of our family’s home, he came back, ever so lightly. He thanked me for what I had done for him. He thanked me for bringing him the truth of what I had learned in Scientology – that he was indeed an immortal spiritual being and life was endless and the future a canvas on which to paint whatever one wished.

  104. Theo Sismanides

    lol Misha, lol lol lol every line of it, every word of it…… as a translator boy you did your Word Clearing this is so evident…. i got so many pictures out of this… as if i was there… poor you!!!


    AND MISHA GOES… A SCIENTOLOGIST… what the fuck… hahahaha… I guess that’s who we ALL are now!!!!

    Pretty good man, enjoyed every bit of it… definitely the book is gonna be a great success… you Ukranian scumbag!!! lol

    P.S. I have worked with Misha on translations, so we know each other personally and so excuse my French…

  105. Misha – you sure have the ability to create intrigue. I loved this opening and can’t wait to get your book.

  106. If Jenny Linson is still there it is not reformed. That terrorist was the most abusive human being, ……….. she made James Byrnes look like a sugar daddy!

  107. Sorry, that isn’t going to fixed in this lifetime. I believe in miracles but, get real!

  108. Oh Sam, so true! Wow, he did! Good noticing!

  109. I hope nobody goes to prison. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    I’ve been complaining that the Church has become a prison! Aren’t they already in a prison for their numerous crimes?

  110. Misha – awesome intro! I can’t wait to read the book.

  111. I think when DM leaves it will be in a nice comfy car:

    He is defined as a celebrity worth 50 million here.

    I was thinking we could open an escrow account and take donations to pay him to leave. Once it gets into the millions and he still hasn’t budged that is going to be a serious PR flap if ever there was one. Can you see the headlines?


    David, maybe you ought to take whatever money you have now and leave.

    Scientologists focus on wins not losses. We would all get over it with resurgence of case gain.

  112. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!! Good point. if you were looking for Hell and found Earth (or the Int base and Flag sec checking,etc,etc) it would certainly serve!!

  113. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Yvonne,
    That link didn’t work for me.

  114. Just beautiful Jim. Absolutely beautiful!


  115. はいどら

    Great, Misha!! I hope to see you and Tatiana again soon!

    -the american boy 😉

  116. Scott Campbell

    Beautiful story Jim.

    It’s so wonderful that you were able to do this with your father. To be able to see a good ending and help a loved one on to a new beginning is a precious gift indeed.

    Of the worlds peoples, I would suspect that Scientologists are the vast majority of any with the knowledge and abilities to help others so.

    Thank you for demonstrating competence in so many things.

    Your brother,


  117. Misha, great to see your story posted here. Your introduction reads like a thriller – I look forward to further chapters.

    I’m curious as to where you were when you escaped. From the description, it doesn’t seem to be the Complex – there were no nurses or hospital equipment there, of course, and no wall around the parking area. Were you in another location?

  118. Misha! Fabulous book! Intro is so well written, can’t wait to read the whole thing. Thanks for your wonderful talent.

  119. Tony,
    Upload Google Chome. Everything works!

  120. Michael/Micha

    “since we can’t do anything else but transcend, we might as well do something outrageous, helpful and have fun!”

    Now there is a plan. Love your approach to life.

    Sounds like this book is going to be a riveting read.

    Eric S

  121. Tony Dephillips

    Ya think? 🙂

  122. Tony Dephillips

    I was talking to Matt Peach yesterday and he said something interesting. The higher up the org board he went, the HARDER things got and he got LESS REWARDS.
    This totally violates the LRH concept of rewarding up statistics. Muddcabbage validates and rewards the downstats and penalizes the upstat producers.

  123. Indeed it is suppressive, Tony.

    I had a nice talk with Mary Freeman at the same party Saturday and she recommended I read The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.

    I’m about halfway through already and it’s giving me great cogs. For example:

    “Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites. Health is never to be attained by studying disease and thinking about disease; righteousness is not to be promoted by studying sin and thinking about sin..”

    Well, in the church, the main focus is on “sin”. What you’ve done wrong. Who might find out. Missed w/holds. Out-ethics. Not contributing. Join staff or you’re a loser. Go to the event or you’re letting down mankind. Donate your savings account to buy MEST. etc.

    Total reversal. Totally introverting. Totally suppressive.

    It’s totally okay to look to other sources than just Scientology to gain knowledge. Afterall, LRH did exactly that for much of his life.

  124. Hey, did the OSA staff stalking here know DM was worth 50 Mil?

    You know us Sea Org Members are just a bunch of homeless people being fed and sheltered by the Church. I was there for six years and I didn’t try to pretend it was anything else because someone propped me up at a desk and gave me a phone and three baskets. I’d been in homeless shelters and I know what they are when I see them. Now, that’s not a bad thing and it’s not a good thing. If you’ve been running around Earth for a bit you’ve probably been homeless. Hell just go into any camping store and figure out what Americans pay to pretend to be homeless a few times a year! But there is such a thing as profit sharing and I found out when I left that Hubbard was big on profit sharing. Obviously DM thinks so too since he has taken to the time rewards himself in big ways. I don’t want to run a can’t have on him either. Go brother! But is it right that he running a “can’t have” on everyone else?
    Damn, I know this is just another inconvenient truth. But I have to ask you this. When will the truth be convenient for you? If you can choke down the truth of the reactive mind, and all that comes AFTER THAT, how hard can it be to digest the truth about David Miscavige and just deal with it? You all gotta be problems releases right? The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. It’s that simple.

    ‎”Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the only one who asked why.” -Bernard Baruch

    You guys have to be as bright as Newton. If you weren’t “why” people you wouldn’t have gotten involved with Scientology. Take off the “yes sir” hat for a minute, that came later, and put on your “why” hat. It always has lead you to the truth. The truth has always set you free. How can that be an inconvenience?

  125. God kvall, Dan! Thank you, we miss you too. Carrie Cook is designing the cover for Friendfs of Fred, yes.

  126. Gee, Mike, thanks! I tell you it is good to be free!

  127. Hi HGB, yes, my apologies for changing priorities, created hill-10’s and any entheta that might have cropped in. I would happily dump it all at DM’s doorstep but we are all responsible for our own conditions, including me. Those were crazy times and mistakes were made. Thank you for your back-up at that time and now.

  128. Okay, thank you, I’ll hurry up!

  129. Lana M-EEEEEERY- I see you running through Hollywood. Unbelievable!

  130. Your humble servant


    You are one helluva writer! Wonderful!

  131. Joe Pendleton

    Misha – if you see this, write me an email at and you will get a suprise. The last time I saw Misha was in Moscow about 18 years ago. We shared a room together there after celebrating New Year’s at Red Square (I got my own room the next night). I had known Misha well in San Francisco. I did not know what he had been doing these many years so I am eager to read more. I do see though that a very similar thing happened to the top of our heads though – ha – (the hair thing). Misha was always a great delight as a being to be around (and I’m sure he still is).

  132. Quite a cog I had, eh?

    Pew! Pew! Pew!

  133. Great Start Misha! I felt like I was reading some Lecarre novel!

  134. How does an ecclesiastical leader who makes $50 – $100,000 a year (I think a figure in this range was testified to) become worth $50 Million?


  135. Can’t wait to read your book! Great imagery, great detail! Much as I hate entheta to be out about Scientology, the truth must be aired so that the FALSE Scientology can be flushed and all can get back on purpose.


  136. Tony,
    I was just thinking about this. It pertains to public, too. The further up the bridge you go, the harder the hammer falls. But, the SO guys got the worst of it, esp ex-INT. I’m still shocked and honestly, greive when I hear stories like Misha’s and Lana’s told here. In fact, it was the stories, specifically Jeff Hawkins, Maureen Bolstad (sp?) and the Truth Rnd (and scn-cult) that finished me. These stories ended my doubt. The more I hear the happier I am, that I woke up. A group that would condone this type of behavior, on it’s own members is on it’s way out. This includes mis-treating ex-members, too.

  137. Jim
    Thank you. That is such a beautiful story.

  138. Ha ha! Perfect Ingrid.
    I always felt kind of sorry for poor old Wile E

  139. I remember when I was first targeted by SO recruiters. At the time I wanted to travel and go backpacking around the world with friends. This was instantly rejected. “Why would you want to do that? You realise, as a thetan, you’ve been everywhere and seen all those places many times before!?” The only thing I could say to them was “Yes, but seeing as I don’t remember that yet, I want to go again to refresh my memory.” So ridiculous.

  140. LDW, This is a very good observation, I think, what it means to be a scientologist. This is changing, back to what I once thought it was before I ran into the church.

  141. Jim, this puts tears in my eyes.

  142. Jean-François Genest

    Миша, чудовий б почути від вас! Це дуже зручно писати.
    Вітаємо досягнення стану клір!

    Misha, wonderful to hear from you! This is great writing.
    Congratulations on attaining the State of Clear !!
    I look forward to your book. Your free theta glows the world over! Θ

  143. Jean-François Genest

    My name is Jean-François (JF) Genest and I am a Scientologist !

  144. The (sp) next to Maureen’s name was meant to be a question of my spelling but, I did get it correct 🙂

  145. And who need to reform a church running so well, expanding every year?

  146. Ahem!

    Real estate commissions?

    Royalties on all the new basic books?

    Commissions on donations.

    The computer company he set up in Philadelphia under his Mom?

    Reed Slatkin? (Ouch, I shouldn’t have let that slip)

    Geeze why wouldn’t he be worth 50 million?

    It doesn’t bother me at all that he prospers. Every Sea Org Member deserves to be in affluence.

    It just bothers me that he is the only one while he is taking other people’s cell phones away from them.

  147. As a Mother, I am waiting for that phone call.

  148. No apologies are needed on your part. By taking a stand, it shows that you are taking responsibility. Yes, we all made mistakes and are guilty of following illegal orders and forwarding off policy actions but the source of the madness is and has been David Miscavige.

  149. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Now THAT’S a forward!! Well done on getting out and keeping your sense of humor and sanity!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (a villager with burlwood Torches for little count davey, blah!)

  150. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Excellent LRH reference, Bruce!

    Thanks Fellow “Torch Bearer” Traveler,

    Gary 🙂

  151. Another Layer

    Lana M.,
    I am chilled by the story of your escape to the streets of Hollywood. It is a strange parallel universe, to be a staff member on post or a public person on course at the same time that a SO member is suffering such abuse; even more so since from the late-70’s the PAC RPF has been PRed to staff and public alike as a “welcome break”! Incredible that I was on the SAME BLOCK in Los Angeles while this hell played out in my “church.” Thanks for telling your story. I’m very happy that you escaped!

  152. I would like thank everybody who commented on the GOLDEN FLEECE Foreword for the good words and support. The book will only be done in a year or so although I am releasing another novel soon, FRIENDS OF FRED. I’d be happy to get in touch on Facebook or by email Also please visit my web site and read some of my short stories!

  153. Misha, hello and welcome!

    I can’t wait to read your new book – the Intro is fabulous.

    You may be all those – a human man, a Jew, a Ukrainiain, an American, a Scientologist, but to me it is clear you are also at heart a Cossack, in the best sense of the word!

    For centuries in the Ukraine and Southern Russia, “Cossack” meant “Free Person” or Independent Person. A Cossack may give a nod to, but never submit to any external power and authority. Cossacks lived in militaristic yet in some ways rather democratic communities and did not recognize the authority of any Tsar, Sultan, Emperor, or King over them. Most were Ukrainians and Russians, but in fact anyone fleeing tyranny could become a Cossack, no matter their background. The requirement was a desire for greater freedom of self-government and a willingness to fight for it.

    Well, as you know Ukrainians and Russians too love a party with music and dancing, so here to celebrate the spirit of Ukrainians everywhere:

  154. Robert Earle

    Dear Michael(or Misha),
    I am happy to meet you here on Marty’s blog. I took your advice and went to your web site and read almost everything you had there. I love your writing!
    I highly recommend it to others. I am looking forward to your upcoming books too. Wishing you well.

  155. Misha, thank you for posting this. It is truely inspirational and as a result I have actually written a chapter or two of a book I have, up til now, only an outlined for. So thank you. I look forward to your completed book!

  156. Left and you’re a writer! Fantastic Misha!
    “Who am I?”, you ask. You are all of those things you name!
    And, of course, a writer!
    Congratulations on getting out!

  157. Misha- I loved it! I will LOVE your book and I don’t read everything- it is fantastic. You are a great writer!

  158. Tory Christman

    I agree…Misha…I *loved* the beginning. I literally cannot wait to hear
    what happened next: Great job! Welcome and congratulations 🙂

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