IAS Atrocities (part two) – Barbara Ayash


Another IAS Medal Winner has bitten the dust thanks to David Miscavige’s diversion of IAS donations toward suppressing the truth. 

Barbara Ayash was one of the early IAS Medal Winners.   She was famous for her Set A Good Example campaign.  Apparently, her husband funded it for two decades.  When he passed away Barbara was left destitute by Miscavige, IAS, and the “church.”   Miscavige it seems is too busy bankrupting people with rolling thunder events, while wiping out the human resources goodwill that enables him to do so. Barbara has been reduced to begging on her own in a noble effort to make ends meet and keep the campaign going.

Here is a very recent email  from Barabara which serves as proof as to Miscavige’s and IAS’s true, hidden policies with respect to the overblown hype they feed followers in order to clean out their bank accounts.


Barbara Ayash

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 

Dear ———–,       
February 2 this year my dear husband Bob passed away.
Now that he is gone to the heavens I am without his help.
I have a small social security income – $829.00 per month.
I have to pay the rent from that amount.
The cost is $799.00 Per month.
So I have only $30.00 per month for food. No money for phone, medicine which
I need now that I am 78 years old.
Our Set A Good Example Campaign for school children is going bankrupt due to the
fact that I have no personal funds to help pay promotion and delivery expense.
Thus I am asking you and all the rest of our usual Set A Good Example Campaign
Sponsors to assist with pulling the campaign out of this financial situation.
Please mail your check to the following address:
Much Love:
Barbara Ayash – President
Set A Good Example Foundation
2212 Royale Rd, #2
Sacramento California 95815,
916-993-5412 phone – no fax

Yet another Miscavige/IAS casualty for Independents to pick up and heal.

David Miscavige, you are setting an example all right.  However, it is anything but good.

also see: IAS Atrocities (part one) – Dennis Clark at https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/ias-atrocities-part-one-dennis-clark/

 PS to Miscavige’s agents who have confronted me at LA International Airport and in front of my own home with the screeching “question”, “Hey Marty! Where’s your Way To Happiness campaign?”:   


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  1. This is so sad. Money spent on “Squirrel Busters” could really help this woman out. Such a warped sense of priorities for the Co$.

  2. The way even the highest contributing OTs are discarded like trash is blood-boling. One of my first “waking up” moments occurred at Flag in 2001 when I realised without any doubt that “getting money” was senior to “clearing the planet” in DM’s brave new world. My wife and I had attended an OT event from Freewinds staff in which is was stated emphatically that it was “only necessary to make 10,000 OT VIIIs and the planet would be cleared”. Afterwards my wife – new to Scientology – asked what it would take to make 10,000 OT VIIIs. I did a little mental arithmetic and concluded that if they issued grants to subsidise the traning and processing, all the pre-OTs paid their accomodations and food, and the Church just funded the materials and provided the space to work, if they twinned up on their training it would probably cost CofS in the region of $10,000 each pre-OT. That would be a total investment of around $100,000,000. Let’s say about 10% IAS and SO reserves. “So, why don’t they do it?” My wife asks. It took me 8 years before I could answer that question, but I sure know the answer now.

  3. Mother of Grendel

    Just another example of how the “Church” of Miscavige is all about money, not people.
    In every other religion I can think of, when parishioners need help – financial, emotional, or some other kind – they turn to their Church and Church leaders to provide comfort, advice, guidance and help. Death, hardship, health problems, marital problems, family problems – their pastor/priest/rabbi/… is there to help.
    In $cientology (Micavogy), there is no help – just the constant pressure on the money stream. Succor? No – demand for cash. Guidance? No – demand for cash. Help? – Ha! Because as we all know, going bankrupt to fund the IAS helps no one but Miscavige.
    $cientology is a “church” in name only – it sells a technology that once addressed the human spirit, but is now completely corrupted and serves only to create an army of mindless OTAsses. There is no faith, no help, no Golden Rule, no TWTH, no service to the community. No giving back.
    There is no religion in that.

  4. DM is scum period and any who participates in these crimes against humanity are scum. Barbara I would recommend an” Elder abuse” case. In California you will win.

  5. OSA agents,
    If you really want to know where Marty’s WTH is, why don’t you look on his blog; only happy faces, 1000’s of people getting major cognitions, so many de PTSed, loosing physical ailments, well fed by his faithful wife Mosey, creating a safe environment that even you can’t mess up despite your best efforts, parents respected and connected, truth being told every day, pc’s and followers of good will don’t get harmed and even don’t get regged, he’s leading by stellar example every day and keeps doing his job despite your best effort to thwart him, he is applauded for unrivalled competence, he respects the believe of others while exposing suppression in the name of religion and above all he is honestly flourishing and prospering.

    Now OSA agents, apart from your usual PR lies, what are you honestly doing about TWH?

  6. To those still drinking the David Miscavige Kool-Aid, a few TWTH precepts come to mind:

    1. Take care of yourself.
    7. Seek to live with the truth.
    17. Be competent.
    21. Flourish and prosper.

  7. Yvonne Schick

    How heartbreaking. Such callous disregard for veterans who have given so much. And, worse yet, pretending to support such programs financially with IAS funds while the reality is that the program leaders must fend for themselves for funding.

    Is Barbara in direct communication with independents? Is she accepting help from indies?

  8. martyrathbun09

    Not that I know of. Miscavige, I am sure will set up a filtering system to prevent it. But, as with Clark, we’ve already helped her by forcing to the cult to by public exposure.

  9. Martin,

    How right you are.

    The IAS is a cancer that is consuming what is left of the “church” of Miscavology from within.

    I have posed the same question as your wife on a different subject.

    IF as POB tells his sheeple, the way to clear the planet is by making all orgs IDEAL (another one, along with the 10,000 OT VIIs, Super Power, GAT and Basics — in fact, anything he is trying to sucker people into giving more money for) then why not just buy all the orgs right now, renovate them and be done with it? Problem solved. Planet cleared!

    POB has the money to do it — what is more important? Sitting on his mounds of gold like Scrooge McDuck or clearing the planet? I think he has answered that question many times over…. He puts Scrooge McDuck to shame.

    And while on a roll, you know that arrogant punk told the staff of Tampa Org that their new building was a “Gift from COB”. They raised NOTHING for the building — in fact, didnt even want it (and struggle to pay the utilities bills), and he announces to them that HE has given it to them as a gift as they are SOOOO upstat! Not something he is going to announce to the world, as there are a lot of other orgs struggling to try and comply with his insane demands….

    Sort of reminds me of “his” gifts to BFF Tom.

    If IAS is the cancer, POB is the rabid dog that chewed its heart out.

  10. The Pope of Scientology has a long, hard road ahead. Forever and ever and ever and……..

  11. Fellow Traveller

    Absolutely, JM.

    As well, in this case
    6. Set a Good Example
    11. Do Not Harm A Person Of Good Will
    are being violated with apparently assumed impunity by the devotees of Pope Applebox.

    I am beginning to long for the day there is Pope on a Pike, illuminated for all to see by a sea of torch bearers. Figuratively, literally — sort that out later.

    Bruce Pratt

  12. Mike,
    On the IAS, as you know, as any can know, there is not one single line in any policy written by L. Ron Hubbard that contains the words International Association of Scientologists, or its acronym IAS.

    Not one. It IS NOT SCIENTOLOGY according to L. Ron Hubbard himself as clearly stated in the Articles and Bylaws of CST, crafted under the direct supervision and authored by and approved by L. Ron Hubbard.

    No Sue Wilhere, DM is NOT Scientology, and no Dave, neither is the IAS. It is a parasite. An External Influence that has nothing to do with the actual subject or any actual organization that is described in the actual materials of Scientology.

    Cancer indeed.

  13. Mark Rathbun, YOU walk the walk. You are the real deal.

  14. Pope on a Box (an applebox). Bad call on the valence. It certainly isn’t ‘winning’.

  15. Screw the WTH campaign, this lady should be crying out for help for herself. And maybe she is by this email.
    This is where you end up for all your dedication and hard work. Disgusting.

  16. Marty,

    This IAS cancer is grotesque.

    Barbara Ayash and Dennis Clark are not the only Medal Winners abandoned to fate — Jane Allen is another one.

    That the International Association of Shittiness has the gall to keep promoting itself as a champion of human rights is a disgrace.

    How is it that the sheeple don’t understand this simple logic:

    1. Go to an event or listen to an IAS Vulture and they will tell you that the IAS is funding ALL 4th dynamic campaigns and programs — from CCHR to Volunteer Ministers and from Applied Scholastics/NN/Criminon and WTH to international Scientology Dissemination campaigns.

    2. YET, open your email or go to yuour local org and be deluged with the beggars asking for money for:
    Volunteer Ministers activities
    Applied Scholastics programs
    WTH distribution
    NN drug education activities
    Criminon projects
    Library campaigns
    Ads on radio/TV/billboards
    (This in addition to giving money for the Idle Org, IAS, other Idle Orgs, Super Power building, Nation of Islam slush fund etc etc.)

    Why do they need to separately reg for this money when the IAS already collected it? And that contrary fact is just ignored.

    The IAS is raking in about $20 million a month (v. conservative, I dont want to be accused of lying by POB :)). They are spending a tiny fraction of it. The excess money they are accumulating is obscene. It is why tax lawyers keep insisting they SPEND money as they are not allowed under the tax code to be considered tax exempt AND accumulate excess reserves. That is why they buy org buildings. (It’s perfect, because the buildings remain assets, and then POB has something to show to the world that “proves” the massive international expansion).

    If HALF of the money the IAS takes in was spent on a REAL Way to Happiness Campaign, it would buy enough ink and paper for POB to use his state of the 20th century printing facilities to print 100 million Way to Happiness booklets a MONTH and give them out.

    That would be a decent amends project.

  17. This is sick.

  18. Mother of Grendel

    Can you think of any other “church” (not cult) that encourages its parishioners to protect themselves from members in need? I think not.

  19. Tara, that’s what I think she’s doing — crying out for help. She’s certainly saying it like it is, which is a good start.

  20. Please tell me about Jane Allen. I don’t know about her situation. She helped me once upon a time…

  21. Another used up shell of an elderly person cast out by DM and the Droids. I wish her nothing but the best.

    This email seems suspect though – not its legitimacy, but its content. Her husband dies and she is left destitute, with $829 per month? How can that be? I don’t understand that. I can think of several theories as to why, none of which set a good example for anyone.

  22. As business owners, we have been receiving the “Please Help,” messages from Barbara for years as they ran out of funds, as he got sick, got worse, departed. I feel sorry for Barbara and would love to send her a check with a letter stating, “If you cash this, you are accepting help from an independent Scientologist.” Maybe a bunch of us should separately send checks for $10 with that statement. “Number of times over = eyes open?”

    Wow, I just went on facebook and messaged her, “Dear Barbara, I would like to help you with a money flow but you need to know that I am an independent Scientologist. Are you open to this?

  23. Mike Rinder

    I was of the impression that the IAS was registered “off shore” so that it’s funds could not be seized by US legal entities, so that there would still be funds available to keep the Church afloat if the “churches” accounts were “frozen”.
    I thought that the IAS is NOT, in fact, a Scientology Corporation.
    If this is true, then is it true that nothing that the IAS “owns” can be seized if the “church” is dismantled? The organization occupying the premises might be shut down, but the owner/landlord (IAS) would still have his building, and the IAS funds would be secure.

    Eric S

  24. Yvonne Schick

    I was given a heads up several years ago that she was moving to Texas. I either emailed or spoke with her briefly (I don’t remember exactly). She had married a non-Scn and was not actively involved with the church. Indicated she was not particularly interested in being “connected” with the local org.

  25. Tony Dephillips

    I love your WTH campaign!!
    Way better than dirty muddcabbages campaign of deceit and treachery.

  26. That is so true, and such a glaring outpoint.

  27. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1!!

  28. Leader of the fastest growing religion on the planet indeed!
    Mc Midget is a just a common thief.

  29. Eric,

    Originally this was true.

    The IAS then granted the US IAS Members Trust exempt status so donations to the IAS would be deductible.

    Part of the stipulations for exemption were that there be no requirement that one had to be a member of the IAS to get services in a Scientology Church (obviously NOT true today) and that the IAS was NOT a part of the church (ie didnt have staff and offices inside orgs) — also obviously NOT true today.

    The IAS and Churches of Scientology are collapsed into one ball of wax these days. Thus there is NO protection of the IAS funds from the IRS — but there is no need for this any longer as the IAS granted the Churches exempt status (and once that happened the measures that ensured the structure and flow of funds and how it was spent were thrown out the window).

    In spite of what many consipracy theorists out there claim, the structure and financial lines of the churches WERE in compliance with the IRS code. That alone is why the IRS granted exemption in the end as they could not find anything that was NOT in compliance with their regulations. Believe me, it was career suicide to grant exemption to Scientology which is why it was done by an Assistant Commissioner who retired as soon as it was done.

    So, the IAS, which was originally set up to protect assets from the IRS, no longer needs protection from the IRS.

    Today, the C of M wouldnt come anywhere near meeting the requirements of 501(C)3. But POB knows that the IRS doesnt have the willingness to take on the battle once again.

    This doesnt mean the IRS may not be willing to go after some narrower target (like inurement to certain individuals) but the chance of them launching a broadside assault on the exempt status of all church entities is extremely small in my opinion. So, the collapse of the church and IAS is no longer of any concern to POB and neither is protecting the IAS from the IRS.

    Sad, but true.

  30. Exactly right, Mike

    Your statement ” That the International Association of Shittiness has the gall to keep promoting itself as a champion of human rights is a disgrace.” hits it on the head. Just look at the purpose of the IAS on their website … Nothing can be further from the truth.

    Years ago, a friend & myself had arranged to have Way to Happiness booklets sponsored & distributed by one of the top two soft drink manufacturers in the world. This would have involved literally millions of copies distributed around the world.

    After personally tossing in many thousands of dollars and purchasing the rights to print from the Way to Happiness Foundation, we found it necessary to apply to the IAS for a grant for the actual printing.

    We were refused by the IAS as someone in their hierarchy felt it was not a project worth doing.

    Millions would have been distributed and this would have been the the largest project of its kind at the time.

    The effects? Who knows, but I can guarantee that with the backing & promotion of theis well-known botting manufacturer, it would have been tremendous.

    My conclusion, the IAS was only looking to pad it’s already full coffers and really in practice, didn’t give a damn about it’s purpose or people.

    By their actions … while the IAS’s purpose & goals sound laudable, their actions are anything but. They will suck every parishoner dry if they get the chance with little or no exchange – in effect, a CRIMINAL organization.

    The same goes with Miscavige & his crew … by having OTs and others re-do Bridge actions after reaching legitimate EP’s, he and his gang are ACTUALLY having Scientologists RE-CREATE their Reactive Minds in order to run something.

    The church and the IAS – Creating reactive minds and poverty amongst Scientologists.

    What could be further from the original aims that LRH set out.

    Simply disgusting.

  31. Tony Dephillips

    Great point Mike.

  32. Michael Fairman

    This is a great idea. But, wait! We’re SP’s and SP’s are not about help. If Mrs. Ayash is still drinking the kool aide won’t just looking at the check throw a monkey wrench into her machinery? If I send her a check with a note of kindness, what happens to her if she accepts it, and then tells her “friends”? . Does she then face the firing squad along with her machinery grinding to a halt? There are ramifications here.

    But all kidding aside , it’s right thing to do, just because she is.

  33. Fellow Traveller

    Cancer– the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.
    DM — uncontrolled, abnormal.

    I see the parallels to fastest growing something.


  34. Incredible Absolute Scam

  35. Barbara Ayash like so many loyal and dedicated Scientologists (of whom many post here) have given their lives to a cause,in good faith,only to be bitterly betrayed by the CO$.

    To think that after all her years of hard work (which yeilded millions to the CO$ in funds and great public and community relations), and sacrifice she is reduced to begging to stay afloat is horrifying. This is what you get folks. After years and years of dedicated service – be prepared to be abandoned and to beg for your own scraps while your revered leader eats his gourmet meals, wears his $5000 suits and has his every whim catered to.

    This woman launched the most successful Way To Happiness campaign in history, who took it from a another book that the regges and ASI were trying to figure out how to sell, and developed a campaigns that focused on uplifting communities with the use of this book. She was responsible for making this book a tool that even gang members would use to coexist in their communities. Her model for the distribution and sales of this book is what the church has copycated and uses today. These are campaigns which the IAS and ABLE used to raise millions of dollars and thousands of inches of good press and good public and community PR for the church, and instead of rewarding her and enabling her to retire to live out her years in comfort and recognition of her work, she is abandoned to resort to begging for help meet her meager lifestyle. She has nothing now because her husband (a non Scn!) used what personal funds they could have saved for their retirement to keep afloat a campaign that the “church” used for its self aggrandizement.

    How many more Scientologists and staff will have the same treatment await them for their years of dedicated service?

    This is the true face of an organization that hides behind its deceptive mask of purported humanity and self serving motives. I wish Barbara well and hope that her “church” does come to her aid.

  36. Hi Michael, LOL. She could accept money and consider it a “blow to the enemy” and even write up a glorious report to COB about how many dollars she took from unwitting indies. Wait, no, she wouldn’t, because then he’d demand that she send it to him. What a pickle she’d be in!
    Yes, “just looking at the check throwing a wrench into her machinery ,” was part of the devious SP plan. (Evil laugh, exit stage left.)

  37. Here’s a Way to Happiness: don’t associate with the CoM.

    I feel sorry for this lady, but in all honestly, she was a willing victim. It’s bad enough that people are out to take advantage of someone using the IAS or the CoM.

    But there is a price for stupidity, too. I don’t care if it is paying for religious charitable services or donating to the United Way; you need to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.

    But it is despicable to use religion to enrich yourself, particularly when you are taking advantage of well-meaning, if gullible, people.

  38. Just to add insult to injury on the Idle Orgs boondoggle.

    Here is a paragraph from a new email from an OT VIII OT Ass who was at the MV imploring the public of Kansas City to come to a briefing and showing of the MV “seminar” about Ideal Orgs. This is her description of the importance of this “event” to celverly persuade the few public of the dying Kansas City “org” that this is the most important event since…. the last one.

    Here is how she described it:

    Along the lines of the type of briefing that was given and the decisions made, I personally consider this event to be as significant of an event for the history of the world as the establishment of the United Nations, the Treaty of Versailles (ending World War I), the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, the victory of the Scientology Portland Crusade, that meeting in England that established the IAS or LRH’s discovery of the nature of what is handled on the various true OT levels..

    I guess she has learned the fine art of hyperbole from the Master of Hype hisself…

    Is it possible that anyone recieves an email like this and doesnt laugh out loud and wonder about just how delusional this “OT VIII” is? HERE is some “Truth Revealed” about the results of “OT VIII” in the Vulture Empire.

  39. top of the vale

    Does being thrown under the bus mean anything to anyone? Dennis Clarke and Barbara Ayash would sooner drown than give up the Kool aide regardless what they may say. Having been thrown under the bus on many occasions by both, I would keep a wary eye on these two critters.

  40. Re INUREMENT… Yesterday’s post by “oracle” linked to an article stating that David Miscavige was a celebrity millionaire to the tune of $50,000,000 net worth. I’ve seen testimony (somewhere) that his earnings as POB were in the range of $50,000 – $100,000 a year. My question again is, how does a five digit salary become $50 Million?
    Is there any more egregious example of INUREMENT than that?
    Plus, the “service facilities” he receives are obscene for an ecclesiastical leader.
    I do agree, though, I don’t think the IRS will wage the battle again. I am not expecting any help from the government in rectifying this situation.

  41. martyrathbun09


  42. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, but it is rather simple for the IRS. The IAS submitted to US/IRS jurisdiction so that all entitiescould obtain exemption. The IRS has jurisdiction. If IAS is not exempt, no Scientology entity is as they are all used as vehicles primarily to fund the travesty.

  43. Wow, “the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America”???

    I doubt she has ever read a copy of that document. It is absolutely phenomenol. If she did read it, it would be very difficult NOT to draw a line connecting DM and King George III.

    I invite all to reread this document every so often. It still brings tears to my eyes.


  44. As I postulate DM sitting in a jail in his orange jumpsuit, I realize as a elderly prisoner he would still get better benefits than Barbara with medical and food.

  45. i don’t get all this drama…
    isn’t this all just a waiting game? anonymous, indie’s, fz, ex-og’s, the cult of dm, etc…
    shoulnd’t we all just go about our own business? the cult will be gone soon enough. they are not sustainable in current form. fews years from now and there will be no money/people (same thing as per dm policy) left to keep things going. everyone take a deep breath, relax, go on vacation; close your eyes and in no time the cult will be gone before you even know it.

  46. Mike, and what proves that all of what the C of $ does is just for money and in violation of 501 (C) (3) is that the Church is supposed to accept “donations” for services. So they collected all of this money from the field and buy an “Ideal Org”. But LRH says in Data Series 40 THE IDEAL ORG: “The business is always there – the skill with which it is handled and the results on pcs and students is the single important line which makes it possible to build the rest.” So there it is. If this one sentence were applied, there would be lots of public in the orgs. They would take all of that money they are taking in and use it PROMOTE training and processing. They would take the money the field gave and train auditors and C/Ses. Never mind certs for USELESS statuses. How about certs for training up to the highest level in the org and delivering SCIENTOLOGY??? That’s if the Radical Church of Scientology was really interested in delivering the tech and clearing the planet which it is obviously not.

    ML Tom

  47. Leonore — I have no idea where they came up with $50 million. In fact, the way he runs RCS, his net worth is more like a billion as he treats everything the church has as his…. $50 million is stab in the dark by someone. It’s a meaningless figure.

  48. Good theory anon. Problem is people are being hurt in the meantime. Families are being torn apart. People’s livelihoods are being destroyed. And people are being messed up with the squirreling of POB.

    I do not have the stomach to sit by and watch it happen and do nothing to try to speed up the process and save, even if just one person, the grief and pain that too many have and are experiencing.

    You may feel no responsibility for doing anything about it, that’s your choice.

    I believe that knowing makes you responsible and thus I must do something.

  49. Will someone please pull Marty off of David Mis-ravage.

    He is stomping that midget like a narc in a biker bar!

  50. Can we just take a high road and send her Money Orders without divulging names? Why give her more grief if your intention is just to honestly help?

  51. Holy cow. Hahaha. Where does she go from there? The next event will be more important than the Big Bang itself.

  52. I know this is an unkind thought, but over the years every time Barbara has pled for donations to pay the rent, etc., I have wondered how much of the donations has gone to the TWH campaign and how much has really gone for her living expenses? In other words, I am not sure she is the ultimate martyr portrayed. That said, I don’t think anyone 78 years old should be in her situation. There I am, conflicted again. Sigh!

  53. Well, actually, I would say the event transcends even the advent of Native State and the first Big Bang!

  54. Yvonne Schick


  55. Don’t you know? If you need “help” then you’re obviously a downstat, degraded being, have overts, and are secretly a suppressive! There for… Not worthy of help!!

    Now help the church get “stats” up, another BS event is coming up! We need help if ALL public and staff and…

    What do you mean this the “same thing?”

  56. GH: No, it tops them all. It is more important than the Birth Date of Dear Loser!

  57. Cancer indeed Bruce.
    Pop quiz.
    What happens to the cancer when it eventually kills the host it has been feeding off?

  58. Another Layer

    Lynn, this is so kind of you! I agree that Barbara should know the source of the money flowed to her and make a conscious decision to accept/reject that help. When I knew her in the late 70s, she was very smart and practical … I’m sure that’s still there even if submerged in KoolAid.

  59. +10 to the power of 10 (that’s 10,000,000,000) I do believe. An amazing, even blessed, moment in history, dare I say.

  60. The “Church” takes the GLORY of these campaigns ~~quacking about the benevolence and outreach ….”we distributed 100,000 “Way to Happiness” booklets,” etc etc but now it turns out that Barbara Ayash’s husband was funding a lot of it.

    And so it is with many of the their campaigns. The Church does not pay out of it’s Billion+ dollar Reserves. It sucks out new money from Public to pay without dipping in to its own vast amount of funds. Same with Volunteer Ministers. The Church uses as a Photo Op for INT events, but the volunteers pay their own way or new $$$ is regged to pay for it.


    The Media x
    Authors who write whistle blowing books SF
    Tony Ortega F
    Janet Reitman x
    Marty’s Blog F
    M and M x
    Public Resignations x
    David Miscavige LFBD/FN

  61. Mike,
    I know it’s not literal. I bet if you could get a look at his personal financials, though, he’s followed that Boliver PL to the letter as regards setting up his own accounts in some far off place to which he can escape when the time comes. I would bet those bank balances are pretty darn phat, and there is plenty of property and a huge estate, too. No Sea Org closet for a retirement home for him! (Speaking of that, God bless my aging auditor!)

  62. Fellow Traveller

    It goes into some form of dormancy, sometimes death itself.

    And that is the issue with cancer — its survival is at the cost of the host, which it eventually kills — kill or be killed (meaning the host can sometimes handle it’s cancer)

    I never noticed the similarities before between cancer and oh, say a vampire. How similar in some characteristics. Dave, a reptilian predator, a vampire, a blight upon us, a cancer upon civilization — to think at some point in the far distant past, there could have been an individual there — boggles my mind.


  63. Fellow Traveller

    I needed to get another cup of coffee. And a stack of paper towels.


  64. Fellow Traveller

    I believe that knowing makes you responsible and thus I must do something.

    Hear hear!

    Every day, every minute taken from DM’s reign of terror, every symbiote of life, not symbiote of DM, saved from the scourge of the cancer he is, is a good thing.


  65. Fellow Traveller

    I just got my replacement coffee and used all my paper towels. Here I go again!

    Priceless, Karen. Priceless, hilarious and oh so true!


  66. Hmmm.

  67. A billion dollars in the bank at 2% simple interest is $20,000,000 a year. That’ll keep things going a while even if not one dime was added to the pot. Now these numbers are not real, and I’m sure there are investment and obfuscation strategies that make returns more substantial and concealed. Still, when assets reach a certain point, they are almost a perpetual motion machine. Consider George Soros.

    Meanwhile, we care about people whose hard labor built this behemoth – even if it was with blind trust – and who are now being crushed by it. Some were very dear friends. For many of us, there was a pledge of honor as well.

  68. I have an issue from way back when that states that IAS membership is mandatory for church services.

  69. Brian Culkin

    “I believe knowing makes you responsible and thus I must do something.” -Mike Rinder

    The implant being used at Flag: “We are only able to practice our religion because of the IAS. Donate”

    I submit: “Soon, your church may be shut down because of the IAS.”

    “When any government, or church for that matter, undertakes to say to it’s subjects, this you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motive.” – Robert Heinlein (LRH’s good pal)

  70. Harry Potter

    The answer to this is that the Feschbachs since the late 80’s invest his money and he is not allowed to lose money. If he has a bad time in the stock market, they have to replace any losses out of pocket.

    They wouldn’t dare report losses on Dave’s money.

  71. Mike,

    I just had a thought. The true size of the IAS slush fund is a closely guarded secret. As a staff member and later as public, I never had any idea how big the stash was. What we believed was that the money was being granted and spent almost as fast as it came in (keeping say 10% back for reserves).

    A partial reason no-one in asks out loud why IAS doesn’t just buy all the buildings right now, could be that they believe there isn’t enough money yet.

    Or I could be wrong, my first hand data ended 9 years ago. Maybe they’re just too scared to ask.

  72. Michael Fairman

    Why? So she can save herself from completely being crushed. So she might be jarred into looking at how she has been and is being betrayed, and still find the freedom she deserves. The letter I wrote expressed an understanding for her situation and an acknowledgement for what she and her husband had done. Pure and simple. Underneath our names I wrote “Independent Scientologists” Tom, I believe that’s the high road.

  73. Don’t forget how Marty is also reaching out and connecting with past adversaries and finding common ground. OSA makes enemies, Marty makes friends.

  74. Michael Fairman

    Off the thread. This was just posted by Tony Ortege
    The LA Sheriff’s Dept. shilling for Miscavige

    Ben Ring, LA Sheriff’s Deputy, under inquiry for endorsing Scientology!

  75. The Church sucks a vast amount of money from members for donations for social betterment that never go anywhere except CofS reserves. The public think they are funding something for the community when the money never even gets spent for they donated it for. The Church STOPS the “campaigns” from ever coming to fruition!

  76. I have trouble believing all of Barbara’s story. If this is truly her situation and she and her husband did nothing to prepare for their old age, she should ask for a refund from the CofS for any donations to the church to help her with her living expenses. The only thing I do believe is true is that she no longer can fund the Set A Good Example campaign. However, to ask for funds to continue the campaign, while she is living at well-below poverty level is altered importance on her part.

  77. martyrathbun09

    So do I

  78. anon,

    You probably don’t have a family member who was disappeared, right? Most of the folk doing something about the problem of DM and the cult do, and it’s now personal.

    I totally get it if you are not directly or indirectly affected in any way and choose to stand aside, that’s OK. Other people see it differently and want their brother|sister|kids|spouse|parent to come back home, preferably today. There’s lots more reasons why people act, but that’s a very common one and the one closet to home too.


  79. Right, Marty exemplifies all 21 precepts whereas OSA is the shining example of the exact opposite while recriminating Marty with their own evil.

  80. one of those who see

    Exactly Jim. And David I’m having trouble locating the LRH Policies regarding fundraising being the way to Clear the Planet???
    I believe there is now a fundraising course. Has anyone seen this? I think I saw it in one of them mags. Who the hell wrote that??

  81. All gamblers loose their $$$$ by the bucket load, to only steel and borrow some more to then only loose again; the perfect control op.

  82. Bruce,
    The 100 year old pecan tree outside my window, by reflection of the light off my computer screen, got the gist of the email and just went sssstttttpppp. I didn’t know trees could do that. It was a raspberry, from a pecan tree. Holy cats!

    DM’s briefings are more important, more, more…well whatever, than DMSMH being published. He’s eclipsed the entire subject.

  83. POB has a couple thousand of the potentially most able people of the planet in a cage. Why not open the door; within a year after escape they’ll fly.

  84. Michael Fairman

    Mike + 8 (on its side)

  85. HP,
    Very good point. POB also brought the Feshbachs in to meet up with this BFF Tom Cruise at the “ship” at the Int base when he was getting his auditing and training, around this time and TC also became a client of theirs.

  86. Michael Fairman

    Beuuuutiful! And oh so twoo.

  87. Great that you quote Heinlein. When detractors call Ron a “Science Fiction writer” with a sneer, I know these same people hold people like Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov, Philip K. Dick, and other SciFi writers in high esteem. Asimov went off the reservation (of writing SciFi) almost as much as Ron did, but he supported the establishment view.

    This quote is awesome. It is so easy to turn a holy crusade into an unholy one, as we all know here.

  88. NOI slush fund? This was first mention of such. People get regged for this – or how does it work?

  89. Mike,

    I concur totally and note that in addition to those IAS Freedom Medal Winners you mentioned here of being or having been thrown under the bus there is Peter Schless- not sure whether he’s still in the Hole or not. How can you throw a Freedom Medal winner into the POB Hole? Doesn’t his actions in winning a medal count or are they just a PR lie, designed to promote and get bigger contributions to the IA Suppressives?

    What is disturbing also is that the “Think in Futures” concept LRH put in is totally thrown out the window by the concept of “spend it all now” from POB.
    This seems similar in vein to today’s blog of “old and broke”, an ad run by an Idle Org to spend your money now, now, now and forgo any 401K or retirement investing:

  90. Leonore,
    “For many of us, there was a pledge of honor as well.”

    Aye lass, there is that.

  91. Leonore,
    That’s all earmarked by POB to run his pet “control ” projects and missions such as the PIs, Squirrel Busters, Sutter/Pouw recovery missions etc.

    Soros disconnected from his public as he was unwilling to be controlled by the SEC and governments.

  92. Karen!!! Oh my!!!!

    List complete. VVVVGIs 🙂

  93. why hello non or ex-chanology anon

  94. This is what Ron says in OPERATIONAL BULLETIN NO. 17 of 14 February 1956 about memberships:

    “The fact of the matter is a membership establishes the size of an organization to officialdom. Therefore we have to have members by the ton.”

    Back then associate memberships were free and a *nominal* fee was charged for Professional memberships which also included discounts on services and books.

    Note that according to policy that all membership moneys went to the HCO Book account of the Org selling the membership because traditionally under HASI the money was supposed to be used for dissemination.

    Something the IAS claims to be doing but in reality 20% goes to the IAS reg which is more than what they pay FSMs thus making it more lucrative to sell memberships then promote services.

    Much of it goes to legal defense and action which is completely off policy since legal is supposed to handled per the PL known as “The Building Fund Account”.

    Again as the name suggests the money from this account is also for actual *buildings* which are paid for by servicing the public.

    As you can see the building fund would increase proportionately to the amount of service delivered and the more service being delivered would thus eventually require bigger facilities to deliver them in.

    The IAS throws this whole equation askew by actually subsidizing building when it actually does on occasion but for the most part the actual money goes beyond some event horizon and into a singularity in other words a black hole of some kind that exists on the edge of the Scientology Universe.

    Another thing about the IAS that few know about is that its prototype was the Safe Environment Fund a “fund” for the legal defense of the Scientology 11 that Ron nixed because it was *off policy*.

    Many critics claim that by doing this Ron “abandoned” his wife and the other defendants but the fact is that he forced the AGs to get hot on getting the Orgs to sell and deliver service to the public instead of by pass the Orgs which they did.

    I know for a fact this occurred because I was an FP Committee member during this time and I remember our AG giving us a lecture every week about selling services.

    In conclusion the IAS is so far off policy that it exists in some other universe.

    As Jimbo noted there is no policy that mentions the IAS because there is no policy that sustains or supports it.

    It is basically a *Splinter or Squirrel Group*.

  95. Michael,
    I posted that as well above. It is kind of pertinent to today’s thread as it mentions that Ben Ring (not your financial advisor) recommends dropping your 401K, property & retirement investments to spend everything at his Idle Org! That is similar to Barbara and her husband not providing future income and spending it all, where the correct action would be obtaining IAS grants to fund TWTH.

  96. Jane got breast cancer in the late mid-90’s and fought it hard and hopefully won. She was given the special Flag treatment after her diagnosis: “Come back and see us when you’re cured”. After the McPherson debacle Flag wouldn’t touch an ill public with a ten foot pole. No matter their name, rank or IAS donor status, if they were ill they were not welcome until conventional medicine made them better or they died.

    She was one tough woman and worked her guts out for Scn. And they treated her like crap in her darkest hour. If she is truly out, remarried to a decent man, and a now 15 year survivor of breast cancer that is great.

  97. Last report they were regging in orgs to get money to renovate some Applied Scholastics facilty so they could “train” NOI people. Apparently the org wasnt acceptable to them. Who knows what machinations there are behind the scenes on this. And why they couldnt “renovate” whatever the facility was from the funds paid by the NOI is a bt of a puzzle (unless they are not paying???).

    Someone reading this blog probably has information about this that they could impart.

  98. Yeah Snar, and them losing money for him is what resulted in them being put through “Super Power” as part of their “handling.”

  99. Fellow Traveller

    I should have said line charge, projectile line charge in this case. 🙂

  100. This is true. It is personal for many of us because we have friends and loved ones who are hypnotized and under the mind control of this vicious cult.

  101. This is something I could never reconcile in my years in the cult. Now I understand – it didn’t reconcile because they were misrepresenting the truth.

  102. Wow, amazing and cost the Feshbachs $1M each as well! I didn’t know that.

  103. Thanks RJ. I remember seeing this years ago but couldn’t recall where the reference was.

  104. Sue,

    This is not their only response, NPR published their 11 page letter in rpely to an interview they did with Janet.

    That response is the perfect indictment of POB and his Vulture Empire. It is almost exclusively about what a wonderful, kind, brilliant, self-sacrificing humanitarian Dear Loser is and how he has personally steered Scientology into unprecedented, straight up and vertical expansion.

    It also says that Reitman never even tried to interview POB (like “how could anyone think they are going to write anything about this subject without talking to its source?”) and yet I know for a fact she asked on several occasions and Miscavige refused. He told me personally he would not stoop to being interviewed by such a lowly puiblication as Rolling Stone. He deals with “Presidents and heads of movie studios” (how out of touch can you be as RS have interviewed many Presidents, Heads of Studios and others).

    It is clear that the response from the Church was WRITTEN BY POB. Nobody else would DARE say that he hadnt been contacted for an interview — for fear that they would have their head handed to them on the way to the Hole for having “put COB on the firing line” — as now every media is going to ask to interview him and he will have to turn them all down.

    But this response is special for ranking right up there with Tommy Two Tones pronouncement that “there is no such thing as disconnection.”

    How about this little fib:

    “Contrary to Ms. Reitman’s false assertions, the Church’s respect of the privacy of its parishioners is absolute, whether the parishioner is a celebrity or otherwise,” the church writes. “Scientology religious counseling, called auditing, is conducted within a framework of complete trust. Thus, as with ministers of other religions, the guiding ethical code requires ministers to treat communications from parishioners with total confidentiality.”


  105. Michael Fairman

    Sorry Sinar I missed it. I was lurking around at the bottom of the blog.

  106. Mike, yeah and there was no “meeting in England that established the IAS.” That is totally fabricated and was a PR lie. Sure some people were brought there — no different from grabbing your clueless neighbor across the street and ordering him to appear somewhere and then saying for the next 25 years “representatives from across the world rose to the task, coming together with one purpose: to forge an International Association of Robots pre-programmed to protect David Miscavige, rip off hundreds of millions of dollars, and create a bottomless slush fund for the harassment and dismemberment of real Scientologists who oppose Miscavige corruption, bla, bla, bla.” And then they shoot photos in the Cine Castle sound stage of various hands signing a parchment with a feather quill, and overlay that with horses running back and forth, hands passing a touch, and throw in the Liberty Bell or some shots from WWII. It’s unreality. This lady has lost all touch with reality, and is obviously strung out on meth, “miscavige’s erroneously twisted history.”
    – Steve

  107. Dittos FT, Karen’s list is hysterically funny and at the same time, Oh so true!

  108. *** OSA makes enemies ***
    +++ Marty makes friends +++

    How true……. thanks splog!

  109. Fellow Traveller

    NPR Info:

    There was an interview. The transcript and link (down towards the bottom of the article) to the Pope on a box, ah er, his cult’s 11 page response can be found here:

    Bruce Pratt

  110. Bet they keep NOI people separated, so as to stay off limits to the mad crush regging that happens to most parishioners. Separate facilities would help, so NOI does not realize that generally people get regged to the last cent of their bank accounts.

    Knowing how convoluted DM is, and how much free service has been given to various celebrities over time (Mat Pesch postings), I would venture to guess that NOI also does not pay.

  111. Here is a re=post from his thread:

    I believe the following applies to the IAS in particular, as the IAS is not itself a “church”. Who has ever received an Annual Report from the IAS? I haven’t. Anyone, donor or not, is entitled to ask for and receive a disclosure report from the IAS detailing how much they have received in donations, and how they are spending it.

    I do believe that DM is vulnerable through the IAS. Here is some information about the disclosure requirements for NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) in the USA. There are 3 links included for more information. The quote is from the introduction of one of the sites, and I have edited the post for brevity:

    “A surprising number of nonprofit organization administrators don’t realize that federal law requires most tax-exempt nonprofit organizations to allow public inspection of their recent federal annual information returns (e.g. IRS Form 990 and Form 990 Schedule A) and their application for tax-exempt status (e.g. IRS Form 1023 or 1024), along with nearly all associated material. Furthermore, the public access requirements have been significantly expanded, requiring that copies of these be provided upon request unless the organization makes these documents widely available. “Widely available” currently means publication of these documents on the World Wide Web in an acceptable format.

    The new rules promise a critical change in the accountability of public charities and other tax-exempt organizations to the U.S. tax-payers, who are ultimately supposed to benefit from the preferential tax treatment given to exempt organizations. Tax-exempt organizations will generally be required to make easily available to the public many details of their finances and operations that may not be included in their regular annual reports.

    The federal annual information returns and application for tax-exempt status are not substitutes for an annual report or an accounting audit, as they were primarily devised only to aid the IRS in determining if an organization qualifies for tax exemption. Nevertheless, these documents serve as valuable resources for members of the public who wish to examine a nonprofit organization’s financial and operational activities, by demanding a relatively consistent structure to the presentation of certain critical information, and by instituting a legal requirement for accurate financial data that is publicly available. A fairly clear picture of an organization’s finances and operations should be rendered by its IRS returns and application for exempt status together with an annual report and the financial statements usually accompanying it.”

    OK, who has ever seen an Annual Report sent out by the IAS? Who has ever thought to ask for one? Non-profit organization accountability is specified by law.

    Investment organizations like TIAA-CREF or Credit Unions automatically send out annual information to their participants.
    Fundraising organizations for any cause are required to keep records and make them available to anyone who asks.

    You can do “due diligence’ on any organization you are even thinking about contributing to, even before you give them a cent.

    Have you ever seen an IAS Annual Statement? Do you know of anyone who has? Do you even know of anyone who asked for one? Were they provided with one by the IAS? What was the IAS response?

    Here are the top 3 Google results for “Disclosure requirements for NPOs”

    1. NPO Public Disclosure Regulations Site
    NPO Public Disclosure Site … Furthermore, the public access requirements have been significantly expanded, requiring that copies of these be provided upon …
    http://www.muridae.com/publicaccess/ – Cached – Similar

    2. FAQs About the Exempt Organization Public Disclosure Requirements
    Sep 10, 2010 … Charities & Non-Profits Topics … In general, what public disclosure requirements apply to tax-exempt organizations? …
    http://www.irs.gov/charities/article…=96430,00.html – Cached – Similar

    3. Exempt Organization Public Disclosure Requirements
    In general, exempt organizations must make available for public inspection certain annual returns and applications for exemption, and must provide copies of …
    http://www.nonprofitexpert.com/disclosure.htm – Cached – Similar

    I believe the cult management is very vulnerable through the IAS, and possibly the other “donation” programs, but the IAS is key. Because, it is the oldest and most likely to be provable a scam and a fraud. Probably 90% of the money the IAS has raised since 1984 has not been used for the programs they promised us they would use it for.

    If every interested party (and that can be anyone, donor/member or not, as well as anyone who donated), were to demand annual reports going back to 1985 from the IAS, and also file complaints of even the suspicion of fraud, to governmental agencies, wouldn’t that have considerable impact? And possibly it’s own “viral” effect?

    News reports of an investigation into the IAS would unavoidably be seen by currently “in” staff and public.

  112. http://www.our-home.org/barbaraayash/myself.htm

    ello, my name is Barbara Ayash, and here is a little bit about myself:
    I was born and raised in the State of Colorado. I was baptized a Lutheran, attended parochial schools until I entered high school. I was a cheerleader, played basketball, was on the gymnastics team, a member of the school choir and modern interpretive dance team.

    I now live near North Long Beach, California. I have mothered seven. I am a grandmother of ten and an a great grandmother of four. At 65 I don’t look my age. I attribute this to the fact that a person is as young or as old as he or she thinks.

    I am a lover of animals especially horses. I was a champion horsewoman in my youth, a bronco rider, a barrel racer and the only woman in my town that belonged to the Future Farmers of America. However, I never got to rope the calves. I was only allowed to tie the ribbon on their tails after the boys roped them. But I did earn awards at the county fair for my horsemanship, for raising a champion Palomino colt and 300 chickens that laid double yolked eggs.

    I now own a Pekingnese dog named Happy, a Persian cat named Fritz, and a Grey cheek parakeet by the name of Barbie and my current hobbies are gardening, writing some fiction and creating children’s comic books.

    The majority of my time is spent doing the job I dearly love — being the co-founder and President of the Concerned Businessmen’s Association of America (CBAA) which is a tax exempt, not-for-profit charitable educational organization dedicated to helping children.

    My work with CBAA has helped millions of children in American schools avoid the pitfalls of drug abuse, crime and violence through the American SET A GOOD EXAMPLE Contest, and earned me two international awards of which I am very proud.

    In 1985 I received the prestigious International Association of Scientologists Religious Freedom Medal. I was the first woman to receive it. Then in 1993-94 I was named International Woman of the Year by the International Biographical Association of Cambridge England.

    But these credits are not mine alone. They also belong to the millions of children who have participated in the SET A GOOD EXAMPLE Contest and helped me achieve those honors. They earned many of their own for the projects they did that were based on The Way To Happiness book, written by noted author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Their good works have been commended 17 times in the United States Congressional Record. Forty-four governors have proclaimed Set A Good Example Months in their honor as have hundreds of mayors in cities throughout the country.

    According to a national study completed by Beckman and Associates, an independent research firm, 90% of the teachers who participated with students doing SET A GOOD EXAMPLE contest projects rated The Way To Happiness book as “Excellent,” for helping children learn the difference between right and wrong and to apply common sense guidelines for living such as honesty, trust, respect, and good citizenship.

    The SET A GOOD EXAMPLE Contest works this way: Students can win one of three $5000.00 grants to help improve education in their school. The competition requires that students plan, develop and complete a project that will influence their peers in a positive way….away from drugs, crime, and violence and encourage them to practice honesty, trust and competence.

  113. I notice that by accident or design LA Org has probably discredited the most viable and cheapest means of going up the grade chart by this flap.

    Frickin’ brilliant!!!!!

    Chalk up another one for SMERSH.


  114. The IAS is my personal hobby-horse whipping boy. I am still pissed at having been taken by them in their early years. I would like to see the equivalent of what happens when there is a “run on a bank”, with depositors withdrawing massive amounts of their money from it, it collapses.

    I call the IAS the International Association Of Suppressives. The IAS has been and continues to be, towards Scientololgy, the most directly suppressive organization in the entire world.

    The IAS has been instrumental in destroying the viability of orgs, world-wide, third-partying org public and cutting the financial lines of the orgs. The IAS has deprived the public of every org in the world of the financial means to pay for org services – Auditing and Training, thus insuring that being on staff would not be a viable means of making a living, and public would not get up the Bridge. If public has no money to pay for their Bridges, there is no income for staff. This of course is exactly what the IAS has accomplished – the suppression and destruction of the orgs as viable LRH Scientology delivering organizations.

    If each person who ever bought a membership and donated towards a status demanded an accounting, a return of their money, and reported their suspicions of fraud and malfeasance on the part of the IAS to state and federal government agencies, I believe it would be effective. Because that’s thousands of people. Anyone who has left the Co$ in the past couple of decades was probably an IAS member, if only on a yearly basis.

    Whether you paid in$300. or $300,000., demand an accounting and your money back, and report the IAS to government. Also to the BBB. The Co$ does not like being reported to the BBB. And I believe most BBBs do have a section that tracks NPOs.
    Trying to handle things “internally” has just protected and helped perpetuate the corrupt system. We have been sending our “KRs” to the wrong place – they ought have been sent to external Federal and State regulatory agencies all along!

  115. “We are only able to practice our religion because of the IAS. Donate”

    That is such a lie.

    Probably one of the biggest lies in Scientology.

    (Goebbel’s Tech (TM) )

    In my opinion IAS has created more antagonism towards the Church than it has actually handled.

    Ron considered Heinlein one of his best friends.

    Bob was one smart cookie and that quote says it all.

    I can still remember the days when you read what you wanted in Scientology without some MAA or EO crawling up your butt.

    Too bad OSA that there are those of us who remember the Church of Scientology before the coup.

  116. Mike, it’s the Art of Telling the Big Lie, isn’t it? Right in accordance with Miscabitch’s belief that he has power because “people listen” to him. Might as well tell a real whopper, and if it’s believed, he’s home free, so he thinks.

    I believe “stonewalling” is another name for it. Total official denial.

  117. Holy CRAP! They must have released the new IAS PayPal app for the iPhone!!!!!!!!! You just bump iPhones with the IAS Reg and your account gets charged bumping you up to your next status!!!

  118. Thoughtful, you have a way with words! ” International Association of Robots”…well that just about says it all!

  119. ABLE groups get crap about regging anyone from the local field to fund their activities. However the IAS claims fame to any ABLE activity to use in their regging events to showcase how the social betterment tech is being used in society. They make it sound like they are funded IAS programs you are supporting when you give to the IAS, but in reality very few ABLE programs actually get any IAS money and that is only after you have begged and pleaded and gone through the ringer with Monique Yingling and who the hell knows uplines (various post titles with no known people). If you were to survey any ABLE program in your local area and asked how they are funded and if they have received any direct monies from IAS, ABLE, NN, TWTH, and APPs you will uncover a lot of struggling programs to stay afloat. Like Barbara Ayash’s program they are usually funded by the person who started them, or a hand full of scientologists who pay and if they stopped supporting the programs they would be threatened with an SP declare.

  120. Geeze, what a thread to comprehend.
    Had a thought though, why not through some media contacts issue a challenge/request or whatever communicates that DM gives live auditing demonstration with a raw PC. LRH did such things in the 50s with Dianetics and many tapes of him auditing later.
    If the leader of Scientology is making such incredible expansion why not request a public demonstration of his skills of the subject since he is the best of the best so the general public sees what it’s all about. Maybe properly engineered he may be cornered to answer why he refuses.
    Anyway, just thinking out loud.

  121. Valkov, I have asked…no answer. I have also asked to see what the CofS spends their money on, another no answer. This is such a criminal organization that I have to think it is being protected by some entity. I have filed reports and will continue. I have to think that it will bring about change, if not then hell there is a lot more going on than I know about.

  122. +2 more wary eyes

  123. Anon, in many cases, the people mentioned are people we know or at least know of. I have known people who’ve been featured in this blog, though not well.

    Sometimes, they’re people we’ve drilled with, people we’ve audited or been audited by. People who’ve affected our lives for better or for worse. People who shared the same hopes and dreams we did, even if the implementation details differed.

    One of the first things I wondered when I got out was, “where are the people I used to know who left?” I’ve caught up with a few, but there’s always this mystery about what’s happened to people we care about. The longer you’re out, the more like-minded people you care about are also out. Except the silence of the people chewed up and spat out has meant that many of us didn’t have a support infrastructure after leaving. That structure has polarized (depending on one’s perspective on Scn) here, ESMB, xenutv, OCMB, WWP, and scnforum, among others.

    Also, in part (as you can see from some of the comments), occasionally there’s schadenfreude about people who got further trapped, weren’t particularly nice people (at least to some of the commenters here) and are now in bad situations.

  124. martyrathbun09


  125. Michael Fairman

    Sherb, you can lead that horse to water and all he will do is stink

  126. Jim,

    I saw your tree in Lord of The Rings.

  127. Brian Culkin

    “Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today – but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.” -Asimov

    Being called a Sci-Fi writer is a compliment to me. Have you ever read Arthur C Clarke’s 9 Billion Names of God?

  128. Lucy,

    You speak sooth.

    Numerous KRs and ethics handlings have also been done on CCHR at the insistence of IAS Regges because they are “regging for donations” and that is supposed to be the exclusive province of the International Association of Shittiness. Every one of these struggling entities that actually deliver some sort of benefit to society has been overwhelmed by the IAS — because money to the IAS goes into reserves and money to these entities is SPENT on what it is donated for.

    McScrooge McSavage loves that pile of gold!

    And for grants to be given to these entities there has to be a video opportunity as a result — and preferably an IAS “Freedom Medal” winner. Those they will spend money on to stage events and activities for a Gold video and make it seem like “the IAS” is doing massive work in some third world country (you dont see IAS Medal winners doing anything in the US since 9/11….) Sorry to disappont all the avid IAS fans here, but those activities for the most part have about as much substance as the CGI yellow “VM” 747’s they show for the “international VM crusade.”
    The cancer of the IAS has metastasized – it permeates the churches and every “related entity.”

  129. Jim,

    Is there anything LRH wrote on Chairman of the Board?

  130. I liked Janet’s response. She was very clear that she had contacted the Church directly during her research for the Rolling Stone article, which then expanded into the book. She is more than credible. David Miscavige is out of touch in so many ways. I don’t think he knows how much is out in the public about who he is and what he does and how he views himself. As Janet Reitman pointed out, he isn’t familiar with how a book is written. I would add that he isn’t familiar with good journalism, considering the tabloid, Freedom Magazine, that he publishes. Church spokespersons say that there is no such thing as disconnection, that the RFP is not punishment, that Janet never attempted to interview David Miscavige or any other executive of the Church, and that the Church holds in complete confidence all information from auditing sessions. Now, we know that these statements are not true. They can write 1,000 pages in response, but it doesn’t matter. We know that they lie. So, when they say that David Miscavige is some kind of wonderful leader and the Church is experiencing unprecedented growth, it is extremely hard to believe them.

  131. That’s a big negatory too Dave.

    Though there is a Board of Directors for any corporation. So, technically there could be a Chairman of the Board of the Church of Scientology of Keokuk. Though typically no church has any board member who is the “Chairman” — they all have equal status.

    It’s an invented title.

    I think maybe he fashioned it after Frank Sinatra…

    It may soon be retired though — to be replaced by “Most Interesting Man in the World”, “Supreme Leader” or “Superthetan” or something that better captures his true self-importance.

  132. Thank you for filling me in. What about her previous Scientologist husband?

  133. Great observation splog. Marty reaching out and finding common ground is a “sea change”, much like the internet itself…

  134. Fellow Traveller

    Well, LRH did write this, not a policy, but it is something quite appropriate:
    ca. Nov. 1953 On Human Character (PAB 14)

  135. Fellow Traveller

    No, not *that* reference. *This one* from the same time period:
    On Human Behavior (PAB 13)

    Mouselexia and carelessness on my part. Perhaps there is suppression somewhere.

  136. GetTheConcept

    Wow, Mike. That’s a good idea.

    Dave F

  137. Scott Campbell

    Wow, that got some T/A.

    Excluding the investment income, I wonder what Miscavige has made in salary + bonus’ during his S.O. career?

  138. Scott Campbell

    Good Job Michael. Even though I’m not flush right now, you have inspired me to send her something.


  139. Right on, RJ.

    I call the IAS the InternationaL Association of Suppressives because it has done more than any other group on Earth to undermine all orgs world-wide, by impoverishing org public and making them unable to pay for going up the Bridge. The result is org income has long since tanked, and staff cannot be paid.

    Thank YOU, International Association of Suppressives, for making it IMpossible for me or anyone else to “practice our religion” at any org anywhere within the CoS! A real “well done” to you, IAS, on your destruction of orgs world-wide! David Miscavige could not have done it without you.

  140. Scott Campbell

    Karen, you funny!

    I love that list. You are too cool for school.

  141. Fellow Traveller

    Fruits and nuts. Sounds like a very smart tree 🙂
    The company you keep and the originations you enable. Wow!


  142. Good on you, Carol!

    Unfortunately the BBBs and Federal agencies receive thousands of reports and complaints about a lot of things, much of the time. Thus it takes a large volume of reports coming in to spur any action, but every report helps!

    Short of organizing a grass-roots campaign of anti-IAS activism, we can submit individual reports and encourage others to do so too. They all help as they be come part of a public record.

  143. Brian Culkin

    Tommy Davis- we know you are a good guy. Mike Rinder blew. You can too.

  144. Brian Culkin

    Then you can sing this when you leave. lol

  145. Marty, the news coming out of this church is horrifying! Look at what is going on behind the scenes in the game of set Mankind free! I am very relieved that I have a trustworthy source of information such as yourself and other very well known ex-church members to educate myself from. I am sorry that this happened to Barbara and it is hard to believe no one in the church will come to help her after all that dedication. The church members she did this with sound just like the ones that usually ripped me off. The church Marty, is crazier than the world it is trying to help, hands down.

  146. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Thank you for the post that includes the exact communication from Barabara. Once again exposure helps any looking to: “Seek to live with the truth”

  147. From what I understand.

    The IAS is sorta like Trojan Man.

    They put out a few radio spots, maybe some TV Ads and throw a banner of some kind like that phony “something can be done about” campaign (yeah something can be done about it. Like demand a full audit and accounting of the IAS by its members which should prove ….interesting) then they get up on their high horse and say:

    “My job here is done!”

    While someone else is getting screwed like poor Barbara Ayash or Denis Clarke or whoever else is on that forgotten list of Freedom Medal holders.

  148. Watching Eyes

    Interesting info. In it she says she’s got 7 children and 10 grandchildren. Granted, it was written 13 years ago but still, are we to believe that ALL of her children and grandkids are letting her survive on $30/month for food, phone and medicine? You couldn’t buy Alpo for that. She has to be getting help from her kids, unless there was a disconnection. I’m having trouble with this one.

    ps. For any non-US residents, Alpo is canned dog food.

  149. Marty – A Question, Please
    In my inbox, the email notification that links me to your article here shows as having been sent from Leaving Scientology – do you (or does anyone) know why it would show up this way?


  150. Master of War

    So true. The more potentially effective the action, the less the IAS was willing to fund it.

  151. “Contrary to Ms. Reitman’s false assertions, the Church’s respect of the privacy of its parishioners is absolute, whether the parishioner is a celebrity or otherwise,” the church writes. “Scientology religious counseling, called auditing, is conducted within a framework of complete trust. Thus, as with ministers of other religions, the guiding ethical code requires ministers to treat communications from parishioners with total confidentiality.”

    What Churchill said about truth requiring a body guard of lies certainly applies here.

    In most cases the minister or auditor will refuse to divulge the secrets of a preclear per the code.

    Yet to say that the “Church” currently respects this confidence is just a bald faced *lie*.

    (Again Goebbell’s Tech ™)

    All Janet or anyone else has to do is look at what a tabloid rag “Freedom” has become about the alleged “transgressions” of former high level staff or that character assassination site called “‘Religious’ Freedom Watch”.

    Or listen to the taunts coming from some OSA Bot when an ex-Churchie shows up at a protest.

    One wonders how far the person who crafted this “rebuttal” has their head shoved up their ass or whether they are just naturally inveterate liars like Two Tone Tommy who dresses like some White House Flak.

    Both the White House and the Church of Scientology are deluded enough to believe that the public will believe some one like that.

    Guess that’s what happens when you close terminals with Government.

    You lose touch with reality!

  152. Steve, that phony “parchment” (looked like a “declaration of independence” from toonville) definitely looked suspect. So there weren’t even any “delegates” from the conts? It didn’t even start off with any authenticity? sigh….

  153. Master of War

    Thanks for the specifics, Mike. You are a God sent.

    The situation with IAS is incredible. 10% of that money could revolutionize all of Scientology. But, instead, DM is apparently involved in the:

    “rapacious gathering of MEST” (one of my favorite LRH phrases)


  154. I read (on here I think) that all org staff have been ordered that NOI are not to be “crush regged” at all.

  155. Sherb,

    That’ll happen just after all these “Ideal Orgs” go Saint Hill Size and OT IX is released.

    Though it would be a nice meme to start.

    Hey OSA.

    Why don’t you ask your so called “leader” to show us what he can do on the business side of an E-meter?

    Come on!

    This is his chance to prove to us all that he isn’t a megalomanic, psychopathic, lunatic poser.

  156. So true Mike. I can attest that the IAS does not fund any of the groups you listed. I helped on several of those lines and never saw a PENNY from the IAS to help them. The public has still not figured it out. Parishioners pay huge amounts to the IAS and then ALSO get regged by CCHR, WTH, Bridge Publications (for library campaigns), ASI, Criminon, Applied Scholastics, etc.etc. So if the IAS is helping any of these groups, WHY does each group have its own regges? DUH! Wake up sheeple!

  157. Interesting, I wonder if they were instructed to use that ridiculous wording. I got an email from an OT VIII pimping this event and he used this exact same blurb of text. So much for “think for yourself”.

  158. +10 Mike

  159. anon, “the wrong thing to do is nothing” – LRH
    And I believe that most of us on here have that viewpoint.

  160. “And so it is with many of the their campaigns. The Church does not pay out of it’s Billion+ dollar Reserves. It sucks out new money from Public to pay without dipping in to its own vast amount of funds.”
    EXACTLY Karen. It’s been that way for 20 plus years. I know it to be true, because I personally regged many thousands for WTH campaigns and library campaigns.

  161. Hapexamendios

    Interesting, I wonder if they were all instructed to use that ridiculous wording. I got an email from an OT VIII pimping this event and he used this exact same blurb of text. So much for “think for yourself”.

  162. Master of War

    The Miscavige regime is a living clay demo of moral hypocrisy. Their cruel abuse of others is compounded by their claims that their continuous overt acts are “Scientology.”

    We all know the (below 2.0 tone level) “no sympathy” attitude they have after bankrupting someone: The regime asserts their victim is a “responsible for condition case” if they complain about having been raped.

    The Miscavige regime’s cruel indifference to the suffering they cause others, compounded by their then blaming their victim, represents a perversion of justice and a warped twisting of LRH Tech into a transparently criminal attempt to deflect responsibility.

    A bank robber is more honest.

    I have sworn an oath upon all that is right and good, that these perverts of truth, and despoiler’s of LRH’s legacy, will be brought down. By all that is right, this will be done.

    To Mr. Miscavige: if you have any sense left, you will do what any sensible general would do, and exit the battlefield. If you do not, you will still exit, but in a manner far less pleasant.*

    That is not a threat, it is a promise.

    You may have been able to run over those who have not been involved in combat, but you have pissed off the wrong people and every day you piss off more, some of whom are powerful players. You are creating your own doom.

    To those who support the tyrant: you, too, have a decision to make: to stand for Scientology, and the freeing of man, or to continue to adhere to someone demonstrably guilty of suppressive acts. The vast majority of you are truly Scientologists – come stand with us and LRH in the most important fight on this planet


    *no threat of any illegal act is intended.

  163. Here’s what I don’t get:

    If they’ve got a billion dollar slush fund; why keep regging for more?

    They’re not spending the money on WTH campaigns, et. al. (apparently). They’re not spending it on buildings (they continue to reg public to buy the Ideal Morgues, right?) The slush fund should be raking in millions of dollars per year in interest. Why rake more parishioners over the coals while your stats are going in the toilet?

    Are they saving up for their own sovereign nation or something? It’s insane.

  164. Master of War

    Thanks, Karen

    I am sure you noticed that Anonymous listed that question, also, and got the same LFBD item you did.

    They then re-did their plans and eliminated the removal of DM as an objective, saying he was doing a better job of destroying Scientology than they were.

    David Miscavige, setting a stellar example and raising the bar for anti-Scientologists, globally.

  165. Please delete this duplicate post – had an issue with mixup in accounts and posted twice.

  166. Your humble servant

    Good work, Valkov. Thank you!

  167. Thanks Mike,
    I’m hoping for a Civil Comm Ev that perhaps changes his name to Bubba’s BFFL.
    Sorry Bubba. Don’t mean to demean your choice of friends.


  168. Your humble servant


    The next step would be to file a lawsuit demanding an accounting. Any organization which holds funds in trust to its members is required to account for the use of the funds. This would be especially true since Valkov tells us that the law specifically requires such disclosure.

  169. V, Outstanding post. Thank you.


  170. White house???? You lost me. Please explain.

  171. LOL. What a great picture!!!!!

  172. Bottom line of the IAS as I see it.

    1. It is illegal (off policy). LRH set up the HASI for membership. NOT the IAS.

    2. POB is covertly using the IAS to STOP people from moving up the Bridge. IE: The public are raped and pillaged for every dime they can squeeze (whether it bankrupts them or not) and therefore cannot afford to pay for their BRIDGE. That’s what org’s are for. NOT to fund the IAS.

    The first and all subsequent organizations of the Church were founded for this purpose only.” LRH – HCOPL The Reason For Orgs 31 JANUARY 1983

    3. The IAS lies lies lies to the public, telling them that they are funding CCHR, TWTH, ABLE, etc. etc. And then when a CCHR, TWTH or ABLE reg calls upon these same public who just got raped by the IAS, the public person says…”but I just donated to the IAS to help you guys!” Then what is the poor reg from CCHR, TWTH or ABLE supposed to say? Sorry bud, you were LIED to. Meanwhile CCHR, TWTH and ABLE are not expanding. The pcych’s stats are going UP (millions and millions on their drugs) and more and more people buying their bullshit invented “disorders”. I’m sure POB is happy about that. Watching the psych’s take over the planet.

    4. The public are conned into thinking that if they flow to the “4th dynamic” (via the IAS) that they will do better in life financially. This is the biggest LIE ever. I remember going to a small IAS “briefing” years ago where there were only about 50 people in the room. The IAS reg asked “how many Patrons are here tonight”? About half the hands in the room went up. Then he asked “how many of you Patrons have done better since donating”? Only 5 hands went up. Needless to say, the IAS reg now had egg on his face and had to come with up a song and dance to get others in the room to donate.

    5. And last but not least, Mike Rinder gets credit for this one…”The cancer of the IAS has metastasized – it permeates the churches and every “related entity.”

  173. PS: It would be interesting to do a survey to find out how many public are stuck on the bridge, due to emptying out their bank accounts to the IAS. What POB is doing with the IAS is nothing short of CRIMINAL.

  174. Right on MOW! +1

  175. the renovation is for Rev Alfreddie Johnson Compton offices where he runs the World Literacy Crusade….Alfreddie along with ,Hanan Islam & Robin Mandel Shereshevsky
    are putting out the call for new staff,and donations etc,with claims of unprecedented expansion! busting at the seam!,we need your help etc.

    they are doing this without being upfront about it…
    Joy Gendusa has also been regging donations for this

    wouldn’t be surprised if its some kind of reward for Alfreddie hooking up Louis Farrakhan and his pal Tony Muhammad

  176. Michael Fairman


  177. As an aside- I checked the links that Mike Rinder provided of anti-Marty websites. Most, if not all did not link to a website. So I searched. I now have a list. I stopped at 32 websites. Some websites were different by a single letter. This takes work and is evidence of a concerted effort to defame an individual by the CoS. I value truth and I was satisfied that Marty’s statements regarding this were correct.

  178. Thanks Val,

    The IAS is such a false flag op.

    I had a visceral hatred right from the beginning because it eliminated Hubbard from its name.

    I was given the usual mealy mouthed explanations why this was so but as far as I was concerned you could call it the International Association of Suppressives or just as aptly *Squirrels* which is basically what they are since their stated purpose is to “Defend the Scientology Religion”.

    Totally off purpose since the original intention of membership was to assist dissemination.

    The reason why I spent much of my time when I was “in” evading and avoiding these people like the bubonic plague!

    I suspected they were about as off policy as it got and I was hoping to avoid any infection.

  179. MrT — Thanks for the 411.

    Of course, this is about as outpointy as you can get.

    Is Robin Shereshevsky Jewish? Sounds like a Jewish name to me.

    One thing for sure, the NOI are quite outspoken about being anti-semites….

  180. Good summation Count!

  181. http://www.tampabay.com/opinion/editorials/article1012832.ece

    In Print: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    “There is a cancer at the core of Scientology, and that has not changed.”

  182. Pretty sad when the Indies have to shame the church into taking care of their own.

  183. You are absolutely right, Sir Roiger. Thank you for reminding us all. An amazing document! And no better time than now to honor it, as it seems we may have arrived at the precipice of losing the Liberty. enshrined therein.

  184. The question is: What is true wealth? is it money or is it:

    1. Understanding of others and of life
    2. Self respect
    3. The love of those who truly know you
    4. Knowing you did the right thing
    5. Freedom to be and do what you want
    6. Knowing that your future will be better than the past

    Based on what truly matters in life, is David Miscavige wealthy?

  185. It seemed for about a half a year up until about a few months ago there were a number of Scientology ads on TV in primetime- they have disappeared. It felt like DM threw these out to show the KA drinkers he is doing something, but being the scrooge mcduck that he is, it probably killed him to ‘waste” that money.

  186. The White House always has some “spokesman or woman”( I call them flaks) speak on the President’s behalf who are about as believable as a Grimm’s Fairy Tale who are dressers like Tommy Two Tone and who basically run interference for the administration until they have to fess up for their latest crime or scandal.

  187. Count, and if by some chance they’re not stalled from being bankrupted by the IAS, they are stopped from going up the Bridge in many other ways – like the sec checks, phony requirements like the Basics, being required by “Ethics” to do donation cycles of other kinds,etc etc etc.

  188. Yes,verygoodsummation,Count. Let me put this thought out there though – I’m no fan of psychiatry but let’s not take the meaning of “psychs” too narrowly. Let’s get the concep to what LRH meant by the term “Psychs”, and he meant “implanters” first and foremost.

    By that definition David Miscavige is 100% a PSYCH.

  189. Mike, what does NOI mean? I’ve scrolled back and can’t find a definition for it.

  190. Martin Padfield

    Excellent excellent post. This is first class info many reading here including myself can and should use right now. Thank you.

  191. Jethro Bodine

    Your information is seriously out of date. The Feshbach’s investment company went out of business in the early 90’s. All three brothers got out of investments. Sometime later, about 10 years, Matt Feshbach got back into doing managing investments, but was no longer doing “short selling”. However, a few years ago Matt Feshbach got out of that business too.


    Matt Feshbach, one of the most famed short-sellers of the 1980s, is liquidating his latest fund after months of stock losses.

    Feshbach said on Thursday he was liquidating Largo, Florida-based MLF Investments, which peaked at more than $200 million in 2006, by distributing holdings in its two remaining stocks to his investors.

    “I believe it was in the best interests of my investors to distribute the underlying securities that the fund held,” Feshbach told Reuters in a telephone interview.

    Feshbach, 55, said he has no plans to retire, but declined to comment further.

    During the 1980s, Feshbach and his two brothers, Kurt and Joe, built up a $1 billion Feshbach Brothers investment fund that specialized in short selling — or betting on stock declines — winning him praise and vilification on Wall Street.

    Feshbach Brothers generated rich returns over 30 percent from 1982 to 1990, but later suffered a reversal of fortunes and liquidated in 1992.

    In 2001, Matt Feshbach founded MLF Investments with outside investors to focus mostly on long investing in a handful of small-capitalization stocks. The firm prospered for five years, but suffered a reversal of fortunes in 2007.

    The firm last week distributed holdings in Ambassadors International AMIE.O, according to a regulatory filing. The cruise ship operator’s stock has declined from about $47 per share in January 2007, to trade at $4.60 on Thursday.

    The firm is in the process of distributing shares in its other holding, teen retailer Delias (DLIA.O), whose shares have also posted steep declines for the past 18 months. (Reporting by Dane Hamilton, editing by Maureen Bavdek)

  192. scilonschools

    What is it with the UK and the CoM(RCS)?

  193. 1 LOL

  194. Its a tough old world and only the tigers survive. In my mind you are either a sheeple or a tiger, you decide. Survive or succumb. In the succumb cycle … when one reaches their bottom – they have a choice .. pick yourself up by your bootstrap, or continue the succumb to body death.

    I know this may seem harsh but it in no way doesn’t mean one should not extend a helping hand. Just don’t extend the help from a victim point of view … only further sticks the person in that condition. IMHO

  195. Yes, and you could represent a large group of IAS members to back up your case as many of us are still member of the IAS. I f.i. am a lifetime member and that doesn’t expire, ever. Getting the past 20 years of IAS disbursements published would have more impact than the Declaration of Independence and Davey’s birth data combined.

  196. Right and the more potentially contra productive the action, the more they would reg for it (lilly, global obliteration, evaporation, bla, bla, bla).

  197. TheWidowDenk

    MoG — Quite true. I will remind folks of my posting on Marty’s blog of April 7, 2011, “Let’s Say.”

  198. When a person or group is put into a position where it is believed it is impossible to fight back, cannot fight back, will not fight back, or is afraid to fight back and therefor becomes motionless, suppression has been achieved. When a person feels that he/she is no longer acceptable to another or a group, then suppression has been achieved. Separation or disconnection enforce the reality of suppression, making it more solid and more dense. Attempting to discredit another is an act of suppression. When a religion is primarily focused on making less of, little of, or nothing of its followers, it is no longer a religion. Nazism, Fascism, Hitlerism and other movements to rule the world have used the same tactics. Some people have not learned from the history of such movements.

    When a church plays the witch hunt “we’re going to get you and destroy you” game, it is not a church, it is not a religion, it is a movement of hatred and is not welcome on this planet.

    When a church devours it members, leaving them destitute and is not there to help. it is out-exchange and is in treason. Betrayal has no excuse. Betrayal has no justification.

  199. Mike, I am reminded of this: my colleague staff and I used to have to be very alert and be quick to take donations from our public far before the IAS starts their tours. Do you know why? We knew that we mostly fund our 4D campaigns with help from our public, hardly any from the IAS grant. But when the event came, every product will be “thanks-to-the-IAS”, sarcastically enough. I feel relieved that I don’t need to worry that now.

  200. mrinder,
    My ex-husband was Jerry Boswell, a freedom medal winner. He won the medal in 1992 for CCHR activities. We divorced in 1996. While we were married the IAS never gave us one thin dime. CCHR Texas did receive tax exempt status when the church did. At that time Jerry started regging tax exempt donations to fund CCHR Texas. I do remember him telling me somewhere around the early 2000’s that CCHR received a grant from the IAS, I believe it was 1500.00. We put many thousands of our own money into this and went without to fund CCHR. I was also struggling to stay on OT7 at the time. I remember going to the IAS office for briefings on what Jerry was doing in CCHR and then I was asked for a donation for the IAS. I always said the truth and straightened the reg out. This went on until I finished OT7.

  201. Recent promo for the AO in Canada had a banner on the top that touted the IAS as ‘the force that guarantees the future of Scn’ or some such.

    It would seem that since RTC itself has been emasculated and has no rights to pursue any longer that the IAS is DM’s ticket to the Grand Cayman Island in his sky.

    Imagine that, an ‘entity’ that has not one single LRH reference on it that is going to ‘guarantee’ Scientology’s future? It isn’t even Scientology, by definition. Huh?

    David Miscavige IS the IAS. Sue Wilhere, THAT one’s closer to the mark.

  202. David Miscavige IS the IAS. The single worst ‘external influence’ to actual Scientology that has ever existed.

    DM=IAS. Both parasites. Both out of valence. Neither what they claim to be.

  203. GetTheConcept


    This is one I never heard before. Why don’t you write an article on it on your website?


  204. TheWidowDenk

    Lest we forget, I was asked by IAS Reg, Howard Becker, to take out a home equity loan because “COB has a really big situation.” To me, that meant my donation was to be used in COB’s defense of his “really big situation.” Interesting, huh?

  205. TheWidowDenk

    More interesting info — I researched the Set A Good Example Foundation online and found it ran in the red financially 1998 – 2006.

  206. Another great quote! I agree totally.

    I never read that one, but I will look it up.

    In the late ’70s, the “Lensmen” series, by E. E. “Doc” Smith, was popular among Scientologists – I read them all. Great series. I was always partial to well-written stories about parallel universes – I loved “What Mad Universe” by Frederic Brown. I love Frederic Brown in general – he wrote the best 1-2 page short stories of anyone.

  207. Nation Of Islam

  208. Well said Billy. I really like the way you said it. It’s so true.

  209. I wouldn’t feel too sorry for her. I think Barbara was “radicalized” quite some years ago. What goes around comes around….Now I guess Barbara knows how it feels to not be able to pay the bills, just like I felt when she fucked me out of my phone bill reimbursement (over $250.00), then listened to 3rd party from Steve Wright and fired me after I gave her the very stats (all 5 of them) that she had been chasing for 15 years (of course she took all the credit for it). It took a long time for me to cover those expenses and get back on my feet. One thing is for sure — I won’t be sending any check to her.

  210. He tried to get us to do likewise. Howard Becker is a locust who makes a living out of helping the IAS reges at Flag to guilt people into massive debt for the ’cause’.
    If Howard Becker is so concerned about the cob then maybe he should start forking over all the commissions he makes out of riding on Benny Weinrab’s coattails.
    Yes you’re right Howard – we are really big thetans (Howard’s favorite line) – big enough to see right through the way you crim people into supporting your lifestyle.

  211. Talking of Benny – he used to brag that if he didn’t make his million dollar a week quota for the IAS it was an automatic Liability condition.

  212. Damn, I was enjoying that cup of coffee, now I need to make another. And where’s the paper towels?

  213. The Flag RPF worked day and night for months creating the Tampa “ideal org”. We gutted and renovated a 2 story, 20,000 sq ft building that was just for Div 6 courses. I went back to the Tampa Org many times following its “opening”. The Div 6 building stood empty of any public or staff and the only use it had gotten was to give some free English lessons to some of the Spanish speaking neighbors as a PR gimmick. For the “grand opening” the Flag staff were told to wear regular clothes and they were bused to Tampa Org where there were lots of balloons, flags and banners passed out as props. The Gold film crew filmed the “grand opening” and then everyone headed back to Flag leaving the Tampa staff with their big, beautiful, empty, expensive to maintain, buildings. Of course the next “international event” showed the “new Tampa ideal org” that some how turned from a dirty rented store front with a few staff to a big beautiful “church” with hundreds of public crowding in the get service. Smoke and mirrors. Pope on a Box (POB)
    was so proud of his illusion and the increased International Assets & Reserves statistic which had been down trending for years.

  214. Martin,

    “We have to have 10,000 OTVlll’s” until………..

    “We have to have a new ship before”……….

    “We have to have a new Super Power building before”……..

    This is all having to have before we we can do and placing the burden of delivery off the Sea Org and Orgs and onto the public. And I have not seen an L.R.H reference on any of it. In fact it’s even verbal from DM.

    In spite of that the public has come forward with the demands and had the rug pulled out from under their feet. They bought the ship, in fact, paid so much more than was needed. Got sent to do OT8. Returned home and told they had to go back onto seven. They bought the super power building then got told more staff were needed before it could be used for delivery.

    All it would take for the planet to be cleared is to do what Hubbard was doing when Scientology was booming. Sell and deliver Scientology.
    Everything else has been a complete alter is.

    Some quotes from HCO POLICY LETTER OF 11 NOVEMBER 1969
    Issue II

    “Therefore to obtain operating funds you have to give real service, real training, real wisdom. You have to lead the field toward personal gain like health and personal conviction, like a better society. If you lead very well and actually deliver you will be paid proportionately and will have security and longevity. You have to be interested in what the clientele is interested in, not only in their pocketbooks.”

    “The public does not require us to be poor. In fact they require us to be solvent so that we endure. But they do require (and so do we) that the motivation is service, the improvement of service, the support of those who serve and a better world.”

    “DELIVERY then is really more important than payment to the public.”

    “The high hysteria the wog world gives finance and solvency and the necessity to keep pace with it is an evil with which we live. Working ONLY to “make good” within that hysteria is an hysterical action.”

    “But we live to serve. And we do it well.”


    There is the Super Power Building sitting down there empty, staff being used to dust it. The Freewinds driven in circles around the ocean burning gasoline staff waiting at effect for someone to show up on the dock. 10,000 OTVlll’s = cleared planet is just another absurd alter is. 10,000 OT8’s = 10,000 OT8’s. Nothing more, that is simple math.

  215. It’s all becomes clear with two words: Scrooge McSavage.

  216. Ingrid – bullseye.

  217. martyrathbun09

    Mat, I was there hosting a Tampa City Council member who was very impressed with the illusion. She became a go-to ally, having been thoroughly indoctrinated with false data.

  218. Ah, you are making the usual mistake in such matters: assuming that rational thought exists where there is none.

    Here’s the entirety of Davey’s thought process:

    “All these fuckers are all out to get me all of the time! How do I crush them? How do I destroy them? How do I get them to give me more dough? They get very meek when the donate. Good, have them do it again.”

    Rinse, repeat.

    DM is a classic sociopath, he fits all the various definitions of that character type. So he will continue to do the same thing over and over and over, simply because that is what sociopaths do. He doesn’t necessarily want people’s money, he wants to destroy them and has figured out that ripping off all their money is the easiest way to do it.

  219. Laura,

    Thanks for the additional info.

    The amount of flack that the IAS gave to CCHR for “fundraising” was astonishing. CCHR staff worked for basically no pay and begged for funds to even send out mailings. Jerry probably got away with it in Texas because there were no IAS regges there. CCHR in LA were constantly being admonished for trying to get money from public — it would usually flap when an IAS reg was told by someone that they couldnt give anything to the IAS and that they had given something to CCHR (or one of the SBCs). CCHR Int was constantly battling to just pay their utilities. The position of the IAS was “you go get money from non-Scientologists, they are your public and the Scientology field is ours.”

  220. Enccas: every product will be “thanks-to-the-IAS” — now where have I heard that before? 🙂

  221. You mean the Press Secretary. He/she talks to the Press each day and tries to answer their questions. Would you rather that not happen?

    This past week I heard people complain that Obama was “speechifying” when he should be working when he started to personally meet with the press on a daily basis.

    I think you may be a “glass is half-empty” kind of person.

  222. Interesting Marty.

    When they held the “grand opening” of the new 85,000 square foot Tampa building the ceremony omitted any officials. NOw, they always make a BIG deal showing the officials who participate in these staged events. Why, in the home of the largest Class V building on earth, in the home of the second largest community of Scientologists on earth, where the biggest OT Ass Committee is, didnt they have any official willing to stand on stage with POB? Not a one? And there have been a LOT of donations to elected officials in the Tampa Bay area….

    Maybe the massive international expansion and the wonderful “acceptance” of Scientology is happening everywhere else except Tampa Bay?

  223. Tony Dephillips


  224. TheWidowDenk

    theoracle —

    Although directed to Martin, you have made a PERFECT comment. Thank you!

  225. To get the absurdity of this, “10,000 OT8’s = a cleared planet”, ask yourself, What if we make 9,999 OT8’s? Does the planet clearing then depend on one person? Does our eternity depend on one person?

    I’m sorry, this is not a formula, it’s a computation.

  226. Nannette — I can really understand your upset and irritation. I’ve known of Barbara Ayash for years and have some very interesting backstory stories … she’s always been eager to take all the glory.

    That being said — I feel that Barbara, Dennis Clarke and numerous others who firstly got the glory and guilted us all when we didn’t cut off our last limb to help them make their stats …

    are wonderful teachers in HOW could we possibly truly do this:

    all this time
    the sun never says to the earth,

    “You owe me.”
    Look what happens
    with a love like that —
    it lights the whole

    — Hafiz (Sufi poet – 1300 AD)


  227. With 30 dollars a month I would wish I had a backyard I could plant vegetables in like in war-time. foodstamps, coupons.

  228. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Sorry Splog but Bruce cleaned out the local store. 🙂

    You can get another package of 12 “WTF!” paper towels at your local idle org’s phony bookstore.

    Gary (just a villager blah blah, torches, blah, blah, blah, davey is an subterranean rockslammer.) 😉

  229. Meantime, POB ordered me to pay their freakin’ rent PERSONALLY because the Exec Council of Tampa Org couldn’t make enough money to cover it and they were getting threatened with eviction from their old building before the new bigger/better building was ready to “expand” into.

  230. A few things I understand should help considerably to remain three-feet-back of societies head, where LRH clearly wished Scientology to remain IF Senior Management had remained intact and ethical.
    I recall the use of the term The Establishment to ref. to that body of elitist who control(ed) the World…and proved to be the source of attack and suppression of Scientology in the past. As true Scientologist, we where entrusted to handle “three-feet-back” the entirety of the Situation given enough sane ethical Clears made via Standard Delivery in volume. The very simplicity of this strategy was not only the greatest danger and threat ever made to The Establishment, but also, apparently is/was most easily lost or over-looked as a simplicity or basic with such little confusion, stupidity and sabotage.
    Leaving it to us, as Independent Scientology, to pick up where ever and what ever the Situation, again as truly Free and Sovereign Individuals, practicing Standard Scientology.
    A Why is not a real Why unless it opens the door to an effective Handling.
    Handling the 3rd and 4th dynamics as we know it, never have I felt we been alone, happily and obviously.
    In that spirit, lets look better where we are at and how we can help ourselves and others.
    The link below, IMO gives a better more truthful reality of our polite;
    Now add to this a short briefing by Jordan Maxwell, who has been investigating The Establishment for decades, you will see where RCS fits in the mix at around 7:20
    (the entire 60 min. briefing can be found in full as a google.videos)
    Draw your own convoluted conclusion…THIS data I assure you has a great deal of merit:

    Further, there is breaking news straight from the Supreme Court as of 13 June 2011 that has everything to do with us as Independence to practice freely with unquestionable Sovereignty as Individuals, our chosen Religion.
    The Establishment are loosing control just like Dear Looser, who in effect or “for all intents and purposes” acts like them and for them.
    Thanks to Ron of paradoxman316 for his good works and this briefing.

  231. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    What public official in the Tampa Bay area would get “on stage” to align themselves with the “Church” (cough, cough) of Scientology? That would be like rooting for the “concentration camp” at Dachau for putting up a new oven. Between all of the press that the area has had on Cof$ in the past and yours and Marty’s very welcomed “eye-openers”, I would say that the elected officials know a pariah when they see it. No matter how much is “donated” to the local governments, they still get a sense of being slimed when they cash those checks.


  232. martyrathbun09

    I don’t.

  233. Yee Jim …
    David Miscavige is the IAS.
    And David Miscavige is the “Church” of Scientology.
    But first of all David Miscavige he is the Pope on a Box (an applebox) 🙂

    Q: is Janet Light President of the IAS still in the Hole?
    Any news?

  234. Press secretary, White House spokesman, front man,flak, master of spin same thing.

    Obama like Regan I see is using a different tactic and by passing the middle man.

    Well good for him.

    I find most spokesmen and women for the President painful to watch.

    Half empty?

    Yeah that cynicism saved me a lot of time, aggravation and money when dealing with the Church.

    I usually took what management or Miscavige said and reversed it about 180° and it came pretty close to the actual “Truth Revealed”.

    As in Marty’s next post.

  235. Yet after losing almost ALL of his investors’ money Matt Feshbach was traveling around to orgs delivering his Money seminar / workshop – whatever the f@ck he called it.

    How does anyone reconcile that?

  236. This is a very good question to me because the key word is not chairman, or even board. It is the word “THE” as in: the: denoting a specific definite item.

    This leads one to ask – well, of all the various corporations of the various Churches of Scientology, CST, ASI, ABC, XYZ, – which one is being referred to. The usage of this term: Chairman of THE Board (my emphasis) it itself a very fruitful step in piercing the corporate veil(s) which Miscavige runs. It is a very condemnatory term, in fact. It shows that there are NO checks and balances, NO corporate integrity between the various organizations, etc. If there is only ONE Chairman of THE board, but more than one board, take a guess – how many are we talking about anyway – then by default one assumes that Miscavige is THE Chairman of ALL of them, or one assumes it is just all one big THING which in fact, it is, by actual practice.

    I also like the famous quote “David Miscavige IS Scientology” for the same reason. It is very condemnatory in the exact same way showing that in practice, Scientology, while filed with paperwork in various countries and in various ways with various names, is really in the control of one person.

    I don’t recommend asking a parishioner the question: Which board are you referring to when you say COB? But if you did, you would only get a blank stare, or perhaps an answer: All of Scientology.

  237. WH and others: let’s not forget the correct targets. Barbara and Dennis are not perfect-no one is- but their misdeeds do not light a candle to the crimes created against humanity by the P0S and I do believe that if an organization was going to make millions off their work, well, it’s only fair that you flow power to those on whom their power you depend,right? (You may not be able to sense my sarcasm here…) Marty, Lucy and Mike have it right on target in their observations. Scns are raped for millions that never see the light of day in charitable work for humanity. As a matter of fact I once remember being told that as soon as the IAS gave ANY chump change to the social betterment groups, the IAS now basically bought the rights to broadcast their work as its own! Rape and pillage…

  238. Jimbo,

    Many of the critics are now calling it the Cold Base (Gold Base, Cold Base, get it 🙂 )

    Talk about “off the cross roads of the world”. As far as I understand it the Cold Base is in the middle of nowhere.

    Almost in the Arctic Circle.

    Like never mind “off the cross roads of the world”.

    If it was any farther out it wouldn’t even be on this planet!

    They might as well have built the thing on Mars!

    Yet I know those Canucks up there have been chomping at the bit for their very own AO back in the early 80’s when we still lived in Canada.

    In fact they tried to talk my wife and I into staying in Toronto to wait for the Grand Opening of their CAOSH.

    Thank god we said thanks but no thanks and headed to sunny So Cal.

    Or we’d still be waiting.

    Waiting to go to a place that isn’t even on a frickin’ map!

    Which reminds me.

    Back when I was on the TTC up there. Some kids had sneaked in and placed a sign over the Church of Scientology sign in the main lobby that said the “Church of Stupidology”.

    Prescient baby prescient!

    Maybe they had a better idea of what was going on back then then we did.


  239. I think that a lot of people are left with a heavy dose of cynicism after their experience in the Church of Scientology, myself included. But I am striving for half-full in my life. I think it’s better.

  240. Freespirit:

    Perhaps you missed my point, which was in response directly to Nannette Carley’s post which was somewhat harsh.

    In SPITE of the foibles of Barbara, Dennis, myself and others …

    the ability to NOT say — “you owe me” is a what unconditional love is all about and LIGHTS UP THE WORLD.

    And although it’s a really tough test — this would include not just those people who worked FOR dm as his stooges, but everyone – ultimately including hisself 🙂


  241. Point taken. Thank you.

    Obviously I still have some BPC on the hardship and situation in general, but it’s all just a matter of viewpoint isn’t it? Thanks for helping me get right. (Still not sending a check though 😉 )

  242. +1 Ingrid

  243. Thanks Mike

  244. I keep running into this with you Valkov. WHERE does LRH say psychs means “implanters”? You have missed the boat by a mile. Read FPRD series 1, and Today’s Terrorism, and The Fight For Freedom. In all 3, LRH makes it very clear that psychs are PSYCHIATRISTS. Quit being so reasonable.

  245. True Valkov. Extensive sec checks are also a huge hinderance. And of course the basics is just another added inapplicable to going up the bridge. It’s sad to see how many people have bought the bullshit.

  246. He had that same line with me as well Rachel, after I lost my spouse and was at FSO for an assist. He also said that COB had contacted him personally, and told him about how important this was, and so he and his wife had taken out yet another loan against their house. My only thought was how sorry I felt for his Howard’s wife…

  247. Marty

    And David Miscavige’s Juggernaut moves inexorably forward.

       [juhg-er-nawt, -not] Show IPA
    ( often lowercase ) any large, overpowering, destructive force or object, as war, a giant battleship, or a powerful football team.
    ( often lowercase ) anything requiring blind devotion or cruel sacrifice.
    Also called Jagannath. an idol of Krishna, at Puri in Orissa, India, annually drawn on an enormous cart under whose wheels devotees are said to have thrown themselves to be crushed.”

    Eric S

  248. WH- got it!

  249. Finally! Looks like Davey’s going down the same way he came up……

  250. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Robin Mandel was married to Barry Shereshevsky. They separated almost 2 years ago. They have two children. One at least Max is in the SO. He is a drummer.

  251. Alfreddie Is using the name “Master Learner Academy”
    its something that surfaced in Ebony Awakenings promotions and other documents 2006

    its promoted here on Alfreddie and Hanan Islams latest venture

    Click to access Rev%20Alfreddie%20Johnson.pdf

    they unveiled plans for the Master Learner Academy at a event held at Postcardmania

    the plan is to build training centers for the NOI Auditors training in various cities for the NOI

    some of the promoters/supporters are
    Jim Mathers,Pat Clouden,Joy Gendusa and Lynn Irons

    Jim and His wife Fu Mei along with Alfreddie were guest seated on stage at the 2011 Saviors Day speech as well as other NOI events

    NoI Minister Reuben Muhammad worked for the WLC in 2006-2007
    this Master Learner certificate is from 2005
    its signed by Alfreddie Johnson Tony Muhammad

    Reuben has received other training from Alfreddie

    the Dianetics Auditing is being done In the mosques.
    there are several articles in the Final Call that spell that fact out

    and one juicy rumor thats floating around
    the Vice president of CC Int has impressed Louis Farrakhan so much he has been given the title of ‘Shane X’

  252. scilonschools

    A few ‘bent coggs’ of the government machinery will need replacement to ensure all this happens!!!

  253. This Is Related Info
    This Is the National Education Challenge Schedule for the NOI
    Aug 4-7 In Chicago
    Alfreddie Johnson and Co start off the event

    Study Tech was the 2009 Saviors Day Gift Farrakhan gave to the NOI

    Click to access resource_material_phase1.pdf

    this site shows how the NoI Intends to use the Tech


  254. TheWidowDenk

    Thanks for the info, Mona. Seems like I wasn’t the only one on which the line was used. Rachel

  255. Count,

    ROFL! I am “reasonable”! ROFL!

    I don’t have those references you named handy, but I listen to LRH lectures and read LRH also. Here’s one for you:

    Click to access hcob-pain-and-sex.pdf

    Pain and Sex, HCOB, August 26, 1982:

    “Destructive creatures who do not want people big or reaching—since they are terrified of punishment due to their crimes—invented pain and sex to shrink people and cut their alertness, knowingness, power and reach.

    Thus, you see people who are “experiencing” either pain or sex introverting and not producing much.”

    LRH is talking about whole-track implanters who installed the pain and sex syndromes into beings.

    You might notice that this fits David Miscavige to a “T”. He deals in pain, loss, and sexual aberration 100% of the time. Every kind of physical punishment he can inflict, he does. Brutal physical work and activity on top of food deprivation, disconnection from the 2D, busting people from posts into various punitive programs(RPF, RPF’s RPF, The Hole, exile to boondocks orgs, etc). Then the constant sexually degrading focus. Pimping for TC, for example….Need I go on? He deals exactly in Pain and Sex.

    David Miscavige does everything LRH attributed to the “psychs”. But he does not have a professional degree in Psychiatry.

    You need to get the concept of what a “psych” is, rather than just taking it literally as a professionally educated and certified M.D. “Psychiatrist”. Otherwise you may well overlook the “psych” sitting next to you, because he doesn’t have a degree in “Psychiatry”

    The “psych” is a personality type, not a piece of paper from a medical school.
    Need I remind you that Thomas Szasz, a co-founder of CCHR, was a psychiatrist? Also Peter Breggin, who worked with CCHR for some years and has written more than a dozen books criticising Psychiatry to it’s very core, was also a psychiatrist by training? There are others, psychiatrists who are “critics” of psychiatry.

    That’s not to say Psychiatry over all is not a kicked in the head and rather degraded profession. However not every psychiatrist is a “psych”. And not every “psych” is so kind as to identify himself by being a member of the local Psychiatric Association. He could be a minister at a church, or a teacher or school administrator as well, or a political demagogue.

    Beware of “us vs.them” thinking. “Ethics is Reason and the contemplation of Optimum Survival”

    Hope that clarifies where I’m coming from…..

  256. The above should read “food and SLEEP deprivation”…..

  257. I used to know Barbara many years ago, as another Special Zone Plan & ‘Targets: Defense Of ‘ propitiative volunteer giving because this is what was expected of us, per KSW and because so many others did not care. It’s a thankless sacrifice from beginning to end. Barbara is several years behind in filing annual IRS 990 tax forms for The Set A Good Example Foundation which does business as Concerned Businessmens Association of America. I say let it fold. She needs the break whether she knows it or not.

    If people want to help Barbara, I suggest buying & sending her an Amazon Gift Certificate or sending her some dry and frozen packaged goods from Amazon so she won’t have to worry about putting food on the table.

  258. Tell you what Valkov. Let’s just agree to disagree. I understand your viewpoint. Here are links to the 3 references I gave you above (plus one more called The Criminal Mind & The Psychs) so you can read them. LRH could not have been more clear.
    1. http://www.suppressiveperson.org/sp/archives/1857
    2. http://freedom.lronhubbard.org/page089.htm
    3. http://www.rantrave.com/Rant/Psychiatry-is-Todays-Terrorism.aspx
    4. Couldn’t find FPRD series 1 online, so here is the quote:

    “The tech research done was quite extensive and involves several major discoveries. But I’ll let you in on one thing: There were PSYCHIATRISTS who existed way, way back on the track.
    It was the aim of these PSYCHS back on the whole track to very carefully push in people’s anchor points to prevent them from reaching. The psychs were, themselves, a bunch of terrified cowards, and the prevention of reaching was one facet of their operation. Handling overts, withholds and nonsurvival purposes with the False Purpose Rundown has proven highly effective in undoing the effects of the “work” of psychs on the whole track, and restoring the thetan’s willingness and ability to reach.” – LRH
    HCOB 1984, 5 June – The False Purpose Rundown Series 1

  259. I’m not sure what we’re disagreeing about, Count. Doesn’t it strike you, that David Miscavige personifies LRH’s definition of a “psych”, which you posted above, perfectly?

    Miscavige is exactly a “coward” whose whole modus operandi is to push in the anchor points of others to prevent them from reaching.

    David Miscavige is a “psych” by LRH’s definition.

  260. Some good words there Mike another reason for 5,000,000 protest hours and counting.

  261. Valkov, I understand what you are saying.

  262. Maybe some auditing will help you get rid of the charge Nannette.

  263. Auditing??!??!?? I’ve tried to get auditing for 20 years! I finally got some from inside the church (a marriage couseling) that ended with my husband blowing and disconnecting from me and then I got some outside but my auditor who was also working for me broke my trust when I found out he had keys to my private office (which he should never have had) and that he had been paid for months of work which he pretended to do but never performed. I filed a knowledge report with Marty (his auditor/org) but never got acknowledgement that it was received.

    Auditing?…Hmmmmmmmmmm… let me see……

  264. Sorry to hear that Nannette. Sounds like your auditor/employee is an unscrupulous sort. Good that you at least reported him.

  265. PS: I hope you fired him. Not good to have someone you can’t trust and who false reports on his work.

  266. Tory Christman

    Dear Barbara,
    Hello. I am sitting here crying having read your story. Oh my Gawd….How many people have to suffer at the hands of this “Mafia-like organization” …before people GET it is NOT how it used to be, nor is it going to change and be better???
    I knew you! I worked with you!~ I love you and your passion for helping kids. You’ve done amazing work. I, however, will not support “Way to Happiness” as it’s A) a rip off of the Bible and other great works that are free and B) it’s under the umbrella of C of $.
    So here is my suggestion: YOU write your own booklet with the concepts you know to work and be needed. Become “non-profit”, and get Grants to help you. From there, continue your work. Please add as part of *your* book, how vital it is for kids to learn about CONS and what they consist of.
    My blessings to you, Tory (Bezazian then) Christman (out and free for 11 years now)

  267. Tory Christman

    PS: Actually, Barbara, you don’t have to write another book. There are
    apparently 3 copies of Way to Happiness—-2 of them *not* owned by
    C of $, as I understood it.
    Write to Arnoldo Lerma on Facebook, in about 1 month and ask him.
    Good Luck 🙂

  268. Sharon Siegel

    Barbara, We are thinking of contacting the organization that governs non profits. We have not received a penny of the grant we worked so hard for and received in good faith. Our funds are short $5000 due to our living up to the trip and commitments that were promised to us . Did Lauren ever get her promised grant funds? Sincerely, Sharon and fellow DVE-News/TV staff

  269. Ok, still I have to call Bullshit on Barbara’s cries. It was not only her husband who funded her. She also funded herself by not paying people and leaving them stuck with huge phone bills she promised to pay. I know, I was one of them and her refusal to pay the bill put me in a bind for a very long time and ruined my credit.

    Also, she listened to third party from Mike Wright and fired me for no reason, and took credit for the work I did (and what I did she had not been able to accomplish in 15 years – I did it in one month).

    Perhaps, if Barbara hadn’t screwed me over like she did, I would help her now. Instead, I feel she is as big a con as Miscavige and I have no sympathy for someone who stole my credit, didn’t pay me, and didn’t keep her obligations leaving me holding the bag.

    BARBARA needs to learn TWTH as she has hurt a person of good will, stole funds, broke promises, and did NOT set a good example, all the while convincing everyone that she is the poor victim. For shame for shame

    The worst part is that she never even apologized, so I guess she felt justified. Well, I wouldn’t feel too sorry for her, what goes around comes around and BARBARA got some of what she gave. We could all learn form this.


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