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A Letter From the San Patricio County Jail

update 9/17/2011 12:49 pm cst: New York Village Voice coverage:


A Letter From the San Patricio County Jail

I am spending this evening in the San Patricio County Texas jail.

I have been falsely imprisoned for several hours and our constitutional rights to free speech have been infringed under color of state law (a serious Federal civil rights violation by definition).

I was arrested at 5:40 p.m. on a Friday evening at my home.  In front of my wife and the pre-OT whom I audited all week completing OT preps only moments earlier.

Radical Corporate Scientology agents clearly knew in advance of the timing of the arrest, as one of them alluded to the impending service of a warrant upon me to my wife just an hour earlier; and RCS camera crews positioned themselves to covertly capture the event.

Clearly the arrest was timed so that I might sit in jail all weekend long without a clue as to why I was being held; and possibly even more surprises were in store for me.  However, upon arrival to jail I found Sheriff’s Office personnel who knew all about what has been going on in my neighborhood and with me, and who were appalled to see me hauled in in cuffs.

I learned the following:

a)  The arrest was for an alleged assault with bodily injury that occurred on 1 September.

b) The complainant one Jim Moore from Austin Texas had on three earlier occasions visited my home and terrorized my wife – while refusing to identify himself, and fleeing before police could arrive – while I was on trips out of town.  Moore was brought in and out of the “busts” on me in my neighborhood, his role was to continue to leer at my wife with his creepy smirk despite my repeated requests he not do so, especially given his history of stalking her while she was alone here.  On the day he alleged that I did bodily injury to him, I had asked him yet again to stop leering at my wife on the apron of our driveway, when he ignored me and continued, I removed his sunglasses to look him in the eye and ask “did you get that?”  Only then he say “yes” and stop leering. I never touched his body.  Moore continued to hang with his pack of RCS thugs and harass us in front of our own home.

c)  The RCS had Moore make a complaint to the Sheriff near the time that the event occurred.  The reporting Officer, despite lobbying from four RCS lawfirms retained in Texas for the specific purpose of pressuring law enforcement to come after me, refused to file charges.

d)  RCS lawyers then had Moore go swear a complaint to a friendly Justice of the Peace (JoP).  The office of JoP is a quaint little 19th century notion that nobody ever got around to abolishing after several law enforcement agencies made the operation moot. Largely the JoP handles restraining orders in domestic violence cases and hears small civil claims.  The JoP in question did not even have jurisdiction on our side of the county.

e) When I was arrested an immediate hue and cry arose from the prosecutor’s office and Sheriff’s Office and the JoP who signed the warrant was forced to come magistrate me out the same evening I arrived.  On questioning I found her to be clueless as to the background of what has now been going on with the “complainant’s” 152 days of terroristic stalking.  She actually thought Moore was part of a legitimate media operation. Or she was playing Mickey the Dunce. Should this charade move forward to its scheduled December trial, the truth will out well before then.

This is the thirteenth criminal charge the RCS has attempted to press against me. I know for a fact that the previous twelve were declined for any prosecution either by police agencies or prosecutors.  In fact, I had just confirmed with the San Patricio County Attorney (responsible for prosecuting all misdemeanors in the county)  that there were no such complaints pending against me in San Patricio County in a phone call one hour prior to my arrest.

Even though David Miscavige revels in a scotch stupor tonight, when the dust settles on this one, Miscavige and his RCS agents will rue this day.

Monique and I have been informed by RCS private detectives that the incessant harassment against us will end only when I cease to speak to the media.  If I go quiet then no more persistent, 24/7 attempts to have me put in jail.

I have been falsely imprisoned today and our constitutional rights to free speech have been infringed under color of state law (a serious Federal civil rights violation by definition).

I would rather speak freely from a jail cell than be muzzled on the outside.

And as Mexican freedom fighter Emiliano Zapata said:

I would rather die standing than live on my knees.