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Bunker Rattling Miscavige’s Bunker


Wanna know what one can do to educate the clueless?

This here is pretty darn interesting:


David Miscavige Espionage Alert

Reliable sources have informed me that Miscavige has acknowledged to OSA (Office of Special Affairs, Corporate Scientology’s espionage network) that the overt harassment campaign was an EPIC FAIL.  Of course, he is blaming it on OSA’s “imbecile” execution while writing out of history that he was the one that ordered it and micromanaged into headlines from North America to Europe.

Partly in order to divert attention from himself, he has been demanding that all potential covert intelligence sources be activated and re-activated, YESTERDAY.

This all makes perfect sense watching from the outside.  Just prior to April 17, when the South Texas Siege began, we had just devined an 18 month operation by OSA to put an old associate into our home.    I informed the operative that I had determined whom she was working for.  Within days the Ass Busters showed up in full regalia and until recently showed up to our driveway daily.  While they still drive by and leer from the distance the daily driveway performances have ceased.

And within 48 hours of that cessation  I received reports from four close friends that they have suddenly received reaches from people they either suspected as OSA agents, or knew to be OSA agents – whom  they have heard nothing of for the past several months.

The reaches were so lockstep timing-wise and in methodology, Mike Rinder and I came to the same certain conclusion: the intelligence I received concerning Miscavige’s latest pendulum swing change of axis is about as accurate as it gets. We’ve been there before.   The magnitude of effect of the cumulative public exposure on Miscavige’s overt harassment campaign finally hits him.  He goes apoplectic on OSA for creating such bad public relations, notwithstanding the fact that he ordered and micromanaged every aspect of it – down to writing scripts for the Ass Busters to shout in front of my home.  He comes up with some LRH Guardian advice from the heart of the cold war about intelligence (covert ops) being the most effective means of combating enemies, and screams “what the f*** happened to all the intel operatives you said you had nearly into Marty’s f****** house?”  OSA scurries like rats activating every operative it ever briefed and attempted to get into my circle of friends since time immemorial.  And, simply carrying on with what we do, the sudden shift of axis is so obvious as to be almost comical.

I don’t expect anyone to take my analysis as gospel.  But, I share it to give a heads up to folk so that you are not caught unawares, and in the hopes you might share any other such indicators this past week so as to fuel our incredible multiple viewpoint system of defense.

Remember the Price of Freedom.