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David Miscavige branded “violent and toxic”

Chris Guider was my subordinate in his capacity as Inspector General’s MAA for some time.  Chris is one of the most honest, conscientious, and ethical people I had the pleasure of working with while in the Sea Organization (Corporate Scientology’s elite order).  Thanks for standing up and sounding off Chris.  You can watch Chris do so here, breaking news from Australia:


David Miscavige Kills Survival (Insurance)

For those who don’t know, Survival Insurance made millions by catering to Scientologists. When they started they pretty much ripped off the short-lived, but then (eighties) popular Survival Rundown trademark.

Survival CEO Richie Acunto became one of the elite of the Miscavige elite public.  In 2007 he completed his rarified IAS status by paying TEN MILLION dollars to the IAS.

Is it any surprise that four years later Survival Insurance has filed for bankruptcy?

Here is the filing:

Survival Insurance Inc.

Folks this is not an exception you are witnessing; this has become the rule.  So much so that several people from around the country have reported to me that “church” representatives are actually encouraging hard up, once-high-rollers that they have fleeced to declare bankruptcy.

“Secret” IAS briefings have actually provided the public with far-out, lunatic fringe justifications for filing bankruptcy, telling the public it is “ethical” for them to do so.  I’ll tell you what  they are being told by the “church.” Are you sitting down?   “The bankers deserve it.  International Bankers created the international recession for the sole purpose of harming the IAS and the church of Scientology.”   I guess they are the same international bankers they are falsely alleging are paying me (’cause how on earth else could a guy create such big effects with just communication?).  The same international bankers that dance in the reactive mind of David Miscavige.  Are you getting the picture yet?  Mike and I are not joking when we say David Miscavige is the biggest self-made victim on planet earth.  He is a died in the wool suppressive person (sociopath) fighting martians at every turn.

If anyone knows creditors of Survival Insurance and Richie Acunto, I think it would be quite the ethical thing to do to provide them with the information about where their money went – David Miscavige’s IAS.  Note that the creditors listed could be paid off with just the damn commission on the TEN MILLION DOLLARS fraudulently obtained by IAS.    If these people make enough noise, Miscavige will be forced to order a check be delivered to Richie to make those creditors whole.

I suggest that this is the ethical resolution to this Ponzi scheme.   In my opinion, there is likely more than meets the eye here.  They’ve got Miscavige bot Michael Stoeller representing Survival.  My guess is the company, and Richie, are in a lot more trouble than they disclose here, and if Miscavige doesn’t bail them out with his ill gotten booty a lot of other people are going to get hurt too.

And to think, twenty months ago Richie Acunto wouldn’t give the time of day to his erstwhile friend Tiziano Lugli when Il Maestro attempted to warn him where this ship was headed.  Instead, he disconnected from his friend and remained connected to the SP (suppressive person, sociopath) he was warned about.

Wake Up Call, indeed.