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The Scientology Reformation

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice recently posted an article on a new book, A History of a New Religion by Hugh B. Urban.   I recommend the article, and when I receive and read the book I’ll probably recommend it too based on Tony’s review.


I think it is significant that the two latest books on the subject of Scientology by outsiders, both journalistic and scholarly, fully acknowledge the Scientology Reformation.

I also think it is significant that Urban acknowledged what I have repeated from the beginning of the Reformation; that is, that the more Miscavige focuses on me and my friends the less heat will be dished to others.  And the result here, and I believe with Reitman too, is that Scientology is receiving the most fair and mature treatment by outsiders it has received in its history.  In no small measure due to Miscavige being too pre-occupied to turn everyone investigating the subject into an enemy of Scientology.

Very well done to everyone who has stood up and stepped up.

And a special thanks to Chuck Beatty who has spent considerable time educating scholars on the bigger picture over the past several years.

I reckon we ought to carry on.

David Miscavige Espionage Operative Exposed

I mentioned in the Village Voice that one of the most important results of our visit to Germany was helping to get Independents, and future Independents, out from the shadows and into communication. I am going to share with you one of several significant results we’ve already seen from this.

Reference:  https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/miscavige-perpetuates-memory-of-gestapo-stasi/

For those who haven’t seen the videos within that post, please take a close look at the face of the OSA spy that Mosey so alertly spotted at the Berlin wall.

Well, the new invigorated Independence movement has positively identified him. Here is the report.

The Osa 007 that followed you in Berlin and that you caught so nicely with your camrecorder is Manfred Utzinger, Osa Staff from Zurich Org (Switzerland). He loves to play James Bond games and organizes spies that he sends undercover to Freezone events. He loves to spy on Facebook. Here the available data about him on the Internet.
Cellphone: 004176 584 84 27
Schneebelistr. 7
8048 Zürich
Facebook name: Utzi Butzi
E-Mail: info@utzi.ch

Take a look at Utzi Butzi’s own photos on the sites provided and you will see there is no doubt that Utzi Butzi is indeed the STASI like fellow who photographed us in Berlin, coordinating with several other operatives.

Now that you all know how to contact Utzi feel free to give him a warm invitation from out of the shadows of spookdom and into the sunlight of independence.

And Utzi, have a lawyer tell you what you might be facing under this factual scenario:

You ran a den of operatives with terroristic threat intentions only a few yards away from Chancellor Merkle and perhaps the largest array of police and security personnel since 9/11/01 the day after the announcement of the discovery of a terrorist cell operating in the neighborhood.

Then Utzi, consider stepping over to the Indie side for a little shelter from the storm.