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Miscavige’s Moral Bankruptcy

                                                                                   That there above is the prize bestowed upon Richie Acunto for having donated TEN MILLION DOLLARS to David Miscavige’s war chest.  The misuse of those funds has been well documented on this blog over the past two years.  For extended periods of time it included around the clock surveillance of the home of Tiziano Lugli, Jamie Sorrentini and their precious daughter Veda.  
In December 09  Tiziano and Jamie visited Mosey and I for a week.  As a result the church sent operatives literally into the homes of Jamie’s grandparents and Tiziano’s parents on the East Coast and in Italy to disrupt their family Christmas get togethers, beseeching their parents to disconnect from Jamie and Tiziano. 
 When Tiziano and Jamie returned from their families to LA in early January 2010, they sought out close friends to share with them truths they had learned about Miscavige and the treatment they had received in retaliation for even examining those irrefutable facts.       Jamie and Tiziano went to the home of Richie Acunto.  

Richie marrying Jamie and Tiziano '09

                                                                        Acunto would not answer their repeated knocking and calling of his name.  While they attempted to speak to Richie an IAS reg in suit and tie strode up behind them, asking where Richie was.  Then Tiziano received a cell phone call from Hollywood agent, and Kool Aid drinker, Joel Stevens.  Stevens called from within Acunto’s house to say, “Tiziano, Richie can’t see you now, can’t you see there are IAS reges all over the place.”   Now, people, realize that Acunto’s home was hopping with IAS reges, preventing his freely communicating with friends, MORE THAN A YEAR AFTER HE REACHED THE EXALTED STATUS OF PATRON DIAMOND MERITORIOUS FOR HAVING HANDED OVER A COOL TEN MILLION DOLLARS TO DAVID MISCAVIGE.  TEN MILLION DOLLARS THAT DAVID MISCAVIGE WAS ALREADY USING TO DESTROY THE TRUTH, ME PERSONALLY, AND RICHIE’S GOOD FRIENDS JAMIE AND TIZIANO.                                                             

Friends, August '09

 After Tiziano did finally see Richie in a last attempt to save him from the predicted ruin and suffering he is apparently now experiencing, Acunto wrote Jamie and Tiziano the following missive (no doubt edited by Tommy D and/or OSA).   I publish it in full as it is useful in understanding the midset of  a thought-stopping cult member.                                                                                                       

Hi guys,
Well I was highly disappointed to read your public disavowal of Management as well as seeing your postings on Rath-bones site. Especially as I spent hours with Tom Davis on your behalf that very evening.  You need to realize and understand the severity of events as they have transpired as well as the consequences of direction you have chosen.  You are not alone in the universe and the impact of actions taken by you guys do adversely effect others across the dynamics and create damage. You need to take responsibility for this fact which is occurring.  Of course you will be shunned by other members that do not hold your point of view.  We’re all bailing out the boat while your pouring water in, so to speak, and that won’t be appreciated by the observant.  Of course you can fool yourselves into believing it is being done based on a point of personal integrity, but that does not reduce or eliminate the damage done to yourself and others across the dynamics who are cross flowing this thing. No real “ friend” of yours will be happy with your decision who are members in good standing with this group and all would hope that you recognize,  confront and take full responsibility for your actions taken thus far as well as what is created by such actions.
Jaimee, as it has been explained this is NOT just a simple matter of a different point of view. You have aligned yourself to the known enemies of the group. Your act of allowing postings of you with overt agreement of that suppressive’s actions makes you 100% complicit and responsible  – and YOU are now pointing the gun metaphorically (not literally) back at all remaining as part of the Church of Scientology and taking pot shots.
Everything I am stating herein is simply as a member of the Church of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group and as a person that has been a true friend of yours… here is how I see it plainly.
1.     Tiziano got upset with his bridge progress and how it was going and is in disagreement with the church’s position in regards to his clear attest as well as other actions to be taken.    
2.     ARC Broken, angry and upset Tiziano is opens himself up to all the entheta, negative and destructive communications to be found in regards to the Church which readily assessable on the internet and as written by people that have their own vested interest in being right and the destruction of the group. – whatever that is. The more Tiziano reads, the more he gets sucked down the rabbit hole and away from truth he goes, all in  the name of finding out the truth.  
3.     Tiziano now found himself in and declared himself to be in a “search or mission for truth”. With this he decides to “read everything” and this would include altered info of all kinds much of which the variety so subjective that it cannot be verified because it is basically hearsay, rumor and gossip and / or data not observed 1st hand, so there is no real way of knowing the “truth” of it all.  Then Tiziano made the decision as well to talk directly with folks that are sworn enemies of the group (very big step) and that have left the group on bad terms with anaxe to grind and of course that data will be taken as 100% accurate and correct, impartial, factual, honest and strictly analytical… although it is all from folks feeling wronged or hurt in some way they themselves take no responsibility for. Misery loves company. If I have observed anything – that one is for sure except possibly in the most high toned of individuals within a society.
4.     The next thing to occur is Tiziano taking the data he reads and/or hears and aligns to his own way of thinking, the way he wants to see it so as to be totally right and justified in regards to his actions, and “down the rabbit hole” he goes taking his wife with him by debriefing her on all the entheta found. This expands to others in the family and those others that were willing to listen. Down into the valley of death and it is death because NOW the actual truth has to beand is unacceptable , not to be observed or to be heard and a bed of lies is weaved with further realign of events to realties as perceived today.  
5.     Of course with this occurring,   speaking with scientologists active on the bridge that are winning and who have made the journey to OT to whatever degree successfully or whom have trained up on the tech side or to talk impartially with the many thousands of staff who are winning on their posts and love the game they are playing is something that can’t and won’t be done. Applying properly a real Doubt formula cannot now be done – because all these folks are “ entirely duped, in the dark,  or simply not in the know” . If this wasn’t so arrogantly stated Tiziano, it would simply be considered childish and utterly sophomoric.  
6.     Net end result the seeker of truth has sealed his eyes shut.  
Your connection to declared Suppressives who are actively attempting to attack and harm the forward progress of the group you were a part of, where you actually received your gains and knowledge and the group I love is reprehensible conduct that no true group member can or will accept.  You should now be aware that both of you have been officially labeled and declared as Suppressive by the Church.  I have seen and read the Declare.
Personally I would like to see you handle this at light speed.  I know that if you confront the A to E steps you can get back in good standing with this group quickly. Obviously I consider your decisions as “the Major decision and mistake” of each of your lives.  For those of us that have been on lines long term – we know this to be true and have no desire to be right or make either of you wrong, it is not about that at all.  I would do anything I could to help you confront and get through this cycle as I feel that strongly that it is in your own best interest as well as all those that you care about and care about you that are members of the group as well as the group itself.
If I can help you get on correct lines within the church to sort this out, at any time now or in the future, by all means I am there for you, just let me know. Other than this I appreciate the fun times we have had together.
My Best,
On a personal note, I find it amusing how macho these cult members can imagine themselves.  The putz smugly calls a guy whom he has never met names, me. He puts up ten million dollars to take me out.  Net result, I am ten times stronger than I was in January 2010 and David Miscavige is but the butt of jokes around the world as a has-been cult leader.   And Richie is a broken disgrace. 
     Now for the punch line.  In spite of these FACTS, I am going to see that Richie comes through this ok, because I know in my heart of hearts that in his heart of hearts Richie is basically good.  Richie, wake up pal, I am the best friend you’ve got right about now.   
   And for the others who attempt to dodge the likes of Tiziano Lugli and Jamie Sorrentini: