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South Texas Justice

San Patricio County rejects charge against former Scientology official Rathbun:

                                                                             http://www.caller.com/news/2011/sep/20/san-patricio-county-rejects-charge-against/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mosey and I thank all of you who helped from the bottom of our hearts.   As you may have divined by now, the investigation is only now beginning…so the energy will be well used.
           For background and most comprehensive, updated coverage go to editor in chief of Village Voice Tony Ortega’s blog, including these final thoughts by Mr. O:
FINAL THOUGHTS ON THIS INCIDENT: Let’s not forget what Scientology tried to do here. There was a lot of discussion in our comments section and elsewhere about whether Marty Rathbun “deserved” to be hauled away and prosecuted based on what he did in the past with the Church of Scientology.But let’s keep an eye on what really happened here: Although the “Squirrel Busters” pretended to be a film crew made up of Scientologists who had no connection with the official church, it was established in two different ways that this was a goon squad sent by and directed by the official Church of Scientology and its longtime private investigator.

As a result of that operation, Scientology got a man taken to jail over “literally a scratch,” as the prosecutor put it, and likely would have had Rathbun locked up over a weekend if not for the quick action of a jail officer who knew what was going on. How did a church accomplish the arrest and this cynical manipulation of the local justice system? Through a classic Scientology tactic of shopping for a judge who was ignorant of the nearly unbelievable background — that a religious organization, for the last 5 MONTHS has besieged a man’s house because he dares practice his own religion in his own way. Twice now, that church has, through the use of private investigators and attorneys, tried to get the man arrested and prosecuted over trivial reactions to their daily provocations, in what are psychological operations intended to engender those kinds of reactions.

Only because of reporters like Mark Collette and because of Rathbun’s own efforts in his blog are some key locals — including sheriff’s deputies and county attorney David Aken — aware of what’s really going on, preventing Scientology from the kinds of similar operations it has pulled elsewhere.

You can be sure that David Miscavige and Scientology are not going to stop their cynical tactics in South Texas. Rathbun, by simply professing his own brand of independent Scientology and reaching deep into the official church to entice longtime members to come out, is too much of a threat to Miscavige for him to give up after only two tries to get Rathbun prosecuted.

But never, I think, have Scientology’s legal tactics been so nakedly exposed as they are happening. Why this isn’t a national story, with a CNN crew hanging around to film the Squirrel Busters, is a complete mystery to me. — Tony O.


State of Texas vs. Mark “Marty” Rathbun part II

Look what South Texas’ version of Carl Bernstein dug up in his first day back on the job after the weekend.


After 155 days of lying to the people of Ingleside on the Bay, the San Patricio County Attorney and Sheriff, the San Antonio Express and Mark Collette of the Corpus Christi Caller Times about there being no affiliation between SQBs and the “church” of Scientology, the “church” of Scientology International’s Director of Legal Affairs winds up with his bloody fingerprints on the pistol.

And, whoever heard of a “victim” on the run from the long arm of the law?  There may be good reasons.

The affidavit of Norman James Moore is sworn on the 7th day after the event (perjured to read the 6th day) which happens to also be the night (early afternoon for POB) I appeared on Germany’s biggest talk show getting agreement from the government of Germany that Scientology and the “church” of Scientology are two different kettles of fish, and that the latter stinks to high heaven.

Why do you think POB had Norman put the date of the incident as the 2nd (rather than the true date of the 1st)?  Maybe because I’ve got plenty of video of Norman and the SQBs on the 1st trying to prevent me from going to Germany.  In any event, Norman – by perjuring himself – has committed yet another Texas crime on behalf of his dear leader.

It’ll be interesting to find out why the warrant was issued on the 8th and sat eight days unserved till 5:40 on Friday the 16th (just after the JoP left work so that no bail could be issued till at least until Saturday and perhaps Monday); and why the SQBs showed up at the end of the street moments before the serving D/Sheriff arrived with not only golf cart, but their blacked out SUV which followed us for the nearly one hour drive to jail; and why the D/Sheriff who got on duty only ten minutes earlier (5:30) received an urgent instruction from the desk Sgt to serve the warrant immediately – particularly when San Pat County can be like the wild, wild west on a Friday night.

Ralph Gomez, Bart Parr, Joanne Wheaton, John Allender, Allan Cartwright, David Miscavige – you can run but you cannot hide for long.

Stay tuned – I have a feeling it’ll get curiouser and curiouser and then it’ll die an ignominous death just like that being dramatized by the architect of this sickness.  Regardless, the unanswered questions will be answered.