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Sandy Richards, “I am done with…”

My name is Sandy Richards.

This is rather long and you may want to go and refill your coffee, get a drink of water, maybe just sit back, get comfy or whatever, before you start….

(hold on to your hat and my advance apologies for my lack of diplomacy, which is largely due to my lack of diplomacy)….here I go:

I grew up in Houston, Texas and discovered Scientology there, in 1971.

I was on mission staff, Div. 6, late ‘70s.

I have never been in the sea org.

I stepped back in to Scientology (after years of being off lines, to what was once a workable technology, that had been transformed into a vile mind-rip….who knew?), in 2005.

At that time I did not have the ability (had run into a wall), nor the information, to stand and see what had happened or what was happening….one of those ‘forest for trees’ things.

The ‘you are not clear’ was declared and the ‘advanced’ program began.

The very close whisper in my ear “we can get a commendation in to your ethics file”.

OMG….I needed a commendation?

The arguing back and forth with my auditor regarding set ups for OT V, when I had only completed through OT III….“it was called something else back then” and he proceeded anyway.

All I wanted to do was to leave….wrap it up and get out, which I did.

No starting on V setups.

Something was definitely not right….I felt like an intruder, I felt like I was a slug crawling back in, I felt the weight of being wrong, and of course, I thought it was all me.

Hunting season had just opened and I was the hunted….unknown to me, were the existence of predators at Flag.

I left after almost four weeks with the original intent (and agreement) of two weeks.

Relatively unscathed….relatively speaking.

I began my own search of WTF? in very early 2010, and had quite the shock of discovery.

Prior to my search, I had always been a good little doobie, not looking, not questioning, no inquiries, just being quiet, maintaining a low profile.

After the initial shock of looking was wearing off, with the month or so it took for me to ‘settle down’, came answers to ‘why?’ or ‘what happened?’ or ‘how come?’.

Funny how seeking answers for your own self, lends itself to being able to see, which also keeps you from continuing to trip over things and thus the ability to pick your own self up, off the floor.

I have dug down into the rabbit hole, with the many twists and turns, with many statements, documents, and photos to see….taking my own look, doing my own research.

The amount of information out here is enormous.

The many testimonies I have read, corroborating one to the other, was evidence enough.  The sheer numbers alone of all those similar testimonies, was survey enough.

My deep appreciation, and heartfelt thanks, to Marty, Mike, Amy, Matt, Karen, Jeff, Marc, Steve, Jason, Luis, David, Jesse and all the others along the way, for being able to see, step out, gather their wits, speak up and light the way for others, with the truth.

Indeed, the truth shall set you free.

There are no other words.

I am forever grateful.

Now, in the big scheme of things with regard to organized Scientology (now seemingly with an alias of Crime, Inc.),

I am just a regular person out here, without personal witness to the abhorrent treatment of others within this ‘church’, outside of my own experience with crush regging, inval/eval and an ‘unclear’ declare delivered, interfering in my non-interference zone, but nevertheless, regular or not, I draw the line, here and now, witnessed by you.

I have been duped!   I am furious beyond belief and I am ready to say it out loud…so, you better just step back, so you don’t get any of this on you….’cause here it comes:

I am done with my connection by silence, to the corrupt organization calling itself the church of Scientology .

What the church of Scientology is today, is most definitely a gross mutation of yesteryear.  I am here to tell you, that what is going on within the ‘church’ today, is someone’s claymation of a really bad, tortuous dream.

I am done with knowing of and not speaking out publicly (with my abrasive voice in print), about my opinion and views of these ‘church’ ordered mafia tactics, pirate like rape and pillage, the spying, the harassment, the covert and overt attacks, the manipulation to cover those attacks, the willful third partying, the very visible reverse of the Code of Honor, the infiltrations, the lies and the continual lying, the complete ignoring of basic data, the desire for material things that glitter, the hacking into, the willingness to harm others, the child abuse, the total disregard for families with the malicious (knowingly) splitting up of families, the obvious desire to be admired coupled with a pompous attitude, the stalking, the hiding, the cover-up of crimes, the prostitution of integrity for money or status or position or collecting ‘ahhhs’, the lack of compassion, the exploitations, the backstabbing, the theft of private information, the intimidation, the degradation, the ‘pretended’ care for others for a stat, the creation and use of live puppets, the endless supply of parishioner money used to purchase any and all ‘cover’ deemed needed for all the aforementioned gross activities (on all flows).

The above ranting list I have given, is no doubt ordered and approved, not to mention demanded, by the leader of the ‘church’ of Scientology, David Miscavige.

If this disgusting treatment of others, was not directly ordered by the small one, then you and I both know, it would not be happening, at all…..he is the leader.  He does lead.  And look at what is coming forth, emanating out from this leader….like mucus and froth, from the mouth of a rabid dog….it’s disgustingly obvious.

The corrupt, criminal and immoral activities/persons, grouped together acting out their own  versions of ‘Spy vs Spy’, veiled by that word, ‘church’ all the while justifying their actions with a cloak of ‘greatest good’ is just insane and just as contagious as a virus.

(proper ‘conditioning’ needed, of course)

If this is not ‘trickle down’ insanity, I don’t know what is.

This is a very solid mockup of case, with no real responsible party….a ship destined to sink.

What comes to mind right now, is a comment someone made on this blog a while back…(I forget who)…and three of the words in their posting just jumped out at me….”crimes of magnitude”.

Those words really stuck…because I can only guess what those crimes might be, and the little I do know now is, in my opinion, enough to sink the Titanic all over again and I’m sure all I’ve seen is the tip of that iceberg.

Reminds me of a time I was in a bank, when it was robbed.

The detective interviewing me afterwards, had been delayed in his arrival, making all of us wait (as witnesses to the robbery) for more than an hour (we couldn’t leave until we had spoken with him).

When it was my turn with the detective, I had asked what took him so long to get there and he said “I was investigating something worse than this.”

I said “worse than armed robbery?”

I could only guess at what that was.

A crime of magnitude.

Like I said, I’m just a regular person out here, but I can still smell sewer stench, even when I don’t know exactly where the sewer is….I just know it’s there.


There’s more…

I am done with ignoring the elephant in my own room, I’m done with not saying out loud my strong disagreement with a ‘church’ using federal and state tax dollars for medical care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), for dental care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), and the push for abortions (being pregnant has for some reason become an overt for those ‘within’).

These things, in my opinion, are medical and dental free rides from Joe Public, the very ‘wog’ who is belittled by the elite from within.  Joe Public who is footing the bill for a number of things for this ‘church’…..go figure that one.

The entitlement mentality of this ‘church’ is pathetic to say the least, when the unbelievable amount they have in reserves is used as a personal cash-stash by an elite few.

That the vast amount of ‘church’ reserves is hidden, while tax dollars are demanded, used and accepted, all the while no taxes are paid into the pool from which they drink, is in my opinion, criminal and may just spell ‘evasion’…..I believe it has been spelled that way before.

Which reminds me, don’t ‘churches’ offer their members, an accounting of all their funds?

Also, I am done with not saying anything about the little to no pay for staff, and with the taking of that little to no pay from staff, as gifts to others, without prior permission.

(again, it’s that entitlement mentality)

I am done with not saying anything about the theft of parishioner’s donations used to impress, seeking admiration from, certain celebrities.  This is done using slave labor, to create ‘gifts of magnitude’, for reasons we do not know…..yet.

I am done with knowing and not stating aloud, my repulsed reaction to the willful degraded accommodations, the no sleep forced upon staff, the imprisonment and the threat of imprisonment, and the intentional withholding of sufficient food from the staff…..all so as (in my opinion) to not dip into its own mega funds socked away for someone’s better use, and for what I believe to be the successful creation of a weak and malleable crew, while a very few (at the top of this so called ‘church’) live large and live well, on the backs of others.

How easy is it to manipulate and control those who are physically weak from hunger and no sleep, pushed to cruel limits?

Very easy, just look.

(entitlement (now enter slave owner) mentality)

I am done with knowing and not saying, how ridiculously stupid it looks, for a ‘church’ to rush to the aid of disaster victims, to hand out booklets (paid for by parishioners extra donations for that particular quest…the calls are made), when it is shelter, food and water that is needed.  Nevermind that sometimes the victims of disasters cannot even read.

Damned the torpedoes, it’s the photo-op!  Let them eat cake!

I am done with knowing and not saying out loud, that this ‘church’ does not practice what it preaches.

I am done with not saying anything out loud about my vehement opposition to, knowing that self-prison ‘states’ are intentionally and knowingly, delivered to others as a standard level of ‘keep ‘em cowed’, on a daily basis, which is brainwashing 101.

I am done with not saying anything about the ‘across the board’ squirreling of the tech which has caused untold damage.  The numbers of deaths in the last couple of decades, among Scientologists (natural, self inflicted or otherwise) is astounding to me.

I am done with knowing and not saying anything about the valence handed out, that might as well be injected, within those closed off rooms where filmed interrogations take place.  Interrogations that are sugarcoated, softened in sound and renamed as ‘security checks’, or ‘eligibility’ or ‘six month checks’ for upper levels, which come to find out, is actual digging for future extortive/blackmail material…..freely distributed for use, if needed, of course.

And I am done with not saying anything out loud about the existence of ‘church’ prisons in the United States of America and other locations, with the use of razor wire, which is someone’s nightmare in play…an indication of the criminally insane running the asylum, in my opinion.

And what about the ‘churches’ missing persons, such as Shelly Miscavige (beloved wife of der leader, still wearing a wedding band…MIA?)…..where is she? dead? alive? hidden? muffled?

And where is Heber?

How many execs and staff, exactly are missing?

Enquiring minds want to know.

I also have been curiously interested in and follow the purchase of the ideal orgs, as ‘church’ property.

The unsuspecting and very giving loyal, local public, who provide their presence to be morphed into the live puppets for the weekly shows, in order to be squeezed for money is truly sad.

Week after week, they are called in, and squeezed to get more money to hand over (no matter any hardship created as consequence).

Here it comes again….”Let them eat cake!”

All of this, to purchase a building, and then unbeknownst to the public, the following turn of events will be more puppet shows, to collect more money to rehab that building.

The rehab is to some insane level of glory to (fill in that blank).

Rehabs ending with gold, glitter and automatons….and then, the third and most stabbing implementation of this squeeze machine, is the rent, to be paid right back to the ‘mothership’ for the use of that very ‘special’ building.

All outrageous, all non-stop, an all demanding squeeze machine.

Choose your real estate, make others pay for it in cash, title to you, then collect the rent.

What a scam.

Makes ‘ol Bernie seem like a 12 year old shop lifter, huh?

Well, Bernie’s in prison and I bet it’s because he didn’t have the ‘veil’.

And what a total embarrassment that there are supposed OTs ‘running this show’ within this ‘church’.

Who knew the creme de la creme is just shit, in a good suit.

Who knew that the VFP (valuable final product) of this group, would be morphed into having, as its valuable final product, a small army of blind sheeple just lockstep, doing the biddings for criminal intentions, without thinking….as evidenced by videos, photos, documents and testimonies, all online.

So, after all I have read, after seeing for myself that the c of s is most definitely, literally FUBAR, after being able to compare 1971 to today,

I AM DONE and remove myself from any and all connection to that corrupt organization, veiled with the word ‘church’.

There will be many, many more who will wake up, take a look for themselves, gasp, fall down, get up and then walk out.

No doubt about it.

I’m done for now.

Thank you for listening to me.

I now turn this online podium, over to the next speaker.

from the painfully shy and wallflower-like,

Sandy Richards

(aka TX2)

Sandy is one of those who has been silently, without motivation for recognition but instead from pure innocent conscience, contributing in very important ways.   Her deeds and her words over time – notwithstanding the direct force of her words today – remind me of the most significant contribution Sting made to the arts in my opinion.  His tribute to the women of South America whose fathers, husbands and sons were “disappeared” by fascist dictators to forever be forgotten. To Sandy and all the others who won’t  forget L Ron Hubbard, despite every vicious demand to do so by the fascist dictator and his enforcement arms, and find ways to remind others: