Daily Archives: September 21, 2011

Forever Young

The real heroine of the events over the past days, weeks, months and years is a woman.  Mosey has been my rock of Gibraltar from the get go.  She’s been my auditor in life, my partner, providing incredible perspective and sanity in an universe seemingly gone mad.

Perhaps a bit of context will begin to communicate it.

First, on the heels of the Southern California insanity well documented in the last week of August on this blog, and after one hundred and thirty something days of siege, Mosey arranged with Carol and David Kramer for a brief respite for us in Arizona.  While the cult surveiled as per usual, David and Carol made a relatively peaceful day for us in Sedona possible.

On the way home the next day, we were assaulted first thing in the morning at the Phoenix airport. (note Carol, go get em girl).  Note, days after Mosey’s warning David Miscavige sent a team to Mosey’s father’s home.  One was wearing a surgeon’s mask indicating he was contagious – quite a sickening terroristic move given Mosey’s father is a recent heart transplant recipient.

After a full day of flying and connections, within ten minutes of arriving home, the SQBs arrived on the apron of our driveway.   Somehow the ranting about Germany seemed like background noise compared to Norman (Bates) James Moore (whose demented, anonymous year of stalking my wife is well documented on this blog) leering at Mosey through sunglasses.  As you can see in the following clip, I was a little off in my post of Friday night. It was not my request to stop leering at my wife that Norman chose to ignore, it was Mosey’s request.   While the footage is obscured since I was holding the camera while yanking Norman’s sunglasses, you might notice the footwork of Mosey in the scuffle.   She saved Norman from something far more serious than a mere scratch, and saved me from something far more serious than a mere four hours in jail; all without speaking a word.

LRH noted in the PDC that a thetan can be reached far more effectively through aethetics than through reason – aesthetics being such a fine wave far more in harmony with theta.  So, ’nuff said, one of our songs: