David Miscavige is Basically Obsessed

See the latest video on the St Petersburg Times website, part of the ongoing Money Machine series:  Luis Garcia and Synthia Fagen speak out in Basically Obsessed.


39 responses to “David Miscavige is Basically Obsessed

  1. I love Luis Garcia. He is so exciting to listen to. I believe every word he says. He is all truth. And every time, EVERY TIME, an ex-member of the church like Luis Garcia, that is a peaceful person and is not even attacking or harassing the church in any way…no matter what the person says…the church issues a denial…everything the church says is to make the person into something they are not…a liar…a bigot…a confused person…or something else. It is almost as if anyone that does not participate in the church in some way for more than 12 hours is immediately ready to be offloaded or fair gamed. It is something that is hard to describe to some people. It needs to be listened to and understood.

  2. Luis and Synthia,

    Thank you for standing up! You both did outstanding jobs of getting your truths out there. Childs and Tobin picked an awesome group of people for this story. Thanks again, ml, Laura Ann

    ps Isn’t it funny that the church’s reply is that everyone else is lying?

  3. Yea, lil’ dave is obsessed. It seems to me that he’s also ‘possessed’.

    His evil intentions knows no bounds.

    Look what he’s destroyed.

    Dave, you’re a world-class sociopath. F U

  4. Good job Louis and Synthia.

    ps. I could never put my finger on it before but after watching that video I think Miscavige has a speech impediment.

  5. The Money Machine is imploding rapidly

  6. Luis and Synthia, thank you both for speaking out.

    To you Bob Adams, shame on you. Karin P. there will be a price that you will pay for all of your continued lying. Your comments border on insanity.

  7. And Luis Garcia and Synthia Fagen thanks for standing tall. The truth will prevail.

  8. Good Job Luis and Synthia. This video paints a very real and disturbing picture of the “Vulture Culture” that has flourished in the Church of Scientology.

    Miscavige and his disciples have truly become motivated by only the basest of desires: Money!

  9. Not sure if you know Vicki Norton ( she still carries her ex-husband’s (Jim Norton) last name. Vicki was in SO at Flag for many years, then left in order to handle her under age son and return with him. She became a public, worked for several Scientologists, one of them was Bob Lotter in Orange County.
    Vicki is OSA’s spy. She is the one got Bob Adam into the Sea Org and OSA right away after sleeping with him several times and then convincing him that if he join, she will join too once she handles her son. But later on she decided that she won’t join the SO, but instead keep on reporting on people and collect donations for them.

  10. Thank you for getting the truth out, Luis & Synthia.

  11. Luis and Sindy,

    Great job.

    The SP Times is right to push doing these videos. There is no way anyone can look at them and not see the total sincerity, honesty and just plan “niceness” of the people on camera. You two, Hy and Brian — you all look and act like the sort of people any sane person would WANT to have as friends.

    And then POB opens his arrogant mouth and inserts his dainty little manicured feet and the RCS is once again hung by its own petard. There is no need for anyone to “disprove” the statements by the church, they do it in style all by their lonesome. Footnuke after footnuke to the point where their utterances have NO credibility — and not just with the “little people” but even amongst their own KoolAid slurpers. It’s just impossible for any Scientologist to read this garbage and think anything other than “WTF are they talking about — I experienced exactly the same thing.”

    And the deepest slurpers will justify it somehow, but it will stick in their minds as they KNOW the responses are lies. And maybe they even stupidly consider the lies to be justified, but there will come a time when they will wonder “are they lying about THIS too” (whatever it may be). These lies undermine the whole sloppy sandcastle that POB Is sitting in, convincing himself that he is impregnable. The tide is coming in Dave. And its starting to rain.

  12. +1 Thank you to Luis & Synthia! Great job.

  13. Mike, as I scan through comments, yours are the only ones that I always make sure to read in full. So much truth, and I love all of the analogies and descriptions you use!

  14. Great job Luis, Rocio, Synthia and the others who were interviewed for these stories. I completely agree with you Mike. These stories are going to be read by fellow Flag Public and they will KNOW that DM and his spokespeople are liars.

    And they will find that they are not alone and there are independents out here to help them.

    There was one large aspect not covered in the article, which is why the big push on selling the Basics to the point of crates of books sitting in someone’s living room or drive way, unused. The reason was the huge amounts of money that DM and Author Services could grab as “royalties” to the LRH Estate (whatever that is these days). Just another way of socking away millions of dollars in off shore accounts.

    There has to be a way that the IRS or some authority can demand an audit of all this money based on these allegations and many others. The fact that Scientology is a religion does not mean it can violate state and federal laws in the handling of peoples money.

  15. Mike,

    i submit the following for the remaining few Kool-Aid slurpee slurpers and lurkers.

    POB is the Jim Jones looking out for your eternal salvation. Good Luck!

  16. Thank you to every single person here. Enough is enough, right?

    The St Pete Times team has done a fantastic job here. The truth is, it’s very difficult to get across just how crazy and soulless it has become. I was afraid that the series might seem too tame in comparison to how it actually is.

    There is no way that it can be said that there is any exaggeration here. The only way to really experience it is to be there. I TOTALLY understand Luis’s statement about that horrible knot in his stomach while being regged by top execs. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw, for example, Quentin Strub, the CO WISE EUS and Alex Lores, the WISE Enforcement Officer calling into our org looking for Basics reg cycles and getting on speaker phone with our public after course to meet their quotas. There were many other similar incidents. This was Musical Chairs on steroids. Everyone (and I mean everyone) was off hat.

    One public person in particular got hounded every single day and night, from several orgs, to get his Basics and he couldn’t afford them. He was regged every day. He kept telling people that he just wanted to buy them one at a time as he needed them. He got harassed every time he walked in the org and even when he wasn’t there. He looked awful – stalked, nervous. Personally, I considered it abuse.

    I said something to the Dissem Sec at which point she said to me, “We’ve already gotten all the easy Basic sales. When you get down to the end of the list of those who didn’t get them right away, it gets ugly.”

    I could go on and on…….

    Miscavige, through the Vulture Culture he has instilled, has not only stressed out the staff and public but, he has destroyed the image of the executives. I lost all respect for people that I once revered. He created a feeding frenzy of sharks who can’t possibly feel good about themselves.

  17. I hope the next installments get into the library donation scam. Parishioners were regged, encouraged, pushed, pleaded with, extorted, and blackmailed to buy Basic packages at regular prices to donate to libraries. Thermometer graphs were place around the orgs showing how close the church was to having EVERY library in the country outfitted with a full set of Basics. I was in my local library and found that there were NO new books. In fact the books against Scientology out weighed the Scientology books. This propelled me to do an internet search and find very few basics in very few libraries.

    It turns out libraries have limited space and only stock what is in demand. I don’t doubt that Basics were sent to the libraries but they were sent unsolicited and the libraries sent them back, sold them for pennies, or threw them out. If you don’t believe me, do a library search.

  18. Great video series. Too bad for all the good-hearted staff who give every last ounce of their time and energy for years and years, only to be betrayed by a Corporate Shark organizational mentality that really has ZERO appreciation for the tremendous financial sacrifices made by every staff member at every level of the organization. Think of Debbie Cook and all the good work that she did for Scn, only to be re-paid in the manner that she was. It’s really sickening, just a total, complete betrayal. Then when you get sick of all the constant pressure and “ethics-related” bullshit they put you through after you dissent, and you finally decide to leave because you just can’t take it anymore, they just love to stick you with a HUGE freeloader debt that takes a DECADE to pay back. There videos are proof positive that there is a real SP at the very top.

  19. Mark,

    OMFG! The royalties! I didn’t even think of that. What a fkn sneaky fkr!

  20. Dear Mike,

    Some months back a Church “handler” came to see me. I wasn’t saying much of anything regarding the fundraising as I’d learned that ANY origination about that was drilled to fall of death ears, and the handlers had grown a tolerance level to hearing such originations. So the “handler” fishing around for what I’d read or heard brought up Luis Garcia. I’d read Luis’ “Letter to COB” and found it interesting. So I admitted to having read it as it had arrived in my email box. I was told two things about Luis that were said in somewhat ambiguous terms. The first was that Luis had never mailed his “Letter to COB” to COB. According to this “handler”, Luis had sent his letter to “everybody” but COB. The “handler” actually tried to make a laughing sound that didn’t work. The second thing my “handler” tried to infer was that “Every OT8 that has left and disaffected has had major ethics situations that were either out 2D or Financial Irregularities.” This was said right at the tail end of talking about Luis and I saw the attempted implication for what it was. I asked for specifics, I didn’t get any. The conversation was so 1.1 that I knew the conversation was dead. But I wanted to hear their lines.

    It seemed like the “handler” was forwarding more Black PR than he was handling as he was making it sound as if OT8s were getting EPs of Fragile Ethics states, at least according to him.

    I brought up a number of “in good standing” OTs and OT8s friends that were either short-selling their homes or were filing for bankruptcy. The “handler” didn’t have an answer for this, only that these were hard times.

    Our phones have been ringing off the hooks for the past 24 hours, since this new SP Times series began, from “in good standing” Scientologists. What most of us have noted is what we noted with Tommy Davis, what the church is saying and admitting is far more damaging than anything any whistle blower could say.

    But Karin Piow is correct when she says parishioners are “not persuaded OR pressured to borrow money…” That’s correct. Parishioners are persuaded AND pressured to borrow money!

    This line alone will be the Wake Up Call of 2011.

    Thanks to all of you who are bringing these suppressive issues to light.


  21. Well done to all for speaking out! And well done to the SP Times/Tampa Bay Times for having the courage to put this together. Great articles and vids. Also, OSA bots are failing epically in the comments section. If this is the best that corporate Scientology can do to retaliate then we truly have begun to wound the beast. Not long now before he’s down for good.

  22. Two sets of questions from a non-Scientologist for Mr. Rathbun, Mr. Rinder, or whomever else cares to weigh in:

    1. What is the status of Tommy Davis? Does his money or celebrity mom protect him from the RPF or “The hole”?

    2. It seems to me that the SP Times stories, the New Yorker feature, the BBC programs and many other public disclosures over the years should have devastated the Church by now, and caused it’s chief officers to be expelled, if not imprisoned. Yet, they’re still around, and will presumably survive this latest newspaper series, too. What has to happen before the organization (and/or Miscavige’s leadership status) collapses?

  23. Sindy,

    My last words to Quentin Strub were (quote) FUCK YOU!

    Those words and feelings were also delivered to the DCO Cinti, David Sonninfild, Jeannie’s breeder husband, who was “ordering me” to two intensives of ‘Sec Checks’. Yeah right. Reverse flow. Both were out-ethics pieces of S***t. Of course this was on a Wednesday late evening.

    I perceived and saw they had both gone to the dark side, into the lair of POB.

    Thanks for standing your ground and making it heard.

    We’ll all carry on.

  24. Thank you Synthia and Luis. Your speaking out is very much appreciated.
    Bless you both.

  25. Excellent videos Luis and Synthia! I really duplicated that horrible feeling of disgust and betrayal. This is the real deal and people will listen. Thanks for telling the truth.

  26. Sindy and Louis…BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This series brings back such fond memories. Like Howard Becker showing up at my door at 10:30 pm one night. Seems he discovered we had bought a house and was just wondering how much equity we had and wouldn’t we be so kind as to take out a second mortgage because of all the horrible SPs who were atacking the chuch bla bla bla. He left oh so quickly when he found out we had zero equity.

    The behavior of the current “church” might make me vomit. But, thank god, I am no longer PTS to those out-ethics, immoral jerk-offs.

    Independence is bliss. Have a cup of freedom.

  27. Benjamin Cisco

    You are so correct Flur. More should be talking about the library donation scam. After I heard critics saying that it was all smoke & mirrors, I did what you’re supposed to do and ‘checked it out for myself.’ I like to visit libraries when in other cities and have yet to find one book! One of the cataloging librarians told me that they were sent a list of books to which they replied ‘no thank you.’ She then told me that another library that she knew of, had the books delivered and then that library called up and asked for all the books to be removed. This is why (she laughed) that she believed they e-mailed her the list instead of delivering. How much have members paid for the shelves of imaginary books???

  28. We searched Seattle Public Libraries catalog and found very few LRH books at all, at the time when every library was supposed to have been sent all of the basics. And earlier than that, the Renton library book sale was selling unwanted lecture sets–unused–for $1 per binder. But DM didn’t care because he got the money. It wasn’t books to raw public, it was dollars to Davey!

  29. The Frenzy to sell was beyond anything you could relate to a CHURCH.
    It was yet another “Cough up your cash NOW !” as Luis and Bryan so eloquently tell.
    I literally had OSA staff ring my bell at 2am to ask for money and I very firmly on the phone told them they were NOT welcome at my residence at 2am to ask for money !
    Meanwhile back channels I was hearing of a true backlash at incessant demands for money.
    Some people literally sold their homes and left Clearwater based on the unpleasant of relentless pressure for $$$$.
    Some disconnected their phones and changed tel nos.
    Others, more innocent wrote to David Miscavige to complain, thinking he would  help rather than seeing he was the INSTIGATOR !

  30. Well done Synthia and Louis for taking the time and making your experiences known.

    Is Karin Pouw Tommy’s replacement?

  31. Sindy, big THANKS to you and Luis, as well as Hy and Brian, for publicly speaking out and telling it like it is!

    It takes a special kind of courage and I hope you all know that now, and that your TAs are floating.

  32. The reason was the huge amounts of money that DM and Author Services could grab as “royalties” to the LRH Estate (whatever that is these days). Just another way of socking away millions of dollars in off shore accounts.

    Thanks for that Info.

  33. “Is Karin Pouw Tommy’s replacement?”

    There are an awful lot of Toilets to scrub in the new ‘Super power’ Building, !!

  34. Benjamin,

    “How much have members paid for the shelves of imaginary books???”

    Rough guess — $50 million.

  35. The book stat push extended to OSA Int itself. +/-4 years ago I was called by several high level OSA Int staff as reg cycles, including Greg Ryerson and others probably several dozen times. They had urgent and confidential briefings for me on attorneys in Europe that needed basic book packages to understand what they were defending. We danced a little, many of these people were 20 year friends from RTC days, and I offered to debit off money on account … but no, this needed to be fresh money, fresh cash … I didn’t actually realize at the time they were getting book quotas.

    One day I asked one: “if this is so absolutely essential for the future of Scientology, all these books are being manufactured in house at a cost of probably $2.00 each, get Bridge to sell at this cost and I will pay for all you need. Why does Bridge need or even want to make a profit on books essential to the future of the Church and itself?” That was the last time I was called on that matter.

  36. “It was not a spiritual place to be”
    -Synthia Fagen

    “The guy was acting like a salesman”
    -Luis Garcia

    But nevertheless is David Miscavige in persona as the “Church”of Scientology creating totally different realities all together.

    THANK YOU for speaking out SIRS !

    Good show, carry on.

  37. DE,


    Not that it really mattered because I knew POB would never answer me, I sent my letter to him first, via the secure RTC website. I waited a number of hours and I then started distributing it to my contacts before they could shut down my comm lines.

    As to the rest of his comments, firstly no specifics, as you say and you will never get any. Wonder why?

    Secondly, it’s SOP (standard operating procedure). Discredit the author, spread black PR, destroy him! Who uses this methods? Yeap, the SP.

  38. Flur and Benjamin.
    The Library Scam has been outed on the Internet for YEARS now.
    The kool aid drinkers are not allowed to read the internet so still taken taken.
    After the shark feeding frenzy of enforcing sets of basics on one and all, a new ploy was devised.
    1) We need to have EVERY library in the US have a set of Basics. And so it began. Regular shark feeding extortion for more $$$$.
    Sea Org members were on SLEEP DEPRIVATION and not permitted to go home to sleep until their quota was met. In empathy, I purchased some sets so that they could go home to sleep.
    2) Incessant regging occurred in the new game to “flood the US Libraries with the basics.” However we live in a digital age. Internet transparency and more and more posters were finding out the US libraries did not have the books that “Church” members took out loans and maxed credit cards to pay for !

    ++++++Librarians get fed up with huge boxes of unsolicited donations and dump them on Discard racks for $1 a piece outside the Library in Library garage sales.
    ++++++Some Librarians would not even open the packages and “Returned to Sender.”
    +++++++The $1 sales caused random folk to pick them up and sell on Ebay or Amazon for $1-$5 each.
    ++++++$3000 Basics available for $50 on Ebay ! Less on Amazon !
    ++++++But the “Church” relentlessly kept this up. Extorting $3000 for what you could buy for $50 and pretending they were “flooding the US libraries”.
    +++++Even when multiple exposes were on the web, and the Church knew their dishonesty was being revealed they kept selling the BASICS for USA libraries.
    +++++Finally, after it became all too obvious that US libraries were available on line for content and the Basics were simply NOT in all the US libraries, they changed their tactic !

    3) Shark Feeding Frenzies now to flood 3rd world Countries with the Basics ! Cough up your money NW so the poor people in Wogga Wogga
    Africa can read LRH ! And so it began again…..extortion of more $$$$.

    True story.
    I was on lines pressured for $$$$ a year and half ago while these sales pitches were thrust on me.

  39. How long has Karin Piow been around because I can attest to the fact that I have absolutely been persuaded and pressured to borrow money on numerous occasions.

    I just arrived at the AO and had to route in at the IAS office and mistakenly gave up all of my financial details not knowing any better. I thought I was among friends who wanted to help me. I was carefully instructed by an IAS representative how to approach the bank to increase my credit.

    On another occasion the a Super Power representatives called me one evening to urgently come in and see her. She asked if I have served in the military and gave me a telephone number of a credit union to call and told me that almost everyone gets approved. The deal was always that I would use the money for services when I got approved. The Super Power representatives went that far and suggested that they run some of my credit cards after telling them that I did not have any more credit on the cards. I thought they were maxed out but some of these charges did go through drowning me further and further in debt. I soon learned that a credit limit did not necessarily mean that the bank will not extend your credit pass the limit. A reg at FSO suggested that we get a Flag banking officer on a conference call with me and call my bank to see if they would increase my credit even further.

    So Karin Piow you are a liar or covering your ass.

    Thank you Luis Garcia and Synthia Fagen for having the courage to speak up.

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