“The way to do better is to get big,” David Miscavige

That one line from the latest (Part III) of the St Petersburg Times Money Machine series says it all.   To Miscavige, being the suppressive person that he is, there is only one way to make himself “get big”.  That is, systematically reducing the size of everyone else.

Please see all articles in the latest installment at the above link.  Tobin and Childs have outdone themselves.  The sheer number of witnesses and their clear corroboration of one another gives corporate Scientology but one route, the most absurd, incredible, unbelievable denials to date.  A tipping point I believe has been reached this evening.  Corporate Scientology has zero credibility from here on out.  Miscavige, in my view, has now spent every last dime of credibility capital that other, conscientious staff managed to build up for the church of Scientology over the decades. In my opinion, it is all gone, spent, ever last dime of it. There is not one thin dime of credibility left.

Time to pick up the pieces and get the show on the road folks.  The matinee is over and there ain’t no more showings scheduled.




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  1. Absolutely agree Marty. All remaining credibility is gone!

    The Emperor has no clothes!

    Every public Scientologist will see the “denial’s” and know that lies are being told big time.

    Funny how the old saying “follow the money” comes into play again. There is no arguing with real hard cold fact like money and where it went. Just look at those people’s bankruptcy filings vs how much money they made.

    Joe Childs and Tom Tobin covered all the bases on this one including comparing the fund raising practices of other charities against what Corp Scn does. Great job guys!

    And also great job to all those who spoke out in these articles! Lynn, Burt, Linda McCarthy, Jaime,Luis, Synthia etc etc etc! Great job!

  2. Ha Ha Ha…

    Yeah, the advice from the cowardly small man: “Get big.”

    Utterly world class irony.

    Miscavige, you’re the world-wide butt of jokes.

  3. In response to complaints about the horrible regging events, “Pouw said Scientologists “joyfully attend these briefings and stay all the way through to the end.”
    When I read that, I started throwing up on my keyboard.

  4. You are right Marty, Karen Pouw absolutely outdid herself on this one, even as a sockpuppet for the DungeonMaster (DM).

  5. Bert Schippers

    After our donations are totaled up, I am quoted as saying “Ouch.” This is true. However, it doesn’t capture the true depth of the hurt from the betrayal etc. by a long shot.

    There are other adjectives that come to mind….

  6. The exact ploy and technique that nonScientology Org used to manipulate Luis Garcia was done to many. Among them: Edgar Winter and his wife Monique. She was phoned at home and told she was a special one selected for a very confidential briefing. She went to the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. Was she ever furious — she came out venting that it was a trick to get her to come in, and all they wanted was money. She fielded many

    It’s yet one more example of how justified lying and manipulation is in the nonScientology Org.

    You are absolutely correct. The nonScientology Corporation has cried “lies” and “Liar” one too many times.

    David Miscavige, and by proxy any “spokes” person he controls, is like an ostrich that sticks its head in the sand and believes it is hiding. Those tail feathers are in plain sunlight, and the world is wise to the lies.

  7. oh. P.S. As though getting “big” is money and a pompadour hair style!

  8. How does Karin Pouw know that all these things never happened?

  9. Michael Fairman

    Tipping point is right. The whole corrupt, rotted edifice is going to come crashing down the master liar and his mouth pieces. The rote response from the church to this latest article is far beyond “absurd. incredible and unbelievable” There are no words in any lexicon that would do that response justice. Perhaps being sickened and disgusted is the only way to define it.

  10. wow…excellent article. And anyone who has been a member of the Church knows that this is not exaggerated.
    Karin Pouw…your nose is going to be longer than Pinnochio’s. My God!
    How do you sleep at night?! Does this really make you happy?
    You say that IAS policy would never do these mentioned tactics…well, guess what?…there is no LRH poicy for the IAS so your statement is irrelavent. The IAS makes its own policy and whatever it is, I know it is contrary to LRH policy.
    Thank you to each person who contributed to this article. Very hard hitting.

  11. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz said to farmers:

    “Get big or get out”

    This has resulted in the nutritionally deficient and ill re-purposed (corn ethanol, etc.) agricultural products grown by the taxpayer subsidized, government controlled corporate farmers in America today.

    This parallels (in consequence) Miscavige’s mandate of “The way to do better is to get big”. The “Empty Harvest” brought about by the short-sighted (and short) potato farmer running the C of S today is proof positive that MEST Goals are inimical to the welfare of theta beings.

    H. L. Mencken said:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    Looks like POB took that one to heart as well.

  12. Thank you to all who continue to let the truth beknown. Tom and Joe, I can only imagine what you two have had to endure. I thank you for putting the truth out there.

    The IAS is a nightmere always has been. Their tactics are completely insane. I witnessed a complete type 3 breakdown as a result of a briefing given by none other than Bridget. Bridget you are a complete monster period. I also witnessed public who would not or could not give money be asked for their withholds on the IAS! I wrote my reports and I also got asked for my withholds!

  13. Wow…
    That is quite an article. That has got to have David Miscavige’s hair standing on end.

    And the LIES of the representatives of the Church, especially Karin Pouw. Oh I so hope that many Scientologists that are still supporting the “Church of Miscavige’s Scientology” somehow read this. They will have seen the total truth of the “dissenters’ allegations” and know first hand that the “church” responses are blatant LIES.

    The only people who would potentially not believe what the article is exposing are people who have never experienced it… and that will not include ANY Scientologists who are still in some contact with the “church”

    The “church’s” denials of widely experienced truths, will bring them down. As the saying goes… “Hoist with their own petard”.

    As you say Marty… Their credibility has surely reached ZERO.

    Eric S


  14. Lynne

    Karin doesn’t need to “know” anything. She is a sockpuppet. She doesn’t even get to control her own mouth. When it all comes to a head and she is facing criminal charges for “aiding and abetting” she will cry big crocodile tears that “I was only doing what I was told. I wasn’t there, how could I possibly know…. I TRUSTED David Miscavige. totally. He set me up… Boo hoo, Boo hoo…sniff sniff.”

    Well Karin Pouw has “sold her soul to the Devil” (Miscavige) and is now living in the Hell of his creation.

    Eric S

  15. This truly is the end of the road.

    Its the worst indictment ever. This is real reporting that is unassailable.

    The absolutely lame response from the RCA is laughable: All these similar stories (surprise, surprise) could not have happened because “they would be a violation of church policy and they come from just a handful of “apostates” who are all lying because Bryan Wilson says so.”

    And the real problem POB has is:

    1. Every Scientologist that reads it KNOWS its true because they have had similar experiences of their own, and

    2. Every Non Scientologist that reads it KNOWS its true because the detailed facts, specifics and names are there and the vague generality denials from the church are just lame.

    There is NO response to this unless the truth was admitted and some responsibility taken by the RCS. The chance of that happening is zero and never….

  16. I would recommend the word “Doublethink”, a word coined by George Orwell in the novel 1984, that describes the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts. It is related to, but distinct from, hypocrisy and neutrality. Its opposite is cognitive dissonance, where the two beliefs cause conflict in one’s mind. Orwell further gave it an action definition “To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies – all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink.”

    The LRH mention of Orwell in the PDC tapes has found its way to the cutting room floor, so newly minted “DMologists” are insulated from this concept while wrapped in it.

  17. Karin Pouw IS the poster child for “I know nuffink”

    None of the letters sent to the St Pete Times were written by her. She is just a “face” so Miscavige doesnt have to be ridiculed by the world (so he thinks)…

  18. So many of us on this blog were loyal and dedicatedly “in”.
    Some of us did the GULAG RPF or worse, some of us only and got 3rd degree burns.
    Many of us were given the enforced item that we (singular “I”) was the criminal, the supreme out ethics scum bag that was practically destroying all of Scientology with our counter intention to

    a) Working harder.
    b)Paying in more money
    c) Omitted to stiffen ethics and beat up
    others the way Miscavige would be proud
    d) Refusing to abort a baby
    e)Asking to leave the Sea Org
    and so on and so on.

    Our dedicated Sea Org or Public Scientology time track is loaded with enormous amounts of charge , not to mention the THUGGERY at departure or SUBSEQUENT to departure .
    The malicious rattle snake retaliation for ever having been part of the
    Scientology continuum boggles the mind.
    Only we carry the time track, the impact, the very predatory nature of what
    we gave our all to and I particular refer to the last 28 years where Miscavige the monster had so much support from us.
    I am still dealing with the wonderment of how I ignored so very many outpoints staring in my face.
    How could I have swallowed the unnatural, the bizarre, the monstrous standing ovations a la Hitler speeches where the bouncing up and down crowds “flowed” their adulation for Miscavige ?
    How could I have been a sucker for that long ?
    How did I deny every gut feeling and knowingness ?

    The St. Pete Times essays and videos only re-affirm just how gullible and stupid I was.

    I want to especially thank Joe Childs, Thomas Tobin and the St Pete’s Times.

    May many many more get wise a lot sooner than I did. 35 years IN.

  19. I clearly remember my first vulture landing on my back in the late eighties from the newly adopted IAS program. I got a call at work from Marcy (local org). She said I “needed” to really contribute to the IAS because the church was being attacked from several quarters. I said I don’t have the money and would like more detail on the people, organization, countries doing the attacking. I assumed since LRH passing there might be something to that. I didn’t get any answer. She just said “would you like to talk to a movie star?” I said eh? She said “hang on, I am going to have you talk to someone”. Then, ” Hey bud, have you ever talked to a movie star before?” I said, well no but met Sabastian Cabot once.” He said, “well I am Micheal Roberts and you are speaking to one now! I said, “great, I am happy for you.” He said, “Did you see the movie “Ice Pirates?” I said no. He said “Well, I was in that one big time. Hey, we need you to contribute to the IAS. There is PDH happening all over the world and we need to put an end to it. A member of my family was PDH’d and I want to stop it. So how about it, let’s make you a member of the IAS to stop this shit?” I said I had to go to a meeting however I would work with my local ORG folks on this sit and hung up. Nothing happened for a couple of months regards that cycle until I got the regging to attend an “event” at one of the local hotels. Donation $50 for dinner and entertainment. Had dinner (standard hotel chicken and asparagus, Ice tea), and they introduced Micheal Roberts, movie star! He gave a talk about being subject to PDH and that we all needed to donate NOW to the IAS to end that shit! “Nobody leaves without donating something to this “very theat effort”! Yikes. I wasn’t comfortable with this stuff. I saw 3-4 people in front of me exit stage left. I got up and headed toward the back door and as I was walking up the aisle I heard Roberts yell, “Hey, block those doors! We need to end the PDH’ing in this world! I made it out before they locked them. Anyway, I thought this was just an aberration and will get cleaned up stopped. My bad!

  20. Scott, great point on the Mencken quote.

  21. Oh, but Carol, Karin Pouw knows that never happened because it’s against policy!–somewhere, somehow.

  22. Mike,

    You are not just whistling dixie.

    I remember being in reg cycles with the IAS after the course periods. Right when the supe called “that’s it, count up your points, etc.” , in flew Pomeranzt, Roberts and a few others to gaurd the doors while they went around the room and publicly interrogated each of us to see how much we donated so far that year, and that we better upgrade or we would be contributing the the growth of psychiatry…etc. Some actually just got up and barged out of the room, literally in physical contact with the Oberstrumfuhrer standing in the doorway. They were sometimes chased down the hall, all the while being assaulted with degraded verbal comments about their “dilettantism”. People in the course rooms were stone silent, as if they were being interrogated by Roland Freisler.

    You are speaking the truth.

    And there is not one person in the church who knows otherwise.

    I really feel for those who were literally cleaned out by the IAS. The thought that some of that cash went to keep DM’s Scotch supply in affluence must really move the TA for them.

    Sic Sempre Tyrannis

  23. Hi Lynn, very well done on the expose.

    Karin Pouw DOES know that she’s lying through her teeth. Her lies are blatant, vicious and pathetic. Yet her sick love for david keeps her fabricating any proitiative bullshit he desires, much the same as wives beaten to within an inch of their lives lie to protect an SP husband.

  24. Karen…the wonderment and the “how could I” questions are the same things I have experienced myself numerous times. And I am sure many others do too. It is a shame that we did not wake up sooner…but the good news is that we did wake up, we learn, and I don’t think we will make that same mistake again.

  25. Lynne,

    In truth, what they are doing is admitting that the RCS is wildly off policy. She IS right about that. All of this stuff IS in violation of church policy — of course, this is not a church any more. Its a high pressure money machine.

  26. Scott,

    Excellent quote from Mencken!

  27. Hello Church Members, you good people, remember:
    “Fundraiser do not pressure parishioners to go into debt or advise the to rearrange their finances to make donations possible, Pouw said.”
    So you don’t do that again.

    “The church also said Scientologists enthusiastically support new Ideal Orgs and other key church initiatives including humanitarian and social betterment programs.”
    Well, thats geat. A being is as valuable as he can serve others.
    But don’t give your money for those programs. They are off-policy. Use your money to get trained and processed. This is what LRH wants you to do. This is the only way the planet can be cleared.

    The IAS is there for ONE reason. To help on the agenda to monopolize and degrade Standard Tech. It prevents Scientology from being applied correctly (or at applied all). The same for the “Ideal Org” Project. Correct way (on policy) to establish ideal orgs is presented by LRH in the Data (evaluator) Series.
    Don’t buy this BS you are confronted with these days. Don’t support it. If you want to support your local org spent your money for service. (If it is still delivered.)
    Follow the advise from LRH “Look don’t listen” and “never depend on authorities”.

    See http://www.friendsoflrh.org/ and educate yourself.

    Good luck!

  28. This series of articles, IMHO, will have the biggest impact to date because it addresses something all public scientologists have experienced first hand and when they read the absurd total denials from the cult they will know they are lying. The abuse and insanity by DM at INT isnt something most members have experienced or really know anything about, so the cult lies about are easier to swallow – it’s all hearsay to them. But the cult’s insane lust for every dime by any method they know all too much about.

    I can only hope the cult responds with a DA pack to show members or a Freedumb mag issue, 6 mo from now, in response. Seems quite a few Scientologists had missed or avoided the Truth Rundown series until the cult rubbed their noses in it via absurd DA packs & freedumb articles.

    Flat denials on this one aren’t going to work when all your members already know the truth of the matter from personal experience and resulting financial hardships.

  29. Same response from me. I always had out int at those events.

  30. Doesn’t he wear elevated shoes too?

  31. I am so embarrassed for Michael Roberts-could you imagine a classy guy like Michael Fairman pulling a celebrity stunt like that! Never! And he actually really is a celebrity instead of a major hasbeen like Roberts. Of course, the PDHing people need to worry about is the RCS itself.

  32. K.R. for not donating! Complainant recites protocol for “FUNDRAISING TECH”. Per the tech of fundraising?

    ” I had indicated that a proper ask of anyone per the tech of
    fundraising is about 100/o of one’s net worth.”

    Click to access kr-2006-luis-garcia.pdf

    Another KR written on people who would not donate to Church Begging teams:

    Click to access kr-2005-bert-lynn.pdf

    There are NO L.R.H. references on fundraising except the one that says DO NOT IT! (P.S. can someone repost that reference? “Don’t hold fundraisers like bar b ques etc just sell and deliver service instead”)

    NOW people are getting KR’ed for following L.R.H. advice! FOR REAL!

  33. I know Bridget and you hit the nail on the head-a monster.

  34. David Miscavige it seems, cannot own any part of Scientology or the Church anymore. He disowns it all and denies everything. That in itself, is just GROSS out P.R..

  35. And no, I’m not running a CAN’T HAVE on anyone! Beg! I’ve got nothing against beggars or giving money to beggars. I have begged plenty myself! BUT I ADMITTED IT! I OWNED WHAT I WAS! I hope the CHURCH gets BILLIONS and BILLIONS through it’s beggars. Really, That is holy. But don’t LIE and call it REGISTRATION. The beggars are NOT registering anyone for anything except STATUS SYMBOLS. PTS to the middle class in Scientology! And when you STOP people on the bridge because they have not thrown money to the beggars, and you KR people for it, it is not even the holy task of begging. it becomes EXTORTION which is criminal. The FIRST thing a person does in Scientology is sit down and learn to CONFRONT. So WHY are we S.P.’s now for confronting this? And why have all of these other Scientologists that got through OTTRO NOT CONFONTING it?

  36. It is my firm belief that DM harbors grand delusions of grand and larger scale items in a meek and transparent attempt to make up for his general smallness in all other ways.

  37. No truth about it will be admitted. David Miscavige obsessively disowns all of it. That in itself, degrades the entire activity. What leader ever disowns his own creativity? They write books about it! NOT this one! He disowns it all.
    In front of his OWN people. That is as shabby as a pimp on Broadway.

  38. P.S. An open letter to Kelly Brown WUS fundraiser Landlord Office.

    In your KR for NOT giving EVEN more to real estate investments, you belittle two Scientologists for not being “theta the solver”.

    Click to access kr-2005-bert-lynn.pdf

    What the f*&k kind of staff member are you to BLAME public for your low statistic? What reference have you ever seen by L.R.H. called “fundraiser”? What reference have you ever seen on “landlord” except they hassle staff members for rent non payment? If the Likes of YOU are “theta the solver” then why is your KR such a monumental P.R. flap today? In fact, in case you didn’t notice, YOU are wholly pts to the middle class and that suppressive David Miscavige. Really? Beating up Scientologists for not throwing money into real estate investments? Haven’t you…no, I’m sure it has been flushed down the toilet by now and shredded, seen the reference on priorities?

    1. What must be done …………

    down to what would be nice to be done?

    When WHAT MUST BE DONE in the org, is real estate investments, Baby, you a long way from over the rainbow.

  39. Ice Pirates???????????? More like booty pirates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile, when it all comes down, perhaps DM can then sell a TV offer “success kit” course, “How I Made 1 Billion In The Cult Biz” encouraging others to do the same.


  40. Way to go – Lynne, Bert, Linda, Synthia, Jaime and Luis for speaking out with the truth and Thank you very much!

    POB, through his mouthpiece Karin likes to use the word Apostate.
    According to the Oxford Dictionary:
    Pronunciation:/əˈpäsˌtāt, -tit/

    a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.

    abandoning a religious or political belief or principle.


    Middle English: from ecclesiastical Latin apostata, from Greek apostatēs ‘apostate, runaway slave’

    As those who spoke the truth don’t seem to have renounced, perhaps Micavige is speaking Greek and using the “runaway slave” definition.

  41. Thanks Tom, Joe and Maurice! Stellar job by you and the St Pete Times. I especially loved the fact that the ad on the side was for “Blown for Good” and not some CoS or Freedumb mag BS!

  42. It must be that some beaten-down soul within Corporate Scientology has to read every word I write here and understand it according to the study tech. So then, to that person- “Hey you, wake up! You know in your heart that you’re on the wrong side of this story, so plan your departure now. Just get out. Jog to the police station and ask for help if that’s what it takes. It’s a beautiful world out here and trust me- you can practice pure Scientology on the outside *and* have an amazing full rich life!”

    Can you imagine the pressure on Pope Miscavige lately? Must be tough trying to sleep knowing the jig is basically up. Imagine the worry about which high-level person will blow next. And you know there will be some real whoppers coming up shortly.

  43. Let’s see. In the late 60’s (I know because I was there) there were no orgs or missions that started with large, fancy quarters. Quite the contrary. Every single org and mission started with small, downstat quarters. There was zero fund-raising for any purpose. Yet somehow orgs and missions grew to the point where in the mid-70’s quite a few had 200 students on auditor training at any given time. Seems the way to do better is to start small. Well, small in mest. Big in theta.

  44. Michael Fairman

    If you haven’t heard Scott Campbell’s ordeal while in the SO, please listen to this interview he gave on a radio stream last week. Powerful true and horrifying. Another example of Miscavige’s church.

    [audio src="http://theedgewithtomsmith.com/a/TheEdgeSCampbell1.mp3" /]

    Scott, thank you for publicly telling this. It should be heard by everyone.

  45. “Save the planet” = SAVE dm´s ASS.

  46. Floating Needle

    “DMologists” … awesome!

  47. Wow, Karin Pouw committed the ultimate foot-bullet this time. For her to say that pressure is not applied to parishioners to make donations or that exits aren’t blocked at “fundraising” (crush regging) events or that the IAS doesn’t show up unannounced at parishioners’s homes is tantamount to Tommy Davis sayingon CNN that disconnection doesn’t exist. Where is Tommy by the way? I have a feeling a similar fate is towards Karin Pouw. Lies and PR don’t mix.

    BTW, how can Karin Pouw deny the signed knowledge reports about parishioners who are allegedly not donating enough. Isn’t this pressure to donate money, or is she saying that those names and signatures are false?

    Speaking of “fundraising”, in the video below, just look at how one elderly woman is “encouraged” to stay at this marathon (6 1/2 hour) Idle Org “fundraising” event in Montreal (at about 2:42 into the video). Also, notice how the people in the crowd at the event seemed to have been whipped up into some kind of “evangelical frenzy” using some kind of squirrel tech like sleep deprivation. Are these “best fundraising practices”?

  48. Correction: the “fundraising” event actually lasted 8 1/2 hours, not 6 1/2. How do you spell “out body ruds”?

  49. I once knew someone at Flag named Bela. Is this you?

  50. Karen, I think it’s because the insanity was incremental.

  51. My realization in all this is that it is the same reason for the existence of suicide bombers, the Catholic Church covering up child molesters, and any other egregious group acts. People become such True Believers that the group becomes more important than the individual and the end justifies the means. It is the ultimate corruption of the Greatest Good, where it becomes good to harm others (or oneself) for the perceived good of the group. Didn’t LRH say something about the importance of the individual, that the Group is All and the Individual is Nothing was communism? DM, you have that one nicely inverted.

  52. Did you guys see where Karin responded saying the IAS has never had a project to handle child porn sites on the internet? I can’t believe they admitted that after they coerced donations out of someone with it. IAS regges lead us to believe our IAS dollars were going for all kinds of projects. An Applied Scholastics staff member told me while I was working on getting a grant to take TWTH and YFHR to Belize (long story, didn’t happen) that no IAS grants had ever been given to Applied Scholastics projects other then funding their new building. How is that possible? That project to get the teachers here from Ghana that we all got emails on… She told me it never happened. And why do we have to pay Youth for Human Rights memberships and CCHR for those offices to do their work if the IAS is funding these things? Have you ever checked out the IAS website to see just what projects they’ve actually funded? There should be list after list showing projects with photos of all the people we’ve helped and psa’s playing around the clock around the world. The VMs are about it. Where the hell has all this money really gone? This charity fraud is the biggest crime yet, we were regged being briefed on things like child porn sites the church does nothing about and if you query, the claim is “getting rid of the psychs” is the program for all evil on the planet! So how many IAS dollars actually go to help psych patients or create hospitals without psych drugs or any actual alternative for those illegal pcs? I know a lot about this and some of my relatives own the only Type III destim facility, there is no money going toward this. We need to be pushing on the IAS Charity fraud. Stealing money from people to increase the church’s real estate holdings is at least blatant obvious theft and you can see where the money goes but pretending to raise money for projects to help people that do not then actually receive that help is the worse kind of evil, deceit and extortion from people who truly want to help. I am collecting names of people interested in researching what we can do about the IAS refunds/classaction/charifyfraud scene. As a group we can do more in this area then as many individuals attempting to get our money back. What if we formed a non profit ourselves, all members with money in the IAS wanting it back for a real charitable cause and our non profit sued the IAS for fraud and got the money back to do some real good?! We’d really do some good! I can turn around the entire country of Belize right now with 300,000 TWTH booklets. Any organization can print those for a license fee! Maybe we could even sue for the right to print. I’d gladly redonate my $100,000 IAS they still have if I knew it was going where I intended. We’d get real products with all that money. I’m not suggesting starting our own IAS with regging all over again, I never want to see that again but it would be interesting to see what we could actually accomplish with the money we already paid. Just as Marty and Mike do more good now than when in the church, so would we without that interference. Please contact me at carisamarion@gmail.com or my indiesocialclub@hushmail.com address if you have IAS money with them.

  53. “The Anti-Social Personality has a bad sense of property and conceives that the idea that anyone owns anything is a pretence, made up to fool people. Nothing is ever really owned”
    Hand over your TV’s, homes, private planes, cars, friends, family members and unborn children. Because EVERYTHING belongs to the cult now (including your soul).

  54. The Church of Scientology said the former parishioners are mischaracterizing its fundraising practices.

    The church denied that Working was blocked from leaving the room.

    Church spokeswoman Pouw denied the actors’ accounts.

    The church …, but said the allegations were false and denied.”

    The church … and any allegation that such a project was used to raise donations is false.”

    The church declined to make any of its staffers available for interviews.


    I guess we are just a handful of deluded and disaffected Apostates.

    The Church is completely shameless denying what every Scientologist, “in” or “out” will has witnessed for at least the last 12 years. The ones “in” have a motive for Denial, in that they could get kicked out of the Church for speaking to the Press and have their “Eternity” taken away. That’s right Folks, you can lie and deny all you like as long as you protect the Church, it’s all OK, since the Press is suppressive is subject to covert “Fair Game” Policies anyways.

    In Fact, truthfully speaking to the Press will minimally get you a Sec Check, and more likely an SP declare.

  55. Live from Clearwater


    What are the odds of Tom Cruise reading this?

  56. A huge congratulations to everyone involved in the SP Times series. Hy, Bryan, Luis, Synthia, Lynne, Bert, Carisa… I hope I didn’t miss anyone… you guys have done brilliantly. It has been a cascade of evidence that is clearly true.

    Oh, and thanks too to Karin and DM. Your lies are SO OBVIOUS!

  57. Great and vital series. All of the videos of the past few days from the series were hard hitting and very emotionally affecting (as well as being outrageous and extremely appalling). The Pouw lies are an embarassment to the basics of Scientology. It is very important that all this data and videos are now right there for anyone checking the internet to see.

    But….tipping point? All over for Miscavige? We’ll know that more and more on-lines Scientologists are getting this data by the following indicators:

    1) The money begins to dry up.
    (I am continually amazed that the cash is still rolling in)

    2) There is a coup in the COS and Miscavige is removed.

    3) The COS assigns itself the correct condition and begins making amends.

    But even if it doesn’t get to the above point soon, the effect of Marty’s and other blogs exposing the crimes of the COS will most assuradely mean that less and less people will be open to coming into the COS and over the next decades it will slowly but surely decline until it is just a very small cult with a few hundred members.

  58. I can’t really feel sorry for those who were cleaned out by IAS. Had they known basic Scientology finance tech they would have known what to do.

  59. I just wrote up my own KR on the vulture culture and sent it off to the St Pete Times. It feels really good to know that I can write up my KRs and send them to a real ethics department without fear of reprisals from the church. LOL RCS… Can you spell BYPASS???!!! 😀

  60. martyrathbun09

    I can – they believed they were doing something to advance mankind.

  61. martyrathbun09

    Good point; it is large-scale charity fraud.

  62. martyrathbun09


  63. Ducksoup,” I thought this was just an aberration and will get cleaned up stopped”. Believe me anyone who attemped to clean this up was stopped cold. This was a workable solution to DM’s rise to glory!!!
    As far as parading Michael Roberts around as their “actor” he was cashing in big time on the commissions. I will say blocking the doors and calling out those who got up to leave for not giving was truly over the top.

    Those who continue to be a part of this scam all I can say is number of times over equals certainty. You will be certain one day when you wake up and see the truth!

  64. martyrathbun09

    Nice shot Tom.

  65. Miniscule.

  66. One of the comments of the St Pete Times site was something to the effect that I was lying. Obviously an OSA comment.

    I replied “Please put me on the cans right away. I welcome it. And we will see if I am lying”

    No response

  67. Just wanted to say Thanks to all (Hy, Synthia, Brian, Carisa, the Hoversons, Jamie, Karla, Linda, Suzanne and anyone I missed) who contributed to these articles, including Tom and Joe. There is courage and selflessness in your actions and you are all appreciated for being decent people. Each person that stands up tall makes it easier for the next person and the next person and there is a growing line of people who are raising their heads. Much love to all of you.

  68. martyrathbun09

    Great reply.

  69. martyrathbun09

    …with a Mercedes with customized IAS plates.

  70. Oracle,

    These “Knowledge” Reports are the most damning documents published in the media since Operation Freakout, the GO document to frame Paulette Cooper for threatening to kill the President.

    These documents are NOT denied by the RCS — their usual response to the release of their documents is “they are forgeries”. Hard to claim when the people concerned have signed hard copies. So, they try to ignore them and hope nobody notices that they completely D/A all their other responses. How incredibly disgusting is it to see these people so indignantly complaining that people “only” gave them a few hundred thousand and that not giving more was a horrendous crime.

    ANd there is no pressure from fundraisers!!

    No wonder every one of the St Pete Times distribution boxes around town was empty this morning.

    This series is devastating. Especially to KoolAid guzzlers…

  71. The machine of Miscavige must be seen as some sort of strange phenomena by those hungry for power at any price.
    I remember an old adage from years ago; a poor Chinese man was splashed with muddy water by a Rolls Royce at the side of the road. He looked at the back of the speeding car, cold, wet and filthy. He was not angry, he reflected fondly, “I wish I could do that.”
    How does one manipulate people to hand over massive amounts of money and sign their lives away all for the cost of an idea? A real Scientologist, already battle scared knows the answer but also knows integrity has an honest price.
    Tax men, bankers, zealous politicians and ruthless fools alike would marvel at such a “Church.”
    There are so precious few who actually know the cost of life.

  72. I am not shocked by what these people are sharing. Chris and I have lived it. The big league sales techniques (used car salesman trianing) taken to the max with more and more duress as DM has expanded his coersions – to the point of utter ridiculousness. But, the shocking thing is that the Church attempts to deny it.
    To prevent someone from leaving a space is not –‘against church policy’, it is against the LAW!!

  73. LOL, you got it Marty!

  74. “Those parishioners, in the thousands, far outweigh the “handful of disaffected apostates” who spoke to the Times, the church said.

    It said apostates harbor strong emotions against their former religion, compelling them to lie about their experience. The church cited the work of the late Oxford professor Bryan Wilson, who wrote in 1990: “The apostate is generally in need of self-justification. He seeks to reconstruct his own past, to excuse his former affiliations and to blame those who were formerly his closest associates.”

    Huh? “Those parishioners, in the thousands…?
    I thought there were millions and millions of parishioners? What happened to the bloated claims of membership?

    “…apostates harbor strong emotions against their former religion, compelling them to lie about thier experience…”

    So Karin is admitting that she is an apostate, no longer in agreement with LRH, no longer applying Scn policy, tech or ethics, and is lying about those individuals who are uttlerly disgusted with her and her boss and those in the cult who are pretending to be scientologists while actually doiing something entirely different.

    Karin with her lies accusing you and me of being exactly what she IS.

    I have a question for Mr. Berry. Now that I have become aware of information that leads me to believe that I have been deceived and that the over $20,000 in donations I have given to the IAS might have been spent fraudulently, and that there are at least a “handful” of others who feel the same way, how big a “handful” would be needed to force an independent audit of those funds?

    Carisa, I think you have every right to know if your donations went were “they” said it went. So does Bert and Lynn and everyone else involved.

    Hummmm….just how big is that “handful of apostates”?

  75. I have just ordered a set of these original PDC’s with the LRH mention of Orwell. Let me know if you are interested in hearing/reading the original. We really shouldn’t leave it on “the cutting room floor.” Rachel

  76. Great quote, Scott! Got me thinking … Rachel

  77. Ingrid, Michael Roberts was into it. Anyone who went along with this charade and allowed themselves to be played by this scam and scammed others has earned their place in hell as far as I am concerned!

  78. One way the Church statements may be “true” is that they dont do this or that- starting today. They do make little changes to obvious outpoints here and there in response to criticism. So maybe as of right now Howard Becker wont ring your doorbell at 9:30 uninvited and unnanounced with OTC posse in tow and refuse to leave until you empty your bank account.
    Maybe as of right now it is against IAS “policy” for Bridgett ask for all the information on your credit cards and sit there with you while you make calls to increase your limits.
    Maybe as of right now they don’t have guys waiting in the parking lot to block you from getting in your car door to escape (after you were feeling good about sneaking out the bathroom window to freedom).
    This is the new, improved, friendly IAS folks. We should embrace it. I’ll see you guys at the next even.

  79. Brian, if you left the church you are declared. If you are declared you are an apostate. If you are an apostate you are a liar.

    It’s sort of an A=A=A thing that is the basis of their PR. It’s working pretty good so far, I think they should double down with that successful action because they are winning. Just like Charlie Sheen.

  80. Compare:

    “All horses sleep in beds.”
    “All people who leave their church are liars.”

  81. Nice comment, Carol, and I concur!

    I have in my hands an original knowledge report written on me 28 August 2009 by Patricia Ashworth c/o Calling Pjt CLO WUS. It was sent to me, the FSO, RTC, Snr CS Int Office, CMO PAC, CLO WUS, Snr I & R PAC, IAS WUS Administration, FSSO, ASHO Day and my ethics file. When I said “no” to talking to Patricia about the IAS — she used the line “We are the IAS” — and said “no” to making any donation to same, she reported me widely up and down the lines for making a “disaffected statement.”

    She also used Dr. Denk’s name and his professional manner as an Scn physician to gauge my “disaffected statement” when he had been gone for ALMOST FIVE YEARS. Be assured, Dr. Denk would not have donated any money to the IAS. In close to twenty years he hadn’t done so.

    The upshot of Patricia’s knowledge report was a call to me from Snr I & R PAC verbally ordering me to LA for a metered interview. I said “no.”

    Is there a repository for these knowledge reports of staff targeting public when the public person says “no” to a donation? Mine is of the same nature as those posted on the SP Times and should be made available.

  82. I agree. And these are just two KR’s that surfaced. Makes me wonder how many people are getting reported to ethics for not making donations?
    What is really telling is the author’s insistence Seattle needs a building to clear the area. Did they shred the “having to have before you can do” policy letter too? That seems to be the operating basis now. “You can do OT8 when you buy us a ship” (Having to have before you can do) “We will put super power back on the bridge after you buy us a building” (Having to have before you can do) “We can clear the erea once we have a bigger building” (Having to have before you can do). What ever happened to be, do , HAVE? This is kindergarten Scientology!

  83. P.S. And DM ser faced on Mary Sue for her little scuffle with ethics. The out PR on that was minuscule compared to the out PR DM has generated with his bitch slapping and beggar units.

  84. That was a good one Sinar!

  85. haha! at the int events, you can’t get out!

  86. Any credibility is gone, I agree.

    When Miscavige was accused of a management coup, violence, sending people to the hole etc these were actions that the public would never see and public could choose to not believe it.

    This is different as any public who has ever been to an event (fundraiser), particularly those held at the larger churches, know that these accounts are acurate.

    For Karin Pouw to claim otherwise will be clear evidence to any current church members that their management can and will lie and will “Get big” with these lies too.

  87. I wonder if having a subscription the the St. Pete Times is now a High Crime for Flag public?

  88. +1
    They were horribly betrayed!

  89. Yeah but I’ll bet a number of his ‘entourage’ are….
    Tick tock tick tock…

  90. PS Ingrid, I refer to the registrars…they knew. They all collected big dollars for their personal gain along with their days off. This was a true con of a huge magnitude. I know because whenever I asked them how on earth could this be justified, another report would hit my ethics file. Many people I knew/know are still the complete effect of having given money they did not have. Everything was now, today, urgent. Not enough stepped back to look for themselves and investigated to see if there was any truth in this madeup urgency.

  91. Karen,
    We’ve all had that shocking moment when we realised it was all a lie. but what an incredibly liberating moment that was!
    We got taken in by a Master Dream Weaver. Getting out of it is like waking up from a very bad nightmare. But we are awake now and will never be HYPNOTIZED again.
    The Dream Weaver so thoroughly identifies with MEST that he didn’t truly believe we could come back. That was his mistake.
    Miscavige’s game is the killing of thetans so he can be safe. It’s a game he could never have possibly hoped to win – he was doomed to fail from the beginning. Won’t be too long now before the rest of our friends wake up. 😉

  92. Not half as embarrassed as he’s going to be when the penny finally drops!!!

  93. I’ve got a MUCH better idea! Let’s get Karin Pouw on the cans!!!!

  94. How about:
    Every sock-puppet tells the truth so:
    ‘It never happened’ and ‘there’s no such thing as disconnection’


  96. martyrathbun09

    Yeah Don. And how do you think that public feels hearing Miscavige through his agent now proclaims that the standard operating procedure used on them to bankrupt them was never policy at all?

  97. Rachel, I wonder how many of us have these horrid pieces of false PR? Yes, a book could probably be made. But we’d have to intersperse it with Karin Pouw’s statements that the church did not know, had nothing to do with it, it did not happen, it’s a lie from apostates, and the people involved have been corrected and do not remember that it ever happened. LOL

  98. tunedal, you can’t really feel sorry for someone who is being regged by a person on either side for hours, told that finance policy doesn’t apply because we are all in a danger situation and have to bypass normal routine, and their immortal future and the future of their children, mankind and the planet is at stake? Well, I’m not feeling sorry for myself either, but I certainly understand everyone who went through this and gave in. We are not all made of steel.

  99. “No wonder every one of the St Pete Times distribution boxes around town was empty this morning.”

    Probably emptied by the cult as an ops. The Times should see if the cash take was grossly short on their boxes. My guess is the person taking papers took an armful and shortchanged the box.

  100. Excellent point, sara.

  101. John — Oh come now. Surely they actually PAID for them all… 🙂

    Could be that they are being snapped up by local koolaid drinkers to read before the minions could get them all??

  102. top of the vale

    The real scam is the phrase “WE ARE THE IAS”. That says it all for the IAS justifying that the IAS funds the projects. Yea, well it’s the individuals who are funding the projects themselves AND paying money to the IAS. I know that any project that ‘supposedly’ gets funded, the money goes straight to the principle per the Building Fund policy by LRH. Only the interest gets used for “projects” one reg would rarely say. Usually staff are the only ones that know about that policy. And most times it’s only finance terminals or on a rare occasion someone who was OEC/FEBC trained An IAS reg once told me to never to let that data be known because it would crash her stats. So the point here is that IAS reges are always regging with a hidden lie under all the other lies they dole out.
    One reg said that he always lied to his prospects to get the money to increase his commission!

  103. Sinar, ROFL with your derivation find on apostate: runaway slave! That is just too good! I’ll keep that datum with me. Lynne

  104. These SUCKERS are a bunch of fucking SQUIRRELS.

  105. Good one, GTC!

  106. Yes, Lynne. I’d be more than happy to “donate” my KR to the book. What a job it would be to intersperse the various and diverse and quite false Pouw statements. Funny concept! Rachel

  107. Well, maybe Miscavige will take some perfunctory action to “correct” the heavy handed registration shakedowns (I doubt it). If he does there will be those who will cling to the hope that “DM knew nothing of this”.

    Despite covering their eyes and trying to “not notice” public can see.

    1. Auditors are not being made.
    2. Orgs are empty.
    3. Church image is at an all time low
    4. Their assets are being bled and no matter what they spend bridge progress has ground to hault; replaced with endless requisites and arbitraries.

    Personally, I believe a desperation must be setting in with public. The parishoners (especially the big donors) will do anything to not-is what their eyes tell them.

    DM is fraud and GAT,GAK were utter failures. Ideal Orgs, IAS and book sales are DM bright ideas to keep money flooding in while attempting to cover for his inability (or willingness) to deliver Scientology as it was intended.

    The magnitude of betrayal is hard to confront for if they believe DM is fraud they also (in their minds) have no way to move up the bridge!

    Public realization and belief that their spirtual goals can STILL be acheived outside of CofS will be critical to “softening their fall” when their blinders come off and they see things for what they truely are.

  108. Jeff Pomerantz does the same kind of thing Michael Roberts does, i.e. “I’m a television star…”. Well, if you consider small parts in soap operas from 30 years ago to be a “major television star”. And yes, Pomerantz tries to shame people into donating to the IAS. They’ll have their day of reckoning.

  109. Funny — Pomerantz had chronic “money problems.” He could not make a living as an “actor” and his only salvation was being flown around the world by the IAS. He and Michael Roberts made a lot of money — the IAS paid for “events” where they would be promoted and they would be paid on all income made at those events. The IAS paid for their travel, hotels and food. Good deal if you can get it, though you have to be willing to prostitute yourself. And when I say “the IAS” paid their expenses, I really mean the people who were abused by them paid them to show up and abuse them and then they got a percentage of what was extroted out of them…

  110. Or worse yet

    “it never happened”, They are all LIARS!


  111. +2 Big time betrayal of help.

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