Debbie Cook “Blasts Extreme Fundraising”

The St Petersburg Times has reported on Debbie Cook’s letter to corporate Scientologists.  You can see it here:

St Pete Times Coverage on Debbie Cook


Reformation – Division Within Corporate Scientology

Village Voice coverage

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  1. Never really thought about this, but by sending out a letter that basically calls for Miscavige’s replacement to 12,000 people, she’s also ensured that many Knowledge Reports copying the letter will go bouncing around orgs all over the planet from the loyal people which puts in front of many other “terminals”.

  2. Tom Gallagher


    It will be interesting to witness the response and reactions from POB regarding this major opinion leader, Debbie Cook, and her bombshell email to 12,000 active, in-good-standing Scientologists.

    A well known writer from the last century gives a glimpse of insight on the matter:

    “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but that once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” – George Orwell

    This leaves me wondering what happens to despotic anti-social tyrants when force no longer works……….

    Then again history provides numerous examples.

    Is POB perhaps having an Idi Amin moment?

  3. I hope Debbie is prepared for the hurricane she has called down on herself. But, she must have known, despite her request to keep this out of the media, that if she emailed it out broadly it would make it into the media. She also must have known that this would lead to a large number of Scientologists “in good standing” disavowing or attacking her. It will be very interesting to watch this unfold.

  4. Journey Continued

    The way I see it is that LRH put considerable effort into creating the Church and establishing the policies on which it is to run. The fact that a psycho path (SP) has gained total control and is doing his best to destroy the organization and it’s members, does not in my mind mean that the policies, goals, plans, etc. LRH put in place are flawed. I believe that the future of Scientology is going to be dependent on a number of things:

    1) having a thriving field that are free to practice Scientology
    2) removing DM and his henchmen
    3) reestablishing the corporate structure of the ‘Church’ as LRH intended – including having a separation of powers to ensure sufficient checks and balances are in place. I would also be an advocate of having the most senior positions tied to specific terms of office.

    Many are doing number one and Marty’s Blog and the contributions to it have and will continue to be instrumental in helping put ethics in where required so that independent auditors (field auditors) can continue to practice Scientology.

    Number two will occur when there is enough agreement by Scientologists that he has to go. That volume of agreement will only occur when enough Scientologists confront the truth of what has and continues to happen. Debbie’s letter will, in my view, be instrumental in raising the level of awareness of many within the confines of corporate Scientology as to how they have been betrayed. I look forward to the day when he is either physically removed from office or when the overwhelming number of Scientologists worldwide join together to remove him through legal avenues.

    When he has gone the question remains as to whether the group is capable of getting three done, or whether corporate scientology will be hijacked one again by such unscrupulous individuals.

  5. Regarding Debbie Cook’s concerns about the LRH Command Structure and the missing execs, the info below was written today by an attorney from California.

    While Cook made practical suggestions about what to do about ‘out-tech regging’, she makes no recommendation about what to do about the absence of International executives [aka legally as a board of directors] or the Watch Dog Committee [aka legally independent outside directors] resulting in DM becoming a dictator. The applicable CA non-profit corporation statutes specifically refer to a single director becoming dictatorial as legal grounds for removal.

    Debbie Cook probably has receive legal advice: she has identified the core corporate problem, a tyrannical and dictatorial sole managing director (with two employee flunkies as the remaining two minimum directors). These are the factual elements of the cause of action for removal.

    One hundred complaining members are needed to file an action in CA, the applicable jurisdiction for the three non-profit Cos corporations.

    What interested Scientologists should do is organize the members corporate derivative action, each member contributing $500 for legal fees (or some such figure), with a goal of 300 complainants, or $150k to start. Ultimately, upwards of a million dollars in attorney’s fees might might be necessary, but $150k would probably fund the complaint and qualification of 100+ complainants in court. There are many corporate derivative action attorneys around.

    The CA Attorney General is a party to this action, and very well could take an active role in supporting the lawsuit to restore outside independent directors (the Watch Dog Committee) and remove DM.

    Other than DM voluntarily giving up his position as COB, or dying, I know of no other way of removing him. Not even a criminal indictment.

    At some point it must be done unless no one is interested in saving the corporations.

  6. Good for Debbie. I knew she had more sense, confront and cojones than most. She may be in “good standing” now but I predict that may not last very long — which will simply give support to the points being made.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  7. If me, a private person, would send to 12.000 mail accounts an e-mail my mail account would be deleted or blocked due to this action. Mass mailing is a legal matter and 12.000 mails is such thing. The mail server getting the order to send 12.000 mails at once from one single mail account would also alarm the administrators of this server. And how can a single person gather 12.000 mail adresses of still in good standing Scientologists? I think something is either wrong with that story or at least quite some data are missing here.

  8. Jethro Bodine

    Cook responded on her Facebook page with this message: “Dear Friends. Yes, the e-mail was written by me. No I am not connected to anyone not in good standing. I did it because of my love and respect for LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) and the desire to see us correct situations that need correcting within our group.”

    Is she kidding? I can’t imagine after she went through that she could openly criticize Miscavige and his cult of greed, and then expect it to be handled “within our group”. I can’t believe she would be that naive.

  9. Very funny. One of the scientologists “in good standing” that she sent the email to showed it to me right after our session…where I was doing a Questionable Auditing Repair list on his last screwed up auditing at Flag. This is actually hilarious.

    Also hilarious is the response from many of the people on her facebook. They are all wondering with horror if she actually wrote this herself….completely ignoring the FACT that all she did was point out some specific LRH references which were obviously being violated. Hummm, let me see, I should only follow LRH references if Debbie herself said I should?
    Or…how dare you point out LRH references to lots of people, they should only be pointed out on “the proper lines.”

    My god, what kind of lost souls are still inhabiting that morgue?

  10. IMO she’s already experienced living in hell, needed some time to recoup and knows exactly what she’s doing (as much as she can from where she’s at NOW). I can imagine what a relief it must be to communicate, finally. I wish her the absolute best and the strength and power to keep strong through whatever wrath comes her way.

  11. They have already started saying that Debbie Cook was kicked out. and is now spewing lies about the “church” because of it. I sure did not see that one coming…..LOL

  12. There are plenty ways to send even more than 12.000 emails without passing through your account. Mass mailing of wich you talk is a different thing. Please read the law State by State here:

    Or here is the USA regulation on the subject:
    United States
    In the United States, most states enacted anti-spam laws during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Many of these have since been pre-empted by the less restrictive CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.[29]
    Spam is legally permissible according to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 provided it follows certain criteria: a “truthful” subject line, no forged information in the technical headers or sender address, and other minor requirements. If the spam fails to comply with any of these requirements it is illegal. Aggravated or accelerated penalties apply if the spammer harvested the email addresses using methods described earlier.
    A review of the effectiveness of CAN-SPAM in 2005 by the Federal Trade Commission (the agency charged with CAN-SPAM enforcement) stated that the amount of sexually explicit spam had significantly decreased since 2003 and the total volume had begun to level off.[30] Senator Conrad Burns, a principal sponsor, noted that “Enforcement is key regarding the CAN-SPAM legislation.” In 2004, less than 1% of spam complied with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.[31] In contrast to the FTC evaluation, many observers view the CAN-SPAM act as having failed in its purpose of reducing spam.[32][33]

    Or again see this:

  13. J.B.- May be she is just smart. IMO, how she wrote it and out of her position, it´s the biggest chance to break through the “thought-stop” and fear to as many people as possible inside with this wake-up call. And additionally with the timing it is strategically excellent. I hope she is somewhere safe. DM now probably doesn´t see only Martians but a whole galactic army rolling in. After all, he got now his “straight up and vertical stat” ….. of personal bad PR!

  14. Scott Campbell

    We’ve all had our moments of decision. Looks like this was Debbie’s.

    Baby, the rain must fall…

  15. I think Debbie Cook is very brave in making her concerns known so widely.

    She is not attacking Scientology, rather an organizational culture where greed for money has transcended auditing and delivery which is the true purpose of Scientology.

    Perhaps others like me, will send Debbie a ‘Friend’ request on Facebook to balance all the ‘friends’ she will lose by her sincere and considered declaration.

    Andrew Robertson
    Wellington, New Zealand

  16. After getting comments from all sides, she then deleted the comments and wrote:

    “Please, no posts about my email. If you have a question you can email me.”

    and then:

    “My best email is

  17. Are the laws regarding a church the same as the laws regarding other non-profit corporations?

  18. That’s a right on and funny point.
    I have referred local execs to these same references years ago, many times…but of course, since I don’t go to the implant events, I “don’t really understand”…or so I have been told.
    I think it is a matter of number of times over material, and continuing to emphasize that this is LRH, not personal opinion, hopefully will equal eyes opening…

  19. Well! That’s one way to smoke out the radar flyers 🙂
    Highly amusing to watch.
    Debbie’s got her own game going on. Will be interesting to see where she’s going with it.

  20. Carol, the folks at have started the process of having an independent investigation/audit done of CST/CSI/RTC corporate illegalities and/or malfeasance. For anyone who hasn’t done so yet, there are letters at that website that one can print and send in to support the effort. I would highly recommend doing so.

  21. Where did the rumor or whatever start that Debbie sent out this email to 12,000 scientologists in good standing. I did see on her FB page that she says she sent the email and got the email addresses from their fb profiles; however, FB limits the # of friends to 5,000 —

    So I’m curious — where did the figure 12,000 come from.

    If it’s true, then I suspect every single scientologist in good standing got this email. Fabulous.


  22. LDW, “My god, what kind of lost souls are still inhabiting that morgue?” my thoughts exactly.

  23. Brilliant. So the question is: to save or not to save the corporations. If saving them is what it takes to dethrone the dwarf, then my vote is to save them.
    After the corporations are saved, the first order of business should be to issue refunds / repayments to everyone and anyone asking. The next thing to do would be to issue a financial statement with the true data. A financial statement; what a novel idea.

  24. Debbie implied she doesn’t follow the blog so I don’t know if she will see all of the validation she is getting. Hopefully there is someone who can relay at least the essence to her.

    Being the rabble-rouser that I am, I love seeing people come out with guns blazing – “screw DM, he’s a psycho, I’m outta here”.

    In this case, I have tremendous respect for Debbie and the elegant chess move she has made. In any game of any higher level, there is a time and a place for a variety of different moves and strategies. Debbie has made a very skillful and well timed move. I’m loving all the many ways it is being expressed by others in comments, here’s mine: She cold-cocked him. She used the resources she had including her altitude as an opinion leader with the top public and her current good-standing to get a beautifully crafted message in front of people remaining in the church who have doubts that are unspoken and which they can now no longer ignore. For some it will be the final push and validation of their own opinion that is needed for them to fully withdraw or even depart publicly. For others, it will plant seeds of doubt that will grow as they watch the actions of DM and the orgs.

    It wasn’t written for those of us who are reading and commenting here. We already know the scam. It will help enlighten those she targeted it to. It definitely will contribute to the motion big time.

    Thank you, Debbie. You have done a very good thing.

  25. Have another nice quote from the same author:

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
    – George Orwell

  26. BTW. As I think that the Debbie Cook series on this blog will result in a broader audience, I’d like to add another reference to the subject from two former Top Ranks Execs (and now full time SPs (read Scientology Protectors) :

  27. To get declared for ‘Putting in tech’ is a real PR Flap for the Church. She’ll have the moral high ground. Go Debbie. I hope that you have decompressed for the most part. You’ll be declared soon so you can then come out and tell the entire story. The idea is to get to the Scientologists while she still can and is not declared yet.


  28. “Out Tech: Over the last few years we have seen literally hundreds and
    hundreds of people who were validated as clear using the CCRD as developed
    by LRH now being told they are not Clear. This included hundreds of OTs who
    were then put onto NED as a “handling”. LRH clearly forbid any Dianetics to
    be run on OTs in HCOB “Dianetics Forbidden on OTs”. This is out tech. This
    entire technical “handling” was directed personally by COB RTC and was done
    on thousands of OTs. But it was based not on an LRH HCO Bulletin, but rather
    based on a single C/S instruction where LRH C/Sed one pre-OT who had not
    achieved the state of clear but was mid OT III and not making it. LRH
    directed a solo handling that the pre-OT was to do to get himself to achieve
    the state of Clear. This LRH C/S taken out of context was then used to
    implement a technical handling that was in direct violation of an LRH HCOB.”
    Debbie Cook, January 1, 2012.

  29. You are absolutely correct. Until she sent that email she was an upstanding member. And she was not attacking Scientology, but rather saying out loud what every member probably has thought to themselves. Which is that things are very much out of whack with what LRH intended it to be. That what COB has done over the years has stopped what LRH wrote and taught in order to further his own agenda. The fact that people are now saying in comments on the Tampa Bay newspaper story about Ms. Cook being kicked out a long time ago and is now venting lies about the church (and invariably COB) because she is upset at being kicked out and labeled an SP. I feel for her as she will now know just how fast her friends will now turn their back on her, people who until she sent that email knew she was a upstat member in good standing.

  30. Hi Jethro;

    She may well be that naive. Remember, she probably hasn’t any idea of previous media reports or the extent of the ‘noise’ that exists out here. She may think she stands alone. If she hasn’t taken the effort to educate herself, she has a rather shocking learning curve, right now. I wish her well.

  31. Excellent!

    There are some major things to consider long range.

    Debbie’s gonna lose her official Scientology status any minute now.

    That precludes her from any influence at the non-existent table to discuss official Scientology’s future, which is the sad result of even any public letter of dissent.

    The smear campaigns from the OSA “Debbie Cook Handling Program” will be coming out any minute/day/week now.

    Marty, you’ve lived Debbie’s exact process.

    How to out ju-jitsu official Scientology is not easy.

    Even if the people taking on official Scientology are truly better saner Scientologists, and true blue Hubbard supporters.

    I hope people who are official Scientologists stand up at least and DON’T un-friend Debbie on Facebook, for starters.

    That will bill a fresh and well deserved slap in the face for David Miscavige.

    The people who remain Debbie’s Facebook friends through what will now be coming Debbie’s way, I hope they stick with her!


  32. Hi Andrew;

    I just introduced myself to Debbie via her emai account. I made mention that I am an Indy, so I don’t know if she’ll read it.


  33. Where is this smearing going on. Can you link or share it,

  34. Tom Gallagher

    Labor cheaper than Sea Org labor?

    This sawed-off sociopath knows no bounds….

    Miscavige is nothing more or less than a world-class sociopath.

    He’s the Pol Pot of failed cult leaders. He’d make Jim Jones blush.

    He, Shorty, makes me want to puke.

  35. “Debbie implied she doesn’t follow the blog …”
    Dear Yvonne,
    she just wrote:

    My husband and I are in good standing and we are not connected with anyone who is not in good standing.

    I am sure she means, that she has no direct communication but I am pretty sure that she made her home work and analized the data from several sources.
    I am sure she was reading this blog for at least several months now.


  36. Tom Gallagher

    Answer- The dregs of 20 or so years of misscabbige.

  37. Chuck, I saw it in comments on the story in the Tampa Bay newspaper that Marty put at the top of the page. Read them for yourself.

    St Pete Times Coverage on Debbie Cook

  38. I saw the (attempted) smearing in the comments section of the St Pete Times article.

  39. Tom Gallagher

    Miscavige is a correct target. Fire away. Freely.

  40. I’m scouring Facebook, and Debbie’s being un-friended.

    So sad. I hope someone leaks the emails telling the faithful to un-friend her.

  41. I was wondering the same thing, WH. FYI, I was not connected to her on FB and I received the email at an address that has no account on FB. I’ve spoken to two onlines Scientologists today about it, and one said they had received the email, while the other didn’t. In either event, it seems that she compiled the list from more than just FB.

  42. “Debbie implied she doesn’t follow the blog”

    Yeah, right. OF COURSE she implied that – she’s trying to reach all of the people in and she’s smart enough to reach her own conclusions. Though it streches credibility that she did it all on her own without checking her sources first.

  43. I thought that too. Since she was in good standing and based on all the hats she has worn, she would have access to a ton of members’ email addresses. Apparently, she used every one she could to send her own email to.

  44. expelled 4 Life

    Color photo of Debbie on main page of St Pete Times web site. See here:

    Mu guess is this will be front page on tomorrow’s print edition.

  45. I’ve checked FB as well — going backwards with several old time heavy hitters and OLs (public) who have 500 to 3000 FB friends. Only one of the 14 people I checked doesn’t have Debbie as a friend — I’m not sure if this person ever did as I went from friend then checked to see if Debbie is a friend.

    Tomorrow I recheck those 13 who are tonight her friend.

    It’s going to be an interesting evolution.


  46. Scott Campbell

    I vote for the smart thing.

  47. Scott Campbell

    Yeah, but you have a morbid sense of humor.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Indie mailing lists of on-line public are extensive.

  49. Scott Campbell

    That was for you Carol! HA!

  50. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC were not at all surprised to see this “New Year’s Eve Mutiny” against COB that was attempted by former Captain FSO Debbie Cook.

    This was clearly Debbie’s SP attempt to out-create COB’s astonishing success in reaching 3.8 billion people in his globally televised New Year’s Eve address. Over eight hundred million people responded to COB by signing up for a Scientology course at one of the 52,000 Ideal Orgs the Church of Scientology has located on fifteen continents in 32,510 countries.

    Debbie’s crimes began the very second she started being “open-minded” and “reasonable” and engaged in the extraordinarily dangerous spiritual crime of reading the Psych-controlled internet and engaging in social media. Actual research by the CoS Dept of Science has conclusively proven that reading the internet has a more damaging effect than taking psych drugs. The actual light waves that are emitted by a computer screen create a drugged, mind-controlled state that is totally counter-intention to COB and Tom Cruise in their goal to put in ethics on the planet.

    We in RTC have responded to this mutiny by creating a comforting blanket of spiritual protection around all Scientologists in good standing by ordering them to turn off and unplug all computers, phones, and any other devices capable of connecting to the internet or making a phone call. All radios and televisions must be unplugged and stored in a locked room.

    Failure to abide by this order will result in an instant Non-Enturbulation Order. All are requested to immediately write KR’s for OSA and RTC on Debbie Cook and her ilk. Cover all Black PR, enemy lines. disaffection, innuendo, and slurs on David Miscavige and management. Failure to report will increase penalties from Non-Enturbulation Order to Declare.

  51. It is absolutely disheartening how quickly life-long friends and family members will refuse to look and instead turn their backs on someone for speaking of the outpoints. Debbie, like many before her, will go from long-standing comrade to overnight SP declare simply for speaking truth. And hundreds or thousands of former friends walk past or turn their heads without really even finding out why. Unbelievable. This shit has to stop.

  52. Scott Campbell

    The last Int Addresso I saw was about 45,000 back in 1986. Does that sound about right, Marty?

    What do you think it is now (for public in good standing)?

  53. Some attorneys advise one way, others the other way. I’d like to know how much of the hypothesized million bucks would be kept by the attorney.

  54. Okay, guys. I’m not really that naive. I was just trying to give her a little cover if I could. : )

  55. DeMented.

  56. Barney Rubble

    I have been following this now for hours, much topsy- turvey, which I expected from the onslaught. I am disappointed by many of Debbie Cook’s friends on FB are throwing her under the bus- but I guess I expected much. Meanwhile, it looks like she has gathered some new followers. I hope and expect this is the beginning of more. I hereby support Debbie Cook.

  57. Marty,
    Debbie stated that she was not in contact with anyone who was not in good standing with the church. She said that when she verified that she actually wrote the email that so many got. Do you think she would have used the independents’ list of public email addy’s to send her email to? Just wondering what you think about this.

  58. hahaha, not far from the truth though…commie all the way…or N. Korea all the way…control, control, control, suppress, suppress, suppress…. Happy New Year free people!!!!

  59. I respect Debbie for what she just did. I think it was a brilliant strategic move that is having significant impact. Her comm is directed to those who are in and I think she did a really good job of breaking it down. I do believe it will be death by a thousand cuts for the CO$. And this is one huge gash. I wish her lots of strength and the smarts to connect up with the Indies who will watch her back because we all know what’s headed her way.

  60. Harry Potter

    My friend has her as a friend and said they are losing about 3 common friends per hour which isn’t bad considering they have over 200 in common. Don’t know how many Debbie Cook had to begin with, but of those 239 they had in common, it is now down to 212. After 10 or so hours. 10 percent loss of friends since sh!t hit the fan. With the strict DISCONNECTION POLICY, I would have thought it would have gone faster. The 34 “Likes” is interesting and not bad when you consider a number of people who had originally liked then unliked when they realized their exposure.

  61. Dear Yvonne, I understand.

    Hehe 🙂

    In the Creed of the Church of Scientology it reads:
    We of the Church believe …
    That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

    If only the Apparatus (OSA) wouln’t produce a “Brave New World of Scientology”….

  62. LOL – What other option does Miscavige have at this point?
    This one is going to be a REALLY tough sell.
    Someone pass the popcorn please.

  63. I believe that, minimally, hundreds of koolaid drinkers read that email, digested it and put down their plastic cups with a sigh of relief.

  64. Scott Campbell

    I second that motion…

  65. Debbie has done probably the only logical thing to do. If you are going to attack an enemy do it on a battle ground of your own choosing.
    With no proveable affiliation with any SPs, no media you’ve gone to and in good standing what can Miscavige do except do what he’s generally addicted to doing – lying and fabricating evidence, using hearsay and criminal use of PC/Ethics folder data.
    She’s a brave girl but not stupid – I’m sure she’s got a s..t load of ‘other data’ DM would be extremely worried about surfacing. Along with Marty’s front and a host of others attacking him, his knee jerk reaction is a powerful weapon that can be used against him – give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself.
    Her email has had one very positive result with one disaffected OT I’ve already witnessed. It’s proved to be a positive stable datum which is going to be used to help gain communication and leverage with her other family members still in – they really are robots with extremely selective hearing. Early days but that’s a win which wasn’t there yesterday.

  66. Debbie will gain more friends than she loses. Because the ones she loses weren’t true friends to begin with. Or, if they were, they certainly aren’t showing it now.

    I say WELL DONE!

  67. Look for Debbie Cook to drop off the radar shortly. She is still too devoted the corporate scientology. She will let them take her in for re-programming and will come out in a couple years loving big brother DM.

    I know that sounds pessimistic, but she will probably cave in to what will be a mountain of pressure about to come her way.

    DM has too much leverage on her, her family and friends all sound like they are stil in, and she expressed no desire to blow in her letter. So sad for her.

  68. When my ex got declared I had a fun project going. I kept track of the disconnections and mapped out the little groups OSA was going in on.
    Debbie’s has a who’s who list of every major Scientologist onlines.
    Who will be the first to go? My money is on Bodhi Elfman – will be interesting to see if he manages to get to Cathrine Bell this time. Keeping a close eye on Andrea Morse too – wouldn’t want her talking to Tom….
    Gosh this is fun! 😀


  69. “Debbie will gain more friends than she loses”
    Don’t count on it. Debbie has a LOT of friends 😉

  70. Chuck

    Well… Perhaps there is the option of some of us Scientologists “friending” her. She could well end up with more facebook friends than she ever had.

    Eric S

  71. If Debbie Cook is reading this blog, I want you to know you are my HERO!
    (As is the guy who created this blog)

    Is there any organization on Earth that so closely resembles the resurrection of The Third Reich?

  72. Come on Norton, where are you? Stand up!

    ML Tom

  73. Li'll bit of stuff

    Here Now, accurate indeed! From a newcomer’s point
    of view (just 3 mths crash course on Madamage) it is
    obvious to me, that Debbie really HASN’T had any
    opportunity,as yet, to have the benefit of even starting
    a period of Decompression, let alone have, the luxury
    of being able to work through it! I get that in spite of,
    or perhaps, because of,her enormous experience and
    training, she’s just willing herself to simply do something
    about the insanity of her situation,by having taken a
    huge gamble putting this comm ‘out there’

    Debbie must have also been encouraged,by knowing
    about the enormous impact, Marty & Mike have had
    in countering the spiralling madness of the exalted
    Leader, Kapitein Kamikazi!

    Probably, just so numb from it all, she’s decided she’s
    got nothing further to lose and just said: “now or never”
    She knows, evidently, that Marty and the entire bunch of restor ed/ing decompressees, on the “outside” are there, to help her pick up the pieces. She’ll probably show up on the doorstep, sooner or later, to a warm and friendly welcome by caring,genuine, FREE Independent Scientologists to help her on her way!
    Just my two cents worth,

    Debbie,yes we’re all here for You —- go for it!

  74. This is a great start for the new year! Many believe that 2012 will be the end of the world; I think it’s just the begining;)

  75. Sad isn’t it? The lemmings jumping over the cliff when someone says jump.

    No worries. Debbie will have the best possible friends anywhere when this all shakes out. They will be standing, true and forever.

    Reading the quotes Debbie Cook cites from Hubbard’s policy about membership and delivery illuminate brightly, clearly and spot on how opposite the David Miscage / IAS agenda is that has been destroying lives and obstacling delivery and Scientology.

  76. “Don’t desire to be liked or admired. ” in living action.

  77. I just love the confront these people have, don’t you? The drop of a hat and they’re off, scattering quicker than a missed withold on an ice-pond. (For non-Scns, that would be scattering faster than who-done-it when the cop drives up.) We see some of that in the great midwest – ice-ponds, that is. Not all that many MWH’s, so that’s an event not be missed (oops!). Yep, these churchies sure know how to handle people, alright, and they’ll “Clear the Planet” real soon, I’m sure of it! Where they’ll go, I don’t know. Maybe underground, to become Morlocs, and do their “hard TRs” in the pitch blackness, waiting for someone to blunder into their hole so they can grab ’em real quick and do a surprise stress test! Admirable survival instincts, like the bugs you find by turning over rocks. (Question is, what is the MWH? Seriously … anyone hazard a guess? One generic, or many?)

  78. ::::sigh::::: Relief, admiration, applause. This is a happy day. Thank you, Debbie Cook. Salutes and fireworks.

  79. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi my friend, 2012 already in with another big Bang, after the customary fireworks. I also agree we need
    to get seat belts and buckle them, to prepare for the Rocket Ride of accelerated changes,about to take
    place. Hope you’ve got the meter charged,& those
    cans ready, cause it’s gonna be a busy year!

    Lots’a luv, li’ll bit

  80. “Dear Friends. Yes, the e-mail was written by me. No I am not connected to anyone not in good standing. I did it because of my love and respect for LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) and the desire to see us correct situations that need correcting within our group.” – Debbie Cook

  81. Li'll bit of stuff

    So right, Quentin, It does too,by assigning the REAL
    ” cause” Am I right or wrong ?

  82. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes sir! Target located! Fire! …Ack..ack..ack..pow !

  83. As former CO FSO she has first hand knowledge of probably hundreds of “flaps”, “situations”, crimes, out-tech etc. Aside the internal info she received many publics have cc’ed her in her KRs. If she wanted she could write embarrassing and revealing things. This knowledge reduces the need for verification. I find it interesting that she has filtered out only major issues from this blog.

  84. Yes, I’m glad she finally spoke out, good for her.

  85. I have always admired Debbie greatly. She was an amazing executive. This is a brave move on her part to reach Scientologists currently still in the current Church. Unfortunately, a lot of these folks obey the church’s orders not to visit the anti-Church websites and so they will not be reading this blog or other sites. (Will not comment now on the lack of confront and free speech this reflects.) This is courageous on her part as she will probably be declared by the current Church and suffer the oppressive disconnection currently applied. Am going over the Facebook to send a friend request. Very well done, Debbie!

  86. When people seek a judgment against a corporation, don’t they also file for payment of the legal fees? Wouldn’t the people fronting these fees be recompensed when the case is won?

    OR, why shouldn’t the state handle this if it is a violation of the law?

  87. I’m not certain that Debbie wants us for friends yet, but we’ll be here when she figures the rest of it out.

  88. When I Debbie’s email just before going to bed I didn’t know if it was real or fake — but I instantly knew it would have an impact (assuming it got out to a large audience). This morning when I started looking into it and found that it was legit I became pretty excited. This is going to have widespread ramifications.

    Honestly, I never thought Debbie would do anything like this. Well, when she left the Sea Org I figured she would come out publicly with all of the atrocities she witnessed. When that didn’t happen, but instead saw her on Facebook with so many on line “friends”, and seeing what she was doing for work, I was certain she’d never come out in any way.

    I mean, how could she? She’d been built up with an income source that had on line Scientologists as it’s core. She was completely monitored by churchies. There was no “out” for her from where I sat.

    I feel bad for her on one hand. She’s in the “real world” and is going to have her livelihood attacked, friends are going to leave her en mass and she’s probably in for a legal battle of some sort.

    On the other hand I’m extremely proud of what she did. She’ll endure the same seemingly negative things so many others have had to, but in the end will find the same sort of peace that integrity carries with it.

    I’m really looking forward to yet another massive wave of people leaving corporate Scientology and being free of that suppression. Here’s to a very happy new year, indeed!

  89. Go Debbie, Go!!! I just friended her on FB. I was disappointed before that she wasn’t speaking out. But now! Wow! . God, love ya for that classy rebuke!

  90. To state it in more detail:
    First, as I did not receive her mail: Can someone look at the source of the mail and post the „Return Path“ and „Received from“. Thanks.
    Secondly: You cannot send 12.000 mail from your google or other web mail accounts. If you do it from your business domain you risk that your domain is blacklisted.
    Then, I assume that she did not collect 12.000 mail addresses. Did some insider give here those? This would be illegal for the person doing it.
    Is it a „insider“ job? Who is behind? What purpose?
    Before we say „hip hip hurray“ we should find out more about the story.
    Is this part of a strategy of DM that he can safely leave the scene by „demand of well meaning Scientologist“? His pocket full of money of course. Then blame him, not pay back the money, „reform“ Scientology from the inside, present some Hero and continue like nothing had happened.

  91. LOL!
    OTH8 you’re Gr8!

  92. George M. White

    Congratulations Indies!
    By the power of Debbie Cook’s truth may the victory be yours.

  93. Li'll bit of stuff

    Chuck, absolutely, “that’s what friends are for” S.Wonder

  94. Theo Sismanides

    Now that Debbie decided to take a step in the world once again, she is gonna see what is really going on!

    Who is with her and who is not!

    Two years ago she had written to me as a reply on FB when I told her i was declared for insisting on the application of the Translations HCOBs “Hang In There”.

    That was 20 Jan 2010.

    Now after 2 years of living and livingness she makes this huge step of ANNOUNCING HER MIND about the IAS and TECH arbitraries!

    All this patience for 2 years shows her determinism and true loyalty to LRH and kept her Ethics Presence to those who can only see Symbols.

    Now there is a War on her Wall people telling her various things and NOT being able to believe she WROTE this.

    The point is how is she Going to Handle it?

    One thing for sure… Debbie can wait and “attack” at any given time, even after 2 or 3 years of patience. But when she does she does. She definitely got us ALL talking about it. The only one who is not talking yet is DM! lol

    Is he going to declare her? I don’t think so! He is not the brave and straightforward. He cannot go against her in a straightforward way! He is going to twist things around as he always does.

    The point is Debbie will now see that it is to NO avail to fight in a RATIONAL/ON POLICY way for Standard Tech within the Church.

    This is the only thing which is for sure as we have ALL experienced this. Now is her time to experience it.

    I expect she will not become Independent soon but her Mind now will BE! From now on! Cause she took the STEP of the DOUBT FORMULA and made a public announcement.

    She is an Indie anyway as any SANE thetan IS.

  95. Agreed, Bryan! We totally support her e-mail.

  96. What interested Scientologists should do is organize the members corporate derivative action, each member contributing $500 for legal fees (or some such figure), with a goal of 300 complainants, or $150k to start. Ultimately, upwards of a million dollars in attorney’s fees might might be necessary, but $150k would probably fund the complaint and qualification of 100+ complainants in court. There are many corporate derivative action attorneys around.

    Very creative legal Scam.

    You divvy up a few hundred Dollars, DM puts the required Minions back into place, the Lawyers take your Cash, ie. “… a million dollars in attorney’s fees …” as quoted above.

  97. Of Course she knew beforehand this was going to go public. 12,000 e-mails … how could it not?

    She was expected to write KRs that would go nowhere … no action, nothing. Utilizing the only viable avenue to effect Corrections is of Course … a suppressive act.

    Thus there is no way to win except to go public.

  98. martyrathbun09

    “I don’t think you can make a lawyer honest by an act of legislature. You’ve got to work on his conscience. And his lack of conscience is what makes him a lawyer.”

    — Will Rogers

  99. It’s absolutely unbelievable that tens of thousands of Scientologists will continue to support DM/Church to loot them dry. How PTS can it get?

  100. Can you imagine that moment just before push the SEND BUTTON.

    Very courageous indeed!!

  101. I went through my non-scientific test and of the 13 names I checked — one has defriended her.

    But I added 3 more “heavy hitters” and they are still her friends.


  102. As per the usual LRH references, I would like to “Highly Commend” Debbie Cook for her actions. She has brought out many LRH points that many of us have already known were in violation BUT with her altitude she might get many others to realize it as well. Well Done Debbie!! WELL DONE!!!

  103. “It’s absolutely unbelievable that tens of thousands of Scientologists will continue to support DM/Church to loot them dry.”

    Or continue to take their 10% commissions for pushing Miscavige’s various fundraising programs. PTS, or in league with?

  104. The details of this “unfriending evolution” would be an interesting news article all by itself. I hope the SP Times is paying attention.

  105. For some it’s The End.

  106. + 1 🙂
    And my honest love and respekt to you Debbie!

  107. Me too. “The Church is Dead” would be WAY too much to confront for the average bot. This is a perfect gradient. I think Debbie’s payed an absolute blinder and and all power to her.

  108. “The point is Debbie will now see that it is to NO avail to fight in a RATIONAL/ON POLICY way for Standard Tech within the Church.”

    I think she’s actually fighting in an ON POLICY way within the Church. She doesn’t commit a “suppressive” act by sending an email to members, nor does she connect with declared SP’s, nor does she talk to the media. Sending that email is a bit late and she would never have done it without Marty making it safe, but it’s completely on policy. You have to warn the group by broad announcement for any SP in their midst and that’s the responsibility of all members.

    Too bad the trademarks belong to CST (thank you Norman) but the philosophy belongs to all of us, not to a bunch of irs lawyers that legally stole the trademarks. By getting yourself declared by a suppressive group, you act ON POLICY as well, no matter how much legal stuff it owns.

    She has given herself a very strong position and Davey can declare her but all online Scientologists now know she’s right. When declared they all know she stood up against an SP that declared her. Davey usurping the Church makes the Church a suppressive group and to dePTS themselves they’ll have to disconnect as well (so they can stay in comm. with her).

    Davey might not dare to declare her as she has a huge influence on his cash cow that’ll leave along with her and that’ll be his end.

  109. Harry Potter

    This just in:
    “Hey (BLEEP). Debbie Cook is now seriously disaffected and is emailing entheta emails to all of her contacts so please facebook disconnect her and her husband Wayne right away. Before you do since she has blocked people from seeing her friends list can you send me over a list of all your mutual friends with her as we are compiling a list and this is the only way we can put it together. Thanks. Brittany (Sierra Ruiz).”

  110. Theo Sismanides

    Good data to have, thanks HP.

  111. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha.. “Or…how dare you point out LRH references to lots of people, they should only be pointed out on “the proper lines.”, good way to put it!

  112. martyrathbun09

    Sierra Ruiz’s husband Javier was paid 60 thousand dollars to keep his mouth shut about Miscavige’s felonies when Ruiz left ASI a few years ago to become a deployable Miscavige agent in the field.

  113. Theo Sismanides


    Richard Haworth You know that there are other avenues for this type of thing. Did you try an of those before writing?

    Brad Balentine I read the email. That was NOT the correct avenue for that comm. Very offline.

    Judy Young Debbie, I did research, you are wrong on the points you wrote. Those who you said are not holding their jobs ARE still holding them as I write this! Many of the other points I wrote you on and you are incorrect. There are generalities in what you wrote.

    (MY COMMENT: Spot the generalities in her answer, hahaha, and she is accusing Debbie when she gives facts)

    Judy Young The stats speak for themselves. The job is getting done and done well. I’m writing this so those who got this post understand.

    Lucille Femine Very true, Judy.

    Aharon Friedman Please! This discussion does not belong on Facebook.

    Lucille Femine Very true. Write reports and put them on the right line. I did.

    Alejandro Ortiz Debbie, you ARE connected with people not in good standing with the Church. You say you want to abide by LRH? Well.. critical thoughts and critical comments areand indicator of overts. There are about 500 pages and at least 82 lectures covering this point. Even if you received an injustice, it is still a motivator by definition. My advise to you is to write a KR and/or contact IJC. If you feel an injustice has been made request a Comm Ev and clear your name. If you feel there is something wrong with the Church contact IJC he is per policy the protector of the Church. That is who LRH says you should contact.

    Teresa Kane This is the WORST format for discussing these issues.

    Brittany Sierra Ruiz Peeps: Please do not post any information about this on Facebook. Just as she should do the on policy thing, so should we all and put this on the “appropriate lines”. Regardless of your “opinion” or “feelings” or “disgust”, please do not use FB as a form of response to her.

    Matteo Calloni I’m NOT in agreement!!

    Ralph Angel I reckon the account’s been hacked. Everytime I put a post up saying this…it gets deleted!

    Gaby Estalayo Do not go into confidential matter on facebook please. This is out security. Use the standard lines and make it known to the correct terminals. This can be someone else than her writting. HCO PL KNOWLEDGE REPORTS applies. It is also an RTC Concern. You can use their site to write it up so that it gets handled quickly. Thank you!

    Gaby Estalayo

    Gayle Smith ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

    Gayle Smith Debbie, you have my support and that of people here in Clearwater who aren’t known because they don’t want to invite threats of disconnection or business collapse that would be attempted. You knew how easily “friends” turn into judges and jury and convict without inspecting the information let alone differentiating between the importances of them. You are not alone. You have a worldwide network of support and I’m not referring to the “SPs” though I’m sure they are there for you as well.

    Gaby Parent This is not ok!

    Simon Ottenweller Stop any comments on FB right now! You are providing the enemy with information. Anything on FB gets used by certain gov officials or people working for them(FBI etc…)

    Gayle Smith ”We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing.”

    ”But that´s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

    “Don´t get interested in real estate. Don´t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that´s not important.”

    — L.Ron Hubbard, from tape: The Genus of Scientology Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress, 31 December 1960

    Gayle Smith ‎”In twenty years an enormous amount of experience has been gained regarding the quarters and housing of orgs.

    ”From this experience there are only a few clear-cut lessons. These follow:
    ”A. VIABILITY of the org… is the first and foremost consideration… not how posh or what repute or what image.

    ”Example 1: Stockholm took very posh, fancy quarters. Up to that time it has been viable. The overload of expense rapidly upset the salary sum, the staff began to moonlight (work on other jobs), and the org all but collapsed until cheaper quarters were found,

    ”Example 2: Phoenix 1955. A beautiful, big building at small expense was found. It was very prominent… the full reserves of the org went into furnishing these quarters. The area had to be abandoned, losing all reserves.

    ”Example 3: Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1950. The shabby quarters there made lots of money. Beautiful country quarters were under survey for purchase. The psychiatric block… began action [in the area] to invoke a law against medical schools. If the better quarters had been purchased, they would have been lost.

    ”CONCLUSION: Viability of economics must not exceed the income of the org. The SAFE figure for rent and mortgage payments must not exceed 15 percent to 17 percent of the gross income of the org.

    ”Example 4: Hotel Reycar Alicante Spain was relatively cheap. It was quite posh. Students complained as it cost a bit more than they were willing to pay. Image in this case worked against the org.

    ”Example 5: Johannesburg’s three old buildings foolishly sold and the money squandered has yet to attain the income it made in its “old, horrible quarters” despite its newer image.

    ”An org which adventures more than 15 percent of its current gross income for rent or purchase payments can get into far more serious trouble than an org with a poor building image.”

    — L.Ron Hubbard, HCO P/L 23 September 1970, Quarters, Policy Regarding—Historical(OEC Vol. 7, p. 1394)

    Gaby Parent Yes you’re right!

    Gayle Smith I’m quoting LRH, DEBBIE QUOTED LRH POLICY – you need to decide – are you going to be a protester of LRH and his writings or not?

    Gayle Smith ‎”Now any time you find thirty people on staff being removed because they were suppressive, you know they had the wrong Why, because the percentages are wrong. It’s just as mathematical as that.

    “If they’ve done that then I can also assure you they’ve left the suppressive on the staff and I can also assure you the guy that did it was suppressive.”

    — L.Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 15 MARCH 1977 RA, Data Ser 41 RA, Evaluation, The Situation, (Management Series Vol. 1, p. 154)

    Marcy Galindo Powers I admire your courage and you have my support. Don’t be afraid of putting the truth out there. Sometimes it is hard for people to see it!

    Margaret Kerrigan Debbie, you have much strength and courage, knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time. What a fantastic person.

  114. GetTheConcept

    I totally disagree. If she were in such a condition where that could happen to her, she wouldn’t have done this in the first place.

    You know, most of us who have spoken out against DM and the church’s abuse and squirreling, did so knowing that we could lose connections to friends and family by doing so, yet we did it anyway because we knew it was the right thing to do.

    I am not going to assume that Debbie is any different. She expressed no desire to blow in her letter but she had to know that this could get her kicked out, declared and disconnected from.

    Do you think it’s possible that she’s just being ethical and standing up for what she thinks is right despite any bad consequences she might suffer from because of it?

    That’s what most of us did!

  115. Theo Sismanides

    Debbie has apparently opened up a big hole on the ship’s hull and it is going to be getting in lots of water for the next days!

  116. Scientologists are an amazing group!

    For decades Scientologists have openly campaigned against the Psychiatric/Pharmaceutical cult and their murderous drugs forced on Americans and other “civilized” nations.

    The Rothschild/Rockefeller/Kissinger/Soros/etc. bankster cult which controls the Psycho/Pharm cult and the dinosaur media – MSNBC, FOX, CNN, BBC, New York Times, SP Times etc. appear to be desperate to prevent Scientology from effectively countering their genocidal agenda:

    Endless War
    Impossible Debt
    Total Poice State

    This is an OLD, OLD Dramatization.

    That Scientologists have amassed a considerable war chest to accelerate the campaigns to expose the current Nazi police state and counter the damage these psychos have done to millions of lives is laudable.

    The desperation with which the carefully controlled New World Order propaganda outlets like the SP Times, Village Voice, etc. solicit complaints from anyone with something negative to say about Scientology or Scientologists is revelatory.

    Scientology rocks!!!

    And that goes for ALL Scientologists – those that APPLY LRH Tech to better conditions in their environment – the only REAL criteria.

    The leadership of Scientology – no matter who those leaders are or have been has been under attack non stop by the Bankster cult since LRH released Dianetics in 1959.

    They are correctly petrified of ANY true Scientologist as they know all too well the power of the truth as published in L Ron Hubbard’s works.

    Scientology is truth and, as such, is self-correcting.

    We have an eternity ahead of us and we have already won with the broad publication and distribution of LRH’s works in so many languages.

    2012 is when we handle the 4D by indicating the specific SPs that keep the 4D engram in restim.

    AND take our freedom back from the banksters.

    Note that Scientologists are still alive to complain – unlike JFK, Martin Luther King and so many other True Americans taken out by the murserous bankster cult.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Larry Byrnes

  117. if you publish, can you please correct my typos? – 1950 and murderous

  118. Debbie has much strength and courage, knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time. What a fantastic person.

  119. expelled 4 Life

    I think I’ll stroll down to the Base and do some obnosis and the tone scale…

  120. I just thought about part of what you wrote. There may be 12,000 Scn’ers “in good standing”. But, there are NOT 12,000 ACTIVE Scners…

  121. “Mass mailing” to private friends is NOT a legal matter. You need to educate yourself.

  122. I really like Gayle Smith! 🙂

  123. This was a fantastic statement from Debbie Cook. If you worked in the pr department you could not ask for a better endorsement. This validates the information that has been posted here for two years and it is from someone who still supports the church.

    Show her some love!!!

  124. I think this type of activity from the Church gets one to commit overts against his friends and then get sucked into those mechanisms. A major key-in. Anyone who disagrees must be destroyed. It’s like the freakin Nazis for christ sake.

    Who would not cringe upon reading such a request? Who would blindly follow it? A corporate Scientologists I guess.

  125. Let me edit that a bit:

    Who would not cringe upon reading such a request? Who would blindly follow it? Very few I hope.

  126. Don’t know why that struck a nerve but I love that George.
    Thank you.

  127. Debbie Cook is a good public speaker. She comes across comfortable and professional on camera. I suspect after the dust settles a bit she may make some public appearences. Maybe that is her next gradient.

  128. Hmmm. Wouldn’t you just love to know who ‘we’ is?

  129. OTVIIIisGrrr8t! – I think you must have been our old friend OTDT in your last life!

  130. Ahh Brittany Ruiz aka Brittany Sierra Garrett is at it again! Boy she needs to find a life. It’s people like her who have zero grasp of the tech and cannot think for themselves. This makes me sad on the one hand, but happy that it’s so blatantly obvious to ANYONE looking and therefore something that CAN be handled.

  131. Erwin

    Her e-mail, a “public statement” surely violates the Suppressive Act that reads…”Public statments against Scientology or Scientologists but not to a Committee of Evidence duly convened.”

    I would not characterize her actions as..”actually fighting in an ON POLICY way within the Church”, as you have stated.

    For her to have sent her e-mail, how and to whom she did ( and some of the specific statements she makes within it) would be considered “off line, off policy, and a Suppressive Act, according to the Churches policies.

    Eric S

  132. I love how cussing self-righteous some of these people are. Corporate Miscavology (I refuse to call anything associated with the church “Scientology” because it is not) is full of holier-than-thou scolds: “Out security!” “do NOT post this on FACEBOOK!”

    Reminds me of the Church Lady. “SATAN!”

    GOD I can’t stand these people. They are so full of shit they have an eternal tan.

    Alejandro Ortiz – “Well.. critical thoughts and critical comments are and [sic] indicator of overts.” So – by that logic, he has overts against Debbie because he is criticizing her! What a maroon!

    Gaby Estalayo – “Use the standard lines” WHAT LINES? There are no lines. “Do not go into confidential matter on facebook please. This is out security.”

    HA HA HA HA.

    A. It is NOT confidential, and B. You guys screwed up on security years and years ago.


    It’s like someone having a “confidential conversation” in a glass booth. As they say, Murder will Out.

    Thanks, Theo! This was an awesome read.

  133. “Lawyers make money out of conflict; especially the ones they create.”


  134. Now there is a point. Yes, I noticed this right away. But, what does the greatest good for the greatest number is what will get people’s votes. As long as I have known about the Church of Scientology their arrangements with people in most sectors have either been to misapply tech and/or just gouge the people for money. ANY Person that believes in Scientology would know this. Is being declared an SP by a group of sociopsychopaths really such a bad deal? 🙂 I don’t think so. If anyone believes that they need the Church of Scientology’s permission in order to word clear a word on a friend, then this is a clear picture of today’s Church of Scientology! 🙂

  135. Scott Campbell

    Hi Carol,

    To whom is the attorney referring when he refers to “members” in the letter?

    Members of the organization or members of the lawsuit? Other?

  136. If the numbers I have heard are correct, 12,00o is darn near half the U.S. Membership!

  137. Carol-very very interesting!

  138. Just keep a tally of the numbers.
    16 people have dropped off their friends list already in the last 24 hours.

  139. martyrathbun09

    If that is what you think Scientology is all about, you are psychotic by any definition – Scientological or otherwise.

  140. Scott Campbell

    Karry was friends with Bodhi in school. She’d love to see him on the outside!

  141. The attacks on and disconnections from Debbie actually prove how incredibly squirrel the Church and these attacking “parishioners” have become. She quotes exact LRH policy showing huge, indisputable squirrelling going on continuously in the Church, and these people act this way. Occasionally, one of them will quote some other policy they claim Debbie has violated or which applies, but even assuming them to be correct for the sake of argument, any such violation in comparison to the mega-squirrelling she is referring to is not even worth mentioning. It is truly sad, sick and disgusting that the Church and its members have devolved to this point. It has truly become the Church of the Squirrels. Wow.

  142. Jesus, Larry, you have truly lost it…if you ever had it in the first place. You are a squirrel of the first order.

  143. Happy New Year Marty!

  144. Scott Campbell

    Touche’ Eric. Not to mention the “Malicious Rumor mongering” etc., etc…

    The church’s response is entirely predictable. What’s not predictable is DM’s response. That’s where the fun begins!

  145. Ziba Feulner

    She unfriended me a June of 2011 when I came out on Marty’s blog. I just sent her a new friend request and am curious if she will add me back on now 🙂

  146. C of $ in 2012: Citing LRH Policy = Disaffected.

  147. Don’t you love how quoting LRH policy and tech has become EnTheta???

    Dig in, Debbie. It’s only just begun. 😉

    Hey Marty, Happy New Year! Who’da thought just a couple years ago… that you would be Here… Now? Wow. Power to you, my friend! 🙂

  148. Scott Campbell

    Great work Theo. You da’ man!

  149. Ziba Feulner

    V., it is UNBELIEVABLE how BLIND some of these cult members are. She has cited LRH References but nobody seems to care about that anymore…Here an example on her FB, from a Maria Gutierrez “Sorry is not courage. If you have questions you may use the correct lines, ask to RTC.” Excuse me??? Didn’t you read that the source of evil is RTC??? Go read her email and again and clear all of your MUs!!!
    On the other hand, here a pretty cool comment from a Margaret Kerrigan, “Debbie, you have much strength and courage, knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time. What a fantastic person.” I also love the fact that there are 38 Likes…
    By the way, she seems to be deleting the negative comments…Good for you, Debbie…

  150. Scott Campbell

    Yeah Larry. That’s why DM invested in psych drug manufacturer’s companies – so he could infiltrate and bring them down from the inside!

  151. Several people had written on Debbie’s facebook page that she should use the usual lines to write reports.

    Did those guys fail to read and understand Debbie’s email ?

    She had explained very clearly that the top managers (exec strata) don’t exist anymore, because these staffs have been put into “correction facilities” for a long time. This means that there are no working report lines any more.

    There is only one solution in such a situation : BYPASS !

    And that’s exactly what Debbie has been doing 🙂

  152. Yes but there are other policies about what you do if ethics aren’t getting in, and if the system is corrupt you don’t just keep getting knocked around in it trying to play the game. You can’t just be affect of policy, purpose is much higher and overrides it.

  153. In addition to the facebook scramble to shield/sheer off, there appears to be an all-hands-state-of-emergency-drop-what-you’re-doing-and-call-people to find out who has received this e-mail and what their thoughts are. They are deathly scared of its effect and want to find out how many people are in agreement or disagreement with it. It continues to spread today and will do so for some time. FLB and PAC will be full of watching eyes from staff, public to public, all wondering about who has read it and thought about it. Sooner or later it will have to be addressed out in the open. It is too big to discuss with people individually. Major rip in the curtain.

  154. Exactly right. Her email is a very clean, extremely well thought out document, designed for a VERY specific audience, the on-lines, obedient parishioner, commonly referred to here as a drinker of Kool-aid, who would NEVER, on fear of death (spiritually) research online to find out the truth about Miscavage, but who MAY read an email from a long-standing opinion leader who RAN FLAG for nearly 20 years.
    More power to Debbie for having the balls to do this. Attempts to run her down will backfire on the Church without a doubt. Miscavage is firmly parked in a very tight corner with nowhere to turn, and no-one to blame but himself.

  155. Exactly my first thought. Also disagreeing with DM squirrelling = Entheta

  156. Eric, that’s the beauty of her email: it’s not public but send to individual Scientologists. The guy that gave it to the press would be guilty of suppressive acts (in the cult’s deluded mind). She is not going into a public discussion either but asks for individual emails.

  157. Blinded by the Light

    When I was on lines I read, was star rated on and word cleared those very PL’s that captain Cook quoted. I also know that the staff that had me cleared on these also read them. So how come John Allender (one of those who gave me a star rate checkout), or Mark Warlick didn’t come to the same conclusion?

  158. She is smarter than that; in my dictionary a rumour is still unconfirmed and probably false. She only states confirmed facts and LRH policy.

  159. PersonalJudas

    Sorry Larry, but you’ve got to get over this evil empire stuff and out of the Truman show.
    Wake up and smell the cappuccino, Scn is a blip on the radar screen. It could have been more but it isn’t.
    CoS – The Immaculate Deception

  160. Re: the Brittany email: is it not illogical to contact someone to prevent them from seeing Debbie Cook’s email, when they are the people in contact with Debbie, to whom she would already have sent her message? That is called “closing the barn door after the horse is stolen.”
    And if someone has already read Debbie’s message, then getting a message from someone else telling you how you should react is the typical church reversal of ethics: the higher you get up the bridge, the more someone ELSE tells you what your ethical actions should be.

  161. Correction, it’s the total of online sheeple plus some of us.

    The Code of Honor

  163. And Re: Brittany–she was the D Ed at AOLA and KR’d my husband for NOT forcing my daughter to drop everything and come to AOLA and get on service. This was while my daughter was covering both our posts at our business so that we could be in LA. Does that reek of illogic or what?

    Someone takes the bit of authority they have, and comes up with a brilliant idea (to them) and decides it is mandatory and tries to enforce it. That is called an arbitrary. And the less intelligence one has, the more arbitraries they will devise.

  164. Now it’s 20…..
    Go Brittany!

  165. Chris
    I am a very bright guy and have made a ton of money. I blindly followed for years

  166. Funny. True, but funny. Although it shows RCS bots are already finding their way to this blog. I’ll be mighty curious to see how the site stats stack up when the dust settles.

  167. Blinded by the Light

    She did use the “correct terminals” to no avail since the posts to which she could speak were no longer viable. What else could she do to communicate but to bypass? Anybody to whom she has sent these e-mails has read these very same PL’s ( I know I have) maybe the light will dawn in the feeble little minds of these fraidy cats. When OSA threatens them with their eternity i’m sure most will scatter like cock roaches.

  168. I wish that my mother were alive to see this, the day that Debbie Cook stood up. My mom was on Solo Nots, and left Corporate Scientology when the rest of our family did two years ago.

    Her name was Donna-Gail Wilcock and she passed away on October 26th. She knew Debbie was out of the Sea Org. My mom often said “The day Debbie Cook speaks out is the day David Miscavige will truly shit his pants.”

    Now that Debbie Cook has spoken out, I’d like to mail a little something to Dear Leader on behalf of my mother. I have a case of Scott toilet paper that I think he is in need of, as my mother predicted.

  169. Yes, she might even know a thing or two about Lisa McPherson…!?

  170. If the mass mailing is on Religious matter is not illigal too.

  171. Tom, did you notice that your figurative “fire away” got turned into pratically a literal command to shoot someone?

  172. What Debbie’s email is beautifully designed to do is hook the reader with immediate reality, then keep them right on reading, gradiently enlightening them as they go along, unable to take their eyes off her words to the very end.

    The comm will get through to many still inside.

    The Radical Corporation will overreact to Dead Agent the sender.

    While the Radical Corporation may indeed remain intact, this email of hers will be momentous. Quietly, many will be pulling out and withdrawing their support as a direct result of this, in some cases the final push, which so many have been waiting for.

    People aren’t dumb. They just get themselves trapped sometimes on the track. This is one of those times. Beings can wake up. All of us did.

  173. Sorry Les, I am chuckling here, but I think thousands will have picked up their plastic cups for a deeper drink so they can sigh in relief at not having to think about it.

  174. PTS, or in league with?

    SPs and other PTS’.

  175. But it feels so good to have the blood coming out of the jugular vein into the vampire’s teeth. Pure ecstasy.

  176. Don’t forget the Lisa McPherson case.

  177. Not sure if this will work, but worth a try. The image of the above the fold front page for today – January 2nd, 2012:

  178. Looks like images cannot be posted here – any feedback from the moderator is welcome, but meanwhile, here is the URL for the front page:

  179. DMs Psychotic Break

    Perhaps you should have an attorney do a guest post here about the legality and enforceability of these ‘confidentiality agreements’ that many are forced to sign. Many are frightened to speak after being forced to sign these documents and they do not know that these agreements most likely don’t apply when a crime has been committed. They may also not be enforceable in several jurisdictions.

    I think many that read your blog desperately need this information from someone with experience and authority.

  180. Wouldn’t we all 🙂
    But I don’t hold out much hope for him.

  181. Sounds like the SOP of a Miscavige valenced Org. The ‘not quite bright’ in positions of power. I hear ya Lynne.

  182. martyrathbun09

    They are not worth the paper they are written on
    -Someone with experience and authority.

  183. Not going to happen.
    The disconnection campaign has already started which means DM will be gunning for total annihilation.
    Debbie is too smart not to have seen that coming. She knows she crossed the line and she knows the game.
    DM may not have realized it yet but she’s got him by the balls.

  184. George M. White

    Happy you like it.
    Every Friday evening for the last 11 years we have chanted in Pali to the Devas:

    “By the power of the enlightened one’s truth, may the victory be mine”

    I modified it for the blog. You are indicating to me that we must have had a wholesome transmission.

    Much loving-kindness,

  185. The funniest people show up when DM is freaked out.

  186. 😀
    Be sure to report back in!

  187. It sure is.
    Nice job Debbie!

  188. Wondered what that smell was.

  189. Cheers Natalie!
    …I’m sure your mom is smiling down at you right now!

  190. Reading Debbie’s facebook, I saw how much some were offended, shocked by her mail. While she was basically quoting LRH, and just doing what a Scientologist is supposed to do when facing out tech per KSW. She was also using the very basic reference « An essay on management ». Per the ref it should be obvious to any oberver that DM is an authoritarian personnality and that our duty is to exil him from his position. It’s an overt of great magnitude to let him run Scientology, as much as it was one to let Hitler run Germany. This is high treason of our purpose and Debbie did what is expected from a real Sea Org.
    Why those « kool aid » don’t see it?
    Why are they supporting the SP? The reason is that they follow the definition of « robot » they are entirely overwhelmed. They take only cue to SP associates. They are like super PTS.
    They have been painfully endoctrinated. Like the German people under Hitler. Same phenomenon.
    What is the tool used? This tool is confession, with thousand years of earlier similars into christianity. Give me all your sins and the lord will forgive you!
    They have been run on endless sec checks and OW write up. They are guilty! They are writing non reading overts, and giving falsely reading WH on sec checks. Any non conformity is an overt. They can have hours and hours of « no auditing » on stupids subjects like masturbation, bad thoughts etc… They have to conform. The church will issue you an eligibility if to some degree you conform to Markabians like laws. When you are more interested to upgrade you statue than your level of awarness on the Bridge.
    They shiver if someone says something which will change anything. They are robots and middle class PTS’s. Completely out of valence as scientologists. In the valence of ennemies of spiritual freedom

  191. How soon before DM winds up “ED Int”, “CO CMOI” et al, and sends them onto a stage to prove they still exist? Birthday Event? ….

  192. Harry, that’s a great point, one I hadn’t thought of. I’m curious to know how many people will waver as a result. Time will tell.

  193. DMs Psychotic Break

    You made me chuckle. Good one.

    Yes, you probably are someone with a lot of experience and authority on the subject. It makes me sad that so many voices are silenced by fear (and payoffs). I just think a post on the subject would be an informative reference for some that are still too afraid to speak.

  194. Yes, also “taken on the color of the enemy” = tends to follow LRH policy instead of DM policy. And taken to its next logical step is “LRH is in the enemy camp too”.

  195. And I think “Active” means “comes to events” or “is on his Basics”.

    IMHO that is not an Active Scientologist.

  196. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha the cockroaches are starting to disappear on her wall.. there is a couple of good fighters/friends there who give her a big Bravo! The rest almost gone!!! Isn’t Theta fun? So pervasive!

  197. “Ask RTC”
    Since when did RTC become the source to ask? Whatever happened to Letter to Executive Director International line? No one wants to ask that.

    As for I.J.C., ask me! I’ve got first hand info on that bunch:
    “Okay, we’ll knock your freeloader debt from $160,000 to $20,000 but you must also buy a set of the basic books and tapes for $3,000. Will that be credit or check?”
    1) Off-policy 2) Out-ethics 3) Wrong hat 4) Who the hell are you again? IJC? Thought I was talking to the BSO personally.

    Where’s Heber???

  198. You are not alone. I think the days of having people blindly follow may be near an end though as more and more information and sources come out.
    It reduces down to a small group of closed-off people who want to be blind.
    Thast not my kind of group.

  199. I don’t think Debbie mentioned an actual number, but Village Voice said “reportedly 12,000” without giving the source.

  200. The other point is paranoid reaction to security. A kind of mutual out ruds. They think they are surrounded by ennemies, a very dangerous environment. They have been under the yoke of chaos merchants. Now, it’s like a family where the man beat the wife, they have to keep it secret. What Debbie says has maybe some truth for them but to say it loud offer some food to the ennemy.
    Someone told me : “Did you hear this that some says that COB is beating his staffs?” and I said “Really?” and he answered : “This is very entheta.” And I said: “And what if it’s true?”. And he looked very overwhelmed and said : “Can you imagine what if the ennemies would use that?”
    They are used to lie for the “greatest good”. It started when they were “handled” to be reasonable with out points they voiced innocently. Some things better stayed secret for the best interest of Scientology. Some kind of hidden data line. COB knows better. Maybe, like Adolf, he has some secrets weapons that he will issue when it’s time!
    They have a religious fervour to him, same reaction than to Stalin or Hitler. This remains still quite a riddle why people follows such character.

  201. There are programs that allow you to bulk mail. It’s how you you get email from big companies. If she works in marketing and PR then she must have them and gathering emails for marketing is common in marketing.

  202. expelled 4 Life


  203. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Just noting that the sock chorus posting to the fake Marty Rathbun sites stopped abruptly at 2pm Monday (EST). I guess someone got “All hands! Brace for Impingement!” orders.

  204. Jethro Bodine


    This diatribe sounds like it could have been written by your friend Dennis Clark due to the large amount of paranoia and hysteria it contains. You should read about how Corporate Scientology treated him after he had a stroke (there is an account of it somewhere on this blog). He was pretty much discarded as a degraded being.

    Corporate Scientology has no enemies other than the ones it has created, thanks largely to DM. Read this blog and you will learn of first person accounts from long-time, highly-trained Scientologists of abuse after abuse that “the psychs” or “big pharma” had nothing to do with. Miscavige and his cronies are responsible for this. Even two of his former cronies (Rathbun and Rinder) have spoken out extensively about this.

    Also, read Debbie Cook’s email, especially read the LRH policy references, and you’ll see how much Corporate Scientology has departed from the Ideal Scene.

    Also, go easy on the conspiracy theories: corporate Scientologists might be afraid of “the psychs”, but the psychiatrists are not afraid of Corporate Scientology. The image of Corporate Scientology today is the worst that it has ever been and is currently more hated than the Taliban (based on recent surveys).

    And by the way, that “war chest” you’re so proud of – only a very small fraction of it has been spent on what it allegedly was collected for. The IAS regges use scare tactics and crush regging to extract money for an organization that provides no exchange, which is grossly off policy. Instead, Miscavige uses the IAS war chest to hire lawyers and private investigators to protect his position of power. They atttempted to harass Marty to death and it didn’t work. This is all detailed on this here blog. Start reading.

  205. Yeah Larry.

    That would be why Cheryl Berman, OT VIII and Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett, ran Eli Lilly’s ad campaigns for years. I’m sure FSO and POB were unaware of that.

    Oh wait – her and her house husband are big $ donors to IAS.

  206. Scott Campbell

    I’m glad you’re not a lawyer. With geometric logic like that, you’d have us all pinned into a corner!

  207. Jethro Bodine

    Make sure the toilet paper is two ply. Only the best for Dear Leader!

  208. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC have been up for 48 hours straight reviewing Debbie Cook’s folders. We found that this entire matter comes down to the fact that Debbie has a crashing misunderstood on one word: Donation.

    Debbie’s long New Year’s Eve letter decried “extreme fundraising”, a term that appears nowhere in Scientology scripture and is thus squirrel through and through. Because Debbie has overts against the Church, she manufactured her false allegation of extreme fundraising.

    The Church of Scientology does not engage in extreme fundraising or any
    other type of fundraising. We are a church and exist solely on donations from our parishioners. It is only apostates that feel our regging is predatory. We do not circle pc’s like sharks or vampires to force them to max out their credit cards, take out 2nd and 3rd mortgages, or call relatives for loans. These apostates have us confused with Mafia loan sharks.

    We in RTC realize that the huge percentage of Scientologists refusing to go back to Flag and OTVII’s on Solo NOTs turning in their folders has nothing to do with the lack of standard Tech delivered at Flag, Rather, people not returning to Flag is due solely and only to the entheta and lies manufactured by nefarious and unnamed suppressive Psych-connected message boards and wog blogs.

    We in RTC staunchly defend the datum that the auditor + the pc + an IAS reg cycle is greater than the bank.

    We sometimes offer free gifts in exchange for donations. For example, if you donate $10,000 to IAS this month, the Church is offering a special IAS pen and pen holder.

  209. Internal Handling

    A friend of mine was contacted by a relative in the SO to arrange to come in and be debriefed on the “real scene”, meaning, whatever mumbo jumbo mouth full of marbles explanation and rationalization of Debbie’s letter in an attempt to dead agent her.

    He was disappointed with the relative and their lack of obnosis. This has been the tactic for a long time. Bring someone is, gang up on them and explain the situation, explain the policies and explain that what the policy says, which is being violated, is not really what it means, until you are “Enlightened”.

    How to Defeat Verbal Tech, must be currently banned or maybe it was also revised based on long research into previously hidden and unknown files to include the above.

  210. David Lingenfelter


    I think is the definition of “within our group” that is the confusion. That superbly written email was sent to those still behind the curtain and dare not peak out so she slipped the observations in on her powerful clean comm line.

    Debbie Cook is a very sharp and nice lady.

    She will be attacked for communicating but is that new news on this planet.


  211. I’ve been sending the email to “in good standing” friends, and I’m surprised at how many hadn’t received it — two people have told me how happy they are that I sent it to them and that they are sending it to a number of others. It’s definitely hitting the right cord.

  212. Natalie,
    Sorry to hear about your mom. I didn’t know her but from that quote, I’m guessing she had some spunk. Wishing her well in her new endeavors.
    ps. You should mail that toilet paper to the dwarf.

  213. Scott-Haven’t heard that song in a long time-great hearing it again!

  214. Absolutely!! Disaffected with Darth Midget.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  215. John Fennessey

    HereNow, I knew it was Larry Byrnes halfway down his posting before I saw his name. And I can assure you that he did have it in the first place, as you put it.
    Larry seems a bit focused here on the 4th dynamic and the bad hats. He always was. And he paid his dues. He fought the good fight. And he loves LRH and the tech.
    I always felt one day Mike Rinder would be part of the solution. I have thought the same about larry Byrnes. Larry is here under his own name. I think if he keeps looking and reading he will come to realize who are LRH’s friends, and the fact that the battle Larry has always been willing to wage is a lot closer to home than he expected. Closer to home than he wants to see or easily admit. And difficult to confront for him as I am sure he paid a lot for that forgery as well. I feel his heart is in the right place and the fact that he is here communicating is a good thing. If he has enough confront left and keeps reading he will sort it all out. And then watch out.

  216. LOL.

    Debbie’s beingness was/is captivating, isn’t it? Whenever I saw her picture at the beginning of “Source” magazine, I felt compelled to read that little blurb signed by her — even as PR’y as it was. There was something wise, calm and peaceful about her presence … enough so that I overlooked the blurb’s shallowness.

  217. A waste of printer ink.
    -Someone else with experience and authority.

  218. TroubleShooter

    Marty, I learned today from someone very close to me just how much of an impact those suppressive million dollar bonds to STFU that he was made to sign when routing out of the SO actually had on him. It’s been years since he was bullied and electrified into signing them. He’d had very little outside world experience when leaving the SO and so thought that what he was being told was true. He left and spent a few years destimming. It was only today when we spoke about the Debbie email I sent him that he talked about it for the first time in SEVEN YEARS!!!!!! He finally felt as though he was going to say something and when he did I was able to tell him to what extent you’d made it clear that those “agreements” weren’t worth the paper they were written on. We had not one but TWO great conversations today that have not happened in SEVEN YEARS as it was today.

  219. Well Done Debbie!

  220. “The day Debbie Cook speaks out is the day David Miscavige will truly shit his pants.”

    Your Mom was (is) right.

  221. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Ingrid. I thought it was a good one for this type of “Ya gotta do what ya gotta do” situation.

  222. one of those who see


  223. John, thanks and I truly hope you are correct. My main point is that anyone supporting/defending DM and Corporate Scientology at this point is actually a squirrel – by reason of the massive tech and policy violations they support and/or defend. I realize they do not see this or at least do not want to see it. But it is a bizarre reversal that the Church has become the squirrel group, and those they loose the squirrel busters on are far more true to real Scientology.

  224. The Radical Corporation will overreact to Dead Agent the sender.

    Bryan, you’re right. As they did it in 2011 on noumerous ocasions with several Celebs and Media.
    Unluckily for them, they can’t study conceptually and they are not willing to learn from their mistakes.
    Even Ron knew how to say “Sorry, I made a mistake.” (In his own manner, of course.)
    But this novel attitude is not known by the self-appointed one.

  225. Yes, he will. With remote controlled puppets.

  226. Scott Campbell

    I like it. Theta as Raid…

    Theo, ‘Raid’ is the brand name of a bug killer spray in the U.S.

  227. “We in RTC staunchly defend the datum that the auditor + the pc + an IAS reg cycle is greater than the bank.”

    Nice summation. Sorry, but true.

  228. one of those who see

    Just doing some reading in Tech Vol XII and came across this Confessional Question:
    From HCOB 12 Nov. 1980
    Registrar and Sales Personnel Confessional List
    “15. Have you ever sought out wealthy public and sold them services they did not necessarily need or regged them for “donations” which were not really for any org service?”
    L. Ron Hubbard

    For those starting to really see what has been going on, I thought this would give Debbie additional back up. Not that she needs it.
    Question: There seems to be a lot of sec checking going on in the orgs these days. Are IAS, Ideal Org, Super Power, Library donations Registrars getting their confessionals??? If so, what happens with this question??????

  229. He was disappointed with the relative and their lack of obnosis.

    And many others will.
    This butterfly will have enormous effect.
    All they try to do, is to plant halucinations on the public – but they can’t fully….

    The highest one can attain to truth is to attain to his own illusions. The lowest one can descend from truth is a complete acceptance of MEST universe reality, for this below a certain level becomes scrambled and brings on the condition known as hallucination. Hallucination is not self-generated; it comes about only when a person is an effect to such an extent that he is
    almost dead.
    LRH, SCN 8-8008

    Truth may set you free…

  230. One of those who see: Great Confessional question for Miscarriage. However, he may need about 12 Intensives until the question runs clean… 🙂

  231. Old School,

    They’ll be in wheel chairs, on crutches or in caskets.

    My advice to law enforcement agencies in the relevant jurisdictions: Get the cadaver dogs ready. Psycho-boy, aka Slappy, already stepped across the line. He’ll go out in a flourish as is typical of a criminal psychotics.

    So sad, but true……….

  232. OT8isGrrr8: LMAO…Hilarious!!!

  233. Darth Midget! lol good one…

  234. I love the shout out to Ron Norton: “Where are you Norton?”
    He was my auditor in 1979 and the most amazing auditor. When I went back to Flag a few years later, he was the CO. Very impressive rise through the ranks.
    I understand he left the Sea Org and has kept a low profile. It would be wonderful if he spoke out.

  235. expelled 4 Life

    Natalie: I’m very sorry to hear about your Mom. IMHO there are only a couple people left who could be game changers if they spoke out. Debbie was #1 on my list. What a great way to start the New Year.

  236. Larry, I recommend – and this is not meant cynical: Please find someone who can get you through all the steps of “How to Handle a Dangerous Environment” and stop listening to Chaos Mongers such as David Miscavige and his minions. Their sole purpose is to manipulate and control you by turning you PTS to imaginary SPs before ordering you to their HGCs for some Black Dianetics…

  237. expelled 4 Life

    Got busy with my own production. Will try to get down there tomorrow.

  238. Scott Campbell

    This is the public “handling” that is at the acceptance level of most Kool-Aid drinkers.

    In the Sea Org the technique is more blunt and unsophisticated. It’s “Get down there and clean the bilges until you have a cognition…” or some such.

    You can imagine what the cognitions must be in order to be released from the punishment.

    It’s easier and wastes less time and manpower than the types of “handlings” done on the public.

  239. Scott Campbell

    Fuckin’ Bingo!

  240. John Fennessey

    HereNow, I get what your saying. The solution lies in getting folks to look. To read. I dont think anyone can read all the declarations and articles on this blog and not wake up. My guess is that Larry received the e-mail from Debbie Cook and his reaction was to make some noise. I dont think larry understands how much of a pro-LRH and pro-scientology forum this is. We are dealing with folks who wanted to believe, wanted to help, wanted to change the world, and who have been misled and kept in the dark. If they come here, I hope we can welcome them so they stick around long enough to read up.They will spot the truth. Then its up to them.

  241. Whatever it was it unexpectedly brought tears to my eyes.
    So I think you’re right.
    Thank you. It’s very beautiful.

  242. Sorry. No typo correcting allowed here.
    It woudn”t be half as muc fun witout the typos 😉

  243. M&M I love all this experience and authority works for me!!!!!

  244. Damn that was supposed to be a shocked face not 80!

  245. one of those who see

    It would be amazing to hear from him. He is on facebook, if you want to say hello.

  246. Any radar flyers with the original copy of Debbie’s email out there?
    If so please contact me (
    We’ve got a couple of mailing lists in the UK and Debbie did say to forward her message right?

  247. Marty and Mike,
    I think a whole blog essay should be written on the worthlessness of the gag orders. Many done under coercion on video camera with 5 other people in the room (hidden from view) and even a “security guard” in full uniform standing ominously by the door to block escape.
    Another part of the coercion is that penniless Sea Org members have normally been reduced to no pay 1/4 pay in their last months/last year for asking to depart. They are on hard labor and almost no pay for asking to leave.
    But they are never allowed out the door without incessant sec checks and when no sec checkers available, it drags out for a year sometimes 2 years.
    They become more and more penniless.
    While on Sec checks and the extensive “route out” procedure they have no reserves or fall back $$$ to start afresh.
    The Sea Org member is told they will not receive their parting $500 til the gag order is signed. This is another part of the co-ercion. Sign the dotted line or you will be out the door without a penny to live on.

  248. Lynne and Sam-

    My comment was only meant to indicate POB as the target for justice actions.

    So sorry if it was misconstrued.

    I’m not an advocate of death penalties. Assassinations don’t solve spiritual ‘problems’ like those epitomized by POB. Understanding though, does. Pointing out his sociopathy, never-the-less, accomplishes an end game.

  249. I’m just merrily putting my attention on the positive and ignoring the beverage guzzlers:)

  250. Brittany is one of a few hard-core Nazi-like Youth who jump in at the first whiff of anything that is considered “disaffected” and “entheta”. That they have serious misunderstoods on what is entheta is the first clue that one has that you are being “aposticized” (no such word, but it seemed apropos to use here since Pouw, et al like to use ‘apostate’ so much).
    That she, or anyone who calls themselves a Scientologist, would say that a communication filled with LRH references is “entheta” is illuminating, to say the least. She was one of the few Inquisitors who deemed me unfit to be on a friend list and worked diligently over the 72 hours to ensure no other “in good standing, in-ethics and approved to live” person remained on my FB list. I was not Declared, I was not under Comm Ev, I was not under any sort of Ethics of Justice action, I was merely out-spoken. As was any other person who has been treated in such a manner on FB.

    Your crime, Debbie, is communicating. I do hope you knew that this was to be the swift response from RCS sychophants. On the plus side, you have at least 1 to 1 replacements, and I suspect there are 2+ to 1 replacements for those false showing who they really are.

    Marty, I didn’t know that bit about Javier. Thanks for the info as it explains a great deal.

  251. Alex Castillo (a bit off topic)

    Hello all,

    I have just popped in to say Happy New Year 2012 to all of you and to also say
    that at this point in the time track the Real Scientology is WINNING! Thanks to
    so many people out there who have decided to stick to LRH’s dream of having a
    society free of crime, insanity and war, instead of something else cooked up by
    someone else, Auditors are still auditing, C/S are still C/Sing and PCs are
    still experencing the benefits of the Technology which was created to help the
    Human Race understand itself and become more enlightened so as to create a
    better world for us, our children and our grandchildren and beyond.

    The Church of Miscavige is falling. The Church of Miscavige does not represent
    LRH’s dream and it is rapidly decaying, showing to all who can see that David
    Miscavige is just a Con Man who has never understood what Scientology is all

    I hope that it is clear to all who can understand, that David Miscavige and his
    cult are immaterial, that all that counts is that those who are in possesion of
    the Real Scientology Tech will continue to get new people to learn and
    experience what was meant to help people make their lives a better one.

    From what I understand today, it is OK to disclose Miscavige’s crimes and
    violations of LRH’s Tech and Policy, plus violations of Human Rights and
    violations of the law of the land, but in my humble opinion, it is more
    important to train more Auditors, C/Ss and Supervisors so that LRH’s Tech can be
    delivered to many. In my view, that’s the winning ticket if we want to preserve
    and continue for generations to come.

    Out there, there are many of you who can do it!

    So let’s see 2012 become The Year of Real Scientology.

    Happy New year and Love to you all,

    Alex Castillo

  252. Lynne ~~
    The attack dog mentality are shades of Miscavige that have had the trickle down effect. DM attacks like a mad dog and sets the tone level. Lower level fish emulate him.

    I had a twerp at Celebrity Center attack me with a hate “Knowledge Report” and “threaten my elligibility” for not responding to incessant unwanted phone calls to get on course to study the Basics !

    I handled her appropriately.:oops: 😳 😳
    She was not prepared for it. Nothing like an Old Sea Org vet (running it back inward) who knows how the game is played.

  253. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hello again Claire, nice to “c” you posting again,
    Shucks, doesn’t handling the insanity around us
    always begin with a nice healthy dose of TR-O?

    Total Confront eventually shatters false / evil
    purposes and intent (aberrated fixations) and
    this is how we restore basic goodness to these
    trapped souls, dramatizing their pain to us,by
    their compulsive acts of hostility. Confronting
    their own destructive behaviour, after all, is
    the only hope they will ever have to “as is” it.

    Now that Debbie has made such a calculated
    and irreversible move, she must be anxiously
    awaiting the repercussions….and THIS……..
    is where her TR-O (bullbaited big time!) will be dramatically tested. Hope she has gotten
    herself TOTALLY sharp on this one

    P.S hope you are staying fit & strong and
    getting in those daily walks —-They’re Vital

    Much sincere luv & Happy 2012 Li’ll bit

  254. OTVIIIisGrrr8!
    It is good to lighten up. Some of the stories are so dark….
    Love the humor

  255. ‘Note the Monique-Yiglingesque disavowal of the outside world having any role in correcting the beast”

    Monique how can I get you to sue me.

    Monique Yingling you are a fraud and you aid and abbet chilabuse

    So in effect you are a chilabuser


    Sue me you cowardly woman.

  256. Eileen Clark

    I agree, Sam. She’s one smart lady. She is the epitome of a true Southern Lady; smooth as silk and soft on the outside, forged steel underneath.

  257. Forgive me.

    David Miscavige exploites children and he can do nothing about me saying this on internet.

    OSA is crippled

  258. Ouch! Good Church handlings according to doctrine! (sarcasm)

    I know of an OT 8, not in the SO or on staff that got that treatment. On hands and knees scrubbing floors and tiles in public areas at FSO as amends for some offense. It is done purely to demean, embarrass and introvert. Her friends were embarrassed for her. And this is considered amends and ok? I don’t know what perceived offense was involved but this is purely punitive for its own sake. Sick and demented.

    Why is it that it takes someone outside the “church” to see the true purpose and CULTish aspects of this? (rhetorical)

    Some people refuse to see and love their chains. Others leave.

  259. Eileen Clark

    In 1989, the FSO Addresso List was over 55,000 address known addresses, not including Bookbuyers, after cleaning up duplicates and bad addresses. I was Dir Procurement then so know what I am speaking of. The Int Address holds all the addresses, including Bookbuyers, from all the orgs. Even after massive cleanup of duplicates and bad addresses, the Int list had to have been more than 45k in ’86.

  260. Grasshopper, I enjoyed your comment. It cracked me up…so vivid!

  261. Debbie-

    I’ll offer up a metaphorical song. And thanks for all you’ve done and you’re doing:

  262. Scott Campbell

    “Some people refuse to see and love their chains. Others leave.”


  263. “Critical thought” = overts, according to one DMbot (Alejandro Ortiz) posting on Debbie’s fb wall earlier…

    “You say you want to abide by LRH? Well.. critical thoughts and critical comments are an indicator of overts. There are about 500 pages and at least 82 lectures covering this point. Even if you received an injustice, it is still a motivator by definition.”

  264. More of a conjuring than a resurrection!

  265. Eileen Clark

    Karen #1,
    I agree that such a blog would be informative and perhaps helpful to some. The entire process is meant to degrade and demean, one is treated like a piece of worthless garbage, no matter how many years of service you’ve put in. And, yet, it is simply part of the smoke and mirrors, an act put on to make the person believe they must do what they are told and have no rights–rights are only given to the Church, or so you are told. If it can be shown that any document signed under duress and coercion is not enforceable by law then maybe some would get the courage to speak up.
    Also, I’ve had the idea that there might be something to the fact that the documents cannot be enforced because in fact the Church failed in its part of the bargain in the Five Year Contracts we all signed numerous times. If food, clothing, medical/dental care, courses/auditing and stipend are to be the exchange, then if you do not get them in a reasonable fashion, then shouldn’t the RCS be held accountable if they try to go after an ex-SO who speaks out? It would certainly be easy to prove that RCS did not uphold its end of MY contract!

  266. Where can one finds the steps for “Handling the dangerous environment”?

  267. Eileen Clark

    Debbie is very aware of how actively and thoroughly FB is policed. It is not very likely that she will add any of us to her FB Friend List at this time, but that time will come. Meanwhile, if you want to send her a supportive comm then I suggest you send her an email.

  268. I’m having just as muc fun as well!

  269. Oh, that’s a beauty. Thanks for that one, One.

  270. Just sent you a copy, Sam.

  271. Scott Campbell

    They give you $500.00?

    They didn’t give me Jack shit – even after I signed the “Gag order’s” “releases” and “waivers”.

    I wonder why?

  272. Scott Campbell

    I agree. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. I know a guy who helped build the guidance system for the Apollo Moon Lander who is an intractable Kool-Aid drinker to this day.

  273. Scott Campbell


    The Addresso that I was working off of was a service completion list (so as to only mail to recruit prospects) and was an international list. I was told that it was the Int Addresso. Must have been incorrect data.

    I should have defined the list better when I spoke of it.

  274. Regarding whether Debbie wants the message sent to other Scientologists, definitely. She wrote this in her email:

    “The other thing you can do is to send this email to as many others as you can, even if you do it anonymously.”

  275. DMs Psychotic Break

    Thanks, Karen#1. You said it better than I did, and you expressed my exact intent. I see from other of Marty’s posts that perhaps an attorney isn’t the best choice for a blog essay of this type, but having legal input may help convince the reader that those agreements are a “waste of paper and ink”.

  276. Larry, you sound like a lovely fella. Thanks for communicating. I hope you stick around.

  277. Your Mom was one smart cookie! 🙂

  278. Scott Campbell

    Incredibly important point, Daisy. You’re right. It’s “using policy to stop” in this case.

  279. Karen#1
    Yes, a full blog essay would be good to free some who do not dare to speak up already outside.
    The $500.00 does not even get paid out. At least at the time of my route out. The org asserting having ‘no money’. Then a substitute of some tape series gets given instead. Go try buy groceries with that!

  280. To answer your question Les. Deaf, dumb and blind souls.

  281. Not long before the next Freedom Magazine comes out with Debbie on the cover accusing her of a long term history of the most discreditable acts known to man, complete with cartoon drawings and childish sayings such as “Liar, liar, pants on fire”…… “Debbie’s mother eats worms”…. etc.

  282. Maybe they spent all their money on POB’s birthday that month? Did you finally get out of there in April by chance?

    On a more serious note, one of the elements of a contract is consideration. Both sides have to “give something” — a contract is not valid if only one side “gives” or there is a massive imbalance. There’s no question in your case that you could send your copies along to POB to assist him with his the malaise that Natalie’s mom predicted. It would be the only real use for that paper.

  283. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC have had enough of New OTVIII’s going PTS Type III. Yet, just when it seems like we have this problem somewhat under control up pops that old Guardian’s Office ethics particle Larry Brynes yapping about New World Order gangsters and other nonsense.

    For crying out loud! We in RTC are still handling the fallout from Debbie Cook and now we have to handle Larry Brynes screeching like a crazed psychiatrist who has just had his government funding lines nuked by Scientology.

    Larry: Give up your GO hat! COB dismantled the GO a long time ago and fired all of the GO staff except for Henning Heldt and the rest of the crew over at David Morse & Associates.

    But that is not our main point. Our main point is this Larry: We in RTC read all of your posts here on Marty’s blog and found a major criminal overt: Nowhere did your posts praise COB!!!

    Larry, we in RTC urge you to duplicate the actions of Henning Heldt who wrote a three page success story on completion of his New OTVIII. Two pages of Henning’s success story wildly praised COB!

    Do it Larry! Share your New OTVIII wins on Marty’s blog! Show the world what a real Miscavige product looks like!

  284. Confessional Question:
    From HCOB 12 Nov. 1980
    Registrar and Sales Personnel Confessional List
    “15. Have you ever sought out wealthy public and sold them services they did not necessarily need or regged them for “donations” which were not really for any org service?”
    L. Ron Hubbard

    Well, that’s pretty much straight forward.
    Anybody there? OSA?
    We want our Religion back in the Church of Scientology. Get busy on the correct target!
    Ask Mr. Miscavige to use Scientology.
    Read the original Issue “What is Greatness” Ron wrote when he came back from Rhodesia – get the concept. And please, would you do the right thing.
    The wrong thing to do is [ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ].

  285. He continues to troll.

  286. The shockwave is now.

    The real results will be in a month or two.

    The fallout will be incredible.

    Just wait…

  287. Copies? They’re supposed to give you copies?

    I got out for a couple of weeks and yes, April is when I got sent to New Mexico for the Introversion Rundown. Delivered by highly trained thugs.

    Er, Introspection Rundown?

  288. That 5 1/2 months in New Mexico was AFTER I was finally allowed to route out of the Sea Org, by the way.

  289. Tony DePhillips

    Thank You to Debbie Cook for doing this.
    I think this comm will be a bunker buster bomb into the sanctuary of the bots. She positioned herself very well for a comm to be recieved by the Kool aid drinkers. That message is being spread wide and far.
    I was talking with Matt Pesch and he used the analogy that she is like the Mother of Scientology. I think this is true. She is telling her “children” “daddie is crazy!! I think this will impinge BIG TIME!!

  290. Erwin
    I see what you are saying there, but surely you would consider announcing such a thing as this e-mail does to even a small number of people, would fall into the category of “public announcement”.. Announcing something to a group of people, however you achieve it, is “making a public statement” in my books.

    We are not talking about “talking to the media” exclusively here.

    The code states only…”Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened”.

    It seems we have differing opinions on what was meant by “public” it the code referenced.

    Eric S

  291. David Miscavige is a child abuser of GRAND proportions. Enslavement of the youth of Corporate $cientology is only making the ‘Church’ richer. Same goes for all of his adult ‘Staff’ making a paltry $15.00/week – while David Miscavige amasses BILLIONS of dollars in real estate holdings and HE lives like a MILLIONAIRE. For the ecclesiastical leader, who consumes more than he produces, there is no shame.

    Congratulations to Debbie Cook for the bravery she exhibited in exposing the truth of the scam that the Corporate ‘Church’ of Scientology has perpetuated against its own in these past sad few years.

    Alexis Ward

  292. Journey Continued

    So true. And to add to that after sacrificing most of their spiritual and material assets to the Church, with the goals of reaching spiritual freedom for themselves and the rest of their dynamics, they are told that they and anyone connected to them will never attain OT and that they will forever be out of the game. If you are of the mindset that Scientology is only really worthwhile game in the universe now and for all your future incarnations, and your whole infinite future is at stake, then it is not hard to see why someone who believes this is easily kept in a state of denial of the truth and within their clutches.

    What is closer to the truth is that those that continue to support and protect DM and his henchmen are the ones that are sacrificing their eternity. To live a life based on such evil purpose, lies and deception by denying the gains of LRH Tech to the peoples of the world, and worse, applying squirreled LRH Tech and reverse tech to it’s members, is surely the fast track to oblivion.

    Just as the truth will set you free, you are trapped to the degree that you continue to lie to yourself.

  293. My god, what kind of lost souls are still inhabiting that morgue?

    Ones that are being encouraged and trained and manipulated to *NOT LOOK* — which is the antithesis of Scientology.. Many members of Corporate Scientology buy the party line that they are forbidden to look or read and discuss anything with the “outside” for their own good, that this is a favor the Church performs for them to “keep entheta” at a distance.

    LOL! A distinction is needed between entheta enturbulation and the disturbing dawning realization that things aren’t adding up. The latter is often a good thing when one follows up to LOOK and inspect what’s going on.

    Yeah. Hmmm. What about those LRH citations and policies? Maybe he really did mean what he wrote there, ya think?

    How more off-Scientology can an operation get than making it a crime to look, to communicate, to think, to wonder, to observe, as the Church Corporation lays in (under duress and extreme suppressive tactics of inval, introversion and humiliation?)? Again, these tactics are the very opposite of Scientology.

    Ultimately, however, each being will need to take a look at one’s own participation of not looking and, more importantly (for their own well being) what part of Scientology they didn’t understand … or chose to ignore for want of a different game, i.e., Status Country Club Scientology, i.e., all fluff, no stuff.

  294. To point to a outpoint was redefined as “being critical”.
    This opens the doors to many arbitrary actions in Ethics.

    This reminds me of the movie “Equilibrium” (with Christian Bale).

  295. Scientology is truth and, as such, is self-correcting.

    Yes, I agree.
    Next on the correction list:
    get rid of David “Rockeslammer” Miscavige. [ _ _ _ _ _ _ ]

  296. Daisy

    Yes, that is so true, but only if you do actually succeed in “putting ethics in”. If you fail to do so it will all recoil back onto you and you will be the effect of the condition you failed to make stick.

    So long as Debbie follows through and succeeds in “handling” DM and getting Scientology “honest and strait” she will be golden. But I would put money on it that the first words out of DM’s mouth after hearing of Debbie’s e-mail, was a summary declare.

    Similar to David Miscavige and the Indies, Each has “declared” the other. Whoever succeeds in making it stick walks away with ethics on their side. The one who fails to make it stick gets to wear the assignment.

    It may not be fair, and it may bear little resemblance to the actuality of who really is the SP, i(assuming there actually is one in fact), but that is how this universe appears to be built.

    Eric S

  297. Journey Continued

    Current Reg Confessional questions probably go something like this:

    1. Have you ever failed to close a prospect for an IAS donation because you felt they could not afford it?
    2. Did you allow your prospect to keep money in their book or service account when it could have been used to increase their IAS status?
    3. Have you committed suppressive acts on DM by refusing to give all your money to the IAS?
    4. Have you at any time given less than you could have for DMs birthday present?
    5. Have you ever failed to scrutinize a pc’s worksheets to find the right butons to push to get them to donate to the IAS?
    6. Have you failed to sell the basics to a prospect because they already have more than 1 complete set?
    7. Have you ever left a prospect go without getting all their liquid assets?
    8. How many prospects haven’t you bankrupted?

    I am sure the list can be greatly expanded!

  298. Concept,

    You may be right. My only point was from the tone of her letter she didn’t sound like someone who was out the door. She wanted, naively to handle the matter within the corporate church. Does that sound like someone ready to blow? In fact she told the village voice to take down her letter, and she may be asking Marty to also.

    I think DM will recover her somehow. That little guy knows this could be a huge PR disaster. But I could be wrong. Time will tell won’t it?

  299. Sam,
    George’ comment possibly reverberates the wonderful “Power of Forgiveness” after an audited Confessional…….

  300. Eileen Clark

    I get it. You are speaking of a list that was culled from the Int Address list of specific public, not the full list.

  301. The Volunteer Ministers Handbook is one book that has a section on Handling the Dangerous Environment.

    It also has great sections on the Dynamics, the Tone Scale, Investigations, PTS, Robotism, and more.

    Look on Amazon and Ebay.

  302. My bet is on Debbie at this point. Dm needs to stop digging, the hole has already begun to cave!

  303. Blinded…

    Hi. I totally agree with your statement “What else could she do to communicate but to bypass?” Many of us here have taken recourse to bypassing various lines and terminals that are not functioning per policy, or are absent, also. Are any of us Suppressives? It is unlikely. Are any of us guilty of “suppressive acts” per David Miscavige’s use of “Scientology Ethics”, very few of us aren’t.

    However, I tend to see a bypass as a bypass, and simply by definition that puts it outside of the realm of “correct terminals”.

    If Debbie is “on line” and “on policy” and addressing the correct terminals, then so am I, and most here also. I feel that the actions that I have taken, and am taking, are appropriate to the situation I find myself in. This is very likely true for Debbie also, but I am pretty sure that David Miscavige does not see it that way.

    I like to keep it firmly in mind here also, that David Miscavige is operating from the lowest reaches of the one Scale. I no longer waste any time expecting sanity or reason to be applied by David Miscavige or his gang of thugs.

    Eric S

  304. Eileen Clark

    Nice idea, Tom. But Norton is a totally different kind of fish. He tends to be self-serving and absorbed by his own wonderfulness and superiority. His priority is cya. It’s too bad, because he actually can be a very good exec and leader, I actually really like him. He would never stick his neck out to be chopped or to have his support lines cut. He’s making a very good living off his past Sea Org career using his comm lines into the Scn Community and getting rich off it. He is no doubt shaking his head at Debbie right now and wondering if she’s lost her mind.

    It will be well over and the fat lady will have sung her song before Norton would dare to stand up and be counted because the cost would be too dear. IMHO

  305. A perfect summation Tony, my friend!

  306. “Spiritual Eternity” is a pretty big carrot

  307. I just got some great news…

    I have just gotten wind of an “Ethics Interrogatory” sent to the local Scientology field, with my wife and I as “subjects”. It is good to see that my local Org is at least following policy on this point. Maybe it will at least give them some actual data rather than the rumors and lies being spread so far.

    I would have been very disappointed if I had been considered so insignificant as to not warrant an attack by the Church.

    I am on the way to earning my SP Badge of Honor. Woo Hooo

    Eric S

  308. Eileen Clark

    I knew Donna-Gail and I am sorry to hear of your loss. She was quite something as I remember, nice and funny. Her prediction is accurate and your thoughtfulness in sending POB a case of toilet paper is generous indeed! LOL!!!

  309. Perfect. We might not see this question included in the future prints of Tech Vols if we keep DM in the office. Golden Age of Registration is upon us…..I can see the heavy binders being designed now and forced to a done ready for the13 March event release. Hard Sell lost tech we missed out completely on.

  310. Scott ~~
    You and I left in the days when no $500 was given. Out on the street. 60 to 80 hour weeks, production of a lifetime and out in the cold for asking to leave. Then I paid them ! I paid my freeloader bill ! I paid for the privilege of serving !

    They get away with no severance pay, no 401K contributions, no nothing. They can hoard 1 Billion here and a billion there because the staff are always kept penniless while the “Church” saves it all up.
    Debbie Cook mentioned $1 billion in IAS. I have corroborated information that it is $1.5 billion now
    That is just ONE account.
    How much in Sea Org Reserves (guess $1billion minimally)
    How much in Building account ? (Super Power Building project extorted $192 million for one building if you can believe that. Building account also holds all the “ideal org” millions raised.)
    How much in Book account ? (The sale of books, CDs, Library scams)
    There is no accounting. No one sees the books. No one audits the books.
    Religious exemption ! Tax Free and no audits ! 501C3 !

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road !

  311. Eileen Clark

    After some reflection, I apologize for having posted this. Ron Norton does not deserve to be spoken of the way I did. He was a very good exec and has years of excellent products to his credit. Like us all, he made a choice and I do not have any right to say if it is good or bad, it is his decision. It was wrong of me to criticize him publicly like I did.

  312. I bet little Davey is shitting. How prophetic from what sounds like a delightful woman-I’m sorry for her passing.

  313. Hubbard does talk about people, who when suppressed long enough, start to demand a pts condition and keep the chains.

  314. All the blah-blah-blah from the FC Kool-Aid drinkers: “Debbie is bad because she points out outpoints and wants to implement LRH policies/philosophy” reminds me of something that happened at my parents’ 50th Anniversary in 1999:

    My two sisters Gunhild (ASI) and Inge Marie (AOSH EU) had a lengthy, candid conversation the first night at my parents’ house. Inge Marie’s husband had been in the RPF for 5+ years and she had some issues that she seemed to solicit Gunhild’s help with (Gunhild being higher up the Org Board et al). Gunhild and I were assigned to sleep in the same room so before we went to sleep I asked her if Inge Marie had legitimate issues or if she was merely HE&Ry. Gunhild gave me the coldest look and if eyes could kill —–, she answered: “Bodil, use your Scientology, look who’s nattering.” When I talked to Inge Marie later it turned out that her issue was that she disagreed that her husband while in the RPF, for at least the last 5 years, could only communicate in writing with his then 13year old son and 15 and 18old old stepsons, her point being that the basic philosophy of Scientology is that communication is the universal solution. She had written KRs to RTC, SO 1 letters to ED int etc, all to no avail.

    Debbie is so right to address her issues to the outside world because all the posts that are supposed to ensure LRH policies/tech is adhered to are all being occupied by DMbots (thank you for the slightly altered term, Mike Meyers/Austin Powers). It saddens me that my own sister is one of them.

  315. Its a milestone moment with Debbie’s letter. She is joining the ranks of the heavy hitters such as Marty and Mike. It is amazing that the RCS is still standing without the heavies! It can’t last much longer-of that I’m certain.

  316. We know Tom
    Your comm could not be misconstrued – you always make yourself perfectly clear.
    Go back through the thread and spot where exactly your comm became twisted into something else.

  317. Debbie naive? That’s one thing she absolutely isn’t. She knows how this game is played.
    DM doesn’t have a chance of ‘recovering’ her and he knows it so he has fallen back on his usual stupidity and gone into full-blown attack mode. Facebook disconnections stand at 37 already.
    Time has already told Adam 🙂
    Are you new to the blog? I haven’t seen your postings before.

  318. “she may be asking Marty to also”.
    And do you have some inside intel from Marty or is this a rumor?

  319. Barney Rubble

    Good to hear from you on this Ton, I agree but it will be a very bumpy ride for Debbie and all of us, and it will get ugly. When the TA moves do nothing.

  320. Tom, this is one of my favorite songs…thanks for putting this up.

  321. Joe Pendleton

    Despite her impressive background, Ms.Cook has a severe misunderstood about what the philosophy and religion of Scientology is actually about. She notes that OTs (as well as staff and SO members) did not choose to participate in these activities. Well, if a being doesn’t assume the cause point of choosing his actions at the state of operating thetan, then when does he? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t have to mention her own personal responsibility in creating the current scene.

  322. xxxxxxxxxxx I LOVE YOU!
    Thanks will put it to really good use 😉

  323. LOL, you will definitely have to let us know the outcome of this…

  324. Anyone wanting to read the email, Torymagoo44 put a link to it on her YT vid about Debbie…

  325. And she beats up little old ladies and she was a nobody really. The stats went straight up and vertical when she was FIRED (kicking and screaming because she really wanted to stay) and have been doing so ever since.
    She also kicked a puppy once.
    Oh! and she’s fat! Really fat! (can we get the photo-shop crew over here pronto please?)

  326. Aww how lovely!
    Congratulations to you both on the arrival of your first OSA attack 😉

  327. How could we ever not forgive you CD?

  328. Joe Pendleton

    Of course I also applaud her communicating what needs to be communicated to people who need to hear it.

  329. In the early ’70’s I was the Dissem Sec at the Portland Org. My best friend was Vic Scelza, the Flag Rep at the time.

    We got together and decided that we should move the org to downtown Portland. At the time, we were in a poor traffic residential area.

    We sat down together and figured out the GI targets to move the org to a big place in the downtown and I went to work regging. Did pretty good, stats went up nicely, but it wasn’t easy!

    I suggested to Vic that we hit on some of the area’s more affluent for some straight donos to get it over with. Vic just about had two cows. He crammed me on all the references Debbie cites here.

    I transferred from the Portland Org to ASHO in 79 and put in 24 years with my last 5 in the RPF and got spat out in 2003.

    It wasn’t long before I started to get phone calls about casino nights and bingo games and sing-alongs. I told them all “no” and ran them the riot act about how off policy these actions were, giving them chapter and verse.

    I think about 2006, Vic Scelza called me up. He heard rumors that I was making money. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was IAS EUS.

    He began his reg cycle. I listened politely. For a few minutes.

    I then reminded him of our campaign in Portland in 1973/1974. He remembered.

    I reminded him of his cramming order. He remembered.

    I asked him what the hell was he thinking calling me up and asking me for money for any of this. I told him that he was a squirrel and mentioned that the cousins he was incestuously sleeping with, the building-donator-casino-night-bingo-players were also squirrel.

    He told me that he was going to have me investigated. I told him that once, that might have frightened me, but not any longer. Go ahead.

    I got a few phone calls, I wrote some very good Pulitzer-Prize-Level retorts in emails that I am determined to find somewhere on this computer (to show off) and I felt very, very good about myself.

    I think when I told off Vic I may have been F/Ning. I think I might have even got three swings!!! (But I probably breathed… can’t do that in the Church anymore while you are cogniting…so maybe not.)

    But hearing that Debbie Cook said all that same stuff makes me feel real good. Rehabbed my F/N I think.

    Vic Scelza was a wonderful friend in my early staff career. I love a lot of those guys who are still in. I don’t think that there are any of them who sleep well anymore; they all know how far off the rails things have gotten.

    I truly believe Debbie’s letter will wake up a lot of the old timers who have been PDH’d by this cat, David. It’s been a long, long time since those PLs and references have been quoted at staff meetings or anyone has been crammed on them; that’s for sure.

    But a thetan KNOWS, innately. That’s true, isn’t it.

  330. That’s right – wily isn’t she? 🙂
    Oooh! I just checked my mailbox and I got lots of ’em
    Thank you all so much! LOL radar flyers aplenty.
    Who else wants one?

  331. All hat and no cattle

  332. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, so predictable they are! hahaha!

  333. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Eric, looks like the troll jackals, or whatever they are,
    have picked up your scent, maybe from your slightly
    more overt vociferations. plus, your other ‘big’ crime:
    you’re THERE!!! (LRH called it!) I’m wondering now:
    could this be the latest order from Kapitein Kamikaze?
    ” Destroy ANYONE that isn’t aligned with our (my) WAR
    to save Scientology !! What are you C%$# – S*@%%^
    morons expecting ME to do it???? I’ll have you eating
    S—-T in the Hole, in 3 seconds flat! MOVE your lazy,
    overpaid asses NOW!! But not before you bring me
    those TWO cases of scotch! DO IT!! ^&&%#%&(*&%

  334. “She is telling her “children” “daddie is crazy!!”

    No!! You mean like this?

  335. We can argue about the definition of “public” but even if we use your definition, your code still doesn’t apply as Debbie never made a statement against Scientology, not even against a Scientologist; only against Davey, the greatest anti-Scientologist on earth.

  336. You hit the hearth of the semantics. Davey says he is pro Scientology and argues that people against him are thus Off Policy. The truth is the exact opposite; Davey is Off Policy and per definition that’s against Scientology. People trying to correct that and bringing in KWS are on Policy.

    It doesn’t matter how an SP views a situation as per definition it’s a perverted view. Better to view things as they are so as not to get persistence of unwanted conditions. The moment the Church departed from standard administration of Scientology it lost its authorisation, no matter who legally owns the trademarks.

    Debbie, you and I are on policy (on line is a bit difficult as the lines are twisted) and bypassing, assigning conditions and taking responsibility. We keep in the code of a Scientologist and the auditors code and we’re bringing KWS in but from different perspectives and for different publics.

    We can’t communicate to her public and she can’t communicate directly to us. Our public is the top that is shaking itself loose from the implant station. Her public is the blind so thoroughly implanted by Mr. Blind himself that in 2 years of massive media exposure we still haven’t reached them. She is making a handsome undercut for us and we set the stage for her to do so.

  337. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, Eric, VWD on being considered for SP badge
    of Honour ( no doubt, meritorious ) Woo Hoo too !

    BTW, just an occasional ack would let me know you
    don’t consider me a troll. Yes. that would help me to
    settle down in this new home without all this darned
    suspicion aimed at me. BTW I’m enormously
    indebted to both T Oracle & Carcha for indicating the Correct 3rd pty who started the witch hunt in the
    first place………Thanks. ARC 2 you both!…… Li’ll bit

  338. scilonschools

    “I am on the way to earning my SP Badge of Honor. Woo Hooo”

    With matching gold pen set by the sounds of it!!! – Excellent

  339. There are so many inconvenient truths I have had to choke down in Scientology. Jesus Christ at 16 I was the first person to get Integrity Processing on that pilot and we had to run responsibility on me. O.K., they chose the most F*%&^D up person in the Org to run it on, ME. Well I choked that down and got very drug free very fast. No more chasing the Dragon. The dragon started chasing me. It was on to more of that. I spent seven months as a student writing O/W’s on the Hubbard Personal Ethics and Integrity Course and that was 20 years later. Hundreds of hours on original Dianetics and drug rundown. I made it to Clear by the time I was 21 and I worked my ass off seven days a week for years to make that happen. Man, I got used to confronting inconvenient truths from the time I was born. So I was able to digest these things. But the one thing I just can’t get from other Scientologists that have had to put forth 1% of the effort I have had to in confronting inconvenient truths, is the folks that have been around and done it forever and yet, refer inconvenient truths to “entheta”. Debbie’s message is nothing but an inconvenient TRUTH. If some of you folk sitting on the fence right now choose to remain in denial and look at it as just some “entheta” that has hit your lines, think of all the inconvenient truths you have risen above so far just being a F&*%^&G Scientologist ! It is NOT CONVENIENT to be BLIND and COMPLACENT. THAT has nearly wiped the subject of Scientology off the planet! There is a WIDE DIFFERENCE between inconvenient truth and entheta!


  340. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tom, Thanks for trying to convert entheta to theta.
    I doubt very much that these personal attacks on me
    by your addressees are going to end any time soon.

    At the end of the day,I understand it all comes down
    to;- “The highest purpose in this universe is the
    creation of an effect” –Scn Axiom10 L Ron Hubbard

    Have fun, guys! I hope it moves you up a little higher

  341. I had my own ideas about life, people, ethics and justice before I ever heard of Scientology. I did not surrender of them to explore Scientology.
    I did not trade off what was true for me, to fit in to Scientology. I have made the Scientology fit me. I just want to say one place where I part from the group agreement is this, Hubbard said the true test of a thetan is to make things go right. I’m not saying that is wrong at all. There is truth in that. I am adding there is truth in the staement, the true test of a thetan is also the Ability to confront an inconvenient truth.

  342. Natalie,
    I like you and your Mom. Thanks for being here along with us 🙂

  343. Christie,
    “Debbie’s mother eats worms” – I KNEW it!!!!

    Debbie is poo face and poo. She always was from the moment she was born. And her mother EATS worms, too. Ha, we know, we’re Frreeeeedumb. We are GOOD, others are BAD. Like Debbie.

  344. Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve earned it.

  345. My non-scientific count shows this morning that 2 have defriended Debbie and they deserve to have their name in lights as the bravehearts that the are (please read disgust here)

    Debbie Hughes
    Bruce Wiseman

    The rest of the 17 I am “tracking” are still friends.


  346. And I decided to keep my non-scientific survey even more non-scientific I would add a new person who has Debbie as a friend everytime someone defriends her. So I just hunt around for another high-profile scientologists who has Debbie as a friend and add them to my list.

    It was easy finding two more.

    There is hope!! 🙂 —- this is going to be quite the ripple throughout the scio community — not unlike the butterfly in Rio … (or where ever 🙂


  347. Every org has a “Building Fund Account” and “General Liability Account”. the Building Fund Account can be used per LRH policy to purchase buildings, however, POB won’t allow it so the money just sits there. The General Liability Account can be used per LRH policy for legal situations, however, POB won’t allow it and instead org’s who have legal bills end up not paying their staff. Birmingham Org had 1,000,000 dollars in the Building Fund Account and 700,000 in the General Liability account when I left in June 2005, and Bhm was just a medium size org. Take every org on the planet and you get the idea of how much money is sitting in the accounts just accumulating interest. I’m sure he sees this as “his” money. Public have no idea they are emptying their accounts, 401K’s etc while he is filling his coffers and not just from IAS and other Fundraising activities.

  348. Fire Breathing Frog

    You have a MU on “mass emailing”.
    Sending xx.000 emails to optin email or friends is NOT spamming.
    The lady has been in the SO for many years and at the head of the FSO billions time longer than DM has ever run a missions.
    She has helped many many people going up the bridge since she was cramming officer at Flag.
    Thousands PC and auditors had wins, thanks to her good application of standard LRH tech.
    Thousands of people were happy to even be on her email list, so she is definitly in no need of spamming to people she don’t know.

  349. She may have merely used that tone so as not to give any of the readers any ideas of her having or having an intention of quitting, which might have lessened the impact of that letter.

  350. Brittany was a little girl born into the SO. She was made the D/ED AOLA because she had no admin training and was not an OT (she had only done ARC SW), so she only knew to follow orders. She was directly run by the RTC REP. She blew when she became completely overwhelmed by all the cross orders she was being given, and she routed out in a state of physical collapse. I don’t think Brittany knows any other life and to me this is part of the damage that POB has done. Very little money ever went to the SO children (POB wouldn’t allow it) and so the kids unfortunately went without. Of course all of this can be fixed with “Scientology” but the suppression would have to be removed.

  351. John Fennessey

    Joe, any credibility you had was just blown up. What a waste of words. Your agenda, whatever it is, appears to lead no where and helps no one. Full of judgements. Empty otherwise.

  352. Eileen — this is very kind of you —

    I remind myself that because the Norton’s have two children (adults) and one of those children is still in the SO – it’s very unlikely for some time that they are going to be willing to jeopardize their already small relationship (what parents have a real relationship with their kids who are IN the SO — when? where? etc) with their daughter.

    I just hope that she leaves — this will enable them to start to come forward IF they chose to.


  353. Expelled4Life

    Next up: Criag Jensen, Kathy Feshback or Michael Phillips. A man can dream, can’t he?

  354. You think that’s entheta?
    I’m just getting warmed up.
    You’re not fooling anyone here by snapping terminals and playing ARCXy. You’re behavior will only be tolerated for so long before patience wears thin – if not mine, then someone else’s.
    This is me being nice.

  355. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  356. Chris – yes, very big.
    “Spiritual eternity”: with this is executed the blackest blackmail there is. “Rape of the soul” sb called it here most accurately. When I didn´t succumb to this always hovering threat anymore (today I can hardly believe that I had let myself suck in in this most vicious of mind control), I started to mentally break free. When I cognited that under the existing non-survival suppressive conditions I couldn´t make it up the bridge anyway, I couldn´t be blackmailed anymore with it.That helped me to confront that I would have to draw the consequences and to go through the demeaning routing out cycle, getting labeled as “DB” and with a huge freeloader bill and lots of disagreements also to be disconnected from Scientology and friends.
    When I had the last sec check question to answer “do you want anyone else to have the wins…?”, I of course answered with “yes!”. And my mental addendum was: “Yes, but I don´t want anybody else to get all this shit that I got!” (restraining myself to say it loud to avoid further detention and punishment). My needle was floating!!!
    And this is also a reason I am here. I don´t want it done to me, and I don´t want it done to others. I think it goes beyond mind control, it is an attempt to destroy the (our) seventh dynamic.
    I just love it and appreciate it very much that you are all here and safe!!!

  357. Pingback: Debbie Cook: Beginning of the End of David Miscavige’s Tyranny? | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  358. WH: Interesting.

    Debbie Hughes is trying to keep out of trouble. She and Greg left the Hole after she almost died as a result of getting NO medical treatment for her long-term, severe diabetes.

    Had it not been for her ex-SO daughters (both of whom had been at the Int Ranch) who flapped enough about her, she would probably have been another quiet casualty of the RCS. She and Greg blew, were recovered, “handled” and then sent off with a payoff and gag order. Their two daughters were gotten in line and shut up in order to keep the family together (which is all the daughters wanted — other than keeping their mother alive) and their son (Greg Jr) was even routed out of the SO to be with them. It was a major nuclear meltdown containment effort.

    Greg and Debbie were both in the Hole for years. Greg had memorably (at least to me) been derided by Miscavige during his infamous “Musical Chairs” — Debbie was physically incapable of scrambling in the frenzy to get a chair and was the first person “out” — the next round Greg walked over and stood by her and didnt try to get a chair himself. He was relentlessly and viciously mocked by Miscavige for this act of love for his wife and display of personal intgegrity. Unfortunately, he was subsequently broken and now cowers in fear of retribution from the little bully. They both know the horrors of the Hole and much more, but do not speak because they were silenced. Maybe some day they will wake up and decide they cannot live with themselves any longer. Like Debbie and Wayne, they set up a business that relies on Scientology comm lines, so even more than the power they think the agreements they signed may have, they are kept in line through economics. But people like Greg — who have dedicated much of their life to trying to help others — cannot sleep at nite when they know the betrayal that is ongoing. Eventually it becomes too much. And we will see them speak out.

    Sooner or later, all those who have been abused by POB will come back to haunt him.

    It may take longer than everyone would like, but karma’s a bitch. And POB is going to be bitch slapped by all the “little people” he so despised for so long.

    PS: As for Bruce Wiseman, he makes Larry Byrnes look balanced….

  359. Time, that’s what it takes. It has to percolate in the noggin and flap around all of the false data like a pinball machine……either they can do mental gymnastics to continue in the Church or they will start the trek of realizing truth once again. I had hoped that the first installment of the St Pete Times stories would have done more.
    I think that it will help the ‘fence sitters’ to whisper a tad louder. I hope.


  360. Firebreathing Frog

    “Also hilarious is the response from many of the people on her facebook. They are all wondering with horror if she actually wrote this herself….completely ignoring the FACT that all she did was point out some specific LRH references which were obviously being violated.”

    Someone quoting LRH references?!?

    This can only be an independent, a squirrel or worse…
    an SP!!!

    No one can believe a Scientologist in “good standing” write about LRH policies being violated.

    The “church” members have evolved in quoting Dear Leader, Sir David Miscavige instead of LRH.

    He is the only one who can tell you which LRH policy to follow or NOT to follow.

    So anyone pointing at Sir Miscavige for not following LRH policies or references is definitely an SP.

    Dianetics and Scientology are BASED on the work of LRH.

    Sir Miscavige IS Scientology.

    Get this is your skull you morons.

  361. Hey Marty,

    You would not publish my responses to various comments but allowed comments that turned the legitimate issue I raised into personal attacks.

    Is this to be the characteristic of the new and free independent movement?

    I would like to suggest, once again, that you address the REAL suppression on the 4D and cease promoting conflict among Scientologists.

  362. Firebreathing Frog

    “Debbie will gain more friends than she loses.”
    I don’t think she will loose any “real” friends.
    She has made lot of friends applying standard LRH tech and giving billions wins to people I know.
    These wins, you don’t forget.
    Good application of standard LRH tech is so rare within the church, that the more critics Co$ will make of Debbie, the more real Scientologists will go.
    The one who’ll stay, will be the no-case-gain who just benefit from the scam.

  363. Firebreathing Frog

    I don’t believe (or don’ want to believe) Debbie can be bought.
    She spend a big part of her life dedicated to LRH, and making sure people will get the wins from Scientology.
    She has run the FSO when it was really booming and she was caring for people.
    (Not like the current psychotic captain who start blasting all tech personnel, auditors and C/S with his morning psychotic break).
    Currently people are coming back from FSO with suicidal thought!
    Debbie knows the real nature of DM (read former post from Marty’s blog).

    She does this for LRH, to gain back her sanity.
    To do something about this mess.

    She is not for sale.
    She will not be handle for a millions dollars.
    And that drives Sir Miscavige berserk.

    Hey Dave, Money can’t buy you love!

  364. GetTheConcept


    No, it didn’t sound like someone who was ready to blow, but it did sound like someone who was willing to experience any consequences that would occur as a result of speaking out as she did.

    And I have no doubt that she did this knowing full well what the consequences would be (ie being attacked, declared disconnected from).

    That is why I disagree with your statement that she was going to “let them take her in for reprogramming and will come out in a couple years loving big brother DM.”

  365. FROM MARTY ON MOSEY’S COMPUTER: I have no idea what you are talking about. You must have hit the delete button. Bring it. But, be forewarned, no more childish Miscavigesque chaos merchanting, like your first post will be posted here. I know you corporate Scientologists are desperate to find a credible forum. But, you can always go to one of the 32 (and counting) corporate anti-Marty sites and post to your heart’s content.

  366. Firebreathing Frog

    Thank you Debbie.

    Your letter has been very inspiring.
    I don’t have your altitude and knowledge, and never have been in a high position, so me doing a similar letter, will not have the same impact.

    I prefer to stay under the radar, a “Scientologist in good standing” to communicate the off-policy actions I observed on one-to-one basis.

    But I’m thinking about writing my own letter.
    I will not say the same thing, nor quote the same policies, as my life have been different in many way.

    But yours really make me think about speaking up into the open.

    Like you, I will wait for the right moment, and even if it will not have the same impact as yours, it will be another straw on the elephant back.

    = PS:
    The first feeling I had reading this post was a lot of admiration for you and your courage to stand up.

    The second thought? Oh my god, now she’s gonna get the shit from Dictator Miscavige.

    I thought: Poor Debbie: she is only one person against this big billions $ corporation.
    But I remember the story about the last dinosaur and the first snake.
    The last dinosaur didn’t believe that this little creature will survive.
    We all know the big dinosaur died long ago and the little creature survived for billions years.

    You will survive because you are true to LRH.

  367. Firebreathing Frog

    From the Daily Mail:
    “A spokesman for the Church dismissed Mrs Cook’s email as reflecting ‘a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today’.

    Graeme Wilson said: ‘Her opinions are not shared by the thousands of Scientologists who are overjoyed by our 27 new Churches and what they mean to the communities they serve.'”

    To: Mr. Graeme Wilson – OSA UK

    Dear Graeme,
    When you say:
    “Her opinions are not shared by the thousands of Scientologists…”
    Do you mean that Scientologists does not share the opinions of Debbie about all the off-policies actions currently done within the church?
    I think you are not properly informed and should do proper survey of the matter.
    I am asking every single day to on-line Scientologists if they prefer to follow LRH policies and I get 100%: YES.
    Could you please comment on this?

  368. Firebreathing Frog

    I also thought that 2012 will be the end of the world, since Scientology, in the hand of David Miscavige, is a completely lost technology.
    But 2012 could only be the end of DM.
    And a new beginning for Scientology and the world.
    +1 for your postulate

  369. Firebreathing Frog

    I see Debbie declaration more as a Doubt announcement:
    I join the group of dedicated Scientologists in good standings who follows LRH policies and leave the group of squirrels who support the current off-policy leader named David Miscavige.
    And she delivered a great blow to the enemies with her announcement.

  370. Firebreathing Frog

    I understand you’re getting nuts.
    You are forced to read this blog every day, ordered to post some reply to confuse the place, but all you read is truth.
    And you have to turn off all these cognitive thought you have.
    And force yourself to write some nuts comment.
    I don’t blame you for getting crazy.
    I know I would.

  371. Firebreathing Frog

    IMB 116R – A MUST READ.
    Thanks, I was looking for this for months.
    Do you know it is not available in any church anymore?
    I have this on my iPad with all LRH reference to show to anyone around.

  372. Firebreathing Frog

    SO true.
    When you see all these people condoning the one quoting LRH and off-policy, you need to be a squirrel.
    To stay in the church you HAVE to be a squirrel.
    You HAVE to agree.
    Can’t think for yourself.
    Can’t see what you are looking.
    Scientology: knowing how to know.
    It has become: Knowing what DM want you to know.
    And they hope to have case gain?

  373. I have just gotten wind of an “Ethics Interrogatory” sent to the local Scientology field, with my wife and I as “subjects”.

    It’ll just be a lukewarm “Heads up” 3P-type of casting Suspicions Action only.

  374. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam, Nice start! some comm better then none.
    And yes I GOT it Sam. Your mind’s made up!
    Nothing in this freakin’ universe or any other,
    is gonna convince you that I am just simply ME.

    I have no malicious,vicious or hidden agenda
    in joining this blog , but I do resent having the
    things I’ve said being twisted and perverted
    into fodder for an all out personal attack on
    my character and intentions, by people I
    trusted to maybe become friends over time!

    In your book, that’s just never gonna happen.
    you have made it abundantly clear. I realized
    (and said to you) a while back, that it was
    clear to me, that you are coming from a
    place of severe hurt and pain and that you
    need to relieve this,to regain your inner
    peace again. I hope it’s audited out,soon.

    Well, To be honest, yes, the barbs, and
    attacks do hurt, especially when you are
    falsely accused and pronounced guilty by
    people who simply deny you the right to
    participate in a blog intended to make real
    friends, share wins and move on up a little
    higher, as Real Scientologists (ie; actually
    having real compassion for each other )

    You’re free to view and react to the above, any way you choose Sam. ARC, Li’ll bit


  375. Li'll bit of stuff

    Zephyr, I for one, would love to see George accept
    the honorary post of ‘Chaplain,’ for this blog, as he
    has such an inspiring beingness to share. Li’ll bit

  376. scilonschools

    Maybe just a “golden rod” but that sure beats the hell out of copper ones.


  377. Firebreathing Frog

    “We in RTC staunchly defend the datum that the auditor + the pc + an IAS reg cycle is greater than the bank.”


    And we in RTC believe that case gain can only be achieved when the PC go through several “Donation Rundowns” in-between sessions, to fully relief him from the MEST universe to make him more “theta”.

    That’s why, when you come to Flag, the Mecca of technical perfection, when the PC get out of sessions, she/he will go through our special enlightment corridor, where she/he will have the great opportunity to donate for:
    1. The Ideal org of his choice,
    2. The Next Ideal org COB wants.
    3. The Super Power Project – 170 millions dollars donated so far by very uptone and enthuse scientologists,
    4. The IAS
    5. The Library Campaign
    6. 25 sets of Basic Books
    7. Narconon
    8. CCHR
    All these donations offices has been nicely set up in the same corridor, where each and every PC has to go through when she/he goes out of session, or on his way for lunch.
    He will be nicely invited several time per day by all these people to have a cup of coffee, and slightly suggested to make a donation.
    All donations are made with no pressured whatsoever.
    No make wrong are voice by Donations Counselors for only giving 100.000 dollars.
    We of the church believe that case gain gotten in Scientology and freedom from the MEST universe can only be measured by the amount of money an individual is able to give to the Co$.
    Therefore, the spiritual gain, outside the church, where no constant demand for money is gracefully provided, is unattainable.

  378. Li’ll bit

    First off, I do not consider you a troll.

    Also, thank you for any heartfelt acknowledgements, I am glad to think that something I have said may have proved of value to you.

    I do however have concerns regarding some of your posts.

    Due to the fact that I do not know you by anything beyond what you have posted on this blog since you have first shown up, I have found some of your acknowledgements of some of my posts to be unduly familiar. It raises a concern because I consider it well beyond what any actual ARC between us warrants. I have noticed similar communications between you and others, and I am often left wondering if they are experiencing similar feelings to my own, regarding it.

    I would rather not get any further into this with you on an open forum. My only suggestion here is that you weigh the communications you choose to deliver against your intentions, and modify the style and/or content to forward those intentions. Beyond that I feel that you really shouldn’t give a damn about what I, or anyone else, feels about you or your comm. If you are true to yourself and your own honor, and integrity you will be in a good position to deal with whatever happens.

    Eric S

  379. Formost

    You might well be right.

    I am certain it will produce only one or two reports, and those from people who have already expressed “concerns” to them.

    Beyond that It will have people going “Huh?”, or “who?” or Perhaps “You’ve got to be kidding me.” or some such. This action has prepared the way for for me to fill the void they will have created, with a little Truth.

    In any case, I plan plan to have some fun with it.

    Eric S

  380. “I truly believe Debbie’s letter will wake up a lot of the old timers who have been PDH’d by this cat, David.”

    Thanks Dan. I’ve been waiting to hear you speak out more about this type of stuff.

    You were speaking about David Miscavige, right?

  381. Pingback: Corporate Scientology Infiltrates Debbie Cook | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  382. I think for every Freezone Toe-Dipper, a dozen “Imaginary Apostates” are rumored to exist. It’s one of the latest OSA Strategies … lol

    If you haven’t been on any Org Lines for a while, nor been in Comm with anyone on Staff, you are push-buttoned by the Field as you run into them to determine if you are still “A Good Guy” and not fallen to the dark Side of the Force. OSA Indoctrinations of the Field.

    I see them around once in a while from afar, and you know in their tiny Universes you are pure Dirt as you haven’t attended any IAS Pastures and been VISA-milked like the rest of the Daisies. DM at some Point made Statements that those not actively Dono-hosed are Out-Ethics Cats or some such Nonsense, and it acts as a 3P Type of thing in Addition to the OSA Cautions.

    If they have Time for an Interrogatory on you after what? … some 10 Years plus, there obviously isn’t anyone coming through the Front Doors. Probably just a Stat Thing they got Orders from Uplines for. Besides, mention the Words “Harassment” and “Lawyer”, they get additional Stats for handling the Situation terminately.

  383. Top media is running with this story

    Top Scientologist launches rebellion over church leader’s ‘alterations and violations’

    A senior Scientologist has condemned the controversial religion’s leader for turning the organisation into an autocratic, heavy-handed fundraising machine.

    Debbie Cook, one of the most respected members within the Church, sent a shock email denouncing chairman David Miscavige to 12,000 Scientologists just minutes after midnight on New Year’s Day.

    She accuses him of turning the Church, which numbers celebrity followers including Tom Cruise and John Travolta, into a tyrannical regime in direct conflict with the doctrine laid down by founder L Ron Hubbard in the 1950s.

    Read more:

    Cheers. Nothing can stop the power of an idea whose time has come, not to mention Truth.

  384. Li'll bit of stuff

    Eric, A huge and most apologetic thank you, for your
    always accurate observations. You’ve certainly got it
    spot on again, much to my embarrassment! People
    very often don’t agree with my flippant humour!

    You, have,effectively and Califa, just recently, put
    me into “Qual” for cramming, on specific gross out-
    points. Although I’m brand new to the world of
    internet and blogging, this is NO excuse for just
    plain bad manners, on my part and you certainly
    had every right to feel offended. I do,however,
    genuinely, appreciate your efforts to straighten
    me out here and maybe not act such a ‘klutz’ in
    the future!

    ‘Respectfully’ yours Li’ll bit

  385. Li’ll Bit

    You are welcome. I bear you no ill will. I am glad you caught my post.

    You have stated that you are quite new with computers, and the Internet as well. Here is some basic data that might hold you in good stead.

    When you are “chatting” to someone, or posting to a blog, you really have no certainty on who, or what, you are actually communication with. You have been following this blog lately so you will no doubt have become aware that there are some who do not appear to be who or what they say they are. There are hackers, trolls, shit disturbers, scammers, predators, ID thieves, etc., all mixed in with those who are there for honest and up-front purposes.

    One would do well to keep this in mind when communicating to ANY terminal on the internet. Constant vigilance is one of the prices you have to pay for the “freedom of communication” that the internet offers.

    This happens to be a vigilant group. It should come as no surprise that one may occasionally be challenged regarding one’s intent, should it start to appear a little suspect. Over time you will discover that “fire fights” resolve very little and often can “seal your fate”. Sensible, logical and honest responses, are generally your best bet.

    Also, be willing for it to take a little time to develop true friendships, and never EXPECT anyone to trust you. The quality, the content, the tone, and the intention revealed by your posts will be what earns you a place in this community, or not.

    Good luck.

    Eric S

  386. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks further, Eric. Sticking to this and your earlier
    tips should definitely get me up to par, eventually!

    LRH…” Judge men by what they think of help……….

    Is there any better way, Eric? appreciated,Li’ll bit

  387. I heard about Debbie Cook’s email on Tory Magoo’s site on YouTube and I was looking for a copy of it and realized that Debbie Cook had probably emailed me (1 of the 12000) and I lumped it in with the bazillion other Scientology emails I get. I sent her a reply and asked her if she was afraid of DM “Repossessing her Thetan” – I also wished her the best for 2012 but I don’t think she’s going to be happy trying to stay in the Church to create change from within. There are just too many people with their noses in DM’s butt crack. We’ll see, she’s trying a different approach rather than publicly leaving she’s daring them to Comm Ev her. On 2nd thought that’s not so different, there have been many who have spoken out then got a Non-Enturb on them and then they are later declared.

  388. I remember defending Debbiie Cook on this blog, Yes ia tooting my own horn “toot

    feels good.

    I remember steamrolling some people in that procses

  389. Ah, A womans theta coming towards me.

    I melt, Thanks Sam

  390. And How can you live with yourself Monique YingLing

    That combination of wordswill get you “googled” you know 😉

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