Operation Dovenator: Target, Tom Cruise

While we were on the subject of outing corporate Scientology spooks, Tony Ortega at the Village Voice happened to bring up another Miscavige deep cover agent.  Tony reported on Miscavige’s long-term mole into the family and life of Tom Cruise.

Please read the story at this link, Michael “The Dovenator” Doven. 

Why would Doven be given “celebrity” status at Celebrity Center Int, be dished a bunch of Scientology Celebrity business, and be put on full-time study by Miscavige – all starting in the summer of 2010?

Obvious. If you haven’t listened to the May 2010 recorded phone call highlighted in Ortega’s story, do so because it contains a huge clue.   Doven is uncertain in that call.  He even expresses disagreement with the Miscavige mission orders he was carrying out.  Doven had nothing but comm  lags and circuits to offer in response to the truth I was dishing out to him. In short, clearly disaffected with Miscavige.

He had to be straightened out with a yank.  I guarantee you Miscavige had him sec checked within an inch of his life after that conversation.  Then, recognizing  the devastating impact of a disaffected Doven, he rolled out the red carpet to pamper him, and make his social and financial future linked at the hip to being in “good standing”.

What is David Miscavige afraid of Michael disclosing?  The fact that Michael Doven was a card carrying, deep cover mole into the life and family of Tom Cruise from 1989 to the present.  Even during the years of Tom Cruise’s hiatus from corporate Scientology (1991 through 2001) Doven reported on every significant event in Cruise’s personal life directly to David Miscavige. Right on down to arguments with his then-wife Nicole, down to problems with his kids, down to every origination made by Tom in confidence to his personal assistant Michael Doven.   Michael Doven was not just a spy.  He was an operative, receiving and executing continuous orders from Miscavige to subtly influence Tom to reach out to his “old buddy” David Miscavige.

Michael, well done on completing the basics. However, recognize that all the data in the universe won’t set you free.

“The road to truth is begun with honesty.”

– L Ron Hubbard


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  1. Marty,

    Debbie Cook’s email got me to look.

    I read a lot of your blog, but frankly was on the fence about believing certain things about the spying, int’s behavior, etc. Didn’t quite trust your word seeing as you were part of the same group once.

    Then two things happened.

    I read the freedom mag articles. They simply disgusted me. It was simply vile hatred in written form. Quite frankly I didn’t care to believe any of it simply from the vile way it was written.

    Then I watched the BBC documentary. The obvious spying and completely aggressive awful behavior from Tommy and crew was just too much.

    all in all, the greatest things getting me “off the fence” were their own articles and actions.

    Thanks for hosting this blog.

  2. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. You are not the only one. They’ve become masters of the footnuke.

  3. I’ve observed within the buddhist community that someone can be a long time meditator, with a bunch of fancy dancy mantra practices and visualizations and be a dishonest person, leading a dishonest pretend life.

    How is this possible I used to ask?

    Because the ROAD to truth is begun with honesty.

    Scientology, like buddhism isn’t THE truth — it’s a ROAD to truth which you cannot even get ON until you makes the decision to be honest.

    Thanks Marty for yet again reminding us all — that all the dodads, certificates, awards and levels in the world are completely pointless and only serve to prop up someones ego without the core ingredient: Honesty.

    And from my own observation when those that do start to perceive their own dishonesty their life becomes a complete train wreck because they STILL lack the humility to fess up — honestly and openly.

    Humility is best learned in small doses — little mistake at a time. And from that we grow more and more humble. It’s somewhat painful actually but it can be learned.

    Having to learn it over the internet — exposed for the frauds they are — exposing their self-serving agendas — well – I’m not expecting any of the recently exposed to come forward.


  4. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the words of wisdom Windhorse.

  5. Marty,

    You remind me of more things that I had not thought about in a long time.

    In confirmation of what you said about Doven being Miscavige’s boy, when things were not going well with Tom’s PR after Matt Lauer and other matters, I believe it was at the time when Paramount was not going to renew their relationship with him, Sumner Redstone was making negative statements about him and Comedy Central were on a roll. Miscavige insisted CAA do something to support their “most important client.” Doven of course was on the hot seat at the time as Tom’s PR sucked. So, he was not fully trusted. I was thus called to ASI and met with Dear Leader and Doven. He issued instructions on what Doven was to do with CAA and I was to accompany him to ensure he did what he was told. Doven got a great deal of bullbaiting during this meeting with POB, he was treated like one of POB’s minions. Tom did not participate in the meeting with POB or in the meeting with CAA, this was all done by Miscavige direct to Doven and Doven to Cruise’s agents and the principals of CAA.

    Doven arranged the meeting at CAA — with CAA bishots Rick Nicita and Kevin Huvane and a bunch of other people. Doven literally was beating on the table and cursing at them (following the instructions from “Dave” that he was to let them know who was boss and that he had better not be a “pussy”). Doven is not a strong personality (as you can hear in the recording), so it was quite comical watching him try to emulate “Dave”.

    The meeting accomplished nothing as Paramount/Viacom did terminate their agreement with Cruise and Comedy Central went on unchecked.

    But the debrief of the meeting was with “Dave” at ASI and Doven was in a total panic on the way back to ASI about how he was going to debrief to the POB and whether he had performed at an acceptable level.

    Not one thing was on Deven’s determination. He was simply a conduit for the puppetmaster who was pulling his strings (not his apparent boss, Tom, but his real boss, Dave).

  6. or avert the inevitable train wreck.

    Not that I wish it on them but it just happens to be the law of the universe — do harm and be harmed in return.


  7. While talking about people like Doven, Klaus, and Andy Hutton of England this is what Sun Tzu has to say: “Inward spies: Worthy men who have been degraded from office, criminals who have undergone punishment; also favorite concubines who are greedy for gold, men who are aggrieved at being in subordinate positions…. fickle turncoats who always want to have a foot in each boat.”

  8. martyrathbun09

    Mike, thanks for the reminder. Dude, we have got to sit down for another dozen videos or so. We’ve experienced such a plethora of over the top Miscavige episodes that more seem to unearth when one or the other of us reminds the other.

  9. windhorse, I will second that!

  10. There are a couple of articles over at Forbes, that show some awareness and insight into what is going on here:
    1) Why Narcissistic CEOs kill their Companies:
    2) The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives:

    Seems that Miscavige is not such a “unique” leader after all….

  11. Just a quick comment for Tom Cruise. You Sir have betrayed LRH. You are in Treason and need to wake up. Stop supporting Miscavige and help turn this ship around. With great power comes great responsibility. You have the power to deliver an effective blow to Miscavige and to apply KSW. Please do so.

  12. MARTY: What I’m doing with it is applying it. Applying it as it was intended to be applied. And making it safe for others to do so. You guys gotta wake up and smell the coffee, man. The Church is dead, man.

    And still neither Doven or his puppetmaster david are able to actually apply the tech in a standard session. Thousands of hours of tapes and books, and can’t audit a PC. What’s the friggin Point?

  13. Martin Gibson

    Sorry Mike, just wondered what CAA is? And thanks for all the data, Marty, Mike, it helps a lot. Was studying the axioms today and the nausea from comparing ARC between truth and miscavige lie machines was palpable (as compared to before where it just restimed stupidity). Ultimate Truth Dave, maybe you could try “Mock up alter is-ness” as a repetitive command to under-cut the compulsive flow. Actually thats a bit squirrel, just read Axiom 38 and try to conceive of the relief from stupidity that, potentially, you can have.

  14. Martin — Sorry, there are probably a lot of others I gave that MU to! CAA = Creative Artists Agency, the most powerful talent agency in the world. Here is the first para from Wikipedia (I note Tom Cruise no longer rates a mention as a “big name”):

    Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is a prominent entertainment and sports agency headquartered in Los Angeles. CAA represents A-list and emerging stars in movies, television, music, and sports. It is often cited as the world’s leading talent agency[1] and its clients include George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Sandra Bullock, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg, Will Smith, Novak Djokovic, and Reese Witherspoon.

  15. Same here LMA. Welcome. They are their own worst enemies. Thank you for thinking for yourself and having the courage to have integrity. I could not agree with you more about how vile the tone of the Freedom Magazine is and that IS what got me to look.

    I soon learned that the vile response is the only way they roll. Sad.

  16. Tom, thanks for the links. I’m a business-oriented guy so I often think of some of the problems in the Church of Scientology in terms of economics and management skills, I read the articles you linked to, and my first thought is that all of the guys mentioned in these ads may have been narcissists, and their narcissism made their companies’ performance more than if they had been sane, but these articles didn’t even come close to what happened in the Scientology organization with Miscavige at the helm. Most of the executives mentioned in those articles were the boss at a time when the companies did extraordinarily well, or they took over when the companies were in tough times but failed to turn things around.

    Miscavige has taken the Church of Scientology numbers “straight down and vertical” into a death spiral of contraction for 25 years. I would bet that there were few, if any years, that the true statistics showed anything like positive growth since he took over. And the fact that the deteriorating condition of the organization remains a mystery to those still inside is remarkable — it goes far beyond the accounting shenanigans that some of the more crooked CEOs in those stories used to hide the truth from the public. So these articles are interesting but aren’t even a beginning of the truth about the extent of Miscavige’s idiocy. He’s beyond narcissism, he’s clinical.

  17. Lucy, centuries even milleniums before Sun Tzu, the “business” of spying, was an honorable job:
    the very original purpose was simply:
    find out and provide usefull data for the purpose of prediction. THATS ALL.
    Everything else is an alteration,addition or altered importance and these gave the business a bad PR. Murder, 3rd party, agent provocateur, falsifying documents, filthy shows………

  18. Doven’s statement regarding the GAS (Golden Age of Squirrel) Basics Line Up:

    “It is all the data prior to (and is the foundation of) the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course which was taught between 1961 and 1966.”

    Wow! Really? Hell that clears things up for me.

    Let’s see… the SHSBC checksheet is old and hasn’t been used since 1966 because now we have Miscavige’s Basics Line Up checksheet which was somehow was the foundation for the SHSBC (even though the checksheet was issued some 20 years after LRH’s death). I’m a bit confused but I’ll follow along anyway like a good Kool Aide drinker.
    The BC wasn’t very good anyway – I hear people were going off and auditing PCs when they graduated – yeah – bunch of squirrels!

  19. What are you going to do when you completely wipe out auditors DM… Oh wait! Don’t tell me! I’ll bet the next big release is going to be the Auditor Simulator! Am I right? Gosh! How exciting! The clapping seals will love that!

  20. That must have been something to see.

    One thing some Scientologists got into was sales – selling whatever to whomever. Because sales pays well to those who can do it, and you don’t need a degree for the third-tier products. Laser prints were popular back in the ’80s as a vehicle – hell, I used to work for Theta Space for a while.

    There is a whole sales patter that, no matter which company was doing the selling, these company’s owners would promote. Never say “dollars,” use “just” or “only” to make the money sound lower, like “This picture of the yawning cat – it really is beautiful, don’t you agree? – is just 20, or 25 framed.”

    So there’s this whole coaching – and it really comes across as manipulative, and some people would have to do the sales drills before being sent out. The drills with people who really, really hated the manipulative manner of the calls sounded JUST like Doven talking to Marty. Hemming and hawing, but then seeing a way the canned patter can fit in and going for it: “That’s just APATHY man!”. “When was there a time when you felt you were helping?” Then, stuttering, etc, because he was not into it, really, and they are completely not being themselves.

    Doven was coached, of course. And he is really, really bad at it. Too bad the poster boy for the “Basics” is such a sniveler. That meeting with CAA must have really been something to see!

  21. Nice Lucy!

    ML Tom

  22. Hapexamendios

    Man ain’t that the truth! When I look at the completions lists from the various orgs I get mailings from there’s almost no major training completions. It’s just about all Basics completions. Whatever happened to studying those books as part of a standard training lineup?!?

    And something else I find very telling is that the SHSBC lectures STILL aren’t available on CD. It makes me wonder if they’re taking extra time to scrub various parts like they did with the PDCs.

  23. George M. White


  24. Martin Gibson

    Hey thanks for taking the time to define and put some reality on it too!

  25. Very nice post WH, thank you. The humbleness of being honest has no rival. I’ve learnt a lot in the last couple of months via this blog about the deception foistered off onto humanity in the guise fancy materialism and slickly worded dialogue.
    LRH in the 50s talked about the missing component in the formula of power generation being the base of the motor. It holds the terminals apart imposing time & space on them, hence power delivery. And so it parallels in the integrity of a person as well. Honesty is their base for their power. Spiritual power has nothing much to do with the use of ‘force’ but the criminal and dishonest person believes it does.

  26. Jethro Bodine

    From listening to your recordings with Doven (on the day that all the B list celebrities showed up at your doorstep when JB blew the Sea Aargh), I could tell that what you were saying was impinging on him. I could hear the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) in Doven’s voice. I could also tell he was somewhat other-determined in what he was doing that day. And like you say, he was probably sec checked within an inch of his life for being “reasonable” when he reported back to his puppet master.

  27. George M. White

    “The road to truth is begun with honesty.” LRH

    What Mr. Moth-cavige is doing to Tom Cruise is not honest.
    It is time for a wake-up call:

    “What curse shall I call down
    On hearts so dull? May they the race still run
    For wealth and high renown!
    And when with much ado
    The false good they have grasped—ah, then too late!—
    May they discern the true!”


  28. martyrathbun09

    Very well put.

  29. Jethro Bodine

    Oops, typo… “B list celebrities” should be “D list celebrities”, I mean, when was the last time Michael Roberts was in a movie???

  30. “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”
    – Morpheus
    Film: The Matrix 1999 😉

    Welcome friend.

  31. Mind if I post this screenshot here? This is the comment I left this morning on one of those stupid anti-Marty blogs. They are not going to allow the comment. I don’t like having my communication suppressed. We will not be silenced. The game ends now. KSW. Greatest good for the greatest number. The real LRH tech disseminated. Those buildings and cash put to good use. Real training on correct checksheets on actual auditor courses not endless line-ups of books and lectures that don’t result in an auditor. All of the BS is going away this year, including unwarranted and squirrely disconnection practices. All families are reuniting this year. Amnesty for everybody except Miscavige and the sons of bitches who tried till the end to keep him in power.

    It’s over Dave.

  32. Very good point, Sam. MD (DM backwards) makes it sound like the Basics materials aren’t covered in the SHSBC and spreads false data. Of course he would omit the important fact that completion of the BC makes one an auditor and Basics not – a Q&A of the training bridge.

  33. George: Too funny … some your recent posts have included quotes by Boethius who I just assumed was a Theravadin monk, or perhaps another word for buddha.

    Today — I decided to not be an such a know it all and wikipediaed Boethius only to find Boethius to be a 6th century Roman philosopher. Spoke truth he did.



  34. Your humble servant


    Thanks for these informative articles. No doubt “DM” fits in the category of narcissist, as that term is commonly defined. To me, that term is simply descriptive and doesn’t begin to completely describe what he is really doing. I believe he fits even better into the term psychopath, also as that term is usually described. The psychopath is said to completely lack any conscience, to be cunning in using others for his ends, to enjoy cruelty and the suffering of others, to be clever but patently insincere in what he says, and to be a “pathological liar.” (Such a person tells lies as easily as telling the truth and seems not to be able to tell the difference between one and the other). The same may be said of arrogant, company wrecking executives.

    Ron (LRH) ultimately arrived at the conclusion that “The actions of the insane [the psychopath, the true “suppressive person”] are not ‘unconscious.’ They are completely aware of what they are doing.” (C/S Series 22. HCOB 28 November 1970). I have no reason to doubt his conclusion on this.

    One misses the point if one simply categorizes narcissistic executives, and narcissistic DM, as simply mentally ill or mentally challenged people who are unable, because of their mental condition, to bring about good results. Covertly wrecking the institution they are associated with while pretending all along to be working in its best interest is part of their horrible modus operendi

  35. Most recent roles, per IMDB.com: He received 31st billing in the cast of “Street Kings” in 2008, playing “Older Black Man.” And he got 13th billing (out of 16 credited parts) as “Pastor Harold” in an episode of “Make it or Break It,” in 2009. Wonder what he does for a day job.

  36. The integrity – it really takes awhile to get it back, doesn’t it? For myself, (and I’d wager many others) my experiences being on staff and in the SO left me feeling worthless and like a betrayer. That’s what happens when you suddenly become “persona non-grata” with your entire group of friends and acquaintances.

    It took me a long time to get my integrity and pride back. Working hard to earn my living and support my new family these past couple of years has helped a lot. I was an upstat guy on staff and in the SO and worked long hours. I take pride in that work and am no longer ashamed of my “freeloader” status.

    The only shame I feel now is that I didn’t fully research the group I was helping and learn of what was going on up top. The injustice within that I’ve witnessed makes sense now.

    Funny thing is, when I was aware of situations I felt weren’t right, I would report them up, and when nothing was handled, I figued I should just carry on and that INT and RTC would eventually make it go right and trickle down the sanity. Haha!

  37. Jethro Bodine

    Movies I never heard of, but that was kind of my point…

    What does he do for a day job? He regges people for the IAS to the point of bankruptcy.

  38. Impartial English Girl

    I actually felt rather sorry for Michael Doven on listening to that recording. I’m not excusing any actions he took or words he said – but he sounded, to me, EXACTLY like a lost little boy who is being forced to participate in activities that are distasteful to his nature by bigger, meaner bullies in the playground. I pitied him. I hope he can pull himself free and get back to the business of being his own man.

    Happy new year Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun and everyone else – sorry it’s late; my dog died last week, so have been hiding from the world… 😥

    Love to all (except DMbots and Squirrels),

    IEG xxx

  39. I wonder if Lisa Marie Presley ever connected the dots on how hard Miscavige and Co. worked to steer her away from her first husband (Danny) and father of her two children so as to hook her up with Michael Jackson for the potential PR benefit of Scientology. I know Danny did because he was vocal about it and walked away from the “church” at that point after being raised in Scientology.

    My brother was Security for Lisa and her family for 7 years. He loved Lisa and her family and took his job very seriously. He hated the fact that he was made to continuously (routinely on the e-meter) report on the personal life of Lisa and her associates if he wanted to continue to get Scientology service. He was caught between a rock and a hard place. The situation was confusing for him. Betray Lisa’s trust or betray the “church’s trust.

    It’s hard for someone to think their way through that situation as they have a false idea that the “church” can do no wrong and is “man’s only hope”.
    On the other hand they know they are violating their own personal integrity and the trust of the person they are working for.

    People like Doven and my brother give up everything chasing “freedom”.
    People like Miscavige then use “freedom” as bait in traps to use and enslave them.

  40. DM has quietly obliterated the BC and the Class VIII course Sinar. And made the Levels virtually impossible to train on with all of his squirrel arbitraries. It makes me want to vomit! violently!

  41. Doven is a fool. The SHSBC includes everything written up to 1961: all books, all PABs, all bulletins, all other technical issues. Then, everything from 61 to 66. It also includes some lectures, not nearly as many as on The Basics, but big whip. The Basics lectures are fabulous but to try to tie The Basics to the SHSBC is like talking apples and oranges. The SHSBC covers the full breadth of Scientology. Case closed.

  42. +1, John!

  43. Welcome and thanks to Freedum, Tommy and Debbie; don’t stop your valuable actions.

  44. Yeah, with this effort to study Miscavalogy, he would become an class VIII auditor 30 years ago and would have produced lots of clears. But this isn’t his purpose.

  45. That’s the point; stuff’m full of data, data, data and more data and never let them use it. One way data flows become rock solid or…..solid as MEST.

  46. Michael Doven, if you or your master (david miscavige) are reading this, just wanted you to know that I know your dirts in late 2004-July 2005. Who do you think you are fooling? I also saw how you helped DM to put your wife Andrea and ones assistance to Tom Cruise for 15 years to be punished at Flag and then removed from TC’s lines.
    Michael, you are living a miserable life being in DM’s suppressive valance and you know it. I feel sorry for you,Michael.

  47. martyrathbun09

    Hi IEG. We’re sorry about your companion. But glad you are back up and swinging.

  48. Read it. Nice work there 🙂

    Sometimes I think we should create our own departure strategy, perhaps something like a call-in line and putting up a huge billboards that read;

    Lost your purpose?
    Concerned over being out-of-touch?
    Worried about leaving penniless?
    Afraid you would be alone, and unrecognized?

    Something CAN be done about it.

    Don’t know what pull that would get, or if it would just bring in a lot of the city’s more unfortunate.

    Just a wishful thought in a wide ocean.

  49. Agree. I was providing the data on exactly what kind of career Mr. Roberts has had recently. The only people who will say, “Hey, that guy can act. Wonder where he got his training?” when they see him in a one scene role like “Older Black Man” will be his friends and family. Not exactly going to bring tons of bodies in the door for Scientology.

  50. IEG I am sorry for your loss.

  51. Marty,
    you hit the nail on the head when you asked Doven where all his generalities were coming from in response to him accusing you of attacking and destroying. I have read your blog now for almost two years, and I know that the only person you have targeted is DM. OSA turns that into “everybody” : the church as an entity, LRH, the public, and the staff.
    OSA offers weak and pathetic defenses of DM and the church and the church public believes the “dead agent” material because they refuse to inspect anything. The tactics that they use are childish and quite evil. Does Doven and the like really believe they have achieved spiritual freedom? All that money and effort to train and audit only to end up as a black mass with a dark and dismal future.

  52. To John Nunez:
    Three Cheers to a good plan!

  53. Hi Marty, This is such a great point you made at the end of a great expose that was amplified wonderfully by Mike. The Road to Truth BEGINS with honesty. These people who discredit the subject of OT because of the cowed and decrepit losers they see hanging around Flag like poisoned ants. Of course those guys are not doing well. They haven’t even started on the Road to Truth.

    That’s why I’ve said many times that, in Independent Scientology, we as a group have come full circle and arrived at the beginning. This is where every individual one of us should have been when we first started off in Scientology. New people coming into Scientology through us have an actual chance to start the Road to Truth with honesty because it is our highest ideal.

    Truth as our most precious ideal fosters free speech, integrity and honesty. Things the Church of Miscavige knows nothing of.

    The top triangle in the Scientology symbol is Knowledge-Responsibility-Control — as LRH explains, all sides must increase together. That’s how the Road to Truth works and it does end in OT.

    These fools drinking their daily cianide-laced Kool Aid are on a different road altogether and it ends in a different place commonly called a “cemetery.” Michael Doven is expanding his knowledge on a road paved with delusional responsibility and zero control over his group.

    If Michael Doven doesn’t come to his senses, it won’t be because he wasn’t warned. It all goes to show there is something to be said for that old saying, “You can lead a horse to the Road to Truth, but you can’t always make him honest in which case he’s probably not a horse but a donkey.”

  54. Mission Impossible: Waking up Tom Cruise!

    Agent Cruise:
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to simply ask for actual stats from several Ideal Orgs that have been up and running for a number of years now.

    Well done auditing hours.
    Number of Clears made.
    Number of Auditors made.
    Number of full-time staff, Day and Fdn.
    Gross Income.
    Student Points.

    This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

  55. I wonder, do people like Michael ever truly achieve the blissful state of complete personal oblivion, or does some semblance of their conciousness remain after so many years of complete denial of self and subservience to their dominant master?

  56. Good one, Sam. Quoite aprapros.

  57. martyrathbun09

    Great post Steve.

  58. The influence of Boethius on thought in the Dark Ages and in medieval times cannot be overstated. Short of Biblical authorities, Boethius was pretty much “The Man” for a thousand years. Yet he’s virtually absent in current historical studies. I studied Boethius a little bit in my eccentric educational orbit decades ago. That’s why I’m so delighted that GMW is quoting him so frequently.

  59. Impartial English Girl

    Thank you Mr. R. and Carol. Much appreciated.

    IEG xxxxx

  60. Thanks Mat,

    She was one of the VIPs who stayed at the G Unit VIP quarters at the Int base for months in the mid ’90s or so, getting “case handlings”, similar to TC, JT, Kristie, and Lee Purcell.

    Perhaps prior to Michael Doven as DM’s eyes and ears, the predecessor was Andrea Morse, current spouse of Michael. Andrea was Cruise’s twin on courses, his personal assistant and office manager at the time he started his training and auditing at the Int base. She arranged for the wedding in Telluride to Nicole. Michael was Cruise’s chauffeur and didn’t even attend the wedding. Andrea would come to the Int base by herself to get auditing and training and was very buddy buddy with Lou, probably being DM’s eyes and ears on Cruise, who was very besotted with Nicole at the time.

    These celebs were CCInt and Flag public, but had to be handled at DM’s created Special Celeb Center at the Int Base, circa ’90. This seems to be a turning point, or a fork in the road in that Int stats reversed it’s long upward trend and tipped over to it’s downward trend over the years while there started to be a fixation on Luxury digs and mest due to association with the Holly-weird crowd. DM through his BFF Cruise now hob nobbing with the likes of Spielberg, Bruckenheimer with their fancy hang outs and parties.

    Int base facilities had to be upgrade to impress these new public, even including LRHs modest quarters, one LRH himself specced and used. Thus RCS gradually transformed itself to a huge in terms of real estate and glitzy buildings, money grubbing machine, actually producing no-results in present time.

  61. My opinion is that it takes as long to get your integrity back as it takes one to start telling the truth and not giving a damn what comes one’s way because of that communication. What makes your life so damn precious?

    The Code of Honor is your guide. And it is very true that your integrity to yourself is more important than your body. And it is also very true that you never really die. And it is also very true that what one does in this life echoes in eternity.

  62. George M. White

    Great to hear from you.
    I can’t get enough of Boethius. We heard about him from a theravadin monk who went to Berkeley in the 1960’s. He spent 12 years in the jungles of Thailand learning buddhism. He is now in his late 70’s. His name is Ajahn Sumedo. He built a great monastery in England. He is western, speaks English, Thai and Pali. After 44 years as a monk, he has returned to the jungles in Thailand. Great men – both he and Boethius.

  63. And in case anyone thinks I am giving PR and didn’t start communicating until much later on, this is the first post I made ever right here at this link, in March of 2006, the very month I was given my Comm Ev and told that I was no longer part of the Church of Scientology (ie. Declared Suppressive.) They said that because I was reading about the facts of the Church of Scientology online I had joined a squirrel group. That was the sole reason given for my declare: That I had joined a squirrel group.


  64. Thanks Mariella.

    I knew Andrea and wondered how she was removed from her job. She is good people and ran his office well (so I thought).

    Andrea has a small speaking part in “Cocktail” while she was Cruise’s assistant (at 1:15)

  65. What is really scary about this is the manipulation of Celebrities and other Scientologists. One way or another the Celebrity is convinced to hire Scientologists to positions close to them. The Scientologists then hired are actually spying on the celebrity the entire time and reporting on these private matters (that the Scientologists should actually be obligated to keep confidential) to the Church and most notably the King Squirrel — or should we now call him J. Edgar Miscavige? These celebrities are really deceived with the all the special treatment, underneath which is the spying operation. How 1.1 is that? A serious and severe never-ending betrayal of trust. And J. Edgar is doing this to his supposed BFF Tom Cruise to boot. And how are the Scientologist spies any better than the whore that sells their story about partying with Charlie Sheen to the media? Wow – this is about as reverse of Scientology as you can get. Puke….

  66. And these are my websites that expose the Church and give a place for people who have left the church to re-unite. You are free to join them.



  67. CAA were and are major Hollywood “gatekeepers”. They get big name actors the big roles. These are not people one tries to push around, for fuck’s sake!!

    Darth Midget’s actions (via Doven) almost certainly cost T.C. whatever remaining standing he had with them. JEEZUS!!!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  68. Nicely put Thoughtful!

  69. As the SHSBC Course Admin and Tech Films I/C for ASHO Foundation from 1991-1994, I can absolutely confirm what Dan said. The SHSBC already *was* a chronological study of Scientology with emphasis on practical application in auditing.

    So, all Darth Midget seems to have accomplished is to make everyone do the first half of the SHSBC with no auditor certification anywhere in sight.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  70. I’m glad you’re no longer ashamed of your freeloader status. The word “freeloader” came to be greatly misused and abused, far from LRH’s original intention. As with everything else in the cult, it became a way to extort money from people.
    Take that freeloader status and wear it as a badge of honor for having left a squirrel group.

  71. Fascinating how Miscavige has to compulsively get his talons into celebs or those close to celeb’s lives– for the sheer purpose of information, control and manipulation — to the final aim of filling up his pockets and coffers.

    Totally the opposite of the spirit of Scientology.

  72. Stat push. That’s the point.

    I had an email comm with someone at the church. They know I am Class VI, and I said I read the basics, more than once. She asked if I had done them in the courseroom or extension course and was passed by qual. My answer is – yes, of course. I passed qual on the Student Hat in 1974, the HSDC in 1975, Classes 0-4 in 1976, and Levels A-F of the SHSBC in 1985. And I read them since – on the Solo course, on the PTS/SP Detection, Routing and Handing course. I did my M1 wordclearing to completion. I am a fast flow student. I M9’d all sorts of HCOBs and books. And besides all this reading, I also audited lots of PCs, did lots of drills, coached lots of drills, did more than one TRs course, did the whole gamut of meter drills, and got reads (even on EM 25!).

    But all that means nothing – it was not “GAT” or “GAK”.

    When you completely degrade the tech for a buck, you get what you get what is happening now in the church – non-duplication, and no products – and if ever a product was made, it is sent back to the start of the line to be melt down again into Objectives and “redoing” clear status.

  73. “and I’d wager many others”
    Yup. I’m right there with you.

  74. Nice write up John. Don’t reckon it will make it through the moderator though!

  75. I suped Aundrea for a while at CCInt. She was smart and a straight shooter – I liked her. It’s hard for me to comprehend a being of her calibre being mixed up with a character like Doven. Sad to hear what happened to her.

  76. Weird friendship. I would be crushed if someone I considered a friend arranged for people to work for me or befriend me so he could keep an eye on me. Really strange.

  77. one of those who see


  78. Holy Crap! Why didn’t you tell them how you *REALLY* feel ? 😀

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  79. Oh Geez, 😦

  80. Sinar, thanks for a very interesting connecting of the dots.

  81. Dan,
    And for others on this sub-thread, Doven is right about the lectures leading up to the BC. They weren’t available for the checksheet until recently (the past few years). It was LRH’s intention and part of the list of cycles he wanted completed to get ALL of his lectures out. It took DM some 20 years to do so.

    Adding in these lectures (not the books, the bulletins etc., as these were already there) to the chronological study that is the full study of the subject completes an LRH intention from decades ago.

    The original BC had students that had been there for a great deal of the live lectures. Now, with these finally out, the entire subject can be studied in sequence.

    I can attest to the efficacy of this study. I’m up to December 54. Previous to this I’d studied as many lectures as I could find, the Levels, and so on and the whole of the original Tech Vols, including the books. With the Research and Discovery Volumes, and now the release of the remainder of the lectures, for the second time through the materials it is providing a foundation that is incredible.

    I agree with the fact that the Basics as DM trotted them out, do NOT make an auditor. It is an altered sequence. The Acad Levels and auditing experience, a well done Internship with good cramming and audit, audit, audit, then the BC with all these now available lectures plugged in and you’ll have someone who knows why the tech is the way it is. Then the VIII course and you’ve got somebody who can apply the REAL basics – as described on the VIII course and contained in the Factors, the Axioms, the Pre-Logics.

    Anyway, the fact is LRH wanted this material there and the full chrono study to be complete. Despite DM’s comm lag in doing so, and the blanket inval of any training done, or study completed to that point with his 2007 release, LRH’s intention carried through even via that SP dolt. Of course, DM took the credit, even for making the discoveries in the first place no doubt.

  82. Brings to mind the quote from C.N. Parkinson:
    “A perfection of planned layout is achieved only by institutions on the point of collapse. A perfection of planning is a symptom of decay. During a period of exciting discovery or progress there is no time to plan the perfect headquarters. The time for that comes later, when all the important work has been done. Perfection, we know is finality; and finality is death.”

  83. Tony DePhillips

  84. (1) Exploitativeness/Entitlement –> I insist upon getting the respect that is due to me;

    (2) Leadership/Authority –> I like to be the center of attention;

    (3) Superiority/Arrogance –> I am better than others; and

    (4) Self-absorption/Self-admiration –> I am preoccupied with how extraordinary and special I am.

    Yep, this is DM all over! LOL Thanks for the links Tom

  85. Tony, this Matrix movie reminds me as if somebody was to make movie of David Miscavige’s life and called it “The Story Of Stinky Boy”. It would be a flop for sure or a comedy that wins Oscars because of how the whole world would see this film and be laughing at David Miscavige like this “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” 🙂

  86. Sinar,
    I think you’re right; that time period was a shift to “millionaires and movie stars” where appearances became all and substance took a dive.

  87. Another eponymous comment, sir.

    There is little wonder that Precept 7 from the Way to Happiness is:
    7.1. Do not tell harmful lies.
    7-2. Do not bear false witness.
    and concludes with:
    The way to happiness lies along the road to truth.

  88. Why oh why did I take the red pill???? LOL

  89. Wow, I read your March 2006… wow. You were spot on!

  90. Thanks for filling in the blanks Jim. That clears up where this asininity came from.
    My biggest beef is that the basics now becomes yet another pre-req (stop) to getting an auditor and PC in session. The runway gets longer and longer.
    My next biggest beef is that Saint Hill is now the ‘Home of the Basics’ where it was once the ‘Home of the SHSBC’ (actually stated in a piece of promo a few years back – I wish I hadn’t thrown it straight in the trash in disgust). Yes – a clear indication as you say that DM must position himself as source – it’s like he can’t stand the idea that LRH should have the credit than he feels he so rightfully deserves.
    There is no way on earth that LRH would have ever allowed a sequential study of theory theory theory with zero application and nothing more than trotting out essays that parrot what has been ‘studied’ in order to graduate.
    Note also that the PDC course has now been lumped in with the Basics (Minus any DRILLS or APPLICATION – essays only). I tried to routed on to the original PDC course at Saint HIll 3 years ago and the reg couldn’t even dig up a checksheet for it… know what she told me? ‘Oh – well that’s an old checksheet – it’s not really used anymore!!!’ From the mouths of babes.
    What a freaking mess! Sorry for the off-thread mini-rant. This one is quite personal to me. I think it comes from being so close to Saint Hill and having to suffer watching the church die a slow death in Ron’s own home.

  91. Scuse typos – it’s bedtime in the UK! 🙂

  92. Nice post, Sherb!

  93. I just got an email from Artists for Peace and Justice, that group that Paul Haggis supports (evil being that he is), and their accomplishments in Haiti.

    Here’s the link. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=cpzinqiab&v=001S22Ky2nkF8b5xFReeR5zuwsxjSVKvQzAeJodaO3CA_Io3sgTrfHHFA8sPiIh39_HkF107M8SnyLhtnRSeP1SZ57R7h2C_YjknIj-1v-TUZNrCaNr2tfGRa9fXeN9F9xi.

    It occurs to me today, after reading the Opening Piece, the various posts, and now this Success Story of the Academy in Haiti, that what I find is the message that resonates with the bulk of the society, the decent human beings who populate this planet, is genuine care and action that betters the lots of our fellows. However that is done, it is a testament to the genuine nature of the beings here – the hope that springs eternal.

  94. Sue,

    My thought too. Pope Tiny Balls is some kind of strange super control freak. He’s such a classic SP case.

    I feel certain it’ll all visibly implode soon, much to mankind’s collective relief.

    The count down already commenced.

  95. Sinar ~~
    As personal chef to David Miscavige, Tom Cruise and LRH you have a unique perspective. This was a good date/time catch.
    I have posted this previously but there are a lot of new readers so I will post again

    In simple language a Cardinal or head of Church cannot rake in donations and spent the loot enhancing or purchasing a private yacht.

    Sea Org labor is used for personal benefit to DM and DM”s buddy Tom Cruise in violation of the 501c3 status ~

    SO members did not sign a contract to pimp cars for DM or paint Tom Cruise’s motorbike.
    SO members at Gold base suffered SLEEP DEPRIVATION to plant wheat grass and flowers to make the landscape outside Tom’s villa look aesthetic.
    “In the weeks before [Cruise’s]arrival, the base was a hive of activity as the five hundred or so Sea Org disciples painted, pruned, primped, and cleaned the gardens and buildings so that it was in pristine condition for his arrival.” Cruise was housed in a “plush guest bungalow” and given his own chef and butler, SO member Sinar Parman for the duration of his stay.”
    At Tom Cruise’s wedding to Nicole Kidman, “the event was choreographed and orchestrated by Miscavige, who arranged for two Scientology chefs and other Sea Org members  to cater and care for the newlyweds and their guests.”  
    Miscavige’s wedding gift to Cruise and Kidman: “A team of twenty Sea Org members  was set to work digging, hoeing, and planting wheat grass and wildflower seed near the Cruises’ bungalow” after Miscavige learned of the “couple’s fantasy of running through a meadow of wildflowers together.” [legal affidavit testifying to this from Karen Pressley] 
    “At Gold, in addition to their VIP bungalow and personal chef and butler, Tom had two motorcycles, a Mercedes convertible, and a motor home garaged in the compound, while Nicole had her own private garden. When Tom and Nicole wanted to play tennis, Sea Org members built them a private court.” 
    “Miscavige had a gym built for himself and Tom at Gold, which could be used only by senior executives and only when the actor was not around.” David Miscavige’s father, Ronnie Miscavige, estimated the cost at $150,000. 
    DM has shipped Tom regular gifts of fine wine, but on at least one occasion he sent an SO member with a picnic hamper to Tom’s Gulfstream jet for his enjoyment.” 
    etcetera., etcetera, etcetra……

    The Trade off.

    a)On behalf of Scientology, Tom Cruise has met with United States government officials to protest the treatment of Scientology is European states such as Germany and France, specifically, in 2003, Cruise met with the then Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and Scooter Libby on separate occasions.

    b) Tom Cruise has been used to influence the Governments of France and Germany. (and a lot more back channels.)

  96. Re: Saint HIll as “Home of the Basics”, I recently got the auditor mag from both AOSHUK and ASHO in the US, and between the two of them I think they were able to produce about three people each completing one level of the SHSBC. I was so disgusted I couldn’t even get up to throw the stuff away.

  97. Sam,
    You’ve made the key point: the “Basics” as DM put them out are NOT either basic (they contain some of the most advanced materials that exist) and they don’t train a person to actually AUDIT. There is no doing in this giant line-up of tapes and books.

    It isn’t geared to making a person able to apply the data to another and get them through an actual “basic”, the Grade Chart.

    Leave it to DM to take something that is valuable and shift it around to where its an onerous block on the Bridge.

    These materials rightfully belong on the BC, the chrono study of the entire subject, and are completely altered in sequence as a requisite to the Acad Levels or fundamental training in application of the technology.

  98. Thank you Grasshopper.

    Sooth you speak.

  99. Excellent point. Approximately five years ago I took the PTS/SP course exam at my local org (I finished the course in 1978). I scored somewhere around 94% and did a short cram/instruct; however, that was not good enough and I still had to route onto the new, “improved” course even though I had kept up with my high crimes for all new/revised issues over the years. It was the last straw and I refused to finish it – the first time I EVER failed to complete a course in Scientology (and this is from someone who completed 18 courses while a staff member during study time).

    Combined with the cert cancellation following the release of “GAT” – which occurred almost immediately after I’d rekindled my love for C/Sing and programming cases (Sandy Wilhere convinced me to take on the C/S post in DC until their current Snr C/S returned from Flag) – I knew at that point I would never be doing another course at the church again. It’s sickening to think how many competent tech terminals were probably lost because of this bullshit.

    Don Cramer

  100. Precisely Jim,
    1.1s don’t do ARC very well. You know that smarmy disingenuous affinity that preceeds a full blown reg cycle or totally unnecessary sec check.

    Dave doesn’t know that ARC is a “basic.” And he’d have no way of really verifying if the needle responds in direct proportion to the amount of ARC in the session because he’s never really ever audited anyone to an excellent result on anything, has he?

  101. *thumbsup*

  102. Wonderful Jim. I’m so humbled to be here with you and all of these other luminaries.

    Life’s a beautiful thing.

  103. Beautiful, Jim.

  104. Wow, reading that Mission Holders Conference back in 1982 (in the friends of lrh site) in San Francisco sure is an eye opener. The deception (enforced reality) is right there at that meeting by the new legal status of the church. And the MH’s are saying yep!!!!!!!!!! or silently holy shit batman…….how do I get out of this????????????

  105. +1 Jim. Received this update as well, one of the best donations to a good cause genuinely helping Haitians!

  106. IEG — My whole heart is with you at this time. Rachel

  107. Tom Gallagher

    A song from a respected COB:

  108. George M. White

    Totally cool.
    I once heard an historian say that the start of the decline of Rome was when they put marble everywhere.

  109. Jean-François Genest

    ► Idle orgs that have been built as temples for TC, might I add,
    just in case HIS HIGHNESS (LOWNESS) might visit one while visiting one of these cities. 😦
    (I wonder if TC has actually stepped foot in an Ilde Org TC-Temple since DM started building them for “HIM”??

  110. Jean-François Genest

    Great post Marty!
    Exposure Exposure Exposure
    Exactly what these cockroaches fear the most.

  111. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Wow Jim, this is amazing Speirins (news) ! Θ

  112. Sinar,
    Andrea is a beautiful soul but has been suppressed and silenced by David Miscavige and Tom Cruise. In early 2005, DM and TC had anyone who had any knowledge of DM’s “Special Project” (Pimping for Tom) “handled” and heavily sec-checked, including Andrea (mid OTVII), Liane (Tom’s sister & his PR), his kids, Pamm (Tom’s personal pilot’s wife) at Flag. After 4 months of heavy sec-checking, ethics programs and MEST work, they were removed from Tom’s lines because they could not be trusted to be on Tom’s lines.
    When Andrea & Pamm returned from Flag, they were so key-in and could not believe how their were betrayed by Tom Cruise. Soon after, Andrea was sent to work at Michael Wisner’s wife company so Michael W and his wife could keep an eye on her so she won’t blow.
    Pamm had no choice but toe the lines otherwise David Miscavige would force her husband (Tom’s pilot) to divorce her.
    All the terminals who were aware of POB and TC’s crimes, were removed or silenced as they were preparing a “clean” space for Katie Holmes to arrive.

  113. Nice blast in the face, John.

  114. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Yes, beautiful indeed.

    First off the fact you, Sinar and I (I am pretty sure others too) received this email was because we gave and they are communicating the effects of our donations.

    Let me think back……. has this EVER happened with support I gave to CSI,IAS,CCHR,TWTH, etc… NOPE! Sumza bitches!

    The only way RCS public know how “effective” their dono’s were is by the fact NO MAA, No Michael Roberts, IAS Reg’s etc… banging on their doors. Oh, and there are NO demands to report to ones org for sec-checking with in hours or days of being asked. Once that time frame has passed fear and sensitivity to the door bell and phone ringing set in again!

    Oh yes, Marty also reported back on how my help helped.

    Summmmza Bitches!!

    Looking good btw Jimmy Boy!

    — Jackson

  115. Marty,

    I listened to that audio of you and Devon. What a bullshit comm cycle by Devon. You did good. The pope is shitting bricks. Once you really look at all the sites we are not supposed to at, hey keep somebody from looking, why it’s all entheta, you will waste auditing hours and be confused.
    He has indeed turned scientol ogistics into robots without them knowing. Oh, it is so hidden and clever, thank you friends of lrh. Unbelievable indeed. When there sits the truth, it is hidden in plain site by what LRH says.

    Henry Ford was a pretty good dude———-

    I like this one:

    A bore is a person who opens his mouth and puts his feats in it.


  116. Mariella,
    This sort of “yuck” is what makes TC stuck to that SP. One of these days Tom Cruise, you’ll have to just face up to this stuff. You’ll be amazed at the resurgence when you get honest about what all has gone on.

    Take the “quinine” – it’s infinitely better than the “malaria” you’ve got now.

  117. LDW,
    Those that follow ‘dear leader’, while sad, let them get lost in the hills or die of thirst in the desert of out-ARC for now, but let’s focus on and round up the techies and revive that failed purpose. Brush up on what weaknesses might exist and get them to produce. again, able to keep their heads high with pride as they accomplish real pc products.

  118. I like this one too-

    “Speculation is only a word covering the making of money out of the manipulation of prices, instead of supplying goods and services.”

    Henry Ford
    Welcome to the OT levels,,,,,,,,,,,pay thousands and thousands of dollars, for the rest of your life………..

    “There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.”
    Henry Ford
    Welcome to the Sea Org.

    Welcome to the Sea Org————under the rule of DM

    “There are two fools in this world. One is the millionaire who thinks that by hoarding money he can somehow accumulate real power, and the other is the penniless reformer who thinks that if only he can take the money from one class and give it to another, all the world’s ills will be cured.”

    Henry Ford


    “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business.”

    welcome to idle orgs. See we have nice looking buildings, pictures of LRH abound- we are on source- quotes are out of context, and you don’t know since we don’t give any reference to the source PL or HCOB.

    Say, maybe when you walk in, you might notice nobody else is here, but just a few staff members,,,,,,,,,,and maybe you say to yourself,,,,,,,,,,say if nobody is here, how do you folks make money? That part is hidden. Maybe you as a new public might ask that question to somebody, or yourself. Nobody is here…………….I feel all alone, time to go,,,,,,,,,,,,I got in appointment,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,counts as stat body’s in the shop……………

  119. “Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs.”

    COM monopoly———-all hidden under the guise of COS, standard tech, golden age of tech………..this whole concept of church is bothersome to me says joe public

  120. “There is no such thing as no chance.”
    Henry Ford

    LRH says in in tape,,,,,,,somewhere, also maybe in POW…………

    You know I haven’t had any luck lately, so I postulate some luck,,,,,,,,and I get lucky………

    try it.

    I do it all the time. I say I need some luck……..sure enough, I get some. A day, a few weeks later, I get it.

  121. As regards stats——-

    I end off today with this…………by henry ford——–

    “The question ”Who ought to be boss?” is like as ”Who ought to be the tenor in the quartet?” Obviously, the man who can sing tenor.”

  122. There may be more to the story about that meeting at CAA than it first appears. Perhaps the only thing that saved a meeting like that from complete disaster (in fact, perhaps the only reason that such a meeting even got on the calendar) is that Rick Nikita of CAA is/was married to Paula Wagner, another Scientologist, who was Cruise’s partner in producing the Mission: Impossible series (plus a few of the more recent flops).

    Also, the Andrew Morton unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise says (p. 258) that Kevin Huvane, the other CAA executive that Mike said was at the meeting, lobbied to get a Scientology tent on the Universal lot during the 2004 filming of War of the Worlds. It’s not clear whether or not Huvane is a Scientologist, but that establishes that Huvane has gone to bat for TC on at least one Scientology-related issue near and dear to TC’s heart.

    I’m not trying to distract from the insanity (and arrogance and bluster and psychosis and whatever else) of DM thinking he has the right to get Tom Cruise’s personal assistant to go in and “handle” TC’s agents, and thinking that he could actually help the situation–that’s beyond the pale. But the agents already had a pretty strong vested interest in TC’s success, to the tune of 10% of the $20 million he gets per movie. So they were already highly motivated to help their biggest star. I’m just suggesting that the CAA guys may have already had some clue what they were dealing with, and may not have taken the meeting all that seriously as a result. They may have known that Doven was sent by Miscavige rather than Cruise himself, and just chalked up the wasted afternoon to the sort of bizarre crap that agents perennially have to put up with from coddled and neurotic prima donnas.

  123. Martin Gibson

    Aside: Darth Midget hahaha.

  124. You raise some interesting questions John. There is more to come on this subject. Just one note, $20 million per movie is way low. On many of the movies he is in he also produces and has back end points.

  125. OSA really is the biggest enemy the CofS has ever had, particularly the lawyers. Stupid, stupid people. I suspect the lawyers are out to undo LRH, it’s the only thing that can make sense. When Moxon’s nitwit minion tried to remove the ALT from the internet, the war was on, and OSA lost. If they wanted to keep the confidential material unkknown, all they had to do was put up fake material. The only ones who would know the difference would be those who already did the levels, and no one else would care. Instead, the idiots tried to shut down part of the internet, and then verified the confidential material by naming it and trying to stop it’s dissemination.

    I\m glad that OSA is on their side, and the lawyers work for them.

  126. ‘ALT’ should read “ARS’, Alternate.religion.scientology.

  127. COB = PTS TYPE G. persons who claim.that “if you help such and such a
    case” (at great and your expense) because somebody is rich or
    influential or the neighbors would be electrified should be
    ignored. Processing is designed for bettering individuals, not
    progressing by stunts or giving cases undue importance. Process
    only at convenience and usual arrangements. Make no extraordinary
    effort at the expense of other persons who do want processing for
    normal reasons. Not one of these arrangements has ever come off
    successfully as it has the unworthy goal of notoriety, not
    betterment. (HCO PL 27 Oct 64)

  128. That is an amazing story. The only solution is for Pamm and Andrea to get in ethics by blowing the whistle on all the criminality they observed. DM and those PTS to him are as toxic as virulent small pox or a room filled with Zyclon B — it is death.

  129. JIm and all others who have correctly stated the truth here,

    Thought it was time to provide a summary to put everything in its proper perspective.

    There is no doubt or question that studying the “Basics”, i.e. all the lectures and written material in chronological sequence will give one an unbelievable insight and understanding into the anatomy of the human mind and the subject of Scientology. There is also no doubt that the SHSBC was developed to do just that, and in essence does just that. But as Jim pointed out, all the lectures weren’t available but LRH always intended for them to be available.

    It is also true that it was expected that a person already had a good grasp of the basics before enrolling on the BC and that’s why LRH made the Professional Courses to try to distill the basics into something that could be studied along with the basics books to prepare students for the BC, at least those who hadn’t had the chance to personally attend the ACC’s and other courses personally.

    However, here’s where DM’s reversals start to rear their ugly behind. The subjects of DM’s reversed Dianetics and Scientology are well covered in various blogs by Marty already. But there is another major reversal I’d like to summarize here.

    It becomes very apparent and is stated hundreds of times in the 50’s and 60’s that the key priority was to enable Clearing on a massive scale. The making of auditors who could actually Clear people, and do so fairly rapidly became the #1 priority. If one were to summarize the Congresses into one heading, this would be it.

    The amount if ideas that came forth from LRH on this subject were immense. Witness the HAS co-audit, PE, etc. LRH tested and piloted numerous means and ways and finally came up with the Grade Chart in 1965 which laid out a step-by-step path to follow – both training-wise and processing-wise.

    He developed organizations to deliver professional auditing and training of professional auditors. On a local level that was the Academy levels and on a professional level that was the BC. On a grassroots level that was the various Div 6 routes (Dianetics, PE, HAS co-audit).

    The key stress was to get auditing going at as many levels as possible, addressing as many people as possible and hence concepts as missions, field auditors, FSM’s, field groups, etc., were put in place.

    No doubt any auditor SHOULD eventually know ALL the tech, but for obvious reasons it would take some time to study 2,000 lectures and read through tens of thousands of bulletins and policies and book pages.

    So very distilled means to train auditors were developed on a gradient scale, from Book 1 auditor to co-auditor to Academy Levels Auditor to BC auditor to Class VIII, etc.

    In this way a person could technically Clear another individual with only a few months worth of training, while lots of case would be audited off shortening the processing time through massive Div 6 services (Dianetics and co-audit). Then the very best would move on to train on the BC and Class VIII so there would always be a few individuals in each area who had a mastery of the tech (C/S’es, Qual and Review Auditors, etc) who could pick up the out-tech and otherwise rougher cases and situations.

    It was a gradient approach to getting more auditing occurring on a broader and broader scale.

    With good service being delivered and wins being had and proper dissemination, especially by word of mouth due to the wins being spread, each area would expand. There was never anything wrong with making money and as a matter of fact in numerous polices LRH states the importance of staff members and especially auditors – the most valuable beings on the planet – being cared for and rewarded.

    So by concentrating on service and getting service delivered, expansion would result and staff welfare would be a natural consequence – and intended so by LRH. Posh quarters certainly wasn’t a bad thing, and was to be put in place, but at a time and in a sequence where this was strictly to improve the image and service of what was already in place, for the purpose of increasing the delivery potential of that service.

    So here’s where DM’s reversal is the most flagrant. DM’s strategy is pushing EVERYBODY to get through the full chronological study first and at the end of it they don’t even have a cert. Its like getting a brand new public to start with the BC as his first action, but he can’t even audit at the end of it.

    Co-audits were cancelled as “out-tech”. Basic Div 6 courses are being promoted to get done at the highest organizations in Scientology (FLAG, Freewinds, AOs, SH.) All prior auditor training was cancelled as “out-tech”, i.e. pre-GAT.

    In essence the line-up to just start auditing someone. whether you are brand new or an already trained Scientologist is years. Existing auditors were taken off auditing and new people were put on endless study not resulting in being able to audit.

    Organizations were pushed to get fancy quarters and fancy MEST. Important staff functions were removed and replaced with registrars. Tech personnel became admin personnel to comply to DM’s latest strategies.

    Field auditors were all but cancelled. The missions were all but destroyed.

    In essence, every single ingredient to simply get auditing delivered as much as possible in the grandest scale possible was reversed by DM. The focus on auditing and delivering Scientology training and services at any and all levels was reversed by DM for other objectives such as to make as much money as possible by coming up with any and all reasons to spend money on something that doesn’t result in more auditing and Clearing.

    This is know-best at best, but more outright stated as the biggest suppressive act ever done towards LRH and his intentions with Scientology. It is such a giant reversal of the entire subject not even all the squirrels in the world could turn that wheel as fast as DM himself is managing to spin the wheel of Scientology in the opposite direction.

  130. And as a side note, it is very ironic indeed that the “personification” of KSW #1 is the very reason the Church of Scientology is failing.

    KSW is summarized at the end with this statement (among others):

    “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High
    Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

    The official Scientology public is reasonable at best, as they have all M9’ed this reference but all justify this statement by listening to DM’s Shermanspeak about the ogres. Even in the absurd case that Marty and MIke were the “ogres”, in the end L. Ron Hubbard states that the only possible downfall on the Church of Scientology’s part is its failure to retain and practice the technology.

    I believe this was all Debbie Cook was trying to say in her email, and isn’t that conclusion enough evidence for all you who still hang on to Dear Leader?

  131. Greta,
    Hear hear!!! Excellent project.

  132. 🙂

  133. This blog has more substance about celebrities than any of the prime time shows like Entertainment Tonight or similar shows.
    What baffles me is why don’t they bring up those topics on TV. Is Tom Cruise that sacred to the Entertainment world?
    These corrupt accomplices or willfully ignorant celebrities need to be exposed. They can’t possibly not know what’s going on.

  134. Hypocrisy Sells

    Mariella wrote “preparing a clean space for Katie Holmes to arrive”

    In today’s headlines:
    Katie Holmes Goes Topless to Sell Jewels

    I guess they went from “clean” to “cleaning up”

  135. Tony: David Miscavige & Tom Cruise STARRING IN “House Of Blondes”
    🙂 🙂 🙂 Holy crow!

  136. What I find totally incredible (though I do believe you, Mike) is that Tom Cruise would let Michael Doven speak with his agents on his behalf! That meeting must have had TC’s approval, right? Or did DM have general authority to intrude into TC’s career as he wished?

  137. one of those who see

    Yep! We are the red pill takers!

  138. I’m glad you are here John. Your very well written account of your experience at Flag and the technical alterations (Three swing FN, re-definition of Instant Read) really connected major dots for me.

  139. Gold should release all those basics on blue-ray discs.
    In MP3 Format. Inclusive transscripst (soft copy).
    Then sell transscripts (hardcopy) separately as requirement to study in course room (and collectors editions if you will).
    All the Basics and AAC are way too bulky. You need a room just to put them somewhere. It’s also to expensive to produce and diseminate them all.

    It’s a one big money making machine.

    So the bridge line-up (right side) was messed up only for one reason, MEST.

    I know of people who went trough all the basics check sheets and can not tell you what Admiration is all about.

    Welcome to the Brave New World of David Mestovich.

  140. I am new to this and still decompressing to a degree. But what I see here is the true flavour of Scientology. The reason I came into the subject with a heart full of love and hope and a willingness to help that was eventually blunted. I can feel the failed purpose being rekindled just reading this blog.

    Here is a song for the defenders of the tech:

    And the lyrics if you are unfamiliar with it:

    “They Stood Up For Love” – Live

    naked lovers feel the blood beneath their veins
    electric nerves communicate
    with tiny explosions through our brains
    who is this energy that never left or came?
    give rise to passion the only glory
    of this human story

    I give my heart and soul to the one

    we spend all of our lives goin’ out of our minds
    looking back to our birth, forward to our demise
    even scientists say, everything is just light
    not created, destroyed but eternally bright
    masters in everytime lord in everyplace
    those who stood up for love down in spite of the hate
    in spite of the hate

    who put the flower in the barrel of that gun?
    who lit the candle that started the fire,
    burnt down the fortress, the throne?
    who could house all the refugees in a single shack
    or a lowly bungalow?
    who lives in a different dimension, free from the
    struggles we know?

    I give my heart and soul to the one

    we spend all of our lives goin’ out of our minds
    looking back to our birth, forward to our demise
    even scientists say, everything is just light
    not created, destroyed but eternally bright
    masters in everytime lord in everyplace
    those who stood up for love down in spite of the hate
    we spend all of our lives goin’ out of our minds
    they live in the light

    we made it to the moon
    but we can’t make it home
    waitin’ on a rescue that never comes
    made it to the moon
    but we can’t make it home
    maybe home is where the heart is given up
    to the one
    to the one

    we spend all of our lives goin’ out of our minds
    lookin’ back to our birth, forward to our demise
    we spend all of our lives goin’ out of our minds
    they live, they

    they stood up for love
    stood up for love
    stood up for love
    they stood up for love
    stood up for love
    stood up for love

    we spend all of our lives goin’ out of our minds
    masters in everytime
    we spend all of our lives goin’ out of our minds
    stood up for love

  141. Irene Thompson

    How the heck did this train wreak of a human (Michael Doven) make it so close to Tom Cruise?

    Michael Doven is both delusional; AND ethically corrupt. I expected better from Tom Cruise. Michael Doven can’t even articulate simple speech!

    Talk about the blind leading the blind…!

    If Michael Doven is the epitome of the Corporate “Church” of $cientology; Then we, the ones looking in from the outside, have nothing to worry about. This “Church” is nothing more than a front for David Miscavige to rape innocent Human Beings – while stealing away their wallets, and their purses….

    DESPICABLE; to say the least.

  142. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam, No sarcastic applause, please! I have now sent you
    a hook up via our local “copy house print shop”. Kindly
    reply so that we can establish mail box ‘recognition’ Tks.

  143. That sounds like an oasis 🙂
    Yeah hell – I’ve got a failed purpose alright – I got into Scientology to be an auditor and found it impossible to navigate sanely through Miscavige’s case dramatisation to make it 😦

  144. Michael Brown

    Bob, I find some of your messages confusing. You could help me out by proof-reading them more. Here are some examples from this post: 1. In the first sentences the pronoun ‘you’ is used to refer to Marty and then it switches without warning to people in general; 2. The reference to http://www.friendsoflrh.org is not clear for new readers; 3. It’s ‘in plain sight,’ not ‘in plain site.’; 4. The quote from Henry Ford doesn’t seem to have any immediate relevance.

  145. Excellent summary, Raul. Thank you.

  146. Heather see new VV article that expands on this.

  147. Perfect summary! I saw the same thing happen over the years.

    The main threat to DM’s power over the past 30 years has been the people around him that could successfully practice and apply administrative policy (instead of taking orders from him) and/or apply auditing technology by “auditing as natural as rain” (because, how do you control rain).

    DM understood that the foundation of these successful practitioners was their years of actual practice of the technology. So, to eliminate the threat, he got rid of them (RPF, Hole, GAT, etc..) and then made sure any replacements were a new generation of robots with NO actual application skills. Basically, the practice of Scientology was perceived as a threat to DM and that’s why he got rid of it. And, that is why the Church is dead.

  148. George M. White

    John P,
    Thanks for the information about Boethius.
    I see another thousand years at least.


  149. There definitely was more to come on this meeting 🙂

    Shortly after you posted your reply to my comment last night, Tony Ortega of the Village Voice posted an article (click here) that went into detail on this meeting and the whole campaign to retaliate against Viacom for the South Park episode. What was already a massive footbullet with Marty’s story and your comments on the meeting in reply, just went even more nuclear, if that’s at all possible…

  150. Michael Doven is a tool.

  151. Nomnom Actually the reference you used in your post is not quite correct.
    The 27 oct 64 originally used the term “troublesome sources” and was changed to “sources of trouble” in nov 64. (this preceeds the use of the term pts by LRH in Apr 65 and is a differnt thing than PTS. even if similar. Apparently you used as a reference a later (67) altered version of the 64 issue as it got mixed into church materials including the admin dictionary and resulted in confusion about types of ptsness( there are just three types.
    A correction was issued in 1987 on this but went mostly unnoticed within the world of Scientology as even in the late 90’s the Ethics book contained this error.
    Yes DM would be a source of trouble type G. Most information on this site would most likely put him as PTS type III.

  152. The bottom line is this:

    The organization that calls itself the “Church” of Scientology is full of individuals that will ruin someone’s life for a single statistic.

  153. Irene: Michael Doven has been mentioned in very kind words by many on this blog — he wasn’t like this from his moment of birth, for example. 🙂

    He just decided to take the OTHER road — there are two — one TO truth,
    the other TO hell.

    There is ONE ground, TWO roads (paths) and TWO results.

    One road (path) leads to enlightenment, the other leads to a continuation of spinning through endless lifetimes of pain and suffering.


  154. Wood Dragon Welcome. 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon so I’m betting this will be YOUR year 🙂

    LIVE is a favorite of mine. I was fortunate to have met Ed Kowalczyk (former lead singer of LIVE) at a private book signing in Manhattan with Ken Wilbur for his book — Integral Spirituality.

    Another favorite is this one:

    Reminds me of what we all believe here on Moving Up

  155. DRAT! Someone tell me again how to REALLY embed the clip — I thought I did it right … alas … 🙂

  156. I agree with everything you just said and you nailed it better than I could.

    EXCEPT for that last line.

    The Church is not dead. I also invite you to see what that concept does to one’s planning and action. It’s not a good datum at all if one wants to really handle the planet. Indy delivery is a joke. I am on these lines. It will always be a joke.

    The correct condition of the Church is Danger. If the formula is not applied (including replacement of Miscavige), the church will be dead.

    It is still alive. It bothers me this datum that it is dead, for it prompts one to scrap the idea of fixing what is there. IT CAN BE DONE.

    MIscavige is one man. He can and will be brought down. This year.

    I posted this on my FB wall last night:

    False Datum: The Church of Scientology is dead
    True Data: Policies on statistics and conditions
    Actual Condition of the Church: Danger
    What to Do: Apply policies on the condition, namely BYPASS the terminals normally responsible and handle it yourself. AND replacing the personnel (Miscavige.) And assigning the condition of Danger. (Which is very true when you think about it.) And getting in ethics. And reorganizing the whole damn thing so that the BS is out of it. And adopting firm policy that prevents the dangerous situation from happening again. The disconnection BS should be the first to go. The Golden Age of Tech drills should be trashed for 90% of it. The arbitraries to become a more powerful person by moving up the grade chart – all of them – need to be CANCELLED.
    Why things went wrong: The checks and balances of the organizational structure were carefully and insidiously DISMANTLED and removed so that a tyrant could assume full power and turn it into a full-on CULT, bankrupting its public and terrorizing anybody who tries to work there and help their fellow man.
    Who is responsible: David Miscavige
    Ideal Scene: An on-policy, in-tech, in-ethics group delivering real LRH technology that makes more powerful people, in expected time with expected gains at a reasonable price, with all families in tact and no arbitrary BS. If people want to leave the church, fine. If people want to complain, fine. If people want to read the Net, fine. Knock off the cult BS NOW. That is the ideal scene.
    Handling: Remove Chairman of the Board David Miscavige immediately using any and all resources and communication lines available to accomplish this, and make even more. Get the word out continuously and repeatedly that Debbie Cook is the best possible replacement for Miscavige, and that as a group we demand his removal and replacement with Debbie Cook. Utilize all opinion leaders including top celebrities to contribute to this message. Apply ethics gradients including lower condition assignments and fair game tactics on the malcontents who insist on keeping this tyrant in power. Utilize all resources available to accomplish this. Anybody who wants to remove Miscavige is on this team. All games conditions between teammates are cancelled.

  157. Seeking As Isness

    I agree perfect summation. I love you guys – you’re all spot on!
    I’m coming out soon with a letter announcing my withdrawal of support to the Church of Miscavige. I will spread it far and wide just wrapping up compiling the email addresses.

  158. Interesting angle Robert.

    Having been there I can only say that anyone with any qualities gets 1) recognized (or later “given another chance”) followed by 2) squashed. If the person survives, step 1 is repeated followed by step 2 again, but this time the squashing is much worse. Pending on the strength of the individual steps 1 and 2 are repeated in a cyclic manner.

    After a while you either have a useless, mindless robot, or the person leaves, blows off or otherwise removes himself/herself.

    There are NO exceptions.

  159. Update from Tony Ortega @ Village Voice:


    How Scientology Spied on Tom Cruise
    By Tony Ortega Fri., Jan. 13 2012 at 12:19 AM

  160. I think that Paramount dumped Tom Cruise because they did not need or want one of their top box office money makers representing them as an pro anti-psychiatry movie studio type. And that is why DM got so loud about it, was because he got concerned that maybe the public is not as ignorant as he told people they were after all. 🙂 Good show DM! Sure to attract an audience.

  161. Just as “Suppressive Person” now means “someone loyal to Ron Hubbard and Scientology and not me, Darth Midget”…. “Freeloader” now means “someone who worked their guts out for no exchange or support from our organization until they had enough”.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  162. True! I sent the Freedom Mag re. Paul Haggis to a few people with
    good results. (Disgust!) How anyone could hope for another effect on people, is beyond me. And, by the way, Debbie’s letter is making it’s viral way around here with very good results, too.

  163. Hello Wood Dragon. Welcome. You came to the right place.
    I remember well when I first came here and went back to the beginning of the blog, reading the posts and the comments and unraveling the mass of confusions I’d collected into my black hole of not-knowing what the hell happened to me and my group. It felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.

  164. Impartial English Girl

    Sam, Mike and WidowD – thank you also. Your kind thoughts mean so much to me.

    It was cancer that got the plucky Jazz in the end. But, until his time was up, his spirit never failed him and he was brave to the last. And, OK, he was a dog – but he was always willing to stand up and put himself in the way of danger in order to defend any creature weaker than himself. A powerful reminder (not that any is really needed) of why one must NEVER cease to confront wrongdoers or to stand up for what is decent and honourable. This blog and the efforts of Mr. Rathbun and Mr. Rinder (please can we have some more fishing chat videos?!) and ALL others who stand beside them are of the same spirit. REALLY worthy. Where there remain DM-type ankles in the world, we HAVE to keep on nipping at them…!

    With love and grateful thanks again,

    IEG xxx

  165. WH,
    I got the same code as you but do not write youtube in front or any character. Just open the video in youtube in your browser, copy from the address bar of the browser and past to the blog. The above imbed should have started the line with htt….. not with [you…

    Try this next time and more karma will be on your side.

  166. SAI: Looking forward to reading it…

  167. In the words of LRH, training was supposed to be fast and auditing drawn out. We have the opposite now, an endless runway in training which effectively stops any auditing. Sometimes I feel for the on-lines parishioners reading this blog. The cognitive dissonance must be really uncomfortable.

  168. Utterly accurate as I will personally attest.

  169. Sinar, don’t forget the time he met Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Even DM was able to laugh about that one. Only time I ever saw him take himself less than 100% seriously, though now that I think about it, maybe he was laughing at Kareem for being such a freak of nature. Freak, meet Freak.

  170. Received. Please respond to my request for more information.

  171. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam, thanks for this! I cannot reply without an E-mail
    originated from you to me, using the E-mail return
    address I provided. We have checked with our service
    provider, who gave us this remedy. Apparently, the
    problem is simply no m/box recognition. Let’s see if
    your reply gets through, otherwise I’ll have to schlep
    back to the Copy House. Pse advise here when done.

  172. Li'll bit of stuff

    Zephyr, your advised step sure is a’comin’
    and it will re-manifest in Restored Scn. The
    process is now well underway, day by day!

  173. Li'll bit of stuff

    WH, a truly accurate and sobering post, and expresses
    the same kind of essential truth as Khalil Gibran in his
    masterpiece ‘The Prophet’. I once read LRH put it this
    way, (if memory correct,)……” they lack the humility of
    vast wisdom.”……. LRH (ref. uncertain.)

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  175. Well put. Startlingly accurate. Won’t forget it. Thanks.

  176. I recently learned this via FB and politic stuff. I did the same thing in that area. Jumped and helped before I looked. Now I get it. I might have lost a friend but I got my integrity back. I also got a legal threat as a result. I am told it was illegal to threaten in that manner. Since the person is in the public and a politician one can say what you will.

    This time I choose to quit and I wish I was smart to do that in the cult but I was not. It took me a long time to learn this. About 10 years. I guess I had to recover from my cult think as well. The brainwash.

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