Friday’s edition of the Tampa Bay Times includes an editorial on the issue of Corporate Scientology hypocrisy.   It is a well reasoned piece.

Let’s take a closer look at the issue.  Miscavige spent the first 26 days of January directing a full blown espionage campaign designed to destroy the business of Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten.  Their sin?  Asking that Scientologists follow Scientology published policy. On the 27th day of Miscavige carpet bombing, Miscavige paid one of the priciest law firms in San Antonio Texas to slink through the back door of the Bexar county courthouse to obtain a temporary restraining order against the Baumgartens.  There was no prior notice given to the Baumgartens.  The order was a prior restraint on any communication by any means by either of them concerning David Miscavige and his empire of hypocrisy.   The order was based solely upon Debbie’s email of 1 January that took exception to Miscavige’s Fraudulent Idle Orgs program, and other financial scams.

Having used state court process to muzzle Debbie’s clarion call for Scientologists to cease violating Scientology policy by ceasing to comply or support Miscavige’s off-policy, fraudulent financial scams, including the Idle Org scam, Miscavige flew to Sacramento this weekend to serve as the Howdy-Doody MC for yet another Idle org scam grand opening.  Per local media reports the Sacramento Idle org cost 10 million dollars.  10 Million dollars for an org that I guarantee you hasn’t made anywhere near 10 million dollars gross income  in its several decade history.  An org, like most others to date, already driven by Miscavige into a lifeless morgue.

There is a lot more actual first-hand knowledge that Debbie Cook has that Miscavige is even more keen on burying from the light of public scrutiny.  Not a single iota of it has anything to do with business information that in certain cases could be protected from disclosure by state process; such as trade secrets or other proprietary confidential information. What Miscavige wants hidden are facts that could and should wind Miscavige up in a penitentiary for a good long time.

False Imprisonment.  Aggravated Assault.  Torture.

Meanwhile, in order to cover up such atrocities on Miscavige’s part, the gangster has had “church” troops embedding his name within dozens of fraudulent websites about the church’s alleged allegiance to the cause of human rights.

When the Tampa Bay Times sharply calls out Miscavige on hypocrisy it is right on, even if it is only touching the tip of an ugly iceberg.

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  1. Straight Up & Vertical

    Absofrigginlutely… so what else is new? Put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig.

  2. Debbie Cook has a right to report criminal actions to Law Enforcement. One cannot be gagged to hide crimes. No gag order can forbid speaking up of known criminal acts to local and Federal agencies.
    Debbie should do what many of us have done, report the criminality to multiple agencies, including the IRS for the criminal/money/ misuse of 501C3.
    I foresee Debbie being called as an expert witness in future civil and criminal cases where her non-disclosure does not apply.
    She can be hired as an expert witness and can give all the data she is asked in a Court of Law.

  3. Good for the TBT. They are dead on. Thoughtful just wrote an article on http://www.scientology-cult.com that addresses the personal liabilities of NOT speaking out about the abuses occurring under David Miscavige, aka Pope on a Box, aka Alvin on a Box.

  4. Or like my father used to say… “born a piglet, die a pig.”

  5. Again it’s good to remember, that you cannot be constrained from testifying about a criminal act by the fact that you signed a document promising to keep it a secret. GO, Debbie!

  6. I think DM has the stick, but what he’s slugging away at is a hornet’s nest. Don’t drop the stick, Davie! Hit it again harder!

  7. Rock on Debbie. You have my backing 100%
    Nicely Done Tobin and Childs – straight up factual reporting with no added inapplicable BS. Perfect!

  8. Miscavige: – word of caution:
    ‘Yeah OK so there’s a few human rights abuses but LOOK AT OUR BIG SHINY NEW BUILDINGS!’….
    Might work on the sheeple but I doubt the judge will buy it. Toodles! 😀

  9. USA is a free country:) You only need to establish a religion and you can do almost all outrageous crimes. The Church of Scientology is a great example of it. Are those people from int management still alive? And Heber the President? If they die because of RPF handling would that be a murder or not? Did they sign a paper that they obey Church law so if Church law includes illegal things like RPF, various hard deprivations, they can get away with it? Really crazy.

  10. Aww that’s mean isn’t it? I should at least let you in on where you messed up:
    Rule number one in any good Miscavige op:
    Did you forget that? Tsk – silly boy!
    If you’d have disposed of Wayne properly in the first place you MIGHT have been able to finish off Debbie (just like Annie and Mary Sue) before she recovered and got strong enough to be a problem. Now you in BIG trouble.

  11. Glad to see the Tampa Bay Times helping out here.
    Can barely wait for Debbie to find a way to pack out more. She must have a cram-packed arsenal……

  12. I think it would be vital for any Judge to know that the Church does not just go after people that have signed agreements. They have gone after Marty, Me, (I am building a dossier now) , and anyone else that speaks their mind with or without signed contracts. Marty did not sign anything, look what they did to him. I have no commitment to them, they have quite some answers to offer up on my account when the time is right (soon). They don’t answer up to anyone they malign and damage who doesn’t sign anything. They do not differentiate so it matters not whether you sign an agreement or not, not to them. The fact that you DO NOT have any signed agreement buys you NO MERCY or consideration. In truth THE CONTRACT DOES NOT MATTER. TO THEM! They run search and destroy missions on ANYONE that dares to criticize or disagree. This is the history. It is part of their policy and this can be evidenced in court. Therefore, how can they prove their gripe is about the contract? When this is standard operating procedure? It is NOT about any signed contract being broken and this can be proven in a court of law.

  13. I think David Miscavige is a criminal; in the first degree…

  14. Pass the Scotch


    Do you happen to know if Debbie’s planning a countersuit? I would think she has a VERY strong case against the Church, as well as a golden opportunity to depose Miscavige more thoroughly than has ever been done before.

    As an aside to JOE PENDLETON:

    Do you have an e-mail address you’d be willing to give out? I recognized who you are from different things you’ve said, though I sincerely doubt if anybody else could. (You were good friends with a good friend of mine.)

  15. mark mckinstry

    I think we should issue a study order for all C of S members to watch The Truman Show repeatedly until a cognition occurs.

  16. Remember “All the President’s Men” and the source of information “Deep Throat”? Now is the time for a Scientology Deep Throat. Heck, it could even be Debbie herself. Throwaway phones. Temp email addresses from an internet shop. Other methods of communication. Info provided Tony Ortega and other news sources with extremely embarassing and/or sensative inforrmation on Davey&Co.

  17. david miscavige is a moron regarding Sun Tzu tech (and of course basic SCN ethics, tech and admin)
    He will of course lose the battle in the end.

  18. Though it may have gotten shorter…

  19. If this case moves forward, the judge should ensure that all depositions, court filings and court hearings are public. The public should be able to observe how the Church of Scientology seeks to wrap itself in First Amendment protections to avoid scrutiny and strip those protections from members of the church who were seeking to reform it.” tampabay.com

    That would be great.

  20. the truth always win Marty …….
    DM is a dead man walking.
    Ciao !

  21. The more footnuke DM does, the more I come to believe that his personal “operating manual” is Mission Earth, with himself appearing as Lombar Hisst. >;-D

  22. George M. White

    David Moth-cavige’s collision with the First Amendment right to
    free speech is another example of the zealot missing the mark.
    He is like the moth plunging into the flame unaware of his own
    destruction. This trial must be made public to expose his
    disregard for the fundamental rights of a citizen. These rights
    were bought by millions who sacrificed and he cannot waive
    them with his laundered money.

  23. How times have changed. When I got involved in 1981 apart from the odd “wacky cult” story in the tabloids they would pump out when news was thin on the ground, the press generally kept a respectful distance from the Church. There seemed to be a tacit if grudging respect for the CofS propensity to attack when attacked.

    These days the cult is just a laughing stock and utterly impotent. When the Debbie Cook story broke every broadsheet in the UK covered the story with gusto. You can almost hear the guffawing from Fleet Street when the cult puts out “press releases” about the great humanitarian work the cult is doing or supporting. The ugly iceberg of hypocrisy is more visible by the day. David Miscavige and his mafia henchmen cannot hide any more – the hair toned, spray tanned appearances at openings of new Idle Morgues merely accentuates the absurdity.

    When Miscavige was in the UK for the IAS event last October I invited him to a one-on-one meet any time, any place, via one of his lap dogs who was fishing for intell. Still waiting for an answer. Memo to DM – you’re a joke, mate. Literally, the world is laughing at your self-important pomposity. Your crimes will be your legacy – THAT is what you will be remembered for. No amount of puff PR will change that.

  24. martyrathbun09

    Good point TO.

  25. This is a fight over, about Scientology, perhaps even about who will be in power afterwards. I hope it will not go the way of any revolution that mostly ended in a new dictatorship with again the former revolutionnaries as followers !
    I hope that people can free themselves of any greed for power or thinking that Scientology is the only one solution and those that don’t understand it are not too bright or self important which would bring about a new facist system !

  26. Miscavige hasn’t yet realized that he’s boxed in a corner with no way out. He has no idea the hornet’s nest he opened when he sued Debbie.

    From Tom Clancy’s book The Teeth of the Tiger: “Sir, you’d better not kick a tiger in the ass unless you have a plan for dealing with his teeth.” Miscavige’s same old tired plans don’t work any more.

  27. Straight Up & Vertical

    Good one!

  28. TroubleShooter

    I’ve read the last few days of postings and press and since days after Debbie’s email was sent to fellow parishoners I’ve been struck by a thought. I learned of the “dead agent packs” (term used to describe the pack of information compiled to make the scientology opponent look criminal, insane and/or unreliable as a source of information) that were rumored to be shown to all who would listen or comply with the orders to appear at their local churches to be disinfected by Debbie’s kooties. The thought that strikes me is that most of those parishoners have not even LOOKED at the email, these postings or the newspaper articles because they are afraid to. I reflected back on the days when I was a “LOYAL follower” and know that if I was still a follower that I would be completely convinced that she was a bad hat. What the church likes to spread about defectors is that they were PDHed which is to say they fell into the hands of SPs who subjected the “apostate speaking out” to electric shock after being drugged in order to lay in commands of which the apostate would then be controlled by once they regained full consciousness. This story in itself is another tool used in the church to create a dangerous environment for those who don’t do what they’re told to do “for their own protection”…

    Speaking for myself and my observation of the growing field of people standing up to the internal aggressions used to control the staff and field I can say I feel embarrassment sometimes as to how well I swallowed the hook, line and sinker for so long. Now that I’m out from under the grips of the tactics osa uses internally so effectively I can see more clearly. All that time I thought I was getting closer and closer to full pan-determinism when I was in fact “other-determined”.

  29. Tom Gallagher

    With regards to lunatic wannabe anti-Christ, POB:

    “Ye shall know them by their fruits – The Saviour gives the proper test of their character. People do not judge of a tree by its leaves, or bark, or flowers, but by the fruit which it bears. The flowers may be beautiful and fragrant, the foliage thick and green; but these are merely ornamental. It is the “fruit” that is of chief service to man; and he forms his opinion of the nature and value of the tree by that fruit. So of pretensions to religion. The profession may be fair; but the “conduct” – the fruit – is to determine the nature of the principles.” Barnes’ notes on the bible

    And for a more contemporary analysis of the runty psychopath Pope:

  30. Yes Hope the hell it will in the end come out crimes of such magnitude cannot go on endlessly without some hault some where along the line .
    All the support to Debbie and her husband Stay strong and remember do not allow implanters to rule over you or you mind and your state of beingness.

  31. Alex Castillo (supporting Debbie Cook's New Year's message)

    For those who do not know about me, I was a full time Evaluator/Org/Continental Manager during the years 1975-1981 at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater Fla. During that time, me and several other people in similar positions, through the application of the Admin Tech as written by the Founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard, contributed to and witnessed the worldwide expansion of Scientology, an expansion which came to a halt after his passing and the take over by David Miscavige, current “leader” of the church of scientology.

    During my time in the Sea Org I witnessed the FSO and just about every Org in the world flourish and prosper due to the correct delivery of LRH’s auditing technology and the correct application of his Admin tech. And these are not just my words. Statistics from that time tell the story.
    Fot the past 5 or so years, I have followed closely what has been happening with Scientology, especially since Marty and Mike parted company with Miscavige, and I, being well versed (trained and practised) in Admin Tech,
    have seen NOTHING BUT extreme violations of the Admin Tech and auditing Tech which was developped by LRH to ensure the expansion of Scientology and to keep it available to all for present and future generations.

    So today I have been scanning my old Management Series 1970-1974, first US printing 1974 (obviously unaltered by Miscavige) and have chosen some relevant quotes from various LRH Policies:

    “The ideal org would be an activity where people came to achieve freedom and where they had confidence they would attain it”

    “One could look at this ideal org and know that THIS (written in italics) was the place a new civilization was being established for this planet”

    “The ideal org is the image one builds toward. It is the product of the causative actions of many. Anything which is short of an ideal org is an ou-point that can be put right The end product is not just an ideal org but a new civilization already on its way”

    L. Ron Hubbard
    (LRH ED 102 INT)
    20 May 1970

    What has David Miscavige done with this beautiful, achievable dream?

    “Thus a truly suborned leader would desert “opinion leader” as a basis of power and begin to use FORCE and MONEY to hold his position”
    The astute leader on his way up may tread heavily on the opinion leaders of the opposition. This has its benefits in reinforcing the favor of opinion leaders for him. But it also has its liabilities for, now in power, he may have serious enemies who are all the more perturbed now that the too have him as a leader.”
    L. Ron Hubbard

    PR Series 6
    HCO PL 11 may 1971

    Sound familiar?

    “You can see that Black Propaganda is a covert attack on the reputation of a person, company or nation, using slander and lies in order to weaken or destroy”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    PR Series 18
    HCO PL 21 November 1972



    Ethical failure at the top or just below it can destroy an organization and make it downstat.

    Historical examples are many.

    The Charge in any such case for a staff member or Executive is FAILURE TO UPHOLD OR SET AN EXAMPLE OF HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    Executive Series 12
    HCO PL 3 May 1972

    Frankly folks, I could just continue quoting just about every LRH Policy in the book and in the end we would see that David Miscavige, driven by his greed for power/money, has purposely ignored, altered and misused every one of them, and has also intimidated his juniors into doing the same.

    If Debbie Cook is trying to prove that David Miscavige has practically destroyed the Scientology organization and caused untold harm to it’s staff and public members by violating or altering every policy in the book, she wouldn’t have much trouble.

    And since this blog is being monitored by Miscavige and his followers who call themselves Scientologists, I would suggest that we should quote as much Policy and Tech violations as possible to prove their guilt.
    Legal action of course should also be pursued in view of his crimes and violations of human rights.

    TO DAVID MISCAVIGE AND HIS FOLLOWERS I say that evidence of your wrong doings is stacking up by the minute and YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE RETRIBUTION FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Start reading and understanding LRH Policies and realize what you have been doing.


  32. Alex Castillo (supporting Debbie Cook's New Year's message)

    Please excuse any typos found in the copying of the above quotes. They are my typos.


  33. Yes, you agree to Introspection R/D if necessary. Now, correctly done on someone who needs it, it’s an amazingly kind thing to do. Incorrectly done, doing something else and calling it an Introspection R/D on someone is not so good…

  34. You know, there are plus points to having had a truly suppressive psychopath taking over the church and implementing black-dianetics throughout the organization.

    It’s forced many of us to stand back from the organization and the tech and the policy and really re-evaluate, in a new unit of time, what truly does and does not work. To evaluate it fully, without any outside or inside interference.

    When I left in 2007 (on March 13) I went out and got my real estate license and was working on my mortgage broker license when people starting coming out of the woodwork asking if I would please audit them. Most of these people were flag PCs who had been severly screwed. I used mostly the Questionable Auditor Repair list. I audited people who were caved in, PTSand often truly despondent. I watched them come uptone and regain their sense of well-being, often in only 5-10 hours of auditing. It gave me a whole new perspective on how simple the tech is to apply and on how effective it is when delivered in a safe space, with no hidden agenda.

    Since then, I’ve restudied everything from the comm course to grad V. Studied from a totally self-determined “what’s true for me” viewpoint. No hidden data lines, no inept criticism from untrained supervisors, no stupid evaluations from executives with a hidden agenda influencing the C/S.

    When I look at Debbie Cook and her current plight, I suspect she has done a similar evolution. It’s my understanding that she was quite ill when she left the SO. Is that correct? It’s my understanding that she was made to stand in a gargbage can with a “lesbo” sign around her, having water poured on her head while screaming lunatics demanded she confess her crimes. Is that correct? It’s also my personal knowledge that she allowed her org to be converted into a black-dianetics implant station under the direct orders of david miscavige.

    Combining her own overts with the savage abuse from miscavige, I can’t even imagine how PTS she must have been.

    For all we know, the entire settlement (hush money) she received from miscavige was spent on medical bills just to get her well. Maybe.

    But under the circumstances of her physical condition and state of mind when she she signed that contract, and her knowledge of how poorly people are treated within the organization, I just don’t see how that contract could hold up as a valid legal document.

    I guess it took her about four years to fully recover and re-evaluate her situation and decide that she needed to do something about it. She’s a pretty interesting lady, the way she’s played this out.

  35. Couldn’t find the article. Do you have the title?
    But I was thinking if you are aware of a crime and don’t report it, you are an accomplice at least. Legally as well as per the Scn Ethics Book.

  36. 😀 ‘like’

  37. bob.common@aol.com

    Be good to know more information on what is below that tip of the iceberg.

  38. Beautiful message Mark – hope this link is better – too good to miss:

  39. … BINGO! 😀

  40. haydn (T Paine)

    Miscavige will not be able to make a silk purse out of this pig’s ear.

  41. Miscavige’s ill-concieved splinter group will die a natural death while Scientology continues to grow and expand; it will once again belong to the people to whom it was bequeathed.
    In the bigger scheme of things Miscavige’s legacy will be no more than a smudge on the wall left in place as a mosquito who was swatted away by those he annoyed.

  42. The hypocrisy is not limited to just free speech, it also includes things such as free thought, as mentioned on this blog and elsewhere many times. For a group that promotes “Think for Yourself”, it is the exact opposite of what they enforce. Instead it’s “don’t look, don’t listen, don’t read, don’t think, just do what we tell you.” It also includes whining about freedom of religion yet obviously attacking anyone who chooses to practice their religion in any other manner from what they are dictating. Let’s not forget the financial irregularities – public can go in debt beyond recovery and it’s “the greater good” yet policy strictly forbids it for the organizations. The list could go on and on.

  43. “This is a fight over, about Scientology, perhaps even about who will be in power afterwards.”
    Please elaborate as to where you got that idea from. I didn’t see anything in the post to indicate there was any such notion.
    Speculation at best. Forwarding OSA enemy lines at worst.

  44. “False Imprisonment. Aggravated Assault. Torture.”

    The correct response to the question, ” Why did you sign the NDA and take the money?”

    This just keeps getting better and better.

  45. Tony DePhillips

    Good one Lynne. 🙂

  46. Tony DePhillips

    Excellent logic.

  47. Tony DePhillips

    Very good points Quentin.
    What a conflict. Freedom of religion.
    The “church ” says it supports freedom of religion. Yet they attack Marty for practicing his version of Scientology and then they day he is running a cult??!! Now that is real religious tolerance.
    But I guess dm can use the policy to protect himself by saying Marty is a squirrel. Wouldn’t freedom of religion also protect a squirrel? I think it would. One man’s squirrel is another mans hero.
    I say dm is the biggest squirrel to ever eat a nut.

  48. Alex Castillo (supporting Debbie Cook's New Year's message)

    I have been racking my brains and looking everywhere and for the life of me I cannot find anywhere where LRH said that it is a crime for a Scientologist to take legal action against another Scientologist. Can anyone please give me a LRH reference concerning that subject?


  49. Like the “Executive Series 12”
    very much.

  50. Alex, Thanks for that post. I have been reviewing the PR series/Data series from original DSEC Course and DM has broken just about every rule in the book to try and hide his complete lack of Policy and Tech application as written by The Founder. Who, really, could dispute these direct violations of Green on White?
    In the decade of the 70s Scientology experienced the biggest TRUE expansion in it’s history, never again to be equaled or surpassed. Int. Management was allowed to evaluate and program per Policy and LRH was on the line. More auditors were made in the 70s, more OTs, and more actual new people in than ever. Now look at this mess. Only the independents are producing. And LRH even mentioned this would happen as well!

  51. Claudio Lugli

    I respect a lot Debbie and Wayne decisions and actions.
    To me anyone willing to stand and confront David Miscavige and his Corporate Scientology goons is very commendable.
    It takes guts, courage, integrity.
    And those are qualities I respect and admire.
    They did what they did before taking those decisions.
    Honestly I do not care.
    What I do care is what I see now and what I see is a direct confrontation with the beast.
    And is a “David against Goliath” situation.
    But David (not DM) won at the end and so I am sure that truth will prevail and that David Miscavige’s crimes will see the light of the day and he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    Hypocrisy is the real hallmark of Miscavige:

    Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.
    Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie.

  52. Nice analogy, Lynne – dead on! 🙂

  53. dave’s revision of the new ethics book

  54. The crash, pretty much date coincident with miscavige and his finance police destroying the horrible, out ethics, squirrelling mission holders.

    Hummm…makes ya wonder who the horrible out ethics, squirell really was in that scenario.

  55. Alex Castillo (supporting Debbie Cook's New Year's message)

    Hi Roy, old friend. I dare say that if David Miscavige was to be judged by his own peers using LRH’s Policies, he would be thrown out of Scientology on his ass and declared a true Enemy of Scientology with no recourse! Not that he shouldn’t be given some way to redeem himself and join Humanity, but I’m sure he would be barred from ever occupying any kind of position in the Organization. We could just throw the whole set of books at him and he would not have a single chance to defend or justify himself!
    Glad to see you are about and still delivering the good stuff!

  56. Alex Castillo (supporting Debbie Cook's New Year's message)

    Is that a fact or is it just humor:))

    L. Ron Hubbard

    Reprinted 1979

    actively seeks to suppress or damage Scientology or a
    Scientologist by Suppressive Acts.
    SUPPRESSIVE ACTS are acts calculated to impede
    or destroy Scientology or a Scientologist and which are
    listed at length below.

    3. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists
    but not to Committees of Evidence duly
    4. Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or
    Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress
    Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving
    standard Scientology.
    5. Bringing civil suit against any Scientology Organization
    or Scientologist including the non-payment of
    bills or failure to refund without first calling the matter to
    the attention of the Chairman at World Wide and receiving
    a reply.

  58. it is called “Counterespionage” and he posted it yesterday.

  59. L. Ron Hubbard
    (note, not “by”)

    1968, 1970. 1973,1978, 1989. 1998 L. Ron Hubbard Library All Rights Reserved


    Public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing with Scientology organizations.
    Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened.

    Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology.
    Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist, including the nonpayment of bills or failure to refund, without first
    calling the matter to the attention of the International Justice Chief and receiving a reply.

  60. http://www.scientology-cult.com/counterespionage.html

    I also wanted to remind everyone about the LRH HCO Policy from 1969 entitled “COUNTERESPIONAGE” in which LRH lays out Church Policy regarding anyone within the Church involved in the following five points:

    1. Any theft of documents or materials.
    2. Orders or directions which will result destructively.
    3. Any disturbance of files, bills or addresses.
    4. False reports or advices to staff or customers or preached defeatism.
    5. Willful corruption of tech.

    Of course David Miscavige and his supporters are guilty of every single point. But LRH went on to lay out what staff should do if anyone guilty of the above crimes offered them MONEY — “he should promptly seem to agree, should accept any money offered (which he may keep) and should quickly and quietly report the matter…

    See my article for the full policy excerpt.

  61. Alex,

    In the Intro to Scn Ethics Book, Feb 83 printing, pg 57 chapter The Ethics Codes, section Suppressive Acts:

    “Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist including the non-payment of bills or failure to refund without first calling the matter to the attention of the Chairman and receiving a reply;”

    That chapter was a direct reprint of an HCOPL (I checked once long ago), but can’t find the PL right now. Perhaps someone else knows.

    CoS’s current stance is that “it is a crime for a Scientologist to take legal action against another Scientologist” but obviously that’s not what the original says or what it intended. I believe the original intent honestly was to try and handle upsets internally first without having people go through the Dev-T of the court system. I also believe that intention was misguided and should be discarded – looking back it’s easy to see how it would go off the rails very very quickly.

    At least one part of that policy was still working in the mid-90s when I worked for a fellow Scientologist who asked IJC for permission to sue a third Scientologist in Small Claims Court for an unpaid debt.


  62. I like your concept, Sam. Reading it I got the full idea of “we are Scientology, he’s just a splinter group.” I like that!

  63. LOL, Pat.

  64. I hope that the Judge at the upcoming hearing doesn’t allow the restraining order and rejects the lawsuit on religious grounds. David Miscavige can’t have it both ways – protection from lawsuits, but allowed to use the courts to sue others. He can’t be allowed to systematically destroy the lives and livelihoods of people, but sue people for “damages” when they protest his actions. I can’t believe that any Judge would believe that Debbie Cook’s email is behavior that the community needs to control, which is what David Miscavige is asking us (via the Court) to do. I have to believe that truncating of a American’s right to speak freely would require a much greater threat to the broader community than criticizing the job performance of an executive of an organization.

  65. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    COB, RTC


    1) Imprisonment of staff I’ve ordered.

    2) Violence I’ve perpetrated and demanded of others.

    3) The policies I violate daily.

    4) What I eat.

    5) All the fancy stuff I own.

    6) The jokes I make about parishioners.

    7) The number of times she’s seen me hug TC.

    8) My extensive scotch habit.

    9) The fact that I have Arthur Hubbard locked up in a cage underground at the base.

    10) That Four-Swing F/N thing I tried to implement.

    11) My bonus structure.

    12) My Secret Super-Disconnection Policy.

    13) My thong underwear.

    14) Names I’ve called Heber.

    15) Old ladies I’ve had thrown in the lake.

    16) My height.

    17) My swollen cheeks.

    18) My dyed hair.

    19) All the blackmail I’ve run on staff, parishioners, celebrities, journalists, the ice-cream man, politicians, my brother, strangers, astronauts, local animals, the cable TV guy, the cook, my parents and people who look at Tom without my permission.

    20) Anything.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

  66. Ditto here, Troubleshooter, but I’ve gotten to the point now where I can laugh at myself as well as those still doing it…

  67. Les, I like your description of evolving into handling those people in need of R&R from the church abuse. (Rescue and Rehab, maybe?–LOL)

  68. There’s also the statement, “If I didn’t sign and take the money, I knew I wasn’t getting out of there in one piece.”

  69. Marty, May I share this without your name if you prefer, on FB?

  70. There was an observation posted,many, many years ago on ARS, when one of Moxon’s minions, Helen Kebrina I believe, sent the infamous ‘Kabrinogram’ an attempted to silence the critics by trying to remove the group, ARS. Of course, the explosion was instantaneous and international. The observer commented that the CofS took a swipe at the hornet’s nest, and now has to deal with each individual hornet. So true.

  71. +1. A really easy way to do this is for Cook to stipulate early on that none of the OT materials or “scripture” will be entered into evidence, or that if such material is necessary to enter into evidence, any of that will be sealed. That leaves finances, abuses, and the rest of the stuff that’s really important out in the public eye. It also makes it really, really hard for Co$ to argue successfully for a protective order. You don’t get a protective order solely on the grounds that the stuff that comes out in discovery makes you look bad.

    A protective order is an order issued by the court under which evidence and the products of discovery are confidential, and it is typically used in cases such as patent cases where there is going to be a lot of confidential information that could cause economic harm to the parties if it got out (such as by giving competitors actual blueprints to how a product is made) or divorce/family cases where there is going to be a lot of personal information that really isn’t the public’s business.

  72. Debbie could have accused DM of multiple crimes and violations of policies and gotten away with it, probably.
    But she commited the one unforgivable sin–don’t give DM any more of your money. That’s a declaration of war. That’s Pearl Harbor.
    I think he’s met his match and won’t get away with muzzling her. She must have known that one sentence would bring on the heavy guns. I have to believe she knows what she is doing.
    Go Debbie! You can do it!

  73. Alex,

    Found that quote in several places, with most of the text the same in all, with the exception of the person or post to receive the notification.

    From HCOPL 23 Dec 1965, Ethics Suppressive Acts, from old green volume one, page 552:
    “Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist including the non-payment of bills or failure to refund without first calling the matter to the attention of the Chairman at Saint Hill and receiving a reply”

    From “Introduction To Scientology Ethics” green book copyright 1973:
    Same text except for “….Chairman at World Wide….”

    From “Introduction To Scientology Ethics” copyright 1993:
    Same text except for “….the International Justice Chief…”

    Hope that helps.

  74. don’t think for a minute that the Msn holders were the Arch Angels of Scn delivery in the Boom days. They were not by a long shot. It was very easy for these guys to invent new ways of extorting public. Yes, the Missions sent a lot of people for training from 71 to about 75, then it slowly tapered off with the halfway valid excuse that the Class IV Orgs had out tech. In 75 or 6 “fast Flow Training” came out in LRH’s name, but not written and I doubt approved by the Boss. the checksheets did not require auditing as a practical action until the Student had finished Class IV and then minimal hours in the chair. Auditors were made on internships, those that got the data and those who didn’t were sent to retrain or retread. The Msn Holders then started to train their own auditors or not send them at all.
    The eval that was done to handle this did find a correct admin why, but an incorrect ethics why. A Msn Holder who was doing off source actions was declared outright rather than get a proper comm ev. This was the leader to what you see now, squirrel off policy declares, etc. The ethics actions done on msn holders weere deplorable, and Justice Policies were not used. THIS is what led to destruction of the msns, a wrong ehtics why, heavy off source declares, and missing or witheld data on INT. lines. The above is my opinion, but I was around when all this started. My friend Alex C. can even tell you more from an int. viewpoint if he so desires.

  75. I got into Scn in 1976. The Mission delivered HQS, Student Hat and HSDC courses in the Academy. All internships had to be done at a Class 4 org or better. ASHO, AO and Flag all sent tours in to the Mission frequently. Their message was that they were the BEST. Their reges were extremely effective. Our public typically bypassed the Class 4 org to train at ASHO or Flag, but more often, were regged to go straight onto the Power, Clear and OT sections. The Class 4 org was positioned as being “much poorer quality” and our public believed that. So they didn’t go. There was no withhold of public from the Class 4 org — after the upper org tours events no one wanted to to the Class 4 org. The fact is that the upper orgs crippled their own Class 4 orgs by regging into the Missions on a bypass. That’s the truth. This nonsense about the Missions withholding people from the orgs is a shore story and justification for what was done to the Missions. They were producing their asses off. I know. I was there. No one spoke ill of the class 4 org except ASHO, AO and Flag, by asserting that if you wanted quality service, that’s where you should go. In the early 1980s the bridge was flipped, with the grades coming before NED on the grade chart. At that point the Missions crashed and burned big time because they could not offer the levels in the Academy and NED could only be done after the levels. No more co-auditing at the Mission on Dianetics — and believe me, co-auditing on Dianetics was really an item!!

  76. Thanks all!

  77. Hilarious!

  78. Good video!

  79. 21) The times I sit in L. Ron Hubbard’s office chair and put my feet up on his desk.

  80. That Tampa Bay Times editorial on corporate Scientology Hypocrisy is outstanding.

  81. Alex Castillo (supporting Debbie Cook's New Year's message)

    Thank you all for the references . I remember it clearly now and have even found it in my old OEC Vol One. My excuse is that it has been over 30 years since I last read that green volume !


  82. The data and tech were always meant for personal evaluation. Seems to me that failure to do that results in “agreements without looking”. You describe the “exit and honest evaluation” very well. I’ll give LRH the high mark for data and tech (no equals) but frankly what I’ve read of his opinions on government and banking … um … “OK Ron. I got that.”

  83. Ҥ 4. Misprision of felony
    Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.” (US Codes)

    (I have no idea how this applies, and apparently it varies by State – apparently it is currently more at “concealment” of a crime, than failure to report, but I thought it was worth posting so that those with extensive Googling abilities might look it up under the convenient term “misprision” – not ‘misprison’, misprision. NDAs specifically exclude reporting of crimes.)

  84. Again, religious organizations, Ministers, Priests, Rabbi’s, Orthodox Guinea Pigs, etc. are NOT “excepted” from being reported.

  85. Random Stranger

    22) The time she caught me in my office wearing LRH’s full dress uniform, pretending to give a lecture, practicing the opening line, “What’s the date?!”

  86. Reached by The Daily yesterday, Cook said “I can’t say anything, unfortunately. Hopefully that will change soon.”

  87. Random Stranger

    Ideal Debbie Cook Outcome:

    1) Cook writes KR on Miscavige, giving time,place, form & event of atrocities.

    2) Cook files report with IJC.

    3) Copy of report is accidentally lost.

    4) Finder of lost report leaks it to press.

    5) Press reports it.

    6) Parishioners read it.

    7) Parishioners get torches, buckets of tar, bags of feathers and show up en mass to acknowledge COB properly.

    8) If IJC takes no action, then parishioners get more buckets of tar and more feathers and show up to acknowledge IJC properly.

    9) All parishioners go on strike, no money, no show, no nothing until proper justice has been implemented.

    10) Have some ice cream.

  88. Maria, It’s true there were upper Org tours and that they bad-mouthed the Class IV orgs, in many areas. Even the Sacramento Msn in early 70s sent staff and public to their Class IV Org though, quite a few for training. Thae upper org tours started around 77, about the time the “Fast Flow” Checksheets came out and poorer quality auditors were produced as a result. THIS is what resulted in combination with the ASHO tours. AOLA did not deliver Class IV services whatsoever. Class IV Orgs did not deliver power or Clear, etc. Only AOLA did. SFO Staff did receive power because we had two power Class VIII’s on day staff. Wo what you’re saying is the ASHO tours badmouthed the Class IVs. Being an ED at SFO Day from 75-early 77, I never heard of such a thing. During this time and before, SFO had already experienced a boom in production which subsided in April of 77. Kingsley Wimbush had already started his “Dinging” and Walters had taken it on. I believe the admin why is still correct. I also believe there was a wrong “Ethics Why”, in that Msn holders who went off source were treated unjustly and that heavy ethics was used on them, with huge fines, etc. But the msns were not innocent, at least in the valley and bay area of California. I can assure you of that.

  89. Educational and impinging video.

  90. Sometimes I wish I have never bumped into Scientology…

    But then I realize it saved this life at 40…

    And now at 65, life is very good, My body is old, feels great and may last another 20 years. I would love to see more user friendly Orgs. Operated from the bottom up. Where the top serves the bottom.

  91. David Miscavige is a crook! I support Debbie & Wayne!!

  92. Just a Stat-ick

    Whatever Scientology is advertising or promoting it does, it is actually doing the opposite. The help is reversed which is similar to the government. Ask not what our Church can do for you, but what can you do for your Church?

    I am wondering if the Co$ gets the staff to commit overt acts these people would not normally do and now this is the mechanism that traps them.

    “Deals mainly in restimulation, never erasing, never easing”.

    “Covert invalidation is the social intercourse of the SP”

    “People get so restimulated, they cannot locate the actual SP”.

    The staff think it is each other, the public, PTS to the middle class etc. They really don’t know “it” is in the Organization itself. There is a WHO. Because the staff are not allowed to LOOK at everything (which is not spiritual freedom or self determinism) they don’t know what is going on. Whatever happened to “Look don’t think” and “happiness is the ability to “experience” everything. They are told that people commit suicide if they look at the internet. Now I know why they have to go to that extent to keep anyone from looking. Wow..just like Hitler.
    This is the new motto of the Co$ with regards to criminal activity within the Church. But it is not a Church, it is a SCAM. Carnival barkers at every corner selling snake oil.

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