An Open Letter To My Friends by Debbie Cook

Dear Friends,

On 31 Dec 2011 I sent an email that I hoped would help Scientologists around the world to involve themselves in the direction of the Scientology Religion and also to remind them that LRH empowered all Scientologists to do all they can to keep things strictly to LRH tech and policy.

I never spoke to the press and asked that it be kept from them. I also made it clearly known to the Office of Special Affairs that I had no plans for any further action and asking that our family, friends and business associates not be pressured to “disconnect” from us.

In response I received no communication from the Church at all, but rather every one of my Scientology clients was instructed to disconnect from me and my company was tanked. Further, my Scientology friends and family were contacted and ordered to disconnect.

Further still the Church of Scientology filed suit against me, demanding a legal injunction requiring complete silence on the subject of Scientology and $300,000 in damages.

The first part of that legal action occurred on 9 Feb, where the Church’s legal counsel asked of the Texas courts to legally silence me. They withdrew that filing the very next day after the court heard a very small sample of the physical abuse committed behind the closed doors of the International Scientology Base. But that was thanks to the 100% support of Marty and Mike and a few others very dear friends who were there to help guide us through this. It was especially due to an attorney and his team who came from the very heavens.

I have since done some press interviews, only with the intention of making it clear that these issues of duress and confinement are not based on the scriptures of the Scientology religion or the works of L. Ron Hubbard. They are the doings of an individual or a few individuals. And that Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are kind and caring and good.

Before me now is the damages case, where DM will demand millions of dollars in damages from me.

But for now, the first battle was won.

And for this, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart each and every one of you who supported me through this time, my true friends. From the well over one thousand people who sent emails and letters of support to the hundreds of people who donated to my legal defense, thank you!

In my moment of need, many stepped forward. People I knew and people I didn’t. Scientologists in “good standing” and those who aren’t. And Scientologists with some real heart-wrenching stories to tell. And not just Scientologists, but people from all faiths and all walks of life who saw that a great injustice was afoot and stepped forward to help prevent it. And together in this first round, we prevailed.

However, this fight is far from over and if truth is to prevail, your positive support and help will make all the difference.

Please know who I am. I support L Ron Hubbard. I have seen L Ron Hubbard’s technology create many miracles. There is no question in my mind that Scientology books and lectures as written by L Ron Hubbard hold tremendous benefit for anyone who just takes the writings as they are and applies them. I have seen the lame walk. I have seen emotionally broken people renewed. I have seen relationships healed. And I have seen these things over and over and over again. Nothing could ever shake my belief in the value of L Ron Hubbard’s philosophical writings.

I will do whatever is needed to ensure that the Scientology religion moves forward into the 21st Century in the spirit of love, compassion and kindness.

So that is who I am.

At this time, I have more friends than I had before I made this stand, far more. And we have our integrity. And it feels damn good.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Debbie Cook

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  1. You’re Welcome Debbie, and thank you! Love Mosey

  2. A big hip hip hooray from Canada!

  3. This is what this is all about.

    We are scientologist;the ones in good standing and the ones on “bad standing”.

    Because a Scientologists is not the one approved by the church; is the one who is not a victim. The one who uses the tech to improve his own conditions and the conditions of the others around him. Period.

    We are in the same team no matter what the Church 3rd party imaginary division is trying to do.

    Donation for México arriving to your account.

    God bless you. We are with you and your husband. You will never be alone.

  4. You’re going to be alright, Debbie! You are doing the right thing…much love to you and your wonderful husband!

  5. Debbie,

    You are the Sophie Scholl of our times. But, with a much happier ending.

    You many not agree with this, but I am quite sure your actions will lead to other high ranking execs following your path to freedom. You are doing more good than you could ever imagine.

    Welcome home.

  6. Michael Fairman

    Dear Debbie
    You are welcome. Joy and I stand by you in every way.

  7. Debbie,
    I support your goals of Saving Scientology and putting the love and kindness back into the Church. It needs to be exorcised of the evil and then the love will flow right back in and we can get on with the job of helping people.
    And hopefully we can all unite again, the innies and the outies!


  8. Dear Debbie I rather say it on mail to you but for this ocation: – I REMIND YOU FROM LATINAMERICA YOU HAVE FRIENDS ALSO – and is not only 1….

  9. Oh my gosh, Debbie, thank YOU! I’m sure your words are making a hell of an impact on Scientologists everywhere, Independent or not. I know you’ve got quite the road ahead of you in this legal battle. Bon chance! We are here for you.


  10. Your letter brought tears to my eyes….. for joy and for hope of a better future with LRH’s tech at the helm and not a sadistic madman calling LRH’s training “the blind leading the blind” and institutionalizing the torture of staff and the financial pillaging of parishioners.

    I did a lot of my Advanced course services (1978 to 2005) while you were Commanding Officer of the Flag Ship Organization… I just want you to know I supported you then and I support you now.

  11. FCDC Class of 74

    We should be thanking you, you have waded back into the lions den to battle for right and the beliefs we all hold dear. I have your back, it my not be alot but I will help where and when I can. So again thank you for your courage. FCDC class of 74′

  12. Debbie,

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I’m with you all the way!
    It was an Epic Win in San Antone…..of course the TA will pack again, but this evil WILL die in our generation.


  13. Scientology do have the tools to assist the recovery of real spiritual integrity as you have shown us Mrs. Debbie Cook. thanks.

  14. Theo Sismanides

    Debbie it feels damn good and we are damn good… You have created waves that are gonna go Up high in the sky and gonna take us Much Higher.

    And I am soooo happy you see who is, not with you, but with LRH and actually Standard Tech. This is not You, Marty, Mike, Me or Any of those Great Scientologists who are around Standing Up.

    This is about Standard Tech! We have been riding this train for some years now! Happy you jumped on it cause you are a lady… and one of a kind! A thetan in the truest sense of the word.

    So please, please do communicate here cause here we have been making a pool of some theta and there is so many great thetans here and we can do things… WE are with YOU! And we love you and I do respect you and love you for what you are doing. Keep us tuned and we will do what is needed from here.

  15. No words, only love and ARC………………….Thanks to you, Debbie

  16. Mother of Grendel

    Debbie, thank you for all that you have done – at great personal peril to yourself and your livelihood. You truly embody the ideals of Scientology – to create a better, safer, saner world for all.

    And, on a personal note, you have given hope to one who had lost it.

  17. Debbie = Courage in Norwegian 😉

  18. George M. White

    You are very welcome! I am so happy that the donation went to a
    successful legal outcome. We will flow more power to you.
    Much loving-kindness,

  19. Debbie Bravo! A Scientologist actually applying KSW. You put your “precious” neck on the line. Just what LRH expects of Scientologists. Your courage and integrity are inspiring. Thank you.

  20. Debbie,
    Thank you so much for stepping out and up!
    It’s a pleasure to help and support you.
    We’re used to fighting and your actions have been highly invigorating.
    Can’t think of a better fight involved on Planet Earth than this one!

  21. Is DM like Lombar Hisst ?

    Thank you VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY (1000x) MUCH dear Debbie for all what you did for LRH and Scientology.
    P.D: I´m still in !

  22. I am not a scientologist, not sure I have even met anyone who is but I have been following this story through the media and internet ever since I saw the BBC documentary with John Sweeney. I cannot relate to the suffering of many of you but I have to say I am cheering for you Debbie, I think it was a very brave thing you have done and in the couple of years I’ve been following this, I think you have made the most impact upon righting a wrong so good luck to you all, I shall be watching and offering support where I can! And I’m glad you had support from Mike and Marty too!

  23. Hip – Hip, Hooray!
    Hip – Hip, Hooray!
    Hip – Hip, Hooray!

    (standing ovations!)

  24. Debbie –
    You are so welcome! Thank YOU for all you’ve done and are doing. Your beautiful acknowledgement is inspiring in itself!
    What was Ron’s quote about the essence of good management? Caring. You exemplify it!

  25. Debbie,

    What you are taking on is a big game, with real opponents.

    This is courageous beyond belief.

    Many here feel the same about LRH and his tech as you do. And like yourself, many have been “declared” for it.

    Stick with Marty and Mike. They have been relentlessly reliable in this ongoing project to expose and depose David Miscavige, thus freeing the tech for all who reach.

    Thanks for being there and communicating.


  26. Thank you Debbie,

    Postulating much success, happiness and more for you and yours.


    Brian Culkin

  27. I am going to translate this message and post it on the german independent blog

    (if somebody is already translating into german, plese contact the blogs owner and drop a line here.)


  28. “I will do whatever is needed to ensure that the Scientology religion moves forward into the 21st Century in the spirit of love, compassion and kindness.”
    Quote by Debbie Cook

    Good to learn you have also put on those big boots.

    Debbie and Wayne, you have my support. Money to flow soon from this sector.

    Nice clean, theta ending for the week. :o)

    Thank You so much.

  29. Your letter make me be very happy!
    Thank you Debbie for letting manifest your integrity!…What you have done so far, is a laser beam to this incident of the 3d engram.
    Free being IS the real path.

  30. Debbie,
    You are very welcome. It was a privilege to have you as our Captain in the FSO. Helma and I were happy to have donated to your defense. We will do it again in a heartbeat.
    Much loving friendship.

    Ed Paulson

  31. Impartial English Girl

    Dearest Debbie – there are SO many of us out here who have never met you – but who care very deeply about you and your welfare.

    Please be assured that you did NOTHING wrong in sending out your email. You did NOT betray your beliefs (I say “your” and not “our” because I am not a Scientologist, and not for any other reason). You acted with the very best of moral, sensible, and right-thinking intentions and it has blown up in your face through absolutely no fault of your own. No doubt you would have preferred to have had all this dealt with quietly – but other forces came into play and revealed your thoughts and actions for their own wretched motives.

    Bless you for having the bravery and decency to hold firm and stand by what you emailed out. Lesser mortals (DM, for example, to name but one hell-bound miscreant) would have blamed “Hole”-destined underlings, “mis-quoted sources” or a computer-based “internal server error”. You have shown the courage and integrity that clearly accompanies the intelligent spirit within the worthy person that you are.

    I wish you nothing but the very best of health and happiness – and a lovely, successful future.

    Best wishes to all as well,

    IEG xxx

  32. Debbie,
    I think maybe it was 15 years ago or so at Flag…you asked me if everything was up to my expectations. I could feel your genuine care and concern; it was not a rote question. Well, I’m glad this time some of the care and concern is coming from others to you.
    You deserve it.

  33. morelivesthanacat


    I was going to say “you have no idea how many people are rooting for you”, but I guess you do.

    You’ll come out on top after the dust settles.

    And so will Scientology, much sooner than it would have if you had not taken your stand.

    I’m so glad your media interviews are being done to separate out LRH and Scientology from what the Church has become under crazed leadership. And I must tell you, it’s working. I opened up the London Times yesterday morning like hundreds of thousands of other people, and the Debbie Cook article there was better written than any I can ever remember reading in a newspaper on any news event. Great opening line, accurate reporting straight through with no smear on LRH or the Church (as the other English rags did), and a great ending–all of which told me that there was a distinct differentiation being made and a narrowing of the target of perceived antipathy to Scientology. The focus has turned from the generality of the “Scientology Cult” to the realization that the source of all of all the bad stuff is DAVID MISCAVIGE.

    Well done!

    Hey Dave–you just got beat up by a girl!

    (he hates that)

  34. one of those who see

    To our wonderful, brave Debbie. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to help Ron get real Scientology applied to the betterment of all our lives. You truly have put on those Boots in the Sky. Because of the threat of disconnection I am Independent, but under the radar. There are so many of us. You are helping restore Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech for Scientologists. I stayed friends with you on facebook as long as I could, but had to defriend eventually because of Facebook Police. Wanted you to know I am still very much your friend. Hugs to you and Wayne across the miles.

  35. Benjamin Cisco

    I believe that if the damages’ case continues in the same spirit that David Miscavige has shown in the past, you will have more people supporting you than ever before. I know that I will. Thank you for doing what you are doing. You’re a special person.

  36. Debbie, I live in Clearwater. One morning you and Wayne were taking the corner on N. Garden St. between Dunkin Donuts and Bank Of America. Wayne was driving. You were putting on your make-up. I was standing on the corner. You looked up, saw me, shrugged your shoulders as if saying, “Ooooppps you caught me,” gave a big smirk and finished what you were doing. I concluded “wow what an awesome beingness…none of it fazed you and that simple act was impressive.
    Good luck with this fight. As someone said earlier…we should all be thanking YOU! You’re the one dug in on the front line. I have dono’d to your defense fund and will continue to do so! THANK YOU for your strength and beingness!

  37. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    You are welcome.
    I have done what I can do in my small sphere of influence,in terms of support, for you and Wayne.
    Thank YOU for what you have done.

  38. You have a lot of supporters out here Debbie & Wayne ! You have helped so many others just by sending out that e-mail and we know ya’ll have sacraficed so much like many of us have in the fight for what is right! It’s not the easiest thing to do, to stand up and say enough is enough, we Thank you !

  39. Tony DePhillips

    To Debbie and Wayne,
    From Tony and Marioe-Joe. You have our support and love.

  40. When u took the stand, and spoke truth with tears in your eyes, the impulse to help was rekindled or reinforced in any and all touched by that event. As LRH says “help is dynamite” DM u are receiving an effect measured in mega-tonnes. Sucks to be u – David.Miscavige, this game is pre-agreed to have that effect.

  41. Tony DePhillips

    Ooops, that’s Marie-Joe…

  42. Debbie,
    Thank you for your courage and confront. They are your strength and always will be.
    I admire you tremendously.

  43. Hi Debbie;

    It is so heartwarming to see your comm.

    You mean a lot to us, your welfare means a lot to us.

    You are not alone, as you know, there are thousands of us out here, both innies and outies, and we have as our goal to remove David Miscavage and salvage what is left of the CofS and rebuild it’s reputation through good works well known.


  44. I 100% completely agree with you Debbie.

    Certain LRH policies are being used to manipulate and destroy instead of what these writings was truly intended for – to HELP people.

    And, unfortunately, it’s not just David Miscavige I am talking about. There are a few Scientologists who use policy for their own agenda.


    If ALL Scientologists just took the time to read and understand policy, they would easily see through the veil of a select few to undermine the tech by enforcing their interpretations of a policy or HCOB.

    Thank you and Wayne for your courage, patience, and above all, your compassion in handling this whole ordeal.



  45. Its a wonderful letter Debbie and I myself was moved by your letter
    There are as I see so many with you all the way. My highest respect to you for what you have done, and your trully a very wonderful thetan .Some one was certaintly watching over you and the heaven provided the support what was so vital for you so far. Honesty works wonders !
    I hope you and your husband will come through and as a result Its hopeful that many changes will occur due to what you did.God Bless you and LRH looks over and around you .!!!

  46. Debbie, You sure DO have your integrity. That is such a very well done. (For any that don’t know, Debbie and worked together at the FSO from late 1894 through 1987).

    You were able to come through all this because you chose personal integrity over EVERYTHING. And when you do that, guess what you win: everything. Freedom, self respect, knowingness, pride, laughter, honesty, friends, support, “good luck”, auditing, training, case gain, stability, Scientology… in short, existence blooms to life when a being walks fearlessly on the right path.

  47. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Debbie & Wayne,
    we are really, really happy to see you both HERE with us.
    Is true, you have many more friends now, and real ones!
    We understand it has been very hard for you, it has been for us too. But we LOVE LRH and his philosophy and we want the world to share the wins it can deliver. As you said : in the spirit of love, compassion and kindness.
    This will make the difference, and IT FEELS DAMN GOOD TO HAVE YOU WITH US HERE DOING IT!!!!!
    Renata & Claudio

  48. fly on the wall

    Dear Debbie. The best years are yet to come. Everyone you care about will be with you sooner or later. The ace in the hole that Marty, Mike, you and many others posess is that yours is a theta goal and truth prevails.
    Long ago our paths may have crossed, but it doesn’t matter. Your reputation preceeds you and its as clear as day who you are and you will continue to have my support.

  49. This letter is a joy for me. I know you, and I knew you will keep your integrity over anything else….I’m really happy to see you fighting back and with all our help, I know we are going to prevail… You know by now that you are not alone…. and never will….
    Looking forward to see LRH policy aplied as he intended to be and not perverted …
    Fisrt batle done…..

  50. Well Done, Debbie. As LRH said, Freedom takes eternal vigilance and the willingness to fight back. Every great tyrant in the history of the physical universe gained power because we failed to oppose and disable them. DM, and his PTSes, are just another example of an endless line of “mest-beings” in this universe who are determined to convert Theta into MEST. They are the Theta-Trappers who we allowed to bring us prison-planet Earth. If we are going to reverse the dwindling spiral of Theta in this universe using LRH Standard Tech, the battle you are waging is a vital step in that game. It is our duty to help, if only for the sake of our own Freedom.
    We worked together at Flag for a year (I was Dissem Sec when you were D/CO under Ron Norton). I know you as a being of impeccable integrity and honor. I’m still here. I’m delighted to see that you are too. Onward and Upward!

  51. Dear Debbie,

    I thank you wholeheartedly for your integrity and your courage to stand up against abuses in the Church and the continued violation of KSW. You get up for anything that LRH was ever really important.

    You should know that even here in Frankfurt (Germany) are the people you pay the highest respect for what you’re doing and support you in this fight will be.

    I myself am a public in the church and hope just like you, on a path of reform within the church – has to go back to the truth as it showed us LRH.

    In love, OriBa

    P.S. I translated my text via Google Translater, unfortunately, because I speak very little English and beg for the poor quality of apology.

  52. Great write up Debbie. You have our positive support! Here if needed.

  53. Debbie, in doing what you’re doing, having the courage and foresight to fight this battle, you are helping to get those departed from LRH Writings and Technology to return to the real thing. You deserve the help you need without question. Thank you for being there, and for your courage, your suffering and your winning nature.

  54. Any guesses as to when Ms Cook will have an entire issue of “Freedom” Mag commissioned in her honor? I’d bet it’s not too far off- and at adherent expense to boot!

  55. I’ve met you twice and afterwards always felt I was part of the ‘family’.
    These dark days will come to pass as all things do. You have my support and love. The future is something Miscavige nor anyone else can steal from a real Scientologist.

  56. You will never be made wrong again.

    I fired some torpedos on this blog towards people who tought less of you.

    Go get ’em Tiger !

  57. Love ya Debbie! I am at your service. As you once told me, “Chicks Rule!”

    Kevin Tighe, Declared Christmas Eve 2010

    P.S. I previously posted as Expelled4Life.

  58. Debbie … you rock! You opened my eyes on new year’s day 2012 as you did for many others. Am very grateful to you and very proud to be your friend. We will win, thanks in no small part to you!

  59. Debbie, all the credit belongs to you. It takes guts to apply the Code of Honour for real, and you are doing it. You are living in truth and rejecting the lies and evil. Many here know how hard that road is.

    It was an honour to help, and I stand by to help again in any way needed. More funds? Just ask. Personal assistance? I’ll be on the next flight from Gatwick. You’re a star and I for one, love you.


    How much longer?

    How much longer are you going to deny the abuses at the top?

    How much longer are you going to put up with a life of misery at the hands of a madman?

    How much longer are you going to deny the irrefutable fact that you have the enemy within?

    How much longer are you going to make excuses to rationalize the glaring outpoints slaping you in the face in the time of “unpresedented expansion”?

    How much longer are you going to remain blind to the obvios fact that he who says he is “at the helm” is in fact “at the helm” of the abuse, the intolerance, the criminality, the outright and blatant violation of the most basic of basics of the ethics, tech and admin of Scientology?

    How much longer are you going to just watch how Scientology is turned into a joke circus of fundrasing with games and drama presentations seeking only to extract as much money as posible from parisioners rather than using Scientology tech to flourish and prosper?

    How much longer are you going to be the effect of a hipocrite who claims to be a supporter of human rights while behind close doors presents his real face of an evil, intolerant, supressive, arrogant, hartless, and totally ruthless dictator who believes only his words are law and disregards the most basic tenents of decency and compasión for human beings?

    How much longer are you going to endure the public attacks on Scientology clearly stemming from the fact that Scientology as gone completely awry from its basic tenets?

    How much longer are you going to wait to see your own people thrown out of your ranks only to see them appear back on your lines of communication as the “bitter apostates” to defend the church against?”

    I know you can not do your job. Your Jobs used to serve a worthy purpose. Now they serve the whims and paranoia of a madman. You did not join OSA for that. How much longer are you going to remain oblivious of that?

  61. Debbie, it was an honor to help you with the little bit I could and will do it again when needed. We all have a good reason for doing it. Some years ago when I was still on Staff I tried to imagine what the future will be like if things will be done like they were done in the church, especially the SO. I was terrified. Can you imagine an entire planet run the way things were done in DM’s SO. I wanted Scientology to succeed but I did not want a Brave New World scenario. No way!!!!! I could not be part of that future so I left Staff barely getting out in one piece. I thought I will never be able to do Scientology again because in order to go up the Bridge one has to confirm to a suppressive behavior that I just could not see myself do. Than last summer I found out about this blog and my mental bruises are healed and I know what I felt was wrong was really wrong and the problem was not me. I found out that I am not alone. In fact, there is a growing number like minded people here and they really care for each other and the future of Scientology. This community will be there for you and any other courageous souls who dare to step out and fight for the truth. It is strong, working and getting results. It also tends to be fun.
    Thank you Marty, Mike and the others who created this network of gentleman and gentlewoman who are fixing the mess.
    I just want to say I love you Debbie.
    When I imagine the future now, I know that when my baby girl will be of the age to go up the Bridge, if she wants to, she will not have to put up with the suppression we had to put up with and that is everything for me.

  62. Hi Debbie,

    We met briefly at the int base, but you probably don’t remember. I left a bit sooner than you did. I had some idea that something horrible was going on somewhere on the base–the atmosphere was frightful and intolerable–and I escaped while I still could, quite honestly the day before I perceived “something” was going to happen to me. I just wasn’t there the next day to see what is was.

    I want to thank you for very clearly differentiating between LRH’s works and what is going on now in “Scientology.” That is the important thing, while others are busily trying to obscure this very fact and using the name of Scientology to cover up their most suppressive and NON-scientology actions only to collect and hoard away more and more money. You are an amazing woman with great integrity and honesty….and courage…OMG.

    I am fighting my own legal battles right now of Constitutional and Human Rights, denial thereof. They are not Scientology-related. But my team stands for the truth and we are finally, after three scary years, headed for a settlement meeting. We clearly have the upper hand because we have nothing but the truth on our side. The other guys have nothing but lies, obfuscation of the truth and money to burn, and they got too cocky and made mistakes. I wish the same for you!! And it has already started.

    In the name of true Scientology and the magical and unimaginable gains that come from its correct application, I thank you (and Marty and Mike and your hubby) from the bottom of my little black heart 🙂 and may the good guys win!!!

  63. Random Stranger

    SUE! SUE! SUE! SUE! Sue DM personally and also sue the church. It is not the same entity that LRH said it’s a crime to sue, you know that. It’s the principle of the matter, they deserve to be sued for being the type of organization that tolerates, allows and hides the abuse you had to endure.


    $250,000,000.00 seems to be the correct number. No settlements allowed prior to trial and a full documented disclosure of DM’s antics. If you want to get rid of him and possibly ‘save’ that organization you need to sue.

    But then again, what the hell do I know, I’m not a lawyer. But…

    PLEASE SUE DM AT LEAST!!!! He needs suing. He’s begging for it. Tom will visit him in jail, you know, congical visits and all.

    And the last thing about this I want to say is…

    SUE! SUE! SUE DM! He can change his name to Sue and be an ex-cult leader named Sue.

  64. Wow!
    Very well stated!
    And Amen to that!


  65. Dear Debbie,

    You are very welcome to the moral support and the small donation that I made, and more will be coming in the future.

    THANK YOU for the message that Scientology is NOT about the horrific things of which the public has been hearing, and differentiating the applied religious philosophy of Scientology from the Church of David Miscavige. I will do everything that I can to help you promote this idea across the world. The public needs to know this, so they are not deprived of the true miracles that Scientology has to offer.

    My son and I are happily reunited, and I thank you also for your efforts in the past to help him through the family crisis we both suffered; due to the Disconnection policies of the Church of David Miscavige. As you know, L. Ron Hubbard cancelled Disconnection in 1968 by his Ron’s Journal ’68, and an excerpt of this lecture is even in the MODERN MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY DEFINED under the listing “Reform Code”. I am very sorry that you have been personally experiencing Disconnection, but as you have acknowledged, you have many more friends to replace the ones you have lost.

    Thank you for your courageous stand, both in life, and in the courtroom, in letting the world know what the TRUTH is about Scientology and what has happened with the Church. Your communication lines and connections have made a huge impact, and I appreciate your using them for the greatest good for all those concerned, in your efforts to Keep Scientology Working. TRUTH IN THE END, WILL PREVAIL!

    Much love to you and your loved ones,
    Catherine Von Ach

  66. Steve, sure you got your dates correct?

  67. Congratulations to you, Debbie. And to your husband. You both have taken such a strong and bold stance. I don’t know if you had any idea the hornets nest you were about to stir, prior to hitting Send on January 1st. But after reading your e-mail, everyone HERE knew what was coming, and like the skilled clowns we are… ran around with a giant net ready to catch you and see you safely back on your feet again. We have fun here… and popcorn!

    I look forward to seeing how your game plays out in the future. Personally, I hope you come out FAR better of than when you went in. And a little dark side of me would love seeing you and Geraldo Rivera sneaking into Int Headquarters to break people out! But I’ll set that aside for now.

    In the meantime, all the best to you both! I really wish you nothing but the BEST! And I have no doubt, whatsoever, you’re going to be just fine!

  68. Debbie, you have always been the Captain FSO and you now are more like the Captain Scientology Int cause you speak for us all. With the momentum you have created and all of those of us Keeping Scientology Working you will win just like Dorothy and the evil witch.

  69. I said it before and I’ll say it again. How much money did you give to the IAS? You know this money is used to attack people like Debbie Cook and other REAL Scientologists. You know part of ethics is to make up for any damage you have done despite personal danger. This is an excellent chance to do just. Based on Marty’s stats, a 5% donation is all it takes. I gave $20K to the IAS. Believe me, I felt bad about it for many years once I realized that money was used to attack my friends and proponents of Standard Tech. So, I just made sure that the total I have given Marty and Debbie has come to $1000. I encourage everyone to do likewise. Please note that I am not flush with cash.

  70. Dear Debbie,

    I truly admire you! Your courage to stand for what you know is right makes you stand tall and shine like a star. You were respected as a Capatain because of the campasion and caring you shown! That still eminates from you today! Thank you for speaking out!
    Much Love,

  71. Truly moving! I was very happy when I saw Mike and Marty in same room as you in the press interview video. I was hoping you were all friends now. I won’t be surprised if you experience full recovery of your health now! I wish you and Wayne the best. Down with David Miscavige!

  72. You are a true hero. Thank you!

  73. Debbie,
    Thank you for your years of service to achieve our aims and the aims of Scn., remaining true to yourself and LRH despite of hell, the hole or highwater.

    Thank you for making the truth prevail and you definitely have my positive support. Please let me know if you need any help.

  74. Hi Debs, just keep doing what you do. Give this corrupt Pope Leo X the hell he richly deserves !!

  75. Debbie, you have my admiration, and support. Thank you.

  76. Thank you Debbie for your bravery, but most of all for your years of delivering Scientology-I have a friend who loved you as an auditor! I have been auditing for decades and I have the same unshakeable certainty in the Tech that you have.

  77. We will win this injustice.Thank you so much for all you have done to right this wrong. I have supported you from the start and I will fully support you onward into the future until Scientology is freed to be used to benefit the individual again.

  78. Dear Debbie, I’m very proud of you as I was when you where my Captain at FSO. ML Ignazio.

  79. While I am no longer a Scientologist, I applaud you Debbie and of course I support what the rest of the independents are doing. I remember you from when I was doing all of my C/S internships at Flag. Once I completed the NOTS C/S Internship, I returned to AOLA. This was 1987 and I stayed until the end of 1991.

    Good luck. I am looking forward to the end of the little dwarf David Miscavige.

  80. Randy — Nice to see you here! I enjoyed seeing you and appreciate your support for Debbie. Wish my brother had the same ability to see through the bs as you do….

  81. Hey Kevin! Welcome. Enjoyed your posts as Expelled4Life, but a face to the moniker is always a treat!

  82. Martin,
    You have hit the nail squarely on the head – this is “pre-agreed”. David Miscavige fights his agreements, he not-ises with force what he is unaware he himself creates and/or agrees to, the Axioms, the Dynamics.

    On a more down to earth level, up ahead in the coming trial he’ll inevitably go even madder as the withholding of what he’s done is resisted and this whole thing comes back in that vacuum, whence it came – from that miscreant shit, the Pope on a Box (an applebox).

    We’re going to witness the withholds pulled, live, on the world stage and the “missed” up to now aspect will continue with its natter, and carping criticisms NOT borne out in fact. Until that much evil is cleansed from our world.

  83. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Congratulations from Denmark! David Miscavige´s bad breath is very much felt here as well and we´re hoping for some real big changes soon. Just on policy Standard Tech will do – and DM in prison, where he belongs!

  84. Yo, KT! Atta be, and do and have. What a game huh?

  85. This is a victory for the Internet too, looking at the bigger picture. It has been said for a long time that the Internet will bring about the demise of Corporate $cientology. In this latest round, it all started with an email. What’s unbelievable about all this is that Corporate C of $ hasn’t learned a single lesson in the various shellackings they have taken.

    The one thing that’ll u;timately shatter a suppressive person or group is having the light of truth shined on them. Debbie Cook on the witness stand speaking truthfully under the penalty of perjury about the sadistically cruel abuses at the “Int Base” third world prison run by the evil Dictator Miscavige, was analogous to shining the world’s most powerful tactical military light on a hidden nest of Nazi war criminals.

  86. Debbie, we are here to support you and cheer you on. We appreciate who you are, what you stand for and what you are doing. Z & M

  87. Hi Debbie!
    Las Vegas, Nevada chiming in to say we are 100% with you in belief, mind and spirit. As always you are a commendable, admirable and loving person who always has genuine concern for everyone. I am sure you are aware; your friends, and supporters, will never allow anyone to hurt you ever again. ‘Stay strong – and know that the truth will always prevail.

  88. Tony DePhillips

    He’s an old thetan..

  89. Tony DePhillips

    Good on ya Kevin!!!
    Now you can come to the Indie party and party!! 🙂

  90. Note: I usually post here with the name Sue, but someone else posted here with that name, which is not me, so I am now Ryan Kelly.

    Dear Debbie, I have carefully read and listened to every communication you have issued. I had the pleasure of training under you when you were the Internship Supervisor at Flag and I remember you from then as someone who was genuinely kind, but patiently insistent on following standard policies and procedures. I am horrified to hear how you were treated by David Miscavige. You were right to speak out about activities within the Church that did not meet your understanding of the policies you have read. Every Scientologist really has a mandate to do this from LRH. If every Scientologist did this, could do this, then I think that the Church would have a very different culture and, certainly, a different leader. It was the right thing to do. Debbie, the right thing is always the best way. Thank you for speaking up.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Yo Kevin – welcome!

  92. We are behind you Debbie!

  93. Debbie I am sure your story has ginen you support by tens of thousands not just thousands, from my point of view, as a Critic NOT a Scientologist, you cotinued belief in your ideals Validates your actions, rather than distract from them.
    Well done you!!

  94. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 250,000,000,000!!!!!

  95. Hello Debbie,

    Thank you very much for your communication! It was really heart-warming to read and this is exactly what we stand for.

    Don’t know if you remember me, but I was Senior HAS PAC for several years until 2008 and Senior I&R PAC for several years prior to that. Mark worked at ASHO for about 30 years in many different posts, but was at FSO for training a couple times.

    We both support you!

    Love, Mark and Lisa Hamilton

    PS – For some reason, your comm made me want to start singing, “We Stand Tall”…

  96. You are very welcome. Wish I had more to contribute–am still getting back on my feet..

    I thought you and others might find this LRH quote interesting from “My Only Defense for Having Lived”

    “Does one condemn and fight each rumor or lie? I long ago realized I had not the time. But mainly I had not the inclination to stop man’s speech and punish him for being what he was and for thinking what he did.”
    By this statement, LRH seemed to have been a let live guy, not a litigous one.

    Can anyone confirm or denythat that was his view point throughout? If so, the Church has gone SO FAR OFF THE RAILS IN THIS WAY TOO!!!

    I’m just saying…..

  97. Random,
    You are right, it is NOT the same entity referred to in policy. There is NO proscription against suing David Miscavige, despite David Miscavige saying there is. His actions cannot be protected by a “justifiable defense” and he is not a Scientologist in person so he should be “delivered up” to the demands of civil and criminal law.

    Sue, sue, sue!!!!!!!!!! Counter Claim. There is plenty of energy in money out here to carry forward and pull the missed, restimulated but not disclosed, foulness that we are seeing the tip of right now. It’s there. Pull it.

  98. Debbie – thanks for what you’ve done and thanks in advance what whatever you’re going to do to continue to shine the spotlight on DM’s crimes.

    I’m in awe of your bravery.

  99. I thought courage in norweigan was moomph rulp da … or was that integrity.

  100. Linda McCarthy

    Debbie and Wayne,
    Ditto to every single comment above, and I want to say summarily: BRAVO!!
    What a stance.
    NO ONE will ever say “Where is Debbie Cook in all this?” Boy, is that question answered………
    Tons of love,
    Linda McCarthy

  101. And Thank You Debbie for standing up and making your voice heard.

    I know there are some who have decided to leave Scientology and feel badly abused. Many others have decided to silently withdraw their allegiance. And others have decided to stand and fight back. Each of us must make the decision to stand or not. And each of us must decide if Scientology is worth saving.

    I think you have made it quite clear that LRH’s Scientology is indeed worth saving.

    Tom Price

  102. Yeah, but try and get a woman to admit she was working with him for a 1.1 centuries.

  103. Kevin! Hello! Remember me?

  104. Debbie, here is the “Worlds Biggest Air Hug”, straight from Oklahoma City! Keep your head up.

    The so called “corporate church” as it stands now, can hear its own death rattle.

    There are many people that are responsible for starting the fire that will ultimately consume the corporate Co$: people that came even before Marty or came after Mike Rinder, people like Mat and Amy, or Lisa Mac, or WBM or countless people I have never heard of. All the way right up to you and your husband.

    But. It started with one.

    The person who is most responsible and who has done the most to start this movement.

    All of us Scientology watchers. (Ex members, Anonymous, never beens like me), we all owe a debt of gratitude and a standing ovation to the one person who has proved the current corporate church is actually a cult unseen since Jonestown.

    Lets all stand up and give a hip hip hooray to COB himself, David Miscaviage!

    He lit a match when he went on Nightline all those years ago and we got to watch him punch himself in the package over and over again on national TV and thanks to the internet and youtube, we can all grab some popcorn and sit here and watch him do it on a constant loop.

    That little match spent many years smoldering and as the INTERNET grew and grew and David Mismanage got more and more paranoid and cultish, the flames got higher.

    When Marty left the house was not salvageable, but when Rinder left, who had defended this cult with all of his being. Well you knew then that there is something wrong at the top.

    I mean worst case scenario, if Marty Mike AMy et al are THAT bad, then what does it say about the so called “man” who put them in their position?

    I mean even a football coach loses his job when the players he picks don’t pan out. (just ask Ditka Ricky Williams)

    Debbie: You are the MAN, well the female version of the MAN, at least!

    Your new nickname Debbie: Straw, because you just might the one that breaks the camels back.

    All the best to all of you.

    Rinder, you kick ass: Whats the ETA on the Book?

    Rath: See Rinders, question & it is about Time for that beer and Jager shot, wish i had been able to make the short trip to S.A.

    Debbie: it goes without saying, they were not prepared for you and you kicked much Cult of $cientology @$$ and we can’t wait for YOUR book as well.

    Cheers and Beers internet chums!

    All the best.

    Hi Mosey!

    Bed Man in the O K C!!!!


  105. Mike,
    The weasel is squirming Down Under as he maligns and attempts to interfere with the lives of others, including children.

    Why just the other day I was informed I’m using “priest/penitent technology” without permission!? Yikes!

    Imagine using a technology that CAN’T be copyrighted as to PRACTICE without Dave’s permission. And what is that technology? Scientology.

    That’s right, OSA in Oz is accusing me (on a via, as usual since they are as 1.1 as the master they serve) the “crimes” I’m committing are APPLYING Scientology without their permission.

    Dave, you don’t get this – UNCLEAN HANDS. You should, it’s what defeated the FBI suit way back when. Fuck you’re an idiot.

  106. Hi Happybaby89,

    You put in words, so well, what I struggled with for years -“I wanted Scientology to succeed but I did not want a Brave New World scenario.”
    It sounds to me like your daughter got herself a great mom!
    As you said, you are not alone.

  107. Li'll bit of stuff

    Augustin, Hard and uncompromising wake up SHOUT
    to the mind controlled OSA minions of MESTcavige.

    Get out now, people, otherwise you’re going to go
    down with the madman. Surely you can’t be that
    stupid? Surely you see that we, on the outside are
    NOT subject to the fear and threats, that await your
    next f@#$ up, while under the slavery of your “master?”

    DO IT!………….GET OUT>>>NOW!!!!!! ……….OK??

  108. Debbie, Thank you for all you have done – from your dedicated, hard work at FSO for us, to your ongoing intention to keep Scientology pure. You are appreciated and loved beyond what simple words can say. Love to you and Wayne.

  109. I remember an LRH reference where he describes love as, 50% sympathy and 50% admiration. That’s how I feel about Debbie Cook-
    Sympathy for what she went through ,
    Admiration for how she went through it.

    I have to say this, look at the calibre of the people here; this place is wall-to-wall giants!
    Most are through doubt, some are working on it. Next step?
    Decide who are one’s friends……DUH!

  110. Debbie,
    I haven’t seen you since the late 70s when you were in CMO CW and that Mission from Int was there dealing with, among other things, the Eval Corps in the Flag Bureaux/Int Management Org. I was a Cramming Officer then.

    You went on to get Tech training and from what I’ve read, were an excellent example of all that Flag was meant to be.

    Your devotion and tenacity carry through and the crucible you’ve experienced at the end, well that’s just part of this whole thing and the next area of life to apply the tools of Scientology to resolve.

    Steve Hall’s observation that Scientology can and does handle even Scientology is accurate – today we all face up to the fact that the proof of this whole pudding is in the application of the principles and techniques we’ve read about being applied, for real, to the world around us. The Church of Scientology is part of that world, and what better place to begin with the value of what LRH made available to us.

    DM has missed withholds. He’s sabotaged by abuse the exact technology that alleviates that mad state of can’t reach/can’t withdraw. You are in a position to relieve him of this intolerable burden.

    It is fitting it is you.

    I’m right here with you for any and all that I can do to finish this thing and begin the clean up and demonstration of the efficacy of this incredible body of work Scientology.

  111. Li'll bit of stuff

    Debbie, wonderful to see your letter, but not as wonderful as
    it is to see you on the road to the incremental freedom which
    is now assured by SO MUCH support, love and ARC from
    people around the world who are going to help see to it,
    that this madman’s reign of terror is finally terminated. Such
    a formidable ARMY of witnesses and their testimonies of
    unspeakable horrors, they have endured, when added to
    your own, will decide his final bowing out, for good!!! All your
    past wins, of better times, are all you need to recall, any time
    you may feel that it may be ” getting too much to handle..”

    We’re here here to see you through this, OK?

    Thank you for your strength of resolve and purpose.

  112. Debbie, awesome! Thank you for standing strong and you also Wayne.

    It is so amazing how many new true friends one receives when the supression is taken out of the picture. It is time to “finish” this!!!!!!!
    Love Carol and David.

  113. Kevin, Hey welcome out!!!!! love to you and Lisa. “Chicks” do rule!!!

  114. Hi Debbie, I am one of those people who don’t believe what you believe but believe in your right to believe it and, within the law, practise what you believe.

    One thing I like about scientology is that it tends to recommend self study rather than seeking another persons interpretation of the scriptures; I believe this is not emphasised enough though.

    I’ve been in touch with one person who is actively defending the church of scientology’s actions. She said she’d been through the scriptures with the church’s attorney when she had doubts and he was able to help her understand the policies better.

    Too many people accept a religion and then accept the someone else’s interpretation that justifies all sorts of horrors. This is why I say religion isn’t so much a problem as the churches that are built around them.

    L Ron Hubbard may even have had this realisation, a number of his tenets suggest this, not least the idea of self study. He has several tenets which suggest various warning signs one should watch for with regard to scientology being abused, when this becomes all about buildings… Which I believe you quoted.

    I believe L Ron Hubbard knew that just like all religions scientology could be abused.

    I look at churches today and if a religion doesn’t have systemic abuse, as I’m afraid the church of scientology does under David Miscavige it has abusive sub sects or pockets of abuse within the church.

    When I said I would like to see a day when everyone thought for themselves and everything was achieved by reasoned consensus without people blindly following others some comment that I’d described a clear planet.

    I am an atheist but I also believe spirituality should be very individual.

    No sane person wants bad things to be done to them. No sane person wants people to be inconsiderate to them. No sane person wants to be hurt; masochism is pain for personal gratification to pain for pain’s sake.

    For this reason I say if you treat others as you would want to be treated then what other beliefs you have that affect you conduct should not be dictated by another; you should always question another’s interpretation of a philosophy.

    I add a proviso for the protection of cruelty to animals other than human; many eat them, this is natural but as humans we should strive to be better than nature in our treatment of them even if we do eat them.

    Another proviso, it is necessary to punish errant humans. Our laws should however be the least restraining and seek only to deal with one person harming another. They should not exist for quasi-moral, political or religious reasons.

    I believe that we all have a duty to help each other and provide for our well being as a species. I believe we all have the right to benefit from certain aspects of society even if we cannot pay. This includes roads, parks, clean running water, sewer systems, clean streets and yes even health care; I live in the UK and while I understand the logic of the arguments against social healthcare I am never the less appalled because without social healthcare one bit of bad luck, a cancer, an accident, and you can be financially screwed even with insurance..

  115. Debbie & Wayne,
    When I was an FSO public I admired both of you because it was so easily recognizable how devoted you both were to the cause as SO members. It was also easy to see what an awfully tough job it was because I had many experiences behind the scenes at Flag working on various projects that public were able to participate in.
    Right now today, I admire you both even more than I ever did before, because you are both standing up for what is right under even tougher circumstances. Thank you for your courage and integrity. I wish you total success.

  116. That laws with respect to harming another includes polluting the environment etc and I forgot animal should be dealt with humanly too.

    Hey, it’s a work in progress like all philosophies… 😉

  117. Debbie,

    Thank you for being there and communicating. It’s people like you, the very public faces of Scientology who need to take a stand to the off policy and go against the stream generated by David Miscavige. I believe you did it in the correct way. Had you simply contacted a couple of people to promote the existence of off-policy within the church as laid out in your New Year’s letter, you would have been ex-communicated before your message got to who it needed to get to; approximately 12,000 people or more. I’ll be there for you in any way possible! None of our necks are so precious when you consider that it’s LRH’s legacy and technology at stake.

    The church has become the incompetent train wreck that various groups were in the 1950’s-1970’s that had attempted to suppress Scientology out of existence. We had always won back then with less money and terminals, not just due to our superior technology but because as a group we weren’t off-purpose and committing daily overts.

    With David Miscavige at the helm and the fact that he has so diligently gotten rid of good staff, the church now seems to be dramatizing what the old Catholic church did with burning heretics as it splintered off before reforming. Corporate Scientology’s heretics are those who challenge the authority of David Miscavige’s bright ideas EVEN if they do or appear to go against LRH.

    History DOES repeat itself when the group is being led by someone stuck somewhere in history. No one man can wield such tremendous power without some things keying in. I think LRH understood this fact and what he had intended to have happen with the Church’s structure is explained so nicely in the website.

    So some of us will continue to work in the shadows while others push from the other side. Eventually the TA will boil over. Completely.


  118. Dear Debbie,

    Thank you for your comm. I hope you come back to visit Marty’s blog often.

    You have been incredibly brave, and you deserve our support. Every time that David Miscavige attacks a person of goodwill such as yourself, and all of us come to the person’s aid, he will learn that his attacks only cause him to lose. And soon enough it will end.

    Please let us know what your needs are and what we can do to assist you. Not many of us could strike a blow anything like the one you did. But I’m sure there are many of us who are willing and able to strike our own blows by helping you with whatever you need.

  119. P.S. Dave, in a gesture of help, UNCLEAN HANDS goes to “standing”. You see, you have to have a “standing” to bring effective suit. You have none. You aren’t there, the valence is and it has no power by its ownsome. No standing.

    So, get this, WE are here. We DO have standing. We hold a position in space WE create, not some valence. So we can tap life, the infinite and that’s what’s coming down the line. The more you resist, the bigger the difference in potential and the more that current has behind it to deliver that energy.

    Someday, you too may come to understand Scientology.

  120. Hilarious little video. Loved it and laughed.

  121. Debbie,

    Thank you for another beautifully written message. Your willingness to speak up at great personal risk is most admirable. You made the best possible effort to correct the off-policy with minimal damage to the image of the church. David Miscavige simply could not let that occur as it would be counter to his personal agenda. The simple truth is that it is no longer LRH’s church; it is now DM’s church and his purpose is very different.

    I think you have made LRH very proud. I know you (and Wayne) have made me and thousands of others very proud to call you friend.

    Much love, Yvonne

  122. Overall,
    I can confirm that. In conversation with my wife, Annie, just before I was summarily declared suppressive by order of David Miscavige, I asked her about LRH and what he was like at Creston. She told me he eschewed “legal” as it was a sort unpleasant necessity in the society and he always spent his efforts on delivery of results.

    In all the wild and woolies of those times, the picture I got from her and validated by the materials released continuously (like NED, NED for OTs for example) LRH lived the words he spoke in the quote you have given.

  123. Debbie,
    Great letter. To open this blog and see your picture & letter…..wonderful. Plus it’s guaranteed to give the nasty little dwarf a very bad day, in more ways than one. He can read for himself that people are urging you to sue him. (I hope you do). He can see for himself all the support you have.

    There’s great power to be gotten from coming out on the blog like this. Now DM knows you’re not hiding and that diminishes his power. If he ever doubted it, now he knows you’re not afraid of him. The truth is, he’s afraid of you. Well done on turning the tables.

  124. Debbie,
    Thank YOU for being so courageous to stand up and to confront this all and also to Wayne who is steadfast at your side. You did very well.
    It was a joy to see you all smiling and being together again (after being out of the court room). True friends fighting for freedom and justice. I am happy that you are here with us.


  125. P.S. Oh yeah, another thing Annie expressed clearly “DM is off the rails onto legal, LRH would never do that, he concentrated on tech delivery always”. It was one of those outpoints that she observed that DM did his best to quash her and I for making known.

  126. sunshine disinfects

    Debbie, THANK YOU. I so hope that members of my family still solidy on staff and working so hard at the Birthday Game and Ideal Org at the expense of their own young families time (and income), get to hear some of what has occurred and just START to look. Thank you for being so brave, honest and true to LRH and thus hopefully saving more good people. It is those genuinely good souls who believe they are helping that are being so betrayed.

  127. Wonderful Debbie, Wayne, Marty, Mike, and all you great thetans in indie-land. Music to our ears. We are with you. And it does feel good to again be playing the game we intended to play from the start. A THETA game.

    After all the honest thetans get declared, then OSABOT sycophants and David Miscavige will be the “only ones” left inside their empty buildings. (that image causes endless chuckling). Dave, you and the bots can have all that MEST. We will keep the Standard Tech, the
    theta and a brighter future.

    Jerry and Kathryn Brady

  128. Indeed Cowboy Poet.
    I was at Flag in 1992 for six months. Debbie was a Captain of impeccable performance. Then as now “willing to go down with the ship” for LRH and each of us.
    I love her.

  129. Ya, wise old words Thoughtful! Amen.

  130. Hi Debbie. When I read your email of 1 Jan I just knew things were going to be better for all because of your ethics and communication. Thank you for all you’ve done.

  131. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Kathryn and Jerry!

  132. Debbie,
    Thank you. That handles a lot of confusion for me 🙂
    Good to be able to call you a friend.

  133. Thank you PJudas. Her mom is really special for sure. I am the very proud dad though.

  134. Debbie ~
    That was one of the purest communications I have received in far too long an age. Your words carry the sort of grace and lightness that only emanate from the most caring and OT of beings. Until today, there has only been one person who has affected me like that with the spoken word, and he is a thetan whom most of us revere above all others.

    As I just told a friend, your comm just reconnected me with a day and time when LRH’s presence was felt throughout our fledgling community. It’s as though the Old Man were sitting right beside you, as you penned that. I felt the clear clean breeze of Truth blow across my soul as I read your comm, and felt released by it.

    You probably won’t remember me until the day that we meet again, but you handed me my Clear cert at Flag graduation in 2004. I still have the picture (and my cert!). Under your sure and On Source leadership, I finally ended decades of uncertainty over my real state of being, and for that, I have you (and my auditor) to thank.

    Thank You!

    I have only recently stepped outside the shadow of corporate suppression, and am quickly regaining much of the hope for eternal freedom, that I had lost. I want to thank you and all of those who have chosen to apply the Code of Honor to the theft of our religion, and the usurpation of our church. You are all due a commendation on a level rarely seen. Our meager, yet heartfelt thanks, are woefully insufficient to properly acknowledge all that you have done. Please know that you are making history, and doing more to preserve the Bridge to Total Freedom than anyone on the planet.


  135. Tony DePhillips

    To Marty and Mike!!

  136. You’ve made us and LRH proud. Thank you!

  137. Thanks for posting with your real names! Welcome. Nice to have more friends with faces and names attached (there are some pretty good ones around these parts that only have nom de plumes).

  138. Yes indeed! The good news is that the message is getting across. More and more people are waking up from the nightmare Miscavige as let them to believe is “their crusade”. More like their crusifixion as the like to compare themselves now with the catholic church in their “PR” bullets to the foot they are becoming infamous for. (think Tommy Davis and Karin Pouw).

  139. Debbie,

    Thanks so much for posting.

    The ability to hold one’s position, more space, personal integrity and having the guts to say what is so … you and Wayne are one helluva team!

    We were glad to help and would do it again in a heartbeat.

    You have our email … just holler.

    Isabelle & Dennis Prunkl
    Victoria, BC, Canada

  140. “2004”…should have read, 1994. Man, have I been under the cloud for too long!

  141. Hi Debbie,

    Great letter. You have my support.

    IJC- please note- I am supporting a real Scientolgists. You Sir, you squirrel, can go straight to hell.

  142. Debbie,

    Thank you for standing up to DM and telling the world the truth of his suppressive actions.

    I remember that we’ve met maybe a couple of times at Flag when I was onlines there as public. There are so many friends on public lines and staff that have been mistreated and made to lose their purposes that it saddens me when I think about it. LRH would never have put any of us through the crap that DM is doing and would have tossed him out pronto if he had known. But that was then and this is now. All we can do now is to stand together and boot davey out ASAP.

    Again Debbie… THANK YOU!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary Lerner (ΘTater)

  143. Thank you for your work and standing up for LRH and Scientology. Thank you for helping differentiate between LRH and Scientology vs. what is being called the Church of Scientology these days.
    Maureen Sullivan

  144. (Sorry Marty… reposting with my regular email address.)


    Thank you for standing up to DM and telling the world the truth of his suppressive actions.

    I remember that we’ve met maybe a couple of times at Flag when I was onlines there as public. There are so many friends on public lines and staff that have been mistreated and made to lose their purposes that it saddens me when I think about it. LRH would never have put any of us through the crap that DM is doing and would have tossed him out pronto if he had known. But that was then and this is now. All we can do now is to stand together and boot davey out ASAP.

    Again Debbie… THANK YOU!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary Lerner (ΘTater)

  145. Hi Kevin!!!! Love having you out!!!!

  146. Debbie,

    I never met you but I feel like I’ve known forever. I experienced the miracles of Scientology decades ago and since I left the church for in the mid 90’s I haven’t forgotten for a second what I experienced. I think I’ve duplicated you here and I want you to know I will continue to support you financially in your defense.

  147. There is so much theta power outside the church now I do not see how things can turn out well for Miscavige. It’s now Miscavige and a small, captive, PTS and quickly shrinking group against this? It’s not fair.
    All the money in the world cant buy theta. All the lawyers in the world cant put truth back in the bag.

  148. Debbie, It is a dream come true to see you standing here with Marty and Mike. You are three enormously brave beings, with the gift of communication, compassion and real integrity.

    All that has happened over the last 45 days gives me a renewed hope for the future. And for the future of the free and open practice of Scientology, as it was meant to be.

    All my best to you and Wayne.

  149. Tony DePhillips

    I just realized that the Indies have quite the dream team forming up. It’s a sort of who’s who of Scientology.

  150. “4. Question Authority.
    Once again-trust your own instincts and anxieties, especially those concerning people who claim that dominating others, violence, war, or some other violation of your conscience is the grand solution to some problem. Do this even when, or especially when, everyone around you has completely stopped questioning authority. Recite to yourself what Stanley Milgram taught us about obedience: At least six out of ten people will blindly obey to the bitter end an official-looking authority in their midst.
    “The good news is that having social support makes people somewhat more likely to challenge authority. Encourage those around you to question, too.” The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout (13 rules for dealing with sociopaths in everyday life)
    Thanks to this and other blogs and some very brave individuals, this “social support group” is growing by the minute and the six out of ten is turning into 5/10, 4/10, 3/10, 2/10, 1/10, eventually .000001/10.
    Debbie you will continue to have our support in this battle ahead.

  151. You are absolutely welcome, Debbie. And THANK YOU for your many years of dedicated service in Scientology.

  152. Debbie,

    Thank you Debbie and Wayne for all you have done! You have brought much needed attention to issues that need fixing.
    You’re right. You have many more friends now and the real kind that stick by your side.
    Sending my love and support from west Texas.

  153. Welcome Isabelle & Dennis! This is turning into quite the coming out party….

  154. Debbie,

    Wow. Well Done!
    Perhaps you remember me, I installed (but didnt really like) that registrar listen-in system so many years ago. I was always so impressed with how you ran your org. And here you are making such a huge difference to the future of Scn. My most heart felt respect to you and yours.

    Byron Dawson
    Previously FLB Finance

  155. Hi Tim. Welcome! Boy, all these new names are wonderful to see….

  156. When my sister told me happened to her at the hands of DM, I asked her what happened to this guy? She responded with one word……Overts! When DM chose her to be Captian of the FSO so many years ago, he never realized that she would end up spearheading a movement within the group to decapitate him from power and ruining Ron’s dream – A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can proper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientolgy. LRH

  157. I haven’t called myself a Scientologist in more than fifteen years. I am gratified and encouraged by the recent turn of events within the church. The bravery that so many have shown in the face of often terrifying opposition is nothing short of heroic. I never much cared for the organizational bureaucracy but I have always loved listening to LRH. May the ideals he held and the dreams he had for humanity live on. And may Scientology finally rediscover them.

  158. Courageous – Thank you so much – Donation on its way from Denamrk

  159. Great to see you out, Kevin!

  160. Dear Debbie,

    So good to see another letter from you!

    When I was 13 I use to get pretty excited when my new edition of Sports Illustrated would arrive in the mail. It was my first subscription and it was thrill to get each new edition.

    I got that same kind of excitement when I saw a second Debbie Cook letter had arrived!

    I just want to say I totally believe you and believe in you. You’re just the right person to carry the torch for LRH and real Scientology.

    Finally, I wonder what it must be like for David Miscavige to read your letter and see all the heartfelt admiration for you and then realize he is not invited to the party.

  161. Lombard Hisst? No. Lombar Hisst is too large. I think he is Soltan Gris 🙂

  162. No that would be “cod with potatoes and white sauce”

  163. Debbie–I don’t know you nor any scientologist. It’s non-existent where I live, but I’ve been following Marty’s blog for a couple of years, after I read Andrew Norton’s book. I’ve also read Scobee, Hawkins, Headley and some earlier writings. I am astounded at the HORRIBLE abuse at the hands of a stupid looking/acting midget psychopath and still cannot fathom how he gained such power. But I digress from my original intent. What I want to say is that your courage is tremendous and I send my congratulations and love. If this doesn’t bring down the Church, I don’t know what will. A lot of people like Marty and Mike and all the rest of the heroes (to me, and I’m sure to all of you Independents) have set the stage for this, and needed what you have done, Debbie.
    Soon I can no longer call myself Interested Bystander because I’m waiting for the fall, and it will come.

  164. Have a purpose behind that goal, and a plan to implement an ideal scene, should the suit prevail. I would like to see Debbie Cook allege that the Co$ in fact violates its scripture, does not represent Scientology, and thus that she should be granted establishment of a Scientology [Sect], or that “Dianetics” and “Scientology” are of so broad a descriptive nature, with such potential general benefits to the common good, as to fall outside the limitations of commercial trademark law, much as “Christian”, “Library”, and “Law School”. All that is necessary is a differentiation between sects. Isn’t this indeed the foundation upon which the First Amendment to the Constitution was drawn: to escape from religious persecution and to preclude the dominance of The Church? I believe the judge in Wollersheim ruled similarly, that a Church by its nature cannot have “trade secrets” subject to an NDA. Is it not in the very same footstep to rule that a pathway to God cannot be trademarked? It is not to judge whether such a pathway may exist, nor which if any pathway may be better than any other; it is to judge that this is not the business of the State, and thus no trademark may be granted by any agency less than God. The Court is an agency of State: under God.

    The problem, is, this would likely be appealed over many years to the SC. (Personally, I think all of this is b.s., but hey, I have a bad attitude from w-a-y back.) It seems very obvious to me that one cannot restrict the use of oxygen in the air, and the same applies, in proverbial spades, to the use of truth. “Learning” cannot be trademarked. It is still evolving, along with many other principles of this universe, and of Creation. It is simply a matter of aligning the b.s. to the magnetic axis of the courts.

  165. Great job, Debbie! And all the rest who helped.
    Thank you.

  166. Debbie,

    Very nice letter, thank you. pleasure to read. I don’t really have much of a part in all this mess, but congrats to you on, in my opinion, breaking out into the light, and having the personal courage and integrity of your role in the Co$ history, to stand for what is you see is right.


  167. Yvonne – Very nicely said. I always enjoy reading our posts. – Carcha.

  168. Debbie,
    You’re a beautiful person, inside and out. In the spirit of the great Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston, “I will always love you” and I will always support you, too, whatever the squirrel (you know who I’m talking about) throws your way.

  169. Hi Debbie,

    It’s so nice to see you here – you can be rest assured of continued moral and financial support from your true friends. Thanks again to you and Wayne for your integrity and courage. You are truly making a difference.

  170. Dear Debbie,
    What an inspiring acknowledgment/statement of purpose! You set a wonderful example. And of course, you are more than welcome. It’s a pleasure to have been able to contribute and I will continue to do so.

  171. Debbie Cook, it is clear as day who you are, and I respect and admire you with the power of life and soul. Thank you.

    …press interviews, only with the intention of making it clear that these issues of duress and confinement are not based on the scriptures of the Scientology religion or the works of L. Ron Hubbard. They are the doings of an individual or a few individuals. And that Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are kind and caring and good.

  172. Debbie,

    Thank you for your courage and actions that are bringing to light the terrible conditions many Sea Org members are subjected to and the crimes that are committed against them.

    Your efforts perhaps may give strength to those wavering to commit to the action of disconnecting from that which is harming them – David Miscavige and his henchmen.

    It doesn’t matter what position they occupy in what building for I can tell you as one who wasn’t so important that the words of yourself, as well as so many others, have cleared away literally tons of confusion that I’ve had for over 21 years.

    I DIDN’T know, beyond some minor and fleeting happenings I experienced despite being SO in LA, I could only imagine that Int level was capricious and not exacting in their following of LRH policy. Or, that there was something seriously wrong with my understanding of what was going on.

    There was something seriously wrong – I was kept in the dark, and kept at running into brick walls when I tried to apply LRH policy standardly to my post.

    Wrong whys, musical chairs, using Ethics as a weapon, not as a rehabilitative technology, listing questions as part of Ethics tech, cross-orders, illegal orders, unusual, off-policy solutions and a general feeling of operating in a lower toned environment, yet these a mild in comparison to what many have endured.

    I thought I had a cognition once, when it seemed that my senior comm terminal had falsely reported to IGE resulting in a strange and, imho, destructive order coming down the line, a cognition that senior management can only be as good as the data that gets reported to them.

    I didn’t know, however, that it was rotten at the top and the rubbish was flowing both ways.

    Thank you, for your letter and testimony have acted as false data stripping for me, releasing me from a confusion of long duration.

  173. Debbie: Thank you. You saved my life. The field is “broke” and “broken” and no one cares anymore about human beings. It is all “group bank” and no one is allowed to be an individual. Thank you for having the courage to come forth. I finally understand what has happened to this Church and the technology that is suppose to free beings instead of enslave them. The problem is no longer persisting for me. I went CLEAR on your e-mail and it was FREE~! Thank you and god bless you!

  174. Exactly right, Jim.
    Until the moment miscavige takes some tiny, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny corner of responsibility for what he’s done, and is doing, then he’ll never be ‘here,’ and he’ll never be able to ‘discharge.’

    Debbie was absolutely spot-on with her policy references in the original email, and can’t be faulted. She was referencing the agreed-upon Scientology universe, which LRH went to such great pains to clarify. That’s the universe I understand, and most here will too: the universe which stems from ARC. It’s quite simple; so simple that, like all great ideas, why didn’t anyone think of it before? In this respect, miscavige hasn’t even started yet – that’s why he’s not a Scientologist. What do we expect from a Scientologist? Well, it’s not the creation of a hell-hole, which is what the modern church is. Do you think that miscavige would put any of his public onto the RPF if he could? Of course he would; he’s capable of condemning anyone! We know this, and his family, staff and public know it. Even OSA watchers on this site know it’s true. He’ll turn on you without notice, you won’t see it coming. And that makes everyone around him feel nervous.

    Know a man by his actions, not his lavish, 3-hour, “I’m the greatest,” presentations.

    Ron never did that.

  175. “Before me now is the damages case, where DM will demand millions of dollars in damages from me.”

    Damages CASE is right. That is one whopper evil case that David Miscavige has.

    A “church” of Scientology $uing someone for millions for sending an email to friends and colleagues of 27 years saying to uphold the original, actual policies of Scientology? What part of coo-coo don’t they understand?

    David Miscavige and the few he has bribed and influenced are proving themselves psychotic and antisocial, even to a casual observer.

    Fear not, Ms. Cook, all you believe in, friendship, loyalty and help, are true and exist. A CASE indeed! He has one, but not against you.

  176. RS You are speaking from my heart, buddy!!! 🙂

  177. P.S. Debbie Cook, you’re brilliant and impressively capable. Best to you.

  178. Debbie, you just made my day, my week, my year,s!!! Well done; we are so proud of you and your family. Can’t wait for you to sue Miscavige! He is NOT a Scientologist, he is a mere criminal needing some, THAT’s IT! Thanks again!!!!

  179. For Debbie and Friends. With Love.

  180. Hey Canadians!!!!

  181. Hi Byron, nice to meet you.

  182. Pope Innocent III in all but time.

  183. Hey Debbie Cook! You’re that pretty lady I seen all the time in them Flag magazines! 🙂 You know what Debbie, I like you now too and liked you then when you were at Flag, just like a lot of people here. I sent you I dispatch one time about a staff member I was having a problem with. I just cognited, I will bet it never even reached you and was destroyed! I am so happy to see your smiling face. 🙂 Let all those people who try to use LRH’s tech to deny others not only the road out but the armor of knowledge that will guard them be allowed the courtesy of damnation in their own self created hells! Welcome you pretty lady! 🙂

  184. + + 1

  185. Warm Welcome to Kevin Tighe.
    Hope you realized that you were given
    a badge of honor !
    Suppressive Person declare….
    They are almost boiler plate in text and
    with same ole pretence that IJC
    issued it ! 😉

  186. I can’t fully even imagine your ordeal these past couple months, much less prior.

    You have my respect, and as you know my financial support… and as I can. You may or may not like this, but you were the reason I’ve only now looked and seen beyond the pale.

    30yr vet.

  187. TroubleShooter

    Thank you Debbie for giving me the most memorable New Year’s eve EVER. I knew that you would speak out then I wondered and then you did, thank god. My hope for the future of LRH’s tech being used to pursue the Aims was renewed.

    Thank you Wayne for being there for your wife and supporting her and for pursuing justice.

  188. Warm welcome Tim Swanson !
    Hive fives !

  189. Kathryn and Jerry
    Warm welcome and *GOOD* to see your names….

  190. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Randall!

  191. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Isabelle and Dennis!

  192. Well done, Debbie.
    It’s a huge relief to see you come out and speak up.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
    Richard Kaminski

  193. “Probably the most neglected friend you have is you. And yet every man, before he can be a true friend to the world, must first become a friend to himself.” LRH
    ……. Thanks Debbie; – a friend to yourself, the field, the world, and a true LRH friend with integrity.

  194. Debbie and Wayne,
    It is fabulous to see this letter on this blog.
    Most David and Goliath issues capture the
    attention of the public and I would have trepidation
    were it not for 50 years of Legal experience
    with Marty and Mike and your legal team and friends like
    Mike Laws.
    Increasing support coming your way.
    Bright Blessings !

  195. Time to celebrate, time to rock with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: 🙂

  196. TroubleShooter


  197. God Damn it Debbie! You have to know that you are the straw that can break the camel’s back. When you take what Marty and Mike and have done with this blog, and then add to that your court testimony – it forms an undeniable reality that creates a lasting impact on even the most ardent admirers of COB. (Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kristie Alley, and others, are you listening?) Debbie, you have to see this through to the end, and you have to make this as PUBLIC as you possibly can. In the end, it’s the FBI who will need to be called in to free all those poor, misguided bastards who are still stuck in confinement in “the Hole” at the INT Base. If I had the means to hire my own crew of Mercenaries to storm that place and free those poeple, I would do it!

  198. Hey Kevin! Well done and welcome felicitations to you!

  199. Take out the Crazed Tyrant. Maximum attention and damage to him with minimal harm to the subject of Scinetology. Time to file a BIG personal countersuit for a BIG number on a contingency basis to make it very worthwhile for legal counsel, ASAP! Use HIS ill-gotten ‘Monopoly’ money. There is an abundance of valid evidence, with witnesses.

  200. Debbie,
    I am so proud of you, fair bursting with it.
    Wayne, thank you for always standing by her, even more so now that you have been so cruelly and senselessly separated from your family.
    Who would have believed that we would all be here in this place in these circumstances. We are and will win through it in the end.
    Much Love to you both,

  201. Hah!

  202. Debbie (and Wayne) – Thank you for being you and maintaining your integrity. I remember you as an honest and caring being who wanted LRH tech to be and remain standard. You are continuing in that tradition. Welcome to the world of all of us with the intregrity to want to remain with the Scientology that LRH left us and not some cheap replacement.

    May this year continue with lightspeed changes to end a reign of terror and deceit. At which time we shall witness a resurgence of the Scientology that increases ARC, tone love and empathy for our fellow members of mankind. That beacon of light is being maintained in the large field of Scientologists such as we find in this community on this blog.

    And now a song to celebrate:

  203. First Principle

    Awesome reference. Know where I can find it?

  204. Dear Debbie,

    Yes, you have your integrity! And I hope you know by now that there are more true Scientologists in the Independent Scientology field than there are in the Church of Scientology. I would submit that only out here in the independent field can Scientology be practiced in its pure form.

    You have all the support you need from us, and I think you know that now. You have it and you always will.

    I want to say, furthermore, that you are in a unique position to take down the suppressive regime that is preventing Scientology from being practiced widely, from achieving the aims of LRH, from having good repute in society, and from helping individuals throughout the world to achieve the spiritual freedom it is meant for.

    This might seem counter-intuitive, but it is only by fully exposing, in all its horribly disturbing details, the suppressive, criminal activities of David Miscavaige and his accomplices that the repute of Scientology can be restored. There is not one person following the news who does not understand that the Church of Scientology under David Miscavaige has become an evil, almost medieval cult. There is no possibility of changing this public perception of David Miscavaige and his church – BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.

    Therefore, the only way to restore the repute of Scientology is to differentiate it very completely in the minds of the public from the church. The best way to do this is by causing David Miscavaige to be tried in a court of justice (and therefore also in the public eye) for his crimes, for his hijacking of LRH’s legacy, for his perversion of tech and policy, for his utter subversion of everything LRH and Scientology stands for.

    Debbie, you are in a better position than anyone to bring this about. It seems to me that if you were to countersue Miscavaige’s church, and, if possible, Miscavaige himself, you could cause him to be hauled into court, and thereby you could cause his crimes to be fully aired.

    Remember that to run out a 3D engram, it has to be fully exposed and all members of the group have to be permitted free and open communication. Do we have that now? Of course we don’t (in the church, that is). We have the opposite. We have complete suppression of communication such as yours, unless it follows the dictates of the dictator. And that is the opposite of everything Scientology stands for.

    Debbie, the true Scientologists are out here. Real Scientology is being delivered out here, in the independent field. It’s being delivered by the book, with no duress, without draconian demands for money that would drive those partaking in it to bankruptcy. It’s being delivered to great wins. These wins are the sole reason LRH created Scn, and are the sole reason for it to exist.

    Out here, there’s a community that embodies the essence of Scn – real communication, real affinity, leading to real agreement. Out here, we don’t have enforced and inhibited communication and their counterparts – false affinity and false reality. This is what Scn was meant to be. You’re part of it, and, indeed, you’re one of the heroines of the group.

    The most important target in making the world safe for real tech delivery, for real wins of real people, for real ARC and theta, for true Scientology, is to expose David Miscavaige and his accomplices for what they are: criminals, not Scientologists. I think everything you’ve worked for exists here in the world of Independent Scientology, and everything you’ve worked against is inside the evil empire of Miscavaige’s suppressive church. Please don’t think for a minute that by exposing DM’s evil regime, you are working against LRH. It’s completely the contrary: by exposing DM and his ilk, by differentiating him from Scientology, by putting him on trial, you are doing the most anyone could do to promote LRH and Scn and to preserve the high, ethical, compassionate intentions of real Scientologists.

    I urge you, through legal action that all of us Independent Scientologists will support, to take the most aggressive action you can to bring down DM, because in doing so, you will elevate LRH, Scientology, and everything they stand for.

  205. Theo Sismanides

    Roberto! Like!

  206. Typo, should be Scientology. This was in response to Randall but Marty posted first without me seeing it. Just giving my thoughts.

  207. Debbie and Wayne,
    And for everyone that is posting here, you have a thousand other friends.
    To paraphrase…. “Everyone ‘in’ is an Indie, they just haven’t cognited yet! 🙂
    Love ya!

  208. Thanks for contributing Dean.

  209. Debbie,

    Thank you and Wayne for doing what you have done, may you be successful in your quest to get your church back to its roots.

    I do however find that I cannot trust you even though I really want to. The reason being that Lisa McPherson died at Flag under your watch as CO. You know that the only way that could have happened was due to gross out-tech and yet it was covered up to the Scientology Public and to the world. It is not too late for you to come clean and let the world know what really happened, it would at least give Lisa’s family some closure on the subject.

    I sincerely wish you the best in the journey that you have now decided to take.

    El Jefe’

  210. Thanks Debbie and Wayne for standing up!

    You have a few friends here in Las Vegas if you are ever in town or need anything.

  211. Thanks Mike. I have followed your posts for some time now. We’ll have to have a beer sometime.

  212. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

  213. It would be an honor. 🙂

  214. Thanks Carol. It’s been (is) an adventure.

  215. We’re all out. Some just don’t know it yet. 🙂

  216. This is embarrassing. Lisa just corrected me on what Debbie once told me – it wasn’t “Chicks Rule”. It was “Girls Rule”. Oops. 😀 Debbie told me that when Lisa comped the Cl VI before I did.

  217. Thank you.

  218. Thank you Karen. Your posts are almost always riveting. I always pay close attention to them. I actually got a copy of my SP declare. It was pretty silly.

  219. V-I really love this video.

  220. Thank you Debbie and Wayne!!!!

    You have my full and undivided support!

    Outside of the personal integrity, courage and compassion you have demonstrated, your actions to differentiate LRH and Scientology with the Church of David Miscavige and exposing the racket have taken the form of an intrepid Thor’s hammer to David’s Ideal Sandcastle kingdom.

    When the sand has settled, people will see the truth for what it is and that cause I’ll support to the end!

    May Odin be with you to return Scientology to those who deserve it!

    Ulf Olofsson

  221. “We are Scientologists in good standing with LRH”.

    That cannot be said by those in good standing with Miscavige, because they violate every day basic Scientology principles as ARC and KRC as well as specific LRH policy.

  222. Charlie Sweeny, Class IV (aka orbal1) - out since 1995

    VWD, Captain!…WE STAND TALL!

  223. Thank you!

  224. Hi Mike! I do remember you but the details are a little fuzzy.

  225. Please see:
    HCO PL 23 November 1959,
    “It is hereafter a fixed policy rather than a verbal policy that no person guilty of unpunished current-lifetime crimes for which he could be blackmailed by subversive elements may be employed by any Central Organization or HCO and, insofar the case can be made effective, mission holders. No such person may be given or may continue to hold any certificate.
    Further, no person of known or unknown criminal record or liability in the eyes of the law may be employed by HCO or a Central Organization without being cleared casewise and with the law of the area. …..”
    “….Any serious crime on the third or second dynamic should place the person in the forbidden employment category to be remedied only by clearing as a case and as required with the law before further employment or use of any kind may be given or made of them. ….”
    (OEC Vol 1, p. 160)

  226. To Debbie and All who want freedom for humanity.

    Thank you for all you have done, currently doing and will postulate and do in the days, months, years and decades to come.

    Your greatness as Beings has brought freedom.

    No longer can the Organization lay claim to anything associated with LRH,
    not even the following quote as it is a goal of those who are free and independent to carry forth the tech and admin:

    “An essential difference between us and those who make mock of such
    efforts is we know where we’re going, we know what we’re doing, and
    we’re moving forward on a very positive, laudable, decent track. We
    are doing our jobs. That cannot be said for others.

    I am very glad to have had this opportunity to talk to you, and I hope
    the data I have given you is of some aid and assistance in clarifying
    what is going on, and dispelling any doubts or wonders; and more
    importantly, I hope this is used in aligning the efforts to come
    forward and to make this a better world and a better universe.

    Thank you very much for being here. I appreciate what you’re doing. I
    need your help, and I’m very grateful for what you have done. Goodbye
    for now. I will see you up the line at the other end of the Bridge.”

    – LRH

  227. I’m not a scientologist – just a caring human – but I’m so pleased to see that the family/friends disconnection ordered by little big man is falling apart like the rest of his empire will shortly. Must be great to recognize you have such a strong sister.

  228. Please see also:
    HCO PL 9 May 1982, Finance Series 32
    “And at a change of executive structure, an outside firm must be gotten in to do a confirmed inventory of the material and new executives and officers must sign for it in any turnover. And in the event stocks are missing, the FBO must be prepared to take police action just as he would if money were missing. He would suspect embezzlement and act that way. …”
    “And he must be prepared to take actions of the strongest kind, just as he would in any other form of embezzlement, when he finds stocks missing. …”
    (OEC Vol 3, p. 382)

    This is a different situation addressed here than two members quarreling. No “ask the IJC first”-nonsense etc.

  229. I was literally freaking out about what DM has done to the church that I supported for so many years; then you came forward, Debbie, and gave me hope. Now there are a group of OT’s: M&M and Cook: unstoppable. Ready for round two, Miscavige? More licks are coming. He’d better make sure there’s a doctor in his corner. DM got the tag-team wrestle-mania beat-down and it was so much fun to watch.

  230. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Randall,
    Welcome to the club!! 🙂

  231. Dear Debbie, thank you for exerting responsibility, as you have done so splendidly. Thank you for changing, where you changed. Thank you for not changing, where you didn’t.

  232. Tony DePhillips

    A main way that I see dm tries to ruin people is to threaten thier lifes work. After a person dedicates almost his or her whole adult life, it is not easy to have someone say ” if you do this thing, Iwill ruin you and tell the whole group you were nothing but an SP and all the work you did was garbage.” The SP will try to destroy the thing that the thetan is most proud of. The thing that is dearest. Friends, family, reputation etc. all in an effort to ruin that person. The thing that a degraded being doesn’t get is that you can’t ever take away a thetans honor and integrity. A thetan has to give that away of his own choice and that is what will ruin him, not the SP.

  233. Debbie,

    Reading this letter from you made me think of the first Pink Sheet you wrote for me on your first day as Deputy Lead Sup in HCI in 1986; and the time you reprimanded me for taking too long on my internship in 1987 but when I got very humbled from that, how you changed your tone and showed the compassion for me that was needed at the time; and how your ability to be both tough and compassionate was the combination of beingness that I always strove for as a tech terminal due in no small part to your example. And shaking your hand when I finally completed that internship after coming back 17 years later, that was your win too.

    It only makes sense that someone like you would be one who would take such a leading role in the reformation of Scientology.

    Just wanted to say thanks and you will continue to get our support.


    Dave Fagen

  234. Ha! Well that’s heartening. I assumed an open, sensitive and candid communication like that must have come from a woman. My bad for gender stereotyping.

  235. You are welcome! You certainly have support here.

    Well..not really financial support (at the moment), as I am currently unemployed & relocating soon. You will have it, no doubts about that.

    I want you to know that your New Year’s Eve letter was the “highlight” of my year. It came as such a warm surprise –like a “light” out of the abyss. I’ve only recently found Marty & Friends online. I was off lines & staff for several years (since the Ideal Org programs were made top priority). I really didn’t know what to do out here. I just knew that I missed the tech and my Scientology friends, which was very upsetting.

    I’m sorry that you or anyone else ever had to experience or witness physical or mental abuse in the name of Scientology or that any of us ever had to feel threatened by disconnection, lose family etc. It’s just been wrong in so many ways.

    Although I know my PTS/SP tech, I still hate the fact that you have tried to “help” with your letter and ran into nothing but retaliation from DM and his gang. Hmm. seems the idea of you helping others is causing someone to go beserk. But good ideas, people, projects have always been attacked. Just know and remember through it all that “you” are amazing. You bring hope with your letter. The letter simply & kindly communicated : “Hey..per LRH, we are going in the wrong direction guys. So, let’s fix it and get back onto delivering Dianetics and Scientology.

    Unfortunately, the outcome of your attempts to do the greatest good was unacceptable for those with a vested interest. Again, to those who can correctly duplicate communication, your letter was perfectly written, with no harm intended to anyone. It simply enlightens others as to the actual out-tech found within the church, the references to back up your findings–and what was needed in order to handle it. Flaps & Handlings. Period.

    It’s been quite disturbing to witness “The Reason for Orgs”, “Senior Policy”, LRH ED 339R and 339R-1 all tossed aside & replaced with fundraisers, PR and gaudy surroundings. But it is what it is at this point.

    What a mess.

    I’m assuming that since theta attracts theta, you ended up here ..with us. Glad you are out of the trap. You belong here.

    Thank you……Debbie, Wayne, Marty, MIke, Mosey and Steve (and anyone else not mentioned) for what you stand for and for what you are doing. It feels great to know Scientology actually has a chance again with all your combined work. Though no true hero ever demands to be “noticed” or acknowledged, may you still NEVER grow tired of the acknowledgements sent your way out of sheer appreciation for what you are doing and the products gained from every little thing you do.

    Scientology was literally ripped off from us. You are taking it back.

    That’s simply BAD ASS!!

    Obviously, the remaining “grey hats” need to snap out of it & realize the “white hats” are now on the outside (in the Indie field) and that they are currently being controlled & brainwashed on the inside by the “black hats” under the orders of a real SP.

    Hopefully, everyone responsible for this first “win” in San Antonio is proudly wearing thier “white” Stetson 🙂

    LRH would be proud, no doubt.

  236. Excellent Debbie on having your words echo right around the globe. Good luck to you and Wayne on the next leg. Somehow the Church wanting millions in damages in an effort to cover up kidnapping and torture after they tanked your income doesn’t make a lot of sense, but, whatever…. we can all look forward to them slipping on their own banana peels in court.

  237. Dear Debbie,

    Thank you so much for doing all you do to save Scientology from the man who proclaimed in the “IRS win” video, talking about IRS agents attacking the Church then, in front of so many grudging Scientologists : “If you’re holding onto the charge, please don’t ! We are even friends, now.”

    So now, it’s time we teach someone “who are the real friends of Scientologists and LRH”.

    The DA pack of OSA was such a ridiculous, illogical, beside the point bunch or disrelated arguments and references it was an affront to the intelligence of any thinking being. The lying and covering up attitude was so blatant it just definitely proved “our” management was playing on the wrong side of ethics, i.e. OUT.

    From now and then, I propose we call this legal case: the HOLEGATE.

    Much love,

  238. I apologize for doubting you Debbie. Well done for what you did since leaving, including taking the money.

  239. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sigh! Afraid your right again, Carcha, as usual. Painfully
    slow, these turning of wheels of justice, Hey? Methinks though,the MESTcavige will dramatize the whole process along,”with speed” in the coming months! It is the one
    penchant he just cannot resist……….destroy! Even if that translates into doing himself in! As another
    regular poster laments……..Tic..toc..tic..toc..Davey Boy!

    Nice to see the bags of nutrition keeping you topped up!

    For me, its been Debbie’s stand, that’s done the same!

    Luv & ARC, Li’ll bit

  240. Defender of Theta

    Well Done, Debbie

    What you are doing is courageous and vitally important.

    Well done to all the others, with special thanks to Marty and Mike, for stepping forward in the name of Scientology, LRH, and justice.

    Debbie, I am particularly impressed by the fact that you are staying On Purpose.

    It is too easy to get drawn off-purpose, into HE&R, mis-evaluations, and wrong targets, such as attempts to bring down the Church, when the correct target is, first and foremost, getting the Tech in use, as Marty and others are doing, and, solely to facilitate that, to bring the administration of Scientology into compliance with LRH intention, as expressed in LRH’s last will and testament, and the articles of CST, RTC, and CSI.

    We know that LRH was far from an idiot and the primary source of the current situation is that the Church is not being governed as LRH specified. We know that David Mischavige kept LRH’s intention for the change in governance of Scientology that was to occur on this death (the switch from one-man-rule to governance by the seven boards of CST, RTC, and CSI) hidden from the Scientology public.

    If they knew that LRH intended for one-man-rule to end upon his death, they would not have so easily put up with DM’s nullification of the seven boards, and his illegal seizure of power.

    Thank you so, so much for stepping forward and for doing so in a positive, manner. The extra steps you take to differentiate the Miscavige Administration from Scientology shows your powers of differentiation and is very important at this time.

    Defender of Theta

  241. Li'll bit of stuff

    Right on Augustin! You know, if you really think about
    it, I doubt very much if there’s ever been a man in the
    history of “religion” that has created as much nausea,
    as this cat! …………………Baaaaaaaaarrrrrrffffff!!!!
    (repeat!…..repeat!…..repeat!…ad nauseum!!!!!!!)

  242. hahaha… you guys. It was only three years, but truthfully, I had so many adventures and so much happened it seemed like 103. This was one time in my life when being in the Sea Org was really fun and I was proud to be there. The FSO was still relatively untainted by DM’s madness.

  243. Thank you very much for the standing up, Debbie and Wayne.
    I support LRH as same as you do.

  244. Oops, silly spell checker! Miscavige, not “Miscavaige.” 🙂

  245. Debbie – A huge Thank you to You. Your position is being made very clear in both letters and as per usual, it is not possible to reason with DM and his ilk who are so outnumbered with all your friends it’s not funny. I see Peter Mansell and Allan Cartwright in the court room listening to your account of torture and I wonder what is going through their heads, how do they go on with themselves. But I know they are not permitted to think for themselves both having sold their souls to a crim leader to enable his destructive ends. But yet I try……….COME ON PETER !!!!! You know Debbie Cook is giving you the truth. YOU know this. Peter, it is not too late, jump ship and go home. It can be done. It has been done and will be done. With success. Oh, yes I see that smirk in your face and patter impulse to ridicule. It’s what you’ve used for years, the approved response which keeps you ‘in favour’. Yet look what happened: blow from self earned you a crim boss who hates you, Debbie, mankind and the martians. Try not think about it.

    Sorry, couldn’t help it. Yes, the truth always prevails in the end and you have our complete support now and beyond. Thank you Wayne for standing by your Lady. You are awesome.

  246. Hi Debbie,

    I really loved when you won your first battle against CoS ( = Clan of Squirrels ).

    I will rejoice when you finally win this legal war.

    And most remarkable : David Misc. did everything he could – and succeeded ! – to connect you and the new independent movement 🙂

  247. Kool on the block

    You go girl!
    – Kool on the block

  248. It is very real also for me, that LRH concentrated on tech delivery. After NED was released LRH expected that the new materials will be fast translated and produced so it can be studied in EU. After some time he asked CO Pubs Org, Judy Ziff, when she expects to have the materials in the orgs. Judy propably answered something like before Christmas 88. Ron started to control the production himself with daily telexes to Pubs. He gave daily quotas and all Pubs staff had to participate on all hands so we could meet the quotas. It was very clear that LRH was disappointed that CO Pubs had not understood the importance of the new tech. NEPI has those telexes in their files.
    I have tried to get the translations done in standard way but given up. TU EU, RTC, Cont C/S, the highest trained auditors of my language have not duplicated some important parts of basic LRH tech. I gave up at certain point hoping that there is coming New Era of Standard Tech.
    Here I have found that there are people around who have duplicated LRH tech. There is hope. Thanks.

  249. Although I’ve yet to actually see it, I have now had it confirmed by a trusted source that my badge of honour application, having been processed with previously unheard of expediency, has been very successful.
    Tip for others still on the fence who may be aspiring to a similar status: write up all of your genuine concerns and questions based on your what you have been reading about or listening to for the last year or so, and which very much appear to tie in with what you have personally observed and have compared with your own understanding of the relevant LRH policies and tech you know o’ve r can verify, ask to see some of the key long term local/international stats, like Auditors Made, Releases, Clears Made, NBS Raw, Number of staff etc., ask other reasonable questions like how often the mag goes out, the last time the org had an eval, the last time someone used or heard from the Exec Strata, garnish this with a few more choice observations concerning the repeated and unbelievable figures touted at events……and then simply submit this to your local DSA.
    If you can also circulate copies of Debbie’s e-mail to a few contacts this will very much grease the wheels.
    Not sure who issues the t-shirts though but surely DM’s missing a golden opportunity to promote a straight up and vertical here? Perhaps he could utilize Inglewood to produce them so he can patronize the black community some more?
    Seriously, I’ve thanked Debbie in private already but I would just like to say in public that, although I have never met her or known her personally before, and in spite of the unimaginable load and stress on her plate – not to mention the amount of traffic in terms of comm cycles etc. that she must be dealing with right now – she has nevertheless found the time to keep her comm cycle in on a personal level, which I do find truly remarkable and for which I am also very grateful. This for me epitomises what LRH and Scientology is about and gives me hope that if enough of us strive to maintain those kind of core values, then it will indeed eventually turn out all right. I don’t have it to hand unfortunately, but a relevant reference I believe is called When You Need Reassurance. Possibly in OEC Vol 0 last time I looked.
    That Debbie now has more friends than she had prior to the e-mail also says it all really, doesn’t it?
    Go on girl! All aboard the truth train!

  250. Independent Scientologist

    I asked my wife how much money she had sent along for your legal defense and when she told me I went “Really???”

    You go girl!

    – Ron Matlock

  251. Hi Mike, it was great to have finally met you. I appreciate all of the support and help that you and Marty have given my sister and Wayne during this time. You guys too are the real heroes in saving our religion and all of us thank you for yours and Marty’s dedication and efforts. Now let us all band together and finish the job!


  252. I wasen’t there at cresent , and I ddin’t have to be I beleive exactly what Annie said and what LRH worked on and attention put on.I say it because I witnessed a few times myself.

  253. Debbie,

    I support you in your efforts to be there and communicate.
    You were there in the 80’s at the Fort Harrison a bright, shinning, able being creating a safe place and applying Scientology to help me and other improve our conditions in life.

    And here you are again helping me and many others.

    Pure Theta


  254. Jim,
    pls. do not compare LRH to DM.
    They are NOT comparable magnitudes, never were and never will.

    LRH was a writer, philosopher, explorer, teacher, coach, family man, a loved dad and husband, and so many other things …….. actually a Man in Texan terms.

    David Miscavige is a worm in comparison to LRH and a as a profession just a bully sect boss.

  255. Welcome Kevin 🙂

  256. Very powerful letter Debbie. Your actions over these last several weeks have delivered an astoundingly effective blow.

    One one hand, it is unfortunate that DM has wielded his one – two punch of personal attack followed by overwhelming legal attack.

    But on the other hand, you took good advantage of being drug into that arena and have landed an unprecedented punch!

    Sun-Tzu would nod approvingly.

  257. Dear Debbie,

    I am so happy about your VICTORY over the little tyrant, David Miscavige.
    Of course this could be just round 1, but I think as a warm up, it was more then great.
    Yes, I think too you can SUE him to the underground, because David Miscavige is by his behaviour and actions not a Scientologist, you would not violate any policy.
    But of course this is your decision and a matter of you and your team.
    Thank you for your kind and wise words in this letter.

    Thank you so much also to Marty and Mike levelling the path for all this in the last couple of years.
    You guys and many others are wonderful people.
    My respect, admiration and love to you it is beyond description.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back
    3. David Miscavige and minions shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended and designed by LRH:
    5. Help to restore humanity to the subject of Scientology

    By the way Dave* boy:
    Where is HEBER Jentzsch – President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavige – your dear wife?

    *Dave = POB = Pope on a Box (applebox)

  258. Debbie,

    I have known you for many years and have always admired and loved you for the being that you are. You and Wayne were actually quite instrumental in helping me establish my current career (re-visiting my earlier profession) and as a result I am now successfully building function-rich websites on the internet and having a ball doing it.

    From your and Wayne’s guidance I was able to rebuild myself from scratch in a very short amount of time. It is difficult to express my gratitude in terms sufficient to match the amount of benefit I received.

    I have watched with rapt attention the events unfolding since your email came out. You are a brave woman (even if you possibly did not fully know how brave at the time). You are a modern day “David” (or should I say “Davida”) against the sociopathic megalomaniacal “Goliath”, David Miscavige.

    I am sorry you had to go through all the torture and degradation you did. Even though I did not personally cause it, I still feel badly as I know that if some of us simply stood up earlier, even with the little “trickle down” we saw at the local level, and just said: “ENOUGH!!” you and others might not have had to suffer so much.

    I left based on the criminal activity I saw around me, not knowing of the physical abuse that was also occurring. I had no idea about that at all until I read the “Truth Rundown” series in the St. Pete Times. Even so, I still had no real understanding of the crimes of one man, David Miscavige, against humanity. Not only was he using Nazi/Russian/Chinese torture methods, he was doing something even more insidious that went totally unnoticed by me until very recently.

    He destroyed the tech. And with that the lives of hundreds/thousands of trusting members of the Church, including their health and ability to survive on any level. I only fully saw this recently while getting auditing from Marty. My sessions ran the way they always used to. Fast, easy, great observable results. Regardless of what happens in the upcoming battle that is to be waged, I am certain he will pay (either now or in the eons to come) for his crimes against humanity.

    I know it has cost you a lot to have come through this. I only wish I were in a position financially to support you in “our” fight on a monetary level. This is not currently practical for me. I do, however, offer my services in any other form you find useful, in order to fight this monster in a shoulder to shoulder effort to take him down.

    I take my hat off (if I had one) to you and salute you for your bravery, strong heart, and courage in what you have done so far and what you have yet to face. I am with you in spirit.

    All my love.

    Hy Levy

  259. Hmmm … I wonder … I wonder if we reached the point in our rebellion where the shit is about to hit the fan …?

  260. Debbie, everyone who cares about the survival of Scientology as discovered, codified, communicated and practiced by LRH, rather than the perverted shadow of real Scientology as currently enforced as practice in the Church, owes you a sincere thank you and have a debt of gratitude for what you have done in 2012. Thank you.

  261. Debbie, You are the bomb! Thank you for standing up for the goodness and kindness that LRH intended Scn to be all about; individuals actually winning and exceding in life. I am not sure you fully realize the impact of what you have done here; by reading just this blog many folks are speaking out and coming out who were uncertain to before your testimony on Feb 9th. You have many more well intentioned friends out here than you think or realize; who actually DO have your best interest at heart. You have Mike, Marty, Mosey, Christie and many many others who will guide yourself and Wayne to even more heights than you ever realized; this is just the tip of the “iceberg”. We are all very proud of what you did and what you confronted; you cut the tail off the snake. An enormous THANK YOU Debbie,Wayne, Mike, Marty, Mosey and Christie, etal…… for all that you are doing LRH would be so very proud! ML, Jan

  262. Oops, I forgot Mike. Mike says,
    “Well Done, Sir.”

  263. Jerry and Kathryn,

    It’s good to know you!!

  264. Isabelle and Dennis,

    It’s very good to have you here!!

  265. Yeah, Tim!!

  266. Kevin,

    Good to know you!!

  267. Windflier,

    Glad you’re here!!

  268. You are a wise man Tony D.

  269. George M. White

    “What’s unbelievable about all this is that Corporate C of $ hasn’t learned a single lesson in the various shellackings they have taken.”

    Yes, zealot Moth-cavige hits the flame, but continues diving to his destruction.

  270. Welcome Charlie 🙂

  271. That’s a deal! Where are you?

  272. JB and George,

    Miscavige is like the black knight in the Holy Grail. His limbs are being lopped off and he is still bouncing around “mere flesh wound.” He has his sycophants around him telling him that everything he does is perfect. When anything blows up in his face they assure him it wasnt really a footnuke, that the “enemy” is on the run and that he is on the verge of another massive victory and explosive expansion!!!

    He is truly a deluded fool living in a bubble of unreality.

  273. Thanks Debbie for all you’re doing and have done. We are glad to have lent a hand in your battle for what is right and good.

    You and Wayne are a real class act.

  274. Debbie, I salute you. You have balls of steel. I have never been more inspired by so many beautiful and courageous people than right here, right now. You, Wayne, Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie, Sam, Martin, Steve, Jim, Brian, and everyone here (and I do mean everyone) who helps create-create this amazing space, where a standard LRH Bridge free from alteration, oppression or fanaticism can we walked safely, delivered by intelligent, honest, free beings. The world may still scoff at aliens and war records, but my hope is that one day Scientology will be largely recognised and respected as the compassionate, empowering and life-changing spiritual philosophy & practice that it really is. With you here, speaking out (and I hope you really nail that little bitch DM to the wall btw), I am even more confident that can and will be achieved. Thank you all for encouraging this lowly public to haul his ass up the Bridge in THIS lifetime. 🙂

    Mike Westen

  275. Welcome Mike! Nice to see your smiling face — figuratively 🙂 — here!

  276. George M. White

    Having left Scientology long before you became Captain at Flag,
    I probably received 5,000 pictures of you in my mail boxes over
    the decades. Congratulations on your legal victory over
    Moth-cavige and desire to spread kindness.

    I asked Boethius for a message and he said:

    “Love it is that holds the chains,
    Love o’er sea and earth that reigns”


  277. Random Stranger

    DM thinks he protects himself by soliciting and enlisting others to abuse as he does.

  278. Random Stranger

  279. You rock, Debbie! 😀

  280. Randall, welcome! Debbie has a lot of support. It is time for DM to go far away.


  282. Go Kevin! Periodically I nudge to get more names added to the Indie 500 list. We are approaching 300 names now. Perhaps we will hit 500 this year? A marriage of veteran Scientologists who had stopped participating in the CoS about 10 years ago was directed to the list this week by a friend. They saw “so many people we knew” — and were so relieved to know it wasn’t “just them.” They have been reading Scientology-cult and Moving on Up voraciously the past week, blowing down with everything they read.

  283. I’d really like to see the church of scientology celebrities interview about Debbie’s email. Asked if they knew her and the email and what did they think of the church of scientology’s response.

    I dare say we’ll get the canned responses but it might give clues to the thinking of those still enthralled by David Miscavige.

    I know of one stil in who claimed to have never heard of Debbie though she’d been to Flag a few times; she did confess to not reading the pamphlets they keep sending her.

    She also said those who get themselves in to financial difficulty only have themselves to blame and that she has never been crush reg’d. She says she’s moderately successful with a nice family and kids and only donates within her budget and is never pressured to give more. She also says the church of scientology may not be perfect but it is improving. David Miscavige is also the right man for the job.

  284. happybaby(daddy)89~ I was in the same predicament on staff some years ago, viewing what the future would be down the line if I stayed in that group. I didn’t have a clue how me or my kids would get up the Bridge this time around. I honestly had no clue there were auditors outside the CofS.
    But of course, that’s the way corporate Scn. run by David Miscavige wants it to be – it’s this way or no way and shut the hell up about it.
    Through this blog and the truth was revealed. There are auditors out here who can get you and your kid up the Bridge. It’s our responsibility as parents to ensure that they do. Feels good to be able to wear that hat again too.

  285. And let’s encourage the newbies to add their names to the Indie 500 list, including a) year they came into Scientology, b) training level, c) processing level, d) years on staff, e) any recognitions or “status” Patronus Dollarus Megasaurus or whatever. The strategy to break disconnection is working.

  286. Note to Mike Rinder:

    I drove to the Florence, KY Idle Borg Morgue yesterday afternoon and did a walk around the building. No, it’s not open yet however there were at least 10 landscapers working on the grounds, trucks were being unloaded and it appeared some light construction was ongoing. So, the February 11 grand opening was missed.

    Again, it’s my opinion that this location sucks. It’s 27 miles from our house in Cincinnati and is outside and south of the regions beltway. Traffic always sucks getting to this location and my round-trip on a Friday afternoon took over one and a half hours!

    My first and lasting impression of this monument to POB’s lunacy was ‘I know why the baptists sold this building in the first place’.

    My best guess is that the grand opening will be targeted for next weekend at best.

    This is true. (couldn’t resist)

  287. +10000000

  288. Thank you, Laura. It feels good. Very good.

  289. I will never forget about 12 years ago when I was 24 I was dancing with a girl at “In Cahoots” dance club. This song came on–i’m dancing with the pretty young lass and then she ruined my attraction to her by stating:

    Woo Hoo I LOVE – Janis Jolpin!!!!!

  290. Debbie states: “Before me now is the damages case, where DM will demand millions of dollars in damages from me.”

    In the past it was mentioned that David Miscavige is foisting his own case on others. His actions and what he demands are very telling of what the
    actions are which are correct for HIM, and he is telling us what he needs and deserves.

    – pay millions in damages
    – be brought to court and justice
    – get clear cert canceled
    – doing objectives
    – restudy the basics
    – get declared a suppressive person
    – be disconnected from friends and family
    – loosing his work place
    – be expelled
    – be isolated
    – be imprisoned
    – etc. ….

  291. Yvonne, that is very true; it’s DM’s church and has been for a very long time. I know I was in confusion back when I left because of it and it took quite a while for me to completely get out of it.
    More and more people will rise from the confusion once they find that stable datum; it’s DM’s church, not LRH’s that they’re floundering around in.

  292. Thank you Debbie (and Wayne). It has taken great courage to step forward and speak the truth. I will do anything to help you get rid of the immoral, criminal and just plain mean elements that exist in DM’s group.

  293. Unfortunately, the FBI is being a bunch of __________s. I am sure a lot has to do with the lobbyists and powerful people who are preventing this. But, SOMETHING is gonna happen–there will be some kind of “Appalachian”, that will come along and they will be FORCED to deal with this.

    I keep going back to this: when has ANY Chairman or President made as many “mistakes” in hiring and positioning and still got to keep his position title and job?

    I mean if DM is the guy who put Marty and Mike and Amy and Debbie and Claire and Jeff et al, into the positions they held at various times, and all of these people ending up being – violent, incompetent, or poor characters.

    What does that say about the guy who put them there and his decision making?

    I mean, granted we saw what a jack ass DM made of himself on Nightline and at least someone told him how bad he looked and even though he put them in the “Hole and RPF” for the past 15 years for saying that to him: he did listen and has never said anything public again.

    Question: How many of you Co$ former members, saw that and what were your real thoughts when that took place?

    I know DM, bragged about having Coppell eating from his hands, but surely even the most ardent supporters and Kool Aide Drinkers thought this was a disaster?


  294. One more point: I know of no real public transportation from the city to Florence. Private auto is it.

  295. +1 wholeheartedly!

  296. Tony DePhillips


  297. Mark McKinstry

    Debbie and Wayne,

    Thanks for speaking up for LRH and all Scientologists. Your integrity is obvious to all and I hope you pave the way for others in your position to do the same.

    The tactics that DM has employed in the past in silencing and isolating people are being exposed. The end does not justify the means.

    We are in an age with the internet where we can connect and communicate as a group. The collective power that Marty, Mike, Steve and others have assembled with this website allows us all to communicate freely and stay constantly alert to what is going on around the world as regards the subject we all care about.

    That communication and freedom is not something that most Scientologists enjoy, particularly S.O. members.

    I was happy to support you and will continue to do so.

    You are keeping Scientology working.

  298. Debbie,

    Thank you for what you have done, for your courage, leadership and for the beautiful letter. You are right: you are not alone as many friends do exist to protect and support our old Sea Org comrades.

    Once before DM took over and poisoned management we all stood for a worthwhile cause united by a great noble purpose. Then came the stat pushing, then the heavy ethics, then Rtc became a monster, then came the donations, blackmail, punishment and gradually all decent people got kicked out of the church.

    I heard there are over 20.000 ex sea org members on the outside: even though we are not active on duty, we will always come back to support and rescue our old friends.

    You are not alone.

    Paolo Ruggeri

  299. Cheers, Mike!

  300. You nailed it, Tony. I’ve said repeatedly, for David Miscavige this isn’t about shutting Debbie up, it is about degrading her and destroying her. He has met his match. Her strength added to what Marty and Mike bring to the party along with a stellar group of mighty thetans aligning here are his doom.

  301. Very good point, Hy.

    While courts may be interested in the human rights abuse issues, the bigger crime is the crime against humanity that has occurred with the alterations of the tech. Those crimes will never be addressed by a legal system, but have a much higher spiritual cost.

    Always love hearing your voice here. ml, Yvonne

  302. Thank you very much for all you have done! You are a true inspiration .
    I’m a Scientologist for over 30 years, have been in the SO for some of them and remember having seen you around at Flag 83/84 but unfortunately never met you in person.

    I read about your story on Marty’s blog earlier (which was hard to believe) and was so touched by your e-mail at the beginning of this year, that I have been forwarding it to many local OT’s and I can tell you, your voice is also heard in Switzerland!

    Yes, I have heard on rumor lines that I have been declared fort that, but I guess these days it is a reason to be proud of.

    It does have an impact on my famliy in the SO, business connections and friends, but this is minor compared to what you must have endured. The OSA disconnection tactic behind my back, which the CoS openly negates, is in full use.

    That you are standing up now gives me hope for a better future with Scientology!

    Thanks again for everything you have been doing and are doing now.
    You have my full support!

    I wish you and your supporting husband Wayne all the best!

  303. “Hey Dave–you just got beat up by a girl!
    (he hates that)”
    Yes he does 🙂

  304. Clearwater Lawyer

    Hi Debbie, Thank you and Wayne for all that you have done. I know it took a tremendous amount of careful thought, soul searching and courage to take the initial steps (sending the New Years email) to remedy some of the problems occurring within your faith. That was the right thing to do!
    With this latest set of events you have started to expose the violence, cruelty and human rights violations that are taking place cloistered behind walls of secrecy and fear. That too is the right thing to do! This brutality and torture has to be exposed before is will be ended. Your role in exposing this is so important. Thank you both so much for your bravery!!
    I wish you continued strength in revealing the truth and doing the right thing.

  305. “I stayed friends with you on facebook as long as I could, but had to defriend eventually because of Facebook Police”
    I have the most amazing friends who are under the radar who stood up to the Facebook Police and held their ground. They also stood up to OSA and refused to disconnect in the face of direct threats and demanded to see the LRH policy being applied. They were able to maintain their own personal integrity and I consider them real friends for doing so. The few that did have not been declared and have not put their radar status at risk.
    Just sayin’… your personal choices are your personal choices but no-one is making you follow squirrel disconnection policies.
    The Facebook Police only succeed to the degree that their victims agree to be bullied into submission.

  306. Hi, Carcha. I’m pretty sure that to start a Scientology sect, such as First Church of Hubbard, or whatever, would not require or be subject to any kind of court ruling. And it seems not what Debbie is looking for. I do think she (and others) are entitled to a boatload of money, though, for what they went through. RS’s number seems pretty close — $250 Million. Then she and the other victims could do whatever they want with that cash — buy cars and houses, start businesses, start some kind of organization if they really wanted to.

  307. What??? You got one??? SO not fair!!!

  308. Thanks for going out of your way (literally) to bring us this report Tom.

    Now, report to ethics for not displaying the appropriate deference and sense of awe anf appreciation for the brilliance of Dear Leader. You are simply not with the program. And if you are not with COB, then you are an enemy of mankind. Prepare to be squashed like a bug unless you can come up with some cash to buy sets of the ACCs (they havent sold so well…) so we can send them to the starving children in Ethiopia (this is the latest “IAS Freedom Campaign” you know). If you can’t cough up hte bucks you will be sent back to redo your Objectives and if you dont cooperate with that, then you are obviously a squirrel, heretic, apostate trying to extort the church for money and you are probably working for BigPharma or the lamestream media….

    But don’t let me dampen your enthusiasm for the steaming locomotive of expansion that is the church of Miscavology today.

  309. Hi Blue Seagull!!!!
    Special welcome gift for you! xxx

  310. Dean — You can bet their PR handlers are insisting on no questions about Scientology if they agree to doing any interviews. Tom should be counting his lucky stars this didnt happen when he was doing the press junket for Mission Impossible.

  311. You are welcome from my spouse and off spring, too. We are cheering you on as we, too, repair the damages done through out-tech, by applying standard Scientology.

    It is absolutely fascinating to me, as I communicate your eloquent and factual information, to my non-Scientology friends and family, the differences between the pure religion and the corporate bastardization of it. They all say the same thing: “We know this. We can see who you are and your kind application of Scientology”.

    Think about this! There is no enemy “out there” as the IAS has led us to believe for over 3 decades!

    The only enemies are “within”.

    Time for checkmate; the king is left unable to escape.

    transitive verb
    1 : to arrest, thwart, or counter completely
    2 : to check (a chess opponent’s king) so that escape is impossible
    finally checkmated the billionaire in his attempt to take over the movie studio
    Origin: Middle English chekmaten, from chekmate, interjection used to announce checkmate, from Anglo-French eschec mat, from Arabic shāh māt, from Persian, literally, the king is left unable to escape.
    First use: 14th century

  312. Talk about boilerplate! We just got a copy of our declare and it listed us as living in a city we’ve never lived in. Someone forgot to change the city on the copied form from someone else’s declare! ROFLMAO!

  313. Bert Schippers

    Hi Dennis & Isabelle!

  314. OK…
    Y’all gotta stop posting your real names now because if you don’t the only ones left with pseudonyms will be the OSA trolls and it won’t be any fun playing with ’em anymore. 😦 😦 😦

  315. Fishin’ Trip, eh?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  316. Good point, Thoughtful! That could become a standard action–since the church is not pointing out to people how many of their friends have stood up and said, “No more!” we can just do it ourselves.

  317. ARC at it’s best, Mike. 😉

  318. Mirari, you up for a party? Email anyone in the Northwest group…

  319. Lynne — Perhaps we should post a generic one and people can fill in their name and city and print it off. That way everyone can have one 🙂 It’s really not fair that some people don’t get one at all…

  320. “I’ve had worse!”

  321. Mike,

    For having ridiculed the lunacy of POB I have voluntarily put ethics in on myself by beating, slapping, choking, kicking and spitting on myself.

  322. Bert Schippers

    Debbie & Wayne, thank you for standing up for your rights!

    & it’s wonderful to see so many new people posting and others revealing their names! The house of cards will fall soon….

  323. While typing this I’m standing in a garbage can and water-boarding myself, too.

    Happy now?

  324. Stats are in screaming affluence! Debbie holds HE of people coming out in one day with one letter; keep writing girl, apply the right condition! Soon there will be more people out than in and we know what that means for Davey’s fear police; reconnections instead of disconnection!

  325. Debbie

    I want to sincerely thank you for what you have done and what you are doing. There are many here doing what we can to fix this cancer that is systematically destroying both the Church and the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard.

    It is especially those of your caliber, integrity and earnest desire to help others, that are capable of making the most significant strides toward the goal of liberating the Church from the clutches of David Miscavige and those of similar intention.

    Also I especially want to thank you for this “open letter” for another reason. What you have done here, by saying what you have, will also bring Scientologists still “in good standing” and those who have taken the battle outside the church, Independents, freezone, etc, closer together. We are not on different sides down deep, where it counts. Except for very few exceptions we are all striving towards the same goals.

    Thank you

    With love and respect…

    Eric S

  326. Debbie and Wayne, Thanks for what you are doing and putting up with in the fight to free the subject from it’s abduction by those who would subvert it. Afetr leaving the church, in order to reconnect with my step-daughter, I found to my surprise that the subject was alive and well out side the church. I feel we don’t need a church or a pope, but just a collaboration of like minded individuals interested in keeping the show on the road. I have attested to clear and continued my training in the independent field with people trained by Ron, and feel more confident in my true understanding of and ability to correctly apply the subject for the betterment of others.
    Keep up the fight. I will help in any way I can.

    Mark Elliott

  327. Don’t you agree. Since he has put himself out there, he MUST start addressing the MULTIPLE issues arising….. the free work on bikes and buses, his best man and best buddy, DM desecrating and booting one of the cults (actually many) long term respected & dedicated practitioners?

    Is he not going to HAVE to do or stay SOMETHING, and do it soon?

  328. Great to see you here Charlie, welcome!

  329. OSA -How much longer are you going to deny that KSW no 1, rather than glibly being read, has to be APPLIED for real?

  330. Flunk. Break your finger.

  331. That is actually quite a compassionate perspective.

  332. Dunedin.

  333. I also got an audio copy of my Comm Eve. 😀

  334. Thank you and right back to ya.

  335. You are welcome to add my name.

  336. 🙂

  337. I wouldn’t say mine was boilerplate but it was so full of outpoints it was almost laughable. Anyway, I previously told you I’d get you a copy so I still owe it to you.

  338. My final message sent from a double-wide………….

  339. Thank you for introducing yourself. I’m Patricia Krenik, genereally known as Pat, an old timer who spent 32 years from 1951 to 1983 “with” the COS and have just under 30 years in the Free Zone. Of course I have been labelled a “squirrel” by the Church but I do standard tech here to the best of my ability. My husband and I have a group in Elma which is over ten years old, we do the entire bridge, and I especially have enjoyed handing returnees which for the most part, are dropped balls from the COS. I love getting them through the no-interference area.

    I watched your video and no person should be put through such indignities, but especially not someone such as you, who have worked hard to clear the planet. You have my love and support.

    Welcome to the Free Zone or Independent Field. No matter what you call it we are still here, and the planet can still be cleared. I know this is unreal to many as more and more chaos shows up, but it is like a pc getting a process, always points of darkness before he reaches EP.

    Keep in touch with us through this blog–please!

    Love, Pat

  340. Hi Hy. 🙂

  341. Aye, aye! 🙂

  342. Well he could very easily be compared to other SPs like Hitler, Ghengis Khan, the Inquisitionist, and others but Miscavige is in a leage of his own.

  343. retired, extremely dangerous

    Great Die Hard Line and appropriate:

  344. There is an open letter to Tom Cruise on Village Voice web site. Perhaps drawing attention to it on Tom Cruise fan sites might prompt a response.

  345. Kevin. Wow, I am in Palm Harbor. Send me an email at so we can arrange to have coffee and I can introduce you to other independents in the area, a community that unlike the RCS, IS actually expanding daily 🙂

  346. Simply Revolting

    Thank you for your acknowledgement and what you are doing!
    Let it be known what is happening as things progress and we will send more help.

  347. Mike,
    This is a very interesting aspect you brought up here.
    While realizing that this reaction of DMs sycophants is based on fear from David Miscavige’s reprisals , this is actually helping us greatly. Thus DM will continue his downward spiral of wrong targeting towards his ultimate demise. There COULD be an element of revenge in this. In fact It is 1.1 to reassure your ‘boss’ that everything is alright when it isn’t.

  348. Lovely to see you posting Pat and lovely

  349. Not to belittle Debbie’s experience but waterboarding is a far more severe form of torture than having water poured over your head; it simulates the sensation of drowning. I cringed a bit when I read in our Sun tabloid newspaper that Debbie claimed to have been waterboarded.

  350. Mahakala,

    Welcome here. I think this is your first comment here. And welcome to the ever expanding (talk about straight up and vertical) world of SPs. Like so many of us you learned about your declare on the rumor lines. What a farce.

    I revealed my identity in an effort to get my sister out of the RPF in Copenhagen. Whether it was because of what I wrote or not she got out within a week. What I wrote by the way was that if they did not follow LRH policy and give her the Board of Review she’d requested I would contact the Danish police and have them check up on her welfare – and if that didn’t work I would have my brother and ex-husband distribute fliers describing her plight all over Copenhagen – and if that didn’t work I would make waves in my husband’s side of the family (his brother and wife are big time donators). I’m writing this again to hopefully inspire someone else to do the same if you have loved ones in the RPF.

    I thought long and hard about revealing myself and what I would loose. Then I realized that I had nothing to loose that I had not lost years ago. As long as my two sisters are in the SO I will never have a candid sisterly relationship with them. All I would get is being in the presence of their bodies and the soooo boring “I’m soooo happy, we’re soooo winning and blah blah blah” valence.

    Do you know Dora (Ming) Jepsen, by the way?

  351. That is the Sun’s “interpretation” — Debbie never uttered the term waterboarding. It’s typical tabloid journalism — probably not legally liable, but as sensational sounding as possible.

  352. OK… Now you’re just showing off 😦

  353. Debbie…I’m soooooooooo happy you’ve received the support from so many people. I know for me, both ex-scientologists and critics (and when I escaped out in 2000, a very few Scientologists, too) alike helped save my life. There is great joy in watching someone like yourself move away from the mafia-like organization you now see for what it is, whether you call it that, or not.

    I’ve said for years and years: Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Time is on *our* side! I’m happy you are, too, and freedom is once again part of your life. Doesn’t it feel great? 🙂 I know your speaking out is saving many, many people from the very abuses you so correctly mentioned. I thank you greatly for this. Your courage is admired, and I say this to ALL who take a stand against totalitarianism: Bless you ALL 🙂 Tory/Magooi

  354. ROFLMAO. Sam. Also liked the ‘idle Borg morgue lol. Always enjoy your posts

  355. David Miscavige is trapped in his own delusions and it will take the rest of his days to repair his self inflicted damage.

    The only way he could possible hope to achieve the peace his tortured inner being must surely crave is to reverse engineer all the damage. He may not realise he needs this so will need to be pursueded that it’s in his best interests.

    Since his damage is caused by serious abuse and misapplication of scientology his salvation can only be achieved through scientology.

    It is for this reason it would be an act of compassion and mercy to allow him to follow the RPF’s RPF till he graduates to the RPF where he will likely remain for the rest of his days.

    I hear from recent testemony that there is a great facility in a quiet suburb of Australia with squash courts under which he could sleep. There he would be able to mix quiet contemplation of the tech with the calming power of hard physical labor.

    He would of course be fed with what ever left overs there were from the canteen and be given a small allowance of between $5 to $35Au a month so he might enjoy the independence of being able to buy his own toiletries etc.

    With proper training he might one day be able to work in the kichens. He’d probably start with cleaning and progress to actually helping with the cooking but it would only come once he’d learnt how to be a useful productive member of a group.

    It would be a violation of hia rights to haul him in to court and sentence him to a state penetentuary where he’d have to learn to hold on to the soap and always wash with his back to the wall; unless of course there is no other choice because he cannot be made to appreciate the only direction in which his salvation lies.

    What about the lackies like Moxon? I’m never sure if he believes in scientology or if he’s just a rat who makes money doing what few others would do.

  356. Apologise I should clarify: the Sun CLAIMED Debbie Cook claimed she’d been waterboarded.

    The Sun’s outlandish and often inflamatory interpretation of reality is well known. My concern was the same term being thrown up here.

    Debbie did not claim to have been waterboarded and what she does claim is bad enough without sensationalising it.

  357. You’re a star yourself Martin as is everyone else who helped.

  358. That’s exactly what we need to do. The flourish & prosper of Tech delivery as the highest priority.

  359. German Translation:

    Thank you to Felicitas from the German Independets for caring Debbies theta-full message forward.


  360. David Miscavige has a clear cert?

  361. F.P.
    The reference is in the tape series “ADMIRATION AND THE RENAISSANCE OF BEINGNESS”. I believe this tape series has been renamed since I got it in 98.

  362. Just emailed you.

  363. I know. :-O

  364. Thanks and back to ya!

  365. Welcome you two and thanks for that image and chuckle. Well put!

  366. Yeah Mike. “El Jefe” usually refers to various banana republic dictators such as Fidel Castro. Here’s a link:

    It loosely translates as “The Boss”, or “the turd in the punch bowl”. Like David Miscavige or Tom Cruise.

    A very fitting name for this poster.

  367. Hey Gary

    Good to see you here again. Missed you and your torches.

    Eric S

  368. hi Debbie! great to hear from you on the open waves, we do not know each other much though you have been my captain for almost 2 years we never spoke, m starting to realize that I have missed out on something.
    anyway m here to thank you for everithing you have done do and will do.
    so thank you.
    and a little note on something intresting or funny whichever anyone cares to consider.


    There are two Deborah’s mentioned in the Bible. The first one is the nurse of Rebekah (Genesis 35:8). The second one is a judge in Israel and war hero, famous for her role in the war against Jabin, king of Canaan (Judges 4:4).

    The name Deborah comes from the root , meaning to speak or pronounce. It’s also where the phrase “Word of God” comes from, and is identical to the word , meaning bee.

    DM if he was’n such an ignorant blowhard should have seen it coming…

  369. Ms. Cook, I just want to chime in with the others here, that I am so relieved and happy about you posting your letter here and being in comm with us about your position and what you are doing.

    I really think your taking a stand for truth is the ultimate tipping point for David Miscavige and his cronies to confirm their slide towards non-existence in reality.. It sure feels that way.

    I will do whatever I can, to contribute to your motion towards speaking truth from your perspective and rehabbing LRH and Scientology in the public’s view.

    I really appreciate your on-Source and on-target position and communications, please keep us informed, and a big “Thank You!”

  370. Yes right, they are renamed to “The Factors”.

  371. ei! you are still around too!

  372. Dean, I wouldn’t dare eat any food David Miscavige had any access to; he is the type who would surreptitiously spit in the food , especially when he knew he was sick.

  373. Felicitas Foster

    Dear Debbie,
    SKM translated this letter for the German blog and ths was one of the comments (original in German – translation into English right after):

    Liebe Debbie,
    ich danke dir aus tiefstem Herzen für deine Integrität und deinen Mut aufzustehen gegen die Missstände in der Kirche und der fortgesetzten Verletzung von KSW. Du stehst auf für alles, was LRH jemals wirklich wichtig war.
    Du sollst wissen, dass es auch hier in Frankfurt (Germany) Menschen gibt die dir höchsten Respekt zollen für das was du tust und dich bei diesem Kampf unterstützen werden.
    Ich selbst bin ein Public in der Kirche und hoffe genau wie du, auf einen Weg zur Reform innerhalb der Kirche – wieder hin zur Wahrheit, so wie LRH es uns gezeigt hat.
    In Liebe, OriBa

    Dear Debbie,
    I thank you for your integrity and your courage to stand up against the abuses in the church and the continuous violations of KSW from the bottom of my heart. You stand up for everything that LRH felt was ever really important.
    You should know that also here in Frankfurt (Germany) exist people who show respect for you for all what you are doing and who will support you in this battle.
    I myself am public of the church and hope like you, that we get to a reform within the church – again towards the truth, like LRH showed it to us.
    With all my love, OriBa

  374. It would seem to me in some future time (after Miscavige has been fully deposed and those who wish to are free to practice Scientology without oppression) that Independents will want to point to their names on this list and say “See, I was one of the earliest to stand against the injustices”.

    The wheels are fast in motion and the fate of the current COS is already sealed. The heroes will be those who stood first.

  375. Very true, Colorwheel !

    The IAS has been selling their universe of invented bad stories and alledged solutions – while the reputation of the subject continued to go down the drain for many years in the physical universe, due to the actions of the organisation.

  376. Anons do not gain money or status protesting, they do it out of love even when they are offensive. They are not perfect or better than anybody they just didn’t forget to be playfull.

    Happy birthday anonymous this 4th year of glorious protest

    Even hot Femanons still care

  377. First Principle

    Thanks Greta,
    If you have the dates of that series, do post them. If not, no worries. I’ll track it down in my basics. Thx again.

  378. Hey Paolo, Is your brother still “in”? He and I were close friends in 1990. DM destroyed his marriage — I’m hoping he will come to his senses like you. For anyone who doesn’t know, Paolo was SMI’s #1 power house for opening missions, isn’t that right Paolo?

  379. Right Yvonne, and DM is and has been doing this when, with the threats of a crumbling economy at hand, Scientology should have presented a united, clean, on-tech and on-policy front to act as a very stable datum in the turmoils of current society. He had the chance of a REAL expansion instead of hot air stats.

  380. Very Well Done Debbie,
    I’m really think that you have never had so many friends before now.
    This is the only team that will assure the future of Scientology.
    Greetings from Italia.
    Davide Succi aka Spartacus

  381. Thanks Mike,
    Jerry and I have been posting for awhile. I post as thetabuddy, but no more.

  382. Don

    Well done… good to see you fully out.

    Eric S

  383. Hello Debbie! Great to see your smiling face! We’ve never met, doesn’t matter. Your post gave me the greatest warm fuzzies! I am so glad that you know who your MANY friends are and who you can count on for support!

  384. Dear Bluebonnet, he has a cannibal cert. He feeds off theta and destroys it.

  385. Mr. White, I would like to know if you are refering to the Catholic saint , Anicius Manlius Severinus Boëthius (ca. 480–524 or 525 AD). Boethius is recognized as a martyr for the Catholic faith and who Pope Benedict XVI explains the relevance to modern day Christians by linking his teachings to an understanding of Providence. And if you can explain please what do you mean with ” I asked Boethius for a message ”
    Love and kindness Mr. White.

  386. Random Stranger

    Righteous, Jim.

  387. Random Stranger

    Each Dead President’s Head would represent Justice.

  388. Debbie, thank YOU!! Thank you for wearing those big ‘ol boots, and for doing what you know is right. Also, thanks to you and Marty, Mark, Steve, et. al., for all the case gain I’ve experienced over the past couple of weeks! On another note, please watch your ass, DM is a ruthless MF.

    Looking forward,

  389. Steve-O,

    Yes, it was still fun to be in the S.O. at that time. I was on the Ship Project and at the FLB a lot in ’85 and ’86 and it was a blast. Balls to-the-Wall production yet I still had time to play on the Church’s Rugby and Softball teams, go out on dates, go sailing and other fun stuff.

    The production was also really up tone – lots of laughing, shouting and general insouciance abounded. Even if you had a disagreement or fight with another staff member, you seemed to always find yourself shaking hands and laughing about it at the end of the night.

    The good old days…

  390. Good one.
    Read Data-Series #6 wherin LRH talks about “questioning authorities”.

  391. That comment just put my TR-0 Bullbait out .. LOL

  392. Thank you for your extremely warm and uplifting open letter, Debbie. And posting it here on Marty’s blog – thus including all of us as your friends.

    You arrived at the FSO as a teen, when I still on staff. I remember watching your almost meteoric rise to a high position I believe in the CMO. Later you became auditor trained but by that time I had left the SO.

    Then as a public Scientologist, I remember when you replaced Ron Norton and watched incredulously as you held your post as Captain stably for years. Prior to Ron Norton’s tenure, I think Captain’s for the FSO were removed every 1 – 2 years.

    But what I remember the most Debbie is how you figured out a way to help me during probably the worst time of my life. I had a very severe break down about 2 years after completing OT VIII. I wasn’t allowed to go to the ship and you allowed one of your best auditors Cheryl Liccardi (she was married to someone else at the time, but I can never remember his name) to audit me.

    My recovery was slow even after the auditing but the great thing is I did recover. There are others who haven’t been so lucky.

    Your steadfast certainty of the workability of the tech, your dedication to LRH and your willingness to stand up and state loudly and publically that dm IS responsible for the travesty that today calls itself Scientology – is inspiring.

    I’m happy to call you my friend and glad you consider me (and the others here) your friend.


  393. So true Han. I know that I’m not the only ‘old timer’ who hasn’t been able to avert their eyes from the fact that our academies have emptied out over the last three decades, and that fewer and fewer Scientologists are actually doing major courses.

    I actually had no idea how bad the stats actually were, until I read the article, “What Happened To Training”, here:

    If you ever wanted to see the evidence for an SP Declare, there it is. It’s a picture of destruction, on a grand scale.

  394. JB, Would Sun-Tuz approve of about three separate personal countersuits against DM, buy three separate defendents with three legal teams, to be paid out of his own slush funds with a 50% contengency of the winnings for winning the cases, while he is still reeling from the first blow?

  395. Random Stranger


    I hope someday if the Church of Scientology still exists and Golden Era Productions is still in operation, it will have enough freedom and insouciance to make a comedy show about David Miscavige, deposed leader of the Church.

    (Cue the opening music: Mighty Mouse cartoon theme)


    brought to you by Tom Cruise Evangelical Ministries!

    and Pope Soap on a Rope!

    Hi everybody! This is my first show and I just want to say a little bit about my little self. (Ba-da-boom!)

    Ok, so I was a cult-leader. A very good one. Hey, it’s not easy becoming a cult-leader, to say nothing about how difficult it is to stay the cult leader. (cymbal crash!)

    Us cult-leader’s do whacky stuff. (Twilight Zone theme song)
    That’s how we get to BE the cult-leader. I don’t know why everyone is always so surprised when the cult-leader turns out to be whacky. We’re whacky. It’s a fact. Whacky. (Looney Toons theme music)

    You have to have a good stare. (Demonstrates stare) A really good stare. (Demonstrates it again. Close up) One where you tighten up your eyeballs until you squeeze the blood vessels and well, it just makes your eyes look spookier. Necessary ingredient for a good cult leader, whacky looking eyes. (kick drum) Intense. Bloodshot. Glaring. Laser-glaring like a plasma torch. (Original Superman TV show opening theme music)

    Mean. It helps to be mean. (Heavy metal music) You have to look mean. (Shows mean-face) You have to feel mean. You have to BE MEAN. (Demonstrates meanness by insulting woman in front row of audience who cries and runs out) See? See what I mean? How effective was THAT?

    Physical cruelty. Bam! This is where the rubber meets the road. Where the children go to bed and the adults come out to play. (TV wrestling theme music) If you smash something or someone, lots of someones, it gets their attention. They start listening to you. (Holds hand to ear. Cricket sounds)

    Claim superior knowledge. Ok, the Three-Swing F/N thing. Whoo-boy! I clinched it right there. That tech point came from me and I enforced it with a vengeance. The number of swings had mistakenly not been defined or if it had been it was edited out by SPs, so I simply named a logical number. Three. What I didn’t even know myself at that point was that the actual number is four. Back and forth, back and forth. That’s actually four swings. I just wanted to see if I could get everybody to buy into the three thing. I won. Everyone bought it! Well, except for a few, but I took care of the dissenters. Had to cement my authority in place. (Sound of bomb exploding) It’s all part of becoming a dictatorial cult-leader. Whacky, strong and mean and a great stare. A nice combination.

    Add to that, the elimination by whatever means of any and all competition and opposition. Counter-intention? Poof! Non-compliance? Poof! Tons of money raked in? Bam!! (Sound of fireworks, crowds cheering and cash registers)

    Also, you have to do bold and courageous and flamboyantly wasteful things with money. To show you can. That’s power. Lots of ways to do that, what with the tastes of celebrities and the real deal global elite. Besides, it’s not YOUR money so it doesn’t even feel like money. It feels more like tickets to get a free pass to do whatever the hell you want! (Heaven music) Big luxurious buildings, private jets, jewelry, motorcycles, cars, houses, lavish dinners every day, every object you want, expensive trips, lots of expensive trips, clothes ironed by diamond coated irons, top top shelf booze, tailored clothing, the best shoes, extinct species for lunch, all the latest torture equipment, battalions of lawyers to keep yourself out of jail, regiments of private investigators to harass people, air plane hangers as gifts, well, you get the idea. (Boing sound)

    Oh, and the slave labor. (Sounds of slaves breaking rocks and being whipped) That is so cool, being a slave-owner. The feeling of power is…I just can’t put it into words. Let’s just say it’s like having thousands of PCs to punch whenever you feel like it, with no repercussion! Tell me that ain’t attractive! (Cat-whistle sound)

    So there you go folks, a short description of me, the star of the show, Daviiiiiiiiiiiid Miscaviiiiiiiiiiiiige!!!

    (Ending theme music, ‘Thank You For Listening’ by L. Ron Hubbard)

    ‘Til next time! (Gives thumbs up to camera, smiles and demonstrates one last cam-glare)

    (Fade to black)

  396. Thank you Debbie. I respect you for what you have done. I will continue to support you as obviously many others will.
    Also thank you Marty,Mike and the many others for your contributions.

  397. Thanks Kat. NIce to meet you! Mike

  398. Love it, love it, love it.
    Thank you Windhorse for this testimony
    and thank you Debbie for helping make it happen.
    Thank you for being dedicated to LRH and the Truth.
    After all the Truth will set us free and the only thing DM is trying to do is not allowing us to know how free we and mankind can really be.

    He will lose, spirituality will prevail in 2012.
    The Torch of Freedom is still burning bright.

  399. Thank you Pat,
    Your heart felt post resonates with me.

  400. DM = midget “goliath” = Oxymoron

  401. Beautiful.

  402. It’s called “remedy of havingness”, Mike.


  403. My feed on the blog was acting up so I didn’t get a chance to ack the “newbie named” posters. Thanks and HEY!! to Randall Cook, Kathryn and Jerry Brady, Charlie, Dave Fagen and Davide.

    Yippee Kiyay!!!!

  404. Sun-Tzu; by, not buy; plaintiffs, not defendents

  405. Debbie Cooks letter on this blog reminds me of the story of the scorpion and the frog. I’m sure many of you have heard this story in its various versions, but for those of you who have not:

    A scorpion asks a frog if it can stay on the frogs back as it crosses a pond. The frog is leary, asking “what if you sting me?” to which the scorpion repies that of course he won’t sting the frog, they would both drown, and clearly the scorpion doesn’t want to drown. Half way across the pond, the scorpion stings the frog, who exclaims “Look at what you did! Now we’ll both drown!” To which the scorpion replies, shrugging his shoulders … “What did you expect? I’m a scorpion … it’s my nature!!!”

    In otherwords … when has the Cof$ reacted differently to ANY criticism, however valid, regarding what are clearly its outpoints … at least since DM took over?

    My guess is that the Cof$ will find itself between a rock and a hard place if it persues this matter, the blowback will simply not be worth it.


  406. bob grant, you could be right. Your comment made me think about the chance of criminal prosecution of David Miscavige, and then started thinking about how he must surely by now be ensconced with a slew of high-powered civil AND criminal attorneys. Don’t you think? Or he would like to be, but he may be having trouble finding a criminal attorney. Good chance that most of them would rather defend Charlie Manson than David Miscavige — the smarmy evil dictator of the hijacked Church of Scienology.

    I’m sure most of us thought we had heard it all in the 2009 The Truth Rundown interviews. But the crimes just keep coming and coming. I really think many attorneys would rather be associated with a mass-murderer. Hell, most mass-murderers are on psychiatric drugs anyway, so (and I’m not saying let them off scot-free) it’s almost not their fault! So, a mass-murderer may be easier to understand than David Miscavige, who can’t blame it on Prozac.

  407. Inspiring!

  408. Dear Debbie,
    Your reasoned, honest communications are the most likely things that I have heard that could possibly inspire a reformation in the church to which you and all of us have dedicated so much energy for so long and in so many ways. You and your husband, Wayne’s, respect for and dedication to Ron’s Legacy, the Tech, permeates every word of your message.
    Thank you for being here.

  409. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey RS, another best seller to top the SP Chronicles list.
    Say. I’ve got something that comes very close to what
    you’ve described here, but our “moderator” says he doesn’t post that type of stuff here. I did the artwork
    specifically for Marty’s blog visitor’s amusement, so
    it seems a shame to waste it! ( just pure satire!! )

    If you or anyone here care to post your E-mail address
    I’ll send you the spoof!!

  410. I’ve often told others that my best time in the SO was in 1980 (I was known as Barb Sager then) when I was Barbara Tompkin’s communicator. Barbara was the CO ITO and Debbie Cook was her CMO terminal for our org. They would meet pretty much every morning to go over program targets. Things ran standardly. If a stat was down, a standard debug was done to locate the why so it could be handled, There was a lot of production. It was fun and uptone and we were the most upstat org at the land base at that time. OT things occurred. I was able to see what life was like in an org run on standard LRH admin and tech by well intentioned and capable executives. I see others have noticed the same thing when Debbie was on the line.

  411. Hi Steve. Gianni is still “in” as he has still not understood that it was DM all his stupid arbitraries re INT that originally destroyed his marriage and not someone else. But Gianni is a good person and an auditor and, as with all good persons, time is on our side: he will cognite and leave.

    As far as opening msns that was a looong time ago even though I still remember that time as one of the most exciting . I have to say that I was young and that I also made many mistakes but overall we got some good products and had the chance to interact with some great great people. Today, with the experience, I would do many things differently but hey, we don’t have to regret the past.

    @Maurizio: I am always around when a old comrade needs my help. She has been sued. Her company’s customer have been instructed to disconnect. Whether we still believe or not in the tech we cannot stand idle when such a monstrousity takes place. Where were you staff?


  412. I would love to see a legal action brought by RCS against The Sun: “We categorically DENY waterboarding Debbie Cook. This is a GROSS misrepresentation of the facts. She was simply paced in a bucket and had water poured over her for 12 hours all the while being verbally abused with a “Lesbo” sign around her neck”.

  413. With all this coming out and solidarity I’m beginning to think y’all need a special ribbon, golden rod color perhaps?

  414. You’re welcome, Debbie 🙂 Thanks to your legal team for doing a superb job.


  415. I think that if it takes 4 grams of Warfarin to kill a rat, it is illogical to give it one gram at a time, allowing it to recover after each dose.

  416. Hi Bodil
    Thanks! Yes, my first comment here ☺. Yes, truely a farce and really 1.1 of OSA.

    Very good that you got your sister out oft he RPF. Was she staff at AOSH EU? Does that mean that one of your sisters is still in the SO?

    Yes there is a point of nothing left to loose (reminds me of „Freedom is just another word, for nothing left to loose“) and that is what these OSA robots don’t seem to realize. They (OSA) are actually in a really dangerous position… who would like to be connected with or work for somebody that is covering up a dictator.

    Yes, I know Dora and Michael Jepsen. I have been around for a while and know most of the Swiss field well. Why do you ask? Do you have any connection to them?

    Have you been staff or public in Copenhagen? I knew a Bodil Tucker, but I guess this is not you?

  417. George M. White

    I am referring to the 525 AD Boethius who wrote the “The Consolidation of Philosophy”. I was born a Catholic but I do not follow Pope Benedict XVI but I am pleased that he made mention of Boethius. Boethius was executed. I did not know he was a martyr.
    A Buddhist monk born in the United States turned me towards Boethius because a great deal of his work aligns with the Buddha – concepts such as impermanence, for example. I started to read Boethius and simply could not get enough of him. I can see why the Pope refers to his teachings as an understanding of Providence.
    For example:
    “Builder of yon starry dome,
    Thou that whirlest, throned eternal,
    Heaven’s swift globe, and, as they roam,
    Guid’st the stars by laws supernal”

    This can be construed as Providence. However, it does not conflict with the teachings of Buddha Gotama.
    When I said I asked Boethius, I said that I referred to his teachings in
    the same way that a Catholic would ask a saint.
    In my view, Boethius has some roots in Buddhism. After all,
    the Buddha never denied the existence of God. He put the question to the side as theoretical.


  418. Hilarious!
    you are a master!

  419. I agree with what you said, but I do not think DM has a clear cert. Have you ever seen one?

  420. George M. White

    Reply should be to RSN

  421. Thank you Debbie. When an opinion leader of your magnitude speaks it changes reality. You see the whole point is that Scientologists cannot speak freely about DM’s crimes, it’s “entheta”. When they will hear that you’re supposed to be an SP or a squirrel, it might alert them that something is not quite right. We just need a couple of other high magnitude OL who will stand against DM and differenciate Scientology and LRH from him. But alredy, can’t they see the truth a little bit more? Thanks to you, I think they do. The day Scientologists will speak freely without fear of retaliation will be the end of DM. Sooner or later.

  422. Debbie, you are so welcome but really from the bottom of my heart
    thank you. Of all the people who dared to stick out his or her neck
    yours became the catalyst that helped to really tip the scales. Of
    course, M & M and the rest of the gang should also be thanked.
    You are all stars in my book.

  423. George M. White

    Thank you, great story about Debbie.
    By the way, my wife is reading “Cave in the Snow”, the story of a Tibetan
    Buddhist Nun who spent years in a cave in the Himalayas. She read two chapters to me and I was blown away.

  424. Mr. White, your answer was complete and handled any origination on my part, thanks for your attention. I am more interested now to gain more understanding of the buddha.
    Love and kindness to all.

  425. OMG Nicci! You mean Standard Tech and Standard Admin can be fun???

    David Miscavige = MASS

  426. Debbie and Wayne,

    VWD on your actions. Thank you for your courage.

    You do have friends – the real kind.

    Luv to you both,

    “…time and presure…”

  427. There’s something quite extraordinary about those Tibetans 🙂

    Buddhism had been extant for approximately 900 years in India, when a Tibetan king asked Padmasambhava to come to Tibet to introduce buddhism. The king had tried to introduce buddhism but was stopped at every turn.

    Padmasambhava apparently was “magical” enough to be able to subdue the evil forces and to turn them either positively or drive them away.

    Tibetan Buddhism is being driving out of Tibet — started in the mid 50’s and continues today as the Red Chinese take over all aspects of Tibet and driving out its culture and religion.

    Tibetan Buddhist have come to the West – and those true Tibetan Buddhists, lamas, nuns and laypeople are bringing a Tibetan Buddhism that is alive, workable and fresh. Incorporating the times with the philosophy.

    There are charlatans. There are some who only understand the form – who have a “policy where a thetan should be” —

    But there are enough to keep it alive and moving forward – pouring the wisdom from one teacher to a student who will do the same through the generations.

    Scientology/Dianetics is a mere three almost 4 generations old. It WILL be lost UNLESS those who knew LRH, who worked with him, who understood the essence of the technology and philosophy step forward more and more. At one point LRH said that his legacy was the tech and that someday the hosannas would be for you — those who grow with his technology and philosophy and who see it as truly the vibrant wisdom tradition it is.

    It’s important that the existing confusion dawn AS wisdom. I have every confidence that it will because there are still too many who know who LRH was. dm cannot find, attempt to destroy and annihilate you all.


  428. LOL that was funny! Tom Cruise would be a perfect first guest to this show!

    DM: My first guest is my BFF and because we have a “natural” close relationship (to him it is natural. OK?) I have invited him to be my first Guest of Honor Platinum! (mission impossible music intro)
    TC coming into the stage: (Jumping, ear to ear grin, rasing hands in the air, getting on one knee pulling his right arm with a resounding “YES! Wow!!” stands up and looks at DM fondly, gets close and they stare at each other for a minute holding hands and finally they hug. And for the first time publicly they kiss.) To be continued…

  429. I wasn’t sure if this was you guys until you mentioned Lisa… old days but much affection to you both.

    Ronn from 88 & 89 – Mt View. I asked about you, but got little data. Been back in CA since 06.

    pm me, (my bus em, please no one add to group em.)

  430. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Kevin, great to see you here as… Kevin… haha! Debbie is creating waves! We are on this now all of us! Feels great!

  431. The show is called “The GAL” (The Golden Age of Laughter)

    DM: I am your hoax… ehr I mean your Exclusive Host of The GAL!
    Tonight we celebrate the beginning of a new era the likes of which you have never seen before and which will rattle the fundations of this world like a Tsunami… (and you get the idea of the type of intros this bird glibly delivers)

  432. Random Stranger

    …Tom enters stage doing cartwheels. Lands feet first on sofa in a crouch, pauses for a second and then starts jumping up and down, higher and higher until he reaches the overhead spotlights and grabs hold, swinging himself back and forth in the air like he’s on a trapeze.

    DM stands at attention, clapping, looking out at the audience, nodding vigorously, encouraging applause.

    No one applauds. DM scowls at them and looks back at Tom who does a triple back-flip off the lights and lands in DM’s outstretched arms. DM spins around and around while Tom laughs maniacally, continually saluting DM while spinning.

    DM tosses TC into the air and then leaps up and onto TC’s shoulders just as TC lands on his feet. TC runs around in circles and then jumps up on the sofa again and proceeds to jump up and down while DM waves one arm in the air like he’s at a rodeo.

    They both collapse onto the sofa and snap into a mutual salute.

    (Cue music: We Are The Champions by Queen)

    DM: So Tom, welcome to my show.

    TC: Glad to be here ole buddy!

    DM: Hey! Who you calling’ OLD??! (DM stands up and punches TC in the stomach)

    TC: Whoah!! Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha-ha-ha-heh-heh-heh-ah…ouch! Wow, you still got it in you, Dave! HA HA HA HAH HAH HAH-HAH-HAH-ha-ha heh heh heh-heh. Whoooh! Boy! Glad to see you still got it in ya, Dave!

    DM: Gotta keep in shape, T.

    TC: Constant alertness, Dave. Willingness to fight back! Ha ha ha heh heh heh. Hey, I hear you’re working on a five-swing F/N thing?

    DM: Gotta keep expanding, growing, advancing. Nothing stays the same in this world. It either gets better or gets worse. I’m on it.

    TC: Same ole Dave, good to see.

    DM: You called me old again, didn’t you?

    TC: Uh-oh! Ha ha ha heh.

    DM: (Stands up and boxes TC on both ears, KLAP!)

    TC: YEEEOW!!! WHA? HO! WEEEEEYOW! WHEW! Good one, Dave! Good one!

    DM: Ok, time for a commercial. Pope Soap On a Rope! Have you tried this Tom? It’s amazing!

    TC: No, I haven’t, ah….

    DM: (Swings Pope Soap on a Rope and cracks TC in the side of the head with it) Well, you should have!

    TC: WOWCH! Damn! That hurt! PSHEW! HA! ha, heh-heh-heh. Wooo. I’ll try it tonight for sure.

    DM: Ok! Back to our show, my guest…Supreme Commander of Tom Cruise Evangelical Ministries…TOMMMMM….CRUUUUUUUUUUZZZE!

    TC: Mapother! I’ve changed it back to Mapother. The whole Tom Cruise thing ran its course, Dave. I’m back to Mapother.

    DM: That’s ridiculous, it doesn’t sound good. Mapother…Mapother…just doesn’t have the same oomph as CRUISE!

    TC: Oh? Well…heh-heh-heh-heh ha ha ha.

    DM: Change it back.

    TC: (looks puzzled)

    DM: No, I mean it. Change it back!

    TC: Whoah, Dave. You’re not the cult-leader any more. I have my own cult.

    DM: BACKFLASH!!! (Gets up and punches Tom in face, slaps him in the other side of his face, kicks him in groin, throws him to the ground, choking him until TC’s face turns blue. Let’s go and spits on him. Pulls a sandwich board out from behind his desk and hangs it over Tom’s shoulders, it says, “I’M A HOMO”)

    TC: WHAT? HEY! WHAT’S THIS? HA! HA! HA! HAH HAH HAH HA ha ha ha heh heh heh-heh. I’m a homo?

    DM: Hey, you’re wearing the sign, not me.

    TC: But…

    DM: That’s all for tonight folks…

    (Cue ending theme music: YMCA by the Village People)

    DM: ‘Til next time! (Gives thumbs up to camera and flexes his bicep while putting on his Laser-Glare. Looks over at Tom still on the floor with the sandwich board and gives him the finger)

    Fade to Black

  433. Debbie,
    When this is over and you prevail you should send the Church a cram and bill for your Qual/Ethics corrective actions since the Church has neither.

  434. Thanks Jim. I’m not new but still, thanks.

    Dave F

  435. Yes, smiles all around. To the list I believe we must add Kevin Tighe, Isabelle and Dennis from Victoria BC, Mike Weston and possibly Henrik Salbol (DK) and Tina Ronson. The truth train is picking up steam and passengers.

  436. Yes, thanks Greta.
    I was going mental trying to find this when FP asked for it (still petrified of quoting without a reverence, ‘verbal tech, verbal tech!!’ -ha!).
    As Zephyr said, it’s in Admiration & the renaissance of beingness (now called ‘The Factors’ in the basics).
    It’s in lecture 5 called, ‘The Elements with stress on how to run Matched Terminals’.

  437. We could ask Shelley M about that, if we knew where she was!!

  438. Debbie & Wayne,
    From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for keeping your integrity and defending LRH and his technology. And thank you for having the strength and confront to face the insane David Miscavige and his cool-aide drinkers.
    The Independent team is a true team and we will endure. We’re behind you all the way!
    Shannon & Hiro

  439. Randy,

    Thank you so much for standing up for your sister. This will make things so much easier for her than if you had put blinders on like so many others have. I just have to say Very Well Done!

    Dave Fagen

  440. Does Miscavige have no balls? Pity that Shelly has disappeared and thus cannot tell us.

    But wheter he is endowed with testicles or not, the we have had the distinct displeasure of knowing is a coward with no balls, a statue of him stands proudly, and I suppose rather fetchingly gayly, in the grounds of Saint Hill. The staue is emascualted and this in a way, I suppose is indicative of the prime effort that little David has been engaged in these past twenty odd years, that is the emasculation of individuality, of self expression, of individual courage and that of personality. All the psychotic Miscavige wants to see is an image of himself stamped on the putrid flesh of the rotting corpse that is the scientology of Miscavige.

    He tried to break you, Debbie, and looking at the video in the court room, I would say he came close. I was remided of a dear freind of mine who suffered a violent rape. But you still got up and stood back up to the little prick.

    Fair dues to you Debbie, I admire the steel it took to do what you did. I hope that others follow suite and that whatever form scientology takes over the forthcoming decades, that it will have learned from this experience, and that it will be aware that even the gods have flaws, and humanity and love is not a given comodity, it must be worked on and it must be nurtured.

    I can never reconcile myself again to any kind of fawning praise and worship of anyone, but I am absolutly willing to accept that you see some salvation in the person of L. Ron Hubard, and if that helps you bring down that repressed little monster, then I am behind you.

    By the way, did you know, I recently heard that David Miscavage cannot fish! He apparently made a complete idiot of himself doing so, and tried to order the fish onto his line. Is that just a rumour, Marty?

  441. Debbie, DM will have a very hard time proving they have been damaged by you. To prove damages they would have to argue their numbers are declining. That would contradict their “fastest growing religion” statements.

  442. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Dennis and Isabelle.
    Are you guys going to the Indie party??

  443. Tony Dephillips


  444. On the next episode…
    MD: Hi ladies and gentlemen, I have a mistery guest whom I am very fond of and who has my upmost admiration. When I was cult leader she was my right arm in regards to the direction to take my corporation towards because her advice was invaluable, without her I could never get to where I got. She helped me to spot the out-ethics and counter intention standing on my way to total triumph.
    I present to you my dog! …Bark!, bark!, bark!

  445. Brad and Bluebonnet – no/I don´t know (it wasn´t meant as an assertion – sorry). But one should assume so if somebody is making improvements to LRH´s tech (GAT/ “the blind leading the blind”), getting Clears and OTs to redo steps on the bridge (because they “did not make it really”), is involved in “C/Sing” about if somebody is clear or not (Lisa McPherson) and is “the boss” of all the auditors and C/Ss. Oh… I forgot an important point:
    – getting regularly interrogated about hidden crimes.

  446. Hi;
    I was thinking along the lines that David Miscavage would have a hard time now if he insisted on taking people into court settings. What Debbie did was capitalize on a unique opportunity to tell the truth about what is/was happening behind closed doors. Any time DM wants to go that route, he has to plan it out in such a way that the opposition cannot say anything about those closed doors, and I don’t see how he can do so. Also, in a court case he runs a very great risk of being called into court to give testimony, something Marty and Mike say he avoids like the truth.
    If this is true, then the most powerful weapon he has, legal assaults, is greatly reduced, and in some cases completely neutralized, such in the case of Marty and Mike, DM won’t touch them legally. It seems that he may have to avoid courts at all costs. It will be in a court where the shit hits the fan, and the sprayout will hit him all over, including with the FBI and the IRs.

    The truth will set you free, except for DM and his minions, the truth will put them in ‘The Real Hole’.

  447. Remember Debbie’s email didn’t just cause massive damage it cause “irrepairable” damage.

    A recent survey of all the ideal orgs around the world conducted by anonymous reveals that almost all are completely empty, the few that have people in are running a skeleton crew, most of them are also derelict and many show signs of decay. This is surely what David Miscavige was refering to as last year they were all shining examples of ideology complete with ticker tape showers and pyrotechniques.

  448. I think Debbie’s Declare should have an Oak Cluster added to it.

    Back in the ARS days, whenever someone was in a legal battle with the CofS, they would recieve some kind of etherial ‘internet award’ . If you recieved a Kobrinagram, a letter from Helena Korbrina, a Moxon Minion, you’d get one award, if you were threatened with a suit, another award, if you actually went to court, another, if you lost, you’d get another and if you won, you’d get another, and so forth. There was a whole heiarchy of them, though I forget what the actual awards were, but sometime posters would sign their names followed by their ‘awards’, such as, ‘Bob – 3 clusters and an Oak Leaf’, or whatever the awards they had. It was hilarious. SP Declares were a badge of honour.

    The tone level difference between the CofS/OSA and the critics was a gap of enormous magnitude, still is.


  449. David Miscavige could call Jose Baez.. He is a defense attorney, he lives in Florida. After what Baez did in the trial for Casey Anthony and how he acted in the time before the trial started I am sure both Baez and Miscavige would be perfect for each other..they are both slimeballs.

  450. DM (and others) forget we are all people… someones daughter or someones son…

  451. Dean: I am not a member nor have i knowingly ever even MET a co$ member other than online her win this blog.

    Dean, please tell me; How come every single person who leaves the church is: FORCED to never say anything negative, ever? Why are they paid for this? Why are higher people who have dedicated their lives to this, suddenly leaving after NON stop service for decades?

    How is it David Miscaviage has been wrong about so many people HE PERSONALLY put into their position? Rinder, Rathburn, Scobee, Cook to name a few. How could David choose so poorly (as the church claims) and yet David STILL remains in power?

    I don’t know any football coaches or General mangers that make this many bad calls, yet get to keep their positions?

    A normal company with THIS many problems: Violence, Sexual assault, sexual orientation abuse. All these things and MANY more happened (the church has admitted these things happened), yet they claim David Miscaviage is not to blame and 100% absolving?

    How? WHY?

    How can he fail this much at being a leader and yet still keep his job?

    The reason is because he is a dictator and sociopathic.

    Whats more, he has a good life, yet feels entitled and that will be his downfall. All the abuse he dishes out or makes others dish out, is senseless childish nonsense.

    I just want to know how DM can choose such bad people so many times and yet keep his position.

    I have much more to ask and say if you EVER want to talk to me Dean.

    I will listen to everything you say and any question you answer.

    I don’t judge you, because I don’t know you.

    I am on under Bed Man OKc

    Id love to have an open minded conversation.

    I KNOW Scientology has SOME good ideas and tech and various other things about it.

    But, the guy leading you guys is a liar and a crook and destroys lives.

    I heard LRH said less than 1% of the population is “suppressive” maybe even lower than that and LRH said you will RARELY run into SPs. So why are so many people now declared? Because it is used to keep people in line and it used to instill fear and bring conformity.

    Why were so many people LRH put into power and were dedicated to him for decades. Why are they ALL declared now?

    The founder, the man who invented and studied the science and incorporated the doctrine etc…. HE didn’t know these people were “suppressive”.

    Sorry, but David Miscaviage has an ENORMOUS stack of questions he needs to answer before he or his cult can claimANY credibility, in my eyes and thousands of others.

    Feel free to contact me at the provided info above!

    Cheers and Beers from the OKC.


  452. Hey Debbie – great letter, and thanks. Your letter of 12/31 reached a lot of people who were sort of floundering, wondering what the hell is going on. There is no doubt in my mind that you never had as your intention doing anything other than using LRH to deal with this issue internally. I know that my own parent still feels that there is some magic waving hand of Scn Ethics and Justice that will recognize Mr. David Miscavige as what he is and remove him from post.

    Your cycle proves that that magic hand no longer exists. There is no one inside the church that can do it officially – those lines are closed, even though LRH intended for them to be there.

    They way the church “handled” your email was astonishing in its rapidity and stupidity, and its, to be frank, evil. That you were labeled a squirrel and “apostate” within days, if not hours, of the email coming out in public. This, to me, is libelous and defamatory. No Comm-Ev, no goldenrod, just a public statement to national media (USA Today) by Karin Pouw that you are a squirrel and apostate.

    Even the Stalinists had show trials before sending people to the firing squads. Even the Inquisition had tribunals before burning “heretics” at the stake.

    A church implies an organization of believers who are bound together by similar beliefs and by policies of conduct. In Scientology, the policy is very clear on what to do when someone is suspected of suppressive acts, and also what a suppressive act is. The policy is NOT to publicly skewer people for communicating a disagreement that is founded on policy. At the worst, you should have been, maybe, crammed. But, no, what happened was a full-on reactive dramatization of the worst kind, proving that what we knew of the church – basically, LRH policy and sanity – is gone.

    I have a parent who is as old-school as you can get regarding the church, and even she knows David Miscavige is crazy – based on your cycle, and a few other things (like out-tech at Flag).

    I think everyone currently in the sites of Mr. David Miscavige had no real intentions of being the brunt of his insanity. The common denominator of the whole crew is a burning desire to see the tech live and survive the insanity of Mr. David Miscavige.

    I am proud to have donated what little I could to your defense, and I am very happy to call this team my friends. Thanks, Debbie, for being true.

  453. We have the chance to turn the pages over
    We can write what we want to write
    We gotta make ends meet, before we get much older
    We’re all someone’s daughter
    We’re all someone’s son
    How long can we look at each other
    Down the barrel of a gun?

    You’re the voice, try and understand it
    Make a noise and make it clear
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o
    We’re not gonna sit in silence
    We’re not gonna live with fear
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o

    This time, we know we all can stand together
    With the power to be powerful
    Believing we can make it better
    We’re all someone’s daughter
    We’re all someone’s son
    How long can we look at each other
    Down the barrel of a gun?

    You’re the voice, try and understand it
    Make a noise and make it clear
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o
    We’re not gonna sit in silence
    We’re not gonna live with fear
    Oh-wo-wo-wo, whoa-o-o-o

    ooooh We’re all someone’s daughter
    We’re all someone’s son
    How long can we look at each other
    Down the barrel of a gun?

    You’re the voice, try and understand it
    Make a noise and make it clear
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o
    We’re not gonna sit in silence
    We’re not gonna live with fear
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o (X3)

    We’re not gonna sit in silence
    We’re not gonna live with fear

  454. Straight out of PAB 13, Dean. ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR wherein LRH notes that anything done to the aberrative personality can never be atoned for. Hence, irreparable. Nothing in the universe can ever repair the damage done my Debbie’s email. We wish.

  455. Has anyone seen the latest promo piece for the newest “IAS tour”? Check it out. This is really getting ridiculous. Are you down with it?

  456. Hi Bed man, I’m not a scientologist nor was I ever one and nor do I expect to become one. Nothing against scientology as a belief system it’s just not for me; i’m an atheist.

    You make a valid point, David Miscavige appoints these people and should really shoulder the blame for his bad choices when he claims they failed in their jobs and even sabotaged the church of scientology. I like the way you think.

    The scientologists really should deal with Miscavige internally. Some senior execs and security types need to isolate him and explain that he would benefit from going on the RPF’s RPF.

  457. Nicely said Hy. You are spot on.

  458. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, If I’m correct here, picked up that you may be
    concerned by the appearance of your name on the
    original artwork. No worries, please! I brushed out
    any references to you, after receiving your posted
    comments.You ok to moderate the above now ?

  459. Thank you, Tony B. Good point! The more Scientologists that follow L. Ron Hubbard’s policy of cancelling disconnection, the faster that the evil emperor, David Miscavige, will be GONE! Unfortunately, most Scientologists don’t know that after L. Ron Hubbard cancelled disconnection, David Miscavige brought it back as a political tool for coercion. and made Scientologists believe that it was Mr. Hubbard that brought it back. David Miscavige uses it to isolate dissenters; he stops them from communicating the truth about him to others still in the group. It is also used as a political tool to keep others IN, so that they don’t want to leave, fearing the same isolation. But little by little, more Scientologists are getting the truth, and we are breaking the back of Disconnection.



  460. LOL Mike! That’s actually a good idea! Marty, can you do a post called something like “Your Declare!” and make up the boilerplate with boxes to check on a whole list of possible “crimes” so that a person just fills it in and prints it out on goldenrod? Framing and hanging on the wall is optional.

  461. There are a few reasons I remained under the radar for the past year but with Debbie taking a stand I felt the time was right. As I have stated as elsewhere Debbie & Wayne are friends which personalized the scene quite a bit for me.

  462. Martin,

    Are you related to Alex Gibson who was (don’t know she still is) the Senior Intern Sup at Flag a few years ago?

    Dave Fagen

  463. Tara, I appreciate your thoughts. I think that the “Church being DM’s” is HIS postulate. It certainly is not our wish. The fact that, temporarily, he pulled it off, does not mean it’s legal or ethical, or that he should continue to enjoy that which he did not earn.

    I think that:

    -the work that went into building the various Scientology units around the world was our work.

    -the work that went into servicing PCs and students, the work that earned the donations for those services, was our work.

    -the pure donations that went into the IAS and for the purchase of buildings was our money.

    What the Church has today, it has in spite of David Miscavige, not because of him.

    It’s not DM’s money sitting in those reserve accounts. The parishioners don’t belong to him, nor do the buildings. It’s our money and, not to ignore the feelings of many and the attitudes that have come about, it’s our Church and LRH’s Church.

    LRH founded it and we built it, along with him. To let DM remain in possession of that which he did not build, but USURPED in direct and knowing contradiction to LRH intention, well . . . I don’t think we should let him have a win on his criminality.

    We need to take back that which he stole. Not abandon to him, that which we created and which LRH never intended him to have. It’s our Church, not DM’s. It’s our Scientology, and DM does not own it.

    My 2 cents.

  464. Tim Lomas – CO OSA EUS – please take note!

    Yours truly,
    Dave Fagen

  465. Thanks Jethro!

  466. That’s very funny. LOL.

  467. Mahakala,
    My sister, Inge Marie Linde, was Cramming Officer in AOSH EU. One time in ’08 she called and pressed me hard about getting back onto the Bridge. I finally reluctantly told her that I wouldn’t as long as DM is in charge and how he beats up SO members and how I had done everything to convince myself it was a lie but the more I investigated it, the more I became convinced it was true. I suspect she communicated about that and as a result she was RPFed. She immediately requested a Board of Review challenging the validity of her assignment (as per policy) which she’d not gotten after a year and a half when I wrote about it on the internet. This is how they treat an almost 60 year old woman who has been an absolutely loyal and dedicated staff member for almost 40 years. She is now working at CLO EU to the best of my knowledge.

    My other sister, Gunhild Jacobs, works in ASI. If you Google her name you’ll find something I wrote about my declare. I figured that when DM has destroyed someone within his inner circle he’ll pull someone else up like he did with Debbie Cook, John Woodruff and many more. I hope that my being the crazy sister that refuses to shut up on the internet will disqualify my sister from being in such a situation and be destroyed like so many others.

    Dora was my senior when I worked in the Finance Network in Copenhagen in the mid 80s. She’s nice and very gutsy. I admired her for refusing to have an abortion when she got pregnant while in the SO. I just wondered how their lives turned out. I have lived in the US for the last 25 years.

  468. Welcome Isabelle and Dennis!!

  469. George M. White

    You are very welcome. The Buddha spoke of his own teaching
    simply and gently with the famous words “come and see”.

    ‘Metta’ – (buddhist loving-kindness in English)

  470. Best wishes to Debbie and Wayne. I’m so thrilled that you are speaking out. I wish my mom was still alive to see this come to fruition. She experienced reverse auditing at Flag while mid Solo Nots, because she was questioning the violations of LRH tech in regards to the level. She was never the same physically after that, and passed away within two years.

    She told me that while she was at Flag last she would have to be held up by her auditor to get to the examiner because of the worsenning of her physical condition. She said all was great, just so she could get out of there and go home. Once home she vowed never to return.

    Her last two years though physcially rough, were FREE and she enjoyed them fully. Where ever she may be right now, I’m sure she is jumping for joy knowing that Debbie and Wayne are also free and doing something to stop the abuses.

  471. Ah by the time he’ ready to do the job he will be ready not to spit in the food. 😉 it may be a long time.

  472. one of those who see

    Hi Sam,
    First of all want to say thank you for all you are doing to help Scientology get on the right path. Hope to meet you someday.
    I was taken aback by your comment. As I had just written a theta comm that was meant for Debbie. You may not have meant it as a make wrong, but it did come off that way. You do not know my story and I did not go into detail on what occurred with me and the facebook police. Just so you know a little bit more. I did stand up to the facebook police, several of them and even possibly hatted them with my comm. As Debbie lost friends I stayed. But at a certain point i could not and then defriended. In addition, I did send a comm to her privately with my real name and sent a donation through Marty. As many of us are doing, who are under the radar, I am in comm with many wonderful people who have been “declared.” I just do it privately because of my situation. So you are incorrect. I do not follow DM’s Church’s enforced Disconnection. Maybe your view is that everyone should come out with their real names now regardless of the damage done to their dynamics. Ok. You are entitled to your opinion. Here’s mine:
    To all those reading here, welcome and well done. We are the free people. I and many others are Independent Scientologists. You will also find people here who are intelligent, aesthetic beings who have decided they are no longer Scientologists and some who never have been Scientolgists. If you would like to, your contribution here is welcome. If you feel you can, you are invited to announce who you are and tell your story as that action propels the movement forward even faster. You have freedom of choice here. Ethics is a personal thing.

  473. The FBI are all talk and no action it seems. I think they’re afraid of looking bad. They also have Waco disaster.

    If you stormed the place you might find many want to stay, Stockholm Syndrome and all that. Remember the Senator who went to Jonestown, some did try to leave with him but many stayed and committed mass suicide and murder. The Senator was also shot dead too.

    What would be nice is footage of bad stuff happening inside but that isn’t going to happen because no one could sneak a camera in to the RPF and then get out again.

  474. JB,

    Nope, not down with it – as there’s a huge error in the piece – under Marc Arrighi it says:

    “He has just brought LRH Technology to another disaster ….”

    Ummm …. I’m quite sure that that type of claim should be reserved solely for exclusive use by the Pygmy Miscreant of Hel …. err …. Hemet …..


    Thanks for standing up and speaking out …. eternal gratitude ….

  475. To achieve all that y’all are really have to go on the offensive. You need to really up the ante, start picketing events. Start sending out your own PR.

    This and other blogs are great but people need to come here. You need to start sending them stuff.

    I’ve been in communication with a couple of Miscavige supporters and I know you have your work cut out. Basically if they’re happy they don’t believe what’s happening or don’t care. Crush reg’ing doesn’t happen. They don’t believe the abuses exist, you’re all just apostates, bitter and twisted.

    You need evidence of hard reg’ing. If I were one of you I have a few ideas that could get such evidence but don’t want to share them openly.

  476. George M. White

    Thanks for the history. You have the facts and now I am confident in my understanding.
    dm is the biggest problem in the expansion of Scientology. I agree.

  477. Just emailed ya.

  478. Staying under the radar may not only be necessary for people like yourself but also adventageous to the independent movement.

    Bear in mind you have put yourself at risk by stating you did not immediately defriend with Debbie – I suspect all those who questioned the facebook police are on a watch list anyway – hopefully more than one person. 😉

    Suffice to say those under the radar may consider themselves in the position of the French or other occupied citizens during the WW2, how much do you collaborate for your own safety verses how much resistence activity you involve yourself in. Your individual circumstances will of course determine this.

  479. In case any one missed it, I’m linking to a piece that Steve Hall just recently wrote that is more than germane to the subject at hand.

    It is thoughtfully titled “Where are we going.”

    I’ll preface by saying that one needs the perspective of where we came from, where we are and where we’re headed. In short the future is in our hands. Enjoy!

  480. David Miscavige = Mass.

    Yes and he looks like he’s gained some too in the most recent photo I saw of him.

  481. Shit, I forgot to note that the title of this essay is:

    “Is the Church of Scientology dead?”

    That should spark some interest. And isn’t that the issue?

  482. S.A.,

    It’s been hard to keep up.


  483. The spirit of play.

    Thanks Mike!

  484. Has anyone seen the declare on Debbie? I told my org terminal that I got an email, was told I shouldn’t read that stuff, then got follow up comms that it can be arranged for me to see the declare,the next day asked where I stand on Debbie Cook and pressure to come in to handle false data.

  485. Nice to see you Mike! I follow your Jack UK posts. You and Martin and Sam and the over-the-pond friends.

  486. I THOUGHT so, but wasn’t sure. Thanks Dave 🙂

  487. John,
    I’ll speak to the fishing: it’s true he can’t fish. Now we’re talking a stocked pond where you sit with a gob-o-bait and a bobber to indicate a “take”. Not out on the open water, not a brook, not a river, but a stocked pond.

    Eyewitness accounts from an accomplished fisherman are the evidence. Not rumor. Fact. Dave can’t fish. He couldn’t tolerate a “no take” to his gob-o-bait on his command and in frustration that these fishes wouldn’t accept him as POB, their ecclesiatical leader, he threw down the rod and that was the extent of Dave’s fishing. (It was the type for young children and retirees, simple, something where you can’t NOT get a fish.)

  488. I’ve just come across a marvelous quote. “Religions are fosselised philosophies.” – Simon Blackburn in his study of Plato’s Republic.

    If LRH set out to create a religion maybe he realised this and ultimately created a road map for self discovery. He certainly makes a lot of references to self study.

    I am on my own path of self discovery and at least one person has said my ideal is a cleared planet. Perhaps L Ron Hubbard was trying to get the masses to understand this.

    Religion is following someone else’s dogma. True philosophy is personal. It always questions and considers, it never blindly follows.

    LRH was a human on a road of discovery, he may not have always been right but he may have been heading in the right direction.

    I don’t think you’re meant to follow everything to the letter. I think you’re meant to think for yourselves.

    If you treat others as you would wish to be treated and do the best you can to be nice then I don’t think you can go far wrong. The rest is up to you.

  489. You are truly a beautiful being Debbie. My heart goes out to every person that has had to endure the insanity of DM. You will always have our friendship and support. This wonderful community of people bringing truth to the forefront is what life is really all about. Thank you for your beautiful courage. Thank you Mark and Mike for helping Debbie through this time. We all know how deceptive and malicous the church can get when someone tries to expose their crimes. Thank you to all the good people in the world. ❤❤❤

  490. Debbie,

    Your eval is spot on. You have not bought into DM’s postulate, that it is his church.

    What I see is the Captain reclaiming her post.

    I salute you.


    P.S. And, thanks so much to Marty, Mike, Mosey, and all the other courageous people of integrity

  491. Carcha

    I am in no way a “trademarks, copyright, or patent” lawyer but here is how I see things. The church has trademarked several symbols and words and has copyrights on all of L.Ron Hubbards’s written and “officially” taped works. They may even hold “patents” on various E-meters and accessories, the tape covers etc, but to my knowledge they hold absolutely no “Patents” on “intellectual properties” which would include any Tech, Ethics or Admin technologies. They may still hold the rights to prevent others from copying them in any form,and distributing them, but that have absolutely NO right to prevent their USE by ANYONE. Nor can they stop anyone from using their own variations of any of these technologies. You would potentially only “get into trouble’ if you called it certain things that are trademarked names. By the way, this would include calling them “Coka Cola”, or “Mercedes Benz” or a huge list of other trademarked names.

    If my understanding is correct, they also have absolutely no way of protecting those “properties” after they become part of the public domain.

    They obviously have INTERNAL RULES, that they happily try to enforce on the entire population… but legally… NADA

    Eric S

  492. This is mind boggling and eye opening to the max.
    Thank you Debbie and Wayne for doing what you are doing.
    You have all my support ! From Suriname and where ever I may be on tour…

  493. Thank you, Debbie and Wayne, for this wonderful letter and for everything you have done. I am happy to have helped in even a small way.

  494. Of course; my mistake. 🙂

  495. Dean. I agree with your view, some how one has to generate major concerns for any one remaining in there and get it Pumped up.Local Councils to help raise concerns / such as perhaps Leaflets / media attention.
    One has to ask Why Cant familys outside that have loved ones be spoken to, to raise concerns On who they haven’t seen in years. eg :
    placing The State of Mind,and Health/ Well being issues/
    Its got to get hiped up.Especially No com or not seen for years.
    I would say Where its possible for contacts outside should be more
    suggested to place a “Missing persons,/ persons ” Request for
    Help and information.

    I may add since the Debbie Cook opening,Trial who knows what might be changed at hemet / the Hole and likely being as we speak changes would have happened, In the way of removing people from the Hole
    all together., and any evidence thats there. Then the question will be
    ” Where are they Now ” What next Camp / or controlled unit will they
    have gone..I do recall the Waco disaster, This sit is a disaster if not
    worse, because theirs no one able to come or go,and From outside to in side, apret from Vendors , plus one does not see the daily tactics thats going on,
    Theirs No way to filter at present any comm in or out unless thats being tried via emai. or brave ones outside /in paying guards for action
    if some sort of orginations by within have realised This is going no where and they try ways to get out / But even so outside is the only way .
    Dm is using I have no doubt more methods to Silence even more

  496. Sue – Very nice to know that all this mess has attracted so much interest from good people outside the formalities of Scn. Knowledge and good common sense are not the exclusive property of any copyright holders, and in fact Scn itself is based on that – and that is not “secret knowledge” by any means. Scn is supposed to be about wisdom and common sense, heart and soul. Where we Scns went wrong is, I think, what we’re trying to figure out – and of course the answer is “ourselves” but it takes some time for some to realize that. With all the new specific data, it was too easy, I guess, to think “we know it all”, and we lost sight of our own souls, and our humility, in that “rush to judgement”. I do personally appreciate your posts. – Carcha.

  497. 🙂

  498. Thanks, Jim! How are things in Oz? Hope you’re enjoying those Ned Kellys 🙂

  499. Hi Bodil,

    I think I knew Inge Marie, wasn’t it Palini?

    Just horrible how they treat people. It doesn’t matter at all how much one has contributed earlier. Good that she is out now and I hope she’s doing well and can enjoy life out of this nightmare.

    I hope you can soon reunite with Gunhild!

    Dora and Michael left the SO many years ago and live since in Switzerland with their son. Didn’t know she was asked for an abortion. Incredible when you consider that this child is now a grown up man. I did not have a good experience with them however. I could tell you more if I could mail you.

  500. Thank you Debbie,
    Very well done, you Marty, Mike and the others behind the scene, you guys have done a fantastic job on exposing the truth.
    You all have my admiration for this.


    Silvia Kusada

  501. Hi Li’ll bit – Yes, the pieces seem to be falling off the Co$ wagon. It’s amazing it has gone on so long in secret.

  502. Bob, Debbie seems to stand for correct Scientology and obviously she believes the Co$ is off-track. A class action suit would be an interesting event but it would seem there are various classes – probably refunds of money pre-paid for services would be first in line. I haven’t heard of anyone talking about refunds of Idle Org donations, or of Super Power building donations. Part of the problem seems to be that Co$ members are inhibited or reluctant to bring suits, but if Debbie wins a house-cleaning $250 million I don’t see how that would be distributed without taxation. A greater good would be served if she somehow managed to bar the Co$ from suing ANY of those who wish to practice Scientology under the name “Scientology” and using the original LRH materials.

  503. Hi WindWalker –

    I understand a little about trademarks (not that hard really). The “cola” part is not trademarkable, or Pepsi and various others would be out of business. I don’t see why, especially in a religion, the basis of identity of the religion should be trademarkable. “McDonalds” and “Burger King” and “Fat Burger” I can see, but “burger”? Patent is not the same as trademark. I think the issue legally would be what is necessary and sufficient to establish a “Church of Scientology” “brand differentiation” and what is necessary and sufficient to uphold freedom of religion? I noticed Karen #1 asking similar questions about how a religion can also be a commercial interest. By analogy with the double triangles of Scn, under which laws can a Holy Cross be trademarked so that only a duly sanctioned Catholic Church can display one on its steeple without beng sued? Getting done with the current destructive direction of the Co$ might solve a lot of problems, but is losing the religious status of “Scientology” something that perforce must go out the window with the bathwater? Not that I envision a “Big Indie Church of Scientology”, but Marty didn’t appear to enjoy the seige mounted on his home, and this “declared suppressive” farce is to the point of obscenity, defamaton of character, etc..

  504. Randall, thank you for posting here and supporting Debbie! I also want to welcome you!

  505. one of those who see

    Hi Dean,
    Thank you for this! You’re right I do take calculated risks. Many of us are carefully expanding our comm lines. Helping the cause while keeping the destruction at bay. Glad you are here!

  506. I watched the “hidden camera” of the CoS taping Debbie signing the “gag order” and I also read it. Where is her attorney representing her? Does the CoS actually believe the public can’t see that this organization is HIDING something….and it is HUGE! People don’t hate Scientology because they themselves are hiding something or they are criminals…they hate Scientology because of this. I cannot believe the fighting and lawsuits created by the CoS.
    The CoS is an SP Group! “Covert invalidation is the level of an SP’s social intercourse”. You can never give enough or do enough for the CoS. The church is so out of exchange with this planet…it is inevitable that due to the condition of treason and below…they are caving themselves in.
    “SP’s are happy when their pc’s get worse and sad when their pc’s get better.” The staff are suffering, the public are broke and broken. Don’t have anything, don’t be anything, don’t do anything except give us everything and then if you want to keep KSW, you CAN’T HAVE KSW. You MUST HAVE THE BRIDGE AND THEN YOU CAN’T HAVE THE BRIDGE UNLESS YOU GIVE UP YOUR HOME, YOUR MONEY, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR LIFE…THEN JOIN STAFF AND BECOME A SLAVE. You don’t have much of a choice cuz your broke, your dreams are shattered, you have been betrayed at every level…but you convince yourself it is okay…and I will give up my life to HELP. Help is on a reversed flow.

    “An SP deals only in restimulation, never easing, never erasing”. I have never felt so restimulated in my life at the Idle Morgue fundraising events…watching families give everything they have. Not getting any assistance in “getting up the Bridge”. The ONLY cycle that goes from A to B and quickly is the REG CYCLE!!! It is the only cycle that gets completed too.

    The only thing the CoS is clearing is THEIR IDEAL ORGS! They are setting them up for a TOTAL SMASH! No public, no more money, credit is all dried up so no more refinancing or credit cards Reges…sorry.

    The services are priced out of the reach for the majority of the population. The staff look fried and are totally abused. I feel bad for them…such a failed purpose. ” I joined staff to say I helped…and all I got was this lousy IAS t-shirt that is not my size but it is all they had left and I cannot afford any clothes cuz my stats were not up and after working the booth selling Dianetics at the local witch fair cuz no other groups in town will have us…I only sold one and the guy could not read but I got a date with him and maybe I can convert him into a Scientologist and he will join staff and I will get a point for that and my paycheck will go up to $20 per week instead of $10. Oh, forget the $20…my Org had to pay off a credit card so they took the $20 and everyone pitched in to pay it off cuz that what “true group” members do, RIGHT????”

    CoS has a new Policy: “DON’T LOOK! DON’T ASK! DON’T TELL! OR ELSE WE WILL DESTROY YOU. I have not looked at the internet for a long time and after I received Debbie Cook’s e-mail…I LOOKED and I went clear. No wonder the buildings are virtually empty and have been for years. No wonder no one wants to buy a Dianetics book after sitting at book booths for endless hours and no one really buying any books. If I sold a book and then followed up with the person, there unanimously was NO INTEREST. The public is looking at what this Church is all about (DM and litigation, abuse of power, extortion, bribery and black mail) and NOT coming in! The poor staff don’t even know what is going on. They think the problem is “PTS to the middleclass” (human beings like to have a house over their head, food in their stomach and perhaps own a decent automobile and have nice shoes. They also think that the public is not interested because they are hiding crimes. It is a fact that the reason the public does not want or need Scientology is because it is CRIMINAL and it will never clear anything except its own buildings.

    The surveys in the Church NEVER give a person any opportunity to find out “what is wrong”. I even saw a survey that had the surveyor note the “tone level” of the answer so they can discard any answer they do not like.

    Why don’t they do a survey from “raw public” on what the perception is of Scientology.


  507. Thank you Debbie Cook!!! You have certainly created an effect to be admired. No telling how many respectable people have to leave and tell the truth for more and more people to see this is not some ploy to seek revenge it is an actual suppression on the line and people need to wake up and confront it! Thank you for helping so many to do just that!

  508. Mahakala,
    I didn’t exactly tell you the whole story either. Email me at and I can tell you “the rest of the story”.

  509. Master of War, I think you’re quite right. I’d like to see DM get what’s due and be removed. I spent 12 years creating a really theta mission with some really great people. Things only got bad when people very close to DM came in and took over and of course when the golden age of tech crap came down the lines too.
    I just like to differentiate though that what you see today is DM’s church as he and those who follow him have created it.
    I can only take it back in my sphere of influence and flow power to and help to those who promote justice.

  510. Jackie Lakatos

    Debbie I totally believe everything you have claimed! I was briefly “employed” by the Scientologist and their drug program in the later 1980’s. We had “professionals” that would go around to area Los Angeles schools and juvenile detention centers promoting abstanance of drugs. I totally believed in what we were doing until I myself caught out top drug speaker using drugs! I tried reporting this to my superiors to absolutely no results or ramifications to the individual that was so obviously high most of the time I was around him. I worked as office support for their program “Narconon” and endured daily humilation. Every morning we had to endure 5 to 10 minutes of verbal emotional and quite often racial humiliation. We then were ordered to return the humiliation to the person who had just been humiliating us. I had problems with doing this with one certain man because he was a really nice man. He was african/american and I was ordered to degrade him by calling him the “n” word!
    Needless to say I didnt last long at the job nor did I have ANY interest in persuing a religious conection to such and orgination that thinks that those types of practices are ok.
    I do wish you all the luck in the world in your endevours in finding justice against such power crazed individuals!

  511. Pingback: Thanks For Participating | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  512. I’ve read Jenna Hill’s book & Marc Headley’s book & I want to help. I’m 35, a wife & mom of 2 boys (ages 14&15). I’m not rich but I know I can’t stand by & not help. Please let me know what I can do.

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