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  1. “Mr Miscavige, a friend of Tom Cruise, the actor, ordered his secretary to slap her, which she did so forcefully that Ms. Cook was sent crashing into chairs.”

    Cruise = The Deranged Psychotic Pope.

    Footnote: Good luck Tom. You’re now positioned with a world class sociopath, you PTS idiot. Wake up.

    Then again it may be too late.

    “Enjoy” your ride to derision..

  2. I can only hope that video is seen by all of the kool-aid drinkers.
    Debbie comes across as very authentic, genuine and sincere.
    My sincerest admiration to her and her husband.

    Amazing how so many former SO members confirm and verify a similar backstory about the hole and all the church can do is issue empty propaganda.

  3. Copme on Tom, only YOU can help:P

  4. To moderator: This is international news but slightly off topic and I wanted to send it to Marty and friends. The story is that the Italian PM seems to be serious about re-examining the tax exempt status of the RC church for their properties that generate income over and above their religious needs.


  5. The dialy mail mail is great. I can’t get the story on the times link unless you you have sign up.

  6. So……..what’s up with the American media? Where’s CNN? Where’s ABC News? Where’s Ted Koppel?

    Controlled cowards?

  7. Co-conspiritors?

  8. sunshine disinfects

    I cannot get the Times story either

  9. Apparently the Times doesn’t still have the story up (or at least I was able to find it) but the the Daily Mail covered it pretty well. They didn’t mention the “Break her finger” testimony. It’s unfortunate because I think that will add to the shock value to loyal Scientologists around the world who get exposed to this data. How do you reconcile a 29 year S.O. veteran who was so intimately connected to the upper echelon of Scientology public? It will go something like this in the minds of the loyal Scientologist “Was she an SP all along?” or “Is she now so PTS because she broke her Billion Year contract that she’s dramatizing the valence of the real SP’s.” Either one is hard to swallow, even for those who have been fooled so badly.
    I’m hoping the next focus will be on freeing others from the hole, maybe a law enforcement action of some sort. DM may not have time to force them to sign those nasty hush money non-disclosure agreements. But my guess is that he has probably already moved to some “New Hole,” given the recent focus of attention on the hole and who is suppose to be in there and the great lengths he’s willing to go through to hide his crimes.

  10. Debbie Cook is as big news as Adele! I like both of those ladies! 🙂 Debbie Cook is doing the Church of Scientology some serious damage. Even I suspected that because of the responsibilities she has taken on in the past {such as Captain of the FSO} that she would never speak out but lay low. Wow. I guess I was wrong. But I am glad I was wrong. Because I really like that lady.

  11. I was able to watch the Daily Mail. Excellent!
    Yes, where is the US News? Working on a biggie? Hope so…

  12. I can’t find the information on the UK news. Please help me on this.

  13. It is now the Thursday, following the White Flag Friday. Two cliches come to mind: The silence is deafening. The calm before the storm.

  14. The U.S. media is largely a tool of the body politic.

  15. Random Stranger


    TOM: “It’s KSW, man! Ethics! In the game! Heh-heh-heyah-ha HA HA HA ah ha ha!”

    DAVE: “PTS, sick, tired, stats, dedication. She couldn’t take the heat. We take the heat. Sick? What a humanoid excuse, huh?”

    TOM: “So what? You had someone hit her! Good! Hey, I’d hit her myself if she was still in the church! Heh-heh-heh-ha-ha HA HA HA ha ha heh heh heh HA-HA-HA-HA-ha ha ha heh heh heh-heh-heh.”

    DAVE: “She’s DOOMED FOR ETERNITY now, I’ll make sure of that! She’s done for.”

    TOM: “Man, I’d hit her. Betrayal City. Took the money and cheated.”

    DAVE: “Doomed.”

    TOM: “I’ll hit.”

    DAVE: “Nah, I got people for that. I can’t have any evidence showing up on our hands. Traceable.”

    TOM: “Hey, she was hatted, so you didn’t hit first. I’ll hit.”

    DAVE: “Nothin’ to hit. She’s doomed.”

    TOM: “She’s trying to burn down the playing field. The stadium. All the people in the stadium. Gotta hit. Black eye. I’ll hit.”

    DAVE: “Ain’t nuthin’ hittin’ nuthin’ ‘cept her ass hittin’ the road.”

    TOM: “HA-HA-HA-HA-HAH-HAH-HAH-HA-ha-ha-ha-heh heh heh! Wooooo!”

    DAVE: “D-O-O-M-E-D.”

    TOM: “Man, you say that so well. Sure you don’t want to consider that role I’ve got saved for you on my next project? It’s a hitting role.”

    DAVE: “Can’t Tom, can’t be seen nor associated with hitting. She’s DOOMED.”

    TOM: “Oh…yeah…HA HA HA HA HA heh heh heh heh. Man, I’m still in love with Katie, man. She’s not DOOMED! Ha ha ha ha ha-hah-HA-HAH-HA-ha!”

    DAVE: “Yeah, we’re not DOOMED! Heh, heh, ha ha!”

    TOM: “Doomed! Heh heh heh HA HA ha ha ha aahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha!”

    DAVE: “Heh. Hey, where the hell’s that damn salmon filet that was supposed to be here three minutes ago?? What is the cook doing? Testing me? Maybe he wants to lick the broiler, huh?”

    TOM: “Man, you are one tough dude, man! Heh heh heh heh HA HA HA HAH HA ha heh heh heh!”

    DAVE: “Fu@%ing cook’s gonna be tough dead meat if that fu@%ing food doesn’t show up in the next 30 seconds!”

    TOM: “DOOMED! Heh heh heh heh! Yeah, I’m pretty hungry, too.”

    DAVE: “Twenty-nine Mississippi, twenty-eight Mississippi…”

  16. The truth is like a cancer to Miscavige – it’ll spread and spread till it consumes him completely. The sooner the better.

  17. Time to go on offense, with those cases for the individuals in the ‘Protected Witness Progarm’?

  18. WestCoastT
    Here’s a story from yesterday on Channel 7 ABC in Los Angeles.

  19. Debbie is fighting for all of us.

  20. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Tom Cruise’s PR team doesn’t seem to be anywhere – they’re probably on triple overtime, but they must all be in overwhelm by now. Too bad, so sad.

  21. Well, Mr Miscavige, I have to admit. That is one hell of an effective PR campaign you have going on. One humiliating kick in the crotch after another. Some day, friend, you will be on the opposite end of those blows. It happens to all who inflict them.

    Read this, and take it as a warning if you do not get ethics in on yourself. Marty can help you with that.

    For over a thousand years, Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of a triumph – a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeters and musicians and strange animals from the conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conqueror rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children, robed in white, stood with him in the chariot, or rode the trace horses. A slave stood behind the conqueror, holding a golden crown, and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.

  22. Excellent, Good going Debbie!

  23. After years of ever increasing insults it just *feels* like this time it’s the end, with some kind of exile coming shortly. If there wasn’t so much human suffering involved, the downfall of the current regime would be comedic. Even sublime in it’s ever-increasing absurdity.

    “Scientology under Miscavige.”™ 1996-2012. RIP.

    Once again, it’s like the cast won’t leave the stage until somehow, dark yellow urine is hilariously splashed all over David Miscavige’s screwed-down hairdo. And the video posted on YouTube, of course. 🙂

    I wonder, who’s the next rivet to pop on this sinking ship? Beats me, but I’m definitely riveted to the story line. It’s EPIC!!!!!

  24. LOL …… I think you captured it Random ….. it’s the Bevis and Butthead of Radical Squirrelogy Show …..

  25. A long time ago, Heber said “If you tell people you’re a Scientologist you get instant respect.”

    This is no longer true, today, the most likely reaction would be derision.

    But then Ron didn’t spend his time lounging on a tanning bed having his nails manicured, insulated from reality by dribbling sycophants and clueless media spokesmen.

    Today’s world is different and the Church of Scientology’s inability to master the complexities of instant media, makes it impossible for the organization to expand.

    Will the subject of Scientology shrivel up and die? Of course not, but its growth and acceptance will no longer be determined by dictates from the ivory towers in Clearwater and Hemet. The future of Scientology rests in the hands of those individuals willing to demonstrate its worth.

  26. Speaking of Tom, something very intriguing Mat Pesch shared on VV:

    “4. Oh ya, Tom Cruise also gets off on physically assaulting Sea Org members. Ask Tommy Davis, if he should ever escape from Miscavige’s desert trailer of horrors.”

    Thank you Mat and I hope we will learn more about it very soon.

  27. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    An article in Forbes that describes David Miscaviege to the dot.
    “The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives”

  28. Theta Potata ~
    A lot of us were 20, 30, even 40 year veterans and became “overnight SPs” when we spoke out against the abuses and unlawful sadistic conduct within.
    Years served have nothing to do with it. “SP all along” or “recent SP” has nothing to do with it.
    You serve with blind obedience and at upper echelons kow-tow to Miscavige, and for a period of time, possibly become a DM “pet.”
    But you can be sent to be a Holee, (inmate of SP hole) overnight.
    I recently spoke with someone responsible for escorting Heber back from MV (Maiden Voyage) 2006 to be put in the Hole. It didn’t matter that Heber served for 40 years previously and that he is 77 years old. He had to clean the bilges of the ship ~ a sadistic punishment for a 77 year old~~ 12 to 14 hours a day on his feet
    His crime ? “intentionally not doing his job so it ended up on DM’s plate”. But after so much harassment and invalidation and DM abuse, Heber was such a mess he couldn’t perform and DM “DM had to do the event” as if that wasn’t the plan anyway.
    So back to SP Hole for Heber to endure to the tortures within for more years.
    These SP Holees have mortal wounds are are bleeding as human beings. They cannot escape and cannot think straight and are most likely taking ownership of all blame instead of seeing Miscavige as a dramatizing psychotic.
    All my life I have been aware of the goal “To know”. This was a very strong urge trumping almost any other desire. I had to To Know.
    This played out in my becoming a perpetual student always seeking to increase my knowledge and what I hoped was wisdom, on the quest TO KNOW.
    I was driven.
    In fact, I felt it was dangerous to NOT KNOW . I computed that it was always safer to KNOW and have full KNOWLEDGE.
    So of course, I was never the type to have my knowledge shut off or shut down.
    No damned exec could order me to stop reading the Internet, to increase my research, to study up all issues ~~ I was simply following my need TO KNOW.
    Knowledge can bring freedom ~~ the old saying
    And ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you FREE.
    Miscavige shuts down the urge for as person to KNOW,
    No internet, no cell phones, no visits to the library, no connections to others who KNOW.
    Sea Org cannot tell their parents, their spouses, their closest comm line what happened to them in their Sea Org time track because the flow of knowledge/data is blocked.
    Debbie could not tell her husband, her SP hole experience because “it would have been treason.”
    Such is the culture within.
    A blockage on KNOWING.
    The Koolaid drinkers within REFUSE to know.
    REFUSE to look, to read the web, to find out the TRUTH, because they have decided to NOT KNOW.
    The silly reasons “Its entheta” “Its all lies” “Apostate attacks” “Internet just attacks” so that parishioners cannot read the web (and make up their own minds) is pure nonsense and blocking knowledge.
    Ultimately there are only 2 types in the Scientology community. Those that KNOW or are on a pathway to KNOW and those that utterly and absolutely REFUSE to KNOW.
    There’s a reason Miscavige does not want the rank and file TO KNOW.
    But I don’t have to elaborate on that. 😆

  29. From the shadows I shall speak;
    Anyone that can’t see beyond the great fleece of David Miscavige deserves to be fleeced…DM is flailing.
    Get it already, you are dealing with a crook!
    As a word to the wise: Voting with your individual dollars is far more effective than anything the authorities could ever do to David’s ‘Church’.

    Edward Jones*
    *(I control more money, on a daily basis, than David Miscavige owns…).

  30. The Sun is the biggest selling daily in the UK by far; between July and December 2010 it had an average daily readership of approximately 7.6 million, of whom approximately 2.65 million were in the ABC1 demographic.

    In other words it is read by more decision makers than any other paper. Love it or loathe it, you can’t ignore The Sun in the UK.

  31. In a different subject I got this emails and now they start to compare an building with the China Wall…..anyway just read this and let me know what you thinks also on this one.

    This is the email from a fundraiser from Joburg:

    From: peachshileen@gmail.com
    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 11:46:04 +0200
    Subject: China!! It’s the unveiling of the Joburg Donators Wall, man!

    Howzit my friends!
    I just want to make sure that you personally know that the Joburg Ideal Org donation wall,
    the first on the Cont, is going to be unveiled this Sat night at the Joburg Org!!!!!! Yahoooooo!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!
    Each and every person who has donated to the Test Center and the creation of the Joburg Ideal Org
    is 100% welcomed and totally expected to be there – oh yes! Jaslaik, who would miss it?!?! For goodness sake!
    This is our team acknowledgement of the creation of the first Ideal Org on the planet in 2003, for goodness sake!……and you are part of it.
    We have a professional photographer coming, because we would like to have your photo taken beside your name on the wall 😉 of course!
    Really – I personally want to see you there!! Man – this is your acknowledgement!!!!
    You guys are all important to us, and me, and lets face it, we’ve been through a lot together 🙂 We want EVERYONE there!
    It’s on Sat night, at 5pm (whilst still daylight) at the Johannesburg Ideal Org – lekker!
    Of course you are going to make it! So let me know by return, with a bold YES, that you absolutely will be with us on Sat night!
    It’s gonna be a ROCK THE HOUSE type of get-together! Psjoe!!! :-))) Can’t wait!
    Love & kisses, PeachesB and the team!

  32. Nice to have you ABOARD UK Media, the water is less shark infested now….. Go For It!!!!

  33. George M. White

    Mr. Tom Cruise, Mr. Davide Miscavige:
    Send a message or call. You still have time to seek
    refuge in the Buddha.

  34. Love your posts! Under any name.

  35. Once DM is deposed, the Data Series will probably clearly indicate that M&M are the correct terminals to conduct a Board of Review on Scientology on an International basis. Both could be universally accepted by a majority; Organizationally and publicly. This, despite current non-desire to compete with the Church.

  36. TroubleShooter

    The ability to see the humorous side of all this is SO so valuable. There’s nothing like a good perspective to sharpen ones perceptions and abilities.

  37. I notice that none of the headlines are along the lines of “Well-respected church leader viciously slandered by yet another lying apostate.” When you spend virtually all your time making enemies out of others, before you know it you have no friends at all, David Miscavige. You are just a sick little thug.

  38. Yuk. Come on down to be regged by Peach yet again.

    Wonder if anyone who is no longer in good standing but gave their hard earned cash will be allowed to attend — or if their names will be on the “wall”….

  39. Karen — Love your comment.

  40. Even worse — the fact that there is no big media interest is the best indicator that the massively expanding, super duper Church of Dave is considered to be completely irrelevant in this day and age.

  41. Fair and legal justice.

  42. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    I recently sent one of my Sea Org kids that clip of 4 minutes of Debbie’s testimony, thinking that they would look at it. Didn’t happen. Refused to KNOW, can barely stand to KNOW ABOUT. What you say above, Karen, is a provable fact. Thanks for sharing that wisdom.
    You can’t help someone who is unwilling to look and they have been inculcated to LISTEN, DON’T LOOK! However, the comm cycle is occurring and before I “show my hand completely” I will do my best to get through this barrier.

  43. VV? Please define.

  44. “China” when used as she used it is a slang term in South Africa. It’s kind of like “Dude” in America. So she is not comparing anything with the wall of China, it’s just local slang. This email is FULL of local slang and you would really have to be from there to understand half of it.

    Here is this from wikipedia under South African slang:
    “china/chine – a friend; as in the greeting howzit china (likely origin: Cockney rhyming slang “China plate” (meaning “my mate”); from early British immigrants.”

    There is seriously too much jargon in this email because it comes across with this forced cheerfulness, as if Peach is one of your best friends who just wants to “hang out” with you on Saturday night, when really she is hoping to get as much money out of you as possible……

    And like Mike stated, I’m sure those who’ve been declared or shunned, yet who donated handsomely, will NOT be honored on their new wall of donators.

  45. Nice Karen, very nicely written.

    ML Tom

  46. Sigh. I know what you mean.

    Only one “IN” person I am in regular comm with and sent her the Garcia formula a while back. Got KR’d for sending “dead-file type material” (oh, all the terms “Scientologists” have to wall themselves off from perception and communication). Tried again with Debbie Cook’s email and told not to send anything like that again. “I am doing fine, I get results from uplines, Cook was off-line, etc, etc.” “OK”, sez I, “you win. If L. Ron Hubbard and Jesus Christ show up on my doorstep together and ask me to pass a message to you, I’ll give them your address and tell them to do it themselves.” At least that got a laff 😦

  47. This was exactly what a journalist told me. He meant: “why should I write about their abuses, they are not expanding and so aren’t a danger for the people” !

  48. Random Stranger


    U.S. Homeland Security has contracted with the Leader of Leaders, David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center and defacto Supreme Leader of the Church of Scientology to train its clandestine troops in advanced torture and confessions.

    The exact terms of the contract are confidential, although Mr. Miscavige released this brief statement:

    “L. Ron Hubbard wanted me to get large contracts with the government and that’s what I’ve done. That’s a star-high milestone of achievement in the annals of our church’s growth and I’m pleased to be able to help make the world a safer and more efficient place.” David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center

  49. +1 Great post Karen! Likewise for me — my goal has always been to understand, particularly after I listened to an LRH lecture in the late ’90s where he said that there is absolutely no liability to understanding — it’s the only route on which you can move forward that has absolutely no liability connected with it. Basically, it’s the same thing as saying “to know.” I use it now in everything I do. LRH went on to say what initially drove him was a desire to “know what made man tick.” I wish I could remember what lecture series that came from. My goal has long been to be able to correlate everything in Scientology with everything outside of Scientology and to help others do the same by providing that insight to anyone who wants it. In the mid ’90s when I was studying to become a copywriter, I decided the mission of a writer was to provide insight. So of course a real writer must gain some insight first. 🙂

  50. More people might read Perez HIlton than CNN anyway 😉
    Perez Hilton.com has 280 million impressions and 13.5 million readers a month. —>
    Former Scientology Exec Testifies Against The Church’s Leadership!

  51. Yes, MIke, thanks for pointing this out; this large Omitted Datum.

  52. That is why Debbie Cook had to be “punished” — she was advocating to NOT donate to his slush funds, the IAS and the Ideal Orgs. You are right, this hits him where he lives – on his MONEY AND POWER lines.

    Is Edward Jones your company?

  53. Karen, I had a similar realization in the last few years that I was driven by a desire TO KNOW. Thank you for this post, it is very revealing. Yes, David Miscavige puts blocks on the desire TO KNOW, in an effort to hide his crimes. But he is getting what he resisted: others knowing his crimes. Now there is extended media coverage all over the world on this subject, exactly what he was trying to prevent!

    Do you know if Heber has been in the Hole recently; is he there now? (If it still exists). We are worried about him.

  54. Reminiscent of the silence following his promise to leave the United States when George Bush was re-elected in 2004.

  55. Yes, DM has crashed the statistics of Scientology. Zukerberg was more straight up and vertical with 0-40 billion in less that 10 years and the communication skills of a 19 year-old college student. In comparison, with all of its know-how, Scinetology should have owned the world by now.

  56. Yes, Christie you are spot on here. The forced cheerfulness (it’s almost manic actually!) is so apparent, it’s cringeworthy. Peach is a scary lady, sort of South Africa’s Jenny Linson.
    I always found this enforced enthusiasm very scary and cult-like. It smacks of a suppressed desperation, “you WILL be there or my senior will kill me!”

  57. Thank you Mike and also Christie for the explanation now I am understand and of course agree with you. That building is basically done but looks like they need to create something to make more money. I was there severals times and what this building really need is more people. The place is empty.

  58. No just indifferent overpaid soundbite recyclers stuck in the valance of their fat cat media tycoons who wine and dine with other fat cats in politics or the occasional churchleader.

  59. Extremely interesting article. The author must have been an S.O. member at Int at one time.

  60. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    Lol. That was a good comeback!
    Thanks for the laugh.

  61. Tony DePhillips

    Very clever Random.
    It’s like you are a fly on the wall..
    It made me think of RJ67 where LRH said that he had burned out a bunch of Sea Org members because it was so tough..(somthing like that)
    I feel dm is trying to emulate LRH in an abberated fashion. Do a bunch of sick and crazy stuff and then use LRH references to justify his insanity.
    I hope he doesn’t take the “rather have you dead than incapable” thing to literally…

  62. Tony DePhillips

    Good analysis Christie,
    You can just hear the dripping phoniness of her “affinity”. This person is just lusting after their 10% commission that they’ll get. Peach says that “they’ve been through alot together” mostly it’sbeen the horrific regg cycles and all the lies that people not-is to buy intot his pipe dream.
    Why is it that they are jsut now doing the “donation wall”?? Didn’t they finish the Idle org along time ago??

  63. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Personal Judas,
    It is manic.

  64. +1 here.

  65. Act One for any government: If it moves, tax it.
    “Over and above their religious needs”–who the H*ll makes that determination???
    Italy is one of those countries that has a bloated debt–ready to pop. So I guess it’s only prudent management of the decay to confiscate while they can.

  66. But they are growing so fast they are EXPLODING. At least Tommy Davis the leader of Anonymous said so.

  67. In Latam it is hard to find new entheta about the CoS on-line, the existing one is more than enough and will be here from here up to the eternity.

  68. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, Karen is so much of a survivor, she’s almost
    ethereal. What a viewpoint, Karen! Thanks for figuratively nailing this bastard to the cross. It’s his
    turn to pay for his sins! Soon he will begin his march
    through the streets under the glare of those, like you,
    who are bold enough to WANT to know. However,
    unlike the Christ, who had his limbs impaled under the
    utmost agony, while trying to understand this injustice,
    we see this hypnotically worshipped figure, David
    Miscavige, ACTUALLY nailing himself to his self built
    cross of crucifixion, with nails made of LIES, using
    a hammer made of “truth!” ( Ie. He caused it,himself)

    What an odd paradox:

    On the one hand, a humble man “of” God gets sent to the cross for showing love and mercy for mankind.

    On the other, a supremely arrogant man, who thinks he IS God, sends himself to the cross for hating and
    showing NO mercy to mankind.

    To Karen and all who have suffered/are suffering the loss of their loved ones, we will keep the pressure on
    this sadistic insane psychopath until he finally caves
    in and departs, thus setting his captives free!

    Love to all you compassionate beings,

    Li’ll bit

  69. Father Land Security must have been impressed with the enhanced 12 hour water-boarding-in-a garbage-can technique.

  70. Li'll bit of stuff

    Moderator, I’ve been trying my utmost to get some
    pics through to Marty for several days, but without
    success, Have you any technical advice/remedies?

    Thanks, Li’ll bit

  71. Thanks, very nice post, lots of affinity in there – the goal ‘to know’ has come down a long, long path with many casualties across the dynamics. I love the brave souls who stick to the simplicity of it.
    Listened to a tape the other day that sat me back in the chair with wide open eyes pondering many of the good people I knew who once reached broadly to know but fell into a well manipulated gradient scale and sank them blindly into refusal to know – such effect takes one away from Scientology and replaces it with something completely different.
    It was to do with the concept of sanity being to differentciate but when communication is added the degrees of similarities enters in so as to create ARC at the other end of the comm line. Hence the Logics come into play. The Logics (or the violation of them) are the basis of the beginning of the transition between differentiation to complete indentification which is insanity. Not many people, if any really, are left in the Church who can differentciate. They completely identify with Miscavige’s regime thinking it is Scientology. Pathetic really, but one solution to that is action applied. Action will always replace identification but one must be aware of the difference bewteen action and dramatization.
    In many ways the cool aide drinkers have earnt their level of havingness, one of the characteristics of logic is no humor – it can become all so serious and the further down scale, oh so solid.
    Scientology is not for the weak hearted, it’s for the adventerous types who really want ‘to know.’

  72. Thanks for this Karen – pretty simple. 2 days ago I spoke with my X who is still in SO (30+/- yrs). I suggested he look at what was going on. He told me “Yes, I know there have been problems but the persons causing them have left”.
    I just wanted to warn him to consider his future in light of current happenings. Fact is he is brainwashed ~ sad as he is a very intelligent and compassionate person. (We were forced to divoree after 25 years of mariage when I deceided to not return to staff from LOA.)
    So, I did what I could for my x/friend still there but until one knows ‘he does not know’ he will never learn. I shead a tear but carry on. I could not do that without the independents work & knowing it is being ‘fixed’. I knew it was all wrong with my last auditing (not clear) and the release of the basics confimed it for me but it left me with a helpless feeling – I could do nothing.
    The work being done by those who left and know – has de-PTSed me. Not to put the burden all on you but I’m in no position to do otherwise at this time
    Thanks Karen for knowing and passing it on to help others. It is quite obvious you remain working for LRH.

  73. Random Stranger, you are TOO MUCH!
    Am I doomed for telling you that?

  74. Tony Dephillips

    Villiage voice.

  75. Brilliant!!

  76. martyrathbun09

    Got ’em. No advice. I don’t traffic in that type of stuff. But you are a great artist.

  77. Karen – You have a unique perspective, Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of your points is the thought that individuals in the Hole may be of the mind that they “deserve it.” I had this image of the old Heber that I met many years ago, who appeared to be “Indomitable” being locked in the hole but just being tough and saying to himself “Whatever you can dish out, I can take.” Perhaps above all other factors, this may be the most “Evil/Suppressive” component of the DM plan. The continual ability to convince others that they deserve to be suppressed. Perhaps Mike Rinder is right when he says he thinks DM may be a “Whole Track SP.” Locking individuals away in a hole that is as bad or worse than the prison system (denying them healthcare) until they die. Isn’t that “Murder?”

  78. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks too! I’ll do my best to promote the exposure of the truth if you care to give me some guidelines as to what is “acceptable” type of stuff. I look at some of the graphics getting by the “moderator”
    and am perplexed by just WHAT is “needed and
    wanted.” the old adage; “a picture is worth a thousand words” not apply, (clarification?)

  79. There was a saying going around -I think it was in the GO – that Christ was a failed missionaire, He missed withholds and got the “Wild Animal Reaction’ (HCOB 22 FEB ’62 WITHHOLDS MISSED AND PARTIAL).

  80. It is the old “you can bring a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink!”

  81. martyrathbun09

    I don’t post comedy shoops and joking and degrading images.

  82. Oh gawd, this mail is … sick.

    I’ve known Peach and her two sisters and her husband for more than 25 years. Peach has class, her whole family has class, it makes me sad to read that mail. But, then again, Peach was the one on point for Ideal Orgs since day 1, and I suppose no-one is immune.

    For those outside South Africa who don’t know the lingo, all those unfamiliar words are trailer-trash. It’s how comedians speak when they want to ridicule low-lifes. If I say the comm is positioned with the stereotype of Jerry Springer’s guests, you get the idea. Oh, and in real life, *no-one* here actually speaks like that.

    Come on Peach, you can do better than that. It’s Alan speaking, yes you know me, that one. Say Hi to Robert for me, OK?

  83. Daily Mail has a policy on Miscavige. r

  84. Li'll bit of stuff

    OK, Marty certainly helps narrow the options.
    I feel encouraged by positive direction from you.
    It’s a tricky one to pull off as one who is basically
    a satirist, but I’ll see what I can “do.”

  85. Random Stranger

    Very much so. As a matter of fact, they have contracted with Miscavige personally, not the church, because he is the one – the only one – who possesses these highly advanced and extremely effective skills. The main thing he wanted Debbie Cook to shuttup about though, was the fact that his highly valued and certified techniques did NOT work on her.

    That now throws the light of suspicion on his claims to HLS that he can get ANYONE to confess through his regimen of sleep deprivation, withdrawal of food, punching, choking, bending fingers, slapping, shaking, throwing to the ground, kicking, humiliation, water-torture, sign holding, screaming, invalidating, name calling, bathroom floor licking, celebrity pandering and a hard cold chrome steel plasma flame glare.

    The word is that he’s really really really really really really pissed off now! In fact, word leaked out that the entire Int Base is now The Hole and everyone has to line up three times per day and show their loyalty to him by licking the bathroom floors until their tongues are raw.

    When he saw the content of Debbie Cook’s testimony on the stand, it is said that his eyes popped completely out of their sockets and had to be pried back in place by an emergency opthamologist flown in by helicopter. He was so mad his hair caught on fire through spontaneous combustion. When one of his servants pulled out a fire extinguisher and gave DM’s head a blast he was so mad at his hair being mussed that he beat the person into the floor with it. That person was off-loaded that night and given a hundred grand to shuttup about it.

    That’s the latest and I’m waiting for more inside scoop.

  86. Random Stranger

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