Paul Staffer Goes Interior

Paul Staffer posted his resignation from the church of Scientology here on Wednesday this week.  He sent me an email this morning asking that I delete the post.  He said he could not share the reason for the take-down.  I just deleted the post.  Thought you all should know.  Stuff happens.

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  1. Sad. He must be feeling very alone.

    I suggest rather than any of us judge or speculate, we just send him positive thoughts and wish him well in his journey.


  2. I like the fact that Scientology has no leverage over me and does not influence my decisions or personal integrity.

  3. Suppression- what else?

    I am sorry for your trouble Paul.

    Good luck to you.

  4. Good luck, Paul. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  5. 🙂 you are so right about this Amy. When people ask me how I feel about no longer being in the SO, this is what I tell them. It’s not relief or sadness or loss or upset. It is the happiness that comes with living your life based on being able to decide what is the correct thing to do based on your OWN moral code, perceptions and feelings. Not someone else’s. It is extremely liberating. I guess for some it is a bit scary, but I love it!

  6. I hope it all works out for you Paul.

  7. Let them build a castle on the rug then pull it from under them, standard RCS Black Dianetics and Golden Age Tech.

    I hope he is well and genuine, I fear he is not.

    OT IX is not for everyonem gut those who survive will strive. 🙂

  8. What a fitting title (after all the stink made about the previous title.) I hope the “Squirrel Busters” didn’t who up at his house. Compliance through intimidation has certainly been used before.

  9. This will a “win” for DM. Somebody cowering in fear and back in line. Uccky.

    Only thing is, once having stepped into the light, it’s remnant will be with Paul and he’s now not one of the fold, really. He’s a “whitish sheep” among a blackened flock.

    If indeed he’s attempting to return to the fold. Who knows. Sooner or later it’ll come out in the wash though.

  10. Tony DePhillips

    It’s funny because when I was in the cult if I heard that someone went over to “the dark side” it would kind of key me in. Now that I have tasted true freedom and have escaped the cult-trap, hearing of Paul’s Q&A doesn’t really bother me personally. I do sort of feel sorry for him that he is still some how emotionally glued to that insanity. Good luck Paul, I feel your pain.

  11. Tony DePhillips

    Forced in?
    Coerced in?
    Blackmailed in?
    Never went exterior in the first place?
    Shoved in?
    Can’t get out?

  12. oops… “Show up” not “Who up.” (Must be Friday)

  13. I agree, WH. True compassion in this world is in short supply. As stinky as my shoes are, I don’t think I’d want to be in his.

  14. It’s pretty hard not to read the obvious into Paul’s request. I can think of few reasons he’d ask to have his post deleted, than someone has pressured him to do so. I won’t speculate any further than that, except to say that I found everything in his original post to be valid and spot-on.

    Paul, if you read this, just remember that, what you yourself have observed is what’s true for you. Select your own decisions, and keep your own counsel. Fair winds, my friend.

  15. Totally agreed. We all have the right to change our minds – a luxury we have out here.
    Sending lots of good vibes and well wishes to Paul~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  16. Thanks for the update Marty.
    Lets hope he gets whatever it’s about handled and can stand in the sunshine again.

  17. The saddest part of this is that Paul just moved into the “between lives” area. He has backed away from his newfound friends here, but he will NOT be trusted by anyone in the church. So, now he sits in no-man’s-land. Hopefully he comes out of it sooner or later. Having gotten a whiff of true freedom, its not going to be easy for him to toe the line….

  18. Jim! Yes it is a win for DM. How is the wolf that makes sure that you stay in Indie line?

  19. Tony DePhillips

    Thinking of reasons that he did this on his own is actually harder to think with than if he was manipulated into it.
    People that find it hard to state their own views in a public format must be scared of something. Hey!! This is America!! You have the right to free speach!! Use it or lose it!!

  20. We can only speculate.

    Good luck, Paul.

  21. Random Stranger


    Paul: Hello

    E/O: Shuddup!

    Paul: I ah…

    E/O: You Treason!

    Paul: I was thinking…

    E/O: Shuddup! You resign?

    Paul: …second thoughts…

    E/O: Shuddup! You buy Basics! Do Conditions!

    Paul: I ah…

    E/O: Shuddup! Five sets!

    Paul: I’d like to…

    E/O: Shuddup! You bad!! Six sets!!

    Paul: Well, ah…

    E/O: Here routing form! You stay! Go!

    Paul: Here’s my credit card…

    E/O: Shuddup! Give! Write overt!

    Paul: I did, here’s…

    E/O: Shuddup! You crime! Seven sets!!!

    Paul: Ok.

    E/O: Good!!! You lick floor now!!!!!! New policy!!!!! START!!!!!!!!!


  22. Sad but very right on.

  23. Ditto Mike! My exact feelings about it as well – word maestro!

  24. My gut reaction leaves me thinking, “Is this some kind of crude OSA set-up to discredit the Independent scene?”

    Then again, did POB’s operatives find some ‘dirt’ by digging through some trash cans?

    I’ll give you my conclusion: POB (yeah you shorty) is something akin to skunky pig shit. Same smell.

  25. He’ll be back:)
    And we’ll be here, when that happens.

  26. Paul,

    Contact me or Pierre if you need help. Pierre is flying to Toronto in couple of days.The Deputy Chief of Ontario Provincial Police is my friend. You can leave me a voice mail at (619) 663-4750 or send an email to Pierre at class_xii AT

    Hope this helps.


  27. Hang up at doubt? I do know a few stuck in that very, very grey area and are just glued to it for years.

  28. He may have done it out of compassion for someone else who was being caused great suffering as a result of his action. I don’t know his family situation or recall what he said about that. That was my greatest concern when I announced, that I not create trouble for someone who had no control over what I did. Even though we all know that those wrong target actions should be a wake-up call to family and friends to get out, also.

  29. In my tiny area of USA, I personally know 15 people who have been declared since 2010. THAT’S 15 the I personally (friends/associates) know. What is that speaking – VOLUMES!

    All are okay and doing well. Some slight PI intrusion from time to time but nothing that is effecting their lives. In fact all are doing very well financially, even with the fall-out disconnections.

    My personal felling is that there are so many, so called, disaffected individuals that the powers the be don’t have the resources or wherewithal to even bother with these individuals.

    Not to mention that the more that get declared the more that those on the inside get exposed to the realities of what’s going on on the outside.

    I feel sorry for the EO’s that have to keep a straight face while knowing inside that the ones they are writing the declare orders on are actually the sane ones. How do all the execs sleep at night? How are they treating their gastritis? How can they look at themselves in the mirror each day and put a fake smile on, even if it’s just for one more day.

    The tipping-point is here or near. An Arab Spring is coming to an org near you!

  30. Yvonne,

    Exactly. Illegitimi non carborundum.

  31. I respect Paul and wish much theta to guide him.
    The fund raising is out of control, very extreme, applys wrong conditions.
    Paul should have a talk with Rex Fowler.

  32. If that’s the way it would have gone down, I don’t think it would have resulted the way it did. It’s much more covert than that.

    Dave F

  33. Holy shit. I figured once you post your resignation on the blog you’re pretty much “out”. Seems strange to go back in after that.

  34. Paul is Canadian.

  35. RS-You are so right-Paul is going to go through HELL-I wish he could see that the pain is such a huge wrong indication indicator. I’m very willing to do an Int correction list on him.

  36. Singer,
    Thank you for the ack on the “win”, and good to see Dave’s keeping track of this blog.

    The indie wolf is quite simple – Personal Integrity. Each being is his own wolf.

    The very definition of ethics which includes ALL the Dynamics and is expressed in the Code of Honor.

    You’ve run the line that “Marty rules” me, and then in the same sentence that I rule him on the OSA page devoted to me. And now here again allude to the idea my life is other-determined by Marty.

    I tell you what; I DARE you to get in comm with me, directly. Not via some fake name in emails like before, but DIRECTLY, in person. You name the time and place. I’ll be in LA shortly for a visit, so I can meet you there. I’ll be at other locales, closer to home Dave, and you can meet me there as well.

    The bottom line is, I am offering you a direct, personal, vis a vis. I’m my own wolf for my own ethics and my personal integrity is intact. I’d love to see you Dave, up close and personal. We have some things to go over. There are certain things to be accounted.

    Annie is the first.

  37. +1

  38. Funny…it took me awhile to even understand what you meant…I guess that’s because the only person who would think to ask that is one who has a wolf keeping HIM in line…

  39. Singer,
    Fortunately for us, we can determine our own destiny unlike you and the other robots

  40. That period when one just leaves is the most precarious. The thought and mind control has not worn off enough to protect the person from further manipulation and though I do know Paul, I don’t recall if he has family in or not (which we know they can use as pawns).

    Of course, all of this is speculation but possibly he agreed to at least sit down and listen to their dead agent garbage and convinced him that he had freedom of choice but that it’s “the right thing to do” to come in and get a “handling”. In the interim, they would request him to take down the post while this was “getting sorted out”.

    So, good luck with that OSA/HCO. He can see. Your dead agent materials are just nonsense character assassination. When my husband and I went in to do just that, we saw right through it all. You can put it all in fancy binders and make it look all official but one thing you cannot do is make lies the truth and the longer you (OSA/HCO staff) continue to shove those lies down people’s throats, the further you get away from your own personal freedom. You are making your future beds and it’s not pretty.

    Wake the hell up. This isn’t cute, or funny.

  41. Perfectly stated.

  42. Addendum to interview-

    Quote: Now go beat, slap, kick, choke, punch and spit on yourself.

    By the powers vested in me your sins against DM are forgiven.

    Go forth amongst small men. Amen.

  43. Can’t wait to hear your story when you de pts Paul.

  44. >> Thinking of reasons that he did this on his own is actually harder to think with than if he was manipulated into it. <<

    Quite true. 'Thinking' with what we've just witnessed, there's hardly another conclusion one can come to, but that Paul has been coerced into recanting what he just said. In fact, it's actually worse than recanting, because he didn't make any sort of public explanation for his decision to withdraw his comments. That alone, is a strong indicator that he was pushed to get back in line.

    That said, Paul related a great many personal observations that won't as-is, simply because someone has overwhelmed his power of self-determinism. He can not-is what he's observed, if he likes, but those observations will come back to haunt him, I guarantee.

  45. So on a different topic. Will Miscavige dare to appear in person for the LRH B-day Event? It would be nice to have the event I/c run the Debbie Cook video testimony “by mistake” in the event.

  46. Or perhaps Random Stranger could edit his teleprompter .

  47. With the type of full scale harassment and intimidation tactics used on any one who publicly defies the cult, I’ve only been surprised we haven’t had something like this happen before on Martys blog. There’s a long history of critics or witnesses to abuses stepping forward against the cult, only to disappear soon after their initial splash – due to cult threats and intimidation.

    I had begun to think most everyone stepping forward now a days realizes what will happen to them if they still have any family or financial ties to the cult, and proceed fully aware of the ramifications. But maybe not, many of these people just getting online or reading Martys blog may not fully comprehend what the cult is willing to do to any one who disagrees out loud. Maybe they the cult will only go after high level SO detectors because they haven’t really educated themselves enough. The cult is a wounded animal and it will bring to bear any intimidation it can upon you to prevent further mortal wounds. But the cult only has the power you have given it. The first step to empowering yourself is by refusing to let the cult have power over you anymore. It’s only getting worse every day, and every day you stay silently in the cult its power over your life increases.

  48. simply for the record, and because nobody has typed the words..

    I suspect that Paul has received a visit from representatives of the Church of Scientology (an evil corporation) and during that visit Paul will have been threatened and blackmailed into silence – as is current operating practice by the aforementioned corporation.

    Tommy Davis?

  49. I hear that these days when someone joins staff they’re give one of those ankle monitoring bracelets that convicts under house arrest have to wear. So, when someone blows, it’s only a matter of time before the Thought Police catches up with them and bring them back into the herd of sheep.

  50. Too funny. Too much hurt rib.

  51. Stuff happens. That felt like a one night stand.

  52. Best of luck Paul on your spiritual journey.

  53. Random Stranger, you are TOOO MUCH!!

    Just my 2 cents: Paul’s “independence declare” practically gave me chills, it was so very enlightening and insightful. For me, IT INDICATED. Like reading LRH. It took me to new levels. I found this site only a couple months ago, but I’ve already lost any calculation of the case progress I’ve made from reading every day, linking, searching, LOOKING. I am sorry to see Paul back up, but I have NO DATA to make assumptions or conclusions. We can only hope he trusts his KNOWINGNESS, and does what is true for him.

  54. Mike that is so true.

  55. Your humble servant

    We will miss Paul’s posting, but it was only a posting. We relished it, loved it, were encouraged by it, and learned from it. Un-posting it cannot take that away. Interior/exterior–it’s all part of the process–no problem. Paul encountered something shocking and unexpected, probably blackmail or extortion, or he hit too steep a gradient. No worries, Paul. Thank you for what you posted, if even for a short time. We will never blackmail you here. We will never try to extort something from you here. We will be here for you when you come back.

  56. Marty, good going! I can’t wait to read what it said! 🙂 Wishing you and Mosey the best!

  57. It would be so cool if Lana Mitchell chimed in here.
    Because she has been there, done that, experienced the “leverage” and blackmail to make someone flip flop ~~ yet Lana came out a winner and
    stabilized herself and everyone around with her with her indomitable spirit and own power of choice.

  58. The multiple viewpoint system of Scinetology is exposing the wicked web of The Little One. He has been one busy little bad boy.

  59. A friend sent me this YouTube video and it is very powerful. If the link doesn’t work the title is “Powerful viedo Can’t explain it just watch”.

  60. Could be used as ‘boiler plate’ for anyone who makes it to the big ranch in Texas. No Q&A or Reach and Withdraw required.

  61. Yes, when you have your personal integrity you have everything.

  62. Tony DePhillips


  63. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Random Stranger,
    Well said. Very Cro-magnum mannish. That is what the cult is like now.

  64. Tony DePhillips

    Well said Sindy. Very sane as usual. 🙂

  65. Mike-The way i feel being out of the RCS is “this is the way I should feel”- “now llfe makes sense” -no more trying to fit a square peg into a roundhole.

  66. Thanks Marty for this post
    I’m sure Paul realizes that he may come and go here.
    No enforced membership
    No punishment
    No invalidation
    No make wrong
    Just bright multiple viewpoints that HELP to bring about an understanding of ones OWN.
    Be well and Happy Paul and thanks for sharing with us.

  67. “Be true to your own goals. The only way you can lose is to be
    dissuaded from carrying out your own goals.” – 7 NOV 52 METHODS OF RESEARCH – FORCE AS HOMO SAPIENS AND AS THETAN – RESPONSIBILITY

  68. Singer or Singer77?
    What wolf? What/where is Indie line?
    Are you are here on your own determinism?
    For what purpose?
    Tell us something good, anything, go on, try.
    Be well and happy.

  69. I wish you the best, Paul. It can take time to lay the groundwork to “come out” so that family and other situations are avoided. It is necessary time well spent as a number of people on this blog could testify, including myself.

  70. The other flow happens, it can have any degree of significance. It’s nothing to be ashamed of really, it can fool around with anchor points and butter you all over the place.
    What the real bummer of any situation like this is the remedy is not a difficult thing. A DofP, program written – L1C, GF maybe and charge located and handled, back to battery.
    The real potential loser here is the technology not being applied.
    I hope he realises standard tech is not a compromise, it just is…

  71. Marty, I applaud your respecting Paul’s wishes. This is not an act repeated by the church of scientology.

    Shame we lost the comments too, a lot of interesting dialogue in there.

    Still those involved will not forget and the removal of the words will not negate the effect, if anything it will amplify it.

  72. For a slavemaster the concept of “freedom” is highly restimulative, he might even feel it to be suppressive (to his goals).

  73. If Paul is still reading this blog, consider this:
    Marty had the integrity to honor your request and take down the entire thread along with the comments. Ask yourself whether the “Church” of Scientology would have acted with the same integrity.

  74. If that is what classifies as a “win” for the Chairman of the Board RTC then things are even worse than I imagined. Never mind that:
    * Tech delivery and auditors made in Class V Orgs are at an all time low per my data
    * More bad media every day dragging the word Scientology and LRH’s name ever deeper into the mud
    * The “Church” all but admitted in a court of law that serious assault and physical abuse and mental torture have taken place at the headquarters of Scientology Inc
    * Indie sites and blogs get several times more hits than all official CoS sites together
    * There are as many OT VIIs and VIIIs leaving as there are being made in the “Church”, and those still “in” are mostly just keeping their heads down
    * There is an “Ogre” eating up the Church and it isn’t Indies!

    Never mind all that – Paul Staffer has withdrawn his statement from Marty’s blog. Hallelujah!!! Praise the Heavens! Crack open the bubbly!

    What a sad and pathetic state of affairs really.

    Equally pathetic is the notion that Marty has any influence over any Indies. I for one welcome his inights, observations and most especially his courage in the face of monumental nastiness and downright evil and support his efforts unreservedly. But the idea that Marty dictate any of my actions? I’m sure Marty finds this equally risible. Last summer I laughed out loud when I read on a DM mouthpiece blog that Marty had ordered Sam and I to show up at the EG Arts Festival. I arranged to go with Sam to educate a few bots and make an overt, public statement to friends I knew still “in”, which we did very successfully. As far as I know Marty didn’t even know we were there.

  75. Paul,
    I hope you read this. I have observed most of the things that you described in your posting. The truth is the truth. And what is true for you is what is true. The truths you described are serious outpoints. They are hard to confront because they are the manifestation of evil intentions. Doesn’t sound to me as if you were contributing to those out-points….quite the opposite. So, no matter what you eventually do, don’t buy into a pile of bs about who you really are. You are a good guy who has helped a lot of people. I believe that you know that is true.
    From one word-clearer to another. Hang in there. If you need and want some help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

  76. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    We of the Church of Scientology believe:
    1. That no scientologist has any rights to his/her own life.
    2. That no scientologist has any rights to his/her sanity.
    3. That no scientologist has any rights to his/her own defence.
    4. That no scientologist has any rights whatsoever to think freely, to write freely his/her own opinions nor to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

    No agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

    It´s got to be damned hard to go exterior and stay exterior, when under the influece of a church practicing this creed.

  77. If you do remember he posted a little bit before under his real name while he was sort of new in the independant business. He actually posted directly under his real name, unlike most of us which are starting with a fake name well under the radar! So it might have been simply out gradient and it recoiled on him. When one goes in the open, I believe he must have first handled most of the control factors. To behave directly as a hero is just like in the war to offer your chest to the fire of the machine guns. Obviously there was a control factor he didn’t anticipate.

  78. Impartial English Girl

    That’s extremely sound. I, like others, have a one-word speculation for why Mr. Staffer had to “recant” – and that word is ‘threats’. If I had been in his situation – and I am speaking SOLELY for myself here – and Miscreavige had threatened ME then, as far I’d be concerned, he could go on bleating like the syphilitic pygmy-goat that he is for all eternity. BUT if he had threatened my late, lamented, dog Jazz because of my words/actions, then I have withdrawn the public sentiments I’d expressed pretty smartly.

    Having said that, I would also, from that point henceforward be marking off on my Official (probably Owen Wilson 😉 or Emmanuel Delacour 😉 😉 ) 2012 Calendar the few remaining days before I personally made the little tape-worm wear his a*se as a hat and his lower intestine as a bow-tie. Even that would have been “lenient” for someone who had threatened my boy’s life. Alas, the cancer that took Jazz was smarter than DM. 😦

    Hope Mr. Staffer is OK (though I doubt it) and that someone has been able to tell him that he will still be welcomed here with open arms (and minds) if, in the future, he should ever find himself free to recant his recantation.

    Keep smiling, have a good weekend everyone,

    IEG xx


  79. Someone has clearly demonstrated that he is afraid to state the reasons he can no longer communicate freely with people who have found the courage to walk away from Radical Scientology. Now how can that possibly be a win for anyone who wants to prove they’re not a mind-controlling cult?

  80. Paul
    Good luck on your continued journey to truth, happiness, peace and freedom. There are bound to be some road-blocks along the way. I trust you will find your own way.
    I’m sorry you were destined thus far only to give veracity to the claim that the cult uses intimidation and fear to control others but happy so many were able to witness and learn from it and happy that you tasted freedom and happiness if only for a brief moment.
    If you make it out of your current confusion with your personal integrity intact then I’m confident we’ll see you on down the road with more only more testimony as to what lengths Radical Scientology went to to keep you under control.

  81. Sad situation Its of course, One has the right to change their mind, whether though its him / and him along in making the decision.Makes one wonder if used for pawn to amke Church look good to recover one.

  82. It should read to make the Church look good and in recovering one.

  83. Apparently there was a shootout over at the Not OK Corral.

  84. Yes, all of us learned the hard way that if holding onto a loved one means staying connected to the suppressive group it is far, far, far better to let go and get out. It’s like holding onto someone who has handcuffed themselves to the Titanic which is heading down to the bottom of the ocean. At some point you have to realize you are going to DIE if you don’t let go. As I said, all of us who were at the Int base learned the hard way — we all left people behind. All of us did. Now we are working to salvage the victims, but you can’t do salvage work when you yourself are trapped inside the wreck at the bottom of the sea. Leaving at least sets a good example — a physical comm line or physical communication is the last communication line you can have to someone who is insane. Since Church members won’t communicate verbally about the problem — some learn by mimicry — “he left, maybe I should to.”

    Maybe he’s going through something like what Lana went through. She came up on the other side eventually, more determined than ever. Good post Sunny.

  85. Pop Quiz:
    Is David Miscavige so utterly freaked out about Independent Scientologists that he spends days and nights stressing over this blog and micro-managing what’s left of his crumbling empire in a futile attempt to silence the deafening roar? Does he have OSA agents working round the clock to monitor every post in an ever increasingly desperate attempt to hide from the light of truth?
    But I thought this was just a tiny and insignificant group of disgruntled apostates….
    Hi OSA UK! Keep up the good work! I love your DA pack on me by the way – specifically the bit that talks about me being ‘part way through the NOTs band which is not a good place to park’ – LOL! Nice one! That actually worked on Mike Knott but he’ll come around. I’ve given him enough information to get started – he’s a smart guy and even though you have his ex-wife as a hostage right now he will figure the rest out for himself.
    Unfortunately for you not all the people I spoke to in the UK about Debbie Cooks email were on-lines as Mike was so you didn’t get to them all in time to stop them from looking for themselves.
    I guess you thought Mike was a win but you missed the ones who slipped through the bars when you weren’t looking.
    Ha ha!
    I love sending messages to you this way – although technically it’s a bit naughty of you because you’re not supposed to have any kind of comm line with SPs – you might get entrubulated!
    Hey! how about we play a Birthday Game!
    February standings: Between Anons and Indies we got 5 people to realize that they don’t need your cult to be a Scientologist – that’s just in the UK/Ireland area.
    By my count, worldwide you managed to terrorize two of them to stay in and continue to tow the party line.
    Toodles! Got to go now and schedule some time to reconnect with old friends and talk about the good old days before your boss tried to destroy love, trust, friendship and basic humanity.
    Incidentally – if you’re one of the radar-flyers in East Grinstead who sent me emails on hushmail asking to hook up I will get back to you this week – I’ve had a hell of a busy time catching up after a short break but can’t wait to chat 🙂
    xxx 😀
    Incidentally ‘Vince’ (Minerva’s replacement on the OSA blog) – I’ve been misbehaving for WEEKS now and you haven’t written any more stories about me on your blog. Marty gets all the credit! Humpf! Can you maybe mention my Irish Anon friends? Sean Greebly was over the moon when you ‘outed’ him on your blog and gave his SP dog a special mention.

  86. See any parallels?

  87. Or in airport security lingo, I think someone touched his junk.

  88. George M. White


  89. Random Stranger

    Hey, I just report the news.

  90. All the best to you, Paul.

  91. Random Stranger

    Ethics Repair Department


    1) Ran out of saliva?

    2) Too many bugs stuck on tongue?

    3) Not licking in a three-swing back and forth rhythm at a slow even pace of the tongue?

    4) E/O’s feet in the way?

    5) Occupied toilets preventing access to stall?

    6) Clothes pin on nose gets in the way?

    7) Hands tied behind back preventing proper balance?

    8) Crashing heads with other floor lickers?

    9) Chips of tile stuck on tongue?

    10) Caught using fake rubber tongue?

  92. My heart goes to Paul. I have been where he is at. Muzzled, blackmailed, forced to retreat and withdraw. That has not been the case now for almost a year — however the persons responsible still work their hatred and animosity in efforts to control.
    Stand strong Paul. Hold your integrity. That is the best advice I can give you. You CAN do it.

  93. Dear Marty,

    I do protest against that you deleted all posts connected to the exteriorisation of Paul.

    I posted my coming out there and now it is gone !
    You know, if it is not written it’s not true. 🙂 🙂

    Also there were some very enlightening posts there !

    To Paul:

    May you get the end of endless Int/ext. Rundown finally !

  94. awesome !


  95. +1 and that means on any front, or in any area of life.

    Stay strong and stand in your power, own your space and no one or anything can hurt you.

    Best, moneca

  96. My thought is even the EO’s have to have a straight up and vertical stat. Seems that this stat is more important then WDAH. Oh I forgot in the RTC Sec check auditing hours are the only ones that count toward the WDAH stat. Lol

  97. “The indie wolf is quite simple – Personal Integrity. Each being is his own wolf.”

    I hear your howl, Jim. True, unlike RCSers the Indies can communicate freely, act freely and be their own advisor.

    Just because one wolf warns another of the tainted food does not mean that the other gives up their self determinism.

    It takes far more courage to stand alone and defend ones honor that to hide behind a fortress sending ones cloaked minions to do thy bidding.

    Agreed, you do have some unfinished business and one day you will have the opportunity to take care of it. I suspect that DM is too much of a coward to accept your offer now, but one day when he tries to order someone to do his dirty work, he will find that no one is there. His fortress blown to bits with the slaves running to freedom. You’ll get your accounting…and many of us will heal with you.


  98. +++++ 1

  99. Yvonne,

    I recall having the same concern when I went public. More so for those around me who were not Scientologists…the innocents who might get hit in the crossfire. The way I handled it was to let them know what I was doing and why and I have had complete support.

  100. OMG, I never want to get you mad! Too descriptive…dying, ROFLMAO!

  101. Doesn’t make any difference now. From the C of $ side Paul has FORWARDED THE ENEMY LINE. OOOPPPssss…too bad. Can’t put the milk back in the bottle. Toronto is just one more POB casualty showing major cracks in the dike!

  102. Liike.

  103. I think this event shows that we should follow in the footsteps of the David the Great. All indie posters must sign gag agreements before posting also be sec checked before being allowed to post. We need to organize a blow drill for containing anyone seeking to leave. With the help of anonomous we can set up a razor wire fence on the internet to prevent leaving. GOD DAMN IT CAN’T YOU GUYS SEE WHAT KIND OF TROUBLE WE WILL BE IN IF WHAT WE POST HERE GETS ALL OVER THE INTERNET? oups! never mind.

  104. Absolutely! I well remember the power of the words, “Mike Rinder BLEW, You CAN too!

  105. Tony, that is a spot on assessment! But I bet all of them would read because they are all being used.

  106. Tom,
    Your “gut reaction” was my first thought too. The band of OSA has orchestrated similar tunes before, gleefully enjoying the alledged “sag of morale” the alledged “enemy” was alledgedly “suffering” from.

  107. TroubleShooter

    It probably wasn’t an ethics officer, they’re way down the food chain and whose chains are pulled by the group who REALLY runs the orgs –

    DSA(bot) – Paul, I hear you lost your job last week? SOOoo sorry, did you notice that you haven’t heard from any family members? I might be able to help you.

    Paul – wtf, this isn’t right, you bastards, this is EXACTLY what I can’t live with is this nazi-tech

    DSA(bot) – Paul, we have reason to believe that you’ve been PDHed. We know for a fact that Marty, Mike, Amy, Steve, Jackson, Christie, Dan and the huge and growing er’ tiny little squirrel group have been. Look at this information that details Marty’s PDH moment. The evidence shows that he’s then followed his PDH commands and has PDHed all the others. David Mayo did it. Here’s the email traffic we hacked er’ was leaked to us from the network of PIs we have set up. Some of them are entrenched in the actual hole Marty dug under his house where he’s keeping hundreds er a couple of the prisoner apostates he’s making.

    Paul – he IS?!!!!


    Paul – er’ do you mean C.?

    DSA(bot) – DAMN’ED RIGHT! You need to open you eyes and SEEEEE

    Paul – no, I meant “C” as in. . .

    DSA(bot) – Paul STFU!!!! You’ve been PDH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Paul – no, I don’t thi…

    DSA(bot) – Paul, the point here is well, do you want your job back? do you want to see your family? do you want people to know about the not-auditing-you sessions you had last year? I know that you know what NOT auditing you means right?!!! part of the PDHing is to implant the ideas in the apostates that it’s a violation of Priest Penitent Privileged File to make that information known. Can you BELIEVE THAT!!!! IF THAT DOESN’T TELL YOU THEIR SQUIRRELS THEN HOW ABOUT THIS, THOSE SQUIRRELS ARE OUT THERE DELIVERING LRH TECH!!!!!! THAT’S OURS AND NO ONE ELSES. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH DAMAGE THAT COULD DO TO THE FUTURE OF SCIENTOLOGY??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Paul – um’ make more Clears??!!

    DSA(bot) – WHAT???????!!!!!!!!! Ok, that’s it, I’ve tried to be a nice guy, you write to Marty and retract that fucking post or you’re going to find yourself not only out of a job and family but we’re going to get you kicked out of CANADA!!!!


    DSA(bot) – FOR CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, ANIMAL PORNOGRAPHY, EMBEZZELMENT WHATEVER WE CAN DREAM UP BUDDY!!!!…whew, ok, see here Paul, it just comes back to what I said before – you been PDHed, here drink this, you looked a little pale…

    Paul – (dizzy, confused, hears circus music and cookoo clocks and bees buzzing in his ears.)

    DSA(bot) – Ok, guys, he’s out, now get on his goddamned laptop and send that fucking email to Marty RIGHT NOW. By the time Paul wakes up he’ll never know what happened and Marty will know we WON THIS ROUND!!!!! NO ONE will trust Paul AGAIN, HEEEEHEEEEWHOOOOAHhahahahahahahahhahaha.

    savin’ the world, yes I am, My daily report today is going to be the BEST ONE YET!!! I deserve this, I’ve been doin’ nothin’ but internet hacking in the basement of that scumbag public’s house for months just WAITING for this opportunity and now I’m the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Paul, sorry for the way things are going right now. There’s no doubt a “damn if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario that everyone has had to go through. The “dead agent” material they’re showing you is such a bunch of invented bullshit that the air your breathing right now must be filled with it’s stench. Just make sure to leave a window open and one of the doors unlocked so when you plan your next escape you can do it without tripping off the alarm.

  108. +1…like a lot!

  109. martyrathbun09

    lol 🙂

  110. LO,
    Long time friends and fellow travelers should not be forgotten.
    LO | February 22, 2012 at 6:13 pm | Reply

    Dear ….

    Welcome to the indies. It’s an adventure I promise you !

    By the way I would like to take the opportunity to come out and tell my real name: R_O_G_E_R M_E_I_E_R
    I’m living in SWITZERLAND, all my kids are out, my wife too. We got the refunds and I’ve been declared a SP on 3rd of July last year together with my daughter in the same declare with the same accusations !. I’ve the declare in written.

    Since the inception of Marty’s blog I’m posting here as LO and I’ll continue to post as LO, as I love that name, but will sign with Roger.

    Marty if you want you can publish that foto you took from me on the WInter Wins at Casablanca.

    I started as a 15 year old boy in Scientology. By the age of 17 I was already running my own City Office for Munich org and Disseminating successfully to hundreds of new people and have already sold over 1000 LRH books on the street and was an M1 Auditor and Co-Auditing.

    In 1982 I did new OT IV -one of the first OT in our field- and after the completion of it I was confronted with the finance police in full action. In 1984 I was forced to do the RPF as a public, I ended up in the rpf of the rpf. I thought it became a Nazi Organisation and just left and since then didn’t move one step more on the Bridge as I’d until short time ago a hanging up in doubt !

    But the experiences of my auditing and the achieved wins were so real that I knew that one day I’ll continue my bridge and I went in and out of the game to check up, but never I was really sure the Orgs are on purpose. No I know they never will be.

    I’m OUT and I know I’ll do my bridge and finally after lots of figuring, thinking, reading on the Internet, confronting, being totally depressed sad etc.I was able to rehabilitate my basic purpose why I came into Scientology (helping to clear the planet (sounds somehow strange, but got no other words for it)) and found my way about how to do it. I’ve always been a div6er and probably will always be. This by discussing viewpoints on the different blogs here.
    Thank you guys !

    HELLO WORLD !!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Tom | February 22, 2012 at 6:28 pm | Reply

    Yee Haw! How’d those jeans and cowboy boots work out?
    martyrathbun09 | February 22, 2012 at 6:46 pm | Reply

    Heck of a time, wasn’t it Tom and Roger?
    LO | February 22, 2012 at 6:54 pm | Reply

    Yes it was Marty ! 🙂

    Funny is, while I was about my coming out I didn’t realize it’s my birthday today. What coincidence !

    Carcha | February 23, 2012 at 6:01 am | Reply

    Roger – Happy birthday!
    LO | February 22, 2012 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    I love those boots. They feel great !



    How is that Roger? Ser Gut?

  111. You make a great point! Theta Mest theory in play. He will eventually impinge, there is too much theta in play.

  112. Paul,
    You were right in the first place and they are wrong. Don’t help them by beating yourself up. It takes time to get strong after years of trained in weakness. Its ok. We will still be here when you make it out again.

  113. Actually, that might better read “No agency less than DM has the power….” 😉

  114. martyrathbun09

    I thought you were going to follow up with your own post – not for the comment section.

  115. Thanks for the heads up, Marty. As Mike said in his post, we’re free to make our own choices and decisions, no matter what they are. That’s what the true goal of Scientology was: to make free, self-determined beings. DM can’t have that. So I guess we here in the independent field are really the last of the free beings in the graveyard of the long gone.

  116. The post still exists in the RSS feed

  117. Thoughtful,
    My cognition was that I had nothing to loose that I hadn’t lost years ago. I was considered disaffected. I could be in the presence of my two SO sisters but I would never have a candid relationship with them under these circumstances. All I would get was the “everything is soooooo great”-valence, which I can easily live without.

  118. What do you mean by your comment ” apparently there was a shoot out ”
    please ?

  119. Thats for sure / and god help him from now on/ and what he may have been promised if he returned, Seems he is obviously not in his control at all.

  120. Punched in?
    Holed in?
    Slapped in?
    Intimidated in?
    Must hide?
    Can´t hide?
    Have to A-E now?
    Have toe the line?
    Drinking kool-aid?
    Tortured with hours of DM speeches?

  121. Tony DePhillips

    Courtesy of Random Stranger… 🙂

  122. Tony DePhillips

    Belly laughter!! You have outdone yourself on this one!!

  123. Roger Meir OH that ring a Bell / Do you know or did you know some one called Felina kondula ? or Jens Bovad ! or any one of the Flag World Tour Regges being in switerland / or munich or any of the european Tours regges. let me know

  124. This is not over. Paul has not “recanted”, as someone posted. He has asked for his post to be taken down, much as Debbie asked for media to take her letter down.

    Possibly OSA’s next step might be to get him to actually publicly recant what he said, but I doubt they will try to do that – it would be too much like trying too push the river back upstream. I think they will just hope for him to simply keep quiet and not participate with Indies anymore.

    Good luck Paul, and remember there is help out here if you need/want it.

  125. I would not wonder if it was a planned set-up by OSA.

  126. Sehr gut !!!!
    Well done Sapere Aude ! Thank you !

  127. I’ll think about it !


  128. Mike- so true. Paul has no shot with the CofS. They will bilk him out of a $100,000.00 Loonies in sec checks with false promises of freedom, which they deliver to no one anyway.

  129. Perhaps this is some new admin TR that DM is field testing.

    “Post on Marty’s blog”. Thank you

    “Remove your post from Marty’s blog”. Thank you

    Run alternately until you realize that everyone is wondering what the f— just happened.

  130. good old co$ keeps that fear in the back of your head, well done paul for just making the jump, good luck.

  131. T.O. here – Great advice!!! Paul if you read this my guess is that Pierre would give you a session at NO CHARGE. He has done so before. At any rate bro head this advise and call that number.

  132. I emailed Marty and the CJC PAC of my Independence, and then went back on it, when someone suggested I try to handle my problem with the Church one more time. The only reason that I wanted to handle my problem with the Church was so I could talk to my son, who had disconnected. Soon after that, my son got in trouble with the law, stupid teenage incident, but one that could have serious consequences. I wanted to help him with an attorney, and made a request to be able to do this. The request was ignored. I had the realization that I was BEGGING A CHURCH TO HELP MY OWN SON. At that point I became an true Indie, but was still under the radar for a while for fear of further alienation of my son. Finally, when I couldn’t find my son on his birthday and didn’t know if he was dead or alive, I got so angry I came out on Marty’s blog. Later, I wrote a formal letter of Independence to David Miscavige through his attorney Monique Yingling, and let them know I had a good attorney and was willing to do something about the situation on legal lines and PR lines. I have been a strong Indie ever since.

    My only point is this: it can be a long hard road to truly be an Independent when one’s family, friends or children are themselves abused and held as hostages. My son received a lot of abuse and my Indie status created a lot of problems for him, by his own account. We are now reunited, but it was a difficult thing to accomplish. There can definitely be some flip-flop going on, when you are considering all the options for this horrific situation with the Church. I can completely understand Paul’s situation, as I’ve been there. He just needs some time to work it all out. Once one sees the truth of what the Church of David Miscavige is doing, then the rest of it boils down to how to deal with the situation considering all that is involved, but mostly WHO ELSE is involved that can be hurt by what you are doing. And the Church can truly hurt or harm your loved ones when you criticize them, as Debbie Cook found out. But I have no doubts that at some point Paul will be back, when he has gotten more causative over his environment. It is a gradient scale of causation, and each one of us has a different situation to work out.

    My 2 cents.

    Much love to all struggling with this problem,
    Catherine Von Ach

  133. Each and every broken theta line, perpetrated by these misguided, and in some cases evil people, is simply one more stone for this regime to bear.. At some point the weight of this will cause foundational collapse. I hear the cracking already. Sending you love and safety on the airwaves Paul.

  134. Yes, Roger. +1
    And add a translation to the german independent blog run by Felicitas.

  135. “Yes it is a win for DM”

    I guess it’s pretty much par for the course that this thing which constitutes a win for DM is blackmailing a person into forsaking his right to freely express his opinion. Some ecclesiastical leader.

    I guess the silver lining is that Miscavige has shown yet again no matter how horrific the press, or how great the exodus, he is simply not going to change his modus operandi….. and that is a wonderful thing for all who wish to see him ousted from power, or better yet, in prison.

    The forces against him are steadily growing in both size and disgust.

  136. I liked Pauls write-up and I hope he is all right.

    For the MU “exterior” in the comments after his post – I think the MU was Pauls second name “Staffer”, “Paul Staffer goes exterior“.
    This guys respond was:

    “It sucks that blowing staff is called here “going exterior”.
    What is next in the department of redefinition?
    Do you guys even grasp what the technical definition for going exterior per LRH is?”

    Just my 2 cents.

  137. I agree Mike, simple — and I can change my mind three times a day, and so can the rest of us.

  138. I think you hit the nail on the head. That’s what kept us under the radar. It’s not some hung up at doubt b/s, its that compassion for another. We’re weeding our way thru that process due to circumstances being forced upon us, its happening faster than anticipated. Feel for you Staffer, hope this bodes well for you, this too shall pass.

  139. “There are certain things to be accounted.
    Annie is the first.”

  140. “Paul is going to go through HELL”
    And it’s only just begun.
    Radical Scientology not content with having forced Paul to change his mind will now be ensuring he is severely punished for his transgressions.
    There may be all manner of fancy labels attributed to such actions such as ‘ethics conditions’ or ‘A-E steps’ but make no mistake – he will be made to suffer….

  141. Paul, I understand the conflict. Some thoughts:

    1. If the reason was to “save your eternity” – as if the church holds the only key to OT – that is not true. The tech lives in Independence, and is dead in the church (more on point 3).

    2. If the reason is that you are being coerced because of familial ties, I get that, and support your decision. Having lived through so many family scuffles re Scientology, I get it, and it is the reason I am not fully publicly out now. But, the truth is still there, and being independent does not necessarily mean being public.

    3. If the reason is because the church reached out to you and “realized they made a mistake” or are working to “correct past injustices” or some such, I have a friend who was recently re-credited with a number of intensives after they were burned up in sec checks, after the org (not Flag) “realized their mistake and that they were not necessary”. This is an admission of OUT TECH by that church (an AO). This looks like there may be reform happening in the church – looks like it – but it IS NOT unless this is done publicly, and with a full amnesty for ALL who blew the whistle on Mr. David Miscavige and his and his supporters’ transgressions, recognition of non-Church Scientologists – and of course, with Mr. David Miscavige being removed from post and the SO.

    Vaya con Dios, Paul. Your friends are here. Really.

  142. Catherine,

    Good points. And I’m so happy to know you and your son are reunited. A similar thing occurred to a very good friend of mine in LA when his wife joined the SO and he opposed it – he didn’t see his daughters again for ages and was “refused” access to them. One was underage.

    I would personally steamroll anyone who got between me and my kids, my family, even my friends. NO agency has that right, only the individual can make that decision. So I’m happy you both are reunited and in comm again.

  143. Off topic, but I just got an email from the Super Power Project. Seems they’re rolling out something called the “Super Study Rundown”. Say what? Is that even part of LRH’s original Super Power Rundown?

    Here’s the (poorly written) promo screed:

    “Through doing the Super Study Rundown, the ability is regained for a thetan to absorb and duplicate data and to be able to have knowledge and to know.”

  144. I think you’ve hit on the most likely explanation – blackmail, threats to reveal something very personal and/or discreditable. That is the only thing that makes sense to me. Why else would someone take the time to write up such a detailed list of outpoints, then essentially recant? This guy Miscavige and his goons are despicable beyond belief. Truly, he has turned Ron’s Church into a criminal operation of magnitude.

  145. Super! I will be a kinder person today because I watched this! Worth passing along.

  146. Tony Dephillips

    Too literal…

  147. Freedom Fighter

    This is an excellent video. Thanks for posting it. I saw this a few years ago when I was going through an especially tough time and the local Org made themselves scarce when I refused to donate any more money to the Idle Morgue building. That incident was pretty much when i decided the “church”, as it exists, was not my group.

  148. Indie-saurus-rex

    Yes, exactly. None of us openly know the intricacies of his situation. I’m sure this process can be a rough go of it for many individuals. Things will shape up in the end – for everyone. Best of luck, Paul.

  149. Freedom Fighter

    “Syphilitic pygmy-goat” … ROFL!!! Add “rabid” to the front of that and the picture will be complete.

  150. Dean, the entire previous thread is of course cached on Google for eternity.

  151. Hi Paul;

    We are still your friends, never doubt that.


  152. Once on the Internet, it’s there for a very long time.
    It can be removed from the blog, but not from the net.

  153. Who knows … could be a ‘new’ prerequisite 🙂

    Sound like a mutated PRD, Key to Life, Student Hat & M1 all thrown into one

  154. LMAO 🙂 🙂 🙂 – You should write a book, RS…

  155. FCDC Class of 74

    Paul, know what ever you decide this blog is a sanctuary. It renewed my faith being among like minded thetans. So avail yourself even it is in private and recognize the outpoints of the CofS. Wish you well.

  156. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Paul, enormous number of comments to digest here,
    with some great advice from people who understand and
    are willing to lend a hand to make the “out” permanent!

    Whatever the FEAR button the mind controllers have
    pushed, to get you “back in”…..IT CAN BE COUNTERED!!
    If you cannot immediately avail yourself of the help offered
    right here on this blog, then keep it simple, just do this:

    (a) Recognize the truth of this LRH classic: “Judge men from
    what they think of help….The good can help. The bad will
    not. Or if they do, they “help” only to betray” (Change Mag.)
    (b) Get yourself extroverted. Take a good long walk and
    just notice things in the environment, until you feel in P.T.
    and refreshed. OK?
    (c) If you can, find yourself someone to do TR-O with then
    Start!!!!…..continue till you feel you can “just be there!”
    (caution….don’t back off until there….comfortably…and
    feel you can just CONFRONT!! )

    Thus, you will be in a better position to deal with the
    situation that has arisen. The next step will be to reopen communication. I’m SURE you know the truth in this!

    Remember,back yourself to pull this off……..OK?

    Li’ll bit of stuff

  157. And google has cached it.

  158. When the meter reads, the only thing you know is that the meter read.

    Similarly, the only thing ANY here know is that Paul asked that his post be deleted.

    Whatever influence it was that caused him to change his mind, it is unlikely that his heart and mind are not still with the Indies to a greater or lesser degree.

    Once the taste of Kool-aide makes you nauseous, it is difficult to drink much more of it.

  159. Li'll bit of stuff

    +1000 like!

  160. Hey Dave, was that you who was with Kirsti Allie’s entourage in front of Harras in Down Town New Orleans the week after Katrina? Don’t you remember screeming at us V.M s for alledgedly talking while giving nerve assists? You stayed in the middle of the street rather than come into the tent and actually use ARC. My bad; you don’t do that. I must comment on you outfit that day. Really short cut off jeans and a cowboy hat and blond wig? Really Dave? Were you going for the Pantera look? I thought you looked like you were on your way to a Pride parade. Not that there’s enything wrong with that but I know you can’t have that.

  161. I wouldn’t doubt it at all.

  162. Here is an excerpt from HCO POLICY LETTER OF 3 MAY 1972, ETHICS AND EXECUTIVES, for Paul to read (and all you OSA terminals). I recommend reading the whole PL.

    Ethical failure at the top or just below it can destroy an organization and make it downstat.
    Historical examples are many.
    The Charge in any such case for a staff member or Executive is FAILURE TO UPHOLD OR SET AN EXAMPLE OF HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS.
    Such offenses are composed of:
    2. Use of false statements to cover up a situation.
    3. Representing a scene to be different than it actually is to cover up crimes and escape discipline.
    4. Irregular 2D connections and practices.
    5. Drug or alcoholic addiction.
    6. Encouraging out-ethics.
    7. Condoning or failing to effectively handle an out-ethics situation in self or others as an In Charge, Officer or Executive.”


  163. Hahahahahaha! Perfect!

  164. More from the same P/L: HCO POLICY LETTER OF 3 MAY 1972

    People with out-ethics withholds cannot see. This is proven by the brilliant return of perception of the environment in people audited effectively and at length on such processes.
    Such people also seek to place a false environment there and actually see a false environment.
    People whose Ethics are low will enturbulate and upset a group as they are seeking to justify their harmful acts against the group. And this leads to more harmful acts.
    Out-ethics people go rapidly into Treason against the group.
    A person whose Ethics have been out over a long period goes “out of valence”. They are “not themselves”.
    Happiness is only attained by those who are HONEST with themselves and others.
    A group prospers only when each member in it has his own personal ethics in.
    Even in a PTS (Potential Trouble Source) person there must have been out-ethics conduct toward the suppressive personality he or she is connected with for the person to have become PTS in the first place.
    People who are physically ill are PTS and are out-ethics toward the person or thing they are PTS to!
    Thus a group to be happy and well, and for the group to prosper and endure, its individual members must have their own Ethics in.
    It is up to the Executive or Officer to see that this is the case and to DO the actions necessary to make it come about and the group an Ethical group.”


  165. Aw, geez Jim,

    You’ve done it now. The midget cretin will be cowering even deeper in his bunker, with 50 “holees” being used as human shields to keep your evil intentions from penetrating his mojo.

    Maybe he won’t even come out for the March 17th event, since the whole world is out to get him……

  166. I suppose if you make some huge donation to the Super Power Project you will get a discount on this and it will be what is delivered in the Super Power Building once it opens later this year (maybe) and will be the only service delivered there until Super Power delivery can begin. (Like sometime in the next 20 or 30 years-maybe)

  167. I would sue them for ordering your son to disconnect. Don’t succumb like Paul Staffer. I have discovered that every time I attack a source of suppression, I feel more at cause and less PTS. If I do nothing, I feel effect of it, since I’m doing nothing about it. LRH canceled disconnection and this can be proven. COB cannot write new policies and this can proven by referring to LRH’s own policies. I don’t know why you couldn’t sue for emotional damages. Picket them daily. If you do nothing, you will become weaker, like Paul Staffer. Paul is now half a man and lost my respect and his own self respect.

  168. It’s probably a cross of PRD and GAT Student Hat. A hundred and forty three binders of all the words to be done verbatum to the wall. before reading anything This will be the new auditor training prerequisite.
    Must have completed all Basics to do it as well as a recent Purif and Objectives.

  169. That compassion for others is the very thing that extends their suffering.

  170. Correctamundo Antonio.
    A fella might be better off if he thinks in black and white to pay no attention to me.

  171. Yup — he’s in the “bardo” = transitional state, in-between state

    Tibetan Buddhist name 6 distinct bardo states:

    1) birth through this life
    2) dream state – substate of this life #1
    3) bardo of meditation – substate of #1
    4) moment of death –
    5) clear seeing – luminosity — missed by those without keen awareness
    6) bardo of becoming — endures until next life is started.

    OR these states can be viewed metaphorically to encompass times in our lives when our USUAL way of life becomes suspended — like during illness, job loss,etc. or a retreat (OR leaving the CofS, moving towards the Indies and then BACK out again)

    Bardo’s are neither good nor bad but thinking makes them so — apology to Hamlet and Shakespeare —


  172. Defender of Theta

    Yvonne – well said.

    The fact that you and others were so concerned about the impact of your actions on others (“That was my greatest concern when I announced, that I not create trouble for someone who had no control over what I did.”) shows that you and others with similar concerns are SOCIAL PERSONALITIES.

    Notice that the tyrant, David Miscavige, and those who are temporarily under his suppressive influence (such as OSA personnel), USE the social personality characteristics of good people, against them.

    This is:


    likely one of the greatest forms of evil around, because it perverts goodness, to a destructive end.


  173. This thread is a great example of what I really like about this blog. The majority of viewpoints covering this subject present themselves with a sane solution along their observations.
    Be it ethics, justice, technical or just plain social there’s a sanity to the people here which seeks survival for all.
    The dominating us or them evaluative one viewpoint covers all has no place in sanity – I guess what I’m trying to say is Scientology offers solutions to life’s problems, it doesn’t add to them. There aren’t that many actual Scientologists when you have a good look it.

  174. Chris this guy should come to you. Why not leave your email?

  175. A little more non_E. I have a gold seal Ethics Specialist Certificate and was the Ethics Unit I/C of the Clearwater Charter Committee just before going into the SO at Flag in 2003. One of my favorite Policies was 3 MAY 1972, ETHICS AND EXECUTIVES which Kristina posted above.

    I would like to go through the policy a bit with commentary regarding the current situation with the COS;
    Ethical failure at the top or just below it can destroy an organization and make it downstat.
    Historical examples are many

    . ****We have our own example with our top executive of the serious lack of Ethical Conduct as demonstrated in Debby’s letter and the numerous reports found on this and other blogs by credible witnesses.****

    2. Use of false statements to cover up a situation.
    3. Representing a scene to be different than it actually is to cover up crimes and escape discipline.

    **** Blatant substitution of unmeasurable stats or stats that don’t measure real expansion that LRH stated were the actual measures of expansion such as #auditors made and #steps on the bridge attained by PCs.*****

    4. Irregular 2D connections and practices.

    ****surrounding himself with attractive female assistants and banishing his lawful wife from his presence*****

    5. Drug or alcoholic addiction.

    *****Numerous reports of his drinking expensive Scotch or a regular basis****

    6. Encouraging out-ethics.

    *****Ordering his subordinate to break Debby’s finger****

    7. Condoning or failing to effectively handle an out-ethics situation in self or others as an In Charge, Officer or Executive.”

    ****See above****

    People with out-ethics withholds cannot see. This is proven by the brilliant return of perception of the environment in people audited effectively and at length on such processes.
    Such people also seek to place a false environment there and actually see a false environment.

    *****That Ideal Orgs are thriving and that Scientology is expanding******

    People whose Ethics are low will enturbulate and upset a group as they are seeking to justify their harmful acts against the group. And this leads to more harmful acts.

    ******100 top INT Executives taken off post and put in the HOLE prison at INT would accomplish this*****

    Out-ethics people go rapidly into Treason against the group.

    ***Is there a question about this? Has David Miscavige gone into Treason to LRH with the extreme regging, the arbitrary of a major action in the middle of another major action as on OT7 with 6 month checks? The over the top Ideal Orgs in violation of LRH advice.*****

    A person whose Ethics have been out over a long period goes “out of valence”. They are “not themselves”.

    *****Who is the real David Misgavige the one we see at events all full of ARC or the one ordering his junior to break Debby’s finger? Or who punches his junior in the face?****

  176. “Toodles! ”
    That sounds so UK! Believe it or not my father was a Brit immigrant. Who do you think I get my cheerio upbeat attitude from?

  177. Haha! Well said, CP!

  178. Most likely will have to deliver an effective blow to the enemy.
    Which will be a drag because the enemy consists of a bunch of good people who wish him the best and would only like to help. Catch 22 huh?
    Can anybody say black Scientology?

  179. Steve,
    I well recall the sudden shift from apparent ARC with other group members, to hostility, overt or covert, that happened instantly that I was pronounced “pariah” by David Miscavige.

    It can be overwhelming. It is meant to be. To isolate a person and turn the full force of hate on them, the reverse flow of entheta, and make them buckle. Make them know what lies if they don’t toe the line. They will have all their affinities alloyed, their communications cut and their reality denied.

    If it weren’t for the ARC that individual had for those others now turned on him, there would be no way for DM to get to them. He, like the murderous monster in The Green Mile, uses their love.

    Lana stood up to this barrage. And DM responded via his minions.

    There comes a point, if a being IS to be truly free, that compromise is not possible. One’s integrity is all there is really, and from that point of regaining it, no matter how tough the climb up, one is climbing UP.

    This climb is what drives Dave to the frenzies.

    Lana is flourishing and prospering. That is what incenses this madman, and those he works with and through.

    WE are going UP Dave. So is Paul Staffer. And that makes you nuts, because YOU CAN’T.

  180. KRoyce,
    This and the one following are precisely applicable. Superb posts. Thank you for your tenacity and free theta!!


  181. Kristina,

    Thanks for keeping us exterior by way of these relevant LRH references.

    We’re blessed you’re here along with the rest of us, this riffraff and jetsam.

    (Fellow flotsam, yes, that includes you, too.)

  182. Chris,

  183. >> Sound like a mutated PRD, Key to Life, Student Hat & M1 all thrown into one <<

    I wouldn't be surprised, given the other technical degrades committed by the DM regime.

  184. Too funny. Hah!!

  185. Geez, now there’s a can of worms, eh? I worked on that project when I was with the church renos org in 1994. 1994! That thing has been sitting there, like a gargantuan out-point for 18 years now. The inability of the church to complete that one project has been an enormous red flag for me, for a very long time (on top of many, many other red flags).

  186. Sam,
    For DAVE’S SAKE!!! You’ve got to be more serious about all this. I mean, DM’s survival is on the line. You are SO suppressive. He is the friggin’ POPE!!

    The vicar of Ron, followed in the analagous Trinity by Tom Cruise!!!

    (Tom’s the Holy Boast. Or is it Toast. No matter, he’s reaaaaaally up there, just after Dave.)

  187. Random Stranger

    Yeah, same here. I write it. I laugh. I post. Then I read it and laugh again. Then, when I find out you or anyone laughed, I reread it to see what the hell’s anybody laughing at and I laugh again. That’s just the way it goes.

  188. Random Stranger

    I would except I’m afraid that DM or his robot slave army would use underground dirt submarines to drill through the earth to find out where I am and use some Aleister Crowley process from LRH’s personal confidential research notes to hypnotize the local dog population to howl outside my bedroom window or something like that. Then…poof! There goes my comfortable sleep pattern! Ruined!

  189. Random Stranger

    It’s written in crayon on cardboard and the security is SO tight I couldn’t make it past the door guy.

    Door Guy: (laser eye-balling me) Hi! Are you here for the event tonight?”

    Me: Ah…I’m here to see Hitler!

    Door Guy: Wha??

    Me: Hitler! I heard he was here tonight! I’d like to see him!

    Door Guy: I think you have the wrong place.

    Me: Mussolini? Jim Jones? Aleister Crowley the Second? Ghengis Khan? Stalin? Osama bin Miscavige Hitler?

    Door Guy: Look, I think you’d better move on.

    Me: Good idea! There’s nobody here tonight! Bye-bye!

  190. I wonder if Paul is being taught Morse Code, so he can be shown at the BDay event as a counter to one of the previous posts……..

  191. Random Stranger


    Devil: Hello Paul.

    Paul: H-h-h-hello.

    Devil: We’ve got some treats in store for you!

    Paul: Oh boy, treats?!

    Devil: Oh yes. Just for you.

    Paul: Wow! For me??

    Devil: Yeah, here’s a gift for you!

    Paul: Ooh! It’s a mirror! Silver even…wow…thanks!

    Devil: Take a look.

    Paul: Wow, nice engraving…HOLY SHIT! That’s not me! That’s MISCAVIGE!!! WHAT THE HELL??!!????

    Devil: AH HA HAH HA HAH HA HAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!

  192. Random Stranger

    Me pee self, laugh hard.

  193. Random Stranger

    This one’s for you, Tony:


    C O M M A N D M E N T S

    1) Thou shalt grunt

    2) Uhg good word

    3) Fire bad

    4) Chase meat

    5) Take woman

    6) Conk head

    7) Shun from cave

    8) Conquer wooly mammoth

    9) Conk head more

    10) Speak bad

  194. I WANT that song that plays in the second half after he realizes the truth from wearing the glasses. So powerful, beautiful and insipring. Thank you, from me too! 🙂

  195. Wonderful!
    The complete absence of dogma makes this video exceptional.

  196. Just for the hell of it, I thought you all might enjoy a nine minute and thirty five second look inside the mind of the Pope of Corporate Scientology spoken through his BFF. Yeah, just for the hell of it.

  197. LO is cool! I like it.

  198. Windhorse, thank you for responding with a compassionate statement. Many below have made blatant assumptions as to what may be happening with Paul, when we know really nothing as to the actual facts. Hoping it all works out OK for Paul, and soon.

  199. Here you go, Jim.

    An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

    “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

    The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

  200. Random Stranger

    The E/O pulled out a blackjack and began smacking his fist repeatedly. The IAS reg leaning against the wall, hoisted his paintball gun to his hip and pumped a ball into the chamber. A squad of HCO security personnel rushed into the room wielding menacing floppy-rubber knives, jabbing them in mock stabbing fashion towards Paul. “OMG!” he exclaimed, “I’m done for!” He slowly raised his arms in defeat before suddenly realizing he DID have his secret ankle stun gun on him!

    “Oh god, should I zap them? That damn reg has got a paintball gun! Those rubber knives sure do look menacing!! Arg! If I zap them they won’t let me back in!” he thought. He slowly raised his hands into the air again, but at the last second he did a cowboy floor roll, pulled out his stun gun and lunged at the reg. The paintballs blasted into Paul’s eyes, blinding and confusing him, almost knocking him off his feet. “Ok, ok, ok, you win!” he bellowed, “I give up!”

    They took him away in shackles, head drooped, feet scrapping the floor as he was dragged away to the Mind Penetration and Impingement Room to be dealt with accordingly.

    The End

  201. Mr. David Miscavige has hit each of the seven. His lackeys are guilty, too.

  202. This line is pure gold:

    Even in a PTS (Potential Trouble Source) person there must have been out-ethics conduct toward the suppressive personality he or she is connected with for the person to have become PTS in the first place.

    This is why we don’t “need” disconnection. If you go PTS to someone, you have overts against them. So, the thing to do is to NOT disconnect, but to handle your own scene so you are not affected by it.

    One of the things I loved about Scientology in the creative processing era was the concept of, instead of erasing the bank, beefing the thetan up so much he can handle any bank. The same would be true of so-called SPs. The only power SPs have is what we give them.

    Great reference, Kristina!

  203. If he wore those glasses and looked at a Miscavige kool-aid drinker, the text would say, “Suppressive Reasonable, Robot – needs lots of auditing”. HA! HA! If he wore them and looked at Miscavige, the text would say, “Wants to kill everyone” HA!

  204. DMs Psychotic Break

    I wish him all the best in his journey, wherever it may be at the moment. I hope he knows that we all will still be here when he needs us and it is a blessing to know that this community is here for him whenever, wherever, and however.

  205. David Miscavige is getting weak. The attacks on his cult will increase as he is more openly mocked and ridiculed in the Media. He has created an environment where it is socially acceptable to openly mock a Scientologists in the Media:×71

  206. Hi Roger, thanks also for all your wonderful posts on Wonderful on coming out.


  207. I just think Paul has had an out gradient in coming out. He was not safe pointed. In the PR series (how to handle black PR) LRH says to first being safe pointed then speak up. To do otherwise is dangerous. Like, imagine, the next morning his daughter call : “Dad… If you continue like that, i’ll never see you again… do you see what you have done…?” an so on and so forth… The mistake here would have been to behave with heroism. Which is not the way one handle PTSness, remember in 10 august 73, LRH says : “gently”.
    It does also remind me a stupid issue from RTC : IGN 28 (was it 28 or 29?). It was an eval based on the idea that dissemination didn’t occur because scientologists were hiding the fact they were scientologists (mostly in Germany) for fear of loosing their job or else. It was assumed that they were in treason. So, in order to upgrade their condition, they were to announce to their business associates or boss or whatever, that they were scientologists!
    Some wrote very stupid letters : “Dear… I want to let you know I am a member of the church of Scientology…” Needless to say that some really lost their job!
    The actual reason of antagonism to scientology was not spotted anyway!
    But they stood tall and got shot! (actually cross PTSness from the church and from the “wogs”!)

    Maybe I’m a treasonous coward back to when I was a corporate scientologist and now as an indie but it seems that the “stand tall” attitude is sometime dangerous and produce an opposite effect.
    Not to advocate complete cowardice… there is a middle path…

  208. Paul Staffer will be back, mark my words.

    Once you have tasted the freedom of following your own conscience without interference, there is no substitute.

    I wish him the best under what must be some intense (and no doubt underhanded) pressure. He won’t want to continue associating with the CoS under those circumstances.

  209. Hold on a minute but wasn’t LRH guilty of lying (or at least stretching the truth) about his background, qualifications and other details — after all his vocation was a fiction story teller? Didn’t he also lie about how many wives he had, ostracize his gay son and liked to be surrounded by pretty young women as well as amassing a fortune? I may be wrong on these, and would be happy to be corrected, but he was human and what is/was acceptable and ethical does evolve with time. However please don’t get me wrong I certainly wouldn’t put LRH on the same scale with the evil that seems to exude out of every part of the current dictator who is clearly not even a true human being.

  210. Random,
    you are friggin crazy funny!!

  211. “Through doing the Super Study Rundown, the ability is regained for a thetan to absorb and duplicate data and to be able to have knowledge and to know.”

    Wait — I thought that scientology was already the study of duplicating data and being able to have knowledge and knowing how to know. So haven’t all adherents — even at the “lowest levels” already attained this goal?

    Color this non-scientologist confused…

  212. I should have added that I’m very encouraged by the Indie Sci community which seems to consist of intelligent, ethical and caring people. Clearly a case of the cream rising and being separated out. My best wishes to you all.

  213. This list read on me, too, Tony.

  214. IEG, Hope you got another dog. They are a constant lesson of living in the moment.

  215. I think most folks who’ve watched this video probably feel the same chills…

    Fear for Tom C. and sadness for those adherents to CoS (corporate) — yet also, the chill of the bald fascism expressed.

  216. Yes. Hearts go out to him — more than probably any one of us could imagine. The internet is a powerful force, and his post lives on despite Marty’s respectful deletion. Many have read Paul’s statement, and it has been copied and posted elsewhere.

    Paul: know that we support you in your journey to health.

  217. Not part of Super Power. That has 12 very specific rundowns. One of the very last bulletins we compiled in 1991 before the rerelease of the Tech Vols was one about the PRD in relation to KTL and LOC. I even forget now what is in that bulletin and it may be completely wrong but my guess is that this Super Study Rundown may be the PRD with KTL and possibly the Primary Correction Rundown. Maybe thrown out there as an arbitrary prerequisite to distract folks from realizing that Super Power remains far over the horizon due to lack of delivery personnel. With study courses you only need a Supe and Word Clearer. With Super Power you need auditors, C/Ses, etc.

  218. Scott,
    It was “Singer” that mixed the metaphor. I carried forward with the mix. I DO love that old Cherokee story though. Aye, the one you feed. It’s MUCH easier when the two opposed are gone I must say. (As in case gain accomplished in a full and honestly done Bridge.)

  219. Thanks for giving it shot RS

  220. Regards to Minerva.

  221. Dear Marty,

    May I translate and re-publish some articles from your blog and on my website ?

  222. Impartial English Girl

    Hee-hee, thanks! I’m a bit like the ‘Puss in Boots’ character from Shrek – all doe-eyed, pretty and sweet… until I catch someone picking on someone else – and then I’m suddenly a vicious little b*st*rd. Like an angry Jack Russell Terrier with breasts (please don’t try and visualise that. Not on a Sunday morning…)

    But you’d never know it to look at me… 😉

  223. Enjoy??? Are you experimenting with irony?

  224. Windhorse, I love the outline of the bardos. So true on some many levels.

  225. Agreed, Windhorse. We all understand the desire to speculate (lack of information abhors a vacuum just like nature does). We all know what Paul might be going through. But there might be other reasons too — perhaps as simple as wanting a little privacy during a major life transition.

  226. Not to worry.

    Paul’s had a whiff of freedom, he’ll be back.

    – Ron Matlock

  227. Freedom Fighter

    ROFLMAO!!! Brilliant!!

  228. You are the one for fun!!!

  229. LOL!!
    The Holy Toast…%$$3#$@!!!
    I feeel one comin on with that one, Jim. 🙂
    But I have to go to work right now.

  230. I believe it alright. Brits seem to have a special mutant rebel gene and clearly it’s flowing in your blood 😀

  231. 😀 Hilarious!

  232. Lady Min
    I’m so glad you made it all the way out. Last year’s Indie Party just wouldn’t have been the same without you 😀

  233. Your humble servant


  234. Well put, Jim. Especially those last lines. Hope all is well in your corner of infinity. 🙂

  235. Yes

  236. I wasn’t aware that I could. My email is “”. I’ve also asked Marty to give it to him should he ask, or to anyone who needs help when leaving. And if there’s anyone in the Toronto area or southern Ontario that needs a stable datum or terminal as a result of exiting, I’m more than happy to be one during the transition and going exterior to RCS.

  237. Actually, when I am down or bored I watch this again…no other You Tube video makes me laugh more…

  238. Ha ha! Don’t mess with Texas runs equally well for the UK 🙂

  239. Letters like those of Debbie are helpful for some to recognize that staying chained to the Titanic is no optimum condition and announce themselves. Those that don’t do so are not only unable to do something about it, they also perpetuate the condition. They keep themselves chained with the goal of protecting their loved ones which ironically guarantees the demise of those they aim to protect. All the successful freeing has been done by people like you who first free themselves and then work to get others out. All the unsuccessful wishful thinking is done by those that perpetuate the condition they want solved but in fact flow power to it by their very agreement. If they really love their loved ones, they’d announce themselves and start working towards freedom. Davey’s only power is restimulation of fear which makes the flock agree with the disconnection game; the only way to perpetuate it.

  240. Jesus! That brought tears to my eyes.

  241. Impartial English Girl

    Thanks sweetie. No new dog, cannot afford one just yet. 😦 But am walking a dog belong to an elderly housebound neighbour. There’ll never be another Jazz though… IEG xx

  242. ++ … “applaud your respecting Paul’s wishes.”

  243. >> In the PR series (how to handle black PR) LRH says to first being safe pointed then speak up. To do otherwise is dangerous. <<

    I was just thinking about this very point, yesterday. There are some key family members and friends whom I want to communicate to, before the Borg does. I want to make sure they hear my side first. I also want them to know that no one can force them to disconnect from me, through the enforcement of a canceled LRH policy.

    Hopefully, that will safe-point me with some of them.

  244. great headline – funny.

  245. Yeah, Jimmy.

    Free to be is the best state for me.

  246. You’re right Ron,

    He has had a look at the scene and KNOWS what is happening.

    It’s tough to stuff that back into a bottle – impossible I think.

    I have known Paul for many years – he is a gentle soul and I know the current scene within the ‘church’ bothers him greatly.

    He will be back.

  247. Ana wrote:
    “It does also remind me a stupid issue from RTC : IGN 28 (was it 28 or 29?). It was an eval based on the idea that dissemination didn’t occur because scientologists were hiding the fact they were scientologists (mostly in Germany) for fear of loosing their job or else. It was assumed that they were in treason. So, in order to upgrade their condition, they were to announce to their business associates or boss or whatever, that they were scientologists!
    Some wrote very stupid letters : “Dear… I want to let you know I am a member of the church of Scientology…” Needless to say that some really lost their job!”

    The german OSA is using this IGN to discredit Mark Rathbun and they say, that this IGN was ordered by Marty.
    Has anyone a copy of this issue?
    Marty, can you yourself say something about it?
    (I would love to see a copy of this issue.)

  248. When I was an Ethics Officer I counselled a guy who wanted to refund
    wanted leave Scn. As it was he was reviled as a Leper behind his back,
    you could cut the hatered with a knife. Long story short he came around
    but was still left in the lurch and did route out. His life undoubtably got better
    because he was no longer surrounded with people that hated his stinking guts to hell ( give you some idea of order of arc or lack thereof )
    I always remember that handling and have it as a staple in my ethics tool box . Saved a few from Org lynch mobs also.So ……..
    Paul dear Paul,not to wax poetic or put myself above you in any way,but just as a friend.Dont be discouraged, the road of life treats everyone differently.
    Most often there are no road signs and you make life up as you go along, there are dead ends and wrong roads but interesting places to see and fasinating travelling companions, many have had it far rougher than you
    thats why LRH is such a good friend to all of us, he gave us the road out.
    So one day your the cock of the walk and a feather duster the next.
    (quote from Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. ) and this place is too much like crawling on your belly over broken glass and bottle caps, Its not suppose to be like that, you have to take charge do what needs to be done
    Put a line down the middle of a piece of paper and list minus points on one side and plus points on the other side for any decision you make and choose the side with the most plus points and see if your life turns around for the better.Do an admin scale, make a clay demo of your current scene.
    Run around the block and notice something new each time.

    All the best for you Paul

  249. And the examiner will ask, :”ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET?”

  250. When the Power FSM Awards started many years ago people were awarded for getting new people into an Org or Mission who actually started on their first paid service in Scientology. This was a big deal, the number of NEW people starting their first paid service in any Scientology Center greatly monitored its overall health.

    As the Reign Of POB continued there were less and less new people starting their first paid service pretty much all over the globe and so the problem became how to make sure that there were more and more Power FSMs on stage at the New Years event! (Let’s not bother to discover WHY less and less new people start services in Orgs and Missions, we’ll just re-define the stat…WHEE!!!)

    And the someone had a Bright Idea! Redefining the statistic and the game! The NEW Power FSM game became selecting someone for a service. It didn’t matter if the person was new, or if it was the persons FIRST service. In the new game if you “selected” a person to Flag for an “L” or anything, it counted as part of the Power FSM Game. If you ever wondered why there became such a glut of “FSMs” all trying to cross select their “friends” here is part of your answer.

    Anyway this process reached the Penultimate Pinnacle of Bullshit with the Tom Cruise Freedom Medal Award. It was announced that Tom Cruise had personally disseminated to over a Billion People!!! The implication was that these billion (give or take a few million) people had actually started on some Scientology service or at least expressed an interest in Scientology.

    Here we had completely devolved from having a personal communication cycle with an individual and interesting that person in Scientology to the point where the person was interested enough to start their first service in Scientology to mentioning Scientology in an article about your new movie being viewed as the SAME thing.

    To anyone who was active in Scientology; as a field disseminator, Mission Staff, Org Staff or Sea Org Member this event and award for TC was like being hit in the face with a 2 x 4 …”You all suck, you can’t do shit, only Tom Cruise can produce anything. Oh yeah, and you’re all out ethics pieces of crap, TOM got a billion new people into Scientology, and what did YOU do? Nothing!!!”

    So, that’s why I re-watch the video when I want to laugh!!!

  251. Your humble servant


    What you are saying is certainly slanderous and ought not to be stated–if at all– without definite proof. That some other people have said the same thing, if they did, would certainly not constitute proof. For many years, Ron was the subject of well financed campaigns by various groups, including as the AMA, to discredit him. These attempts contained the most sordid lies and distortions imaginable. I myself, after having heard a great many of his lectures, have never formed the opinion that he lied or exaggerated about anything. He always came across to me as being honest, sincere and factual.

    No one here says that Ron was perfect in every way. However, I think most of us here think of Ron as being an exceptionally great man who made phenomenal contributions. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from repeating items of slanderous gossip as though they were unquestionable fact.

  252. I am not saying LRH lied or didn’t lie about his background because I don’t know. HOWEVER, IF he did lie it wasn’t in an effort to COVER UP his crimes but rather to present himself in a very favorable way — nuclear physicist for example, graduate of George Washington.

    As to his wives — 3 wives back in those days would have been excessive to the max. So he “forgot one” —

    I have 3 ex husbands and I often try to forget the first one in the telling 🙂 — it was very short.

    He never ostracized Quentin who btw wasn’t openly gay. He was very sweet and kind. And unhappy being a highly trained auditor – Class VIII and just wanted to fly airplanes.

    It’s REALLY a good idea to check INTENT with lying. You might lie for example to a small child about his father who died in the gutter after a drunken brawl. You might say — something a bit more acceptable to a youngster and the whole truth later.

    In any case, black and white thinking is what gets us all in a trap of our own making and the others who put us in a black box and we think we should be in a white box. And vice versa.

    Try grey for a change. 🙂


  253. Your humble servant

    Right, Dan. Also, years ago, before I realized we had a rabid psychopath “squirrel” posing as the “ecclesiatical leader” of the Church of Scientology, I thought that the technological gizmos that I heard about in relation to Super Power must have been directed by Ron. How naive of me! I now believe that all of that garbage must have been dreamed up or ordered by David Miscavige. One of the reasons he would hate for the delivery of Super Power to actually begin is that he can have NO IDEA of what the results might be of putting people through all of the weird effects that his machines will produce, and he is afraid to find out!

  254. That is exactly the point. You are going to die if you stay connected. Excellent analogy.

  255. Oh good lord. All we know is the guy backed off his post.

  256. Odd enough, but that’s all we know until we get more data.

  257. It isn’t advocating cowardice. You’re completely correct as far as I can tell and it may or may not be the case for Paul.
    I safe-pointed all of my comm-lines before speaking out. It took six months.
    There is a middle path but I worked very quickly to get the job done – no sitting around waiting for things to happen.
    And those I couldn’t handle in those 6 months – I was happy to leave them to figure things out for themselves knowing that I’d done all I could.

  258. aka steve – LMAO And I can just picture it!
    “Really short cut off jeans and a cowboy hat and blond wig?’
    Oh honey child, that musta been somethin to see!

  259. tony b
    Just as a note here…

    Many of the things that have been said that Ron lied about, are not HIS statements at all, but things others seem to have “dubbed in”.

    For instance; as far as I know Ron never said he was a “nuclear Physicist”. What I recall was that he said that he had taken a “nuclear physics course”. He never said that he “graduated from George Washington University… As I recall, he said the he left college before he graduated.

    Some things he said may have been exaggerations or only partial truths, perhaps some even fabrications, but I recommend that you look carefully at what the man HIMSELF actually said if you want the TRUTH about what he said. Otherwise you may well get inadvertently caught up in forwarding someone else’s agenda.

    Eric S

  260. So true on the toilet paper david. And sometimes clo canada on the 8th floor comes down to the 2nd to steal some.

  261. I got this song! 🙂 It is a Christian video, and though it is on You Tube it is also on God Tube. I just fell in love with the theme and now I have it as the signature background for my home page! I love it. It makes me feel like a young Prince in Scotland again! {uh oh, I don’t want to say too much! 🙂 }. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  262. Sorry Nanook, this one makes me laugh more.

  263. YHS…. Thanks for your feedback. In these he says she says we say situations it is usually impossible to state what is truth and what isn’t. That’s unfortunate as scientology means the study of knowledge (i.e. truth) and why I asked in the form of questions not statements of my own opinion. Your opinion is that “he has never lied or exaggerated about anything”. Can you prove that? I doubt it. So you must believe his story about being up in the Van Allen Belt and finding it warmer than expected. No-one has shown hard evidence that DM has beaten people but the amount of circumstantial evidence indicates that it probably occurred. And it, among other things, will bring him down. With the impending failure of the current COS the independants will occupy the scientology niche either as a religion or as an incredibly useful technology or, like now, as an out and out commercial operation. I hope it is the middle one. LRH will be a focus of attention instead of DM and questions that you refer to as slanderous gossip will be asked and will have to be dealt with. It is important that he not be deified and set up as anything other than an incredibly smart man who put all this together. But don’t fall into the Tommy Davies reactive /defensive mind trap that anything you don’t like to hear is automatically a lie or slander or character asassination. As I mention, and you agree, LRH was not perfect and just like some of the new testament stories that JC was reputed to have told some of LRH’s will be downright unbelievable or tall tales. People can take what they want from these just as they do in Christianity where they are called parables. If they come from other religions they are usually called myths.

    WINDWALKER and WINDHORSE you also have comments below that I can’t see right now but one was about me being stuck in a black and white world. I am not and never have been. I continue to wish the new revitalized Scientology all the best. I’ve been fascinated by it for a while and I’m smart enough to know that in its purer forms it can be a force for good.

  264. Windhorse: I agree with most of what you say here. Of course LRH’s son could hardly be open if he was gay (I know lots of sweet and kind heterosexual men and a couple of not-nice homosexual men). “Ostracized” was not a good choice of word on my part. However when I bought Dianetics in the early 70’s homosexuals were described as perverts and at the bottom of the tone scale. Ironically that was still the prevailing wisdom in the psychiatric world at the time. Somehow I doubt that a smart guy like LRH would write the same today, which is why I say that ethics evolve with society. Thanks for commenting.

  265. Jean-François Genest

    ► Go homeless in Canada in February for a while, and see if you can feel Paul’s pain. Please cut him some slack. The reality up here is quite different. David Stokes explained it well in his write up.

  266. Never seen that one before…I am happy to give that one a #2, but it still doesn’t touch Tommy C. His total psychotic arrogance, along with his sound effects are perfect!

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