Massive, Straight Up and Vertical International Expansion – Really Dave?

By Mike Rinder

There have been many posts and numerous comments on this blog mocking the overhyped “expansion news” that Miscavige feeds his captive audience of clubbed seals at events.  They are well trained to applaud every time there is a loud explosion and a line bursts through the top right corner of a graphic on screen. No other stimulus is required:  disbelief is suspended and all critical thinking is cast aside. He tosses out stinking fish and the seals don’t even stop to chew – they swallow it whole and with relish.

Of late, in response to exposing the truth about the sham campaigns (“give us money so we can air ads all over the world” and none are ever seen by anyone except maybe on the Home Shopping Network at 4am), Miscavige bit the bullet and started shelling out for ads to appear on mainstream, high profile TV shows in the US.  Of course, he can’t say something different in these ads to what he says at his events, hence they tout:  “growing faster today than anytime in history”,   “more than 10,000 churches, missions and groups”, “welcoming over 4.4 million new people each year” and “grassroots groups starting every 24 hours.” Unfortunately, no matter how untrue or misleading these statements are, Miscavige knows no regulatory entity is going to bother taking the church to task for false advertising.

But , as anyone who has been to an org in the last 20 years knows, in the real world you cannot see any of this massive international expansion other than empty bricks and mortar, purchased with the blood extracted from the clubbed seals .

Even worse is the Mission network.  If this massive international expansion were to be evident anywhere, it would surely be at the entrance to the Bridge. Maybe it takes a while for everyone to flow up the Bridge to the orgs… (especially if the Bridge itself is blocked with Basics, 3 swing FNs, arbitrary blanket objectives etc etc), but it is not an unreasonable assumption to expect to see straight up vertical soaring to the heavens expansion with Missions springing up all over, flourishing and prospering.  Wow, you might even expect to see things approaching the days of missions with hundreds of staff and huge course rooms and HGCs (think Riverside in its heyday).  They don’t even have the “Ideal Mission” program rolling – JT paid for ONE in Ocala FL (it’s completely empty, Christie and I were the ONLY people in there on a Saturday afternoon other than the Hungarian receptionist who had been brought into the country at the invitation of Scientology friends).

There is another datum that Miscavige has driven home – “you are known by your nearest delivery org.” He hammered this in on the FSO – forcing them to “be responsible for” Tampa org.  This is how he got the money to buy the original Tampa buildings and now defunct test centers.  From FSO public.  He turned  CMO CW into the “management” of Tampa.  SO staff were sent to Tampa to fill posts.  FSO public were press ganged into joining staff there or sending their children to join (“It’s command intention”).   Local FSO public were put on course and into the HGC.  And it became the dumping ground for FSO reject public.  The FSO was NEVER intended to be a management org for Tampa. That is CLO EUS’s job.  But it didn’t matter to Master Manager Miscavige.  He has done the same with organizations around the world – somehow AOSHUK is responsible for London (though Brighton is closer…) etc etc.  Wherever its convenient to make others wrong, he jumps at it.

Ok Master Manager Miscavige – how do you explain this? The “Redlands Mission.” Redlands Mission RIP

Come on Dave, don’t be shy — this is (was) the closest Mission to RTC Headquarters. This is the closest Scientology delivery to your $70 million palace.

This is your massive straight up and vertical booming international expansion?

Maybe it just hasn’t osmosed from your home in neighboring Riverside County into San Bernardino County yet? Or from neighboring LA County for that matter? Maybe they don’t get TV there in San Bernardino?  Maybe they are just out of step with the rest of the world?  Maybe none of the 10 million Scientologists are in San Bernardino County?  Certainly none of the 10,000 Orgs and Missions are…. Perhaps the 2 million residents of San Bernardino are just not part of the 12,054 new people flooding into Scientology every day because there is something in their drinking water?

Dave, this building is less than 30 minutes from RTC HQ straight down Highway 10. You pass within a mile of it every time you roll by in your bulletproof armored van, or your BMW, Saleen Mustang, Mazda RX 7, Miata, Landrover Discovery, Ford Expedition, Acura RL or whatever else you have on the West Coast these days.

Dave, how about an explanation for this photo taken just 3 days ago by Sinar Parman?

And if you think they just  moved to “Ideal Mission” (or any) premises, you would be mistaken – they are no longer part of the straight up and vertical world of David Miscavige. They no longer exist.  In fact, the only Dianetics and Scientology in the entirety of San Bernardino County is the CST property at Rim of the World.

Dave, I am sure there is a good explanation and we are just missing it. A small group of apostates has taken over San Bernardino?  We are leaving the clearing of San Bernardino to last because they have been hard to work with on the permits for the fences at CST? Marty Rathbun infiltrated the Mission and they became squirrel?

But wait, maybe that is really unfair. Maybe we should only be talking about Dave’s closest org? Unfortunately for you Dave, its Orange County.

Check the state of Orange County Org out here.

Now, that promo piece is sort of like the Tel Aviv org video. Makes you think that the building is really done.  All nicely lit up and looking slick.

But the OC Weekly followed up with this, including some very relevant information from Luis Garcia.

And here is an even more recent shot (this week) of that very same building your promo piece showed lit up and open:

Real state of OC org

Dave, do we have another anomaly in the big picture of massive, straight up and vertical international expansion? Perhaps its really rocking and rolling everywhere except Orange County (and San Bernardino County, and Santa Barbara county and San Diego County… )?  Funny, OC used to be a large org and things were rocking and rolling. Back when they delivered Dianetics and Scientology rather than just being a roosting house for IAS and Idle Org vultures.  There has got to be some explanation for this very public failure in the center of “the largest concentration of Scientologists on the planet.”  Surely you can explain this Dave?

Your closest org AND closest Mission are falling behind, or have dropped out altogether, in the straight up and vertical stampede to planetary clearing?

Or maybe, just maybe, you are a bald-faced liar.

170 responses to “Massive, Straight Up and Vertical International Expansion – Really Dave?

  1. Well this is true, any CLO or Managment facility has responsability or at least that was supposed to be years ago, for this:
    a) The nearest Services Org to the CLO or Managment Unit IS A DIRECT REFLECT of THAT Managment Unit or CLO. That keep us thinking right?…
    b) David making FSO as managment responsable for other Organizations is just a blatant violation of every single Command Channel inside the Corp. Administration of Scientology, if we see that as a truly scn believer… we would say David is creating the LONGEST BYPASS on all History of Scientology. No wonder why having Debbie Cook out was so Important for Dave and yes he is making the very spirit of the Administration to Vanish, aswell is doing with the Orgs around him.
    c) If we dont believe David or Dave or Little Dave has on his mind every single managment Org (Sea Org) on a NOT-IS Condition I would say to everybody this: – When Mexican Ideal Org was inaugurated – David never ever stepped inside the Contintental Leason Office for Latinamerica. Not one day. He just stayed at 1 parishioner’s house with his body guards.
    Of course is alright for Dave to do this as he is like the all mighty lord inside the Corporate Cult, but I still have testimonies of people that his personal assets (special food, special dishes, fridge and more….) were not able to get out from Customs at the Airport.
    d) By his orders not a single Sea Org Member was allowed to step inside the Ideal Org, omg all those poor bstrds…. who made all the criminal reg cycles for his Ideal Org not being even allowed to put a foot inside?, that talks how much David hates local mangaments except his own manning way to be.
    e) What Marty is showing us here is the direct per policy influence of the nearest local administration of Scientology on the area where it is supposed to be on full expansion as is nearest to David Miscavige but… sadly is not true.
    Rafael Gómez

  2. If this massive international expansion were to be evident anywhere, it would surely be at the entrance to the Bridge. Maybe it takes a while for everyone to flow up the Bridge to the orgs…

    They’re all stuck on the roundabout (popular road layout in Europe, especially fun in Italy and France) that’s on the road leading up to The Bridge.

    Some wag moved the sign pointing to The Bridge exit so they keep going around and around. The same wag moved to toll booth on to the roundabout so they have to pass through it on each circuit.

    Mind you the only ones entering the roundabout these days are from the Nation of Islam. ^^

  3. Forgot email check box.

  4. Mike; As I said – you should write a book (not necessaily on Scientology, a good novel would be great).

  5. The Titanic struck an Ice Berg and half of all aboard lived.

    Scientology was run over by David Miscavige and all die horrible deaths

    All you numbers guys compare the stats to Titanic survivors to Scientology Public that want to go Clear or OT.. Yes, your odds of survuving are much better .on the Titanic after hitting the Ice Berg.

  6. Agreed.


  7. Awesome Mike!

    This is a great way to show fence-sitters who come to this blog the actual truth of this massive fraud.

    We need people from around the world going to their nearby orgs and missions, photographing the empty parking lots, the incomplete or abandoned buildings, etc.

    When Seattle had their Grand Opening in July of 2010, the staff parking lot was insanely packed. As my father reported on this blog around a year ago, staff had to leave car keys at reception so that other staff they were blocking could move their cars out of the way to go home.

    Nowadays, the staff parking lot is usually less than half full. And it’s not a very big lot to begin with. Maybe twenty spaces.

    The initial staff recruitment boom (under extreme duress), for the Grand Opening has shrunk drastically. Currently, Seattle Day Org only has one staff auditor. Other Seattle folks here can attest to it.

    Ideal Orgs are an UNUSUAL SOLUTION and a scam.

  8. What I love about Mike’s writing is how friendly it is. You might even call it “gentle” — NOT in the sense of weak but in the sense of truly not aggressive.

    The Sakyong (my teacher) said in his recently released book “Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training Body and Mind”

    “He states, “My meditation teachers taught me that with aggression you may accomplish some things, but with gentleness you can accomplish all things.”

    Then he writes, “Gentleness allows us to have more skill and more options in how we can overcome negative habits and ingrain positive ones. Gentleness allows us to utilize all the aspects of what is happening in the environment … the distinction between being wise and being foolish is not so much who you are, but how you utilize what you have.”

    The independent scientology movement seems to embody the last line — not so much WHO we are as individuals but how we utilize what we have.


  9. The same old LDW

    Another Very Well Done on the communication, Mike.

    You said, “Or maybe, just maybe, you are a bald-faced liar.”

    I would just add a few adjectives like: suppressive, narcissistic, sadistic, bald faced liar.


  10. I agree Geir. Mike is a very good writer.

    In regards to the topic at hand, it dawned on me that Miscavige is running the same operating basis on the rest of the world as he does with his staff. He is trying to SHOVE these Ideal Orgs into existence by sheer force.

    What we are seeing is Miscavige trying to enforce his will on others and the world ain’t buyin’ it.

    Sindy from Dave’s computer

  11. Yes! there is massive, straight up and vertical international expansion of DMs lies. The expansion also goes horizontal too.

  12. I think that we need to compile a blog roll of all the orgs local to each of us with photo graphic evidence of its real state. That would really expose the lies. Let’s give the public pictures of the stats, building state, photos of the empty orgs, empty course rooms from all over the world. There’s your KR and ability to do your doubt formula.

  13. Poor Dave 😦
    He thought everyone was out to get him & now he’s made himself right. 🙂

    Phil Bruemmer

  14. Well said Mike,
    I remember watching the events years ago – massive expansion everywhere else but where I was. I wondered what we were not doing – many of us were working our a$$es off, but as with most Class V Orgs, the constant demand for money to pay for the lights, heating, etc., became a weekly ritual.

    I had to laugh (while rolling my eyes) and the major outpoints of Miscavige’s Ideal Org strategy … the proof is in the pudding – NO RESULTS.

    David Miscavige’s actions are one big failure after another.

    And to those who lurk reading this blog but do not post … believe me, the lack of public and constant demands for more donations are not just occurring in your local Org – it is going on EVERYWHERE.

    You are being lied to and it starts right at the top – David Miscavige.

  15. “The roundabout to total freedom” – great and apt image.

  16. Bryan,

    We need people from around the world going to their nearby orgs and missions, photographing the empty parking lots, the incomplete or abandoned buildings, etc

    I think this is an excellent idea. Maybe Steve would be willing to set up a special spot on his blog where they can be collected together.

    There are a lot of people out there that could actually go INSIDE their local orgs and take photos. After all, if Mark Bunker can walk into “Ideal Orgs” and get a tour and have the staff hold his camera for him while he poses in the empty Div 6, I am sure there are a lot of others that can do the same. It would be great to have a “Gallery of Shame” showing the actual state of these Ideal Orgs.

    I just heard from someone in Melbourne today that they didnt finish and open the whole building — and there is a Sea Org “garrison” that is living there now…

    There are people all over the world who read this blog.

    It would be a worthwhile project…


  17. What a great post! Dave’s stats are crashed with no hope of improving and his lying ways exposed for the world to see, complete with pictures.

    Hey Dave, look at the bright side, you’re not in prison……..yet. What do you think they’ll get you for Dave? Fraud? Human trafficking? Assault? Battery?

  18. Or maybe it should be the Hamster Wheel to Total Freedom

  19. Gross stupidity? Arrogance? Cranio-rectal implant?

  20. Exsoala — Agreed, see my comment in response to Bryan U.

  21. Horizontal would be an improvement. The trend, certainly in the UK, is downwards. My London Org snoops tell me there is NEVER more than half a dozen public in the Academy mid week, and one or two HGC public. When I was studying in Ldn Fdn in 1981 it was PACKED. As was Div 6.

    As for intances of straight up and vertical DM lies (or times when he mis-spoke, or was economical with the truth), never mind vertical or hizontal, you could create fascinating sherical and cuboid shapes never even dreamed of.

  22. Globetrotter

    Great idea! I could take a picture of our local mission, but you couldn’t tell it was a Scientology Mission. It has NO visible outside sign (apparently it is kept secret for some reason…?) is open 2-3 days a week part time, and the auditor/supervisor only goes in when there is at least one person to go on course. The minimum of 1 public they need to open for service only means existing Scientologists – people I asked who went on course there have not seen a single new person in the mission in months. There is no visible sign of any advertising, or any kind of activity to get new public in.

    Reply to this comment if YOUR local mision shows similar signs of “spectacular expansion”…

  23. Now we know why Dave is such a shithead. He learns by osmosis!

  24. So true…. Tampa Org was paid for and created on the backs of Flag staff and public. Gold crew were brought in to create the fantasy video with Flag staff and public bused in on a Saturday morning, armed with flags, banners and balloons… After the photo shoot the place was empty. I was the Tampa Org maintenance man HFF (Held From Flag) for months after the “grand opening”. They couldn’t change their own light bulbs and the place was empty.

    I then went to Europe for 9 months in an attempt to find some staff for Flag.
    That’s when I found out newly created and promoted “St. Hill size orgs” were a joke/lie. Next I found out the “Missions” public shelled out $50,000 for and were being promoted at the events, were mainly tool sheds or garages out in the country filled with piles of molding materials.

    I finally arrived at St. Hill itself in the spring of 2004. St. Hill, the jewel of Europe. St. Hill, the org that all others strived to be like. I was there for about a week and I just couldn’t believe it. The place was a sleepy ghost town. Every time I looked into the SHSBC course room, there sat the same
    lonely student, all by himself.

    As a Flag staff member I had watched things get crazier and crazier at Flag and now I understood that the international events weren’t just exaggerated, they were full of shit, flat out lies. I felt betrayed. After returning to Flag (had to pay for the airfare myself as Flag Crew couldn’t cover the expense in FP for months) I took a fresh look at things. I remember the first day back, sitting on the staff bus on the way to work looking at all the exhausted staff members, many with their eyes closed trying to catch an extra 10 minutes rest…. I confronted what I had been trying to not-is for some time. The Sea Org was hopelessly off the rails and I needed to get out of there and make my own way while I still could.

    It wasn’t until I was out of the Sea Org and had spoken to ex Int staff that I had personally known for 20-30 years, that I understood the big picture
    and the role that Miscavige played in it.

    As Amy (my wife) once said in an interview, “If my intention was to hurt Scientology, I would say nothing and just let David Miscavige continue to do what he is doing”.

  25. Mike,

    “Back when they delivered Dianetics and Scientology rather than just being a roosting house for IAS and Idle Org vultures.”
    Nicely stated observation.

    This widely applies to the remnants of the church.

    Yep – regging for David Miscavige’s escape plan and not to help people get up the Bridge. That is the False Purpose right there, right in your face.


  26. “He tosses out stinking fish and the seals don’t even stop to chew – they swallow it whole and with relish.”

    You really have a way with words, Mike. Thanks for another great article.

    In Houston (the 4th largest city in the US), there is one (1) mission. That’s it. The only Texas orgs are Dallas (empty idle org) and Austin (still collecting money for an idle org).

    The staff at the Houston mission work very hard for little or no pay and little or no results. There was a time when the mission was doing pretty well, but the last time I was there, they had some folks on Div 6 courses, some Book One auditing and not much else going on. I recall one time overhearing staff complaining that the “why” for no public was because the field was so out-ethics. Their evidence included the fact that no one seemed to want to participate in events. Gee, I wonder why.

    Over the years, we heard that Houston would be the next ideal org, that Texas was planned to be home of the newest AO, etc. It’s all just smoke and mirrors.

  27. Dean and Martin, LOL to all above. And the roundabout is like a monopoly game, only each time you pass GO you PAY money instead of collect.

  28. Tom Gallagher

    Impersonating a sentient being?

  29. There should also be a timeline indicated on pictures of ideal orgs. For instance, I know someone with pictures of the NY org a couple of years ago. Another picture dated this year would give realistic perspective.

  30. Ditto Seattle Mission that moved from a visible location to an invisible, unmarked hole-in-the-wall.

  31. Globetrotter

    I absolutely love the idea, especially if we can keep it objective – e.g. not ONLY posting pictures about the totally failing orgs (which could be seen as biased) but just ANY org, including those that DO have some life still left in them. What I am trying to say is the most credible way to do it would be “here are the facts” vs. “look at ALL of these failing orgs”.

    Despite the current Titanic scenario, there are some orgs that have some good people in them who keep the spirit of Scientology alive locally between trying to make the straight up an vertical IAS donations/event attendance/book sales/building donations quotas. I respect them for the hard work they are doing, and I wish I could tell every single one of them that the ship is sinking and they should take a look at the “cause” they are supporting with their honest and hard work… 😦 My guess is the orgs that are still “alive” are those furthest away from the DM-inflicted insanity.

  32. ROFL, Broom!

  33. Ronnie Bell

    “The roundabout to total freedom”

    Perfect imagery! Perfect analogy! The addition of the toll booth completes the picture precisely.

  34. Well said, Mat!

  35. Agreed. The piece itself lives. The necessary (documented) facts are laid out very nicely, and the metaphors were ‘always meant to be’. E.g. “Back when they delivered Dianetics and Scientology rather than just being a roosting house for IAS and Idle Org vultures.”

  36. Hey, Cynthia, in Seattle we were fed that “home of the next AO” lie WAAAY back when. The guy who came to speak about it said, “So you think you’ll be the next AO,” and he sneered at the audience in utter derision!

    From the mood of excitement over what we might be able to accomplish, it dumped everyone down the roller coaster chute to a conviction that we just weren’t good enough. By creating this “third-party” effect within each person against himself, it kept us from looking at the truth.

  37. scilonschools

    “Hungarian receptionist who had been brought into the country at the invitation of Scientology friends”

    Funny that, here in the UK I went out for a few drinks with two girls billited in Sussex while they were over here training, one was Braziliasn the other Romanian.
    What is it with the CULT and these South American/Eastern Europeans?

  38. Ronnie Bell

    Indeed. I remember in the late 70’s, early 80’s, that you had to arrive early to make sure you got a decent parking place in the PAC Base parking lot, or you’d be crawling the surrounding streets to find some less secure place to park your car.

    The last time I was on lines there (in mid 2005) I never saw the lot filled to capacity. The biggest outpoint about that, is that the property was bought in the mid-70’s, and should have long been outgrown, if real expansion were occurring. Instead, the reverse has happened. Besides stuffing the orgs full of people studying the Basics, how are their vital statistics of major course completions and well done auditing hours going? Well, they’re in the toilet, per actual documentation.

    The saddest thing of all, is how right LRH is about what causes a situation like this. Miscavige could have gone golfing for the last thirty years, and Scientology would have grown by leaps and bounds all on its own. It took active and continuous suppression and destruction on his part to stop the forward momentum of expansion of a worldwide movement.

  39. Hey, this reminds me of the old days of having people write a “postulate check” with the idea that the money would be in the bank though it wasn’t now. When the check bounced it created chaos, showing that it was a non-survival thing to do.

    Well, now we have “postulate ideal orgs” and BOY, do they ever bounce!

  40. The exact reason for switching people around the world is that they are then prisoners because the cult holds their passports and visas and green cards. If they were to escape, they would not have these vital documents and they wouldn’t know anyone in the area to help them. It is a common trick in the adventure called “human trafficking.”

  41. I am specifically referring to staff members.

  42. Tony Dephillips

    Great idea!!

  43. Ronnie Bell

    Over the years, we heard that Houston would be the next ideal org, that Texas was planned to be home of the newest AO, etc. It’s all just smoke and mirrors.

    My wife and I had been living on a far-flung orbit away from active Scientology for a number of years, when the big push began to create an ‘Ideal Org’ in Dallas. We began to get more involved at that point, and at first, we bought into all of the PR about expansion, the Basics, Golden Age of Knowledge, Ideal Orgs, etc.

    After the Dallas Org was settled into its posh new quarters, we couldn’t help but notice how empty the place was at all times of the day. I also couldn’t help the sense of unease I felt just being in the place. I would sometimes even introvert a bit because of those feelings, but something just wasn’t right. My radar never fails me. I felt it, but couldn’t exactly put my finger on it. The place just did not feel safe to me, and the dearth of bodies in the shop only made the feeling more pronounced.

    Now that I’m armed with more complete information, and am looking at the orgs from an exterior viewpoint, it’s easy to see the complete cause and effect picture. The lie hits you as soon as you walk in the door. Such magnificent palaces of learning and enlightenment ought to be filled to overflowing with people. The fact that they’re not, tells you that there’s a big lie on the line somewhere.

  44. Theta Potata

    Great point about DM’s private GPM. A mainstream national advertising campaign about expansion (even with clever wording) doesn’t line up with what the parishioners see day to day. So it’s another case of the Emperor’s new clothes. A few people at a time, but a steady progression of parishioners are realizing the nakedness of lies they are asked to swallow.

  45. Ronnie Bell

    From Michael Hobson via the Independent Scientologist FB page:

    “What I find simultaneous hilariously comedic and despairingly tragic is this: if those Innies had fears about getting a Ron Hubbard brand (accept no substitutes) Standard Tech Bridge as their true concern, then why the *hell* are they still hanging out at David Miscavige’s Church of Black Scientology?

    The evidence that serious and severe squirreling of Hubbard’s Tech to the extent that *hundreds* of NOTS Pre-OT’s have or are dying of cancer, have gone mad and committed suicide or *MURDER* or have gone completely criminal on Darth Midget’s brand “Scientology” is overwhelming and has been for a good many years.

    There is *NO BRIDGE TO TOTAL FREEDOM to be had in the Church of Black Scientology.”

  46. Mike R,
    I received a call 2 days ago from a SO member at Orange County org, saying that the Orange County “ideal org” will be open in 3 weeks and I should be part of that opening. I laughed when I listen to his message, thinking to myself that he is now calling an “SP” (me) to help with the opening of their ideal org.
    In the last week, I received 4 messages on my phone from Pasadena org asking me as an FSM to bring people into their org and help them to expand. One of the messages was about Michael Lewis delivering a seminar on “finding ruins on second dynamics” and that I as an FSM should find out if any of my selectees have second dynamic ruin and take them to that seminar. I think Michael Lewis should deliver that seminar to David Miscavige since he is the most abberated on second dynamic.

  47. Dolphin Play

    Good work, Sinar and Mike Rinder!

    David Miscavige and clubbed seals will be held accountable.

    How Do I Report False Advertising?

  48. Amazing. Amazing. Especially the data on Missions and St. Hill. Makes me wonder if the Co$ has more than 1,000 active staff worldwide.

  49. Kevin Tighe

    My apologies as this is off topic but I thought it was noteworthy to mention that just a few weeks ago Lisa Marie Presley’s web site still had links to Scientology related social betterment sites. They appear to be gone now. Then there are these lyrics from her new album that is soon to be released:

    Lay down the law, don’t make a sound
    Just critical, just going down
    I don’t belong, I’ve lost the plot
    Not gullible
    Can’t be what I’m not

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
    Well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    Lay down the truth, don’t make a sound
    Just a piece of fruit who’s hit the ground
    I don’t respond
    I’ve lost the plot
    Not what I thought

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothin yet
    I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
    Well you ain’t seen nothing yet

    Am I a disruption to your corruption?
    You ain’t seen nothing yet

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothing yet
    If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail

    No longer elated
    now you’re frustrated
    You ain’t seen nothing yet

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothing yet
    If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
    Well you ain’t seen nothing yet

    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
    You ain’t seen nothing yet

  50. Tampa org was awarded a new building shortly after I was ordered by Miscavige to personally pay their $5000 rent bill due to eviction threats. “Great expansion!”

  51. Request for docs on closing orgs:

    If not:
    Home/Forums/Initiatives/Anonymous v. Scientology/News and Current Events/ Leaks & Legal

  52. Mike Hobson

    Ronnie, I did not give you my permission to repost that here. You did not even ask me.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  53. The thread is Orgs Closing and Other Downstats? (page 96 of Leaks & Legal, last post May 3, 2009). Threre are some other threads with pix and vids. I tried to find the one of the (I believe) Birmingham org – the former church building, with the roof burned off since the Co$ bought it.

  54. I love Mike Rinder…the stats and the truth will set Scientologists free. For most, the evolution out will start with a doubt formula, which will invariably get them around to looking at the stats.

    Here are a few I witnessed in the Sacramento area:

    1) Folsom Mission doesn’t exist…closed down.

    2) I remember one blogger saying that in the two years he lived across from the Davis Mission that he never saw the lights on.

    3) I just drove by another Sacramento mission location…no cars out front.

    4) The new Sacramento Ideal Org was downright frightening. It is sad really…quite gut-wrenching. I sat outside for fifteen minutes. Never saw a public go in or out…could not see any public inside. I saw four sea org clad staff members, who literally sent me into grief. They looked slovenly, ill, and oh-so solid.

    5) Two years ago, at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon, I drove twice around the LA complex. I saw one old man hunched over, dressed up in Sea Org garb. There were about ten cars in the parking lot. It was shocking.
    On top of that, there were none of the old businesses surrounding the complex which use to service the public during lunches or breaks. Any businessman knows that businesses will open where public exist. No public = no businesses.

    6) I have personally seen six orgs…three were ideal orgs…all were empty.

    I have recently concluded that Scientology is far worse off than any of us can believe.

    Those left are very PTS and solid. SP’s love solidity and literal mindedness…they are in fact, solid themselves. When they look around they see clear expansion…expansion of solidity, of MEST, and of buildings. There is no theta, but this is not missing in their eyes…they cannot see it anyway.

  55. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Mike Rinder. That was a powerful, moving, poetic letter.

  56. Your humble servant


    I really don’t feel that the so-called Ideal Orgs are magnificent at all. To me they are inhuman and repelling. In general the remodels seem to try to give the same type of glitzy faux-classical columns type of effect that you have seen pounded on the screens at international events. Yes, they are attractive in a way, but in another way they are not welcoming. They have the flavor of an implant station, which I suppose is what they are supposed to be. This is accented by the electronic displays and so on that you might be greeted by if you go on in from the street. Since they are not at all “inviting,” it’s hardly surprising that people aren’t drawn to drop in.

    A few years ago I dropped by the Sacramento Org with a friend just to see it and I was surprised how empty it seemed to be be. I was also a bit taken aback by suspiciousness with which we seemed to be greeted. Although the staff were very friendly, I felt they were definitely suspicious about who we were and what we really wanted. This was of course long before the opening of the new Ideal Orgl

  57. Management by SP. Should we be surprised?

    Still, an unbelievable WOW !

  58. Jonsty, Thank you for the first hand observations.
    They are solid citizens all right.
    And your statement, “There is no theta, but this is not missing in their eyes…they cannot see it anyway.”
    Wow…right on.

  59. jsm-Raleigh

    The suggestion for interested people to visit and document scientology missions/orgs is an excellent one. I think it would be especially telling if a non-ex-scientologist would provide such documentation. I am in NC and am interested in what kind of scientology activity is going on in my state. So, I think I will be taking some pictures soon. Just let all of us interested and compassionate people know where to send such pictures. On anothe note, Mike Rinder is certainly a compelling person!

  60. LTC Forever

    Since the “Ideal Org” program:
    Melrose Scientology Mission – closed
    Scientology Mission of Santa Monica – closed

    In terms of the org in Orange County, I have been to it myself. I loved the old location. It is in a good area close to up-stat Irvine with lots of trees and outdoor space between different sectors of the low rise building complex. It’s like a mini campus. Why raise millions of dollars to buy a blob of concrete in a seemingly less up-stat Santa Ana downtown area? This makes no sense.

    Have you guys heard of this statement “… to satisfy the global demand for Scientology religion…?” Where is the “global demand?” I think the reality is unless you really looked for it, Scientology outside of direct expose to the orgs basically doesn’t exist even here in Los Angeles.

  61. Quite interesting. It is common knowledge, easily verifiable, many staff in CA Churchs, I dono but perhaps Texas as well, are from So. America. Many of whom specifically are from Venezuela, exact reasons I don’t know, but it is an observation. Mountain View makes mission to go there and recruit, that much I know first hand.

  62. Great article, photos and links. Well Done Marty!

  63. plainoldthetan

    Ditto for Tucson Mission. It was unmocked by some short-sighted idiots back in October and has been shrinking even faster. If the sign outside lasts another summer, it’ll be a miracle.

  64. LTC Forever

    And here is something funny… I think DM must be operating on this own internal statistics:
    Persons left
    Persons declared
    Persons bankrupt
    Persons dropped their body
    …. etc
    Maybe even something in this category:
    Number of words deleted from the original works
    Number of policies altered
    Instances of policy violated
    …. etc

    LOL – “Unprecedented expansion” in DM’s universe.

  65. Sherical and cuboid shapes!!!LOL!

  66. I think there should be pictures of the worn out staff too along with the empty centers.

  67. They have to reach out to us “SPs” as we can get things done. We actually use the Tech!

  68. I reckon Adobe should sue the RCS for product defamation. They truly are giving Photoshop a bad reputation..

  69. Forever Lurker


    This is probably way off topic for this thread . . . but it is Easter after all, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ . . . so maybe not that off topic.

    Do you think LRH will ever return or “resurrect” here on Earth? What’s your opinion on that?

    Now I’ve done the done the entire bridge — old OT levels and new — and audited others in the chair for thousands of hours in the 70’s. I know that the promise of “rebirth” or “return” with full knowledge of self is imbued throughout the various eras of tech development. So this is definitely a proper — and not in any way disrespectful — question. This is a key benefit and promise of Scientology to the outside world. Or so I thought.

    I think so much of the history of Scientology would have turned out vastly different if LRH had returned. He had told a few people I personally know that he was in fact coming back. If he had returned in body, whether he held a post or not, the world could not be kept away from the tech, I feel. This one act of LRH returning in body with full awareness would have changed religious history forever.

    “Now he is dead. Now he is alive again.” This is a powerful concept that has kept another religion alive for 2000 years and why we have a holiday today. It is a proof, of sorts, to the world and would do no harm, only good. Christ apparently did it and the resurrection built a longevity for that religion. Or so I read.

    Frankly, I’m a bit confused. I just don’t buy the “Target Two” myth (or shore story).

    Nowadays in the local org, a few of the upper echelon executives are privately circulating the belief/rumor that many of the OTs that have died recently (like Joe Feshbach, Richard Reiss and others) and have actually gone off to help LRH at Target Two. That’s why they died so young. Part of a plan. This is disturbing to actually hear with one’s own ears, but I guess they’re just trying to handle some kind of personal mental discomfort in some way.

    If you don’t feel like commenting on this today for one reason or another, then OK. I’m fine with that. I trust your judgement. But consider covering this in your book. I’d like your take on it.

    Forever Lurker

  70. I think I know what you mean Ronnie. Mountain View, one of if not the first Ideal Orgs, did not feel like I remembered when I came back to CA in 2006. Largely hollow for lack of a better explanation. Not a single PC waiting in the HGC, almost never, and I was on course off and on for 3 years. Far too few on course, and that was 6,5,4, and 3 years ago. I haven’t been there except for Ron’s 100th I popped in to see the event, in 3 years, but I have to suspect it hasn’t changed.

    It is certainly big enough to deliver Scientology to hundreds, maybe thousands spread out, yet an oddly small reception. Remember when it was fun to hang out? I remember wondering when I arrived 06, where is Div 6 and all the extra desks and phones and lounge we once used? For that matter, where are all the FSMs?

    The only promo I see lately are about the Basics, I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked if I have them, and weekly (if not daily) emails who has attained the next prestige for donating for the reno’s of an even bigger Ideal Morg, a massive 75,000 sq. ft. building purchased 3 or 4 years ago, still quite vacant “on the comm lines of Silicon Valley.” You have to wonder what that is taking off the top of the dono’s each year to just pay the taxes.

    What a freaking mad house.

  71. Sorry, Mike. Won’t happen again.

  72. It makes sense in a sick way. Introverted people don’t look outward so can’t see what’s really going on.

  73. Thanks for the eye-witness testimony, Mat. It always helps to hear first-hand accounts from people that were there.

  74. TroubleShooter

    Knowing what a top notch FSO div head that you were for years to see what you saw and confront the reality of the situation had to be hard for you. Good on you for correctly evaluating the situations and getting out.

  75. I do not know what these photos will prove. There are always times when Orgs are almost empty and at other times they are maybe nearly full. The neutral observer would think that the photos were taken just then when no one was there. To document the condition of the building would be more objective i think.

  76. TroubleShooter

    Wow! I think I was getting a bit too close to the truth when asking questions about their “expansion”. We were told that they had outgrown their first “ideal org” and so cob david miscavige black soul who has yet to show remorse gave them their newest building yes cob gave it to them that is what the staff were telling the public.

  77. Matt,
    Also loved the quote from Amy!

  78. Michael, I was reading down the comments and got to yours. I thought you were kidding but evidently you weren’t. Unfortunately a comment such as this plays right into DM’s hands. There’s nothing he’d like better than strife among the Indies. After all, DM doesn’t get many wins these days so he’ll take what he can get.
    Anything posted on a public forum, especially FB, is just that: public.

  79. TroubleShooter

    Oh my.
    Kevin that’s some good data indeed!

  80. Jean-François Genest

    Very nice article, Mike. Great news report. Good allusion to the LRH Central Bureaux Order that management orgs are a reflection to their nearest org. I hope the “fence sitters” will understand the truth.

    Moose-cavidge, ouch! this one must hurt. As Jack Nicholson said, “you can’t handle the truth!”, eh?

    I am curious to see what fantasized crap you’ll come up with at the upcoming May 9th implant. Show the IAS Gross Income stats, please. Show the Sea Org Reserves stat please. Show the “Bodies in the Hole” stat please. Show the “New Names to Marty’s Blog” stat please.

  81. plainoldthetan

    Mike: When I saw the title for this post, I remembered that the only way a stat can go straight up and vertical is if there’s zero time reflected on the graph. What else has zero time?

    See, the reactive mind is something that has never been timed, something that is still happening, something that is always now. And its “always nowness” deletes all time, and that is why you get an instant read. There’s no time in the reactive mind, which is what is wrong with it. Lecture 24 May 1962 E-METER DATA: INSTANT READS, PART 1 [SHSBC 162] (cassette xscript 147)

    So when I hear “straight up and vertical” I know I’m hearing Miscavige’s reactive mind talking.

  82. Wow Kevin!

    I hope she completes her Doubt and eventually comes out publicly. It sounds like she’s close, if not already there.

  83. Mike,
    Killer post!
    P.S. My email address is working again.

  84. lalalala

  85. I’d love to pose this question to anyone who might have informed answer:

    Since Miscavige’s Idle Orgs are no longer supporting themselves and the faithful are finally getting tapped out and fleeing through every orifice of Corporate $cientology, what’s Miscavige going to do when the graphs (of revenue and basic costs) cross? Will he actually dig into his billion($) of reserves to keep the lights on?


  86. Mike,
    Incredible post! As a correction, I had thought that it was the “Redlands Mission”, but on the RCS website with a locator, it’s actually listed as the San Bernardino Mission which is a far bigger area than just Redlands:

    Church of Scientology Mission of San Bernardino
    912 New York St., Ste. D
    Redlands, CA 92374
    United States

  87. Miami Org Report.
    On March 10th 2012, I went by my old Org in Coral Gables (Miami). It is a class V Org. Now, I don’t know if there was somewhere else the staff and public were (going for an LRH Birthday event-assuming there was one?) or what the deal was, but at nearly 8:30 pm the Org was dark!
    I went back the next evening at nearly 10:pm. It was unusual to see all the exec offices closed and the front of the church was closed and dark. I did go around back in the alley and noticed a few people leaving. Very strange indeed!

  88. P.S Sorry I was just in Miami visiting and couldn’t take a pic in the dark. I was merely waxing nostaglic for my old Org back in the 80’s!

  89. Pat,
    Lots of people here don’t agree with each other on everything. That’s OK with me. I’ve frequently disagreed publicly here with other posters, and probably will again. 🙂

  90. My second apology of the day: There are still some Scientology related links on Lisa Marie’s web site.

  91. Dear Just Me,

    When the graphs of revenue and Basic costs cross into the RED
    (Negative numbers ) the boat goes upside down but I dont see the IAS bailing out anyone or any Org because of the Domino Effect like runs on Banks. Worst Possible scenario., lets leave it at that.
    Wry humor escapes me

  92. I vowed not to post here after Marty refused to let my speculation re Lisa through, verified by Kay Proctor.

    However Mike I wish to congratulate you on your wordsmithing,
    mataphors and general smartness.

    ” Clubbed seals” inseed. 🙂

  93. You must have seen the San Diego Idle Morg Titanic promo leaflet. I saw it on VV Sunday Funnies.

  94. Nicely said, WH!

  95. He’s tapping in to new resources, markets in Africa mainly; lots of Royalty backing David Miscavige in Africa if the pr is to be believed. Probably after African state funds for criminon, applied scholastics and sundry human rights programs.

    Then there`s the Nation of Islam of course; they’re getting the kid gloves treatment atm, like Marty says, put a frog in boiling water and it jumps out start off cold and gradually warm it and it cooks.

    One wonders if he’s approached the unification church yet…

  96. Very perceptive. So true.

  97. The Melrose section of L.A. is packed with people and trendy restaurants, shops, etc. I heard through the grapevine that the Melrose Mission was so broke last year that they tried things like open mic karaoke nights to bring a couple bodies in, but no cigar … then they supposedly “merged” with the Sherman Oaks Mission.

  98. Seeking4know

    How anyone can believe this expansion is real, is beyond me. The real affluence is out here amongst real Scientologists.

  99. Ah! Spelling mistakes make it work.
    Good at that. 🙂

  100. Your humble servant

    Kevin, wow, sounds as though she is fed up with being made guilty of overt acts–and making people guilty of overt acts is Standing Order No. 1 in the radical church these days! And didn’t I hear something to the effect of Ron saying that making people guilty of overt acts is the biggest overt there is?

  101. Great posting Mike… perfect analysis!

    The only thing Miscavige ever had was LRH’s Tech. And, once Dave altered it with GAT, 3 swing F/N, etc… people “stayed away in droves” as LRH predicted.

  102. Jethro Bodine

    Shermanspeak (R):

    “If you take the amount of expansion from the last twenty years combined all together and not separated, convert it into a platinum-coated ball of theta yarn that could stretch from here to Pluto and back 20,000 times, and notwithstanding any effects of zero gravity, and so on and so forth, it would hardly compare to what has been accomplished in the last year of Scientology’s most enormous expansion efforts to date, which is to say nothing but pure expansion, straight up and vertical”.

    Gee, no wonder my head used to hurt after those four-hour-long, boring-as-hell Corporate Scientology PR events.

  103. agreed LTC. OC Org already has the perfect location on Red Hill and Newport. They should gut the hell of that old witch and spend the money to make it a real forum world of case gain, I gave my life to Orange County Org for nearly a decade. Going to that bullshit building in Santa Ana is the worst mistake ever.

  104. Mike Hobson

    Ronnie, I *know* that you meant well and I’m sorry for coming off so brusque.

    However, the Indie Scientologist Facebook Group guidelines posted by Karry Campbell specifically request that members refrain from cutting and pasting content “inappropriately” from there.

    Had you asked me, I would have posted it here myself after correcting several typographical errors. I would prefer that my right to control the publication of my words be respected by all and sundry, just as I respect that right of others.

    I have had issues with spiteful persons over on ESMB dragging in my comments from here and other venues and using them against me in PR operations, so it’s something of a sore point.

    Anyway, No harm, no foul.

    Please ask me next time, though. Okay?

    Best Regards,

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  105. Mike Hobson

    Pat, your characterization of my simple chastisement into “strife” borders on negative propaganda.

    As for Darth Midget, he will twist any Indie communication into something vile regardless of whether the original was salutory or otherwise. Therefore, what DM will do with it is not even remotely a factor governing my communications and never will be with the exception of secure intelligence and operational data.

    In any case, I have apologized to Ronnie Bell and explained myself as best as I can.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  106. Mike, I must have had the same idea while it was being moderated. Here’s a start. Atlanta Org still not completed. Charlotte Mission closed.

  107. scilonschools

    Gaily Mail UK today-
    “Pupils are recruited to spy on us during our lessons and schools are being ‘run like totalitarian regimes’, say teachers”

    Sounds familiar from somewhere, Knowledge Report Anyone?

  108. JSM. There is no Scientology in NC.

  109. That was my first org and I agree. Its a great location and should be renovated.

  110. Mike is factually writing a “historical fiction”….

    “…presure and time…”

  111. Jsm-Raleigh, just to let you know, the DSA of the Seattle org has a picture-book of “personae non grata” so that the “awful SPs” can be recognized and screened out at the door of the Org or the Test Center downtown. Since you’ve said you’re in NC, you might expect some such fuss at the door.

    That said, it would be fun to see them squawking like ruffled chickens every time they saw someone who “might be that Jsm person!”

  112. Luis Garcia


    I really enjoy the way you write. Thank you for another great article exposing one more aspect of the fraud.

    It is only unknown to those drunk on Kool-Aid that the “ideal orgs” are devoid of people and are a complete failure. I have recent reports about the Madrid Org: empty. The ED only works part-time as she needs to moonlight to survive. This org was highly honored just a few years ago as having reached “St. Hill size.”

    Let’s just do a simple math test: the latest church ad/event proclaims 4.4 new people each year. It also states 10,000 churches, missions, groups, etc. Orange County should at least get an average of 440 new people each year! I can tell you, as someone familiar with the Orange County org that has not happened since at least 1985. And Madrid should also get 440 new people each year. Now that is absolutely not happening. The total size of the active field in Madrid is not even 440 people!

    I too have a sneaky suspicion that His Eminence miscavige may have been lying about all this “unprecedented expansion.”

  113. Ronnie Bell

    Got it, bro. You’re absolutely right, and I should have asked first. I’ll do so in the future. Thanks for understanding.

  114. Ronnie Bell

    I really don’t feel that the so-called Ideal Orgs are magnificent at all. To me they are inhuman and repelling. They have the flavor of an implant station, which I suppose is what they are supposed to be. This is accented by the electronic displays and so on….

    Well, it’s been said that, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but I get your point, and have had a similar reaction to yours, to the ‘enlightenment centers’. Those electronic stations are a complete turn off to me. Whatever happened to being greeted by a live person, and being introduced to the subject via the standard Dianetics lecture? I guess those things brought in too many new people for Davey’s taste, and so they were abandoned.

  115. Your humble servant

    It’s o.k. guys. And, in any event I was glad to read the thoughts written and posted. Back in the early days, before the days of Black Scientology, OTs didn’t go insane, commit murders, and pick up fatal illnesses at a high rate. That they do so today is a very big discouragement to anyone thinking of taking an interest in Scientology, not realizing that what is being talked about and promoted to them is actually Black Scientology.

  116. Ronnie Bell

    I tell you, this stuff really burns me up. Anyone who was on lines in Scientology up to the late 70’s knows that you don’t need fancy million dollar buildings and flashing electronic ‘enlightenment centers’ to flood an org with public.

    Heck, the org and mission premises back in the 70’s were unbelievably modest, but they were packed to the gills with eager public, training and auditing. What Int management is doing today, is an unusual solution to the devastation their earlier policies have caused.

    Like I said elsewhere, Miscavige could have gone golfing for thirty years, and the orgs would have continued to expand until this very day. It took active suppression to bring things to their current state of non-existence and collapse.

  117. Last summer, I was given a tour of the Columbus Idle Org by a staff member who was once one of my closest friends.

    Purchased in 2008 for $3 million it sits empty. The org had stopped (when I visited) holding Idle Org Fund raising events – both staff and public are numb on the subject. They need $4 million to renovated. They had borrowed part of the purchase money for the building. Its a nice one, but its location is a far cry from the current one – two doors from the main intersection of downtown with tons of foot traffic!!! The Idle property is on a state highway just outside of the city’s center – the traffic screams by as commuters race to and from home. There is NO sidewalk along the busy thorough-fare.

    Back at the org the scene was as follows on a Tuesday night: The three “public” on course in the “academy” where on the TRs Co-Audit – two have been on lines since 1989; neither are Clear. The other was a former SO member from the 80’s; not Clear either. The sup was watching the session from the other room while he graded extention course lessons.

    The Div 6 courseroom was closed, lights off. No one was in reception.

    But the saddest part of the tour? We stood out in the parking lot of the Idle Org and my friend explained how the building would bust the doors open to the Bridge, etc. etc. Then he said “we will be Saint Hill size and we will get our OT levels”.

    I broke the news to him – the New World Corp wasn’t. There was no one in training. It had been torn apart. Someone had to tell him. It hurt to do it, but I did.

    The rain started to fall. He looked at the empty building. “Well, you know there has to be some kind of plan. Someone has to be working on it.”

    In his eyes I saw the empty dream. It hurt to see the emptiness in my friend’s universe. He was tired. Twenty-two years of his life he put into that org. He didnt say anything else. He didnt need to – it was written on his face. It was very hard for me to experience.

    In February of this year I looked up the tax records and called the tax collector in Franklin County to confirm what I found. The taxes are in arrears for $168,000. Now get this: Columbus Org has enjoyed tax exempt status in Franklin County since the 80’s (years ahead of the “War has Ended”). Yet OSA and the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology of Central Ohio are too busy to go down and file the paper work!!! Confirm what I am saying for yourself. If you look on the tax rolls in Franklin County (online, public info) you will find two properties own by the Org. One (downtown) building is NOT assessed taxes; the Idle Org is. WTF!?!?!

    My tired friend signed the note for the new building as a Board member. Personally he is one of the toughest people I have known. I mean, he is the guy to call to your side in a street fight – he has been in plenty of them. But he didnt know that he was being hung out. He still hopes that he hasnt. But on the damp day in July, he looked like he was staring at a wooden club coming at his head.

    Fuck you David Miscavige. Fuck you.

    “…presure and time…”

  118. Ronnie Bell

    Oh my…. It’s hard to read those lyrics as anything but a major cognition about the corporate church of Squirrelingtology.

    “You ain’t seen nothing yet”

    I can’t wait, Lisa.

  119. Ronnie Bell

    I’ve got at least two Kool-Aid drinkers in my family who became totally indignant when I showed them the facts on how the church training and auditing stats have fallen through the floor.

    One of them has been a Scientologist since the early 70’s, and surely knows better. I can only surmise that he’s stoned out of his ever lovin’ mind on DM’s sweet concoction of utter bullshit.

  120. Thanks, Kevin – very interesting! I don’t know how else to interpret the song than as a message to her “handlers”. By the way, it’s a pretty damn nice song, too!

  121. Li'll bit of stuff

    Bullseye Ronnie!

  122. Gradients…
    There’s no mistaking those lyrics for anything other than an artist who is just about fully incubated and about to come into her own.
    I assure you, she’s feelin’ it.

  123. The seal analogy is some mighty rich material there, Mike. One day I may have to run with that one. 🙂

  124. Wake up Tom Cruise and see your best friend as he is.

  125. If people keep saying people are staying away in droves because David Miscavige changed the tech maybe he will do a “Coca Cola”.

    2013 will be the year of “Classic Scientology” ™.

    The story as it will be told to future generations.

    Having discovered a complete library full of LRH’s original first edition publications from the very first to the very last in the basement of Big Blue, David Miscavige started reading.

    After a few minutes he’d read, absorbed and processed all of them and realised that the current editions were hopelessly wrong owing to poor storage and transportation methods. So he put down his empty bottle of scotch and, opening another bottle of scotch, he resolved to fix the problem.

    Don’t worry it’s not your fault that you’ve being travelling across the bridge straight up and vertical in the wrong direction. And it certainly isn’t mine. David Miscavige told his devoted flock.

    David Miscavige went on to announce that he’d personally fixed things and that he was releasing all new and never before seen Classic edition of all the books, leaflets, orders and so on in 148 languages, including some new and never before seen ones.

    It was obvious then that all people really needed to do was purchase several copies of Classic Scientology, one for themselves, a few for their friends and one for every library in the world and then they could start on the bridge to total freedom.

    To celebrate this break through in to a new era of Classic Scientology David Miscavige announced that all Ideal Orgs would be made in to Ideal Mega Orgs by 2014 and that the new expansion drive would ensure that every person on the planet would have access to at least two copies of all the works of LRH.

    Now that’s what I call super expansive mega wide expansion right up there on the moon twice over.

    Allergy Warning: the above text is not a serious attempt to predict the future, it’s just an attempt at humor. If we do see releases of Classic Scientology it’s purely coincidental; I’d say nothing would surprise me but David Miscavige has this knack of doing jst that these days.

  126. Li'll bit of stuff

    Pat, good observation and duplication! The essence
    of much of Mike, Marty & others’ postings, have zero’d
    in on the sowing ‘strife’ factor, among the Indies.

    Honed in the covert skills of Psychological Mind warfare,
    the DMbot OSA (no self respect = a criminal!) brigade,
    are programmed to 3p, create dissent, and animosity
    amongst “the enemy.” who, In the bitter, twisted, insane mind of Herr Adolf Miscavige, must be destroyed at all
    costs, especially at the cost of Scientology itself!!

    Perhaps, the most insidious and effective tool in the
    arsenal supplied to the ‘bots, is to deliberately create
    SUSPICION, amongst the Indies. I have found myself
    on the receiving end of this little toxin, on several
    occasions, before as-is’ing the source.

    As I see it, being consumed with suspicion, is an anathema to ARC, and therefore needs to be spotted
    and as-is’ed for the divisive tool it is and can prevent
    beings from ending up in orchestrated “dog-fights”
    which, for all I know, may be one of the highlights
    of the day (eruptions of insane laughter) for the
    Master of Delusions (aka Kapitein Kamikazi.)

  127. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dear Michael, I have often read and admired your
    astute posts and the way you articulate yourself.

    With the above, however, it would seem that a
    raw nerve has been touched with you, resulting
    in your resentments expressed, perhaps, by the
    reasoning given, quite justifiably.

    I would like to comment, as I often have here,
    that perhaps we need to lighten up a little,after
    all, laughter(emotional release) really is “the
    best medicine” (revenge, too?) and a great antidote to that attention fixator.”seriousness!”

    Keep up the great work, it is appreciated!

    ARC, Li’ll bit.

  128. Li'll bit of stuff

    WH, My sentiments about Mike exactly. Lovely guy!
    Really look forward to meeting him and his partner
    in crime, Marty, one fine day…..

  129. This was fun. Thanks Mike.

  130. I think this and other articles on this blog are aimed at those still in. They should have a look onto the facts. But this is quite a difficult task. Why? In order to answer this we need to have a closer look onto manipulation. Thought is senior to the physical universe. Thus the way someone thinks about something changes the universe around him according his thought and thus his observation acknowledges his thought. This is like a vicious circle. The first attempt is changing his mind. But this does not work as he has facts by observation telling him his thoughts are correct. Then you could change his observation. Could be done by changing his environment. But this is not very possible on Sea Org members. Thus it is very hard to handle manipulation. But there is another approach. You make him to agree more with what he thinks. Usually his not ised disagreements pop up. The manipulator usually is now trying hard to not is his disagreements. You simply acknowledge his disagreements. Thats it. This will break the neck of the manipulation.

  131. Pete Griffiths

    Good stuff Marty, you may continue and you have my wholehearted support.

  132. Pictures would have to have a time/date stamp, as well as multiple pics to prove the point. Even then, we would be accused of photoshopping and altering. But it would at least make a point and get fence-sitters to doubt and question things.

  133. What a moving post, Andy. You were right to tell the truth to your tough friend. I hope he can find the strength to take the next steps.

  134. Really nice post, Michael. Like!

  135. Well said. If DM could orchestrate a dog fight it most certainly would make his day. Anything below 2.0 is right up his alley. As for suspicion, that would be a duplication of where he’s at. He’d eat it up.

    I pick my battles. Sometimes if something annoys me, before doing or saying anything about it, I ask myself if I’ll even remember it in five years. If the answer is no, then it’s not worth fussing with so I drop it & move on.

  136. Andy, great post and I get it. I was your friend not too long ago. In fact perhaps a little worse because we got the prize and then had it taken away. I was part of an Idea Org St. Hill Size org (Johannesburg). For a number of years I was part of trying to get there. Then we did. The Universe Corps arrived. I was ecstatic. Wow! A flurry (I think it was around 8) of staff clears were made, most which were undone in the following 5 years. 8 months later they were recalled. The dream was over. Within 12 months of making St. Hill Size we were back at pre-move production levels. Then the Basics were released and that finished us forever. The org had a 2nd grand opening last year when an additional x thousand of square footage of Div 6 space was added. A random Friday morning showed no less than 6 empty course rooms and 12 people in the main academy, 4 of them staff. 110 or so staff down to about 40 now.

  137. Yes, the now disappeared Melrose Mission was being featured at events not too many years ago to show how “Trendy” and “Hip” Scientology was. Following that logic, we can now assume that Scientology is neither trendy nor hip in anyone’s mind other than his fearsome assholiness, the Pope-Dictator Miscavige.

  138. Andy, that really is a heartbreaking story. It’s true there are so many good staff members around the world that have been so cruelly misled, and carry on with a slowly-dying belief that “there must be a plan” for their success as an org, and as individuals. Its what ultimately blew me out of the SO, when I realized things had been driven hopelessly and irrevocably off the rails and the Church was slowly dying (and me along with it), and with Miscavige in charge there was no hope, nothing anyone could do, to salvage the whole damn mess. I often think of my former associates on staff with great sadness. They know the dream is dead or dying, but they have no personal or organizational solution to it, so just carry on, hoping someday it will somehow all be better. The Betrayal of Trust by Miscavige is incalculably huge.

  139. “On the comm lines of Silicon Valley” means the building is right next to 101, so passing traffic will be able to see the large sign. With the word “Scientology” on their minds, they can look it up on the internet after they get home. What could go wrong with that?
    I noticed that parking is a bit limited, not a problem if you don’t expect that many students and PCs.

  140. martyrathbun09

    The fact that “OTs” are discussing this seriously is exhibit A to my assertion that Scientology has become the reverse of what it can, in good hands and with good intentions, accomplish; it has become a sorry, creepy cult.

  141. True that

  142. Captain Bob

    I’ll add this, from back in Aug 6, 2010:
    windhorse | August 6, 2010 at 5:43 pm | Reply
    Marty — perfect example why certain SHOCKING facts should be reposted/restated every month or so. (like dms life style and salary, lock down at Int etc.) Perhaps a GLARING facts section

    No OT IX and X was a topic months ago. New people to the blog could miss a post and by now the site is so huge, few are going to be able/willing to read each article AND the comments.


    ΘTater/GaryLerner | August 7, 2010 at 3:38 am | Reply
    Very good idea, WH!!



  143. Rory Medford

    The only thing that is MASSIVE, STRAIGHT UP and VERTICAL is David Miscaviages LIES!

    Actually his lies are in a condition of POWER!

  144. Thanks for this data point. Wow, I thought they were SO sent in. I still have fond memories of Jan and Marc Silber and the staff from the old Mountain View mission. It bothers me to see Scientology twisted into such an effective theta trap.

  145. TroubleShooter

    Am I missing something or is there some over reaction to your post Michael. I only saw you point out that there was a misuse of your communication from a private site you’d posted on…I saw nothing but it being pointed out and a very understanding Ronnie posting back to you…if being told to lighten up Michael didn’t make you feel as though you were being understood – you weren’t alone.

  146. Date stamping is straight forward on most digital cameras but as you say Photoshop.

    An alternative is the kidnappers favourite trick including an identifiable copy of the local daily newspaper. Need not be the date, the headline(s) will do.

    Most smart phones include meta data with the photo, in JPG format at least, that includes date, time and in the case of GPS phones location of photo. Many digital cameras also do this, they also include settings like shutter speed in with the photo.

    The meta data with a photo can be read by Windows when you look at picture properties.

    Photoshop will also store a layer of meta data just to say the photo has been opened and saved again by Photoshop.

    If for some reason you want to remove the meta data you can open the JPG image in MS Paint say and then save it as a BMP file then load the BMP in Paint and save as a JPG.

    Most Idle borg shots I’ve seen of interiors remind me eerily of very hi res ray trace images, of the kind seen in current generation digitial cartoons that gives them an almost surreal quality. This could be touch up at work.

  147. I agree 100% about the glitzy faux-everything remodels. A total repellent turnoff, complete waste of money, an effort to use MEST to raise tone level, demonstrating once again a COMPLETE TOTAL NON-COMPREHENSION of Basic Scientology on the part of one David Miscavige.

    The mission where I trained and audited was about as bare-bones as you could get. Really, just a large, empty space divided up by cheap partitions. A public space, courseroom space, qual space, couple closet-sized rooms for the DofP etc, and similarly sized auditing rooms. And of course, that signature piece of Scientology furniture, the ubiquitous metal folding chair. But this minimalist setup was home to a huge creation of theta.

    I have nothing against nice mest. In its heyday, Flag (Clearwater) achieved a nice, harmonious balance of theta and mest. But as Ronnie says, these new idle org layouts, with their “electronic stations” are a complete turnoff, absolutely repellent.

    As with so many other of DM’s actions, one is left to speculate about motive. One would be hard pressed to come up with more effective ways to completely nuke Scientology than most of what he has implemented over the past 30 years.

  148. “. . . they can look it up on the internet . . .. what could go wrong with that?” –

    Great line, thanks Bryon for the line charge!

  149. Well said. If DM could orchestrate a dog fight it most certainly would make his day.

    Based on past performance if David Miscavige orchestrated a dog fight there would be no dogs let alone a fight but there would be a lot of fliers and videos featuring pictures of some fiersome dogs and wild barking sound track and David Miscavige announcing the intended event with much fan fare and pyrotechnics.

    Of course in order to hold the dog fight one must build the arena and some kennels and that takes money and this is where you come in… ^^

  150. TroubleShooter

    “Nowadays in the local org, a few of the upper echelon executives are privately circulating the belief/rumor that many of the OTs that have died recently (like Joe Feshbach, Richard Reiss and others) and have actually gone off to help LRH at Target Two. That’s why they died so young. Part of a plan. This is disturbing to actually hear with one’s own ears, but I guess they’re just trying to handle some kind of personal mental discomfort in some way.”

    Wow, No kidding!? This sounds true to the way the vacuums from all the arbitraries gets filled inside the church in order to keep people “looking at the mountain” and staying in harmony with cob efforts to usurp the title of Command Intention. The only mountain there is now is the mountain of lies that cob the purveyor of has heaped in order to hide what lies beyond which is the wasteland of what was once known as the Church of Scientology.

  151. *fearsome dogs, fiersome dogs where huge but are now extinct. Okay it was a typo, the phone made me do it.

  152. +1. Luis, “unprecedented expansion” in Shermanspeak could be a negative number and the truth as given by the POB, David Misc.

  153. Moving Forward

    Agreed, that’s incredibly creepy! And what a weird way to try to attempt to justify the outpoint of so many OTs dying.

    Not related exactly, but this story reminded me of an incident that happened while I was pregnant. A couple of OTs came to me to ask if “the body I was carrying could be used by another OT who recently died.” I kid you not. I was shocked. I told them it wasn’t my body (or theirs) to make any decisions about and it wasn’t their place to be “finding a body” for someone else either. Talk about creepy — and squirrelly.

  154. That’s awful especially getting your friend to sign the note on the building.

    It’s like the church of scientology doesn’t give a damn about the buildings as long as the donations come in. They certainly don’t take any risks with the investment they expect to gain from.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but much of the bespoke furniture and fittings required for renovation are made or sourced from the church of scientology or a company acting as supplies whose profit goes the Co$ or COB one way or another? Recall tales of Sea Org staff making furniture for orgs and other such stuff.

  155. OC costs 14.7 million? I paid $14 million for Celeb Center (Manor) and got my ass kicked every inch of the way because I was spending so much money. In fact Miscaviage had a bird with me when he found out I bought a Yamaha Disclavier for the lobby for $25,000 then bought one for Int. It’s all about the management award of $1.5 million. Only Davy gets to share in it because he’s the “only one” that deserves it.

    ML Tom

  156. Moving Forward

    To be fair, these were weekend nights and every Class V org I’ve been to generally is closed on weekend evenings because these are the only times the staff have to take care of the rest of their dynamics, so there are usually no or very few people at the org these times.

    On the other hand, every single time I went to SF Org last year (maybe 4 times), the Div 6 reception area was always completely empty except 1-2 staff and on 2 occasions the front door was entirely closed, leaving only the side door for entrance. They’d also blocked off the glass on that side door with a bunch of posters and it looked terrible.

    On each of those occasions, I did a little walk through of the org — the 3rd floor lights were off 2 of the times I went (this is the Qual floor), the Div 6 courserooms had between 2-5 students. I only saw the Academy once, it had about 15 students. About half of these were staff or children.

    The completions listed in their mag have been abysmal. Although I was recently assured by a staff member that the org is ‘expanding’. Hmm…

  157. LTC Forever

    Anyone who wants to see DM announce LRH’s death along with a story that he causatively left the body to continue his research, it is available on YouTube. Someone uploaded the whole event:

    Watch his body language and decide for yourself if he is telling the truth.
    I know this datum from LRH: “If it isn’t in writing, it isn’t true.” I think if he indeed causatively left to “explore upper bands of OT” he would have left a lecture or at least something in writing or would have showed up to say good bye to his congregation. That never happened. The exact circumstances of his Ron Hubbard’s death remain a mystery.

    On the other hand, causative death is nothing new. Many monks and spiritually advanced individuals went into isolation, caves or wherever they went to causatively transition. I think this was also a tradition in some indian tribes. The concept of past life recall and resuraction is also very ancient indeed. I think Egyptians had a whole method to how past life recall was to be achieved. I know Buddhists have a method to locating reincarnated Dalai Lama. It is very interesting.

    Body is just a body (LRH goes over it in “Clean Hands” Congress) and death is just an experience in a long chain of experiences. This was totally true for me even before I discovered Scientology. I think it is very likely that LRH or anybody else for that matter especially a trained Scientologist could “come back” in a new body. That would make a lot more sense than the whole “target two” story. Why go someplace else, when even the church itself is in a mess without even looking at the rest of the planet at large? There is still a lot of work to be done here at “target one.”

  158. There was a blind item on a gossip site about a month ago about a singer in London who had hired security to keep her former “church” from going through her garbage and stalking her and her children. Guess who?

  159. Your humble servant

    I agree. Sadly, the illusion is that there is a “management” at the top that is working cooperatively, using Ron’s admin tech to evaluate and solve things. The fact that there is no management other than top-down dictatorial management, with no discussion of alternatives, and no actual, rational evaluations done is carefully hidden. Everyone working at the org believes there is a “plan.”

    Does it ever occur to anyone that a big, empty building is itself an outpoint that will discourage people from coming? They will ask themselves, consciously or not, “If this Scientology is a good thing, why is this huge building empty?” The logical progression would be: (1) Older smaller building bursting at the seems with people so new bigger building needed. (2) New bigger building rented or bought to accommodate the crowds, and that one now filling up too. The “ideal orgs” program violates that logical progression. A huge empty headquarters with nobody there and nothing happening screams something is wrong.

    And this business of placing the org far away from downtown foot traffic is very typical. Look at Malmo, Sweden, San Francisco, Tampa, and many others. This is obvious insanity and also against Ron’s policy recomendations as has been remarked upon here many times.

  160. Might want to watch out for casting calls such as:

    Are you the next Harry Potter? We’re looking for a bright 5-6yo looking male with curly light red to strawberry blonde hair for a small part acting along side some A rated Hollywood celebrities. This role may lead on to an on going reprisal of the role. Benefits of this role: training and private tuition provided. Food and accommodation provided. Regular cruises. Occassional special treatment. Must not get sea sick. Must take up smoking.

    Just sayin’ as Miscavige gets desperate and more delusional the “resurrection” may be considered.

    This is a joke like the Ron’s Journal being the next big library drive…

  161. LTC Forever

    Also, do not quote me on Egyptians having any past-life recall technology. I just heard it from somebody else.

  162. Li'll bit of stuff

    Publius, thanks for a great job done and same to
    Ronnie, for whacking the glitzy mest “mind-bait”
    right out the stadium. We vets know for sure,that
    ain’t no substitute for high ARC, theta, fun filled
    and crowded to capacity venues, of even modest
    appearance, which permit enthusiastic, eager,
    and highly motivated and on purpose students to
    focus on the big picture, becoming AUDITORS!!

  163. Li'll bit of stuff

    Pat, good sound advice from experience…Thanks

  164. Li'll bit of stuff

    Pat, good, sound, experienced advice….thanks!

  165. LTC Forever

    I have seen some of it with an Org in Las Vegas. It was a Jewish Synagogue when it was purchased. The building was fully in tact with all of the interior left in it including very comfy seats in the chapel. The interior was wood and earth colors. The theta accumulated in the building was so “thick” I did not want to leave the chapel. The place felt very warm and spiritual like home. I thought it was a great pick. Then I was there at the grand opening – a total transformation. Now it looked and felt like cold corporate office with white walls, flat screen monitors and computers, semi plastic seats in the chapel. I mean it would be great for a new car dealership or something, sales of glitzy products as opposed to space for peace, self-reflection, and spiritual practice. And the whole “designer uniforms” thing… Where did LRH write that staff members needed to wear designer uniforms? Again, something like this is appropriate for say financial consulting company or some luxury hotel. As far as spirituality goes, I’d rather have people be themselves and have a clean appearance “not to repel.” It feels like it is all about conforming to some PR image as opposed to the practice of Scientology and truly helping someone get better. From what I could tell, LRH himself was not even big on shiny MEST and designer clothing.

    On the other hand, Pasadena Idea Ord has that wood interior and warm earthy colors which I liked. I was also surprised at how much attention and effort was spent on maintaining MEST at the Freewinds. It seemed like someone was always cleaning something. Nice MEST is nice, but personally I would prefer to be in an environment where the emphasis was on people and live communication. It seems like Sea Org’s attention was shifted almost entirely onto the service of MEST, and you often get treated like one too – a body to be used for labor or a source of money. Just look at the images that come out of the church: buildings, dollar bills, books, ship… etc. Where are the people?

  166. Moving Forward,
    Yes, the actual amount of public on lines is as you say from information I got from others. I won’t go in the place anymore. I did go to the Grand Opening and the place is very small in actual fact. It looks grand from the outside, but the div 6 is very small and the chaple area looks like a place to hold a small business meeting. It has portable walls with pictures big promo pictures that can flip to blank grey walls. NOone gets married in there because it is small and it has a business conference look to it for “lectures”. They were trying to buy the building accross the street for years, then they stopped. NOw, they are trying again to purchase it supposedly. This is stupid as the place they have isn’t bursting from the seams. DM designed the div 6 by the way! He wanted the surrounding missions to act as div 6’s so that is ‘why’ the div 6 is so small. Of course, now one has to ask…what surrounding missioins? I have no idea is SF mission still exists, and the only other mission is in Santa Rosa, and they have a nice facility because the owners bought the facility, but it is empty.
    Santa Rosa has always been supported by a few wealthy ot’s who were untrained. They have never flooded the org with public and in all the years they have been around (since the early 70’s) they have never made a positive impact on the city of Santa Rosa. SFO use to be one the better orgs back in the day, so if they are not brimming with public and making a positive effect on SF, then I can only imagine that lesser productive orgs have become!

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