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Miscavige Wants to Traffick In African Americans

I have written before about Miscavige’s disdain for and patent attempts to pander to African Americans in a bid to make his Human Trafficking operations “hip”:

Clear African Americans Convention

Funeral for a Friend – (see essay attached The Church of Scientology is Dead.)

In the referenced essay I told the story of how Miscavige announced to Scientology public in 2003 the imminent opening of what would one day be the Inglewood org:


Miscavige told the audience that Black America was considered hip, that ghetto Blacks were the trend setters in music, fashion and more. He said that made investment in the ghetto very much worth Scientology’s while. It would make Scientology hip. My stomach ached as I heard him cherry-pick Isaac’s (Hayes) secret pitch to a profit motivated management and have the arrogance to announce it to the “elite”, well-heeled followers he had carefully cultivated.

He had unilaterally decided to take on the situation in the most audacious possible manner. He announced that the Church was working on two new magnificent, “showcase” Churches: one in Harlem and the other in South Central Los Angeles. He showed the audience grandiose design plans for both. I uneasily imagined how Isaac felt about seeing Miscavige take his report, and have the temerity to talk about Black America like a thing that need be conquered for Scientology’s aggrandizement.

Miscavige withheld from the audience that he had spent the past five years personally blocking efforts by Scientology management to implement a Hubbard advised finance system that would make the subject affordable to common folk. He continues to do so to this day.

Eight years later, Miscavige finally got around to opening the Inglewood org, announced at the 2011 IAS event.   The lag in delivering what he promised alone demonstrates his lack of sense of urgency about doing anything for Inglewood – or as he put it in 2003 and again in 2011 for “Blacks”.  Multiple countries were opened from scratch and expanded into dozens of orgs in every eight year period prior to Miscavige’s coporatization and bastardization of Scientology.

What is more mind-boggling is that eight years later, and a year after I called him out on his creepy, exploition  attitude toward African Americans, his 2011 announcement is – despite his best efforts to sound propitiative – as racist, arrogant and condescending as he was in 2003.  It was inappropriate for Miscavige to speak of African Americans as “them” in 2003.   To continue to do so in 2011 exposes a person who is something far more sinister than clueless.

As far as the over-the-top shrine-to-his-God-the-physical-universe Inglewood org  goes, it is a brazen slap in the face of those it purports to serve.  What could have been done in that community for the price of Miscavige’s $15 dollar museum over the past eight years?   Who in the community it purports to serve can afford to train or be audited there?   Who in that community would trust a “church” dressed up like a Wall Street firm drunk with stolen billions?

That he wants to exploit African American culture to his own ends is not so deeply encoded in passages such as:

So, talk about a pervasive culture.  Talk about a permeating and penetrating culture.  Or to put it another way, most white folks wouldn’t have a clue what it means to be cool if it weren’t for Black America.  

Why is he even having to justify the opening of the org there for a segment of society he clearly refers to as “them” in the first place?

Make no mistake, that multi-million dollar community center serves one purpose for Miscavige, and one purpose alone. Lure a bunch of African Americans in for free events so that they can be video taped for some future event; with an over-dub by Miscavige himself talking about overwhelming acts of kindness to salvage the inner cities.  Mark my words.

If he cared about Urban Los Angeles, with the money he has spent on this glitz center he could have opened a couple hundred missions across LA over the past eight years.  As for the Idle Morgue – beyond serving as a free-service, free-fall facility for his buddy Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam followers (designed of course as a loss leader to drive more unsuspecting African Americans in to serve as extras for his event videos) it will die on the vine just like virtually every other ostentatious, gaudy Idle Morgue he has wasted parishioner donations on to date.

Inglewood residents beware of the little back stabber bearing “gifts.”

Those are my views.  I’d love to hear yours.

South Park: OSA Operative’s Role Confirmed

references:  South Park Part I, South Park Part II, South Park Part III

Thanks to the last investigative reporter in New York, confirmation that the actions outlined in the OSA (Corporate Scientology’s terror and harassment arm the Office of Special Affairs) memoranda I published in the above referenced posts have been confirmed by an independent witness.

Tony “the last investigative reporter in NY” Ortega of the Village Voice followed up on this particular OSA memorandum posted here three days ago:

Re: South Park

Eric Sherman (then-corporate Scientologist writer), who is good friends with Lloyd Kaufman (independent film maker), contacted him about South Park. Kaufman knows Trey Parker and Matt Stone and has been friends with them for years. 

Ortega reported today on his interview with Kaufman, Ortega interview Kaufman.  Kaufman, clearly an unwitting target of OSA operative Eric Sherman’s advances, confirms that Sherman indeed pumped him for data on Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Kaufman was also asked about this OSA report I posted two days ago:

OSA Invest DR 3 May 06

SOUTH PARK: A PI met with a young filmmaker who recently graduated college (who was a student of Eric Sherman).  The filmmaker recently did an interview with Lloyd Kaufman, a friend of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  He has agreed to assist to establish some comm lines in the South Park Studios and to try and get intelligence on their plans with regard to Scientology.  He is going to approach Kaufman to see if Kaufman can get him an introduction to Parker and Stone and either possibly get a job as an intern there or as a writer (he has seen every episode of South Park).

Since Kaufman said he has been approached by so many film students so can’t recall whether anyone connected to Sherman followed up with him, the need for Eric Sherman to step forward increases.  So far Sherman has remained true to my prediction in an earlier post, he’s gone AWOL.

More on Miscavige’s Confusion and Chaos


reference: my last blog post, Miscavige Cancels Hubbard’s Dictionary, at


With inexorable promptitude (stolen phrase from a Hubbard Journal) Tony Ortega, editor in chief of the Village Voice, happened to run into an actor who was blown away (in a bad sense) by church of Scientology Celebrity Center International three years ago, post about it, and in the bargain verified in real time just about everything I wrote in the above referenced post this morning.   Take for example this passage from Ortega’s recounting of the story of Philip Boyd:

Another time, he encountered the word “enturbulation” in a Hubbard book. “I tried to look it up and realized it was something Hubbard invented,” he says. (Hubbard used it to mean agitation or disruption.) Boyd asked a supervisor about it and says he was told, “Hubbard was highly educated, and used words that weren’t on this planet.” Boyd says he found that pretty ridiculous.

Please read the rest of the story – and tell me was I lying when I wrote?:

His thinking apparently goes something like this, the longer the runway the more time to squeeze every last dime out of the rube before he learns enough Scientology to realize what they are doing to the poor sap.

Check it:

Hubbard wasn’t joking when he urged we get busy and start building a better bridge.

Jason Beghe


Jason and me August 2008

Jason Beghe was just written up by Village Voice editor in chief Tony Ortega for his important role in “crippling Scientology”,

While I respect Tony for his ability to confront the cult and his intelligence in understanding the goals and purposes of Independent Scientology vs those of Radical Corporate Scientology, I don’t see eye to eye with him on what Jason Beghe’s products and intentions are.  The video interview Jason did with Mark Bunker in early 2008 accurately captured the raw, painful truth that was Jason’s shortly after he made the lonely and courageous step through the wall of fire that is cutting ties with Miscavige’s cult.   But, to define Jason by that moment does him a tremendous injustice in my view.

Jason is one of my closest friends.  He spent a week at our home in August 2008.   We spent dozens of hours together on the deck overlooking the bay grappling with the subject of Scientology.   By the end of the week we had synthesized a vision.  That vision was to help Scientologists heal and to heal Scientology itself by means, primarily, of letting the truth be known.  Though the church, and apparently Scientology haters too, will never believe it, Jason and I concurred that to waste much time “fighting” or “taking down” Miscavige would be counter-productive.   Jason – who is one of the most intelligent and well educated people (and Scientology trained to boot) I have had the privilege to know as a good friend – understood when I demonstrated that Miscavige has sucked the church into a nightmare GPM (Goal/Problem/Mass – the positive/negative, resistance trap that makes one becomes what one resists) that now routinely produces the precise opposite (Problem) of what it postulates (Goal) resulting the in the destructive cult (Mass) it has become.

Jason is not out to “cripple” or even harm in any way “Scientology.”   Jason is all about the truth.  I’ll provide two examples to demonstrate that fact.

Jason went through ten years of the most vicious Black Dianetics within RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology).   It began in 1996.  Jason had completed training through Class V at Celebrity Center International (CCI).  Jason was such an effective auditor during his internship that a number of people began requesting that he by name deliver their Grades and NED.   CCI, as is the church’s wont, of course extended his internship because they were making beau coup bucks off their star auditor.

Then Miscavige decided overnight to destroy the training line up that L Ron Hubbard spent three decades perfecting.   Jason was told that he had to re-train because Miscavige had determined some unnamed people had messed up the tech.  Jason said “ok, let’s get started.”   He was told he had to go to the reg.  Jason, being Jason, then uttered the now famous words (paraphrase), “let me get this straight, you screwed up the tech, and you want me to pay for it? Get the fuck out of here!”

That began a ten year “repair”from hell for Jason.   At a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to himself, Jason was put through endless Ls repairs, NOTs repairs, FPRD, sec checking, and the most reverse, evaluative “ethics” imaginable. I know that for a fact because in 2002 while I was at CCI auditing Tom Cruise, Miscavige ordered that I check out the endless drama that had become the Jason Beghe cycle while I was there.   While Jason claims our couple of weeks together was the one bright light during that decade in hell, I too was making him wrong for his “counter intention” to “Golden Age of Tech” (Miscavige’s 1996 cancellation of the training line up of L Ron Hubbard).  Unfortunately, I was ordered to Flag to handle the McPherson case the moment I completed Cruise on NOTS (OT V, higher Scientology auditing level) and to drop Jason like a hot potato.  Had we stuck it out together perhaps we both would have walked in ’02.

Having met Jason six years later and having the opportunity to talk frankly with no censors or fixed ideas, I came to understand this:

Jason Beghe was persecuted and tortured for ten years because he had the integrity to stand up and say what probably 97.5% of Scientologists thought (but suppressed out of fear) in May 1996.
Second Example.  In April 2009 when the church learned that Mike Rinder was considering corroborating my story with the St Pete Times, Miscavige’s response was to send six cult members and two attorneys to Denver (where Mike then lived) to ambush him, threaten him and attempt to purchase his silence to prevent the truth from seeing the light of day.  The afternoon we learned of the plot, Jason hopped on an airplane immediately on his own dime, and we descended upon Denver from opposite directions as reinforcement for Mike.  The rest is history.

As to the assault case referred to in Tony Ortega’s article, again more context is warranted.  Within a couple of days of Jason returning home from the successful Denver mission, a RCS process server walked more than a hundred yards into Jason’s property.  The process server’s contact was handwritten on the subpoena he was there to serve. The contact was not a lawyer.  It was Greg Schulman, a former Guardian’s Office member and three decade OSA “Intelligence” veteran.   The process server applied many of the tactics to provoke Jason that we are all now familiar with being applied to me daily and to Mike Rinder for nearly a year.

Unfortunately, Jason was not as schooled in OSA’s tactics as Mike and I were and so his reaction was exploited.  Knowing all the circumstances I am proud to this day that Jason used as little force as he did in dealing with the situation.

OSA used teams of lawyers to work the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office and the Los Angeles D/A’s office to bring a case against Jason.   They used the process to harrass him and cost him a lot of  time and money over two years.   Had we had more resources back then, we would have taken it to trial – I advocated for it from the beginning but we just did not have the resources back then to finance such an adventure.

I have had 11 (eleven) criminal cases brought against me by the RCS because of various restrained ways and means I dealt with people getting into my face constantly over time.  They have hired four law firms in Texas (including the largest one in South Texas) to lobby local officials to prosecute me in my own back yard alone.  Unsuccessful to date, and (knock on wood), in the future.

But I will tell you right now who kept me out of jail.  Jason Beghe.  Had it not been for the two years of hell RCS put him through, and the remarkable poise with which he handled it, there is no doubt but that by now I would have done something far more serious than the light open handed taps Jason used to usher a creepy lurker away from his then 4 and 6 year old sons and his wife.

Jason is a man’s man.

And for the benefit of David Miscavige and his thirty some odd anti-me web pages, I’ll make it crystal clear, something you can quote:

I love Jason Beghe.





‘Nuff Said

I don’t mean to keep harping on such a seemingly simple week of activity.  It is illustrative however of the suppression that has become Radical Corporate Scientology under the misdirection of David Miscavige.   So I consider it relevant.  

We’re done in LA for the moment.   We want to express our gratitude to the wonderful independent Scientologists who made our work possible against a well financed, zealously executed program to stop HELP.   Michael Fairman’s and Joy Grayson’s roles have been covered in a previous post.   

What is not known is the behind the scenes work of the incomparable Garcia family (Luis, Rocio, and Ivan).  They engineered and financed and executed an elaborate scheme to make our work possible and free me up to get it done while also keeping a number of other ongoing 3rd dynamic projects on track.   No grand standing, no motivation for recognition,  just straight forward HELP came from the Garcias.  This, in my view, is what Scientology is all about.

Finally, some words from my dear friend Renere (Ray-Ray) Lopez.


by Renere Lopez

Joy and Michael,

Thanks for taking the time to write about Marty’s experience here in OC.  It’s my family that’s going through these tough times and I can’t express how much Marty’s efforts have eased the pain with my mother of 73, my sister’s 11-year old daughter and my 20 year old nephew.  He has come out here to spend time with all of us, but mainly to assist my sister Gina who just had her 50th birthday and is slowly going through the degradation process from Kidney Cancer throughout her body.  We were originally supposed to fly out to Texas together, but her cancer had spread faster than we had anticipated, so out of Marty’s kind heart, he came to her and my family.

Gina's 50th Birthday

About 8 years ago I was fortunate enough to give her some Book 1 Auditing and she had an amazing experience and of course  huge cognitions.  Unfortunately she didn’t experience the “Implant” that so many of us are aware of, which I’m sure would help her figure out how to handle this process.  What Marty has done is granting her so much beingness and has spent many hours with her to ease her anxiety through this process.  You mentioned that he’s out here for a “Mission of Mercy,” no one has any idea how much this means to my family and me.

As I mentioned above my mom is 73 and has never received any type of auditing experience.   Just after a few sessions she told me she was able to sleep through the night after many of days.  Also, I witnessed her actually confronting my sister in a way that I couldn’t have even imagined.  This is a 73 year old woman who should be stuck in her own religious and philosophical beliefs, but she went in with a full open mind and confronted many things–WOW!  To tell you the truth, I always thought it would be my sister Gina and I going out to Corpus Christi and auditing side-by-side and not my mother.  I always felt it was going to be the way it is with my mom, but after her experience auditing with Marty, Monique will now have a new PC here shortly.

You mentioned the experience you had while at OC Airport and I too had a similar experience with him, but it was far more severe while he was leaving my house.  The best way I can explain what I experienced was the television show called “The Streets of San Francisco” back in the 70’s.  These guys came out of nowhere and completely stopped traffic during rush hour on Santa Ana Blvd right next to the Amtrak train Station.  I had my 11-year-old niece in the car with me and several times they tried to ram us.  They even drove up the curb trying to catch up to Marty’s car.  There must have been 5-vehicles driving completely erratic with no regard for pedestrians or the other vehicles.  Also, Leblow was in full force of Road Rage and I could see how determined he was to make what ever means possible to hurt Marty and anyone who stood in his way.  One thing he didn’t expect was I was raised here in Santa Ana and I’m as street smart as they get.  Yes, we out smarted him in every attempt he could comprise with no avail.  I even stopped him from entering the 5-freeway going northbound by stopping him at the onramp- traffic signal by putting myself in front of his SUV.  He even taunted me several times and finally pushed me with the front of his vehicle.  I went down on the pavement to ensure he wasn’t going anywhere, since he could face hit-and-run charges, and I’m sure everyone who witnessed the incident was shocked to see what had just happened.

Finally the Fire Department showed up on the scene as well as the Santa Ana PD and the Highway Patrol while all the while Marty only had to contend with one of his goons, which he too was lost in the traffic.

Leblow finally met his match and it’s a shame that all the money DM has spend on him he couldn’t even out smart a non-professional PI.  Can you believe someone finally stood up to them?  I think this is like the book, “The Tipping Point” for DM and his goon squad.

So Marty, many thanks to you for continuing to put yourself out there for all of us.

Renere Lopez

Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Church of Scientology members would do well to read the writings of Martin Luther King. In the following one sentence King pithily describes the danger of what they have become individually and collectively:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

That people would continue to forfeit their homes, their retirement funds, and their children’s educations in order to line the pockets of a head of a cult who spends that money consistently, and now very overtly, for the purposes of destroying the constitutional rights, the livelihood, and the very life of anyone with the fortitude to step out of cult lock-step is anathema to the very principles Scientology is built upon (not to mention America, and Western Civilization).  The church’s “creed” for example:

We of the church believe…

That all men have inaliable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others…

And that no agency, less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

Last week the representatives of the 619 people of Ingleside on the Bay Texas, on their own origination and determinism, sought to protect those very rights in their own community:

also see New York Village Voice coverage:

The Miscavige Cult’s response to this article which was published yesterday was chilling:

1) the cult’s PI Ralph S Gomez stalked my wife and I all day long with three cult members in tow. Seven separate incidents, including the photographing of us at our home and Gomez slowly following us by car during our evening walk.

2) Cult PI Gomez and cult member Joanne Wheaton toured a home across the street from us expressing the intention to purchase it.  Once again, under false pretenses.

3)  Cult PI Ralph S Gomez foreshadowed a Miscavige cult legal threat to the city.  While denying his affiliation with the cult to many citizens over the past weeks, and lying about his identity and affiliations, Gomez wanted to know whether the ordinance was directed at he and his cohorts because of their “religion.”

This coming Tuesday at 7 p.m. the town council will consider the Cult’s application for a 5-day permit to shoot a “documentary” in Ingleside on the Bay.  Notwithstanding the fact they have spent ten weeks disturbing Ingleside on the Bay using the cover of “just filming a documentary.”  The Cult has applied for the permit under the name Squirrel Busters productions notwithstanding Gomez’ and Wheaton’s exchange last week with an Ingleside Police Officer memorialized in the officer’s report as follows:

I asked Wheaton where she worked, and she confirmed that she and Gomez worked for Squirrel Busters.  At that time, I asked Wheaton and Gomez both if they had any business cards for the company, and they both replied no.  I asked who the producer was, who the filmographer was, and who the company is owned by.  Neither Wheaton, nor Gomez could answer my questions, and continued to tell me they are filming a documentary on Mr. Mark Rathbun, and have simple questions that they want to answer, and until Rathbun does, they will continue to follow him.  I asked Wheaton and Gomez if they would have the common courtesy to allow Rathbun privacy while eating dinner, and they both replied, not until we get answers.  Neither Wheaton, nor Gomez produced any identity cards that state they work for Squirrel Busters Productions…

A number of good citizens of Ingleside and Ingleside on the Bay have emailed me since I posted my Open Letter to them on this blog,

They have asked what they might be able to do to help.  While none of you have any duty or obligation to do a darned thing about all this, if you feel you and your community are in any way being disturbed, abused, or gamed by the Los Angeles based cult of Scientology (aka Squirrel Busters, aka Falcon Investigations) you might want to weigh in on the cult’s permit application at IOB City Hall Tuesday 5 July at 7 p.m.

Thank you all for your continuing strength, courage and wisdom.


media links to this story:


OSA stands for Office of Special Affairs.  OSA is the Stasi-like intelligence network of the cult of Miscavige (formerly known as Scientology).

D/CO OSA WUS means Deputy Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs over all cult of Miscavige units west of the Mississippi river.

Pam, D/CO WUS, has kindly provided us with a list of all Scientologists in the WUS whom OSA considers don’t march quite lock step enough to Miscavige’s liking.  You’ll see some familiar names.  The other couple hundred? How many of them you reckon think they are alone, down and out for not guzzling kool aid with the very best Miscavige cult set?   Feel free to let them know they are not alone, they don’t need to be down, and that being “out” is a whole heck of a lot cooler and more comfortable than being “in.”

The list:


If Dave Miscavige spent a fraction of what he currently is spending attempting to draw blood from me, Mike, Tiziano and Jason instead on mending his cult’s wounds he might have a snowball’s chance in hell to staunch is own bleeding.

He’s got a full blown Exodus on his hands.

Grant Cardone – Turnaround or Turncoat King?

“OT VIII” Grant Cardone has apparently pulled off the con game of his life.

Cardone has been awarded his own reality TV series showing him in action as an “inspirational” “motivator.”  Judging by the trailers for the show, Cardone passes himself off as a man appealing to the integrity and inner strength of folks:

For reasons outlined below, I believe Cardone has no business telling anyone what inner strength and integrity are.

Grant Cardone is a David Miscavige groupie.  He is a self-proclaimed “self-made” multi millionaire.  A motivated journalist or a half-decent lawyer in a deposition wouldn’t take long to find out that how those multi millions were made don’t quite match Grant’s own marketing campaign about himself.

Cardone has made huge financial contributions to the church of Scientology and its front groups with the stated intent of ingratiating  himself with Miscavige.  He hung around the Scientology Celebrity center continuously wheedling his way onto the lines of celebs. According to a close friend Cardone was driven to be the next Tony Robbins and he wanted Miscavige and the Scientology celebs to take him there.  Judging by the fact of the new series the latter had some success along this line.

Cardone made the Legion of Honor by donatating $1,000,000 to Miscavige’s desecration of Scientology  called the Superpower Project.

Cardone made the status of IAS Gold Meritorious by donating $1,000,000 to Miscavige’s war fund.  The same fund that enables my home to be surveilled 24/7 for the past two years, for Mike and I to be followed and harassed by teams of PI’s and OT Ambassadors (high level Scientologists) everywhere we go with the intent of suppressing FACTS about Miscavige’s felonies becoming public. It is now funding the active harassment and intimidation of my pcs and pre-OTs.  Grant’s grants are funding the active suppression of the freedom of religion, the freedom of association, and the freedom of speech right here on American soil.

Late last year I posted a letter signed by Cardone that shocked the conscience of Scientologists on every continent.  In the letter Cardone, along with some Scientology celebrities (Jim Meskiman, et al) used the death of a long-term Scientology staff member in order to pressure people to send more money to Miscavige’s war chest.   Here is the link to that post:

Now, despite all of the above I thought long and hard about publishing this expose.  I don’t know Grant personally.  And like all the rest of the Miscavige fawners, I always give them the benefit of the doubt.

But, Cardone screwed a very close friend of mine for having the courage to stand out of line to do something about the wholesale abuses of Miscavige and his cult.  Tiziano Lugli’s story is by now well know to those who frequent this blog.  It was told in summary in the following post:

Tiziano considered Cardone a friend.  After the church spent weeks flying around the world attempting to splinter Tiziano’s family, Tiziano attempted to have one last word with this friends to tell his side of the story before he was excommunicated and the DISCONNECTION  policy was put into full force.  Cardone was one of those who DISCONNECTED on the orders of David Miscavige before Tiziano was even declared.  There apparently is nothing Cardone won’t do for David Miscavige.

And even then, I might have spared Cardone this ethics gradient. But, this is not the first time Cardone has acted as a ruthless turncoat at the behest of David Miscavige.

A bit of background is in order.  The late Milton Katselas was one of the most productive disseminators in the history of the Scientology religion.  Milton was the Founder and operator of the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school.   You can get a short summary of his life’s products at this wikipedia link:

It was through Milton that most of Scientology’s high profile celebrities made their way in,  either directly or indirectly.   Milton was very independent.  He did not run crush registration; he simply did his professional job well, and people saw his success and were drawn to Scientology by wanting some of what Milton demonstrated. Milton was a very active Scientologists until sometime after Miscavige’s coup d’etat.   Milton never bought into the little dictator and his depersonalization technology and culture.  That fact was a constant thorn in Miscavige’s rear end.  When I was Inspector General of the highest church body (Religious Technology Center) I was ordered by Miscavige to study up on Milton in preparation for personally dealing with his “counter intention” to the Miscavige regime.  I did so, but before arranging the showdown Miscavige cross ordered me onto some other high profile celebrity flap.

About four years ago, Cardone was put through the OT VIII eligibility meat grinder. Having quite a history of con and deceit, Cardone needed to do something dashing and daring that would convince church officials he was loyal to David Miscavige above anyone else, most particularly L Ron Hubbard.   Cardone found the perfect head to return to his master Miscavige, Milton Katselas.   Cardone decided to use rumor and innuendo he had heard about Katselas in an attempt to destroy him through Miscavige ethics tech. The following is the text of an email Cardone sent to many Scientologists affiliated with Scientology’s Celebrity Center purportedly assigning Katselas the ethics condition of Treason:

Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 3:19 PM
Subject: milton katselas treason condition limited publication
It has come to my attention that Milton Katelas continues to go unhandled and it is my intention to stop him finally!
The fact that so many have of you have left his school and written KR’s has not ultimately handled this being as he continues to go unhandled and will continue to wreak havoc and spread his abberration until his ethics are put in.   
I am not an artist as many of you, but I know the importance of the artist to our society, as LRH states.  
As I write this email to you Elena gets an email from another artist who says, “I just left the Beverly Hills Playhouse as I could no longer handle the personal life critiques anymore.”  Its a terrible shame that this young artist may never reach for Scientology due to any association she has had with Milton and the disaffected that stay around him.   ” Suppressive Person-a person who suppresses other people in his vicinity.”  LRH
“The true character of these people (the SP) is usually masked in many ways.  there are expert only in deception and can take on any guise.”  LRH
“Three areas of detection:”  LRH
1) no ethics change
2) no case gain
3) no admin change
Milton Katelas, I believe to be even more dangerous than others as he wears our clothing, is an opinion leader to the artist, and suggest that he is one of us.
His ACTIONS do not support that he is one of us!  
The Facts:
milton katselas has made no bridge progress since Old OTV completion over 14 years ago.  From time to time he will get an action done and then disappear again.
milton katselas does not attend local or international events .  COB stated at last year’s event,” if you are not on board it is suppressive!”
milton katselas does not participate in any of the Churches expansion efforts.
milton katselas does not attend or participate in any direct hard-sell dissemination projects to grow our church and make others aware of our efforts.
milton katselas has not made any direct contributions to Ideal Orgs, IAS or any other of COB’s command intention.
milton katselas does not demonstrate being any part of the team of Scientologist who are doing what they can to make a difference.
milton katselas has not gotten behind any of the social betterment programs our Church spearheads.
milton katselas admitted to [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted] 
milton katselas has encouraged member of his school not to report him to Ethics.
milton katselas states that being a wife is no more than being a glorified prostitute and made other suppressing comments regarding the Second Dynamic. 
milton katselas kicked an actress out of his class because this person chose to do a Clear cycle and missed classes without approval from him.
milton katselas has [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted] .
milton katselas told at least one [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted].
milton katselas has encouraged abberrated and out ethics demonstrations on stage under the pretense of art.
milton katselas has people that are disaffected and blown from Scientology working in the administrative portion of his school. 
milton katselas asked [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted].
milton katselas suggested to others that [salacious sexual innuendo and rumor deleted].
Per Ethics Book page 253- “#8- Any person who knew of an outness or crime and failed to report it and thus became an accessory receives the same penalty as the person disciplined as the actual offender.”  LRH
Also see Suppressive Reasonableness
“The greatest enemy of the E/O is the reasonable person. ”  LRH
“Reasonableness is suppressive since it lets oppression continue without action being taken.” LRH
People at the level on the second dynamic (1.1) are intensely dangerous in the society, since aberration is contagious.” LRH
It is my right per Ethics Gradient 13 to take the next action- Consider this a limited publication that I personally hold Milton Katelas in treason to our group!
Please forward this to others that will benefit from this knowledge as it is true.
Grant Cardone
Shortly after sending the above email, the church caught wind of it.  Recognizing the potentially catastrophic public relations ramifications of such a communication, Cardone was ordered to destroy all evidence immediately.   Cardone then sent out the following email to recipients of the first email.

 MAY 16. 2007

This is regarding the email I sent on milton.

1)    Immediately please destroy all forms of the email I sent you. 

2)    Do not forward that email in any form.

3)    Please forward this comm.. to whom ever you may have forwarded original comm.. 

4)    This was not a correct action on my part as it was off lines and should have been coordinated with the correct terminals within the Church.

5)    It is my understanding, that the proper terminals are presently addressing the situation regarding milton.

6)    Any questions you have or information you have should be coordinated directly with your MAA.

7)    It was not my intent to create a negative effect of any kind.  This action was my attempt to better conditions and for that to happen it should have been properly coordinated through the proper terminals so that it is a safe environment for everyone. 

8)    Lastly, I know that the tech of Ethics and Justice written by L. Ron Hubbard and promoted by the Church of Scientology produces a safe environment when applied exactly and when correctly coordinated.

Grant Cardone

Note that Cardone does not apologize for having attacked Milton with vicious defamation.  Instead, he notes “It is my understanding, that the proper terminals are presently addressing the situation regarding milton.”   The damage had been done to Katselas’ reputation among his many Scientologist friends.  And Grant was shortly after awarded his David Miscavige loyalty stamp, went to the ship and received REVERSE OT VIII. Other prominent members (some of whom owe their careers to Milton) followed suit and turned on Milton and forwarded the campaign to destroy him utterly.

Less than a year and one half later Milton passed away from heart failure.  Whether the propaganda campaign played any role in the timing of his death I do not know.  I do know this with certainty.  Milton Katselas was treated by David Miscavige and his minions like every other great figure in the history of Scientology.  That is, reputation destroyed, friends and family turned on them, betrayed, isolated and left to die in infamy.

Turnaround King?  Or is it Turncoat King?

That is a question Grant Cardone – and other prominent Miscavige enablers –  needs to contemplate thoroughly.

At the end of the day Grant Cardone will thank me for helping to put his ethics in.

Or, should he not possess the strength of his own convictions, he will surely find himself in the same position as Milton Katselas, the target of the newest kid on the block attempting to curry favor with the little dictator.

Father’s Day With Joy Graysen

This has been a long time coming. A lonnnnnng time coming. I have been heartily “out of the closet” since Michael Fairman was descended upon  by the undead, but I hadn’t figured out where to begin to unfold my story – so I procrastinated.

After meeting with Marty and Mike a few Tuesdays ago here in L.A., witnessing the keystone-cop-esque ABSURDITY (to be kind) of “the squirrel-buster” brigade and after being part of the conversation which encouraged Michael to write his latest post, I decided I had done enough procrastinating.

My name is Joy Graysen. Some of you know me as Joy Stimmel, Joy Veikley, Joy Fairman, Michael’s wife, Sky’s mother. Some of you know me as the voice of Flag’s anthem “Flag Is Here”. Some of you know me from all of the church events I have sung for over the last 25 years. And some of you don’t know me at all. After this open letter, hopefully you will just know me as Joy — one of you.

In 1983 I came home from my first year of college, very disillusioned with education. I complained to my father, Sam, my soulmate, that I was disgusted. Why could we get a man to the moon, but we couldn’t communicate to the person sitting in front of us?  He told me about a  man named L. Ron Hubbard,  who had created a magnificent body of work that might help me with my dilemma. (My Mom and Dad had become Scientologists the late 60’s, for a brief time)

I was astonished to find that everything I had been lamenting was covered, explained and handled in Scientology.

I found a  philosophy and a group of people that believed what I believed – that we all have within us, infinite wisdom, infinite compassion and infinite potential.

I found a group that supported and encouraged critical thinking, individuality, granting of beingness and the divine right to BE who WE are – each one of us.  It was OK to question what didn’t make sense, and we were taught to disagree with the “apparencies” of the world around us.

I found a group that nurtured our inherent nature to be kind and powerful at the same time.  A group that taught us to help others by helping them to become their true selves.

I signed up because I saw the truth everywhere I looked. Possibly for the first time in my life. I felt like I was finally home after an endless journey. I could cry now, remembering the relief I felt at that time in my life.

So I wound up on the “Bridge” in NYC.

As I became more and more familiar with Ron’s legacy, my admiration for him kept expanding. I couldn’t believe how much knowledge he had assembled and given us to understand and apply.

He created the technology of the mind and the spirit with Dianetics and Scientology to help us free ourselves from the suppressive booby-traps of life and our experiences.

He created the “Ethics Technology” to help us get out of our own way so we could take full advantage of the “tech”.

He created an organizing system to improve the management of our lives and careers; and in addition, set up a stalwart system of checks and balances so that his body of work could not be corrupted by external or internal influences. He created the Organizing or Org Board which helped ensure that KSW (a policy called Keeping Scientology Working) is always applied and everything operates smoothly according to his policies.

In my mind, the structure of this Org Board was a given. That’s how the church operated,  and on every level, whether  a mission, an org or upper management, this was simply how it worked. and I trusted that this was kept “in”. I never questioned that it was being followed. Scientologists were ethical, especially the Sea Org staff members; ESPECIALLY the upper, upper level management Sea Org staff members in RTC.

These were the reasons I chose to trust the group and to seek enlightenment from Scientology.

And so began my 25 year journey. I became “drunk” with the euphoria that comes with falling in love. I was in love with the endless possibilities of freedom. I was in love with the colors around me which seemed brighter. I was in love with the exhilaration of actually being listened to, being duplicated and, (who knew) being acknowledged! It was a whole new  world and a world I had been seeking forever.

Three years later, in 1986, my daddy, the man who taught me kindness, who taught me how to sing in three part harmony, play the piano, guitar and ukulele by ear, all before I was 3 years old, the man who gave me my sense of humor and who introduced me to Scientology, died of a heart attack just before his 45th birthday.

This sweet man, who never once in my life let me down (with the exception of the time he tricked me into surrendering my blankey) left me without saying goodbye.

I wasn’t mad at him. But I did feel as though I had fallen down into the deepest, blackest hole there ever was in the history of any universe, and that no matter what happened from then on, I would always be living my life looking up from the bottom of that hole.

When I arrived at Celebrity Center NY for a session, I was numb and brittle and scarred to the center of my being. I knew that I would always feel this way but that Sam would have wanted me to have a session, so…

I emerged from my auditing room one hour later feeling like I could actually ‘have’ the loss.  This was a true miracle. I would never have believed this could be the result of just a single  hour of auditing. It still defies logic when I recall the magnitude of my loss at the time. But if there were ever a testament to the validity of LRH’s tech, for me that was it a million times over.

(blogger note: please take a moment to listen to Joy’s song written for her father Sam 08_Burning_Flame_(a_song_for_Sam))

So THIS was why I got into Scientology and THIS is how the tech was supposed to be delivered!

From that point in my life I was able to ‘have’ things more easily – good and bad. I guess  because I was willing to accept  their contribution to me and mine to them, regardless of whether I liked it or not. I was able to ‘have’ situations for what they were, with less protest than before; but I would still fight for what I wanted or what was right. I felt more able than before because I felt more grounded in present time.

In 1989, I moved to Los Angeles to be near CC Int  and immersed myself in the group.  I lived across the street from CC, and associated mostly with other Scientologists. I felt safe knowing that we all shared the same knowledge of ethics and ARC, and were all learning to understand ourselves and each other spiritually.

In 1993 I married Michael Fairman, and that summer we arrived at Flag for his OT VI and VII.  With inheritance my father left me, I decided to do “L 11”

We were trying to have a baby at that time and had been waiting months for the right biological “window”. Michael had to CSW his course supervisor, Antonino, for permission to, as he put it,  “make a baby”. Luckily  Antonino was from Italy or we might not have been granted “time off from course” for baby making! Although it is a funny story to tell, it is a poignant example of how the church controlled even the most intimate of moments in our lives.

We returned to L.A. with a bun, named Sky, in the oven. Yay.

Also during that summer,  I called my sister in Italy for weeks, attempting to get her to Flag. She eventually arrived and bought her Bridge to OT VIII. Her  inheritance of $89,000, which she used  for the package, eventually got her only to Clear.

I think one of the true turning points for both Michael and me was the event releasing the Volunteer Minister Course (remember the accompanying yellow back pack?). It was at The Shrine Auditorium. As we left the actual event, on our way to the giant Expo Hall, we were bombarded by literally walls of Sea Org members forming a human chain. Their patter to us was, “cash or credit?” No “hi, how are you, how’d you like the event?”; just “cash or credit, cash or credit, cash or credit”. They were selling the backpack with the new book in it. Michael and I looked at each other in disbelief. The basic fundamentals of Scientology were being ignored- hell- obliterated.There was no comm formula, no ARC triangle, no TRs, just an enforced hard-sell tactic. We were extremely annoyed by this. It was a violation of the most basic of basic sales techniques, never mind Scientology precepts. This was simply enforced reality, enforced communication and enforced affinity. Not a good cocktail.

Somehow we managed to work our way through the Expo Hall to escape. When we got outside, we both remarked that this patter had to have come from up-lines. It couldn’t have been a coincidence that every staff member had this exact same patter. We became unsettled by the idea that this command must have come from David Miscavige and we couldn’t reconcile the utter “outness” of it.

Similarly, when Tom Cruise won his Freedom Medal Award, we couldn’t understand how Miscavige could allow the video of Cruise to be broadcast at that major event. The actor seemed so hyper and on the edge of losing control. It also seemed very odd that he was not adequately hatted by Church officials — witness PR blunders of jumping up and down on Oprah’s  couch, and  his embarrassing attack of Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer in regard to psych drugs. Regardless of the fact that psych drugs are harmful, it seemed wildly out- PR  in the way he handled it.

Then  came the release of the “The Basics” That just seemed ludicrous, implausible and contrived from the moment we heard it. That’s when we really started to feel that cold feeling creeping up the back of our necks…

How could LRH, a man, who was infinitely meticulous, overlook all the basic books??? He never once checked or realized there were all of these errors in translation? Gross errors? “The blind leading the blind” as David Miscavige so eloquently put it… This signified to us that not only was the church trying to come up with new ways of making money, but that they were covertly admitting to actively and OVERTLY altering the tech!!

This was the beginning of my awareness that the miracles of LRH that I mentioned earlier, would be forfeited. And, as I later learned from tech terminals more highly trained than I, that was exactly what was happening.

During  that book-selling campaign, we were bombarded by enforced reality after enforced reality regarding buying them, training on them, buying them for others, buying them for Orgs and Missions, buying them for other countries, donating so translations could be made into other languages, buying for your dog, cat, gerbil and goldfish… I mean come onnnn…

So we started distancing ourselves, slowly but surely from the church. We talked about our observations to each other but were careful not to discuss our concerns with any other Scientologists – lest we “spread entheta” or were “critical” of the church…No, no, no…we know what THAT would mean! We did eventually to a select few, who we thought were safe terminals. We later found out otherwise.

And then there is the “Ideal Org” campaign!!! OY VEY!! Could THIS be any more contrary to what LRH wanted? And at the very least, makes no business sense.

It seemed there was no end to the request for donations. I even saw a promo recently advertising that the church would accept people’s gold teeth towards donations…Ummmm…?

In 2009, Paul Haggis’ letter of resignation was made public and Michael read it. He had met  Paul and was friends with his wife Deborah, so he was very stricken by the letter’ s content. One of Paul’s major upsets with the church was, as he saw it, an intolerance of homosexuality. I myself had witnessed countless examples of Scientologists rolling their eyes in regard to someone who was gay, or the generality that all gays are covertly hostile.

And now here is the crux of MY personal crossroads in regards to the current church. More and more I felt like I had to withhold myself from my so called friends. Not because I had  committed overts but because I felt a growing distance between my core beingness, my values, and these group members.

I started to notice an extreme lack of tolerance. I observed an arrogance and a ‘holier than thou’  point of view towards anyone who was not a Scientologist. My “friends” would have a “no sympathy” attitude towards homeless people, homosexuals, as I mentioned, and really anything remotely liberal minded. I thought compassion and understanding were at the core of Scientology’s values.

I remember Michael having a conversation with an OT VIII where Michael asked why shouldn’t Scientology be available to everyone, not just the rich people, and the response was “Scientology is for the able, they’ll just have to be left behind”.

I felt that I had to “good roads, and good weather” my friends and family more and more. I was no longer free to just be myself and talk about things that were important to me because if I gave money or food to a homeless person, or if I had gay friends or if I believed that healthcare is vital for everybody, that I would be scorned.

The main reason I embraced Scientology, as I outlined at the beginning of this letter, was disappearing. I no longer felt safe or comfortable within the group because the granting of beingness on many dynamics seemed to be withering away.

I believed that as we evolved, as we became more and more ourselves, as we mastered our understanding of the tone scale, the more our ARC for humanity would grow. As far as I am concerned, we would have MORE tolerance, understanding and compassion, not less. Regardless of any political inclination, we should have more heart, more generosity. I personally found this ‘group think’ to be getting more and more prevalent.

And don’t get me started on the utter snobbery of the Scn celebrities. Aside from a very select few, their arrogance towards people who weren’t in the ‘upper, upper President’s office circle’ was laughable. Nowhere in Hollywood, outside of our church, did I experience such blatant self-importance and nonsense. Michael has been acting for close to 50 years and I have been to my fair share of Hollywood events with major celebrities. They never acted like our celebrities did.

Sooo, at that point, I began confronting what I had suspected for a long while – there was something very wrong at the top of the Org Board. There were just too many uniform negative behaviors within the group. Again, it could not have simply been a coincidence.

And so I began reading the blogs and meeting with people who had personally experienced some of the most horrific atrocities perpetrated at the highest levels of Church management.

One such meeting lasted for more than 5 hours, where I sat, with my mouth hanging open, trying not to vomit or pass out.  No one was that good an actor. No one could have made up the details of the story I heard. Hopefully, one day soon you will learn of that particular incident.

Then we started meeting more people who had left the church. Some had similar horror stories. Some had terrible experiences of disconnection by their immediate family members. Some had been physically injured, others mentally, and all spiritually.

Where is executive oversight? It appears , from countless reports, that Miscavige runs the whole show, with no one but his sycophants following him around, doing his bidding.

There are FAR too many reports, eye witness accounts, broken families and unanswered questions for all this to be manufactured by a group of “SP’s” as Church spokespeople continue to affirm. And a large majority of these reports have come from people who devoted 20, 30, 40 years or more of their lives to Scientology, many ex-Sea Org, many who personally worked with LRH. Am I supposed to believe that these people have anything to gain from making up such heinous lies? Pu-leeeease!

At that point we had decided to unofficially leave the Church. I had gotten Michael’s agreement that we would stay under the radar because I love my sister and my nieces very much and I didn’t want to jeopardize my relationship with them.

By this time, Michael and I had already met Marty Rathbun and Michael traveled to Texas to get some auditing. The week after he returned, my sister, who has been auditing on OT VII,  arrived in LA for work, and I decided to tell her some of what I had learned. I wanted to ease her in to the reality I had come to learn over a period of time – to “test the water” with her. She was shocked and clearly shaken and upset with me for bringing this up. She then disappeared for two days with no communication.

When I finally did hear from her she said she wanted to discuss what we talked about. So we got together and it was obvious she had been coached to “handle” me.

She told me I owed it to myself and to the church to go into CC and get the other side of the story. I was reluctant to do this as I knew I would be opening Pandora’s Box by alerting the church of my disaffection but she insisted that it would mean so much to her if I could just do that. I explained to her that it would probably make things worse but she said to me “I guarantee that if you are not convinced, Jenny Butler promised me you could just walk away and you would not be harassed” (Jenny Butler is CC Int President’s office staff).

Michael and I arrived at CC and  needless to say, I never got to speak to Jenny,  because when I arrived, two OSA officers were waiting for us. I refused to speak with them.

Right after this, Tommy Davis, Mike Sutter and one of Michael’s oldest friends, Lee Kessler arrived at Michael’s doorstep with goldenrod in tow and his “adventure” began in earnest. (The details are in Michael’s resignation letter to be found on Marty’s blog) Kessler set up this meeting with Michael on the false pretenses that they were going to discuss a script…

That night, my sister sent me a scathing voicemail stating that she heard what Michael had done,  and that I had better make sure that he goes in to the church and fix it. I was too furious to call her back so sent her a long text, explaining how they surveilled him, lied to him, threatened him, and harassed him. THIS is the church you’re defending?” I asked her. THIS is the church that’s going to save mankind??” I sent her several texts explaining the situation, trying to tell her what was really going on and then discovered that she had immediately forwarded my personal texts to OSA and Tommy Davis.

I then  sent a long email to my sister after that and one to my mother, to again try and explain the situation.

What follows are excerpts from the letter I got back:

“It is my power of choice to communicate with whom I wish – no-one decides this for me – I decide for myself…”

She lists several LRH references on Suppression and Suppressive Acts, and then quotes from a piece LRH wrote in 1964 countering an article written in the Saturday Evening Post that same year: “This “article”. LRH wrote, “is a rather clumsy effort to discredit the leader of a movement by direct personal attack…”

Neither Michael, I, Marty, Mike, nor the overwhelming majority in the Independent movement have EVER attacked LRH personally. So it’s obvious she means Miscavige who is under attack. LRH continued, “…By misquotes and inferences, statements out of context and avoiding all actual values, they seek to kill confidence and therefore the movement…” End LRH quote

Now my sister does an A=A=A: “You and Michael are trying to stop my Church, my beliefs, my life. I do not take your inclination in this direction lightly. You are both against LRH by connecting up with a squirrel and a declared SP who is making a weak fruitlessly feeble attack – it is one neither he nor you will ever win at, as Mommy pointed out to you months ago. Everything you are doing is in complete contravention with Scientology and LRH policies.”

She continues with the personal attack on Marty, Michael and myself and justifies the intervention at Michael’s. And there were additional vicious comments.. The e-mail doesn’t even sound like her. There are words in it I know she has never used before in her life. All too pathetic. She and my mother have both disconnected from me.

Once Michael’s letter on Marty’s blog went out, within 24 hours, over 100 Scientologist “friends” unfriended me on Facebook. Only two asked any questions of me whatsoever. Many of these were people I’ve known for over 20 years. Apparently JoJo Zawawi, a covert OSA operative, contacted all of my Scn FB “friends” and told them to unfriend me.

Then I found out that the DSA of CCI was calling my friends and students (I am a vocal coach) into ethics and showing my goldenrod declare, and telling them they are not allowed to associate with me anymore. One such student was having so many wins that we would both cry after each voice lesson because she handled so many barriers that neither of us could believe it!

Here is an excerpt from a success story from her…

“In about a month after learning the basics of Joy’s special vocal technique I discovered that ever since I started with Joy my throat has never hurt any more (so I cancelled my Dr’s Appointment as there was nothing to complain about)”

“…I have only been working with Joy for a few months, I cannot imagine what can be achieved in a year, she is just so absolutely amazing and fabulous. I believe she can help any singer to achieve their true potential.”

And then excerpts from her disconnection letter:

“I was asked to go in Ethics today at CC and read the declare on you as CC knew you were my teacher”

…I am very upset that I cannot continue working with you, I really love you and hope this gets handles in one way or another and I can come back to you. I am very sad to lose you as my teacher and my mentor as you have done so much for me…”

…The church does not allow me to continue being connected with you, and I am sure you understand. Even though we are taken apart for the time being, I still have nothing but respect and admiration for you as a being and nothing (not even a declare) can take that away…”

This was one of many students who are now no longer able to work with me as a result of this covert, black PR campaign against me. As a result I have lost a great deal of my income, not to mention my heart.

It would be very easy to be angry and hateful towards the loyal followers of DM’s church who have turned their backs on us, the truth is I feel very, very sorry for them.

Despite the arrogant valence of rightness most of them are stuck in, they are, in actuality, poor, duped victims, whose original intention was to dedicate their lives to helping their fellow man. By their own misguided trust and blind faith, they have allowed themselves to be manipulated so thoroughly, they can’t see that the Church they are fighting for is what is eating them alive.  They are not helping mankind – they are sinking into unconsciousness; unaware of the criminally false statistics, abuses, mind control and theft that are being perpetrated on mankind. And so they are contributing to it, unknowingly.

There is a line in one of my original songs, ‘Moth To A Flame’,  which states,

“Through your seductive smoke, I can finally see,

The darkness I tried to escape was the shadow you cast over me.”

I believe David Miscavige has cast  his degraded shadow over  LRH and it is my job to do what I can to expose that.

We, who have endured the pain of disconnection and loss and harassment are the lucky ones. We have superficial wounds. We have retained our clarity, our integrity and our eternity. They have forsaken theirs by refusing to see. We must continue to tell the truth here so that somehow, they might read one of our posts and walk back into the light.

I consider myself infinitely fortunate to have had the clarity, for whatever reason, to see the church for what it is, not what it used to be nor what I wish it was. The confront it takes to be willing to “have” that reality is what I believe LRH really wanted us take from his teachings.

Until this letter, I have made no official public declarations of my resignation. I was never shown a single KR (knowledge report), never offered a Com-Ev (Committee Of Evidence) was never officially contacted regarding my disaffection nor was I shown my Golden-rod Suppressive Declare Order. I was simply and covertly declared a suppressive person. This occurred long before I became as outspoken and aggressive as I am now.

After I started losing my friends, family, clients and business associates I became very vocal about my disgust, but I still had not put it in writing.

Well…HERE IT IS IN  WRITING!!! BAAAMMM!! Take THAT David Miscavige.

Love to ALL



I came into Scientology because I imagined a better world. I would like to believe we all came into Scientology for that reason. To end my declaration, I would like to share with you my version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”

A Message to Izzy and Mary Ann Chait

Iz and Mary Ann,

It was wonderful meeting with you this past Friday at the Enterprise Car return lane at LAX.  Unfortunately, Lublow, Allender, et al had to interrupt – but, you are gonna continue to carry fleas as long as you sleep with unkempt dogs. (see video below)

Thank you for promising to read my blog.  Mosey is on the Student Hat course and came across a gem she wanted to share with you knowing you are conducting an investigation and study as part of your doubt formulas.

The reference from Monique:

from Evaluation of Information, L Ron Hubbard:

So now, let’s realize that part of our understanding when we are engaged in secondhand observation – which is to say study on a via or something…we are engaged upon this – then our understanding must include an evaluation of the reliability of the information we are being given.  You follow that?  Our understanding must include the understanding of whether this is good dope or bad dope, whether this is straight data or this is data with a curve.  In other words, we have to be capable of evaluating the truth of the relayed observation.