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reference: my last blog post, Miscavige Cancels Hubbard’s Dictionary, at


With inexorable promptitude (stolen phrase from a Hubbard Journal) Tony Ortega, editor in chief of the Village Voice, happened to run into an actor who was blown away (in a bad sense) by church of Scientology Celebrity Center International three years ago, post about it, and in the bargain verified in real time just about everything I wrote in the above referenced post this morning.   Take for example this passage from Ortega’s recounting of the story of Philip Boyd:

Another time, he encountered the word “enturbulation” in a Hubbard book. “I tried to look it up and realized it was something Hubbard invented,” he says. (Hubbard used it to mean agitation or disruption.) Boyd asked a supervisor about it and says he was told, “Hubbard was highly educated, and used words that weren’t on this planet.” Boyd says he found that pretty ridiculous.

Please read the rest of the story – and tell me was I lying when I wrote?:

His thinking apparently goes something like this, the longer the runway the more time to squeeze every last dime out of the rube before he learns enough Scientology to realize what they are doing to the poor sap.

Check it:

Hubbard wasn’t joking when he urged we get busy and start building a better bridge.

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  1. Tom Gallagher

    The last two sentences of the article are insightful:

    He added that he thinks there are benefits to the self-help ideas in Scientology.

    “But the business side of it, that should get them shut down.”

    ‘Nuff said.

  2. Another satisfied customer. Way to go, DM.

  3. The numbers of the Vulture Culture gauntlet are just not to be believed! $20K to get on the Bridge and for not completing the Purif? $300 “Folder transfer fee”?

    It’s miraculous that “he thinks there are benefits to the self-help ideas in Scientology”, not having had enough wins from the LRH Tech; and hit with the POB/Idle Orgs criminal exchange conditions. Perhaps Philip Boyd didn’t get enough A/V and co-audits on the POB Bridge?

  4. “Hubbard wasn’t joking when he urged we get busy and start building a better bridge.”

    Here’s an interesting thought…
    Up until now, there has only been “one” Bridge and it came from the “church.”

    Try this one on for size:
    Each one of us has our own Bridge! For every one of us out there, climbing, reaching and taking the journey “out,” there is a Bridge for that individual! Now, your Bridge may be slightly different from mine, but the components are still the same. Each Bridge is made with the bricks and mortar that Ron left for us to build with. But WE have to build it. NOT the “church.”

    So now… instead of just 1 way out, and it is through the “Co$,” we have thousands and thousands of ways “out.” We each have our own! All based on the Tech. All based on the work (bricks and mortar) Ron did and we need to build out own way out!

    By this principle… we are each responsible for “the Bridge.” And if we don’t build it, guess what?

    There you are.

    Hmm… now I wanna here that movie/lecture again. This is a very interesting and liberating concept!!!

  5. Sorry for the typo’s. Kinda hard to type when you’re ext. Me.
    whatever… LOL

  6. Can you say “TOXIC”


  7. “Boyd asked a supervisor about it and says he was told, “Hubbard was highly educated, and used words that weren’t on this planet.” ”

    Talk about magnitude of violation of tech and policy! To name just a few: KSW; Supervisor’s Code; Verbal Tech issues; Supervisor’s Stable Data; Confused Ideas; 3 Barriers to Study; etc. And that’s not to mention the unreality of the supervisor in his comm and in his universe.

    Scientology’s revolving door is spinning faster and faster as people enter and leave in the same breath.

  8. Just curious: Have anyone of the regulars here had a similar experience doing the Purification Rundown? Marty, is this something you offer, or maybe hope to offer, at some point?

  9. I must say that Philip Boyd is one good looking guy. Great smile.

    All the extra fees and charges are mind-boggling. Are they charging to use the toilet? Chair rental in the class rooms? I also have never heard or read anything that would imply that Scientology terminology comes from off the planet. There is no purpose for a course supervisor to be telling students something like this.

  10. I can only think of a Monty Python response to this insanity.
    ‘You filthy (dm) English pig dog, I blow my nose in your general direction’

    Geeze… got to turn up the confront of evil a notch or two.

  11. I wonder what the deal was with him having to pay $300 to have his folder transferred to a new supervisor? Weird, really weird.

  12. Jim Logan is not available at this time — but if he was reading this crap about Supervisors stating LRH used words that weren’t on this planet, you could expect and rant and rave from Jim on this. In accord with Chris Black’s comments above — the number of violations of tech and policy are too many to be listed. Gross! In Jim’s absence — I post this for him.

  13. Your humble servant

    No question that today the very excessive and unending costs of services in the official Church of Scientology is a very valid criticism–sad but true.
    Required donations were increased beyond all reason for auditing and training, not to mention the reported financial rape of persons undergoing 6 month reviews (off -policy sec checks) while auditing on OT VII. Add to that absurdly expensive prices for e-meters (and everyone should have two of them) and even another $400 for specially manufactured cans (hand held electrodes) for the e-meters, whereas Ron specifically said that one ought to use soup cans. Then add to that the off-policy pushes for donations, for everything from new buildings, to Super Power, to putting books in libraries. Not to even mention the IAS. No one but the wealthiest could afford all of that.

    I became interested in the subject many years ago when services were quite affordable. If I were a new person walking into one of these pseudo-implant station “ideal orgs” today, I don’t think I would be interested. Apparently, hardly anyone else is either, and that is why the orgs are nearly empty.

  14. Hey Bozz, yep gives a distinct reason why LRH said about legacy – “make the tech your own”.
    Your tech, your Bridge, your Freedom. That kinda implies a thing or two about Independance. It’s all written in the Factors really.

  15. An old man going a lone highway,
    Came, at the evening cold and gray,
    To a chasm vast and deep and wide.
    Through which was flowing a sullen tide
    The old man crossed in the twilight dim,
    The sullen stream had no fear for him;
    But he turned when safe on the other side
    And built a bridge to span the tide.

    “Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near,
    “You are wasting your strength with building here;
    Your journey will end with the ending day,
    You never again will pass this way;
    You’ve crossed the chasm, deep and wide,
    Why build this bridge at evening tide?”

    The builder lifted his old gray head;
    “Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said,
    “There followed after me to-day
    A youth whose feet must pass this way.
    This chasm that has been as naught to me
    To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be;
    He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;
    Good friend, I am building this bridge for him!”

    — Will Allen Dromgoole

  16. After each course that he completed, Boyd says he was ordered to turn over the names and e-mail addresses of friends who Scientology could go after. He refused, even after they made it plain to him that it was a required step to finish the course.

    Did I read this right, that e-addies of friends are required to complete a course?

    Not LRH. Altered Checksheets/Non-standard Routing Forms.

    It was bad enough when they published names of service completions on the internet and now they want to blow off your friends too?

    Top-down control of every aspect of your life. Man, have things gotten worse, it’s downright scary.

    Is it any wonder CO$ is contracting itself into Non-Existence?

    A decade ago or so WISE wanted full accounts of my Income as an entitlement for the Admin Tech I use in business for which I was supposedly indebted to them to the tune of 10%. Full overinflated purchase price for the OECs was apparently not enough.

  17. “Hubbard wasn’t joking when he urged we get busy and start building a better bridge.”

  18. Dutch band singing in English

  19. A defining moment for me was reading a Puff PR piece on “the basics” where shermanspeak with miscavige approval boasted about not needing a dictionary because….”the basics ARE conceptual understanding.”

    LRH coined many words that have clarified concepts which are new awarenesses for many people.

    Miscavige obfuscates concepts with shermanspeak implanting technology.

    Freedom = do everything I say.
    OT = make a total ass out of yourself
    Cleared Word = This is what that means you $#***&^%^ moron. Memorize it.
    We’d rather have you dead than disobedient.

    I sure wish the alarm clock would ring for a few more thousand people so they would wake up from their collective nightmare.

  20. Yep, exactly. Bright man. Saw the gains and saw the BS and got out of there!

  21. These guys are shameless-asking for his banking account info, so they can have free reign. I have heard worse, where regges without permission,have gone into someone’s personal and business accounts and credit cards looking for any money, finding it and then indignantly presenting the unaware dupe with what they found and declaring “how dare he hold onto this”, followed by getting as much of it as possible,if not all.

  22. Some people may say this as a sad thing, but I don’t look at it that way. I have not counter intention to how much money the Church of Scientology can squeeze out of people if that is the church’s intention. Because, every time they get their hands on money they fall flat on their faces with it! 🙂 That is worth paying for to a certain degree! 🙂 I have pretty much always felt that way about the Church of Scientology in general. They always get their hands on things first that they damage themselves with later. Nice going DM! Maybe the “church” can help you! 🙂 That really makes me laugh. Thanks Marty. I am so glad you have this blog here so us real people can chat like this from time to time.

  23. The “Church” of Scientology is separate and differenet from the Philosophy of Scientology.
    How hard Miscavige tries to blur these into one and the same.
    The SPs are attaching the “Church” and “LRH”.

    The “Church” has morphed into a criminal THUG entity that attempts to suck out finance from its public more than anything else. It is unrecognizable from what we knew going back a couple of decades.

    Sample of recent letter


    Here’s my story

    I took the Comm Course in 1977 while I was still a teenager, then went on Staff and worked for XXXXXXXX (one of the biggest missions). The Missions were very upstat and very fun, lots of people going up the bridge, co audits and lots of auditors being made, then……….. the missions entered into a mess with the De-Dinging squirrel tech situation, then Nazi type situation, the takeover of the Missions, ……… and it is too long of a story what happened to me, but I left the mission because the Nazis were running it, – went to upper orgs to work it out – to no joy, – but worked a couple more years at an org while they tried to handle the situation ( I had not realizing then what had exactly happened to Scientology) but it could not be worked out ……and I have been ‘ out ‘ since the early mid 80s.

    I thought I had been declared, I had seen the golden rod, -(all I ever wanted to do was be on staff and do Scientology,) so this was devastating to think I would never be able to be with my friends, go up the bridge and work as staff etc. etc. I just found out last year I had not been declared after the Org. called me trying to get me on the Basics. I asked them why would they be trying to get me on course after decades and after I had been declared????, — and they told me that there was no declare. They checked all the way up the lines. I told them I had seen the goldenrod.
    I was declared, I had seen the issue.

    So I went back in to the Org as they had invited me to purchase the Basics. text was absolutely SHOCKed to see what had happened to the church. I just assumed that the squirrel stuff was fixed decades ago. When I was there it was just crazy to see and hear what they were saying. I went home and googled if anyone else thought that changing the books was odd and all sorts of other outpoints. ( I had been told that my old books were old and not useable and I could throw them away??????) I heard and saw out point after outpoint while I was in the Org. every step of the way from reception, to the bookstore, ED, Ethics talking to these people ……….., it was just shocking to hear what they were saying about many subjects………no one co-auditing anymore and all sorts of things, very sad to see what had happened, the difference from the 70s early 80s until now was extraordinary.

    I went home and for the first time googled around to see if anyone else thought the same as I did and OMG……..I found Scientology on the INTERNET !

    Oh My God !………

  24. I really should slow down and check for Typos.
    I swear I type 100 words per minute and click the post too damned fast.
    differenet should be different
    attaching should be attacking.
    Sorry for the typos. Need to slow down.

  25. The $300 “transfer fee” is someone’s clever idea on another way to fleece their public. LRH policy? Huh, what’s that?

    I look forward to the day when DM’s group is legally forbidden to even mention the word Scn much less use it to con $$ from their customers.

  26. Another Layer

    Lovely! Thank you.

  27. Tom Gallagher

    Hi Ho Silver………..and away.

  28. Tom Gallagher

    As I continue to try to digest this POB sociopath crap, I thought a moment about slogans, bumper sticker stuff: Such as-

    Independence Makes Sense


    As-Is Suppression
    Consider the Psycho Munchkin

  29. Yeah, but he said he was a public at CC Int. So what transfer are they talking about? From one sup to another within CC Int? Whatever…. just bizarro and of course it makes no sense so trying to make sense out of it is useless.

  30. one of those who see

    Beautiful. Tears in my eyes. Printing it now. With all the “stuff” written about LRH, here in this poem is his Biography. Thanks!

  31. Many people (including me) went up the bridge without a purif. And yes, I had a huge history of street drugs. I did it after clear. It is nice to do but I would not let it stop anyone from moving forward. Everything that was promised on that grade chart was delivered to me. And to countless others before the purif came out.

  32. “Are they charging to use the toilet?” Too funny!

  33. Karen, thanks for posting this story. What a real tribute this is to the way the Church of Scientology NOT the technolog of L. Ron Hubbard has taken an apparent turn for the worse. In my diary I list a lot of things that ANYBODY in their right mind with even $1.00 in their pocket would have spoken up about. But I didn’t. Ever. Because it did not ever ocurr to me that there could be such a thing as people talking about the church of Scientology and getting away with it, in lieu of the misunderstading of Scientology as opposed to the Church of Scientology. They are different things. One day I googled OT III just out of curiosity to see if anybody in the world besides me had ever heard of these kind of crimes from a group like this BINGO! I even met a Class XII auditor formerly from Flag, that answered a question for me in 1 E-Mail on good faith alone, that if I had gone to the local org and asked the police would have been called on me for sure and I *still* would not have known why. The internet is forever and so are the new survivors that are critics of the Church of Scientology but NOT Scientology. Bravo Karen. Too bad I didn’t speak up sooner! 🙂 But, everyone needs a good laugh now and then! 🙂 Love, love, love and more love.


  34. Now the Internet is awash as the Birmingham Org Leaks of internal Greed and corruption are Leaked.
    Confirming the HEADLINE adjectives
    please make a good note of the HUSHMAIL user IDs below.
    These contain links to malicious hate websites.
    Hushmail is being used for SPAM and and to further the “Church of Scientology’s HATE Campaigns.
    Hushmail is already aware of this.

    If you have your name impersonated ( Dan Koon, Janela Webster, Tony De Phillips and Amy Scobee are examples)
    Hushmail can be contacted
    Email: Contact us by email
    Phone: (604) 685-6937
    Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM Pacific Time. Please note that they do not provide telephone support for free Hushmail accounts.

    These are the “Church” FAIR GAME and DIRTY TRICKS HUSHMAIL accounts
    The emails from these Email accounts
    send out links to obscene hate websites…
    how very Religious !
    Even impersonating the New Yorker
    and Paul Haggis !

    You can also report the SPAM right away by clicking the LINK called “SPAM” in the little picture icon links above the body of the Email.

  35. With this predatory regging, Tech Degrades and bad handling of parishioners, pretty soon the only thing Miscavige’s Vulture Culture will have to feed on is the rotting carcass of the Tech that he has left for them.

  36. Brian Culkin

    While at Flag I was sent to Ethics because I would not transfer my personal financial account I had at Morgan Stanley and move it to Matt Feshbachs company.

    Laurie Webster wrote me up to ethics and I was grilled why I wouldn’t move my account to a Scientologist financial advisor.

    The scary thing is…. they saw absolutely nothing wrong with it


  37. I did the purif i/c course and the c/s course and put some people through it. It was developed for good reason, and it does clean one up—however, not everyone’s mental images are so daunting as to keep them from being able to audit. It is a technical point. I can’t imagine anyone not finding some benefit from it, but I am not convince that EVERYONE NEEDS the purif before auditing. When I was on staff, the sweat out program was the precursor to the sauna (purif) program, and LRH evidently wanted all Scientologist to do it, not just Narconon. At least that was what was being pushed when he was running the show.

    Still, I know of many people in the last few years who have been called back to REDO their purif because “it wasn’t done right” or they were told they were incomplete. It was being used as a way to get the person back on lines as far as I’m concerned. Also, I know of someone who was orignially from Narconon, joined staff, trained as an auditor, and now is on his 3rd purif!!
    So, has anyone gone clear on the purif?? LOL. I guess if you don’t go clear on the purfi, you can go clear on the Basics 🙂

    Purif does what it does…gets rid of residual toxins. Now I do know that the Med Center, which did the pilot on the purif, can handle tough cases, and some people have been on for as long as six months. This is unusual and not needed for most people.
    But the way I see it is that this is just another area where ‘general
    c/sing” is happening…’everyone has to do”… arbitraries. “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    Clear is the same way. How many people from the 90’s forward had to do more than one clear check before starting Solo One? Why? Because some people got through to 7 while not being clear. Well, maybe some weren’t. But whose fault is that ?? And why can’t the church determine who is clear and who isn’t. It isn’t Russian Roulette!
    They still had to pay pay pay for the audting. When I did mine, EVERYONE in the course room had to redo their clear intensive. For those of who did the original DCSI, we had to do the NEW CERTAINTY Rundown, and then do it again on the OT elig before Solo. Can you say “over run”. We know your clear but….Ridiculous!.
    I know OT8’s on staff still C/sing, who have done so for 30 years, and why they aren’t jumping up and down screaming is beyond me. Maybe they just do things their own (old) way and who would know. I don’t.

    To the Church under DM and the staff who blindly follow…KISS!
    (keep it simple stupid) and bring back the LRH Bridge!

  38. Tom Gallagher

    The Temple of POB (aka Shorty) stinks to high heaven.

    What’s with the coffee enema ‘thingy’? Chronic tone level stuff?

    Just guess’n….

  39. “We’d rather have you dead than disobedient” Hahahahaha that is sooooo
    perfect. I’m gonna borrow and use that one. Brilliant.


  41. Outrageous. You left the following day, right? Left and never returned?

  42. Jewell ~

    The name is irrelevant. It has to be a Unique user. He can call himself “King Kong” or “Mickey Mouse”

    As long as it is a unique Email address you are fine.

    Just remember when you click below you have to register. They send a verification link and a password. YOU MUST HAVE THE PASSWORD to put in,
    because when you click on the verification link it takes you to the sign in point for user name and password. As soon as that is done it takes you
    right to the petition and you click and that is it.
    THEN paste in this link and sign the petition
    You do NOT have to fill in a zip code.
    You do not have to give your name if you prefer not to,
    for example someone signed as
    EX S
    ++++Cut and paste the password sent to you by the White House.
    ++++The White House Email comes from this Email address
    ++++If you cannot find the White House Response, look in your Spam folder.
    ++++If all else fails, log out and log back in again, the button “sign the petition” should be available if you correctly put the password in (a cut and paste job)

    Please sign ~~ we need everyone aboard

  43. Scott-You make it sound as disgustng as it is. Yuck!

  44. Repeatedly vomiting and being told to go back in? Oh, I forgot the “church” wants you to over run a process; review auditing is very lucrative.

  45. I did the Purif by choice when it first came out. The bulletin I read about it indicated immediately to me, and I did much of the Purif without a twin because there was not one available.

    It went without a hitch. My guess is that today, there are few to no Supes in the CoS that can know how to have it done, because who is there remaining who can obnose and communicate with reality?

    Like any process, it is crucial that it be ended exactly when the pc is “done” with it.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that Philip Boyd was badly overrun on it.
    I felt great after doing it, and it handled what I wanted it to handle, and more.

    I don’t know if these guys are still out there among us, but I finished it up with two guys I dubbed Mr. Natural and The Ayatollah.

  46. top of the vale

    Marty you are indeed the “Dalton Trumbo’ of the Indies!!

  47. The Church of DM’s definition of survival = Money and Mest.

  48. Christie-It’s exhausting trying to make sense out of all this insanity! So yah-forget making sense out of it.

  49. Brian-They were the ones who belonged in ethics.

  50. See, now here’s a guy (Philip Boyd), who seems perfectly rational and sane about the church. He had some decent things to say about the tech and he differentiated it from the aberrated, DM-created business side quite well.

    He got out pretty fast and is now taking responsibility for assisting others not to get trapped.

    Dictionary? We don’t need no stinking dictionary!

  51. Have anyone of the regulars here had a similar experience doing the Purification Rundown?

    Did my my Purif twice 15 years apart, the second time every bit as good as the first.

    Cigs, a few painkillers here and there, air pollution, etc. had grown some roots since and was nice to get it all cleaned up again.

    I really cannot tell if it makes any difference before auditing since I did the Purif on day one. A C/S will most certainly insist a heavy drug user does it before he starts his OT Drug Rundown.

  52. Another Co$ “cut comm” e-mail spoofing Scam was hatched recently.

    One receives an e-mail from a trusted source, and upon hitting “Reply” notices that the e-addy is off by a character or so and the mail is sent off to someone else.

  53. My guess is they were selling him a “Case Check” after each course, which used to be priced about like that, so they would have another crack at selling him more squirrel RCS auditing. They obviously didn’t ensure he understood what it was, just told him “your folder needs to be looked at by a different supervisor” or some such – no doubt followed by a new Tech Estimate and a stiff, hard-sell Registrar Interview (sales job).

  54. The Tech Dic is more or less a collection of quotes from lectures and books or articles. Might not be perfect but lots of interesting stuff in it. Let me quote a bit out of that book:
    „SUPPRESS, to squash, to sit on, to make smaller, to refuse to let reach, to make uncertain about his reaching, to render or lessen in any way possible by any means possible, to the harm of the individual and for the fancied protection of a suppressor. (SH Spec 84, 6612C13)“
    „SUCCUMB, 1. survive has its dichotomy, succumb. When one is below 2 .0 on the tone scale, all survival looks evil to him. Live=evil in the succumbing case. (COHA, p. 147)“
    Now, give me a sample of….

  55. Beautiful – and so appropriate to your quote, CD!

  56. Heads up OSA
    YOU are creating your enemies not us.
    Time to throw away the Guardian Office handbook and do something sensible.

  57. You need individual email addresses. If you’re using the same email that could be the problem.
    You don’t need to use your real name.

  58. They want a unique e-mail for each signatory. You can open up a separate e-mail account for yourself quite easily. I found that just going to the site and following instructions there worked fine.

  59. They forgot to add that he won’t really understand what LRH was saying until he gets to OT XV.

  60. Re: name on page. When you OPEN the account use initials or web-names. Signing petitions is a one-click thing, and the account name is what will appear.

  61. You’re not the only one that does that kind of thing. I think it’s related to mind, fingers, keyboard co-ordination and with it is intention driven excitement which overrides the ability to observe the detail of one’s physical communication – in other words a typo appears for no real reason.
    Excuse my drivel, just practicing … but you’re doing fine.

  62. If you have a cookie eraser program, such as used in some security or ‘big brother’ security pgms, use it. It will generally “reset your ability to log on again in a new unit of time and with a clean identity. I used one so my wife could sign the petition using the same computer.
    It probably remembers your address at the other end but so what, I know of no law that says one computer must equal only one vote. My computer is a family one.

  63. Martin Padfield

    Sorry to sound like a stuck record but… signatures are now under 100 a day. This means the TARGET WOULD NOT BE MET by deadline of 24/10 that’s just 19 days away. Please all go through your address books again, F/B, Twitter etc and TR3 it. Thank you.

  64. Who is sec checking the dwarf?

  65. Each signature has to have an independent email address. The computer you use does not affect your signing, but the email address you use, does.

  66. Interesting you use the name Laurie Webster.
    I paid off her credit card debt in the late 80’s so she could join the Sea Org.
    After I paid the entire $1,600, she called me for more money.
    Needless to say, I refused and she threw a tantrum which I ignored.
    As she hung up the phone, her parting words were “You’re not playing the game”. Well, how about thank you for paying off the debt?


  67. miscarriage´s evil purpose is to key the group engram IN sadistic hard.
    That´s his perversion.

  68. Message to Laurie:
    Here is the deal. I got you in; I can get you out.
    I’ll pay your transporation cost. Also, I have a complete library of books for you to read. Laurie, you need a change.
    Much loving-kindness,

  69. Yes, exactly! Forgot to add that. Who hasn’t got multiple addresses? Just mock up a hotmail or something address for each individual entry.

  70. All this “hushing” reminds me of a whispering campaign. Here is what LRH says about the people who are behind such things, and how it can happen in the church:

    “There are random individuals in the society who do not understand very much.

    This is expressed as a sort of malicious glee about things. Such pass on slanderous rumors very easily. In an illiterate society such people abound. Since they cannot read, the bulk of knowledge is denied to them. Since they do not know very many words, much of what is said to them is not understood.

    This is not isolated to the illiterate only.

    What they do not understand they substitute for with imaginary things.

    Thus such persons not only listen to slander but also corrupt and twist even it.

    Thus a rumor can go through a society that has no basis in truth.

    When numbers of such rumors exist and are persistent, one suspects a “whispering campaign.” This is not because people whisper these things but because like an evil wind it seems to have no source.”
    HCOPL 21 Nov 72 How To Handle Black Propaganda

  71. Everyone I know, including myself always paid the “transfer fee”. Very weird indeed.

  72. Hey Lana,

    Where’s Jim? I thought he was down in Florida? I emailed him Sunday and haven’t heard from him but didn’t give it much thought. Haven’t talked with him much since he moved out of Canada. If you have a comm line to him, ask him to get in touch with me. He’s got my info. Thanks!

    P.S. You’re right re his reaction. Jim’s a stand-up guy and he and I would pull our hair out at this insanity. 🙂

  73. Good reference, Byron. Thanks. I often use the Chart of Attitudes and Chart of Human Evaluation (SOS) in discerning and identifying these kinds of people and campaigns. They’re marvellous tools. SOS should be a bible in use when confronting CoS programs and idiocies.

  74. Martin Padfield

    I’ve just noticed, you can promote the petition right from the petition page itself just by clicking on the links! It says “Promote this PetitionTwitter Facebook” right under the petition stats.

    If you’re thinking “others will do it”, or “my signature won’t make the difference” – it will. It takes about 3 minutes.

    Signatures needed by October 24, 2011 to reach goal of 5,000 2,825 Total signatures on this petition 2,175 as of 1612 Hrs GMT

  75. Bingo!
    Thanks, Sherb! This is a huge concept to me, and I thank you for fully duplicating it… because you did. 🙂

  76. Karen, OK. Try 75 w.p.m. instead of 100! 🙂 Sometimes the typo’s stop! 🙂

  77. Karen, that is doing better than most secretary’s. Mine was just arrested at about 35 w.p.m. professionally. She’s doing just great! 🙂 I think if she typed like you she would out of the picture altoghether, and she’s not even a Scientologist! 🙂 Good going Karen. Practice makes perfect.

  78. Never mind. He’s sent me an email.

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