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OSA stands for Office of Special Affairs.  OSA is the Stasi-like intelligence network of the cult of Miscavige (formerly known as Scientology).

D/CO OSA WUS means Deputy Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs over all cult of Miscavige units west of the Mississippi river.

Pam, D/CO WUS, has kindly provided us with a list of all Scientologists in the WUS whom OSA considers don’t march quite lock step enough to Miscavige’s liking.  You’ll see some familiar names.  The other couple hundred? How many of them you reckon think they are alone, down and out for not guzzling kool aid with the very best Miscavige cult set?   Feel free to let them know they are not alone, they don’t need to be down, and that being “out” is a whole heck of a lot cooler and more comfortable than being “in.”

The list:


If Dave Miscavige spent a fraction of what he currently is spending attempting to draw blood from me, Mike, Tiziano and Jason instead on mending his cult’s wounds he might have a snowball’s chance in hell to staunch is own bleeding.

He’s got a full blown Exodus on his hands.

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  1. OK, that’s a LOT of people to suddenly have to take off of call-in! I get that local DSAs are somewhat aware of the scene through the OSA network – BUT that’s an awfully large announcement of a large group of Scientologists (as opposed to the small number of known critics/prominent EXes at the bottom) that are now personae non grata.

    You know, one thing that was kind of striking about the Church is that there was so much drama all the time, and so many people getting declared Suppressive, then going and doing conditions and steps and being not an SP anymore – to the extent that one got the impression that there were, well, SPs, and then there were, well, people “in trouble with the E/O,” Scientologists who got declared, but clearly weren’t all that suppressive, as they did A-E and came back. In large numbers, and more than once. It seemed everyone who’d been around long enough had been declared, had a close friend or family member declared, etc. To the extent that WAY more than 2.5% of Scientologists were suppressive….which they clearly *weren’t*. It absolutely degraded the meaning of the whole term because of the incessant ethics drama among non-suppressive, dedicated Scientologists who did get case gain, and who did their A-E steps in order to get it again.

    And when the org receptionist gets briefed on how the org grand openings – which are supposed to lead to a new level of prominence and clearing – are now high-security events under lockdown. It’s not just picketers and protesters anymore, it’s not weird folks in masks holding up longcat photos, it’s not one or two local critics or exes that everyone knows that you call the DSA if you see them, its not some OT-only event….it’s the grand openings of the grand new, much-heralded Ideal Orgs that are being treated as if they are big secrets.

    (Furthermore, it’s difficult enough to get public to confirm for these events. With as much regging happens at these events, why all the stops?? While the DSA’s removing the names, the high-security on call-in communicates to every staff member doing call-in and every public volunteer doing it that the organization is not empowered and high-tone, it’s *afraid*. Of Scientologists.)

  2. Holy crap. I know a bunch of these people.

  3. Man, what a list … I wonder what someone would feel like thinking they were one of the stalwart supporters and then finding their name on this list as one of the ‘untrusted’ ones.

    Pretty sickly I would think.

    Time to hit the road.

    This is another footbullet.

    Every single action that the DSA, IAS, OSA , DM & INT have resulted in one foot bullet after another – simply incredible!

    Exodus is right!

  4. If at all possible, could other lists be posted from other countries?

  5. Wow! Oh man I wish there was a list like this for the EUS or FLB. This list is awesome. “You might be a Scientologist, but not a good enough one to come to our event”. “you’re not necessarily declared or dead filed, but you’re on our No-No list…” oh man these guys are going to be so pissed!

  6. Great list but they are missing thousands of names that should be on this list. My name isn’t on it nor my wife. Hell, they don’t even have Marty or Mike on the list. Maybe they will catch up in January 2012 and have a list that is closer to the reality.

  7. Now I understand how the comm line to us went dead before the Seattle Grand Opening in July. There must be another list with our names and all those disaffected in the several months after this went out. Bert & Lynne

  8. Seeing that “ML” at the end made me feel a little sick. How can you have ARC, love or understanding without affinity, reality or communication?

  9. Marty — Remarkable.

    The level of fear that this document evidences is quite amazing. Never heard of sending out a DO NOT CALL list. Can you imagine the “precautions” they have to take now because you KNOW the paranoia has only grown since early last year.

    The second amazing thing is that they are rounding people up from all over the country to attend these events. Now, LV I can sort of understand — its always been a small and failing org and they got their Ideal Org for no apparent reason other than it was the thing to do at the time. They couldnt get enough people for a decent crowd in LV if they had every single person who has been on staff or gotten a service in the org for the last 10 years (and NO Emails in LV??). BUT, LA Org? Things are in such a sorry state that they cannot even get enough of a crowd in 2010 in Los Angeles without calling in people from everywhere west of the Mississippi (including Hawaii) — and a lot of places evenn beyond that.

    I feel a little slighted that I didnt make the list.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Mike, don’t be offended; look at the date – this is when we were those with the names that were not be spoken. The OSA NW, and every one for that matter, is so clearly PTS to the dictator it is sad. The must reach-can’t reach evidenced in the document is wild.

  11. Marty, I still believe there are thousands and thousands out there that stopped drinking the kool aid, but need a good “detox” to get the toxic squirreling out of their systems.

    ML Tom

  12. Dean — the problem is their DO NOT CALL list is now so long that they dont have anyone left to call. So, they hire extras instead. Even the people left on the list are getting tired on the Shermanspeak (r) Miscavige drivel they have to listen to. Its not easy being a staff member wth a quota to get people to these crappy events….

  13. Marty — OK, but at least they could have put “Kingpin” and “Factchecker” on the list!! 🙂

  14. Hey, I been robbed! I’m not on the list, YET! LOL!

  15. Yahoo! I made the list, and they even got me on there twice and I’m not even in WUS. 🙂 Fabulous.

    But why in the world is my mother (Liz King) on the list????? Hmmmmmm….. is it because she is MY mother? Or is it because she never agreed to go and do OT 8 after finishing OT 7? Or is it because she really misses me and they are afraid she might just crack? Interesting. I heard my Dad got kicked off OT 7 too….. but he’s already disconnected from me, so now what? That seems real standard too, doesn’t it.

    Marty – this despatch is unbelievable. Having been on many call-in evolutions in the Sea Org, I cannot even believe how paranoid they are and how many security measures they are putting in! It’s real proof of them devolving and falling apart. Eventually the list of do-not-call people will be bigger than the call-in list. Wow.

  16. martyrathbun09

    I hear ya.

  17. Scott Campbell

    I was looking over those lists… A bunch of familiar names is right.

    I betcha’ a million bucks those other people are basically good too. We should call the ones we can find and see how they’re doing.

  18. Yeah, this is Jan 2010. I went to tthe LV Grand Opening with a then-friend who was on OT VII. Tom was out of town doing sales in SLC.
    Unbeknownst to OSA at the time, I had already consumed a 7 course meal of Moving on Up a Little Higher. Tommy Davis introduced the little midget, and for me, everythig that was said by both Davis and McMinimum was a comedy routine. To my knowledge, I was the only one laughing. The rest were transfixed on the grandeur and the mind-boggliing accomplishment. Pathetic glee.
    About 6 months later, Tom discovered that the number of staff had dramatically shrunk since the grand opening and that there was a post called Moonlighting I/C, and their delivery was abysmal.
    If they sent one of these NO Not Call lists around now, it’s conceivable that it would serve as a promo piece to join the Indies. We are the Who’s Who of free beings.

  19. martyrathbun09

    yeah, and this is just the initial list – the desp orders them to add to it from each of their orgs. Note too that five DSAs are ordered to cover five other orgs, presumably with no DSAs. Exodus.

  20. That list is only the tip of the iceberg!

  21. AHAH…Mike, you’re too funny. Btw, Jamie made it twice just to make sure 😉 Once with Jamie Sorrentini Lugli and then again with Jamie Sorrentini.

    But anyhow…I saw a REALLY interesting name guys….”Bill Kilpatrick” and his wife.

    You know he’s a wealthy Scientologist, Patron, Power FSM and partner in the new Scientology front group for Actors in LA called The Acting Centre? You know, since we all now read how “bad” Milton was, he had to be bypassed and an “on-source” TECH on Acting and a School had to be created: http://theactingcenterla.com/

    This is an exert from our “old friend” Jim Meskimen’s blog:

    “In 2004, Tamra began work on another, even more ambitious undertaking. With friend and successful artist/businessman Bill Kilpatrick, she began to explore what it would take to establish an acting school in Hollywood that would avoid all trappings of the typical acting schools around which, in one way or another, all depend upon the evaluation of the student’s artistic choices by an instructor.

    The school that has emerged from the pursuit of the philosophy of non-criticism/evaluation is called The Acting Center, and it’s founders, Tamra, Bill Kilpatrick, Christopher Smith and Eric Matheny have worked diligently for years to develop a full acting curriculum that does more than any other to completely cancel out the influence of the invalidative, judgmental “Guru”, and bring about understanding and skill in the student.”

    Really interesting…
    Bill, feel free to call me or email me. I loved all the conversations we had in the past 😉


  22. martyrathbun09

    Crusader. Good point. Policy is a thing of the past for them. It is about what so and so says about so and so and what COB might think about so and so. It is a freaking mob. They can natter all they want in their silly propaganda about us, we are so better organized than they – and they haven’t even got a clue of it.

  23. scilonschools

    Mighty Midget’s latest Indie+Anonymous recruitment video (We Stand Tall) has hit 373K views on the central counter.
    Possibly the greatest level of PR for the abuses of the CoM (RCS) in the general public’s arena yet!!
    Do you think there is the possability of DM filling in for Tommy Davis as CoM Media liason, during Tommy’s extended holiday?

  24. martyrathbun09

    Watch out for Chris Smith. He’s the dipstick DM sent to Corpus Christi last year with Doven, et al to attempt to kidnap an escaped former Miscavige Aide. He’ll stab you in the back in a hearbeat.

  25. Linda — I bet there were a bunch of other people laughing too. Just too scared to let anyone know. No serious, balanced person can watch McMinimum (hadnt heard that one before) and not be astonished by the level of conceit and phoniness he demonstrates.

    As for the number of staff — it has been well documented here that staff are ripped off from other orgs and even Sea Org members and sent to these tiny “Ideal Orgs” to create the appearance that there is an org for the “Grand Opening” so they can claim “the stats went up”. They are then shuffled around for the next “grand opening”. I dont think LRH could have ever contemplated a level of musical such as this BETWEEN orgs!

    But as we all know, if there is one thing Dear Loser really likes, its a good game of musical chairs.

  26. And what about the staff who have to make call-in quotas? Where are they going to get their quotas from if they’re adding hundreds of people to do-not-call lists? It’s hard enough to get public to events because they’re massive reg-fests.

    And, for that matter, unprecedented, uncompromising, uninhibited, and unstoppable reg-fests growing, event by event, into the highest ever number of staff forced off post into endless regging quotas at and before events!

  27. martyrathbun09

    No, Dave is on a self imposed extended holiday of his own.

  28. So true Marty.

  29. Instead of a DNC list of undesirables, why not simply ask the Scn Field at large, “Who among you do not wished to be called or visited?”

    Imagine the size of that list. Likely the entire field.

    This is just another example of the Out of Comm of the organization as a whole with its public.

    I am also surprised at the lack of many names I expected to find on it. Apparently they aren’t spending much time on central files, There’s a shocker.

  30. As you undoubtedly suspected, Marty, your experience with Mr. Smith was not an anomaly. He has had such a severe change in personality since he started spending so much time at Gold, several years ago, that his old friends don’t recognize him. He has turned on others, and while the analogy of stabbing one in the back is correct, to some who considered him a friend it’s more like stabbing them in the heart.

  31. Mike Hobson

    Other Mike,

    I’m miffed, too. I should be on that damned as I’m from WUS and supposedly SP Declared for refusing to stop posting to Mick Wenlock’s XSO Yahoo List. I was the first member of the list to document what we long suspected – that at least one list member was feeding post traffic to OSA.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

    Hey OSA WUS: Add me to that fuckin’ list.

  32. There is a club for those who are listed twice, and so far Jamie and I are in it. 😉

  33. Miscavige is petrified of the media. He says its because he is “too important” for any of the lowly media that ask him to appear (CNN, NY Times, BBC, ABC etc — not sure which ones ARE big enough for him?) but the real truth is he will ONLY appear if he can have a totally controled story. ANd these days, he is in no position to make that sort of deal.

    The last interview he was supposed to do was with Anderson Cooper in 2006. I had arranged a full hour program to be done on Scientology with Anderson and I had agreed to be interviewed and lined up others. Miscavige got jealous said nobody wanted to hear from me, they only wanted to hear from him. They certainly agreed to interview him when I told them he would be interviewed. But after numerous false promises and 9 months of no shows, and then trying to shop himself to Larry King (“he asks softball questions”) and doing everything possible to blow off Anderson Cooper, the whole thing was dropped. (Miscavige, just like he has done with other media then started saying “they refused to interview me.”)

    Truth is, Miscavige is a mighty coward. He doesnt go anywhere or do anything unless the circumstances are fully set up and controlled for him to control the outcome. And because it doesnt matter how many lawyers he pays, or how many sycophants he has, or how many bodyguards are standing around when he is sitting in front of a reporter with the cameras rolling — he is terrified.

    The self-proclaimed leader of the religion that claims to make you able to communicate to anyone about any subject is incapable of answering questions to the media.

  34. I’m good friends with one of the names on the list. Maybe this will encourage him/her to finally come out. I’ll past along this list to him/her.

    Thanks for the list OSA…this will help make it larger.

    Disappointed not to find my name on the list, but I know of 3 other long term public in LV who have also been very vocal anti-DM and were not on the list. I’m sure that an up to date 2011 list would be 10X by now.

  35. David Lingenfelter

    Lists, and lists and more lists. Their space continues to shrink. Perhaps he should read his GAT Ethics book. Well actually the DSA’s should read the little green Ethics Book and SOS and Look, don’t Listen.


  36. The list does include some foreigners, strangely enough. For example Kevin Mackey is Australian ex-OTVII who has been out since 2008.

  37. You’d think the viewing of this list would cause at least a modicum of cognitive dissonance amongst even the most hardened of OSA staff.

    The communication that comes down the line into orgs is always so unbelievably frantic and urgent (in a nervous chaotic way) that no one really has time to think and let these outpoints sink in because as soon as they might have the slightest chance, they’re shoved on to the next thing and then the next, and the next, ad nauseam while the fake cheerleaders in the background talk about how great everything is going so you are sure to feel uneasy if you have any wavering thoughts.

    It takes a lot of courage to leave. I hope the people on that list that may feel that they are alone, understand that they are the ones that pissed off the church enough to be feared by them, by not toeing the line, and that they are far better off in that category of folk than with the ones who are having their every move and thought dictated by a group of people who are clearly, quite literally lost their minds.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Nice post.

  39. Joy Graysen

    Great Marty! This is CLASSIC booby-ville! I can only imagine what this year’s list will look like – the Manhattan phonebook??!!

  40. LOL! They probably put me 2x because I kept responding to the emails for events saying that I was coming and bringing Tiziano, Marty and Jason with me 😉

    This is ironic though because even when I was still “in” what I wouldn’t have given to be on a list where they would not harass me with phone calls,emails and trying to get me to sign papers in the org promising my attendance.

  41. I would like to announce publicly that I am no longer a member of the group called “The Church of Scientology”.

    I have not come to this decision lightly. I have taken years to complete this doubt formula but it has come to an end here. There is enough data out there that only those who choose to not see can ignore the truth. I tried that for a while, but it just wasn’t my thing.
    I think it is unhealthy.

    I am, have been and will continue to be a Scientologist by studying and applying Scientology in my life on all dynamics.

    It is my understanding that it is my legal right to use, study and practice Scientology and that this right cannot legally be infringed upon.

    Chris Mann

    AKA DFB/Dfb99, AThetan


  42. Luis Garcia

    Rocio and I are on the list, although my name is misspelled (Gus instead of Luis). Now, this is interesting because as of the date of the list, I had not given anyone any reason to put me on such a list, other than writing a few KR’s about an OT VIII who embezzled money while on OT VII and VIII, and I suggested there may be possible out-tech. I mean, how is a guy involved in criminal financial acts while doing OT VII & VIII and the sec-checks failed to uncover these crimes? Or did they get uncovered and the guy got a pass upon buying a couple of dozen sets of Basics?

    I know many people that are under the radar, cautiously avoiding “getting into trouble,” or “being found out.” But their names are on this list. I think that’s pretty funny.

    And how about grouping “Bl’s, disaffected, enemy connected,” with “psychotic, etc?”

  43. Excellent post again Marty.

    I wonder how many on this list were still getting late night visits from the IAS tax collection teams?

    Were these folks still on the call-in lists for Ideal Org fundraising barbecues?

    Bottom line: was the Cult of Miscavige still CASHING THEIR CHECKS?

    Were the recruiters still targeting their children?

  44. I agree, Marty, Synthia is good like that.
    Can we have some East Coast too?
    . .

  45. Good point, just tell them they’re on the list and they can find it here; exodus in high gear!

  46. Fascinating to see Joni and Steve Marchese. These were two very important OTs to the Orange County field. They started a mission and John Woodruff’s wife Claire was their CS. Huge flap as she had been the CS at the OC org. I believe she left when John was put as ED LA Day. But my memory — yikes — is dim surrounding those times.

    Steve’s claim to fame and fortune were car detailing centers which were franchised. That flapped at some point –

    In any case, to me this means that John Woodruff and Claire are probably out but under the radar.

    I hope.


  47. DSA Cincinnati – Thalia Ghiglia/Durich.
    Very good girl, very confused too.
    She declared me and my wife for choosing to stay with me.
    Her hubby – Gotty Durich is a trip.
    One of the top HGC auditors and all around perfect Reg, you name it.
    Talk about a great smooth operator.
    I cared about both of them a lot (still do), but that’s a whole different story.
    That’s my input on OSA East US.
    Hope there will be more.

  48. Congratulations!

  49. Welcome Chris,
    Years for one step on the conditions might seem long but in fact you’re among the first as most haven’t announced themselves yet. Enjoy your freedom!

  50. “4. Your org receptionists then need to be drilled to handle random calls of people calling in asking information about these events -Le. some unknown person calls in and asks about a Grand Opening in Los Angeles. The receptionist needs to be drilled to get enough data on the person that they are confident the person is a Scientologist BEFORE giving any data out.”

    Question: How will the receptionists be drilled to get enough data on the person that they are confident the person is a Scientologist BEFORE giving any data out?

    Possible Answers:

    1. The receptionists can ask the flat panel displays in the Org for data about what a Scientologist is.

    2. The receptionists can sell the caller the new 12.5 hour “Cleared for the COB Event” Certainty Rundown.

    3. The caller can come to the Org and be checked for the “COB Digital ID” that is implanted in the left ear of all Miscavologists.

    4. The receptionists can deny to suspect callers that any event is being held or that the Church of Scientology even exists.

    5. The receptionists can send a team of PI’s to the callers house to spy on them for several weeks.


  51. Ditto, Marty–Nice post. Synthia describes exactly what it is like to be in a cult and why they are indeed so hard to leave.

  52. AAnd the lists go on ~~~
    ++++Lists of some 25,000 Ex Sea Org Possible SP for leaving the SO !
    ++++Lists of some 20,000 with Freeloader Bills ~~ some will be forgiven if they promise not to post on the blogs or read the Internet ! Futuristic SP if they connect with Marty and Mike ! 🙂
    +++++Lists of those who have made no Bridge progress and have the sin of not attending local or international events . COB stated at last year’s event,” if you are not on board it is suppressive!” Provisional SP ! 🙂
    ++++Lists made of those failing to pay $$$$$$ any direct contributions to Ideal Orgs, IAS or any other of COB’s command intention.
    Borderline SP ! 🙂
    ++++Lists of those still friending those who should not be friended on Facebook, and who are refusing to disconnect from other new SPs ~~
    Verbal SPs ! 🙂
    Those who are harboring ENEMY LINES and only PRETENDING to have their NEEDLE SWING 3x with happy faces at exams
    COVERT SPs ! 🙂

  53. Hey Chris …

    Thanks for this.

    And thanks for the link – great lyrics, great music!


  54. If anyone has commlines to the not quite good should send this list to them! Probably a good div 6 list for the indies!

  55. Mark Fisher

    Hey Mike don’t feel bad about not being on the list. I didn’t make it either and I live in Las Vegas! We probably were on the “Double Secret Priority Security List”.

    I bet they have “mug shot” photos of you, Marty, me and the other people that DM cannot confront who live here in Las Vegas (Janis, Terri, Dendiu, etc) just in case we showed up to embarass the coward as he cut the ribbon on his shining empty palace of an Idle Org that is so far away from the Las Vegas strip that nobody can find it!! 🙂

  56. Mike,
    Yes, the staff are geographically musical chaired. The attenddes at the LV opening came from as far as Texas (Dan McMurrough AST F ED told me he goes to all the grand openings). There were quite a few STB staff thre and of course tons of LA people.
    The LV LRH Comm was someone I knew from ASHO HCO. I asked her how long she had been in LV and she said she had just gotten there that day.

  57. I’m very proud to have made the list. There is only one “Bodil” on it , I checked. I was happy to see some familiar names as well “outed”. I hope they come out and furthermore “out” themselves.

    I used to “troll” the call-iners. My husband would not agree to cut off the line, yet he would not pick up the phone (He hoped the C of S would come around), so I took it upon myself to engage them for hours. “When was the last time you talked to your mom?”, “How many hours did you sleep last might?”, “Where is your passport?” (this is for you, Constantine from Ukraine), etc., etc., etc.

    The date of this list goes back to before I outed myself, trying to get my sister out of the RPF in Copenhagen. A Couple of nights ago I was called and once again a told the call-iner about Miscavige beating up people etc. It’s a game for me how long I can keep them on the phone and how far I can go telling them the truth. If I were more technically skilled I would record it all and put it on You-tube It’s quite funny, actually.

    Man, it must be hard to be OSA these days. Especially if you’re one of us, the ones that truly believe in the promises of Scientolgy and what it can do for mankind if applied correctly.

  58. Joy Graysen

    Congratulations Chris! Thank you for your courage and strength. Welcome to your life – already in progress. It belongs to you again. Your decision will help others reclaim their lives as well. You are an OT.

  59. If you know somebody on the list contact them. This may be your chance to put a few families back together again .The little troll has given us a chance to use it against him. Looks like a free lunch to me!!!

  60. It really surprised me to see Bill Kilpatrick on that list. He essentially bankrupted The Software Works! to become a patron back in the late ’80s. There was no bankruptcy declaration, just lots and lots of unpaid staff. He was the Mr. David Miscavige ideal Scientologist. Now he and his wife are on the do not call list? Very interesting.

  61. Oh my goodness, and down the tone scale they plunge. Remarkable, they are sure accelerating their own demise. Factionalism is an positive indicator of a groups disintergration from whatever purpose once held it in place.
    My guess is they’ll start feeding off themselves pretty seriously now, more rules, extra mores appearing overnight, witch hunts and a whole host of valence creating actions.for the minnows.
    Must be one hell of a sick place in one of those orgs.

  62. Geez, as of January 2010 I wasn’t even on there yet. I must not have been making quite enough noise at the time.

    I’ve been making up for my silence ever since!

    By now I have to think that that list has grown exponentially. At least in the sense of the actual is-ness on just how many people are quite aware that something is awfully wrong.

  63. Tony Dephillips

    I couldn’t see the list. It downloaded, but no names on it.
    I am outside the USA right now and using my phone.

  64. Mike, I am offended too, because my name is not on the list either. They declared me as an “SP” last year. I see many of my friends’s names there, but mine 😦

  65. barneyrubble

    I am on this list and yes, I am very BIs with David Miscavige and his shit that he has stirred into the legacy of L Ron Hubbard.

    Dear D/CO OSA WUS: whatever….

  66. Marty,

    Pat Mattison’s name is on this list, his name was also on the list of OSA. Pat was or is deeply involved with CCHR for several years.
    Interesting to see his name on the “party pooper”‘s list too!

  67. Well I for one am happy they seem to be getting better about not calling people who don’t want to be called. One thing I hated about the Church, per LRH policy as I understand it, is how they ser fac’ed about Ask Off’s, people who ask to be removed from the mailing lists. Instead of just handling the request, it’d go to the Chaplain or DSA and never get handled. The whole mailing list situation is messed up. I mean I still get mail and e-mails from orgs around the country and even Europe that I’ve never been to. I’ll get 3 or 4 frickin’ e-mails in one day from Flag (which go straight to the spam folder of an address I no longer use). What a frakkin’ waste of money. When I was on staff I remember people calling over and over asking to be removed from the mailing list, and getting pissed that they had to call each individual org they were getting mail from at that. Personally, I solved the phone problem by changing my number and never giving my new number to the org. I’m curious:do any of you that are openly Independent still getting mail?

  68. Unable to open the link to watch the video/ ???

  69. Wow. Paranoia strikes deep.

  70. Sure they were, Howard. The less trusted you are, the more OK it is to glad hand you and take as much of your money as possible

  71. Theo Sismanides

    Mike you saying “Never heard of sending out a DO NOT CALL list” is very important.

    The one reason for me now such lists start appearing is that there are so many Indies now that when the staff call and fall onto an Indie, the Indie will TALK LOUD now….

    So, we are not just Whispering it now to our Sons and Grandsons… we are Saying it at the top of Our Voices Now!!! So they are shitless!!

  72. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, these are the days… Exodus as your title so correctly says. Exodus is the Word. We are NOT JUST WHISPERING anymore, we STAND TALL and SPEAK LOUD AND CLEAR.

    And we are many now…

    Waiting for the critical moment now…

    Mass… Exodus!!!

    Over The Ramparts, Indies!!!

  73. Theo Sismanides

    Oh yes it’s called Critical Mass… I think..

    So, Critical Mass… Exodus… LOL!!!

    This is what IS happening now Davey… Critical.. Mass Exodus!!!

  74. ahahaha McMinimum. I love it!

  75. Tis a real honor, sir. You create effects like a true artist. Helluva announcement.

    Bruce Pratt

  76. That is funny…

    …why not simply ask the Scn Field at large, “Who among you do not wished to be called or visited?”

    Imagine the size of that list. Likely the entire field.

  77. scilonschools

    Manhatten Project more like!
    “The Manhattan Project was the effort, led by the United States with participation from the United Kingdom and Canada, which resulted in the development of the first atomic bomb”
    Well Sam we’ve got the USA & Canada in , is the UK on board with this?

  78. otscottottocsto

    The existence of such a list should not come as a surprise. Hell, there are some of my family members who I would not invite to a party, because they’d make a scene of some sort. Every business and organization — if it intends to stay in business — has, or should have, a list of ‘public’ that it does NOT advertise to. And, when you’re kicking something off, you always want your very best clients to be there, right? So, why would you invite people you have the slightest doubt about when you’re trying to pull off a big PR win? There’s no reason that the Cult of Miscavige would operate any differently.

    The out point does not seem to me to be the existence of the list itself.

  79. Awesome!! I was thinking about you over the last couple of days, Chris. Well done, Man!

    EXCELLENT music, btw. Some really tight songs!

  80. Dear OSA,

    Please get in touch with me ASAP.
    I can help you set up an efficient database system so you can track all these “do not calls” more efficiently. Your manual updating of lists and double checking of who’s ok and who’s not, is wasting a lot of man-hours (which you obviously have less and less of as time goes on) and is blowing up on you because people are slipping through the cracks in your “Iron Curtain'”of “Fortress Scientology”.
    There are some great “in-house” applications (if you’re concerned about security, duh) as well as a host of “Cloud” apps available today that would let all your people (call-in, DSA’s – anyone approved of course) access and update their lists in real-time. Enter once and everyone’s list is in compliance instantly.
    You really need this type of technology because it is obvious the current system is not only inefficient, but you are going to require some pretty hefty server/processing power capable of crunching this quantity of data.
    And like I said, your shrinking manpower resources could really benefit from some automation upgrades.

    I’ll make myself available at your convenience.


    David L.
    support@ freeheber.com

  81. martyrathbun09

    Mark, you are right about that.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Got me smiling this morning Karen.

  83. Chris, that is great news! Thank you for taking a stand. 🙂 🙂

  84. martyrathbun09

    Perfect J.

  85. martyrathbun09

    Hey Chris. Thanks for introducing yourself. I recommend folks check out that video channel of his. Check out his songs; and pay attention to the lyrics. This man has got something on the ball.

  86. I am unable to access to the link ytour on about any clue why ? What IS LV Please for thsoe thta don’t know

  87. martyrathbun09

    Hi Jamie. This comm of yours is pretty signficant. Jamie has had 5 private investigators parked outside her front door for a month now following her family wherever they go (and they’ve had several similar stints since she and Tiziano are THE Queen and King of the Underground Railroad). Well, that is until Tiziano loses them – which is frequent which drives the dictator ape. But get it, apparently the harassment connected with being on their damn mailing lists and considered a card carrying kool aid drinker is worse. Wow.

  88. Las Vegas (referring to the org there)

  89. Well done thanks for sharing

  90. I can’t either get this list, What clues to obtain the link and download it if in UK, ? I am searching it to try and see if any names known and most important a name related to to a father to my daugther, which has had no contact over 3 years .Justice cheif tried to force her when last visiing the land base to obgtain father to get data on me , whilst she was at a party on her last night in clearwater with freinds. They are iltalian and run a businiess health stuff .

  91. The unintended consequences of this could be devastating to the entertainment industry. Extras will start no-showing for the events because they either fall asleep at them or are for are forced to buy things at them. Central / Cenex will have to blacklist so many extras for no-showing that the whole movie industry could suffer a shortage of extras, movie production could come grinding to a halt, the whole CA economy could suffer… all because of ideal org grand opening events and these no-call lists! HA!

  92. gern gaschoen

    I’m one of them. I’d love to be doing Scientology, but the trouble is I’ve had too much DM’ology to know the difference any more. If there is anyone in Europe who can undo this for some fair exchange, I’d love to know..

  93. Truth, It’s there. They are listed in alphabetic order . Love

  94. Marty, This is amazing. If you think of all the disaffected Scientologists in the last year and a half who have ‘come out’ and joined the ‘Indies’ since this list was written plus how about EUS and international. WOW! Exodus is an understatement. Love

  95. Chris,
    “WAY TO GO”!!!!
    🙂 Lori

  96. Marty – I don’t hail from WUS and am not on the list. I have noticed a complete lack ,in the cult of Miscavige , to help people improve condtions . This cult has the stable datum of, first and foremest, protecting Miscavige and his cult . It is therefore impossible to do the right thing for the individual. And as time goes by there are more and more flubbed handlings by OSA (because of their coverup for DMs criminal activities} and such a list is created. I will guess if you surveyed the field around the orgs today there would more people with issues than not and ths OSA list will only get bigger. These issue people will wake up. What really pisses me off is OSA thinks it has the God given right to do this. Never have I encounterd such arrogance . This arrogance is their ruin.

  97. This is a great start! Now, if only I could get on a “do not mail” list.

  98. Damn!
    I’m on the banned list!
    Was planning to fly out from the UK ‘specially for the big event.
    Oh well.

  99. DFB – took me a year. Takes as long as it takes to do it properly

  100. mrinder, there are at least 100 plus names that I know of that should be on that list including mine! Funny thing being the lists, any lists were never correct! These guys are so out of valence. They trip over themselves.

  101. Sapere Aude

    Welcome and thank you. The song is great!! I appreciate your input in this process of restoration of sanity. I know your dynamics will expand as this is a very pro survival action. Again, thanks and VWD!

  102. gern gaschoen

    This list and lists like it are part of the “Bony Finger” computer system that is being developed .. sort of a Church-internal “facebook” of connected entities. The influence of an SP on a group can very clearly be mapped with such FOAF (Friends of a Friend) databases .. and the internal accumulation of these lists, and their usage, will be used to really lock things down.

    I’m surprised that there aren’t orders from the Dir Computerization that state very clearly that staff, being contacted by anyone on this list, are to do full “TIME/PLACE/FORM/EVENT” data entry into their Org computer systems on the terminals involved .. but then, I guess somebody at Int Management isn’t wearing their hat, or else there would also be full stats on the wall for everyone involved, too ..

    Ah well. I’m happy to see a few old friends on this list. Its quite amusing, to be honest, that there are lists for “Scientologists who are not allowed to do Scientology things” ..

  103. Expelled4Life

    I guess that’s why “Musical Chairs” as a High Crime has been removed from the current edition of the Ethics Book.

  104. Why are the names of certain well-known critics on this list? It’s not like they have been on any call-in lists or anything.

  105. Danage Control at its Finest!

    When the cult of Miscarraige limits event regging to personal contact and call-in, they are insuring that staff will get the full brunt of any dissatisfaction from irate public. No matter how well drilled the call-in people are, they have to draw breath sometime.

    That is when the exasperated public can ask, “How does it feel to be shilling for a cult? Have you been paid a living wage recently? Why don’t you get a real job with a real product?”

    The more compassionate public can ask, ” How long has it been since you slept? Are you still moonlighting to make ends meet? Don’t you know that I have been declared?”

    The most compassionate indie says, ” I am getting my auditing in the field and have been having wins for a change. You should know that there are people out here waiting to help you when you wake up and leave.”

    “Call me when you are ready to talk about YOUR future.”

    The use of a Do Not Call list was to limit the exposure of hard working staff to those of us who would destabilize their indoctrination, but the hemorrhaging of staff and volunteers continues.

    The only way to stop the hemorrhaging of staff and volunteers is to prevent them from contacting the public entirely. Anything else and the infection of free thought will continue to enter and spread havoc amongst the programmed masses.

    David St Lawrence

  106. Christie, I noticed that! Gawd these morons grant lots of power to all of us! Keep up the good work.

  107. Lisa Hamilton

    I am surprised to see that Pam Bowen is still the D/CO OSA WUS. She is one of the most disorganized people I have known – stacks and stacks of papers and files around the office. I can’t even imagine what her office looks like now with what all of you are doing. Last I knew, her cell phone number was 323 855-4884. You can always call her and complain if you think you were unfairly left off the list! Also, unless he was removed from post, her senior, the CO OSA WUS, is/was Wayne Carnahan and his cell phone number was 323 855-4886. Or if those numbers are no good, you can always call CLO WUS reception – 323 953-3340.

    Have fun!

    Lisa Hamilton

  108. Ladidah,
    Just below Inhibition ( do not comm ) is the next level of Desire, lower down. These lists actually create a desire to find out what the hell is going on, and in that action the being either comes out away from it all or comes out and begins to go back up the DEI scale to a higher plane.

    In other words, these lists are a confession that the Enforced disconnection doesn’t work, neither does Inhibition as it just spirals down to the inverted Desire to get away from what it is DM wants them to accept – his suppressive bullshit.

    Too bad Dave, YOU don’t get Scientology, you are a slave. We get it. We are winning.

  109. TheWidowDenk

    Obnosis —

    “… any of you that are openly Independent still getting mail?”

    Yes. Statements and occasionally personal letters, as well as bulk mail and mags, in the mail box. Emails. No telephone calls for quite some months.

  110. Cured Robot

    This list is actually missing a “lot” and I mean a lot, of people hiding under the bushes that have managed to escape the notice of OSA.

  111. Is Tim Lomas still the CO OSA EUS? Tim L. was a pretty great guy, at least before he was the CO OSA EUS. He was hilarious and truly funny and always attracted people and friends.

  112. Every now and then I get an email from ASHO D.


  113. Wow, Chris … Great announcement and great song!! Thanks for sharing … L, H

  114. different full name and different person. I need to call them to make sure they add me to their 2011 list. It is growing!!! 🙂 Love back at you , Sarge.

  115. J. Swift,

    Too funny 🙂

  116. The strangest is that while NOT often – perhaps every three or four years I’ll get a phone call for me OR my ex-husband (we haven’t been together since 1993).

    What is unnerving is 1) they call about an hour after I’m asleep 2) I’ve moved 3 times since I was on lines. And moved from one state to another. I’ve NEVER left a forwarding address at any of my old addresses and my phone number is always unlisted.

    What a waste of resources to try to contact me. I’ve been gone for over 18 years.


  117. Welcome Chris and congratulations on your announcement. To be truly free is great isn’t it?

  118. Bill Kilpatrick is a highly intelligent and very original thinker with a relentless curiosity. At some point the cognitive dissonance between that and the ever-tightening straitjacket of Corporate Scientology must have become overwhelming.

  119. Bryon,
    I hate the whole ‘much love’, ml phenomena. The first time I saw it was in the late 80’s on some of the nastiest, vicious, and invalidative communication I have ever received. It came from RTC. Basically along the line of you are scum and shouldn’t even be allowed to live. Much Love, RTC

    It is like a circuit that has gone crazy in Scn. The majority sign their communications much love or ml. They obviously don’t understand salutations or the meaning of love. It’s like the robotic acks some people had.

  120. “These guys are so out of valence. They trip over themselves.”

    Hahaha – now *that’s* a great line! 😀

  121. gern, just find someone to twin up with and do FDSing per the HCOB False Data Stripping. Make sure you have the source data available (OEC Vols and HCOB Vols) and study it after the false data is stripped. This would be a good start before you find yourself a good standard auditor. I guarantee you will have more case gain doing this than you had in the last 5 years you were in the “Church”.

    Dominic O’Brian is in Bern I believe. He would be an excellent auditor for you. If you have any questions on this reach me at loveto61 at livedot com.

    ML Tom

  122. You had to drive to a secret, unmarked location and then be bussed to the org which was walled off with fencing with the streets actually closed down (OSA has Permit tech), then wait in tents with other public. There didnt seem to be that many people- public anyway. Then we were ushered out to the seats and suddenly there were like 2 to 3X the number of people. I guess it was staff and SO.

    At the time I was on lines, in the org like five nights a week, volunteering and on course, came to all events, in good standing public scientologist at the time and I only heard about it verbally like it was top secret.

  123. Thanks everybody. There is a group here and I’ve felt like I was part of it.
    Now I think I can start movin on up and be part of the group.

  124. Mike, DM needs to be petrified of the media. He made a dogs breakfast out of Nightline, and he actually does know that. I saw him when he returned to Int directly after the show and he was given the “Prize Fighters Belt”. He was visibly BIs because he knew he set us back years for helping usher highly altered OT III onto national TV. He was played for a fool and he didn’t see it coming because of his own inflated ego. Ron said to not grant interviews to the press. DM changed that policy and went ahead and did it and got sucker-punched. But so did the rest of us. How embarrasing.

    What did you expect Dave, you idiot?

    ML Tom

  125. Awesome. Saw Bill & Steph Kilpatrick on the list. They used to be major WISE kool-aid drinkers. Looks like, no more!

    Funny, but I’d think that after I told the CoM LCI to F off and that I quit, and, was then assigned “Enemy” to Scn that they’d have me on it. That was ~5 years ago. So, their “list” is VERY deficient. Must be many that they inadvertently left off of it.

  126. Bodil,
    What a marvelous Spirit of Play. Thanks for that.

  127. Dean, if all former AOLA public knew that you and Lynn were out, that’d kill most of the upper bridge scn’ers in Western Hemisphere. Such was the ARC you two had as tech staff…

  128. I read this recently and thought of the Indie Vs. CoM situation.

    “Our religion vulgarly stands on numbers of believers. Whenever the appeal is made — no matter how indirectly — to numbers, proclamation is then and there made, that religion is not. He that finds God a sweet, enveloping thought to him never counts his company. When I sit in that presence, who shall dare to come in? When I rest in perfect humility, when I burn with pure love, what can Calvin or Swedenborg say?

    It makes no difference whether the appeal is to numbers or to one. The faith that stands on authority is not faith. The reliance on authority measures the decline of religion, the withdrawal of the soul.”

    “The Over-Soul” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  129. The Acting Center recently advertised on one of those 50% off deal websites… Living Social or Groupon I think. Their class went from $300 to $150. Last time I check over 200 people purchased the deal. I hope people were smart enough to do their research.

    Yes, I am curious about The Kilpatrick’s too. He’s got a beautiful family. Great guy. I also saw a Kelli Ciotti on there. Anyone else know her? I use to be friends with her and her family. She use to attend the Beverly Hills Playhouse and we were acting buddies at one point. I think she’s got three daughters and was married to Toni Ciotti and Linda Ciotti was the mother-in-law.

  130. Marty — if you feel this might derail this thread too much, feel free not to post it.

    STERLING MANAGEMENT: I didn’t have time to respond on the earlier thread to Ingrid Smith and others regarding Sterling and Greg and Debbie Hughes. But wanted to weigh in with my personal knowledge from outside Sterling.

    While I am sure that Randy Emory’s reg tactics were outrageous – he and Greg Hughes were partners. Basically 50/50 in Sterling. It didn’t start that way but progressed that way.

    The Hughes joined the SO and SOLD their share to Randy for a quite a lot of money. Circa 400K — they were paid WEEKLY approximately $7K.

    So they could have lived LARGE at Int.

    Then Randy (RIP) got a brain tumor and within 2 years passed away.

    WHILE he was sick and getting treatment which left him pretty disabled (wasn’t able to speak properly and in severe pain) – he was given NO support other than $300.00 a week from Sterling and the staff turned their backs on him as he was obviously a DB having gotten so sick.

    BUT — prior to this illness happening and because RANDY was the key to Sterlings high dollars (and btw the stats crashed date coincident with the Time Magazine Expose – Cult of Greed or whatever it was called) and NEVER recovered —

    Randy was urged to take out a very expensive insurance police called a “Key Man Policy” — which meant because he was a “key man” at the company – if he died, the policy benefits went to the COMPANY, not to his widow. This policy was meant to cover the debt owed to Greg Hughes.

    This INCLUDED the $$ still owed to the Hughes and any debts.

    His widow got ZIP from the insurance money as it went to pay operating debts and the Hughes. Moreover was treated like scum.

    So — am I surprised that the Hughes sold out (as Marty pointed out) to miscavige? Not even slightly.

    He has a history of this. Now — if I were a really unkind person I would wonder — hmmm.. Debbie Hughes is sick …. hmmm Randy Emory died … who were they both connected to closely …

    But I’m not.

    Point being — Greg Hughes is no darling and certainly someone I would never want to call a friend.

    Fellow being — yes. Friend — no.


  131. Marty, when Karen posts I see lightning bolts in her hand and her throwing them into the Int base with every line she posts. I see people at Gilman running for their lives. Karen is a goddess from the Greek God days and when those who have offended her and her family seek a safe harbors they will have to appear before her for retribution.

    ML Tom

  132. Scott,
    You may gain something from a review of Data Series 10, THE MISSING SCENE.

    What is the Ideal Scene for a Scientology Org and its comm lines to its public?

    These are lists of Scientologists.

    Are there any ‘Grades of OK Scientologists and not-OK Scientologists’?

    Is there a caste system in Scientology policy? Are there ‘untouchables’?

    Get a grip dude. The outpoint IS THE FUCKING LIST!!

  133. I MADE THE LIST!!! LOL!

  134. Rachel,

    The no phone calls must be a relief.

    I wondered whether we couldnt start a promotional campaign for the Independents. “If you don’t want 50 phone calls and 100 emails a day demanding your time and money, join the Independence movement.” Could be very effective with KA drinkers.

    Or maybe: “They say that giving is better than receiving… unless you are in the CF of the C of M where giving is required, enforced and overrun. Become an Independent Scientologist and get something back for a change. It feels good!”

  135. Damn you…


  136. Well, luckily for us that means you get to come to our 4th of July event. 😀 xoxo

  137. Duty free,
    James Lawson pointed it out in the last thread: DM’s cult has a false basis that “man is basically bad”, hence such a list can exist.

    Karen #1 has pointed up the fallacy originally brought up on Jeff H’s blog of the Variations of the SP.

    The arrogance isn’t necessarily basic enough to the “ruin”, it is a symptom of a more fundamental item: the false data that “man is basically bad” that is the basis of David Miscavige’s cult of hate.

  138. martyrathbun09

    Interesting take on the matter by Village Voice Editor Tony Ortega:
    Scientology’s Enemies List: Are You On It? at http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/06/scientologys_en.php

  139. martyrathbun09

    Fo’ shizzle, K-zizzle.

  140. martyrathbun09

    That’s why I call her Zeusette.

  141. martyrathbun09

    Greg was a weakling spiritually from the day I met him. A slick con artist – ala Cardone. Yes, no surprise at all that he took the money and ran. The story is very sick; and I don’t tell it at the moment out of respect for the family members he sold out.

  142. martyrathbun09

    RD, you ever coming out? It will shake rafters around the globe when you do. Truly.

  143. martyrathbun09

    RD, you ever coming out? It will shake rafters around the globe when you do. Truly.

  144. martyrathbun09

    Hi. Was hoping you’d weigh in when I posted this. Great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and Mark.

  145. I hope so, too. You’ll notice the Greenwalt’s are on the list, as well.

  146. Michael Fairman

    Whoever is in charge of fans better find an humongous one because a tsunami of fecal matter is on its way.

  147. I’ve been out for 10 years and my name is on it. My guess is that this list is another CoMisc substitute and invention as sending out SP declares to orgs is risky to Dear Loser’s security and including “suspicious types” or “possible Out-PR types” is not covered under any LRH Policy.

    Had no idea of being on that list, but am very glad as there is no interest in getting solicitations, especially to hear Shermanspeak and lies; all my phones are on the “do not call” list!

  148. Watchful Navigator

    Mark Stout is also on the list, who was a key CCHR figure in the Columbine investigation in Denver 1999.

  149. Yvonne Schick

    Congratulations, Chris. Excellent announcement. Elegant in its simplicity. Enjoy your new level of freedom.

  150. The reeeeaaaaaally bad ones are on a list that is so secret it can’t be published. So, the reaaaaaallly bad ones are actually not known by the locals and they are the ones called in. It’s a deadly plot, hatched in the mind of Grogar, to destroy David Miscavige.

    Who is Grogar?

  151. “the problem is their DO NOT CALL list is now so long that they dont have anyone left to call.”

    I would say that that just about sums up the entire situation right there

  152. I found a job for Davey when the Exodus is over.
    He can go to work for reality television!!


    I saw this and it reminds me of the recent events.

    TOO FUNNY!!!

  153. “Now… I don’t care who ya are… that’s funny right there!” ~ Larry the Cable Guy

    Good one, Michael!


  154. Watchful Navigator


    There’s also a deeply cynical aspect to it, as well. As staff, at least back in the time of their release, you were allowed to call an “SP” and sell him/her the Basics!

    You could theoretically rehabilitate the “being” and the “Book Account” in one call!

  155. Beautiful!

  156. Sam, Well, I guess that means I’m not suppose to com with you or I’ll lose my eternity. Oh well, just can’t help myself. I’m doomed now. Love

  157. TEG (Tom Gallagher)

    Well, well, well! It’s abundantly clear that the endless events designed for the deification of the psychotic runt has finally run its course.

    I used to say that the most dangerous place in the universe was that space between a staff member assigned to call-in and a telephone.

    Double and triple “confirms” from the call-in units has worn down the field to the point where the only thing to do is turn the ringer off. That or telling that poor soul on the line to f#@%-off.

  158. TheWidowDenk

    Mike — So glad you brought it up! My calls actually ceased after I was called by Snr I & R PAC on August 30, 2009, and verbally ordered to report to LA for a metered interview. I said “no.” I later received the following KR in the mail. (Note: The KR doesn’t look exactly like what I have transcribed as I cannot tab in the comment. Also note: When Patricia called, her message stated that she was calling from the CLO, she knew Dr. Denk and she needed my help with something. )

    ETHICS FSO 28 August 2009


    cc: DATA CMO PAC
    cc: CO CLO WUS
    cc:SNR I&R PAC


    This week I called Rachel Denk and left a message in a framework that she would know me (which is in regards my dealings with Gene Denk).

    She very politely returned my call almost immediately, which is very appreciated.

    I briefly explained that I was calling as part of the IAS and stated why.

    Her response was that she had returned my call as I was from the CLO and she was answering to extend any help that was needed in regards Gene or his estate and that was why she thought I had called. Again this is very appreciated as it was obvious that she would have assisted me immediately in that regard, had this been why I was calling.

    She then ended the call stating twice that had she known I was calling for the IAS she would not have returned my call. To speak to a Sea Org member and/or another OT VII in such a manner is rather shocking.

    Considering that we are all Scientologists and we are the IAS (which includes Rachel, who is an OT VII and Lifetime member) this was quite a disaffected statement and I am reporting this as such.

    I cannot fathom Gene Denk would ever speak to a Sea Org member in this way nor did he in all the years that I knew him and worked with him and/or received services from him.

    I am requesting that she be seen in ethics to find out what this is about.

    Patricia Ashworth

  159. Tom,
    That Nightline stint was considered a success! Shelly wanted an ice carving done of an Emmy at a special party for RTC as it was considered that the host won an Emmy due to Dear Loser’s contribution to the show! The special party/celebration didn’t happen.

  160. Way to go Chris! Great to see you out, freedom and independence has quite a lot of upside one doesn’t realize until after the fact.

  161. “And because it doesnt matter how many lawyers he pays, or how many sycophants he has, or how many bodyguards are standing around when he is sitting in front of a reporter with the cameras rolling — he is terrified.”

    Couldn’t lots of overt acts on his part cause that effect?

  162. Marty, “A slick con artist”….perfect description! When I first met Greg that was my instant reaction. Greg along with many others I had met over the years were in Scientology for the so-called Glory of it all, the oh look at me you lowly pleb!

  163. Priceless, K#1 !!!

  164. Early on at Sterling, Greg tried to get a hold of the mailing list for the Western Hemisphere. I threatened him with expulsion if he didn’t straighten up. I was not surprised that he is such a crook.

  165. Watchful Navigator

    Isn’t “Man is Basically Bad” the basis of criminal Psychiatry?

    What a twist!

  166. I am one post late, but can I say that Mike Rinder is seriously groovin’ in “We Stand Tall”. AWESOME!
    Mike, Marty – Id LOVE to hear about that music video shoot, and the events surrounding it! I bet you have some interesting memories / anecdotes.
    Thanks for all you do.

  167. WN,
    Incredible, there’s Dear Loser’s musical chairs again! Each staff member being put on as IJC and CJC in order to be a Reg and enlighten SPs!

  168. Thanks Marty. I concur. Greg was a slick con type dentist who supposedly lost his license and then started Sterling. Following the footsteps of Lloyd Latch (Latch Management – chiropractors).

    He was on, I think Solo Nots part C (or whatever) with me at the Sand Castle early on and believe me a more glib and dense student I’ve rarely met.



  169. While I read your comment, it occurred to me: “Wait a minute. We used to welcome all comers! Plenty of non-scientologists used to be allowed at events.” It used to be you’d expect that people would see something good in a Scientology presentation and want to see more. Now you know it will be so glaringly cult that they will run for the hills. Just look at the turnaround in viewpoint to this one of “screen out anyone who doesn’t fit the cult think.”

  170. Joy Graysen

    Yes, Kelli, who goes by Kelli Kamp now, emailed me last week telling me she and her husband, her two daughters Stefani and Tifani, (who I used to teach!) and their little boy, have been out for a while and are doing better than ever! YAY!!! Hooray!!! LOVE them!!!

  171. TEG (Tom Gallagher)

    Do I win the Kewpie doll?

  172. Good one, Bodil!
    A possible thing to say to call-iners is, “LRH said to look for yourself. A true sign of a cult is that you’re not allowed to look. The church doesn’t let you look at the internet. Who changed the church into a cult?”

  173. Gee, Sherb, I thought these had already happened, but you’re right, it will just spiral downward.

  174. Yes, Bryan, a lot of us made enough noise to be excluded from the Seattle grand opening, though we weren’t on the list a few months earlier. Exponential is a good word for it.

  175. Priceless!

  176. I couldn’t be more proud to have made the list. And a few of the peole on the list have recently sat down to do interviews with me for my film. This list now gives me leads for some more people to contact? Well done, Slappy. Keep the Independents flowing.

  177. The real reason for this list is this:

    “Don’t let in anyone who might stand up in front of DM and shout, ‘You are a c*-s*ing B*tard.'”

    If you saw the video of how a declared person got into the Seattle Grand Opening and recorded from BEHIND the stage and body-guards you would know DM was shaking in rage when he saw the out-security there. Me, I was shaking with laughter.

  178. I know Bill well, although I have not seen him in years. I have a slightly different opinion, but I will leave it at that for now. I will say that if he is on this list, perhaps he has changed for the better. One thing I do know is that people can indeed change for the better.

  179. iI know they considered it a win.The host got an Emmy because he ripped DM such a new one in front of millions. The producer was up late calling in to keep it going past its alotted half hour because Scientology was getting nailed to the proverbial cross. I was cringing, myself, when I saw it.

    Mike, what’s your take on this?

    ML Tom

  180. +1 🙂

  181. I wonder if Bill & Stephen Kilpatrick were the two brothers that Michael Roberts looked at in disgust as they walked by while he was trying to reg us in front of AOLA one day. He told us what bastards they were because they had a fancy car and millions in the bank but wouldn’t give him a donation for the IAS.

  182. TEG (Tom Gallagher)

    From the comments:

    “It’s funny how they list Jenna Miscavige Hill as Jenna Hill, so as not to draw attention to the fact that she is David Miscavige’s niece.”

  183. I got a good laugh reading this list. Whoever compiled it was, obviously, lazy. When you get to “Pearlman” he/she doesn’t bother to list them all individually.
    Just don’t let ANY Pearlmans in!

    Marcy Pearlman Sorensen

  184. Linda Ciotti worked for us many years ago, but I lost touch with her when she moved to LA. I would love to be back in communication with her. My email is lynnehov (don’t shorten this until you use it, so the spam generators don’t get the actual addo) @gmail.com.

  185. You’re crackin’ me up, Lisa! LOL

    Come on, what’s Davey’s personal number??? 😉 j/k
    I’m gonna really laugh if anyone does call and get on the list.
    You rock!!!

  186. ottocscotto

    I understand your point of view. The real outpoint, to me, is that the list is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo short.

  187. Thanks Marty! The better lyrics are probably Cowboy Poet’s. Those have a “Cowboy Poet / DFB” under the video.

  188. ottocscotto

    Of course! They don’t want a PR flap. Of any magnitude. You’re absolutely right!

  189. theystolemychurch

    This reminds me of what I did a year ago when someone from the Portland, OR Borg called over and over and over. Literally about 25 times per week for weeks. I finally answered the phone and she explained she was a SO Missionaire and was calling me into the org. I said I would not come in for any reason. She asked why and I told her…. after LRH’s books and lectures were altered that it was not Scientology. It was something else and that I did not sign up for that. She didn’t know what to say! She stammied and I let her get off thephone……. I felt bad for her, but I also knew what I did was correct. ~Wendy

  190. Despite all the paranoid, over the top “security” to make it safe for Dumb Leader to show his face publicly – it was a complete failure.

    I know a non Scientologist who was able to get into the event, get up close to Dumb Leader and have it videoed. The persons award for the caper was a Mission Impossible hat.

    I’ll give you a tip on how this was pulled off. The person pretended to be an enthusiastic supporter of Dumb Leader. They cheered and clapped loudly when he showed his face, etc. Security automatically gave this person the green light.

    Enemy lists, OSA plants, armored car, gunslingers, PIs, fences, bull proof podiums,….. all for not.

    Every day the lists get longer…… Every day it gets harder to hide….. Who to trust?
    What to do? Where to go? Ohhhhh, the “life” of a Dumb Leader…….

  191. Watchful Navigator

    If Wayne did not have a wife that he loved dearly, working at OSA Int and also largely kept in the dark, and was able to stand back and take a good look at all the injustices he has witnessed, as well as finding out about the even worse travesties of LRH’s legacy that he doesn’t get to witness (because as he knows, he is continually bypassed into his own juniors including Pam, by the hyper-frantic DM-controlled security apparatus) then he might stand a chance of waking up and getting out of there. Because he is a very good-hearted and intelligent being.

    Pam is a super-frantic, overwhelmed, dispersed and sleep-deprived staff who is probably in terror, at the leaking of this list. It’s the carrot-and-stick mechanism of DM’s totalitarian empire. “See, look at those SPs raking you over the coals” she will be told as the “carrot” to keep her in motion. “You better *&^#$% find out who your ^@!#$% leak is!!!” is the “stick” that may be employed to keep her up at night tearing her hair out worrying about being assigned “Treason” for “out-Security”. No time for contemplating how wildly off-the-rails what she has gotten mixed up in has actually become, in relation to basic purpose and LRH.

    And not likely to blow either, being literally married to the IAS (OSA’s evil twin sister spawned by Grand Master MisSavage and hidden from the Old Man he’d tricked into seclusion by its founding in 1984 using his government lawyers). Her husband Cliff Bowen is OSA WUS Qual and gets the dubious privilege of “correcting” the victims of DM’s abuse. I.e. Do you stay, silently condoning the abuse? Or do you go and leave your comrades without a chaplain to lend succor to the abuses? Or do you really, glibly believe in your own PR, that the IAS is actually “saving the planet”?

    The IAS is tamely, mildly, advancing too meager, almost camoflaged-hole social reform operations, into the teeth of a dying planet now spinning and wobbling into radioactive oblivion. Worse, the tech of the solution – auditing – inside the church has been successfully verbal-tech’d out of existence by MisSavage in his position of “altitude”:

    “Any time anybody gets enough altitude he can be called a hypnotic operator, and what he says -will- act as a hypnotic suggestion. Hypnotism is a difference of levels in altitude.” – LRH 11 Nov 50 Education and Dianetics (lecture)

    Does that not help explain the massive acceptance of the Big Lie at all his events? The treasonous acceptance of verbal hints and evaluations at his Senior C/S conferences?

    Force, shock, threat, deception. MisSavage’s relentless assault on LRH’s legacy has been depending to a large degree upon OSA forwarding his “command intention” no matter how insane, in order to maintain his utterly mad, in-house destruction of LRH’s legacy spinning out of control.

    And in the end, the destruction MisSavage seeks in his depravity will come about to the degree that these staff closest to and most aware of, the implications, continue to sacrifice their PERSONAL INTEGRITY.

    “When you have lost that, you have lost everything.” – LRH

  192. Rachel,
    Pat spent most of the 2000’s in the Pac RPF and graduated after 8-9 years, after being offloaded from the Int Base! She was a Cl 9 auditor and delivered the Superpower rundown pilot, before being busted as an auditor off of Tech lines in ’95. Being a highly trained auditor certainly does not have any advantage or speed up the CoM RPF program!

    She was in the Snr CS Int office for years under Ray and audited me on my last grade chart – OT IV back in ’84. Small world, wondered what happened to her and am saddened she’s still addicted to Kool Aid and furthering Dear Loser’s slush funds.

  193. “Ron said to not grant interviews to the press.”

    this aint right

  194. This list has to represent a subset of the actual number of people who have opted out of the church in one way or another. For example, I have stated explicitly that I am NOT to be called on the phone, and chew people out who call me. I flat out tell them that they are not to be trusted calling me, because I get called – not in normal hour, like civililized people – but invariably after 9pm – sometimes after 10pm – from the East Coast, no less, where it is three hours later there. I also tell them that phones are psychotic, and that I am available 24/7 via email, where I can choose when and how to communicate.

    I am not on the list.

    The number I gave I gave in confidence (stupid me) to an SMI person several years ago, with the proviso it was just for the immediate cycle (which was a bust – the Church makes it basically impossible to open a mission anymore – again, it is about the $ – but I digress).

    So, naturally, the number ends up in central files for the entire planet.

    I got a text from someone I hadn’t heard from in FIVE YEARS about a month or two ago. The text was just “Where you be?” The same person called a bit later, did not leave a message, and had not called back. After FIVE YEARS! Of course, the person is OT VIII and no doubt trying to drum up some business or another. This person was a very good friend, but has gone more and more kool-aid over the years. Now it’s “Where you be?”

    I know a few names on the list, but none except Kilpatrick were people I knew more than just in passing.

    Thanks for posting this! Quite the exodus indeed. This is our own Exodus from the slavery of Miscavige.

  195. Watchful Navigator

    Oops – I meant to write “her husband (Cliff Bowen) is IAS WUS Qual” (not OSA)

  196. That is a major suprise secondary benefit. All that stress is gone.

  197. I assume he couldnt communicate with you about it, asking you what was going on or why you felt that way or anything. His comm shut down and he reported you to the thought police. Now that is ARC in action. Good job Patricia Ashworth.
    The best thing to do if you suspect someone of disagreement with The Party is to immediately disconnect and report them to the proper authorities.

  198. Thank you Joy. She’s been on my mind for awhile. We were close friends one time and I don’t know why we stopped talking.

    BTW, I worked for you a long time ago. I think it was in the 90’s. I came to your house in Glendale and helped you with calls for one of your gigs. I think it was for Frankie’s restaurant on Melrose. Happy to see you and your husband are out!

  199. BR,

    You’re already listed and stamped in the categories of : “Bl’s, disaffected, enemy connected, psychotic, etc” as I am.

    Join the crowd – It’s great and there’s lots of good company with Christie, Sam, the Garcias, Luglis, etc!

  200. theystolemychurch

    can’t stop laughing at that one!!!!!

  201. I didn’t make the list though I’ve been ‘declared’ 3.5 years or more. Of course during that time CJC WUS Richard Valle said he knew I was not an SP and that the comm ev I’d had was off policy etc. He then had me declared again but I was not allowed a copy of that one. I’ve asked him what problem was he trying to solve, what policy was he applying etc. He finally told me to INTROSPECT on why EVERYONE at ASHO thought I was an SP. And yes, he said INTROSPECT. Funny, at the Comm Ev they couldn’t find any staff or public to say I was guilty 0f anything and I provided lots of Commends. Hmmm.
    But on this ‘do not call’ list business, in the middle of all the above I got a call from an SO person from AOLA who told me my CF Folder had me as re-instated in good standing. I told her if she could get that in writing for me I’d appreciate it. I got a call from Snr Dir I&R or some such title the next day saying I was not re-instated. I had wondered if they had been hiding the fact that a large percentage of CF was ‘declared’.

  202. Maybe you need some form of acrobat page reader on your phone.

  203. Awww you are offering to make them more Able

  204. I am glad in your comment alsoo is the possibility of non-criminal Psychiatry.

  205. Introverted cult gets more introverted

  206. Wise Beard man
    His Face is Beard
    His words are Wise

  207. The cc: list is mind-numbing. Does the whole world need to know that she didn’t handle a conversation very well? And, of course, it’s the public’s out ethics that it didn’t go well – not her inability to relate to the person she was talking to. “To speak to a Sea Org member and/or another OTVII in such a manner is rather shocking.” Oh, the horror!

  208. Karen#1, isn’t everyone an SP in DM’s universe? Does he only hold back from declaring everyone because he needs enablers?

    It seems to me that the EP of the Miscavology MindF_ck System is the that cognition “I am an SP unworthy of COB’s greatness.”

    DM’s Anti-Bridge to Total SPness:

    Pre-SP: Still has money in the bank and lines of credit
    Clear SP: Cleared bank accounts but has lines of credit
    SP OT: Operates exterior to money and lines of credit
    Bankrupt OT: This person has achieved New OT VIII and his next step is to see the Registrar!

    Sea Org: A 100% SP Group on permanent A-E. May never receive processing but must be sec checked continually to determine degree of SPness.


  209. WH- I knew Randy very well and I can assure you he too was very slick and very 1.1.I was a person of good will and he tried throwing me under the bus, at the bus and over the bus relentlessly and I wasn’t the only one. This is a guy who delighted in someones misfortunes and found it wonderfully amusing I tried talking to him-completely solid. All I can say is birds of a feather. He is one of the few i have come across that I don’t mind exposing. along with Greg, who is also severely out of valence.
    I think the stats crashed under the weight of so many overts.

  210. Joy Graysen

    Oh WOW!! Friend me on Facebook so I can find out who you are!!! What an amazing memory you have!!! I totally forgot about Frankie’s!!! LOL!

  211. Marty,

    Wonder how much of the “don’t deadfile these people, just don’t invite them or give them data” is a statpush. Once deadfiled, negatively impacts a number of stats.

    I have heard from credible sources that Mike Sutter who was exiled by DM into CF projects for ideal orgs some time back false reported CF numbers for Vegas and Dallas. The order was that 2500 good T&P “Trained and Processed” names were established for each org. They only had about 500 each. Ask offs, refunds, disafection, etc. left T&P numbers decimated. So Mike Sutter converted book buyers to T&P to get his magic number. Not only are the staff and public lied to that they have enough public to sustain their Taj Mahal facilities and pay the staff well, but hundreds of thousands of ongoing dollars will be wasted sending inappropriate promotion to wrong publics further building the disreality between the COS and the real world.

    Glad to see I made it on the COS non trusted list!

  212. Chris/DFB

    Excellent Chris. Thank you for being here and having contributed over many months to this community. I have enjoyed your comm and your wisdom.

    It is another level of confront to decide to stand up in front of a bully and say you are not afraid of him. Like most, I guess I was concerned that I would suddenly come under attack, but that didn’t happen. Bullies, being what they are, COWARDS, are actually very easy to confront when you take them on.

    The thing that really was incredible was the definite increase in ARC with this group. Although I had felt welcome before, I experienced an outpouring of love, that was totally unexpected. I had become stronger personally, and stronger in my bond to this group.

    So… bask in the joy and the love, and the heartfelt “welcomes”, you have earned it.

    Eric S

  213. Yeah Mike,
    You’re so very right. Somebody who has no damaging docs will be shunned the moment he impinges on regges; that’s all it takes! I’ve enlightened a few regges while I was speaking out freely on this blog under my own name but the calling continued even 11 years after refusing Davey’s Tech.

    The moment enough regges had become enturbulated (got enough truth), freaked out and hung up on me, I got a call from BSO Flag, Christian, who went out of his way to figure me out. Remember I was all over this blog but staff just didn’t know as internet is off limits.

    It was so funny! I could keep it up for 20 minutes before he started suspecting something and by then I had given him lots and lots of clues as to the current situation, carefully avoiding Davey as that would stop my data flow.

    I had given him quite some stuff to think about and knowing him, he thinks. I didn’t want to lie so he figured me out and gave me the usual BS of Davey disconnecting the right people (like you and Marty and Dan) and then expanding hugely.

    But I could just tell him how much expansion Flag experienced since I left with 14 CL XII’s in 1999 out of which 7 left. Then I told him he had only 1000 people on the basics with more drop outs than completions and he had to get pissed and hang up. That was the last call Davey’s administration granted me and the emails stopped as well.

    It’s so easy to not get regged; people who are still prey should change their operating basis and start asking their vultures some pertinent questions to either be left alone, get some bots thinking, start an avalanche of no calling tomes or effect all three.

  214. Linda – McMinimum is an EXCELLENT description. VWD!!!!! Even better than “St. Louis Six”!

  215. LRH learned the hard way. Ever see his interview on Granada TV?

  216. Mark,

    You are more right than you know. Each DSA has a book of photos of undesirable people to look out for. A photo and a few line caption. Last time I was shown it was several years ago, as a “source reference”. The point was “Tony Robbins – Squirrel”. That is literally all it said. The binder was at that time, from memory, nearly 6 inches thick.

    What amazes me about this list is the inaccuracy, even for last year. I see a number of people who are absolutely loyal to the COS on it, and the omission of litterally hundreds of people who should be shows how poor a grip they have on their own people.

  217. I hardly know any of these people! I was hoping for more- so we could have a party or something.

  218. Now when have you ever known the UK not to get in the middle of a good fight? 😉

  219. Cowboy Poet

    Correction: Sniper and Spotter.
    I’ve seen some 1000 yard plus dead center shots out of you two.

  220. Hi Lisa,
    Say hi to Mark for me and Anita. We both admire you guys.

    Soooo funny, “if you think you were unfairly left off the list.”

    I personally know well over twenty people who were unfairly left off the list. I’ll be sure to forward this to them.


  221. This is is very sad. A highly trained auditor worn down to the point of tattling.
    I long for the bright, happy, enthusiastic, warm, caring, high ARC, thrilled to be on board, good sense of humor, twinkle-eyed, understanding and tolerant, determined and eager to help staff attitudes of yesteryear. Sigh.

  222. There are more people on that list than the call-in list in Dublin Mission which has 40 public to call-in allegedly.

  223. Rachel,

    This pretty much says it all.

    The only reason they were calling was to find out if you came into any money from Gene’s estate or insurance policy.


  224. Windhorse,

    I also worked at Sterling management for a year or so in the 90’s. That key man policy was fron memory a multi million dollar policy, either 2 or 5 million. Randy’s unfortunate death and payment of this policy was the ONLY thing that saved Sterling from bankrupcy following their financial devistation after the Time Magazine article. I was there when this went down and was dealing with much of the flack of unpaid bills on their Div 6 lines.

    Our paths have crossed a lot.

  225. Dear Gern,

    My e-mail is loof88@gmail.com. We should get in comm !

  226. Who is Dominic O’Brian . I never heard of him ???
    In Bern ?

  227. 🙂 – Love it!

  228. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, it is a false report factory on a rudderless ship.

  229. Sam,
    No problem, the TSA won’t accept this banned list. 🙂

  230. As you can see I don’t like the “Grant Cardones”-as I along with others are madly helping people. I have always wondered why these guys get into Scientology, a subject that is of the humanities and truly loving people and helping them. This type of individual has done a lot of damage to Scientology as they are competent, but utterly insane- they are the perfect parishioner for DM- I know SPs want to attach themselves to destroy something beautiful.
    There is an interesting quote in PAB 13 “On Human Behavior” 1953: “Very often you will find aberrative personalities addicted to religion, but the addiction will not be accompanied by any belief in the human spirit. Just how this paradox is accomplished–a professed avowal of Christianity and a complete unwillingness to accept any effort to heal or help the human spirit as opposed to the body–is just another one of this bundle of paradoxes which mark the aberrative personality.”

  231. Sinar:

    There are several people on this list whose names are famliar to me as people I was acquainted with a little when I was in Scientology. BUT…One thingsreally grabs my attention about this list.

    If you notice it is in 2 parts. “Scientologists” that should not be invited and “Non Scientologists” that should not be invited. One of the “Non Scientologists” listed WAS a Scientologist for 30 years and was auditing at mid OT VII when she left.

    An SP declare is an SP declare. No matter what declare accuses one of, the steps at the bottom of the declare a person must take to get it reversed are always the same. So, how can someone that was a Scientologist for 30 years be listed as a “Non Scientologist” that should not be invited? Pure Kool-Aid for all to see.

    This is why I beleive the internet and BLOGS like Marty’s to be a better and more accurate reference on the Church of Scientology and Scientology THAN corporate Scientology.

    Why should I believe that someone that was in Scientology for 30 years before that is a “Non Scientologist” but that the rest of the people on the list are former “Scientologists”?

  232. Yes, if you didn’t know it was him what did you SEE

  233. Tony, WWP has the .pdf in text format: http://forums.whyweprotest.net/threads/list-of-disaffected-scientologists-provided-by-osa-west-us.90130/#post-1791714

    It is incomplete and doesn’t include the “non-scientologists”. Don’t worry, your name is on it.

  234. Another Layer

    Amen to that! With regard to the Miscavige mess; this is Chris’s life focus. Based on personal experience as his friend, student and fellow performer, he feigned friendship (late 80’s to early 00’s), but ultimately hung me and several others out to dry. So, if you are connected to him, watch yourself.

  235. I noticed that too Mark. VWD! And really looking forward to your Movie “Knowledge Report”! 🙂

  236. Cowboy Poet:

    Many, many, many times on this BLOG Marty has put things into perspective for some people better than anyone else known to me {excluding LRH}.

    This statement from Marty says it all in one sentence regarding this list:

    “…it is a false report factory on a rudderless ship…”

    That is correct, right down to the letter! 🙂


  237. To hell with comm – you owe me a hug. Collecting on 4th.

  238. I think this list is more damaging than it appears.
    When I browse through the Facebook pages of those still “in”, I see hundreds of people who are friends with each other but who have been off-lines for years and deliberately stay away. It’s the friendships that are important – far more than the membership or participation in ‘church’ activities.
    A list like this points out that friends are thinking the same thing about what’s happened to the church. Knowledge of the list may be just enough to create a fresh – Exodus!

  239. Lana,
    Totally agreed – there is no understanding of this psychotic list – one with the intention to stop!

  240. DFB/Chris, can you write us a song for the 4th party where we all can sing. Maybe
    “We stand Taller” or “We stand for LRH” or something like that?



  241. i think your name is written: “gern geschehn” 😉

  242. Blluebonnet-After you introspect, I will be happy to give you the Introspection Rd. God-what a nitwit!!!

  243. J.Swift.

    There is truth in your satire.

    EP of OT VIII ~~go see the Registrar Because it has been found you are not clear and must re-do the Bridge starting with 150 hours of Objectives. Your clear status is hereby cancelled. Start again from the bottom up ! 🙂


    You omitted ~~

    Panty-waist Dilettantes SP = not taking out a 2nd and 3rd mortgage for IAS. Not paying enough to purchase IDEAL ORGS for the real estate scam of the Church renting and leasing it back to the local church after locals “paid” for it.

    Raw Meat SPs = Journalists, authors, network TV hosts, camera crews, contributing writers and experts to media that tell the “Church” conduct to the world.

    Flat Ball Bearing SPs = Abberrated person, not with the program, not waking up to the fact that Scientology Life is to serve the will of COB, not donating quickly enough, not making the “Volunteer list”, below “OSA clearance” for Miscavige thuggery,

    Degraded Being SPs = made one large donation and after that doesn’t communicate to the org, No-gain-case because they are persons with heavy overts on Scientology making no case progress and no further donations $$$$$. The reason no progress was made was not because tech was misapplied, but because the being is Degraded !

    The Off-The-RTC-Christmas-Card List SPs = Refusal to attend an INT event and /or did not bounce up FAST and IMMEDIATELY to give Miscavige a hearty standing OVATION. Stopped clapping and beaming too fast. 🙂

  244. Grant Cardone just sent this out on mass email.
    He’s as blind as he is arrogant!
    I’d say we’re having an impact…

    I’ve been called a lot of things in my life due to my commitment to action – a workaholic, obsessive, greedy, never satisfied, driven, and even a manic. Yet, every time I’ve been labeled, it’s always been by someone less successful who takes smaller degrees of action. Like I say in The10X Rule, in order to achieve massive success, you MUST take massive action.

    The moment you start hitting it big, you will immediately be judged by the mediocre. Those people will be threatened by your activity level and make it appear “wrong” in order to make themselves right. These people cannot stand seeing others succeed at such high levels and will do anything to stop them. But stay strong. Massive action will take you to the next level, the level that haters can only dream about.

    The next time someone gives you criticisms, just tell them to “Bring it!”


  245. Ingrid: As I said — I’m sure Randy was no angel. I didn’t know him other than to say hi – I knew his wife.

    My point was more to the exposing of Greg Hughes who is OUT but supporting dm by having taken an enormous amount of money for silence.

    Randy has been dead for over 18 years. He’s unable to clear him name by apologies or anything else.

    Greg shouldn’t be deemed a nice honorable guy who stayed loyal to his “church” —

    I just wanted that part of the equation known.


  246. Lisa Hamilton

    How great to see you weigh in.
    Lisa was the most Loved, the most appreciated and spoken well of HCO terminal in CLO WUS for all those years.

    Are you keeping an eye on the MOLESTATION charges on Sea Org Bases that were covered up ? (I can send you links for info)

    Hardly hear of Kerstin these days. You did not post her tel no !


  247. Lana-I don’t think SPs are known for their duplication and accurate data.

  248. Carol-You are so funny and correct!

  249. Hi Chris-You are definitely a Thetan. Welcome out!

  250. K1 — WONDERFUL! My personal favorite is the Off the RTC XMas Card List…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  251. In my opinion Princess, a 2nd, 3rd and 4th OSA list should be on their way out to church members any minute now! {LOL}



  252. Bryan – I would say this is a pretty good indicator of impingement…

    Blind and arrogant — the perfect DMbot.

    I’m sure Grant is just having a wonderful time now that HIS email was made public. All those “little people” criticizing him. Almost makes you want to cry….

  253. Ingrid I would agree with you…birds of a feather!!!!!!!!!

  254. Tony Dephillips

    VWD Chris.
    Glad to have you on our side.
    Hey! Now you can come to the party too!! Its not too late.

  255. Luis

    Quote: “I know many people that are under the radar, cautiously avoiding “getting into trouble,” or “being found out.” But their names are on this list.”

    That brings up a point of differentiation for me that I would like to throw in here.

    I understand that “flying under the radar” has been used to describe people who are “disaffected with”, but not necessarily publicly “disconnected from” the church.

    To me “flying under the radar” (being taken from the concept of being on an aerial attack run, and flying too low to be detected by enemy radar) suggests that the person is actively taking action against the enemy, while being undetected. It is causative. Perhaps more like Mike and Marty and others “disappearing off of DM’s OSA and PI grid, for a time, in order to deliver a more “effective blow to the enemy.”

    “cautiously avoiding “getting into trouble,” or “being found out.” is a lot more akin to “hiding”, or “being invisible” perhaps. The person is perhaps better described as “standing on the sidelines” ( or maybe, in some cases, “hiding on the sidelines”). They are, in fact, “spectators”. Some are at least cheering for us to encourage us on, some are not even doing that, but they are at least here and they are looking.

    But I think I speak for us all here when I say;

    You are welcome to “come play with us”.
    We invite you to “come play with us”. (The game actually is more fun the more involved you are in it.)

    We value your support and your help.

    Eric S

  256. You make a great point, that when Scientology is presented as a group with high numbers of “believers” it says that it’s true because so many people agree that it’s true. This sums up as “group think is correct,” which we know is completely contrary to the tenets of Scientology.

  257. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks Sinar!
    Bill Kilpatrick is on that list. He used to be a great guy. Hope he is out now. Anybody know about him?

  258. My comment was supposed to go after the comment by Stoic-1.

  259. I am having a heck of a time getting my comments to post from this computer.

  260. Yes. Thats a good idea

  261. Carol:

    This is just a small joke, but you know how in auditing a person gets audited on a list until it’s flat? This must be one of those lists OSA is not flat on yet!



  262. In an ideal world the public would want to attend on their own determinism, without pressure, hard-sell or threat of discipline. There would be no badgering phone calls. There would be no PR or security risk.

    A list of “untrustworthy” public is an outpoint in itself, imho. Its existence is the admission, acceptance and agreement of division within their own group. Its application is an endorsement.

    This is not Scientology in use, as I see it.
    Quite the contrary, in fact.

    — Mike

  263. I should have said “she”. For some reason I thought the IAS caller was a he and then I looked up to get the name on the KR and forgot to change the he’s to she’s.

  264. Kim O'Brien

    So sorry if this is a duplicate but ONCE AGAIN ….Scientology yucky secrects are all over The Huffington Post ….this is starting to get good.


  265. Michael Fairman

    Yes, Obnosis,In the past weeks, I’ve gotten e-mails from the ship and AOLA and occasional promo from St. Hill. I’ve told them I’ve resigned and sign my name.
    They’ve never wished me sayonara.

  266. Good one Mike

    Eric S

  267. one of those who see

    J! This is fabulous, F—ing funny and I realized INDICATES AS TRUE!!

  268. one of those who see

    Obviously, KRs need to be written regarding the List’s omissions. Indicate RUSH at the top.

  269. And there is truth to the matter. Because unless something unethical is going on at these events, why should be so difficult {if Scientology is expanding the way that DM & Co. say} to find people that WILL come to the event no questions asked?

    If DM’s Kool-Aid drinkers are telling the truth, people would be calling the church ASKING when and where is the next event they can go to, not the church looking for people to call.

    The Church of Scientology is slowly but surely sinking into the mud, and with people like me no longer in it, it can’t be blamed me or anyone else that’s not involved.

  270. Mike/Michael,
    Mighty interesting. I would rather have the problem of ancient lore of no TP in the Orgs (bring your own) with higher number of T&P than lots of Idle Org TP with no T&P! 😉

  271. Bony-finger or preemptive roll-back?

    By the time that software is up and running, it will no longer be required, as everybody “in” will know each other personally from daily roll-call. Or ROFL call?

  272. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    A real Do Not Call list would include the people who no longer wanted to receive any calls. That list would be enormous!

  273. Theo Sismanides

    We are gathering up some mass… and making up a body of something… What I said about critical…. mass exodus…. IS… happening… this is NOT like 10 years ago… we know the MEST Universe has a COMM LAG! However THETA has… more capabilities…

    We are NOT comm lagging now… there IS a FLOW!!

  274. Mike:

    You stated:

    “But as we all know, if there is one thing Dear Loser really likes, it’s a good game of musical chairs.”

    And a Dear Loser D. Miss Cabbage® certainly is indeed, to the tune that next time he plays musical chairs with anybody he will find himself the only other person there.


  275. Yvonne Schick

    So much good information from Marty and the comments from all.

    But I’m missing OTDT and DeepFax. There was an insouciance there that always made me laugh.

    Wherever you are these days, hope all goes well for you.

  276. Lynne, I especially was reminded of Slappy Applecrate by the line “The reliance on authority measures the decline of religion…” When one has no leadership ability, no skill with people and is a walking cyst of insecurity it helps to remind everyone how much authority one has over them.

  277. Hi Lynne. Oh yes indeed the stench of rotting things has been brewing within the CofM for years but “do not call lists” – that’s fresh. That, I reckon is a catalyst that may finally sink into the bone heads of the not quite bright kool aid sippers, next with probably be a closed policy or a reintroduction of the Passport – remember that, but this time it’ll have teeth. Add a bit of sugar to all that and it’s got to fement.
    Change is very much accelerating.

  278. TEG (Tom Gallagher)


    Marty’s got it right. And please help me stop the guessing game. Shake it up…………………….

    By the way, Li’l dave is playing the miniature Accordion.

  279. Hi Luis!
    They may have meant you but there definitely is a Gus Garcia – used to be married to Cathy Segal Garcia. Haven’t seen him in eons but back then he seemed like a sweetheart…

  280. TheWidowDenk

    Thanks for the info, Sinar! Interesting … graduating the Pac RPF after 8-9 years. Something is definitely wrong with that program, but I probably don’t really need to say that here.

    Another point I’d like to make is that it’s probably not in anyone’s best interests to put an auditor on call-in, perhaps call-in under pressure. My goodness, she chattered on and on about Dr. Denk — how he helped her, how she helped him –, the IAS, how she was a “techie.” Now, you know and I know is an auditor is “one who listens.” When I could manage to get a word in edgewise, i.e. “Had I known you were calling about the IAS, I wouldn’t have returned your call,” she just kept talking. At no point did she listen to my response. All she needed to do was say, “OK!” and HANG UP THE TELEPHONE. But, no, she had to keep chattering and eventually write a scathing KR and send it to everyone on that routing you see. Far better to put her back on hat.

    So glad she was on hat when you received your Grade IV!

  281. I know. This list should be longer by a factor of at least 100, I estimate.

    They just can’t do anything right, anymore.

  282. TheWidowDenk

    Chris — No, Patricia’s total intent was for me to send money for the IAS. To do that she came in on an ARC line she had with Dr. Denk, and that was supposed to close me on the cycle. Didn’t work.

  283. TheWidowDenk

    Sue — Yup, I thought that cc list was fascinating. Now all those terminals have been warned about how bad Dr. Denk’s widow is. Very interesting …

  284. TEG (Tom Gallagher)

    Dear Chris.

    I celebrate you today by changing my ‘handle’ to my name.

  285. TheWidowDenk

    True, Mike. Money-motivated all the way!

  286. Yeah, and I’d like to indicate that the list is also incomplete. They’re going to spend A LONG TIME extending this list!!

  287. Glad to hear about Kelli and her girls.

  288. My goodness! Aren’t they just the best honey?



  289. Yes, Lynn, but events used to be put on with the public image in mind, it seemed. Now they are strictly instruments of internal propaganda, designed to preach to the choir for the purpose of increasing contributions. It reminds me of how you would warm up and roll a lemon on the counter top before squeezing in order to get the most juice out of it.

  290. Yes daaaaling…you were definitely one I had in mind.

  291. This is so cool, Marty.

    The way little davie’s stats are invariably and inevitably straight up and verticle, within a very short (pun intended) time, only he, allender and minerva will be left on the call-in list and we’ll all be free to practice our chosen religion in peace.

    I can just see all three of them calling eachother five times each to confirm for the next event. Then they can brag and brag and brag about how every single solitary scientologist in good standing attended his glorious event.

    I wonder if the hollywood extras will cease to participate? Oh well, if not, just cut and paste, cut and paste the anonymous faces from last years extravaganza.

    Thanks for passing on such good news.


  292. Well, he had to say something, I guess. “I got my own TV show. What do YOU got?”

    Freedom, bra.

  293. Well, dang, they forgot to add me and my husband in the Ex-Scn part of the List!! SOMEBODY ADD US!!

  294. WindWalker:

    My name is not on that list. I prefer to stay under the radar and I do. I do not want that church in my life. I don’t take kindly to people that knowingly take advantage of others for kicks. Whether this becomes permanent or not is up to them {the church}.

    The way I have been dealt with inside the church is not dissimilar to the way the church treats those it believes to be its worst enemies.

    I don’t think the church will be able to force me out into the open and there are several people that read this BLOG and sometimes post here that know me well. I don’t say that to boast, I say that because for once in my life I enjoy watching the church bang its head against a wall trying to figure out who all these SP’s are that are saying all these terrible things about them. Well, I’ve got news for you, since when is the truth such a terrible thing?

  295. Karen:

    About this point of yours:

    “++++Lists of some 20,000 with Freeloader Bills ~~ some will be forgiven if they promise not to post on the blogs or read the Internet !”

    That would closer to the truth about me. But you know what Karen? Lately I just never find myself in any such mood to be forgiven by a collection of quacks and pranksters like the kind DM thinks are his right hand people. He ought to try using his left hand once in a while.


  296. He has been a regular media consultant on Fox News. Expect nothing but spin from this guy. No compassion, no understanding of others, with fixed ideas about the world. People shouldn’t be surprised by the reaction above. It’s a real turn off. If you don’t like his show, then you are “mediocre.” LRH didn’t intend for people to use his technology to demean others, but that’s just what Cordone did. There are different types of success. I don’t wish for Cordone’s type. My success includes supportive relationships with others. Cordone preaches “No Negativity Allowed.” I guess this doesn’t apply to himself. What a dick.

    P.S. Just what exactly does he mean by “Bring it!” What a meat-head.

  297. Michael 🙂

    Freewind Bilges for illegal and cruel Bilge detention duty to top Execs.
    Bilges are supposed to be cleaned by machines not humans.

    Sadistic punishments and ABUSE for not bobbing up fast enough to give Taliban Miscavige thundering applause. Another DM atrocity.


    I hear from public ~ they are considering it an HONOR to be on the Enemies List !!!!!!!!!!

    A Badge of Honor to have an SP declare.

    Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted such a mood an attitude from outside in. To quote Danny Sherman, Dm scriptwriter, “it gives a whole new meaning”~~ to the words “culture shock !”

  298. Bryan- I love this! Grant has a closet full of valences-He just pulled out the ser fac along with the ‘successful person being attacked “valence. It is all circuitry!

  299. Rachel,
    Yes, it was OT IV. But was halfway on Superpower, mid rundown when she got taken off Tech lines.

  300. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Well I’m puzzled, it’s a WUS list and there we are on it. We’ve never lived in the WUS. Don’t get me wrong, I’m honoured to be amongst you rogues and enemy affected disaffects. But WTF?

  301. Scott Campbell


    You are fuckin’ funny! That was classic.

    L, Scott

  302. Scott Campbell

    Sorry Carol,

    I closed my comment with “L, Scott”. “L” is of course short for “Love”.

    I hope that you weren’t offended or apprehensive of false sincerity on my part at this overture of affinity for you. It seems that such gestures are out-of fashion these days.


  303. thanks for the ack, Jim L.

    Absolutely true, Watchful!





    This is one of the “incredibles” (to use LRH’s term) regarding the scene, post-LRH:




    *According to the American Religious Self-identification Survey, conduced roughly every ten years by the City University of New York, the number of people in the U.S. identifying themselves as Scientologists has declined from 50,000 to 25,000 over roughly the last ten years. The number has gotten so small, that the 25,000 figure is not completely reliable. What is unquestioned is that number has collapsed.

    The collapse is verified by the PEW Foundation’s most recent survey.

    As shocking as these figures are, they do not show the actual extent of the Exodus Marty refers to:

    Of the approximate 25,000 who still identify themselves as Scientologists, some number, while still believing in the philosophy and tech, are no longer active within the organization.

    The Miscavige Administration knows the number of active, Church participants, if only from the “Bodies in the Shop,” and other statistics. Whereas as the LRH Administration released all the major stats (e.g., Clears made), the Miscavige Administration now withholds these numbers.

    I am certain that if the number of active participants was on a long-term up trend, the Miscavige Administration A would be heavily promoting the rising statistic.


  304. Robert Earle

    VWD Chris.

  305. Robert Earle

    Excellent points you make Eric

  306. Scott Campbell

    Hi Erwin!

    Off topic here, have you ever read “Prescription for the Planet” by Tom Blees?

  307. Hi Marty;

    The posts on this topic are hilarious! People bitching, in a jovial manner, that their name is not on the list, reminds me of the time on ARS 10-12 years ago when people who were declared put the goldenrod on their wall for all to see! It was statement of pride, a badge of honor.

    It was also the beginnings of a real true blue revolution. Being declared was supposed to make people cring, propitiate, but the ethics presence of the C of S had deteriorated to such an extent it no longer had any force, and since fear was the only weapon it possessed, it became a joke.

    C of S Ethics presence … gone the way of the Dodo bird.

  308. Most of what is wrong with this world is the sheeple factor. Anyone outside of the sheeple paradigm becomes “evil” to the herd. To divorce oneself from the sheep is the beginning of the great liberation. In Scientology, we had to answer to three basic things: 1) LRH’s legacy in terms of what he laid forth in written/taped materials 2) the administrative dictates and gyrations of the church structure (including Sea Org for those in it) and, most important 3) ourselves and our 1st Dynamic conscience. #2 was by far the most aberrated and cut across 1 and 3. I did not have to be aberrated but it was.

  309. Robert Earle

    What a beautiful post from an astute observer…..”.this should be immediately “all hands” mimeoed off as a revision for “suppressive acts PL”
    with only one copy made for int base as it has to be kept secret. With reference to it in all future declares issued verbally. DM”

  310. Robert Earle

    I know Mark and just left a voicemail for him to call me so I could R-factor him on being on the list as well as see if he’d like to be a part of the Indie group.

  311. The division of “Scientologist” and “non-Scientologist” was absurd considering the ex-CoS names on that list. To me, what that list represented was the breaking point, the new era: that last list is the sort of list the CoS has had for *years* regarding events. Well-known internet critics (in fact, I’m pretty sure some of the folks on that list haven’t been ‘active’ critics for some time), well-known publicly visible ex-Scns who have denounced the CoS, done media activities, etc. The sort of folks on the old Religious Freedom Watch, that the DSA would be called if they showed up in front of the org. That list should have been deadfiled YEARS ago.

    But – this is a new era. That whole first list are people that, as far as most staff and public are concerned, are relatively in-good-standing even if not on course or service, perhaps semi-offlines at worst, Scientologists. They can’t go on the same list with Tory, or Jeff Jacobsen (speaking of whom, Linda Duhrmann, ex-DSA Phoenix is now barely trusted on that OSA Volunteer list???) without admitting something that they’re not ready to admit that far down the OSA Network. Some of those people aren’t even declared, they haven’t had a word to say. What are you going to say, that the public en masse is becoming the enemy, listed alongside the Church’s longest-time antagonists??

  312. +1


  313. 🙂

    You must have kids Tom. Ha!

  314. Scott, you could never offend me!!

  315. Exactly. It’s like when my friend was considering moving to Texas to work with Debbie Cook and asked her MAA at the AO about it. The MAA said “Oficially she’s in good standing but unofficially you don’t want to have anything to do with her”

    How’s that for some bullshit? A woman with one of the most stellar production records in the history of the SO. Liberty and justice for all? Not in the cult of Misacige.

  316. j Swift-Very funny!

  317. The next time someone gives you criticisms, just tell them to “Bring it!”

    Ohhh Grant, since when did “criticism” become such a dirty word? Your email re Milton was hateful 3P. No amount of wormy wriggling is going to change that.

    I can be a dick sometimes too. You know what? I kinda like having it pointed out; it keeps me grounded and saves me from being an even bigger dick.

    — Mike

  318. Cowboy Poet

    A good look at things there, Sinar!

  319. Robert Earle

    Just talked to Mark . I gave him directions to Martys blog He was a little surprised he was on such a list but said he probably wouldn’t have travelled off for a ribbon cutting any ways.

  320. Yvonne Schick

    From Urban Dictionary
    bring it
    Used as a “manly” come back to someone who is either being challenged or it can be offered as a direct challenge to another;

    Similar expressions:
    “Show me what you got!”
    “Do your worst”
    “Bring your shit!”
    “Go for it!”
    Basketball Player 1: “Im gonna slam dunk yo punk ass.”

    Basketball Player 2: “Ahhhight, bring it bitch. Let’s see what you got!”

  321. Okay, Flag Bureaux Data Letter #209 Int written by LRH was all about recruitment. This FBDL was cancelled circa 1996 by ____ (?). It had kickass tech in it about getting people involved in a group. LRH said that if you disallow people or ban people from being part of a group you make enemies of them. What you are doing is telling these people that you don’t want their help. And, as we know, if you tell someone you don’t want their help, you become the target of their wrath.

    These lists of “enemies” are the armies of the execution squads for the RCS.

    ML Tom

  322. Cowboy Poet

    Happy Days 🙂

  323. Robert Earle

    You get the gold seal here Rachael

  324. I found out, actually innocently, that the best way for me to stop the incessant calls and “recovery” visits to my home is to say, “You know, Marty and Mike and a few others are actually pretty bright and good folk.” Click…bzzzzzz.

  325. Ladidah:


    But wouldn’t it have been easier to just list Tory Christman for example on the upper half and next to her put {Declared SP}. Wouldn’t that be a CLEAR definition of her current status with the church and WHY she might not get an invitation?

    MU’s are MU’s. And a Kool-Aid drinker can get one from that in my opinion and go up to her in public with this reference stating “You have never been a member of the church, so therefore…”. It is just another form of disinformation to cause riffs and raffs between people that the church then thrives on in the media by reporting it to the Police. So another bullshit story can make it to the news “Scientologists in L.A. Defend Themselves per se.” or some such garbage that isn’t even fit for the news yet, except as a refernce for others when the church finally does, and they always do, get caught.

    Oh, or a DM puts it {doing the greatest good for the greatest number}.


  326. Mike Hobson


    I remember reading this one several times over the years I was in the Sea Org.

    You go that damned right!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  327. Cowboy Poet

    It’s ironic that a bunch of ill-mannered upstarts who called me incessantly for decades and would show up unannounced at my door at all hours would now put me on a No Call List…HOW TRUELY BLESSED I AM!

  328. David Franchi

    Oh yeah! I made the list! The list of free thinkers non robot beings! I’m not going to get called anymore! Hurray! Let’s have a party! Salute.

  329. Robert Earle

    I had my video of the Basics released sent to me by IJC as I was declared in 2000. I even got 2 copys sent over a period of time.

  330. Barney Rubble


    Yes I am “dissafected”, been for at least 12 years (I need to D/L it).

    As discussed with you, have long ago joined the crowd you mentioned- a very nice crowd indeed to be part of.

  331. Cowboy Poet

    Carol can make your belly hurt you laugh so much! Fun, great lady.

  332. Ladidah:

    And I don’t mean to be a party pooper either but you did say:

    “That whole first list are people that, as far as most staff and public are concerned, are relatively in-good-standing even if not on course or service, perhaps semi-offlines at worst, Scientologists.”

    Jasone Beghe is in the first list, and I really don’t think he is a person that falls into this category, do you?


  333. one of those who see

    Hi Chris!! Working late. Just listened to all your music. Wow!! The soundtrack of our lives. Wonderful!! And a big ack to Cowboy Poet too.
    You guys are so talented!!!!

  334. LRH commented on how inclusion was very important. In data series and probably elsewhere.

    Looks like for CO$ under DM we have an opterm flip.

  335. Robert Earle

    Did you cheat and call in on those #s Lisa gave to gat added?

  336. When a person creates many enemies I guess he begins to suspect everyone of being an enemy. He’s probably scared someone is going to heckle him, or worse.

  337. +5



  338. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Michael,
    I never knew that you were a comedic actor.
    Pretty diversified.

  339. TheWidowDenk

    Got it! OT IV. Good job to you and your auditor! L, Rachel

  340. Robert Earle

    LOL…now ROFL….you’re going to have the typists up all night with these newest additions to SP policies. Gotta Love Ya K#1

  341. I have a funny story about Steve & Joni Marchese. Had to be somewhere between 1984 and 1986, back in the days when anyone could go right up to the airport gate.

    Steve and Joni had paid for a lot of service at Flag, and OC Org was their FSM (there was another story about that, they’d had another FSM, but this person was disaffected, so the org argued she couldn’t be the FSM and we got the commission. I wasn’t entirely okay with that even though I was the Dir Income at the time, and it affected my stats). So the FBO, Bruce Thompson, had driven race cars before. And, as things tend to go in orgs, they were running late to catch their overnight flight to Flag to arrive Thursday before 2.

    Bruce drove like a race car driver, and he ran to the gate while the three of us were running behind him with luggage (back when you could leave a car at the airport curb for a few minutes). Bruce got to the gate just as they were about to close the doors. They asked for his ticket and he said, “I’m not going!” The ensuing confusion lasted just long enough for Steve and Joni to arrive at the gate with their luggage, catch their flight, and arrive on time. The org got the $18,000+ commission, the largest it received while I was there.

    I’ll always remember that bit of teamwork as one of the positive experiences I had.

    Steve & Joni — if you’re ever willing to come forward, I’d love to hear your stories.

  342. Robert Earle

    Let’s see if I remember the order from top down goes something like “thought,time,space,energy, mass” .Is massive action somewhere in the mass part?

  343. Also, Roark Gourley is a very talented artist. If he’s left the CoM, I’d be interested in picking up more of his work.


  344. Let’s hope so Ron.

    Good luck with your friend.

  345. Blue Bonnet:

    It is that kind of crap, whether it is done to a long time Scientologist or someone new that really, really, really, can tick some people off.

    In one org for example, one terminal says you’re declared, another says you’re not, another says you are and then another says you’re not! All in the same day within 10 minutes of each other might be good! 🙂

    And the poor public or staff that have to rely on this spin as fact should be entitled to give those terminals a good swift kick in the pants. This was done to girlfriend of mine {that does not want to be named}. Thank goodness the 2 of us are friends and she trusts me. I could not listen to them anymore afterwards and respect what they said.

    I suggested she and I BOTH leave and we did.

  346. 😀 😀 😀
    That’s what I call the perfect acknowledgement

  347. Robert Earle

    “Slappy Applecrate” :Noun: derivation: indie slang term combination of slappy and applecrate. 1) David Miscavage (see also: Miss cabbage,Dear Leader,COB Miscavology,etc)
    Stoic-1 nice additon to the dictionary

  348. LOL, excellent point 🙂 Paul Haggis too. Celebs seem to be an exception.

    No defense of the lists intended – they’re bad lists on so many levels. And you’re absolutely right regarding where people “belong” – there’s also apparently one Anonymous claiming to be a journalist in the top list, who clearly would belong in the second list. Hell, Aida Thomas appears on the first list, and “Diana Reynolds (aka Aida Thomas, ex-SCN)” on the second!

    I just think that there’s a strong desire to not really confront everything that’s happened in the past two years. That there’s a list of names that they’ve become accustomed to see as the classic enemies – including some ex – and independent – Scientologists, and then there’s a whole huge new group of “enemies” that have emerged in the past few years. It’s OSA’s job to confront this, but they can’t, because they’re typing up lists of enemies/do not call/etc that looks like an Impact Magazine Patrons’ list, and it winds up in the use of completely incorrect terms to define the lists: “Scientologists” and “non-Scientologists.” Well, if OSA has an M/U on “Scientologist,” that’s not too surprising in the Church of DM!

  349. Scott Campbell

    You made my day Carol!

  350. Scott Campbell

    I’ve experienced that exact phenomenon with her many times. I consider her part of my “weight loss by laughter” program!

  351. That’s very interesting that the AO MAA disparaged Debbie Cook in that way.

    I wonder if Debbie Cook knows that? I wonder if Debbie Cook’s clients and prospects know that?


  352. Robert Earle

    …JUSTICE—-A THIRD DYNAMIC PSYCHOSIS IS THE SUBSTITUTE OF VIOLENCE FOR REASON…….MORALE—–INSANITY IS THE REFUSAL TO ALLOW OTHERS TO BE,DO OR HAVE. A THIRD DYNAMIC PSYCHOSIS IS A DETESTATION OF HIGH MORALE. All of these are straight from the LRH PL. The exclusion of others relates to your post Tom. The rest seem to fit Slappy Appleboxes “policies”.
    For indies the policys are that it’s ok to have high moral and to Be, Do or Have.

  353. Hearsay & rumors – all they’re good for!

  354. Ladidah honey, my “trademark” phrase for all of it:

    “The Church of D. Miss Cabbage® ” 🙂


  355. Well I am not on the list, boo hoo.
    Does that mean I am in good standing? I don’t think so! lol

    International Freezone Association Inc

  356. Ditto – Bingo! Many more!

  357. Would posting that on a fake Marty blog get Minerva and Bozo to handle it?

  358. Yes. I sued them for a repayment for a couple thousand dollars and got it. I still get the promo crap from all the of them. And my name isn’t on the list.

  359. Mark, you’re on the super duper extra sp do not call list – no worries! 🙂

  360. Robert Earle

    If you don’t mind I’d like to interject a little history of LV org. In 73 it was run by SO member Bob Harvey and he had something like 60 staff at that time. Unfortunately he got on the bandwagon of the Clear America Crusade at the end of 73 beginning of 74 and while he had his stats go up the wall and across the ceiling (it was the year of the first LRH B-day game a management ED. ) The 74 LRH B-day came and went and down came all the stats. To bail out the int crashed GI LRH ED REG prog #2 was born with the emphisis on BLS. LV crashed and never recovered. Bob Harvey was one of the original half dozen or dozen SO members. Your data re LV since back then is probably correct pretty non-existant..

  361. Anna Nicole Smith had her own cable show so arguing for success based on having a cable show is not really that good of an argument for success. In fact, when viewers discover that you gave a million dollars to the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet, they will conclude that the only thing that needs to be turned around is the channel.




  363. I wonder if Ronnie Miscavige never appears on one of these lists broadly distributed to all local DSAs….I would tend to think not. When did all of the ridiculous COB worship come into being anyway at a public level??? I mean, at a basic Class V public level, in the late ’90s, LRH was totally the thing, the point, the Source – DM was *admired*, a speaker at Int events, but alongside Mark, Marty, Heber, Guillaume Lesevre, Ray Mithoff and the rest of Int Management. People used to tell stories about when his family got involved, not in a “Wow COB!” type of way, but just…oh, interesting things! And now there’s this utterly offputting, downright *wrong* veneration of DM/”COB” *as an individual rather than for his accomplishments on post* (not that he has any worth celebrating). So how do you list Ronnie Miscavige as a do not call (I don’t think he;d be WUS so he wouldn’t be on this list)?? How can anyone know that Shelley Miscavige is disappeared??

    If DM is the “new Source” (and what else was “This is Scientology” but a replacement for “An Introduction to Scientology”?) what can you do with dissident Miscaviges?

  364. Robert Earle

    Sam said it perfect. Welcome as Tom.

  365. Lisa!
    A delight to hear your voice. We need you here!

  366. Cowboy Poet:

    You are blessed. Just one last note here. You touched on something there I have been meaning to say to someone for a while other than my closest friends around here.

    You said exactly:

    “…it’s ironic that a bunch of ill-mannered upstarts who called me incessantly for decades and would show up unannounced at my door at all hours…”

    Corporate Scientologists are the most violent, out of control people I have ever encountered on the face of this Earth. I could not live with myself if that were a lie. Only knowledge can one day fix that problem The correct knowledge you and others and myself included have had all along. I think I speak for the both of us here. I don’t anyone in this world I would ever turn away or tell them they were not welcome {like on this list} if the person truly needed my help EXCEPT radical corporate Scientologists. And that comes from my unbreaking heart for what they have done to the good name of LRH and the church he was once so proud of.

    Until the spirit moves me again, which I hope, will not be too long from now! 🙂


  367. Good that you still got a comm line. Use it to ask pertinent questions and make them think on a gradient. You’ll be doing trapped staff a great favor.

  368. Pingback: Are You on the List? : XENU TV

  369. Yes, Ladidah, Tim Lomas is still CO OSA EUS, the last time I checked.
    It’s good to know he was a pretty great guy.

  370. P.S. I also hope he will join the rest of humanity very soon.

  371. Sara Finning

    stands behind sam

  372. Robert,

    Thanks. I went to LV on mission in 1975 or so to get execs for OEC training because it was a small and failing org.

  373. Cowboy, “ill-mannered upstarts”…you got that right. Keep your fly swater handy!!!

  374. Any Pearlman

    Marty, I was thrilled to see that on the list every and any “Pearlman” in San Diego is persona non grata. There must be hundreds of us they can’t even list our names. The Pearlman name must reek fear in the hearts of BOTS.


  375. scilonschools

    Marty & Mike
    From my expierence over the last 4 years I have every reason to hate Scientology, and yetthrough your Blog ithe respect I have gained for the Indies has made me try and understand what LRH was up to introducing it to the world.
    LRH gave the whole pictiure for us to see right and wtong, some can grasp it others can’t.
    The latest ‘Scientology’ training of denial ie “I am not a Scientologist but…” demonstrates the true nature of the CoM(RCS).

    A truer statement could never be uttered… “I Am Not A Scientologist”

    Does that make sense to anybody here?

  376. So, I have a question: Let’s assume that DM resigns tomorrow, confesses all his overts, is firmly committed to the RPF for several eons, all errant Staff Members and Dead-in-the-Head OT’s cognite, and so on and so forth.

    Then what?

    Who’s going to ‘take over’ the CofS? Who’s going to run the place?

    Just a thought.

  377. 🙂

  378. Makes perfect sense to me.

    The single thing that is the hallmark of a real Scientologist is their ability to understand themselves and others. Inherent in that ability is being able to “think for yourself” — it was the perfect marketing phrase for Scientology as it communicates so well and so simply what the whole subject is about. Not worship, belief or ceremonies. And if there is one single factor that is the hallmark of the KoolAid drinkers it is that they will not/cannot/refuse to think for themselves. It is one thing Dear Loser did get right — this truly is the blind leading the blind — or perhaps better stated the blind criminal leading the blind fools.

  379. Yvonne Schick

    AOL news headline includes a link to the Huffington Post article.

  380. Who cares?

    The C of M is so riddled with false data, false terminals and false purposes it is dead.

    It’s like asking who is going to be the new Captain of the Titanic. Or who is going to take over now that Hitler is gone.

  381. scilonschools

    Thank you Sir
    I Salute you (and I never salute anybody through authority alone!)

  382. The PRIME REVERSAL in the Miscavige Adminstration of the Church of Scientology is MAN IS BASICALLY BAD.

    From this flows:
    1) continuous eval of out-ethics for those on NED for OTs with an HCO Security Check done ”Not Auditing You” which is done ONLY in the case of an HCO Invest for Justice reasons.
    2) the Bridge cannot be done and is invaldidated by making those trying return to the beginning – they are ‘dog cases’ = “bad”.
    3) a culture of spies a la STASI where everyone must report on everyone else out of fear they are party to a “bad” act.
    4) false SP declares issued = they are “bad” and from there
    5) enforced disconnection from the “bad” or the refusal makes the refuser “bad”.

    The outpoints coming from this Basic Outpoint are myriad. THE PRIME REVERSAL of the philosophy and the workability of Scn Ethics, Tech and Admin is DM’s fundamental operating principle: MAN IS BASICALLY BAD.

    Hah!! Gotcha prick. Gotcha where you live. Now I KNOW how you’ve done it. This is a Data Series WHY that OPENS the doors to a handling of just about every perversion and reversed bunch of suppressive crap you’ve run for the entire time you’ve been there – all the way back to you assaulting your preclear in session.

    Got ya – prick. (Thanks James Lawson Jr. )

  383. WH,

    Pretty similar here. You just have to wonder why they expend so much tracking us all down. Though I used to dread them “finding” me again, I kind of like it now. Marty’s blog is such a fine talking point.

  384. mrinder,

    Might be a fun campaign to call all the orgs and ask for their “no call” list for whatever reason you wish to give: I demand to know who isn’t loyal to David Miscaviage in our area! “I want to know who I’m supposed to avoid talking to…” “I’ve been reading Marty Rathbun’s blog and am afraid you might have put me on the list, so please, please, please don’t throw me in the briar patch!” Whatever reason. Just for fun.

    Flood the orgs with calls asking to be put on the list. Go through the phone book and give random names.

    This “no call” list might be the exact leverage to get more people out.

    ps: Can’t the RCS do anything without it backfiring? Is this symptomatic of living on a reverse vector?

  385. Shocking.

    Just shocking.

    And for an OTVII to be shocked…..

    Utterly, absolutely shocking. The one absolute available.

  386. scilonschools

    Just as an aside the “We Stand Tall” Video you tube release is just about to click over the 400K views mark (in less than 5 days) .
    Life is full of ‘Triggers’!!

  387. mrinder,

    Maybe a campaign is in order. Flood the orgs with requests for the “no call list. Give whatever reason you wish. “I demand to know who doesn’t agree a hundred percent with Miscaviage.” “I need to know who I shouldn’t be talking to.” “I’ve been reading Marty Rathbun’s blog and I’m afraid the OSA has found out and put me on the ‘no calls’ list, so please, please, please don’t throw me in the briar patch!” Whatever reason. Just for fun.

    Flood the orgs with calls asking to be put on the list. Go through the phone book and give random names.

    This “no call” list might be the exact leverage to get more people out.

    ps: Can’t the RCS do anything without it backfiring? Is this symptomatic of living on a reverse vector?

  388. ottocscotto,

    Dare I point out: short lists for short…. No, I won’t say it.

  389. Sarge,

    Good buddy, isn’t it great standing on the bluff watching the tide flow?

  390. Jim,

    Might I take this one step further: it’s not just that “man” is basically bad, theta and thetans are basically bad. DM is an opterm for theta. MEST is good; theta bad.

    There’s a bunch of morons who have been trying to wipe out theta for a long time, and DM is just part of that self-defeating dramatization.

    Forgive them Oh Lord, for they know not what they do–and while You’re mulling that idea over Dear Lord, can I have a few moments to kick the shit out of him?

    yours truly,

    The Intellectual Dung Beetle

  391. Marcy,

    Now, that’s a family to be proud of. Go Pearlmans!

  392. JSwift,

    Everybody in DM’s universe IS DM. In other words, to belong in his universe, you have to be in his valence. So, everyone on board in his universe is not really an SP as long as they continue to be nothing else other than Him.

    Which is sad, because he picked up his valence elsewhere due to being overwhelmed by someone else who was out of valence from being overwhelmed who was out of valence due to being overwhelmed by someone else who was out of valence.

    So, you have subsets of subsets of subsets of degradation of beingness and valence.

  393. If the word “Santorum” can gain such infamy by a twist of internet fate, why can’t “Miscaviage” also take that route?

  394. Hello Old School. I wish I knew who you were. I was at AOLA with Lyn for twelve years. If you would please email me at deanblair06@gmail.com.

  395. Husband and wife. Stephanie is her name.

  396. scilonschools,

    Any way to know where it was five days ago?


  397. Clearly the CofS is dead.

    And, like all legal organizations with valuable assets (i.e., the Tech … the money and buildings are just a distraction), someone has to, or gets to, or wants to, control those assets after the organization is dead.

    So, who cares about what happens when DM is deposed, are those people who think that if the copyrights to the Tech to fall into yet even more suppressive hands than DM’s, it may be like going from the frying pan into the fire.

    So, get your asbestos suits ready, folks.

  398. generalization is generalization

    I would rather say psychological macheavellian mindgames or black dianetics if you will.

    Miscavige doesn’t even own any MD degree Every Psychiatrist must alsoo earn his or her MD degree.

    This is actually the reason why for long Psychiatrist looked for Mechanical treatments where more spiritual or psychological theraphy would have been better.

    The father of dutch Psychiatry put in effert to improve the so-called mad houses. He was a medical doctor and a Phatologist (disecting bodies to learn)


  399. Wow Scott — you actually worry that the “copyrights” could fall into more Suppressive hands than Miscavige’s? Anyone’s hands would be better than his — because he is destroying the tech while claiming to have the rights to it all, solidifying his squirreldom for eternity (he is even having it etched on titanium plates at vast expense). I think you are worrying about the wrong problem — Scientology is not buildings, bank accounts or copyrights. It is knowledge and it is people. That is all there is of real value.

  400. I actually have no problem with Grant having a TV show, or having success at sales, or writing lots of books, or living through a fire-breathing session, or anything else “massive action” related. Go for it. But, I have a real problem with his hubris in assigning anyone “Treason”, let alone someone as truly successful and as good a guy as Milton Katselas. That action says a LOT about this guy.

  401. OnceUponATime

    One tends to see others from their concepts of themself.
    Because at some level David Miscavige realizes how evil and destructive he is, he projects that onto others…..

    “Obviously” no one can be trusted,.
    People are only outwardly friendly with you to get something from you. No one is being honest with you.
    If they felt they could get away with it people would stab you in the back as quick as look at you.
    Everybody is a pervert, overtly or covertly.

    Ahhh… How black the universe viewed from a black heart.

    Eric S

  402. Hi Scott,
    Not that far off topic, considering that Scientology is not just the 3rd dynamic parasitic games condition that Davey made it. Scientology consists of 8 dynamics of equal importance and 4, 5 and 6 deserve their fair share of discussion, especially as the crush regging to safe mankind is the main exodus reason.

    To answer your question, I like people with big bold ideas but the moment there’re major flaws in their basic logic or if they push the agenda of vested interests, my admiration stops. So, no I didn’t read him and don’t intend to.

  403. David Franchi

    Good on you lad! Good to have you here.

    Eric S

  404. Hey Doug…


    Eric S

  405. Somebody is the bitten banana fer sure 😉 e la li la

  406. Scott

    Hopefully no ONE.

    If it is to ever to exist as a valid organization again, there needs to be some serious “soul searching”. Even if the scenario you describe happened today, I think it would be years before it would have a chance of recovering, if ever.
    Basically, I think “the THETA has left the building”. All that is left now IS the BUILDING.

    Eric S

  407. This reminded me of “Anatomische Les” (“Anatomy lesson”) by the hand of the dutch painter Rembrandt.

  408. Nope, Mike, I don’t worry about it at all.

    On the other hand, I have been a lawyer and litigator for over 30 years, and I have witnessed many things even Miscavige’s Minion’s can’t duplicate.

    Miscavige’s suppression is hamstrung, to some extent, by the fact that there were sooooooooooooo many books out there before LRH came under his spell, that it is impossible to get rid of all of them. And, of course, I would imagine that a lot of independents for a lot of years, have been protecting their “original texts” of Scientology and Dianetics.

    Given these things, the copyrights are not as important as they might be. At least right now. As someone else commented “Scientology” IS about knowledge, NOT books and NOT buildings.

    But, the idea that “Scientology” is not books, while correct, is dangerous to the point of irresponsibility. Were it not for books, and tape recordings, and their ease of duplication and dissemination …. between 1945, say, and 1975, say, there would, literally, be no “Scientology” as we know it today.

    That Scientology was able to flourish, when it did, was not due simply to LRH, or Scientology. It was helped along mightly by the political climate in the United States and the relative freedom from knowledge suppression we enjoyed in the U.S. between about 1945 and 1995.

    Those conditions no longer exist, and indeed, due to the suppressive action of a famous Scientologist, Sonny Bono, the copyright laws were changed to EXTEND control over copyrights (for all practical purposes) to infinity. I am certain Mr. Bono did this as Miscavige’s behest. Otherwise, LRH’s copyrights would have already run out, and we’d all be free to re-publish his works at will. What Mr. Bono’s piece of particular suppression did was yank LRH’s legacy out of the public domain. And, unfortunately, we are now at the point in existence where electronics is threatening to eliminate the free exchange of ideas that books allowed.

    So, no, I don’t ‘worry’ about it. I just keep a copy of all the original texts of Scientology and Dianetics for myself.

  409. Tony DePhillips

    Good one Murray!!

  410. Scott — Great. We are in agreement. In fact, in my response to you I said that Scientology is knowledge and people. That knowledge is contained in the writings and lectures of LRH. The preservation of the real technology is what is important. Clearly, copyrights are becoming less and less viable in the age of the internet, there is very little of LRH’s material that is not freely available on the internet, and the inaction by Miscavige to do anything about it makes them less and less susceptible to any sort of copyright challenge. And that’s putting aside the economic harm hurdle he has to overcome and also putting aside the arguments that copyright law does not trump the free exercise clause of the Constitution. Mike

  411. Bilges need to be cleaned. Should be a rotation detail insterad of a punishment.

    Even Hubbard had a “mudbox brigade”

    Bilges aint gonna clean themselves. At my workplace moist of us take turns at cleaning.

  412. Karen,

    My husband and I are two who are very proud of our status. An
    SP declare means we’ve done something right and the Do Not Contact list means all those that knew us will know something is terribly wrong with this picture.

    So Mark and I are now surrounded by “declared SP’s” and couldn’t have a truer bunch of friends. We’re looking forward to an ever-increasing group, so get in line and get your very own declare everyone – there’s still plenty to go around!

  413. Scott Campbell

    Hi Erwin,

    Can you email me at neobliviscaris@hushmail.com ? I have some questions for you.


  414. Other viewpoints but Indy or Chanologist both go for quality

  415. She is more a “Cat Woman”

  416. Scott Campbell

    Hey Chris!

    Good to put a name with good ‘ol DFB. Welcome out!

  417. Doug Parent

    Jim Logan ! Spot on !

    “The PRIME REVERSAL in the Miscavige Adminstration of the Church of Scientology is MAN IS BASICALLY BAD. “

  418. When Tim was at Philadelphia Org as DSA, he was just such a positive person. People loved to be around him. He was the staff PR Director for Philadelphia Cares, a major local charity organization, and then on its board. He would stay at the org later than anyone and still excel in his “moonlighting” job the next day. He could convince anyone that Scientology was awesome. He would have been a perfect reg (for services.) He had an amazing energy about him, he was a “big being” who just brought people around him. He was definitely uncertain back then about joining the SO, even though he had already signed a contract (I mean, how many people in the Church have as yet unfulfilled Staff and SO contracts?). I mean, he’s *good* at PR. I know that a lot of people have extremely valid complaints about Tim (and I would, too), but I’m very sorry that he’s in this post when he’s now doing PR for David Miscavige, not even for Scientology and “fighting enemies” instead of making friends.

  419. Bilges cleaned on the Royal Scotsman as it was known then were done by the crew and I am certaintly a witness to that. Exec’s and young went down there, and they were there for ages.they weren’t allowened out for
    long during day .

  420. First hand knowledge!

  421. “Bilges are supposed to be cleaned by machines not humans.”

    I didn’t know that but it makes sense not to let people near that wste.

  422. Congratulations, Chris! Enjoy your new measure of freedom.

  423. Pam Bowen caught on video by fearless protestor Angry Gay Pope.

    AGP and other protestors DO record history, for which I, for one, am eternally grateful.


    PS: I have known Pam since 1980, when she was a staff admin trainee who I helped train. One sub issue of Scientology history, is that some of us had really no problem with giving up middle class life, for the communal spartan Sea Org or regular staff lifestyle. I have sympathy with Pam, and both my ex spouses still to this day, work either at AOLA or the HGB, and I could even still be there happily, and likely I would be, had the accumulated intransigent institutionalized suppression and illogicalness (and the lack of experiencing the promised high spiritual results) not caused me to choose to leave the Sea Org. Thanks AGP!
    I hope other people help ID people in his videos, for history!

  424. thanks for the news on Cliff, I helped train Cliff too, back in 1979-1980. If not for the cut that IAS WUS feeds to the Pac Base Crew Org, the creature comforts like food and renos, wouldn’t have been possible. The IAS income source has majorly helped the Sea Org continental installations to sustain themselves. There are SO MANY details unwritten about, which are the tiny behind the scenes REASONS why the movement sustains itself. For all that IAS has swung the members OFF of the fruits of the spiritual therapy Bridge of LRH’s, the money diverted to IAS, the percentage that the CLO WUS/Sea Org orgs at the continental installations have bled OFF of the IAS Regs doing their jobs in their continents, HAS BEEN a major funding source to KEEP the continental Sea Org bases there! (This is a note for “experts” wondering how the heck can Scientology sustain itself, despite all that it continues to cause such horrendous PR about itself.) WUS IAS office is full of a lot of Sea Org vets who pull in the money, to IAS and the cuts of that IAS membership (never ending scale of Patron categories) money keep those Sea Org orgs creature comforts seemingly improving, and honestly, my 30 year observation of how things in the MEST universe have “improved” at “The Complex”, well the IAS income source is HUGE! Despite it’s negative effects of draining the money out of the pockets of parishioners who more rightfully should have been spending it on their Bridge progress, etc.

  425. thankyou. Posts like yours are what make Marty’s blog priceless for a forum where history can be told by firsthand participants.

    I’ve had reporters WISH to talk to people like you, a number of reporters over the years have wanted to talk with ex WISE group members willing to detail firsthand details.

    any ex WISE group insiders, willing to talk to media, email me, so nexttime I get asked for firsthand participants, if you are game to talk, I’ll relay the media to you.

    Also new religion scholars sometimes wonder what life is like in WISE businesses, and Sterling was one of the biggest.

    chuckbeatty77@aol.com Could you email me Mike, thanks.

  426. I’m sure in a weird way, his knuckling under and guiltily joining the Sea Org might have been a payback to Scientology.

    I wonder what Greg thought when Greg later read the LRH traffic blasting the Scientology business community people that LRH blasted specifically for trying to get hold of the parishioner mailing lists!!!

    I’d cut Greg enough slack to let him tell his side of the story, but he might not have enough of a leg to stand on to allow him to speak publicly.

    Some people can speak up, some cannot find a way to speak up, due to their personal circumstances.

    I’ve accepted that Scientology attracts or absorbs all types of people.

    Not everyone can speak up and even join the discussion, but I err on the side of letting people INTO the discussion.

    Even though I no longer believe in Scientology, I’ll allow ARC to do it’s “magic” and raise understanding, and resolve things!

  427. As I was and still am more of a lower level “worker”, not even a Department Head type of person, my reading of LRH’s writings to select out something that fit my “worker” mentality, and the reality of the whole organizational org board setup, (note: There’s only ONE Executive Director per org, there are only so many exec posts, and the “worker” posts ARE part of the org, as well the “workers” ARE part of ALL businesses that manufacture the items we wear and eat, etc); SO the big point that the big cheeze “execs” sometimes forget, to THEIR detriment and the hatred for them that builds up in the minds of the underling “class”, is when those execs forget the value of the underlings and the “workers.”

    I think this criticism of a Cardone leads to the “class” problem, that isn’t reallyi discussed at all in Sea Org and Scientology busniess and org history.

    LRH’s exec series, his Vol 7 policy, it brings me back to my whole arguments against the leaders of the movement who were NOT sufficiently versed in LRH’s earlier years executive policies, about how to be a good exec, at periods when LRH took a lot more care for the little guys on their posts, the guys who are still there, the “drones”, the ones doing their posts straight from policy, since they are NOT on “DM’s” “COB’s” lines.

    Were I a Hubbard College course sup, and I just read Cardone’s comment in his email, if I had the time, I’d issue a retread order on him, and have him retread or retrain OEC Vol 7, and the Exec Series and Admin Series.

    Did Cardone do the OEC?

    We know DM didn’t, and DM is beyond retraining, yet DM acts out the role model that other “big beings” think is the winning Scientology leader valence.

    (Greg Wilhere’s “Special Briefing Course Checksheet [of 1978]” which is cancelled, but the course was in 3 checksheets, and 1 section of those 3 checksheets had the all time best exec PLs of LRH’s, and that section in my opinion how Scientology top leadership will have to someday revert to implementing.)

  428. “Key Man/Woman/Executive Insurance” is standard practice in all businesses in which one, or a few, people figure prominently in the success of the business. Although I am mainly familiar with large law firms, of the many, many kinds of businesses I have evaluated, “key” owners or executives are, nearly always, insured so as to assist with “continuity” in case the “key” fellow dies unexpectedly.

    So, it’s not surprising that Randy’s widow would not be the beneficiary of Sterling’s Key Man Insurance Policy. What IS surprising is that the company did not ALSO pay for a life insurance policy to assist Randy’s family in the event of his death.

    My personal knowledge of Sterling Management Systems, however, did not begin until the late 1990’s, when Kevin and Barbara Wilson owned and managed Sterling Management Systems.

    The principal out-point of that organization, at that time, did not seem to be, to me, that its services did not help its clients. By and in large, Sterling Management’s Consultants did help their clients (dentists, chiropractors, cpa’s — mostly single individual owned businesses). Whether the help these clients received was worth what they paid for it, I leave for another discussion.

    The out-point, to me, was that Kevin and Barbara Wilson paid their employees a pittance, kept them there with some marlarkey about how the purpose of the business was to advance Scientology, but then, bought themselves a fancy house in La Canada Flintridge and a new BMW for Christmas (one year), and paid untold hundreds of thousands of dollars for their own “Bridges”.

    I could never figure out how Scientology justified what seemed to me to be the economic enslavement of the many, so as to benefit the few priviliged ones.

  429. Chris,

    This is really good news that you are out. Did your whole family leave with you? I’ve been out for just over a year now but still under the radar. We know each other and I’m happy for you that you’re no longer caught up in that insanity. Welcome!

  430. Done. Click on my name and it should be the first song: “Movin’ on Up A Little Higher”

  431. Well I have not been here in a while but I do see my name on the Party Poopers list. LOL

  432. By the way OSA I don’t give a damn about your little cult any more so you don’t need to put me in your party poopers list. I rather work for a resource based economy so cults like you don’t show up to harm people any more.

    I woke up and I can see now how people can be fooled and scammed and so I am not with the FZ much any more either. I have better things to do than watch people who can’t see the forest for the trees. I don’t want to go to your parties at all. I have been called in the past and the answer was always NO! I burned any papers that May have to do with my church time. They make great barbeque starters. In fact I burnt some today. I called it my Independence Day.

    In fact this article would be a good explanation of why people hang on to beliefs even if they are false.


    I am learning to examine my beliefs and I found holes in them. I seen even OT”s get sick and still do the things that regular people do.

    I am being told by one in the FZ that celiac can be cured by auditing. I highly doubt this is so for I had lots of auditing and I still have celiac. I have woke up. It can help with some things and not others.

  433. Rowena Kaleopa

    Hi everyone – first post – but have been reading this blog for some time now. I made it on the list – I publicly denounced the Church around 2008 for various reasons,- a kangaroo court with Wise, spending about $70,000 trying to get on to OTV and various other outpoints I witnessed one of which was when I was the HAS when LADAY supposedly went St Hill size. I feel quite honored to be so well known now, so just wanted to say hi to everyone.

  434. In my case I left the Church around 2008 after telling them why I was leaving and asking for all monies on accounts at Flag, AO, ASHO in my name.

  435. martyrathbun09

    Hi Rowena.

  436. Hi Rowena — Welcome!

  437. Pingback: Top Ten Posts of 2011 | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  438. What is that list? It’s not the suppressives list. David Mayo isn’t on it, neither am I, and both were on the original “enemies” list.

  439. Save for later

    Are there any updated lists? I am a non-member and have been surveiled since 2010 but it was after this letter was issued, June-ish

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