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A Race Against Jail

I learned recently that the Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) group hired a former FBI agent Corpus Christi lawyer to act on behalf of DSA Stevens Creek Org Mark Warlick (one of the four who came to my house in April and made international news with their silly antics) to lobby the San Patricio County Attorneys Office to bring criminal charges against me.  They alleged criminal mischief for my having  grabbed the microphone that John Allender stuffed in my face over my property line while he was stalking Lori Hodgson.  Of course Warlick can’t even buy himself a cup of coffee on an RCS staff member salary – so the ex-Fed fellow was obviously paid by RCS.  IAS war chest donations hard at work. Their costly efforts were unsuccessful.

Twice while in LA this past week RCS invested tremendous amounts of capital and credibility in extreme efforts to have me arrested.

Seven times in the past year the Radical Corporate Scientology organization has used expensive attorneys, off-duty cops, and the most blatant false testimony imaginable in order to have me criminally prosecuted.  Seven cases opened and seven cases closed.  Zero for seven from their perspective. Seven for seven from ours.

Some of you may have read the Scientology planted tabloid story that Daniel Montalvo brought charges against Jason Beghe for assault.  It is a blatant lie. When the dust settles on this one, I am reasonably assured that at least one member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office will be out of a job.  At least a government job.  He’ll get his pay off – as is RCS’s modus operandi – by being provided endless work making an ass of himself by chasing me and others around the country.  The point is Miscavige will stop at nothing to have Jason, Mike Rinder or me jailed.  In his sick mind it is us three who will put him in jail first, not his own conduct. In his mind, this mocked up conflict has reached doomsday proportions. Where there was once a race against the atomic bomb, in typical PAB 13 fashion, looming larger than the destruction of the world is the destruction of Dave.  The most important race, beyond Dan Sherman’s four horsemen of the apocalypse (drugs, education, immorality and crime), beyond the urgency to clear the planet and the destruction of the human race is the race against who winds up in the clink first.

During our three days in Los Angeles RCS deployed on the order of twenty full-time Private Eyes, off duty cops, OT Ambassadors and ten rental cars to stay in our faces 24/7.   Several times they employed two cars in front of our car, two on the side, and two to four cars to our rear, controlling our movement at 20 mph in a 55 mph zone; severely hampering LA traffic.  Dave Lublow  and others in his crew continually put innocent pedestrians and drivers at risk by driving up to eighty miles an hour on the wrong side of the street, running innumerable red lights and stop signs, and even driving on the Santa Monica boardwalk.  Every time we stopped for a meal, a van full of PI’s calling themselves “Freedom” journalists pulled up the rear of Lublow and got into our faces with cameras and mics.  When that didn’t impinge they brought “public” RCSers to join the party engaging in infantile public behavior, such as John Allender chiming in from the rear calling me “pussy” and the effeminate Nisbet calling me “woman.”

On Thursday we decided to lose Lublow and co so that we could get some particularly important business done without distraction.  Mike and I removed the batteries from our cell phones as we have already documented that they illegally track us through our phones’ GPS programming.  Not three blocks from Tiziano’s home, Dave Lublow used his vehicle as a missile by slamming it into our vehicle to stop us.  The police who responded gracefully held Lublow till we could get some distance.  Without the aid of GPS tracking we easily lost them.   One hour into our meeting however Mike and I were informed that both Christie in Tarpon Springs Florida and Mosey in Ingleside Texas were being ambushed at our homes, simultaneously. We recognized that they literally had OSA agents within striking distance of our homes ready to go the moment we lost the losers in LA. Nonetheless, we both fired up our phones to call our wives.  Lo and behold, an hour later when we left the high rise office building 16 PIs, OTAs, and other assorted OSA detritus were waiting in the parking garage to get in our faces – once again making total asses of themselves in front of dozens of LA accountants and lawyers and film makers in the name of the only road to total freedom.

All told, Lublow was detained by the police four times, OTAs and other OSA agents along with the PIs created bizarre public scenes across Los Angeles several times each day, Lublow and OSA lobbied heavily with false reports twice to have me incarcerated, and dozens of uninvolved innocent LA citizens had their lives put at risk.

Finally, as we arrived at the Los Angeles airport for departure yesterday, Dave Lublow sped at us, screeched to a halt, leapt from his car, positioned himself inches from Mike Rinder’s face and delivered a whining promise.  Lublow said he would be investigating Mike intensively in order to see that he is incarcerated.

All of this tells Mike and me a thing or two.

Primarily it tells us that Miscavige is losing his grip on maintaining any public veneer that he is operating anything other than an implant station that furthers its existence by mafia-like fear tactics.  He is demonstrating in real time that he is a complete criminal. That is, he cannot conceive of the consequences of his actions.  He cannot think of tomorrow – he is stuck in a living hell that he thinks is present time, but in fact is somewhere far down the track in some extremely painful incident.

The discussions Mike and I had during the trip primarily focused on 2012, 2013, and far beyond.   Miscavige’s discussions focus on the surreal now that in reality is some far back then.  “Where are they now?  Is it safe for me to go to ASI (Author Services)?  Where are they now?  Can I come down from CST (up by Rim of the World)?  Are they in jail yet?  Did the Freedom guy piss off Marty?  Well, you aren’t in his face enough – you didn’t push the buttons I told you hard enough, you cramp his space enough and he’ll push back. Did you make Rinder get into an accident yet?  Then you didn’t cut him off enough, you didn’t dirty his needle enough, you’ve got to drive the fucker off the road. Put them in jail goddamn it!  Put the motherfuckers in jail.  Fuckers, Rinder and Rathbun would have had them in jail by now!”   This is the type of drivel that issues from Miscavige as he micro-manages such antics as happened in LA this week. And the outrageousness of the performance this week was at an unprecedented level; so that the sample talk above in fact is probably quite mild compared to what really went down.

When we dropped our car off at the LAX rental agency, the grand finale resulted in Tiziano and I being surrounded by 12 PI’s, the 5 man “Freedom” crew, assorted OTA’s like Allender, and Izzy and Mary Anne Chait.  Izzy had on his script to ask why I wanted to create bad publicity for Scientology. When I pointed out what RCS was creating at that very moment, Iz couldn’t help but crack a knowing smile in acknowledgment.

As a public service and public warning I will be periodically publishing various videos documenting Miscavige’s exportation of the HOLE to the streets of Los Angeles.

In the interim, I ask that people get more active in educating others who are drinking the Kool Aid and continuing to contribute to and empower this menace to society. Even if it wasn’t such a terrible travesty that such behavior further and further discredits the philosophy of Scientology, the behavior is dangerous to the public at large.  Anyone contributing to it ought to know what their fees are buying, and how rather than halting earth’s dwindling spiral under David Miscavige RCS is greatly contributing to that descent.

Exhibit One:


Obstruction of Justice

The following is an excerpt from one of the nearly three dozen anti-Independent sites operated by the “church” of Scientology (aka Radical Scientology or Corporate Scientology).  It constitutes evidence of mafia-like tactics  currently being employed by Radical Corporate Scientology under the direction of its leader David Miscavige.

By way of background Mike Rinder and I have been scheduled through airline reservation for some time to visit Los Angeles this week.  The only reason we are going is to meet with targets of Radical Scientology’s mafia-like tactics and their lawyers.  The only purpose of  the visit – which is an uncompensated week of our time- is to assist targets of Radical Scientology to receive JUSTICE in the forums for such constitutionally established in our democratic Republic.

Here first are some explanatory notes of the excerpt: Where it notes that at the end of May I am going to Los Angeles with Mike Rinder, that is in reference to 31 May when Mike Rinder I are scheduled to fly to Los Angeles.  That information would be obtained by the cult by their access to airline reservation computers; and no where else.  The reference to a “friend” in New Jersey is a thinly veiled message that Radical Scientology knows that Mosey and I met with Hy Levy (New Jersey resident) in NY City just over a week ago.  It also serves as a cover for Radical Scientology’s continued illicit use of airline reservation computers. Hy had no idea Mike and I were going to Los Angeles.
The reference to disappointment because someone wanted to do an “interview” again – that is a direct threat to repeat what they did last month at my home with four Cult members attempting hold me at bay at my own front door –
Note, they note they will have to visit Mosey (Monique Rathbun, my wife) whom they know will be alone by virtue of their access to airline computers. Please also note the lewd sexual allusion.  They recently sent a dildo addressed to my wife at her work address.
The allusion to “interviewing” Mosey “alone” is a oft used tactic by Miscavige – “every time Marty leaves, send thugs in on his wife, and step up harassment just before he leaves in hopes he doesn’t leave and thus arrive at his appointments with justice.”
 I am making this report in advance of anticipated harassment to my home and family expected and threatened sometime between 31 May and 3 June.
The following thread is from the Cult of Scientology’s website martyrathbunblog.comm, Spy Corner section where tidbits of my movements, along with sick embellishments and creations are included, to send a message that BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING
Minerva says:

If you know of any squirrel plans or movements, share the info with us.


    ex-independent says:

    I recently bumped into an old friend of mine in New Jersey who recently met with Marty Rathbun. He mentioned that Marty and Rinder are going to be out in Los Angeles at the end of May. Anyone know what that’s about?


      Mark says:

      Anyone know what day they are going? I can take the same plane. LOL.


        Squirrel Buster says:

        Shit. I was going to go down to Texas to interview the Rat again. I guess it will just have to be done with Mosey.

Arnie says:

Interviewing her should be fun. Plus the dog. The two of them together should put on as good a show as the Rat.
What happened with the complaint? Anyone know.
Maybe should take a placebo microphone in case he’s been training her up on how to cause criminal damage.


    Squirrel Buster says:

    We will. We have one shaped as a . . . you know what. She’ll find it irresistible.

Our attitude about all this?  It’s summed up in this little ditty:
It’s not real to me
therefore he doesn’t exist
VAMOOS, Son of a Bitch!

The Miscavige Ideal Student

Now that you’ve seen the Ideal OTA, Ideal OT VIII, and one hell of a lot about the Ideal orgs of David Miscavige, let’s take a look at his Ideal Student.   A year, almost to the day, after having come to Corpus Christi with 19 other Corporate Scientologists –  including Tommy Davis, Michael Roberts and the Duffs (Denise and Michael), Jan Eastgate, Chris Smith, et al – aboard Tom Cruise’s private jet on a mission to “intimidate” me so as to kidnap JB, Michael Doven has been rewarded for his failed mission.  Miscavige is now touting Micheal Doven as a celebrity of sorts: the first Golden Age of Knowledge Completion.

Get it people, four years after the release of the largest single cross order to Scientology Training in the history of Scientology, ONE person has completed Miscavige’s line-up to hell.   Is Michael auditing anyone?  No.  Is Michael even an auditor?  No.   Is he enrolled to become one?  No.   A year after having the opportunity to have his head screwed on straight by me personally, Doven has been taken OFF the Bridge.  Here is the exclusive interview I had with Michael last April where you can witness Miscavige’s ideal student acting like Miscavige’s Ideal OTA Allender:

Here’s the post giving the context and what lead up to that interview:

There is a reason Doven was awarded full time study by Dave (and called an “internationally recognized artist”) after his failed mission.  The clue is in the interview link – and Doven’s waffly, doubt-ridden, comm lags.  If he ever jumped ship – having served as Dave’s live-in spy to Tom for the ten years he was out of Scientology –  Dave and Tom couldn’t handle the fall out.  Having nothing but cowed, ill associates has its advantages.

A Resurrection Story – Michael Fairman

 (Note: those unfamiliar with Scientology can get a very good translation of this post at the Village Voice,

Resurrection refers to the literal coming back to life of the biologically dead. – Wikipedia

First, a little context provided by the irrepressible Cowboy Poet (a comment he made on this blog yesterday):

We’re about to celebrate Easter, the Christian holiday celebrating Jesus’s rise from the dead–is exterior, I suppose. (Theologians might dispute my one sentence explanation but we’ll use it.) So now if one were so bold as to examine Christian history with the Church of Scientology history, he would find history repeating itself a thousand fold. I mean how many people here, people of good intention, were crucified and later went exterior when they figured out the truth of the matter? I rest my case. Happy Easter!!!!  – Cowboy Poet

There should be no mistaking that the intent of the Suppressive Person declare in modern corporate Scientology is the the public killing of the recipient.  Sort of like the crucifixion of old Roman times, don’t just kill them, hang em’ up so others will get the message.

David Miscavige – as is his wont – has evilized the practice so greatly as to have it blow up in his face.  He has enforced a firm policy over the past couple years – no SP declares are to be circulated broadly – intstead to be used privately so as to quietly stab the recipient in the back among his friends, family and associates. A sort of stealth crucifixion.

The rationale is three-fold: a) he is declaring so many opinion leaders, the omnipresent Golden Rod would be the best advertisement for people to get the hell out of his “church”,  b) his black PR manifestos are so full of easily demonstrable falsehoods that they would “be made fun of on the internet”, c) the accused might try to obtain a comm ev (as everyone who is declared is entitled by Policy to) and the presentation of EVIDENCE at a  number of such trials would likely result in comm ev members leaving the burning house too. 

So to date, very few high profile Independents have ever seen their own declare orders. Well, leave it to Miscavige’s outfit to get careless with one of the highest profile declare orders ever written.  Michael Fairman’s badge of honor mysteriously wound up in his hands.  And not surprisingly Michael has a few things to say about it.  So, what follows are Michael’s publication of and commentary on his own declare order.  And with it goes perhaps the last, remaining shred of credibility such orders may have once carried.   And so Micheal’s crucifixion is converted by theta into exteriorization – may all future ones follow suit.

What follows is the declare order on me, Michael Fairman, It was sent to me through the not-so-underground railroad by a contributer to this blog. As you see it is dated January 15, 2011, the day before Tommy Davis and Mike Sutter showed up at my door without warning at the behest of my long time “friend” Lee Kessler, who also accompanied them. The very same goldenrod that TD inched out from between the covers of a manila folder,  as he  warned me that unless I returned this very day to the path from which I had strayed, I would be sued for the cost of re-shooting the tech and public films in which I had performed; lose my family and friends, and of course, forfeit my eternity. Accused — prosecuted — found guilty –and sentenced right there on my door step. And here is my certificate of doom.
I have excerpted the following two paragraphs (the specific allegations) from the declare and my comments follow each of them. My comments are in BOLD .
Paragragh 1
    “Michael Fairman has been pretending to be a Scientologist while covertly attempting to divert unsuspecting Scientologists in good standing off The Bridge to Total Freedom. He is not a Scientologist and has also participated in squirrel activities with a squirrel individual, declared SP by HCO, who “audits” with no valid certs, no pc folders, no examiner, squirrel E-Meter and virtually no element of a standard session per HCOB 4 Dec. 1977RA, CHECKLIST FOR SETTING UP SESSIONS AND AN E-METER and HCO PL 19 Mar. 1972, C/Sing OR AUDITING WITHOUT FOLDER STUDY.”
     Michael Fairman IS a Scientologist and continues to overtly attempt to divert unsuspecting members from the Church of Miscavige who are not really on the Bridge to Total Freedom. Being a Scientologist, I have also participated in activities with an individual who audits as I imagined Mr. Hubbard would have audited, because the results this individual helped me achieve were spectacular.
I had a a D of P and a PC folder. He used an E-Meter exactly like the one I used for 10 years ( however, his was not the same color as mine). This meter indicated FN’s to him, which he indicated to me, which I KNEW were F/N’s;  and I did go to the Examiner.
      Now comes a paragraph riddled with hypocrisy, gross exaggeration, lies and even worse, information from my sacred, confidential, never to be revealed PC folders that reside at the Flag Land Base. And how base this is!
Paragraph 2
   “Investigation into Fairman’s background shows a long unchanging pattern of out-ethics and of squirreling the most basic Scientology principles. He was found to have been committing gross out-tech on his Solo auditing, for example: falsifying his Solo session worksheets; omitting data from his worksheets; failing to communicate to the C//S uncertainties on reads and F/Ns which only came up much later; intentionally engaging in out-ethics activities with the purpose of restimulating his own case; and also repeatedly placing the life of others at risk by driving recklessly. He also has a track of financial irregularities and situations of out-exchange, and out-ethics behavior on the 2D, unfitting the ethical standards of a Scientologist and unchanging, preventing him from being able to get Standard Tech in and from getting case gains.”
Because of my “long unchanging pattern of out-ethics….”, I was brought to the Golden Era Studios  at the Int. base in Hemet (after a complete and rigorous personal history check) to perform in (from 1984 to 2004) the following Tech and Public films:
“What Happened To These Civilizations” (for which I received an award presented to me my the on and only David Miscavige)
“Evolution of a Science”  (for which I received another award)
“The 2D Film” (not absolutely sure of the title)
“How The E-Meter Works:
“Man The Unfathomable”
“The Story Of Book One” (which has played for years at the LRH Exhibition in Hollywood)
The Dianetics Documercial” (which played on commercial and cable late night television for over two years, and I was informed by reliable sources that these airings helped bring thousands of people to Book One) AND I was personally validated by DM at a Flag graduation after it was shown to the congregation.
“Body Motions Tech Film” (in which I played a gorilla-psychiatrist lest no one recognized me)
The Testing Tech Film (I was the nimble-fingered, dollar snagging D of P)
In addition I hosted the IAS’s 8th Anniversary Gala Show on the Freewinds and was presented with one of the first copies of “What Is Scientology?” I was invited to perform in the initial readings of Mr. Hubbard’s pulp fiction stories at Author Services.
I was a voice actor on four recordings of Mr. Hubbard’s pulp fiction stories at the Mad Hatter Studios.
And I performed for several years in Christmas Stories at Celebrity Centre Int in the company of many, if not all, of Scientology’s luminaries. (These events helped raise funds for the LA Police Dept to buy toys for kids.)
Not once, at any of these events, was an MAA attending me or looking over my shoulder.
As to “committing gross out-tech on his solo auditing” these were all immediately or eventually brought to the attention of my C/S or originated in a D of P. 
As to intentionally restimulating my own case,  and driving recklessly (my god, I live in Los Angeles!) I guess I still had some case gain to make in those areas. I have not reached the “ethical standards of a Scientologist”  or other Scientologists “in good standing”, who are, of course, perfect in-ethics, Homo Novis, super beings. 
As to “out-ethics behavior on the 2D”. A BALD-FACED LIE!  I was married to my first wife for nine years, my second, a year and my present wife eighteen years (we’ve have been in love twenty). Not once, NOT ONCE, did I go out 2D in any of my marriages. 
Now to the final straw. “He also has a track of financial irregularities and situations of out exchange…” This is a shaggy dog. Bear with me. 
In  early 1993,  I had  already finished my second round of NOTS (The first round was Mayo-tainted). I was debt free and had 8K in the bank. I had just married and my wife and  my FSM, Divona Lewis, were urging me to buy OT VI, VII and VIII. I found myself in the FSO office depleting my bank account and maxing out about a half dozen or more credit cards. With assurances from all that my career would leap into affluence after getting onto VII,  I increased the credit limits  on most of the cards to pay for the services, accommodations and airfare. My wife was to accompany me so we could conceive a child at Flag, and she purchased L-11 with her own money. This left me deep in credit card debt and she was broke.
When we ran out of accommodation funds, my wife helped create the Late Nite Cafe at the Sandcastle in  exchange for a room. She performed there Saturday nights  for fifteen straight weeks. It was always jammed with people from both on and off the base, bringing in quite a bit of change to the Org. She also performed the Flag Song to standing ovations every Friday graduation during that period. 
In July she completed L11 and conceived our daughter. One of the miracles of the rundown and by October I was auditing on Solo NOTS.
From January of 1994 to the Fall of 2004 I audited continuously on VII. However, we did not earn enough money together in that decade to support “The Level”. All our funds went for FP. I had to get handled at Flag in March of 1994 because of heavy restimulation from the Northridge Quake. I could not pay for it, and  I was “carried” by Flag because I was an “important person to the Church”.
In April, my daughter was born. Now I had to start reporting for “the six month checks” and pay the 6 month C/S’ing fees. I could make the air fares, but had to stay at my sister-in-law’s adjacent to the Sandcastle; ate there most of the time and on the base sporadically to conserve funds. Money flow from work was not making it. Credit card bills were crushing me and I had to use funds set aside for taxes to pay them. So in 1995 and 1996 I paid no income tax. In 1997, I declared bankruptcy to keep from completely being squashed.
All this time on Solo and in Ethics, I was constantly trying handle the financial PTP, but there was no appreciable increase of income. I could not afford the necessary intensives or six month C/S’ing fees, and was assured by one Flag President and two Flag Vice Presidents throughout this decade, that it would be taken care of because the valuable contributions I had made and was continuing  to make to Scientology. 
I originated over and over to the Flag VP’s that I felt out-exchange, and that it was becoming more and more difficult to accept the offers of being “carried”, but was told not to worry. I was assured that I had already exchanged with the Church in abundance. In the ten years I was on VII, aside from the initial service “donations” I personally paid for two intensives — money that was borrowed from friends and fully repaid. 
Sometime in 2003, I was presented with a bill for 28K, which included  the intensives I had used and several C/Sing fees. 
I stopped auditing in early 2004, but that is a story for another time. I continued with some studies –the VM, Course the PTS/SP Course, DMSMH and SOS Basics. My pensions and Social Security were just keeping us afloat. I did not have the funds to get back to Flag, the 28K debt to them had to be paid first,and by early 2008 I decided not to participate in ANY Church activities.
Well, lo and behold! In the Spring of 2008 I booked a TV series. By the Fall of that year, I was doing the series, AND was a regular on the soap opera “Young and the Restless” Also included in this period was a run on the series, “Sons Of Anarchy”. I  also finally travelled to New York City and handled a long standing estrangement with my son. We are now in great communication.
In the Spring of 2010, my wife and I moved into separate homes, a decision that was made in 1995. In addition I have completely handled my IRS debts. I owe them nothing and have paid all my taxes on time. 
In 2009 I read Paul Haggis’letter of resignation,  and began my research into the Church of Miscavige. 
I have been debt free since early 2010, and am supporting two households.
I make car and insurance payments on my Mercedes. Thaaaat’s All Folks!
So what “financial irregularities and out-exchange” are they  fucking talking about???
And what does this so called “investigation” have to do with my being a Suppressive Person????  What it is, plain and simple, is an attempt to defame my character in the eyes of the other dedicated, robotic, cool aide drinkers, who know who Michael Fairman really is. Well, my goodness,  Fairman  would NEVER see the“King Pin Squirrel”,  Marty Rathbun unless he was a dyed-in-the-wool perverted, out-2D, technical fuck-up! 
Well, here’s some news for all you automatons who turn purple at the mere mention of possible DM corruption and leap up like a jack-in-the box at the sight of the little Napoleon. You are on the wrong side of history. I know it with all the knowingness I know I possess,
And here’s a plea to those of you still left with a modicum of awareness. I urge you to read Plato’s allegory of the cave. No need to venture on to the dangerous internet, You’ll find it in his “Republic”, and ask yourselves: Who are those chained in the darkness and are able to look only at the projected realities on the parapet? Where, really, is the light of truth?
And as to not getting Standard Tech from the “individual squirrel”? May I reiterate. I had more wins and continuing cognitions in the four days with Mr. Rathbun than in years of Solo and eligibility and from plodding through scores of conditions formulas. He has helped me unchain myself completely and bask in the light.
And finally an anecdote:
When my daughter was less than a year old, the three of us traveled to Flag to clean up some  things in our marriage (the decision to live separately was made then) and hold a naming ceremony for her. My wife’s sister, mother and grandmother joined us to make it a holiday. 
A day or so later my wife, my daughter and I were finishing lunch in the Hibiscus restaurant. Also there, seated across the room, was David Miscavige and his entourage. As he and his  be-braided minions were leaving, they  passed our table. I stood up, greeted him, and invited him to meet my daughter. (We were passing acquaintances because of my many trips to Gold). He stopped, leaned down toward her stroller and said “Hi, Sky”. There was a moment of silence and then she gave a him a raspberry loud enough to be heard throughout the room. His entourage stiffened and became stone-faced. I paled as well and looked at my wife. Then Miscavige  laughed and that cued his minions to laugh as well, and they all left.
The thetan that is my daughter knew something then that my wife and I didn’t.
Now fifteen years later, Mr. Miscavige, in response to this piece of crap you have published on my behalf — PPPPPTTTTTTHHHHH!!!!!!

Human Trafficking Cover Up


Money may not buy love.

But in America it can apparently still buy time for criminals.

The latest from the alter ego of David Miscavige, primary target of Federal Human Trafficking probe:


The latest from the best friend, and co-conspirator, of David Miscavige, primary target of Federal Human Trafficking probe:

Ingrid Smith Creates an Oasis in LA



When I was a kid there was a lot of talk of Russia bombing us. One day at my school we were marched into the auditorium to watch a movie about that very threat. It ended with a nuclear explosion going off and the people in the vicinity quickly disintegrating to skeletal form and then nothing. That was pretty scary.

The scariest movie that I saw as a kid though was ”The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. This was about people in a small town whose bodies are taken over by cold emotionless aliens. The theta in the town was disappearing–no more friendly grocer, the chatty neighbor or the caring teacher. I found that terrifying. They looked the same on the outside, but inside they were somebody else and somebody you didn’t want to meet.

Even at an early age I found the destruction of the spirit more horrible than the body. I understood why when I got into Scientology. Thetans have been on a long dwindling spiral from suppression and implants. It is what is done to the Thetan, not the body that destroys him the most.

I got in on a 4th dynamic ruin. I became an auditor very quickly and have continued to audit since. To free beings and help restore self-determinism is very important to me. Also to reverse this dwindling spiral. For one thing beings in that condition are much more fun to interact with. Robots are not.

Ron knew that data in Scientology could be used in such a way as to do tremendous damage to the being. Unfortunately David Miscavige has proven him right. Here are Ron’s chilling words:


It (Scientology) is not in itself an arbitrary, Fascistic police force to make sure that we all think right thoughts. It’s a servant of the mind, a servo-mechanism of the mind. It is not a master of the mind. Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability in it of doing that. Contained in the knowable, workable portions before your eyes, there are methods of controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe. Control mechanisms of such awesome and solid proportions, that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beingness that exists in Scientology.”

The Church has simply become another suppressive force and implant station in a long line of them on the track. How can I possibly be connected to that? It goes against everything I believe in. That is why I am announcing my disconnection from a Church that destroys beings. I want to thank Marty for giving me the forum to do this in. Fortunately, I have what is important–the tech.

Please visit my new blog:

Cisco Kid Is A Friend of Mine

I call Daniel Montalvo the Cisco Kid.  He got that title after I found myself listening to War’s classic by that title shortly after Daniel had stood up to a considerable wall of suppression late last year.  You know, the dashing Latino-American cowboy hero with one hell of an integrity quotient – he fits the bill.

 Here’s how Daniel earned the moniker.  First, he was coerced into a trap by Scientology Inc in-house counsel Kendrick Moxon.  Moxon promised Daniel that he would be greeted at the airport by his wife and be provided with a hotel room so that he could route out if he returned  to Los Angeles from the safety of Tom Devocht’s home near Clearwater.  Instead, Daniel was picked up by an OSA agent and couriered to a room where he was interrogated by the best LA lawyers Scientology Inc could buy.  Daniel was coerced to throw me and Mike Rinder under the bus by confessing to a conspiracy of Miscavige’s imagination.  When Daniel held firm to the truth, he was escorted to a dank cell at the East LA branch of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office.   Without Miranda Rights being read he was treated to more interrogations by an LA County Sheriff Deputy Detective, bought and directed by Scientology Inc.  Again, the demand to thow me and Mike Rinder under the bus became, well, extreme.  Luckily, Cisco had strength and the good sense to utilize his one phone call to get hold of the Tiziano and Jamie.  

We got to spend some time with Daniel in November at the Beghe ranch and at the Luglis’ place.  Thanks to you all,  he’s done a hell of a job in getting this strength up.   “Coincidentally”, the church sent a couple of gumshoes to Tiziano and Jamie’s house while we were visiting.  Scn Inc paid one Frank Salerno (one of many retired LA County Sheriffs who has claimed to be THE solver of the Hillside Strangler and other high profile cases) and his partner to put the screws to Cisco, as you can see here:

With each round of attempted intimidation and Miscavige over-the-top-overreaching the Cisco Kid  just keeps getting stronger.

Here is a very brief (necessarily so) update on Daniel for all those who helped keep him out of the Scientology Inc stir:

Ask not what Scientology Inc might do to the Cisco Kid, ask what the Cisco Kid is gonna do to Scientology Inc.

Larry Wright and The New Yorker

The New Yorker has just published a rather lengthy piece on Scientology, focusing in detail on the matter of Paul Haggis’ departure from the church.

Here is a current PBS interview with the author of the piece, Larry Wright:

Whether I agree with some of his views and conclusions or not, I  am fairly certain about two things concerning Larry Wright and his work.  One, he is honestly attempting to understand the phenomena that is Scientology from the outside. Two, he has opened a public debate on Scientology in such a thorough, balanced, newsworthy fashion  it will have huge and continuing repurcussions.  

If anyone wants to moan about a less than flattering treatment of LRH and the tech, again, you can thank David Miscavige in large part for that.  The church’s reaction toward Mr. Wright and the publication he works for is enough to make any outsider believe he is dealing with a destructive cult.  The incessant church badgering and threats to steer clear of writing anything about Miscavige can easily, and not even necessarily consciously, lead a man looking for answers to attribute more of their insanity to the Founder than is warranted in my view. 

 Miscavige and his minions spent hundreds of thousands throwing L Ron Hubbard under the bus so as to protect Miscavige.  That they continue to do so is no reason for us to shut up.  That is Radical Scientology’s intention.  More communication is the answer, not less.  And now is not the time to shy away from the public debate. You will see it roll out with gusto starting this week and continuing for many weeks.  Your voices are integral to the public discussion.

I am informed that as of around midnight tonight the New Yorker website will begin publishing a lot of back up documentation for the story.

At the end of the day, Mr. Wright and The New Yorker  deserve props for making it out the other end of the Miscavige meat grinder with one of the more informed, accurate pieces of journalism on the subject to date.

The headline and revelation about Wright’s work in the link below is worth all of the blood and guts spilled.  In South Texas folks say that there is nothing like a good chorizo sausage, even though the process of producing it is so brutal most can’t stomach watching it.

Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult

The internal Church of Scientology documents reprinted below demonstrate Tom Cruise’s personal personnel are chosen, handled and controlled by David Miscavige’s personal office.   The originator of the communication is a Church of Scientology staff member.  She works full time on Miscavige’s and Cruise’s vehicles.   The recipients of the communications are as follows:

COB Asst RTC – Shelly Miscavige (since sent to a Miscavige gulag) was Miscavige’s personal assistant for two decades and his wife. 

COB Comm RTC – Laurisse Stuckenbrock in that capacity filtered ALL of Miscavige’s communications.  She usurped Shelly Miscavige’s position when Miscavige sent his own wife to the gulag.

As one can see from the second document all upper Scientology organizations and networks are involved in assisting Miscavige control Tom Cruise’s life.  

“CCI” stands for Church of Scientology Celebrity Center International

“ASI” stands for Author Services Inc – LRH’s personal organization when he lived, now reduced to serving as an arm of Miscavige’s celebrity control network.

“RTC Rep”  the representative of Religious Technology permanently posted in Churches of Scientology around the world.  The reps are trained and conditioned to carry out the intentions of David Miscavige, even when they counter the policies of Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard. 

I attempted to have this all play out in private, see:

However, Cruise’s personal lawyer didn’t want it that way.  Though one might not be able to comprehend such insanity,  lawyer Bert Fields is also controlled by Miscavige  along with other personal agents of Cruise, including immediate family members of Cruise.  

If this post can somehow be brought to Tom’s attention, I recommend the following to him personally.  Suggested first steps of the route out of the byzantine trap Miscavige has constructed around him:

a) Watch the original Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra.

b) Watch the remake of Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington.

c) Watch the entire Bourne Identity series with Matt Damon.

If you would like others to see this post – please disseminate this url,  .  The one listed as number one on google when searching “marty rathbun” or even the name of this blog “Moving On Up A Little Higher” was planted there by  Miscavige’s intelligence network to divert public from finding this site (that url dead ends).  That Radical Scientology operation was executed  the day after I posted another internal church document detailing Miscavige’s utter control of every aspect of Tom Cruise’s life,  

Again, pass this along to your friends, asssociates, and family,

Stay tuned; this is only the tip of the iceberg.  And judging by recent events the fall out from all this promises to be rather intense.

‘The truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails’ – L Ron Hubbard


COB ASST RTC                                                                                                    13 July 2005





Dear Sir; 

In a phone call approximately 2 weeks ago you told me to get Josh handled as he had turned in his resignation to Michael Doven and I am now reporting compliance.

What was ordered:

Get Josh handled.

What was done:

Josh has been handled so as to remain at Odin.

He realized that his actions were not greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and wants to stay at Odin, be the driver and get his exchange back in with Mr. Cruise and then ask for promotion.

He has been over this with Michael Doven as regards what he is qualified for at Odin and will ask for the promotion once he feels that he has his exchange back in as well as a suitable replacement has been gotten. He definitely feels he can do more for Mr. Cruise directly on films and has communicated this to Michael.

He really wants to ensure that whoever the driver is, is qualified and can handle the motorcycles as well.

In the last 10 days he has finished Personal Values and Integrity Course, How to handle relationships with others Course, UPS AND DOWNS IN LIFE COURSE (2nd time), and how to start a successful marriage course.

He is starting STCC this weekend.

He called this evening to tell me that is staying at Odin absolutely; 2 days ago he still was undecided when he talked to me. He also thanked me for repeatedly telling him in the last couple of weeks that he was full of crap for wanting to leave and it was not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics – as it wasn’t.

Based on his phone call tonight I wanted to send this compliance and let you know. He was extremely uptone and very happy to tell me he was staying at Odin.

This is ok.


COB ASST RTC                                                     14 July 2005






Dear Sir;

Thanks very much and I am answering your question to me concerning what Josh wants to be promoted to. CCI RTC Rep HFA is answering you separately on the questions to her.

Josh told me he wants to be Michael Doven’s Assistant i.e. be a Production Assistant on film production under him and take this load.

He feels he has experience to do this – he has been a Production Assistant on a number of other films such as One Time in Mexico, Terminator 2 etc.

He is still in a 2D with Jen Hammond in present time. She has been getting an overhaul and the RTC Rep is reviewing this and getting you a report separately on her handlings.

If anything else is needed – please let me know.


This is ok.



RS Puts Its Freak On for Amy and Mat

Here is some breaking news from my good friend of 33 years Mat Pesh.  It further illustrates a point I have been making to friends for some time now: the Ogre that is destroying the church of Scientology is not only its failure to practice the technology but also  its insistence on performing over-the-top freak shows attempting to shut people up.  David Miscavige’s primary collection line is based on his continued, off-policy advertisements of attacks against “Scientology.”   While painting himself as a victim he carefuly omits 100% of the “attacks” are brought about by his insane continuing efforts to control thought and suppress free speech, much like is documented below as occuring to this day (literally).

By the way, thanks Amy and Mat.  Mike Rinder and I got a whole hell of a lot accomplished over the past couple days. I was wondering why there was so little distraction from the mosquitoes.  Now, I know why.


by Mat Pesch

For those who don’t already know, my wife Amy Scobee and I were both in the Sea Organization for over 25 years before leaving in 2005.

Like thousands of others, we had to deal with our families being torn apart due to the “church” disconnection policy.

About two years ago, certain events occurred that brought us to the point where we needed to speak out. The first was seeing several thousand non-Scientologists (Anonymous) publicly taking a stand against Scientology’s human rights violations. The second was that the Scientology Spokesman (Tommy Davis) went on CNN, claiming that they had absolutely no such practice as disconnection.

Amy and I knew what making a stand would mean in terms of time, money and exposure to the infamous Scientology harassment techniques. But we also knew that through 2 ½ decades of service, we were part of creating this monster and felt we had a responsibility to take action.

A school bully doesn’t give back your lunch money just because you stay silent or act nice. Likewise, this lying, criminal, bullying “church” wasn’t going to give people back their families and their basic human rights without a fight. So, we knew what we had to do.

This decision led to our contribution to the Saint Petersbug Times stories and Amy writing and publishing her book, SCIENTOLOGY – ABUSE AT THE TOP.

For the past two years, we have made ourselves available to a never-ending list of media, religious scholars and leaders, government officials, authors and concerned citizens. We are always willing to drop what we are doing for this cause and have traveled to various cities, states and even countries to help expose radical Scientology’s abuse of human rights.

This brings us to our latest adventure.

Earlier this week, Amy and I flew to Los Angeles for a quick stop-over so Amy could meet with some people investigating the “church”.

As usual, tax-free religious donations were used to pay a number of private investigators to follow us around. They tried to intimidate Amy by repeatedly asking her how it felt to be “paid to lie” – a question David Miscavige should be asking himself personally on an hourly basis.

You can briefly see one of the PI encounters here.

The night before, after many hours of trailing by at least three cars and their ineffective intimidation attempts, it got pretty old so we called the police. The PI’s dispersed. Three police cars responded immediately and a police report was filed against Scientology. By the time we finished talking, three more people were interested in reading Amy’s book to find out what goes on behind Scientology’s facade.

The next morning, Amy and I went to the LAX airport to catch our flight home. We were in line to go through the security check point. There were about a dozen no-nonsense TSA personnel scanning and patting down passengers. Things were pretty boring (a bottle of water found in a back pack and a nail clipper in an old lady’s purse), but that was about to change…

Amy and I were almost next in line for the security check point when a middle-aged woman walked up to my wife and asked if she was Amy Scobee. Amy said, “Yes, and who are you?” She said “Who I am is not important. I was supposed to meet you and find out how much you’re getting paid.”

Knowing that criminals absolutely hate exposure, I went off.

At the top of my voice and pointing directly at the woman, I yelled,

Hey, everybody! This lady is from the Scientology cult, sent here to harass us for exposing their acts against humanity.”

This is how Scientology torments people in your community!”

The cult leader, David Miscavige’s wife Shelly has not been publicly seen – dead or alive – in almost three years!”

With that, TSA security was on the woman, asking her why she was there and telling her it was forbidden for her to harass their passengers.

The lady lied and told them she was traveling. Bad move. She had no luggage and no travel papers. Last I saw, the TSA staff were escorting her to who knows where…

Amy and I were put through the check point where one of the main TSA officers was very interested to learn how radical Scientology and their terrorist arm (OSA) use paid and duped agents to torment whistle-blowers.

If the “church” wants to continue acting like the criminal organization that they are, any remaining public support they may have will most certainly be lost – if not their entire status as a “religion” and any legal and monetary benefits that religious recognition may provide them.