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Jason and me August 2008

Jason Beghe was just written up by Village Voice editor in chief Tony Ortega for his important role in “crippling Scientology”, http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/09/jason_beghe_top_25_crippling_scientology.php

While I respect Tony for his ability to confront the cult and his intelligence in understanding the goals and purposes of Independent Scientology vs those of Radical Corporate Scientology, I don’t see eye to eye with him on what Jason Beghe’s products and intentions are.  The video interview Jason did with Mark Bunker in early 2008 accurately captured the raw, painful truth that was Jason’s shortly after he made the lonely and courageous step through the wall of fire that is cutting ties with Miscavige’s cult.   But, to define Jason by that moment does him a tremendous injustice in my view.

Jason is one of my closest friends.  He spent a week at our home in August 2008.   We spent dozens of hours together on the deck overlooking the bay grappling with the subject of Scientology.   By the end of the week we had synthesized a vision.  That vision was to help Scientologists heal and to heal Scientology itself by means, primarily, of letting the truth be known.  Though the church, and apparently Scientology haters too, will never believe it, Jason and I concurred that to waste much time “fighting” or “taking down” Miscavige would be counter-productive.   Jason – who is one of the most intelligent and well educated people (and Scientology trained to boot) I have had the privilege to know as a good friend – understood when I demonstrated that Miscavige has sucked the church into a nightmare GPM (Goal/Problem/Mass – the positive/negative, resistance trap that makes one becomes what one resists) that now routinely produces the precise opposite (Problem) of what it postulates (Goal) resulting the in the destructive cult (Mass) it has become.

Jason is not out to “cripple” or even harm in any way “Scientology.”   Jason is all about the truth.  I’ll provide two examples to demonstrate that fact.

Jason went through ten years of the most vicious Black Dianetics within RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology).   It began in 1996.  Jason had completed training through Class V at Celebrity Center International (CCI).  Jason was such an effective auditor during his internship that a number of people began requesting that he by name deliver their Grades and NED.   CCI, as is the church’s wont, of course extended his internship because they were making beau coup bucks off their star auditor.

Then Miscavige decided overnight to destroy the training line up that L Ron Hubbard spent three decades perfecting.   Jason was told that he had to re-train because Miscavige had determined some unnamed people had messed up the tech.  Jason said “ok, let’s get started.”   He was told he had to go to the reg.  Jason, being Jason, then uttered the now famous words (paraphrase), “let me get this straight, you screwed up the tech, and you want me to pay for it? Get the fuck out of here!”

That began a ten year “repair”from hell for Jason.   At a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to himself, Jason was put through endless Ls repairs, NOTs repairs, FPRD, sec checking, and the most reverse, evaluative “ethics” imaginable. I know that for a fact because in 2002 while I was at CCI auditing Tom Cruise, Miscavige ordered that I check out the endless drama that had become the Jason Beghe cycle while I was there.   While Jason claims our couple of weeks together was the one bright light during that decade in hell, I too was making him wrong for his “counter intention” to “Golden Age of Tech” (Miscavige’s 1996 cancellation of the training line up of L Ron Hubbard).  Unfortunately, I was ordered to Flag to handle the McPherson case the moment I completed Cruise on NOTS (OT V, higher Scientology auditing level) and to drop Jason like a hot potato.  Had we stuck it out together perhaps we both would have walked in ’02.

Having met Jason six years later and having the opportunity to talk frankly with no censors or fixed ideas, I came to understand this:

Jason Beghe was persecuted and tortured for ten years because he had the integrity to stand up and say what probably 97.5% of Scientologists thought (but suppressed out of fear) in May 1996.
Second Example.  In April 2009 when the church learned that Mike Rinder was considering corroborating my story with the St Pete Times, Miscavige’s response was to send six cult members and two attorneys to Denver (where Mike then lived) to ambush him, threaten him and attempt to purchase his silence to prevent the truth from seeing the light of day.  The afternoon we learned of the plot, Jason hopped on an airplane immediately on his own dime, and we descended upon Denver from opposite directions as reinforcement for Mike.  The rest is history.

As to the assault case referred to in Tony Ortega’s article, again more context is warranted.  Within a couple of days of Jason returning home from the successful Denver mission, a RCS process server walked more than a hundred yards into Jason’s property.  The process server’s contact was handwritten on the subpoena he was there to serve. The contact was not a lawyer.  It was Greg Schulman, a former Guardian’s Office member and three decade OSA “Intelligence” veteran.   The process server applied many of the tactics to provoke Jason that we are all now familiar with being applied to me daily and to Mike Rinder for nearly a year.

Unfortunately, Jason was not as schooled in OSA’s tactics as Mike and I were and so his reaction was exploited.  Knowing all the circumstances I am proud to this day that Jason used as little force as he did in dealing with the situation.

OSA used teams of lawyers to work the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office and the Los Angeles D/A’s office to bring a case against Jason.   They used the process to harrass him and cost him a lot of  time and money over two years.   Had we had more resources back then, we would have taken it to trial – I advocated for it from the beginning but we just did not have the resources back then to finance such an adventure.

I have had 11 (eleven) criminal cases brought against me by the RCS because of various restrained ways and means I dealt with people getting into my face constantly over time.  They have hired four law firms in Texas (including the largest one in South Texas) to lobby local officials to prosecute me in my own back yard alone.  Unsuccessful to date, and (knock on wood), in the future.

But I will tell you right now who kept me out of jail.  Jason Beghe.  Had it not been for the two years of hell RCS put him through, and the remarkable poise with which he handled it, there is no doubt but that by now I would have done something far more serious than the light open handed taps Jason used to usher a creepy lurker away from his then 4 and 6 year old sons and his wife.

Jason is a man’s man.

And for the benefit of David Miscavige and his thirty some odd anti-me web pages, I’ll make it crystal clear, something you can quote:

I love Jason Beghe.





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  1. Wow. Glad to hear this side of the story. I remember when Jason left the church. I had met him at Flag several years prior and I thought…what? Could it be I’m not the only person to have been subjected to C of $ insanity in the name of spiritual freedom? Thanks guys. You rock.

  2. Who could not love Jason Beghe! He’s a man who speaks his truth no matter the cost to him personally and backs up his friends without reservation.

    That’s a man’s man, a woman’s man, and a human being’s human being.


  3. Thanks, Bro.
    I love you, too.
    …Now: Fuck it. Let’s have some fun…!

  4. It was a badly worded title, “crippling Scientology” but the rest of the article is practically a tribute; that you and Mike are on the front lines, but that Jason isn’t as vocal, nevertheless quite dignified.

    Anyway, how did he get his willy to disappear on Californication?!

  5. A Real Friend is a Treasure!
    You are both Rich Men!

  6. Marty, you are not alone. I love Jason Beghe too!

    And Mike Rinder.

    And every Independent who has had the courage to stand up and say “No! I will not accept this or be part of this any more”.

    It is a point of integrity. It is a point of honesty and ethics. It is a point of confront, courage and strength.

    It is infectious. Your resolve helped me to step out. My resolve helps others.

    And so the momentum of the independent scientology community builds….

    Truth, as always, will win in the end.

  7. Working out of town right now. If I don’t respond it’s just cause I’m busy trying to feed the kittens. I will get to it later….
    In the meantime-THANK YOU Songbird & JM!

  8. Very nice to get this briefing. Go Jason go!!!

  9. George M. White

    “let me get this straight, you screwed up the tech, and you want me to pay for it?”
    Exactly what I felt in 1996 when I walked for the second time after completing OTVIII on the Freewinds in 1989.

    Much loving-kindness,

  10. John Fennessey

    Jason, you did good. Letting your conscience be your guide. Smart, healthy, brave. But not always easy. Its a saying that you can judge a man by his friends. Enough said.

  11. Michael Fairman

    A man of huge heart, of a huge soul, wrapped in ARC and seasoned with “don’t fuck with me, just gimme the truth” that’s how I see this “mother”. I’m proud to have him call me a friend.

  12. Ok you two. Leave it on the nightstand!

    Mart, can not wait to hear an English version of your interview. My German is fair at best.

    I can not imagine the story, yet to be told.

    Cheers and Beers.

    Bed Man OKC

    Beghe, you DO kick Ass!!

  13. martyrathbun09

    Trade secrect.

  14. It’s good to see men being men.

    I am not surprised that Jason was prosecuted for trying to protect his family. This is typical in California, where men are being feminized and de-balled from early age. If you stand up and act like a man, courts will find reason to pressure you into being docile in the face of threats. Jason did the right thing, and I know he would do it again to protect his family – judicial harassment be damned.

    Fortune favors the bold.

    The winds blows, the mountain is unmoved.

  15. Martin Padfield

    Jason, as I told you before, your video interview with WBM was instrumental in getting me to confront some very painful truths. In fact, I admit, I have watched it all through at least 6 or 7 times. I don’t recall another individual I ever met who cut through so much bullshit with such eloquent – not to mention humorous – precision. And here’s something I never told anyone before: when I was confronting the local Flag reg in 2009 about the squirrelling in the Church I mentioned you and your cycle and it was clear from his answers he had seen it himself! Everybody should see this:

    Marty – thanks for the added context.

    And while I think of it – many thanks for the loan of your room in Hamburg. That was a life-saver, possibly quite literally!!! Great gig – great fun.

  16. Jason
    You say what’s in your heart at the time it’s in your heart. It’s your truth and you have every right to communicate it no-matter whether it’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It’s a beautiful thing and far more refreshing than listening to social lies. If we’re all shot down in flames for the sin of being there and communicating I’ll take it. More fun than scurrying around in the shadows that’s for sure.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Thank you and Sam for making such a tortuous trek to brighten our days.

  18. LFBD F/N 😀

  19. I would like to apologize to my friends for not commenting more recently. Sometimes its difficult to keep up with this blog and all the comments.
    Jason, I have to admire your quest for Truth. After all that is what Scientology is. Its about truth. It can be difficult to confront truth sometimes. LRH knew that and that is why there are gradients on the bridge. No one has the right to be his brothers keeper. The current ‘Church’ is operating on lies and deception and that is why it is and will fail. We are all here on this blog and practicing Scientology because we ALL want the truth. Love

  20. Jason’s videos were some of the most powerful I’ve seen, due in no small part to his obvious integrity and intellect, and the thoughtful reflections he shared about the tech and the church. Respect. You’ve got it, Jason.

  21. Wow, real communication…

  22. This the exact question I asked the church when they unCleared me and asked me to pay again and again for more CCRD. What a joke that was.

  23. George M. White

    I was perfectly willing to pay for the tech screw up if Mr. Miscavige had convinced me in his Bulletin of 1996 that he knew what he was doing with the tech. But, in the end, I must thank Mr. Miscavige because he saved me 20+ years of searching and big bucks.

  24. After my first trip to Marty’s in early 2009, I had a brief conversation with Jason when Marty was dropping me off at the airport. Jason wanted to congratulate me on achieving the State of Clear. His sincerity and genuine affinity came through and I was left with a lump in my throat. 🙂 🙂 This is a lovable guy.

  25. Marty, I think you’re reading something into Tony’s column that isn’t there.

    First of all, in terms of the “crippling Scientology” title, it is explained thusly:

    “On August 5, we started a countdown that will give credit — or blame — to the people who have contributed most to the sad current state of Scientology. From its greatest expansion in the 1980s, the church is a shell of what it once was and is mired in countless controversies around the world. Some of that was self-inflicted, and some of it has come from outside. Join us now as we continue on our investigation of those people most responsible…”

    Other entries have included Kendrick Moxon and Tommy Davis. The claim that inclusion implies any intent to damage Scientology — whether you are speaking of the subject or the CoS specifically — is simply not there.

    And while the contents of the video may not reflect his current opinion, the video continues to be “featured” on YouTube and remains a significant blow to the Church of Scientology’s attempts to control its celebrity members. For the time being, it is arguably his most significant contribution to the public perception of Scientology, which is at the core of the countdown.

  26. Marty, take care and keep up the good work:) You are marvelous.

  27. There was nothing tortuous about it. We had a blast! 😀

  28. It’s OK Sarge. I feel you whether you put it in the physical universe or not.

  29. I must say, that back when I saw Jason’s videos re: his experiences in Scn. Inc., it validated and re-energized my knowingness re: the mis-application of Dn’s and Scn tech. “This is why!” Even after the abuse and invalidation he suffered at the hands of Miscavige and his cronies, you could SEE a bright, caring, loving individual. To see him surface later on Marty’s blog was a huge LFBD (relief), as if anyone could get him sorted properly, it would be Marty.

    I love Jason too.

  30. This song is for you Marty & Jason. All I can say is “Awe shucks”.

  31. Centurion,

    I have a female friend who does quite well without balls. In fact, she’s one of the toughest individuals I’ve ever met, complete with 3rd Dan in three styles. Even when I seriously trained, she could knock me on my ass. When she shattered her leg in an accident, she hobbled around like it was meaningless. Scary tough. And courageous.

    As I’ve never found balls to be attractive, and as I hate getting kicked in them, I’ve decided to become feminized next lifetime. I’d be so much prettier.

    But, I ‘d have to be a lesbian. The thought of kissing a man with all that leads to?

    Maybe there is an advantage to being a man: women.

  32. It was my experience, too, that Jason’s interview woke me up from a long-term slumber. Thanks Jason!

  33. Sarge,
    Sure do miss your LRH stories.

  34. Jason,

    You know, when I watched you on video discussing Scientology, I thought, “what an analytical guy.” Other than calling you a scumbag, a douche, an asshole or other such endearments I reserve for special friends, saying you’re analytical is very high praise indeed.

    You must have insights by the boatload. Insights I’d love to read, hear, whatever.

    So, if you would, Sc–nah, we’re not that close…. If you would, you analytical devil, you, I’ll bet a lot of us would encourage you to contribute your thoughts more often.

    Pretty, pretty please. Pretty please with sugar on it.

    Fuck it, Pretty please and I’ll buy you a friggin’ beer. Maybe a case. Marty can probably attest that I’m good for it. I’ll send him a donation and he can go down and ask Gomez, “Hey, dude, since you ain’t doing shit, why don’t you run down to the store and get me a case of Heinie for my friend and me. I’ll pay you when you get back. Look on the bright side, Gomes, it’ll give you a reprieve from these other idiots.”

    Even completely wasted, you’re probably worth listening to.

  35. I remember seeing the YouTube teaser and it hooked me into the full-blown interview. From there the search began which brought me to this blog and jumping off that freight train called . . . . well, let’s just say it wasn’t the same train I boarded 35 years earlier.

    Thanks Jason, Marty, Mike, Steve, and all ya all!

    Ed Paulson

  36. I too love Jason Beghe.

    I know of no man with a bigger heart, nor willingness to wear it on his sleeve. And I know nobody more willing to stand up and sacrifice himself for anyone he considers a friend. He truly fulfills the definition of “Comrade In Arms.”

  37. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson


    Brother in Arms you are my friend, Brother in Arms!

    Hey Y’all, Jason’s heart is not only filled with truth and love, it’s coated in titanium! A man of great strength to not only himself but to those he calls a friend and most importantly his family!

    The song LIKE A ROCK comes to mind when I think of Jason!

    And yes Jason, thank you for the lifetime of entertainment you’ve given us through the silver screen and boob tube!

    Can’t wait to hang out again.

    — Jackson

  38. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson

    Geeze ….. meant to greet you with Jason!

  39. “Jason and I concurred that to waste much time “fighting” or “taking down” Miscavige would be counter-productive.”

    In respect to current events around the globe could you expand on this to clarify matters?

  40. martyrathbun09

    Not really…It is all in Scientology, Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu, and The Book of the Five Rings.

  41. Jason, man, I love you too, and we have never even met face to face!!

  42. 1. I totally agree. Stand up & be counted. Let your voice be heard. As a note when anybody asks my religion, I now proudly say “Independent Scientologist”

  43. Mr Beghe is well deserving of his place in confronting and damaging the CoM and equally another great ambassidor for properly applied Tech.

    As for OSA & CoM methods, watching the findings of the Baha Mousa enquiry (into the tortue and death of an innocent Iraq civillian at the hands of a renegade British Arny unit) , I was reminded of DM, the methods of tortue used are to prolong the stress/trauma of capture to break the ‘prisoner’. these methods were outlawed by the Geneva Convention many years ago!!

    I wonder how in line the CoM is with the Geneva Convention?

  44. Jason,

    I saw the Bunker interview at a time when I, myself was just waking up. By the time you got to talking about how we trap our own selves, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    I recall thinking “Wow, that shit is so true. It’s all me. I did this to myself.”

    Then I recall thinking “Wow. Beghe is really pissed off.” Fast-forward to a few months later and I was every bit as pissed off, too. I punched a few walls, let’s just say. Another six months after that, I had calmed way down.

    Today, I have much respect for you, Michael Fairman, Larry Anderson and any other celebrity who has the balls to just say NO!

    With respect,

  45. Jason,
    I’ve never met you. But like many Independent Scientologists I have read your comments here on Marty’s blog and it’s great to know you from that point of view. Haydn and I also loved your last movie!

  46. You, Jason and everybody and me, we all have the space to change and be different than we were then.
    You guys rock NOW. Keep on rockin it baby!

  47. Hats off to Jason Beghe, for all sorts of things, among the top of that list, the quality he brings to the game.

    Life is art. He’s a magnificent artist.

  48. This is awesome. Jason Beghe was certainly a reason why I left the church as well.. One of the people I liked very much was an AOLA reg named Willy Wong. He would call me all the time while I was at Flag and try to convince me to leave Flag and come to AOLA.

    I always thought he was straight shooter and a cool guy. I remember specifically one time talking with him about Jason Beghe and he said something to the effect “Yeah Jason got fucked over bad.”

    He knew for sure just what Marty wrote and I’m sure plenty of other SO members know as well.

    Its amazing how the church always goes after the best ones.

    A Class V Auditor with high stats? How insane can one group be.

  49. Hey Jason just watched your first you tube vid interview ,,, interesting, my son studied with Milton, small world. His working SAG name was Paul King, this was in the 80’s. Just trivia.

  50. I love you, Jason. You are the best father I know and I commend you for doing what you need to do to take care of your family against all odds. Angie is very lucky. I know it’s difficult to spend so much time apart but a man’s gotta’ do what a man’s gotta’ do and you do it best.

  51. +1…you inspired me to look!

  52. Theta needs no physical presence. You’re always “here” amongst friends.

    Love and ARC,

  53. Much love and respect to Jason Beghe.

  54. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Jason is a real player in the Independent Movement.
    He has been a great inspiration and is a warrior, his integrity speaks loud.
    We are proud to love him too!!!

  55. Jason = 🙂 (Thanks for being you!)

  56. Bryan, you summed up my thoughts so well that I’m just going to ditto yours.

    Jason, Marty barely touched the surface with his accolades. You really are one impressive dude!

    Hola Daniel!

  57. Hi Jason. I recently saw a really good movie with you in it with one of my favorite actors Russell Crowe, about the guy that busted his wife out of prison. You make the perfect detective! 🙂 And in real life too, for doing your own investigating behind the scenes into the reality of the Church of Scientology. Good for you on both counts. I really liked that movie. I forget the name of the movie, but you know the one!

  58. I think when most critics say scientology they really mean church of scientology; tory magoo christman even caught herself and clarified that she meant church of scientology in a recent video.

    I don’t believe in scientology and don’t think it any better than any other self help regime, belief system or religion; but your beliefs are not what concerns me and nor do I hate them.

    What I hate is the corrupt and corrupting church of scientology. Personally I feel it wasn’t all good when Hubbard set it up but the matter is moot, the fact is Miscavige is responsible for the way things are with it now and that and it’s actions in its current form are all that matters. Anonymous only said it would distroy (the church of) scientology in its current form not that they would distroy scientology as an idea.

  59. +1 — a pretty good measure of a man is his family, and Jason’s wife and boys are absolute treasures…

  60. The name of the movie is “The Next 3 Days”. That is the movie Jason and directed by none other than Paul Haggis! It looks to me like Hollywood is being taken over by Independents and NOT and army of Tom Cruise followers! Now that’s progress! 🙂

  61. Jason,
    I love your confront, man! No holds barred, total New Yorker guy. Always loved the honest approach you get from true New Yorkers!
    I’m about 10-15 mins into that video linked above. It’s given me questions of you I’d love to ask, but I’ll not burden you with them. I hope you find what your looking for. And I hope to meet you some day. You’re a helluva guy!

  62. Oh yeah, respect to Jason and respect to you too Marty.

    Have to say Marty the cynics among the Anonymous critics expect you to create another monster from the ruins of the church of scientology (few years away yet). Personally I don’t think you will, that you may do some good. There’s no money riding on it but I don’t like being wrong and besides what you and the other independents do over the next few years could ripple through dacades to come so there is a lot more than money riding on it. No pressure Marty and co.

  63. “He (Willy Wong) would call me all the time while I was at Flag and try to convince me to leave Flag and come to AOLA.” IMHO this simple comment symbolizes all that is wrong with the C of S: An off purpose, get your stat up no matter how, money motivated, bureaucratic, misapplication of policy cluster f*ck.

  64. Tony Dephillips

    It’s hard not to like a man who truly speaks his mind.

    I realized that to have had wins with Scientology and then to do an A=A that those wins equals upper management or Dm is always right is pretty abberated.
    Part of moving up is having the guts to say what you see and damn the torpedos. Marty and Jason have that in spades. Those are the kind of people I listen to.

  65. Davie McSavage is doing a very fine job of taking himself down, if you could only see it.

    The ongoing establishment of an increasing Independent Scientology presence in the world makes it increasingly safe for Churchies to find out they don’t have to put up with McSavage’s evil to get up The Bridge (as if they were getting up it now ?) . The more of them that flee his little dictatorship, the weaker he gets.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  66. Very many thanks Jason for all you have done and all you continue to do.

  67. Loved Jason’s Hamburg talk he gave, when he was on the 2008 year’s tour to Ursula Caberta at Hamburg.

    However official Scientology can be impacted and reformed, that’s fine by me. The Way to Happiness should be the central strategy for a decade or two, to repair the image.

  68. I totally agree. I was blown out seeing this interview. Straight and honest. It was life changing to say the least. I realized I was not alone…! What a key-out! This video played a very imporant part in my ongoing healing process. Jason is a man of integrity I’ve never seen before. My hat is off. Thanks a million! We all love Jason. He would never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.

  69. Cha-Ching!

  70. Amen, Bro!

    The bottom line is that you’re the most up front, no BS, go 100% for broke in the right direction friend one could have (with very few exceptions such as Marty, Mike and such..)! See you at the next party!

  71. Jason…you’re one of my best friend.

    Your persistence, your unconditional love and your wisdom are some of the traits of your beautiful character that I try to personify every day of my life.

    Every chance we have to talk, it translates into an ever ending learning experience for me, that I cherish each passing moment of my existence, and makes me a better ME.

    You’re a seeker of truth, a fun buddy, my mentor, a hot guy (for straights, gays, and my lesbians too 😉 …and you are the greatest father I know!!!

    I could go on for pages, but who is fortunate enough to know you, knows how we all feel about you….and yeah, I can be quoted with Marty, because I too, love you Jason Beghe!


  72. Tom,
    Amen to that! I found Jason’s video around the time I found Marty’s blog, and it described to a T what I’d observed with three OT friends (minor celebs) who were not doing well in RCS. Plus, Jason verified what I’d been picking up on regarding the weirdly pressurized environment surrounding a successful celeb who loves the tech.

  73. My wife and I were having a great discussion today about “BIG” beings.

    What we both realized is that a BIG being can be tough, determined, intelligent, crafty, honest, caring and also extremely loveable.

    Jason, Mike, Marty, Steve, Monique, Christy, Sue, Trey, Ingrid, Jim, Sarge, etc. etc. etc. … I’ve never met so many who fit the bill in one place in my entire life.

    Thank you all for your theta push to a better future.


  74. An interesting video full of contradictions. He did the TRs course and had the biggest win of his Life in the recognition of who he really is as a spiritual being. He did the auditor training courses and had big wins all along the way. How could all that have happened if the technology itself had not one ounce of validity? The guy in this video is the very definition of PTS. The problem is that he was PTS to the Management Structure that has taken over Scientology. Therein lies the real tragedy.

  75. Chuck, this is interesting, because in the last segement of this speech Jason admits that Sea Org members sign an affidavit on film that any negative publicity one gives the church after leaving will cost $50,000.00 per statement! Laughing! Oh yeah baby! I must owe the church $500,000,000,000,000.00 by now and counting! 🙂 That is great Chuck. Never mind if they could get the money out of some us, how about if they got the results FIRST that might be worth paying for! 🙂 This is great! Thanks Chuck.

  76. We be chillin’.

  77. Jason;

    I don’t know your from Jack….but I’d sure like to. I have viewed your YouTube videos….you don’t mix words…you’re not politically correct…but you do speak from the heart and you do call a spade a spade as many said back in the day.

    I do love the “IRISHNESS” you offer for all to experience.

    All of us Independents are fortunate to have you on our team.

    Thanks for all you do.

  78. Brad,

    I think that it goes deeper than that.

    POB has been at the ‘helm’ for how many years?

    A fish rots from the head down.

    Here, in the cult of miscavige, organizational behavior has mimicked the likes of a sawed-off sociopath.

    What I took from this, the aforementioned, is that the organization, itself, became PTS Type III.

    My 2 cents.

  79. Brad wrote, “The guy in this video is the very definition of PTS”.

    I disagree. I see one justifiably pissed off dude.

  80. Chuck, I agree. The Way To Happiness is, perhaps, the culminating work by that man. For mankind. IMHO.

  81. That’s been the idea for some time Mike I wanted to check the subtext for anything else.


  82. Another classic example (Marty’s story is another one) of the “cream rising to the top” in the C of M, only to be systematically “skimmed off” and cast aside.

    Good on ya for recognizing truth and fighting the good fight, Jason.

  83. Scott Campbell

    Good Job Jason!

  84. +1000 🙂

  85. Who wouldn’t love Jason Beghe? Who wouldn’t love all of you guys? The cream of Scientology is floating at the top of the Independent movement. Something must be right. It’s pretty obvious when you look at the high volume of theta in the Independent movement which end has the Power. All you guys are irrepressible! That’s what it’s going to take too to make a better world where Scientology can be in it. Thanks to all you guys for what you have done, who you are!

  86. I’m actually a hermaphrodite.

  87. I am very glad it was useful to you!

  88. 🙂

  89. Jason, it is on my dream list to meet you someday.

    When you look up the definition of “Integrity” ,you get a photo of
    Jason Beghe.

  90. It makes me very happy that I was able to help.
    Very, very happy.

  91. Michael Fairman…? The name is familiar. Remind me who you are again…..

  92. You are included, you know.

  93. and you are a true beauty. inside and out.

  94. What stands out most for me on this post is the gorgeous photo of 2 friends. The love and uptoneness just jumps out. It also shows 2 people happily out of suppression and madness. No matter how much money little dm has, I know he ain’t got no friend.

  95. Jason, thank you. I love the picture of you two mugs! What a great adventure this is.

  96. Let’s have some fun: Tons…………….

  97. Thanks…I think.
    I talk when I have something to say.
    Plus, I suck at typing.

  98. A beautifully heartfelt write-up, Marty! I did not know all these data about JB. This restores my admiration for him: Great Job, Jason! You are the man! Viva Integrity and Courage!!!

  99. Mike. You are one of the few people I turn to when I need help. Trusted friend. Rare indeed.
    Thanks, Bro.

  100. Thanks, Big Guy. My door is open.

  101. Thanks, Man.

  102. Ingrid, I doubt that DM is even friends with himself. What kind of image does he present as a Sea Org member/Scientologist to people? “I am DM. Love me, or I punch you!” That his more like his demeanor I think. Friends don’t need to throw each other over tables and through plate glass windows to make sure their TR’s are in. I really regret I guess that I graduated student of the week on my TR’s course without throwing one person over a table as 100% standard DM might suggest. I guess that would make me an out-tech person now wouldn’t it in his frame of mind? 🙂 Right on Ingrid.

  103. 🙂
    Thanks. I am sure we will meet before too long. Looking forward to it….

  104. I’m on your side Jason, I really am, I am a former staff member of 10 years in a Class 5 org, and I ended up leaving with a case as equally fucked up as yours, after 200 hours on the Jo’berg that did me no fucking good, so I know what it feels like to have that suppression coming down from the top. But you can’t say it was all a scam. No fucking way, man. There’re still shadows of something real there bro, it’s just that’s it’s been altered in a suppressive way. You got fucked, I got fucked, but just let Marty take over your case, man, you’ll get over it quick. (cheers)

  105. One thing that sets Jason Beghe apart from almost all the celebs that have been in Scientology is that he became an accomplished auditor – a fact which has earned my admiration and respect. Marty, you bring up a very important point in your post, something that I’ve been considering now for many months. That is, when you pinpoint the start of Jason’s “troubles” as the point where he voiced his disagreement. To me, THIS is the crucial factor that identifies what today’s COS is. You cannot – not allowed to – say “no.” Now I happen to feel this was true in the early 70s as well and can provide numerous specific examples, BUT…Miscavige&Co have taken this to the extreme…to the painful and terrible extreme. For example, I was threatened with expulsion, when on an ethics cycle, I VERY respecfully declined to borrow $31,000 to buy basics books to hawk. In my opinion, Jason’s mistake (which was the same one I made about 5 years ago) is that he did in fact cough up some cash for a “handling.” I thought that by giving SOME money, I would “satisfy” the MAA. EXACT OPPOSITE. It only marked me as a “mark” – someone who could be squeezed for more and more and more, and like Jason, there came a point ……well, y’all can imagine…….Keep communicating Jason. Your comm is valuable and much appreciated by many people.

  106. Wow, Jim. Thanks!
    (please realize I will avoid you at all costs to prevent you from discovering the truth).

  107. Thanks for mentioning that, Brian. It gets me to thinking….

  108. Thanks D. I love you too. But let’s call it like it is re Angie–I’m the lucky one.

  109. …usually.

  110. Right back atcha!

  111. You are a true friend, Jason B.

  112. Mille baci Amores!

  113. I’m working on it….

  114. Thank you! (so you’re the guy who saw it!)

  115. thanks.

  116. Hi Tom,

    POB is the root of the problem, no doubt.

    The international level of org management is Type 3, no doubt.

    Marty made that clear with this blog.

    But that video of Jason’s is what PTSness looks like up close and personal.

    He was suppresedd by the very people who were supposed to be helping him. That IS STILL the definition PTSnesss bro, doesn’t fucking matter who it’s coming from! HIS WHOLE TONE JUST REEKS OF SUPPRESSION, CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?

    That’s the whole fucking problem man. Yeah, he’s justified, I was justified too! Doesn’t change the defintion of PTS. It confirms it!

    The View from the TOP of that ORG is ruled by suppressive attributes – that’s it. We’re all agreed man! That’s all there is to it.

    That’s what has to change, and MAYBE WE CAN STILL ALL GO FREE.


  117. Thank you, Sir.

  118. I am glad you liked it, Chuck.
    Thanks a lot.

  119. Truefax, Ingrid. And that’s the first time I’ve ever actually felt a pang of sadness for POB. How lonely he must be.


  120. Tiziano! Fratello mio!
    I love you, too. You have come a looooong way in a very short time. There’s nothing I admire more than that. A most impressive fellow.

  121. Then dump that Italian playboy and run away with me!

  122. I’m working on the “IRISHNESS” (pretty tough going) as I’ve got two young kids now. Thanks.

  123. Anytime. Just don’t be too disappointed if reality doesn’t match the dream. LOL!

  124. amen.

  125. Thank you Jason!!! I love the whole Black Box Warning thing. I have had the same thoughts myself. And I love the whole Homo Novis thing–it is so true, so true and so insidious.

    You laid it out beautifully–how a person can beome so mislead. It is mind boggling. But I think you made it understandable.

    Thank you for spelling it out so beautifully.

  126. Laws–I am looking forward to it….!

  127. Some good words there Tony.

    I must say when I saw Jason’s video(seems a long time ago) he came across as a genuine person, sadly a very rare thing these days. The sort of person if you had not seen them in 15 years you could turn up at thier door with nothing and they would put the kettle on and help anyway they could.

    Straight-Talking is another factor I like from folk aswell.

    Again thankyou for going to Hamburg aswell Jason aswell as visiting some of the protests. I think it meant alot to some of younger ones.


  128. I agree. The photo says it all.

  129. Jason, I wanted to thank you too, for your videos. I had hit a tipping point of too many crazy realities coming from the Church, and I wanted to know what was really going on…yet, per the Church enforcers, there was no turning back once one looked on the net. But I made the plunge anyway, and there you were, just tellin it like it was… just pure, unfiltered communication. And that was just what I needed. So, thank you for being brave and having the integrity to speak your mind in an effort to help others. It is much appreciated.

  130. Hey Brad,

    Good to see you posting here! Welcome. Yes, you put your finger right on it. In this case, the “Management Structure” was implanting false ideas, false goals, and heavily invalidating (through domination and nullification) real “gains”. Thus creating “case” through enforced wrong items and whys. But its only a tragedy to the degree a person remains “effect”. That is what this is all about….de-compressing, discovering personal truth, and moving on up a little higher. Feel free to drop me a line if you are so inclined…

  131. That’s nothing. You should see me dance!

  132. Marty,

    A thousand thanks to you for honoring Jason on your blog.


    A thousand thanks to you for helping me to move on up a little higher.

    And thank you both for doing what you do.


  133. If the process server came 100 yards onto his property, couldn’t he have been charged with trespassing?

    Did Jason have any “No trespassing” signs on his property?

  134. I agree with Marty that an interview with Mark B. was taken at the critical moment. It communicates a confusion about Scientology to a degree, as I could clearly see alive VGIs when Jason talks about some of his wins, true warmth when he mentions Scientology friends and SO members devoting their lives to Scientology. At the same time it shows a lot of charge and upsets with screwed up altered processes and pseudo-scientology church terminals.
    When I found that interview I was touched to the bottom of my heart by its bold honesty – it actually hurts watching you, Jason. All I could think about was how to help you out of that state of mind, though I understand now that you are way ahead of me in seeing a bigger picture.
    I suggest or wish or beg you, Jason to take an action adequate to your position of the opinion leader and clear up the confusion effect of the first interview by making a new one.
    Here is my program for you to make it go right.
    1) get the DofP interview from Marty.
    2) handle and complete the bogged church auditing.
    3) make a new video-interview, maybe this time answering the Marty’s questions, that will show your progress in the Independent field Scientology.

  135. Tony DePhillips

  136. Sorry, I just have to take a moment to throw a dog a bone. I reckon DM is reading this daily via his staff who uh theT.A. has to be sky high if they are human. Probably they don’t see themselves as human which is why they are ina fix. I know y’all think of yourselves as infinitely superior Gods with super science on human culture and behavior, and I am glad you have self esteem. Just passing on a little streewise in the here and now. I really do hope it makes a difference. You are out of communication with the streets. And you are all one step from the streets. Get real simple for a minute and this will make some sense:

  137. This is a real simple human situation. People will get flat on suppression and abuse. It’s a button that gets flat. And when it gets flat, they fight back.

  138. I mean, you guys can go pull out the books on suppression and your O.S.A. checksheets and your admin volumes and whatever you have, to move from your own intelligence and integrity, to be a successful operative but let’s get real for just one split second. When you start to abuse people you have to live with the fact they could be holding something inside that could really really hurt you someday.

  139. Come on OSA staff, have a heart. It is havingness.

  140. Don’t think you can treat people bad, and they won’t ever get mad. That is really theetie wheetie.

  141. Didn’t you ever read the rule to happy living? Because if you did and you are in some misery, you should be able to fix yourselves.

  142. The bottom line is this, you are all being bypassed because you did not have the ability to care about the guy in front of you.

  143. We do have the abiltiy to care about the people in front of us. And that is what puts the wall between us.

  144. thank you!

  145. Thanks. That means a lot coming from the TRUTH!

  146. Glad you liked that!

  147. …and your appreciation is much appreciated!

  148. I was reminded of DM, the methods of tortue used are to prolong the stress/trauma of capture to break the ‘prisoner’. these methods were outlawed by the Geneva Convention many years ago!!

    No personal Income Tax Laws were ever legally passed in the US, yet the IRS & the Courts will seize your Bank Accounts and Property if you fail to file.

    If you want to find lawlessness, look no further than your Lawmakers.

  149. Martin Padfield

    Easy for you to say – you didn’t have to handle non-existent Dutch motorways!

  150. Yep, I saw it in that video…the whole “enforced overt must have\enforced can’t have” flow. I guess I differentiate a bit between “tone” and “ptsness”, but it was very clear to me from that initial video that “Tech” was “out”, and GAE’s (Gross Auditing Errors) were in abundance AT FLAG! The most basic of which is “No Auditing”. Oh, and BTW we are going free….OT Levels and everything.

  151. The video that started the operations against Scientology did, yes. And I prefer to stick with that goal. Doesn’t mean I don’t have my own opinion about the tech.

  152. Thank you theoracle,

    Yeah, and the thing is — the moment a Church staff member, a representation of Scientology itself — the moment he or she steps away from using the philosophic fundamentals that LRH laid out in the first decade of Scientology, i.e. insisting 1) each individual observe what is true for him or her, and 2) accepting responsibility for that person having the courage to say what he or she has observed… the moment one steps away from living by the philosophic principles that make Scientology what it is, guess what — it’s not Scientology anymore. So yeah, it IS a thin line between love and hate. That line is personal integrity.

    No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, even LRH (naturally). But the expectation is that one strive to live by understanding. And LRH passed that test in the every profound way.

    After the conflagration that destroyed the old GO, LRH saw the Church had made horrible mistakes and he ordered that the Church NEVER again cross that line into hate. But David Miscavige got rid of the old guard and then, in the name of “Keeping Scientology Working,” tricked the OSA newbies into continuing the mistakes of the GO by restoring all the earlier canceled policy of the Guardian’s Office and even restored disconnection, which LRH also canceled years before.

    Today, when a person says, “I am a Scientologist” it means they aspire to live by a philosophy that eschews blindness and that he or she strives toward understanding. It means they eschew hate and strive toward love. The only thing separating the two is a thin line of personal integrity.

    Jason Beghe is not out to “cripple Scientology” but has worked consistently to cripple hate.

    JASON BEGHE is a great example of a man who lives on love’s side of the line.


  153. Too late 🙂

  154. Hey, I’ll pipe up here. I thought 3 Days was a CLASSIC suspense thriller.

    Now I’m a total audience when it comes to movies mind you, despite having crammed some of the CINE guys and taken off some of the ‘illusion’. But I’m also aware of the craft. So, lemme tell you, I was totally into that movie and when that button rolled in the grate and you missed it…well, CLASSIC!

  155. I don’t know ou from Adam, Jason, but when you took in Daniel, your stock went right out the roof and told me you are a real mensch. Thanks for being there man.

    ML Tom

  156. LOL next time update your navigator!!!

  157. Instead of blaming me for talking your ears off the whole journey 😉

  158. ‘Preciate the ack…and th CS.

  159. Thanks, Steve. You sure can make them words sound pretty!

  160. You go, brother! Show us some moves… 😉

  161. Where else am I gonna be…?
    Thank you, Tom.

  162. Isn’t something like that illigal. I mean it’s supose to be a religion.

  163. I stick with the video too. And to ad to Faust that doesn’t mean I would curtail other people to say anything thay want about it. Knowing of course that every home, place or website has it’s rules.

    And to Jason: Good show Sir , carry on.

  164. Tony DePhillips

    Jason was shaking off his yoke. He found out he had been enslaved and he broke free in a spectacular fashion.

  165. Hi Marty, Hi Jason – Marty, for the record, as I was Jason’s Ethics Officer for much of this, I can attest that what you say is true. It was very, very tough trying to keep integrity in and follow the instructions on how Jason was supposed to be dealt with. I tried, but got an RTC Comm Ev as a result of what are said to be the result of my actions. As Jason was truly my friend and someone I admired, it was the start of my really looking at what was happening. Later, when my husband and I left, one of the first things that was asked of my by “the Church” was when was I taking Jason off of my Facebook friends list – I said NEVER and NEVER WOULD I BE TOLD AGAIN WHO I COULD OR COULD NOT BE FRIENDS WITH. PERIOD. The response was our ridiculous SP Declare. Enuf said. Love you guys. Lisa

  166. Jason
    I did the mirror thing too. Used to stare for hours trying to see past my face when I was a kid 🙂

  167. markthehungarian

    I saw it too. And it was good. Screw the reviews. Although I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of the new, fatter, Russel Crowe.

  168. martyrathbun09

    Well done on your RTC Comm Ev and your declare. Given the “charges” both indictments ought to be worn as badges of honor.

  169. George M. White

    Yes a joke,
    I also thought. If GM sold me a car, and it was defective, the warrantee would cover it. Here is a situation where a church has no out of pocket material costs to re-do the service, and yet the demand is for more money.

  170. Marty,

    Thanks. I chuckle when I think of the look on the face of the PAC RTC Rep – Lauren(?) Southworth (not sure of the first name, as she was “Mr” or “Sir” to us at the time), when I told her that her Comm Ev Bil had lies in it after she handed it to me to read. She promptly kicked me out of her office and I was put on “alert status”… 🙂


  171. Shut your mouth! Russell Crowe — in any shape.

  172. I like Lisa Hamilton.

  173. “more fun than scurrying around in the shadows”–my thought too!

  174. Lisa, thank you so much for telling us this. I admire you very much and appreciate what you tried to do for Jason. Thank you for keeping your integrity in with your friends.
    Much love,
    Catherine Von Ach

  175. Lisa-Good for you !!!!!

  176. If the amigos pictured at the top of this post were guitarists, they might sound like this together:

  177. Lisa,
    What is “alert status”? Is that confined to the base and restricted?

  178. I had the realization after listening to some of what Jason said on these videos here posted, that Scientology is ridden with arbitraries imposed by David Miscarriage. It is right from te Logics what LR explains the concept of arbitraries. I do not have a book to quote from but one of the Logics says something o the effect that:
    “The factors introduced into a problem or solution which do not derive from natural law but from authoritarian command aberrate that problem or solution.”

  179. You know…I was just thinking earlier today, “its about time for another Sarge story…”. So whenever you’re ready, buddy, looking forward to it as usual.

  180. Lisa — The only qualification to be an “RTC Rep” is to chant in the mirror 2 hours a day: “I love COB.” If they are young, good looking and have been raised in the RCS and can do the “I love COB” drill flawlessly, they are IN. No brains required.

  181. This is how I see your first interview:

    I just want to make sure the lighthouse signal you send out was a clear message about Scientology (not to be confused by your video viewers with $cn in the church) that helps others to find their way.

  182. You too Ingrid.

    Yes, The Auditors.

  183. If it makes anyone feel better, Radical Scientology has once again hit the main line news in Australia, and it ain’t looking pretty for the scroundrels. Some great background work done by some very able people is paying off- thanks to all those who fight the good fight.
    Doesn’t fresh air feel good?


  184. Boy Steve, your writings make me think how awful the timing of our lives has been.

    The old GO did books, sort of promoting the religiousity of Scientology, and those books could have had better thinking through.

    In hindsight, I’m so glad you “came out” Steve. You’re one that should have been MORE on the wordsmith team doing a sortout of the “message.”

    Steve, you should have been in Exec Strata, and I’d have kept you there, were I the God of Scientology, and I’d have given you PLENTY of time to study widely, and work out the long range messages that would best suit the movement.

    In hindsight, I just wished there were people in Exec Strata with the hearts of the people I see posting on this site, and you Steve, you SHOULD have been one of the Exec Strata “think tank” dreamers, longrange top minds.

    I hope someday, that the young in official Scientology, are allowed the leeway to read your writings Steve.

    I hope you have a long life too, Steve!

    I hope this all leads to some enlightened reform of Scientology!


  185. Village Voice:
    Marty Rathbun, Ex-Scientology Exec, Back from Germany: “The U.S. Media Has No Balls” http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/09/marty_rathbun_e.php

  186. LISA: My one constant ray of light while I was in that dark tunnel.

  187. Thank YOU Jason! You did some BIG history changing you know!

    Marty might have surfaced later, but YOU chose to seek him out, and help Marty to choose to surface. A whole lotta PEOPLE want a good ending!

    Jason you are so thanked by everyone!

    It’s a fricking tricky life playing the “combination terminal” role!

    Hubbard’s ideas, what a thing to live their impact!

    Thanks so much for being in communication.

    I don’t care, myself, where this leads, whoever wants to make the world better, go for it!

    I think overwhelming human nature, the “4th dymamic” response is to Hubbard/Scientology, I see it every day, on my job, here in Pittsburgh, I talk to new human beings every day, and people just want the world to get the heck better!

    Indedpendent and freezone Scientologists I have found are in better touch with reality.

    I’m supportive of a better world!

    thankyou in ALL cases, Jason, for even being such a stellar human being mentsch!

    Hope you have time in the rest of your life, to speak your thoughts!

    You’re a good person Jason!

  188. Sinar, To answer your question – “Alert Status” meant that the PAC Security Force put an “alert” on my security card. We all had cards and passwords that you would punch in when you went into certain doors in PAC. They also showed up inside Security where your movements could be tracked. Inside Security there is a consol of over 100 security cameras in hallways (some visible and some not) where two Security Guards sat 24 hours a day and watched the staff and public movement through the PAC Base. Overnight there was sometimes only one Guard. There are also cameras on the streets. So, unless you knew where the cameras were and knew how to avoid them, your ever movement would be tracked. In addition, my access to the Parking Structure was turned off – you have to use your security card to get in AND out of the parking structure. How do I know all this? PAC Security was under me as Senior I&R and Senior HAS PAC. So, my own juniors were ordered by RTC to watch me. Lisa

  189. Religion? The Church of Scientology? I am laughing because I know that is a joke Cat Daddy! 🙂 There isn’t anything religious about them at all! Not even martyrish! Illegal, sure, but like with any criminal you have to catch them in the act. Recently a very close colleague of mine CAUGHT a criminal on video stealing over $100,000.00 worth of merchandise. Why did he rip my friend off? Because he figured my friend was too stupid to have a video surveillance system installed! Just like the Church of Scientology gets caught all the time. Not that takes real brains right? Do it on video so you can prove you are innocent. I feel sorry the poor chap. He reminds me of f****d up church members. They just can’t wait to rip people off and tell others about it so they can enjoy the feelings they get from it! Go Church of Scientology! You show em’ baby! 🙂

  190. That is fucking awesome Sinar!

  191. ‘The friendliest place in the world!’

  192. Well said Thoughtful and SO true. Of course Jason isn’t crippling Scientology, he is using it! He is fighting back, saying what is true, and protesting against injustice. That is his right. He paid for the ability to confront better and communicate to anyone about anything and solve the problems. And that is exactly what he is doing.

    I posted my blurb after wandering through the boulevards of anti anti anti forum abuse. I biggest fanatics have turned into domestic terrorists via the internet! Unbelievable! Some of them have wandered from from the ability to be civilized. I guess that is an ability gained on your own.

  193. But there is a door in that wall. And anyone can pass through it. Come on Kurt, you really don’t belong there. Just give Marty the call.

  194. That was really suppressive to keep your code of honor in. And WHO were you suppressing by keeping your code of honor in? Aren’t you supposed to be suppressing SOMEONE if you are a suppressive? That is what is ridiculous about these SP declares. There is never a mention of who the f&*k was suppressed. Isn’t this supposed to be a crime with a victim? Like, didn’t you ever wonder, “Who got suppressed?”

  195. Wow Lisa,
    Thanks very much, it makes “Big Brother” from Orwell’s 1984 look like a boy scout!

  196. You get a guy called into the MAA and she slides 30 pages of golden rod across the desk with all his suppressive crimes and NOT ONE NAME of an ACTUAL PERSON suppressed or complaining they were suppressed.
    That is as abberrated as it gets. Guilty but no named victims. There has to be a f^*&%$g for there to be a crime. Show me one person who ever got declared suppressive where one name of an actual person was given and a complainer that got suppressed. There are no people named as suppressed on these declares did you ever notice that? That is real mind f^(*$@g shit!

  197. Bitchslapping volunteers is suppressive! Someone gets the shit smacked out of them by a little guy surrounded with body guards is suppressive.
    Someone a REAL person is getting suppressed. That is your suppressive person right there!

  198. Tony Amodeo aka Orlando Furioso

    Italians indi loves you

  199. Pingback: Debbie Cook Defense Fund | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  200. Jason,

    Thank you for having the sheer guts to go up against such a huge, prevalent and overly damaging cult. It speaks volumes as to the kind of human being you are to take such risks.

    I only wish I knew the names of the huge Texas law firms mentioned. As much as I was verbally abused and “tortured” and definitely conditioned to the “corporate legal way” (my terminology), I’d hate to know that I worked for one of them for years and years; yet, I still WANT to know.

    My prayers are for you and your family to have a long and happy — scientology-free — life, Jason.

    God bless,

  201. Hello Mark — or “Marty” — and Jason,

    Thank you both — and others — for helping bring awareness concerning the true evils of the “religion” discussed here in your blog. Thank you, Marty, for supporting Jason Beghe. I don’t know him, other than liking him and “knowing” him as an actor. I know you’re both taking risks by opening the eyes of many who don’t understand it.

    To be honest, *I* don’t know all about it. I’ll admit in reading Jason’s article (and watching his videos), I wasn’t clear about a lot of the things he discussed as they’re obviousy “codes” or abbreviations for levels/things/whatever within that cult. I’d like to understand it better — NOT in order to join! Heavens no; just to understand, in MASSIVE part because I was actively courted by them sometime ago when I was heading toward a career in film.

    I’m not a very trusting person, therefore, I wasn’t particularly interested in all of the “wonderful promises!” they made me. Eventually they gave up on me, thankfully. Besides, I would have never had the kind of money, property, etc., to make them happy.

    I can only stay how much I admire both of you — and anyone else (including the videographer of Jason’s interviews) — who has it in them to peel away the layers of that “religion” and show it for what it is.

    Jason — I met your old buddy, David Duchovny, last year in NYC at his play, “Break of Noon”. I had some interesting conversations with him. He wouldn’t know me from a hole in the wall, but, nevertheless, it was great to see him on stage, and see NYC again.

    By the way, every time I see the name “Miscavige”, I misread it as “Miscarriage.” I don’t know if it’s because of my growing cataracts or something a little more … questionable … from my rather odd sense of humor. (I know miscarriage is NOT a funny thing in reality; so please don’t come down on me… somehow, though, it seemed oddly appropriate in this case.)

    God bless you, Marty and Jason — and everyone else who went through all of this and came out the other side SANE!



  203. I too love Jason Beghe! I just watched Going Clear. Wow. It was amazing. I applaud you for your courage and the good you do. Look forward to reading more of your writings!

  204. Jason is one beautiful soul, been a fan of his for over 21 years, he’s such an intelligent guy, and I admire him for stepping up to the scientology lot, he’s very brave to have spoke about his experience too, and I love Jason so much but love for the way he keeps positive and happy xx great read up xx

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