‘Nuff Said

I don’t mean to keep harping on such a seemingly simple week of activity.  It is illustrative however of the suppression that has become Radical Corporate Scientology under the misdirection of David Miscavige.   So I consider it relevant.  

We’re done in LA for the moment.   We want to express our gratitude to the wonderful independent Scientologists who made our work possible against a well financed, zealously executed program to stop HELP.   Michael Fairman’s and Joy Grayson’s roles have been covered in a previous post.   

What is not known is the behind the scenes work of the incomparable Garcia family (Luis, Rocio, and Ivan).  They engineered and financed and executed an elaborate scheme to make our work possible and free me up to get it done while also keeping a number of other ongoing 3rd dynamic projects on track.   No grand standing, no motivation for recognition,  just straight forward HELP came from the Garcias.  This, in my view, is what Scientology is all about.

Finally, some words from my dear friend Renere (Ray-Ray) Lopez.


by Renere Lopez

Joy and Michael,

Thanks for taking the time to write about Marty’s experience here in OC.  It’s my family that’s going through these tough times and I can’t express how much Marty’s efforts have eased the pain with my mother of 73, my sister’s 11-year old daughter and my 20 year old nephew.  He has come out here to spend time with all of us, but mainly to assist my sister Gina who just had her 50th birthday and is slowly going through the degradation process from Kidney Cancer throughout her body.  We were originally supposed to fly out to Texas together, but her cancer had spread faster than we had anticipated, so out of Marty’s kind heart, he came to her and my family.

Gina's 50th Birthday

About 8 years ago I was fortunate enough to give her some Book 1 Auditing and she had an amazing experience and of course  huge cognitions.  Unfortunately she didn’t experience the “Implant” that so many of us are aware of, which I’m sure would help her figure out how to handle this process.  What Marty has done is granting her so much beingness and has spent many hours with her to ease her anxiety through this process.  You mentioned that he’s out here for a “Mission of Mercy,” no one has any idea how much this means to my family and me.

As I mentioned above my mom is 73 and has never received any type of auditing experience.   Just after a few sessions she told me she was able to sleep through the night after many of days.  Also, I witnessed her actually confronting my sister in a way that I couldn’t have even imagined.  This is a 73 year old woman who should be stuck in her own religious and philosophical beliefs, but she went in with a full open mind and confronted many things–WOW!  To tell you the truth, I always thought it would be my sister Gina and I going out to Corpus Christi and auditing side-by-side and not my mother.  I always felt it was going to be the way it is with my mom, but after her experience auditing with Marty, Monique will now have a new PC here shortly.

You mentioned the experience you had while at OC Airport and I too had a similar experience with him, but it was far more severe while he was leaving my house.  The best way I can explain what I experienced was the television show called “The Streets of San Francisco” back in the 70’s.  These guys came out of nowhere and completely stopped traffic during rush hour on Santa Ana Blvd right next to the Amtrak train Station.  I had my 11-year-old niece in the car with me and several times they tried to ram us.  They even drove up the curb trying to catch up to Marty’s car.  There must have been 5-vehicles driving completely erratic with no regard for pedestrians or the other vehicles.  Also, Leblow was in full force of Road Rage and I could see how determined he was to make what ever means possible to hurt Marty and anyone who stood in his way.  One thing he didn’t expect was I was raised here in Santa Ana and I’m as street smart as they get.  Yes, we out smarted him in every attempt he could comprise with no avail.  I even stopped him from entering the 5-freeway going northbound by stopping him at the onramp- traffic signal by putting myself in front of his SUV.  He even taunted me several times and finally pushed me with the front of his vehicle.  I went down on the pavement to ensure he wasn’t going anywhere, since he could face hit-and-run charges, and I’m sure everyone who witnessed the incident was shocked to see what had just happened.

Finally the Fire Department showed up on the scene as well as the Santa Ana PD and the Highway Patrol while all the while Marty only had to contend with one of his goons, which he too was lost in the traffic.

Leblow finally met his match and it’s a shame that all the money DM has spend on him he couldn’t even out smart a non-professional PI.  Can you believe someone finally stood up to them?  I think this is like the book, “The Tipping Point” for DM and his goon squad.

So Marty, many thanks to you for continuing to put yourself out there for all of us.

Renere Lopez

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  1. Turn. Step Back. (Swishhhh) And THATS the game!


    Continued success.

  2. I have tears as I read this. The evil people that are trying to suppress help is beyond my limited words. I hope this family has full recovery from the trama they are going through. Thank you, Marty, for being their to help them.

  3. An amazing account Mr. Lopez! Thank you. This story has blurred my vision with misty tearing. 😉 Marty………awesome.

  4. Wow! What next Miscavige? Is this what’s next for Miscavige? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ9wXs6vOps

    Good luck to your family and thank the Independents for the willingness to be there and confront Evil while continuing to help people.

  5. What frenzied insanity!


  6. Simple, straightforward, unselfish actions intended to help.


    Simple, overt and covert attempts to stop and destroy.

  7. AAAAA-Mazing! They are rock slamming through traffic! There’s enough nuts on the road already, doncha think?

  8. I can’t believe this is happening in America.

    He “pushed you with his vehicle.”

    My heart goes out to you and your family during this difficult time. This aspect of life is never easy and having someone like Marty to help is a blessing.

  9. Renere,

    Thanks to you and your family.

    It is people like you, who stand up and are unbending under fire, that will help win this war against insanity. How odd it is that RCS, instead of bringing about a world without insanity and war where honest men have rights and man is free to reach to greater heights is diametrically opposed and actively working against achieving these aims.

    Glad to have you on the team that is actively working to accomplish those objectives.

    Our thoughts are with your family. Your sister is in good hands.

  10. All around a fine manifestation of free theta aiding to bring about more free theta.

    I too have tears in my eyes. This use of Scientology by a Scientologist to help others IS what it is really all about.

    DM’s suppressive circus – not so much.

    LaBlow – dork. Yeah, Dave LaBlow, you.

  11. Tony DePhillips

    Marty great job for helping and getting such an excellent product!!
    Renere you sound incredible!!
    These goons of dm’s are truly psychotic. muddcabbage is the loser of the century. I tell you it is little dick syndrome all the way.

  12. George M. White

    Here is a story of a compassionate auditor helping a compassionate mainstream family in need and a cold hearted Miscavige trying to stop the flow. of compassion.

    Message to Miscavige:

    ” If you get angry, then maybe
    you make him suffer, maybe not;
    Though with the hurt that anger brings
    You certainly are punished now”
    {Buddhagossa, Buddhist scholar, 5th Century A.D., The Path of Purification}

    Much loving-kindness,

  13. Renere, my heart goes out to you and your family. Your sister will be so much better off spiritually.
    The Lopez family~ Wow! Full of spiritual freedom fighters!
    Marty 😀 Very well done. Such a friend you are.

  14. Disgusting, but then again, predictable:

    “An individual who is close to being destroyed is bent mainly upon stopping things.” PAB 85, 22 May 1956

    ML Tom

  15. top of the vale

    Again, this Lebow guy needs a restraining order! He has somehow gotten the idea that it is OK to break the law as long as he meets the Dwarf’s agenda. Through http://www.savescientology.com we see plenty of evidence that the dwarf is really the ‘TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE’ working to COLLAPSE the BRIDGE! I can hear dm saying, “ACCOMPLISH YOUR TASKS, WHATEVER IT TAKES, OR YOU WON’T GET PAID!’ ‘EVEN BREAK THE LAW IF YOU HAVE TO!”

    The dwarf is probably hiding out on the freewinds in Int’l waters thinking he can’t be touched.

    Major Kudos to those who STAND UP against this suppression and keep their Code of Honor well demonstrated.

    Thank you Marty for being the kind of Minister that LRH talks about as one that succors to those in need despite any harm that may come to you. Personal Integrity is what you demonstrate 24/7. This is exactly why you and all those like you are attacked by the dwaarf because he has none and hates all those who do!

  16. Renere, thank you for telling your story, and relaying to us all that has happened. Our hearts go out to you and your family, and I am thankful that Marty was able to help heal your family in this tragic time of difficulty. Thank you, too, for standing up to the destructive intentions of those that would stop this healing of the mind, body and spirit.

    Thanks to Luis, Rocio and Ivan for your help in all of this. We can only imagine how much all of you contribute behind the scenes.

    Much love to all of you,
    Catherine Von Ach

  17. Renere,
    An incredible story! An incredible willingness on your part to stand and hold your ground. You are like the lone person in China several years ago who stopped a tank. I look forward to the day when DM, Lubow, et al are finally brought up on RICO charges. This is a concerted organized effort to deny citizens in this country the right to practice their own faith.

    Honestly, I get sick thinking about how degrading the RCS has become. More and more we see the dramatization just as Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler and the ilk. Really sick suppressive individuals stuck in fighting long gone pictures.

    Thank you for being there. Thank you Marty and all who helped to ease the life of another fellow human being. God, am I glad to be on this side!

  18. “11. Helping others in an activity which drives the Anti-Social Personality nearly berserk. Activities, however, which destroy in the name of help are closely supported.”
    …’Nuff said.

  19. Renere
    My postulates for peace and comfort for you and your family.

  20. Miscavige: Here’s a little something to enjoy with your croissants and mimosa this morning.

    Rolling Thunder

    Like carpet bombing,
    an unsuspecting land.
    Your speeches start thundering,
    into the minds of the lambs.
    Rhythmic overwhelm,
    with disjointed words.
    Brings standing ovations,
    from the mindless herds.

    But the staff sits alone,
    having just had.
    Another meal of beans,
    that smells pretty bad.
    So rolling thunder
    is what you like to be?
    Well, I know who can help,
    if you pay attention to me.

    Just watch my ole rope horse,
    because he too can fart.
    But doesn’t need an applebox,
    when he blows his cheeks apart.

  21. ‘Nuff said, indeed! Well done to all and for putting Lablow and his psychos in their place.

  22. For anyone who’s interested here’s some background on our friend LaBeau, LaBow, LowBlow, more appropriately completely and totally “Blown”.


    The article is well researched however in my opinion the journalist could have done more research on Omega Legal Services, or Omega Legal Investigations of Colorado.

    Reason being is that many Private Investigative firms here have connections to the Intel Community since many are run by “former” spooks and may be heavily involved in domestic spying operations.

    Case in point is the mysterious deaths of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake covered in the following article:


    Another good article though it merely brushes the surface in my opinion and only exposes the tip of the iceberg.

    Unlike the research conducted by Alex Constantine who delves into the darker side of this whole affair and the possible players involved:


    His forte is fascist conspiracies and there is no question that America to a certain extent and the Church of Scientology in particular have become more fascistic in their approach.

    And it is obvious to me that Labow or Labeau and his team of miscreants are dramatizing the anger band of tone scale which if you look at the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation is the level of fascism.

    I suspected long ago when Miscavige bragged about his “friends” in InterPol back in ’93 the shape of things to come.

    However Ron himself predicted it long before I did in his “Working Theory”:


  23. The actions of Leblow, his team of thugs and their leader DM are so insidiously evil and criminal, it defies description. They have stooped so low that I am sure their amends / rehabilitation will be a 20,000,000,000 years of RPF.

  24. Religion is all about forgiveness, hope and understanding. Thanks for sharing your story.

  25. And he can do a bit better,
    when he lifts his tail.
    So feel free to use him,
    for your next rant and rail.

  26. A pearl Dean, another pearl.

    ML Tom

  27. “If anyone were to promise to make others stronger or brighter, the antisocial personality suffers the utmost agony of personal danger” Marty is not only promising, but actually making others stronger and brighter. DM is suffering ALOT and he is in DANGER.
    These wins in LA are wonderful and the “soldiers” in the Indie field are to be commended.

  28. Marty, please get a restraining order filed against Mr. Lebow and Co. ASAP. It’s not illegal for him to follow you and there are no consequences for his reckless endangerment unless a copy somehow catches him in the act.

    However, if you have a restraining order filed against him/his goons, you can have him arrested simply for being in your immediate vicinity. At the very least, you can nullify his effectiveness and force DM to have to hire another PI.

  29. LOL, I typed “copy” when I meant to type “cop.”

  30. Well done on your noble mission to assist others.

    As for the antics of the paid bums that work for DM, I fear that if these tactics continue, someone is going to get badly hurt or killed. One cannot operate a vehicle in this way without it sooner or later causing harm.

    I am quite certain that the unstated/perhaps unknown mission of Leblowit is to cause their targets to be the ones who get into a fatal accident . They are attempting a proscription disguised as “PI work”. And DM will hide behind it all and throw any of his minions who may get caught up in such tactics under the bus when it comes time to point blame. “We never ordered this”, will be his defense.

    I don’t care if anyone agrees with me. I see this operation as a covert assassination operation cloaked in a puke colored fair game wrapper, disguising nothing but attempts to cause motor vehicle accidents with the goal of injuring or killing the subjects they are attacking. They are not just trying to “drive Marty nuts”, as Gomez and his street creepers are saying. They may think that is the extent of their mission, but DM is playing them on that issue. He is shooting for a deeper and darker effect, one that he can hide behind while at the same time getting others to accomplish without even knowing it.

    When you see the overall mission to destroy Scientology that DM is on, you are immediately drawn to the slow, hidden and subtle methods he is using to do it. This allows him to keep the cash coming in to support his lifestyle at the same time. Hit them with Golden Age of Tech (tech degrades) while building fancy expensive buildings to give the appearance of screaming expansion while orgs collapse but cash keeps coming in.

    These field tactics are nothing more than the same operation; feign one thing (shutting Marty and all down) while covertly intending quite another (pressure them to get into an accident).

    Leblowjob, you are a despicable, no-good, lapdog mercenary, and your day is coming. You are being used for a darker mission than you are capable of even realizing.

    We are not fooled, even though you are.

  31. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks to all of the Garcia family as well. Truly a classy family.

  32. Tony DePhillips

    Muddcabbage is an “only one” SP.

  33. What is Miscavige scared of? That someone might actually make some gains and get better from their counseling without his “supervision”?

    If he really believes Marty is the squirrel that he says he is, why bother? Are we to believe it is Marty’s clients that he cares about, the ones he sends people out to harass and almost run over?

    My deepest admiration to everyone who helped Renere and his family (including Renere) during this difficult time. Marty and friends + Theta the problem solvers!

  34. Tony DePhillips

    This is what you should do next time you see a “squirrel buster” or bot.

  35. Well done, Marty and the team, for making it go right. A brilliant win in the face of adversity.
    It’s an inspiration to me that suppression can be defeated if we think it can. And Marty and friends have proved it.
    We’re not alone, brothers and sisters – we can do this thing!
    Love to you all,

  36. Yvonne Schick

    You nailed it once again.

  37. + BIG 1

  38. Laura — Bullseye! He is TERRIFIED that anyone makes gains and TERRIFIED SQUARED that it happens anywhere near Marty Rathbun.

    He is sitting there in his marble bathtub partaking in his daily coffee enema, gripping his solid copper rod, gnashing his teeth and cursing out loud, while calling for redoubling of the security guards, installation of new bars on the windows and bulletproof glass. Meanwhile his newly appointed food taster is washing each pea by hand and his personal clean room in charge washes every surface he comes in contact with with anti-bacterial spray as he sinks into deeper paranoia and convinces himself that “everyone” is out to get him.

  39. I know DM will just roll his eyes in disgust at this whole entire blog post.

    But, good work Marty and everyone in the Garcia family.

  40. Bryan,

    He rolls his eyes in disgust at L. Ron Hubbard, so its nothing new…

    He is probably planning to give Lablow a special recognition for being willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Perhaps he will bestow him with a Patron Suckbuttamus award and feature him in the next IAS mag (if there’s any room left after they include 76 full color page photos of their Dear Leader, POB).

  41. Marty & Mosey:
    Thank you for what you do and all that you do!

    Luis, Rocio & Ivan:
    Thank you for your actions and support!

    Thank you for your story and hope the best for you and your family during the rough times.

    POB and Lubow:
    You guys suck with your continual Fail and increasing out PR. You cause your own failures and black PR. It’s time you have your wins in Bulgravia! Your folder with law enforcement is getting fatter! Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock .. better quit while you’re not behind bars yet.

  42. Wow Mike-like a character out of an Edgar Allan Poe story-All we need now is the Raven to perch on his windowsill.

  43. Very well done and high fives to Marty and the Garcia family.
    I have watched the “Church” become more and more FERAL Increasingly more brutal and ferocious. Increasingly more a wild animal in attack. I do believe they compute this is “ETHICS Presence”

    I see the “Church” increasingly resorting to Cannibalism of its own, past or present. Those that were part of the group for decades are the new target to attack and devour from a wild beast demeanor.

    They have a new HATE section in FREEDUM called “posse of lunatics” What they are saying, is that even though they sell “spiritual advancement” anyone who spend 20 years in the Church emerges a Lunatic ! Anyone spending years and years in the Sea Org is now a Lunatic due to that time spent within !

    Incredulous !

    Join the C of S today and give them mega $$$$ so a hate page can be mocked up when you depart naming you a LUNATIC after we have sucked out $1million or so to make you an OT !

    Miscavige and Radical Scientology at work…you can’t make this stuff up !

  44. A restraining order cannot be obtained without a prohibitively expensive court fight and would be ineffectual as McSavage can easily replace those restrained with other minions not covered by the order.

    Why is this concept not getting through ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  45. one of those who see

    I’m so happy the tech is here to ease the rough spots of life. Such a gift from LRH. Well done to the OTs who made it go right to help this woman and her family.
    The tech applied standardly gets results and people want it. The process is so simple. Add to that a theta environment where beings are granted beingness, respected and their work appreciated and you will have people flooding in. Remember the old Missions. I never wanted to go home.
    So, it takes extreme measures- out tech, black Dianetics, entheta, invalidation, out of Affinity actions, out of Reality actions and a Church out of communication-to repel people from the Church. DM has amazingly accomplished this. Then, he adds to the mess with one unusual solution after another – ideal orgs and his “golden ages of whatever.”
    Isn’t it wonderful, Sir, that after all that has happened in the Organization there is still an Auditor helping a PC. And this is happening everywhere. And people are training. They are reading your books and listening to your lectures. You were right. The Sun Never Sets on Scientology.

  46. Ingrid — the Ravens try but the window sills are lined with broken glass and razor blades….

  47. Yep, the Sea Org contract is short compared to the time they will spend in hell. LRH did give a warning as to fate that those who follow paths of evil can expect. The horrors and degradation of it are not something for public posting in full. DM – just imagine that when you lose this body that no self respecting mother will let you into the space of her child to be. Imagine that without a body of your own you become a wandering leech for sensation. In desparation you might incarnate as an animal.

  48. Michael Fairman

    Joy and I were honored to be a small part of what good people do for good people. To help in the manner you and your family were helped by Marty, the Garcias’ and others, is truly virtuous. And to return that help with the action you took to allow Marty to have no further distraction, was courageous and noble. It is acts like these that will ultimately obliterate the evil of Miscavige, Lubow and the other thugs in their hire.
    Thank for your story, and may you and your family enjoy peace and happiness

    Michael and Joy

  49. mrinder,
    The scene you paint here is disturbing. But, when you look at the bizarre behavior from the squirrel busters, PI’s etc. Hummm

  50. I like to help people and I also like people that will go out of their way to help others. Thanks Marty.

  51. You are right Laura. They are a direct reflection of his “leadership.”

    Today there is more derision towards him and his church following their astonishing “Freedom Mag” responding to the New Yorker article (promoting people to revisit that article after 6 months of it being forgotten — I swear Miscavige would chase a shark that had bitten his leg off and jump in the water to try to poke it in the eye so he could satisfy his urge to retaliate). The Village Voice, New York Times, Huffington Post, Gawker all picked up on it today. ANd then someone sent out the OSA instruction for handling a radio station Tony Ortega appeared on TGO THE RADIO STATION — “Send them a letter that says X…”Dont listen to the show…”, “OSA Int is handling Tony Ortega.”

    These people are insane.

    POB is a world-class Suppressive Person.

  52. This is not true Michael. Restraining orders cost very little.

  53. The reality is this.

    A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) is free. It is granted ex-parte (without the other side being present) but then in order for the Stay Away Order to become a permanent injunction, there must be a hearing (usually within 15 days) where both sides are present and where witnesses can be put on the stand and evidence submitted. That can be expensive.

  54. These actions are being orchestrated by the religious leader of Scientology – “David Miscaviage”. Imagine any other religious leader behaving in this manner, it just doesn’t happen. The coward that he is believes he can get away with claiming no knowledge of these activities but he is fully aware and can stop it at any time as he micro manages and hates Marty amongst others. He’s like an infantile bad child throwing a hissy fit, is this the kind of religious leader you would follow? I’ll follow LRH but not this infantile retard who pretends he is, he’s shaming all the good of it.

  55. A remarkable story and demonstration of true caring. My admiration to the Lopez family, the Garcia family, Michael, Joy, Marty and all the others who made this possible; persisting in the face of tremendous counter-intention to see that those in need are helped. I’m blown away.

    On the other hand, it is hard for me to fathom the incredible depth of evil of a man who would bring those kinds of resources to bear with the only intention to stop help. The new lows to which he will go must certainly demonstrate his desperation and signal the nearing of the end for him.

    How does that line go? Tick tock, tick tock….

  56. Last but not least,
    Michael and Joy,
    Thanks for the aircover so the cycle could occur and your actions to KSW!

  57. Freedom used to be about exposing Government corruption and abuses of civil rights.

    Now its a filthy slim rag that makes the National Enquirer look like a literary journal.

    It now has sub-zero credibility.

    Worse than tabloid.

    Have you seen the hit piece they did on the New Yorker?

  58. Unbelievable article in the last link “The Working Theory”.I just heard from a reliable source that there are some people from Interpol on services at the Freewinds.

  59. CR:

    “Imagine any other religious leader behaving in this manner,”– Jim Jones. David Koresh. Warren Jeffs. Of course, the term “religious leader” doesnt really fit. Cult leader is a better descriptive for POB.

  60. +1. Cured Robot and Mike RInder all the way.

  61. RJ ~~

    There is a complete “disconnect” from modern culture.
    AT Int Base they live at the behest of a Tyrant slowly descending into utter madness.
    The INT Base orders do not understand current culture or how they are viewed as some kind of ghastly freak show.

    Miscavige has a kind of computation that the

    Biggest Bully wins the day
    He who is the biggest THUG, the fiercest meanest
    boxer will win
    He who yells the loudest, kicks and screams with more ferocity than
    anyone else will come out as the admired leader.

    After all…this is how he ascended to Power “the Leader at the helm”

    But the world is not INT Base.
    Stuck in his computations he is unleashing his Thuggery at the New Yorker Magazine, Larry Wright, Paul Haggis and all the whistleblowers.

    We shall see how he holds out his path of destruction…

  62. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Marty, the Garcia family, the Lopez family, Michael and Joy:

    If Ron were here, he would simply call you Scientologists. He would say what you’ve done is what Scientologists do. And it is.

    For anyone who’s been confused about what Scientology means, they have only to see your example to know.

    If the machinations and evil of DM’s “church” have caused anyone to lose track of what Scientology is about, or dragged them down into apathy or fear, or criticism or anger; if the amazing selfishness and hatred of DM and his minions has obscured what Scientology can do, take heart. These courageous and compassionate individuals, along with Independent Scientologists around the world, are not lost in the muck, but instead have shown us all that the best of Scientology lives.

  63. Marty did an amazing job as a pure LRH auditor with TEAM GINA! Thank you Marty for being there for us.
    Renere, Lubow’s photos of the 5 North freeway incident on 8/24/11 were emailed to over 500 Scientologists (my e-mail list), now they know how David Miscavige is spending their donations, buy PIs.
    Truth Reaveled!!!

  64. So let Micsavige replace them. Since it’s profit that is apparently driving people like Lebow to act in an increasingly dangerous manner, what happens if you effectively take that away by limiting the amount of time they can work for DM? Obviously Lebow is considered valuable to DM because he can’t just get any PI to do all of the unethical and potentially illegal things he wants of them.

    And you can get a TRO to be effective for some time.

  65. Wouldn’t surprise me if they end up being recruited for OSA 🙂

  66. Karen,

    That’s because he abolished the network that would have been able to predict which way “cats are going to jump”.

    Another smooth move by Exlax Dave.

    Besides it’s very difficult to observe when he has a 10 ft ser fac and he’s only 5 ft 2.

    Aside from the fact that he lives in a dream world where all stats are “straight up and vertical” because his staff keep turning the graphs upside down before he enters the room.

  67. You’re the man!

  68. I wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA was on the Freewounds as well to learn more covert ops. LRH was so right, 40 years ago and it still holds true. The ambition of fascistic world domination hasn’t changed a bit and the same institutions still use the same methods. The personnel may have changed a bit but the same group of international banksters is still pursuing their goal and almost reached it. They already got America to its knees with half its population on (il)legal drugs (through their psychiatry, Big Pharma and CIA), unemployed or overworked, broke or in debt, thrown out of their houses or maimed in a foreign war.

    The enemy Scientology had 40 years ago and properly recognized as such by LRH, is still the same enemy it faces today. World domination is impossible with a religion that frees mankind and makes people think for themselves. Those people seem to have buttons on slavery and actually escape domination no matter how many PI’s you send after them. They have the audacity to contemplate human rights and esoteric stuff like self determinism, kindness and happiness.

    The enemy of Scientology is the same one the free world or any free being faces. The bank (pun intended) almost got what it wanted but Europe kicks out Big Pharma, resists psychiatric drugging, investigates the pandemic rip off and refuses to play the economic collapse hoax, the national debt scams and other black mail, no matter how well engineered, forcefully implemented and successfully piloted in America. When our governments threaten hard ball the banksters immediately back down and buy themselves off….. here someone still cares about freedom…..

  69. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation Mike.

  70. What is Miscavige scared of? That someone might actually make some gains and get better from their counseling without his “supervision”?

    This extremely popular Blog is in part adversely affecting the Expansion of Scientology by pointing out it’s fraudulent Operations.

    This has nothing to do with Reason, or what is right, just or ethical.

    They want to take Marty & his Support Channels down, and to serve as a future Warning to others in the Freezone what will happen to them if they decide to mount an exposure-based, negative public PR Campaign against the Church.

    Pat Broeker was monitored by DM for at least 19 years after he left the Church, Mark Fischer for Decades after his Departure. No Expense was spared, as bi-monthly IAS extortion-based Rakings provide the Resources, thus no Costs incurred to the Church.

    The Intent is to drive him over the Edge, and cause it’s support-base to run for cover. His Eradication is the Church’s necessary Absolution of its evil Acts.

    The Solution is to flourish & prosper, and that is best affected by expanding the Freezone/Independent Field by Scientology Tech Delivery. Although exposing its Corruptions and Crimes is a necessity, standing up against or fighting the Church is a wrong target and a complete waste of Time. Even though Anon has conducted massive and wide-spread protests, the Church just keeps coming back non-stop. Fixing Attention on its Reform/Demise and Opp-terming them is not a workable Course of Action. Flourish and prosper is.

    Those who merely render Armchair mouthpiece support but don’t get on Course/Auditing are contributing next to nothing. Its pretty easy to run down a handful of Apostates, but nearly impossible to crush a wide-spread free Scientology network.

  71. Renere – so sorry to hear about your sister, still a young woman in my opinion. I don’t have words that could improve her suffering. She just has my very best wishes and postulates, as does your whole family. My mother lost a child (my brother when he was 21), so I have some idea how heartbreaking that can be. I admire the way you are helping your sister and mother and other family members in dealing with this.

    Marty – you are doing what a true minister is supposed to do. You are helping people in their most heartbreaking time of need – a time when we all need spiritual guidance and support. I remember what a “hill10” in was in the old days at the org just to arrange touch assists when someone was in the hospital – “what? Go every day!!!????!!!!” God forbid, the student points might go down if student auditors took off a couple of hours a day to help a sick person in need. You are setting an example – one that warms my heart – with your affinity and love for others, and your willingness to truly help.

  72. And Michael and Joy…….your support for these good works are what truly makes a “community.” People who know they can depend on each other’s help when it is truly needed. (My own “severe reality shift” became complete a few years ago when I was dealing with my own mother’s dying and instead of even understanding from my church, I was screamed at, insulted, degraded and it was demanded that I turn over to the COS all my money in order to stay in the group. Frankly, there came a point where I no longer had a church, where the whole concept of the COS ceased to be real to me anymore.)

    I know Michael and Joy (and Marty), that you will continue to be compassionate to others in need and that just by putting that compassion into action, you will rise up, way above, the cock-a-roaches jumping in the air, trying in vain to nip at your heels (am I comparing Mr. Leblow and cohorts to cockroaches? Would I BE so rude?…….uhm…..yes, I would be – ha).

  73. 1. That my church under the leadership of DM has stooped so low totally leaves me speechless. AND that so many people who’s intention is to reach for sanity are so hood winked & fooled by total insanity again leaves me speechless. AND that these people do not understand personal integrity or the concept that when you lay down with fleas you will most definitely be bitten by them. Contagion of aberration. They all are so fooled. My advice if you truly want to ensure your spiritual freedom, be true to your sense of personal integrity first. Attacking, harassing people, spreading lies, etc. Are not the mark of a sane, ethical individual who has personal integrity.

    This post is for those reading this blog who are still in the COS, GET OUT. Reclaim your sanity and integrity to a higher set of morals.

    Those of you on this blog, CONGRATS for making the choice to truly be free.

  74. Yesterday, I helped a buddhist friend who had arrived by car from Nova Scotia by picking her up in Barnet and driving her south to her family home in Manchester VT. Her father is gravely ill, dying of cancer.

    The trick was most of the east-west roads were gone. We had to zig-zag through the state.

    Giving us plenty of time to talk. And scientology always comes up. As it’s part of my life.

    At one point, while explaining how the culture within the SO and amongst many scientologists was one of yelling and screaming to get something done (erroneously thought of as Bait and Badger) — she asked:

    Which executives or higher level people did you admire and want to emulate because of their leadership skills. Who set a good example?

    Having never met LRH, he was not an option. And frankly, during my tenor at Flag there was no one.

    BUT — Yvonne Jentzsch — the head of Celebrity Center, I admired her.

    Yvonne NEVER yelled. She NEVER swore. The “f” word that flies so freely out of most scientologist’s mouth – I NEVER heard from Yvonne. She was immeasurably kind and would make house visits to a sick or bereaved public. She took care of her public AND staff.

    I believe Marty is showing a similar leadership quality (except for the swearing 🙂 — his care is obvious.

    THIS is why dmology will fail. Hopefully sooner rather than later but a culture that is built on fear, extortion, cruelty, mockery, division will not endure. It will fail.

    There is no human care to breathe life into it. Without breath a being dies as does a group, it just takes a bit longer.

    Count on it.

    To the Garcia family — you are a brave and kind family. Thank you for sharing with us your trials and victories and may you all enjoy happiness.


  75. Mrinder,

    You have inadvertently revealed the new OT IX process. DM, having done extensive research into just what makes a god and what makes for immortality discovered the essence of “ambrosia.” Ambrosia, being the food or drink of the gods which bestows immortality to any who consume it.
    DM’s research lead him deep into the jungles of Indonesia where he sat pondering the dilemma while sampling a local coffee that cost him a hundred bucks a cup. “Hmmm,” he murmured to the waiter, “what is this stuff?”
    “Kopi Luwak, sir, the most expensive coffee in the world,” said the waiter proudly bowing.
    “I know that, fuck head! I can read the fucking menu! What is it? Why is it so expensive? Gives me a little buzz. I kind of like it.” (Turning to his aide without AIDs, “Lou, order me a shipment of this stuff–it’s so expensive, no one will believe we bought a couple hundred thou worth.” (Turning back to the waiter, “Now, how is this shit made, asswipe! That’s TR3, you little turd. Answer me now or I’ll have your balls cut off. Then I’ll personally shove them down your throat–while my buddy Tom holds you down. From behind.”
    So, the waiter, trembling in fear, told the Great Seeker Of Truth the story of local civets being fed coffee beans and defecating them in great ceremony to provide the world’s tastiest and most expensivest coffee.
    “Lou!” The Great Wise One Shouted in a moment of cognition. “They’re getting a hundred bucks a cup for civet-shat coffee! Are your recording this? I need this on red and white by tomorrow. No! Make that ten minutes ago! We’re OT, we’ve got full control of time. No, fuck it, make it before LRH was born! I want full credit! Anyways, I’m worth more than all the life forms on this fucking planet! So, what would my shat coffee beans be worth? And the taste. Fuck! I’ve solved OT IX, X, XI, and all the rest. I’m going to manufacture enough personal ambrosia to clear the entire planet. All those cocksuckers will finally get who the most important being that ever walked this planet is! In a few weeks, I will have god-shat enough coffee beans to propel Scientology into the 28th Century! I’m a fucking genius. And let’s not just start with normal coffee beans, lets start with these really expensive ones. I’ll just eat them by the bushel and we’ll make millions! Billions! Hell, trillions!”

    Thus was born the most sacred level in the RCS.

    And, as often happens with apostates, misunderstandings and jealousies flourished. Vicious rumors spread. The True Founder never took a coffee enema in his life: he was busy producing the materials needed for the upper OT levels so his parishioners could achieve immortality. And, it will be coffee, not Kool-aid, that will be consumed on the final day.

    And, as is the case with all enlightenment in the RCS, the faithful who have completed OT8 are crawling, in fervid anticipation, coffee cups quivering, eyes rabidly focused ahead, crawling to receive their god’s gift of immortality from the true source of all his inspiration.


  76. one of those who see —

    A beautifully and powerfully written comment … I concur!

    Thank you, Marty, the Garcia family, the Fairman/Grayson family, and the Lopez family for your exemplary conduct. Rachel

  77. Since many new readers have appeared since it was published, perhaps, it is time to reread Marty’s post on Viktor Frankl. Exposed to the worst horrors of the Nazi concentration camps, Frankl came to understand that we choose our responses to life experiences.

    Honor, integrity, truth. love and all higher awareness are not dependent on physical circumstances and experiences. Consciousness exists between stimulus and response. We are able to choose our responses.

    There are decent individuals and indecent within every category of human beings. The truths of any subject do not protect it from those who are indecent.

    Nor do the lies of a corrupt subject proof it against those who are decent.

    Only those who are responsible can protect the truth. Only those who are responsible can bring about change.

    Compared to the horrors Frankl encountered, this stuff is…. Not to demean the stress, but to put in perspective the courage an individual can muster against even greater odds.

    You just have to admire the Fairmans and Garcias standing up. And all the others who have done the same.

    Bravery does not exist without danger. To truly be brave requires facing down danger. These morons are merely providing the baptism of fire required to increase one’s integrity and bravery.

    All of their nonsense is creating a diametrically opposed product to their intet. Instead of creating fear, they are creating the crucible for bravery.

    You could define insanity as continuing to apply a solution that does not solve the relevant problem.

    Not only isn’t the RCS solving its problem, it’s making bigger problems.

    Pure insanity.

  78. Yikes: — to the Lopez family!!! Sorry — overly tired from driving 12 hours yesterday dodging boulders and wiped out pavement.

    The Garcia family — you too are kind and brave as well 🙂


  79. Exactamundo!
    (Oooh! spell-checker doesn’t like that one!) – 😀

  80. Yvonne, +1000. I think the following video is how many of us feel. I think you would agree that we would never grant any support to the group that does such suppression of the free thinking people of earth.

  81. Well, Tom, he does sound a lot like a horse breaking wind…self-flattering flatulence that it is.

  82. One of the primary hurdles faced by Scientology Critics in the ’90s and early naughts, was that the groups doing the harrassing; ‘Friends of Religious Liberty’ and ‘Scientology Parishioners Committee’ etc. were indeed changing casts of characters and, for a public citizen, very difficult to tie to their masters, the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

    Thanks to the incredible stupidity of Squirrelbusters Productions LLC. that is not the case for Marty. I agree that he would have at least some difficulty showing that the actual author of the harrassment is the ‘Church’, but, he doesn’t need to.

    Marty could very easily get the original TRO, which could be issued not only against Squirrelbusters Productions, but also against anyone working ‘in concert’ with them, including any future changes in ‘cast’.

    But, even better, any hearing for a *permanent* order would be the perfect place to present the voluminous evidence (local newspapers; testimony of Bert Leahy etc.,) in open court.

    Compared to ‘free’, it might take a few or even a couple of thousand bucks, but, certainly not something the Independent Scientology community and friends couldn’t or wouldn’t gladly raise.

    And, one of the bonuses of a court hearing is that it opens Squirrelbusters up to *discovery*, which would at the very least be amusing enough to justify the investment.

  83. George M. White

    Excellent post. When I read Miscavige’s Bulletin in 1989, it did not contain “swears” but it was white-hot critical written in delusion, ignorance and confusion. I could imagine the swears. I am very fortunate because it was the signal to walk away.
    Much loving-kindness,

  84. Few things communicate quite as well as a good personal example. It’s a good product on a comm line, really.

  85. Scott Campbell


    I met you at a party a while back and was immediately impressed by your genuine kindness and interest in others. I’m glad that Marty was able to come and help you and your family.

    You are fortunate as well to have the Garcia’s in your corner. Luis and his family are truly shining examples of on-purpose Scientologists.

    I look forward to seeing your smiling face again soon and wish you and your family all the best.

    L, Scott

  86. Naah … that’s too simple. (joke.) Spot-on post. With correct tech we – as single individuals – are graced with the ability to actually help another who wants to, himself, care more.

  87. Nicely said Cindy
    Thank you.

    Eric S

  88. Michael, It is not as hard as you think. I attended a hearing at the request of local police as a witness for a person requesting a permanent restraining order. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced in Court. The victim was allowed to present in detail why they were requesting the restraining order and the oppressor was allowed to explain why he didn’t deserve to be restrained (justify his actions). The Judge called on one witness to clarify something. The Judge just had to be satisfied that the behavior of the harasser had reached a point where he needed to be controlled. Once he was convinced, the Judge did not need to hear more and no other evidence was requested and no other witnesses were called. He placed a 3 year injunction on the harasser, which included all forms of communication. The whole thing took less than an hour.

    BTW – The guy couldn’t help himself and violated it within a week. The local police arrested him and he had to go back to court (to see the same Judge.) Now that he had violated a court order, the Judge sentenced him to supervision by Probation and anger management counseling. After that, I think he got the point and stayed away.

  89. Fabulous, Cowboy — it’s a rap!

  90. My husband: “Miscavige would bitch if you hung him with a new rope.”

  91. To all of those that helped.
    It is obvious you did so because you care.
    Thank you for being there and helping.

    The goons do so because they are paid.
    Miscavige does so because he is insane.

    The increasingly aggressive and violent behavior surrounding Marty’s helping of others is one of the characteristics of a suppressive individual.
    “Helping others is an activity which drives the antisocial personality nearly berserk” LRH

    1) violently or destructively frenzied; wild; crazed; deranged:
    2) Scandinavian Legend . Also, ber·serk·er. an ancient Norse warrior who fought with frenzied rage in battle, possibly induced by eating hallucinogenic mushrooms.

    I can’t say about the mushrooms but the rest fits precisely into what we are witnessing here and that those that were a part witnessed personally.

    As Miscavige continues to fail in stopping help, he ramps up his deranged efforts.

    The expose’ of his criminal conduct seems to pales against his vitriolic reaction to you publically helping.

    I’d say the plan is working very well Marty. Keep up the good work.

  92. Renere, I send you and your family my prayers and best hopes for peace and understanding during this stressful time for you all. Yours was a great story. Thank you for taking the time to tell it with everything else now on your plate.

    Marty, as always, thank you for showing and living your love for your friends. All the Garcias, Michael, Joy, Renere, and all the others in SoCal who helped with this expedition, you guys rock!

    David Lebow, Lebeau, Leblow, Lebow, Lebull, Lepew … desperate much? How many points do you have left on your driver’s license, dude? How much longer before you have to use a fake license just to get a rental car?


  93. Link to latest OSA foot-in-mouth bullet, reported by Tony Ortega.

    First-class, OSA! (are you TRYING to supply the FEDS more evidence for the eventual RICO trial against you??)

  94. Watchful Navigator

    Great points Erwin and RJ –
    David Miscavige has become the planetary SP’s best friend:
    *trickery and deceit – ignored by the government agencies – used to illegally extend LRH copyrights using “ALTER-IS” (the only – probably accidental – brilliant application of LRH tech) so as to guarantee continued harassment of reform groups who attempt to rescue the subject
    *selling out to ELI LILY (for an “undisclosed sum”) giving them carte blanche to drug America’s children without church interference (CCHR activities confined to minor annoyances)
    *taking the alarming rise in child drugging and converting it to IAS donations from concerned parishioners – turning a sizable portion of those donations into attacking all attempts to get the show on the road outside of his orgs, as well as just plain EXTRAVAGANT inurement (EMBEZZLEMENT)
    *falsely, brazenly, positioning in a 2009 church event, the top freedom-stopping agency on the planet – the CIA – as an “ally” in their use of stolen original OT levels IV-VII in their “remote viewing” program in the 70’s (the CIA was already using PDH/Black Dianetics in MKULTRA and this was of great concern to LRH)
    *using the media organ LRH put there for cleaning up the advancing corruption on the planet – FREEDOM Magazine – to defend self against whistle-blowers on his own corruption, ignoring 3D and 4D engrams hastening the downward spiral
    *retaining attorneys with proven, lifetime loyalties to suppressive government agencies and besides taking their advice at every turn, paying them millions of parishioner-donated funds to support them (bribery!)
    *guaranteeing that no one really goes full OT in the church – hoarding the original OT levels and LRH notes, while the old-timers die off and mostly young, rich, untrained pcs who toe the party line, only get anything resembling Standard Technology – and even then only up to a point where reversals of Scientology are then run (altered NOTs and over-run FPRD interrupting NOTs in the no-interference zone)
    *avidly helping create that dreaded “slave society” LRH warned of on the Study Tapes, of an audited (but untrained) elite (ricos), by effectively shutting down LRH training to all but those Cl V staff sent away and forced to endure Flag’s “enforcer” version:


    *reversing and destroying the only subject capable of effectively detecting and discharging mass mind control and hypnosis, guaranteeing that the coming police state is effectively unopposed. “Radical Corporate Scientology” is a very apt name, indeed.
    *continuing his 30+ year cycle of declaring, banning, RPFing and harrassing, any opposition to his evil dictatorship, ruining lives, breaking up marriages and ruining families
    *making Scientology, the supposed subject of “Total Freedom” so resemble fascism that confirmed, dedicated fascists smile on it and even show up to participate!

    Mankind hasn’t had a truer “friend” since top Rockecenter depopulaters, (HES) Henry Kissenger, (OES) Dick Cheney and (PES) Bill Gates (starvation I/C, war and violence I/C and killer-vaccine I/C, respectively).

    Meet Mr. David Miscavige. Rockecenter Power FSM. Usurper and destroyer of LRH’s legacy. Worthy of the RJ67 “top 12 on the planet”. Continually making help equate with betrayal. So blatantly evil in his own corruption that he has accomplished every one of the top SP objectives against Scientology without CIA payoffs or even a good PDH.

  95. http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/31/scientology-strikes-back-at-the-new-yorker/
    From the NY Times. Lil Dave once again makes a fool of himself and the corporate church. He’s made $cientology a national joke.

  96. J. Swift,here’s another quick video of the COB “handling” a situation….

  97. I agree. LaBlowJob might not be that easy to replace, he being more dirty than your average PI. But, in any case, it maybe a good strategy to get TROs against some of these people as the occassion arises. Since Labow travels around following Marty, it would at least establish an official record that TROs have been requested against him in various jurisdictions.

    I can also see that sometimes it may not be worth the trouble, though.

  98. top of the vale

    From Ron Paul’s, LIBERTY DEFINED he writes:
    The noble lie is anything but noble. Plato may have given birth to the noble lie concept in THE REPUBLIC in 380 BC, but it has survived the centuries.
    Adolph Hitler took he concept of the noble lie into something even worse. In Mein Kamph, he argued that if government made their lies “colossal,” nobody would callenge the notion that anybody could deliberately make up something so far from the truth.

    Here are some of the ideas that permeate the neoconservative philosophy.
    * The elite have a responsibility to deceive the masses.
    * Rulers are superior and have a right and obligation over those who are inferior.
    * A cynical use of religion is important for delivering the message to a compliant society, arguing that this prevents individuals from independent thinking.
    * External threats unite people; fear is a necessary ingredient for success. According to Machiavelli, if an external threat does not exist, the leaders must create one.
    * This unites the people and they become more obedient to the state. Neoconservatives argue that this is in the best interest of the people since individualism is basically evil and the elite must meet their obligation to rule the incompetent.
    * Religion, lies and war are the tools used by the neoconservatives to suppress individualism and fortify a ruling elite. These views in various degrees and on certain issues are endorsed by the leaders of both political parties. This is why individualism is under constant attack and why the philosophy of the Founders(FOUNDER/LRH) has been so severely undermined. Neoconservatives will always deny they believe in these principles(part of their noble lying) since it would blow their cover(DM’s is already blown).
    * They actually do the opposite, claiming title to super-patriotism, and anyone who disagrees with their wars and welfare schemes is un-American, unpatriotic, non-humanitarian, against the troops, and on and on.
    We can easily see the similarities to DM’s realities….as unrealistic as they are

  99. Right. And the Respondent was not represented by a lawyer hired by the Church of Scientology. Nuff said.

  100. OnceUponaTime, now that the secret COB Levels are being leaked, I can share New COB OT XV, a highly confidential level that takes place only on the Freewinds:

    New COB OTXV is the Secret Midnight Exteriorization Process.

    New COB OTXV’s confront and accept the need to fully exteriorize to help COB Clear the Planet of Scientologists who have run out of money and so can no longer serve COBIAS (COB and IAS are one, hence: COBIAS)

    Accordingly, in a secret ceremony at midnight far offshore and in international waters, those invited onto New COB OTXV sign a contract that, “releases CST, CSI, RTC, and all other Scientology organizations and corporations, from the effects of the 100% Standard New COB OT XV Rundown.”

    In the highly confidential “Sack Rundown” New COB OTXV’s are placed in weighted burlap sacks which are sewn shut with heavy-gauge nylon sail repair thread. These Nw COB OT XV’s are then overboarded from the stern of The Freewinds and fully exteriorize within 30-90 seconds at depths from 100 to 300 feet. Just before full and irreversible exteriorization in total watery darkness, the EP is realized: “I am a fuck up who failed COB.”

    Note: SO and Staff over 50 years of age or in bad health automatically qualify for the Sack Rundown. The Sack Rundown is guaranteed to fix all of COB’s problems with nattery ethics particles and potential PR problems. New OT XV is the End of Endless COB Tech.


  101. Latest RCS self-inflicted disaster coverage in the Village Voice:


  102. Excellent Once Upon.

    Bravery doesn’t mean there isn’t fear or danger. It does mean, as you say, the ability to ability to go forward, with persistence in spite of fear.

    Sakyong Mipham says that the first form of bravery is “freedom from deception” and the second form of bravery is “abruptness – the willingness to leap beyond our habitual patterns.”

    And the third category is vision. “To live life with bravery, we need a game plan, which cannot be based in shallow inspiration or lukewarm conviction. It must have genuineness that stems from deep internal wisdom that is constantly radiating forth.”

    Clearly those of us who frequent this blog, contribute seem to me to be exceptionally brave.

    It is my hope that soon — many more will stop deceiving themselves and start to break free from the blinders …


  103. Mike, he’s not wrong about his paranoia. This is one thing he is right about. I find that a lot of common citizens hate DM. My ex-mother-in-law gets mail from the CSI orgs and she said to me, without me saying a word about anything to her: “I actually can’t stand seeing him in all of those photos. I hate him”. I recently talked to an associate and told him I worked for CSI for years. He said “That Miscaviage guy is an asshole, isn’t he?” There are a few more people who commented on him to me.

    DM is propbably the most reviled person in the world right now. That’s his product, not ours..

    ML Tom

  104. Great summation, you’re name makes fully sense. The only inaccurate sentence, the last one, is where you give Davey any credit. He had his first PDH TL in 1980, just before leaving the hospital and his great cognition that power is assumed.

  105. J Swift,

    If it weren’t so heavy, you could rehab exteriorizations from death and get good case gain I suppose. But, hell, for a COBIAS OT XV, nothing should be too heavy–even current death. Just another process in confront.

    Maybe, that’s what the Master of Theta meant about Objective Processes.

    Says the Apple-box Boy, “Hey, OBJECTIVELY, you’re going to die anyway, so why not just give me all your assets and I’ll speed you along. OBJECTIVELY, I’m the Big Thetan. What better way to worship me than the ultimate sacrifice. Love is sacrifice. And the less of you fuckers sucking up my precious resources on the planet, the better for me.”

    I hear that for those whose relatives still have a few grand lying around, a person can get a Mark 32 Silk Sack, just $5,000. No better way to luxuriate for eternity than in the finest silk.

    Immortality is one thing. But, hey, what “immortality?” An immortality of suffering? An immortality of low-quality experience?

    Nah, I’ll want an immortality of the finest silks.

  106. Under orders from a dolt that Ser Facs on ‘use the suit to harass’ all the way to the point where the only harassment is of Scientologists trying to practice Scientology.

    Dave, ‘all horses sleep in beds’ is an idiocy, but nothing compared to what you’ve got going. Inverted inversion – aberration of aberration.

  107. Karen,

    Interesting exposition of his possible computation. The big bully theory.

    It’s revelatory that in Aikido, maybe the most spiritual of all martial arts, one is taught that the true Way of the Warrior is Peace and Love. A true warrior does not seek to harm or destroy, but to lift up and enlighten. One’s strength and power does not exist in force and energy but in what precedes these.

    The judicious application. The proper estimation of effort and effect necessary.

    Perhaps, Dave will one day learn the lie of his methods and become an enlightened warrior.

  108. Scott Campbell

    Good news Mike.

    This could knock out the keystone that supports the entirety of the Church of Scientology.

    And what a fine end it would be. Finally, the C of S would be held accountable to compensate it’s workers for their labors and the parishioners could see the scope of betrayal that has been perpetrated on those most dedicated to the religion.

    Thanks for staying on top of this, Mike. You do us all a great service with your contributions toward C of S reform.

  109. Windhorse,

    Swearing is a lot of fun. One can be put off by the “offensive” nature of swearing. The horrible or “crude” concepts brought to mind by swearing. Sex–yuk!

    But, some of my most enlightened friends take great delight in swearing. The spirit of play. The humor of juxtaposing what can be comfortably rejected. The base versus the sublime. The data of comparable magnitude placed side by side without resistance.

    just because a low-toned individual engages in an activity does not make it bad. There’s a scale of swearing that parallels the emotional tone scale.

    Political Correctness be…uh, darned. Squeamishness can just go take a flying…uh…fork.

  110. Just Me,

    No points against his license. Just a bunch of “equipment violations.”

    Speeding tickets? What speeding tickets? I don’t get no stinkin’ speeding tickets!

  111. WELL DONE, MIKE!!! Hope that the RCS in Australia has to pay back everyone. Gotta love the Aussies! 🙂

  112. Speaking of delivery, a new OT I and another completed on OT II this past week. Another full steam ahead on the Solo and heck, another several rolling along on the LRH only materials of NOTs. (Two new Independent Scientology checksheets for both the NOTs Co-audit and Solo.)

    Speaking of NOTs, for any who have experienced Dave Tech ™, and didn’t care for it, the LRH materials are available and with NO withhold on the full body of work so you can separate out that Dave Tech ™ gibberish and grind, and inval and cancellation of what LRH referred to as the ‘ideal’, the ‘best’ and such like, technique of those materials. The one Dave Tech ™ ‘cancelled’.


  113. Second that on Michael and Joy 🙂

  114. You’re a funny fecker Mike. Yep, funny as feck. Fecking funny.

  115. Well done OnceUponaTime — you utterly missed the trees so focused you are on the metaphors.

    Just to somehow make it more clear — it’s AGGRESSIVE behavior, as in shouting, yelling, make wrong etc that my seniors and I’m betting your seniors were engaged in which made them NOT people I could admire.

    Yvonne however was a senior I could admire.

    If you think I am someone who cares about political correctness, you’ve missed me by a mile.

    If you think buddhists are against sex — your first paragraph — you obviously have never heard of tantra.

    I’d be interested in meeting your enlightened friends. And wonder exactly what they think is spirit of play.


  116. Michael, There were no lawyers on either side. Even if there were, there is no criminal charges or money at stake. You have been advised by law enforcement to get a TRO. The harasser would still have to explain why he thinks following the person around, hitting them with his car, etc. is justifiable. All that you are after is that the guy(s) stay away from you. Having a lawyer may just sway the Judge against them and demonstrate that protection is needed.

  117. Thanks Gary.

    I did nothing other than comment on it after the fact.

    I did tell Senator Xenophon when I saw him in Australia that he would be better advised to avoid targetting the religion and any sort of broadside attacks and focus on the money — the regging, the IAS and what they do with the money. It’s traceable. It’s got nothing to do with “beliefs.” And it is the underlying cause of a lot of the abuses. Perhaps most importantly it leaves no room for the RCS to respond with “this is religious discrimination and bigotry” which has been the downfall of many efforts to reform.

    Whether what I said to him has had any bearing on what has happened subsequently, I don’t know. But they do seem to have focused on the money aspects more.

  118. Jim — as an aside — did you ever receive those OT Hatting Tapes I sent to your academy several months ago. Never received any kind of ack.

    Which isn’t particularly funny, just kinda rude.


  119. WH,
    Well , if you recall, the return address was not on the package, but I DID ack you on this blog. If I didn’t then I’m properly scolded. If I did, then what the feck?


  120. WH,
    Before you get your lentil pea shooter aimed, the ‘feck’ thing is from Father Ted. I earnestly recommend this series for the utmost fecking goodness. Mrs. Doyle, she’s fecking hilarious too.

  121. Never saw an Ack but I don’t necessarily read each and every comment.

    So — great. Ack accepted.

    Hope they are being listened to and enjoyed.


  122. WH,

    Your response tickled me. One can enjoy a metaphor without missing the trees. One can embrace so much in one’s experience but choose to comment on simply what one pleases. That another speaks of the beauty of the sunset does not proscribe my speaking of the grit of the sand.

    I know buddhists are not anti-sex, from personal and grateful experience.

    If I were to assign attributes to you, a yearning for political correctness would not be on the list–even in my wildest imaginings–and my imaginings can be wild indeed.

    Almost everyone wants to meet my friends. Emily, a friend I commented about a few posts back concerning profound ponderings during the evening walks into a room and all eyes, male and female follow her. It’s amusing to watch. Like parting the Red Sea of consciousness. To be in her presence is a religious experience. And sensual. And sexual. And fecking fun.

    The spirit of play precedes manifestations of that spirit. It is like saying, “I wonder exactly what they think is theta.” Theta is theta. Theta perceives theta. And we can perceive the creations of theta, of spirit, of soul.

    But, the creation is not the thing. The painting is not the painter. The book is not the author.

    Our German friends just left and the Louise was filled with a spirit of play: her eyes light up with wonder and amusement and calmness. No subject is out of bounds. Cleverness is at a premium and valued. Imagination, creativity and joy of experience win points of admiration. And she’s model grade pretty.

    As for admiring others, I admire all beings, just because I can. I don’t need to get caught up in their frailties. I have my own. I don’t need them to be successful or productive or “important” or beautiful to earn my admiration. We all go through cycles. Some of the grandest beings you’ll ever meet aren’t doing jack this lifetime. The author of the Tao might well have gone unauthored if myth is to be accepted, so would he still be worthy of our admiration?

    So, everyone who posts or doesn’t post is worthy of my admiration.

    But, if you will excuse me, I have trees to cut. Winter approaches. Fires will be built. Marshmallows roasted. Conversations had. Metaphors bandied.

  123. Jim,

    Some believe me feckless, indeed. Do I deserve to be fecked if I have no feck to offer? Can I feck another if I am feckless?

    So many mysteries in life.



  124. WH,

    Wise words. I sometimes marvel at the bravery to merely exist in the face of all the forces and conditions which makes living “inharmonious” or “suffering” or whatever one wishes to categorize these things.

    To stand in the fire and smile.

    To love in the face of madness.

    To leave words and formulas, dropped as garments at our feet, and walk forward as naked souls.

    Not such a bad thing, bravery.

  125. Congrats on your comps!

  126. I did tell Senator Xenophon when I saw him in Australia that he would be better advised to avoid targetting the religion and any sort of broadside attacks and focus on the money — the regging, the IAS and what they do with the money. It’s traceable. It’s got nothing to do with “beliefs.” And it is the underlying cause of a lot of the abuses.

    Correct target.


  127. Just You,
    Rapping is ethnically impossible for me. My mother would never let me do those backside spins. She was always afraid my spurs would scratch the floor.

  128. martyrathbun09

    Ice T said rap and country are basically the same process; only different neighborhoods.

  129. “church” falling apart here, nothing to see. ’nuff said

  130. Superman reporting in

  131. Watchful Navigator

    Thanks Erwin
    I guess that comes from my HCO Justice staff days. “Always give the benefit of the doubt.” (not that DM’s IJC uses that datum in the least!)

    But that datum rings a bell – I’d seen it somewhere and forgot it (oh no! I’ve been PDH’d!)

    “Power is Assumed” – boy that implant reads several ways correct, Dianetically speaking:
    1) as a cog about “how life (and power) works” – you just “assume it” – better grab it while you can, boy!
    2) as a command towards the unreality of power (nothing is real – it’s all “assumed”) – works as a great justifier: “I’m not really abusing power after all! – that’s only ‘assumed’ “)
    3) as a brag like, “Mission Accomplished!” – “Power Assumed!” – “I Have Arrived!”
    4) with a paranoid slant (“people around here assume I have power”) – even has a missed withhold flavor to it

    Maybe some other ways that this one works, for those who think like an auditor. All of the above seem to fit DM’s mode of operation quite well.

  132. To refresh your memory:
    The implant works best for the banksters who couldn’t get a grip of Scientology any ohther way.

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