Obstruction of Justice

The following is an excerpt from one of the nearly three dozen anti-Independent sites operated by the “church” of Scientology (aka Radical Scientology or Corporate Scientology).  It constitutes evidence of mafia-like tactics  currently being employed by Radical Corporate Scientology under the direction of its leader David Miscavige.

By way of background Mike Rinder and I have been scheduled through airline reservation for some time to visit Los Angeles this week.  The only reason we are going is to meet with targets of Radical Scientology’s mafia-like tactics and their lawyers.  The only purpose of  the visit – which is an uncompensated week of our time- is to assist targets of Radical Scientology to receive JUSTICE in the forums for such constitutionally established in our democratic Republic.

Here first are some explanatory notes of the excerpt: Where it notes that at the end of May I am going to Los Angeles with Mike Rinder, that is in reference to 31 May when Mike Rinder I are scheduled to fly to Los Angeles.  That information would be obtained by the cult by their access to airline reservation computers; and no where else.  The reference to a “friend” in New Jersey is a thinly veiled message that Radical Scientology knows that Mosey and I met with Hy Levy (New Jersey resident) in NY City just over a week ago.  It also serves as a cover for Radical Scientology’s continued illicit use of airline reservation computers. Hy had no idea Mike and I were going to Los Angeles.
The reference to disappointment because someone wanted to do an “interview” again – that is a direct threat to repeat what they did last month at my home with four Cult members attempting hold me at bay at my own front door – https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/04/18/miscavige-shock-squad-hits-casablanca/.
Note, they note they will have to visit Mosey (Monique Rathbun, my wife) whom they know will be alone by virtue of their access to airline computers. Please also note the lewd sexual allusion.  They recently sent a dildo addressed to my wife at her work address.
The allusion to “interviewing” Mosey “alone” is a oft used tactic by Miscavige – “every time Marty leaves, send thugs in on his wife, and step up harassment just before he leaves in hopes he doesn’t leave and thus arrive at his appointments with justice.”
 I am making this report in advance of anticipated harassment to my home and family expected and threatened sometime between 31 May and 3 June.
The following thread is from the Cult of Scientology’s website martyrathbunblog.comm, Spy Corner section where tidbits of my movements, along with sick embellishments and creations are included, to send a message that BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING
Minerva says:

If you know of any squirrel plans or movements, share the info with us.


    ex-independent says:

    I recently bumped into an old friend of mine in New Jersey who recently met with Marty Rathbun. He mentioned that Marty and Rinder are going to be out in Los Angeles at the end of May. Anyone know what that’s about?


      Mark says:

      Anyone know what day they are going? I can take the same plane. LOL.


        Squirrel Buster says:

        Shit. I was going to go down to Texas to interview the Rat again. I guess it will just have to be done with Mosey.

Arnie says:

Interviewing her should be fun. Plus the dog. The two of them together should put on as good a show as the Rat.
What happened with the complaint? Anyone know.
Maybe should take a placebo microphone in case he’s been training her up on how to cause criminal damage.


    Squirrel Buster says:

    We will. We have one shaped as a . . . you know what. She’ll find it irresistible.

Our attitude about all this?  It’s summed up in this little ditty:
It’s not real to me
therefore he doesn’t exist
VAMOOS, Son of a Bitch!

336 responses to “Obstruction of Justice

  1. Tony Dephillips

    These insects are sick.
    I salute you Marty, Mosey and Mike.
    More donations heading your way.

  2. Stay the course. You are steps ahead, always. Truth and justice will ALWAYS prevail.
    And hallelujah to that.

  3. I hope there’s a vigilante posse available to surround your house and wait for their visit. The words, “Get a rope!” sound mighty good right now.

  4. That reference to Jan Eastgate’s arrest, from the last column’s comments, makes me think it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’ll bet there are OSA directors all over the world who’ve covered up stuff like that.

  5. Mosey,
    Give me a holler if you need an Amazon woman armed with a baseball bat.

  6. What charming people DM has working for him.

    Marty, I hope that someday, in some way, you will take a walk and happen upon DM walking alone, without his retinue of sycophants…and then let him know what you think of his harrassment of your wife….in the pugilistic, gentlemanly fashion of old Texas.

    The little ex-cameraman tinpot dictator has it coming.


  7. Marty,

    These KoS flying monkeys are breaking laws of the land and Justice is being applied to one of their Freedom Medal winners for obstructing Justice.

    “One of the Church of Scientology’s most senior figures, Jan Eastgate, has been arrested and charged in Sydney.

    She has been charged with perverting the course of justice, in relation to allegations she coached an 11-year-old girl to lie to police and community services about the sexual abuse she suffered from her stepfather who was a member of the Church of Scientology.

    Eastgate is the international president of the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights, an organisation founded by the Church of Scientology that campaigns against psychiatry.

    She was awarded the church’s Freedom Medal for promoting human rights in 1988.”

    “Jan Eastgate, the head of the church’s “International Commission on Human Rights” which attacks psychology, has been charged by NSW Police with perverting the course of justice.” http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/scientologist-charged-for-intimidating-alleged-sex-abuse-victim/story-e6frg6nf-1226066045613

  8. An Entity that screams for Religious 1st Amendment rights.
    “Ministerial Exemption”
    sends ANONYMOUSLY a vulgar Sex toy ~~ a Male Penis (dildo) to Mosey.
    as harassment.

    The vulgarity emanating from a “church” boggles the mind.

    “Religion” indeed.

    Isn’t it telling that on the very day Jan Eastgate, Freedom Medal Winner gets arrested for covering up Child molestation, Marty posts OSA/PI dirty tricks (which will rollback to Miscavige) that includes sending his wife Mosey a Dildo and threatening to visit her when Marty is out of town.
    Hiding sexual abuse while mailing a Dildo to an innocent woman portrays
    the mindset of Miscavige.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  9. Seems like the church should, in no way, have access to your flight plans.

    Am I wrong here or is that a more serious issue from a legal standpoint than just being morally wrong?

  10. becomingAware

    I’m sure Mosey can hold her space just fine but I find it illuminating that the robots talk it up big about picking on your woman. I’m not studied enough to have any LRH references quickly to hand on this behavior. My father raised me to respect people, particularly women. Apparently the same didn’t happen with the leader of the robots nor the robots themselves. They are so caught up gloating how clever they are being in their dirty little children’s game that they do not see what their actions say about themselves.

    If I can be of assistance let me know.

    David Lingenfelter

  11. Impartial English Girl

    UTTERLY disgusting. What I find most offensive are the comments about Mrs. Rathbun and the sex-aid. How dare they?! I am sorry – but their comments are almost rape-like. Sick b*st*rds. Fortunately, Mrs R. and Miss R. (Chiquita), I’m sure, are capable of taking care of themselves. But what sort of a diseased mind sends a rubber c*ck to a lady at her workplace?! I left my church (Church of England) some years ago – and I’m racking my brains… but; nope:- short of an enquiry after my welfare, that was it. No adult toys, no harassment, no world-wide persecution. Zilch.

    I offer three words of advise to the lovely Mrs. Rathbun: “Grab”, “Twist”, “Pull”. (Apologies to all you innocent boys out there 😉 ).

    And, although it goes against the grain for Jazz-dog (offering anti-male persecution advice to a lovely young canine lady), in the case of DMWeasels he suggests the following to Chiquita: “Bite firm. Bite hard. Bite often.”

    And as for the DMWeasels calling Mr. Rathbun and Mr. Rinder “rats”? A compliment. Rats, despite their generally-bad press, are EXCEPTIONALLY intelligent, clean, and loyal to their own. Better to be a rat than a SquirrelWeasel.

    Keep going Mr. R. The darkest hour is just before the dawn, you know. 🙂 x

  12. How stupid can these guys be to actually DOCUMENT their dirty dealings on a website???? It just goes to show you that even the meanest, vilest creep IS actually good and will do his best to get caught and/or cave themselves in.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Your Daddy taught you well. As you can probably imagine, I could write a book on Miscavige’s family alone. But, I don’t go there – because I am not like that little twister sister.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Well put Karen – it is hard to imagine the minds that hatch this stuff.

  15. Marty,

    You know, Marty, I think you’re making a pretty big assumption that it’s me they’re referring to.

    Maybe you have LOTS of “friends” in NJ and you met with ALL of them recently. Also maybe you’re also going to Bar Harbor, Maine, Atlanta, Ga as well as LA, all at the end of May.

    Well at the time, when we were in an open plaza in NYC, when you said they were videoing us, I thought you wre slightly joking, but I guess you were right. But next time I want better billing than “a friend in New Jersey”. I want star billing, 24 point type and please spell my name right. It is H-Y L-E-V-Y.

    Also, to all the OSA trolls monitoring this blog, next time you see me somewhere, with or without Marty, why don’t you screw up your courage and come up to me. Oh, I know I’m a pretty scary character, all 5’2″ of me. But be brave anyway. I’ll be happy to talk into your camera. You may not like what I will say, but that’s your problem.

    You know Marty, these guys crack me up. They’re not even up to 1.1. Is there a place on the tone scale called “covert timidity”? Maybe next time I’ll bring my own camera, film myself, then send them a copy. They’ll get better sound quality that way and can get their story straight as to what I said or didn’t say.

    Your Friend,


  16. It also goes to show you that OSA are more interested in “proving” to Dear Leader that they are “totally backing him up” than they are doing anything effective or useful. This is put up on that site so Dave can read it and chuckle and then pat Warren on the back with some slight praise (as in: “you are not the worst SP on my lines.”) — either that or Dear Leader himsefl dictated this off for them to do as he thinks this is really smart and he is constantly showing everyone how things are done “right.”

    I think he is going to need a few more videos with him name attached to them.

    Maybe they can quickly put one together about how David Miscavige is making the internet a safe place for one and all. Or perhaps “David Miscavige: Champion of Child Abuse” er… “Abused Children” (typo).

  17. Hy — “covert timidity”. Phrase of the day!

  18. Marty,

    This is more appropriate to the last post, but I am afraid it will be missed there as things have moved on to a new subject.

    However, I was sent this quote today by a dear friend and it is SO appropriate to what is happening on this blog and the outpouring of postings yesterday that I felt it should be shared with everyone.


  19. A certain well known singer from the days of old CCLA and beyond. Her son, Tony, is serving apparently a life term in Florida for sexual abuse of his 2 step-daughters.

    OSA tried to get the then scientology wife to back down.

    She didn’t and off he went. She’s been out since then. Don’t know her name.
    This was circa 1990 or so.


  20. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, appropriate for today’s too, in my view.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Hy, you got us rolling over laughing.

  22. Hallelujah

    Well, OK!

    As for my own comment, I have now watched the movie: “The Lives of Others,” as recommended on this blog. I see how much we are now living the lives of others.

    However, take heart! The last line of the movie is: “This (book) is for me.” It is such an acknowledgement of ethics change and good deeds.

    So we carry on, doing what it is our very nature to do. Marty, Mosey, Hy, whoever, all you every have to do is call on one of us — or all of us — and you know you have our total and complete backup! L, H

  23. Mike Hobson

    There is surely a place for you in stand-up comedy – and with Davie McSavage and his Keystone Kops wanna-bes, you will never lack for fresh material!

    Keep keeping the faith!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  24. Thank you, Marty, for highlighting the latest stupidity coming from Miscavige and his dogs.

    I made my first tentative enquiry about the Church in January this year. Within a few weeks – I was out!

    I was horrified to discover what scientologists who had left the church had to say.
    I was horrified to discover how non-scientologists had been treated by the Church.

    Very quickly, it dawned on me: the Church was sick, and had fallen into disrepute – and by its own hand! It was generating its own trouble! After that, spotting the Who was easy.

    Since then, it has been heartening to discover that true scientology exists independently of the church; there are old friends and auditors, the bridge, lost tech, levels, and a full appreciation of LRH.

    There are also wise and clever non-scientologists who understand the situation, because there’s historical as well as contemporary precedent. The Church is far from unique, it’s the same old, same old – slavery. There’s no sense of the Church trying to mend its ways and come clean and above board, and be different.

    Scientology liberates! It’s a joy to say it.

    Yes, the whiff of truth and freedom is still here: it will blow away the Church from Hell.

    I am extemely happy to give my support to you, Marty, and all the Independents.

    Richard Kaminski

  25. Marty, just wanted you to know that if my position were different, I wouldn’t hesitate to stand in your stead and be there to ward off the sadistic criminal elements while you are out of town. Mosey deserves better! We ALL deserve better than we get.

  26. I had never seen this quote. Perfect.

    Marty – as you know…. Have Mat Will Travel.

  27. Howard Roark


  28. Howard Roark

    This is welcome news. Perhaps there will now be some F@cking justice, because the Cof$ justice system in non-existent.

    CCHR – you don’t need to look far to find human rights violations and abuses in the field of mental health – East several blocks. And in Hemet. START.

  29. Tony DePhillips

    Covert timidity!! LOL! I knew that LRH forgot one on the scale. I mean he did say that absolutes were unobtainable.

  30. Tony DePhillips

    Matt…the secret weapon!!!

  31. Marty,
    This is a real life example of what you said in your last post, “Over the past two years every slightest disagreement between Independents has been mercilessly trounced upon by OSA agents in attempts to drive wedges, alloy affinities, corrupt loyalties and turn brother against brother and sister against sister.” Clearly, these guys assumed you told Hy about your trip and tried to make it look like he had betrayed you. What better way to stop the Indies than to convince them, they can trust no one, pull in and go away. This makes me love my Indie friends even more!
    Secondly, why would anyone be stupid enough to mess with Mosey? Her kindness and care for others is a weapon like the church has never seen! How do you make yourself look like the coldest kind of life form and all kinds of stupid? You attack someone like Mosey! It still pisses me off but, I know Mosey will be ok. She will always be ok. ml, Laura

  32. and Wham! The vector is reversed. Who is spying on who, Minerva morons?

    I find that particular blog incredibly helpful. Along with the “Freedom Mag” article, and the other anti-independent roboto-blogs. But the Minerva blog especially.

    Why? It is because it is so obviously 1.1 and pathetic. The whole blog just reeks of snideness. It is like reading the worst of the Hollywood scandal sheets- except it is only mildly funny.

    Look at how unoriginal the blog is. It is an exact-reverse mirror of this blog. It is humorous to watch, really. Marty posts something, Minerva posts the anti-post – same wording in some cases, and same theme. Lower-toned mockery indeed. Inability to create. Can only reflect theta and pervert it, not cause any themselves.

    Ask yourselves: WHO IS CAUSE HERE?

    The particular comments Marty is noting are threats, pure and simple. I am sure Marty and crew know how to deal with it. I know how I would.

    Imagine the tone level of people like that. No matter who you are, that is disgusting.

    For those of you at OSA and for those in the background who are wondering which side is the real deal:


    Minerva and the ya-yas? Are these people your fiends? Are these the folks you hang out with and would want to have over for a few drinks and a few laughs? What would you laugh about? Pulling the wings off of flies? Tying firecrackers to a cat’s tail? This is EXACTLY the tone level of people who do these things. These are not Scientologists.

    How about Tommy Davis? How about John Allender? I have been a Scientologist a long, long time, and these are the kinds of guys I would avoid when I was on course – except that these guys were never on course.

    And you know what? You DON’T have to put up with it any more, because your bridge is secure. It is actually MORE secure in the hands of my friends here than at the so-called Mecca.

  33. Yes, but Mosey isn’t a human being. She is an “ethics particle”, a “suppressive non-person like Hitler and Stalin”. — I wonder at which point some decent person with an SP declare in his or her hand, and these days only decent people get them awarded, will take this so called church to court over libel. — Could be rewarding: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation#Record_awards

  34. Joe Howard

    Haz Mat, you mean, Amy. I realized that one of these days the OSA bots will show up to harass Marty or Mike and out from behind the trees the PIs, et al are going to be in for a nasty surprise of their own. Maybe not this trip, but at some point there will be enough Indies living in a locale . . . and you know that LRH pretty much left the field alone to do what it is going to do. I doubt many Kool Aid drinkers want to be immortalized a la John Allender & Co.

  35. theystolemychurch

    This really makes me mad.

    This is the same “church” that forbids “sex thoughts” and masterbation….. yet they send dildos??????? Assholes. It is obvious, even from an outsider that dm is a pervert and pushes it down the org board to “use” it against others….. rapists in the making.

    I would love to come and stay with Mosey anytime you go out of town Marty. I would love to answer the door when they ring…. I love my little baseball bat~ Great protection from assholes. ~Wendy

  36. Sam, I’d choose you everytime! Louisville sluggers don’t need to be used, just shown. I think Mosy can handle herself pretty well. Love, Sarge

  37. Sam,
    That doesn’t seem to be cricket! 🙂 There are also some non-lethal physical deterrents: http://www.itaser.com/

    This does not rely on your batting skills or baseball batting average.

  38. Grasshopper

    Do you know what the most beautiful thing is? It is that the law is on our side, and it is catching up with these criminals. The best 6 foot high fence is the one surrounding the jail house!

  39. The antics of Miscavige and OSA are as juvenile as his shoe size. Sending Mosey a dildo, and the comments on that website, seriously? But then what do you expect from a “church” that covers up the sexual assault of children?

    The C of S can buy up all the sex toys they want and stay busy sending them around the world, while others work to help the victims of the oppressive group known as Radical Scientology.

  40. Grasshopper

    Yes – I saw those videos. WTF? Incredibly desperate. It is truly silly. (btw, I am posting from my iPhone – a little different!)

  41. Marty, The more I think about this the more ‘Sudden’ I get. What I don’t understand is how these ‘scientologist?’ justify their actions as having anything to do with LRH’s Scientology. These people are criminals plain and simple.
    DM has created a whole network of perverted thugs. Luckily the only power they have is fear. I know you aren’t afraid! I know Mosey isn’t afraid! DM should be! Love

  42. Grasshopper

    Oh my God! Covert timidity! My sides are literally hurting from laughing!

  43. Tony Dephillips

    Yes Grasshopper. 🙂

  44. Here is a quote from LRH I just happened across, this is from a tape, 6001c07 Inability to Withhold

    “Knowledge then, is determined by one’s ability to control, which is determined by one’s ability to be selectively capable of judgement, which is to say responsiblity. Responsibility is selectivity in the exercise of judgement. Judgement, one uses judgement if he is responsible. Of course, he can be responsible without having used judgement, and so the selectivity exercises in handling judgement, whether it’s good judgement or bad judgement or no judgement, and so forth, this is responsibility. ”

    Apart from exercising NO Judgement, these idiots are completely unable to withhold their stupidity from the world. I am afraid they have a very long road ahead of them….

  45. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    sarge and Sinar,

    Come on guys, you know girls just wanna have fun!

    Batter up, Sam! 🙂

    Gotta love a “Louisville” girl!!

    “Peanuts!… Hot Dogs!… Torches!…”

  46. “Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are “no results” or “bad results”.”

    “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High
    Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

    REISSUED 15 JUNE 1970
    Keeping Scientology Working

  47. It is very illuminating.
    How’s this:
    “…Even beyond the fathering and bearing and rearing of children, a human being does not seem to be complete without a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. This relationship is the vessel wherein is nurtured the life force of both individuals, whereby they create the future of the race in body and in thought…”
    L. Ron hubbard
    DM has a history of targeting the 2D (evidence abounds – won’t get into it here).
    Included his general attack is the deliberately perverted basic definition of the 2D (as found in the LOC books).
    Ergo DM has targeted the 2D for attack with the intention of destroying the life force of the individuals involved, thus weakening them and making them more prone to defeat. It’s quite effective when it works.

  48. After watching the St. Petersburg Times videos I thought “if there is violence at int, there will be much more hidden crimes to reveal”. At the moment I feel very sorry for all the mislead scientologist who have not yet seen what an utterly disgusting person David Miscavige is.

  49. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    It does boggle the mind that DM can get away with SOOOOO much criminal and spiritual (is there really a difference in his case?) reverse-achievements! His BlackRodent Tech has his under-thumblings begging to please him (so that he can permit their continued Bridge-to-Nowhere) by doing whatever crosses COB’s (Char-Man of Blackness) mini-mind. This last “Eastment” event will hang DM for eternity. All evil power brokers are fallen by their staff or cronies. Jan is just another nail.

    Davey, You KNOW how I feel about WHOLE TRACK SPs like you, don’t you?

    More Torches, Please!

  50. ‘M’
    (I know you’re lurking)
    Our friends are not those who know and have seen the truth for themselves but are waiting to see ‘which side wins’
    You’ve slipped into ‘Enemy’ territory and I for one know of your silence.

  51. mrinder, nice quote. Wishing all a lovely Memorial Day.

  52. Marty, Mike and Mosey, these are some sick, sick, sick and slimy folks.
    If you need anything let David and I know.

    Love you guys

  53. Barney Rubble

    These guys are such sick fucks. This reminds me of an incident I will never forget when I was ordered by an RTC Exec long ago (OSA you can’t trace this one back because the RTC “Exec” is long gone) to Sec Check a very high church exec/OL. I was instructed in a face to face meeting by this RTC person, to find his High Crimes, and to get all of his sexual abberations. Esp. find out what dog’s he is f–ing. The RTC exec for some strange reason was focused into dog’s. Note this exec I was about to Sec Check, was never into those activities. Truth be told this IS the mind set of the C of M regime, and has been since about 1986, when you know who took command.

  54. TroubleShooter

    Marty and Mike, Here’s to great successes on your trip!

    and Mosey, you’re in a position all right but you’re not alone 😉

  55. thanks for posting about their dirty operations and what sound to me, delusional threats.

    Acting high character contrasts their low character, and sharing their crappy deeds, allows others to advise and support you.

    Sidenote, for info, Jan Eastgate WON’T be attending this year’s IAS event:


  56. The fake blog is really…weird. It violates unwritten, but understood, Internet etiquette in many different ways – slander about the private lives of people, direct threats for the purpose of causing fear, and more. It is the job of the moderator to remove these kinds of posts. I can’t see what Policy of Tech they are using to post such offensive material on the Internet? Can’t they see that it only supports what the critics of CoS are saying. Why would anyone looking for spiritual healing want to associate with a Church whose members blog such offensive material with the apparent support of Church leaders?

  57. It seems to me that these characters are crossing state lines in what could be construed as various form of crimes even if only harrassment or conspiring to do that or something else. This puts them in FBI jurisdiction. If one wants to avoid detection, the best way is to buy the ticket at the last possible minute. A little more expensive….the cost of avoiding spies.

  58. Cured Robot

    Infantile!!!! This is what you brats are putting your attention on, grow up and look around you, get on point, this world is in dire need, aberration is bountiful and you are simply adding to it. Take your time, money and effort and do your job of “clearing” the planet of people in real need. Marty & Mosey are not the fire you idiots… you’re so off source is not just laughable but an embarrasement. Look next door and around the world to see the reactive mind in play, no need to give details, you know what I’m talking about… handle that. Marty is not the murderer, pedofile, criminal you hope he would be…typical wrong target of your dear leader. Tell him to spend the parishioners money on what counts. This of course will never happen which is why so many of us are out and growing in volumes, we refuse to be guided by idiots such as the likes of Allender making a complete fool of himself as dictated by the likes of DM, another Dm puppet, fool!!!

  59. Here is something for y ou:
    18 U.S.C. 2261A Interstate Stalking (1996; 2000)
    2261A(1) makes it is a federal crime, punishable from five years to life in prison, to travel across state, tribal or international lines to stalk another person. The stalker must have the intent to harass, or intimidate the victim, or to place the victim, a family member, or a spouse or
    partner of the victim, in fear of death or serious bodily injury.

  60. Barney Rubble


    Are you talking about Amanda’s son? If so, he was on the Apollo and had similar problems way back then.

  61. Yvonne Schick

    Thank you for dinging that one in.

  62. Marty,

    This is one of those posts that left me shaking my head to the point of experiencing whiplash. This sawed-off psychotic, dm, needs to be locked up in an isolation cell.

    “The small man thinks that small acts of goodness are of no benefit, and does not do them; and that small deeds of evil do no harm, and does not refrain from them. Hence, his wickedness becomes so great that it cannot be concealed, and his guilt so great that it cannot be pardoned.”
    CONFUCIUS, The Wisdom of Confucius

  63. Yvonne Schick

    Now I wonder who might use a male sex organ as his calling card???

  64. Yvonne Schick

    Love the MLK quote.

  65. Yvonne Schick

    I hope you can feel the spiritual hug I’m sending you. : ))

  66. Marty, can’t those comms be considered threats, in the legal sense? It seems to me aside from the degraded idiocy, there must be a legal line involved somewhere there.

  67. Gary
    I’ll take a torch over here!.


  68. TroubleShooter


    Nice work metaqual…good data! and oh Snap!

    Kinda makes you want to say BRING IT doesn’t it?

    Then again it is osabots so they probably WILL!

  69. Sam,
    Spot on.

  70. Covert timidity, HAH!!!
    Right around Expressed Dementiament.

  71. Talking of threats. Here’s one aimed at Indies:

    “Variator says:
    May 30, 2011 at :

    Talking of parties, I hear that their this years 4th July party is going to be real fun!!

    Say no more; say no more! Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.”

  72. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    And populated with child abuser-haters, Grasshopper! 🙂

  73. Grasshopper

    Exactly, Sue. Hence my comment that the blog is helping us rather than hindering. Who would support these people?

  74. Yes

  75. Where I live, you can hire a sheriff’s deputy, who is off duty, but in uniform and carrying a taser and a gun for relatively cheap. I would not leave my wife alone to be harassed, without such protection.

    I also would be getting escort on the other end (in L.A.) and would keep a camera ready for any encounters.

    Is harassment legal in Texas and in L.A. ?

    I believe that some federal law was violated with what was sent to your wife.

    I’ve seen your videos and believe that you have plenty of evidence to file lawsuits, to win, and to collect punitive damages. It is just a layman’s opinion but I used to think it was out-ethics to allow people to be out-ethics.

    Since the golden age of bullshit, copper rods, and a plethora of more insane bullshit, I am not sure what to believe except that your rights, many of them, are being violated and laws are being broken and there is no reason or excuse to put up with it. Their
    criminal shit needs to be stopped and punished and the ATF and FBI and US Army need to free the prisoners in Hemet.

  76. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    DM IS afraid. That’s why he is doing all of these scum-bag projects of his. It’s like his whole beingness is on fire and he’s trying to put out the fire by pissing on himself. Phew!!

    Shorty’s got to go!

    Love back, Gary

  77. SaveTheTech

    You’re spot on Tony, sick insects is right. I sent a little bit too… not a lot, but enough to buy a case of cockroach spray…. I can see M & M are on a mission to LA and the midget is trembling.

    M & M are keeping the lights on for us and I am doing my bit to help the cause…

  78. Ahhh… yes.

    Somewhere, in some dark room, are a couple of morons trying to figure out how to put their microphone into a dildo, laughing insanely and slobbering and hunched over their work.
    And then apparently, they are planning to poke this thing at Mosey when she answers the door. And they don’t think for a moment that Mosey is likely going to document the whole thing.
    Imagine how “spiritual” this is all going to look at their trials.

    Well guys, if you are going to go down this road, you had better take plenty of rope, for you sure as hell are going to “hang yourselves”. And I would strongly advise that you stay away from any buses for a while.


  79. Not to mention how they’ll feel when Bowie, Crockett and Louisville Sam finish with them.

  80. It sure seems to me that it would be illegal … airlines take great precaution in securing passenger info on flights … especially after 9/11.

    I would think Homeland Security would also be interested in the airline information/reservation system being infiltrated & used as part of the Church’s spy network

  81. Uncle Buck

    Looking at “Minerva/Joes” site I have to ask are the participants all between the ages of thirteen?

  82. With these statements right out in the open, meaning exactly HOW corporate Scientology under the leadership of D. Miss Cabbage® it is hard to imagine the Church of Scientology could be mistaken for an actual church.

  83. Barney Rubble

    Yes, Tony Abrose.

  84. Metaqual:

    Life in prison? Honey, send me a copy of that book! (LOL) And may the good lord send some radical Scientologists to my home in violation of:

    18 U.S.C. 2261A Interstate Stalking (1996; 2000) 2261A(1)


  85. Suppression is Suppression, no matter what little dictator it comes packaged in — the BANK is all the same — only individuals are ORIGINAL.

    ” allegations arose in an Amnesty International report, published weeks after the March 9 protest. It claimed female demonstrators were beaten, given electric shocks, strip-searched, threatened with prostitution charges and forced to submit to virginity checks.”


  86. I agree with WW. Especially that Allender dude. I wonder how he will like sharing a cell with BUBBA after he is charged and jailed for stalking a fine Black woman like Mosey. These kind of crimes don’t go down well in prison.

  87. Thanks, Metaqual! I knew stalking and harassment had to be illegal as hell…spot on!

  88. Watching Eyes

    Reading the excerpts from their blog/web site/whatever it is was revolting. To me it reads like threats to harass and intimidate. Also, considering that others then piled on their agreement, comments, ideas doesn’t that make it a conspiracy to harass and intimidate? Seriously.
    I’d be calling the FBI and turning all the info over to them.

  89. Scott Campbell

    It’s interesting to note how “slimy” the flow of the “What are they up to now? communication is.

    Clearly the intent is to characterize Mike and Marty in a bad light, but the thing that is most telling in the communication is the unsavory innuendo regarding Mosey.

    The beings perpetrating this kind of criminal harassment are obviously in the condition of “Only One”:

    From Dn & Scn Tech. Dictionary, “Only One”

    “3 . you can look at any person who is being dishonest or who is upsetting his environment or who is getting people into trouble all the time. You could look at that person and the actuality is he has no reality on his fellow man. He doesn’t know they live. That’s a very low-toned thing we call “only one.” And when they get into that then they are able to do most anything. All criminals are in this bracket. (ASMC 2, 5506C03)”

  90. Yes, Sam, this is a very astute observation. One of the very first things I saw on the internet that made me realize how off track the “Church” was, was reading the affidavits on the internet in court cases of former Sea Org members detailing enforced abortions and enforced divorces. There were some very heartbreaking stories. I never thought about why DM would do this, but “the intention of destroying the life force of the indivduals involved, thus weakening them and making them more prone to defeat. It’s qauite effective when it works.”, COMPLETELY INDICATES as his why for doing this. It is another method of breaking people down and isolating them and making them feel ALONE with no allies. This protects DM from one spouse revealing DM’s overts/withholds to another spouse, and forming a group against him, although small, that would do something against jor about him, even so small as an agreement that he is evil. It is an extreme ENFORCED DISCONNECTION, disconnecting the person from his/her spouse, and in effect, DISCONNECTING THEM FROM THE SECOND DYNAMIC ALTOGETHER. It is a form of the old adage “Divide and Conquer”. This one he has down pat, and seems to be a master of.

    Jim Logan, your story with Annie Broeker was one of the worst that I have read, I do not recall where I saw it; here on this blog, or on the Internet, but found it heart-wrenching. It made an impression on me that is hard to forget. I hope that somehow you have resolved your charge on this.
    Much love, Catherine von Ach

  91. Wow, Richard, you learn fast! You’re going to love the Bridge, as it is easy to see how quickly you observe and assimilate data. Well done, and WELCOME to the group. Let us know if you any help or directions to good auditors/training. There are many here involved with these resources! Flourish and Prosper, Richard, and happy Memorial Day!
    Catherine von Ach

  92. Thanks Barney for this story. Very revealing into the minds of these sicko’s. How disgusting is it to manufacture what you WANT a person’s aberrations to be BEFORE you Sec Check them, especially an aberration like sex with dogs? The fact that this went on such a long time ago and that you were ordered to do this to a very high exec/OL by an RTC rep makes me want to puke. That was probably the exec’s real crime: he/she was an OL. They seem to hate OL’s, when it is not them. I had no idea the perversion of the tech was so long ago, or so high up. It makes me ten times more glad that my son is out of their technical clutches. ANYBODY SUBJECTED TO THEIR PERVERTED TECH IS AT RISK! FOR THEIR SANITY!!!!! For current “church” members to actually pay for this kind of auditing is absolutely the scam of the century, perpetrated by CON MEN.
    This makes me ten times more than before, want to get the word out faster! We don’t need any more mental abuse of these Execs that actually want to help Scientology, and the public who think they are paying for the real thing! This kind of perverted auditing introverts PC’s and can cause psychotic breaks! Instead of making PC’s more sane, they are making them more aberrated! God, this pisses me off! Thanks again for the data, Barney!

  93. WOW! GREAT DATA! HAVE YOUR CAMERA WITH AUDIO READY, MOSEY. You could copy this and put this on your door, so they could be forwarned what law they are breaking and the penalties!

  94. Karen,

    I so agree with every word you’ve written.


    As you know these people are very *sick* individuals or more accurately bottom feeding scum suckers.

  95. I did not realize the “Church” had sunk to such a new low. As they say in Texas, DM is lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut! Wow, there is no reason left at all, just pure dramatizing psychotic reactive mind!
    Mosey, I would be happy to stay with you while Marty is gone. For a period of time, I was a licensed security officer, (think my license is still in effect) and it bothers me that you would be staying by yourself. I am only a few hours away. I know that you very capable of taking care of yourself, but nobody should be subjected to these thugs alone. Seriously, it would be no problem. Just let me know.
    Much love, Catherine

  96. Mike,

    Personally I think the only videos Miscavige’s name should be associated with are those that have a XXX rating and are shown in decrepit Video Salons usually through a peep hole.

    Something with a title like “Davy Does Scientology”.

  97. Tony Dephillips

    Every little bit helps these guys. Marty, Mosey and Mike are carrying the load. Help both with donations if you can fellow Indies.

  98. Chuck,

    Don’t know.

    She might be able to attend if it’s in Oz and she’s still out on bail.

    Who knows they might even give her another “Freedom Medal” before they haul her sorry ass into the slammer.

    Jan is such a fraud covering up for a pedophile while pretending to give a damn about human rights.

    Jan if your reading this,

    I’m so glad you didn’t find many of us fit enough to be on staff CCHR Int.

    It would have been such a personal embarrassment having worked for someone like you.

  99. Sapere Aude

    Barney and Lady Minn,
    The fixation on predetermined outcomes to sec checks, fixation on the 2D and the use of “perverted tech” to enforce their insanity has been shown many times. Just today I read a heartwrenching story. I was ready the story on Steve’s site on Jan Eastgate – http://www.scientology-cult.com/miscavige-crony-arrested.html

    There was a reference to a witness from this incident of criminality. The witness was Carmel Underwood, whom I had never heard of. Her story of insanity in sec checking, “justice”, etc fits right there with the same type of people that post on the fictional blogs about Mike and Marty.

    If you have the stomach for it then read the story.
    June 22, 2009 – http://www.scientology-cult.com/miscavige-incompetent-manager.html

    June 23, 2009 – http://www.scientology-cult.com/witch-burning-in-scientology.html

    It appears that subversion of tech and any idea of humanity isn’t reserved for SO orgs. It clearly shows the attempt to change one’s sanity. This is criminal in intent. Reading the details shows how easily one could have been forced into an induced psychotic break. This didn’t happen with Carmel – only because she is one tough lady.

    Clearly, the world will wake up to see this for the insanity it is and actions will occur to stop the abuse of human rights and restore dignity to all concerned. The blackness in the heart of those who commit such actions is clear for all to see. Sure glad I don’t have to travel the road to freedom that these people will have to be on – if they ever make it.

  100. Jan Eastgate covering up for a child molester because it would hurt Scientology’s PR is just the tip of the ice berg.

    As I mentioned in one of my original “Little Dickie – Bedtime Stories” that I posted some years back – while in the Sea Org I knew of baby molesters, child molesters and adult rapes and they were all covered up and never reported to the police.

    The cult mindset is that the PR and survival of the group is senior to EVERYTHING else.

    In the policy “Keeping Scientology Working #1” LRH says that it is bank think that the group is all and the individual is nothing. Every time I ever read that it bothered me because that is the “think” of the Sea Org.

    Bank think will never create a safe and sane environment which is why the Sea Org is failing and will continue to fail.

  101. Just for the record – I have since spoken to the authorities (including the FBI) as well as earlier uninformed parents of the victims (where appropriate).

    The cult mind set and insane moral code of the Sea Org and radical Scientology have left me forever.

    Yes, I would like others to have similar gains to mine!

    * For those that are not Scientologists, that is the question one is asked every time they complete a Scientology course or auditing action.

  102. I sure appreciate the example of taking the high road, folks and the risks attendant thereto. Thank you.

    Who the heck is intended audience for this stuff? I know they CAN’T let onlines, in good standing folks read this. It does seem more appropriate to a pervert collaboration.

    Bruce Pratt

  103. Marty,

    If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you brief the local police in Texas and give them a heads up on what you expect. You know the rest of the drill, document the harassment, call 911, etc…..

    If someone thinks they are going to intimidate Mosey then they have never met her.

    Those fat bellied mamas boys should be glad it was you that sent them scurrying away from your door and not Mosey. LOL.

  104. It will hurt in dm´s black hole to be in jail.

  105. No worries!!! I am WELL PREPARED! 😉

  106. Let these robots taste some girl power!!

  107. scilonschools

    I still smile when i think of Mosey’s letter/email reply to the Fu**** up (sorry sometimes you just need words like that!) Church when she was declared ‘Not Clear’ by squirrels whose only version pf ‘clear’ is total submission.
    That to Me was one of the first real High Points on this blog, seeing family/friend bonds stronger than the false worship of DM.
    I feel ‘sorry’ for any Goon squads that put themselves at risk trying another stunt.
    Have a great and succesful trip to LA all!!!

  108. I would also love to wait for these bastards…….

  109. becomingAware

    Yes it has long been a coward’s way to get to a man.
    Coward – a person who hides behind others so as not to be hurt; a person afraid of others and what they might find out about him; a person that cannot confront the truth; a small fearful person; a person that must bluff and intimidate others to get compliance as he cannot do so by other means; a person without honor, without morals and without courage; a person that desperately must have power but does not deserve nor has earned any; must be worshiped; must have an audience; must be surrounded by others that will kiss his $@#; must remove self-determinism from those in his environment so they not a threat to his little self.
    The above definitions are from my personal unpublished dictionary and may apply to someone some of us have had the unfortunate experience of knowing.


  110. 🙂 I just bet you are!

  111. Theo Sismanides

    Most disgusting! I think we send them all some dildos too, so they get some relief! I guess they have been suppressing too much there on that dynamic. Covert Dreaming Davey! Dream on boy! And get a bit of charge off man because you are acting weird!! Reeeeeeally weird now! Get your act together Davey, you are losing it!

  112. Great work documenting all this in a public forum. It mustn’t be pleasant being the tgt of such drivel, best wishes for your LA visit, kick a bit of Cof$ butt.
    Tic tock Davey boy, your times they are a changin…

  113. Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, etc, would never rat on their peers.

  114. Also, forgot to mention, Eastgate is psych product anyway, exposing Bailey and his mob has a flip side, it bought her a ticket to an alternate hell. It’s intersting what goes around comes around – motivator time Jan, take your medicine.

  115. If ye got nothing on them, you can always drive them PTS, and then stay on the trail of their mistakes until you have something. Even God would have a hard time winning …

    I have never looked for nor seen these other blogs, and its highly unlikely those looking for the inside scoop on CO$ would be dumb enough to get tripped up thinking its your site. More so as this thread’s topic indicates, just another volley designed to irritate you personally and its readers. Another bone thrown … cage-rattling … plain and simple. Its hoped that done in volume from every imaginable quarter, one day you’ll go into succumb mode.

  116. Marty, you are quite correct to describe this as a veiled (or maybe not so-veiled) threat against Mosey. I hope that you have reported that site to the FBI, because it is illegal to use the Internet to make threats against people.

    Also, please make sure Mosey has a video camera charged up and ready to go so that she can record any unwelcome visitors. This is outrageous and disgusting.

    I would also like to add to Davey boy, aren’t you in enough trouble already? The arrest of Jan Eastgate in Australia wasn’t enough for you? You want to see more Scientologists go to jail for carrying out your will? Way to go!

  117. gern gaschoen

    It is my opinion that they are very stupid, or else they’d be commenting here, communicating openly on the very forum they are ‘fully aware about and, have analyzed per LRH, and are therefore attacking as an enemy of Scientology’.

    I know you are reading, so I will ask you this question, across the void:

    What are the International Statistics supporting DM’s claim to faim?


  118. gern gaschoen

    >What I don’t understand is how these ‘scientologist?’ justify their actions as having anything to do with LRH’s Scientology

    I often ask myself this question, and the best I can come up with is LRH’s warning about cleared cannibals, and how we really must heed the training and processing balance between producing a Clear on his way to OT, and someone cleared, who then goes on to do devastating things.

    Next time anyone encounters these guys, ask them this: Got WDAH’s? And I don’t mean Solo.

    I am of the opinion that those currently in charge of the Church structure and resources tend to dramatize the valence and case of the direct society from which they are borne, and in my opinion currently, on the American continent, it is that of selfish consumption in the face of catastrophe.

    They’re doing nothing about the abuses in front of them because Marty and Co. are a pretty good red herring for DM’s purposes, which is, to maintain power and control over LRH materials and its application at all costs.

  119. gern gaschoen

    If I know Jan, she will survive this issue, somehow, intact. She does have a sense of justice, still, I think. If she has committed the crime, let her do the time. And, while we’re at it .. what other crimes does she know about?

    Maybe, a few years from now, we will see what else she can do for Scientology.

  120. gern gaschoen

    This is evidence of an internal struggle, and the efforts being performed to maintain control. It is my belief that there is MUCH conflict within the Church 3rd dynamic, about what is going on.

    They behave as they do, because there are other things ‘too gruesome’ going on in their lives which are being used as a control point.

  121. gern gaschoen

    I worry about Mike and Marty traveling together. This violates security policy.

  122. Howard,
    I agree with you, that there is no justice in the church. IMO, there are no ethics either. LRH says Tech can not go in until ethics go in and ethics is reason. To me this is the reason for any out tech. Ethics should be used as a tool to help people inprove conditions in their lives. The outcome should be positive. Currently, “ethics” are used to punish, control, harm, nullify, mislead, etc etc. Peoples personal lives are micro-mis-managed, not for the good of the person but, to maintain the status quo. There are many more stories like this Jan Eastgate one just waiting to be told as a result of these mis-applications of standard ethics. I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting year! ml, Laura

  123. I did a little reseach on the web site above mentioned
    compared to the Real Marty`s web site. Results:

    The real:

    The fake:

    The Cult of Scientology’s website martyrathbunblog.comm is worth $583.74 worth

    Compared that with Marty`s Real Deal $67,646.02 worth

    If you were to research the other docens of fake sites like that one created at the behest of David MIScarriage you could pretty much find the same results or worst because that seems like their “Flag” site.

    Theese sites have:
    Fake comments.
    Fake identities
    Fake domains (they don`t legally belong to them)
    So everything is FAKE

    This all boils down to NO SUPPORT. There is no genuine suport of their propaganda and thefore have to resort to FAKE tactics like this which for anyone with a little bit of web site know-how, can be detected right away.

    The “Church” of Scientology is a dead.

    Probably David MIScarriage is aware of their FAILURE but then that shows he is DESPERATE.

  124. This incident is likely one of many that the FBI is investigating as part of a much larger case against the CoM and Miscavige.

    The CoM no doubt has bogus “travel agents” who are abusing their access to the international flight and passenger database system (aka SABER).

    If these abusers were caught just once, it would likely cost them their license and a hefty fine. If they were caught abusing it on a regular basis at the direction of others (e.g. Miscavige and his lawyers) in order to spy on and harass people, they (and these others) could easily face prison sentences.

  125. Lucy James

    So despicable!

  126. I noticed too that all the “time stamps” were removed from the posts. This was likely done so as to hide the fact that all the posts were from the same person, posted one right after another using fake names.

  127. Hey Sam,
    You’re going to bring the Louisville slugger to play baseball, right?

  128. If ever there was the perfect motivator for manipulating the Simon Wisenthal Center to present their Human Rights award to Tom Cruise (a stunt aimed to salvage the PR of the church) here it is.
    This was a heinous crime owing to the fact that Tom Cruise supports a man who is guilty of the very same human rights violations as the Nazi war criminals Simon Wisenthal dedicated his life bringing to justice.
    Now we have the arrest of the leading Human Rights advocate in the ‘church’ for violations of those very rights.
    These two anomalies are now juxtaposed to create the perfect glaring out-point.
    What goes around comes around DM – in most cultures or religions kharma is a basic fact. To state it more simply; every additional crime you commit in an attempt to cover up the mess you have made is going to backfire. It’s a lose lose scenario.
    Best option; bow out now with what little dignity you have left before you are fully cornered and exposed as the cowardly criminal you are.

  129. Here are two articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

    Article 16
    “(1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.
    (2) Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses.
    (3) The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”

    Article 18
    “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. ”

    Here are a couple of lines from the Creed of The Church of Scientology:

    “That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance.”

    “That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist and support their own organizations, churches and governments.”

    “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

    And this from the Constitution of the United States of America:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    Just as Jan Eastgate is finally being brought to justice for her crimes, so too will every single one of you OSA bots and OTA’s who are breaking the codes of your own “church” by harassing beings of good will.

    For God’s sake, LOOK at your actions! Confront what you are actually doing. Confront the person you are committing these crimes for.

    At some point you are going to have to own up to the justificatons you are using to commit these crimes. You will have to face up to what Miscavige is actually doing, and your part in those overts. Some of you will will have to suffer the justice system since you and your own group have failed to keep ethics in on yourselves. Do the world a favor and face up to it NOW.

  130. Yes. To follow the thought out to it’s logical conclusion is a scary thing to confront.

    On the other hand, it eventually all comes to light here on The Blog.

    Get your TR’s in! Welcome to the party, Tintin!

  131. Recently Steve Hall described the extent of the departure from reason and decency that those persons who closely support DM have taken. It is into the necessity to do the steps of A-E – as an actual remedy for the acts they have committed. This website, as lame and puerile as it is, is on the other side of the line of distinction between Two Types of People. These souls writing there, the few that are, are reversed and as entheta are on their way out. And not soon enough.

    Clear up the playing field of hackers, cheaters, can’t doers, and those ‘beings’ that should have stayed with managing a capibara body instead of this failed foray into human form.

  132. You need to contact your lawyer to find out if you have grounds for a restraining order, or for taking discovery to find out against whom a restraining order should issue. I would also suggest that you inform your local police department and/or sheriff’s department that (1) one or more harrassers have illegally obtained your travel plans and (2) they have made veiled threats against your wife in your absence. They may be able to step up patrols in your neighborhood. This also will help draw a line in the sand so when the thugs show up the cops have an idea what’s going on.

  133. Vigilantism helps no one. Having a group of friends to act as a defensive shield and video documentation unit, on the other hand, is a great idea.

  134. Billy Jack,

    That’s all fine and good. You wanna pick up the tab on that deputy patrol? If Marty did this every time he went out-of-town, he’d be broke in no time. At some point in time, people have to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and …. the PHONE, and call the Police. The number is 9-1-1. It works, I’ve tried it.

    Video camera on stand-by at Casablanca Tejas? Their video coverage is legandary, so put a check-mark on that one.

    Are laws being broken? Inter-state violations? Harassment? and more?
    SURE!!! Old news. Getting those laws enforced in the next problem. Rare and hardly used “laws” carry some “instruction” with them when it comes to enforcement of them. In my town, I had to get a Police Acadamy instructor to tell his officers that yes, criminal trespass IS something that can be enforced, and as a Property Manager, I CAN enforce that right! It’s very unusual, and they kept defering to the J.P.’s office and constables. Not anymore! But I had to speak from authority. And I did.

    Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk are two different things.
    Trust me… Marty is walking the walk just fine.

  135. Totally agreed!

  136. Now we know!!! Look for “DM” engraved in copper inside the battery case…

  137. …And a way to ensure that we don’t come back and kick his ass!

  138. 😆 Yes! Make the video FOR them. Great idea!

  139. Jim-

    The sophomoric lewdness dramatized on the ‘Minerva’ web site provides insight and clarity about the cindered soul of the Dear Leader. If these are authentic individuals ‘Birds of a feather …’ is germane.


  140. Oh yeah!

  141. I think it’s meant for the evil purp-etrators.

  142. Got a spare one for me, Gary?

    Not those of the type carried by the Medieval armored knights on horseback the of the IAS – I’m particular that way.

  143. That’s just plain slimy and 1.1 all the way…

  144. Marty – what a pathetic bunch of bozos masquerading as the crème de la crème of Radical Scientology. You have tremendous patience with these clowns. I salute both you and Mosey.

  145. Most of the OSA execs I know would never ORIGINATE sending a dildo. There is only one mind that came from – David Miscaviage.

    ML Tom

  146. DF- These Radical Corporate Scientologists have a real corner on stupid.

  147. The physical universe has a built in communication lag. A delay. Einstein noted this in his Theory of Special Relativity but mis-defined ‘time’ and from an interiorized into MEST view comes the rest of the theories. Kant noted that perception via a body was a barrier to knowing and so he kouldn’t. He too was interiorized.

    Both of these brilliant minds, didn’t know what their mind actually was. They were stimulus-response in that the knowledge they gained was at effect of MEST. Their knowing depended on MEST and thus was a response, to the stimuli.

    L. Ron Hubbard postulated a Static as the source of MEST. That theory proved to open the gates to rehabilitation of the spirit, the Static, and its native state of Cause. That provided a means to Knowingness that lies above the receipt of MEST communication, with its built in communication delays (the fastest of which are in the area of electromagnetic radiation – light – as in both Einstein and Kant’s attempts).

    OT is a state of awareness of one’s Causitive nature. Knowingness at Cause, and without the comm lag of ‘time’ as in physical universe particles relaying messages, is a much different thing than that one gets at Effect and can only respond to, not be cause of.

    The difference between this blog and the imitations is apparent. This one manifests Cause, the other responds. That the other is a dramatization of a spiral to the lowest depths of Effect is apparent in the Tone Level of the responses.

    These latest, repugnant, responses coupled with the breaking news of Jan Eastgates mix up with the lower reaches of the Tone Scale DM and his ilk dwell in, are the evidence of the death throes of DM’s entity, his ‘church’.

    The higher road, moving on up, leaves the lowest reaches incapable of even an exchange with beings at those higher Tones. The ‘terminals’ are too wide in potential for any flow.

    It’s a fact: DM’s group is that low. It has NO cause possible, being at complete effect and as witness ‘minerva’, only able to respond in the most sordid, squallid, and dissolute fashion.

    It has the cause of an ant over the galaxy – a kind of thing where a single decayed particle has no influence over the Black Hole that has engulfed it.

  148. Tony Dephillips

    Great quote Mike.
    Silence from friends isn’t cool.

  149. There is always an ethical solution in sight when one looks…

    Marty and Mosey have a neighbor to the right and a neighbor to the left down there in Texas, right? Well, maybe soon, a very affluent new independent will make one or both of those neighbors an offer they can’t refuse to buy their homes and move in and then Marty will always have protection even if he and Mosey are both not home.

    That is one way of going about it. But in Texas, it’s head over heels and if you know me you would know I would be hiding under the couch with a shotgun and the front door unlocked just waiting to see who is going to come trespassing.

  150. Mosey-the way you said WEll Prepared -I got a picture of “Home Alone” wtih all the gizmos used to get the criminals! That would be fun.

  151. Wow-Really well put

  152. This would be marvelous, if it were to happen. Cur dog Of the Board incites other cur dogs to snarl too much, and it has too many fleas, however, to bow wow out at this point.

  153. Thanks for pointing out the Carmel Underwood story. Jesus Christ.

    We are a tenacious set of SOBs, are we not? One thing detractors can’t seriously say, and that is we did not try.

  154. Jim, Brilliant Jim!

  155. Howard Roark

    Excellent comment Sam

  156. Howard Roark

    Matt, this is disgusting but it is also consistent with the Tone Level of 1.1 on the Chart of Human Evalualtion. 1.1 is the Tone Level of the Sea Organization, so if anyone whats to be able to predict what they are up to one can simply check out that chart.

  157. So, this Eastgate thing goes back to 1988. That is a long, long time ago – and yet, I guess in Australia there is no statue of limitations on this (or it there is, it is a long time).

    Taking the devil’s advocate role here for just one minute, this looks to me like a very political thing the Australian Government is doing – digging up something from 1988 – 23 years ago. It will be interesting to see what evidence shows up on this, and how prosecutable this really is.

    Taking off my devil’s advocate hat, how utterly appropriate is this?

    Any, given the timeframe – I mean look, there have been a lot of kids born since 1988.

  158. Howard Roark


    This is true.

  159. No doubt. Marty didn’t marry no wimp.

  160. Howard Roark

    I finally began to “wake up” from my hypnosis when I read their Freedom Mag online about Marty, Mike, etc. Some of the SO bots were insisting I read it, though I hadn’t seen the Truth Rundown. They referred me to the online Freedom Mag with pride.

    After reading it, I was *shocked* out of my hypnosis and into present time. My conclusion was they could only be publishing data from pc folders or making it up (or both). Any one of those was so unacceptable that I needed to view the Truth Rundown in its entirety. After that, I knew something was horribly wrong.

    The Sea Org bots running those blogs have no sense of right or wrong, or Internet etiquette. How could they – they are told what to thing. And if they started in the Sea Org at a relatively young age, they are probably barely literate.

  161. MOQ- At the top of your game!

  162. Howard Roark

    – my last paragraph should read:

    The Sea Org bots running those blogs have no sense of right or wrong, or Internet etiquette. How could they – they are told what to THINK. And if they started in the Sea Org at a relatively young age, they are probably barely literate.

  163. That blew me away 🙂

  164. Billy Jack

    I wasn’t trying to make Marty wrong in any way, shape or form. I do apologize if what I wrote offended you or anyone else. I just find it disgusting, what OSA is doing and that is where my anger comes from. I have a big button on injustice and attacks on people who should be left in peace. I wish him well and you, too. It is admirable that you have followed through as you have seen the need. I do walk the walk, also, and have hired protection as necessary. Fortunately it was not often, however, and was nearly a decade ago.

  165. Right, they’re so solid and the gap with theta has become so wide, they have only reality on their ilk down there and the MEST they’re merged with.

  166. Marty, you are obviously being effective.

    Mosey, I do hope you realize these people are cowards.

    They only show up in groups with cameras. Seems to me that some of those cameras might need a little pepper spray to smooth out their workings. The bear sized canisters seem big enough.

  167. Watching Eyes

    ….a single decayed particle…..

    God, that’s funny. That IS what the cult is becoming. Loved the rest of your comment too.

  168. markthehungarian

    That is an EPIC title. If Davy sees the inside of a court and is sent to prison, I fully expect this to happen. Just think of all the extreme-porn boxes it ticks?

    One dwarf (or little person?). A dog dressed in uniform that other members of the navy salute rabidly. He sends his wife to his own prison camp in order to shack up with another woman, who looks seriously like a man. He listens in on his members’ personal revelations and then laughs about them in a “group” environment? He accuses men constantly of engaging in homosexual sex. He demeans, enslaves, abuses. He also works out a lot, enjoys tanning, and speaks like a robot (so could be played convincingly by a porn “actor”).

    But this isn’t a film.

    It’s actually happening.

    I don’t even know if “Davy Does Scientology” could be made into a porno? I think they would more likely call it a “Sicko” film. And my feeling is that “sicko” films cannot be made because those that do break all sorts of laws (both moral and legal).

    Yet it’s not simply a film. It’s real life.

    When do his actions finally prompt the authorities to act? Surely harassment is a bad thing. And aren’t his actions classic RICO material for the courts?

    The idea of a porno called “Davy Does Scientology” is hilarious – the possibilities are endless! – but the desperately sad thing is that it’s less a porn movie than it is reality TV.

    Without the TV.

  169. Great quote.

  170. Lucy James

    So well put David.

  171. somanyquestions

    The claims only came to light last year, when the child victim (now an adult, who has been in years of therapy due to the trauma) decided to step forward and tell her story. The mother of the child finally agreed to tell the truth too and what pressures were brought to bear on her by Eastgate. (Google the show “lateline Carmen Australia” to watch the episode where it is detailed)

    This was an 11 year old girl forced to apologize to her molester for being “abberated on the 2nd dynamic” – not even kidding.

    Once this girl was brave enough to step forward and talk the wheels were set in motion, it took a little under a year for the authorities to act. (which is par for the course in cases like this, where the incident happened years ago and the victim only recently steps forward. Lots of old evidence to look up.) The victim only came forward because she was convinced things like this were still occurring in the cult and unless she and other victims came forward it would be allowed to continue – and she’s right. We now have reports that SO members who get pregnant aren’t being pressured to have abortions, and that’s a direct result of the bad press about it. Maybe now the cult will think twice before trying to protect child rapists too.

  172. “L. Ron Hubbard postulated a Static as the source of MEST. That theory proved to open the gates to rehabilitation of the spirit, the Static, and its native state of Cause.”

    “Schroeder van der Kolk’s thought that body and soul interact in the life-force (or “brain-force”): in the insane the brain-force, rather than the soul (the “higher principle” in man), is ill. Thus the soul receives wrong data from the nervous-force and consequently reaches a wrong judgement.”

  173. “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.” -Albert Einstein


    “Spinoza believed God exists only philosophically and that God was abstract and impersonal.[1] Spinoza’s system imparted order and unity to the tradition of radical thought, offering powerful weapons for prevailing against “received authority.” As a youth he first subscribed to Descartes’s dualistic belief that body and mind are two separate substances, but later changed his view and asserted that they were not separate, being a single identity.”

  174. What was done about it back than ?

  175. Holy moly! I love the — ” a kind of thing where a single decayed particle has no influence over the Black Hole that has engulfed it.”

    You out did yourself on this one Jim. Kudo’s on a perfect articulation. Amazingly articulate, you are.

  176. Gern,

    Personally I never met Jan.

    I just knew that she was directly responsible for the purge of CCHR Int.

    Honestly if she would have had any sense of justice.

    She would have demanded a civil comm ev on the party responsible for the sexual abuse of a child and turned him over to the police as it says to do in the Ethics and Justice Codes.

    But instead she decided that the group was more important then the individual or any sense of justice and decided to cover it up.

    This is the GO’s mentality gone rampant the group that was so “criminal and unethical” that it was allegedly dismantled.

    Yet years later we find this unethical and criminal behavior infecting the whole organization including or more accurately perpetrated by the same entity that was supposedly given the purpose of “getting ethics in”.

    Ron clearly states in the PR series that all lies backfire yet and dramatic proof of this datum became evident in the raids in DC and LA.

    You would have thought that the coup learned its lesson but it continues to make the same mistakes much like their counterparts in Government do whenever there is a scandal like Watergate, Iran-Contra, BCCI etc.

    In my opinion at least the GO’s actions were justified by the fact that they were up against a repressive Government at the time that cared little about the niceties of the Bill of Rights.

    While what is Jan Eastgate protecting?

    A sick pervert who is probably a money bag patron of some kind.

    One of Miscavige’s very special “friends” criminals ,compromised individuals and elitists who have allowed and assisted him in building his perverted little empire.

    Personally I think prison is actually too good a place for someone like Jan Eastgate.

    As far as I’m concerned she should be in hell.

    And if she had any inherent sense of justice she’d probably agree.

  177. 🙂

  178. Mark,

    Personally I have very little anticipation that the legal system will do anything about Miscavige until he’s completely destroyed the organization because he is doing what certain vested interests want.

    He is their witting or unwitting agent in place.

    On the other hand leaving someone so despicable nominally in charge may even embarrass them to the point that they may decide to hang him out to dry.

    To avoid any possible exposure.

    I mean such things as inurement and abuse of power are even becoming so blatantly obvious to the purportedly “blind leading the blind” that it is a wonder that the sham has gone on as long as it has.

    Yet the green curtain is starting to come down with the help of such blogs as this, Scientology cult, Friends of LRH and Save Scientology.

    We have all become like Dorothy and Toto in the Land of Oz.

  179. OSA seems to love sexual “gimmicks”.

    Once I was stalked closely and obviously by an OSA guy that I know the name of. He followed me to the place where our car was parked.

    On the next morning my girl friend entered our car – and found a lady’s nylon stocking inside. We talked about it, and to my amazement she was hardly upset. The intention of the guy who put the stocking there was to create domestic trouble, obviously … but he didn’t know the car heating didn’t work well … and it was a cold winter … noone would stay in that car and take any clothes off. Yet another failed OSA mission !

    (A note for those without inside knowledge: opening a car without a key, but with special tools is as easy as eating pie – at least with older car models.)

    OSA resorts to push-button strategy. And when you flatten your buttons you’ll get rewarded 🙂

  180. Wow Mr Logan, brilliant.

  181. …………

    “This was an 11 year old girl forced to apologize to her molester for being “abberated on the 2nd dynamic” – not even kidding.”

  182. A Scientologist by the name of Donald Anthony Strawn, also known as Tony Strawn, was convicted in 1995 to thirty years in prison for sexually molesting two girls, ages 11 and 13. The children were in his custodial care at the time.

    The reason that these documents are included in this Web site is because the Church of Scientology directed that the mother not report the incident to the proper authorities, because the church could “handle” Strawn’s “aberration”. This act is a federal crime in the United States of America.

    These documents come from the filings in case CRC94-12575CFANO, and the originals are in the Felony Records Department of the Pinellas County Criminal Court. Because of the victims’ ages, their full names have been stricken from these copies of the documents, as has the name of the mother.

  183. Cowboy Poet

    These guy are like government workers in glee; they’re useless as tits on a board.

  184. gern gaschoen

    >She would have demanded a civil comm ev on the party responsible for the sexual abuse of a child and turned him over to the police as it says to do in the Ethics and Justice Codes.

    Yes, thats exactly what she should have done.

    This will be interesting to watch, unencumbered by miasma.

    Your thoughts on the GO and infiltrators are interesting. I’m of the opinion that anyone willingly wearing the SO hat in the Church has to be able to confront the truth, which is that the real Scientology stats are atrocious for a real reason, and its Head on a Pike time.

    From the top.

  185. gern gaschoen


  186. gern gaschoen

    These people have spent so much time getting off on other peoples 2D O/W’s that they’re committing more O/W’s on the subject just thinking about it.

  187. Hi Mosey;

    I wish I could be there to watch!

  188. Dear Lil’ Dave,

    Since you’ve been found out, what’s the use of it all now anyway? It really isn’t worth it, is it? Nobody’s here to really help, is there?

    Time to throw in the towel. Get out while the getting’s good. I understand. Many do as well.

    And go have another swig. It’ll calm those nightmares. The really bad ones.

    And go ask one of those attorneys to draw the resignation papers.

    Sleep well. ML

  189. Wow, so serious all of a sudden!

  190. Thanks, girls.
    Like you, I’m here to see this thing through.
    Won’t be long now, and we’ll win.
    DM knows he’s finished, he’s clutching at straws.
    We have a wonderful future to look forward to, you and me and Marty and the gang, and everyone else we can get to push on.
    Love, Rich

  191. Well done, Augustus, and well said.

  192. Scott Campbell

    Scenes from a lost childhood…

  193. Only One. That is DM. Isn’t it practically his mantra – ‘I am the only one working… ‘I am the only one…. (fill in the blank).

    Yes DM. You are the Only One, allright.

  194. Tony Dephillips

    Hey Mosey is from New York too for Gods sake!!

  195. Freedom Fighter

    That’s right, Margaret. Just like the Nazi boot-lickers who stated they were “just following orders” at the Nurnberg trials yet weren’t able to escape justice, so too will those who exclaim “but it was the greatest good . . .” go down with the ship as it sinks. These guys had better start turning state’s evidence while they can.

  196. Scott- OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOOOOOOOOOOOO REEEEEALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. “I’m of the opinion that anyone willingly wearing the SO hat in the Church has to be able to confront the truth, which is that the real Scientology stats are atrocious for a real reason, and its Head on a Pike time.

    From the top.”

    Yes I agree absolutely Gern.

    Beginning with David Miscavige listed as an interested party and a Bill of Particular of all the Crimes and High Crimes he has committed while falsely assuming the role (I won’t even dignify it by calling it a post) of “Religious Leader”.

    If there had been any semblance of Ethics and Justice within the Scientology organization this would have been long ago especially after proposing that squirrel alteration of the technology known as the “Golden Age of Tech”.

  198. That’s right Tony.

    Ain’t no such thing as wimps from Naw Yark 🙂

  199. Sam, the definition of the 2D in the LOC was written by LRH. I saw the dispatch written to David Phillips who was head of the KTL team at the time. It makes sense from the viewpoint that LRH said there were only two truly natural laws: 1) you exist (Dynamic One) and 2) you create (Dynamic Two).

  200. Oh yeah the lil’ perverts that run OSA now.

    Are totally fixated on and obsessed with sex because they’re so repressed sexually.

  201. Einstein said: “Space and time are not conditions in which we live; they are simply modes in which we think”.

    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”.

    He also said: “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal”.

  202. plainoldthetan

    I think Homeland Security SHOULD be interested in who is accessing the airline reservation system. It proves there’s holes that are being exploited for nefarious ends, and should be prosecuted under the Patriot Act. I’ll bet Marty and Mike can be “flagged” to see who looks them up, then get it backtracked to the leak pretty damned easily. After all, if some unscrupulous bastard can covertly gather data on Marty or Mike, they can do the same for Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, and use the information about their flight to plant an altimeter-activated bomb or fire a Stinger missile.

    So if DHS isn’t interested in this penetration of the reservation system, they should be.

  203. “…and those ‘beings’ that should have stayed with managing a capibara body instead of this failed foray into human form.”

    OMG, that’s too funny! I had to look up ‘capibara’…

    “South American tailless rodent, living along the banks of rivers and lakes, having partly webbed feet: the largest living rodent.” Dictionary.com

    Brilliant analysis!

  204. The level of the Know to Mystery Scale these fellas dwell in is an inversion of the idea of the 2D encompassed in the quote Sam gave above, from Science of Survival. THAT 2D, as in Sam’s description is inverted at the bottom of the scale. It is an obsessive sort of frantic effort to put something in the future since the present, is unlivable, engulfed in entheta/enmest. But since it is at that low inverted point, it makes no sense and is actually destructive, even of itself, and of the Dynamic that makes something out of nothing. It goes from creation to destruction on its downward, inverting, reversing, turned around tortuous fall. It follows the MEST curve and hits at the beauty that the upper reaches of the scale can attain, in its insane convulsions at the rejection of death.

    Thetans are immortal. Creation is part of the beingness. That’s up around Know and the 2D there, well that’s a whole different deal then, in’it. That’s Mosey and the twinkle in Marty’s eye for her.

  205. O.O.,
    Imagine what he’ll be able to accomplish when he grasps space as a viewpoint of dimension and time as the shift of postulated particles in a new space. He may even rewrite his theories and we’ll have a whole new culture. Yep, I’m sure we’ll hear from that being again, in a big way.

  206. Or a suggestion that it’ll be some sort of shagfest. Puerile, if so. Reminds me of those lame “wicked whispers” you read in tabloid rags. Either way, another great advert for MiscavigeTech®.

  207. one of those who see

    Yes! DM continues to bring the Church down the tone scale to the level of the reactive mind or Mest. Solidity, Force, Must Control, Must not let people be free, Robots, Roteness, fear, thinking in identities.
    I think this is what we are rejecting.
    We operate in the Theta Universe. Lightness, Aesthetics, ARC, differentiation. Man is basically good, immortality, postulates.
    In DM’s Church, Mest is king-the buildings, $$, the E Meter over the PC. Clears are invalidated. Past life Clears-he doesn’t believe in them.
    Since he deals in death, the 2D is an understandable target.

    Remember Melanie in Portland singing Lay Down Candles in the Rain. Here she is in 1991. Hope she is reading here. Follow the light, Melanie…

  208. 2D in LOC
    Dan, Thanks so much for clarifying the source on this.
    That LOC definition threw me when I first read it years ago, and I had loudly protested to the Supervisor.

  209. That’s a great point, plainoldthetan. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI/DHS has each of these individuals (Marty, Mike, Amy, Matt, Steve, Jeff, et al) flagged in SABER to watch for a common pattern of searches from non-reserving travel agents.

  210. Dan, I just find it odd that the LOC definition is now being used for all the Div 6 and entry-level material, when the Dynamics are being defined. Have you noticed that? Doesn’t that seem off to you?

  211. I think this, along with the home invasion video, should be enough to get a restraining order against the Church of Scientology. I would do it.

  212. This is also conspiracy in domestic terrorism.

  213. God only knows what they did with that dildo before mailing it. I hope it was saved for prints and DNA.

  214. Actually, you can probably get police protection from the city with this. Mike can get the media over there to see the place guarded with police protecting you from the CofS. This could be on the evening news. You know what…take the motion that comes in and use it to win…

  215. No need to post that last one until you give that some thought.

  216. These people are clearly unhandled on evil purposes. This is the Church product these days?

  217. I’m going to do that. Thanks for pointing that out. Make every action count, any amount counts too.

  218. “Minerva” is clearly in need of the fixated person rundown, obviously obsessed with Marty.

  219. Kim O'Brien

    OK – I am an outsider and FREELY admit to taking LSD and other hallucinogenics in my lifetime ( gee …guess that would make some sort of revert or something …gasp) but when i read statement like THIS – i think i am missing out on a party because a person has to be tripping their balls off to think that shit like makes sense ….(i’m just saying ) in regards to Mr Rathburns wife Mosey and the exchange that happened at the start of this blog thread –

    “Maybe should take a placebo microphone in case he’s been training her up on how to cause criminal damage.”

    What the hell is a “placebo microphone ” ?? I think ppl in Texas are allowed to fire “placebo shotguns ” from their front porch if some fat guy with a retarded t- shirt. a dildo , and a camera taped to his trucker hat ,- shows up on your door step . Fire away young lady 😉

  220. Kim O'Brien

    eeek – sorry about the typos …must be the LSD

  221. The Oracle

    This is what we’re getting for problems releases now. “The solution to the problem? Mail a dildo! Go harass the wife!” Who ever thought we would see these kind people in this movement?

  222. Thanks for the clarification Joe.
    The problem with this is that regardless of the explanation it still fails to pass the verbal tech checklist.
    The new definition was inserted into an LRH text without any context, source reference, clarification, correction or explanation as to how it relates to the original definition opening the door to verbal explanations and interpretations.
    Such was the lengthy explanation my class IX auditor gave me in the middle of a tailor made 2D FPRD. I speak from experience of the confusion that exists now in the orgs and the insanity on the 2D that it can lead to.

  223. Ha ha! So true!
    But we’ll come back regardless 😉

  224. I never turn down a good game.

  225. I dig the Monty Python quote.
    Do you think this piece of OSA slime is perchance a Limey? Cor blimey!

  226. Kolk’s theory looks a bit unworkable because it would define your brain and mine ill every time we make a wrong judgement and it’d make us insane.

  227. Descartes was smart and Scientology proved him right everytime a pc releases from his mind. God’s existence is proven by all that has been created, be it in harmony or else, it’s there and exists and thus has to have been created.

  228. Tell ’em to stick it where the sun don’t shine. (They could use the “gift” they sent you. That would work just fine). 😉

  229. Sam,
    Trying to use that new 2D definition in a number of auditing actions where each dynamic is taken up individually, could definitely throw things into a confusion. I completely agree with you.

  230. “What the hell is a ‘placebo microphone’?”

    That’s a good question. It comes across as though someone looked up the word “placebo” in a mini dictionary, saw the word “fake”, and decided to replace the word “fake” with “placebo”, as though it would make sense.

    Signs of ignorance at that anti-Indy website abound.

  231. Lady Minn,

    You are quite right. And the ‘disconnection’ the CoS creates extends to other dynamics. All the dynamics I believe, as it was found in the cases of Americans subjected to ‘North Korean brainwashing’ in the 1950s. The target was the person’s dynamics, including Flow Zero – himself. It was done by getting the subjects to make integrity-destroying ‘voluntary’ confessions and apologies to others of their group(American POWs), just as the little girl was made to apologize to her molester and ‘confess’ her own depravity.

    It was found that an incredibly high percentage of the POWS in Korea just lay down and – died. For no obvious medical reason.

    Of the ones who did survive to return to the USA, most never again reconnected with their families, and previous friends, acquaintances, schoolmates, or their country. They were disconnected to the very core of themselves.

    It is a miracle this girl survived and can now testify. I can only wish her well and hope her testimony brings these scum at least some measure of the justice they deserve.

    The correct category of crime here, I would call ‘soul murder’. When a person is deliberately ARC-broken with himself and his life, that’s murder. And it easily leads to physical death. Which the history of S.O. members and OTs dying has now proven.

  232. Carmel Underwood posts on ESMB and has many good posts there. For all the disagreement some of us may feel when we view ESMB as a generality, the fact is Davy and his “church” have created ESMB just as he has created all his enemies and is busily creating more every day.

  233. Actually he was talking about the mentally ill. But the point being he alsoo makes a distiction between the soul/spirit and the ill body.

  234. Spinoza goes further to argue we are all OF God and IN God in his Ethics (Ethica)

  235. freespirit

    Mosey – they haven’t a clue, do they? Thinking they can take on a girl from the Bronx? And one who works out? Dildo? Really, it actually made me laugh.

  236. Hah! Awright geeezzaa! Yeah, ‘e very well could be. Sorted mate. Innit.

    Of course the “nudge, nudge” Eric Idle character from the original clip had never been laid. Now I’m not insinuating that these chumps from OSA are sexually repressed in any way…. But it makes you think, doesn’t it. Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. 😉

  237. WindWalker


    Could you post that definition for me please.
    I suspect this is the one that says that “creativity” belongs on the second dynamic”?

    Well if it is, it is one of the points upon which I disagree with Ron( or whoever wrote it). This is one of those points that I would put squarely into the category of “opinion”.

    Here’s why feel bold enough to say this.

    The “Dynamics” are, first of all,by LRHs own admission, arbitrary divisions of the whole of the beingnesses, havingnesses, and doingnesses, of the Theta/organism unit. It is already a very bold concept to try to make these divisions, because many of the Dynamics have commonalities with other Dynamics. They end up being, by necessity, pretty much “generalities”. It can make some aspects of the Theta/MEST association, called life, easier to deal with, but it is not “science”, it is “opinion.”

    I had quite an eye opener when I looked at the Dynamics against the “Factors”. I had always had difficulties reconciling that any dynamic was a totally unique aspect of life. Yes, they each have their unique aspects, but many also have commonalities. In the interest of Keeping this relatively short, I will cut to the chase.

    What IS true for me, is that when I looked at the Dynamics from the top down, and against the factors, I found that the 8th Dynamic is evident on all of the lower Dynamics. In fact, without the 8th Dynamic (the static), none of the lower Dynamics would even exist. Without the 7th Dynamic, nothing would be happening and independent Beings, as such, would not exist. In my opinion, it is the 7th that creates the 6th (MEST) and everything below it. The “potential” to do so comes from the 8th.
    When I look at that, it seems apparent to me that ALL creativity stems from at least that far up the scale. It is the Theta Being that chose to put together this thing called LIFE in the first place.

    In fact I consider that you could “wipe out” all of the dynamics below the 7th, at least, and you would still have “creativity” manifested. So if you could wipe out the 2nd Dynamic, and still have creativity, that is obviously NOT its source. I agree, it does create bodies, which keeps the first four dynamics supplied with “players”, and without bodies, body games would not get played, but that is a pretty small realm of activity compared to what lies above it.

    Anyway, there you go. Just another opinion.


  238. WindWalker

    Damn, and that’s the “short” version.
    I highly recommend that you don’t get me going on this one…


  239. WindWalker


    Perhaps a true CULT classic?


  240. Marty,
    please give US some inside information…..
    U must know it…
    big Hello from CROATIA::::

  241. Mosey if you are from the Bronx you do not have a situation with these people. All you have to do to make them disappear is wave golden rod paper at them. It scares the hell out of them. They actually fight one another by putting symbols on golden rod paper and then suddenly flashing in front of of some unsuspecting person’s face. Instant cave in. Something to do with the color of the paper combined with symbols.

  242. Believe it or not that all makes complete sense to me and is the underlying reason the definition doesn’t make sense for me also.
    ‘Creativity’ is apparent and in force across all of the dynamics and we could argue that the 8th is really the 1st and get into all kinds of bullshit considerations and confusions.
    The 8 dynamics, as laid out are simple and make sense as regards to our relationship with the physical universe and our survival in it.
    The new 2D definition is vague, out of context and confusing as to it’s source.
    If this confused idea is accepted as valid (or explained away) without proper verification then we are no better than the bots we were before who went into apathy and accepted verbal tech where no other answers could be found.

  243. Does Spinoza argue that we’re created by God and/or that we posses Godlike qualities?

  244. That’s a big insult to useless government workers in glee.

  245. SAY NO MORE!!!

  246. Tony DePhillips

    Good going Oracle!!

  247. gern gaschoen

    The blatant squirreling of Scientology is preposterous, I mean..

    It really is exactly what LRH planned for, and put into green on white to prevent.


    What a banal daily activity it must be, to not actually be a user of the product you’re selling .. absolutely giving every daily attention to its macabre theatrics as an Organization, 100% on post all the time, but yet .. not actually able to *do* any of it.

    Seriously 1.1 Conditions in the Church.

  248. Not created by but part of God

  249. gern gaschoen

    I hold firm the belief that we will continue to witness Cleared Cannibal factors in effect spinning all case in the Church hierarchy, until the Church management cuts the crew of its criminals and then consequently RETURNS TO THE SEA TO AUDIT.

    I do not speak for anyone but myself, but I have a feeling this is what LRH would order right now. Its not much of anything but a feeling, but with or without LRH, its still my opinion “this is what Ron would do”.

  250. I’m in total agreement with you on this point Sam.

    To me it is nothing but a hidden data line unless it is an HCOB or PL just as it says in the policy by the same name.

    Personally I think this is how Miscavige was able to get away with much of what of what he has gotten away with by claiming it was in some kind of “confidential” RAdvice or “direct” order from the Ol’man of some kind that no one but him had access to.

    Like he was on some kinda freaking mission from God or something.

    Yes we are going to radically alter the tech and call it the “Golden Age of Tech” based on some obscure “order” that the Ol’man supposedly written way back in the ’70’s .

    Aside from the *fact* that orders are *not* senior to policy which clearly states what drills are allowed in Scientology Academies and any courses given in Div IV.

    Not to mention that the lecture which is considered the source of this alleged “order” is entitled ‘A Talk on a Basic *Qual*(emphasis added)’ not a basic “Tech”.

    And its not an order at all but merely a *suggestion*.

    Also if Ron ended up countermanding his own Policy he’d be the first one to admit his error after it was pointed out.

    I know this because I did this once myself when I was working on an LRH project.

    His reply was “You’re right!” and the order was immediately canceled.

    Unlike you know who.

    The lil menace who’s only interested in being right and making everyone else *wrong*.

    But I digress.

    Now that I’ve gotten away from that stupid Squirrel Factory I don’t plan to change my operating basis at all.

    So when someone says Ron says this or that and it conflicts with what I know is written in Policies and HCOBs or any Book published before the great alteration.

    I’ll ask where is it written and make sure it can be run through the Verbal Tech Checklist as given in the HCOB ‘How to Defeat Verbal Tech’ before I’ll accept it.

    By the way that means the *whole* HCOB, PL, FO or RED not just some random quote that is interpreted or used out of context.

    I suggest anyone who wants to actually Keep Scientology Working do the same.

    Otherwise they should just join the Squirrels or the so called critics who basically do the same thing.

  251. Gern,

    I think a lot of the problem is that many working in the Orgs these days are so willing to accept Verbal Tech and Interpretation of Policy or Tech due to *authority*.

    Back in the day when an illegal or destructive was issued and there was an Orders Query the order wasn’t enforced until the query was resolved.

    Now a days at least at the time I left that witch pit orders must be complied with immediately and all queries are ignored or worse the person making it is usually worked over by Qual or Ethics or sometimes both.

    Having been there myself.

    Another possible source of this arbitrary are the Golden Age of Tech drills that says one should do the drill to “EP” first before writing a “tech query” which is something completely different from an an actual *Orders Query*.

    On the former one is word cleared per the bulletin ‘Technical Queries’ on the later the order is labeled “destructive” and not complied with until it can be proven that the order aligns with Policy or Tech.

    Personally I think this confusion between the two is laid in intentionally so that the student will think twice before querying the validity of any of those squirrelly out tech “drills”.

    Lest they end up being raked over the coals in “word clearing” or if they persist in Qual or Ethics.

    Another thing is that completely contrary to the HCOPL ‘Orders Query of’ and the verbal checklist given in the HCOB ‘How to Defeat Verbal’ the student is told to do the “drill” first which is *altered sequence* and *altered importance* since one does *not* comply with an illegal order until it has been proven to be an in tech on policy order.

    What they’ve done basically is create a *false overt* of “non compliance” since actual non compliance only applies to *legal* orders or directives that are proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be *legal* orders.

    In my opinion this is how the organization has been led astray:

    First by creating an authoritarian and arbitrary system of governance initially ruled by an oligarchy which eventually became a virtual dictatorship.

    Secondly by altering the seniority of orders as covered in the policy by that name.

    Thirdly by making it practically and effectively a “crime’ to question any of these orders.

  252. Bwahahaa! :mrgreen:

  253. Can I be umpire? I’ll wear goldenrod and red lipstick.

  254. Sam, Can I be umpire? I’ll wear goldenrod and red lipstick.

  255. Hey Amy Adams just signed up to play Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s wife (Mary Sue?)in PT Anderson’s currently untitled religious cult drama, formerly known as ‘The Master’.

  256. Very magical and theta idea, “return to the sea….

    Very theta post.

  257. Tony Dephillips

    I agree with WW and Sam too.
    That definition never made sense to me. I just now realized that I had not-ised my confusion of it. I went blank.
    This to me now, looks like a politically correct definition for Dm to evade his responsibility for unmocking the second dynamic for so many.

  258. This needs to be issued here so EVERYONE knows their rights, especially in Texas. THE STAND YOUR GROUND LAW

    AN ACT

    relating to the use of force or deadly force in defense of a person.


    SECTION 1. Section 9.01, Penal Code, is amended by adding Subdivisions (4) and (5) to read as follows:

    (4) “Habitation” has the meaning assigned by Section 30.01.

    (5) “Vehicle” has the meaning assigned by Section 30.01.

    SECTION 2. Section 9.31, Penal Code, is amended by amending Subsection (a) and adding Subsections (e) and (f) to read as follows:

    (a) Except as provided in Subsection (b), a person is justified in using force against another when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to protect the actor against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful force. The actor’s belief that the force was immediately necessary as described by this subsection is presumed to be reasonable if the actor:

    (1) knew or had reason to believe that the person against whom the force was used:

    (A) unlawfully and with force entered, or was attempting to enter unlawfully and with force, the actor’s occupied habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment;

    (B) unlawfully and with force removed, or was attempting to remove unlawfully and with force, the actor from the actor’s habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment; or

    (C) was committing or attempting to commit aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated robbery;

    (2) did not provoke the person against whom the force was used; and

    (3) was not otherwise engaged in criminal activity, other than a Class C misdemeanor that is a violation of a law or ordinance regulating traffic at the time the force was used.

    (e) A person who has a right to be present at the location where the force is used, who has not provoked the person against whom the force is used, and who is not engaged in criminal activity at the time the force is used is not required to retreat before using force as described by this section.

    (f) For purposes of Subsection (a), in determining whether an actor described by Subsection (e) reasonably believed that the use of force was necessary, a finder of fact may not consider whether the actor failed to retreat.

    SECTION 3. Section 9.32, Penal Code, is amended to read as follows:


    (a) A person is justified in using deadly force against another:

    (1) if the actor would be justified in using force against the other under Section 9.31; and when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:

    (A) to protect the actor against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly force; or

    (B) to prevent the other’s imminent commission of aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated robbery.

    (b) The actor’s belief under Subsection (a)(2) that the deadly force was immediately necessary as described by that subdivision is presumed to be reasonable if the actor:

    (1) knew or had reason to believe that the person against whom the deadly force was used:

    (A) unlawfully and with force entered, or was attempting to enter unlawfully and with force, the actor’s occupied habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment;

    (B) unlawfully and with force removed, or was attempting to remove unlawfully and with force, the actor from the actor’s habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment; or

    (C) was committing or attempting to commit an offense described by Subsection (a)(2)(B);

    (2) did not provoke the person against whom the force was used; and

    (3) was not otherwise engaged in criminal activity, other than a Class C misdemeanor that is a violation of a law or ordinance regulating traffic at the time the force was used.

    (c) A person who has a right to be present at the location where the deadly force is used, who has not provoked the person against whom the deadly force is used, and who is not engaged in criminal activity at the time the deadly force is used is not required to retreat before using deadly force as described by this section.

    (d) For purposes of Subsection (a)(2), in determining whether an actor described by Subsection (c) reasonably believed that the use of deadly force was necessary, a finder of fact may not consider whether the actor failed to retreat.

    SECTION 4. Section 83.001, Civil Practice and Remedies Code, is amended to read as follows:

    Sec. 83.001. CIVIL IMMUNITY. A defendant who uses force or deadly force that is justified under Chapter 9 Penal Code, is immune from civil liability for personal injury or death that results from the defendant’s use of force or deadly force, as applicable.

    SECTION 5.

    (a) Sections 9.31 and 9.32, Penal Code, as amended by this Act, apply only to an offense committed on or after the effective date of this Act. An offense committed before the effective date of this Act is covered by the law in effect when the offense was committed, and the former law is continued in effect for this purpose. For the purposes of this subsection, an offense is committed before the effective date of this Act if any element of the offense occurs before the effective date.

    (b) Section 83.001, Civil Practice and Remedies Code, as amended by this Act, applies only to a cause of action that accrues on or after the effective date of this Act. An action that accrued before the effective date of this Act is governed by the law in effect at the time the action accrued, and that law is continued in effect for that purpose.

    SECTION 6. This Act takes effect September 1, 2007.

  259. To paraphrase a joke…

    “An OSAbot, a Texan Cowboy and a Red Indian are standing in the waiting lounge at the airport.

    So they start talking. The Red Indian says, “Ah, once my people were many but now we are few!”

    Then the OSAbot says, “Ah, once my people were few and now we are many!”

    To which the Cowboy replies to the Arab, “Shiiit! That’s cause we ain’t played Cowboys and OSAbots yet!!””

  260. SpyinTology

    Check out Part 5 (especially) but the whole thing is interesting — This report alleges the “Church” of Scientology even hired Private Investigators to get stuff on Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg’s wife@ Check out how Tom Cruise is described as manipulating Spielberg.

    The attitude described sure sounds like Tom Cruise and Scientology spying calumny operations…aggressive zealotry. When Tom Cruise decided Kate was ‘the evil one’ keeping Steven and his kids from being droned into the Church, some tabloids even reported back to Mr. Spielberg that discrediting info on Kate Capshaw “to ruin and destroy” her was being shopped around by people with ties to Spyintology…!! OSA’s malice and the evil sleaze of the Scientology Office of Special Affairs is too evil even for tabloids! A lot of them wouldn’t touch it!
    The Church of Spyintology is lying, manipulative evil. They champion causes just to further their own agenda, then violate their purported beliefs.
    Here’s more on Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw and Tom Cruise:

  261. SpyinTology

    Amy Adams … watch your back and read up. A lot of people have your back and a lot of people have the backs of other amazing unique creative people being “hunted” by the sleazy lying “Church”. Don’t let them dim your light.

  262. This reminds me of an earlier story – I forget the exact time place form event etc but a mish was sent to England after Dn Clear data came out and lots of people in UK were not allowed to attest to Clear when they felt they were. It seemes that Clears in the USA would jump up and down and go whoopee whereas English Clears would smile nicely. After hearing about it I posted about the newly discovered tone level of “Covert Enthusiasm”.

  263. Veritas/verritas? Wer sind Sie?

  264. Don’t give up your day job.

  265. “Covert Enthusiasm”.


    That would fit many Brits.

  266. Scott Campbell

    This definition of the 2D is accurate.

    The higher one is on the Tone Scale, the more one tends to sublimate the more base survival urges of Eating and Sex in favor of higher creative pursuits.

  267. I worked with Carmel back in the early days when she was the C/S over the HGC @ SYD (can’t remember whether it was Day or Fdn or both). She was very sane, tough, and good to work with. Her story of what happened with Shane Brockdorf and the DM bots in Sydney is heartbreaking to read.
    I can confirm that Shane on several occasions demonstrated to me that he can be as evil as Carmel described.

  268. Totally agree RJ,

    Your last 3 points hit the nail on the head:

    “In my opinion this is how the organization has been led astray:
    First by creating an authoritarian and arbitrary system of governance initially ruled by an oligarchy which eventually became a virtual dictatorship.
    Secondly by altering the seniority of orders as covered in the policy by that name.
    Thirdly by making it practically and effectively a “crime’ to question any of these orders.”

    When you look back at even the evolution of the G.O. and how it morphed into a virtual dictatorship replete with spy gear where anyone was a suspect, and moving on to the early ’80’s organizational fiasco within the church itself, it’s no wonder this insidious line of think has pervaded the existing church members so completely.

    When this newer breed got in, this was already imbedded into the church culture. Anyone new had nothing to compare it to … to them, what they saw was Scientology.

    Now we have these people’s children manning the ship with this same altered view. Most have lost the ability to differentiate real LRH with what is commanded by current leadership, or never had real LRH in the 1st place. They operate on orders … policy & tech come waaaaay down the list.

    There is no Itsa line anymore – even a beginning Scientologist has no recourse …..

    One of the most basic lines was the Student Rabble Rouse line originally HCO POLICY LETTER OF 20 NOVEMBER 1970 ISSUE II, changed to a BTB and then cancelled :

    ” This Policy introduces the student’s Rabble Rouse Line. This is the line on which students can scream when there is an outness on their course which is not being immediately corrected.

    Such outnesses include no Supervisor, no material, incorrect material, no scheduling, incorrect scheduling, evaluation by the Supervisor, heavy ethics instead of 2, Way Comm or Tech, or no ethics at all.

    The line goes directly from the student to the org’s (or the closest) Keeper of Tech to Tech Quality Control, Flag. The Supervisor and Course Administrator must post the name and address of the nearest KOT so that the student can write without any delays or difficulty in getting the address.
    A comm basket or sealed letter box clearly labelled STUDY CORRECTIONS REQUESTED should be placed in or near the classrooms by the LRH Comm to receive and route such complaints, its location made known to the students. The LRH Comm clears this basket regularly.”

    Blind leading the blind – a very accurate description within the church.

  269. The Church of D. Miss Cabbage® could go sailing out to sea on the theory that the world is still flat and never come back! {LOL}

    I can’t recommend a Church of Scientology to anyone anymore for auditing and training because I know such things aren’t delivered there, at least not the way LRH wrote it to be.

    To anyone that took my “advice” in the past and went to an Idle Morgue for auditing or training, I apologize to you if we never meet again, if your going there caused you any problem.

  270. The dildo may have been stolen from the Flag trained C/S’s apartment at the idle morgue from where the dildo originated. {LOL}

    Lord have mercy! Are we talking here about sending a dildo to the forensics department of the local justice office for DNA testing? {LOL} This COULD BE funny if repeated properly! {LOL}

  271. Scott Campbell


    How about a story! I got an idea…

    What was the funniest thing you ever saw when working with LRH?

    L, Scott

  272. Meaning, to me, he focuses more attention on the seventh dynamic while maintaining wonderful relationships with his children, grandchildren, siblings and any family that is in ARC with him.

    I just see the redefinition as a not-is of the beauty, stability and joy that family brings. The family unit as an uptone and very specialized group.

    I’ll never fall for that bs again…”see here??? The family is not important! WE are…give US your time and money and energy.” Horsepucky!

    In that RJ 68 tape LRH emphasizes the right to disagree with the philosophy. I’ve always maintained that right even when the preponderance of opinion was agin’ me. But on this, I vehemently disagree.

  273. Eileen Clark

    That is one of the creepiest and yet funniest vids I’ve ever seen!
    It is soooooo appropriate that it makes my skin crawl. Guess I need more drilling on TRO….rotflmao…. 🙂

    * *

    You guys go, Marty and Mike, kick some butt, take some names (pics, too)
    and show no mercy. I am shooah Mosey will take care of the home front jus’ fine, thank you very much. Towanda!!!!

  274. Eileen Clark

    🙂 x10

  275. “What problem can you confront?”

    “Oh. Um.. Wait,… it’s coming on me now. (Two hours later) …. I can confront Marty! I can and by damn George Ima just gonna mail a dildo to his wife!”

    “Your needle is floating. Would you like to attest to cleared cannible?”
    (Two hours later)…. “Yes!”

  276. Thanks Dennis,

    The point about the GO is well noted.

    The fact is that if the GO had stuck to policy or even their directives and programs they wouldn’t have reigned hell upon themselves.

    But instead they they “followed orders” specifically GO 1361 written by possibly a plant and definitely a turn coat and approved by someone who could be considered Miscavige’s mentor as far as “know best” is concerned Jane Kember who I’d always suspected had connections to the SA SIS.

    Also good point about the Rabble Rouse line.

    I remember coming to the ASHO to do my *un*Certainty courses for VI and noting its conspicuous absence.

    Maybe they were afraid that the box would be stuffed to overflowing with violations of WIAC and heavy ethics used instead of TWC.

    Besides I don’t think too many students on course even knew who or what a KOT was and deferred their “understanding” to the demented one.

    Probably because there was never any org board posted in reception where its supposed to be.

    I mean if there aren’t any lines or terminals posted then it’s hard to have any concept that an organization exists.

    Or policy or tech that guides their actions.

    Talk about out basics!

    Yet we have the bushy tailed rodent while driving all organizational basics out claiming to put them in by altering and reissuing the basic books.

    Another unusual solution by the Continuous Overts Butt Head or COB

  277. All of these legal flaps fought in court are so the Church does not lose tax exempt status. It all comes down the almighty dollar. For JUST ONCE I wish every Scientologist on lines at the formal Church , would get it that the world would not come to an end if the Church had to pay taxes like every other money making interest.

  278. Otherwise you are going to get sucked into all of those donations for the IAS to pay legal fees so they do not have to pay taxes. In other words, YOU are being taxed! The tax burden is shifted to YOU.

  279. Meanwhile Int Management is NOTHING BUT an internal revenue service.

  280. Tony DePhillips

    I’m with you Less.

  281. Tony DePhillips


  282. Tony DePhillips

    That laugh was for RJ’s comment…

  283. Tony DePhillips

    Deep Fax:
    Did they get to OTDT??

  284. We have an entire civilization here on this planet. What the 2D is all about was understood before we had books. It’s pretty much a no brainer if you have a look around. Not too difficult to maneuver about on. Pretty darn simple to figure out. I think one or two read it, drill it,and do it’s and pretty much anyone can be on top of that game.

  285. RJ
    I totally follow you. Thing is, it is porno. A sickness few can confront, mind you Judges arent too far from Auditors. They have nessarry confront.
    That said, DM certainly isn’t the total problem.

  286. What?? The examiners are great!
    “Would you like others to have similar gains?”

    Thank God for LRH. I’m sure, He was sent to us!

    And yes, didn’t realize you were LD at the time, but I read them all and dreamt the end of this, ever since.

    Thank you Matt. You are truly pricceless.

    Just for the record – I slept like a baby.
    Loyalty, with faith, I am.

  287. I have not done the KTL course. To me the dynamics are the dynamics. There is a link to creativity and the 2d – DMSMH and Science of Survival talk about sublimating the 2d with artistic endeavors. But, artistic endeavors and creativity in general span all dynamics. Think of an orchestra. Think of a play.

    You exist. You create. I can easily see this as:

    1. You exist – dyn 1.
    2. You create – all the rest.

    My gut tells me that Ron had more to say on this. In any event, calling the 2D “creativity” makes no sense to me at all as described on the Scn.org site:


    (fair use from the web site:)

    The Second Dynamic is CREATIVITY.

    Creativity is making things for the future and the Second Dynamic includes any creativity. The Second Dynamic contains the family unit and raising children as well as anything that can be categorized as a family activity. It also, incidentally, includes sex as a mechanism to compel future survival.

    I am sorry, but that is inadequate. “Creating things for the future” is not the same thing as “creativity.”

    The 2D is about creating families to give birth to and raise the next generation, so as to ensure the survival of the human race. That is NOT the same thing as writing an opera or painting a picture or creating a multi-million dollar company.

    The 2D is not less important to or subservient to the 3D. Without the 2D, there would be no 3D or 4D. Therefore, it is in interest of society at large, and to any religious organization to ensure that families are strong.

    There IS a familial bond, even though we can be considered free agent beings – as a being, we are not “related” to anyone, perhaps. But, we did enter into a contract with the family when we joined the family we are in. The contract is that your parents will help you, feed you, and teach you until you are of a certain age. I have known a lot of last life-timers. I am one myself. I NEVER saw a last lifetimer come into this life saying “Hey, thanks Jane for birthing this body for me. I will take it from here.”

    I have a son. I know he is a spiritual being. But I also know he is my son. The bond I have with him is different than any bond I have ever had with anyone ever. It is an amazing thing to raise a child. This bond is not to be taken lightly, and NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO NULLIFY IT. Even the state has to prove you have screwed up royally to take away parental rights. The CHURCH HAS NO PARENTAL RIGHTS.

    The one thing that I find unforgivable that the church is doing is hurting children, and murdering the unborn. Me, Marty, Karen, Sarge, Mike – all of us went on staff with our eyes open. There were lots of things to put up with, but we had a choice NOT to do it.

    But children are in our care. They have no choice. And saying “they pulled it in” is like saying a rape victim “pulled it in.” The church and many, many Scientologists have abandoned their children. I remember the ’80s and ’90s when kids would hanging out at CC getting into trouble when their parents – their selfish parents – were on course or being on staff. I knew this girl – this 14 year old girl – who was hanging out and drinking in clubs on the Sunset Strip when her mother was working for some Scientology company or another, and on course. It was bad. The kids were ON THEIR OWN. Some got into trouble, some did not. But they were ON THEIR OWN.

    Go into an LDS church – a Mormon church. It is a TOTALLY different scene. We could learn a lot from them.

    So to pass off all of this by saying the 2D is creativity doesn’t wash for me.

  288. I can’t see these cannibals as having been cleared in the first place. They have perhaps been “Uncleared” by Reverse Scientology and Black Dianetics, but actually I tend to think they are just the lower dregs of society deluding themselves (with help from Davy and others) that they are on their way up a Bridge of some kind.

    I just don’t see anything “cleared” about these “cannibals”. When they return to the sea, it will be as the the slimy jellyfish they are.

  289. Well RJ jellyfish are bound to be frustrated. They can’t get it on because they don’t have the equipment in the first place.

  290. Did he think that being part of God, we have the same abilities as God?

  291. Did you notice: Global leaders either got a bright idea coincidentally 3 days after publication (May 30, 2011 at 10:12 am) on a very well trolled blog or they must have read and understood it:

  292. DM is Dildo Man

  293. Glorious Ozzies

  294. Oooooooh! yes please!

  295. The KOT function has been pretty much wiped out.
    Notice that your refund and repayment requests do not go to the KOT now but straight to some OSA or justice terminal?
    The stat of the KOT is a reverse graph of refund/repayment requests.
    Red Van Dyke was trying to put together a strong, functioning KOT NW in place in 199o’s. He blew around 1994 (do-doubt under heavy suppression within the church) and the KOT NW pretty much died with his departure.
    Anyone heard back from a KOT since originating a refund/repayment? When I was KOT UK in 1993 I was held personally accountable for every single one of them (logical, seeing as it was my ONLY stat).
    If anyone hears from Red (last I heard he was in the Canada area) please give me a heads up. There’s some catching up I’d like to do

  296. Bluebonnet,
    Do you know the story behind the Texas state flower, the bluebonnet? Just checkin because your comment makes me think you ain’t from around here, Texas that is. ml, Laura

  297. I tought I was being of topic. But intresting development.

    By the Way NATO is scared of Anonymous lol

  298. Onley if we move towards greater knowledge wich he calls knowledge of the third kind.

    “As long as the human Mind perceives things from the common order of nature, it does not have an adequate, but only a confused and mutilated knowledge of itself, of its own Body, and of external bodies” -Spinoza

    “The third kind of knowledge, intuition, takes what is known by Reason and grasps it in a single act of the mind.”

  299. “As I mentioned in one of my original “Little Dickie – Bedtime Stories” that I posted some years back – while in the Sea Org I knew of baby molesters, child molesters and adult rapes and they were all covered up and never reported to the police.”

    Amy kicks Ass

  300. “As Berrin points out, Cruise isn’t exactly known for rescuing orphan children or parachuting into disaster zones. But as she documents very well, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its Museum of Tolerance is just fine with bestowing humanitarian status on Hollywood celebrities who are, at least, generous with their cash. She writes:”

  301. This is a gem

    “Walker points out the paradox that at the same time Scientology seems to be vanishing in the numbers of actual, active members (recent, documented estimates range as low as 25,000 in the United States), the church has been on a mad buying spree, and plans to open 60 new facilities around the world.

    Walker does the math, and calculates that Scientology already has purchased about 484 square feet of real estate for every active Scientologist in the country.

    Now that is some strange financial planning.”

  302. Oops – was KOT UK 1990 – 1991
    not 1993

  303. Too funny!

  304. Tony,
    Deep Fax’s cover was blown and although he was chained and shackled and made to crawl around a pole all day on his hands and knees on broken glass, he managed to pull off an escape into the mountains where he remains in hiding. Luckily, he’s a highly trained survivalist and has managed to elude their armed search parties while he plots his next move.

    He Fed-Exed me a big stack of documents that I have yet to go through, as I’ve been busy with some other personal matters. When I get the time, I plan to go through them and see what additional information they reveal.


  305. Scott, Okee dokee. I already told this story to Sam on facebook. It was ’78 at WHQ during the early days of ‘Cine’. I was art director and also was on set sometimes as an extra. One day LRH was trying to setup a shot and things were a little tense on the set. I decided to lighten things up a bit and said something I thought was funny to lighten the mood. I got a few chuckles and then LRH looked at me for a moment. Then he said “I’ll show you what real comedy is.” He grabbed a pointer and the set was a classroom so he stood next to the blackboard. LRH started to talk in a really funny voice that sounded like ‘Goofy’ from Walt Disney fame. He gave a really funny dissertation . Everyone was laughing hard. He was really funny. The shoot went really well after that. Love, Sarge

  306. Bluebonnet

    I am ‘new’ to Texas. I know I have some bluebonnets growing in my yard. They look like little lupines.
    And I don’t have a day job.
    But I’ll shortly be on course!

  307. Did he provide a way for the confused mind to de-confuse itself and reach greater knowledge (truth)?

  308. Nah, it’s only the elite that hates all who speak freely and expose their illegal power schemes.

  309. Tony Dephillips

    Glad to hear you’re both fine.

  310. WindWalker


    “A head on a pike” is an interesting fashion statement, but what we really need is correct “whys”, correct “whos” and correct handlings. Heads on pikes are perhaps good for morale to some degree, but they do not as-is the aberration or the charge. They are often used as a “misdirect”. They often are a real or veiled threat to “watch yourself or your head could be next”.
    It is a device more likely used as a demonstration of FORCE than it is of ENLIGHTENMENT.

    As an example… Mary Sue’s head was “put on a pike” by David Miscavige, and how much enlightenment came from that? It demonstrated that “no one was safe” and then David Miscavige could proceed to decimate and destroy Scientology, and Scientologists, with much less resistance.

    Just sayin’


  311. Actually it was Gern suggestion.

    Personally I’d be happy to see the pin head’s head on a pike if it would fit 🙂

    Especially for what he did to Mary Sue.

    Remember our version of “head on a pike” is a lot milder than society’s idea “justice”.

  312. thetalibre

    Right, a Dildo Manipulator !

  313. Does that qualify “being an object”

  314. Sam,

    I got to know Red when he was RTC Rep ASHO back in the mid 80’s when I was assigned to the Squirrel Busters Proj.

    My wife knew him back in the ’70’s when he was an HGC auditor in Toronto.

    We both considered him a good friend and then in the late ’80’s he went up to Int and didn’t hear from him till we found out from sources he blew sometime in the mid 90’s.

    Using the internet we tracked him down to somewhere near Niagara Falls on the Canadian side and called him up.

    That’s when he told us he couldn’t communicate to us because he’d been declared “SP” (another one of those “overnight SPs” that Karen writes about) and his only terminal was the IJC.

    My wife contacted Guilliam and asked him WTF was going on and how could someone like Red be declared “SP”?

    He replied with a less than veiled threat that if we continued to remain in comm with Red we’d end up in ethics trouble ourselves.

    We didn’t want to bring down any heat on ourselves from the top so we dropped the comm line which seemed somewhat radioactive at the time.

    After leaving the Squirrel Group we tried reestablishing it but we were told that he was no longer in Niagara Falls but had moved to somewhere on the West Coast of Canada but we were never able to find out where.

  315. RJ (can’t fit any more replies)
    Thank you so much. If you find him again please tell me immediately. Have been unable to track him down these last few years.

  316. RJ

    “Actually it was Gern suggestion.”

    Oops. Missed that you were just quoting him.

    Yes, I would like to see him exposed totally for what he is and what he has done. The internet already has a lot of his “dirty laundry” airing in the breeze. Pretty soon he will be quite naked. By the time we are done his head will be an anticlimax.

    “David Miscavige thinks he can have it all.
    David Miscavige is in for a big fall,
    And all of his agents,
    and all of his henchmen,
    will be totally useless
    in saving his skin.”


  317. Sorry Wind Walker I get you and Wind Horse confused.

    Yeah exposing David Miscavige for the inveterate sleaze ball he really is is just the beginning.

    What’s more important is *reforming* the whole Scientology network so it can’t be taken over by a moronic insane psychopathic lunatic who is a perverted megalomanic.

    Believe or not Miscavige is helping us with this endeavor by being the above only more so 🙂

    I mean this deluded fruit cake is supposedly to be the “Spiritual Leader” of Scientology.

    Says who?

    A bunch of totally deluded morons who have lived most of their lives behind razor wire.

    His elitist buddies in the IAS.

    Including that faded has been TC.

    Not to mention his “friends” in the media and the Government.

    Least we forget those bunch of Nazis in InterPol.

    I mean that’s a ringing endorsement if there ever was one.


    Not only is Miscavige helping us out with the help of limping “foot bullet” OSA by discrediting himself on a daily basis with his and their insane attacks on Scientologists in the field who just want to be left alone so they can apply STANDARD TECH.

    But he’s also gotten a big boost by his felonious friend Jan Eastgate protector of pedophiles.

    Probably hopefully the straw that will cause the whole rotten corrupt enterprise to collapse.

    I mean if I were Dave I’d be looking for a country with no extradition treaty.

    Because I have a feeling that all his soon to be erstwhile friends will be becoming his enemies.

    In other words I have a feeling they’ll be rolling up their operation soon and Miscavige along with it.

    By handing him his well deserved BURN NOTICE.

  318. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Sarge! I needed that.

    Nothin’ like a little levity to break the ice and get things rollin’. I betcha there’s more that a few that miss the old days like that. And the Old Man too!

    L, Scott

  319. Scott Campbell


  320. Another Layer

    “The problem with this is that regardless of the explanation it still fails to pass the verbal tech checklist.”
    Amen to that, Sam!
    Just an example of the confusion surrounding that definition … while on LOC in the mid-90s, I tried to locate the source for that definition in HCOB, HCOPL or tape, because I felt it was too all-encompassing to apply to only one dynamic, especially when working through conditions on the eight dynamics. I did not want an extrapolation. I wanted to see that definition in context and have a better idea of what LRH was talking about, but was told that I could not because it was confidential – no reason why, just confidential. When I’d had questions previously, I’d been able to locate the answers in context, so this new hidden data line was odd.
    I tried for months to resolve this, but no joy (with verbal tech write-ups, trips to Qual and Ethics, tape plays, Correction Alerts, queries to Flag and AO). Eventually, I told my supervisor that the LOC 2d definition was nowhere to be found in HCOB, HCOPL or tape, and asked if it didn’t seem strange to rely on a definition that relied on a hidden data line. Which (in retrospect) I’m sure he had already thought many times, since he immediately became furious. What a strain for any supervisor’s integrity, to have to work with the confusion created by a hidden data line, while maintaining a standard course room per What Is A Course.

  321. No actually that is the onley thing I will acknowledge Hubbard originated. Procedures and Processes to do that. He was a great Psychologist

  322. Ewwwh I love that line “it’s confidential”.

    Yeah whatever.

    Every time I heard that BS line I always asked for the oh soooo “confidential” ref.

    Of course they’d say something stupid like you can’t see it.

    And I’d say I’m looking at it now so all I want is the date,title and who signed it.

    And then we’d go around in circles doing the Hidden Data Line Lobster quadrille.

    Funny how sometimes art imitated life in the Church of Scientology after the coup took over.

    Anyone else ever feel like Alice?

  323. Youniverse

    “Machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts!”

  324. gern gaschoen

    It was my suggestion, not RJ’s, but please not that I’m referring to an LRH policy.

    “Heads on pikes are perhaps good for morale to some degree, but they do not as-is the aberration or the charge. ”

    Correct indications blow charge – incorrect indications create it. Mary Sue was *not* a correct ethics action – her head did not belong on a Pike. And, thus, the huge mess we’re in.

  325. gern gaschoen

    Its pretty obvious that, even if they are cleared, they’re not Clear, what with the Grand Alteration of Tech.

    I trust no Scientologist who hasn’t got a WDAH stat these days. I don’t care if you’re a Patrion Blowhard-itorious, if you’ve got millions – how many PC’s did you get through their Grades this year? THATS what is important.

    I, myself, want more than anything to continue my training as an Auditor, the most winning valence in the Universe. But there is no way I’ll do it in the Usurpers Church.

  326. They ask the same questions to 14 year olds and maybe even lower in age than that in the Sea Org. Imagine what a gratification that will give to potential perverts within the system.

  327. Gern,

    Thanks for stepping in on my defense but I think WW and I sorted it out.

    As you’ve noted putting a head on a pike has limited workability though in Dave’s case it would be more of a fashion statement 🙂

    I think he’d look simply marvelous wearing a pike.

    Seriously though I agree with you completely that Mary Sue’s head did not belong there and I also believe that if she had remained the Controller the Organization would have been a lot better off and who knows the little camera man might have been off loaded instead of being the cause of endless trouble and upset.

  328. Good news Gern,

    If you go to the scientology-cult website you’ll find the original ’78 Levels checksheets pretty much the ones issued by the Ol’man with the RED ‘The End of Endless Training’ before they were FUBARed by Miscavige and Co.

    Just grab a friend and apply the HCOPL ‘What No Auditors’.

    I did those checksheets myself and it took me a total of 5 weeks to become a Class IV as opposed to 5 freaking years just to do the frickin’ Meter Course with some myopic moron trying to decide if the read on your TR 8Q Drill was prior enough to be called “instant” and any “F/Ns” swung back and forth the proscribed 3 times.

    F-ck the Golden Age of Garbage or GAG and those stupid annoyingly worse than worthless “drills” that teach you to be a robot in compliance with the RTC or as I call ’em the Robotic Technology Center.

  329. That was a good one.

  330. Maybe he can be an Action Figure

  331. Joe Howard

    Well, yeah, LRH did say that there are only two natural laws. So, beyond the fact that you exist, everything else is creation in one form or another. And procreation is the Second, or was, until Summer 1979, when LRH clarified it with the current definition. The WOOC Team I/C who received the original dispatch is out of the SO but laying low and getting on with his life these days.

  332. Joe Howard

    Sarge, that is almost as funny as the damn set wall we painted for the park scene of the TR 2 sequence. LRH took one look at it and said to change it to a night shot and covered the windows with black studio paper with pinholes for stars! Remember?

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