Human Trafficking Cover Up


Money may not buy love.

But in America it can apparently still buy time for criminals.

The latest from the alter ego of David Miscavige, primary target of Federal Human Trafficking probe:


The latest from the best friend, and co-conspirator, of David Miscavige, primary target of Federal Human Trafficking probe:

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  1. Oh, Criminal Mind!

  2. What the fuck? I am so done with this. Get a hold of me when you wrench the valuable components out of this guys hands. Until then, SEE YA.

  3. Well all I can ask is WTF has TC got to do with Humanitarian efforts? I read up on Simon Wiesenthal and what this award is about and it is not about TC and DM and the IAS. Not even close… Another scam. Would not surprise me if a taped message from TC arrives at all Scientologists doors asking for donations.

  4. Scam. I wonder how he sleeps at night.

  5. Oh, Pot calling the kettle!

    Perhaps changing the dinner venue from BH hotel to the Cruise Airplane hangar would be more appropriate?

  6. Tony Dephillips

    This reminds me of the mafia greasing up politicians for ” protection”.

    I can also see davey boy and “maverick” having an intimate pow wow and laughing about how “over the top” this is and how it will drive Marty nuts. To day they don’t know what they are doing is naive.

  7. I realize people within the organization are leading a sheltered life, but including Jett Travolta on the guest list??? Where was the dim one’s micro-management on that?!

  8. Its right out og the PR Series…”Sanctimonius Hypocrites”, I think was the term LRH used. Oh, and BTW, now that I have ‘deslimed’, isn’t it a CRIME to combine Day and Fnd orgs? amirite?

  9. W-w-what? They included Jett Travolta on the list of Co-chairs??? Is that supposed to be an honorable mention? How tasteless!

  10. Simply outrageous.

    Church of Scientology, Tom Cruise, Louis Farrakhan, David Miscavige, prisoners, compounds, internment camps … need I say more.

    My email just went off to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

  11. Sickening! Tom Cruise is personally responsible for the trafficking of hundreds if not thousands of unsuspecting Sea Org members with his massive financial support of David Miscavige’s criminal enterprises, has personally usurped Church of Scientology resources and Sea Org slave labor for personal benefit and gain, and has even had David Miscavige and top Scientology executives (Greg Wilhere, Tommy Davis, Jessica Feshbach) to engage in pimping and pandering to find Cruise a good little Scientologist wife back in 2004. Shame on the FBI for not doing more to bring Cruise and Miscavige to justice. How embarrassing for DM and TC when they are finally exposed for the frauds that they truly are. These “awards” and “honors” will hold no weight in the eyes of the law. It is all just smoke and mirrors to hide their crimes. I haveno doubt justice will prevail.

  12. I just got an email saying ‘There is no money in normal’ asking for me to donate to the pysch busting campaign. I thought – all the money i paid to the c of s and time given. So how come we have to pay for scio unless ”there is no money in normal’ and we are trying to get normal so we have to pay. I am not going to support an antipsych campaign when I see high profile scio carly crutchfield appearing on a tv show called the national IQ test’ – which at the end promotes psychology and another TV show called making australia happy” (which appears to be a mix of secondary running while doing muzzled tr 0 – 4 devised by psychologists and the happiness HQ’ in sydney which is run by a psychologist – i watched the two shows and went doh, psychology, carly crutchfield, weird looking trs and auditing – i am donating my money to myself

  13. This is a typical Hollywood stroke job. CAA honcho Kevin Huvane (he works for TC) is up top along with TC’s buddy Ronnie Meyer. Wouldn’t surprise me if Bert Fields was involved either — he has a lot of influence, he represents a bunch of these people including Katzenburg. There’s a bunch of other TC pals on there too, JJ Abrams, Spielberg, Jada and Will Smith, Travoltas etc.

    This may backfire horribly. In fact, TC is supporting some of the most egregious human rights violations ongoing in the US. There are a lot of media that may fnd this newsworthy.

  14. Reminds me of the hypocrisy of the CIA.

    Recently they started including stats on human trafficking world wide in their Fact Book which they are partly responsible for.

    I mean can anyone say “Extraordinary Rendition”?

    Just like they keep stats on Drug Trafficking as well….

    Need I say more.

    Anyway no surprise here when you read the HCOB ‘The Criminal Mind’.

    I also noted the incongruity of having this event at the Simon Wiesenthal Center especially since Dave is such good friends with that den of inveterate Nazis known as InterPol.

    Well wonders never cease.

    Dave and the gang just exemplify the hypocrisy that has pretty much affected America which is why the elitists love the lil’ rodent while me…

    I’m going off to guzzle a half a bottle of Pepto Bismal ’cause I’m feeling a little queazy right now.

  15. Did I read that wrong, or is that late son of John and Kelly listed as a co-chairman? I understand these titles are honorary, and not to put too fine a point on this, but the young man is dead.

  16. Wow, that anti-psych campaign’s been going on for about 30 years now. Those psych’s must be almost completely gone by now, huh?

  17. outethicsofficer

    I hope you’re right Mike, this should backfire, but SWC would/should know what controversy TC brings to this award, surely they would have done their research? They cannot be shut off from hearing of the reports or can they?


  18. scilonschools

    The latest ‘traffiking’ involving the Nation of Islam new recruits appears interesting?
    A recent blog report indicates a new two tier system in Orgs, where NOI recruits are apparently tagged ‘hands off’ from DM himself, ie no hard sell to them, let them have VIP treatment. I wonder how long for and what DM’s game plan on that one is?

  19. The inside word is that Tom Cruise will be honored for:

    1. Coming upon a random car accident, Tom knew he was the only one who could help. He personally took charge amidst the chaotic scene by kicking the shins of anyone making noise around the injured victims.

    2. While in a Seven-Eleven, Tom discovered the Somalian cashier was an indentured slave to the owner. He took the Somalian home with him and learned that the man had no green card and had seventeen brothers and sisters working as butlers and maids for top Hollywood bigshots, essentially pimped out to them by the same owner of the Seven-Eleven. Tom telephoned those Hollywood exploiters and got each and every one of that Somalian family released from their forced duties. They are now in Federal detention for being illegal aliens and no longer slaves.

    3. Tom risked his life to make a valiant attempt at assassinating Hitler, an act which has endeared him to the Jewish culture of Hollywood.

    4. Tom went to Africa and disguised himself as a small black child in the cotton fields. The slave owners started arguing over who owned him and while they were distracted with this, Tom managed to rescue over two-hundred cotton-picking slave children by leading them through the jungle, personally fighting off lions and snakes and warlord rap aficionados to get them safely on the long road back towards their starving village in the desert.

    5. Tom allowed a lot of firemen in NYC to get their pictures taken with him, boosting their morale considerably.

  20. Yes, LM, not to put too fine a point on it.

    If I were John or Kelly I’d be wondering where on the Awareness Scale these people (on the list-assembly line) were at. Mushroom?

  21. TruthSeeker

    Suspect this is an April Fools joke or some such. There is nothing about this on the weisenthal website or anywhere else. Also, there is contradicting info on the website…

    WC’s 2011 Humanitarian Award was presented to General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt in New York.

    Consider the source of the information.

  22. Blech!

  23. Cruise is a major sponsor of an organization that not only engages in human trafficking, but has formed a partnership with Farrakan, America’s most notorious anti-semite. This has got to be a joke!

    In case it’s not a joke, here’s the SWC contact page:

  24. You mean Carly, daughter of the CO AOSH ANZO … the one with known financial irregularities going back many years and public complaints about her real estate dealings? That Carly?

    So that’s what you have to do to become famous. Hmmm.

  25. theystolemychurch

    I say we should all go and quietly protest with signs and pictures of tc’s hangar and pimped ride and tc and dm on the “special motorcycles” …. no words, just photographs on our signs…. JB could be there to answer any questions about how it was all done! Anyone game? We could even dress black tie for the protest!

  26. Tom Cruise and David Miscavige are whimpering under the covers, waiting for that knock on the door in the middle of the night. And when it comes, all the digital and print images in the world will not make it stop.

  27. I hope they serve rice and beans.

  28. wannabeclear

    Something stinks in suburbia (or LA or somewhere…) I just went to the Simon Wiesenthal Center website and in the slide show on the home page, the first slide says “SWC’s 2011 Humanitarian Award was presented to General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt in New York. Picture, L-R: SWC Board of Trustees Co-Chairman Nelson Peltz, Jeffrey Immelt, SWC Dean and Founder Rabbi Marvin Hier, and SWC Board of Trustees Chairman Larry Mizel”

    I also did a search for the name Tom Cruise and it doesn’t appear anywhere on the site. If they were going to honor him, they would at least have put out a press release and you’d be able to get information about the event online (if not purchase tickets). I think this was either meant to be a joke (maybe April Fools?) or to rile people up.

  29. This is so disgusting. What has Tom Cruise done to help mankind I would like to know! And having Jetts name up there is strange. When I see what groups and other churches actually do to help it makes me sick. With all the money the ‘church’ rakes in, do you think that any of it went to Japan for drinking water? Send a few volunteers for a while (who pay their own way) and take a bunch of pics. Wow, big deal. They could handle half the poverty in the world with what is spent on buildings and other extravagences. And what will the IAS do about human trafficing? What does TC do about it, besides contribute to the problem? Uck.
    Does anyone have any data about the investigation on DM? Hate to be a spoiled sport or glass half empty person, but money talks and DM steals lots of it, so I am skeptical he will get what he deserves from the FBI, but still retaining some hope.

  30. One should send the Simon Wiesenthal Center a “DA pack” including all affidavits of EX-RPF inmates. ARC SW

  31. Reverse black PR handling.

  32. He’s always asleep.
    Wake up Tom.

  33. Hello Joe
    I’m a trained CS and auditor and I’m trying to be in com with you.
    Don’t know how to do !!
    Would you please give me an email adress , or indicate me how to do ?

  34. Something slightly fishy here. Here is an article on the awards:
    with no mention of Cruise. The Humanitarian Award was given to General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immel.
    Is it possible this is another made up win like the various L. Ron Hubbard days?

  35. crashingupwards

    Mike, your right. You said ;
    “This may backfire horribly….. There are a lot of media that may fnd this newsworthy.”
    They absolutely think they are smarter than everone else in their attempt to outflank the charges against them. But the irony of it will not be lost on the media and their attempt to dead agent the charges with marketting and positioning will not fly. They are setting themselves up for charges of hypocrisy and more. This will also keep the charges alive.
    They should have contronted and handled the human trafficking in their own house. But they can’t see it.

  36. Cramming Order for Tom Cruise.

    1. Watch and Word Clear 3x Minority Report. Pay special attention to how covert supression can take place

    2. Watch and Word Clear 3x Vanilla Sky. Pay special attention to the insidious nature of implanting and how one may not know during the implant process.

    3. Watch and Word Clear 3x The Last Samuari. Pay special attention to classic human attributes like honor, dignity, and doing the right thing no matter the cost.

    4. Buy Bob Seagers greatest hits. Put on repeat in your mansion “Old Time Rock N Roll.” Get in your underwear and dance around your house for at least 5 hours and try and recapture the fun and spontaneaous nature of life and livingness.

    5. Report to Casa for immdediate case handling.

  37. SF: That’s the New York Wiesenthal Center.

  38. It is a PR world – good, bad or ugly – it is still a PR world.

  39. An IQ question in the year 2015:

    Vacuous humanitarian gestures and awards were to Tom Cruise and David Miscavige what the 1936 Berlin Olympiad was to ….?

  40. I’m just finding it odd that there are no press releases and nothing on any of the official SWC sites that confirm it. That link is the closest thing I can find to anything “official”.

  41. SF — this is the sort of “insider” mutual admiration society event that they dont promote but will be followed after the fact by a photo op and press release that typically would not be picked up by anyone. I have a feeling this may be different.

  42. Mike,

    This invitation is a genuine article, an acquantence that is also part of anonymous forwarded this several weeks ago, he was a member of the center/foundation a successful person in his own right, he made a public resignation presenting facts.

    Both ESMB and Anonymous have been on this one for weeks, it is quite possible that the center withdrew a public event . It has resulted in more public resignations, probably dozens reports to the media and a planned protest of the event. I suspect the good people at the Center saw a major shit storm flying at them and said “oops, my bad”.

  43. I didn’t see Loki’s name down.

  44. + 1

    It’s all in the Tech.
    Like LRH talks about how criminals will leave clues behind because they want to get caught. This will just be one in a list of things that will eventually be their own downfall.

  45. Mike,

    Perhaps we’ve misunderstood this event. It may in fact be a SEMINAR on the tech of human trafficking. The how-to’s and nuts and bolts of this form of slavery for beginners. After all, who better than TC and his buddies to deliver this.

  46. Thanks for the background info Michael.

    I doubt this was ever a “public event” — as I said, they usually send out a release after the fact. They dont want a bunch of people calling them up asking why they havent received their invitation yet! (Though I doubt in this case they would have a lot of people demanding to be invited, I think they may have more than usual “We regret to have to decline as our dog is being groomed that day….”)

  47. This is a very common tactic for targets of an investigation with the financial means and connections. While it is an overt attempt to sway the opinion of the public (potential jurors), more accurately, it is a subtle message to the investigators and prosecutors designed to influence their decision making.

  48. I have a bad feeling about this….

    On the one hand, you have DM courting the followers of one very openly anti-semitic guy, so much so that he has his own pages on the Anti-Defamation League web site:

    and on the other you have Tom Cruise getting an “award” from the Jewish community? This is a dangerous game they are playing, as if either of those two groups (or both) “wake up” to the duplicity, they are toast.
    Lessee, pic of DM and TC…..check.
    Email for Simon Wiesenthal Center ….check
    Email for NoI………check.

    Time to man some harpoons. BBL.

  49. You have a good point there.

  50. What a FOOT BULLET in the making. I suspect Miscavige sold this “bright idea” to his dumb little BFF (Cruise) to ensure his reputation and career are completely ruined.

  51. In the three years I’ve been researching this subject, I found it difficult to convince various authorities that human trafficking is happening in a “Church”. I’ve also had difficulty to convince anti-slavery organizations who should be quite familiar with the techniques used. There’s an immediate reluctance to investigate with a reply summed as: “What? But it’s a Church!”. That’s why it’s such a great cover. It’s also unfortunate and unfair for all the real charitable religious organizations out there that have done great anti-slavery work for decades.

    There’s plenty of evidence from the abuse of religious R-1 visas where “ministers” are used for years as free labor on building renovations, the movement of people across borders (Google: Carol Miles Scientology), incarcerated staff and management within spiked fences at Gold Base, CST (Twin Peaks), staff forbidden to call 911 and unable to leave the premises. These last points were confirmed in writing by the Riverside Sheriff, yet to my knowledge, no action has been taken.

    The stories from departed staff abound and match up very well. We have enough data, but we need more voices to convince the authorities.

    I concentrate my efforts with Riverside law enforcement, the DA, and the Supervisors to stop the abuses and to prevent a major calamity. Being an outsider, my data sources are all second hand and that makes me less credible. I sincerely believe that the Independent movement have that most at stake for the future and are best suited to effect change.

    Among various activities, we need as many people as possible to write to the Riverside Sheriff’s two newly assigned deputies on anti-human trafficking and explain the situation:
    Deputy Sheriff Aron Wolfe #3740, email
    Deputy Sheriff Steven Kim #4019, email
    Supervision: Special Investigations Bureau, Sgt. Werges. (951)955-1700

    Make them realize that they should ignore the fancy Scientology PR such as the above claims of Anti-Human Trafficking initiatives and they should instead listen to Ex-Scientologists and Independents that have actually lived it.
    If you have fresh new facts that involve local political corruption, consider writing to the Riverside District Attorney Zellerbach. For wider scale Human Trafficking and various other Human Rights abuses, have a chat with the FBI office in Los Angeles. They are actively involved on this case.

  52. subtitled “Human Trafficking for Dummies”

  53. Under-the-radar

    Yeah! and LF is in total support of Moammar Gadhafi.

    Birds of a feather flock together alright.

  54. Summer Wind

    I have family in this business and this is how it’s done. One’s rep is everything in Hollywood (if you want to work) Cruise blew it when he came down so hard on Brook Shields for taking anti-depressants and then jumping on Oprah’s couch.
    He was already thought of as a “strange” because he was a Scientologist, but nevertheless really popular. Now with the odd behavior and the leak that he’s used SO members for personal gain and supporting the brutal dictator, I don’t think he’ll ever recover unless he leaves the church publicly. From my mouth to Gods ears. 🙂

  55. Harpoons manned.

    Email to Weisenthal center sent.

    Bile in throat settling down…

  56. Under-the-radar

    Plain and simple BS. I do have to grant credit for creating something out of “NOTHING”.

  57. Good question, Hadyn. You’re some student of history.

    Dunno? Luz Long and Adolf Schicklgruber? Jesse Owens and Adolph?

  58. Paul Salerno

    Thanks for getting this out to the Indy’s Marty. The protests are already being planned.

  59. Tony DePhillips

    Hip hip hurray for Tom the benevolent!! Master of spin. I hope he chokes on dm’s thong.

  60. Good one Thor!

  61. Tony DePhillips

    It would be great of some Indies could organize a few people to demonstrate in front of the building where this is going to take place and help expose this punk.

  62. I think a photoshop expert should have a look at the invite. I see several telltales* of photoshop rework. The event honoring TC may be for real but the invite could still be a spoof. Best case is it’s a re-creation of the actual invite from an earlier year’s invite. The names list is too sloppy. Jett’s name on it is too great an outpoint to be believable, if the list was compiled by SWC.

    – pic TC1: background spray on left-side paper creases.
    – pic TC1: background spray on right-side black border line.
    – pic TC1: large font TOM does not follow the paper curvature.
    – pic TC4: photo placement is off-angle
    – pic TC4: photo lifts at upper right-hand corner

  63. The Simon Wiesenthal’s purpose is to protect Jews from bigotry and other forms of harm. The definition of a ‘bigot’ according to Wikipedia is:

    “…a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs.”

    Jews comprise approximately 60% of the overall strata of Hollywood executives and the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s board in LA is itself 50% Jewish but yet they have chosen, in their selection of Tom Cruise, to honor a bigot.

    Tom has clearly communicated his obstinate intolerance and animosity towards not only psychiatry, a field with tremendous Jewish prominence, but against Scientologists who should “get out of the arena” if they are not playing the game according to his prejudiced criteria. It’s been reported that DM even uses TC as a threatening weapon of violence against ‘offending’ staff.

    Is the Wiesenthal Center simply using the iconic status of Tom Cruise to raise funds at their award gala?

  64. Remember a Thetan doesn’t necercaraly need a body, So he may be there or rather percieved to be there in Spirit.

  65. Any word on how the FBI thing is going?

    Can’t wait to turn on my TV to American Greed when they do their Miscavige/Cruise piece one fine day in the no-too-distant future.

  66. SpecialFrog

    Be sure to include details on the harassment of Auschwitz survivor Paulette Cooper:

  67. Tom De Vocht

    This is so an indicator that poor Dave is scared shit-less. Tom De Vocht

  68. The Board of Sups meeting ended much earlier today and I missed my chance to speak. Here’s the text of my speech: “Supervisors, please don’t be gullible”

    I found it difficult to convince this board that human trafficking occurs in the Sea Org and is happening at a “Church”. It’s such a great cover!
    Your silence and inaction helps sustain these highly illegal activities.
    [Show slide defining Human Trafficking]

    55% are US Citizens!
    “Not free to come or go as she pleases” (Almost exact words of a recent Riverside Sheriff report)
    “Paid very little”
    “Works excessively long hours”
    “Owes large debt”
    “Recruited using false promises”
    “High Security measures at work”, barbed wire, security cameras”
    “Fearful, submissive, paranoid”
    “Lacks health care”
    “Few or no personal possessions”
    “Not in control of own money, no bank account”
    “Not in control of own identification documents”
    “Not allowed to speak for him/herself”

    Miscavige’s Scientology Human Trafficking matches 14 out of 19 ‘s required elements.

    Please don’t give me “But it’s a Church!” and please don’t be gullible and get conned by Scientology’s devious PR.

    Here’s what gullible looks like:
    [Tom Cruise at the Simon Wiesenthal Center]

    Mr. Stone, did you get an invitation for this event?
    Maybe Anonymous will be present 🙂

    David Miscavige’s Scientology is trying to do damage control by such initiatives. He’s very good at this, but please don’t be gullible.

  69. OTDT:

    “Is the Wiesenthal Center simply using the iconic status of Tom Cruise to raise funds at their award gala?” That would be a well-educated guess.

    I would also guess that there has been a lot of “PR” provided to the committee (probably through Kevin Huvane and Bert Fields) about the humanitarian efforts of TC (and he HAS done some with the firefighters in NY and with the HELP learning center and probably PR’d his efforts contacting Tony Blair in the UK and the Minister of Justice in Spain etc as “fighting for religious freedom”). What they DIDNT tell them was all about his buddy Dave and his “humanitarian” activities: kicking, punching and screaming his way to glory, overseeing his own little prison (The Hole) and leading an organization that routinely deprives people of their fundamental human rights. That part was probably omitted from the pack that was put together. No doubt Gold now have the task of putting together the “video tribute” to TC’s humanitarian activities — that will be personally overseen by Dear Leader with Dan The Turtle Sherman providing the narration.

  70. Great post!
    Here’s an example of Tony Montana’s (DM) influence on Tom Cruise:

    Quote: “Some people, well, if they don’t like Scientology, well, then f*ck you”. He rises from the table. “Really.” He points an angry finger at the imaginary enemy. “F*ck you”. His face reddens. “Period.”
    Perfect guest for the museum of tolerance!

  71. The further these guys stretch this, the bigger the “pop” will be when it bursts.
    I used to get upset when the “bad guys” did not get their just desserts. But, the bad guys always get their just desserts.

    Nothing wrong with helping it along, of course! 🙂

  72. Nice work!

  73. This quote would also be the perfect text for banners of demonstrators outside.

  74. Well, I understand the quote, and I agree – perhaps with less “F’s”. I hate it when someone maligns Scientology. I hate it when fakers try to tell me what Scientology is. That is why I am so pissed at David M. He has done more than any other person to malign Scientology.

  75. Tory Christman

    The Anti-psych campaign is FINALLY going to hear the other side, this summer at one of their conferences. They are taking up $cientology (C of $) and their endless crap spit out, with an excellent critic on the panel. And go figure *that* one out, OSA!~ 🙂

  76. A purchase order has been issued for a truck load of extra absorbent Huggies.

  77. Tory Christman

    The Office of Special Affairs, (Part of C of $), asked me to go to the
    Simon Wiesenthal Center (years ago, in the 90’s) to “See if they call
    $cientology a CULT”.
    That day they had actually taken up the NET and how to teach young people to discover which web sites were “Safe”…which they should avoid.

    I suggested to OSA that they do the same, which of course they did NOT. Now (out) I understand why they did NOT do this. What Tom Cruise has to do with their award…this has GOT to be a $$$$ deal.

    And yes, TC (and JT) have “Recruited” more people “in” (whether they know it or not) than ANY other person. Hell, I went to Norway…and asked what they thought of Scientology? (after I left).
    The kids shrugged their shoulders: “What? Never heard of it”

    ME: “Tom Cruise, John Travolta?”

    They: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, Ok, we know that—we’re still not interested”.
    (We. Andreas and I and some other critics, were doing a seminar on what Scientology is and what it is NOT,
    and C of $’s abuses and what they should know).

    Davey boy, I still say: You can RUN but you CANNOT HIDE~!
    My best, Tory/Magoo

  78. Jethro Is In The Zone

    I hope this event is protested by our “anonymous” friends to bring attention to what a travesty this is when you consider how Tom Cruise benefits from slave labor. The IAS using pictures of black children is disgusting when you realize what a racist Miscavige is – he wishes he owned a few.

  79. Summer Wind

    “Never interrupt your enemies while they’re doing themselves in!” 🙂

  80. This all make sense when you look over what some recipients of these types of awards actually do. General electric for instance- built the Nuclear power plants currently melting in Japan- as well as being a significant defense contractor and nuclear bomb builder. Naturally this is humanitarian- Excuse me while I clean up some vomit.

    Cruise fits right in.

  81. martyrathbun09

    Good eye.

  82. wizardlyness


    I tend to agree with this. They just don’t look right.
    Did you have these documents in hand or simply the images. If it is a spoof, what could be the motivation?

  83. “If you share your friend’s crime, you make it your own.”
    Latin Proverb

  84. I was just at home doing nothing and I thought I would stroll on over to Marty’s Place on the web to see what the latest news is on the Church of Scientology and its scams.

    The moment I saw the promotional piece, that was the only word I could think of to describe it, knowing, what I know, scam. Thanks for agreeing with me even though you didn’t know yet I was going to tell you.

  85. Yes Tory right on.

    This year’s American Psychiatric Convention is being held in Honolulu Hawaii in May.
    Although the APA have never done this EVER before, they are having a PANEL on Scientology.

    One wonders what footage they have.
    Do they have the footage of Maniacal Miscavige boasting at a “COB event” that he will destroy and eradicate ALL of psychiatry ?

    Has the APA (American Psychiatric Association) received write-ups of the despicable ABUSE in the RPF’s RPF and mind F*cks at INT Base with Seances of beatings and punchings and screaming ?

    In many ways long range ABUSE at INT BASE is worse than ABUSE in a Psychiatric FACILITY because of the reverse BLACK Dianetics which restimulates the case and pins one in the incident.

    DM’s CULT nailing psychiatry is hypocrisy.
    He is the TRUE darling of the PSYCHS.

  86. Tory,

    Even here in America I still run into a lot of people who say “Scio…what???”

    Yet supposedly according to the PR machine Tom’s made it a household word and has personally driven gazillions of people into Scientology.

    Uh uh.

    So I mention Tom Cruise and they usually go”You mean the guy who jumps on couches on Ophra?

    “Doesn’t he belong to that wacky cult?

    “Kabala or something like that?”

    “That’s Madonna.

    “Actually its Scientology.”


    “Remind never to go near the place!”

    In other words he’s probably driven more people away.

  87. Of those estimated 27 million slaves, how many are in the Sea Org?

  88. Married to an Ex Sea Org

    I called the center, and they confirmed it.
    I also asked if I could leave a message voicing my concern.
    Here is the number:

  89. BryanU-I’m looking forward to that day as well!

  90. Let’s see TC’s stats on this one? It’s gonna be more razzle-dazzling BS, I’m sure.

  91. GH,

    Dave’s just doing his job 😉

    As I’ve written many times the guy is an unwitting agent of SMERSH.

    He’s done more damage to the organization then the combined forces that Omar Garrison mentions in his book ‘Playing Dirty’

    And ‘Hidden Story’

    However no matter how hard the lil’ Rabid Squirrel and his “friends” try they just can’t seem to wreck the subject because it *works*.

    Also the problem with SPs is they just can’t seem to complete a cycle of action.

    Poor dears.

    As far as I’m concerned Dave’s just a minor speed bump on the road to total freedom.

    He just doesn’t realize how insignificant he really is because he has a button on “self importance”.

    As I also wrote earlier we assign this lil’ rodent too much importance which tends to boost his oversized ego.

    Personally I think we’d get much farther by ignoring the rabid squirrel and his psychotic ravings and continue to audit and train people which we have the tech to do right now.

    As far as I’m concerned the best way to handle attacks against the subject itself is just do what Ron says and *Advocate Total Freedom*.

    We don’t want to fall into the same trap that the GO fell into and that OSA continues to dramatize by obsessively seeking to “handle” these attacks.

    The difference back then also was that at one time we had an actual Organization to protect.

    One that was somewhat dedicated to delivering Standard Tech.

    As we can see and what should be obvious to anyone who enters these so called “Ideal Orgs” is that Organization as such no longer exists.

    In other words we are back to square 1 when Scientology was a scattering of field groups connected by the HASI and the PABs.

    The advantage is that we have more tech than our predecessors had.

    Not only do we have the PABs but HCOBs as well.

    Plus the original OT Levels to VII.

    Not to mention NOTs.

    In fact we have more tech than the so called “Church of Scientology” is *allowed* to deliver.

    All we’ve gotta do is deliver it.

    And some day in some not too distance future we’ll form a team of Ninjas and set up an operation get the rest of it from the vaults at CST.

    Jus’ kidding about the last part 🙂

  92. Pissed Wizard

    Hey Guys,

    I made a comment to someone else’s observation, but I want to be more overt

    I do not think the images are authentic.
    Image 1, is does not show a date. Why not?
    Image2, shows signs of being “washed” through a progrm such as photoshop.
    Image3, shows graininess, this is a quality of a film camera. Who uses a film camera these days? To make an image like this you would need to have that page as part of a shot about 100 times bigger, then blow it up and cut out just what is seen in the image. Why would that happen? Odd are someone cut out a pic of TC, put it on top of a gray piece of paper and took a shot of that. Then added the graininess so as to loose enough detail to hid what was done.
    Image 4, nothing much here except the Jett thing.

    I am not an expert on these things but I really think we are being played here.

  93. martyrathbun09

    I hope it is bullshit. Then everybody wins.

  94. martyrathbun09

    except, see message from “marriedtoexseaorg”: I called the center, and they confirmed it.
    I also asked if I could leave a message voicing my concern.
    Here is the number:

  95. Anon Orange

    It can be verified that the FBI have put enormous importance in recent months on various jurisdictions of Law Enforcement being put through extensive training on HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

    It was interesting that RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Hemet Sherrif’s Department, was one of the first Jurisdictions to be put through extensive training on detection, investigation and prosecution of Human Trafficking.

    I wonder why this was the First jurisdiction selected for training ?

    Riverside County.

  96. Right on as well Karen #1!!!

    You and Tory are rockin’ babes 🙂

  97. MR
    “This may backfire horribly. In fact, TC is supporting some of the most egregious human rights violations ongoing in the US. There are a lot of media that may fnd this newsworthy.”

    Indeed. This whole evolution is very dangerous footbullet territory.

    I posted somewhere that those concerned should let the media know details of human trafficking re CO$.

    Tom Cruise is….the icing on the cake?

  98. Marty,

    I figured it was legit.

    Come on they just gave their “Humanitarian” award to the sleaze ball head of GE.

    I mean I’m sure if Nazi Hunter Simon saw what these people were doing with the organization he created he’d probably be doing a spiral in his grave.

    Reminds me of another Organization that we are all too acquainted with.

  99. The Simon Wiesenthal Center took a HUGE hit in the Bernie Madoff scam. They are desperate for money, and I have a feeling that this is what motivated them to get Cruise for this event. If they knew that the Celebrity Center was hosting Louis Farrakhan and members of the Nation of Islam they’d be horrified. I know there have been a few complaints about this. You can write, call and complain:
    1399 Roxbury Dr # 100
    Los Angeles, CA 90035-4709
    (310) 553-9036

  100. Ouch! A well directed comment zeroed in right below the belt, the correct target.
    Nice shootin there, Tara!

  101. The date it’s being held is 5th of May, which is Cinco de Mayo or Mexican Independence day. Perhaps spanish rice and refried beans would be an accompaniment as a salute to that celebration? Doubt it very much as the Chef there leans towards French style cuisine. ( BH Hotel)

  102. There are no restrictions in the Cof$ on people with the means to write a check. That they are now embrassing the Nation of Islam doesn’t surprise me in the least. I remember some years ago when my FSM was telling me that Adnan Khashoggi’s wife and son had been at Flag getting services.
    I was floored. The man is a well known arms dealer. Tied to terrorism. The blood of innocents were all over that money.
    Just Google “Adnan Khashoggi Scientology”
    So there I am in a confessional telling about sticking gum under my desk or littering or some damned thing…double standard sons of a bitches.
    Guess it’s all in what the PC considers an overt, huh?

  103. I called and it is not bullshit it is happening and was confirmed by the events I/C. with a big “that’s correct” May 5th honoring Mr. Tom Cruise.

  104. plainoldthetan

    GE also made the 10-megaton Mk 6 warhead used on Titan II missiles.

    “We bring good things to life.”

  105. Have no doubt.
    The boy is being groomed for glutz PR stardom

  106. I’ll just leave this here…

    Additional Research on Scientology & Human Trafficking:

    3 words for anyone who has first hand knowledge of human trafficking withing the Church of Scientology: ICE ICE Baby.

  107. Tony DePhillips

    You are right Jack, He CAN’T handle the truth!!

  108. Hey CB,

    The guy also has close ties to the company and shares the same “friends” as in you know who.

    Small world ain’t it?

    You’d be surprised what friends the Lil’ Mad Hatter of Scientology has once you start going down that rabbit hole.

    Then again maybe not.

    I’ll just say that the subject that Ron tried to ensure never fell into the “wrong hands” has practically been handed to them by the man who claims he was sworn to protect it.

    Lucky for us they haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet.

  109. “We bring good things to life.”

    Carries a whole new meaning when you consider the fact that GE is one of the few companies who can make nuclear spark plugs.

    As we know by reading the axioms “good” is just a consideration 😉

  110. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Carol.

  111. Gee I don’t know Anon,

    You’re saying that we should turn these poor souls over to Immigration & Customs Enforcement so they can be further detained and imprisoned.

    Personally I don’t think that’s a good idea.

    ICE’s record on Human Rights is as dismal as the so called Church of Scientology’s.

    Besides ICE wouldn’t touch a Religious Freedom issue with a 10 foot pole.

    They are just the foot soldiers of the Office of Homeland Security.

    Their main mandate is to apprehend terrorists and dangerous criminal aliens though they seem to catch very few of these.

    But that’s another story.

    The people you should really be talking to are Dave’s “friends” in the State Department.

    The one’s who issue the visas.

  112. It breaks my heart that Scientology and human trafficking are in the same sentence.

  113. Well, I would love it if Farrakhan has a cognition about what is really going on. Then DM would have a lot of pissed off Muslims coming for him. The million man march protesting DM’s “church”! Love that illusion! 🙂

  114. Summer Wind

    And I believe that all that money that’s been donated over the years to “get rid” of the psycs has gone to DM to furnish is lavish life style.

  115. Pissed Wizard

    My bad.

  116. Regards the aforementioned folks: I think this clip pretty well sums up the overall {ob}scene

  117. Sugar Plum Fairey


  118. Sugar Plum Fairey

    And Debbbie Mace was the kid’s tutor!

  119. Marty,

    Dont want to send this thread off topic, but as a follow up to your posting about “the Insignificance of Marty Rathbun” I find it interesting (and somewhat amusing) how long it takes Dear Leader to dictate off a response to postings that appear on your blog.

    They have now taken to sending out daily emails from made up hushmail addresses with interesting sounding Re:lines and links to their “D/A sites.”

    Earlier today their newest posting concerned the stats at the Birthday Game. . Obviously they read everything the instant it hits the web and Dave stomps around a bit, kicks a few cats and maybe a couple of staff, then dictates off his stream of consciousness response. It gets typed up immediately and distributed. Some poor fool then has to try to figure out whether its supposed to be the first thing he said or the second or third or fourth or fifth — and they’re all different. They finally arrive at something then get the OK to put it up and then have to generate some email accounts from IP addresses outside of LA. Now, with all that having to be done, its surprising they get them out in 24-48 hours. But it tells you what is important to them!

    And they have a couple of fancy new tricks.

    Some of the posts are now being written in the first person — like you or I wrote them. This would appear to be Dave’s response to OTDT/Deep Fax who must drive him absolutely psychotic.

    Because of the criticism that they never have any commenters on their sites, they now have a string of seriously lame comments. Most of them are one-liners on the order of “Yeah, and he is really mean too.” And here too they use names of people that post on your blog. It’s hilarious…

    As they say Marty, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    But they really can’t take a joke. As while they register all sorts of sites with your name and put up fake postings using your name, if someone registers a site with the word Scientologist in it ( for example) they bring in the attack dogs with legal threat letters. Seriously Dave — you are acting more and more like a kindergarten spoiled brat playground bully. Lighten up man. Laugh at yourself once in a while. The rest of the world is.

  120. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Alrighty then, Dave’s doing his job, so let’s just do what Ron said and get on with doing ours. 😀

  121. Mrs. Friend of Ron


  122. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Uh huh.

  123. Sugar Plum Fairey

    KCET-TV in Los Angeles is struggling after its recent split from PBS and plans to move its operations to a smaller location. It’s expected to sell its studio to the Clearwater, Fla.-based Church of Scientology, which was incorporated in Los Angeles in 1954 and owns dozens of properties in Los Angeles County, report Roger Vincent and Scott Collins. Related tweets after the jump.

  124. Mrs. Friend of Ron


  125. martyrathbun09

    Thanks and I concur with your analysis. It has gotten so desperate I am about to post their latest attack on me (us) – unedited – as it speaks volumes as to what is going on in the Blindfolded One’s head.

  126. Cool. Yeah, its kind of amazing that they think anyone would be persuaded by this crap. They are obviously not intended for on lines Kool Ad drinkers who arent even allowed on the internet. They are surely not for the people that post on this blog or read it as they would find them laughable. I guess they are amed at the people who are under the radar/fence sitters (though who knows how they know who they are?) but I suspect all it would do is drive them to look at your blog (just like their attempts to “DA” the SP Times Truth Rundown drove people to read the Truth RD and then your blog).

    What a problem!! 🙂

  127. Sure.

  128. Here the Pos(t)er Boy of a “holy business” that violates human rights in the name of spiritual elitism is being given a ….Humanitarian Award. But look further.

    Humanitarianism is the basic quality of most human beings (service and goodwill). Here it is cobbled up into a grotesque mockery: an “Award” as a brown-nosing juggernaut for arbitrary personal agendas. It VETOS the whole spirit of humanitarianism.

    What about all the people helping out in Japan right now? Or across the world, who live humanitarianism?

    It would cost a million dollars to buy the PUBLICITY that self-serving humanitarians (oxymoron!) buy by calling it a charity donation and getting press on it. Reality: It’s a flipping a tax write-off to “help dem needy lesser people look how great I am”.

    No amount of help is ever owed, but don’t call it humanitarian work when you’re working it for other reasons. When it’s cheaper than advertising, a tax write-off, and a Flow O (self stroking) to get the name in the press, please don’t act sanctimoniously ‘humble.’

    YES orchestrating a win-win situation is a great thing, but that’s not what this pure hypocrisy reeks of. It is called “turning a blind eye” to WRONGS because it serves self. Oh, world, let’s get real.

    Will the Museum of Tolerance help the regime of Corporate Scientology tolerate people who want to practice Scientology without zealotry or persecution? Or is it tolerating Tom Cruise as the poster boy of a Business (Corporate $cientology) that violates and abuses the very tenets upon which it is founded, and harasses and stalks those who leave out of a sense of personal integrity?

  129. martyrathbun09


  130. Anon
    Wow, I’d forgotten about that even though I’ve read about it a dozen times. Thanks for reminding me.

  131. Mike,
    As far as you know, has Tom engaged in any physical violence with Sea Org members or his own personal and corporate staff?

  132. martyrathbun09

    Yes. I have evidence as do those who need to know and don’t want the world to know at the moment.

  133. OT — See Marty’s response.

  134. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for making this public Paul. For the info of others who do not know, Paul initially made this public a couple weeks ago. If they follow through with this, it may not just be the usual suspects demonstrating.

  135. wannabeclear

    If anyone wants to send an email or contact them through their website, here’s info for the Simon Wiesenthal Center:

    Rabbi Meyer H. May, Executive Director
    Rabbi Marvin Hier — Dean and Founder
    Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean

  136. “…( for example) they bring in the attack dogs with legal threat letters.”

    Meh. The dogs are way too busy chasing their tails these days to hardly even bark these days, this site has been up and stayed up for a good while now:

  137. You are right – from my point of view, we’re almost at the point where the church might as well be Jim Bakker’s outfit, other than they call it Scientology. We have something church members do not: the freedom to actually use the tech.

  138. Carol:

    You have my support on that statement. Because it beats me as well.

    It could be because of the movie he made about the man that tried to kill Adolf Hitler in support of the Jewish community? It is very hard to say. {LOL}

    Tom Cruise {the man who was recently told he is no longer welcome in the city of Paris, France} is now a Humanitarian Leader? He may have some humanitarian qualities buried somewhere under his fake smiles every day, but there are more humanitarian people in the world than that.

    Aren’t Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder humanitarians in a way, by guiding people to the truth behind the fake image the Church of Scientology presents to the world?

  139. Well, how come without getting 1/4 of the things I was subjected to, was I accepted as a Victim of Human Trafficking. I am getting assistance from them.
    and they are directly connected tot he FBI.

    ALSO and most importantly, please everyone – we are NOT Apostates, nor are we critics, nor disgruntled past employees or members.

    We are WhistleBlowers, and we are simply getting the truth out there, until some on steps up to the place.

    Whistle Blowers speak the TRUTH of what goes on behind the curtain.

    Apostate and critic is a label DM put on us, don’t let it slip by, correct any reporter or person you speak to. We are telling the truth, even unvarnished it is unbelievable, so difficult for people to grasp, much simpler to grasp
    that we are Critics or Apostates. But that is not the truth.

    We speak the truth – that is why we are true Whistleblowers!!!

    PR by redefinition of words — it is very powerful and we need to set the truth of who and what we speak of.
    Nancy Many

  140. I respectfully disagree RJ.

    When the early anonymous uprising against the CofS first started gaining momentum in 2008, potential child labor violations were reported to Amnesty International, it was referred to ICE as the approriate investigative authority.

    ICE has the power to raid the cult compounds at a federal level, and they have no past baggage / war injuries of prior entanglement with the cult in days gone by when it had much more bite to backup its bark.

    The act of withholding the passports of sea org members who likely have no say in being sent to the US and no way to leave once they get here makes the immigration law violations fall squarely on the organization – not the non-citizen.

    So yes – a successful ICE raid on a major sea org facility may very well snatch a few foreign sea org members up, put a roof over their head and 3 square meals a day in a detention facility where they wont be worked to death 100 hrs a week. But international pressure from US embassies where those detainee come from can grease those wheels if activists & advocates of stopping the abusing move swiftly.

    And all it would take to potentially bring down some walls at Int and elsewhere is for one of those detainees to be long past the point of giving two shi- for the cult party line. And if a detainee is desperate enough to want out no matter to start spewing the truth of what they lived thru, it be the climax needed to possibly launch an all out investigation spanning other federal agencies.

    Plus too, if the FBI and IRS cant manage to find an angle to do anything more than seemingly sit on their hands and just watch… well then dammit we need to find an agency that will. Extreme problems require extreme solutions. And unlike other alleged criminal activity thats cloaked in shell corporations & 100 feet of PR, human trafficking presents the unique opportunity of the cult getting caught with their pants down if ICE was to simultaneously walk into a dozen or so different sea HQ type buildings in California and Florida and start asking for proof of citizenship.

    Besides, its high time we change the all too common situation with those who do escape typically going underground for a few years and by the time they recover from the hell they endured its too late to take action against it due to statute of limitations. So yes – I strongly advocate “Report that shi- immediately, and report it anyway you can” as the new leaf that needs turned over.

    And ICE is a legit venue to report criminal activity too – there are too many first hand accounts of being trapped in the SO in the US from foreigners to deny that ICE has a dog in this fight, so why not throw ’em bone? or better yet – a mountain of bones? 🙂

  141. Anon,

    As a self professed libertarian I object to Government interference of any kind.

    I’ve stated my case.


    If you want to pursue that avenue I’d be the last person to stop you.

  142. Fair enough RJ, as an occasional big-gov’ment hater I can totally respect that position. But if i may be so brash, i’ll leave this be with some parting food4thoughts:

    If the government is not to be expected to eventually intervene and do anything to put a stop to the criminal activity and abuses, then who? homeland terrorists? 🙂

    I merely pose that the momentum that is building against these criminal activities from multiple directions at once soon needs to be leveraged for turning over a new leaf, new age of public awarenes and/or a new mind set – Report it, Report it, Report it. Report it any and every way that you can. Because ultimately, the only blows that really matters are the ones that smack the organization down from the high horse of thinking they are above the law.

    To not report it when you have first hand experience in the perpetration of criminal activity is to not only condone it but to actively support and protect it’s continuance.

    Actions speak louder than words, and I cant help but wonder when will the time finally come where words alone become epic FAIL due to being nothing more than microscopic blip on the radar that lost lost in the deep dark shadows surrounding the mountain of abuses that is perpetually propped up and protected by the act of inaction by those who have the unencumbered means to take action.

  143. CD,

    It most certainly doesn’t mean that. Even in Scientology, names on invites and guest lists always mean what it means to the rest of the world – the person with their living body.

  144. That’s the thing Anon.

    First of all as a Minister I took a solemn oath to never divulge the secrets of my preclears for punishment or personal gain.

    An oath I take seriously myself even though what currently calls itself the “Church of Scientology” does not.

    Secondly to say that each citizen has the responsibility of reporting every crime they perceive to the state is how fascism begins and where freedom ends.

    The irony here is this is how what currently itself management in Scientology expects other Scientologists to act.

    As informants for OSA or HCO.

    I never played that game and never will play that game.

    Thirdly I don’t see the point.

    Especially if the FBI which is under the DOJ is conducting its own investigation.

    Now you want to bring in DHS and ICE.

    Not only that but Treasury Dept and IRS as well!

    Why not the CIA?

    All you are asking for at this point is interdepartmental and interagency rivalry and *confusion*.

    Why not let the FBI do their job?

    We’ve worked with them when I was in CCHR and they are very competent at what they do.

    They have a whole division dedicated to civil rights issues.

    It’s not that ICE and IRS don’t have competent people as well but issues of civil rights are not as we say in Scientology their hat.

    And that’s what this is!

    A civil rights issue.

    Slavery and involuntary servitude went out with the 11th and 14th amendment!

    Now if I knew as much as Marty or Mike or any of the others about the scene.

    Your damn rights I’d be reporting it to the proper authorities.

    Libertarian or not.

    Just as we used to report civil and human rights abuse by private or Government Agencies when I was with CCHR.

    But I’m no longer on those lines any more and it is not really my purpose to bring what calls itself the “Church of Scientology” to JUSTICE.

    They don’t need me informing every agency in Government telling them things that have already been reported here and telling them things they already know.

    I leave that job to others who are better informed than I.

    Me I just want to audit and set people free.

    That is those people who want to be audited on their own determinism.

    Because without that there is no real Freedom.

    Something that what calls itself the “Church of Scientology” seems to have forgotten.

  145. The ministers oath is one several “this is the thing” things that i would count generically as making some “encumbered” such their not personable able to take action.

    Totally understandable and not the real target of my well meant diatribe. My intended target of those words was more towards the 2nd and 3rd generation scientologists practically born into the sea org, who never get anywhere near your level in the tech and are treated like slave labor cattle.

    Like the Headleys, the gals who stated ExKids website and Daniel Montalvo, et al. Those are the real victims of human trafficking who have been deprived the opportunity to even now what real freedom is. Which imho – is an extreme problem worthy of extreme solutions, thru legal channels… where ever they may lay.

  146. I that case Anon,

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    In fact I’d say give ’em Hell Harry or whatever moniker you chose 🙂

    These kids who were abused in such a manner deserve every legal avenue to correct this grotesque injustice of Oliver Twistian child labor.

    Too bad the Judge dismissed the case on 1st Amendment grounds.

    One wonders if it trumps the 11th and 14th.

    Personally I don’t believe so.

    I mean if a religion decided to partake in human sacrifices I’m sure the police wouldn’t stand idly by wondering if murder was protected by the 1st.

    The Church while separate to the State is not above the law.

    Besides locking up and detaining people against their will goes against any Religious precept in Scientology.

    In other words they can’t even use Religion to cover up their crimes.

    It’s amazing they have gotten away with what they’ve been doing for as long as they have.

    But I feel this is because Dave has some value to what we call the “enslavers of man” AKA “merchants of chaos” AKA “Suppressives”.

    So in that context it is not all that “amazing”.

    I mean Intelligence Agencies constantly protect the criminals who work for them.

    Look at what happened in Italy when some spooks were busted for kidnapping and torture.

    All you have to do is read Gary Webb’s ‘Dark Alliance’ to see how many drug dealers are a protected species of some kind.

    So it is no surprise that vermin like Miscavige has some kind of “Guardian Angel”.

    However though these guys have big plans of world domination and everything.

    One thing they fear more than being forced to abandon some operation is exposure.

    So just keep doing what you’re doing Anon and it will come out alright 🙂

  147. Thanks RJ – Totally Agree all ways around.

    (virtual fist bump)

  148. (virtual fist bump)

    Back at ya big guy 🙂

  149. Wowzer.

  150. “…Dave’s response to OTDT/Deep Fax who must drive him absolutely psychotic.”

    Beauuuuutiful. Highest purpose in the universe.

  151. I understand the fear, RJ. But the human trafficking programs are especially set up to SUPPORT the victims, who require a complex set of social and governmental supports including bridging visas, medical care, counselling, funds, lodging, education / work opportunities.

    The Campaign to Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking:

    Support for Victims
    ICE recognizes that severe consequences of human trafficking continue even after the perpetrators have been arrested and held accountable. ICE’s Victim Assistance Program helps coordinate services to help human trafficking victims, such as crisis intervention, counseling and emotional support.
    For more information, call 1-866-872-4973.”

  152. I finally got my chance to do the speech on Human Trafficking at the Riverside Board of Supervisors. Here it is for posterity on this blog:

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