Larry Wright and The New Yorker

The New Yorker has just published a rather lengthy piece on Scientology, focusing in detail on the matter of Paul Haggis’ departure from the church.

Here is a current PBS interview with the author of the piece, Larry Wright:

Whether I agree with some of his views and conclusions or not, I  am fairly certain about two things concerning Larry Wright and his work.  One, he is honestly attempting to understand the phenomena that is Scientology from the outside. Two, he has opened a public debate on Scientology in such a thorough, balanced, newsworthy fashion  it will have huge and continuing repurcussions.  

If anyone wants to moan about a less than flattering treatment of LRH and the tech, again, you can thank David Miscavige in large part for that.  The church’s reaction toward Mr. Wright and the publication he works for is enough to make any outsider believe he is dealing with a destructive cult.  The incessant church badgering and threats to steer clear of writing anything about Miscavige can easily, and not even necessarily consciously, lead a man looking for answers to attribute more of their insanity to the Founder than is warranted in my view. 

 Miscavige and his minions spent hundreds of thousands throwing L Ron Hubbard under the bus so as to protect Miscavige.  That they continue to do so is no reason for us to shut up.  That is Radical Scientology’s intention.  More communication is the answer, not less.  And now is not the time to shy away from the public debate. You will see it roll out with gusto starting this week and continuing for many weeks.  Your voices are integral to the public discussion.

I am informed that as of around midnight tonight the New Yorker website will begin publishing a lot of back up documentation for the story.

At the end of the day, Mr. Wright and The New Yorker  deserve props for making it out the other end of the Miscavige meat grinder with one of the more informed, accurate pieces of journalism on the subject to date.

The headline and revelation about Wright’s work in the link below is worth all of the blood and guts spilled.  In South Texas folks say that there is nothing like a good chorizo sausage, even though the process of producing it is so brutal most can’t stomach watching it.

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  1. martyrathbun09

    Not really on point – but sorta. This message from LO was erroneously routed to spam folder. I just noticed it:
    Yes Marty,

    You’re totally right.
    There will be a storm !
    I came to Casablanca this week and I was so worried about my case. I’d 2-3 huge case problems that the church wasn’t able to handle for the last 30 years and I’d countless lists and repair on it that I was in full apathy about it becoming ever handled. To be honest I was on the verge of giving up Scientology thinking the bridge doesn’t work.
    I feared it will be very complicated .
    We had about 2 sessions and I was handled. So simple. Just undertanding and duplicating and ….the whole bpc dissipates….unbelievable….what the hell was I getting in the church ?
    Thousands of mind bending circuits gone in some seconds !
    No more worrying about my case after 30 years of endless worries and thinkingness and registrars, execs, fsms, maa’s and cs’s and arcx break auditors wanting me to handle to continue my bridge.
    I told the problems to Marty, my auditor and you know what he did ?
    He didn’t write a lenghty cs or give me an estimate of intensives to handle it or tell me I should start this or that auditing and it will handle it or send me to ethics or whatever, he didn’t frantically take his e-meter and look for reads about those problems. No he didn’t do that !
    He said:
    ” Thank you for telling me I understand” and that was it, everything blew !
    No Q and A.
    I remember, long time ago this was a normal phrase in the C.O.S.
    The rest of the auditing was then a full rehabilitation of myself as a real spiritual being and OT.
    He sent me up into the sky like a rocket and I’m still there looking down on earth.
    I know now that I’ll be on my 7 soon and I’ll take my whole environment with me.
    Oh boy, exciting times ahead of us.
    Thank you Marty, I?m so grateful for what you have done for me and do for others !
    I’m calm in the moment, very calm but will create a storm of theta when home.
    Have a great sunny day ! 🙂

  2. Good on ya Lo & Marty! Man, I am envious … I’d love to make it to Casablanca.

    Re: The article …

    Man, just looking at the title on the Gawker article ‘The FBI is Investigating Scientology for Human Trafficking’ is enough bad PR as it stands, let alone the charges that will arise out of the investigation. Headlines like that take YEARS to disappear … the old Time article is a good example.

    I am sure glad it’s Miscavige’s face showing right below the article on Gawker.

    2011 is starting out to be an historic year – the downfall of DM & crew.

  3. Congrats to LO. And to Marty for understanding that indeed those words —
    thank you for telling me, I understand … are the words which show another s/he is alive and someone cares.

    My first stop tomorrow in town is buying a copy of the New Yorker. Never have before. Have been sending out alerts all evening to everyone I know, in, out or never been in. This is HUGE.

    Thank you.


  4. Freedom Fighter

    In the presence of TRs, auditing can occur. Voila! Like the magic that it is. I still cringe at the day when the basics — LRH’s basics of TRs and Metering — were redefined by David Miscavage.

    Very cool win, LO and thank you, Marty, for what you are doing.

  5. Watching Eyes

    In your previous post you mentioned a Cat 2 – 5 hurricane on it’s way. And now we see why. Wow! The FBI investigating human trafficking! This calls for a new category……Category 6!!

  6. Many thanks and congratulations to everyone who has been helping the FBI investigation of human trafficking crimes committed by the Church of Scientology. All the Church’s victims must be given back their God-given freedoms and aided to recover from the crimes against them.

    Free Heber!

  7. Congratulations Lo, I am so very happy for you. Marty you are an awesome auditor, doing what LRH intended for auditors to do. I am so happy for you both!
    Looks like the start of that storm has arrived…about time! It is the start of something HUGE!!!! Love to you all.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Well this certainly seems like one of those “WOW” moments.

    Paul Haggis………..

    The New Yorker…….. And according to Wikipedia:
    The New Yorker had 1,011,821 subscribers in 2009. Notwithstanding its title, The New Yorker is read nationwide with 53% of its circulation in the top ten U.S. metropolitan areas. According to Mediamark Research Inc., the average age of the New Yorker reader in 2009 is 47 (compared to 48 for news magazine subscribers and 46 for the nation). The average household income of The New Yorker readers in 2009 is $109,877 (the average income for a U.S. household with a subscription to a news magazine is $92,788 and the U.S. average household income is $50,233).[16]

    Also according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, The New Yorker’s renewal rate (the percentage of subscribers who renew their subscription each year) is 85%—one of the highest reported rates in the industry. Mediamark Research Inc. reported that readers spend, on average, 81 minutes each week reading The New Yorker.

    AND THE FBI…………………………………

    DM must be shit’n bricks. Maybe we’ll call him BM!

    And the FBI. Somebody’s going to be crying the jail house blues. Next season’s debut should start with- “The Human Traffickers”

  10. Marty,

    I’m not particularly worried about what the New Yorker has to say about the Ol’man or the tech.

    Stuff like that never bothered him.

    Why should it bother me?

    The only person obsessed with image is Miscavige.

    Seems his efforts have dreadfully back fired.

    The attempt to take Scientology “mainstream” had the unintended consequence of putting the Organization under the media microscope.

    Now with all the bad press not even his “friends” can prevent the deluge that is about to come.

    Who woulda thunk two years ago that the FBI would actually investigate the Church for human trafficking even though the charge was quite valid?

    Miscavige thanks to the help of his “friends” had led a charmed life.

    Like Manuel Noriega, Ngo Dinh Diem, Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavi and currently Muhammad Mubarak.

    All these people like Miscavige had “friends” in high place too and look where they are right now.

    Maybe Dave will get a cell right next to Manuel and they can talk about the old times when they played ruler of the universe.

    Who knows and really who will care in the years to follow after Miscavige is unceremoniously frog marched off to Federal prison in his bright orange jump suit or if he’s lucky takes a flight into exile to a nation that has no extradition treaty.

    Ron said in the emergency formula that if the individual or organization doesn’t get ethics in on themselves that eventually the environment will do it for them.

    What the CIA calls “Blow Back” will eventually occur.

    And looks like it has to the lil’ tyrant of Scientology who will be making the transition from the “Man Behind Scientology” to the man behind bars.

    A place where he rightfully belongs.

  11. Awesome!

  12. Remember folks: It’s not the crime it’s the cover up.

    If they are investigating, that means the case was shopped to to a US Attorney and was deemed worthy of the manpower and effort.

    Human trafficking has national security implications as bad guys want to get into the US and an organization like the CofS is a great cover for an adversary to use for infiltration. Maybe that is why the London Org was being cased by bad guys? Were they visa shopping?

    The FBI has massive national assets to draw upon for its investigations. No network, be it voice or data, once a subpoena is obtained and technical collection means are authorized, is secure. I doubt Int is Tempest hardened.

    Lying to the FBI is a felony. A classic investigator’s trick is to lead a subject into verbal lies to an Agent. They are then presented with charges and the opportunity to come clean. Most roll right over and cooperate. Hostile or non-cooperative witness can also be compelled with detention.

    The FBI is VERY good at what it does, very thorough and very professional.

    Do not do any victory dances yet. This is but one step in a long, long road. I firmly believe that sooner or later law enforcement will always do the right thing.

  13. Watching Eyes


    Note: To all those who haven’t written their letters to get their money back, it might be a good time to stop thinking about it and actually do it.

  14. RJ-

    Throw in a baker’s dozen or so mentioned in RJ 67 and BM, aka dm, will be surrounded by those who share his own degraded and erroneous view on you, me and the rest of us (human) beings. Checkmate cometh.


  15. A few days ago I wrote a comment (on the superman story) that I thought something was brewing, and something big was going to happen. Well I am glad my intuition and my PR instincts are right on. It just happens to be a very simple indicator when they COS starts pumping out news about Ideal Org openings, and square feet you know they are soon to be under attack.

  16. LO,

    I am so happy for you! Wow!
    Wow Marty! “You the man” for sure.

    Next subject, found it.
    Here’s the link!
    Looks like the article is 6 pages and have not read it yet…
    These are very exciting times for all that have been betrayed.
    Here comes the judge!
    Always and forever, thank you Mr. Marty Rathbun.

  17. Along with such news here is a somewhat repentent religious scholar.

    Not sure if this has been posted here. James Lewis a scholar re new religions has posted an open letter re COS. Not favourable. Looks like he’s going to write a new book, or publish papers that helps differentiate
    ” Radical Scientology” from the FZ/ Independent movement.


    He’d like more surveys from exes and FZ/Independents. He only has 100 so far.

  18. martyrathbun09

    Penny, that is only a sidebar. The actual article is 28 pages and not yet on their website.

  19. Penny, that is an article from 2008. The new one is 27 pages long.

  20. I just read it and realized that my offered link was NOT, THE article. Sorry for my impetuousness.

  21. The New Yorker article ~~
    Paul Haggis Vs The Church of Scientology
    goes on line at midnight

    This is a 1 hour radio show just posted on Jeff Hawkin’s sitw well worth listening to.
    Get the straight dope on the Human Trafficking at the Flag Land Base.

  22. All I can say is OMG!!!!!! This is going to be quite a year for the Church of Miscavology.

  23. I was just at . It’s 12:10am ET and it’s there. Front and center, rotating with some other leading articles.

    Article title is: “Paul Haggis vs. Church of Scientology”

    …with a picture of Paul Haggis.

  24. martyrathbun09

    The article is now available on The New Yorker’s website,

  25. martyrathbun09

    I’ve revised the post to include the link to the article.

  26. Kathy Braceland

    Hot damn! The heat is on even higher. This is wonderful news. Yes, the more communication, the better.

    Speaking of more communication Marty…. Last night, I had the extreme pleasure of being with and speaking with 3 OT’s that were all audited by you recently. Wow. It was really great to see the results and hear the wins that were obtained by your application of standard tech. It was like “the olden days” again…B.M. (Before Miscaviage)…it was a joy…it was awesome. Thanks. You rock!!!

  27. …I’m still reading the article. So far, it’s going into detail about Paul Haggis’ life. Jim (Logan), you got Paul Haggis into Scientology?!? …

  28. Well, I’ve read all 25,000 words of it. And will read it again. It is very well researched. Clearly, Larry Wright is fascinated by this subject and its players. And even though I already knew most of the facts in this piece, I could not put it down. I expect all readers — even non-Scientologists who will have to struggle with the patois — will see it as a page-turner, too.

    As expected, Wright tells this story through the lens of Paul Haggis’s Scientology experience. One thing that hits me is how many people Wright interviewed — and how open people were with him.

    I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it, but there is one big revelation here I did not know that will be a big one for Scientologists. It has to do with something Marty told Wright about an experiment LRH once proposed regarding OT III.

    BTW, guess how Paul Haggis got into Scientology when he was a young man on the streets of Toronto? He was invited to the org by another young Canadian who handed him a pamphlet, and that young man was Jim Logan! Oddly, Jim’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere else in the article, which is funny editing … a character whom The New Yorker’s readers wouldn’t know by name is introduced, but then never mentioned again? I’m not sure what that means, but perhaps it means something to someone. Perhaps Jim will be featured in the additional information to be released by TNY?

    There are hilarious bits in here — like the excited conversation between Anne Archer and her husband (both of whom really should be advised to stop talking to the press) and like Tommy Davis’s “worst person in the world” appellations for many of our friends and heroes (same advice applies to you, Tommy).

    Everybody will read it and probably consider it differently. And I’m sure we’ll be talking about it here for some time.

    Many thanks to all who participated in and supported this project. As interesting as television is, 25,000 well-written and carefully edited words on the page to read and re-read and think about have so much more weight. The pen is indeed mighty.

    Just Me

  29. The reaction Paul Haggis got from fellow celebs “Destroy the letter and resign quietly” says it all as far as the integrity of the other celebs. They know what the scene is and they’re going along with it. Complicity of the highest order. Disgusting.

  30. Right on JM.

    Like Anderson Cooper, he hung them by their own petards. They no doubt demanded their responses be included, and without commentary or taking sides, he included them, simply explaining that this is what Tommy or others said. It’s sad to see them so coccooned that they think their responses are effective or appropriate. As the old saying goes, “give them enough rope and they will hang themselves” — those selected spokespeople tied their hands and feet, applied tar and feathes and then hung themselves. Pathetic really. And behind the curtain sat Dear Leader, pulling the strings of his marionettes, desperately trying to save his image and that of his dear friend Tom and of course the strident assertions about him and Tom’s gifts are probably the most damning of all. OMG. …Or maybe it was the Musical Chairs? …Or maybe it was the obivous question about how Dave could tolerating all this violence in his organization? …Or maybe it was…. It’s hard to pick in a winner in such a monumental parade of footnukes.

  31. Wow. I’m well into it. It’s like a small book.
    Reading this blog and everything else sometimes I feel like I should get a cert or degree at some point. Independent Scientology Studies.
    Glad I did my Student Hat.

    I saw Jim Logan sold Paul Haggis his first DN book. They should have put some current data on Jim in there- that he’s gone Indy.

    Ok, back to study…..

  32. I thought it was very, very, very well written, and actually quite just and fair. A very thorough job was done by Mr. Wright. Here it is 1:35 am and I stayed up to read it. Uh-oh, my son will be waking me in a few short hours. It was so well written, I had to finish. Thank you to all who contributed. This is a milestone for sure.

  33. Mark McKinstry

    When I read the accounts from some of the celebrities defending corporate Scientology, I get an image of Disneyland. They have never gone below the streets to where the employees live and work. They just see the show. From that perspective it is all sweetness and light.

    The problem is that they have no idea of what really goes on in a Sea Org members life… not even the abuses.. just the regular schedule, pay, no time off.

    It is the Truman show.

    As more and more light get

  34. mark mckinstry

    As more and more light shines below, the truth comes out.

    I really believe that Marty, Mike and others helped to tip the scales on this. Before, it was easy to discredit anyone who spoke out, but now, with the communication possibilities of the web there is no ability to suppress the comm.

    I wonder if the Data Series Evaluators course is still available? I have never seen it promoted. For obvious reasons..


  35. I’ve read about half and have the burning question – why wasn’t Paul Haggis’ bypassed case found and handled? His being a big celeb, one would have thought someone like Marty would have been quickly put into action at the earliest signs – way back.

    Any of you in the know, am I missing something?

  36. Barney Rubble


    Your assessment of this author/reporter is correct. I watched the video closely and looked at the indicators. I believe him to be diferent than other historical reporter’s that have bashed LRH, time will tell. Having said that, LRH is being thrown under the Bus by DM and it’s making me quite angry. It is evident all over with Basic Source Materials being altered, the friggin CL VIII tapes, the PDC lectures, etc, etc. Not only that, he is positioning himself as the savior of Scn, which any idiot would recognize as totally false.

    This is his ultimate downfall, and I just hope he does not destroy Scientology in it’s purist form with his sorry ass. Amen.

  37. The STORM just started……..

    Great article!!!

  38. Here is the definition from the UN on Human Trafficking:
    The United Nations definition of human trafficking is “The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation”. The Asia Pacific region is seen as the most vulnerable region for trafficking because of its huge population pyramid, growing urbanization, and extensive poverty. Trafficking is a violation of human rights. Victims of trafficking suffer from physical and mental abuse and social stigmatization. They become isolated, losing ties with their former lives and families. At the societal level, trafficking undermines development efforts and raises social and health costs. The ongoing abuses of human rights and the growing social and economic inequality within and between countries has led to an environment in which many women have few choices and resources, and are thus vulnerable to being lured, mislead or forced into being trafficked. Women who are most vulnerable to being trafficked are those aged 10-35 and who are impoverished, uneducated or from indigenous, ethnic minority, rural or refugee groups. Such women often lack access to education and meaningful employment opportunities. Harmful cultural and customary practices also perpetuate discriminatory and violent practices that further diminish women’s opportunities and lead to further marginalization and commodification. Promoting gender equality through the elimination of gender discrimination and gender-based violence will enhance the dignity and human rights of women and girls and prevent their being trafficked. UNESCAP supports regional cooperation to combat trafficking, reduce undocumented migration and forced labour; support capacity building and economic empowerment of women; and, promote adoption and implementation of international legal instruments.

  39. Just finished the New Yorker article …

    Man, the constant flow of BS every time Tommy Davis opens his mouth is laughable. Even if newer ‘church’ members could read the article, they would easily recognize Tommy’s blatant lies. As for members who have been around awhile; a lot of this stuff is common knowledge but not-ised.

    One foot-nuke after another Tommy … what an embarrassment!

    I won’t even get into Anne Archer’s robotic responses … /facepalm .

  40. Any predictions on how long before the anti-New Yorker, anti-Haggis issue of Freedom magazine appears?

  41. +1

    On Dat Brudder.

  42. Dear Paul,
    It’s sure has been a while. I figure you may be reading this so I’ll take the chance to tell you some of the things that I’ve encountered since those early days.
    First, I DID read DMSMH, a few times actually and yes, it isn’t all that ‘easy’. In my case though, the material made so much sense to me that I can honestly say that those pages changed my outlook and experience of life so dramatically, and for the highest adventuresome freakin’ blast, that I still maintain the enthusiasm I had that day I met you on that corner in London.

    Skip ahead some decades and I found myself declared a Suppressive Person by David Miscavige, my life smashed, my wife detained and our marriage destroyed and I had no place to turn but to my family, whom I’d really not seen much since those heady days in Southern Ontario and Toronto.

    My life had taken a hard turn, and there with me in the family home was my next younger brother, soon to be ravaged by a scourge disease with, at that time, no recourse but a prayer for swift delivery; AIDS.

    As I write these words for you Paul, the tears well again for my brother, my closest sibling growing up, and then estranged as teenagers with different paths chosen. We talked roughly at first, the two of us attempting to nurse our broken lives. Old upsets reared, pain felt sharply, and the difficulties of each of us coping with our particular burdens.

    Over the next two years, we managed to attain a peace and even a modicum of rapport again. He got worse though, and I seemed to be mending. One night, for some hours, he asked me poignantly, and sincerely, “ Jim, you have led a spiritual life. Help me answer questions. What happens when I die?”

    My poor brother, blinded, unable to eat, his body consumed and no more than a cadaver remaining of it, spoke to me in a way that he had never spoken before. He had a gentle spirit, the being himself, that reached me with an openness and earnestness that dispelled any remnant of any earlier upsets either of us had had with each the other, and we talked freely. He asked if he left his body, and would choose a new life in another family, “would I have to be gay?”. I laughed, truth be told. ‘No Mike, sex is a body thing, you are free as a being from that when this body dies. Choose what you want next time.” He said that made sense to him.

    He left that night, a few hours later. Not too far though, at first. He stayed to help me try and console his partner and then took me for a walk to have him read old cigarette packages discarded in the ditch, road signs, pop cans and anything and everything as he reveled in his ability to see again, free of the blindness of the body’s eyes.

    At his wake, a typical Irish meeting of brothers, with too much raw emotion flamed with too much drink, I was asked “what does Scientology say about gays?” by several of the family. I told them, sincerely, my own understanding that there is no stance on this in the subject other than any person obsessed, heterosexually, or any other sexually, and ill at ease on the area, is subject to the influence of things that can be understood and they can be happier in their lives if they find they aren’t. I consider that true.

    I loved my brother. That love was complete when he left. I am glad he found a better life for himself, at peace, and as vibrant as the being I played with, and knew as a boy in this, my life.

    Paul, I didn’t know you hadn’t read DMSMH. I won’t tease you, in that oh so Ontario style, at least not openly, here on this blog. But, next time I see you…no mercy (you can hold your own). And much, unconditional, and genuine love, for some reason best known to somebody.

    Jim Logan

    Footnote: when the NYer “Factchecker” called me to verify my meeting on Dundas and Waterloo with Paul he said “So they put you to work selling books” as if I was a slave to some group. “Are you kidding?” I answered, “You’ve got a mind don’t you? Well, that book IS the owner’s manual”.

    I told him it has been and continues to be the greatest adventure I’ve ever been on.

  43. LO, thank you for sharing this! I’m so happy for you!! Thank you Marty!!!

  44. I will second that call Just Me:
    Hey DM – remember what happened when Nelson Mandela was freed? It ain’t looking too good for you right now 😀

  45. Just Me , Well said . I add Free Diana .Marthy thanks for this and the links to the investigation. Lets see !!!!!!!!

  46. Nice call Lucy.

  47. A brain? (the unwashed variety)

  48. Jim Logan (AKA Tigger) – look what you gone and done now! 😀

  49. LO
    ♥♥♥ 😀 😀 😀

  50. I finished reading the article. Wow, wow, wow! What a well done piece, and to have it in the New Yorker is amazing! This is huge and will open the eyes of many.

    The church’s responses just solidify any doubt that they are a cult. Each time TD opens his mouth he confirms this.

  51. Marty, the Monday morning Today Show just headlined at 7:00 am: “Why is the FBI looking into the Church of Scientology?” And referenced Larry Wright’s 10-month work on The New Yorker story.

    It’s a Category 7 hurricane!

    Just Me

  52. These articles are like an online guest register for a funeral. Another old friend telling their story regarding the deceased, revisiting familiar times, places and feelings. All part of the process of burying the dead.
    Eventually everyone knows the deceased is dead and no one comes calling or looking. For the church it will mean few or no new starts, a dwindling base of members and support. And thats the best it can hope for, a quiet withdrawal from the center of attention it has so often sought for itself. There is another scenario of its demise and withdrawal, tied in with these investigations of human trafficking and the FBI. Either way its over for the church to be any sort of instrument for change. RIP.

  53. Perhaps you can shed light on the location of Shelly Miscavige – another burning question.

  54. Regarding the points made about LRH, my thoughts on this are: Why does it even matter? Was he a war hero? Did he have a degree? What matters now is that he was the author of the subject. He wrote Dianetics and created Scientology. That is for sure, and we don’t need any expert to prove that to us.

    For example: Did Van Gogh have a degree? Did he call his mother every day and tell her that he loved her? Did he eat his vegetables? Or was he a crazy man? I don’t care. The paintings on the wall were painted by him and they are brilliant.

    So why does the church even bring these points up? Why try to make him out to be a perfect individual?

    If the church was more honest about LRH’s life and shared the truth, the good, bad, and ugly I think these matters would just be done and over with and we wouldn’t even be hearing about them as news. He was eccentric. We know that. He did wonderful things – but he was not perfect and he was just a man. In my estimation his contribution of the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology and what they have done for those who truly have benefited from them, makes up for his flaws.

    And even if it didn’t make up for his flaws, many people find the technology to be workable. If the man who created it was flawed or nuts (I’m not saying he is), but out of his nuttiness came a workable technology to help others move on up a little higher, then great! The rest is history. I think LRH was amazing, but I wouldn’t venture to try to defend everything that ever occurred in his life. If he didn’t have a colorful life he might not have been who he was. The church needs to get real.

  55. I think Larry Wright calls it like he sees it. And he calls it very well. If the picture is not what it should be, lay it at Miscavige’s door.

    I too got into Scientology in London in 1975 (only in my case it was London England). As the communication course supervisor the first thing I did was drag in my best friend and the other struggling actors with whom I was living at the time and put them through some hard TRs. Part of some devious plan to get them into a cult? No, I thought TRs were too good to be kept secret. They did the course and went on their merry way.

    It is those kinds of skills that gave Scientology artists an edge in my hubble opinion.My best friend certainly landed a long term TV role shortly thereafter and I’d like to think I helped.

    But somehow, over the years, it is Miscavige that has turned “what can we do for artists?” into “what have artists ever done for meeeeeeeee?” and the Miscavige posse that descended upon Paul Haggis is living proof of that.

    The lack of that pure help flow is, has been and will contnue to be the death of Radical Scientology.


  56. DFB — That’s funny what you say about “Independent Scientology Studies.” I keep a word list. Not because I H A V E to, but because ISS includes quite a few articles, comments, etc., by folks far more literate than myself. H

  57. Their confront and ethics could stand some improvement indeed and I think we can help. A very good way to do so is by court and media because then they have to listen (you can’t not-iss a court order or the mainstream media). By showing the advantages of inspection and integrity and by asking the correct questions in the media, their courage could be enticed to grow bit by bit.

  58. Friend of Ron


    Spot on.

    Does anyone know or care what Ghandi did before he stood up to be counted and so changed the world — 0r Martin Luther King, or Mother Therese, or or or.

    What is timeless is truth. Man wants to survive and remember those who truly helped Man to increase survival, who brought truth and so helped create a bit more peace, a bit more happiness in our lifes, a bit less hate a bit more love.

    One day Miscavige will be forgotten while Ron will never be.

    History forgets evil man other than when people need historic comparatives to shine the light on new evil man.

    History never really forgets the heroes who increased survival and happiness, no matter what walks of life or religion they came from.

    Evil Miscavigve will be forgotten one day, Ron will never be.

    And thank GOD for that.

  59. David from England

    I thought it was a very balanced piece, and far more damaging to the church than the most recent Panorama, which was pretty powerful itself. The ‘defectors’ came over as honest maltreated individuals, despire Bryan Wilson’s rather blinkered statement. Once more Tommy Davis did little to help his cause and if anything made Scientology seem dubious and untrustworthy. As for the coverage of LRH himself, I think that the commentary was fair under the circumstances. The material the Church sends out does not always support the claims the Church makes about LRH’s war record, and Fletcher Prouty, frankly, was not a reliable source – he told the church that LRH’s record had been sheepdipped, and claimed to have seen the real thing, but never produced the documents. Given the Church’s willingness to spend thousands on tormenting ex-members and critics, you would think that it would have paid Prouty the money to get hold of the ‘real ‘documents, as he claimed he could do. Not that these anomalies take away from the very real work that LRH did in exploring the human mind. On balance, a very fair piece, and one which will play its own role in the eventual downfall of DM.

  60. If someone were to convince me that LRH was Lord Voldemort, it would not matter. I will always be indebted to the Commodore for taping the path for me and for everyone who chooses to walk it.

  61. Jim, this is a great post. From the heart. Just like you.

  62. Friend of Ron


    Thanks for sharing.

    I feel your pain and share your tears, now more than I ever thought I would when we met last.

    While we sat, loved, joked and shared war stories only 10 days ago Miscavige and his wrecking crew were already at work destroying my family it turns out.

    By the time we left you and got home hours later they had managed to interject themselves into a bond with my daughter that has been so tight for 31 years, through sick and thin, through hell and back, that I thought for sure no man can ever break it.

    Well I was wrong Miscavige could break it as my daughter has not talked to me since. But then Miscavige is not a MAN — his is simply pure EVIL.

    Haters can only survive as long as they can overwhelm others and suck their life energy out of them. They have no life energy of their own. By overwhelming others who are bascially good, EVIL MEN get their nourishment to subsist.

    Life is eternal, hate only survives as long as it can suck life out of others.

    When evil man are exposed and can no longer suck life energy out of others they shrink, shrivel and die like cockroach hulks in a delapidated building on a deserted, forgotten planet.

    My wife and I can’t wait to see you again bro.

  63. Friend of Ron


    I truly wish that one day your confront of evil will come up.

    You ARE BASICALLY GOOD and there are many people here who have dedicated their life to MAKING SURE THAT YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS all right.


  64. Friend of Ron


    You are so right — in regards to Marty as well as the Data Series.

    One can not know and use the Data Series standardly and still be inside. There is just no way. I tried it and tried hard from 93 on when I first saw a glimmer of light, then tried to suppress it before the outpoints just became so much I was compelled to leave the nuthouse behind.

    You can not know and use the Data Series standardly and still support Mr. EVIL. You have to suppress one or the other.

    As for me, since the Data Series is from LRH, I decied to SUPPRESS THE OTHER — the EVIL guy. And for once they got it right when they declared me a Suppressive Person. What a correct indication coming from Miscavige and his ilk.

    I have fought for LRH and suppressed Suppressive EVIL Persons all my life, so why would I stop now.

    When EVIL people call you suppressive then you truly KNOW THAT YOU ARE BASICALLY GOOD.

    Hope to sse you again soon Mark. It’s been a while.

  65. “I told him it has been and continues to be the greatest adventure I’ve ever been on.”

    While I am thrilled by the FBI investigation into Miscavige and co., and felt that the article was well-written and researched, I was disappointed by the lack of mention of Independent/Freezone Scientologists and a differentiation made between the subject and the organization.

    Your comment here, Jim, seems to support the fact that the author chose to purposely ignore this differentiation. It’s a shame.

  66. “If they are investigating, that means the case was shopped to to a US Attorney and was deemed worthy of the manpower and effort.”

    Spot on. An AUSA doesn’t move up the ladder unless he or she wins some cases, so the feds usually don’t waste their time on cases unless they are virtually certain they can win. If DM wants to avoid the pokey at this point, he needs actual good lawyers instead of junkyard dogs, or a plane ticket to someplace extradition-free. He’s too much in a bubble to do the former and too arrogant for the latter, in my view.

  67. When I got up this morning I turned on the TV to see the “Today” show. Next thing I know, Matt Lauer was interviewing Mr. Wright about his article in the New Yorker and the FBI investigation. I immediately knew that this was the Catagory 2 hurricane that Marty said was coming. I haven’t read the article yet . Will do so in a minute.
    If I had his mailing address, I’d send BM, AKA DM, a box of Depends. I figure he’s going to need to replace his thong, if he hasn’t already, with diapers. I pity the poor person that has to clean up after him.
    I have a million thoughts going through my head. A million questions, as well.
    Will we see our beloved Heber soon? Will the prisoners be let out of the hole sooner rather than later? The ramifications are huge!!! This is a banner day for real Scientology and the Indy movement.

    I send my love to all of you, Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  68. Joe Pendleton

    Jim, you are a man among men; a being among beings.

  69. Joe Pendleton

    Jim, you are a man among men; a being among beings. And a man of compassion, which trumps any of the common prejudices by many, many billions of order of magnitudes.

  70. “Paul, I didn’t know you hadn’t read DMSMH. I won’t tease you, in that oh so Ontario style, at least not openly, here on this blog.”

    I was under the impression that you don’t need to have read Dianetics in order to become clear, just a capable auditor. And that many “churchies” and indeed, even staff have never read DMSMH but only made the courses. So I don’t believe there’s a reason for you to really make fun of him 🙂

  71. Right on Lawrence Wright! 🙂

    More and more respected, established people in the society are stepping forward and observing and reporting the Church of Scientology’s activities.

    Can the church possibly discredit all of them as being religious hate mongers for being able to make *hopefully* the same kind of observations of wrong doing ANY church member should be able to make?

    Congratulations on this recent wave of intelligent rebuttals to the Church of Scientology’s almost always baseless allegations.

  72. LO and behold !

    That’s truly a heart-touching success !

    Great that you didn’t give up … but that you gave Indipendent Scientology a try.

  73. Just Me,

    your words say it better than my friends and I could ever have said it.

    Just Us
    (Theta Beings)

  74. What an article! !!!!! The Church’s “acceptable truth” footbullets are mangling their feet. No amount of “outright indignation”, foot thumping, “how dare you’s” , hissy fits, or throwing LRH up as a “human shield” for Miscavige can cover up the CRIMES they are committing on a daily basis. There are enough persons speaking out to make their positioning effort of “the disgruntled apostate” appear feeble and laughable at best. This is such an excellent article- well composed, balanced, factual, and analytical. Paul Haggis and all of you who contributed to crafting this gem – my hat off to you. You provide a VOICE for so many. You have my DEEPEST respect.

  75. Out of all the tools available, PR Series, and basic Scientology, it seemed to me to boil down to the Church either denying such events took place, that those making the claims were not reliable except for Ethics book which of course was the transcribers fault. Is this the same transcriber(s) responsible for the non release of OT 8/9?

    There was no compassion, no responsibility, no regret about the fact that church members spent numerous years believing in a religion/spiritual advancement that has failed them.

  76. “Regarding the points made about LRH, my thoughts on this are: Why does it even matter? Was he a war hero? Did he have a degree?”

    It does not matter to you, but true believers trying to back up claims made by Hubbard with obviously faked documentation is just what critics like me are waiting for. Maybe this is what Mr. Rathbun meant when he said Miscavige is responsible for the unflattering treatment of LRH.

  77. This is major!! I am so grateful for Lawrence Wright and his in depth article. I saw him on the PBS show a few weeks ago with Evan Smith, and knew after watching it that this article would be great. But it’s even greater than I imagined. The piece done by the Today Show this morning just adds icing to the cake. Okay tommy, davey and all you OSA criminals….try spinning your way out of this one!

    I absolutely love the fact that this article exposes the big celebrities as well. When Anne Archer, Travolta, and others urged Paul Haggis to just tear up his departure letter and leave the church quietly convicts them all in my mind of collusion with little davey’s crimes. THEY KNOW about the abuses, the trafficking, the disconnections, the hardships placed on Sea Org members and families and DO NOTHING! And very well done Today Show for exposing Tom Cruise’s benefiting from Sea Org slave labor. I hope this finishes off all of their careers. These pampered self-righteous celebrities disgust me. And Travolta should be ashamed of himself for never allowing his son to get the treatment that he needed all of those years. (Although I suspect Kelly Preston is the more radical Scientologist of the two. She was a good little davey robot girl and didn’t publicly express any “weak grieving” after their son’s untimely death. John was actually showing some humanity for a time, but he was “handled” obviously). But that’s another subject entirely.

    Thank goodness for a reporter with the skills and respect like Lawrence Wright, and his willingness to write this article. It’s a gigantic WIN for the side of goodness and Light!

  78. Due to the length of the article and of the FBI files, it will come as a 20 volume set that will make the Tech Volumes appear tiny.

    And every Co$ member will have to buy 50 issues ( that’s 50 times 20 volumes ), 1 for himself and 49 for people he knows.

    After that, Co$ will be known by Green Activists as the biggest destroyer of trees and forest.

  79. It is very painful to see how the church managed to run out the last shred of compassion and decency – if they ever existed, and I cannot be a judge over this – out of the likes of Anne Archer and Paul Haggis’ former friends. I can only admire Mr. Haggis’ decision to take the hard route over the easy one in this matter.

  80. Friend of Ron,
    I can’t wait either.

    Love, Jim

  81. I can totally feel the love. Beautiful.

  82. Marty, I am not a troll. And, honestly, although I love your blog and have been following it since I saw you on Nightline way back, sometimes I think that some of your commenters have become victims of GROUP THINK, themselves. Their comments have, by contagion I guess, gradually become more snide and sarcastic (and not just to suspected trolls) and even sound like junior high school humor at times.

    Come on, people! I’m sorry if I don’t comment in the approved-by-the-clique fashion but if you have the integrity to really look and consider what your own comments sound like, the caliber of some of those comments might go up along with the tone level.

    Sam and Athena8, I admit my comment could have been misinterpreted, but it was sincere and I thought I could give more credit to this group not to have a knee-jerk reaction. Maybe you were reacting because you thought I meant to invalidate Marty – I didn’t! I just hoped that he or someone else could shed some light. But if you’re going to jump to conclusions, or even be sincerely critical, you should do so with more grace and less arrogance- and, more importantly, look to see if you yourself might be thinking in a brainwashed way.

    Friend of Ron, I honestly thought one of the worst statements about Scientology in the article was Haggis basically saying that he didn’t really get much out of it and was just bluffing all along – like so many other Scientologists with their exaggerated wins (according to him). It would have been so much better for us if he had had undeniable gains and maybe then been able to differentiate between the philosophy/technology and management.

    It really did seem incredible to me that someone of his status with such bad indicators could have been missed, ignored, or whatever. That would be stupid, just from the viewpoint of ulterior motives.

    But whatever anybody thinks of my “take,” I wish some of you would be bigger people – especially since I actually consider you MY people now. We should all be allowed freedom of speech, now that we have it and no longer have to toe ANYBODY’S line. But I think we should take into consideration how we are presenting ourselves as a group – and how it promotes our purposes, or doesn’t.

  83. martyrathbun09

    If you are the one who asked how come I didn’t handle Paul, the answer is simple. I do not practice Scientology against anyone’s own self-determinism. That is not Scientology, by LRH’s own definitions.

  84. You are soooooooooooooo a troll!
    Highly entertaining – please continue 😀

  85. Marildi, I do get what you are saying. Personally, I just think this shows the utter incompetence of Miscavige and his cowed associates. Seriously, here’s a guy who received two Oscars in two years, gave hundreds of thousands to Scientology, and Miscavige and/or his puppet Davis couldn’t make a public statement condemning the San Diego anti-gay thing — letalone ensure that Paul was getting from Scientology what he always hoped for and/or wanted. It’s just another in an endless parade of incompetencies and foot bullets by DM’s group of robotized and mistake-prone staff.

  86. And what “claims” exactly are you referring to?

    As far as I can see both critics and the Church itself have been involved in some kind of psyop.

  87. Ah, you treasure freedom of speech. Then how’s this: You show up here for the first time. Insinuate Marty didn’t fix Haggis’s case. Declare we are YOUR people. And tie it all up by insisting we present a unified face, i.e., agree with you.

    Dude, lurk moar.

  88. An amazing article, I think pretty well-balanced.

    Mike and Marty, I’m just curious as to your thoughts on how one org could, through its endorsement of Prop. 8 could be allowed by the Church to foster the perception (however incorrect) that the Church itself was endorsing that initiative? This seems like it would have been the simplest of flaps to avoid, but that was bungled massively by Davis and Co.

  89. Jim,
    Thanks for sharing the story and the experiences. Big hug to you.

  90. +1 Haydn!

  91. One Org doing the exlusive bidding of slavemaster Miscavige that is.

  92. I can onley say this is beyond my wildest dreams


    This is a bit of an Anon thing

  93. Marty,

    I’d just like to add that Paul’s case could have been handled by the correct application of the OT IV Rundown covered in the Class VIII materials.

    The fact that it wasn’t handled was due to a failure on AOs part in application of the PL known as ‘Ethics, Quality of Service’.

    What happened to Paul is almost a replay of what happened to William S Burroughs.

    As far as I know Haggis wasn’t even on your lines when he copped it on III.

    So I don’t even know why this person is being critical of you.

    Also you and I and everyone else here that might have drawn that line in the sand to ensure that Paul made the gains he expected had been thrown out of the organization by the time this flap went nuclear.

    If there is anyone to blame it is the current organization and its management’s failure to apply standard tech.

    I’m sure if Paul came to either of us or to one of the many auditors and C/Ses who post here regularly his case would have been handled.

    If there is anyone to blame it is Miscavige and RTC who are solely responsible for “Advance Technology” according to the 1982 assignment and Miscavige’s perverse alteration of the technology.

  94. ‘Cause SD Org was being run by some neo-con nut ball of the Jensen, Wiseman variety who idiotically thought that by aligning themselves with the religious right they’d gain brownie points with the current administration and the proposed “Constantine” GW.

    To say they were deluded would be too kind.

  95. Unfortunately Loki,

    Unless Miscavige and his “friends” who are in control of the organization are not removed from any position of power. It will become more dangerous as a subliminal or underground organization or secret society than if it were operating in the open.

    Ron covers this point in various lectures especially in the following:

    “As I look into the future, I see that we are handling here,
    material of a potential control and command over
    mankind which must not be permitted at any time
    to become the monopoly or the tool of the few
    to the danger and disaster of the many.

    I believe that the freedom of the material which we know
    and understand is guaranteed only by a
    lightness of organization, a maximum of people,
    good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information.

    If we can’t do these things, sooner or later the
    information which we hold will become the property
    of an untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because
    it has always happened this way.”

    LRH Lecture: What Scientology is Doing
    6 June 1955 (Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress)

  96. >> And what claims” exactly are you referring to?

    For instance, that he suffered from massive war injuries that he managed to cure by the application of Dianetics on himself.

  97. Thanks, Marty – you didn’t let me down. Shows the auditor in you, you simply answered the question.

    I wasn’t trying to insuate anything about you, if you had any doubt about that. I have come to understand who you are and what your intentions were when you were there. And your comment about Haggis not being self-determined makes total sense as to why you yourself would not have audited him if he had come on your lines. I guess I still wonder why the terminals at CC (I assume it was there) didn’t see that outpoint and apply whatever tech would be needed. I can “fill the vacuum” and figure that they just wanted to take his money and take their chances, but it’s hard to imagine someone like him not coming to the attention of RTC reps and then DM.

    Thanks again, for your response. 🙂

  98. Marildi,

    You are right, you certainly do have and I most certainly do respect your Freedom of Speech. I will always stand up for and fight for that.

    My reply to you was not meant to be demeaning and I hope it did not come across that way. It was just my own communication in reply to yours.

    I do not label you in any way. You are who you are and you are communicating as it is your right do.

  99. Margaret, thanks for this, and I can picture what you’re saying. I guess I have always had the impression that big celebs get extra special attention and treatment – like being turned to Marty if they were BI’s. And maybe I shouldn’t asssume that there was a way to handle his lack of self-determinism that would have been in line with the intention to drain people of their money first and foremost – so in his case they just let it ride.

    Anyway, I appreciated your granting me beingness!

  100. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    That’s what I’m talkin about! I’m so happy for you LO, and everyone you encounter. Keep that theta storming!

  101. Actually, I have commented here in the past, just not very often. But I can see how you could get the impression you got, so I understand your comment.

  102. P.S. But you misduplicated me if you got that I wanted agreement. If you read my comments again, you’ll see that.

  103. Awww, and here I thought we had elevated snideness and sarcasm to the level of Art….

  104. Free Diana! indeed, and Free LRH!

  105. Is it remotely possible that DM is behind the *leaked* FBI Investigation into Scientology?

    Wasn’t it DM that had the Commissioner of the IRS issue a tax-exempt status to the COS *after* the infamous 11 Scientologist’s were convicted of breaking into United States Government offices & sent to prison?

    If the FBI investigation ends up *Clearing* the COS of any illegal activities, well, maybe the COS’s investigation team is one up on the FBI.

    Lets hope not.

  106. ++++ Great News, Marty! ++++
    Thank you so much.
    You are the real Inspector General of what ever Institution.

    Sam and Marc, I would say:
    1. Free Hebert!
    2. Free Diana!
    3. Free everyone in the Hole!
    4. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected.
    5. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back.
    6. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended by LRH:
    6. David Miscavidge & followings shall be brought to justice

  107. I was waiting for this for years. Now to be honest I could care less if the cult goes down.

    They ripped what the one’s I thought were friends to me but in reality never were.

    I had a person talk to one of them a ways back. He told a lie protecting self and threw me under the bus.

    After that I truely did not care any more. In my learning about dictators and how you can’t reform much of anything any more I gave up on the cult.

    I learned much working with the Zeitgeist Movement for the Venus Project.

    I am still for the tech but because of the bad rap it has I am starting to think I will not talk about it much any more. I am tired of trying to get true data out there.

    The cult contacted me last week giving me a link to an old website I seen years ago about the freezone. They did not get a nice reply back.

    They tossed me and now I am helping others to know of the tech out of the cult they don’t want to me to. I would have left on my own in the long run anyhow.

  108. Okie doke. Benefit of the doubt extended. Howdy.

  109. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    So well said, not that I’m biased or anything…
    And thanks for the indication. I guess all the basically good ones are showing up here.

  110. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    And the great thing is, you’re still gently nudging and getting people to study and understand DMSMH and other truth.
    Finally, as we all “see the light” and work our ways back toward the mountain, more and more will turn back in the right direction.
    Thanks for your work on this Jim.

  111. Howdy. 🙂 And thanks.

  112. ++++ Christie, Friend of Ron thank you, you are right. ++++

    Why bother so much with LRH life?
    Why try to make him a perfect man, when he wasn’t?
    Why bother about the PR instead of just communicate the facts and go down to the business?
    LRH himself explains it openly and simple, he have lived, travelled, prospered, learned, but the only important thing in his life is, that his work has been done and can help man to become a better being.

    My Only Defence For Having Lived
    by L. Ron Hubbard

    The only tests of a life well lived are:
    Did he do what he intended? And were people glad he lived?

    People have often desired me to write an autobiography and while I would be perfectly willing to do so had I the time, I consider such a work, as I do myself, quite unimportant.
    I have led an adventurous life and it would possibly be entertaining to read, but I doubt such a work would shed any background light on my researches and would not clarify my intentions or why I developed Dianetics and Scientology.

    My motives have not been fame. I tried to give Dianetics, the entire work, to the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association in 1949 and the AMA only said “Why should you?” and the APA said “If it is important we will hear of it.”
    I tried to avoid, until July 1950, saying I had personally done the research but then owned to it when I saw that unowned, it could be lost in its original form.

    My motives have not included amassing great wealth. The royalties of the first book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, were given to the first Foundation. So it is not wealth.
    Power has not been my motive. I only held office in organizations to insist upon correct usage of the work, and this having been achieved sometime since, I resigned all directorships and retained only an honorary post.
    Further, one cannot have more power than he himself already has as a being; so power by reason of position I consider pointless and a waste of time.

    My motives are so hard to understand because they largely omit me from the equation. And self-centered men are not likely to understand such a thing since they know they would not forgo fame, wealth or power and so conceive that another would not.

    To try to understand me or Scientology by recounting the adventures of my life is a rather unrelated action. I am myself not my adventures. I have gone through the world studying man in order to understand him and he, not my adventures in doing so, is the important thing.
    I always operated on the somewhat naive idea that my life was my own, to be lived as best I could. A life is not always easy to live. When one’s life becomes “public property” as mine seems to have done, one is ill prepared and not even inclined to explain it all. It has been lived, it cannot be unlived and there it is. The results of having lived at all, then, are the only things that count.

    I never considered it worthwhile to live believably as that is a compromise which denies one’s own integrity.
    Also, to try to explain the technical inventions of a scientist by the way he plays a mandolin is of course something only a very dull person would do—yet of course people so try.
    The trouble with my life is that it has been adventurous and would make, perhaps, interesting reading to lovers of adventure stories.
    One does not study man successfully from an ivory tower and part of my intentions has been to live a very full life in many strata so as to understand man. And this I have done.

    I cannot say that I have liked all the things men do and say is necessary, but I can say that despite many reasons not to I have persevered in helping man all I could and continuing his friend.
    Long since I ceased to talk about my real life. I learned long ago that man has his standards of credulity and when reality clashes with these he feels challenged.
    For instance, I could read and write when I was three and a half. I could read minds and foretell the future with great accuracy. Such accomplishments startle people and I early learned in this lifetime to keep my own actual abilities to myself or else find sociability impossible.
    I grew up on the frontier, amid brute force and the worship of brawn, learned to live in such a rough and tumble world, not die in forty below blizzards or lose my own standards in a barbarous society where agony was amusing to the people.

    It carried its own legends and I had my adventures but I learned to tell the lesser tale.
    No more than acclimatized in this lifetime to the old West, I found myself moved to the South Pacific and Asia, to a world of courtesy and soft ways and had to adopt a new pattern of survival.
    This was no more than learned than I found myself, against my will, in the collegiate world studying engineering and mathematics, and learned new lessons in social contact. In this I was quite successful, becoming the head of various college clubs and societies. But in adapting a dead mathematics to new modern uses, I so assaulted the prejudices of my professors who thought dead mathematics should have no use that I learned once more about our world. I was ridiculed or frowned upon too often for writing or looking for the truth to ever conceive much love for the artificial towers of learning—so aloof from life. I decided to go study other races and organized an expedition and set sail in an old four-mast schooner rather than carry on longer in the academic world. I am amused to be condemned by some for not having studied in college a subject which was not taught there and which I had to develop to fill the gap in man’s knowledge of himself. The answers did not exist in the books of philosophy I studied. It had to be looked for in the real world.

    I wrote, I lived, I traveled, I prospered, I learned. I unfortunately could not quite help doing spectacular things. They would not look spectacular to me until I saw them in the eyes of others. And so I began to work very hard to tell the lesser tale, to do what I must to learn about man and help him as I could and yet not see wide-eyed disbelief, even shock, when someone at the Explorers Club would introduce me as having roped a Kodiak bear, having climbed a volcano to see its eruption at close hand or as the doer of some other feat. I became cautious in my anecdotes but I was looking at and living life, in order to experience it, and what happened to me was entirely secondary.
    When you see a student body of would-be writers almost mob you for saying factually you wrote a hundred thousand words a month as a quota, when you tell what is to you a simple truth and yet find others consider it extraordinary beyond belief you grow cautious about retelling the consecutive incidents which are your day by day life. You conclude others don’t have a day by day life like that and so, not wanting to seem strange, you simply say less and when you do say you tell what you hope is ordinary and mildly entertaining.

    Background for autobiography abounds. But who would read it as an honest tale and so I have not written it and never will. It would sound far, far too incredible. So I have abstained from writing vast tomes about myself and my adventures, not because I had done anything bad but because it was not important to do so and nobody would even believe my tales anyway.

    Thus I have left a bit of mystery, unintentional, that others, with bad intent can fill in from their imaginations. I did not intend it so.
    My intentions in life did not include making a story of myself. I only wanted to know man and understand him.
    I did not really care if he did not understand me, so long as he understood himself. I was the lesser part of my project. Some say this is unfortunate, but I do not find it so. I did not live to be understood, but to understand.

    And it does not matter. Long ago, I ceased utterly to defend myself against lies and calumny where it occurred. To some this will be considered strange. But how can one control the vaporings of a press which never interviews one?

    Does one condemn and fight each rumor or lie?
    I long ago realized I had not the time. But mainly I had not the inclination to stop man’s speech and punish him for being what he was and for thinking what he did.

    I learned early the folly of fighting the viciously inclined.
    I was once expelled from an island, as a boy, by a gloomy and brooding governor, on a charge of always being happy and smiling. There was no more story than that.
    So what does one do? Does one seek vengeance and death on men because they are ignorant, dull or intolerant?
    Not when one’s mission is to understand and help men.

    Does one defend oneself against lies and infamy when one is already too busy doing his job?
    One chooses what one is to do. And does it. All else is foolish distraction.
    Threats to myself are unimportant in the scheme of things. I knew I would attain my goals. I knew it a long time ago.

    I only once was frightened by the immensity of the implications of understanding man. It was when I had isolated in the late thirties what appeared to be the dynamic principle of existence and knew where such a discovery would lead.
    I remembered man habitually crucified anyone who brought him wisdom or truly helped him.
    I was frightened for a bit.
    But I realized I had searched for an answer for too many years already to give up now. And then I accepted that condition. And have not halted on my way because of personal fear.

    My life’s history has no import. I have lived.
    My only real regrets have been killing men in the thunder and passion of war and though I wish I had not, still it was done.
    What people say I as a being have or have not done has no bearing on the fact that my work has been done, done well and lives to help man become a better being. If I personally triumph for it or die for it in this life is not of the slightest possible importance.

    What I have done for man’s use cannot be undone by thousands of hostile columns of press or a hundred billion slanderous lies. My friends, and I have many, know they are lies, which is quite enough.
    I am myself. I can hold up my head to myself. I know what I have done in developing a new philosophy and certainly I am not so foolish as to suppose it has no consequences for me. Only a fool would expect or value praise from the insane and not expect damage from the act of attempting to assist a wounded wild animal. One takes the consequences with the act.

    I have carried out my basic intention—to understand man and help him attain greater heights of civilization through knowledge of himself.
    And any friend I have and many, many more are glad that I have lived.
    And that is the story of my life—the only story that matters.
    My adventures, my heartbreaks, the joy I take in the singing wind and sea, my pride in creating prose and pictures, my attempts to compose music, my laughter with my friends and likes, dislikes and deeds are none of them discreditable.

    So there have been attacks. Need this startle anyone? Such actions only prove that man needs help and needs it badly if he attacks his friends.
    A past researched relentlessly for sixteen years by the world’s press and even the police of a planet without the discovery of a single crime must be a singularly unstained past indeed!

    Were you to read the press, up to 1950 . . .
    I was a mildly famous, colorful person of excellent family, of unblemished repute, a member of famous clubs and societies, with many friends in high places.
    On the publication of a book concerning the mind, I suddenly overnight was a dark villain with a terrible past (the crimes of course, unspecified, since there were none). From this we only learn that a person’s own mind is apparently a monopoly somewhere, property of a sensitive group that profits too much to lose control. In any year thousands of books are written on philosophy and the mind, many banal, many vicious, many harmful, with no protest from anyone. Many of such works are by important people.

    In any year thousands of self-betterment groups, good and evil, are formed without comment. Why then did the publication of a book and the forming of a foundation cause such a fantastic reaction, all out of proportion to the importance of such usual acts?
    Could it be because no special interest group had this new subject under their control? Could it be because the new subject had in it too much power of truth?
    How is it that for sixteen years at this writing, the work, the groups, have continued and multiplied in the face of all opposition including that of governments (whose actions are startling, as who revolted against them)?
    I sometimes feel like an old-time explorer, offering a balm to a pygmy mother for her baby’s skin rash and being fearfully hunted by the tribe for “trying to put a spell on them.” Ah well, explorers ran into that, didn’t they?

    With this much violence, had there been anything wrong with my past or with my current activities, I long since would have been done away with by the normal processes of law. But no, I remained untouched for all those sixteen years.

    It has not been easy to live and work in a hostile atmosphere and yet protect my family and to carry on and keep faith with those who trusted me. I have borne it for the sake of others and for man.

    It is interesting that all attempted actions against Scientology have eventually failed and have been proven falsely based in any court of law.
    But who is this that is denounced by mighty figures of the press, by men of towering importance in the governments of the planet, who must be lied about and somehow put down? I as a person am not that important.
    It doesn’t make sense. And it makes less sense the more you consider it. For neither I nor the subject is an enemy of any of them.

    Being easy in my own mind and sincere in the help I offered man and in my interest in him and in being at least one friend in a lonely world, I am not of course going to engage upon an impassioned defense of myself or much less engage in violent attacks upon the rather less than sane people who make such senseless (and nebulous) charges.

    Dianetics and Scientology are perfectly plain to anyone who studies and uses them. No matter what adventures I have had, Scientology is not unbelievable.

    A six year old boy just last night graduated from a Communications Course and was very happy about it as life looked so much easier to him now. Anyone who studies the technology finds it helps man communicate, solve his problems, become a more social being, makes it unnecessary for him to continue to excuse his failures with more failures and frees him as a spiritual being.

    Man and philosophers have been hoping and trying to do these things all down the ages. Why the charges of villainy when it has at last become possible for any person to follow an easy way to freedom and have a saner, happier civilization?

    But then one remembers that philosophers have been given hemlock and that others who tried to help man have been slain in fury and one begins to see that it is a dangerous activity.

    Only a being with the highest possible sense of adventure and dedication would ever attempt to solve the riddle of man’s being and destiny. The most incredible adventure of all was to advance a solution to that riddle. For the hiding place is strewn with the bones of those who tried in ages past, all far better men than I. So only a chap with nerve enough to walk unarmed amongst savages in far places would ever seek to solve the riddle of existence. That by now is obvious!

    To me the only important thing is that I have finished and written my work. Despite all, that I have done.
    And man, despite anything he now says or does, may someday be glad that I have lived.
    Let that suffice.
    It is the only important thing.
    I only hope that I have helped.

    I have done my job. This no man in truth will ever be able to decry.
    How important that job was is for the future, not for me, to decide.

  113. Maybe Marty thought I was indirectly asking why he didn’t handle Paul Haggis (obviously, others did get that impression) – but I wasn’t. And I totally believe, as you do, that Marty would have ensured Haggis was handled if he had been in a position to do so.

    But the main thing I wanted to say is – thank you – your comment specifically answered the question I had, when you said that there actually was a piece of tech (and what it was!) that could have and should have been used to handle the guy’s lack of self-determinism.

    I was also trying to express being confounded as to WHY the relevant terminals didn’t use the applicable tech – no matter what their intentions in doing so were (good or bad). The current “Church” usually protects such vested interests as high profile celebs (like with Tom Cruise and others). I never doubted that RTC and DM were ultimately to blame – just couldn’t figure out why they and terminals below them would not have gone out of their way to give the usual privileged treatment, but instead set themselves up for a huge flap. My question was kind of a rhetorical one, but I thought there might be more to it than I know.

  114. You mean like as a limited hang out and damage control?

    Personally I can’t fathom why?

    You see unlike the whole GO debacle. Miscavige is implicated up to his ears in this one being the undisputed leader of Scientology and all that.

    No longer can he point his long (well okay in this case short) bony finger of accusation to those “criminals” in the GO and cop some kinda mea culpa plea.

    He’s a player in this one.

    Not just some innocent by stander on the side lines looking in.

    Also if you carefully read the formerly “Secret Closing Agreement” you’ll find out that the IRS actually made out like bandits and that the Church ended up with the prestige of being known as a 501 c iii organization and the public for the most part got screwed by the fact that the Church became just another Tax enforcement agency.

    Some frickin’ deal!

    However the fact is that Miscavige is the capo of the current criminal organization that the Church of Scientology has become according to the Church’s own publications and media reports ( in reality the lil’ rabid squirrel is just a patsy).

    So why would they go after his lieutenants when they have the John Gotti of Scientology in their sights?

    Maybe you’re right that it was leaked from within but if I suspected a leaker it would probably be OSA which is composed to a large degree of former GO who have a score to settle with the little man who allowed Mary Sue to twist in the wind.

    The irony here as far as I can see is that our former nemesis especially while it was under the control of J Edgar may actually save Scientology by putting the lil’ twerp in Club Fed.

  115. Friend of LRH, your comment didn’t come across as incincere at all. That’s why my response back to you (in one the paragraph I being with Friend of Ron…) was just an attempt to have get across a better understanding of what I was trying to say.

    As far as “labeling” or not, though, you made it very clear that you didn’t think much of my level of confront, and you did seem to think I needed to be told I was basically good… And you assumed I had a different viewpoint than yours about what the people here have dedicated their lives to. But – I’ll say it again -freedom of speech is part and parcel of what is being demonstrated on this blog – yours as well as mine. 🙂

    I do feel better now about having the right to communicate here, because of yours and others’ comments.

  116. Sorry for the typos. In the first paragraph above the part in parentheses should read: (in the paragraph above that begins with “Friend of Ron, …”)

  117. I suggest you listen to the lecture the ‘History of Dianetics and Scientology’ again and actually listen to what he says in the lecture.

    At no point does he say he received as you *claim* “massive war wounds”.

    Thus you are creating the straw man.

  118. martyrathbun09

    Good catch RJ – as have all those most “offended” by the representations.

  119. Apologies if I missed it, but I think I’ve reviewed the comments thourghly and only found one passing reference to it. What was this about a memo by LRH advising possibly “skipping” OT 3, or experimenting with skipping it, on the bridge? Can you shed any further light on this Marty? Is this an accurate attribution? If so was it for PR reasons or tech reasons? Would the following OT levels remain the same or would there have been some alteration of the levels to mesh with skipping 3? Lots of fascinating tidbits in this fabulous article ( best comprehensive one in a decade or more) and many are being discussed here but I’ve not seen anything on the OT3 comment by Marty which really caught my attention.

  120. There’s a time and place for everything and I don’t think this is the time or place for being snide and sarcastic, as least not that much – a little goes a long way. Too much makes us look a bit like some of the anti-Scientology sites that specialize in being crass and low-minded. They attract the like-minded and others don’t linger, I would imagine.

  121. When the media truly grasp Scientology they become like Tony Hitchman. He was a mixed bag from what I have heard. But I am talking about “the good” Tony Hitchman. When they don’t, the’ll drag it down. I would anticipate a lot of skewing before the DM downfall which the media boys and their puppet masters will orchestrate. Never forget that they are VERY good at what they do. Look at how the price of oil is amazingly rising again and they are getting away with it. Meanwhile, oil tankers line up around NY harbor and are not allowed to sell their oil. DM’s main danger to the environment is that he keeps Scientologists from looking at it and impedes their improvement of worldwide conditions.

  122. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic post Jim.

    You are a being with a lot of love in his heart. Your voracious appetite for adventure serves you (and all of us) well.

    Thank you for sharing this story with us.

    L, Scott

  123. Yes. Perfect example of the non confront of the correct evil, is Mark Isham’s saying the material in the “St. Pete Times” article made him think he was reading “Mein Kampf”. I laughed, thinking that Mark is ALMOST there. He mistaking Miscavige’s black propaganda scapegoat (the “evil” Marty and Mike Rinder) as the bad leaders, when it’s Miscavige who Mark Isham should be realizing is the bad leader! So Mark’s almost got it right.

    I’m sure other celebs will start getting it right, on who the bad leader is.

  124. If you have info on how Burroughs was “mishandled”, getting those who actually know, to be interviewed by Wright, for his book, I think would be a huge good piece of history to get straight, whichever way it comes out. I know Burroughs was not even through the Clearing Course, as he dropped out in 1970 or 1971, didn’t he?

    Anyone with important history they want to get to Lawrence Wright, I’ll gladly hand out his email to anyone.

    In one of the links at the top of Marty’s thread is one interview where he most definitely says he’s gonna do a book.

    I urge people with important firsthand LRH history, and firsthand DM history to please originate to him.

    I hope all the older generation people who lived with LRH will now come out of the closet, and feel they can tell history without any fear of retaliation.

  125. Lady Lancelot

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with Lawrence Wright?

  126. ‘Mirildi’
    Despite your attempts to snap terminals with other members of the group, I see no point to your posts other than to covertly insert snide and derogatory comments.
    I count a minimum of 10 snide and derogatory comments in your recent posts – to wit:

    1. “one would have thought someone like Marty would have been quickly put into action at the earliest signs:”
    2. “sometimes I think that some of your commenters have become victims of GROUP THINK, themselves”
    3. “Their comments have, by contagion I guess, gradually become more snide and sarcastic”
    4.” and even sound like junior high school humor at times”
    5. “I’m sorry if I don’t comment in the approved-by-the-clique fashion”
    6. “the caliber of some of those comments might go up along with the tone level.”
    7.”I thought I could give more credit to this group not to have a knee-jerk reaction”
    8. “more importantly, look to see if you yourself might be thinking in a brainwashed way.”
    9. “I wish some of you would be bigger people”
    10. “makes us look a bit like some of the anti-Scientology sites that specialize in being crass and low-minded”.

    Your intention to enturbulate is clear.

    Here’s some LRH on snide and derogatory comments. It actually isn’t for your benefit at all. It’s so that the rest of the group doesn’t get tripped up trusting you:

    This is a VERY important policy. When it is neglected the org will soon experience a technical dropped statistic and lose income and personnel.
    The most attacked area of an org is its Tech and Qual personnel as these produce the effective results which make Scientology seem deadly to Suppressives.
    The Suppressive is TERRIFIED of anyone getting better or more powerful as he is dramatizing some long gone (but to him it is right now) combat or vengeance He or she confuses the old enemies with anyone about and looks on anyone who tries to help as an insidious villain who will strengthen these “enemies”.
    Thus Tech and Qual personnel are peculiarly liable to covert, off line, off policy annoyances which in time turn them into PTSs. Their cases will Roller Coaster and they begin to go off line, off policy and off origin (see Dev-T {Pol Ltrs) themselves.
    This results in a technical break down and an apparency of busyness in these divisions which does not in fact produce anything, being Dev-T.
    This means they may not “be decent about it” or “reasonable” and so refrain.
    This means they must know their Ethics and Dev-T Pol Ltrs.
    This means they may not themselves act like Ethics Officers or steal the Ethics hat.
    It means that they must chit students who bring a body and ask for unusual solutions; they must chit all discourteous conduct; they must chit all Roller Coaster cases; they must chit all Suppressive actions observed; they must chit snide comments; they must chit alter-is and entheta; they must chit derogatory remarks; they must chit all Dev-T. Anything in violation of Ethics or Dev-T Pol Ltrs must be reported.
    Ethics will find then that only two or three people in those areas are causing all the upset. This fact routinely stuns Tech and Qual personnel when it is called to their attention – that only two or three are making their lives miserable…”
    L. Ron Hubbard HCOPL 1 July 1965

    Sure. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt (while you’re busy trying to squash the other members of my group).

    Just tell us your real name and where else on the earlier blogs you have posted as you claim, without the generalities.

  127. Mirildi — Sam’s right. Your name doesn’t appear on any comments made here prior to January 29, 2011. See And you ARE getting all snarky again. So benefit of doubt is withdrawn. No big deal, but you’re stinking up the joint.

  128. There are 9 scientific libraries in Antarctica that could use a set of those volumes!

  129. I didn’t say I was offended, neither am I creating a strawman. My point is, that you are not going to instill any trust into Hubbard if you come up with documentation that is obvious to be fake. In this respect, Miscavige is indeed in great part responsible for the “bad PR” about Hubbard.

    As to your other point, the lecture: He may not have claimed massive war wounds in this particular lecture you dug up, but indeed he made these claims, and here is the documentation:

    «HUBBARD IN 1968: “By 1948, through my own processing, and use of the principles I had isolated up to that time, was able to pass a 100% combat physical, which was very mysterious to the government, how had I suddenly become completely physically well, from being blind and lame.”

    To me, blindess and lameness is massive war injuries.

  130. Thank you so much for posting this!! Although I had read it before, I must admit I had forgotten much of it. Reading it in a new unit of time has put many plus points and out points in perspective … Ron’s perspective … which becomes now true for me. Thanks again … Hallelujah!!

  131. martyrathbun09

    Who is “you” White Eyes?

  132. I should have replied to RJ, yes.

  133. Sam, almost all of what you list is in that one long comment I made after I got the reaction from a couple of you that I thought was inappropriate.

    Just Me, I googled “Marildi Scientology” and found about a half dozen times where I comment on Marty’s blog, and about the same number on Geir’s. I don’t think my comments have been generally derogatory. That’s not how I usually am. But sometimes criticism is called for – and sometimes it’s not. And “snide and sarcastic” aren’t called for very often at all IMO.

  134. You forgot to list the reference on Jokers and Degraders, one that has come to my mind at times when reading some of the comments here.

  135. but thank you for your enthousiasm

  136. So Doc.

    Where does he exactly say that these were “massive *combat* injuries” or even injuries related to actual combat in the following line?

    “By 1948, through my own processing, and use of the principles I had isolated up to that time, was able to pass a 100% combat physical, which was very mysterious to the government, how had I suddenly become completely physically well, from being blind and lame.”

  137. A better comparison than the anti-Scientology sites would be the Church sites and publications! It makes me cringe at how low-minded they are – and we should be better than that.

  138. Sorry, this should have been put after my comment under Valkov’s video, above.

  139. I don’t think you’re a troll. I took your initial comments as interested, contemplative and sincere, not an intention to enturbulate.

    You got sucked into defending yourself after being attacked for being a troll because some on this blog didn’t like your comments. Those people are quick to label as ‘trolls’ those who post here whom they don’t know and whose comments don’t vibrate with immediate agreement.

    I’ve seen a couple of people post here who I know personally and are definitely NOT trolls who were accused of being such. Once the “TROLL!” yell is heard, ears pick up and perception get influenced and almost a mob mentality takes over. A few months ago I got confused about what was being discussed and some hardliner here insinuated I was a troll, too. Ha, I’m so not a troll it ain’t funny.

    I also recall getting accused of “throwing Marty under the bus” because I pointed out that he ALLOWS trolls on here that open the door to certain viewpoints. I find it refreshing and admirable that Marty doesn’t object to contrary viewpoints and within a fairly wide parameter of reasonability. Some self-appointed guard-dogs here take a more protectionist approach. It’s like a Simon-Bolivar-protect-the-power thing. It’s like, “Sniff, sniff…troll? TROLL!!!! AHHH! BARK! BARK! GROWL!

    The interesting and humorous thing is that those who do it don’t even realize how stupid and reactive it makes them look.

    But at any rate, pass on TR-4.

  140. I personally HAVE elevated sarcasm, satire and J & D to the level of art. Proudly so.

  141. I hope you’re referring to mine.

  142. I agree OTDT,

    Back on ARS anyone who wasn’t with the borg mind there was accused of being sent by OSA.

    I mean I was accused of being sent by OSA fer christ sakes.

    Anyone who knows me knows how ridiculous that charge is.

    Anyway just chalk it up to mob mentality and group think and move on.

    I personally ignored the accusations because they were so patently absurd to be comical.


    Me an OSA plant and yeah Porky was approved by the FAA!

    The accusation of “troll” is another good one to shut down any debate that doesn’t align with some akashic record or general nirvana in some way.

    I mean it was insinuated and implied because I didn’t accept the ….what I like to call derisively …the “lone Miscavige theory” that I must be a troll near the beginning.

    So what.

    You just have to have the courage of your convictions and not go blaming every one else because they don’t see what you consider to be an astute and erudite POV.

    Also you gotta count on the fact that occasionally you may be wrong.

    And you’re particularly wrong if you use any form of generality.

    Because we don’t all think the same way here.

    Many of us are as independent as it gets like my friend OTDT here.

    The guy is in a class of his own 😉

    So much so that sometimes I think he must be from another Galaxy because his humor is totally out of this world and has us mere Earthlings usually rolling in fits of hysterics.

    Yet even so he’s managed to piss people off on occasions when his humor cut too close to the bone.

    So much so that he’s even offended the King of the court which I’ve personally managed to do a few times.

    So what.

    All you gotta do is hang in there and contribute to the discussion and eventually you’ll come out of the other end accusing other newbies of being trolls 🙂

    To me Marildi you are what they call in the Army or Marines the FNG.

    For instance accusing Marty of failing to handle Paul Haggis when it wasn’t even his responsibility is not gonna win you any brownie points or high fives around here.

    So wisesup.

    Because to a degree we are all responsible for the sorry condition the Church is in these days.

    Yes even you Marildi.

    So if you are going to *blame* people for the way things are and how they got this way.

    Start by looking in a mirror.

    On that note I thought of a nice tune that might be appropiate:

  143. Fellow Traveller

    I acknowledge and bow before the master.

    But master, you make my brain hurt like hell — if J & D is elevated to art, is it still J & D?

    Not to worry, it is a good pain — reminds me I am alive.

    Bruce Pratt

  144. Wow, thanks for this, OTDT. I have no trouble believing all of these commenters’ hearts were in the right place. Thanks for seeing that mine is too!

    And thanks for duplicating my other consideration about the impression of Independents that certain kinds of comments might be giving. Great TR 2 . 😀

  145. RJ, thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it.

    Just wanted to note one thing. I never accused Marty of failing to handle Paul Haggis – that was a misconstruing or assumption by others, which I tried to correct a number of times above. But if I understand your comm, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t make such a comment if that was my viewpoint. (And if I had, I wouldn’t have been so suprised to get the comments I did.)

    But you rock! 🙂

  146. International Liers Association


    For outstanding consistency and courage in lying, TOMMY DAVIS,
    Spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International, is hereby awarded the honorary title of LIER OF THE YEAR.

    Examples of Exemplary Exaggerations:

    “The documents are real.”

    “Cruise doesn’t remember the first PC he audited.”

    “The Church is not anti-gay.”

    “There isn’t any such policy as disconnection.”

    “Travolta doesn’t recall that.”

    “That never happened.”

    “They’re all liars.”

    “There’s no blow drill.”

    “Anyone can leave at any time.”

    “Miscavige never attended that event he attended.”

    “Hubbard never said those things he said.”

    “Cruise never said that.”

    “The Church erroneously took an anti-gay stance.”

    “OT III is unfamiliar to me.”

    “Miscavige doesn’t tell me what to say.”

    “The Church is not political.”

    “Marty was not telling the truth when he said he was lying.”

    “The Musical Chairs incident did occur but it was all for fun at a party.”

    “That’s all nuts.”

    “That’s all hoo-ha.”

    “No one ever saluted Miscavige’s dog.”

    “Hawkins wasn’t mistreated”

    “That incident that never happened never happened.”

    “No change fell out of Hawkins pockets after Miscavige didn’t hit him.”

    “Hawkins never had any pockets.”

    “Hawkins never had any change in the pockets he didn’t have when he wasn’t hit by Miscavige who was never there.”

    “Hawkins never had any buttons on his shirt.”

    “It’s a lie that we’re lying about Scobee lying.”

    “The Church doesn’t use Confessional material to smear anyone, ever.”

    “The Freeloader bills are not real.”

    “It’s a lie I borrowed and paid back a hundred dollars.”

    “We never become livid and irrational.”

    “Martin Luther King’s name never came up.”

    “We don’t know about any FBI investigation.”

    “The RPF is voluntary.”

    “Cruise doesn’t recall meeting that person he met.”

    “No Church funds are spent for the benefit of Miscavige.”

    “No one is ever forced to donate for Miscavige’s personal gifts.”

    “I never went with 19 other people to not track down JB that time I never went to try to bring him back.”

    “No bars were installed on the windows of the Hole that no one is in that doesn’t exist.”

    “The motorcycles that Cruise never brought in were never painted by Sea Org workers who never worked on them.”

    “JB’s account never happened.”

    “The Church never worked on Cruise’s hangar that was never worked on that he didn’t benefit from.”

    “There are NOT more Rastafarians than Scientologists.”

    “I never met with Wright when I met with him.”

    “I never had trouble with a girlfriend.”

    “I never blew to Vegas that time I blew.”

    “I never scrubbed that dumpster with a toothbrush that time I scrubbed the dumpster with a toothbrush.”

    “I never purposely goaded John Sweeney.”

    “I never mysteriously disappeared in 2007 that time I didn’t.”

    “I never liked the sec checking by Jessica Feshbach so much I married her that time I got the sec checking from her and married her.”

    “Jessica never anxiously twirled her hair.”

    “I have nothing else to say–here’s 48 more binders of what I don’t have to say.”

    “Armstrong forged those Hubbard documents that we knew were real and paid him to shut up about.”

    “I haven’t suborned perjury.”

    “I haven’t lied.”

    “See, Armstrong is trying to crush the actual world while naked.”

    “Miscavige never had any of those ‘inexplicable violent outbursts’ he never had that we have actual documentation of by people who were actually never there.”

    “No one is afraid of Miscavige’s anger.”

    “Miscavige has no anger.”

    “Miscavige is not angry that it’s being said he gets angry.”

    “My eternity is not threatened if I don’t handle this correctly.”

    “Of course the Heinlein biography doesn’t confirm Hubbard being sent into the black magic society by Naval Intelligence, off-book. That’s why it’s called off-book.”

    “The Church didn’t change any of the Hubbard materials that we changed.”

    “It was the Transcribers.”

    “The materials are 100% Hubbard’s, except for the stuff that’s different that we definitely did not change.”

    “I have no idea who ordered the material in the books changed.”

    “Neither Hubbard nor the Church has any opinion of one’s sexual orientation.”

    The stuff about sexual orientation and perversion that’s still in the books now, after the non-excising that we didn’t do, is definitely not in there, unless someone snuck in afterwards unbeknownst to us and printed it in there against our will. Probably the Secret Bigot Transcribers…again.”

    Congratulations Tommy Davis! You now stand in the same aura as the rest of the world’s most renowned liers: Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, David Miscavige, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, King Henry VIII, Judas, Fraser Patrick McInnon, Milli Vanilli, Baron Munchhausen, Benedict Arnold, Victor Lustig, Han van Meegeren, Frank Abagnale, Charles Ponz, Rosie Ruiz, Janet Cooke, and Bernie Madoff.

    You are entitled to all the status and benefits becoming of the title:


    Lucifer Bealzeebub Satan

  147. “The Lone Miscavige Theory.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    I love it.

    Healey Plaza
    The Single Book Theory
    Lee Harvey Miscavige
    SCN Book Depository Building
    J. Edgar Starkey
    New F/N Definition: “To the Left and Back”
    The Grassy Troll

  148. You failed to handle Nibs and Reg Sharpe and also Otto Roos. Slacker.

  149. What better target for your sarcasm specialty – which is definitely elevated to the level of art! 😉

  150. OTDT,

    Ya gotta put a warning on some of your posts like:

    “Do not read while consuming liquids or food near a computer screen.”


    “Make sure that one is near the floor before attempting to roll on the floor laughing”


  151. RJ,

    If you get benefit from the tech, I say more power to you.

    However, I think Larry Wright did a good job on presenting both sides of LRH’s “official” biography and the picture painted by other sources such as the US Navy.

    The reason that LRH’s “official” biography was so far out of whack with what other sources said was because LRH lied about his past. And I mean blatantly, fraudulently, out-right lied through his teeth.

    Now, such a circumstance doesn’t have any bearing on the validity of non-validity of whether or not the “tech” works. However, it should be noted that just because LRH said that “such and such thing” was true, it needs to be independently verified.

    Which of course, is what LRH was alluding to with his “what is true for you” bit.

    But the Independent movement should not make the same mistakes that DM has made; and that includes considering LRH as infallible.

  152. For the record MF.

    I never thought Ron was infallible.

    Most of my friends aren’t.

    However on the other hand I find those who tend to caste the first stone end up living in a drafty glass house.

  153. Year, okay, level of art here (and correct target) – very funny!

  154. Oops, hope I didn’t put my foot in my mouth. I dind’t mean RJ was a correct target! I can’t see that it targets anybody, actually – just sarcastic humor that isn’t inapppropriate.

  155. Ah come on Marildi I thought OTDT’s take on what I said was pretty damn funny 🙂

    Sometimes you gotta even take deep dark conspiracies with a lil’ humor on the side.

    Lee Harvey Miscavige.

    The perfect patsy.

    Since unlike Oswald he doesn’t even know he’s a patsy.

  156. RJ, I gotta work on my written communcation – that was a straight line! I meant to say – “Yeah, I have to give it to you – this is level-of-art sarcasm.”

    I thought his bit was hysterical! And as witty as it gets. OTDT should be a writer for The Daly Show or something.

    I’m just glad you two intellectual wits didn’t put me through your sarcasm meat-grinder, earlier on this thread – like I know you could have. 🙂

  157. Satan has more sense of Style

  158. Interesting are you suggesting it was “Combat Fatigue”?

  159. Well this is very possible CD.

  160. WOW That would Explain alot of his Behaviour later in life

    combat fatigue , also called battle fatigue, or shell shock, a neurotic disorder caused by the stress involved in war. This anxiety-related disorder is characterized by (1) hypersensitivity to stimuli such as noises, movements, and light accompanied by overactive responses that include involuntary defensive jerking or jumping (startle reactions), (2) easy irritability progressing even to acts of violence, and (3) sleep disturbances including battle dreams, nightmares, and inability to fall asleep. Although persons in combat differ widely in their susceptibility to combat fatigue, because of hereditary factors and previous training, most cases result from exposure to physical hardship, prolonged and excessive exertion, and emotional conflicts. The emotional conflicts usually are related to loss of comrades, leaders, and group support, together with other precipitating events in the battle setting. Most individuals are best treated by being kept near the front lines and given rest, food, and sedation, provided they are permitted to stay with their units. U.S. armed forces in the late 1960s claimed to have nearly eliminated the occurrence of combat fatigue, attributing their success to practices such as frequent troop rotations, regular hot meals and other comforts for troops in combat areas, rest and recreation leaves away from the war zone, quick evacuation of wounded and good medical care, and application of psychiatric techniques to whole units as well as to individuals. Despite these claims, however, the Vietnam War, especially after 1969, produced a large number of American veterans with behavioral and drug-abuse problems.

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