A Resurrection Story – Michael Fairman

 (Note: those unfamiliar with Scientology can get a very good translation of this post at the Village Voice, http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/04/michael_fairman.php)

Resurrection refers to the literal coming back to life of the biologically dead. – Wikipedia

First, a little context provided by the irrepressible Cowboy Poet (a comment he made on this blog yesterday):

We’re about to celebrate Easter, the Christian holiday celebrating Jesus’s rise from the dead–is exterior, I suppose. (Theologians might dispute my one sentence explanation but we’ll use it.) So now if one were so bold as to examine Christian history with the Church of Scientology history, he would find history repeating itself a thousand fold. I mean how many people here, people of good intention, were crucified and later went exterior when they figured out the truth of the matter? I rest my case. Happy Easter!!!!  – Cowboy Poet

There should be no mistaking that the intent of the Suppressive Person declare in modern corporate Scientology is the the public killing of the recipient.  Sort of like the crucifixion of old Roman times, don’t just kill them, hang em’ up so others will get the message.

David Miscavige – as is his wont – has evilized the practice so greatly as to have it blow up in his face.  He has enforced a firm policy over the past couple years – no SP declares are to be circulated broadly – intstead to be used privately so as to quietly stab the recipient in the back among his friends, family and associates. A sort of stealth crucifixion.

The rationale is three-fold: a) he is declaring so many opinion leaders, the omnipresent Golden Rod would be the best advertisement for people to get the hell out of his “church”,  b) his black PR manifestos are so full of easily demonstrable falsehoods that they would “be made fun of on the internet”, c) the accused might try to obtain a comm ev (as everyone who is declared is entitled by Policy to) and the presentation of EVIDENCE at a  number of such trials would likely result in comm ev members leaving the burning house too. 

So to date, very few high profile Independents have ever seen their own declare orders. Well, leave it to Miscavige’s outfit to get careless with one of the highest profile declare orders ever written.  Michael Fairman’s badge of honor mysteriously wound up in his hands.  And not surprisingly Michael has a few things to say about it.  So, what follows are Michael’s publication of and commentary on his own declare order.  And with it goes perhaps the last, remaining shred of credibility such orders may have once carried.   And so Micheal’s crucifixion is converted by theta into exteriorization – may all future ones follow suit.

What follows is the declare order on me, Michael Fairman, It was sent to me through the not-so-underground railroad by a contributer to this blog. As you see it is dated January 15, 2011, the day before Tommy Davis and Mike Sutter showed up at my door without warning at the behest of my long time “friend” Lee Kessler, who also accompanied them. The very same goldenrod that TD inched out from between the covers of a manila folder,  as he  warned me that unless I returned this very day to the path from which I had strayed, I would be sued for the cost of re-shooting the tech and public films in which I had performed; lose my family and friends, and of course, forfeit my eternity. Accused — prosecuted — found guilty –and sentenced right there on my door step. And here is my certificate of doom.
I have excerpted the following two paragraphs (the specific allegations) from the declare and my comments follow each of them. My comments are in BOLD .
Paragragh 1
    “Michael Fairman has been pretending to be a Scientologist while covertly attempting to divert unsuspecting Scientologists in good standing off The Bridge to Total Freedom. He is not a Scientologist and has also participated in squirrel activities with a squirrel individual, declared SP by HCO, who “audits” with no valid certs, no pc folders, no examiner, squirrel E-Meter and virtually no element of a standard session per HCOB 4 Dec. 1977RA, CHECKLIST FOR SETTING UP SESSIONS AND AN E-METER and HCO PL 19 Mar. 1972, C/Sing OR AUDITING WITHOUT FOLDER STUDY.”
     Michael Fairman IS a Scientologist and continues to overtly attempt to divert unsuspecting members from the Church of Miscavige who are not really on the Bridge to Total Freedom. Being a Scientologist, I have also participated in activities with an individual who audits as I imagined Mr. Hubbard would have audited, because the results this individual helped me achieve were spectacular.
I had a a D of P and a PC folder. He used an E-Meter exactly like the one I used for 10 years ( however, his was not the same color as mine). This meter indicated FN’s to him, which he indicated to me, which I KNEW were F/N’s;  and I did go to the Examiner.
      Now comes a paragraph riddled with hypocrisy, gross exaggeration, lies and even worse, information from my sacred, confidential, never to be revealed PC folders that reside at the Flag Land Base. And how base this is!
Paragraph 2
   “Investigation into Fairman’s background shows a long unchanging pattern of out-ethics and of squirreling the most basic Scientology principles. He was found to have been committing gross out-tech on his Solo auditing, for example: falsifying his Solo session worksheets; omitting data from his worksheets; failing to communicate to the C//S uncertainties on reads and F/Ns which only came up much later; intentionally engaging in out-ethics activities with the purpose of restimulating his own case; and also repeatedly placing the life of others at risk by driving recklessly. He also has a track of financial irregularities and situations of out-exchange, and out-ethics behavior on the 2D, unfitting the ethical standards of a Scientologist and unchanging, preventing him from being able to get Standard Tech in and from getting case gains.”
Because of my “long unchanging pattern of out-ethics….”, I was brought to the Golden Era Studios  at the Int. base in Hemet (after a complete and rigorous personal history check) to perform in (from 1984 to 2004) the following Tech and Public films:
“What Happened To These Civilizations” (for which I received an award presented to me my the on and only David Miscavige)
“Evolution of a Science”  (for which I received another award)
“The 2D Film” (not absolutely sure of the title)
“How The E-Meter Works:
“Man The Unfathomable”
“The Story Of Book One” (which has played for years at the LRH Exhibition in Hollywood)
The Dianetics Documercial” (which played on commercial and cable late night television for over two years, and I was informed by reliable sources that these airings helped bring thousands of people to Book One) AND I was personally validated by DM at a Flag graduation after it was shown to the congregation.
“Body Motions Tech Film” (in which I played a gorilla-psychiatrist lest no one recognized me)
The Testing Tech Film (I was the nimble-fingered, dollar snagging D of P)
In addition I hosted the IAS’s 8th Anniversary Gala Show on the Freewinds and was presented with one of the first copies of “What Is Scientology?” I was invited to perform in the initial readings of Mr. Hubbard’s pulp fiction stories at Author Services.
I was a voice actor on four recordings of Mr. Hubbard’s pulp fiction stories at the Mad Hatter Studios.
And I performed for several years in Christmas Stories at Celebrity Centre Int in the company of many, if not all, of Scientology’s luminaries. (These events helped raise funds for the LA Police Dept to buy toys for kids.)
Not once, at any of these events, was an MAA attending me or looking over my shoulder.
As to “committing gross out-tech on his solo auditing” these were all immediately or eventually brought to the attention of my C/S or originated in a D of P. 
As to intentionally restimulating my own case,  and driving recklessly (my god, I live in Los Angeles!) I guess I still had some case gain to make in those areas. I have not reached the “ethical standards of a Scientologist”  or other Scientologists “in good standing”, who are, of course, perfect in-ethics, Homo Novis, super beings. 
As to “out-ethics behavior on the 2D”. A BALD-FACED LIE!  I was married to my first wife for nine years, my second, a year and my present wife eighteen years (we’ve have been in love twenty). Not once, NOT ONCE, did I go out 2D in any of my marriages. 
Now to the final straw. “He also has a track of financial irregularities and situations of out exchange…” This is a shaggy dog. Bear with me. 
In  early 1993,  I had  already finished my second round of NOTS (The first round was Mayo-tainted). I was debt free and had 8K in the bank. I had just married and my wife and  my FSM, Divona Lewis, were urging me to buy OT VI, VII and VIII. I found myself in the FSO office depleting my bank account and maxing out about a half dozen or more credit cards. With assurances from all that my career would leap into affluence after getting onto VII,  I increased the credit limits  on most of the cards to pay for the services, accommodations and airfare. My wife was to accompany me so we could conceive a child at Flag, and she purchased L-11 with her own money. This left me deep in credit card debt and she was broke.
When we ran out of accommodation funds, my wife helped create the Late Nite Cafe at the Sandcastle in  exchange for a room. She performed there Saturday nights  for fifteen straight weeks. It was always jammed with people from both on and off the base, bringing in quite a bit of change to the Org. She also performed the Flag Song to standing ovations every Friday graduation during that period. 
In July she completed L11 and conceived our daughter. One of the miracles of the rundown and by October I was auditing on Solo NOTS.
From January of 1994 to the Fall of 2004 I audited continuously on VII. However, we did not earn enough money together in that decade to support “The Level”. All our funds went for FP. I had to get handled at Flag in March of 1994 because of heavy restimulation from the Northridge Quake. I could not pay for it, and  I was “carried” by Flag because I was an “important person to the Church”.
In April, my daughter was born. Now I had to start reporting for “the six month checks” and pay the 6 month C/S’ing fees. I could make the air fares, but had to stay at my sister-in-law’s adjacent to the Sandcastle; ate there most of the time and on the base sporadically to conserve funds. Money flow from work was not making it. Credit card bills were crushing me and I had to use funds set aside for taxes to pay them. So in 1995 and 1996 I paid no income tax. In 1997, I declared bankruptcy to keep from completely being squashed.
All this time on Solo and in Ethics, I was constantly trying handle the financial PTP, but there was no appreciable increase of income. I could not afford the necessary intensives or six month C/S’ing fees, and was assured by one Flag President and two Flag Vice Presidents throughout this decade, that it would be taken care of because the valuable contributions I had made and was continuing  to make to Scientology. 
I originated over and over to the Flag VP’s that I felt out-exchange, and that it was becoming more and more difficult to accept the offers of being “carried”, but was told not to worry. I was assured that I had already exchanged with the Church in abundance. In the ten years I was on VII, aside from the initial service “donations” I personally paid for two intensives — money that was borrowed from friends and fully repaid. 
Sometime in 2003, I was presented with a bill for 28K, which included  the intensives I had used and several C/Sing fees. 
I stopped auditing in early 2004, but that is a story for another time. I continued with some studies –the VM, Course the PTS/SP Course, DMSMH and SOS Basics. My pensions and Social Security were just keeping us afloat. I did not have the funds to get back to Flag, the 28K debt to them had to be paid first,and by early 2008 I decided not to participate in ANY Church activities.
Well, lo and behold! In the Spring of 2008 I booked a TV series. By the Fall of that year, I was doing the series, AND was a regular on the soap opera “Young and the Restless” Also included in this period was a run on the series, “Sons Of Anarchy”. I  also finally travelled to New York City and handled a long standing estrangement with my son. We are now in great communication.
In the Spring of 2010, my wife and I moved into separate homes, a decision that was made in 1995. In addition I have completely handled my IRS debts. I owe them nothing and have paid all my taxes on time. 
In 2009 I read Paul Haggis’letter of resignation,  and began my research into the Church of Miscavige. 
I have been debt free since early 2010, and am supporting two households.
I make car and insurance payments on my Mercedes. Thaaaat’s All Folks!
So what “financial irregularities and out-exchange” are they  fucking talking about???
And what does this so called “investigation” have to do with my being a Suppressive Person????  What it is, plain and simple, is an attempt to defame my character in the eyes of the other dedicated, robotic, cool aide drinkers, who know who Michael Fairman really is. Well, my goodness,  Fairman  would NEVER see the“King Pin Squirrel”,  Marty Rathbun unless he was a dyed-in-the-wool perverted, out-2D, technical fuck-up! 
Well, here’s some news for all you automatons who turn purple at the mere mention of possible DM corruption and leap up like a jack-in-the box at the sight of the little Napoleon. You are on the wrong side of history. I know it with all the knowingness I know I possess,
And here’s a plea to those of you still left with a modicum of awareness. I urge you to read Plato’s allegory of the cave. No need to venture on to the dangerous internet, You’ll find it in his “Republic”, and ask yourselves: Who are those chained in the darkness and are able to look only at the projected realities on the parapet? Where, really, is the light of truth?
And as to not getting Standard Tech from the “individual squirrel”? May I reiterate. I had more wins and continuing cognitions in the four days with Mr. Rathbun than in years of Solo and eligibility and from plodding through scores of conditions formulas. He has helped me unchain myself completely and bask in the light.
And finally an anecdote:
When my daughter was less than a year old, the three of us traveled to Flag to clean up some  things in our marriage (the decision to live separately was made then) and hold a naming ceremony for her. My wife’s sister, mother and grandmother joined us to make it a holiday. 
A day or so later my wife, my daughter and I were finishing lunch in the Hibiscus restaurant. Also there, seated across the room, was David Miscavige and his entourage. As he and his  be-braided minions were leaving, they  passed our table. I stood up, greeted him, and invited him to meet my daughter. (We were passing acquaintances because of my many trips to Gold). He stopped, leaned down toward her stroller and said “Hi, Sky”. There was a moment of silence and then she gave a him a raspberry loud enough to be heard throughout the room. His entourage stiffened and became stone-faced. I paled as well and looked at my wife. Then Miscavige  laughed and that cued his minions to laugh as well, and they all left.
The thetan that is my daughter knew something then that my wife and I didn’t.
Now fifteen years later, Mr. Miscavige, in response to this piece of crap you have published on my behalf — PPPPPTTTTTTHHHHH!!!!!!

275 responses to “A Resurrection Story – Michael Fairman

  1. Impartial English Girl

    Congratulations, Mr. Fairman, on earning this certificate of honour! Every happiness to you,
    IEG x

  2. So glad you are doing well now, Michael. Hugs and kisses to you and the family!

  3. well done Mike. I notice that your “only terminal” has a via on that line. LOL.

  4. Watching Eyes

    Lets fix that up a bit:
    Michael Fairman has been pretending to be a Miscavologist while covertly attempting to divert unsuspecting Miscavologists in good standing off The Bridge To Total Hell. He is not a Miscavologist……

    The dwarf has turned a suppressive person declare into a “freedom declare”. It’s the best thing that could happen to anyone.

    note to dwarf: Clay demo the word “generalities”.

  5. crashingupwards

    Michael, no need to explain anything to us, but hopefully you benefitted from correcting the libel.
    Their practices have become so dishonorable that LRH would be sickened if he were here today.
    End cycle on it and have a Happy Easter.

  6. martyrathbun09

    Good call. The issue itself violates the LRH quotes in the issue itself. Miscavige has become on twisted sister.

  7. Ahh … beautifully said Michael!

    Your declare seems to be a standard template the church is churning out – no specifics – all generalities.

    The only intent is to smear the reputation of long-standing, contributing Scientologists.

    The current church has little to do with helping people; and NOTHING to do with self-determinism and freedom.

    Thanks for the great write-up!

  8. Graviora_Manent

    Hold on, hold on, is this really your declare? I thought I was reading mine somehow. 🙂

  9. Kisses and Hugs to you Michael! Thank you, what a wonderful posting. Well done on nabbing the precious document. I was comm ev’d almost 2 years ago and most probably was declared…….if the cycle was ever completed. The docs were probably stuffed into a dark corner in the bottom of a junk drawer in HCO.

    So glad to see you have arisen from the dead!

  10. Michael,

    My 74 year-old father was just declared PTS and no longer eligible for service due to the fact that he refuses to disconnected from his SP son.

    I received no comm ev.
    I received no copy of my golden-fraud.
    I found out last week, via my father, that I’d been declared.

    Since my dad escaped the trap last week, my universe has calmed down, simplified and become a game once again.

    I’m happy you are free. Your “wrong side of history” comment really hit home. I’d imagine it will hit home for many.


  11. Congratulations Michael, with your badge of honor. Too bad it consists only of generalities and even those are ridiculous if not completely altered and perverted, but then again who’d expect anything else from Big Brother.

    Great idea to quit services from that DB. You handle all debts within 2 years after stopping services; should tell something to anyone in doubt.

    Who is out exchange now, TD? You’ve pushed a parishioner against his will into bankruptcy and actively prevented him to get his finances handled. He had to disconnect from you to get his sit handled; who is suppressive now, TD?

  12. Michael — may you continue to have happiness, success and that wonderful feeling of being truly alive/awake!!

    Golden Rods have been sadly for years, usually cloaked in mystery with generalities. Why? Usually the “sin” wasn’t all that bad, therefore the charge would be “sexual irregularities and/or perversions” when the TRUTH might have been … “had an affair while married” — everyone understands what that is.

    But the other — wow — makes you start wondering about whether to leave your flock of sheep outside while Mr XYZ is around 🙂

    I’ve always been very uncomfortable with the justice of the Church and the current debacle under dm and never felt I had the utter wisdom it would take to proclaim another being BAD!!

    But that is a discussion for another day.

    Kudos to you Michael. May you continue to flourish and may your children always be a big part of your life and happiness.

    Wives — well, they come and go 🙂


  13. Marty–
    “Stealth crucifixion!” I’m lovin’ it.
    Glad to see “badge of honor” becoming the term for this. I have yet to see mine but I HOPE it’s a doozy!

    Yay! Well done, man! Another one bites the dust! I hope inside sources will continue getting these secret documents to all of us who have been so honored. LOL

  14. Theo Sismanides

    Go Michael, wow what a production record for an… SP!! hahaha, I am so happy that we are getting there… FREE beings! Way to go, great write up!! DM eat our dust… !

  15. Michael,

    Great you are winning!!!!

    Marty, there is one thing I’d like to ask: is the practice of giving service for free to the celebrities a widespread practice in the C. of S.? (nothing to criticize Mr. Fairman on. If I were on his position, I would have gotten the auditing myself and on top of it, he often asked to stop as he felt out exchange…). I am just trying to reconcile with the policy:

    “PTS TYPE G: Persons who claim that “if you help such and such case” (at great and your expense) because somebody is rich or influential or the neighbors would be electrified should be ignored. Processing is designed for bettering individuals, not progressing by stunt or giving case undue importance” – LRH HCOPL 27 OCT 64

    Anyway Michael: it is great to have you back and winning!

  16. “Unfitting the ethical standards of a Scientologist.”
    a.–Show me a Scientologist who NEVER commits a sin. ALL Scientologists are perfect? Then surely we don’t need any more Scientology, since we’ve already attained perfection!
    b.–If this is not cause in itself for being declared, it is irrelevant and it’s an out-point to include it as “padding.” Ad hominem, in fact.
    c.–If this IS cause in itself for being declared, then DM now has to declare every Scientologist to show that he is not being vindictive, petty, arbitrary, prejudicial, etc etc etc (Oh, except, I forgot, those “perfect” ones. Let’s see, that would be one, the ONLY ONE, DM.) ROFLMAO

  17. Man, I wish I could get my hands on a copy of my declare AND the 16 page addendum written in October 2009 after Marty, Mike, Steve, Geir and I met for a couple of days of laughs in Denver. Maybe it will appear out of the ether, brought by the Ether Bunny.
    Resurrection, indeed.
    Congratulations, Michael.

  18. I’m jealous. You got an official declare! (The “church” won’t give me one.)

    Just like the latest “squirrel busting” escapade, these SP declares are absurd and laughably moronic. The C of S will hang on to you and call you their own until they’ve squeezed every ounce of life out of you but, when you leave, this is all they have left — to declare you the evil bogeyman under everybody’s bed.

    They’re childish and tantamount to saying “You can’t fire me, I quit” or “You didn’t break up with me, I broke up with you and you were always a jerk anyway, so there!”

    I think we all feel like we have to defend ourselves in the face of these vicious lies but we can see these for what they are and they’re STUPID 🙂

  19. Bert Schippers

    Wow, wow wow. I don’t think there is a single scientologist that can live up to “the ethical standards of a scientologist”, whatever those are…

    Thanks Michael for your great write-up!

    Life is to be lived! Life isn’t toeing the line.

  20. Wow Michael! An excellent write-up that C*L*E*A*R*S the false data by providing correct data.

    I have a personal anecdote of my own re. COB:

    I did eventually make it to Flag for my refresher after Dr. Denk’s
    departure. I think it was in January 2005 but am not totally sure
    about that date.

    We students congregated outside the inner door of the confidential
    course room, awaiting a sup to let us in. Along came an RTC
    entourage comprised of COB, Shelly, and two others (if I recall
    correctly) in full uniform. They were supposedly “ethics presence”
    personified. My first impression was how pale each of them looked,
    almost vampirically pale.

    I recognized COB and knew he would recognize me. I approached
    him, put on my “happy face” and said, “Hello, Sir!” He mumbled a
    “hello” and looked down to the ground. The others in his
    congregation seemed rather taken aback or shocked that I would
    be so forward as to originate to him.

    COB then had the confidential doors to the course room opened and,
    as the students started to enter, recalled us, stating with a smile, “I guess I
    better check badges,” this referring to the security badges we wore.

    Looking back, I should have simply used the brilliant raspberry technique of your daughter.

    Michael has provided a really nice acknowledgement of you, Marty. Nice job. H

  21. Mother of Grendel

    “Investigation into Fairman’s background shows a long unchanging pattern of out-ethics and of squirreling the most basic Scientology principles. He was found to have been committing gross out-tech on his Solo auditing, for example: falsifying his Solo session worksheets; omitting data from his worksheets; failing to communicate to the C//S uncertainties on reads and F/Ns which only came up much later; intentionally engaging in out-ethics activities with the purpose of restimulating his own case; and also repeatedly placing the life of others at risk by driving recklessly. He also has a track of financial irregularities and situations of out-exchange, and out-ethics behavior on the 2D, unfitting the ethical standards of a Scientologist and unchanging, preventing him from being able to get Standard Tech in and from getting case gains.”
    – As I read this paragraph, I was struck by how precisely it describes the situation of a certain individual I know who is considered a Scn in good-standing, and is now auditing daily on OT 7. All of these generalities apply to that individual, as well as being out exchange (borrowing for services without repaying debt, getting “free services,” not paying for C/Sing and 6 mo checks). So, Michael, your “declare” actually describes the VFP for a Solo NOTs auditor in the Reign of Miscavaige!

  22. Michael,

    I am shaking with laughter at the story of your daughter giving David Miscavige a good old Bronx cheer! Thank you for that hilarious image.

    May you continue to experience the delicious joy and carefreeness and success that comes from being outside the noxious bubble that is the Church of Corporate $cientology. You deserve every one of those rewards.

    🙂 JM

  23. Mike,
    don’t take that so-called declare personal – it’s only business as usual for Co$. I have seen a few of these “declares” (including my own, which I got only with a little help of a friend). And they are all quite similar. Someone is very lucky if his declare contains 50 % truth.

    As we all know by now, DM beats up his staff, sometimes until blood spills. And they accuse you of reckless driving …

    I really loved to read how your life stats improved after separating from the cult 🙂

  24. Michael, as I am reading further, you are hitting a lot of my realities. Bert and I experienced that feeling of overwhelming credit card debt (for church donations) though we could just manage the payments. Debt that takes all of your money to keep up with KILLS creativity. That was many years ago but we keep it in mind as a lesson well-learned.

    It appears that you de-PTS’d yourself by disconnecting from involvement in the church of DM! LOL Well done on getting out of the financial nightmare!

    At age 67 myself, the prospect of going into retirement with heavy debt is too real. I can think of a large number of people who’ve been in the church with me for over three decades, who must be in similar situations.

    By the way, the collection of confessions where the sins were forgiven, only later to be used against one, says that a person can never REALLY be forgiven. This is one of the characteristics of an SP, that YOUR overts are unforgiveable. This is DM!

  25. Michael,
    Thanks for sharing your story and shedding light on the hypocrisy and degraded state of Corporate CoS.
    I had a similar experience with an amusing twist for an ending.
    On Dec. 14 this past year the local DSA along with a staff stooge showed up at my office. Ironically, Dec. 14 is the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is celebrated around the globe. This very same DSA was fresh from making some flowery PR statements to the press about Scientology’s dedication and great work toward advancing Human Rights efforts.
    That he had come to my office unannounced and uninvited to notify me I was a Suppressive Person, was more than a bit disingenuous. Apparently the human rights of someone (myself) who had personally cleared people, helped hundreds achieve OT, many hundreds more make advancement on both training and processing actions, brought in many millions of dollars of donations for services (not straight donations for bogus no-exchange activities) and for 40 years had done innumerable actions to further the Scientology religion and reputation…were not valid nor applicable because I had dared voice disagreement with the criminal activities of the Corporate hierarchy.

    When the DSA informed me I had been declared, I asked to see the document. He said I could not have a copy but pulled it out of his pocket and held it out in front of me. I leaned in to get a look and snatched it out of his hand, leaving a top piece in his fingers and the rest of it in my own hands.
    The look of surprise on his face in that instant was as they say…priceless.
    He made a move towards me to retrieve it back but stopped short when I threatened to call the police. He then went into a sort of whining plea for me to give it back. (I had the distinct feeling HIS human rights just got a bit less tenable when he returned to his masters to report his loss of the doc.)

    Not long afterward I arranged for this DSA to be found on the first page of Google with a not-too-flattering description of his TRUE activities. 365 days a year, 24/7, this poor sap’s criminal affiliation is publicized to the world. Meanwhile, their libelous – excremental attempt to cut me off from friends and family lie’s hidden in their dark filing cabinets, a total FAIL.

    Anyone reading this, please Google Brian Fesler and click on the link to the freeheber.com site. (your clicks act as a vote for keeping him on the first page)

    Anyone who’d like to promote someone in a similar fashion, contact the webmaster at that site.

    Peace Michael. And Happy Easter!

  26. Thank you for the full debrief Mr. Fairman. I’d take a dozen like you over one “Miscavologist.” And to your wonderful, beautiful and perceptive daughter, I offer (in the spirit of the season) Isaiah 11:6:

    “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatted calf together; and a little child shall lead them.”

    Happy Easter!

  27. Well done Michael!

    I remember the days at Flag when the “SP declares” would be distributed to the staff and the lies and generalities were so obvious that it would be upsetting to those reading it. “Yack, yack, twist, twist….. Joe was wonderful
    for decades but we just found out he was evil – we tried sooo hard to help him.
    This SP declare and the hired thugs we send after him will be our last effort to
    “help” him…”

  28. Michael, You are one groovy dude! (showing my age). I’m proud to call you my friend. love

  29. “He was found to have been committing gross out-tech on his Solo auditing, for example: falsifying his Solo session worksheets; omitting data from his worksheets; failing to communicate to the C//S uncertainties on reads and F/Ns ”

    I read this as a COS admission of violating the sanctity of auditing.

  30. A natty piece of Slam-dunk dead-agenting and at the risk of sounding coarse, FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!
    Mr. Fairman you are the man.

  31. martyrathbun09

    Paolo, doesn’t really apply to Michael. Michael was the face of Dianetics for a couple decades. He personally was responsible for a large percentage of first starts over those two decades. He got nothing for free. They owe him half their freakin’ reserves.

  32. Are these people accusing you of financial iregularities the same that come to my house at 10:00PM and wont leave until I donate $10,000 I don’t have to the IAS coffers?

    Blowing a rasberry: http://youtu.be/7B7kVzekytI

  33. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing your wins. I am really happy to hear this is all out sorting out now. Have a great Easter weekend.

  34. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Yes, yes, Michael. But apparently you are a “reckless driver” and I’m not sure that can be forgiven. God, that’s funny. 🙂

    Thank you for posting this and for breaking it down so we can all see how the fabrication weaves itself into such an official looking document with such legal sounding phrases. There’s so little actual substance in this; the rest is just gobbledygook. But it does make for a nice distraction from the truth.

  35. becomingAware

    It seems DM is accusing others of his own crimes, out-ethics and suppressive actions and those can be stated with diamond clarity, no generalties. Where is his wife?


  36. 😆 Go Sky!!! Yep, she knew!
    Mr. Fairman, hats off to you. Of all people, those idiots should have known better than to mess with you.
    On first reading the SP BS my first thought was well, if he’s so out-ethics, why the hell did you let him do all those films? Puhleeze! It just doesn’t jive.
    It’s a smear campaign, you’re right…100% what that was about.
    If we go by stats then the proof is in the pudding! You quit associating with the true SPs and your stats go UP! Bam. Simple.
    Lots of luck to you and your family. Finally, since that burden of suppression is gone you all can truly flourish and prosper!

  37. Wow, Michael – you opened up more that you needed to. I appreciate your candor and openness, and I appreciate what you are doing to show how corrupt Miscavige and his ilk are.

    SP declares have always been over the top. There certainly is no “Time, Place, Form and Event” in them – just a bunch of justifications. I generalize, but not really. I can honestly state that I never saw an SP declare that was ever completely truthful and fact-based.

    In your case, I find it very interesting that your career took off in 2008 – the year you ended cycle on Church activities. Very telling.

  38. Cindy, in LA you have to be a “reckless” drive in order to be a “wreck-less” driver! 🙂

  39. Well done Michael, and a terrific write up. Congratulations to the effectiveness of your underground railroad. I enjoyed seeing many of the same boilerplate generalities as published in every Badge of Honor — “investigation into the background shows a long unchanging pattern…” “was given many opportunities and assistance over the years…” “has a history of…” As to David Miscavige, all that comes to mind are the words, “flame broiled.”

  40. Just to give a specific where the Church gives generalities, Michael, that Dianetics Documercial you starred in sold over 40,000 Dianetics kits (book, audio, video) and led to the formation of over 1,000 grassroots Dianetics co-auditing groups. All long gone now I am sure (as the Church these days would consider anyone simply reading a book and auditing, a la 1950, to be a “squirrel”) but that’s a specific as to your actual contribution. All the best, my friend.

  41. Never mind that org personnel have continuous overts of pushing well-wishing church members to commit financial irregularities.

    Never mind that orgs’ continuous overts of pushing church members to commit financial irregularities prevents its own “case gain” or expansion.

    Never mind that the MESTcavige church’s continuous overts of non-delivery of standard tech is one of the reasons why the church isn’t expanding.

    Never mind that probably every human on this planet, except for DM whose wife has been missing in action, has had trouble on the 2D.

    Falsifying worksheets? How about falsifying stats at international televised events? How about publicly stating the church’s stats are in high conditions yet the Birthday-Game-winning orgs of the past are in the doldrums?

    Omitting data from worksheets? How about omitting the key statistics of orgs from public purview?

    Yet another declare that’s actually a travesty of Church justice.

    Thank you Michael for posting your Badge of Honor. You truly are and have always been an admirable Scientologist. Enjoy your exteriorization!

  42. So LRH didn’t audit anyone until he had PC folders, examiners, E-Meters, and valid certs?

  43. Thanks for sharing this David. When I did a google search, I saw a few websites about Brian Fesler. Guitarist, Nashville etc.

    Then about 7 website down found your website — http://www.freeheber.com with the Fesler page.


    I think I’ll click on this a few times a week just to make SURE Brian and free heber stays high one the front page of a google search.

    Does DSA mean a volunteer within the office of special affairs – deputy? Kinda like the ole guardian volunteers – can’t remember what they were called except – ARROGANT 🙂


  44. Michael
    Despite having to slog my way through the preceding piece of putrid cat vomit, watching your gentle self going ‘sudden’ and following suit with Sky was well worth the laughter.
    Thank you 🙂

  45. Welcome to the club Michael!!!

    Wear it as a badge of honor because like the previous SP declares put out by David Miscavige, they are so full of outpoints and generalities to cause people to laugh out loud and line charge!

    In other words, a complete joke!

    I had the pleasure of meeting and working with you on your first Tech Film about saving Civilizations many years ago. Not only are you an excellent actor, but a fine gentelman and person.

    As for David Miscavige, I remember you accusing me of being a “bypassed case” because I made the decision to leave the insanity which was working for a real SP like you.

    Instead I said that “No, you were the bypassed case.”

    The quote you used from LRH in Michael’s declare is appropo to YOU DM.

    “The person who is not getting case gains is committing continuous PT Overts.” (HCOB 29 Sept 1965 The Continuing Overt Act)

    When the last time you went in Session? How about completed a level or a step on the grade chart? I have been out of the Sea Org for 20 years now and I will bet you haven’t made much progress up the bridge yourself in that time based on all the continuing PT Overts of magnitude that you are committing.

    You must be so proud!

  46. martyrathbun09

    I added the following note to the beginning of this blog post:
    (Note: those unfamiliar with Scientology can get a very good translation of this post at the Village Voice, http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/04/michael_fairman.php)

  47. Your old friend

    Michael Fairman is declared but Marty and Mike Rinder are not declared?

    The only declare on Marty I’ve read was a forgery by notorious Usenet troll Gregory Hall who is even more insane than little Napoleon.

    Marty and Mike, DM didn’t had the guts to declare you??? How do you explain that?

  48. Pingback: Michael Fairman, Familiar TV and Film Actor, Makes Public His … – TV

  49. Wow! That is the best example of applying the ‘Price of Freedom…’ I’ve seen since Marty took up residence on the net.
    May your enemies cower in the light of truth. Stick it too ’em Michael, you’re a good man.

  50. Have non-scientologists ever gotten SP declares?
    I often get mail from Moxon but still no SP declare?
    I now have a copy of Dianetics, 50th Anniversary Edition. It came from a library, but the first few pages were rubber stamped “Withdrawn”. I actually think that libraries should have a copy of Dianetics, along with critical books.
    Anyway, since I own a copy of Dianetics, is that sufficient to make me a scientologist and therefore eligible for an SP declare?

  51. DSA – Director of Special Affairs. Head of the Dept of Special Affairs, which is the org branch of OSA. DSA would be the OSA equivalent of an Asst Guardian from the GO. It is the local org’s OSA. No DSA is a volunteer. All are contracted staff run by OSA.

  52. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the story of your resurrection; how metaphorically apropos this holiday weekend. A resurrection, of course, is followed by an ascension. Enjoy the ride. And while we’re at it let’s celebrate!

  53. I know that “We Don’t Need No Stinking Baaaadges”, but I did want to congratulate you Michael, for your latest Badge of Honor. An SP declare from the church is equivalent with the label of A Real Kick-Ass Thetan, these days.
    Thank you for standing strong and being true.

  54. Great news Bryan! Glad that worked out…

    Maybe your dad can give us a first hand observer rundown here of how wonderful everything is going in the Seattle Idle Org. Would love to see it.

  55. Shame on you Michael, Shame, “Reckless Driving” …oh the horror of it all.
    Marty you can’t let a “Reckless Driver” into the group, imagine the consequences!!?!?!!

  56. Michael – you are a big thetan among big thetans. A Man among men.

    You should get your comm ev. As soon as I get my declare I am going to get a comm ev and I’m gonna turn it into the biggest circus since Barnum & Bailey. It’s going to rock.

    ML Tom

  57. Miguelito,

    I suppose congratulations are in order, but I really think a big thankyou is more appropriate.

    You were the face of Dianetics and the rock of so many tech films because of your unmistakable sincerity and integrity. It was no accident (except maybe the gorilla psych :)). And those characteristics were not just on screen.

    Now, you bring that same sincerity and integrity to the “right side of history.” For that we are all thankful.

    Your courage is admirable. You didnt need to air all this out in public — you are perfectly entitled to live your life in peace. That you stand tall is a reflection of who you really are. And I am so happy you are on our side of history.

    As for Raspberry Man — just a couple of observations, of the Criminal Mind variety: He IS a reckless driver (he has the patience of a gnat on amphetamines when driving, he doesnt think anyone else is entitled to be using the road when he is gracing it with his presence). He IS a squirrel (his twisted alterations of LRH tech are documented here and elsewhere many times over). He does NOT use ANY E-Meter or Examiner or pc folder as he NEVER goes in session at all (he holds his copper rod instead). He has HUGE financial irregularities. Finally, he IS a coward. Case closed. You can be proud that someone like that DOESN’T like you. These days it’s like you were a target of J. Edgar Hoover or Joe McCarthy. Those people are heros today. So too, are you.


  58. WH,
    the DSA is the head of the Department of Special Affairs (Dpt. 20 = OSA). Not a volunteer, but the in-charge. Has to report a few dozen of stats each week – no kidding.

    And yes, that website is worth clicking !

  59. Old friend — Apparently they have the “courage” to declare us, and even add some “addenda”. What they dont have is the courage to make copies available. It’s a bit strange, theoretically they are supposed to be published so everyone can steer clear of the SP’s, but they are scared they might be published and the media might get hold of them, or that someone might sue them for libel. Or worse yet — just laugh at them!!! 🙂

  60. Michael Fairman


    Thanks. “Groovy” works for me too. Birds of a feather. Hope I get to meet you real soon.

  61. martyrathbun09

    Sorta like Dr. Stranglelove and the doomsday machine.

  62. David Miss Cabbage is apparently a criminal by legal definitions and by church definitions. “Criminally insane” might be a better way to put it. Why does he have expensive clothes, vehicles, and accommodations while others do not and, worse yet, suffer in RPFs and in physical beatings? How can this be justified or tolerated? One thing I have discovered about insanity, per se, is that there is no making sense of it. It can be justified, rationalized or explained away but it will never make sense. ONE EXAMPLE: Thick copper rods in the ground (to ground oneself) – has anyone researched the origin of that brilliant idea?

    A declare order, full of libelous statements, should be followed up with the correct justice actions. What might those be when they have been leveled at a high profile professional actor and what effect could those statements have on others in the profession, should they be privy to that declare order? You might give that some serious consideration. “Deep pockets” does not always win, but the other repercussions should possibly be considered as to whether the consequences are worth the justice being carried out.

    Still looking for the “Waco Day” of the new “Davidians”…

  63. Wonderful news, Bryan!

  64. martyrathbun09

    Which reminds me, DM was positively giddy watching Michael’s portrayal of the gorilla psych. Mike, remember when he’d call you into his office and obsess over some shot and make you watch it over and over – and he’d laugh and ITSA about it on and on. Man, he ran Michael’s gorilla psych routine so many times, it is scary in retrospect.

  65. Well done Michael for your badge of honor. The best thing that could happened to us all is to get one! These clowns have not a clue what Scientology tech is about. to those of you still dabbling in this cult get out and step up for your badge of honor! You have got to be tired of all the drama connected with staying connected.

  66. Michael Fairman

    Thanks for the specific. It’s so sad, but the great thing is the books are still there; just waiting to be picked up. And if I didn’t tell you before, your book poured gasoline on my fire. Take care.

  67. Only DMs church would declare someone for applying LRH. I believe several policies back this up including Look, Don’t Listen and the Doubt Formula.

  68. Joe, look on Ebay. Maybe it’s there.

    ML Tom

  69. Michael’s win brings to mind my favorite PL on finances which is “PTS Personnel and Finances” 12 May 1972 -revised 27 Oct. 1982 It states” A person who is connected to a suppressive person, group or thing will dramatize a “can’t have” or an “enforced overt-have” on an org or staff member
    A “can’t have’ means just that–a depriving of substance, action or things.
    An “enforced overt-have” means forcing upon another a substance, action or thing not wanted or refused by the other.
    The technical fact is that a PTS person got that way because the suppressive was suppressive by depriving the other or enforcing unwanted things upon the person”And a little futher in the PL “Checking rapidly, it was found that where finance lines were very sour a PTS person was on those lines”
    You can go to all kinds of seminars on money or do a million conditions on your finances, but if you are connected to an sp, forget it. The Church is constantly having seminars on that very subject ( I get emails on them all the time) Clive Rabies( thats how you spell it right?) is at the forefront of them. They forget to tell you that you have to get out of the Church to flourish and prosper.
    Heres to flourishing and prospering!

  70. Accusing an LA resident of reckless driving is kind of like finding Kobe Bryant guilty of being tall. But Michael, what I want to know is: did you ever pour ink on someone’s shoes?

    In any case, I think the Independent movement should create a Grace Under Pressure award, for responding to OSA’s enturbulation with dignity and humor. I nominate you.

  71. Michael Fairman

    Thank you Mike. It is an honor to be in your company.
    Peace to you as well.

  72. Mr. Fairman,

    I’ve never met you, but I do know actors and I’ve seen a fair amount of your work, including of course the Dianetics video. Please avert your eyes while I say to other readers that Michael Fairman is an actor who simply BREATHES INTEGRITY. If one looks instead of listens, one does not even really need a response to the childish pack of lies to know this. The little SS Hauptmann and his sickophants are pathetic–and clearly not Pensky material.

  73. Bryan, congratulations to your dad and to you. I imagine this is a relief for you and hope the transition for your dad is an easy one.

  74. David,
    I just augmented the traffic at Brian Fesler’s special page. Thanks for the invite and directions there.

  75. Badda boom!

  76. Michael Fairman

    Thomas thank you. Do you remember what I had in my hand when I told George I was being indicted? I know someone who it could be figuratively used on.

  77. “… he has the patience of a gnat on amphetamines when driving ….”

    Mike, you haven’t made me laugh like that in a long time! Thank you!


  78. Michael Fairman

    WH, the irony here is that I never had an affair while I was married.

  79. I personally think that all declare can be sued if for non other than for public degradation of the person declared.

  80. Michael it’s fantastic that you got a copy of your declare! I love your response, complete with the raspberry 😉

    Corporate Scientology’s definition of a “Scientologist”, and an “ethical Scientologist” are the exact opposite of what I wanted in and out of Scientology. The current church is in the business of creating the problems that it was entrusted to solve in the first place, creating unthinking, sheep like robots.

    Leave it to David Miscavige to take “creepy cult” to a whole new level!

  81. “Failure to handle or disavow and disconnect from a person demonstrably guilty of suppresive acts”.

    Wait a minute is that some supposedly non existant disconnection policy I see here? I thought good old TD said that the Church has no such policy only it was up to the parishioners to do or not do so.

    Well anyway congratulations Mr. Fairman. Seems that you’ve finally gotten the golden seal of approval for being clear and free of Miscavology. I suppose you’ll get a freeloader bill next?

    And I don’t know about you but calling you a squirrel not once but twice in the same sentence sure looks nuts to us mere public watchers out here. And having this on the heels of the squirrel busters laughable out loud attempt at intimidating Marty on his own door step just puts another nail in the coffin of a dying cult.

  82. Mr Fairman —

    This is awesome!

    Those of us who used to be in the seats, being a spectator, salute you.
    Now not being in the seats, the salutes may be a bit less evident, but even more sincere. Thank you.

    Bruce Pratt

  83. Damn straight pardner!

    Everyone in this town drives recklessly!

    Why do ya think practically everyone here drives a bomb proof SUV?

    It ain’t fer looks.

    That’s fer sure!


    Thank you for sharing that special moment with us.

    The irony is that they quote policy while violating it such as the one on ‘How to Write an Ethics Order’.

    No surprise there and pretty much par for the course in the Church of Squirrelotology.

    Accusing Marty of being a “squirrel” 🙂

    Written on a totally *squirrel* “EO”!

    Priceless hypocrisy and as the psyches say projection coming from the criminal minds at work here.

    As far I can see Michael they are “making shit up” here.

    Non of the things you did are actual “crimes”.

    Driving recklessly…..

    IN LA!!!!!!!

    Gime a fricking brake 😉

    The rest is just utter Bovine Excrement.

    Like having uncertainty on the level you’re auditing!!!!!!

    This is a quote crime unquote???????

    It doesn’t even qualify as a misdemeanor.

    Good auditors and C/Ses make ’em all the time.

    Especially when they are trying to audit and C/S under SUPPRESSION.

    News Flash for the CoS or Church of Squirrels.

    This is why you are supposed to have a Qual!!!!!

    Oh right you eliminated that because everybody is supposed to “audit” like “perfect” lil’ Robots according to the idiotic dictates of the “Golden Age of Tech”.

    Never mind.

    Moving on.

    Next they take raw data from the targets Pre OT folder which is supposed to be CONFIDENTIAL.

    Obviously must have a gross probably CRASHING MIS U on that word.

    Since the org has become a frickin’ sieve as far as leaks are concerned which probably *proves* beyond a reasonable doubt their connection to the Agency.

    Just kidding there.

    Really 😉

    Anyway thank you Michael for taking the time to blow that pack o lies with the TRUTH!!!!!

    Not that I wouldn’t have laughed my ass off reading that so called “EO” and called ya up to congratulate you if I had your number.

    You certainly have theirs.

    Also your daughter is one smart cookie and it wouldn’t surprise me if she was a Past Life OT.

    She know a fraud when she sees one.

    Probably missed the Chairman of the Fraud’s withhold big time with that Tone 40 raspberry 🙂

    Anyway a Happy Easter Michael to you and yours.



  84. Bryan ~~
    This is wonderful news and warms my heart.
    They do no successfully part all parents and kids.
    Some hold firm to their code of honor.
    Congratulations to you both

  85. For those interested in reading what appears to be a properly done SP Declare from back in the day, for comparison, there’s this, from this link:



    8 June 1984

    Ethics Order 1 Int
    All Scientologists

    DAVID MISCAVIGE of Los Angeles is hereby declared a Suppressive Person.

    This is in accordance with the Findings & Recommendations of the Comm Ev on Miscavige, conducted at the request of the OT Committee WorldWide. The Findings & Recommendations are available for public view at the OT Committees, and at certain Delivery Centres.

    The Interested Party failed to appear, nor did the Committee receive any evidence in defense of Miscavige. In the interest of Justice, the Committee nevertheless proceeded, despite the recommendation in HCOPL 7Sep63: “Refusal or failure of an Interested Party to appear results in a recommendation of the full penalty possible in the case for the Interested Party.”

    In June 1981, Miscavige – as Chairman of the All Clear Unit – forged a dispatch purporting to come from LRH. This dispatch removed Diane Voegerding, the then SO CMO Int and Miscavige’s senior, from post. This was an act of Mutiny.

    David Miscavige was a signatory of the splinter group RTC on 1 January 1982. There is no evidence that this group was authorized by LRH. The “legal” documents transferring Scn Trademarks from LRH to RTC bear a forged signature, and in fact Miscavige notarized these documents although he was a party to one side of the “agreement.” Further, re the forged LRH signature, according to two independent experts, John Swanson and Irmgard Wassard, Miscavige was a party to this forgery.

    No HCOPL exists authorizing RTC. RTC has engaged in the perversion of Scn practices. Miscavige was personally involved in the gang Sec Checking of Jay Hurwitz, then CO LA Day, at Gilman Hot Springs in October 1982. This violates HCOB 30Nov78 Confessional Procedure, which states: “If the PC is not in session, you won’t get the withholds… A wrong or challenging auditor attitude can throw the scene off as there is a destroyed comm cycle.”

    During October of 1982, Miscavige assaulted John Aczel and Roger Barnes at Gilman Hot Springs, according to testimony from Jay Hurwitz.

    On 17 Oct 82, Miscavige verbally declared top Mission Holder Martin Samuels. There is a photograph of him doing so in the Church publication “Sea Org Expansion News.” Kingsley Wimbush and Dean Stokes were also verbally declared at this meeting. This violates HCOPL 16May80 Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, which states: “All investigations must include confronting the accused with the accusation and where feasible the accuser, BEFORE any action is decided upon or taken.” It is worthy of note that Samuels and Wimbush were, at the time of their “declares,” the two most successful Mission Holders in the world, by actual stats. HCOPL 15Aug67 states “One of the ways an SP works to stop an activity or halt an affluence is to pick out key personnel and spread wild, false and alarming stories about them.”

    The “Running Program,” where senior executives were punished by being forced to run around a tree in desert heat for up to 12 hours a day, is another example of perverted tech authorized by Miscavige. This happened from December 1982 to the summer of 1983. Amongst those on the “program” were David and Merrill Mayo. David suffered an unhealthy loss of weight, physical debilitation and the loss of teeth, whilst on the program.

    At the San Francisco Mission Holders Conference on 17 October 1982, David Miscavige made scornful comments concerning Scientologists in good standing. For example, “These bribe days are over. These squirrel days are over.” (See SO ED 2104 7Nov82.) Miscavige also threatened Mission Holders with criminal prosecution. This violates HCOPL 18Apr70 Ethics and Franchise, which states “It is not our policy to harshly handle Franchises… Almost without exception, Franchise Holders are fine, willing people and we trust them to do right.”

    Miscavige allowed publication of the SO ED of August 1983 Story of a Squirrel. This was an attempt to destroy the authority and reputation of one of the highest officers of Scn – the man chosen by LRH as his technical successor.

    Under Miscavige’s direction, civil suits have been brought against Scientologists Eddie Mace, Marian van der Linde, Bernard Wimbush, Don Hills, Lawrence West, Robin Scott, Ron Lawley and Morag Bellmaine.

    According to HCOB 23Dec71R The No-Interference Area, “It is vitally, vitally important that one gets any person who has gone clear through his next required steps onto OT1 and through OT3 rapidly.” HCOPL 23Sep64 Policies: Dissemination and Programmes, states “One week’s process (25 hours) should cost an average month’s pay.” By violating this policy, the Bridge has become unobtainable and Scientologists have been placed at risk.

    Under Miscavige’s direction, almost 2000 SP declares have been issued, most of these without Comm Ev. Many senior executives had top auditors have been declared and removed -for example: Diane Voegerding, Gale Irwin and John Nelson, all ex-COs CMO – Bill Franks and Kerry Gleason, both exED INTs – Emille Gilbert, exCO Canada – Ron Hopkins, exCO UK -Murray Chopping, Leon Steinburg, Merrill Mayo, David Mayo, Alex Gerber, Brian Livingston, Mike Mauerer, Ron Shafran and Alex Sibersky, all Class XIIs.)

    David Miscavige has been found guilty of the following charges:


    1. Mutiny.

    2. Organizing a splinter group (RTC) which takes and perverts Scn materials or practices, in whole or in part, and calling it Scientology.

    3. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened.

    4. Reporting Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientologists from practicing standard Scientology.

    5. Engaging in malicious rumor-mongering to destroy the authority and repute of higher officers and the leading names of Scientology.

    6. Spreading false tales to invalidate Clears (and OTs.)

    7. Spreading libelous statements about the alleged behavior of Clears (and OTs.)

    8. Splintering off an area of Scientology and denying it properly constituted authority to “save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.”

    9. Willful misapplication.

    10. Bringing civil suit against Scientologists without first calling the matter to the attention of the Ethics Officer.

    11. Organizing a splinter group (RTC) to confuse people about the true beliefs and practices of Scientology and to deceive them into considering that they will be able to study part or all of Scientology and receive standard pastoral counseling from the splinter group.

    Insufficient evidence was found on the following charges:

    Receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists.

    Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology or of the practice of the religion of Scientology.

    Miscavige was found guilty of the following CRIMES:

    1. Placing Scientology and Scientologists at risk.

    2. Following illegal policies knowing them to be contrary to those issued by the International Board (and LRH.)

    3. Not reporting flagrant departures from the International Board (and LRH) policy.

    4. Permitting the organization to collapse.

    5. Condoning circumstances and offenses capable of bringing the organization to collapse.

    6. Neglect of responsibility resulting in catastrophe.

    7. Being a Potential Trouble Source without reporting it or taking action.

    8. Using Scientology harmfully.

    9. Using a local Scientology title to set aside policies from the International Board (and LRH.)

    10. Instigating a local power push against a senior.

    11. Spreading destructive rumors about senior Scientologists

    12. Falsifying a communication from a senior.

    13. Causing severe disturbances which have resulted in disrepute.

    14. Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule.

    15. Condoning the suppression of the word Scientology in its use and practice.

    The Committee also found Miscavige guilty of the following additional charges:

    1. Forgery.

    2. Fraud.

    3. Assault.

    David Miscavige is assigned a condition of Treason. All of his certificates and awards are suspended. His is dismissed from all posts and titles in any Scientology organization.

    And Scientologist supporting Miscavige’s usurpation of power is guilty of the High Crime of Mutiny. No auditor should give him auditing until such time as he has successfully completed his Ethics conditions and made thorough amends for the damage he has caused. As the Independent Field does not practice disconnection, no restraint is made upon communication with Miscavige. However, it is recommended that he be referred to a competent Ethics terminal, as he has proved to be highly enturbulative. Reference should be made to HCOPL 16May80 Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, before dealing with Miscavige.

    Jon Atack
    OT Committee UK

  86. “Freedom Declare”-I think that nails it, Watching Eyes. +1 Internetz for you!

  87. It seems like these “Goldenrod” aren’t issued to the person concerned as they’re not Ethics and Justice issues anymore, but have changed to “Third Party proclamations” shown to others for that purpose! Another alteration by the KoS.

  88. plainoldthetan

    Declaring as Suppressive someone like the President of Eli Lilly wouln’t have the effects that this blog entry discusses.

    The purpose of declaring someone like Michael Fairman is exactly the Crucifixion and Execution and Humiliation the Church practices in order to keep the cowed parishioners in line.

    Why not declear Tipper Gore? She became the national poster-child for mental illness in 1999 (http://psychcentral.com/lib/2010/tipper-gore-on-mental-illness/).

    Oh, yeah. She wouldn’t care one cat’s whisker if the Church of Scientology declared her. But Michael Fairman? The PR face of Scientology for 20 years, being denied….what? The opportunity to get more money charged to his credit cards? Now, it’s true that the denial of the comm-line to friends and associates and family does hurt. But we have to understand that the Declare and subsequent cut-comm-lines…the fear…is the control mechanism Miscavige is using to keep parishioners in line.

    Governor Tarkin: Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station. — Star Wars (1977)

    Few in-Churchites realize that Miscavige doesn’t have the Death Star at his disposal. Michael saw it and is now freed.

  89. It’s amazing how *not* having to spend thousands of dollars on air fare, accommodations, auditing, sec checks, coursework, etc. can have such a positive effect on one’s financial health!

    How the CoS can, wit a clear conscience, expect people to go into debt to pay for services with the lie that they will make more money after wards is beyond me.

    Oh, that’s right, they don’t have a conscience. My bad.

  90. You are welcome, Michael, and yes I remember very well what you had in your hand. Not a bad thought…. LOL

    A Happy Passover/Easter full of theta to you and yours.

  91. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Ciao Michael,
    we have been so priviledged to receive from similar not so-underground sources our SP DECLARE.
    It is available and has been published on the italian Blog:
    It is the same process they use for pictures of events, copy-paste.
    Our looks like yours. I think we are the same breed of SPs………
    We totally understand the absurd defamation they use to picture you as the worst man in the world to the eye of the remaining cool-aid drinkers. But do not worry, deep in their heart they know …. they know WHO YOU ARE.
    They will wake up sooner or later.
    You are a man of honor and there is no doubt about it.
    Claudio & Renata

  92. I know —

    The irony is that those excused of sexual perversion (it was a rampant “crime” back in the SO during the 70’s at Flag) — never had a flock of sheep, either 🙂

    Justice is too precious to be handed over to imbeciles.


  93. Nah, to qualify you need to have read Dianetics at least 3 times, must have been part of the most ethical group on the planet, must have donated at least to Super Power, IAS (at least to patron), Idle Orgs, Libraries, WTH, VM, etc, at least until bankruptcy, must have done the Bridge at least 3 times, must have endured gangbang sec checks, must at least have started 100’s of new public on the Bridge, must have had big wins and stable case gain and must have stepped your foot down at least once to insist on standard Tech.

    Sorry, I know how much you like to have your award but you’ll need to step it up as no one has ever gotten it for just owning a book. But let me give you a tip: get yourself a criminal record and apply for a job at OSA (the only way to get hired), sign a billion year contract and start leaking super sensitive RTC information, especially about Davey’s illegal activities; who knows……..

  94. Michael,

    Reading your SP declare reminded me of all the declares and RPF assignments I read of staff that I worked shoulder to shoulder with for years. I’m not sure who it was supposed to fool, but it was clearly “rigged” to make you think the person had always been a criminal and an evil being. Even convicted murderers get a chance to tell their side of the story before being sentenced. This isn’t even a Kangaroo Court. It even violates all Western traditions of “Justice” (as mis-guided as that has been in our society) as well as the Constitution (don’t remember the exact wording but something about being tried by “a jury of their peers”, innocent until proven guilty, etc).

    I guess if they printed a Swastika at the top at least they would be more overt and higher toned. The word “generalities” doesn’t do it justice. I experienced this kind of thing while in the Sea Org. You were ORDERED to do something, then later when someone else thought it was wrong you were crucified as the eveil being who did this. Kind of like your being coerced into debt and then you had “financial irregularities”. Geez! Sorry, but it makes my blood boil. Just like it did every time I read one of these things which were really political propaganda leaflets. It looks like someone studied early Russian purges to see how they discredited the dissenters. Or maybe they just studied Orwell’s “1984” very thoroughly.

    You know, maybe what’s missing here is that the Independent’s have not written a proper SP Declare order on Miscavige. LRH did say (can’t recall which PL) that unless you apply Scientology ethics and justice procedures to your enviroment, you will be too enturbulated to do your job. Maybe we could show them how it is done. Call a Comm Ev. Invite DM to be fair. If he doesn’t appear, follow the justice codes that apply. Yeah, maybe a real fair and square justice action on DM with all the trimmings. Wow, just the thought of it brings my blood pressure down.

    The only problem with that idea….I don’t think Staples stocks enough paper to print the Bill of Particulars on …… oh well. I’ll think of something.

    In any case Michael, congrats for standing tall on this one and not taking this kind of crap lying down.

    Your Friend

    Hy Levy

  95. Michael,
    I used to see your name on the list so many times over the years for VIP food services when you came to the Base, you’re definitely a “regular” customer.
    Didn’t realize you were in so many film productions.

    Data Series 1R – The Anatomy of Thought says:
    “This is also intelligence.”…

    Later in the HCO PL he says:
    … “Thoughts are infinitely divisible into classes of thought.

    “In other words, in thought there are certain wide differences which are very different indeed.

    “A FACT is something that can be proven to exist by visible evidence.

    “An OPINION is something which mayor may not be based on any facts.
    Yet a sloppy mind sees no difference between a FACT and somebody’s opinion.” …

    One who has read the Data Series can see that there are too many opinions and generalities on this issue to really take it seriously as being factual. Totally contrary as to how Ethics and Justice issues are written per LRH policy.

    Thanks for showing the current state of sanity and intelligence of the current footnuking Dict – dictatorship. Congratulations for the Badge of Honor & Freedom declaration!

  96. Michael,

    Awesome of you to publish the DECLARE (Badge of honor)
    Absolutely mind boggling how they take private confessional “priest/penitent” divulged information and broadcast it in an SP Declare.

    Reckless driving !
    Financial irregularities !
    Sexual irregularities !

    All twisted into a tissue of lies. 100% false. This is standard procedure for the CULT The SP declare charges they use are FAIR GAME to attack.

    MY SP declare is carefully hidden in certain HCOs and quickly put away under lock and key. Marty and Mike yawned and yawned and yawned on reading it~~ utterly worthless …not even worthy of this blog.

    However there is some cookie-cutter aspect of these declares. My opening paragraph is so very similar to yours Mike Fairman.
    “Karen de la Carriere has been pretending to be a Scientologist while knowingly connected to a small group of squirrels who have been declared Suppressive Persons…and giving her allegiance to these squirrels is par for the course for de la Carriere. She is not a Scientologist and has also participated in squirrel activities with a squirrel individual……de la Carriere is not a Scientologist. She is a Squirrel.


    In addition, I counted 22 separate LIES in my SP declare…….Lie after Lie and Lie. I have never been removed from TECH LINES. NEVER. SUE PRICE, the former CO CMO PAC was BEGGING ME IN MY VERY LAST DAY IN THE SEA ORG TO RETURN TO AOLA AS A NOTS AUDITOR, with all certs intact LITERALLY BEGGING ME TO STOP ROUTING OUT TO AUDIT.

    MY SP declare also said how suppressive I was for disobeying all orders and refusing to get on course to do the “BASICS”.


    I truly believe using the SP Declare as a political tool against those who refuse to drink the Koolaid and toe the part line is the ACHILLES HEEL of a floundering entity. THE CULT and DM do not understand modern day culture or the power of the Internet and how very publicly their dirty laundry and idiocy can be analyzed across the web in a blink of an eye.

    DM lives in his cocoon, with fawning propitiative hangers-on and truly believes he is a legend ~~ in his own mind.

    That is why he uses the likes of John Allender for bizarre capers that are so OUT REALITY, he is causing C of $ to be dubbed ” the Jerry Springer Show of Religions.”

    That is sad.

  97. Good call, next time TD or his buffoon squad tries to deny the disconnection policy in the media, we can show this declare.

  98. becomingAware


    Your comment about the copper rods reminds me of the Winchester Mystery House

    DM’s dreams – Got to keep those sprits away. AWWWGGG They’re coming for me . . . .


  99. Thanks much, Marty.

  100. Excellent idea, Mike.

    I’ll see what I can do on it and then share his write-ups here.

  101. I’m still laughing about Michael’s getting declared over bad driving habits.
    Fuck ’em. LOL

  102. JM,

    Thanks! It stung him a little, finally having to confront the fact that, rather than simply LOOKING, the org terminals thought it might be easier to attempt to split our family apart.

  103. Thanks Heather,

    Yes, it really is wonderful, seeing as how I’m the one who got him in, then got him in again after an 11 year ARCX.

    I won’t be making that mistake anymore.

  104. Thank you, Mr. Fairman, for sharing the truth about your journey back to Scientology and away from Mestsavageology. It was truly inspiring and I bet another few dozen church members are now on their way out and will start their journey back to LRH and the application of his tech.

    I liked Marty’s example of a crucifixion. We all remember the ultimate fate of the then Roman Empire. Their hubris ultimately led to their collapse, and I think we see history repeating.

    So dangerous is the arrogance of misplaced power that I have on the wall in my office a picture of Roman soldiers at the foot of the crucifix, staring into the camera as if they had just been challenged, with a caption that reads as follows: We are the Roman Empire. We just nailed Christ…who the hell are you?

    Well, we know what happened to them. And we see it happening to little Caesar as plain as day.

    Now, who is joining us today?

    Centurion (reformed)

  105. Michael,
    I admire your cleverness and courage in getting a copy of your declare and sharing it. It helps others to know that general, arbitrary wrong indications are the fruit of the month.
    I see the reader is being advised you can only speak to IJC or CJC. Where is Tommy Davis when you need him?
    Much love to you, Laura

  106. The dim(inutive) madman must be raspberry red in the face today. His biggest weapon has been nullified, his enemies live.

    Viva la Resurrección.

  107. I wouldn’t hold out too much for that unbiased CommEv. I was asked to sit on one of those Kangaroo-CommEvs once. Before we started the DSA came in and told us what the findings and recommendations would be. This was before we’d begun anything on it. I was floored. I went right up to the DSA guy and told him that if I sit on this CommEv that I would go by the evidence only. He didn’t seem fazed by my statement, and told me a bit arrogantly to go ahead.

    It was incredible how the whole committee was going along with this, and even with there being no real evidence to speak of, I mean really flimsy stuff, they all wanted to hang him. I kept disagreeing, and disagreeing until one of the committee members went to talk to the DSA, who came back in and told me just to note down on the findings that I disagree and that would be it. It didn’t seem to matter what was done or said, the result was forgone.

    After all was done I went to the guy and told him I had disagreed and felt he had been railroaded. He thanked me, but was shortly after shown the door.

    Not worth asking for a CommEv in my view.

  108. That is an interesting point. It is surely character assassination. If someone can sue the National Enquirer for such, why can’t someone do so for an ethics order full of generalities, lies and misrepresentations. Not to mention the little “DA pack” that is prepared for friends, family, business acquaintances of the declared person and used to systematically destroy his name?? There is good reason to publish a declare openly and allow a person his right to a Committee of Evidence so that all facts are reviewed and the person’s production record reviewed that would mitigate severity of punishment and the opportunity to clear his or her name. To not allow that process is to simply to engage in character assassination – all done behind the person’s back so he has no chance to defend his own honor. Here you have a someone who built his life around Scientology – lived, worked, breathed, ate in the community of Scientologists, and the church comes out with character asasination cutting his line of business contacts, social network, etc. It’s more than just leaving an “organization” -its being denied access to the community one was part of, relations one once had, business associates. It is being shut off from the world one knew and one built within that framework. Its like someone decides you can’t live in Chicago and sets about to systematically destroy your name in that town and run you out for good. How can these guys get away with something like this? It’s CRIMINAL.

  109. Not a bad idea Hy.
    Hey DM – watcha doing 4th of July?

  110. Interesting point one of the posters made on the village voice:
    “I read Mr. Fairman’s SP Declare…It states that he failed to “disconnect” from a known SP. I thought the CO$ spokesman Tommy Davies told everyone at CNN that the church didn’t have a disconnection policy…interesting!!! “

  111. Anon Orange, I dub thee ‘Scientologist Officiate’ . Buddy, you’ve earned your strips! Love

  112. ROTFLMAO….had to google the raspberry sound…very fitting! Here’s to my raspberry to you DM!!!!!

  113. Kathy Braceland

    Nice going on getting a copy of your declare and thanks for posting it here. What a bunch of twits.

    You’re aces in my books Michael!

  114. Please excuse. strips!.. should read…stripes!. I’m not as perfect as DM but I’m working away from it. A good soldier is proud of his stripes.

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  116. Mr Fairman,

    Well done on broadly issuing the declare upon you.
    One of the reasons why declares are NOT broadly issued I believe is that it opens the door to potential legal options. Publishing a statement labelling an individual a suppressive person is libellous and the publisher could well be the recipient of a law suit as a result.
    “Anyone to declare” discusses this in some detail.

    Michael Moore
    International Freezone Association Inc
    International Freezone Association Inc

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  118. And as for freeloader bills, it’s us that ought to be sending them to the CoS and IAS for their out-exchange donations programs we have contributed to, as well as for every bit of poorly delivered or out-tech auditing and training we have paid for!

    Who’s the real “freeholder” here, eh?

  119. Wahoo!! Michael on your Badge of Honor!!!!
    Thank you for posting it…..that was the grand finale for the week. DM starts this week off with sending 4 bullies to stalk and harass Marty and I which completely BACK FIRED on him and now your Declare posted publicly…..Couldn’t get better than that!!!!
    🙂 Lori

  120. Michael, you’re much better not to have a parasitic church on your back! I’ve read and even written these declares in the past. They’re full of shit and completely biased … and yes, the checklist of putting these together includes scraping together every piece of crap you can find in any file you can find it in and then making it just a little bit worse. And only recently are these used to just answer the questions in the mind of the cool-aid drinkers, because these have no bearing in reality and if they made the press, en masse, the Church would not only look outright suppressive, but pretty damn stupid in the same breath.


  121. It’s a pretty sorry deal when an after the fact comm-ev has to occur on a blog for there to be a hint of a hearing or justice to it.
    Hell, at least ya kinda got one–Look up! Better than most these days!!!

  122. Damn, Sinar. That’s it — 3rd Party Proclamations.
    Wow. Merci, mon bon ami.


  123. Wicked. Wicked. 🙂 Thanks Tom.

  124. +1 Ms Laura Ann.

    But as far as Tommy 2Tone D — “Need him?” Really.


  125. Michael Fairman

    To All Of You Who Here Reside
    The affirmation I have gotten from your posts has made me cry at the very highest harmonic of the tone scale.

    And know this: The juggernaut we are creating will bring true freedom to those still mired in the lies and deceit that is the Church of Miscavige

    This, I declare.

  126. Lucky Dilettante

    Mr. Fairman,
    Good luck as you experience new freedom from the fetters of Miscavigeology.
    Thank you for posting your “declare”. It really gives a clear picture of the feeble minds who are now directing the COS. They seem to have become “in-bred” like the insane hereditary establishments of the past.
    Such petty nonsense just excretes from the blind followers of DM.
    It makes them look like such fools to the general public.
    I am lucky because I met Miscavige 22 years ago and distanced myself from him. Best decision I ever made.
    May you continue to move on up higher as I did.

  127. Your humble servant

    Mr. Fairman,

    Thank you very much for this detailed and interesting account. After many years of considering the matter, I am rather doubtful that the procedure of declaring persons to be suppressive persons and expelled from the church was every a fair, workable, or good thing in the first place. Clearly, from what we see today the Scientology justice system was never uniformly workable or just. Now, however, it is clearly a corrupt and despicable charade, one which will have a short future, I imagine. I do wish you the best in your new life as an Independent Scientologist.

  128. Michael Fairman

    Thanks, thanks, and thanks

  129. I’m with Sky! PPPPPTTTTTTHHHHH!!!!!! 🙂

  130. “The very same goldenrod that TD inched out from between the covers of a manila folder, as he warned me that unless I returned this very day to the path from which I had strayed,”

    Is there any evidence to show that the church of scientology of today is on the same path L. Ron Hubbard set down in the 50’s and 60’s?

  131. Michael;
    Kiss and hug your daughter often for this thetan has demonstrated great and wonerfull awareness of what a real OT should demonstrate 24/7.
    Man you’re blessed.

  132. Joe Pendleton

    Anon Orange – you have to understand; SP declares were NEVER meant to identify ACTUAL people who are suppressive. The purpose of SP declares is and always has been, to keep Scientologists in line, control their behavior and thought and keep them submissive to those in power. This is why you see on Michael’s declare the charge of rumor mongering about executives. In Scientology (per policy) you can only question insane executtives by writing reports to OTHER executives (who are usually allies of the first one or just as nuts) or query the orders to the insane executive himself. Good luck on both accounts. The whole system is rigged to keep people from communicating to each other about the church. Thus SP declares have little to do with the actual characteristics of a suppressive person as outlined in LRH’s essay “The Anti-Social Personality.”

  133. Quite a resurrection indeed! Congrats to you Michael. Loved the “raspberry” portion of the story as well…made my day…

  134. Michael,
    My declare begins the same way as yours:
    John Aaron Williams has been pretending to be a Scientologist, while covertly giving his allegiance and support to a small group of squirrel individuals declared SP by HCO. He has been spreading vicious and malicious rumors to try to divert Scientologists in good standing from The
    Bridge to Total Freedom. John Aaron Williams has now shown his true colors: he publicly disavowed Scientology and announced his intentions to engage in squirrel activities and to try and get others to take part in such squirreling, while spreading vicious lies on the Church to try and justify his suppressive acts.

    I guess the articles I wrote as Jimmy Rebel are the “vicious and malicious” rumors. As well as showing people the PLs being violates by present leadership.
    It has now gone to the stage that an MAA at an SO org told a public who knows me that “They have pictures of me in my courseroom.” and “I downloaded OT3 data and was handing it out to my clients” (I was a computer consultant). My favorite was that I had a connection to a Psychiatrist. All false. It was also said they have tried to straighten me out repeatedly. This never happened as they could not provide policy for the activities they were party to.
    I have my declare so I will frame it and hang it over my desk.
    John Aaron

  135. Well. We see the little anti-social mutant hasn’t changed a bit over the years, has he? Thanks Valkov. Hadn’t read it in a few years.

  136. (being the clean-freak that he is, COB asked me to clean the inside of his personal vault. What an idiot…)

    (Inside of a large sealed blank envelope)


    International Management Conditions Order


    May 9, 2010)

    No Orgs
    No Missions
    No Networks
    No Parishioners
    No Apostates


    I, David Miscavige, hereby declare myself Suppressive and expel me from the Church of Scientology pursuant to just about every HCO PL and HCOB that exists.

    I have committed pretty near every suppressive act in the book, as well as some that aren’t, including but not limited to:

    ALTERING THE TECHNOLOGY AND PASSING IT OFF AS SOURCE: Well, OK, I’m guilty. I changed a bunch of stuff around in the books. I thought it read better with my changes. Hey, Ron was dead. The books were old-fashioned looking. At least I used better paper and what about those thumb indentations? I thought those were cool. But yeah, LRH had some sentences that just didn’t flow right. I eliminated altogether a few things I thought were totally whacko, like grandiose far-out ramblings about tax people and government crooks, things like that. You have to admit, blaming it on those transcribers was a pretty good idea, especially since they are all dead. I never did run across that damn Van Allen belt stuff that Koppell was torturing me about, though.

    Yeah, I changed and forged a ton of bulletins, too. Some policy letters. I made up a few advices. Hacked up a few tapes. Believe me, the list is just too long for this document. Maybe when I retire to my secret island off the coast of Cypress, I’ll write my memoir and explain it all, but in the meantime…guilty. Big deal.

    SCREWING UP PEOPLE’S CASES WITH OPPRESSIVE AND RIDICULOUS ARBITRARIES: Ok, so the whole triple-swing F/N thing…I admit…it’s pretty fucking squirrelly. But the bottom line is I hate people, I hate L. Ron Hubbard, I hate auditing, I hate the whole goddamn frigging kit and kaboodle of this entire cockamamy subject, so I wanted to just fuck with everybody. What better way than to mess up everyone’s F/Ns? In one sweeping gesture I was able to screw up PCs, auditors, examiners, CSes, word clearers, supervisors, everybody. Aaaahhhh. Mission accomplished. Guilty. Can’t believe people bought into it. But hey, what do they want from a suppressive like me? Birthday cards?

    OK, six-month checks, Jesus, I never heard a pile of people complain so much in my life. I can’t believe they keep showing up. It’s been a blast though, raking in the dough on this puppy. Shit almighty, keep ’em coming, scare ’em into paying. How great is that? You’d do it too, if you were an SP.

    GETTING RID OF GOOD PEOPLE: Good people make me sick, always doing good. How the hell am I supposed to succeed with all my destructive programs and actions if I’ve got some competent fucking cocksucker fixing everything and making it go right no matter how many times I cut their legs out from under them? Drive ’em out, declare them, stuff them in the RPF, whatever, just keep ’em the hell out of my sight, that’s my motto.

    DENIGRATING AND ELIMINATING SOURCE: Source schmorse, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard…bah! My books look better, it’s better paper, I’ve got kick-ass computerized printing presses, my bulletins are clearer, my training videos are more precise, christ, I magnified the reads on them sons of bitches so people could see clearly what the hell to look for. Ok, so some of the stuff was wrong…like the instant read thing that I never could quite understand myself, but at least it was BIG and it was CLEAR. The guy’s dead for chrissakes. Somebody’s got to carry this religion forward into the twenty-first century! Hey, I BEAT THE FUCKING IRS FOR CHRISSAKES! LRH ran and hid in the woods, I FACED THEM PRICKS DOWN, BLACKMAILED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THEIR SORRY ASSES AND WON!!! Tax exempt! I’m a goddamn hero! HA!

    MAYHEM, HUMILIATION, INVALIDATION, ETC: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what? YOU try running a giant religion consisting of THOUSANDS of staff, MILLIONS of parishioners, TONS of money coming in, every Tom, Dick and Harry wanna-be executive wanting to do it THEIR way, opposing my every move, not making targets, thinking their own self-determinism is more important than the Greatest Good For The Greatest Number, WTF?!

    What am I gonna do? Argue all damn frigging day? Yeah, right, like there’s LOTS and LOTS of time, huh? According to the scriptures I’m supposed to follow, the World’s about had it. Time’s running out. Race against…what? Nuclear war? Marcabians landing and turning us all into fodder or slaves or idiots? Floods? The Earth flying off its axis? Or a 1984 World Government civilization? Why can’t the goddamn execs just be like me? Get their goddamn shit done without it continually boiling all over my lines like a Niagra Falls of Hill Tens all day, every day, every week, all year, year after year after year with me having to intervene in every single microscopic spec of everything? Jesus Christ Almighty in a handbasket, no wonder I guzzle Scotch like it’s Vitamin Water and go on death-defying motorcycle jaunts with a raving lunatic! How about giving me a fucking break for once, huh?

    PERSONAL INUREMENT: This charge I make against myself makes me laugh. Hey, did I steal ALL the money? No. Do I have a Ferrari? No. Gamble? Well, a little, but nothing out of hand. Do I have a stash? Fucking A right I do. If shit hits the fan, do you think I’m gonna stick around and go to prison on some technicality just because some dipshit lawyer of ours missed a loophole? Yeah, I have a large personal staff, I have cars, motorcycles, jewels, gold, silver, cash in eleven different currencies, clothes to rival royal families, I never wear the same pair of socks twice, I eat really, really well, I travel on private jets, etc., etc., etc., etc. So what. Look what I do. Ever read about Facility Differential? Duh!

    I’ve sucked more money out of more people during my reign than ALL the previous heads’of the Church put together. AND look what I’m doing with these Ideal Org buildings. They’re fucking great. I don’t know why people aren’t coming in in droves, but I do know that LRH would cream in his jeans about these orgs, I KNOW he would. And the Video Div 6 system? Instead of some low paid drooling half-retard trying to explain what the hell Scientology is to some drug-soaked DB who staggers in off the street, I put together a foolproof system that can’t be interfered with or screwed up. Just watch the video. Either cognite or get the hell out. Simple.

    MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES: Get real. Too many to list. Like the Lisa McPherson thing, the Mary Sue Hubbard thing, the LRH signature forging, the gambling and other mutual out-ruds with Broeker, the physical violence, the perjury, harassment of others with goon squads and PIs and lawyers, yada yada yada, just too, too, too many to defend myself against. Besides, I’m guilty of all of them. Guilty as sin. I did it. And I loved doing it all. I’ve transcended the Overt/Motivator sequence. I may be suppressive, but I am one capable son of a bitching tyrant who people listen to.

    Despite all my crimes, high crimes and suppressive acts and the fact that the exhilaration of my ascension has worn off a bit, power still tastes good even if I am an SP. I will say this whole Internet thing is proving to be just too much, too big, too widespread, too fast. I can’t keep up with it. I can’t stop the leaks. I can’t stop the proliferation of confidential materials, they’re all over the frigging place. Not even the Church has the resources to trace down and prosecute EVERYONE who’s violating our copyrights and trademarks. It’s like trying to chase and capture a stadium of naked and hairless greased lunatics in the dark with cement shoes and handcuffs.

    CONCLUSION: Fuck it.You may be wondering why I’m declaring myself. Well, it’s the right piece of Tech, isn’t it? I know how to apply Standard Tech, I just don’t want others to have it, plain and simple. Until somebody brings me down (which I seriously doubt) I’m just gonna file this away for my own amusement, finish this carnival ride out to the end to see where it leads, sleep with one eye open, my gun within reach, my jet always at the ready and see to it that everyone cowers in fear, gives me no shit and kneels and bows before my mighty power. It’s just still too much fucking fun to quit.

    Yeah, I know, I could do A-E, pay back all the money I took, get a billion hours of sec checks, retrain everything I did (THAT wouldn’t take too long) and work my way back up the conditions. But why? Who’s going to make me do that when my only terminal is me?

    Carry on, me.

    Me, David Miscavige
    Chairman of the Board
    Religious Technology Center
    COB Personal MAA
    Senior Ecclesiastical Authority of the Church of Scientology International

  137. John — Yeah, they come up with some pretty neat stuff.

    Marty and I are being being funded by Big Pharma. Or Big Media. Or maybe its Big Foot???

  138. Thanks Karen!

  139. Yes, the CO$ is the biggest freeloader (parasite) of all.

  140. OTDT:

    Oh. My. God. This reads like you’re right inside DMs head. Geez. A great read.

    Michael … wow .. you are such a man of courage. Thanks for sharing the goldenrod and your comments. It shines the light on the insanity.

  141. Former Flag Customer

    Very funny. Can’t stop laughing. Hit me like a ton of bricks – the dude is actually stashing escape cash for the day I think he suspects will never come.

  142. Deep Fax,

    OMG!!! By far your best yet!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!! YOU, are one wild ass thetan!!!!!! Luv Ya!!!!!!!

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  144. WOW! Thanks for posting this. The SP declares are flying so fast that they are using “cookie -cutter” verbiage. It looks like 3 other people got declared as well between the date of yours (20 Dec 2010) and Mr. Fairman’s
    (15 Jan 2011), based on the FCO numbers. I’m a little disappointed though….I thought Italians were “more reckless” drivers, but I see no mention of it there…;)

  145. Another Masterpiece. Laughed out loud for real, at least a dozen times.

  146. Thanks Deep Fax for another splendid leak 🙂

  147. My favorite Deep Fax, thus far.


  148. Very nice read, Karen#1.

    “THE CULT and DM do not understand modern day culture or the power of the Internet and how very publicly their dirty laundry and idiocy can be analyzed across the web in a blink of an eye. ”

    I fully agree, it’s like they’re living in the past.

  149. Big Ben?
    Big Bertha?
    Big Wig?
    Big Bang?
    Big Sur?
    Big and Tall Men’s Store?
    Big Boy Restaurants?
    Big Fish?
    Big Picture?
    Big Bopper?
    Big Apple?
    Big Horn Sheep?

    Those funds gotta be coming from someplace!!!


  150. Deep fax-this one is particularly brilliant.

  151. PFFFFHHHHTT indeed!

    I’ve been reading the 2007 edition of the Intro to Ethics book. Luckily it still has what I consider the key ethics/justice policy that is most universally misapplied by official Scientology.

    page 381
    “….This, then, is the primary breakdown of any justice system—that it acts on false reports, disciplines before substantiation and fails to confront an accurse with the report and his accuser before any discipline is assigned, or which does not weigh the value of a person in general against the alleged crime even when proven.”

    The key LAST phrase should be carefully considered:

    “……does not weigh the value of a person in general against the alleged crime even when proven…..”

    Your SP acts, which sound bogus, don’t outweigh your contributions, that is so obvious.

    Then in the Ethics Book on pages 382-3 it says how your SP declare and all the other bogus SP declares should be cancelled:

    “The Board can only cancel an action, directive or order which has been found to: a. Be impractical. b. Lower statistics. c. Cause contraction d. Result in an injustice. e. Violate basic LRH policy.”

    In your case Michael, this SP declare minimally violates points d and e.

    Your worth was NOT weighed, and the SP declare results in an injustice.

    An International Amnesty is overdue, and further an overall blanket cancellation of ALL off policy SP orders is overdue.

    Chuck Beatty

  152. GetTheConcept

    I have one thing to say to DM at this time:

  153. Scott Campbell


    As I’m sure you know, at this point a declare by the C of S is a badge of honor.

    I admire anyone who has achieved this level of esteem by those outside of the group following Miscavige down his wishy-washy path to degradation and death.

    From my point of view, you are admirably continuing to wear your hat of expanding Scientology’s reach into the field; of both raw public and to those of us who were, shall we say – “left on the grill a little too long”.

    Thank you good sir for your integrity and perseverance. Free Market Scientology and Independent Scientologists are much the better because of your undaunted bravery and knowing willingness to be who you are.

    In other words, thanks for not “selling out to the man”, man. (talk about dated lingo…)

    L, Scott

  154. Hi Marty:

    I know that many here feel that of us ‘old farts’ don’t really add much to the present debate, and we are generally thought of as, well, irrelevant. And to some extent, that is true. I know I missed the horrendous crimes the CofS is now committing because I woke up from the nightmare earlier than most, so I don’t have much to add to the present discussion.

    “I remember” when the SP Declare! was for SPs. “I remember” when those who disagreed were expelled from the CofS, with ‘declaration waived’. SP Declares! were for true SPs, not just someone who disagreed.

    Those were days of sanity.

    For the last 30 plus years SP Declares! have the sole purpose of cutting comm lines. with the sole intent of isolating Scientologists from, I don’t know, other opinions, I guess.

    SP Declares! are no longer for SPs, they are for those who question.

    Sadly, many here were not active during those periods, and so have no real undestanding what Scientology, LRH’s Scientology, was like.

    It was fun!

    It was joy!

    We were really happy!

    We were actually going up the Bridge, together! Lots of us!

    I know that the GO was active, unfortunately, and screwing things up, but for us runofthemillScientologists, Scientology was a pure joy! We all knew we ‘lucked out” somehow. We’d go shopping, come to the org and drop off our groceries, go onto course and coaudit, go onto course and study more, take a break and go to the reception area and have some coffee and chat with our friends, go back and finish up what we started, go home.

    The next day, after work, we’d go back to the org and meet up with our friends and continue up the Bridge. It was a true joy!!

    Sometime around 1976, around then, maybe a little earlier or later, things began to change. People began to disappear in direct violation of LRH on the subject of people disappearing,” because it creates a mystery.”

    One of the first to ‘disappear’ that I actually noticed was ‘gone’ was Rocky Stump, some time around 1976 or so. Not too many here know of him, if any, but he ‘disappeared’. Rocky was not a minor player. He was ASHO’s main asset for years. He’s completely gone!! I’ve not heard mention of him for over 34 years!

    It also coincides with the end of the greatest era of Scientology expansion in it’s history. Ralph witnessed this explosion of delivery. There aren’t too many left who do. Delivery of Scientology was perhaps 50xs greater than it is today. Asho Day and Asho Foundation alone created about 200 Sr. SHSBC graduates a year!!!! What is the stat today?

    For all of you lurkers, realize this: doing Scientology is a lot of fun! It is a true joy!

    If you’re not having fun, you are not doing it right, you are not doing Scientology, you are not doing what LRH intended, it is something else. It doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is, only that it is not Scientology.

    Scientology exists, and it exists soley for you.

    Check it out.

  155. Speaking of which, I wonder if anyone remembers DM’s role in the original version of EM 1 where he plays the office target of the pederast CIA agent and blows his nose on the American flag? The only tech film DM appeared in.

  156. scilonschools

    A Class Act!! (and great family genetics)

  157. Michael Fairman

    Deep Fax
    Bravo! You can take this out on the road. Book a 1000 colleges. Wonderful

  158. These declares look a lot alike and their emphasis is on: Not Disconnecting. We should publish all declares together as proof of organized discrimination, defamation and libel by a tax exempt religion, threating current and ex members.

  159. Yeah Davey, it’s gonna look something like this, so you remember what a real Ethics Order is. Also shows you that you didn’t change since 1984, nothing learned, no gain (see the irony; 1984).

    OT Committee Worldwide – Ethics Order #1
    Bill of Particulars
    13 March 1984
    David Miscavige of Los Angeles CA is hereby named as an interested party and is to appear before a Committee of Evidence.
    From written Knowledge Reports, debriefs and investigations gathered concerning senior Church management and its activities over the last few years, there is evidence that David Miscavige has committed and been party to many High Crimes (suppressive acts) and Crimes.
    It is charged that:
    1. Mutiny
    During the course of 1981, David Miscavige unlawfully removed his senior, Diane Voegerding, from the post of CO CMO Int and subsequently placed himself above the CO CMO Int without authority to do so.
    2. Organizing a splinter group which takes and perverts Scientology materials or practices, in whole or in part, still calling it Scientology or calling it something else.
    From 1982, Miscavige has taken part in gang sec-checking, authorized “perpetual” suppressive declares, ordered the squirrel “running program,” denied Scientologists access to justice, and placed his own orders senior to LRH policy – thusly assisting in the creation of that splinter group known as RTC.
    3. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Comm Evs duly convened.
    On October 17th 1982, Miscavige held a meeting of Mission Holders in San Francisco where he berated Mission Holders publicly; three were verbally declared. No Comm Evs had been convened upon these Mission Holders. (Also see HCOPL 18Apr70 “Ethics and Franchise.”)
    4. Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard technology.
    As the Mission Holders conference, Miscavige threatened Mission Holders with imprisonment, contrary to the above.
    5. Receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists.
    While many Scientology staff members live below the poverty level, Miscavige lives in luxury and at a high salary.
    6. Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology, also pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of the religion of Scientology.
    Miscavige has been a leader in the campaign to denigrate Independent groups, calling their standard of Scientology “squirrel,” thusly willfully degrading the tech.
    7. Engaging in malicious rumor-mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to “safeguard” a position.
    Miscavige has been a source of third-party and a prime mover behind the non-specific declares (see HCOPL 2Jun65 which these violate) of many Scientology opinion leaders. These include David Mayo, Ken Urquhart, Ricardo Garcia, Jay Hurwitz, and many others.
    8. Spreading false tales to invalidate Clears.
    Miscavige has condoned the declare of not only Clears, but also ten Class 12 auditors and many OTs and NOTs OTs. (See HCOB 1Nov74RA “Rock Slams and Rockslammers” and HCOB 13Sep78 II “Clears, OTs and RSes.”)
    9. Spreading libelous and slanderous statements about the alleged behaviour of Clears
    Miscavige has denigrated the workability of Scientology with mass declares (some 1900 since his assumption of power) and most particularly with his attack upon David Mayo, a Class 12 and LRH’s auditor.
    10. Seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power, or to “save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.”
    Miscavige was instrumental in the removal of MSH, Controller; Bill Franks, ED Int; Dede Voegerding, CO CMO Int; David Mayo, Senior CS Int; Kerry Gleeson, ED Int; Allen Buchanan, D/ED Int; Peter Warren, Senior to Public Divs; Suzette Hubbard, CMO Gold; Gale Irwin, CO CMO; John Nelson, CO CMO Int; Roger Barnes, CO SMI; John Aczel, Management Exec for Missions; Emile Gilbert, CO Canada; Ron Hopkins, CO UK; and MANY other senior terminals. Properly constituted authority has been denied to Scientologists via the refusal of Comm Evs, the refusal to act upon petitions, the issuance of off-policy declares, and the removal from management of many OECs and FEBCs and their replacement with relatively untrained personnel.
    11. Willful misapplication.
    Miscavige has persistently enforced Ethics penalties without applying Ethics rewards. Moreso, he has used “Justice” in place of Ethics, and failed in applying the spirit and letter of policy.
    12. Bringing civil suit against Scientologists without first calling the matter to the attention of the Ethics Officer.
    Such suits have been brought against Eddie Mace, Bernard Wimbush, Marian van der Linde, Don Hills and Lawrence West.
    13. Organizing a splinter group to confuse people about the true beliefs and practices of Scientology or to deceive them into considering that they will be able to study part of all of Scientology or receive standard pastoral counselling from the splinter group.
    By denying Justice and Ethics to Scientologists, Miscavige has degraded the workability of Scientology tech. When Ethics is out, Tech will not go in. Also, the removal of HCOBs written by David Mayo and approved by LRH has created a situation where any E-meter course, the HRD, NOTs and Solo NOTs are invalidated.
    1. Placing Scientology or Scientologists at risk.
    The situation brought about within the Church – nearly 2000 declares and thousands of Scientologists leaving the Church – has brought many press articles, Scientologists have been taken to court by the Church, and Scientologists (Martin Samuels and Bent Corydon, for example) have taken the Church to court. Also, per LRH, Clears who have not done OTIII are at risk and yet upper levels are being denied Scientologists by off-policy pricing and services.
    2. Following illegal orders or illegal policies or alter-is, knowing them to be different or contrary to those issued by the International Board.
    Failure to observe Pricing and Justice Policy. Issue of illegal declares. Issue of material allegedly by LRH, but not in fact by LRH (RJ38.)
    3. Not directly reorting flagrant departures from International Board Policy.
    See the above.
    4. Permitting a section, unit, department, organization, zone or division to collapse.
    Despite propaganda, the Church of Scientology is actually in a decline by actual observation of Orgs. The International Mangement networks have been by-passed. (For instance, a CMO INT mission was sent into LA Day.)
    5. Condoning circumstances or offenses capable of brings a course, section, unit, department, org, zone or division to a state of collapse.
    See the foregoing charges.
    6. Neglect of responsibilities resulting in catastrophe.
    The inhibition of the Church’s ability to deliver the Bridge.
    7. Being or becoming a Potential Trouble Source without reporting it or taking action.
    See above.
    8. Using Scientology harmfully.
    The use of the squirrel “running program” which caused physical and mental harm to those on it. Wrong indications via suppressive declares. Splitting families via the illegal re-introduction of disconnection.
    9. Using a local title to set aside the orders or policies of the International Board.
    By inserting the All Clear Comitte above the Watchdog Comittee on the org board.
    10. Instigating a local power push against a senior.
    Covered under the High Crime “Mutniny.”
    11. Spreading destructive rumors about senior Scientologists.
    See High Crimes.
    12. Falsifying a communication from a higher authority.
    Forging orders allegedly from L. Ron Hubbard.
    13. Causing severe and disreputable disturbances resulting in disrepute.
    Bringing Scientology into public disrepute.
    14. Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule, contempt or scorn.
    Instituting gang sec-checking, thusly ridiculing HCOB 30Nov78 “Confessional Procedure.”
    15. Condoning the suppression of the word “Scientology” in its use or practice.
    By bringing legal suit against Lawrence West to prevent his use of the word “Scientology” as descriptive of the delivery of Scientology.
    And any other High Crimes and/or Crimes that the Committee may uncover.
    The Committee – which is to be carried out per HCOPL 7Sep63 “Committees of Evidence, Administration Of – is to find the Interested Party guilty or innocent on each charge. It is then to publish its Findings and Recommendations, and submit them to the Convening Authority for approval.
    The Committee will consist of:
    Chairman, Vincent Barnes
    Secretary, Steve Kaye
    Member, Joyce Barnes
    Member, Ron Lawley
    Member, Mel Smith
    Anyone having information concerning the charges or any further evidence that would be of assistance to the Committee is requested to forwaard it to the Committee Secretary within six weeks (by the 21st day of April 1984) at this address:
    Avalon, Cranston Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3HG, UK
    NOTE: All evidence and Knowledge Reports must be according to HCOPL 17Jul66 “Evidence” – page 571, OEC Vol 1.
    This Committee is convened under HCOPL 30Sep66 Issue II “OT Regulations,” point eight.
    Convening Authority
    W. B. Robertson
    Secnd Deputy Commodore
    Chairman, OT Committee WW

  160. Yep, it describes him really well, doesn’t it? He hasn’t changed in 25+ years, except for getting worse…

  161. Eyes Wide Open


    Must tell you something. This was commented on also last year — but it bears repeating for those who were not reading the blog back then.

    Back in 1997 an SP declare was written up on DM by a former Scnst and distributed on golden rod to a number of Bay Area and LA area orgs and missions. The issue came across the desk of the Reports Off RTC and was routed to the Security Off RTC. Many staff in RTC saw the issue at the time. DM was in Clearwater and had not been on the base for a month or more — and there was uncertainty about how this should be “handled”from an RTC view.

    This issue was not taken seriously or even considered to be a “threat”or problem by those concerned. Just seems a bit stupid really. Here was an ex-public making all these accusations about the leader of the church — who in the eyes of the RTC staff, was the driving force behind Scn.

    A number of people who contribute to this blog regularly will remember this instance well — particularly Marty — who was put on as the Security Officer RTC to replace the person who had not acted immediately to get every issue rounded up and get the person who wrote it destroyed.
    DM returned from CW. A few days later, on an org inspection, he found this issue in a communications basket.

    He went absolutely loopy on this declare.
    He went berzerk.
    He had a shit fit.

    The person who had been Security Officer RTC dug ditches for a number of weeks. It was the beginning of the end for that individual. The whole of RTC was assigned a condition of “Confusion” and a long list of arbitraries were created that had to be met before they could be upgraded (and they were still in lower conditionas of 2005 – some 8 years later).

    DM absolutely HATES golden rod issued on him. It gets under his skin in a grotesque way and make his veins pop and his eyes glare.

    There were many a staff meeting and muster when he ranted and raved on the subject. It was one of THE engrams for the RTC org that was at the beginning of the end. It was one of, if not THE incident, that changed the course of RTC and the staff in it (most of whom have since been removed, busted, SP declared, or muzzled).

    With the above in mind — please do keep issuing your SP declares.

    I can just see him now as he reads them …

    —- and it is not pretty.

  162. FT, LOL!

  163. martyrathbun09

    So, I missed the earlier beginning? Let’s get together and put the pieces together – there was far more going on at the time, I was given a quite different story. Though I do recall he wasn’t pleased about the SP declare. One of many vein popping incidents going on at that time.

  164. martyrathbun09

    John, That “pretending to be a Scientologist” line is explained by HCOB The Criminal Mind. They are describing the state of every person doing the bidding of the head Criminal Mind.

  165. barneyrubble

    Food for thought and Marty and Mike Rinder can attest to this:

    There is such a practice in the C of M called “Probational or Provisional SP Declares “, I kid you not. It’s another DM invention that gets used all the time in effort to coerce (usually a Sea Org member ) from turning against the C of M.

  166. lol “Pot calling the kettle black”, “doth protest the overt” or “projection”
    But as projection involves feelings

    “Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person unconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, such as to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others have those feelings.[1]

    Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.

    An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or “projecting,” those same faults onto another person or object.

    The theory was developed by Sigmund Freud – in his letters to Wilhelm Fliess, ‘”Draft H” deals with projection as a mechanism of defence'[2] – and further refined by his daughter Anna Freud; for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as Freudian Projection.[3]”

  167. “But as projection involves feelings”We have to asume DM has feelings too, them being crude at best.

  168. Watching Eyes


    I don’t think any of the old timers, or old farts if you will, are irrelevant. Not at all!

    What you’ve added to this discussion is of great value because it reminds people what doing Scientology is supposed to be like. Somebody still on-lines will read your comment, have an “Ah-ha moment” and be one step closer to the door.

    When we read any success stories of Independents currently on services it’s very evident that they’re having fun…..like it used to be and is supposed to be.

    Any sane society or group recognizes the value of their “old farts”. It’s that group you left behind that considers you irrelevant. So, visit more often and tell us more of your stories. It’s theta and adds a nice balance.

  169. A name from the past: Rocky Stump

    Not sure of the truth of what happened but the rumor/shore story was he was accepting BIG presents from the women his CSd. A late model car/Corvette?

    Also — his disappearance I believe coincided with the arrival of Irene Dunlevy/??/Dirman.

    The Dirmans – Jack and Irene were a formidable team – definitely expanded ASHO until the weight of their heavy handed justice brought them to Flag where they did much the same. Until their flight back to LA.

    Ahhh the Dirmans. Another rather forceful couple who somehow have skated relatively free from the various scandals … top FSM for Reed Slatkin?


  170. Watching Eyes

    Good points Chuck but I have to ask, who would even want an Amnesty from DM’s group? Not me. If they sent me an Amnesty I’d throw it in the trash.

    The only thing that will even get my attention is to hear DM and his minions are gone, all monies returned to those asking and the IAS & OSA dismantled. Anything short of that, forget about it.

    Oh and as to Michael’s declare, it violated ALL the points you referenced, even “lowering statistics”. It didn’t lower Michael’s statistics but it sure lowered the cults. That issue was a total screw-up on their part.

  171. GetTheConcept

    Sorry, reading this “Declare” does absolutely nothing to convince me of supposed the negative nature of Michael Fairman’s character. I would venture to say that there is not one single person who has over, say, 10 pc folders, whose folders you couldn’t scour over and find a list of “out-ethics situations” like that. And that’s the case even if you set aside any untruthfulness and over-generalizations of the statements being made in the above publication.

    If it weren’t for the fact that folders are supposed to be confidential, I would challenge anyone to come up with a series of pc folders, in all of Scientology, which does not have enough “bad things” in it that a person has done, to make a list as long as that.

  172. Karen, I was among the honored to be shown your declare. The most notable thing to me? It started off by stating your name, then listing your “aliases” (other names you had been known by). Jentzsch was not mentioned.

  173. “SECURITY
    The personal security of the staff member is so valuable to him apparently
    that when it is undermined (by false accusations or injustice) he becomes less willing and less efficient and is the real reason for a PTS condition.

    The only thing which can actually remedy a general insecure feeling is a
    renewed faith in justice.
    “Justice would consist of a refusal to accept any report not substantiated by
    actual, independent data, seeing that all such reports are investigated and that all investigations include confronting the accused with the accusation and where feasible the accuser, BEFORE any disciplinary action is undertaken or any condition assigned.
    “While this may slow the processes of justice, the personal security of the
    individual is totally dependent upon establishing the full truth of any accusation before any action is taken.
    “Harsh discipline may produce instant compliance but it smothers initiative.
    “Positive discipline is in itself a stable datum. People are unhappy in an area which is not well-disciplined because they do not know where they stand.
    “An area where only those who try to do their jobs are disciplined encourages people to hide and be inactive.
    “But all discipline must be based on truth and must exclude acting on false
    reports.” HCO PL 24 Feb 69, JUSTICE.

  174. I agree–very nicely put.

  175. GetTheConcept

    I had this idea a while ago but did not act on it. But why be like them, saying you are a Scientologist but not using its policies and tools to actually achieve the truth? This is something that does need to be done.

  176. GetTheConcept

    Are you guys going to tell us what he had in his hand or do I have to watch Seinfeld reruns until this episode happens to come on?

  177. Michael, Thanks for your work on those films, they cracked me up and lightened otherwise grueling days on the Pro metering course and during my staff period. I’m glad things are going well for you. Enjoy your life in the outside world with real freedom.


  178. bobo,
    I AM an old fart! I feel like I lived through the best of times and the worst of times. You are very right to differentiate as you have so elloquently done between Scientology and the current church scene. IMO, the two don’t even resemble each other.
    I remember Rocky Stump. I also remember how busy and booming ASHO was during that time period. It was awesome to be part of it. I did a short stint in the SO. I was on staff at ASHO in 1973.
    Before that I was in Austin. I trained and coaudited to Clear there. I couldn’t wait to go to class every evening. I didn’t have a car so, I had to hitchhike to the org. I would then beg a ride home from whoever would give it. When I arrived at ASHO at the ripe old age of 17, I thought I had the world by the horns. I loved it! Those days were the best!
    Thanks for reminding me! I think it’s going to be a beautiful day! ml, Laura

  179. NEW STAT:

    Quantity, Color and Size of COB’s Engorged Popping Veins.

    As usual, Reverse graph for RTC.
    Regular graph for everyone else.

    Current trend as read by RTC: Danger
    Current trend as read by everyone else: Affluence

  180. Michael, Sir, It will be my honor. Love

  181. I was gonna ask too but decided if Michael and Thomas wanted the choir to know, they would have been explicit. Hopefully, they are just waiting for someone to ask. Thanks, GTC!

  182. Karen#1, I could not have said this better myself. Ever since I found Scientology I noticed that policy was only applied against you if you dare speak up.

  183. bobo —

    Regarding your introductory sentence: “I know that many here feel that us ‘old farts’ don’t really add much to the present debate …”

    I guess you could say I’m an “old fart.” I’m not as old as some who comment but probably older than many.

    I think we “old farts” add to the discussion from a more experienced point of view. We’ve been around — in my case 37 years — and can compare the past to the present and help define the future. L, H

  184. hip hip hooray. this is why

  185. Any one who wants to drag up a lot of out-ethics and hidden scandals just start talking about Jack and Irene Dirman. Yes I have been amazed that they have skated through the years and just kept getting more and more placed on a pedestal. One example is Irene has some serious past 2D issues (her kids) that she dumped responsibility for. I believe one of them ran away as a teenager (15ish) from the SO cadet org and ended up in Idaho with a family who took him on off the street and raised him(complete strangers who owned a farm), and then her daughter was pretty much a street kid, doing drugs, etc.. (Tammy Terranzi), who eventually got her life together but was a mess for many years, no thanks for lack of parenting on Irene’s part. The other son – who I believe was a twin to Tammy also had serious issues. Shame on Irene through the years and Jack who stood by graciously and loved the limelight from Irene!

  186. Pissed Wizard


    I really enjoyed reading your post.
    Very nicely written! And welcome.

    But frankly I’m getting a bit jealous.

    I went to Marty’s for some auditing (great stuff) fully expecting a little P.I. action, I got nothing.
    I came home to the big “D”, fully expecting someone to call me and tell me how horrible I was, silence.
    I cheerfully checked the mail for months looking for my golden rod and received only promo from ASHO, CC LA and of course the IAS with their latest dangerous-environment-can-be-handled-with-your-cash piece. And again nada.

    I am really starting to feel slighted. I mean where is MY goldenrod? I earned it, I’ve been rubbing elbows with all the right people, It’s just NOT FAIR!

    Then it began to dawn on me, the church of Dave is just not handing these things out like they should be.
    It must be a backlog thing. Perhaps an “all hands” is in order. That must be it.

    a) he is declaring so many opinion leaders, the omnipresent Golden Rod would be the best advertisement for people to get the hell out of his “church”,

    Actually Marty, I would change “opinion leaders” to just “loyal Scientologists” and I think the phenomenon would be explained.

    Oh and tell the C/S that I’m still having wins.


  187. martyrathbun09

    Nice edit Byron.

  188. Wow, well Mr. Fairman: I say, CONGRATS on receiving your Goldenrot, and being Goldenrotted! 😛 Wish I would be, too!! 🙂

  189. W/H
    Irene was at ASHO as Irene Howey for years working well with Rocky Stump prior to her marriage to Jack.

  190. Howard Roark

    This Supressive Person Declare, like others I have read, is full of generalities. Where is the Time, Place, Form and Event?

    This is laughable. This is Justice? Their justice system is non-existent.

  191. Irene had 4 children. One with Tony Dunlevy who became a champion ski racer/instructor in Utah. Shane.

    Twins — Tammy and ?? and a younger son with ?? – who left the SO and raised the 3 children and lived in Texas. The youngest son was tragically killed in a freak accident when he was very young and living with his father.

    When Irene left the SO she managed the acting school of Milton Katselas for years and made excellent money. Jack started FASE (Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Education) with Steve Heard, former GO Flag. Somehow Jack and Steve just waltzed out of the SO into FASE and each earned excellent money.

    Some of these old Scientology families — Leo Johnson (Irene’s father) are a tad bit short on the family care side. He joined the SO late in life, went over the rainbow leaving behind his wife of many many years to the care of one of his daughters (not Irene). He remarried, Pam Lancaster Johnson … CC Int PR. But Leo and his first wife (mother of his 3 children, Irene and two others) were old time scientologists from either Australia or New Zealand. (apologies to the Aussies – I could never remember where Irene was from)

    Actually we’ve got at least a 5 year run of Desperate Former SO Members Meets the Sopranos.

    Perhaps OTDT and Deep Fax could write the pilot and surely someone here might pitch it to the studios. Oh … stay clear of United Artists – they wouldn’t understand it 🙂


  192. Sara Finning

    Mike, Guess the, ‘if it’s not written, it’s not true’ datum doesn’t apply to you?

    Wow, there are a lot of double negatives in that statement!

  193. Laura,
    Do you remember seeing Rocky walking through the original ASHO building dressed like a cowboy. Boots, hat, vest, etc. It was a fun and wild place. He loved trout fishing when he had time off. Not sure what brought about his downfall but he was loved by the students as a real training oriented C/S.

    Yet, at the same time, nobody busted HCO for the huge pile of unanswered and unfiled mail in the backyard under a plastic tarp.

    All the org’s were busy at that time. CCLA was about 5 blocks from the original AO. It now only was fun, there was a buzz of energy from the myriad of public with wins, goals, games, etc all being created by the application of LRH tech.

    I believe there are still a lot of us “old” public around – but it seems the main watering hole is now this blog and places like this. The young turks in the current “orgs” are very different.

    I think we know we are “old” when we refer to them as “orgs” and I mostly hear the younger staff set refer to them as “the church”. I would like to remind all that all “orgs” are not listed as churches. Look at all the orgs in Mexico and find that none are churches.

    We still get to see, read about, and participate in the wins of Scientology when the likes of Michael Fairman, Lori, YOU, etc post how their life has been changed when true tech is honestly utilized as LRH expected it.

  194. That’s right Dan. In E-Meter Instruction Film 1 (Man, the Unfathomable) David Miscavige was the love-tool poster-child for whole-track implanters and still is today.

    And I’m SURE it was totally a mere coincidence that in September, 1978, while shooting that very film, EM 1 — the only one with David Miscavige in it — that LRH suddenly became gravely ill and nearly died. That’s when David Mayo was brought out from Flag to audit LRH who was barely clinging to life.

    Surely David Miscavige is not so toxic that just planting him into LRH’s midst would be enough to make LRH gravely ill even though “all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition” (LRH). Even though the entire 3rd dynamic of Scientology has since went incredibly PTS to David Miscavige… Even though Miscavige has murdered hundreds of OTs through out tech and nearly killed off Scientology as a whole… Even though “now it turns out that the ONLY PTS situation that is serious and lasting and can cause a rollercoaster comes from having known the person before this life” (LRH, HCOB, “PTS Rundown”)… Even though all that, I’m SURE and 100% certain David Miscavige, even with all that purified and refined old, old evil, there’s no way LRH would take one look at him and get so sick he almost died.

    What a stupid exaggeration of reality.

  195. Hi Eyes Wide Open,
    I noticed this in your post: “Security Officer RTC dug ditches for a number of weeks.”
    Is it customary as a form of punishment at Int/Gold Base to get people do dig ditches? Last time we protested there (March 12, 2011) an older guy was digging a hole and a video was taken. Young women were around him holding 3 ft sticks seemingly in charge of his work. (I can’t locate the video, but here are a couple of pictures without the girls:)

    So I’m wondering if this is actual work being done or just a form of punishment. We could not figure out why he was digging at that location.

    What’s weird on the other hand, is that they removed the running track. Is it possible that the authorities actually had an effect on DM and ordered it removed? (Here’s an old enhanced picture of the running track at Gold Base) http://i52.tinypic.com/1zxl83n.jpg

    Is DM reinventing not only the tech, but developing new forms of discipline?! Was the running program too obvious a sight and he replaced it with random digging exercises?

  196. Bobo,

    I remember what you’re writing about here though I don’t consider myself an “old fart” since I got into Scientology this life time quite young.

    Actually just before the darkness started to fall which I believe started with the death of Quentin followed by the FBI Chainsaw massacre then Yvonne’s death.

    I do remember hearing about Rocky.

    The guy was a legend and used to be promoted in all the Auditors Mags back then and then suddenly vanished into oblivion.

    You could say it was a period when a lot of stable data were being shaken not stirred.

  197. Funny how art sometimes imitates life.


  198. Right Mike and John. But I still think my SP Declare Part II is hard to trump since — according to David Miscavige — I claim to be Jesus, God and Buddha all-in-one like Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-in-One Soap if you’ve ever had the curious pleasure of reading one of his soap bottles. Somehow all that was apparently missed during my highly productive 20-year Sea Org career, with 15 of those years at the Int base. And somehow all that was missed throughout hundreds of hours of sec checking by RTC’s finest, most fearsome security checkers using Mark VIII e-meters and secret eavesdropping A/V equipment.

    Yes, somehow my secret nut job identity — so secret, even I didn’t know anything about it until recently! — was supposedly missed at the Int base where only veteran Scientologists with proven production records in the Sea Org and NO history of any out ethics on any dynamic, with an IQ of 140 or above and no “glaring outpoints” in behavior or case… who are proven to get case gain — where those are the only personnel squeaky clean enough to squeeze through the eye of the needle (clearances line) and thence to ever set foot on the Int base.

    So, when you put all the cards on the poker table and we see who is holding what hand, you guys have a royal flush of big pharma financial backing. And Big Foot. Impressive.

    But I got Jesus, God and Buddha, plus a 2 of diamonds and a 9 of hearts.

    Why I was dealt that hand only David Miscavige can say. But if that don’t take the cake, it ought to at least get me a nice piece of it.

  199. Athena ~~

    Incredible. Not aliases at all. They used Childhood names in my declare ~~ like when I was 5 years old i.e. stepfathers etc never used EVER in real life, but omitted JENTZSCH.

    Then when DM/OSA/RTC worried I would reveal a CRIME and FELONY committed on Alexander Jentzsch when he was 12 years old at the Flag Land Base, only revealed to me by posters on this BLOG
    The attorney who has worked for them for 20 years, sent me this threat letter addressing me as Karen Jentzsch

    Here’s the threat I received from Church Lawyer, co-hort of DM’s right hand man Lawyer Elliot Abelson pretending my son has gone legal on me !

    How very NORMAL for a *CHURCH* to have a son go legal on their MOM ! A Church I contributed to for 35 years……

    23rd FLOOR
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90067
    (310) 712-6478 (310) 712-6189 FAX
    October 5, 2010
    Dear Ms. Jentzsch:
    I am writing to you on behalf of my client, Alexander Jentzsch. He received the e-mail that you sent to him dated September 2, 2010.
    I wanted to alert you that your statement in the e-mail that you are going to “go public” and get data published on the web is a threat to my client’s right of privacy which is protectable under “California and federal law.
    Your statement that my client needs to talk to you before you “go public on this” is a type of extortion and in actual fact he told me that in your last conversation you told him he was disowned, disinherited, and to never call you again.
    Thus, he has advised me that he has no interest in talking to you or succumbing to your threats and he wants no further communication of this nature from you.
    Please consider this a warning that any future threats by you and any you have induced to contribute to the violations of my client’s rights will i dealt with to the full extent of the law.
    My client wants you to understand that as long as this type of anticipated conduct continues there is no chance for you to repair the relationship you once had. My client hopes you will reconsider your actions.
    Very truly yours,
    Donald Wager

  200. On the subject of SP declares, I saw a video today that explained to me why DM was so desperate to close down David Mayo’s AAC operation in Santa Barbara. This little group of former SO execs and tech people were making serious inroads into DM’s monopoly and had they not closed them down we would have an entirely different scene today. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IxWFOWj17M&feature=digest

  201. Eyes Wide Open.
    I read this with great interest, thank you.
    2 David Miscavige declares are on line for all to read 24/7/365.

    Perhaps this one is the one you are referring to in your anecdote above.

    and here’s the 1996 one

    OTDT’s today is a literary classic.

  202. Golden Rods Everywhere !

  203. Jim,
    That is exactly the right reference on it. You have a knack for this.

  204. Howard Roark

    Wow. Thanks for sharing.

  205. Howard Roark

    Thank you Michael. I hope that this is true.

    It’s embarrassing that I was fooled for so long.

  206. Howard Roark

    And doubly embarrassed that I ever got anybody else involved in this group. Ok, My money and time is my money and time – I can simply make more.

    But it’s hard to live with the fact that I involved others in this Theta trap.

  207. Steve, Well I gotta tip my hat to you and not only hand you the cake, but the candles too.

  208. Yeah, I read it. It was really well done.

    I have one on golden rod I wrote a couple years ago. I looked at it today and considered revising it based on my increased understanding of the character and publishing it. Posting – publishing…’bout the same thing now, thanks to the internet. Paper is still good too, though.

  209. Howard Roark

    Excellent idea.

  210. Seems like a good time for me to dig the one out I wrote a couple years ago, slam an edit on it and staple it up on this Internet Telephone Pole.

  211. WindHorse

    “Why? Usually the “sin” wasn’t all that bad, therefore the charge would be “sexual irregularities and/or perversions” when the TRUTH might have been … “had an affair while married” — ”

    Or not even that….
    Someone (under orders) “culled” a comment from a confessional or Ruds handling, where the person revealed that they accidentally caught a glimpse of someone naked and wondered what it would be like to have sex with that person. ( and may have blushed violently at the original occurrence, and perhaps in the admission, in session). Or, heaven forbid, “touched themself”, in a sexual way! Obviously SERIOUSLY PERVERTED BEHAVIOR!
    NO… It isn’t going to fly. So, they LIE.

    In actuality the “crime ” of the person who ordered or used data from a session, FAR outweighs any crime of “sexual misbehavior”. To then LIE and EMBELLISH, strictly for the purpose to suppress,… there is your Suppressive, or seriously PTS, person.


  212. Eyes Wide Open

    Hi Karen,
    Sorry, I had my years wrong — yes, it was 1996.
    The link you have here is the one that created a complete fury. I was not there to see what happened when the earlier 1984 one was received/read.

  213. Eyes Wide Open

    If a staff member at the Int base gets into “ethics trouble” there are a number of options that are taken:
    1. They are put on the cans by an RTC investigator or local org MAA to find out what their withholds are. RTC assessments are used, with many of the questions looking for overts, withholds, crimes, bad thoughts, etc. about DM himself.
    2. And/or they are sent to HCO to “write up their crimes” and do lower conditions.
    3. And/or they are removed from post and all incumbant responsibilities, and they are sent to do MEST work somewhere on the property — normally out of sight of the road and general public. MEST work is anything from weeding heavily infested garden beds, digging ditches or holes, or other work that requires sweat and blisters. This is thought to give the person a chance to extrovert and realise what he has been doing.
    4. In earlier days, when the crew lived in Hemet in rented apartments, you could also be “restricted” to the base, having to sleep in degraded quarters and not permitted to leave the property for any reason. Some people were restricted or a few days — others, for more than a year at a time. There are few individuals — such as Maureen Bolstad and Marc Yager who were restricted for years at a time.
    At this time, with all staff living on the property — everyone is essentially restricted 24/7.
    5. There were also restrictions placed on divisions or orgs or the whole base — such as shortened meal times (down to 15 minutes at one time), running beween all buildings, no liberty (cancelled since the mid 1990s), no Sea Org Day (cancelled since late 1990s), and so on.

    In terms of the Running Program — I am sure that DM had it removed due to public relations/media. Does not look good from a helicopter or plane — to see staff running round and round a tree, in the heat of midsummer, for hours on end. Not a good look. And certainly not good promotion for the Super Power Building.

  214. Michael,
    A couple of months ago I went to St. Pete to go see a play about Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. It was a fairly prominent theater society that put it on, I forgot the name of it.

    The play really could have been hilarious and tremendously entertaining for the audience, but it was written poorly,obviously not much of a depth of understanding of the philosophical relationship of the subject to existence, zero sets, badly acted, hokey, fairly mundanely factual, the satirically anemic, characters so weak they couldn’t bench press a pencil,
    horribly incompetently directed, lit by a blind man with no taste, had a pitiful beginning, a false middle, and an anti-climactic ending.

    Aside from that, it wasn’t bad, I stayed for the whole thing, cringing the whole time, feeling for the short-changing of the audience, expecting them to whip tomatoes and eggs out of their pockets to pelt the actors, but everyone dispersed slowly, like they were on lithium or xanax after giving the actors their earned acknowledgement at final curtain call, not validating the play or the quality of their own experience as an audience, but to at least give the actors credit for hutzpah to get up on stage and perform and also maybe for the two or three chuckles and five or six seconds of a catchy tune they would break into an impromptu sound-track diddy to sing along with their L. Ron Hubbard smoking a pipe, sailing off across the world to an unknown destination in a five foot boat to learn how to save the world.

    Speaking of the Hubbard character, if you looked up “Sample of Really Bad Casting” in the book, ‘How Not to Be a Casting Moron’ by Areally G. Producer, I’m sure this guy’s picture is in it.

    The IRS or FBI, again, the warrantee has expired on my memory but it was one or the other in a scene where one of these agents came in dressed in black suit, sunglasses and a briefcase and was trying to hone in and bust the scene for something, probably money, but part of that scene was busting into a decent rock ‘n roll song with a couple of dance moves.

    But all in all, they missed it. I was going to go up and meet the director and ask him what he thought of his play and then either walk away fairly swiftly if he was a know-best or give him some really good advice and offer to help him rewrite the monstrosity and suggest a few directorial improvements. Ah, I was not in an over-optimistic mood that evening, so I just left. I figured if he was capable of producing a play that bad and thought it was good enough to put on stage for people, either they were too stupid to communicate with or figured the audience’s standards were so low, like theirs, that it really didn’t matter.

    I think the reviews killed ’em, they were pretty bad, too.

    What to you think about The Master coming out with Phillip Seymour Hoffman? Might be good, with him in it, long’s the writing’s good.

  215. SA,
    I do remember the cowboy boots, vest and hat. I also remember he was highly respected. I remember the old CC on 8th street. I’m thinking to save money they had glued different carpet scraps together on the floor to create a carpet. It was very creative and looked cool! It was an old building decorated on a dime but, boy was that place packed in the mid 70,s. I loved going there as well. It was incredibly theta when Yvonne was there. Thanks SA. I hope to meet you sooner than later. ml, Laura

  216. The Howey Husband got declared ages ago. I don’t think he raised any of the kids, that was the problem is they were supposed to be staying at the Manor (current CC int) back in the 70’s, but were running the streets of hollywood. Tammy eventually made her way to Delphi Oregon after living on the streets off/on. Shane still lives in SLC, however is completely disconnected from anything having to do with Scientology. The twin brother to Tammy I am not sure, I think I heard a few years back that he is still messed up and not doing well.

  217. Somebody say it’s “The Mecca of Standard Tech” 🙂

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  219. Dan, WOW! I’ve never seen this before. What blows my mind is the date..1984. This is exactly what we as independents are doing yet again in 2011.
    Something that caught my attention is what David Mayo said about maybe thats what LRH intended all along. This now makes total sense to me. I think the ‘old man’ knew this was going to happen. I’m glad it did. Love

  220. Sam

    Ya. Somehow I always had the idea that the auditor was supposed to be auditing the PC in front of him. I do not remember any reference to auditing the PC FOLDER in front of you. Sure folders can be more than a little handy, and where they are available, one would do well to familiarize oneself with the past auditing of the PC, but the long and short of it, in my opinion is, “what is going on for the PC right NOW?”. THAT is what the PC is needing to address. Whatever the folder says, the PC ‘s data ALWAYS takes priority over anything someone may have “recorded” or suggested, in some folder.
    Am I wrong in this?


  221. Steve,
    I got to tell you that Jim feels he as us all trumped as he was declared for refusing to play “I want your sex” to the OT8s on the ship. He will not let me live this down.
    John Aaron

  222. martyrathbun09

    Not exactly.

  223. What strikes me most technicly is the change of the definition of an overt.

    criminal organization inviting criminal acts

  224. “This little group of former SO execs and tech people were making serious inroads into DM’s monopoly and had they not closed them down we would have an entirely different scene today”.

    Very true Dan. Eye opening video.

  225. Anon Orange

    Well… I know how important proper acknowledgment can be , so let’s see if I can be of some help here.

    I think you can rest assured that you are considered a “Suppressive Person” by Scientology Inc. Not only for your personal contributions ( I am doing a bit of assuming here) in attacking Scientology, but there is also your associating with others who are considered “suppressive”. But the real big clincher is that you have communicated directly, and in public, with known and declared persons, including the ultimate focus of attack, one Marty Rathbun. You have been a very bad boy!

    But to actually qualify for your own SP Declare, on goldengod paper, you will actually have to somehow choke back your basic humanity and dignity and go into a “church of scientology” and buy something, or sign up for something. You see… you will have to “make a donation”. Then, and only then do you actually qualify for the full “handling” afforded to those who truly sought to help themselves and others by applying Scientology.

    But don’t fret too much. David Miscavige is as crazy as a shit-house-rat and he might just “wax enthusiastic” and issue declares on everyone. He has already made pretty good headway. At the rate he is going he will create the first 100% declared planet.

    Clearing and such seems to have been inherited by the independent auditors outside of the “church”. Progress is being made!



  226. It’s like deja-vu, all over again.
    Yogi Berra

  227. Sorry Thoughtful,

    I don’t buy the tune that the Ol’man went the effect of Miscavige.

    There were a lot of other things going on the time besides Miscavige like possible indictments from a Grand Jury after the FBI’s LA and Washington Chainsaw Massacre.

    I don’t care how many people idolize Hoover’s G-men.

    That’s one group that tended at the time to act suppressively.

    Also there was Scientologists who were mixing up with the Agency in regards to RV who were probably another source of enturbulance.

    Not to mention the IRS.

    Never mind SMERSH.

    Miscavige was Johny come lately on the whole f_cked up scene.

    Though I wouldn’t doubt if he was probably one SP too many but there is no such thing is the one and only *SP* according to the tech.

    Why are there 3 S&Ds or for that matter the PTSRD?

    Besides Ron getting sick just prior to his discovery of NOTs aligns to him getting very ill prior to discovering OT III.


    I wouldn’t even want to consider the rabid squirrel as a contributing factor to NOTs.

  228. Ooooo, you know it hurts to get trumped by Jim Logan.

  229. RJ, you’re reading into my comment a lot of things I didn’t say.

  230. 😆 Big Foot – oh yeah! That’s the ticket! 😉

  231. Joe,

    I beg to differ.

    Though I’ve never seen the video I’m sure it is a Panglossian panegyric that bears no resemblance to the actual reality which is being viewed in this case through Rose tinted rear view mirrors.

    First of all as I remember most of the execs and many of the tech terminals splintered off with Cap’n Bill and became part of Sector 9 which later became the Freezone and after that Ron’s Org.

    While Mayo headed out with a lot of founding Scientologists and called themselves the Church of the New Civilization changing their name to the Advanced Ability Center and establishing their HQ in Santa Barbara.

    After that they ran an espionage program against the PAC orgs first with a propaganda program directed toward the Org publics there (which I see is still successful today) and then infiltrating the orgs using their operatives to steal E meters and Advance Course materials.

    Miscavige wasn’t even on those lines back then since he was too busy making life miserable at ASI.

    Sorry but I can not stand this false hagiography of Mayo as if he was some kind of frickin’ saint.

    Just like Miscavige he is a *squirrel*.

  232. Sorry then Thoughtful Steve if I misduplicated your comment.

    It wasn’t so much what you said but what you seemed to imply and that is that the Ol’man could go PTS to such potential road kill as Skippy the Squirrel.

  233. Micheal-
    I have always loved you and considered you a dear friend. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, I can no longer be in comm with you.
    My door is always open-even if just a crack.

  234. “The person who is not getting case gain is committing continuing overts”?

    That is what it said on the declare? Well, I guess that explains why the staff have not moved up the bridge in four fucking decades?

  235. From HCO PL 11 Aug 67 – Second Dynamic Rules:

    “No Ethics order shall be issued by reason of second dynamic activities. All Ethics orders now in force relating to the second dynamic are cancelled.

    No staff member may be punished, transferred or dismissed because of second dynamic activities.

    No student or preclear may be suspended or dismissed because of second dynamic activities.” – LRH

    Not only that, Michael Fairman was public, so his 2D matters are and were strictly non-of-your-goddamned-business for the MAA or anyone else down at the org per the above PL. Just another point of squirrelness I though I’d mention.

    Michael A. Hobson

  236. P.S. I hope the Int Justice Chief is over 15 yars old these days and not a victim of child labor.

  237. Linda, a Non-Enturb Order was posted on you outside the Academy. That’s all I saw.

  238. Joe,

    Thank you for finding this video!

    The video is an inspiration to anyone contemplating setting up a practice today. Every moment typifies what LRH describes as an Ideal Org.

    I will be putting a link to this video on my website so my readers can see what can be achieved when tech is applied correctly, using ARC and caring for the public and encouraging them to decide for themselves.

    I find it interesting that some who should know better are still parroting the CO$ squirrel viewpoints instead of actually watching the video and deciding for themselves.

    The AAC did not close down because of lack of results. They were closed down by a well financed organization of thugs with superior firepower. In the end, David Mayo, was awarded 2.9 million in attorney fees in 1993.

    Any independent practitioner could learn much from the AAC example, deliver quality results while avoiding copyright threats from the CO$ as much as possible.

  239. “The first issue of The Journal of the Advanced Ability Center was published in February of 1984. It contains “An Amnesty To End All Amnesties” plus articles, success stories and letters.”
    “From March of 1984 this second issue has some interesting info by David and also on David. Plus pictures and a short bio of the staff at the AAC. More articles, letters and a cartoon.(!) “

  240. Isn’t Tommy Davis the new International Justice Chief ?
    Speaking of wich. Where is our leader ?

  241. martyrathbun09

    LRH was right about why squirrels fail, a) they downplay and try to replace Source, and b) they eat one another up. Resulting in no results. Funny how people are quick to say KSW (the ogre that might bring us down is our failure to apply the technology) applies to C of M but not to those on the outside.

  242. “Just like Miscavige he is a *squirrel*.”

    This generality frightens me.

  243. This excerpt from the piece above is why I am proud of Michael Fairman:

    “Michael Fairman IS a Scientologist and continues to overtly attempt to divert unsuspecting members from the Church of Miscavige who are not really on the Bridge to Total Freedom.”

    Although he did not necessarily help me to understand Scientology a whole lot better at the time I thought possible, the above quote is the EXACT problem I was experiencing with Scientology, hence the reason I just disconnected from them.

    Thank you Michael for sharing my viewpoint and experiences whether we know each other or not.

  244. crashingupwards

    David said;
    “I find it interesting that some who should know better are still parroting the CO$ squirrel viewpoints instead of actually watching the video and deciding for themselves.”
    I think that inflexibility will result in the Independent movement never growing enough to be a factor. Judgements will cap expansion. Best to encourage everyone to get busy producing a product and then go back and correct the products and let the results speak for themselves. Independents calling other independents squirrels does not help and is not the game to be played. There will naturally be varying degrees of duplication and success. Can anyone afford the indulgence of self-righteousness and judgement? Should they? Who or what does it serve?
    And is it enough to justify scaring off some from trying. If Mayo is dismissed as just another squirrel, I dont think I am going to be getting in the chair and auditing any time soon lest the new Inquisitor takes aim on me.

  245. martyrathbun09

    Or, people will fall into the same trap, appoint a guru, and when he sells out…they scatter to the wind.

  246. Michael Fairman

    What? Why?

  247. @Michael Fairman: Either a jest or a fake Jason Beghe.
    Michael A. Hobson

  248. AO,
    I saw the photos and video of the protest at the Int Base in March. I believe it was held on a Saturday, and those digging trenches – one guy I recognized is Bob Ferris- disappeared after they realized that there were protests happening.

    On Saturdays, unless there is a big event crunch all hands happening, the staff is supposed to do “Saturday Renos” to perform maintenance or enhancement action for the property, run by the Estates staff. It looked to me as if those guys were digging trenches for sprinklers or electrical installations, and not being punished. The concept is for each person living at the base contributing to enhancing their home, and not staying in some hotel. Many liked it as it brought them out from their indoor jobs and out in the fresh air & bigger space of outside, exercising their bodies and away from their desk jobs. Anyway, this is part of the schedule for staff and has been going on since the 80’s.

  249. Here is a leaked video showing how DM reacts when he is Declared:

  250. Firebreathing Frog

    Dear Mickael, Thank you for the clarification but you didn’t need to.
    All the people I talk to who know you, see this SP declare as a big flag.
    You are know as a very caring and good person.
    Your SP declare will just open the eyes of many, and gets lot of Scientologists to leave.
    Only when the SP declare on David Miscavige will be published, you will see lot of people coming back.
    I don’t know why they keep publishing these SP declare.
    Just to show how stupid they are I guess.
    You’re a good man.
    You still have lot of comm lines with real scientologists who can think.

  251. Seems you scare easy CD……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………



  252. Michael Fairman

    M. Frog

    Redip, ridip. redip (trans: Thank you very much)

  253. These SP Declares are more akin to a children’s game of “Silent Post” without any specifics that give a reader little more than a few allusions and generalities, never mind anything that remotely resembles any objective assessment or findings.

    And better than half of the time the LRH quoted references have little bearing on the usual exaggerated offenses, and the dots simply don’t line up.

    These SP Declares ought to carry a similar notice label clearly indicated on many tabloids:

    “For Entertainment only”

  254. crashingupwards

    RJ, I do not agree that Cad Daddy scares easily. Your dismissal of his comments with a sort of J&D putdown says more about your level of bravery and confront than his. He raised a valid objection to your posting and I agree with him that your dismissal of Mayo as just another squirrel does say something. To me it displays a callousness and carelessness which suggests that a leadership position may not be the best use of your talents. And Historian is also out.

  255. Your posts usually have the clear distinction of being unbiased, and always an enjoyable read.

  256. So, what is it exactly?

  257. You turned into a blonde teenage girl all of a sudden ?

  258. Thanks Formost 🙂

  259. Close,

    I live in the SFV 😉

  260. First I really have no *interest* in a leadership position and if offered one I’d immediately turn it down.

    Unfortunately been there done that.

    Also obviously you and CD seem to try to enter complexity into what should be a simple matter.

    The fact is that Mayo by definition *is* a *squirrel* because he and his AAC did *indeed* alter the technology.


    They attacked the *source* of that technology as well.

    Now if you and CD are unable to actually see this as a fact then I suggest that you both need auditing by an auditor who delivers *STANDARD TECH*.

    Something that I’m sure Marty or myself is willing to provide.

    Otherwise skip it and go back to that Mix Master Blender called squirrel auditing which you can now receive from the Government Approved and Tax Exempt Organization called the “Church of Scientology”.

  261. You are doing Miscavige = Mayo

    And believe you me if Marty did everything per LRH I would be out of here

  262. Well actually it isn’t a totally equivalent variable.

    You see at least Mayo didn’t pretend that his squirrel group was anything but a squirrel group or mislead the public into believing it was anything else.

    Mayo in other words was much more honest.

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