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babes chillin' on the bay

Well, we was simply chillin’ on the bay one day with Sam and other friends, when out of the blue I hear from a long, lost friend. You all have heard a bit about what followed and the fortuitous emergence of JB. To give you an unprecedented look into what escape along the underground railroad entails, and some fresh insight into happenings behind the wall, JB has graciously agreed to the  publication of one of the first emails he sent to me. You can see what it was like, in real time.

JB - 50 years ago


Hey Marty,
JB here.  Anyway, I just completed the most successful blow from the Int Base without anyone having a clue that it was going to happen and, aside from my pc and ethics folders, I got out with all my stuff, bank account emptied and phones and blackberry wiped clean and left with the batteries out and SIM cards destroyed and my vehicle full of gas courtesy of motorpool.
Let me fill you in a bit more as I feel that some of the marbles have settled a bit in my head now as more time goes by.  Firstly, please realize that I am extremely paranoid right now.  I am out all alone here and freaked that they might magically find me.  I am pretty familiar with all the lines and tricks they use to locate people, hell, I used to do it myself!  But I am pretty confident that I did a good job of leaving no clues or leads or ways of tracking me down electronically or otherwise.  But my paranoia even extends to hoping I am not writing to an OSA bullshit email set up on a clone website that I got to in an effort to get to yours! Or that they are hacked in to your site or even hushmail or your pc and are monitoring every communication that goes in and out from you. I‘m a bit vulnerable right now and haven‘t contacted anyone yet and fear looking up old friends as they are probably  tracking down and calling every name of old buddies from my life history.  I was never anywhere near as high in  terms of power as you or Mike were, but I have been DM’s “personal engineer” as he used to brag to people ( I hated that leash he put on me) 
Anyway…  back when I was Internal Security Officer in RTC and you came back from the ship and became my senior, I remember one comm cycle we had where you told me very sincerely to “only listen to LRH and don’t buy what other people might give you as their interpretations or their examples“.  You said to study and understand LRH and I wouldn’t go wrong.  I really took that advice to heart at that moment in that comm cycle. 

I remember, not too long after that, being in the courseroom in Qual, I don’t remember what course I was on, but I was reading An Essay on Management.  It blew me away.  It made so much sense and while reading it and really seeing LRH’s description  of punishment drive I had my first thoughts of how DM operated.  Man what a withheld thought! 

I had a square peg suddenly and it seems that the nature of theta is to reason out how it actually fits the round hole.  But the seed was planted.  I read a bit of entheta crap on my lines here and there over the next year on that post and I ended up expressing my “THOUGHTS” and ended up at HV on the RPF for 3 years.  I was the MAA out there ultimately and I heeded your advice and studied LRH profusely.  After all my RDDs and whatnot I ended up reading all the LRH books and just about the entirety of the tech vols.  I was incredulous.  This was awesome.  I fell in love with the auditors code and the better virtues of man and had phenomenal wins by really caring about people and helping them.  It became simple. The comparison was what I had seen back at the base over the prior years and the horriby failed attempts to “handle” people by putting them in tents and forcing them to admit they were SPs and then retraining them on the Criminon program and George Washington’s rules on good behaviour.  80 percent of them just ended up not getting handled or blowing.  Some standard tech, 100% results, huh? 

Another realization I had out at HV was that all these people that were so “fucked up” were a phenomenal work force.  Much to the contrary of DMs continuous rantings at the time (and still to this day) that RPFer were constant overt product makers without exception, all the work they did was generally far superior to the construction work and sets and props work that the miserable lot of Gold crew were producing in their oppressive environment.  It might have been the RPF but it had a special factor of a lot of people that were actually validated for their creativity (albeit only internally in the group of RPFers and some of the Sets, Props and Estates guys that we were constantly bailing out). 

I remember starting to formulate back then my conviction that man really WAS basically good and it was actually easy to help him get better.  My wins along this line were staggering.  I had a blast and completely ended up differentiating myself from the bullshit way things were done at the base.  “SRA’s”, “ripped his face off”, scrubbing dumpsters and toilets with toothbrushes and all the myriad other forms of RSing ev purp dramatization were so obvious to me as a means of destroying people rather than any sort of therapeutic help or MEST work to get someone out of his head.  I gained more in my three years out at HV in this de-PTSing enlightenment than I had gleaned in my whole SO career since 1977 (I think I joined around the same time as you).  So I came back to the base, supposedly to go back to RTC but no one dared post me for some reason.  I was put on full time “training”  I said fuck that and went to motorpool and started working. 

I realized within a week that nearly everyone on the base was around the Fear band on the tone scale.  This was wierd to me.  I decided that few people could be trusted as when down at that band they will gladly use you as a shield for any imagined bullets they perceive coming their way.  To put it another way, they will „throw you under the bus“. 

I ended up later going in a training pool for RTC and found that the plan was for me to become Estates Manager RTC.  But again, no one would post me.  They were scared to take any initiative cuz “COB might get upset” or something. 

The square peg started to get splinters and stuff for me, but I still managed to rationalize it and figure out how it fit the round hole.  So I just took over gradually as Estates Manager by getting involved in that great empty mausoleum, Building 50.  I got the place pretty perfect and snagged myself a couple juniors, Maggie and Brenden, and strived to be a good senior and help them improve and be more competent.  I think I set a pretty good example for them and probably tainted them (good!) with my slightly different views and observations that it was easy to make things better and help people and that it made no sense that all the people on the base were „all just a bunch of SPs“ and that what actually made sense was that there was something else wrong that was as yet unidentified (although I was building my own secret arsenal of observations that this unidentified factor was good old Dave himself) 

The square peg started to get barbed wire wrapped around it, but I was careful to not cross any line in my voiced “dissension” and get anyone alerted to me.  I still managed to figure out how I was somehow wrong and that this bristling square peg still fit the round hole very smoothly.
I started making a name for myself.  I started handling some screwed up MEST type cycles that were on Dave’s lines in all manner or fields.  Stuff for TC was big on the list.  I started noticing how effusive DM was with people who would directly help his MEST and money empire.  These were his best “friends”.  Nobody got the prolonged handshake and piercing howitzer gleam right in the eye “THANK YOU, REALLY” like those who forked over hundred of thousands of dollars.  The square peg started getting slathered with napalm.

Then the thing that really nailed it for me.  The Freewinds.  Those previously in charge made a disgusting OP mess of the mega 30 million dollar full renovation of the ship in preparation for the MV 2008.  50 to 80 people from Int, PAC and Flag piled in to somehow get it “done” and presentable in the last 2 weeks.  I was one of them.  It was a total bandaid sets and props job and the place was such a seething overspend and OP that a large part of it had to be fully ripped apart and redone.  I stayed on board for a whole 14 months “fixing” it.  I became somewhat of a hero.  How and what I did and the final product that was way beyond what was originally envisioned is its own long story.  But I basically took over the whole ship and ran it “my way” (LRH’s way of common sense and actually helping people). 

I spotted Sue Price as the “DM clone” she was and decided to depower her by de-PTSing her whole CMO from her.  I started to realize that the source of this ranting disgusting demoralizing SP op basis was DM himself and that she had “learned” this when she was at Int and brought it with her to the ship, and so had many other staff.  I saw that this was a disease spreading throughout the SO.  I had never experienced first hand anything other than the Int base and all the bullshit that it was somehow a peculiar place full of all the SPs you could imagine.  But I was out on the clear blue seas away from all that crap and I took the opportunity to “try” doing what made sense to me and had huge wins pulling it off and changing the lives of hundreds of staff with my example. 

Marty, they think I’m a god or something.  Its really something.  I can’t imagine DM black PRing me to them with any measure of success after they got to work with me for 14 months.  I imagine he will keep my blow “quiet”.  I came back to Int from the ship last September and noticed that all the photos and products I got on the ship were used by him to “stuff up the ass” of some people in the hole and elsewhere by showing them how effective he was with his „personal engineer“ doing it right.  I could tell by how disgustingly propitiative they were to me in their „congratulations“ they were giving me.  Good news was only useful to him if he could use it to show people how fucked up they were.  Pretty sick.  The square peg with splinters, barbed wire and napalm was now lit afire and I started to see that it really did not fit the round hole at all. 

When I returned to the base from the Freewinds last September,  I got pulled aside by Carol B in COB’s office and “briefed” that I was not to reassume my post as Estates Manager and to stay aloof from my two juniors and any of the other “crap” going on at the base.  I was put onto full time study on “the basics” and told that I had a couple projects coming up.  I rebelled and moved back into my old office and told my juniors that it was not covered in any policy that I was aware of that I could just willy nilly be taken off post.  I was perm posted and fully hatted and not replaced so I just kept my post, though I did let my juniors get on with it as they had stepped up to more responsibility in my absence and I was not going to knock them back.

Over the months I got sicker and sicker of the obvious downtone lackeys in the hole and the dozen or so of  them that were now the “Int” people that got moved into Building 50.  They were so beaten down and useless that I couldn’t fathom it.  I saw them being completely useless and didn’t know how they could live.  Something was very, very wrong.  I decided that I needed to start preparing for something.  I could tell by various comm cycles and indicators that I was being kept with some idea that I end up with COB and possibly a handful of other “trusted and loyal” people somewhere.  This terrified me.   NO way! 
And then I got a brand new iPhone for Xmas!  Wow! internet access at my fingertips.  I ventured to “look and not listen”.  I watched the series of AC360 shows and then looked further and saw your Tampabay.com stuff and from there found your blog.  Holy crap!  I am NOT the only one who has seen this crap.  That settled it.  I had to get out.  I couldn’t do anything from inside that I could think of without getting incarcerated and hammered into submission.  I would have ended up taking off if that happened.  So I decided to take off without being “in trouble” while I had hundreds of people who saw me as a pretty sane cool dude who was in high ARC with all people he worked with and helped them.  I thought that would help get them thinking better than if I became just a “disaffected asshole like the rest of them”.  So poof…I blew.  They can‘t find me too easily.  I want to talk to you.  I am leery of getting tracked down until I can get some more firm ground and wherewithall under my feet.  There are some things I know that may be revealing and beneficial to you from my recent observations of his op against you and what has been happening in those circles.
A real painful part is the friends I left behind.  I got nobody out here!  I want to help them and see if I can pluck more of them out from this crap.  But mostly, I want to depower DM by getting his minions out from under him.
Enough for now. I will send this and await a reply.  I am very sincere about this.  I’m not shitting you.  Maybe DM has planted some false “leak” that I am his next secret infiltration attempt in order to keep you from contacting me or listening to me.  I wouldn’t put it past him. There is a lot of scheming going on.  Its a bit scary and lonely out here.  I want to do something.  I need to.  It is my duty.  Let me know, huh? 

Love you,  JB

JB at the shack. You can't take the kid out of the fisherman.

 Oh, yeah, he was influenced by listening to rebel music, which has now been adopted as the theme song of the underground railroad:

198 responses to “JB – Going Mobile

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  2. Quicksilver

    Wow, quite the tale, JB … this is like a spy vs spy thriller.

    I do understand the paranoia in the beginning … it appears almost anything could jump out & grab you – one big adrenalin rush.

    Well, belated congrats on making it out – you have done well!


  3. Virgil Samms

    Thanks and WOW JB, this email is a real piece of history. It will go down with other documents of value in the future. Especially with David Miscaviage’s SP declare!

    So the hole still exists? You would think it would have been unmocked after all of the shows on network TV that the idiot would still have the hole? Wow.

    Incredible story JB and we are so glad to have you out here. And yes, we need to rescue the other minions of DMs before it’s too late. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    ML Tom


    The force is strong with this one!

    Welcome JB!

  5. What a thriller !
    I want more of it.
    What a happy end.

  6. Freetothink

    This is just all so amazing! Hope many others got iPhones for Xmas, LOL.

    Did you guys ever figure out how they found you so quickly? Knowledge is power. It could help others hide their tracks, just saying 🙂

    Again JB, a warm welcome & a big hug!

  7. Awesome!!!!!
    Congrats Man, you’re out – way out! Thanks for sharing your story. Proof that comm is the universal solvent. Happy Days to You!
    (Love the Pics!)

  8. craig houchin


    Well done on duplicating the best of LRH and using it to reclaim your personal integrity. I loved reading your report. It filled in some things for me. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  9. Mark Fisher

    Thanks for sharing this story Marty.

    JB is among friends again. I’m so proud you JB for making the stand that you did. We all know how hard it is. You put up with alot of abuse but did the right thing.

    DM’s days are numbered. We just keep getting stronger and stronger on the outside.

    DM is obviously getting more and more desperate. Hopefully more staff on the inside will use the internet and make the same decision you did.

    Your friends on the inside will be free again soon.

  10. Great post. Welcome to the real world.


  11. Marty,

    Having been a reader of your blog for the last 7 months one of the marvelous benefits has been to read about the experiences of Scientolgy’s true giants. These real heros are the embodiment of King Arthur’s knights of the round table. I am in such awe of them and I never want that feeling to diminish.

    After reading JB’s account I was left without words to describe my feelings about this guy. I think he is an example of what Ron had in mind as to what the qualities and character a Loyal Officer would have. That’s a term for which we all share a common meaning, I think.

    JB, you are good for people. They get better around you.

  12. Concerned Citizen

    I love the details and picture other’s doing this, sadly very, very few would actually get internet access and even less will dare look into any “forbidden sites” not only is it supposedly capable of messing up your case pretty badly
    (As evidenced by how many people who do access forbidden media blow {actual quote from an MAA}) but it is punished as the height of treasonous conduct.

    There was a paragraph in JB’s account that at really pulled my attention:

    “I could tell by various comm. cycles and indicators that I was being kept with some idea that I end up with COB and possibly a handful of other “trusted and loyal” people somewhere. This terrified me. NO way!”

    It terrified me too, the midget is running away with all the money, that coward. (Boy is he a coward, he could never look Marty or Mike or JB in the eye now that he knows they are not under his control) but then I had another thought. What if an eager beaver guy, took over that comm. line, censuring everyone else out and created an all clear unit that would handle all the law suits that name DM and the bad press? Yes only this terminal might see that in fact DM and his clones being away make life easier for the rest of the people at Int and elsewhere.

    May be thiss guy or gal, gets a hacker to “fix” all of DMs electronics so that a very dangerous environment persist, he is forced to live in seclusion (who knows may be he found himself a cave, just like Saddam H)

    Suppose this person knows how to sign DM’s signature, and… Well you get my drift. Now that would be sweet.

    You know? I like the idea more and more…

  13. Concerned Citizen

    Oh yes, once again JB, congratulations on your walking out and finding Marty.

  14. Wow, JB, what a story. And Marty, what a win and confirmation of Theta. To both of you, thank you for looking, being able to see what is, and for your desire to help others to do the same. This is the kind of force that will win in the end.

    JB, enjoy your well-deserved freedom. I’m filled with joy. Thank you.

  15. Maybe a very large group effort at the Int base … HG building …

    With such independents as JP and Marty and others, it would present an alternative to those on the ‘fence’. For sure there are some at the base or HG ready to just walk out if they had a place to land.

    A visible and highly motivated support group standing united and unintimidated putting out a help flow for two or three consecutive days could not be notised and just might blow the lid off the whole base.

    Could you imagine… 10 or 15 or 100 friends just getting up and walking to the gate and demanding to be released!!

    That would be a theta wave that would wash around the world!!

  16. JB,

    You are one smart, courageous, observant, tricky, good looking dude.

    I hope you are having a hell of a good time right now. It’s clear you have so much to offer any enterprise you lean your shoulder against.

    Live free and prosper! Strength and honor! And fuckin’ A, bubba!

    Just Me

  17. JB, glad you’re out here. Your strategy in blowing while you were upstat was savvy. DM was obviously upset that his engineer blew. I mean, he sent twenty people to Texas to look for you. That had to have been bizarre. I can imagine DM the TerrorMidget freaking out after his crack team failed to recover you. DM never gets the point: People blow because he is incredibly cruel and sadistic. Just five minutes of looking at the scene around him would tell him that he is the problem: Why would anyone ever want to work for DM?

    JB, glad that you are out and are helping others. I do one have one major question:

    What happened to the blue asbestos on The MV Freewinds? Was it abated or sealed? Trust me here: this is a giant, important question for readers worldwide. We want to know all about the asbestos.

    Do you think any Scientologists who went aboard the ship for services were ever exposed to airborne asbestos?


  18. Thank you for sharing this story with us. WOW what a great story in awesome detail, I am very glad you found your way to Marty/Mike/Mosey! Love, Jan

  19. JB, WOW! What a journey. The path sure does wind and dip and rise but thank god it
    always moves forward. Again I am proud to
    call you my friend but this time much more so!
    By the way in the first photo is that one of those
    huge channel cats you used to brag about?
    Love you bud, Sarge

  20. martyrathbun09

    See post entitled Trust on the blog, authored by Sarge some time ago.

  21. Hi JB,
    Thank you for your story, I am glad you made it out.
    Just a personal comment, take it or leave it as you see fit. When you mention being alone, perhaps now, not so much, but even so, you were never alone, theta does not work that way. Just like those who are still in and caved in, theta is with them. Those on this board are very much with you as well as those still in, they are not forgotten. The other personal viewpoint I would like to share is that you did not “blow”. It is a misapplication. In my mind, at least, you properly applied the disconnection principle, handle or disconnect, to yourself, and from your own, fully self determined view point. You are cause. Connect, disconnect, reconnect, wholly up to you. Perhaps you already see it that way and were only using it framed in Int. base viewpoint, nevertheless, I believe it better to see it for what it is, IMHO. I look forward to further reports from you in the hopefully near future.

  22. I was glad to hear that you made it to Corpus Christi and am elated to hear of the details of your adventure.

    Way to go! Upward and onward from here on out!

    David St Lawrence

  23. Thanks JB, and well done!

    You’re free now!


  24. Mareka James

    Great posting, Marty.

    JB, I loved your story, you are so fuc*ing cool!
    I hope those seeds you planted start to grow. I want to see a mass exodus from the Int Base!

  25. Great story, though I have a feeling all staff at the Int base will now have any and all iPhones confiscated. Information control is a big part of cults and mind control.

  26. For anyone curious lrh(dot)homestead(dot)com/1.html has an updated feed to this blog in case anyone inside can get to it this way.
    That’s my hope and why I created it.

  27. Scientologists every where are waking up and de-PTSing while DMs little facade continues to crumble. The future is inevitable…..

  28. I can’t tell you how near and dear to my heart this is. JB, what a great story, and thank you for telling it. Great job on getting out of that craziness.

  29. JB did a great job of confronting evil at Int. His story is a superb example of how social beings justify out-points and evil actions of others.

    The most interesting thing is that he didn’t take the final step to leave the Int Base until he saw your videos and started reading the internet!

    The truth is the truth. Per the Data Series, finding the right Why and the right Who will handle the situation.

    The WHO and the WHY are known. Now, we need to get more and more people to LOOK and CONFRONT the Wicked Witch of the West that is David Miscavige. A bucket of truth a day, will melt DM away!

    Keep up your great work Marty, Mike and all the others who are confronting and communicating!

  30. An epic, homeric story. Indeed, life is in us today. I wonder why admiration is so a researched particle. It’s all around here, in abundance 🙂
    Hats off, free being!

  31. JB,

    Thanks for the story, which filled in what went on in the last decade. Go iPhones! Hope more people got and used them.

  32. Great stuff. I’m very happy to have you with us. I know what Sue Price can do by first hand. She’s a complete clone of DM!

  33. This is for you Marty, the picture is very nice and funny, however try not to show your shadow when you take a shot!!!

  34. Marty, God I love beautiful women. Inside
    and out. WOW!

  35. Tony DePhillips

    Hey JB!!

    I like your style. Your sort of the James Bond of the Indies.

    I am really proud to be part of a group with quality guys like you on board!!

    Keep up the good work, and I ‘m sure we will get the product…


  36. What an amazing story!

    Glad you made it out, for the others still there, leaving is the best thing you can do for them. That way, they see that it IS possible to leave.

  37. martyrathbun09

    They were confiscated weeks ago. Things go in ebbs and flows. Without the ebbs there are no flows.

  38. WomanSetFree

    Totally awesome!! Thanks for the detail 🙂
    Look forward to more…

    Really curious about, “I could tell by various comm. cycles and indicators that I was being kept with some idea that I end up with COB and possibly a handful of other ‘trusted and loyal’ people somewhere.”

    Could be good for him to remove himself. Could be very bad for those ” ‘trusted and loyal’ people.”

  39. JB, starting to read your comm to Marty felt a bit like snooping. Thanks so much for granting it a broad public access – it is and will be a crucial piece in de-DeMonizing us all. I get that you are a very real and able person of whom LRH would be as proud of as are we. With the impact created since your clever escape, just what may be up on the horizon…

    I am in your team, dude.

  40. Felicitas Foster

    very well done on keeping your integrity and sticking to look don’t listen.
    Welcome in the world behind the fence – here you can have friends and here is truth and a lot of ARC – like LRH wanted us to have.

  41. Bravo JB,
    I am so hoping that you are not an “only one” that woke up at int.
    There must be others as intelligent and observant which gives me hope that we will see others soon. Just the fact that you walked off makes it that much safer for the next guy to up and walk off. That is the definition of leader! One leads the way. So your step is much bigger than you might have even thought yourself! Yes you are a Hero. Thank you for being one more person protecting my Scientology and keeping it working! DM’s biggest mistake is pushing the basics even though they may be altered or watered down. The more LRH one gets the more he can differentiate between pro and contra survival. the more he can be the Code of Honor. One’s integrity is more valuable than his life! You can’t suppress one that is the Code of Honor.
    Again BRAVO JB!

  42. JB, you warm my heart. It wouldn’t surprise me if a book came out of you. You can turn a phrase or two as in….”Nobody got the prolonged handshake and piercing howitzer gleam right in the eye “THANK YOU, REALLY” like those who forked over hundred of thousands of dollars.”

    Marty, “the shack” is a fitting name for your abode….as in the book, which I just read, a place where souls can freely co-mingle and find themselves in easy relationship.

  43. crashingupwards

    Welcome JB. Great story. Kept my attention. Thank God for i-phones.

    We need some sort of “Radio Free Europe” program to plant more seeds.

  44. .

    It’s a pleasure to read some of the rest of your story. Man, I bet your juniors miss you! Guess they know where to find you though.
    Bless you JB, it’s nice to have more reality on you.

  45. Good idea Tara!

  46. JB,

    You’re right about the HV (Happy Valley) RPF’s products, the proof is those sets in all those tech films in the late 1990s. Amazing quality sets!

    The buildings the RPF built at the Happy Valley (Castille Canyon) ranch, also, all structurally sound, the buildings served their purpose.

    I especially liked the big sets and props building we built, and then it was dismantled after the RPFers were being bused to the base to work in the Castle on sets and props there.

    I looked on Google Maps, and the storage building that we helped poor the concrete for, and built and roofed, it’s still there!

    The Int RPF was sane compared to the crap right around DM.

    Good job getting out!

    How was Clark Morton doing at the base?

    Is he still over sets and props stuff at the Castle?

    Chuck Beatty

  47. Dave Shelden

    Hey JB,

    As you can tell by now you are not “alone out here”. Welcome. Bodies being MEST are rather attached to location, but you are surrounded by like “minded” Thetans. Thanks Marty et al for providing this forum for amassing and diseminating the truth. Marty if you are reading this I have been trying to figure out how to get in direct comm with you from the blog website but can’t. Even though I left the church over 25 years ago I have not been idle. I think I may have some pertinent insight due to both my perspective from being on the outside for so long and as well my journeys during this time. Can I email you? Give you mine? Skype? Thanks. -Dave

  48. Dude, this stuff and Lisa’s post is THE SHIT!! That’s a good thing.

    These are the kind of details that really blow open the doors and make people listen and look I love it.

    Thanks JB, thanks Lisa, thanks Marty.

  49. JB, may I be so bold as to correct something you said in your email? You stated, “I got nobody out here.” I’m sure you’ve found (and are finding) that you have plenty of friends on the outside that will support you and are thrilled that you’re enjoying your newfound freedom.

    I remember reading the account of when you first blew and DM’s team went all out to “recover” you. It was an electrifying moment and plenty of us were out here rooting for you!!

  50. If the following quote has truth in it, and I think it does have a lot of truth in it, JB’s friends will soon follow him. From my understanding of things David M. is not a worthy leader. People cannot follow a person that is not respected. They might sit in fear but everytime they are pushed there, they are doing a contact assist with that fear, and soon the buttons go flat.

    Marty, Mike Rinder and JB , and the others stepping aside from DM are people that have amazing stats in their loyalty to Hubbard, and were very well loved and respected. There is no way DM can fight that away.

    “Many people who approach the area of vision in leadership have it all backward. They believe that if the cause is good enough, people will automatically buy into it and follow. But that’s not how leadership really works. People don’t at first follow worthy causes. They follow worthy leaders who promote causes they can believe in.” -Maxwell

  51. Great story JB. Thanks for sharing it. And welcome back to the land of the free…and definitely you are in the home of the brave. Your courage, persistence and care is to be admired.

    Have lots of fun..you deserve it!

    Sherry Katz

  52. What a phenomenal story! The courage, the patience….and yes, the underlying all-important integrity.

    I love how so many former sea-orgers end up with dogs in their freedom-photos; from Robert Vaughn & Tracy Young to Marty Rathbun! (Hell, even Jason Beghe’s dogs are a significant presence!) Wonderful, happy dogs in the photos always strike me as a sign that a human soul is embracing his/her humanity.

    Congratulations, JB. Be well. Be happy. And enjoy the beauty of this world we all share.

  53. COB has REALLY got to be nervous about appearing at events. Could you imagine a chant starting in the crowd? Even 5 people? Good lord almighty.

  54. An Essay on Management, is my one of my fav ones. Made me cry cause that’s how it supposed to be. It validated how I think. I got validated…

  55. Wow – well, epic stories are to be expected around the greatest spiritual work ever known to man.

    I would expect nothing less.

    From the intrigue of CIA stooges attempting to steal the tech out from under Ron’s nose, to mining the whole track to set man free, to torture hell holes run by an insane power hungry suppressive by the name of David.

    A glorious epic battle for all time.

    Scientology is an Epic story any way you cut it.

    Congrats on getting out JB. Looking forward to meeting you and shaking your hand.


  56. There are strange things done in the blazing sun
    By the men who work at Gold
    The California trails have their secret tales
    That would make your blood run cold;
    The Morning dawn have seen queer sights,
    But the queerest they ever did see
    Was DM frothing at the mouth
    On discovering the blow of JB!!!!

    Hee Hee Hee

  57. marty –

    …to be on your own? Like a rolling stone?

    : )


  58. martyrathbun09

    You got it.

  59. JB

    I’m so glad you made it out, and that you’re safe and happy at Marty’s -your courage and your spirit are inspiring.

    I wish you only more happiness, freedom and bigger and better games.


  60. JB you are a Renaissance man. So great to see you beaming and among friends. Thank you for walking the road with integrity! No small task.

  61. imanolelady

    Site is not working.

  62. Tony DePhillips

    Check out the lyrics on this song!!

    Dedicated to all the Indies!!

  63. Wow, First, that’s so weird!

    Last night I went to bed early, but woke up after a few hours dreaming I was at a PAC area meeting where public, staff and visiting big wigs were present. During the usual stand up and cheer portions of the program, I found myself getting angrier and angrier until I was chanting loudly and pounding on a wall: “Take Miscavige down! Take Miscavige down!”

    Gradually others realized what I was yelling. Nobody joined in the chant, but no one tried to shut me up and no one would look me in the eye, because they knew what I meant and why I was saying it. The big shared, common missed withhold of the lie going on right there in that room had become too much to ignore because someone had named it.

    Then I was outside in the cool air, and an elementary-school-aged child, a girl, came up to me and smiled and said, “Me too. I want to bring Miscavige down. And so do all my friends.”

    And then I woke up.

    And here I am.

    The Church of Scientology did not damage me. The Church did not hurt me. I left before it could.

    But it offends me in more ways than I can say.

    Just Me

  64. Cured Robot

    Marty, spot on song! He’s coming out with a new CD next week called “Recovery” – should be interesting.

  65. Truly phenomenal, JB! Thanks for allowing this to be posted & shared.

  66. It’s not paranoia when they’re really after you.

    ya know?

  67. Just checked it. Is working. copy/paste this into your browser and replace (dot) with a . with no spaces.
    and you should get it.

  68. Last year we were fighting at the source of the Sang-kan;
    This year we are fighting on the Onion River road.
    We have washed our swords in the surf of Parthian Seas;
    We have pastured our horses among the snows of the T’ien Shan.
    The King’s armies have grown grey and old
    Fighting ten thousand leagues away from home.
    The Huns have no trade by battle and carnage;
    They have no fields or ploughlands,
    But only wastes where white bones lie among yellow sands.
    Where the House of Ch’in built the Great Wall that was to keep away the Tartars,
    There, in its turn, the House of Han lit beacons of war.
    The beacons are always alight, fighting and marching never stop.
    Men die in the field, slashing sword to sword;
    The horses of the conquered neigh piteously to Heaven.
    Crows and hawks peck for human guts,
    Carry them in their beaks and hang them on the branches of withered trees.
    Captains and soldiers are smeared on the bushes and grass;
    The general schemed in vain.
    Know therefore that the sword is a cursed thing
    Which the wise man uses only if he must.

    – Li Po (701-762)

  69. Thank you Marty & JB for posting this message. What a captivating story!

    Very Well Done JB for recognizing the outpoints, upholding your integrity, and finding a way out.

    Welcome “ashore” shipmate !

  70. I like this particular one, Muse’s Uprising:

    We will be victorious. 🙂

  71. JB – what I found so compelling about your story is how, thanks to a few words from Marty, you studied and connected with LRH.

    Which resulted in enabling you to endure abject suppression for quite a long time and not suppress others.

    And eventually you were able to figure out how to leave in the most damaging way possible.

    As a friend to many with excellent KNOWN products.

    so — what’s dm goin’ say — oh, he was a skunk all along, I knew it – never produced a damn thing. Just another psycho.

    Falls flat doesn’t it?

    I haven’t a clue how the walls are going to come crashing down around dm — but I can certainly feel the rumbling –

    Welcome to the bright lights and big city!!


  72. Thought Provoking


    It is almost inconceivable that a Scientologists who has dedicated most of his life to truth and freedom would ever have to take “a leap of faith” trusting his life in the hands of another blown and declared Senior INT terminal.

    This shows how much of a monster the church has become.

    I am so glad you followed your heart as uncertain as it must have been. You have contributed much in the short time you have been out and your care and insoucience demonstrated in the dog and pony show is a joy to see.

    May many others follow your example.

  73. JB — my first line makes it sound as if you hadn’t connected before with LRH but of course you had — as you were in the SO obviously because of a connection you had made.

    I just found it inspiring how LRH studied, almost in secret, was what kept you from going over to the total darkness.

    Those that are still there – who have become dms minions have replaced LRH with dm. To their peril.


  74. Theo Sismanides

    JB, awesome story. I am very glad you are with us. You are amongst friends.

    I am amazed how many awesome people are leaving the Church. One of them, JB, just gave us an account of what Loyal to LRH means.

    Welcome aboard.

  75. Susan/Glibby

    Wow wow wow. What a story, JB. Welcome to freedom. We may not always see eye to eye with the indies (we meaning us folk on the victim/natterboards), but everyone is happy to see you out and away from the craziness and abuse. That’s one thing we all have in common, and I am glad you have friends here to welcome you and help you get on your feet.

    The other thing I want to say is, if anybody wants to get a group together to go protest out in front of the guard shack at Int, I know some people who would be happy to come along. 🙂 I have a big sign that says “David Miscavige Pulled This In.”

  76. It is epic. Marty you should title your book “Epic”. I hope it comes out soon. But I digress. JB, you’ve got big fat balls, you must walk funny.

  77. Hey Marty and Mosey,
    Let’s have another shindig at your place and see if it happens again 😀

    Next time I’m staying for the fireworks though.

    JB – welcome home, love and hugs, this one is for you:

  78. Way to go JB! You are definitely no longer alone.

    I’m sure we will see more of your friends waking up, walking out the door and joining us here.

  79. Theoracle,

    Very nice reference! What a coup it would be if we all chiped in and rented a helocopter to fly above the compound to drop leaflets from Marty, Mike and JB! What a hoot!

  80. If not the helocopter idea above how about we all circle the compound and throw dart airoplanes with the messages inside!!! Spirit of play!

  81. Dave Shelden

    ROFLMAO!!! Excuse me I need to check my pants, I hope that was just a fart…

  82. Lovely poem! We should start an anthology! Or slip this one into the next Scientology poetry book that comes out!!!

  83. Watching Eyes

    God JB, I had the feeling you get when reading a spy thriller. You’re good! You could write a book.

    Reading LRH books while on the RPF was brilliant. I guess the dwarf will have to confiscate all LRH’s books now and I bet he will too.

    You just know your escape shook the dwarf to his core. Good!

  84. But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons – “The work was free. Keep it so.”” LRH

    Tell your daughters too;)

  85. VWD JB !!!
    Braveheart has a new meaning to me since I recently became an independant.We are all forming up as a formidable army and with “Freedom” as our rallying cry ,we will prevail!!!
    Well done for confronting the suppression and formulating a sane escape plan.

  86. martyrathbun09

    Beach Blanket Bingo

  87. martyrathbun09

    Try “audits without worksheets”, “is funded by big pharma”, “is psychotic”, “he’s a lunatic, a fucking lunatic”, ad infinitum

  88. Sam,
    Let’s do it!! You have a standing invitation! XOXOX

  89. LOVE the two photos of JB fishing. Just too theta! NOT!

    Good on ya, JB!

  90. one of those who see

    It seems like DM’s Achilles Heel is LRH tech!!

    Marty goes off post, listening to LRH and realizes that DM is practicing reverse Dianetics. JB is on the RPF – studies LRH and…well it is all said in this post.

    Love that song by Eminem!!! – it’s on my IPOD. Perfect theme song.

    To both JB & Marty and so many others here- a commendation for courage is in order.

    “Anyway… back when I was Internal Security Officer in RTC and you came back from the ship and became my senior, I remember one comm cycle we had where you told me very sincerely to “only listen to LRH and don’t buy what other people might give you as their interpretations or their examples“. You said to study and understand LRH and I wouldn’t go wrong. I really took that advice to heart at that moment in that comm cycle.”
    Wow, Marty I hope you take a big win on this.

    So great to have you here JB!! Love the pictures!! Enjoy!

  91. I just love the photo of you with the fish JB!
    I had my youngest son with me last year on a fishing trip in northern Saskatchewan,he was 7 at the time.The picture with him and his first fish is virtually identical to you and your fish!
    It is amazing how exhilaration turns everyone into a big kid!!!!

  92. I agree Mr. B. That JB did not “blow”.

    Just because he chose to follow Hubbard doesn’t mean he is going to want to follow Hubbard’s friends.

    And anyone who chose to follow Hubbard is not going to want to follow his enemies.

    That’s not “blowing”.

    It’s choosing.

  93. Just using JB’s words

    “But my paranoia even extends to hoping I am not writing to an OSA bullshit email …”

  94. Whoo-hoo!
    Reading this was like a moving-picture show. The ending was you holding up that beautiful fish.
    Looking forward to meeting you.

  95. War and Peace

    Incredible Email. Incredible escape, Incredible dude.

    Thanks for sharing JB.

    I recently saw a re-run of “The Untouchables”
    I kind of thought of some parallels here ~~

    Marty as a Eliot Ness out to get major thug Al Capone with Mike Rinder (who could not be bought( and JB (who will not be bought) as the trusted lieutenants. The UNTOUCHABLES.

    Al Capone was a flamboyant and successful criminal~~. His power in the Chicago area was as awesome as his intrinsic cruelty. Sounds a lot like DM, except DM adds another dimension to the cruelty with reverse Black Dianetics screwing with the case and mentally circumcising the being into a puppet.

    Like Capone, DM flamboyantly and brazenly lives above the law. Living a life of a Rock Star with Sea Org personal slaves ~~devoted to just pampering the reptilian predator.

    DM Extravagant lifestyle, personally profiting off a 501C3 status, does not and will not last forever….

  96. It would only be viewed as menacing particles.

  97. JB, good on you! great posting and I love the picture of you and chiquita. Welcome.

    Love Carol

  98. Deirdre, I agree I like this one alot. we are victorious!

  99. Ne Obliviscaris

    I love this type of post, Marty!

    People are so interesting and unique. John Brousseau has got to be the whole track example of “Make it go Right”. I’m also certain that he will persist until this whole mess is squared away.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

    JL, “Sir, the peasants are revolting!”

    DM, “They certainly are!”

    JL, “What I mean to say Sir, is that the veterans are becoming quite recalcitrant. They keep referring to ‘Orders, Illegal and Cross’ and not doing what I say.”

    “Also, they keep asking about JB, and yes, we had another blow this morning.”

    DM, “What about the younger staff?”

    JL, “No problem there, Sir. They’re 100 percent loyal to you.”

    DM, “Good, Good…”

    JL, “Sir?”

    DM, “Uh, Huh.”

    JL, “What about the older staff, the vets? What should we do?”

    DM, “Jenny, there comes a time when all great leaders need to make life and death decisions in order to achieve greatness. You know what do do.”

    JL, “Sir?”

    DM, “Light ze ovens…”

  100. Haha, I like the sign:)

    Another one could be ask us where your missing friends are.

  101. Cured Robot

    Btw, JB loved your analogy (besides your huge confront of evil) of trying to fit the ever growing square peg into the round hole, we’ve all been there and done that to one degree or another. Trying ever so hard to hammer that misfit peg into the hole of some completely off source action, somehow justified, and thinking that the head of our Church was really looking out for the better good under his altered ego guise of altered LRH tech that we all knew so well. Dazed and confused, walking away from it all was my choice for sanity and survival of my dynamics (cowardly I know but at least I walked quietly rather than continuing to support it as other misguided beings continue to do). This has been a gradual gaining back the power that LRH gave us, the de-PTSing has been a journey in itself, thank you Marty and all you other outstanding beings that have had the confront to state the obvious and take the shellackings and coming out the other end, alive and well and eternal and are making it possible for us to take those beatings, knowing we will come out the other end alive and well and flourishing, undestroyed!!!!! Hell bent on destruction is he, but it won’t be me or my most beloved he’s taking with him!!!! Long live LRH and my eternal friends who have the goodness in their hearts!

  102. rory Medford

    It’s amazing to me how the CURRENT Scn management just makes you feel bad and wrong every step of the way. They are stuck in STOPPING things and finally the cat is OUT of the bag for everyone to see their controlling and ugly side. The Castle(s)/Ideal Orgs built on sand are sinking at an incredible rapid rate. Also ex scn and scn thinking about leaving are coming out in drovers. The BUZZ about going INDEPENDENT has arrived and it only gets stronger, BIGGER and more vocal by the day!!! Its about time the ABUSE comes to an END!!!! Come one, come all have a BRAVEHEART and you will conquer your soul and save others. The JUGGERNAUT is a coming, hold on to your hats.. LOL now this is INSOUCIANCE, isn’t it?

  103. Kathy Braceland

    You’re awesome JB!

    As LRH says in KSW — “one has to rise above an avid craving for agreement from a group to get anything decent done.” Man oh man, did you ever do that.

    I hope you come by again for more of that fuzzy feeling. We love you!!

  104. Great Story JB, I like that you could leave before they could put any screws on you. And as a side note, considering the ipod story and this blog adn what it is doing, the internet is just a great thing. Dm won’t survive it as it is communication he cannot cut.

  105. Wait! Reading 2nd time through….are you effin SERIOUS? George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour?

    DM uses THAT as SOURCE material?

    Say it ain’t so, JB.

  106. Tony DePhillips

    Where is MOQ??

    It’s not the same around here without him.

  107. Freedom Fighter

    This Muse song is one of my personal favorite Indie songs.

    I dedicate the following song to all those still incarcerated at the Int Base:

  108. Marty, come on guy… You know DungMitts is really a SOUL-SUCKING VIPER!!

    By the way… Very Very Well Done JB!! (Marty, you are the MAN for touching JB’s mind with the truth that set him free!)

    Love you guys!


  109. Great story, JB! I admire your persistence in trying to make it work for so long. I am so glad you are out, fishing and looking good.

    Really looking forward to more of your tales.

    BTW, Lose Yourself: one of the sickest beats ever!

  110. martyrathbun09

    gone fishin’

  111. I love you JB!

  112. Another Layer

    Classic! Any more verses waiting in the wings?

  113. Mike Hobson

    I just looked over that list. If McSavage uses that list at all, it must be for making other people wrong – like just about everything else he does. That boy is little more one humongous service computation in control of a human body.

    Michael A. Hobson

  114. Doc "Smith"

    Graet post JB. I’d already felt I knew you, but this fills in the gaps. Welcome back to the family reunion.

  115. Fellow Traveller

    I would suggest JB run for President, but being selfish, I like having him where he can continue to be effective.

    Regarding the Sea Org, from RJ 67:
    “But these people, these people are magnificent, they’re magnificent. You should see them.
    They of course would be stellar names in any organization in the world. If one of these
    people were to walk in, you would undoubtedly know them by name, and they have
    considerable reputation, and they would just do fine, perhaps, and perhaps they could be said
    to be needed in their organizations and areas doing lots of good; but I’ve already made an
    experiment, I went off by myself into southern Africa to see whether or not an OT would
    make good, singly and all alone, without any assistance, against the environment around him.
    And I found out that he would not do too much good. But a group of OTs would be entirely
    irresistible, and are necessary to carry off this type of operation.

    So OTs do best with OTs.”

    LRH was looking right at JB and Marty and Mike and Steve and Dan and Hayden and Sam and Christie and Jim and and….

    Thank you one and all for doing those things that you do.

    Bruce Pratt

  116. Tony DePhillips

    OK, that’s good!!

  117. JB,

    Wow, thanks so much for letting Marty publish this!

    And hey, you’ve gone from, “having nobody out here,” to having hundreds of friends — all of us!

    Your post once again reinforces my realization that we have a kiloton of power out here. I’m sure we have the biggest, most powerful, most theta congregation of Scientologists on the planet. If you add up all the tech training, all the admin training, and, even more to the point, all the theta and all the integrity, you get everything needed to help people apply Scn and to free huge quantities of theta.

    The scene you described at Int truly is mind boggling. I mean, we know that *is* the scene, but your description of a base full of PTS people in the fear band applying anything but LRH tech is astonishing. The Int base has become the exact opposite of anything that could represent LRH or Scn.

    It’s so cool that you learned the truth about Marty and his blog right there from the base! That gives me a lot of hope that others can and will do the same.

    What an able person you are to be able to keep up your production, morale and leadership in that suppressive environment. I’m so glad you found Marty right away, and I look forward to meeting you in person.

  118. Hurray, one more person free from oppression! A desire to further that is what brought me into CofS – and eventually brought me out again.

  119. I think this is a great idea, Bobo. A persistent presence of ex-SO and other Scientologists outside the gates making it clear that anyone leaving will be helped and will not be alone. That could be done at the Int base, at Pac, and at Flag. It might create the tsunami you’re envisioning.

    Perhaps signs could simply list the names of other ex-SO members on the outside that would be recognized and respected by those still in.

  120. Thanks for the insightful story.
    Hope DM’s P.I.s have laid off on you too.

  121. JB… well done!! hope we meet!

  122. gandiguy,

    I would certainly chip in for that! Yes, it would be quite a hoot. I think the leaflets should have a complete list of Independents who have left the S.O, and it should point out the key fact that almost everyone who worked with LRH has been declared. And, of course, it should have Marty’s blog’s URL, email addresses, and phone numbers.

  123. Wonderful, Lucy. Thanks!

  124. Concerned Citizen

    I always thought that life is not worth living with out the great and very unique affinity that can be experienced from the 5th D. From plant, to birds, bees, butterflys, to cats, dogs and horses.

    When these creatures love you back, in exchange for so little of your time and attention, they exchange in great abundace.

    And though human love is great, it is not the same as the friendship one can create with the 5D, it truly fills some void.

  125. Cowboy Poet

    Ahhh…a Cowgirl Poet.

  126. Concerned Citizen

    These are not that bad, see:

    “Without realizing it, the Jesuits who wrote them, and the young man who copied them, were outlining and absorbing a system of courtesy appropriate to equals and near-equals. When the company for whom the decent behavior was to be performed expanded to the nation, Washington was ready. Parson Weems got this right, when he wrote that it was ‘no wonder every body honoured him who honoured every body.'”

    The Rules:
    Treat everyone with respect. 1st Every Action done in Company, ought to be with Some Sign of Respect, to those that are Present.”

    Trouble is they apply to everyone but him, he need not respect anybody.

  127. Concerned Citizen

    it would also be great if there were signs that read.

    “If you want ou, there is a group to help you. There is a place where you can arrive, we can help you find a job, it is not as terrifying as you have been lead to believe”

    and another one

    “They can not hold you against your will, if you want out, you can just walk out and they can not touch you”

  128. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    JB, You Rock! In fact here is a little something for you my dear friend….

    A song written by Bob Segar as though it was YOU he was writing about. I will forever here on out think of YOU when I hear this song…

    Stood there boldly, sweatin’ in the sun
    felt like a million, felt like number one
    at height of summer, I’d never felt that strong
    Like a rock

    I was eighteen, didn’t have a care
    workin’ for peanuts, not a dime to spare
    but I was leanin’, solid everywhere
    Like a rock
    My hands were steady, my eyes were clear and bright
    my walk had purpose, my steps were quick and light
    And I held firm, to what I felt was right
    Like a rock

    Like a rock
    I was strong as I could be
    like a rock
    Nothin’ ever got to me
    like a rock
    I was somethin’ to see
    like a rock

    And I stood arrow straight
    unencumbered by the weight of all these hustlers and their schemes
    I stood proud I stood tall high above it all
    I still believed in my dream

    Twenty years now, where’d they go?
    Twenty years, I don’t know
    I sit and I wonder sometimes
    where they’ve gone

    And sometimes late at night, oohhh when I’m bathed in the firelight
    the moon comes callin’ a ghostly way, and I recall
    I recall

    Like a rock
    Standin’ arrow straight
    like a rock
    chargin’ from the gate
    like a rock
    carryin’ the weight
    like a rock

    Love you JB! — Jackson

  129. bulletproof

    Hey JB,

    Great on your story. Brings back my own feelings of paranoia, being a fugitive on the run, 18 years ago!

    Hope you are settling in. Write any time.


  130. 67 light blue mustang

    Hey John,
    I’m happy to see you’re out. I still visit a few fishing spots that you’re familiar with if you ever get out this way. (probably enough clues here)

  131. Wow to everyone! Your responses knock me over. Thanks so much! But what I really get after reading all the responses is a heightened sense of responsibility. Its really the last part of my Doubt announcement. I cannot let down this group that I am now a proud part of. Believe me, I am not done.

    As an additional piece of information, you should all know that I also sent emails to every Sea Org member that I knew personally who had an email account. And there were a lot. The emails were individually tailored to each person, but basically told the same story that you see in the above post that Marty did of my original email. But I also told them that I and an entire network of all of us were here for them if they decided to follow my example. LOTS of good seeds planted there folks and I am waiting for the first fruits….

    Penetrate the wall with the truth. The thickest wall is the one to Sea Org members as their access to the truth is so much more restricted that those on public lines. But we have to keep at it. The more that leave, the more will leave in their wake. It will become more popular soon that wearing pre-distressed jeans! (or something like that.)

    I think you get what I mean.


  132. JB,

    Wow! You are definitely the Independent’s 007, We should have Paul Haggis as the writer/director and you be the new James Bond! It will be the #1 movie of all time.
    We are proud of you. You are a great additional to our team.
    Thank you for all you are doing to help freeing others.

    Thank you Marty & Mosey for your continual love and support.

  133. I think it is very generous that you want to communicate with the staff at the Int Base.

    I had some friends visit from Europe that asked me to drive them there. They wanted to set up their meters and audit some staff from the road and did I guess. Right after that some people left.
    At the time I was sceptical but maybe the desire to communicate overcomes the walls or throws out a line in some way. If you are just thinking about them and caring I think that does make some difference.

  134. Holy Cow!

    Well done on your breakout!

    Here’s a bit of rebel music for you.

  135. Marty,

    I little truth goes a long way.

    From JB’s post … “only listen to LRH and don’t buy what other people might give you as their interpretations or their examples“. You said to study and understand LRH and I wouldn’t go wrong.

    Now look what you did.

    Oh yeah!

  136. You have to take life moment by moment. Conditions change second by second. With others. It’s suggested in the reference of Hubbard’s where he speaks of social venere and weak spots. He noticed only Tigers survive. But if you read everything he wrote, you come to understand there really is a holiness in Scientology and those with good intentions survive. If one is “paranoid”, it is because he can feel the evil . And you have to stand aside from it before it becomes something other than you. So, paranoid is a very good indicator.

  137. Hi Tom,
    DM has been enforcing that staff read and apply George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour since at least 1998. When I was removed from RTC it was one of the steps on my “correction program”.

    Unbelievable isn’t it?

  138. Marty — Thank you very much for posting this email. It was never written with that purpose in mind and speaks so clearly of the scene at Int and the insanity of DM.

    JB — Welcome home fella! May you never feel lonely again! Here you have joined a very large family of friends, and if you ever need anything — just raise a finger! I am so proud of you — and I am SOOOOOOOOOO pleased you are free from that psycho. BIG (UL) hug!!!!!

  139. Times like these, when things are really going well, this is the song that I find myself singing….

    It ain’t hip-hop and the version is a bit dusty, but you’ll get the picture.

    I do want to also ack JB’s incredibly high integrity level—as far as I know, he is the first to blow when he was at the top of his game. I suspect that he has now blazed that trail for others…..

  140. I absolutely adore the scope of music this community enjoys and posts here — from rap to old school to metal to pretty-boy eighties to stuff so new I don’t even know what it’s called. Thanks to all who raise my musical awareness.

    I’d post the music I love here too — if I knew how to embed it. If anybody knows an online link that explains how to do that, please post it here. Thanks in advance.

    Just Me

  141. Marty, You are being too kind me thinks.

  142. Seems to me there is a certain irony with the release of the “BASICS”.

    Many on staff blew their orgs because they were taken off post and forced to become used car salesman.

    JB reads the basic LRH books and out he comes.
    Others inside read LRH and they go “INDEPENDENT” and land on this blog.

    I had been off lines as public for over 20 years then did the entire basics and lectures. The further along on course I got I started to observe outpoints at FLAG. After graduation I started to withdraw from the group. Did not know why until the St. Pete Times, “Truth Revealed” articles came out.

    Call me crazy but it seems to me when you read LRH basic books and APPLY this technology you will on very short order blow from the Church of Scientology.

    If you don’t APPLY this technology (to use Mike Rinder’s favorite DM moniker) dear leader owns you.

    Welcome JB and don’t you just love it when you KNOW LRH saved you from your own church.

  143. RTC (DM) is running re-education camp programs based off of old Jesuit moral codes……?!?

    Can you say OFF-SOURCE?

    I thought you could….

    Well, at least we now have a very good area to look into for DM’s tailored Sec Check….prolly have to put it in a time capsule though….he won’t be auditable for quite a while.

  144. Here’s another goodie. Enigma’s “Modern Crusaders”. A great Indie anthem (esp if you like a bit of Carl Orff!)

  145. Thought Provoking

    That’s a great comparison! Dead right, I would say. And, we all know how they finally got Capone.

  146. Thought Provoking


    Yes, theta is senior to mest and mechanics.

  147. Thought Provoking

    Ha Ha Ha!!!

    The best part was the picture it cinjured up! }:>

  148. Thought Provoking


    Powerful lyrics and very appropriate!


  149. Thought Provoking

    I’ve always thought Frank was ageless and timeless…and yes, the best is yet to come!

  150. Tony DePhillips

    Yes Sinatra is smooth.

  151. rory medford

    JB u r da man!!!! thx for standing UP

  152. JB
    Thank you for sharing your incredible story! My heartfelt congratulations to you!
    It is a great testament to your courage but also will help others, for sure, find the truth.
    Welcome to life and a future where you can use all your wonderful theta!
    Marty-thank you for all.
    I believe this is true: The Best Is Yet To Come

  153. Marty

    Just speculation here, but in reading your response here:

    Try “audits without worksheets”, “is funded by big pharma”, “is psychotic”, “he’s a lunatic, a fucking lunatic”, ad infinitum

    …and knowing how this sort of thing works, it makes me wonder, HAS dm been auditing without worksheets (himself), and IS he
    in any way funded by Big Pharma?

    Just wondering, since the items he asserts towards others seem to be so consistent.


  154. martyrathbun09

    lunamoth, interesting question. It will take a lot of dot connecting, but at the end the day, the answer is “sorta.”

  155. “Rule by force is a violation of the law of affinity, for force begets force. Rule by force reduces the self-determinism of the individuals in a society and therefore the self-determinism of the society itself. Contagion of aberration sweeps along like a forest fire. Engrams beget engrams. And unless the dwindling spiral is interrupted by new lands and mongrel races which escape their aberrative environments, or by the arrival of a means to break the contagion of aberration by clearing individuals, a race will reach downward to the end of the cycle–Zone 0.” DMSMH (newest) page 168

    Oh boy, JB! The most successful blow from the Int base. Nicely done! From Marty’s suggestion to only listen to LRH and not someone’s interpretation to your theta and sane actions with a wide range of specific individuals, I can see that a seed of sanity can grow despite the suppression.

  156. JB,

    Thanks for sharing your personal email. In a way it gives me hope that a friend from long ago, Sandi Irgens could also follow your example and wakeup.

    She has been in the Sea Org for 30 years. Last contact I had from her was when she was pushing the basics via email. I told her what I thought about the stat push and the disagreements I had with the current scene. Of course she disconnected from me and also encouraged my other friends to also disconnect. (they didn’t)

    With your courageous actions, maybe she and others will start to look behind the curtain and see that not all is well with the tiny wizard of Oz.

    Ron Minor

  157. Marty,

    Yes, I agree. And yes, I know how. And we should talk.

    Just Me

  158. The REAL Chairman of the Board (not that puny, squealing little pretender)!

  159. This is interesting to me:

    Compare the audiences of Marty’s site to Corporate Scn site. First Marty’s:

    and then the scn.org site:

    Marty’s site hit a HE in mid-May, pulling more traffic than scn.org. Per Alexa, most of the traffic comes from Germany, Taiwan, and the US.

    Looking at the Scn.org traffic, it is all coming from non-english speaking countries with little to no “presence”. I would bet a string pull would reveal some “book cooking”…..

  160. Exactly. Paranoia as a word has a bad connotation and suggests a neurosis or psychosis. Insanity. I try to be analytical and sane and differentiate rather than identify. A better use of words would be “justifiably suspicious and careful”. DM is more paranoid than me, I think. -JB

  161. Yes Tom, the “hole still exists. Albeit, very much more civilized thanks to our actions out here. There are still around 100 people there, but they now eat in the dining room where other crew eat, wear uniforms, sleep in the new berthing buildings and study in qual. The beatings and crap have pretty much stopped. But they are still an unposted mob under very tight 24 hour security watch. The changes are ionly to create an apparency of “what hole?” -JB

  162. Jackson, you put a tear in my eye with that. I had a “moment”. Knowhatimean? -JB

  163. PIs either followed Marty in his visit to me at the motel, or they called every motel around the area until they found a familiar name connected to the room I was in. The resources they can put to such manhunts are legion. -JB

  164. Doc "Smith"

    Here’s my anthem for those getting out.

    Marty, I’m not sure this worked, my first attempt to embed. No need to post if it didn’t work.

  165. martyrathbun09

    Tom, Ya think?

  166. martyrathbun09

    JB, Ya think?

  167. Doc "Smith"

    Just Me, find your video on u-tube, below the screen is a box titled ’embed’, click on that and the code comes up; right click, copy, go back to comment and right click,paste where you want it.


  168. JB, Great story. Amazing you got out with everything intact, including your integrity.

    This comment naturally begs the question: who the hell is still in the hole?


  169. Thank you for sharing your story JB and congratulations on regaining your freedom.

  170. On the asbestos, I wasn’t there for the big flap that occurred. There were no public on board at the time it occurred though. While I was there I can attest that any work involving asbestos was done strictly in a safe manner and per approved procedures. Yes, there still is blue asbestos on board and it is fully encapsulated. I think it would be nearly impossible to actually remove it all. As you know, you can eat the stuff, rub it all over your body with no ill effects, but when it’s particles are airborne and inhaled, that’s when it gets nasty. I would think that any exposure that may have occurred was during the demolition stage, but I wasn’t there for that. Currently, I would say that the air on the ship is clean. -JB

  171. Hey Chuck. Clark is out of the S.O. now. Been a few years. I do not know the circumstances that led to his departure or his current deal.

  172. Oh Lucy that was precious! -JB

  173. Another Layer

    I’m so glad that you are out and safe! Thank you for taking the high road.

    JB and Marty,
    Thank you for posting this accounting. What an indictment of DM! I’ll bet he never thought that his true legacy of hatred and violence would become so transparent (and incredibly well documented).

  174. Thanks for the embedding instructions, this video seemed pretty appropos:

  175. Thank you, Mark.

  176. Great song Doc.
    The lyrics are perfect.

    Neil Peart is the best rock drummer ever and recently did a drum version of Canada’s unofficial national anthem!(theme to hockey night in canada)
    Off topic but here it is:

  177. Thought Provoking

    It never ceases to amaze me that LRH communicated several times how to handle Scientology when the tech gets corrupted. This is another example. Thanks!

  178. Thank you JB. Answers are hard to find on this story. Before you arrived, there was a flap as you say. Nordica Engineering brought in 240 workers to do retrofit work. Nordica claims that San Donato never told them there was asbestos onboard. When the workers found it, Nordica removed its crew. I guess that is where you were brought in to professionally manage the refit and get it back on the rails.

    Two more questions please:

    1. What kind of guy is Captain Mike Napier? So little is heard about him and yet he occupies a prominent position in CoS. I assume he virtually RPF proof. He has been around a long time, is low key, and seems to have never been in trouble with DM. I see him in CoS PR often enough. Does a guy like Capt. Mike get sec checked?

    2. How much time elapsed between your escape and OSA finding you? Your described a very methodical process of blowing. I was impressed.

    That DM chases people down means he has something to hide. The way I was raised, and probably most of us here as well, was simple: “If you don’t like here, there’s the door. Don’t let it you on the ass on the way out!” But of course DM sends teams and teams of PI’s after people.

    That DM is so unconscious about the bad PR and the power of the internet to broadcast video and photos of his PI’s in action is amazing. One would think DM would stop with the manhunts! It is just so wrong and evil to chase escaped SO members down the way DM does. The reason they blow is because they don’t want to be there. What part of “I want to leave!” does DM fail to understand?


  179. Way to go, JB! I’m gonna tell my ex to make sure his SO daughter gets an IPhone asap. And to keep it a secret…

  180. Tony DePhillips

    Sounds good JB!!

    Thanks a lot for the rip roaring start you’ve gotten off to!!

    Hope to see you at the Indie Party!

  181. This is really unbelievable aside from the Off sourceness of it all – these rules obviously and definitely don’t apply to DM:

    …”49th Use no Reproachful Language against any one neither Curse nor Revile.

    …”110th Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience. “

  182. Concerned Citizen

    Yes, I’m pretty sure this is where I got the idea

  183. Theo Sismanides

    JB hi, I didn’t know you, till one day you appeared at Marty’s blown from Int. Now we know of you and what you have accomplished in the Sea Org and how you left and all the great stuff you did.

    Now you write you wanna take more responsibility and this shows really a person of high caliber.

    I am happy you chose sides and you are doing what you are doing. I have said the C of M is our Div 6 and recruitment pool and great persons like you suddenly appear out of the blue (for me, other here knew you well) and take the game to another new higher plateau.

    this is the Org Board evovling, in the making, being manned up here and there. Tone 41, for example, an under the radar guy here, has a hat and he is under cover and he can do that hat and the rest of us we do things and it’s forming up without effort just by sheer purpose and intention.

    thanks a lot man for taking responsibility for the Sea Org.

  184. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, iPhones to all Sea Org members right now as a present. iPhones to the Sea Org!!

  185. JB, thank you for the insight.
    Virgil made reference in his reply to history being made here. The full truth of that really hit me.
    There will be an accounting one day, when mainstream, non-Scientologists will be made aware through media and books of the true history of Scientology. They will know about DM and they will know about the Independent’s who have/had the strength, intelligence, courage and dedication to save LRH’s technology and philosophies from the abyss for everyone . For me, the Indie movement takes on even more significance when viewed in this context.
    I am in awe of what is and has been done towards this end. I am in awe of all of you who have reclaimed your truth and space and manage to keep moving forward in such huge, theta ways. Thank you!
    Marsha Pearlman-Sorensen

  186. JB, thank you for the insight and your courage.
    Virgil made reference in his reply to history being made here. The full truth of that really hit me.
    There will be an accounting one day, when mainstream, non-Scientologists will be made aware through media and books of the true history of Scientology. They will know about DM and they will know about the Independent’s who have/had the strength, intelligence, courage and dedication to save LRH’s technology and philosophies from the abyss for everyone . For me, the Indie movement takes on even more significance when viewed in this context.
    I am in awe of what is and has been done towards this end. I am in awe of all of you who have reclaimed your truth and space and manage to keep moving forward in such huge, theta ways. Thank you!
    Marsha Pearlman-Sorensen
    P.S. Is anyone keeping an archive of what’s being said here?

  187. Doc "Smith"

    Thanks ax, Pert really is an example of how competence turns something good into something great (Rush after he joined became superstars).
    Not so off-topic after all.


  188. martyrathbun09


  189. Great and enlightening story JB, sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet, but we did cross closley in the night around that time, shame maybe next time.
    Great you got out OK!

  190. Harry Potter

    Man, JB drinks from the fountain of youth. Unreal. JB was always super laid back. I remember him down in motorpool with Dave, Jenny and Yvonne. Good for you JB.

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  192. JB- you are an inspirational and wonderful example of personal integrity and courage. As are you Marty. You guys have serious cojones; and that must just drive DM nuts!

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  195. WOW!!! Fantastic story and congratulations to all who played a part in it. Too bad about the wife left behind. Can’t quite wrap my head around that aspect.

  196. That in itself is a huge victory regardless of the motive. I’m sure the people still there are greatful for the changes.

  197. FireBreathing Frog

    I may have read this one 2 or 3 times, but always a pleasure to read it again.
    Great write up.

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