Hey, some pretty magical stuff is happening here. Cowboy Poet posted a beautiful poem on Saturday – a special one for Father’s Day. DFB, a regular here, took just a couple of hours on Father’s Day, took the Cowboy’s words and put them to music.  Here it is. Damn, you all are good.


The Hero

I hope you do exceed your expectations
With the power to achieve,
your aims and goals.
That you’ll always reach,
whatever you go for.

Cause I believe in you
I DO believe in YOU.
My faith in you will always last.
I’m the father with a hero,
on my lap.

I know you’ll never leave a comrade,
when he’s down.
That your word will last forever,
honor bound.
That the counsel that you keep,
is yours til you grow old.
That you’ll wish upon a star
And be the hero,
that you are.

I believe you’ll stand alone,
and never shaken
When a trust is lost,
or when you’ve been forsaken.
That you’ll hitch your wagon,
back up to that star.
Cause you’re the hero in my lap,
That’s who you really are.

Cause I believe in you
I DO believe in YOU.
My faith in you,
will always last.
I’m the father with a hero,
on his lap.
Yeah, I’m the father with a hero,
on his lap.

82 responses to “Hero

  1. Chris Black

    Yup, it is damn fine. Amazing what can happen when you take suppression off the lines. Thanks to Cowboy and DFB for such a theta piece; thanks for posting, Marty.

  2. Very Nice!!! Thanks to all the participants to this theta piece.

  3. Theo Sismanides

    Hey, we can play the piano, sorry the guitar and vocals and lyrics!!!

    Cowboy poet and DFB, thank you! That’s an Independents’ production!

    You know what, guys? We are at Aesthetics here already. We try with effort, emotinon and reason, but Aesthetics had done it.

    I am a father and I feel so good Cowboy Poet and DFB. By the way, DFB, is this you singing? Beautiful!!

  4. Fantastic!!!! Thank you Cowboy Poet for such beautiful words — that is exactly how I feel about my son. I am crying as I listen to this. Even though I am a mother, when my son was little that is exactly how I felt and now he really is my HERO. He told me the other day he is coming to resucue me; he believes I need help and I do! He has truly grown up to be the man I knew he would be. Your words capture the emotions and feelings of a parents so beautifully. And, DFB, the music is beautiful — fully matches the words. What a wonderful gift to us all for Father’s Day.

    Tnanks to you both! What a talented group we have here, eh?

    Love always,
    Lady Minn

  5. Stunning! 🙂

  6. Love it!!!

    Put it up on youtube as long as you can copyright it —

    Let’s have it go viral!!


  7. Thank you so much, this is so beautiful !

    more, more, more …….

  8. Wow! That’s an incredible creation, y’all. I’m blown away! ML, Songbird

  9. It sounds better than it did yesterday. Theres that audience/artist perspective thing LRH talked about. Where you have to be able to step back and take the viewpoint of a listener. I couldnt do it yesterday.

    I was reading the “Keepin’ it real on Fathers Day” posting and I really realized that there seems to be a common denominator to all this stuff. It’s purpose seems to be to introvert and suppress. All the out-tech sec checking, disconnection as it is used, the treatment of SO and staff, sleep deprivation, bad food, demand as a group member that you go deeply in debt to donate to IAS, also the alteration of instant read and FN can make auditing ineffective and combine that with the FPRD out tech style sec checks and you got some serious problems, out list and whatnot. Right down to the the intention of having those PI’s follow JB and intimidate you guys. It’s intended to introvert and suppress, introvert and suppress.

    And guess what? Thats how I have felt for years and I didnt really even know it.

    I seem to have a 90 day comm lag on some of the stuff you have been saying Marty, but it’s getting shorter.

  10. Beautiful, Dean great lyrics and great music and some mighty fine singing!

  11. Damn that was good! It doesn’t surprise me though that such a high percentage of artists would first of all flee the CofM with their BS detectors on high alarm, and second, find themselves outflowing creativity on this safe platform that Marty has provided.

  12. Terrific!! This one will ring loud amongst the independents.

    Nothing but silence out of that multi million dollar studio at Gold. Just another “idle” org.

  13. Oi.

    That is pretty awesome quality!

    *submerges again*

  14. Virgil Samms

    Outstanding Cowboy! Outstanding DFB!

    ML Tom

  15. MotherNature

    This demonstates what it is to take a thought, turn it into an idea…and when it is put out there it just expands…Thank you Cowboy Poet, 1st, for the beautiful thoughts in your poem…and thanks to DFB for setting it to music to inspire and share with all of us. It lifted my spirit.

    I was a Mom with a ‘Hero on my lap’ once…a young man now who’s spirit still shines through.


  16. Cowboy Poet

    Thanks to all, glad you liked it. It’s a humbling experience to have DFB put his talents to my efforts. He’s tops—I didn’t give him very much time on this and look what he did.

    DFB—No reason we should enter time into the creation of an effect is there?

    Lady Minn–Lovely comment. Glad your good intentions for your son came out as you both intended.

    Windhorse–Love your handle! I copyright all my work…somebody’s gotta watch out for DFB and me, right?

    Chris Black–Now that’s the truth, isn’t it?

  17. Wow, very uplifting and theta. Thank you both for your wonderful creativity and talent! What a great start to the day!

  18. Dang! Don’t that beat all?

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Gives “indie music” a whole new meaning.

    Thank you, thank you, to both of you.

    Oh – and when did you say that first CD’s comin’ out?

  19. Kathy Braceland


  20. This is the stuff you need to go it the distance.


    Winston Churchill

  21. Coyboy Poet and DFB, well done Sirs!

  22. Very Theta Thanks for your Posting

  23. I love it!!!

  24. Marty,

    Indeed there is some magical stuff happening here! Aside from being summer solstice, do you realize that it was a year ago today that the Truth Rundown came out!

    Perhaps that was the tea party prior to the declaration of Independence and th Indie movement – Thank you for that!

    Didn’t mean to derail the thread – it’s an awesome collaboration and theta from DFB and CP! However, it seems worthy of note

  25. Freedom Fighter

    Very cool!

  26. martyrathbun09

    I’ll be damned.

  27. Cowboy poet and DFB;

    Your song left me with chills.

    Theta has no age…when an old man can get chills from a song you know we’re on the right road being the whistleblowers we are.

  28. Watching Eyes

    Great job to both of you. Do I see a new career starting?

  29. Concerned Citizen

    This is what the soul lives on, this is the stuff of life.

    Please do continue creating, you are both so talented.

    And we know when we get artists of the caliber we have here, that the task of reaching and touching people’s hearts is that much easier.

    I can’t find that verse LRH wrote, I first heard Karin Hollander read it at an event. It starts with the words:

    “It happens that a song can rattle down the ages…”

    Or some such, it is in one of the Ron Mags and if anyone has it, it is a great quote that so illustrates the power of this kind of aesthetics.

  30. Wow, this is amazing. Well done guys. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL lyrics, Cowboy Poet! And what a really warm, theta sound, DFB! (You have a fantastic voice!!). I LOVE this site!

  31. Cowboy Poet

    Glad it got channeled through to you, Jack.
    When the hook-up to a Higher Cause happens, I get the same thing you do. Sometimes I even shed a tear or two while expressing it. I figure it must be that I’m just a conduit for something bigger than me.
    We’re all just living and feeling life at whatever age we are and that’s timeless, right?

  32. Cowboy Poet

    No, Marty, DM is the damned one.

  33. Hi Cowboy Poet and DFB,
    Fabulous work. Thank You for sharing with all of us. We are all richer for it.

  34. Cowboy, You know thats how I feel when I
    write or paint. Anything creative. No mind
    needed. You get in a’zone’ and just let it happen.
    Its a god awful wonderous feeling. You really
    out did your self this time. The poem and now
    that beautiful song. WOW! Zone city! DFB
    you just created magic and oh so very Theta.
    Thank you both.

  35. This makes me so happy!

    Thank you, Cowboy Poet and DFB.

    Just Me

  36. Yeah CP, as well as TC the Vampire Lestat.

  37. The conversion of entheta to theta. It’s happening right here daily on a massive scale.
    Thank you so much cowboy poet and DFB – gorgeous!
    This old shack is one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride

  38. That one slid by without the appropriate ack!
    Happy Anniversary Truth Rundown Freedom Fighters.
    Here we are, only a year down the line… WOW!

  39. DFB & Cowboy Poet

    You are two beautiful beings. Thanks for sharing that with the world.


  40. Thought Provoking

    What a beautiful interchange of theta.

    Thank you CP and DFB!

  41. Speaking of “That’s what I’m talking about!”


    Shaking off the shackles via the SHACK!

    No wonder the Cof$ refered to Marty’s place as a shack, they got it right for once;)

    In amateur radio jargon, a shack refers to the place where an amateur radio operator’s radio sending and receiving apparatus is located and operated. The term originally meant that part of a ship where the radio apparatus was located and operated. This is the inspiration for the name ‘RadioShack’.

    In military aviation jargon, a “shack” refers to a successful, direct hit on a ground target.

    Both definitions seem spot on to me.

  42. Theo Sismanides

    DFB, you had no comm lag on producing an aesthetic wavelength and put those beautiful words into music.

    This instant creation is keying us out! I believe aesthetics is many more things than I can understand, thus being above reason, but certainly your’s and Cowboy Poet’s creation is now above reason, hahaha! The hell with reason, man, I have had enough. off to go get a beer and celebrate my dadhood!

    Keep them coming, please, guys!

  43. Theo Sismanides

    Sam, you said it all. It’s coversion of entheta to theta !!! I don’t know what’s happening but I don’t care! It’s gonna be good anyway! hahaha!

    Keep them rolling guys! Indie productions!

  44. Thank you, Cowboy Poet & DFB. Theta collaboration all the way. My appreciation and gratitude for the gift – “my heart soars like a hawk”.

  45. Theo Sismanides

    Victoria! That was a bomb by itself. The Shack is definitely transmitting THETA waves!

  46. A Celebrity Center in our dimension with high volume of theta and mastery in aesthetics. The good magic is following us! WOW! Top shelf!

  47. War and Peace

    DFB and Cowboy Poet.

    Absolutely lovely. I listened to it 3x straight.
    It was a treat

  48. That is so beautiful. It brought wonderful emotions to the surface. It showed me what beautiful beings are in this independent group that got into Scientology originally for all the right reasons. Big Bright Beautiful Thetans with gifts and Love to share with each other. Thankyou.

  49. And may I add to this…

    Thank you to all the past whistle blowers.

  50. Amazing!

  51. “… The rehabilitation of that art-ability of a culture is a tremendously valid undertaking and will repay a culture a thousand times over for any effort made in that direction.” LRH, Science of Survival P. 483 (newest)

    Nicely done guys!

  52. I’m shaking my head. I can’t believe I left this bit out:

    “…A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.” SOS p.483 (newest)

  53. C of M = Entheta
    Independent Field = Theta

  54. WOW.
    Thanks CP and DFB for starting such a snowball effect that results in an abudance of theta.

    C of M = Entheta
    Independent Field = Theta

    stats are up.


  55. WOW!!!!
    VVVWD guys!!!!!
    Love all your stuff cowboy, and as someone who grew up on a ranch and can rope and ride I have a great amount of ARC for cowboys.Real cowboys are about the most down to earth, honest hard working folk you could ever hope to meet, much like real Scientologists. Keep up the great stuff Cowboy Poet!!
    And to DFB, when I heard your first tune,last week I fell in love with your voice and musical talent. To be able to so magically put Cowboys words to music says much about your creative abilities.I look forward to hearing a lot more of your art!
    Also lookin’ forward to hearing your real names when it is safe for you to do so! 😉

  56. one of those who see

    Artistic Colaberation – so theta.

    Just love all you guys! What a wonderful group of people communicating here.

    Wow, Marty – so up the tone scale.

    Dads are so important. i am well up there in age, yet called my Dad yesterday. Said “Hi!, I want my Daddy!” LOL He’s always been there for me. Always.

    The postulate to end Disconnection is extremely strong. This will be a done very soon.

  57. There are more songs on the stovetop.

    I’ve felt like I didnt have anything to say musically for many years. It’s geat to work with Cowboy Poets lyrics. They really communicate something.

    Maybe those words will change some minds. Somebody will listen to them and it will hit home and they will decide to re-open a comm line that shouldnt have been shut down.

    Thanks everybody for your comments.

  58. It was meant to be. Thanks, V.

    Cowboy and DFB – beautiful!

  59. That was beautiful Cowboy Poet and DFB. I agree with Windhorse that this should be shared on youtube.

  60. I like it.

  61. It was really super to hear this sung — music intensifies the communication. Thank you for writing it, Cowboy Poet, and thank you for setting it to music, DFB.

    Never underestimate the power of a song or a poem to provide company and encouragement for eons!

    This Father’s Day I thought about my father — how 3 words he spoke to me once: “I’m proud of you” — sustained me through obstacles; how his encouragement and belief in me was comfort, strength. Living up to that belief others place in us is sweeter than any paycheck ever written!

    Lyrics and songs provide company and support to our noblest Nature and are sometimes the only comfort a person has through a long, dark night.

    Those who have come before us — poets, painters, songwriters, creators of all kinds — are my saints . When things seems bleak, the dreamers remind us … All the beauty is not a mere Dream, it is the breath that animates all life. It is the fabric of what we are!

    You’ve put the belief of a unconditional love into words and music — so Life is singing your praises for giving the world that resource against despair and anything that would make less of the human spirit.

    beautiful! Thank you!!

  62. Cowboy Poet and DFB,

    Wow, this is just beautiful! You two are wonderful artists. Thanks so much for this.

    I think we have an astonishing quantity of talent here in this group. And this take it to a new level, with online collaboration. Cowboy asked and DFB responded. Talk about no comm lag!

    This song is a big key-out. Thanks, guy!


  63. Thanks for the explanation, Victoria. I didn’t know any of that.

    Let’s just call Marty’s place the “Theta Shack.”

  64. That really says it, OTGirl. How true!

  65. That is a great poem, totally theta.

  66. Lady Lancelot

    Great voice! Wonderful song! Thank you for sharing your create.

  67. Dean Detheridge

    T’is a beautiful thing that’s happening here.

    Good on ya’ guys.

    And as it’s my first post here – a special thanks to you Marty for catalyzing a much needed evolution.


  68. And welcome to Diana Dubin — (we had a few posts about Evening and Celebration of the Arts – I believe you were part of that – in it’s good days 🙂

    Nice to see you here – hope you are well!!


  69. LRH: Extract from ILLUSION PROCESSING given on November 1952 (R&D Vol 12 page 16-17),

    “Don’t you dare lose your nerve.

    “’Don’t you dare lose your nerve’ isn’t given you so much because the rest of us would be terribly disappointed in you, or because you’d probably be receiving summonses from all various parts of the country about this horrible thing which you have done to this preclear – it’s your self-respect. It doesn’t matter how many planets you blow up, or how many galaxies you collapse. It doesn’t matter a damn! Just don’t lose your self-respect.

    “Before you take one inch backwards on the question of your self-respect, go through anything. Go through anything. Permit yourself to be killed, permit yourself to be dragged in the streets with wild horses, permit yourself to be put on a rack, burned alive, anything. There is nothing more painful than losing your self-respect.

    “Funny. And that’s what you’re playing with when you say, ‘I haven’t got enough nerve.’ The only really vital possession which you have is your self-respect.”


  70. Marty,
    I may need some help. Would it be OK for me to e-mail you directly?

  71. martyrathbun09


  72. Hi Diana,
    I used to hear your name at Flag a lot. I believe you were married to Dennis Dubin, whom I knew. How is he doing? Are you still married to him?

    Glad to see you here — what a surprise! Yes, it seems your name was connected with the Arts, but I am unfamiliar with what you did. Could we have a brief history?

    Hope to be hearing more from you on this blog.

    ML, Lady Minn

  73. Dear 8 8008,

    Love your handle!!!

    Thank you so much for this quote from LRH. I have never seen this, and it is an important one. I have seen references alluding to this concept before, but this one really says it loud and clear! I needed this one! Wow, this blog is so great — you always seem to get what you need.

    Thanks Marty for giving us this platform to share all this theta, and now share all this ART!

    ML, Lady Minn

  74. Freetothink

    Very Thetha! Thank you!

  75. Wow. Thank you for posting that 8 8008! One more of the amazing gifts LRH gave us .. and why so many love him. I never cease to be touched and humbled by what a friend he is to me, to every being.

  76. Treat the Scientology well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.

  77. one of those who see

    Dear 8 8008,

    Thanks for the quote!! Just printed it out. Needed that one today.

    To LRH Hip Hip Hooray!

  78. Hi Diana,

    I remember Evening in Celebration of the Arts with great pleasure. Those were such wonderful evenings in the Crystal ballroom. Totally theta events! (At least in the 80’s.)

    Welcome to the group. It would be wonderful to hear what youi’ve been doing and to hear a lot more from you in general. 🙂

  79. Welcome to the group, Dean! 🙂

  80. I just listened to this and wow, thank you -this is really really good!!

  81. Lady Minn Arcan

    Oh my another Minn on the loose. Good luck to you.

    The original Minn was a vampire on line.

    It was a character I played once upon a time. Then I had a heart attack and some memory loss.

  82. Hubbard alive. Lives at spalding bridge apts (apt 46 or 48 ground floor right hand side)
    Miscavige plays boths sides of fence with Hubbard) He probably needs actual friends that don’t lie to him or keep him on any kind of drug.

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