LRH-trained Class XII C/S Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch

We’ve told Miscavige time and again, do not mess with a mother’s nature. Try as we have, he just won’t listen.

He now has Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch to deal with.  Karen is an empire  builder; she excels at acquiring territory and turf .  She is a true friend to LRH and a legend from the early years of the Sea Org. Today, she is a very successful and influential businesswoman, internationally recognized as a leading expert in her field.  We consider Karen one of our dearest friends and a highly valuable player in the Independence movement. 

 – Mike and Marty


I have done a huge amount of soul searching and given a lot thought to exiting DM’s “church”. It is not easy to make such a decision to walk away from what has been an integral part of your life for decades.  I had planned to withdraw my support (and stop the considerable flow of funds I had poured into the Church) and remain relatively quiet behind the scenes. But then everything changed, when once again, the Church of MEST decided to try to destroy my family.

Let me provide just a little background to put things in context.

Flagship Apollo

In the early 70’s I traveled to the Flag Ship Apollo as a public. I took just one suitcase, for a planned 10 day stay. I had trained up through Class VIII at Saint Hill in the UK and decided to celebrate my  graduation with a Mediterranean Cruise and some auditing. And I also really did want to meet LRH.

A ship is a tight knit group and everyone gets to know the comings and goings.  I had barely been aboard 3- 4 days when one of the first LRH Watch Messengers (someone who was with LRH for 8 hours a day), Janis Gillham, found me in the bowels of the ship. She had a message from the Commodore.  I looked up at her startled that she knew my name.  Her message was: “The Commodore asked if you have finished your auditing, and if so, would you like to join the Sea Organization?” I was silent for a moment. I felt a rush of excitement. My life was about to change in one second. I told Janis to tell the Commodore I would be honored to join his team. About 20 minutes later I met LRH on the Promenade Deck and received his congratulations. Janis told me later she knew of no other person who was invited to join the Sea Org personally by LRH.

And boy, I sure have some rare LRH stories to tell.  I must tell them on this blog.  The LRH Biography staff  spent 2 days debriefing me for these stories about 3 years ago.  Of course they will be deleted now that I am a Proud SP.  So I will preserve these anecdotes for posterity on Marty’s blog.  And based on the track record of Miscavige, the Biography will never be completed anyway as the person who is supposed to be writing it is instead his personal speechwriter. 

I soon discovered that a “Field Class VIII” did not mean a Flag Class VIII.  And so I re-did all my internships and then trained up to Class XII with LRH as the CS overlooking the folders and giving final TR passes. I won several “Auditor of the Year” awards and was personally commended by LRH 9 times.  I was a high producer as part of LRH’s Flag technical team. I am the last LRH trained Class XII that belonged to Church of Miscavology.  All other XIIs died, left the Church, or were declared.  And now, I will proudly join the ranks of those who have been declared for withdrawing their support for the SP that is destroying the life’s work of LRH.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

I am sure you can imagine my reaction first to the “Golden Age of Tech” and then to “The Basics” events where DM in his infinite arrogance put down and invalidated all prior training and auditing. A relative handful of us kept the delivery high and the Gross Income rolling in, month after month, year in and year out.  Half a dozen Class XIIs were the main source of income for the FSO.  We kept the ship afloat with delivery of the Ls and other auditing, so LRH could continue his research and overlook and guide Scientology’s growth and impact. I sat at those events and literally watched Miscavige assume the (false) position of the new Messiah. HE WAS GOING TO IMPROVE ON LRH!  

Those of us who worked on LRH lines knew very well, that LRH did not sell botched overt products.  Every single facet and characteristic of LRH was to improve and upgrade the quality of life as best he knew. Now, in strutted Mr. Arrogance to inform everyone that they were incompetent, out tech, unknowing fools and that he had slaved feverishly to correct all the mistakes LRH had made (of course, there was a lot of PR and hype, but read through the bs and this is what he was saying). I audited 1000s of hours under LRH.  I called FNs the way LRH wrote the definition. Not the David Miscavige definition.  All those Ls and special Flag Rundowns delivered throughout the 1970s and 1980s did not incorporate the DM definition.  In those years, I do not recall a single request for refund, missed withhold or trouble made for the pc in all the people I audited.

This is not to say I did not live a life of dread. The registrars David Light, Sonia Jacques etc. would get the Tours to sell huge blocks of auditing to No-Case Gain pcs. They were all dumped in the Class XII HGC for a miracle cure.  I was the Class XII C/S.  Jeff Walker, the Senior CS and I lived a life of daily combat over this.  The stats of Flag Service Org were climbing nicely and Jeff wanted all pcs handled in the Class XII HGC.   I was concerned about the well-being of LRH’s org and not to create a disaster with an illegal pc. I saw the future YEARS and YEARS before Lisa McPherson happened.  It was just a matter of time. I cared very much to protect the Flag Land Base and on my watch, there was no death, no suicide, no one in my HGC under my CSing or auditing hit the skids.

Miscavige orders Heber to divorce me

Karen and Heber's wedding day

From early 1982 to 1987 I worked at OSA International.  I had married Heber in 1978 and when he became President CSI in 1982 and was located in Los Angeles I transferred there to be with him.  I had the grandiose title of “Presidential Aide” (Heber’s Assistant)   One day I was summoned with Heber to INT base and it did not sound good.  Upon arrival, Mike Sutter (then CO OSA Int) who had the previous week presented me with OSA “Staff Member of the Week” award,  questioned me about a sentence I had told someone in FSO about Vicki Aznaran and Jesse Prince’s removal from RTC (Vicki was Inspector General). Even though this fact was Broad Public Issue a few days later, distributed in everyone’s in-basket, I paid for that goof dearly.  I had committed out-security and this was used as a justification to destroy our marriage.

I was confined to the Int base and not allowed to return to Los Angeles to pick up a change of clothes. I did heavy deck work in the same underwear and dress for 10 days. It was humiliating. One sweats on the decks.  It is HOT in Gilman Hot Springs.  I was not “trusted” to return to Los Angeles to pick up clothes and toiletries.

At this point, I spoke up.  I went to Jackson, Security Chief (who posts here — Greetings Jackson!)  and announced that nobody had the right to keep me against my will. I called it kidnap. I said they were breaking the laws of the land.  I tend to speak up and meet things head on — I am not the silent suffering type.   Well, that caused an explosion.  My car keys were promptly taken away and I was put on  increased hours of sec checking.  And no surprise, that sec checking became wilder and wilder.  Was I a psychiatric case?  Had I been institutionalized? (LOL I had been in the Church since I was a teenager) Had I been implanted?  Was I sent in by the FBI? Was I an IRS agent or plant?  ROFL!  Yes, I can laugh now.  But it is not funny when this is run on you for hours, days, weeks and you cannot leave the base.  It was 6 months of hell.  Someone wrote on another site: “Under the totalitarian regime in Russia those that objected to the program were by definition ‘mentally ill’ as only a person who was mentally ill would be against the people’s paradise.”   What a great quote.  I was not “with the program,” therefore I must be psychiatric…….whoa.    This is DM’s “Church.”

The years of performance, the stellar products, the Auditor of the Year awards year in and year out, all wiped out in one nanosecond.  I did not agree to be kidnapped against my will at Int Base, therefore I must be psychiatric — even though I was one of 6 people on planet Earth that trained to Class XII CS. On reflection, those 6 months of kidnap and being imprisoned against my will at Int Base should have been reported to Law Enforcement at that time. But it would not occur to an SO member to do that.   You just could not think that way when you are in, even though kidnap is a felony.  I know now that was an overt because the same brutality has been repeated and even expanded in the 23 years since; witness the horrors of “the Hole” where Heber still resides.

I later learned from other sources that the whole 6 months incident was carrying out the DM order to get Heber to divorce me.  Either get the evidence through sec checks that could be used to show him I was a plant or a psych case, or break me and make me act in a psychotic fashion that would prove it to him that way.  Heber was sent to Germany and I was forbidden to use the phone, talk to Heber or talk to anyone other than my “handlers.” Lockdown.

Eventually the strategy worked. There was no way of fighting it.

Now, this was more than 20 years ago and DM has gotten progressively worse since. The Hole is a reflection of the insane deterioration of DM’s ability to see the value of a Staff Member.  Especially a dedicated SO member.

In 1990 I routed out of the Sea Org.  I endured months of Sec Checking but did all the right things on the route out.  In 20 years it never occurred to me to be hostile towards the Church. I remained a “good” Scientologist, funding libraries, buying all the new releases, showing up at events, giving AOLA $250,000 in the space of 3 years, and even embroiling myself in things of a more confidential nature to support the Church. I’ve had 20 years since my departure from the Sea Org to step out of line. I never did. And when the inevitable doubts crept in, I would think of my time track with LRH and just keep on going.

Karen, after recovering from Int and succeeding in the business world.

Alexander Jentzsch and Office of Special Affairs

Heber and I had a son in 1984 — Alexander Jentzsch.  He was born and raised in the Sea Org.

When Alexander was 11 years old (he had left the SO with me in 1990 when he was 6 and had then been regged to return to the SO when he was 10), Heber and I were both located in Los Angeles and Alexander was at Flag.  He was being used as a child slave laborer at the Fort Harrison, with no schooling or study time – instead cleaning toilets and floors in the Fort Harrison lobby 10-12 hours a day.  I called OSA multiple times to tell them this violated the laws of the land.  Finally I threatened that if it was not handled I would fly to Clearwater and extract him myself. OSA put him on a plane to Los Angeles within 24 hours.

Alexander was born in Scientology and knows nothing else. The culture is deeply embedded in him.

Fast forward to 3 years ago.  Alexander is now married and his wife Andrea is pregnant. Pressure is brought to bear for an abortion. It is done skillfully – no heavy threats, but both are both taken off post and made to look at “the greatest good”.  The message was loud and clear. Alexander called me multiple times a day as this goes down. All of the while his father, Heber, is uncontactable in lockdown in Miscavige’s Hole.  In the end, Andrea had an abortion and they were returned to post. But she never gets over it and feels she has committed an overt of magnitude.

3 years later she is pregnant again.  She really does want to be a mom. But now, times have changed. Claire and Mark Headley and  Laura Decrescenzo’s lawsuits, media and the internet have caused the Church to re-think their enforced abortion policy.

This time Alexander and Andrea are routed out with ” love”.  Kirsten Caetano, in charge of External Security at OSA, befriends Alexander in an unnatural, unheard of way. She arranges for his apartment rent to be paid. Helps arrange and approves him working for a Scientologist owned company at a very high wage, and gives him lots of sympathy and compassion. She strokes his feathers every way she can.  He is given $3500 after he signs a bunch of documents on video. God knows he signed his life away, though of course the documents are worthless and Alexander was not given a copy of what he signed.

Psych Ops.

I keep hearing from Alexander how WONDERFUL Kirsten is. She gives him all her phone numbers: berthing, cell and work, and she is just a click away on email. Ahhhhhhhh.  Feel the love….

Then Marty and Mike posted the blog on Heber ( Alexandar has a huge ongoing upset that Heber has not seen him in 6 YEARS.  Even though he is a dedicated Sea Org member and can put up with a lot “for the cause”, it makes no sense to him (it shouldn’t) that he cannot see or talk to his father. It is a BIG  button.  Heber was born on October 30th 1935. He is 75 years old. And he is incarcerated at Int Base and he has been for years.  Miscavige has not permitted any family time for Heber to see Alexander.

But the magic of Marty’s blog. Within 36 hours of that posting, Heber comes down to Los Angeles and spends 8 hours with Alexander for the first  time in 6 years. Heber has a cell phone number he gives Alexander and promises to attend a family re-union of his brothers and sisters in August with Alexander.

Wow, what a change! Thanks Marty and Mike!

Scroll forward to a few days ago. I ask Alexander if he wished Heber “Happy Father’s Day”. He said he had called but could not get through.  Heber no longer has a cell phone. And when he calls Alexander back he informs him that he will not be going to the family reunion, but will see Alexander next… at Christmas!! 

I am outraged and try to communicate about this but Alexander shuts me down. I feel Kirsten’s presence in the comm cycle. How dare I question authority or hint that there may be something wrong in the world of Miscavige!  The Thought Police scrambled into action.

Last night, Alexander was directed by his OSA handlers to guide me to an entheta site on line (entheta about Marty, Mike and even me).  He actually tried to get me to read entheta about myself!! I will not tolerate my son being manipulated against me and when he began screaming at me to “get my shit squared away with OSA or lose him as a son,” I knew that the body snatchers had him firmly in their grasp. For any that think I am in error airing private mother/son stuff on the web, the scene of the church infiltrating and turning my son against me is something that must be exposed.

Mike Rinder went through this when 7 people assaulted him in that parking lot. His own daughter, Taryn, was screaming at him for being an SP.

The internet backlash as a result was enormous. People found the behavior of the C of M appalling and horrifying.  But, the leopard cannot change his spots. Just another OSA op.  Seems the latest ploy is a new twist on “family leverage” that would make Terl proud.  But, once again, they have delivered a massive footbullet.  I was content to withdraw my support at the start of 2010 and remain relatively quiet. All that changed yesterday. If OSA thought they would control me by using Alexander as a pawn, it backfired.

Every time Alexander is used by OSA I will faithfully post every detail on the web, so that the “Office of COB” can see that the world knows and understands their dirty tricks. 

Sometimes it is fun to be underestimated.

But we live in a world of instant digital communication.  Marty’s site gets 50,000 hits a WEEK !

We can let sunshine disinfect.

My life is good now. I am highly successful, healthy, wealthy and wise. I have no doubt who my true and dear friends are – they are the people who read this blog every day. And I have no doubt that I will dedicate myself to preventing the destruction of LRH’s legacy by the SP David Miscavige.  This is my Doubt Formula announcement.

Anyone who wants to contact me privately can do so at:  Home page:

622 responses to “LRH-trained Class XII C/S Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch

  1. Karen,
    Thank You for all you do!
    Love Mosey

  2. Wow Karen! What a story! I am glad you are out here and still fighting.

    It is embarrassing to me that the C of M does not f**king learn anything!!! Same black op. Same playbook. Piloting Scn into the ground!

  3. Success Story

    Oh my! Another successful Scientologist who made it! I remember Karen a tiny bit more brunette but she didn’t age one day in 30 years.

  4. Karen, Wow! I have missed you over all these years. Great to reconnect with family! Its a shame we have to meet on the outside due to the abuse of disconnection and the definition of SP. We all know who the real SP is. I remember, that message run to you from LRH asking you to join the SO – that was a rarity. Plus many more message runs as you interned under LRH all the way up to Class XII.
    I know it took alot for you to step out and lay your story out for everyone. Things will get better. You and I have known Rinder since he was on the ship with us- for over 40 years the three of us have been friends, so you know you can trust him and also Marty who I have known for over 30 years – though each time I hear stories of PI watching over Marty, I think, pay back can be a bitch – (Marty your supposed to laugh at this statement). Anyway, welcome home, you are among friends. Your step-step
    daughter (lol)

  5. I am moved almost beyond words right now. I was on staff at CCLA from 1976-1986, and so saw both you and Heber from a distance. I am so thankful and appreciative of your post, what a true friend to LRH and all Scientologists you are. Sunshine does disinfect, and the light you have added with this post is immeasurable. Thank you.

  6. Wow Karen!!!
    I’m speechless…but absolutely thrilled at your courage and this post.
    A burst of theta just hit the universe big time!
    I’ll get in touch but check out if you haven’t already.
    Love ya!

  7. Watching Eyes

    Wow, just wow! You are so right that sunshine disinfects and boy are you ever shining the light on some very dirty deeds of this “church”.

    The dwarf and his minions sure misjudged you. They thought you’d slink quietly away. Ha! Checkmate!!

  8. martyrathbun09

    Janis, yeah, cracking up…

  9. earthmother

    Wow. Just Wow. What else can I say?
    You are brave, and a lioness not to be crossed. Good for you!
    The saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is nothing compared to the wrath of a mother denied.
    Welcome to the light, and know that I am writing Heber each week, praying that he receives my cards. If not, at least those who handle the mail will read and see my kind words to him.
    Blessings to you.

  10. What an incredible story, Karen. Thank you so much for telling it. I thought my ordeals as an OT7 public were gruesome but they pale in comparison to what you and other SO staff have gone through.

  11. Tony DePhillips


    WOW!!! WOW!!!

    Karen you are an ICON and this is going to hit DM where it hurts. I used to see you around AOLA in the 80’s. You were a celebrity ever since I knew of you.

    I totally admire what you are doing. You are a true hero and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


    p.s. Thanks Marty and Mike for exposing the Heber situation and bringing all this to the fore-front!! 🙂

  12. VWD, Karen! I am so glad to have you as an Independent. Welcome!



  13. Thanks Mosey.
    You are one theta bunny.

  14. Thank you John Doe.

    What I left in 1990, it was not the Sea Org LRH invited me to join.

    Now, in 2010 it has morphed into a DM invention of continued abuse but beautiful new buildings…

  15. Success Story:
    Thank you.
    I made it beyond anything I could have imagined.
    The relentless pursuit to move upward and forward….

  16. Doc "Smith"

    Hi Karen, welcome here. You’ve been a stable thetan in our quest for a saner and happier world, and we can still work to achieve that out here in the wide world. Thanks for your theta and for continuing in the good fight.

  17. Such an amazing WOW of communication this is!!

    Karen, thank you SO MUCH for this. The power and clarity of your words, your intention. Boy does it shine through!

    I heard you speak at an event in Denver in about 1975 or 76 and have always wondered about what effects you have been creating.

    This is a HUGE one!

    Another stride forward for Freedom!

  18. Thank you Janis

    You are family. I recall how you would wait outside my auditing room on the Flag ship Apollo ~~ getting me to write up the latest LRH research session ~~ ahhhh those were the days. And the message runs from the boss to me ~~~

    I am proud of the fact that like you, we never once were busted even though we were on direct LRH lines. We never hit the skids on the Apollo, neither did Mike Rinder. We handled the ultra high randomity with flying colors.

    We are old Apollo crew and we take care of our own…..

  19. Hello our theta and beautiful Karen,

    Great meeting you on this blog. Your post gave me chills all over. Thank you for being here for LRH and Heber J.
    I love you for telling the truth and helping to get ethics in on DM.

    Hope to meet you in person soon.

  20. Thanks Chris.
    I was Senior CS CC INT (or CCLA as it was known then) for about a year when it was on La Brea. Perhaps you knew me then ?

  21. Karen – what a terrific write up.

    When you said:

    “Every time Alexander is used by OSA I will faithfully post every detail on the web, so that the “Office of COB” can see that the world knows and understands their dirty tricks.

    Sometimes it is fun to be underestimated.”

    you got me grinning from ear to ear and thinking this is a true blue Indie version of “go ahead, make my day”!

  22. Greetings David.
    Thanks very much indeed for the “Free Heber” site.

    He is still in the SP Hole.
    From all accounts David Miscavige hates Heber.
    I endured hell up at INT Base for 6 months.

    Heber has endured it for 6 years….

  23. This is the best yet.

  24. Hello and welcome home Karen.
    Your account was very moving. Your immense strength and grace shines througout your post. I am quite moved.
    I never got to meet you but Heber was a good friend to me back in the sixties and early seventies. I have always loved him as the true, theta being that he is. It kills me to know that he is still in the hole.
    Thank you for your post.
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  25. Hello new friend!

    Pleased to meet you.

    I worked with Heber a lot back when he was DG at CCLA. He always had a smile, and he always made feel as if I mattered to him.

    He deserves more respect than any SO member I ever knew.

    A priority effort on the part of members of this blog should be to rescue him from his prison.

  26. Freedom Fighter

    Man, two days in a row that I’m speechless!! WOW!!!

    This is how David Miscavige treats a CL XII C/S WHO WAS TRAINED BY LRH!!

    Geeze, what more proof do you need, people?

    Welcome, Karen, and thank you SO much for your story. It’s truly an honor to have you here.

  27. Great story and congratulations on disconnecting from the “Church” of MEST. Hopefully your son will soon see the light too.

  28. You never mess with a momma Bear and her cubs, You will be shredded and left for dead!

  29. “Sometimes it is fun to be underestimated.”

    Oh, girlfriend, truer words were NEVER spoken!

    Just Me

  30. Watching Eyes,

    Thank you. I do believe you are right on.
    I was greatly misjudged.

    I have a huge amount of trump cards in my back pocket and am waiting to see what”Office of COB” will do next…….

  31. Karen, welcome out. I remember admiring your accomplishments as an auditor when you came to speak at OC years ago.

  32. Thank you Earth Mother.

    I don’t know if Heber receives the mail. It is absolutely against the law to tamper with US mail or interfere with it, but it is done all the time in the prison known as Int Base.

  33. Karen,

    Your full bore charge over the ramparts announcement, done with your usual plus, was wonderful to read.

    We are so glad you are among friends, so many friends.

    Lucy and Haydn

  34. Dear Maurice,

    I glossed over much of my horror stories. All in good time…. Thanks Maurice.

  35. Wow Karen! It amazes me how the C of M still doesn’t get that you don’t try to come between a mother and her child.

    I’m so glad that you are going to expose any attempts to do just that.

  36. Hello Karen,

    What a wonderful posting and announcement! Thank you for everything you have done and are doing. We are lucky to have you.


  37. My dear Tony,

    Thank you indeed. Your coming out with your dear wife was significant to the whole community as well.

    I know how it feels when C of M take large sums of money and then discards you as SP.

    This is DM not LRH.

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  39. Wonderful to have you here Karen!
    You are definitely a big boost of theta and energy to the cause.

  40. Thank you Meisha.
    Where do I go to sign up as an independent?
    Is there another site or only Steve Halls
    Leaving Scientology?”

  41. Karen, A giant welcome for a giant being! Very proud as we all are to see you set a stellar example of sanity and courage.

    ~Steve Hall

  42. Thank you Mark.
    That was very very nice.

  43. Smiling today!

  44. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for your post. Sort of reminds me of the following clip:


    Tom Gallagher

  45. Gary ~~

    The FSO flew me all over the world for some 3 years as Guest Speaker for the Flag World Tours.

    An eval was done, and on survey I was considered Top Speaker and Top Money earner for FSO. I received many trophy jackets and shirts with the legend

    I have earned my stripes. I contributed massively to FSO from the time we landed in Daytonna til 1982

    OSA and DM utterly blew it in the last 48 hours……

    It should not have come to this. i.e. Alexander and me.

  46. Thank you TRUTH.

    I do look forward to meeting you as well.


  47. Yay!! Tell Geir yet another Amazing Person has surfaced over here!!

    Thank you for your story!

    I hope to meet you someday – I hope to meet all of you wonderful people!


  48. MissBridgett


    Thank you for sharing this very personal and important story. What heart and spirit you have! I am so moved, there are hardly words that can express what I feel when reading about your experiences. From one mother to another…I have deepest understanding of the love you have for your son and daughter-in-law…as well as for your ex-husband…who was removed from your life…by force and coercion. And now imprisioned against his will by a band of criminals and thugs…at the behest of an evil small greedy and sick psychopathic little man. Can someone say *kidnap* and *false imprisonment*…of a fine and good man who has done no harm and has dedicated his life to helping others. He had better be alive and well…

    Sometimes, the power of *ONE* soft voice grows slowly but steadily stronger with the power of many…for freedom…for justice…and because of a mother’s love…

    “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” – Theodore Roosevelt

    For LRH, and Heber…for Andrew….and all other innocents who’s lives have been harmed or destroyed…and for ALL of US…may justice, love & TRUTH prevail…


  49. Youch!

  50. Hi Karen
    Many congratulations – I remember you so well from the early days at St Hill and later at Flag. You always emanated enormously high levels of ARC for everyone.
    You look incredibly well and your success is impressive.
    Good to have you on the outside.
    Love, Robin

  51. Thank you Marta.
    I appreciate you as a team player.
    Sometimes your posts are sassy and make me laugh.
    Sassy Marta !

  52. X Sea Org.

    Thank you. Ex SO can duplicate Ex So.
    Thanks again.

  53. Fellow Traveller

    No words. Just more tears. Tears of sorrow for the transgressions. Tears of joy for the hope this brings.

    Thank you very much for this demonstration of OT.

    Bruce Pratt

  54. Marsha.
    Thank you for saying “welcome home”.
    I like that very much.
    You might have heard Heber sing “Old Blue”
    (the beloved dog that died)

  55. Karen,

    I am soooo happy that you are here!!! I had the greatest pleasure to meet and help both you and Heber way back in ’85 (if memory serves) at AOLA. I was the guy that went to your apartment and helped fix I believe was the big standing bookshelf. You and Heber were living right across the street from AOLA. Your apt was on the street as I remember. I was there doing OT-IV and V and the PDC Course. I was elated to help out any way I was able and remember with great fondness meeting you both. I believe I also helped out with your car too. The transmission needed fixing.

    Well anyhow I totally admire you both and that the both of you have remained a very great pleasure moment in my life (what the heck, the whole time track to come, too!)

    I do so welcome you and I will do my very best OT-8 postulates for your gift to us and to Heber’s coming home. You are both my HEROS!!!

    Gary (aka ΘTater)

  56. Hey Gary / OTater,

    We did the PDC course together! Small world, eh? LOVED that course!

    Just Me

  57. Mark Fisher

    Wow is right Karen!!! It is great to see you again. I don’t know if you remember me, but we met back in the late 70’s at the FLB when you were a Class XII Auditor and I was the LRH Comm Estates working with Mick Davies.

    Then of course I worked for DM for years during the 80s. I remember when you were brought to the Int base and were treated so bad.

    Now I work together with Janis here in Las Vegas. You are very welcome to visit us anytime.

    Don’t worry. Your son is going to come around and Heber I bet will be free soon. Too much Theta out here postulating it into existence!

  58. Freedom Fighter

    “I audited 1000s of hours under LRH. I called FNs the way LRH wrote the definition. Not the David Miscavige definition. All those Ls and special Flag Rundowns delivered throughout the 1970s and 1980s did not incorporate the DM definition. In those years, I do not recall a single request for refund, missed withhold or trouble made for the pc in all the people I audited.”

    Compare that with the robotic, out-ARC auditors being spit out these days by DM’s squirrel factory . . .

  59. Tory Christman

    Great job! Excellent post, and once again C of S
    throws a kind, highly trained, hard working person (who has literally *tons* of stories) under to bus. Great job, OSA!
    (I’ve learned over my 10 years out, we can count on them, ~every~ single time).

    I know myself, and many others had planned to leave quietly, “Under the radar”. It was only after the “church” picking at me that I finally got ticked and realized “I have a voice, too!~”
    So I’m thrilled that you, Karen, have joined
    all of us. And I know for some, they will feel “Tory isn’t part of “us”. Well, here’s the truth: Yes, there are many different views out here, and I respect each person’s right to free speech. I find that THE most refreshing of all–it’s a key reason I left C of S, in July of 2000.

    “In” there really is no more free speech, as you know, Karen, from your family now. They’re being “Handled” and thankfully, you are courageous enough to look, see and share your story with all. Just remember, by doing so you are helping WAY more people than you can imagine.

    And I have absolute certain ALL of your family,
    including Heber, shall get out. My love and thanks to you, Karen 🙂 Welcome!
    Tory/Magoo~”in” for 30 years, escaped out in 2000: free at LAST!

  60. Welcome, Karen. This is for you…

  61. Tony DePhillips


  62. Tory Christman

    Correction: Certainty not certain for “I have absolute certainty that your family…..”
    I do. I have an expression you may have seen, that I post to DM:
    Tick tock, Tick tock, Time is on *our* side!
    “Your can run, but you cannot hide”.
    He can’t. He’s on a dead end street, as are all following him. So hopefully your lovely son shall read up, study the FACTS and WTFU and leave…coming home. 🙂

  63. Tony DePhillips

    Marty, I have to say that you da MAN!!

  64. Dear Karen,

    Tonight I kept thinking about you. How funny to now see your announcement! You have a wonderful ability to tell it like it is. Wishing you all the best.


  65. Doug Parent

    Best wishes for your son and the hopes he will be reunited with his father sooner than later. Thank you for everything you are doing, have done, and will do. Your presence here and communication is very very valuable and highly appreciated.

  66. Hi Karen,

    It’s great to hear your announcement. I hope you’ll join the site created for Independents at the following link:

  67. Quicksilver


    What a tale so far … I can hardly wait for the 2nd instalment … No doubt your speaking out will shake the timbers of this little universe .

    I am stunned to learn that all Class XIIs that trained under LRH are out/gone, etc. Sheer lunacy on DM’s part.

    I knew Heber & Yvonne back in the early ’70s … such kind & gentle souls. No being deserves the type of treatment that David Miscavige & crew have dished out – it is simply entheta and insanity.

    Thankfully, there are many like you to expose DM’s true intentions & activities. He will scream & fight, but, there is no going back. He knows he has lost.

    I look forward, as you, to the day you & your family are re-united … and it will happen.

    Thanks, Karen – you are a sweetie!

  68. Freetothink

    What a story! What a being! You exude ARC!

    We’ve never met but the very first time I met Alex I knew he must have an incredible Mother (I already knew he had an incredible Father :-)). You’re son is a very big being & a very special Thetan. I trust he will not keep you out of his life for very long. You have my very best postulates for a very rapid reconciliation.

    A big welcome amongst us! Sending you a big hug,


  69. Hello Karen! What a theta boost I got from hearing of how you joined the S.O!!! I can feel the love!
    I appreciate your amazing dedication as an auditor. I’ve just gotten from you a HUGE theta boost for my own purpose to continue on that path as well.
    Protecting my children was the catalyst for my leaving mission staff myself and I am so glad I protected them. I can duplicate the warning you give quite clearly and your exposing truth will definitely produce change in the real world, I know it!
    I am so happy to “meet” you and now admire you~a Class XII~trained by LRH~OMG is all I can say about that! You know how Life is supposed to be, for real, the way LRH said.
    I could ramble. I’m awestruck.
    Awesome to have you out and communicating! 🙂

  70. Dear MissBridgett,

    Thank you for this. You are a Mommy bear and you understand.

    Destroying the family (2nd) for the DM SO 3rd dynamic will eventually, in the long run, not work.


  71. I knew and worked with Alex at PAC in the event unit. I considered him a good friend when I was in the Sea Org. When I was getting ready to route out, he did his best to get me to change my mind. We had a few good times together. He was a heck of a product officer, and everybody liked him, you could never hide anything from him, somehow he had a knack for finding things out. I remember going out on town with him a few times on tour, and he was always in ARC with whoever he encountered, and seemed to have this natural ability to hold long interesting comm cycles with whomever. He loved working on the “front lines” and genuinely wanted everybody to succeed. Needless to say, I have a lot of respect for him still to this day.

    I can understand, why he is being taken care of by the church. As there are plenty of people especially in LA who know Alex, and like him, if he were to start speaking up negatively about the church, or expressing doubt, that would be very bad news for the church as people would listen to him. I realize all Alex knows is Scientology(and Lord of the Rings), but it is sickening that he is being used against his own mother, and I hope that he does his own research, not directed by OSA, about the current scene. I sincerely hope it works out for both of you.

  72. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Wow! Great announcement. You are obviously a (insert huge number here) megawatt thetan. Judging by the timeline implicit in your story I see you don’t believe in Q and A either. 🙂

    begin subtle hint:
    I bet you could tell some great LRH stories.
    end subtle hint

  73. Thanks Bobo.

    Heber was married to the legendary Yvonne Jentzsch at the time he was DG CCLA. I have hear so very many stories about that time.

    Yes, Heber is still imprisoned.
    He told Alexander that he would be travelling all around promoting the Purification Rundown when he met with Alexander for the first time in 6 years after Mike and Marty did the blog.

    It sounds like that that is cancelled. DM is scared to let Heber move out and freely.
    Heber has seen the madness…….

  74. Thank you Freedom Fighter.

    Love your ID.

    This is what it is about.


  75. Thank you Steve.

    Alexander is reading the Internet now.
    You cannot “un-ring the bell” or put the toothpaste back in the tube……

  76. martyrathbun09

    And the fact DM has scotched the plan indicates Heber – after six years of attitude adjustment – is still not under DM’s thumb.

  77. Dear Lucy,

    Can’t wait to meet you and Hadyn.
    Did you know that Marty, Haydn and I did a mission together in 1982 ? (New York)

    love Haydn !

  78. Just Me.

    Thank you for the perfect duplication.

  79. I have fond memories of Claire and John Woodruff. I helped out Claire as a CS throughout 1979.

    I was horrified at what was done to John Woodruff the ED of the truly booming Orange County Org.

    He ended up selling $10 paintings on the street…..

  80. Lucy and Haydn.

    Along with Marty and Mike, I consider you my extended family.

    Blood is thicker than water. We go back a long ways together…..

  81. Ne Obliviscaris

    Wow, Karen.

    Your integrity and clear eyed view of the world blow me away.

    It’s also clear to me why you and Heber first got together. What a power couple!

    I know that a being like you speaks without guile or hidden agenda. A formidable foe to DM indeed.

    Well done on coming out. You have inspired me.


  82. Natalie :

    DM’s dirty tricks will be exposed in real time.

    This should not be a “Reality Show”.. as we are protecting LRH’s legacy from a madman.

    There was a time when OSA would haul in someone for a minor offense, like talking to someone in “bad standing.”

    Look how their power is diffused. Thousands of people read their shenanigans in present time as it rolls out. The public share their deepest thoughts. Free Speech and the Internet are here to stay.

    I have thrown down the gauntlet. I know how to play the game.

    All bets are off. Any time DM throws gasoline on this fire, I know what to do….

    If you only knew who else is reading this site…..

  83. Hiding until this weekend


    I’m completely speechless! I have just spent the last few days informing my closest family as to what is really going on inside DM’s church. They all have received it well and see my viewpoint. Today my mom sort of “waffled” a bit and said she sure hopes I’m right.
    She has always loved Heber, as a lot of us do, and when she gets a chance to see that you have stood up for what is right as well – she will no doubt calm down a lot.
    My family will be making an announcement tomorrow. I believe we have received the “dreaded” HCO summons! LMAO. I am no longer controlled by fear of that organization. Instead I’m sad they are all blinded.
    You all will be our new friends!

  84. Thank you very much Christie.
    I hear we will be meeting soon !

  85. Many thanks Axiom38
    Much appreciated

  86. Mark Fisher

    By the way, for those that don’t know, just to show you how highly Karen was regarded at the FSO as an Auditor and C/S, that is David Mayo, Jeff Walker and John Eastment in her wedding party photo. All of them LRH trained and eventually held the post of Senior C/S FSO and Senior C/S International.

  87. Dearest Karen,

    If you keep a lioness away from her cubs, do not be surprised if you get mauled! Roar, sister, roar! You will be heard!

    (mother of 4 sons)

  88. Tory Christman

    Great point, Mark! Quite a group…and almost all out 🙂
    To the few left…..we’re here 4 you. If you’re in LA, call me and I’ll come get you.
    My best, Tory (818) 588-3044

  89. Karen,

    What an amazing story and a very sad one as well. I had heard of you, but didn’t know the story. Great on the doubt formula. You’re definitely out of Non E with the Indies pretty quickly.

    Really great news on the effects of M&M on dear leader and the efficiency of the Web! Free Heber!!!

  90. Dear Steve,

    You are a trailblazer and your site

    was super helpful to me. Reading the stories of veteran after veteran of decades leaving one after another made me think hard.

    For many years, the Sea Org considered the enemy used to be Psychiatry, Time Magazine, CBS, the Readers Digest, Goverment Agencies and so on.

    But your site Steve, enlightened the world that dedicated SO members were trashed and decimated. Even the ones in RTC. The new enemies were long term SO members !
    The likes of Marc Yager, Guillame, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, Heber Jentzsch.

    Good job Steve. You are awesome.


  91. Thank you Nomnon. Thank you

  92. Great video,Amy’s mom!!!

  93. Tom,

    Thank you so much. I watched it.
    Highly recommended Clip.

    Good Catch !

  94. Karen, Wow what a story. You are such a beautiful person and I am so happy you are doing well. I have wondered about you and here you are. You are one strong not to be messed with kind of gal!

    With appreciation and love

  95. Thank you FreeScn.

    I am the product of some 600 hours of DM sec checking, including 100 hours in the FSO in Clearwater in 1990
    AFTER routing out.

    But I was not allowed to start my sec checks til I did a bunch of baby courses.

    What is an ARC Break course
    What is a PTP course
    What is a W/H course.

    This was specifically ordered to humiliate me
    (A Class XII CS).

    Actually, I had fun doing the courses and the clay demos. But the enforcement stuck with me.

    I never went to Flag after those 100 hours.
    It cost me an arm and a leg at “SOLO NOTS” rates.

    Believe it or not, I was run on a Joberg ~~ my 13th Joberg confessional.

    Have you ever run a “baby farm?
    Have you ever smuggled diamonds ?

    All at $700 an hour……

  96. Wow. I’m amazed John Woodruff did that.

    In a weird about-face — that’s how I started when I was in Scientology. After I moved up to Hollywood, I sold artwork door to door.

    For Larry Wollersheim.

  97. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Karen,

    I love the way you create the mystery!!


  98. Dear Jim,

    I very much look forward to meeting you.
    Thanks for your stellar contributions to this blog.

  99. Karen, Yes, WOW — I am speachless as well. I knew you somewhat personally and knew of you when all this at Int was going down and all I can say is that I should apologize for having listened to the BS crap about you at the time. Please do note that I received almost the identical treatment and questions that you did in your 6 months, at a later date in 2000. So I did get mine.
    And even though I already know the truth through my own observations and experiences, the write-up you have shared with us all today is still slap-my-face-astonishing.
    From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being there, and THANK YOU for speaking out. With you aboard, the resolve is that much closer.

  100. Hot Daaang, Karen!

    Thanks for your dedication to LRH & his tech.

    History is in the making for sure Brothers and Sister!

  101. Thank you Robin.
    I lived with Anne Greig, LRH personal librarian at 6 Saint Hill Green for 2 years while I trainedup to Class VIII.

    Irene Thrupp, LRH personal secretary and Anne Greig kind of “adopted” me as some kind of daughter. We had many a meal together while they shared their time track with LRH.
    It was Irene and Anne that inspired me to go to the Apollo ~~ just to meet LRH.

    It was very cloak and dagger.
    John Bond of external comm made me courier special camera equipment for the Commodore and after he took off and I was alone at Gatwick airport with priceless LRH camera equipment, they would not let me board the plane.

    I was in panic mode…..Imagining arriving on the Apollo without LRH camera equipment !
    …long story but I pulled it off.

    Chuck Adams met me in Lisbon…remember Chuck and Bella Adams…what happened to them ?

    When I told LRH the story of how they did not want to let me board with his camera equipment, he laughed out loud at the story and how I pulled it off….then he beamed and gave me a wink with one eye and a nod.

    LRH was incredible with how he acknowledged.

  102. Your Humble Servant


    Thank you for this great story and for your courage. We will all look forwarding to reading your posts about LRH. I know Alex, and I am glad to be updated on what is happening with him and Heber. It will not be too long now before Alexs realizes what the heck has really been going on.

    An additional cost of the suppression that was leveled against you was the loss of one more LRH trained Class XII from auditing on public lines.

    I can completely understand how you acted with such generosity and loyalty toward the present Church structure for so long. I did so as well. We just could not conceive that our church had been stolen/infiltrated/taken over/perverted by an SP and that continuing to contribute to the church we loved was only flowing him power. Although we were slow in realizing it, that has all changed now, thanks in very large part to Marty and Mike.

  103. Reading your announcement is the best start possible of this wednesday morning, Karen. I will post a translated summary here so that the swedish public can learn about this story.

  104. Holy cow, Karen! Imagine my surprise when I wake up this morning, turn on the computer and see your story in 72 point type “above the fold.” Last I knew we were in secretive phone call comm and now this! Wow. I’m sad to read what happened with Alexander. Iwas very hopeful this was all going to go in a different direction but things are changing very fast and your announcement has speeded up the process.

    You have Mariette’s and my respect, love and support.


    (PS, Hey, DM, try getting this genie back in the bottle!)

  105. Hi Karen,

    Great to see you out !
    Your appearance in our independent field has long been hoped for.


  106. Wow.

    “the robotic, out-ARC auditors being spit out these days by DM’s squirrel factory…”

    Freedom Fighter; you need to be audited by me in order to undestand not all new auditors are like that.

    Stop this nonsense comments.
    Read the definition of “natual auditor”.

    Is an invalidation for all the young auditors who have no other choice to become one since we are post-GAT.

  107. Karen
    You were a luminous example to me, and so many spoke highly of you, there was always admiration in your wake…that impressed me and is what I recall from first coming to LA in 1980s.

    I heard everything you say here.

    Your presence is an honor and a joy — a profoundly moving one. I could laugh and cry at once — like seeing the cavalry arrive, the back up, the truly loyal ones, and also at the waste and cruelty you (and Scientology) have endured.

    And as I read your statement, I’m cheering for Marty all over again, and for Mike, and all of those here — with gratitude, love and admiration.

    I’m saddened by what you endured and by the travesties against you as a being, against your family, and against LRH and his legacy, and against you as an auditor. And I’m also outraged.

    Yes, I can imagine exactly what your reaction was that you describe here — in fact, mine was the same!! —>

    I am sure you can imagine my reaction first to the “Golden Age of Tech” and then to “The Basics” events where DM in his infinite arrogance put down and invalidated all prior training and auditing.

    … watched Miscavige assume the (false) position of the new Messiah. HE WAS GOING TO IMPROVE ON LRH!

    Now, in strutted Mr. Arrogance to inform everyone that they were incompetent, out tech, unknowing fools and that he had slaved feverishly to correct all the mistakes LRH had made (of course, there was a lot of PR and hype, but read through the bs and this is what he was saying).

    Exactly. Bingo. I saw it on DVD…I observed the very thing. I reality-checked myself, was I going mad? was something drastically out with me that I observed this? After all, Scientology was expanding, right? NOT!

    Hallelujah the day a lifelong friend asked me, “Do you think David Miscavige beats his staff?” Say what? Hello Google. Hello courageous journalists at the St. Pete Times. Hello and THANK YOU Marty Rathbun for standing up in front of the whole world.

    My reason for assigning the Orgs a condition in the mid 90s has proved to be more gravely systemic than the isolated wonky (albeit felonious, illegal, outrageous) cycles I observed that failed to correct with standard tech/policy.

    And piece by piece, the reality fits in, truth is revealed, we compare notes. I am one of person after person after person after hundreds, thousands of persons who realize: “That happened to you, too?? You saw that too!?” And here we are…

    What a formidable trap it was. But never again.

    So Karen, this is for you, a true Auditor:

    The Light

    I’d thought of angels, beings fair,
    Whose duty true
    was Love and care.

    Whose banner was to rescue Man,
    to bring the light where darkness damned.

    I’ve seen the faces of humanity,
    heard woeful, tragic agonies.
    These tears inspired me to enlist
    as soldier in the troops of bliss.

    I pressed against my own dark walls
    and tripped as well on the pitfalls
    which line this treacherous worldly maze
    that renders most to hopeless daze.

    I’ve asked,
    Are we then truly mad?
    to go on dreaming of the best
    despite the battering, unrelenting “proof”
    that puts our dignity to test?

    Though bound by pain and lies
    construed for evil’s gain,
    despite a world what tells us to give up
    …the dreams won’t die; we do not stop.

    And holding dearly to Ideal,
    though torn and crushed
    by what’s called “real”, a land
    where dreams
    are spurned and ridiculed
    and poems called the food of fools…

    I thought of angels, still,
    refusing to give up the dream
    of Beings pledged to civility,
    to honor, fairness, liberty.
    I knew a world
    where honesty was dearly prized,
    and compromise not justified…

    And then I met a being such as this,
    Whose daily task and call precise
    was tending to and freeing Life.

    With patient quiet certainty,
    she sat, unjudging, before me.
    Steadfast, true, she never flinched
    as I laid bare
    the vile, the traps, and the despair.

    My human frailties shed from me,
    and I regained ability
    for eons lost.

    Why had I longed so for ideals?
    Because they are natively Real.

    Oh, tears of joy as I embrace,
    immense and grand,
    the restored grace.

    How do I thank you, gentle power?
    Not words, or things, or Art, or flowers.

    Humbly I feel allegiance born —
    of ruthless loyalty adorned.
    And so I pledge friendship to you.

    Eternally to Life and Truth!

    And then the crown!

    that when you see my humbled gift,
    my vows to always help uplift
    Your valor’s proven all the more,
    because you find it
    the perfect gift.

    Restoring souls,
    it’s true!

    Hear this, world!

    the best in us
    and Love



    This is also for Marty, my auditor, and to all auditors.

    I love you, Karen. Thank you for loving LRH. Love to all here, know I’m thinking of you even though I don’t always write every name!

  108. Karen…

    Yes I know I must be sleeping by now; but is the only time available for me to catch up what´s going on…

    With a lot of respect and humbled by your story I can tell you that each day I can validate that my decision to stand up was the right one at the right time.

    Because of you many will follow…
    And I can make a bet on that with anybody.

    You have a lot of people bettered behind your team.
    You make a team with others, including LRH itself that achieve a lot for a lot of people. Thanks for being part of that.

    Your family. Damn!
    That´s a hot spot.
    No easy going.
    I just can tell you to fight.
    Fight and fight.

    I will bet that you still love Heber.
    I know how it is…

    Get some rest and fight again.

    Contributions from people like you make a big impact on advancing us on our goals. Erradication of aberration. Free beings. Bettered conditions for all.

    I think we could have some good help from those who no longer consider themselves “scientologists” but can give a name and a face to stop the abuses inside the curent C of S. Some kind of story telling (for the de-aberation of the group) and a support declaration. Just thinking aloud…

    Thee are a lot of those out there and his story can change a lot of things.
    Correct some wrongs.

    We share maybe some goals at least.
    Just a thought…

    Are we aware of what we are achieving here?
    How much scientologists inside C of S arriving to the real non tweetie-weetie condition of DOUBT per day?
    How many leaving even if quietly?

    All this is done. Period.

    Again just thanks for all this life dedicated to improve fellow man Karen!

    You have done it right.

    All the way.

    And smile even more. (If it´s possible).

  109. Definition of: “Natural Auditor” should I write.



  110. Hello Karen,
    I am so glad to see that you are out. I remember when you left the SO in 1990. I left the following year in 1991. I remember you auditing at the AOLA on NOTS when I was C/Sing. Vic Ukermann, Sandy Wilhare, and Barb Thompkins were all C/Sing too. I can attest to the fact your Pre OTS were always winning and we had no suicides or type 3 episodes. You produced many fine products.

    I had decided to leave when little Dickey decided to cancel family time and then issued the order that punished anyone who got pregnant. I did not know at the time that the order came from him as the issue was written by someone else. I wrote a long KR about it all with LRH references and sent it up lines to COB. About a week later I got called to the HGB building and was severely reprimanded. My wife Lyn was there then too. When family time was cancelled I handled it by taking “exercise time” and would see my kids every day for an hour and a half and I always took my day off every other week when my stats were up.

    I also recall all of the good times we had after leaving the SO and dancing at “In Cahoots” on so many occasions. There were a lot of Scientologists there if you remember. I had no idea at the time that the name “In Cahoots” would have such important significance as all of the independents are after all “in cahoots”.

    I started a new life after the SO. I am married now to a wonderful woman for 14 years and we have a seven year old boy whom we both adore. Now that I am no longer in the “church of M” I can and do spend a lot of my time with my wife and my son and have never ever been happier.
    Thank you for speaking out. Congratulations on being out. I wish you the best of luck.

  111. theystolemychurch

    One of my daughters was his Pgrms Ops and saw the deal that was cut for him to come up to LA to boom that Org… she saw how he was treated afterwards…. The deal denied and there really was a deal for him to come to LA…. the lies and the betrayal…. just gross…

    I think he may be the only public person to actually do the RPF~

  112. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Karen, What a beautiful pleasure it is to hear from you again! …. hearing from you the same way I heard you back in the day… only I am pretty sure you aren’t wearing that oversized blue boiler suit and black boots with your blonde hair tied up n’all. You were one of the first females I was instructed to ensure had her manicured nails worn to the bone. I was confused about many things at the time. One thing I wasn’t confused about was that I clearly remember witnessing for myself how noone was willing to simply listen to and understand you for who you are. One big thetan and pllllllenty of deaf ears! Your loyalty was/is strong, I couldn’t believe even though you disagreed strongly with how your cycle was being handled, you consistently stood strong with your integrity. No matter the sh*t I saw to it that you did, it was clear to me you did it with conviction and intergity. I did enjoy the little chats we’d have while I stood there “watching” you. I remember stories of Alex too. And now, here you are!! Wow Karen. Thank You! I hope we get to see one another soon as I just want to give you a hug and witness that beautiful bold smile of yours again! I will write and connect with you seperately! I will do all I can to assit you with letting the world hear your ROAR for your very valid reconnection with your son,his wife and soon your grandchild! And Finally Heber! I am pretty sure there is some pretty fantastic communication to be had between the both of you! Thank You Karen! Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!! — Jackson

  113. Hi Karen,

    We met briefly when you were renting space in your nice hilside home years ago.

    Nice to see you out of the Mestsavage mill, and with us. I am thrilled to see you with the independent field.


  114. Karen,

    A stunning story – on so many levels. I hope you will be able to reach your son and his wife soon. I feel so sorry that your potential grandchild was lost, and I can imagine the suppressed grief this must have brought the would-be mom.

    Thank you also for bringing Heber’s imprisonment once again to the fore.

    Heber has been a very significant person in my life, and I have been most concerned about him. (I am still living “quietly.”)

    Heber did introduce us once long ago in LA, though I’m sure you wouldn’t remember. It must have been when you were touring as I do think you were passing through. I thought it was after 1978, and for some reason I didn’t realize you two were married at that time!

    However, I do remember – vividly – the way Heber looked at and related to you! He was so smitten! I had the pleasure of knowing Yvonne, too, and I remember thinking how this man really has a taste for beautiful, powerful women…

    DM hates Heber because Heber is one of the most beloved Scientologists ever – due to his terrific personality, ARC, compassion, and love of LRH. Heber was responsible for recruiting MANY, MANY people into Scientology way back when, and also for recruiting many to the SO. He had such a knack as a GO PR.

    He and you (and Yvonne) were all close to LRH in a very ARC-ful way, and I am sure that angers DM, too. David Miscavige doesn’t realize that LRH is still, and always will be, Founder of Scientology. DM can pound all he wants about the Bolivar policy on Leadership, but he will never be LRH. What a viper he is!

    Thank you for stepping up and shining more light on what is really happening. Thank you, too, for your hard work and dedication and the many great products you’ve contributed!


  115. Dear Karen, It’s more than an honor to have you within our ranks. I’ve also had the privilege to study all the way to class XII, even though it wasn’t as nice as yours done with the Old Man. I’d love to have the chance to meet you someday and who knows, make some OTs together perhaps.

  116. thanks for this post.
    my wife back in 85 had been told that I am nuts, psychotic, criminal, sp and therefore she has to disconnect from me. And this did happen.
    I had been very powerfull in those years and as I did have a phase in my childhood I could qualify as having heavy mental problems I depowerded myself as maybe some truth would be in what had been told my then wife.
    While reading your blog I recognized that to be a mistake. I cancel my decision.

  117. Great to have you in the independent field! This news made the start of my day beautiful — together with the sun here 🙂

  118. Thank you Bruce.
    Thank you for your heartfelt words.

    There was a time when you could have almost said I was theetie wheatie.

    I now view myself as a formidable enemy against C of M.

    How dare any church suck out hundreds of thousands of dollars one year and discard you as an SP, the next year.

    LRH wrote:


    Be able to strike harder than you can be hit, if wronged.

    My policy.

  119. Amy’s Mom, One of my favorite ever songs. ❤

  120. Dear Gary,

    Thank you very much for this nice note. And I acknowledge you for giving a helping hand back then. Good to *SEE* you again !


  121. Dear Mark, Dear Dear Mark,

    I know you and Julie well. I remember you at FLB and from INT BASE.

    I used to go up to the Base on Saturdays to intern under Mark Yager’s (WDC CMOI in those days) communicator.

    It was to learn how to be a Top Notch communicator for Heber. I remember you well.

    I want to tell you that your St. Pete Video was extremely well done and you came across well.

    I will see you in Las Vegas soon. Plans already made with Janis.

  122. David Miscavige is the ultimate squirrel.
    He is not tech trained but undeclares the state of Clear en masse in a group session. Whoa.

    About 4 years ago, at AOLA I was told I was going to be HCO sec checked on my state of clear.

    Not auditing you HCO sec check, I kid you not.
    This was out of the blue sky. There was no evidence that there was anything on my Clear declare.

    One intensive, approx $5000 was wasted on this, until I threw the auditing cans at the auditor and walked out.

    The cognitive dissonance was ringing in my head.

    What was this ? What source reference ?
    DM invention ?

    Red siren lights went off, but I always gave the Church the benefit of the doubt….

  123. Dear Tory,

    You were ahead of a lot of us. You graphically described the Truman Show.

    In some ways, our stories are so similar. I too, was going to be relatively quiet, a behind the scenes /withdraw my support type of exit.

    But DM and OSA designed it otherwise. So I was interested to read how you were provoked and goaded into being a voice.

    To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: Isaac Newton

  124. I really enjoyed your post and the pictures.

    I will write privately.

    Wish Heber could get out. I suppose he still has too much agreement with the COS to admit he is being kidnapped. Otherwise a complaint to the Feds could make a difference.

  125. Karen!
    Welcome ray of sunshine! this is how I feel about this group and your arrival 😀

  126. Karen,

    Truly great to find you here! Thank you so much for sharing the truth of your, may I say, adventures, at Marty´s Place. I admire you for your uncompromising love of LRH and the Tech we are fortunate to have and use.

    Alexander… oh, I adore him, and who wouldn´t? While he was at the FSO, my former colleague Annie would keep taps on him. The way he regarded you and his dad told me that he LOVES his parents. I remember this clearly because during that time I was midst dealing with my mother´s upset which I had created by neglecting her as I had been “too busy” to be in touch.

    I hope Alexander gets to learn the truth very soon and his dad FREED.

    I can almost feel the “excitement” from DMs camp now… whose heads might be rolling this time.. Sure they look for the future postings from you Karen!!

    Love, Kirsi

  127. Dear Amy’s Mom.

    I loved it, thank you for posting that.
    I feel I “know” you from Amy’s book.
    Did you know that currently
    “Abuse at the Top” is #1 on Amazon in Best Seller, Scientology category ?
    Click here and enjoy !

    I just did the one click buy ! Just purchased another copy !

    love to you, Matt and Amy.

  128. Are you south african? curious as to why you would do the Joburg RD?

  129. Thank you Karen for going public and for adding your considerable power to what is happening in the independent field.

    We go back a long way, don’t we. I remember first meeting you when we were both on our internships on the Apollo under Jeff Walker in 1975. You stood out as one of the brightest and most competent tech people there, very much an individual and a free thinker as well.

    Six years later when you were my C/S on the HRD internship at Flag, you were a highly respected Class XII C/S, a real powerhouse on tech lines. It was a pleasure auditing under you.

    I too remember the kinds of products that Flag was routinely getting with the Ls in those days before the denigration of auditors and executive csing became the order of the day under DM.

    It is no mystery why strong tech terminals such as Jeff Walker and you, people who could hold their ground on tech lines, got pushed aside leaving only tech terminals that could be easily controlled by DM through the RTC.

    Nicci and I also met and got to know Alexander over the years through mutual friends. We were impressed with how friendly and sociable he is, and how he has many of the same fine qualities that you and Heber have. He is too smart of a being not to see through the lies that he is being told, and this will happen sooner rather than later. By going public, you have weakened DM’s grip, not only on your own family, but on the entire Scientology community as well.

    I know this will all work out well for everyone concerned.

    I’m proud to be your friend.


  130. Thanks Tory.
    Good slogan.
    You carried the torch and you had your perceptions of DM, years before many spoke out, and for this I respect you.

  131. Dear Amy,

    The Mr Peacock series were incredibly well written.

    I could not stop once I started….

    Bravo to you and Matt.


  132. Thank you Doug for your kind words.

    I want to emphatically state what great opinion leaders Mike and Marty are for me. I love them dearly.

    It’s Marty’s blog that gives the platform and I acknowledge that.

  133. Dear John,

    Indeed I will join. I am currently deluged with 500 private Emails in one evening ! Please be in touch in a short few days~~ I think I need to dig up a photo ?

    Thanks John !

  134. Impartial English Girl

    What a wonderful, strong woman Karen is. An example to all us ladies. At the moment, I’m reading a biography of Sylvia Pankhurst – who, at the beginning of the 20th century, suffered unimaginable horrors in the struggle for votes for women and fair living conditions for the poor. She would have been very, very proud of Karen, I’ve no doubt.

    I hope that, one day, Karen and her family can live freely and openly together – she deserves her happy ending.

    And DM – never get between a mother and her cubs. Here’s proof (no prizes for guessing which ‘human’ p*ssy the LION represents…):

  135. Dear Quicksilver,

    Thank you for this. When you have a time track of stellar contribution year in and year out, and you are smashed to pulp for 6 months for having SAID something, it is unforgettable.

    I would like to acknowledge Marty and Mike who handled so much of residual upset of what happened to me.

    Yes, the early LRH trained Class XIIs were an endangered species, nearing extinction…I hear Joe Van Staden from South Africa recently surfaced…….

    Thank you for your comments.

  136. Karen, Wow. I did not know you, but being in RTC from 1984 to 1997, I certainly knew of you. And we had many common friends and co-workers. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to read your post. You are one loving and courageous lady and I can say I am not surprised at all that Heber chose you as a partner. I can see why and I am sure he has missed you so very much. Damn, I should not even go there or I’ll do a sarge sudden.

    I was tickled as heck when I went to your website. My company does fine art reproduction and I have a couple of Kincaid limited prints… common R there. ❤

    I'm still a little dazed. You matter in a big way. Thank you for speaking out. I wish you all the best.

  137. Marie-Joe,

    Thank you for this nice note.

    I worry that DM continues to do everything to break Heber’s spirit. 6 years is a long time.

    I wonder if he is expected to keep a full schedule at 75.

    He is trapped and imprisoned at INT BASE.

    A hug right back at you !

  138. Thank you Tara.

    A long winding road with the ups and downs.
    When all is said and done, it is LRH and his work and his writings.

    It is not what DM “says”.

    Thanks Tara for a theta note.

  139. Thank you Kris.
    I strived all his life to encourage Alexander to be a #1 in whatever he did.
    He followed my highly competitive spirit to excel.
    He often credited me with copying that strive to be in the “Number one” position~~ the very best he could be.

    I will take great credit for the way Alexander evolved. I always let him believe he could achieve anything.

    I compensated for a lack of Heber by sometimes being over indulgent. I thought of it as being a Dad and a Mom.

    But I will never let Alexander be used as a weapon against me.

    I also happen to have the best coaches in the world. Marty and Mike understand the game only too well.

  140. Dear TheEmperorisNaked,

    Yes, I must tell these stories.

    The Church of M sites only praise dear Leader.
    There are no rare LRH stories and photos on line in all the many web pages of the Church.

    What a huge omission.

  141. Dear Karen,

    I love your writing. So clear and straight forward.
    I admire your courage.
    I’d some tears of joy reading your post knowing great things gonna happen and soon we’ll be back !
    Thank you for being and for what you do.
    I think soon we gonna read the declarations of Suzette perhaps Diana or even Heber !



  142. Dear Ne Obliviscaris,

    Just so you know, I totally enjoy your posts and that poem. You are quite a communicator.

    Thank you for your kind words
    Please be in touch

  143. Dear Shelly,

    Thanks much for sharing.

    Understood on HCO summons !

    Congratulations on forthcoming announcement. Each exit makes it easier for others. Good job Shelly.

    Hiding until this weekend !

  144. Dear Songbird,

    Mother of 4 sons duplicated ! Thank you for that !

    ML Karen

  145. Right on Sinar !

    Well spoken. The effects of Marty and Mike….I hope to see and meet you in due course.


  146. My dear Carol,

    Thank you for your kind note. Do I know you from FSO ?

    You are very much part of the group I joined.

  147. War and Peace


    OSA with its HIGH INTELLIGENCE division proclaimed you are me. GOOD INTEL.

    They told the St. Pete Times TPaine was Marty !!!!!

    Good guessing. HIGH INTEL.

    Your story is being forwarded to many.

  148. In a very bad situation you did the very best : bringing the matter to public attention.

    My postulates are with you, with your son and all those who read this and cognite on the modus operandi of the current church.

    I’m looking forward to more postings from you !

  149. And not just the deal for the Woodruffs.

    Dave and Diana Petit were forced to divorce despite their deal they went up with. He’s of course now the CO CC Int; she’s Sr C/S at LA (I don’t know if it’s day or foundation, her Facebook page doesn’t say). Amy Scobee talks about the Petits in her book.

    At the time I left, that would have been the ED, a Sr C/S and Class VIII (Claire), the chief reg (Diana), and the OES (Dave). Nothing like pulling off the top of the org board.

  150. Karen, I don’t need an e-meter to know when
    my TA is floating. Thank you and WELCOME!
    I am really looking forward to your stories of
    LRH. I don’t want to be the only story teller.

  151. Karen what an absolutely amazing story! You are one tough chick! What an honor to be chosen by LRH for the SO. I am in awe of your reputation. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  152. Your Humble Servant


    Beautiful poem, thank you!

  153. Dear OSA;

    Please spare us with your next move of a smear campaign against Karen. At this point your whole position is so predictable because it is the same types of things you say about anyone who stands up against DM. They have 2D issues (adultery…), she messed up PC’s and committed overts as an auditor and CS. etc……. it is getting really old!

  154. Watching Eyes

    “You were one of the first females I was instructed to ensure had her manicured nails worn to the bone. ”

    When I read that line I actually had to re-read it. I thought I’d read it wrong. Sadly, I had it right the first time. That’s really sick stuff.

    Note to dwarf: Please come on this blog and post the name of any other church leader in the world who gets off on humiliating & degrading people. Just one name will do.

  155. Oh, Veritas! What a wonderful poem! I cannot wait to meet you.

    Just Me

  156. Congratulations, Karen! I am so happy for you to hear that you are free. I have thought about you often over the years since last time we spoke was in 1977 when you were on a mission in LA and wanted me to come back. I have sent you a private e-mail.

  157. Karen,

    Thank you.



  158. martyrathbun09

    you two are going to hit it off famously – guaran-godamn-tee-it.

  159. Freedom Fighter


    I’m sorry you took offense to this.

    I do know the definition of a “natural auditor” and I know that not all auditors coming of the line these days are like this, but the ones I’ve experiened are.

    Without going into too much detail, for example, I had one evaluate for me recently in a most vicous and invalidative way — a very clear violation of the Auditor’s Code. If I told you what happened, I’m sure you would be shocked.

    At any rate, this is my experience. I’m glad you do not fall into this category. 🙂

  160. Joe Pendleton

    It is completely outrageous of course when parents an children are turned against each other. Really gets my blood boiling.

    Just wondering – why did Heber go back once he had gotten to LA?

  161. Hi Karen what an awesome story!!!, I share the pain with you because I Lost my whole family, marry included had to divorce…when I left FLAG… but life goes on and theta is always more powerfull than entheta.,.. now as you… I have a happy life and I’m sure we are going to prevail… I’m very happy for you …

  162. W&P,
    Yes, the ‘high intel’ of the OSA site.

    That site is an object study in the lower reaches of the Tone Scale. It’s entheta, by definition. Truth receives her finest drubbing. Oooky, poo, doodle and more poo.

    It’s almost as if those writing it intentionally put out the worst drivel possible to bring DM’s reign to a swifter close. Hmmmm, I wonder…

  163. Fellow Traveller

    Thank *you*, Karen.

    “There was a time..” We all been there, I think. I sure have.

    DETERRENT POLICY: I love it. Quintessential LRH.

    On another more insouciant matter:”My most daring model shoot was sitting on top of a real live Bengal Tiger (for several minutes) who had just downed his trainer 1/2 hour earlier….”

    Now that is some TR0! I did not see the photo, however.

    So you on a real live Bengal Tiger. And Anderson Cooper swims with great white sharks. Sam leaps out of multi story windows.

    Somebody wants to “mess” with this group?

    Bruce Pratt

  164. Hi Karen,

    Great to see you out, where you belong. I knew you when you were in OSA Int when it was in the old BPI building. I worked with you and Heber, and if I remember it correctly you went into AOLA in about 88.

    Loved your story and love your website. I am sure you will do much to entertain the troops in this war we are fighting.

  165. Karen,

    Your story made me remember the true spirit of scn, the tech and LRH, bringing tears to my eyes.

    Thank you and welcome,

  166. ~Amazing~

  167. Hi Lucy,

    The Joburg Sec Check isn’t a South African thing. It’s called that because LRH developed it while working at Joburg Org.

    Perhaps you are thinking of the South African Rundown? That is the one for us SA’ers – it deals with PTS-ness, help and other things that we have huge buttons on.

  168. Karen;

    You post sure did make my morning coffee taste sweeter. I first met Heber in 1968 when he used to drive his VW bus and sing songs at parties. There was one such party at a beach front home in Malibu that has forever remained in my memory.

    I will have to envoke the Vegas line. What goes on in Malibu parties in the 60’s stays in Malibu.

    When Heber was in jail in Spain I couldn’t write a check fast enough to help out. Whenever I would see Heber on TV and instant smile came to me. I guess you can tell how much I admire Heber.

    My postivie postulates for you getting your son back. From my POV Heber seems to have given up. I suspect he as been broken. I hope not!!!

    Most of my Scientology friends are in their 60’s & 70’s and have been in the church for 30 to 40 plus years. all 11 of them told me to go to hell when I sent them my KR in October ’09. In fact a few told me I was going to burn in hell. Seems the older one gets the more their grade 4 drops out concerning confronting the evil doings of Dear Leader and his minions.

    You have made a huge ‘THETA” move by going public on Marty’s blog. This I thank you for. I have noticed a few days after a surprising “OMG”post on Marty’s blog a few more well known, well liked, upstat ex SO members declare themselves INDEPENDENT.

    I sure hope Marty & Mike have a chest full of ‘OMG’s stories.

    Welcome to the group who shines a very powerful light on the truth.

  169. thank you karen, YOU ARE A LION.

  170. Cured Robot

    Karen, I’m so sorry about your son and how he is being used by DM/OSA to turn against you, it’s just plain sick. Another House of Horrors very real and alive and occuring in the little swines “Golden Ages”. Pay attention people this is not LRH’s Scn anymore, its all about one sick little psychotic man.
    “But he, by that first tampering, starts on the dwindling spiral. Eventually he is so “reactive” (and he would have to be pretty much reactive mind to start such an operation) that he obscures the Theta or discredits it. At that moment he dies.” LRH EOM

    And your son not seeing his father for 6 yrs is just another sick bitch miscaviage modus operandi punishing Heber for probably disagreeing with him. Oh and that punishment is just not normal (6 yrs in the hole and back there again), he’s fricking 75 yrs old for God’s sake and should be retired or at least minimally allowed to come and go as he pleases after his decades upon decades of service to the church. Being able to spend time with loved ones at 75 yrs old should be a given not something Heber has to grovel for. “Man would run better entirely unmanaged than in the hands of an authoritarian management for the end of such a management is group death.” LRH EOM

    But like you and many others have experienced; all the good things you’ve done and/or contributed are wiped away in the blink of eye by the fricking evil bastard with a cleverly implanted third party action. And the robots just toe the party line and march like a bunch of lemmings right off the cliff. “He makes them enMEST and entheta and eventually corrupts them utterly and corrupts himself and all around him and dies as management.” LRH EOM

    I don’t care what the spin doctors say about you, you’re awesome, what great accomplishments and can’t wait to hear the LRH stories!

  171. Self A Ware


    Thank you for your story.

    Alex, you have been to my home and played with my children when the other staff were trying to get you out and on to your next visit. You were having too much fun and refused to leave.

    You have a child coming soon now and I could see it in you then, you will be a GREAT father.

    Don’t miss another day of family Alex. You will soon understand the love of a parent.

    That special look you have, the glow and sparkle in your eye will come back, but understand, it will come back much faster with your dynamics all together.

    Karen we have never met, but your Alexander is special.

  172. Wonderful posts the past 2 days: An Essay on Management, the story of the Golden Ball and now Karen’s words, “And I have no doubt that I will dedicate myself to preventing the destruction of LRH’s legacy by the SP David Miscavige.” very powerful messages each and every one.
    I have seen DM get rid of thee most theta-powerful beings, who apply LRH to the ‘nth degree.
    Dave, FYI, there IS TECH to undo all the damage that you have done and it is being applied to all who avail themselves to the correct technology: Have you cleared all the defintions of “ONLY ONE” in the Tech dictionary recently? Perhaps, these defintions, references, have been overlooked or seamlessly removed from PAB 84, 5707C25, ASMC 2, 5506C03, and COHA, p.56. I have seen examples of your computer ‘magic’.
    Dave, really, you can NOT get rid of ALL of the individuals LRH personally worked with in the 40’s, 50’s , 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. These beings come back, no matter how badly they got messed up with Your altering LRH’s ethics, tech, policy, His written and spoken words. Many have been harmed, but none forget: “LRH”, “Ron”, “The Old Man”, “Source”, “The Commodore” many can look, see, and sanely compare LRH to you, and now to then. Perhaps each still have a Theta line with LRH, which you can not cut. If you ever had such a line, you would understand the simple power of theta knowing truth and all that it is capable of.

  173. Jack,

    This made me LOL: “Most of my Scientology friends are in their 60′s & 70′s and have been in the church for 30 to 40 plus years. all 11 of them told me to go to hell when I sent them my KR in October ’09. In fact a few told me I was going to burn in hell. Seems the older one gets the more their grade 4 drops out concerning confronting the evil doings of Dear Leader and his minions.”

    Darlin’, you need more old friends. Some of us aren’t that ossified.

    And for the rest of you young whippersnappers out there who think anybody in their 60s, 70s, 80s are over the hill, why that’s just when you start to figure things out!

    And for the record, I don’t think poor “old” Heber (at 75) is anything other than HEBER.

    Just Me

  174. A big congratulations from one of those pesky “FREE HEBER JENTZSCH!” protesters. (Chuck Beatty suggested we use that line at Gold, saying it probably wouldn’t do any good but Heber might be touched hearing it. I’ve always hoped that was the case.) Karen, I love that you are exercising your First Amendment rights by courageously speaking up for your comrades. David Miscavige is not just destroying the church, he is destroying people’s lives. I am so proud of all of you for doing what it takes to stop him. (Admittedly, I’m always just a little bit prouder when it’s a sister out there doing the butt kicking, so you go girl!)

    I wish you joy and the very best of luck in this new chapter of your life.


    (Raspberries to you, pipsqueak DM.)

  175. In my fantasy (for now anyway) ALEX recovers his father.

    Not to be sexist but it seems when it comes to these strongly emotional family ties and the tough decisions the church forces on family members the women naturally move faster.

    Heh, no wonder DM felt the need to edit several chapters out of FOT, regarding those matters.

    Alex knows deep down he’s being bought out and that he has some seriously important decisions to make right now that will affect him and even the unborn for the rest of their lives.

    Alex? I wish you’d communicate here with us. All any of us can do in life is make the most informed decisions possible.

    Some of the thoughts that go through my head don’t bear repeating here, but I will say this… my mother is 78 and the reality is her body isn’t going to hold up much longer. I’m, afraid there isn’t any greater good for a greater number that could make me justify abandoning my own tribe.

    You can’t contribute to one more “important” dynamic by collapsing the one below it. After all these years surely I would have thought at least that very simple concept would be crystal clear to everyone.

  176. Theo Sismanides

    Karen, this is now getting to be a Theta Tide. A Tsuanami to wash away DM and his ilk.

    All of us knew, all of us felt something was wrong. Now it’s not just a feeling. It’s become a Theta Wave the magnitude of which is going to be felt by the church.

    I am honored and thankful finally as well as everybody else to have you with us! To LRH!

  177. Freedom Fighter

    To clarify, by “this” and “this category” I mean robotic and out-ARC.

  178. Yes, it was CCLA on La Brea Avenue. I have many fond memories of the org then at that place and time, lots of good and productive times in Div 6.
    Thank you again for all you have done and are doing.

  179. Chris Black


    We’ve never met (my loss), but a few XIIs I know have always spoken quite highly of you. I can see why.

    For what it is worth, thank you for writing as you did, for making this decision to maintain your integrity, for upholding LRH and his goals despite ferociously psychotic opposition, and for being a true Class XII C/S.

    I admire you. And I know LRH does as well and is probably smiling because he made such a good decision way back, inviting someone of your depth of character and integrity and courage to join the ranks of real Scientologists and SO – those that will preserve the tech and his legacy.

    Thanks so much,
    Chris Black, Class VIII C/S

  180. THANK YOU for speaking out Karen.

  181. Thank you for your Message Karen.I myself had lots of dialog with Yuonne his first wife.

    Heber is certaintly getting on what is the purpose of keeping him locked up there under DM regime.

    I am not aware you need to do a major step for Indept signing up, Hopefully you are able to find an Indept Group not within the church near to you that you feel you would be happy to be with and thank you for your advert

  182. Karen we met in San Francisco when you were on an L’s tour. I always looked up to you, as you truly demonstrated what Scientology was about.
    I have always held you dear to my heart.

    Things for Heber and your Son I know will work out. We will see each other again I just know it.

    Love Carol

  183. veritas…what an appropriate symbol for you.

  184. Kathy Braceland

    Wow. WOW! What an awesome post Karen. Soooooooooooooooooooooo glad to have you here. You sure jump started my day…thanks!

  185. Cowboy Poet

    You bring something very important to this situation:
    Another cornerstone brick in DM’s wall has been dislodged.
    It’s gonna collapse pretty darn soon!
    Thank you!

  186. Karen, Beyond words! I was on your line-up at AO once- wish I had thrown those cans down!Well done on all counts. And you have a great ability to express your self in writing- looking forward to more. You have impinged on the environment in a big way.
    Marty and Mike, I acked you recently for creatng a safe harbor. That still applies, but even more so, there is a migration of OT’s ( by their demonstration of cause, not certificates) that is amassing in this safe harbor that exemplifies the principle of OT’s as a group being more powerful than being on their own. It is quite tangible the power base that is building. AND it is by agreement, NOT enforcement. Good job, guys!

  187. Karen you’ve made my day, and you’ve paved the way with Pierre for the rest of the Class 12’s to do the same. Maybe someday soon….

  188. Karen it seems the day comes closer that I will fullfull my promisse to Paul.

    When the day comes that David Miscavige is gone and the C of $ is on its knees paying back money and coughing up money to those upon it infringed their humanrights I will read Self- Analisys (In full as I have red some tidbits for reference purposes.

    Free Heber Jentzch and Sue the C of $ into submission !

    With Regards Cat Daddy

    “Sustainability isn’t about the quick fix or the cheap solution. Generally it means making a commitment and trying, as best we can, to honor it. In any worthwhile enterprise, from protecting the environment to preserving a relationship, we are going to encounter difficulties. The good life is not a problem-free life. In point of fact, the process of overcoming adversity often produces some of the most rewarding experiences we will ever have. Human beings need to be challenged to ‘test their mettle,’ as it were. Throwing in the towel at the first sign of trouble or small inkling of distress may be the easy thing to do, but it doesn’t help our self-concept. Most of life’s troubles can be overcome if we are willing to work through them with patience.”

    – Michael A. Schuler

  189. Cured Robot

    Rumor has it that John needed to get paid as well as he was in OC as he had debts, a deal was swung for him to get paid out of the book account approved by Marc Yaeger (and probably ultimately DM who micro manages everthing). He did paid that way for a while, then he didn’t want to resign his contract and got nailed for financial irregularities on the above that ultimately the SP DM approved, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  190. John Peeler

    Dear Karen,

    I got your email and just answered you back. Sorry for the delay! I just saw this and am so happy that you’ve decided to come out and speak your mind. It makes me happy to see more and more people like yourself opening their eyes to what has been going on in the CoS. Especially people of your caliber and history. The truth cannot be stopped. DM and his cronies are really feeling the pressure now more than ever.

    When I first started speaking out about what was going on at the Int base and in the SO, there were only a couple of us who were doing so – Chuck Beatty was really the only other person who had spent time at Int who was speaking out really. In fact, this was right around the time when Lisa McPherson Trust and Bob Minton were being attacked and taken out by the Church. I was even fired from my “Scientology” connected job for speaking out at that time. Now, there’s a gigantic wrecking crew taking down DM and the CoS. Many, many times, people on the boards tried to discredit what I was saying about the beatings and abuses that were happening at the Int Base and I continued to speak out. Everything I wrote about that was going down has been proven to be true by people like you and other ex-SO who were there. Thank you Karen and I wish you the best of luck in your journey and hope that someday you will reunite with your loved ones.

  191. Karen: Thank you ever so much for speaking out and sharing your stories! It also took years for my husband and I to get our heads back on straight after leaving Staff and our almost 15 yr time as dedicated scn’s. And our experiences were nothing next to yours and so many others in the SO/INT, etc. But it goes to show how even those lower on the totem pole were also heavily affected by the same type of abuse and manipulation.

    I hope you continue sharing your experiences and may you be reunited with your son and family SOON! Big Hugs to you!!


  192. Tory Christman

    Thank you for your very kind words: I greatly appreciate what you’ve said 🙂
    It’s so great to see yourself, Marty, Mike and the many others here speaking out! There aren’t words to express just how happy I am each time I read someone else is free.

    It’s true….I was going to leave very quietly. A few key things changed that:
    a)In July of 2000, The VP of the “church” of Scientology at LAX telling me: “We know where you’re going, and you are NOT going to see those people”.

    b) OSA at the Chicago Airport as I changed planes, trying to stop me with my then husband with them.

    c) OSA and Penny Jones at the Tampa Airport
    at 1:45 in the AM. There were 2 groups—OSA with some Scio-public, and Bob, Stacy and Jesse with the cops between (which Stacy had called the cops, telling them they were helping someone get out of a cult, and they may need police protection).

    Penny was leaping up and down saying, “Tory! Talked to me~!” (I’m sure she was positive she was helping, at the time) and telling me: “I have a great line with DM and I’ll tell him anything you want”.
    (The cops had held out their arms, saying “She has to decide_ STAND BACK ALL!)

    Since I left due to David Miscavige and his endless abuse of the tech—-as soon as I heard his name I said, (Looking at Bob Minton, Stacy Brooks and Jesse Prince): “I PICK THEM!”
    And the police escorted us out of the Tampa Airport. (Phew! Sorry it’s a bit long, but you asked 🙂

    Lastly was going to Boston with Bob and Stacy, 2 weeks after I’d escaped out. They were going to picket, I said “no way–but I’ll go talk to the staff”. That’s in “Magoo: Dancing in Boston”.
    What you don’t see is it was boiling hot outside and I got over heated. I told Bob, who said, “Just go sit in the car and cool off”. I did, across the street.

    The OSA cat filming me kept his camera on me.
    (This is not in the video, by the way, but is what happened). I sort of waived to him, thinking, “I know the drill, man, I was “in” 2 weeks ago”.
    BUT: He kept filming me, walked across the street and put his camera on the window of the van. It was that SECOND that I thought:
    “GD it! *I* have a voice, too, and I’ve got a few things to say”. I walked back, and that’s when I say (to my friend in Norway who helped me wake up): “Hi Andreas!!!” That began my speaking out.

    Then they (OSA) immediately began a long,
    on-going campaign against me on the Net….”Tory’s a liar”, “Tory is really a plant”, “Don’t trust Tory”, etc. That’s been running for 10 years now, and is still running. (Magoo waives to the OSA Ops: WTFU!)

    Each time I’m about to leave, they do *something* that ticks me off—and bingo, I’m back.

    Many of us have had a long running campaign:
    “Free Heber!” My thanks to each person who has helped expose the many abuses of C of S,
    including those against Heber and many others.

    I love you all, I thank you for your courage!
    Karen, as I already said, you have no idea how many people you’re helping by speaking out.
    Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you Marty and Mike—for creating this space for people to come together at.
    Love to all, Tory Christman (aka: Magoo!)

  193. Karen,

    I find this story extremely disturbing in a way that only a Scientologist, Independent Scientologist, or ex-Scientologist could understand.

    There are threads about your story on both the Ex Scientologist Message Board (ESMB) and Why We Protest (WWP), the home of Anonymous on the web. They are:



    I want you to know that people on both forums have expressed support. (WWP also has, to be truthful, elements of a rougher crowd, but I do my best there to communicate.)

    In any event, I will say here what I said on these other forums to try to explain what DM put your through: There are some things that only Scientologists, Indepdendent Scientologists and ex-Scientologists will understand and find objectionable. Among them, at least for me, is a “I am not auditing you now” sec check on one’s Clear declaration. WTF? If one believes, or indeed ever believed, in the Tech, that is just WRONG. It is inconsistent with the Tech and everything one was taught to believe in the Tech.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that the part of your story about receiving a “I am not auditing you” sec check on your Clear declaration will resonate with the current official Church of Scientology Scientologists who are reading Marty’s board. They still might be willing to pay $5000 for a sec check, but to undergo (and pay that amount) for a “I am not auditing you” sec check on their Clear declaration? Invalidative. Disgusting. Just plain wrong. I was appalled.

    Nonetheless, I love the part about you throwing the auditing cans at the auditor and walking out. A true show of power and strength of will, particularly after everything they put you through.

    Finally, and most importantly, I’m very sorry about what you are going through with your son and the threat of disconnection. I’m very happy you are fighting for him. Please know that you have my support and the support of many others.

    Kha Khan

  194. rory Medford

    the flock is fleeing one good thetan at a time. People are waking up, this site and others has been a wake up call for many.

    The control and insanity the C of M puts on its parishioners and staff is just over the top

    One by One the support will vanish and so will DM and his robots

  195. Thanks, Karen – lovely to hear back from you.

    Of course, I remember all the people you mention with the greatest affection.

    Much love, Robin

  196. Lisa & Mark Hamilton

    Karen, Wow, WELL DONE!!! You are hitting them right between the eyes! Yeee-haaa!!

    We are FIRMLY behind you. You know how to reach us if you need our help. We are here for you and your family.

    Love, Lisa and Mark

  197. Wow, Mama Bear! So glad you are on our side.

    LRH was very clear that long-term survival was not in the cards for a society that didn’t value the family. DM seems to actually hate families, including his own. He certainly doesn’t understand them, or he would know better than to get between a mother and her children. That’s a big part of why long-term survival is just not in the cards for the little sadist in his current game.

    I have a hunch you and your son will be reunited quite soon.

  198. TSMC, I thought of this later.

    LA Day and OC went St. Hill Size at the same time, possibly even the same week. We ran neck and neck for years. I thought Woodruff was sent up to LA Day, so why would it need booming if it already had expanded along with OC?

    If it collapsed after becoming St. Hill Size, I was already offlines then.

  199. Kha Khan, thank you so much for trying to keep the various communities linked up. I read your posts often and you have great commentary.

    I am really looking forward to seeing what Karen’s grandchild becomes outside the SO and, hopefully, outside the CofS.

  200. crashingupwards

    Karen, wonderful to see you here. I am sure your son will soon be reunited with his family and away from the suppressive influences.

    I remember in the 70’s you gracefully walking the Fort Harrison with folders under your ams. Always focused, yet always with a smile.

    Your addition here will be greatly welcome. I found so many here with so much wisdom, character and class. You will fit in niceley with them.

    Glad you have done so well. Looking forward to your stories of LRH.

  201. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for what you have done and are doing.

    Your announcement was very well received and specifically understood. I won’t repeat the appropriate acknowlegements above. I wills say:

    1. We have known each other for a long time

    2. it is perfectly fine with me to have my identity given to you by Marty

    3. Thank you for: “LRH wrote:


    Be able to strike harder than you can be hit, if wronged.

    My policy.

    I will add it to my arsenal as I climb the 9′ high board fence which is part of my “deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be a part of”.

    4. What the enemy doesn’t understand is that “time doesn’t heal”. We are all still here, not cast aside and memory is intact.

    5. LRH objectives remain true, we’ve just got a few obstacles to get out of the way in achieving them. Personally, I am proud to know that when I look to my side I will find you, among many, shoulder to shoulder in this effort. It makes me happy, proud and that much stronger. Thank you.

  202. I’ve said it before and will say it again: Thanks for what you do, Kha Khan.

    Just Me

  203. Dear Karen,

    I am an “old-timer” also. Like you, and so many others, I poured every ounce of my energy into building the S.O. and Keeping Scientology Working, just as LRH intended.

    I don’t think there is any more creditable source of information about the continuing present time overts of DM than you.

    Thank you so very, very much for coming forward and sharing your Affinity, Reality and Communication with us.

    The future of the only technology that can restore the ability and freedom of Free Beings is at stake here and now on planet Earth.

  204. Thought Provoking


    What an incredible journey you have traveled. Thank you for your willingness to confront evil.

    Your personal history working with both LRH and DM will be invaluable and I look forward to many LRH stories from you!

    I briefly looked over your web page and it is quite impressive!. We share interests in the Titantic…awesome lens page. I’m not sure what a lens page is but I liked what I saw on it. I am also interested in supporting law enforcement. Our city holds a Citizen’s Police Academy which gives so much KRC on their jobs and what they do, just wonderful! I like all the links that you have added to your page to help those in need find the correct resource. Bravo!

    Your Scientology bio is just amazing! I am so glad that you have publicly stepped forward!

  205. Yeah, Amy, I loved your Mr. Peacock series. Always wished, to no avail, that new episodes would appear.


  206. Veritas,

    In the darkness, you are a guiding light.


  207. Thought Provoking

    “Alexander is reading the Internet now.”

    I’m so glad to hear this!

  208. Just Me,

    Just as soon as I can find my glasses so I can find my cane so I can lever my aging ass out of my barcalounger so I can totter over to my walker I’m going to…going to….

    What were we talking about?

  209. Karen,

    Sometimes, when reading all that is written here, I become acutely aware of a great undercurrent gaining momentum. All the stories and sorrows are merely surface reflections.

    Weeks ago, I commented on an article about pivotal beings coming to the fore to change history. Every great change in history comes at the hands of pivotal beings.

    I think of Alexander as someone destined to provide you the incentive to act. With your arrival here, now announced; the puzzle becomes more evident. Pieces fall into place. Alexander will soon follow.

    Are you one of the pivotal beings? We shall see, won’t we?

    Fair makes the geese flap on me skin, it does. All this adventure and such.


  210. Dear Kha Khan,

    Thank you very much for this note. I am only just finding out that a *WAVE* of sec checking “not auditing you HCO style” to challenge the state of clear occurred some 3 – 4 years ago. Tons of people had this.

    I am reading private Email from all over the world, stunned to read that was widespread ! All Senior CSes wordwide implemented this bizarre, off the wall squirrel action. DM calls Marty a squirrel. He is really talking about himself. He is the ultimate squirrel.


    My theory is that it rolls back to Lisa Mcpherson who David Miscavige verbally declared Clear on the spot from looking at a session done over video feed in a monitoring station.

    How the FSO staff permitted David Miscavige to do this is beyond anything I can comprehend. This shows the fear and intimidation the staff has. DM is not tech trained.

    As Lisa deteriorated after this false declare, ending her going Type III, walking naked down Fort Harrison Avenue soon after “clear” attest and finally died in FSO care ~
    DM went paranoid over the whole subject of clear and pendulum swung to undeclaring all Clears or most clears and even announcing to groups of people a blanket “undeclare.”

    These actions are so criminal. I will share with you more as time rolls forward.

    Thank you Kha Kha.

    (The sec checking on me challenging Clear only stopped because Leslie Tyrer, the RTC rep ~~ an old friend of mine for some 30 years ~~ got it knocked off. I stormed in to her office and she handled it all well. AOLA got another $55,000 2 weeks later from me. Yes, I have been drinking the DM Kool Aid. The good news is that I have been there, done that, been through it and I can shed light on what is occurring within the Church.

    Marty declared the Church of Scientology dead.

    It really is.

    Now for us to a psychological autopsy…..

  211. My dear Tory,

    Thanks much for sharing. Keep telling these tales of what OSA does when a 30 year veteran leaves after spending a $$$$ fortune in the church.

    It boggles the mind how they make the parishioner the enemy.

    You know, on the ship Apollo now and again someone wanted to leave. They were let go at the very next port. No imprisonment as is done on Freewinds, Int base, Pac base and all other bases currently. No lock down, no massive sec checking.

    I recall LRH on the bridge of the Apollo giving a bear hug to someone who wanted to leave the SO to pursue a singing career. He empowered her with well wishes and forgave her freeloader bill on the spot.

    I saw nothing but the highest ARC for a departure. What occurs now is unconscionable.


  212. Dear Boyd,

    Thank you for this note.
    I would never have dreamed a year ago that it would work out this way. Never even gave it a thought…..

  213. Dear Carol,

    Thank you for this nice note. I wrote you in private Email as well.


  214. Free Spirit 88008

    Dear Karen,

    Imagine the awe in our faces as we logged on and read your post last night. This was after having dinner with 4 friends in which we went over the decimation of our church. Our community of “under the radar” Scientologists have all been buzzing on the phones today.

    I’m a Flag public, highly trained, my entire family has availed ourselves of every Flag service available to us and are considered “in good standing” whatever that means anymore, and I can’t tell you what your posting truly means to all of us. There are many, many, many of us our here logged on and glued to these sites.

    PTSness and charge just keeps blowing as Scientologists such as you audit out the 3D engram we’ve all been living.

    I met your son, Alex, when he came here with the IAS a few years ago. He made it a point to meet me and introduce himself. He was very interested and validating of the Flag training I’d completed and my position on the bridge. I had a fleeting thought that his mother must be very proud of him–and now I get to tell you this.

    I’m a proud mother myself. Our church needs to understand not to mess with a mother cub!

    Free Spirit

  215. Dear Shannon,

    Thank you for the nice acknowledgement. You see, the time track inside the Churchg becomes more visible as more people speak out.

    DM’s action of holding total and absolute power over your body, your movement, what clothes you could wear, how many hours of sec checking per day, your enforced location, the slop you eat, the hours of sleep you are permitted or not, all this was happening since 1986 when he illegally assumed power.

    Now you get the same atrocity in 2000.

    Many many people and many many agencies, many media outlets and reporters are following this blog.

    Please share your story. It is important to shine light on the continuity of these overwhelming actions, denying all human rights under the guise of a “religion” and the ballyhoo of an “SO contract.”


  216. Thought Provoking


    What an incredibly beautiful and moving tribute to auditors!

  217. Karen, as painful as it must be for you, I commend you for having the courage and integrity to tell the world what is really happening in CoS. DM’s actions and those of OSA need to be exposed everyday in detail as you have done:

    “I will not tolerate my son being manipulated against me and when he began screaming at me to “get my shit squared away with OSA or lose him as a son,” I knew that the body snatchers had him firmly in their grasp. For any that think I am in error airing private mother/son stuff on the web, the scene of the church infiltrating and turning my son against me is something that must be exposed.”

    DM’s sick game is “take away.” DM engages in emotional blackmail when all of his other threats, lawyers, and PI’s have failed.

    What kind of son would threaten his own mother with disconnection? I have raised sons and I will tell you this: It is unnatural for a son to do this to his own mother. The threat level against him has to be so high, he has to be so afraid, that he is acting against his own nature. Young men are lions by nature. IMO, a young man would only act against his mother if he was threatened at the core of his being. I imagine OSA threatened Alexander with the loss of his wife and child if he did not turn on you. It is classic, sadistic DM to turn family members against each other. DM has conquered people in CoS by dividing families.

    I have long said that CoS is an “opus con naturum” a Latin phrase meaning, “A work against nature.” At his core, DM is a coward, a thug, and a spiritual criminal. His works contrary to nature when he seeks to divide and destroy families. DM is only destroying himself and CoS when he does these things and yet he cannot stop himself for he feeds upon the pain and suffering of others.

    When his real actions are exposed online and in the media, he does phony things to make himself look good. When DM had Alexander and Andrea routed out with ” love” and Kirsten Caetano get then an apartment and Alexander a job, that was all window dressing. DM knew he could play that card when the media reported on forced abortions.

    DM: Karma has wrapped itself around you like an anaconda. Karma will never, ever let you go. Karma will just keep squeezing and squeezing you until your strength gives out. That is how it works. Karma is inexorable.

  218. Karen,

    A great write-up and I do very much look forward to your stories of times with LRH.

    It’s a shame the deathgrip Miscavige has on the Church. It’s also a shame how OSA has become the very thing it was trying to protect the church from. I hope more opinion leaders come out publicly against what’s going on so that the “others” may wake up and realize what’s going on.

    I look forward to your future posts!!


  219. Karen as usual. At the forefront of anything fantastically immortal, magical, enduring, grand, and vital.

  220. This was moving ! and lets hope as a family your reunited soon.

    It was nice to known your son got to see his father. I hope Heber can be found and get out soon.

    I wish you all the very best and I admire your strength to do what you did. It was hard for you.

    Stay safe.

  221. Your Humble Servant::

    Thank you for this post. Yes. The more atrocities I read ~~ and I am currently inundated with private Emails, the more I understand why Marty and Mike with a total of some 70 years of contribution could not stand it anymore and left no matter what the consequence.

    LRH did leave checks and balances. He did not mess up and leave it all to an SP. Stay tuned.

  222. Dear Karen,

    You are awesome! I knew you (and Yvonne) Yvonne welcomed me “back” when I was five years old, in the seventies, I still remember. I was in the SO from the early 80’s until early 00’s and I love you.I have a similar circumstance. Seeing your post helps. These are trying times for me and I will not cave to the body snatchers.

    Best, Revenimus

  223. Thank you Stefan.

    Good on letting Swedish public learn about this.
    Good job Stefan.

    I am driven to do whatever it takes to get the abuses to stop. Thank you for doing your part.

  224. Dan, dear Dan.

    Classic phone call for posterity:

    Karen calls Dan:

    “Remember that sec check you did on me 22 years ago ?

    Dan : Comm lag . Silence. Wow, who’s this ?


    Dan, thank you for being there and hearing all my communication.

    much love to you and Mariette.

  225. Hi Karen, You are one Awesome thetan!

    As a public from the mid-70s (and still currently “on lines” per the Church) I can tell you, from my viewpoint, that all of the amazing tech terminals like yourself in this group give me HOPE.

    I started my NOTS and was on OTVII in the early 80s. I was blown out all the time, I was causative, creating life, winning on all dynamics and felt very much OT. I was disseminating, bringing new people in, volunteering for the Church. Life was good. I was later C/Sd to re-do my NOTS Miscavige-style (apparently the “Mayo” NOTS that rocketed me up the tone scale for years didn’t actually “work”) and got back on VIl after his “GAT.” I can tell you the difference was mind-boggling. Literally.

    On the “new” OTVII, the atmosphere at Flag had completely changed. The feeling was you were guilty until proven innocent. Sec checks went on for weeks on end. We were drilled on the three swings F/N by RTC. Funny how I audited myself for years without that being necessary or even a consideration. And my wins were huge in the “old” days with my “incorrect” F/Ns. Whatever.

    I spent more money these last few years watching the auditor wait for that last swing of the needle than I care to remember. And I (and so many others, as we used to joke about it after the examiner) developed “F/N anxiety.” How crazy is that? How out of session can a person get?

    Anyway, I know this site has a lot of ex-SO and ex-Staff posting, but I wanted to let you know that even us lowly public ( :->) want to have our Church back too, as LRH built it. I have HOPE that you lucky, brilliant thetans who trained on pure LRH will be able to somehow ensure that we get the unadulterated LRH back, once King David the Suppresser (as my husband likes to call him) gets de-throned. You guys are valuable.

    I love this group.

  226. Dear Ralph,

    Greetings and hello. I remember you well from the Flagship Apollo.

    In those days we did not have GOLD Manufacturing to send Emeters to. for problems and fixing. And on the high seas sending Emeters for repair was way too complicated.

    So all the Techies brought their Emeters to you. You were the Wizard that could fix any Emeter, no matter what ~~ and you did not even charge anything !

    You had this natural electronic ability with zero training on meters !!! How are you Ralph ?


  227. Dear Tory,

    I love you and your persistence!

    My favorite slogan/reminder is:

    If you leave it will be trouble,
    If you stay it will double.


    Tom Gallagher

  228. Karen,

    I remember seeing you at a tour in Miami many years ago and thinking what a theta powerhouse you were.

    I am so glad that you have chosen to become an Independent Scientologist and will add your voice and your wisdom to the tasks that lie ahead of us.

    I knew Heber well when we lived in LA as my wife Renata had been on his staff. I think of him often as we are both in our late seventies and we shared a lot of common ideals back before Scientology became a cult.

    He always was a good staff member and put the organization ahead of his own interests even as President of the church. His example, beginning when he decided to accept being unjustly assigned to the RPF, gave me the necessary impetus to ensure that I must always keep all dynamics in mind during the rest of my 30 year Scientology career.

    It is a sad commentary when a great and powerful man can be abused and kept captive by playing on his sense of duty.

    When the day comes that Heber achieves his freedom, I hope we will have organized and piloted a program to mercifully undo the damage that he and others have endured.

    The Tech is there, we just need to get it applied to all who have suffered losses through their efforts to keep a vanished dream alive.

    Your speaking out and joining the Independent chorus will hasten that day.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of life outside the church! You and all the rest who visit here are welcome to post on my blog anytime.

  229. Veritas ~~

    That was beautiful. I read it 3x straight through.
    The quality of your communication is really something.

    I will treasure that.
    I printed it off to read before I crash at night.

  230. Tory Christman

    Thanks, TEG! No question, I have persisted, as have you and many others, despite the very “church” we belonged to using “Fair Game” against us. Love that saying, too.

    Also, I love this one:

    The Way Out
    The Nearest Door!
    (Hey, Ron took it, why not YOU?)

    Love to you,

  231. Thank you Han Solo.

    Thank you for your good wishes.

  232. becomingAware

    It is an honor to meet you.
    Thank you very much for that last sentence.

  233. Dear Sarge.

    I have loved your “sudden” moments.
    I have loved your LRH stories as well.
    It is great that these can be posted on Marty’s blog for the world to see.

    Did you notice a complete absence of LRH photos on the Church websites ? No personal anecdotes, nothing to connect source to the public.

    They have 2500+ rare LRH photos up there at Int Base but they post empty buildings and structures on C of S sites. I personally find that obscene.

    much love to dear Sarge

  234. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Karen!
    That means a lot to me, and I’m so very
    proud of you. 🙂

    Interesting that you mention respect. To those lurking who are still “in”, think about it: How little respect there is any more. Those “in” are expected to march forward, in line, don’t think, don’t ask, fork out the money and certainly do NOT ask questions.

    To your dear son, Alexander, please remember how things were and compare it to how things are now. That is NOT due to “The SPs” as you’re told. The vast majority of us, certainly your Mom, fought long and hard for Scientology.
    Being declared “SP” is now a badge of honor.
    I don’t think she has been declared SP yet–but either way, she’s your Mom. They are not.

    One of the biggest wake up calls for me was realizing the “church” Executives (DM especially) will throw *anyone* under the bus, to forward his (not Scientology’s–his) own needs. He’s a weak, feeble, wimpy bully.
    Grab your balls and come on home.

    Have an excellent week-end 🙂

  235. Dear Jan,

    Thank you for this note. Some people in private Emails have asked about John Eastment.

    John Eastment was never an LRH trained class XII. He had an admin post on the Apollo.

    As a matter of fact he and Greg Wilhere trained under me. The Class 10, 11 and 12 internships were done under me as Class XII CS.

    This was years and years after I graduated Class XII. I believe John Eastment has been removed from Tech lines and is on a lowly post at the prison known as INT Base. He was abus driver for some years, herding the prisoners back and forth.

    This does not exactly answer your comment, but there you go.

    Thanks Jan !

  236. Dear Karen, Marty, Mike and All,

    I quiver in anticipation of the next encore. As I open this window I almost tell myself:

    “This IS the session.”

    From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!


  237. Free Spirit – forgive me in advance but you are not going to like this rant.
    When I hear about so-called prominent Scientologist “in good standing” chatting together in their coffee klatches, tsk tsk’ing about that mean old David Miscavige and “glued to these sites” and “I can’t tell you what your posting truly means to all of us”…
    Quite honestly, I need to reach for a paper bag and suppress the gag reflex.
    I’m sure you and your friends are wonderful and kind souls and bless you for your grace.
    But please, please, please…grow a pair will ya.
    You’re staying under the radar because of some little weasel?…while real people are suffering terribly at his hands? People like Karen’s ex, Heber.
    Thousands and thousand are suffering terrible loss, grief and severe upset and pain this very day… today right now.
    And it happened because too many people didn’t have the balls to confront him way back when and it’s continuing because too many people are afraid to say no to him now.
    You and your friends cannot know about these things and then DO nothing.
    Sorry, that’s the way it is.
    However much longer the pain DM causes continues is on… those who stay silent now.
    Please tell your friends from me, its on them now.

  238. Lucy ~~

    There are 3 ways to handle a smoldering fire.

    1) Throw water on it and diffuse the fire. Put it out.

    2) Walk away and do nothing

    3) Throw gasoline on the fire and really start a raging fire.

    In my experience, OSA and Office of COB only know to apply # 3 above.

    Witness what they have done to Marty, Mike, Haydn,, Steve Hall, Jeff Hawkins and a host of others. See Tori’s story.

    There was a time when one’s “eternal spiritual future” could be threatened and many believed that crap. Many shivered and did not want an SP declare. Those are the only deterrents Dm has.

    But if you welcome an SP declare as a badge
    of honor and could care less about the Church of Miscavology with its appalling out tech in this day and age, then the Church has no deterrent. Who would want to sit and hold the cans and waste the $$$ on the squirrelled off the wall overrun painful perverted sessions they laughingly call “Golden Age of Tech” auditing.

    And after sucking out mega bucks in every kind of reg cycle, you can be declared SP in a heart’s beat if you continue to read Marty’s site !

    We will take all the money you have, where is your Amex? Visa? Master Card? We will also discipline you, create hate web sites about you and declare you all in more or less the same time frame.

  239. Karen, it’s great to see all the support you are getting for stepping out from the madness. You always were a trusted techie and a great terminal for all those that came to you. I am enjoying seeing your use of the comm cycle with your acks to all these great postings in response to your write up.

    To add to and support a post you made earlier in this series about those leaving the SO, I want to add the following:

    During the 11 years that I ran messages for LRH, on a daily basis, he and MSH both insisted on people taking their 3 week leaves to see their families – to not do so was known to create unnecessary PTS situations for the staff and major PR flaps for the GO to clean up. Additionally, LRH had a 24 hr policy to get people routed out if they wanted to leave – any time he found this violated, those responsible definitely would get the message runs. There were even several times during a heavy ethics period, LRH would have messengers go and check with every staff member to see if they wanted to leave and if they did, HCO had 24 hrs to get them routed out as a priority.

  240. W&P and Jim,

    Let’s not be too hard on them. Maybe that’s the best you can get when there’s hardly anybody left and you’re down to the “C” team.

  241. Karen,

    What a story — rather, what a life! Kudos to you for remaining true to yourself in the midst of what are for many of us unimaginable circumstances.

    I attended a few anonymous protests in ’08. As I educated myself about the CoS, I paid particular attention to what people like Chuck Beatty and John Peeler were saying about the SO and the Int Base. I stood outside an major east coast org with a sign that said “Mike Rinder Blew, so can You!” and orchstrated chanting “Free Heber” — I also personally collected hundreds of postcards from all around the world in “Operation Over the Wall: Postcards from Paradise” (inspired by a John Peeler suggestion). I remember how I hoped that this sort of an approach would help scientologists to ask questions of themselves and each other. Now when I read this blog, and particularly stories like yours, I have hope for the good that can come from human beings caring deeply about other human beings.

    None of us are “perfect” (whatever that is!) but we can all make a difference, we can all find ways to improve the lives of others, and I believe that the alliance of strange bedfellows that has been inspired by the cruel psychopathy (and yes, I use that psychiatric term with accurate intention) of David Miscavige provides an interesting model of how movements can be formed to fight all sorts of injustice.

    Also….psychopaths are particularly formed by their inability to understand or feel empathy, or to comprehend the courage that such an emotion can engage. In other words, the power of maternal love and compassion.

    When I read your words (as well as the other recently escaped scientologists) I feel a sense pride in the role that I and other mere civilians have played.

    I wish you well — and much joy in your new grandbaby. I say this to you as a new Grandma – my 1st grandson is about to turn 1 year! It is an awesome experience and lets you know how precious all life is!

  242. martyrathbun09

    Janis, thanks for this first hand data. I’m saving it for response to the occasional troll comments and emails I get chastising me for differentiating between L Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige.

  243. Karen,
    Wow. It took awhile for things to settle in my universe after reading your posting. Wow.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing up and honoring LRH in such a way.
    Thank you for standing up for Heber.
    Thank you for standing up against such evil intentions to sever your love and rights as a parent.

    Alex: wake up. You have been being used to harm LRH, Heber and now your mother. For what purpose? I challenge you to find the answer to that question–honestly and without bias.
    You are a product of your parents and I trust you to do the right thing. Your father is a prisoner, physically abused, how can you possibly stand back and do nothing about it?

    Marty, Mosey and Mike, et al,
    Thanks for all you are doing to help make things right. Sorry I won’t be there to see you all, but my buds have assured me that they will take lots of photos and spread around hugs from me. This promises to be a very interesting Independence Day….:)


  244. Hi Karen,

    I was floored to realize that you are the same lady back on Labor Day 2008 that changed our lives. We rescued a bird from our cat’s mouth that day and we were shocked to see it was a pet bird and it had a Mohawk. We knew nothing about birds and I started Googling to find someone who rescued pet birds . I found you and you actually answered your phone.

    You were going to have us bring the bird to you that night after 10:00. But then you called back to tell us to bring it to a friend of yours who does bird rehabilitation that was closer to us. I did the next day and your friend said it was a cockatiel with clipped wings and to take it home and put up signs in the neighborhood and bring it back in a week if nobody claimed it. We put signs up and proceeded to fall in love with her that day and got her a another cocktiel a month later.

    If you had not called back that night and had taken the bird , we would have missed out on what has been such a needed source of joy for us. Those birds have brought so much light to us. We had lost three cats in a month just before that and the cat that brought this little gift to us crossed over on Christmas day.

    I have never been a Scientologist but due to some fraudulent dealings with one, I started reading about Scientology non stop since 2005 and the abuse that goes on. I am on the boards everyday and I read your story here and it wasn’t till I saw your email address, that I realized, Oh my Goodness, that is the lady who played such a pivotal role in our having these wonderful birds.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am also so glad you are speaking out about the abuses in Scientology.

  245. martyrathbun09

    Thanks bbird. A note to Dan Sherman: get a life, brotha.

  246. TEG/TOM

    Thanks for this, it is one of my favs.


  247. Dear Sam,

    I love it. With head phone on, I have run and run and run to clear my head listening to this…


  248. Thank you Kirsi.
    Thanks much.

    When all is said and done, Alexander knows his father did not see him for 6 years and that this had zero do with Internet websites, Marty, Mike, or the moon.

    Heber was in lockdown.


  249. I only posted this to be a reminder to be on the right side of history; to be on the right side of justice; to impart a concept of freedom for the “soul”.

    Let freedom ring.

    If I can offer any advice to anyone still on the “fence” :


    It will be a soft landing. Given the scene.


    Tom Gallagher

  250. John Eastment, a bus driver.

    “White hot rage”

    So many crimes to be paid for.


  251. Sam,

    Perfect. Gold Star Perfect. Again.


  252. Greetings Trey.

    I remember you well ! I have read your stories on the web.

    Probably the most poignant to me was this blurb you wrote earlier~~ (after you auditing for 35 years or so~~
    In the meantime, I was racking up 1000-1400 hours in the chair year after year. I audited Solo NOTs to EP and completed OT 8 in 1988. There were also trips to Nigeria, India and China where I helped start Dianetics groups.

    In 2003 I finally bit the Golden Age of Tech bullet and went on course full time and finished my program. Meantime, I kept racking up 1000-1400 hours a year in the chair. Any time IHELP kept comparative stats on field auditors, I was always in the top three in total production, and I was #1 in many categories every year. The only times that IHELP Int ever kept worldwide stats, I was #1 in tithes both times. By the time of my Comm Ev, I had logged over 36,000 hours in the chair, I had over 110 people that had either gone Clear on my lines, or who had gone onto their OT levels from my practice. I gave them the names of 283 people I had recovered to the orgs. I submitted a large stack of success stories and commendations.

    I told them all of this in my Comm Ev.

    They responded loudly and in unison:

    “WE DON’T CARE.”

    Four months later, one Saturday night, I was auditing when there was a loud knock on the front door. I then heard people walking around in my living room. I finished auditing the pc and went to see what was going on. What was going on was that I got my burn notice. They then proceeded to take all my certs off the wall and haul them away. Then they rounded up all the folders I had around the house and carted them off too. All they left were blank spots on the wall and paperclips on the floor where my auditing practice used to be.

    END of Quote

    You are an OT 8 having completed Solo Nots.
    They come into your home and rip the certs of your wall in the middle of the night.

    This is the modern day “church of miscavology”
    It is unconscionable.

    You can count on your fingers how many field auditors there are in the Los Angeles area.

    Trey, I praise you for persisting and continuing without the DM squirrel tech. It is sad what the Church has come to…..


  253. ΘTater/Gary

    Just Me,

    “We did the PDC course together! Small world, eh? LOVED that course!”

    My god! Who are you!! :)!!! I loved that course and I was doing OT-V at the time (absolutely perfect point to do so).

    Do you remember the (fill in the blank) and the (fill in the blank) and also all of the (fill in the blanks) we had to do?! I also got a real reality on what LRH says not to do! WOW that was a trip!

    Now Just Me, I must know what your name is and what did you look like. I am sooo forgetful about a lot of things that happened last week let alone… Sheeesh… 25 years AGO! LOLOL

    I’ve been reading your postings and you do have a way with words and theta! 🙂

    As you’ve guessed who I was by my first name, I am at a disadvantage in knowing yours.


    P.S. My email address is similar to your blog handle …. very small world indeed!

  254. Identity = Integrity?

    Spirit of play?

    Play on.


    Thomas E. Gallagher

  255. You’re a unbelievably special person Karen.

    I remember when I was a lowly TTC member at the FSO on the Dianetics Internship in the summer of 1976 (when Dianetics came before the Grades on the Gradechart), and you just freely chatted with anyone, including us lowly Dianetic Interns, even though 99% of us were failing left right and center.

    You’re an unbelievably special person Karen.

    I hope to gosh that Alexander someday breaks down that unnatural barrier, and raises up to see how wrong it is to agree to cut off his own mom.

    Even though I know you may not plan to do “tech” as a vocation, since you are so successful, I cannot imagine that you might not become the “hot spur line” from time to time, for those asking you this or that question.

    Sheesh, can you believe I suggested this. I’m a pro psych guy these days.

    I used to idolize the Class 12s Apollo vintage, LRH trained ones, when I joined the Sea Org at the FSO in Dec 1975. You were so approachable, and easy to talk to, you’re a remarkable person and that is such an understatement.

    When you retire, please write a book about your Scientology life.

    You’re unbelievably special Karen!

    Thankyou for going public.


  256. Dear Monica,

    I remember you well from the Flagship Apollo.
    Wow you take me down memory lane.

    Weren’t we on LIBs together than famous day.

    By the way, a day off was guaranteed on the ship. You did not even CSW for it. You merely told your Senior you would be off for the day.

    in 1974 the ship was on an Island called Maderia and assumed by the natives to be CIA !

    At which point stones and heavier objects were thrown at the ship with privilges to dock in the harbor being removed.

    Monica……was it you or Abby (Krowitz) Wattman that had the adventure to get back on board after the ship sailed out ?

    Monica !!!! Private Email.

    Girlfriend !


  257. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks for the great ack, Karen.

    Look in your inbox.


  258. ΘTater/Gary

    Tom, I agree with you wholeheartedly!

    ΘTater/Gary (F/Ning!!)

  259. Dan’s going to have is oh f*** moment very soon.

  260. ΘTater/Gary

    Marty, Mosey, Mike, Karen, ah Hell!! ALL OF YOU,

    Thank you for being you! Thank you for letting us be ourselves here. You’ve helped re-start my life as a happy being that I had before Dm-stein took over and spoiled all of our fun.

    Love you all,

    ΘTater/Gary L.

  261. Dean,

    As an aside: Do you still have family here? Do you ever visit Cincinnati?

    Tom Gallagher

  262. Wins Mexico.

    Thank you so very much. Thank you. I am blown away at just how many people (many still under the radar) have written to me. It is incredulous.

    Yes, we do share goals.

    And you went through it as well with your own family.

    Thanks again. Any friend of Marty and Mike’s is my friend absolutely.


  263. No surprise.

  264. Cured Robot

    God isn’t that the truth, there was a day when I was shivering in fear of an SP declare if I blew or routed out, now its like bring it on brother!! Too many erroneous SP declares of people who aren’t SP’s has ceased to have any ethics presence over me and others that I know. I love your statement to wear it like a Badge, LOL.

  265. Snow White?

  266. Dear Dean,

    ~~ a fellow auditor and we went through it together. Congratulations on your new life and 7 year old. That is neat.

    Do you recall all the NOTS auditors at AOL being summoned to CMO IXU in HGB at 1 am and being interviewed in seperate rooms with menacing threats and intimidation ?

    We dared to ask for 1 hour a day family time !
    A tiny handful of us were making most of the revenues, Well Done auditing hours and VSD for AOLA .. How dare we ask for an hour off to spend with young kids !
    How dare we be “disaffected”to ask for a little time with offspring !

    God that was a horrible night. Rollback to see who the criminal, disaffected, individuated was.

    1989 DM running Scientology.

    This was life ~~ Hardly any day off, 1/2 day if lucky 2x a month, no family time, impossible to get 3 weeks annual leave, often $10 a week pay,
    daily/weekly O/W sec checks and those screaming intimidating musters.

    Whew Dean. I feel a chill to return mentally to all that.

    While on route out lines (3 months security checking) , they sent a random 12 folders of recent pcs of mine to Senior CS Int Office to look for my “Crimes. ” (Only a criminal would request to leave the Sea Org . Only a criminal would want to blow).

    I found out from ay handler than none of my pcs had any trouble, missed W/H, complaint zippo, nothing.

    So Dean, listen to this, I just received an anonymous hate mail claiming I was removed for Gross out Tech !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can just see the new OSA Ops hate website with a tissue of lies.

    You were there til I left. You know the score Dean

    “Removed for out tech “~~~ they lie lie lie lie.
    Shame on you David Miscavige.
    You are in delusion on your grandeur, oblivious of your crimes on LRH.

    Read this and weep.
    I can strike harder than I can be hit.

  267. Deirdre, when I knew Diana Petit she was the Sr C/S of LA Foundation. I have no idea if she still is.

  268. Dear Jackson,

    It is great to hear from you. When I came to you as Security chief at Int Base asserting I was held against my will, under kidnap, little did I ever dream we would connect on the web years later.

    I look forward to the private Email.
    You did absolutely great on the Truth Rundown and St Pete Times

    Worth seeing again. Good job Jackson. Good job.

    I hope we meet in person soon. Be fabulous to talk live about it all.


  269. BBird::

    What a surprise. I love it that you now share my passion for birds.

    You just never know who is reading this blog !
    Whew !

    Thank you for this nice acknowledgement.
    Come and visit with soon. I have some extra cockatiels…..

  270. Lisa and Mark :

    I read your enlightening write up on Marty’s blog.
    It was very well written.

    Thanks a million for the private mail and all you shared with me.

    much love,

  271. I think this FN issue is a major data. It was actually that and the incorrect reads in EM9,9a that prevented me from finishing my training and in a way, led me here.

    Those are very specific, provable, obvious alterations and many people know something is wrong but they dont have all the data.

    If you’ve done the current metering course you probably did one of three things:

    You glibly went by these alterations and
    accepted verbal tech from the sup to handle your confusions.

    You didnt finish the course.

    You somehow finished the course with your own duplication of LRH references and got lucky and passed your sup passes and video without being flunked for not taking prior reads or noting an FN every time the needle moved back and forth three times. Actually I think this one might be impossible, but who knows.

    One other topic-
    To the person who does that 1.1 site- “minerva” or whatever. You are posting personal data from PC folders. Writing it in the form of a gossip article isnt fooling me. That data comes from PC folders. Violation of priest penitent confidentiality is a suppressive horrible thing to do and you are engaging in an activity that is destroying the church and making impossible any spiritual gain for members of your church and yourself.

  272. Marty on Dan Sherman.
    Thanks for making me giggle.
    I needed that.

  273. Dear Eileen,

    Thanks much ~~ I have been reading about your adventures and missions and so on.

    You have contributed as much as anyone.

    The day comes when you Leave the Building… and yes, the safe harbor is Marty and Mike.

    Thanks so much.

  274. Joe Doakes

    While I’m saddened by the circumstances that brought you here, I’m more than happy to have you on this team.

    And while I don’t know you, I very much “know” you.

    The term “footbullet” is very common around this blog. The thing I continually observe is DM shooting himself in the foot when he didn’t even need to. It’s comical in a way — take an area that isn’t a problem and “handle it” until it is.

    Kind of makes me think of cleaning a clean. Like so many other stories, if they would have just left well enough alone, you wouldn’t have become an enemy. But nooooo, had to start ruffling your feathers.

    I wish you the absolute best!

  275. “The First Amendment is largely cited as the jurisprudential basis. The earliest and most influential case acknowledging the priest-penitent privilege was People v. Phillips, where the Court of General Sessions of the City of New York refused to compel a priest to testify or face criminal punishment. The Court opined:

    “It is essential to the free exercise of a religion, that its ordinances should be administered – that its ceremonies as well as its essentials should be protected. Secrecy is of the essence of penance. The sinner will not confess, nor will the priest receive his confession, if the veil of secrecy is removed: To decide that the minister shall promulgate what he receives in confession, is to declare that there shall be no penance…”

    Add to that your understanding of LRH confessional tech, overts/withholds and what they do to a being and then try to justify the church’s use of data from PC folders in an attempt to shame and attack it’s ever growing list of “enemies”.

  276. EnufAlready

    David, one of the BIGGEST reasons I no longer support DM or the Church is that I was not allowed to think and act for myself on what I felt was right. So try not to snap terminals. Inval is always uncool.

    There are many LRH supporters and Scientologists who for their own personal reasons have decided not to openly disconnect from the Church at this time. They’re allowed to make that decision for themselves! Let’s lay off the bashing please! What – they’re not allowed to express their opinions to other Scientologists? Free Spirit is creating word of mouth! That’s a good thing! Is this now an elitist club that only “outed” Scientologists can take part in?

    Everyone has unique circumstances…So until you walk a mile in someone’s shoes…keep your invalidation and gag reflexes to yourself. I have learned a lot from this blog, and admire many on here, but I see these type comments occasionally and they need to stop. It creates an “us” vs. “them” mentality (dichotomy) which is what the Church does; we know that’s not productive.

    The point of agreement we all have here is that DM is the problem. Let’s go from there! Peace out.

  277. Free Spirit 88008

    Dear David,

    You’re right: my friends and I are wonderful and kind souls and your blessings are duly acknowledged.

    Free Spirit

  278. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Thank you for sharing that. It was awesome. Well done.

  279. Dear John,

    I read your private Email to me and I am emotionally impacted. I just cannot tell you what an impact it had.

    I knew you as this handsome little boy in Apple School when I was sent in a visit to tell LRH Stories in the late 70s.

    From there, to your recruitment at a tender age to Gold MAA and then the horrors within.
    You were never given bridge or enhancement enough to see any value of the tech. I absolutely read and understood the time track and how you came to your conclusions.

    Your astounding Email left me quite breathless. Stay with this blog John. You have much to offer. You have more Int Base horror stories than most. You’ve been there, done that. You spoke out about the horrors of DM’s gulag and got kicked out of your job ~ a Scientology company.

    (If anyone else reading this loses their job for not wanting to drink Kool Aid in DM’s church, Email me at or

    You will be surprised at what can be done…..

    Here is John’s website on some INT base stories~~

    One can only evaluate with more data. One cannot evaluate with less data.

    Thank you John. What a communication.
    I am still WOWed.


  280. theystolemychurch

    I can imagine enforced separation from my kids. And, unfortunately I do “get” why the church does this. One less family member makes you weaker. The stronger the family member, the weaker the family. Family makes you stronger – each and every one of them ~ in one way or the other……

    I love each member of my family dearly and our departure from the c of $ was actually discussed and coordinated. I am not so organized, but my daughters are!

    My daughters, my son and my husband and I have promised each other that no force on Earth can could cause us to disconnect from each other…. We saw what was happening in other Scientologist’s families and realized that if one of us would be declared, then we should all be declared.

    My daughters, my husband and I have all been on staff. And have seen just how actual standard LRH works.

    So, now the bell has tolled and we are coming out. My daughters, my son, my husband and I at the same time.

    Thank you all for just having the confront to be here.

    This is the actual reading material that got me to really see the light. Thank you Marty, Mike and Mosey for creating and having this 3D.

    And thank you LRH for the tech we are all fighting for.

  281. TheEmperorIsNaked

    “When the day comes that Heber achieves his freedom, I hope we will have organized and piloted a program to mercifully undo the damage that he and others have endured.”

    I like this paragraph! Nice, David.

  282. Hi Karen,

    Wow, this is big. It’s such an honor to have you as a member of this group. This truly is LRH’s group, the group of the most able, trained, ethical Scientologists in the world.

    With people like you and the other trained OT’s already here, there is no way that we won’t succeed in using true Scientology to help the world evolve on all dynamics.

    Your story is too familiar — such crimes have been committed too many times against the most able, committed people on the planet. I’m so glad you are throwing your weight behind our independent movement. And yes, may the sunshine continue to disinfect until the biggest insect on the planet is gone from the scene!


  283. Wins Mexico,

    You’re much too ready to jump on members of your own group. Freedom Fighter clearly meant no invalidation of you or any other “natural auditor.” You would do well to try your best to maintain ARC in this group, rather than invalidate good members of this group such as Freedom Fighter. Please try to see the good intentions of other members rather than take offense at imagined wrongs.

  284. Congratulations Karen!!
    Karen was part of the Flagship R auditors, now a rare breed. She was always so competent she rose to top and stayed there. She always seemed above all the frey. She was only put down by the oppression that exists. As I said in my last blog to this site, there has been a systematic expulsion of anyone who had a voice and Karen certainly did.
    It saddens me to hear of the familiar deliberate disintegration of families that continues to go on in Scn.
    I was not involved in recovery work for many years, but now with stories like Marty’s, Mike’s and Karen’s I have rededicatated my life to help those messed up by the C of Scn and its leaders.
    Other Flag trained auditors and I have been talking about offering a help line to anyone who feels they were messed up the C of Scn. More about that later, but back to Karen.
    Karen, it’s a brave step and I’m happy for you. If there’s anything I can do to help you or your family let me know.



  285. Karen,

    Nothing I hear about DM surprises me anymore. He’s Hitler incarnate, in my book. We all drank the Kool Aid, but none of us are drinking it anymore. We’re all free, we’re de-PTS’d, we’re thinking for ourselves, we’re fighting the monster . . . life is good!

  286. Janis,

    Very interesting huge difference between the SO before and after ’86.

    Interesting thing is that you are what I have in common with Karen. You got me into the SO and serving LRH. 😉

  287. Dear Stella,

    Thank you for this nice note. You said many things, but what I really saw is your perception that David Miscavige is a psychopath. And a psychopath cannot feel empathy.

    He trained his RTC staff to have the attitude of “Cold Chrome Steel.”

    It is one thing to have a Dictator that is a benevolent Dictator with kindness and compassion. It is quite something else to have someone in command who wants to crush, overwhelm, dole out sadistic punishments,
    split you up from spouse, and ship you to Australia.

    During the late 18th and 19th centuries, large numbers of convicts were transported to the various Australian penal colonies by the British government. Australia was the establishment of a penal colony.

    I am sure DM is using Australia like a 18th century penal colony….and he does not care one iota if you are being sent thousands of miles away from family.

    No grandchild. The baby did not make it.

  288. Dear Tom,

    Thank you for this very nice note.
    Both Marty and Mike are on the firing lines and take a lot of heat to provide this forum.

    They are awesome warriors with bullet proof armor.

    Thanks again.

  289. Dear David,

    Well Well Well. I knew Renata St. Lawrence when she was Heber’s junior in PR….where is she now ?

    You said something heartfelt things about Heber. Please note what is said on the web about David Miscavige.

    Then heed what is said about Heber.
    Perhaps that’s why DM hates him so much ?
    DM has beaten him, mocked him, locked him in the SP Hole, abused him for years.
    DM has not permitted him to see his son in 6 years until a few weeks ago and the next visit will be …..Christmas !

    Now who agrees a 75 yr old may only see his son 2x a year ?

    Yes of course I will visit your site. You are my friend on Facebook now.


  290. Wonderful video, English Girl. Super-Mom indeed!

  291. Hello Karen,

    You seem like an amazing person and I wish I had the chance to meet you. I am sure you know my parents though they were both on the Apollo with Mike.

    That they try and use your son as a pawn just infuriates me. So does the fact that he was pampered and treated like that whilst others were cast out. Now that will also contribute to the fact that he is now willingly following there evil orders.

    The church still has my little brother under lockdown in NYC. My mom has been off “watching” him for months now. Unfortunately it has taken him time to see that the reason he is in NY and not California is because the church wants him away from his friends that have seen the light.

    I got an email on Facebook recently and here is the email and reply. You inspired me a just little bit to put up the trash the dave is willing to throw at everyone. If just helps one person see the wrong in his ways and gets him that much closer to figuring out a way to stop himself than I might have helped someone.

    I still have many friend there I wish I could see again starting with Rikard Rodin and Greg Hughes Jnr.

    Here it is:

    Hi #####, Long time no see. Hope all is well.
    I noticed that you have Tom on as a “facebook friend” and wanted to let you know that I saw him on CNN not too long ago talking smack about the CofS. Safe to say he is not in good standing. So I had it checked out thru the Ethics Office at CCINT to see if he was in fact Delared a Suppressive Person and he is. The reason for contacting you was to let you know this so you can take him off your FB as I am sure you dont mean to be friends with an SP. There are others that I know who have him on their FB page and will be contacting them too so they can make their own decision to not be friends with a declared SP. Let me know your thoughts on this.
    Peace, out.

    ############ June 30 at 10:06pm
    Hey Roxie, how are you?

    Please do not waste my time with church business. If you think Tom Devocht is a bad person that is your business. Do not try and pawn that off on me. If you actually knew Tom and I do or had any semblance of self determinism left on this subject I am sure you would see it differently. He does not fall under the characteristics of an SP in any way shape or form that I have observed.

    If you refer to the St. Times article and you have read what went down and still believe nothing is wrong again please open your eyes. I have read all the stories and was there for most and I can tell you there is not one single lie yet voiced and in most cases those speaking have left out the exaggerations!

    I choose my friends and no one has a right to interfere and tell me otherwise or waste my time trying to persuade me otherwise.

    Hope you are well!! Please do not send this crap to me.

    Best, ######

  292. Dear Magnolia,

    Thank you so very much. Understood. The new version of NOTS with mandatory 3 needle swings ~~”waiting for the needle to play Dixie”~~is a sabotage to auditing. There is no other word to use.

    It is rubbish. It is not LRH. It is a sentence taken totally out of context.

    I will take the Mayo NOTS any day over Miscavige NOTS. Miscavige has perverted the definition of a floating needle from “know best” but the consequences are far-reaching.

    I will not reveal just how many similar Emails I have privately received with the same concensus of how Flag is today and how “meter anxiety” has developed.

    I cannot even recognize the anecdotes I receive as the Flag I knew ! My God.

    Your plea to have the Church back is exactly why Marty has this blog and why some of us are working on the bigger picture…..

  293. Dear Revenimus,

    Thank you very much indeed. Write to me privately and let me know if I can help you.

    We all have ups and downs. Like Marty and Mike, I too have been through “my valley of the shadow of death.”

    What did those old sailors say ?
    “There is always calm after a storm.”


  294. Thank you Froghopper.
    Thanks for your good wishes.
    Right back atcha !

  295. Thank you Oracle.
    Oh my, I received your private Email and responded.

    What a lovely surprise !


  296. Thank you FOS for your astute observation.
    Good job.

  297. JSwift.

    Thank you for this Email and your level of duplication to the actual scene.

    I have seen you post for a while.
    Can you send me private Email ?

    It really was something to see. The OSA bribery and friendship of Alexander was over and beyond anything I have seen in a route out.

    The baby did not make it and Kerstin got the Org to pay for the procedure ! Even though they were out of the Church for weeks by then.
    Unheard of !

    One thing is quite notable. For 25 years the policy was enforced abortions. But the Internet, the law suits, the governments of the world stopped the Church policy. No more enforced abortions.

    However, if you do have a child, boy does the Church want to grab that kid (that you weren’t supposed to have) and get the kid to produce and work and slave for them.

    Thank you JSwift.

  298. Thank you Freespirit.

    Understood. It is probably Marty and Mike that deserve that acknowledgement.

    We all have our own gradient scales. There are gradient scales of enlighten ment. There are gradient scales of action, and I believe we move within our own comfort zones of moving along the gradient scale.

    Good on your duplication of a Mother Cub !
    Thanks for sharing.

  299. Thank you Michael.
    This isn’t the squawking of a handful of folk who are “disaffected.”

    There are issues that are *So Wrong* so unconscionable, so over the top, so outrageous,
    so unlike anything LRH in command could have conceived of, that makes the momentum occur and fuels the demand for people to ask

    “What is going on ???????????”

    Thanks Michael, nice blog.

  300. “Alexander is reading the Internet now.”

    What has been seen can notbe un-seen

  301. Thank you much Thought Provoking.

    A “lens” is what Squidoo calls a webpage.
    Through the browser are you seeing a website through a Lens. A Lensmaster is a person that creates websites.

    Another Titanic buff ! I confess have been a Titanic addict.

    I work and have worked with different levels of law enforcement and I support law enforcement.

    A year and a half ago I was subpoened by the Government and was flown by some Federal Prosecutors to South Carolina to testify in a major fraud case on Art. I was there for 2 weeks and we nailed the fraudster…he got 16 years jail ~~ multi million dollar fraud case, 6 Federal prosecutors, 40 witnesses, Uncle Sam at his best.

    Oh the smoothness of the team activity. No yelling, No screaming, No “Severe Reality Adjustments” Crooks and Prosecutors and a safe space ! Boy did I do comparisons !

    Some Federal Prosecutors befriended me and I am consulted on Art fraud for criminal complaints, insurance, interstate art fraud and my name has been bandied around the law enforcement communities as (I am proud) I was the pivotal *star* in this Myrtle Beach scam.

    One more thing. I realized what extreme pleasure it gave me to nail a crook and to contribute to make the environment a safer space for all of us. You have to *DO* it to get the sense of accomplishment.

  302. Marty, no kidding. bbird, what an incredible story. just goes to show…. There’s a quote from the book Marty recommended to us on another post about “The Shack”: “If anything matters, everything matters.” Your story proves the point.

  303. Dear Old Cuff,

    Thank you for your kind words. Actually, it is Marty and Mike that lived and breathed it all for decades in much closer proximity.

    I know the technical stuff. But, as explained with the IAS, Idle Orgs and so on ~ there is a 360 degree view beyond the application of the tech.

    What auditors are being made ?
    Any SHSBC graduates out there acutally auditing ? Who ?
    How many actual SHSBC graduates actually audit ?

    SHSBC costs an absolute fortune these days.
    Some $40,000 and that does not include the materials !

    So what happens to the final graduates ?
    Do they ever audit ?

    Can anyone Email me the name of any SHSBC graduates of the last 25 years that actually audit ?

    Thank you Cuff. We have travelled the road side by side.


  304. Dear Climbing a 9′ High Board Fence.

    Oh boy you tweek my curiosity.

    You say” We have known each other a very long time.” aaaaahhhhh the mystery


    Due to something Janis said the other day……I am guessing, I am guessing.

    Please write to me

  305. Dear Crashing Upwards.

    Thank you for this very nice note. Much appreciated.


  306. Dear Aelous,

    One of the major reasons Scientology is not understood by the general public is the way family is treated.

    Did you read Janis’s blog below. She was one of the original “watch messengers.”

    A watch messenger was at LRH’s side 8 hours a day on various shifts.

    The 3 weeks annual leave was always part of Sea Org life. No hassle. Please read her blog.

    Thank you for your comments.


  307. Aeolus ~~’

    I am tired. I meant


  308. Thank you Rory.

    Even a magnificent cathedral starts with one basic building block. Yes, one step at a time, changing the world, one step at a time.

  309. Dear Michelle,

    Thanks much for this. Leaving staff should never be that painful, that traumatic, that horrible experience that it takes years to “get your heads back on.”

    You see why I speak out. This church has morphed into something that is invented by Miscavige. Please note the Janis Grady posting below. Departures per policy should leave in 24 hours.

    In DM’s Church, you can be locked down for months, years in brutal conditions for asking to leave.

    God this abuse and manipulation as you mentioned is so wrong. So wrong. It will change. There is much light at the end of the tunnel.


  310. Thank you Cat Daddy.
    You sound determined and focused.
    Way to go.

  311. Thank you Looking In.
    Yes, the Power base is building.
    Very much so.
    Thanks for the important sentence.
    By agreement, not enforcement.


  312. Cowboy Poet.

    Love your poetry. Love the music.
    Your silent admirer on this blog. Those photos were great too ~ when Marty visited with you.


  313. Many thanks Kathy.
    I believe we will be meeting soon.
    I so look forward to meeting you.
    Thanks Kathy.

  314. War and Peace

    +++ How DARE you ask for 1 hour family time !

    ++++ How DARE you not audit 40 hours a week in the chair !

    +++++ How DARE you have other FISH to FRY by lowering CONTRIBUTION to the EXPLOSIVE GROWTH our dear COB works slavishly to achieve !

    Evil Intentions ! Enemy Lines ! Hidden R/Ses !
    Your FPRD case is alive, now get back to work you out ethics scum before I write up a Court of Ethics on your Dilletante attitude !

    Just another day in the Sea Org.

  315. Dear Karen,

    thank you for this great post here on Marty´s blog. It means a lot for all Scientologists – in- and outside the church , in- and outside the Country. It unites the people outside the church and creates a huge theta cloud ….. and urge people to leave the insane Management.
    So thank you very much for giving us your power.


  316. Janis
    I recall myself about this agreement withSea org members, if they wanted to leave they could in those days. There were times in those days MarySue insisted time was spent with the Family.

    I recall LRH allowning a family to leave for 3 weeks to take a break I myself had permission to take a hoilday and I was granted it I wanted to spend time with my daugther.

    I am afraid her Father remains in The Sea org either at the Int base or Flag land base.

    She had managed 5 years ago to slip through the net at Fort Harrison and see her father staying away from the base but with some one she knew from the Sea org as a child and he was aswell , The family is italian, however not to last when some one spotted her, and asked how is your Mother ? All hell broke loose and she was harrassed at a party with her friend she grew up in the Sea Org with and runs a business in Clearwater now or orlando.
    She left the next day , and followned with a invite to myself the mother to return and call the justice Cheif in Clear Water, My daugther wrote an open letter to her father inviting DM to read and telling him your basically trapped and if you cant just realise your a father to a child and all I wanted was time out with you and your going to be engaged into a PTS situation remain ing to be influenced by this time of person and thats looks like its between me and you in the church.

    Never has she heard from him since and he had regurely called her, or she had his direct tel line and had called him many times.

    I think he has been there at least 30 years

    MarySue was behind this for the benefit of Family and many times

  317. Quick question for you geriatrics,
    Since the body I have is only a Half-Centurion (well, and a few on top of that) are those velcro-strapped shoes the way to go? I’ve been looking at Michelin Man suits too. For the occassional fall off the couch. When I get the body to running now there are wierd squeaks. Somebody suggested cucumber on the joints.

  318. Karen,
    So great to connect with you again!! Yes, it was me! We were on libs together on the day in 1974 that has come to be known as “The Rock Concert”. We went to a movie — as I recall, the movie was “Guess Who Came To Dinner”. After the movie, we were going back to the Apollo and found the ship gone!! We missed the “rock concert” but found the Apollo gone when we attempted to come back from our libs. I remember we hid out in a disco, along with Mary Sue and some others until we were finally able to get back aboard to sail across the Atlantic to Bermuda. What an adventure! Seems like yesterday. Great to connect with you again, girlfriend!

  319. Dear Shelly,

    Thanks much for this Email. I am going to tell a story here as I know you will absolutely duplicate.

    A hate site is fabricating that I was busted off lines for gross out tech !

    LOLOLOLOL What did LRH say in that last song ?

    …. their concern not mine, my friend, they’re free to fantasize. …

    You know, that got me thinking ~~~I did get busted once. Just once. Here’s the grim story. Mark Ingber sends me to CLO EUS, New York to Sec check CO CLO EUS Bo Wennberg (now deceased)

    Early 1980s. I do the sec check over a week. I am given a temporary folder with no access to his other folders. Ruds and Sec Check. I fly home, and a few days later I am summoned to see the IJC Hamish Hamilton.

    The International Justice Chief who soon after blew. Wow. Embarrassing when the ONLY person an SP can talk to vanishes, walks out the door and is gone forever… but I digress.

    Hamish reads me a Telex. An Eval was done. I am a WHO. I am the WHO of the entire Eastern United States !!! The stats have collapsed, Bo Wennberg has blown and I just audited him. . Therefore I must have with *criminal evil purposes* designed wilfully to crash the stats of the entire continent !! !!!!!!

    For this High crime, I am assigned to clean the sewers and the deeper drains in the galley for 14 hours a day, pending a Comm Ev. My certs were cancelled.


    This is beyond what I am capable of. Gallery drains and the sewer clogged drains have rotting soaked water and grime. They should be cleaned by machines. But hey, in the SO you clean excreta ponds with your bare hands,
    you clean 14 hours a day for sadistic punishment.

    There are things I will do. And then there are things I will not do. I could not do it.

    I went to my room and lay down in bed. I crashed into my own black masses and misery.
    I called the galley and said I was sick and would not be reporting there.

    A Committee of Evidence takes a long time to from beginning to end.

    How could I lie in bed for 3 weeks ? I had to either be “sick” or being cleaning the galley drains and sewers. It is impossible to sleep 24/7 for 3 weeks.

    I snuck out of my room to a drug store late one night and purchased Tylenol. I took one every 6 hours ! I drugged myself to stay in bed to endure the 3 weeks.

    I could not, would not clean the sewers. And I thought to myself….that it should come to this.
    I am with a group that I have dedicated my life to, and I have to reduce myself to a pill popping tylenol addict to get through the day.

    One of my “Valley of the Shadow of Death” black periods.

    My beloved friend Liz Gablehouse (former LRH personal PRO) brought me food once a day. I could not show my face in the galley ! I was supposed to be the garbage disposal/sewer cleaner.

    The Comm Ev started. On day 21 of my blues a message has come down from Ray Mithoff, Senior CS INT.

    He had been away and only just got to his in- basket. to read him dispatches. Bo Wennberg had advanced cancer !
    His MD warned and warned he could not keep the schedule he was keeping ~~ the cancer flared up and he blew !

    It had zero to do with my sec check ! Get back on post. Your certs are re-installed.

    Apology from anyone ? Don’t be silly.
    You were named the WHO of the entire crash of the entire Eastern United States.

    Get back in the chair ! START !!!

    (The incident rolled back to Miscavige but that is another post)

  320. OK — so I found a computer in this remote area of CO, checked out Marty’s site (but of course) and OMG!!! Karen!!!

    Only a few weeks ago I was telling my friend when Karen speaks out against dm, it will be a matter of weeks before the house of mestology falls.

    I met Karen initially at the FSO, as a public person. Your CSing room was in the back cabanas and your cats would terrorize my dog:) (my ex and I were allowed to bring him)

    But I most remember, Heber coming up to me not long after your marriage (we knew each other from CCLA) – almost as if to make it OK that he had remarried and was beaming about you. Lauding all your praises AND so PROUD that he had lost so much weight following “Karen’s orders” (lemon juice every morning).

    Welcome Karen. Oh — one more thing — you were always so soft spoken and kind I was kinda confused … she’s a SO member? (even back then, many SO members weren’t all that warm).

    OK just one more thing and then I must head out to morning meditation …

    You came to my home in LA several years later with two HUGE travel suitcases FULL of LRH photos and family. We bought several.

    Your forced divorce from Heber was heartbreaking — the two of you were indeed soulmates (IMHO). The future is full of possibilities … my ex and I are still divorced but have become the dearest of friends.


  321. dfb99,
    Spot on. This, along with the directed, intentional suppression of the accurate use of a meter, are THE means of attack by DM of the workable tech of Scientology. At least they are the egregious ones.

    Despite all the sec checking DM demands, he refuses to release the evil of the world with violation of the safety of the session.

  322. martyrathbun09

    McGwire, hell of a FB message response, Slugger.

  323. Hi Karen!

    I am not the same person who posted as “Free Spirit” (mine is all one word), but we obviously had the same idea. I confirm the buzz about your posting – my friends who are under the radar actually contacted me to tell me!

    I am blown away by your story but I am not surprised.

    I remember you at INT. I was routing out and no one would help me. I was told I’d have to find my own sec-checker. I remember walking into GOLD Qual and seeing you. I think your radar was tuned in as you approached me. I told you I was on a routing out form,needed a sec-check. You took my R/O form and asked me if I was sessionable. Just like that you took me in- NO Q and A and we got the sec-check done. Within a couple of hours I was back in HCO. They were stunned.(No one was expecting me to find an auditor and hoped that I would just be discouraged and give up and be resigned to staying there) but by that day I was headed back to PAC.

    I NEVER forgot that act of kindness. I know you did not have to do anything to help me, but you did – in absolute LRH style.

    So belated as this is: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

    You had created such a strong impression – in the midst of all the craziness (during DM takeover) you stood as a free being. You quietly commanded your space. You were no nonsense and moved with pure certainty. I could sense you were a force to be reckoned with. I always admired you.And I am to this day so grateful for your act of kindness.

    And DAHLING….. You still look FAHHBULOUS!

  324. martyrathbun09

    I probably started all this with a post or comment several months ago that asserted the same generality Roberto complains about. In any event, I’d be audited by Roberto any day of the week.

  325. martyrathbun09

    dfb99: I finally broke down and read a couple of those articles. It is much worse than it even appears. They are using pc folder data in order to push buttons, literally to get into peoples’ heads to screw them up mentally. They are then manufacturing data and positioning it confidently as fact (read the stuff about people’s alleged intentions and thoughts); implication being it is hard fact pc folder data (clearly you got that message). Miscavige, Dan Sherman, the Dirty Dozen, and whatever OSA riff raff that is still allowed to work on this stuff are very sick puppies. Apparently, Miscavige has elected me his prosecutor.

  326. crashingupwards

    David. Don’t be annoyed. Everyone has a different role. Everyone has a different set of issues they face and everyone has different emphasis on the various dynamics. You wont turn brown eyes blue by wishing.

    FreeSpirit and all those similarly situated create a totally false picture for DM as he surveys his empire. I suspect that group is the largest group of scientologists. The only larger group is the ex-scientologists.

    I think we all can step it up a notch, however, in whatever role we play or position we hold. Reaching out more and more with the truth from whateveer position within or outside the organization. That is certainly doable for everyone.

    There are lots of people who have their focus on the first dynamic much more than the third. Thats just the way it is. I make no judgement on it. Perhaps I would be better off if I were that way. But I am not. I don’t see you that way either. So our focus and desire might differ from theirs. Its just the way it is.

    The tide is turning. The ground under DM’s feet is falling away. The circle continues to widen. Everyone just needs to keep communicating the truth.

    Last month Karen Delacarriere might have been in that coffee shop with Freespirit. Look where she is today. Its a personal decision of when and how.

    But I will say this train is picking up steam daily. Take heart.

  327. I totally got it Karen.

    Sounds like typical DM BS.

    How far we have come from the wonderfully theta of so many of LRH’s Essays.

    Things like:
    You can be Right
    What is Greatness
    Personal Integrity
    etc, etc, etc.

    I always understood the need to hurry up to save the planet – understanding HCO PL Current Planning and a host of others – gives one that reality – especially when you see what we see when we audit others.

    So many abuses have come about because of this notion that “It All Must Happen Now!!” – behind that mad rush to the goal of a “Clear Planet” Omissions, crimes, alterations et al can be covered up or glossed over.

    I get pissed reading stories like yours and this helps – remember LRH’s famous Class VIII lecture on Standard Tech? The one where he is pounding the podium? I feel that way when I read these stories and it has brought about a wonderful change in my life: I AM ALIVE again. Straight out of HCO PL OT Orgs.

    You and Marty, Geir, Mike and all the rest have helped rekindle my failed purpose.

    Having the Purpose again has put me into action and enthusiasm.

    Many of us coming back to life on this site and elsewhere are popping out of our PTSness and we are just NOT going to take it any more.

    DM will soon be but another historical footnote on the long and winding road of Scientology.

    I’m here for the duration – I always have been and always will be.


  328. Tony DePhillips

    That was a great poem Veritas!!

  329. Fellow Traveller

    What the ΘTater said.

    ΘTater — Are you coming out on a gradient?
    Merci Beaucoup, mon bon ami!

    Bruce Pratt

  330. Fellow Traveller

    You too have broad and strong shoulders, Glenn.

    Thank you.

    Bruce Pratt

  331. Karen, thank you for sharing your story. I dont know you personally, but I love you, and wish you the best. Keep speaking out, and stay strong!

  332. Oh, you scamp, you! Meditation retreat and Marty’s blog. You scamp!

    Just Me

  333. froghopper

    DFB99 note about sec checks and session beyetrayel for a misuse to screw people’s minds and mental state up having had hrs and hrs at AOSHDenmark, when I routed on lines to do My OT 111 awarded by LRH and then queried by D’s mod and having to get Diana to
    step in and acknoweldge on behalf of I could contiune the routing form and do My OT 111

    It long overdue for DM’s turn to sit in a chair and get endless hrs of sec check ‘s Wonder when this GUY every had a session and made a truthful case guy with such overts he has done

    I wonder if he would be asked how he would like if his confidential data was flashed around in front of marthy rathburn and rinder / and see how DM would like that.

    If you read this marthy /rinder the randall written SP order and Jon Attacks Sp order done years ago on DM from Free Zone when Bill Robertson was around, this should be up dated with your data and a comm Ev write up done including the evidence and sent to all Indepts and free zone

    Giving him so and so much time to face the board that does this .
    ( Might sound to you guys a laughing Joke. ) but LRH would have done this ages ago , he would have without a doubt wiped DM off the face of the earth for what he has done.

    The same way he did at ST HILL with those squirrels in early days, when they data were going off the rails techincally misapplying SP PTS S&D Data . He knocked them off very fast and all knew who they were .

    Any one that is connected to a SP is PTS !!!

  334. The abuse and misdefinition of F/N’s was a major step in dm’s strategy in my opinion. It is a classic domination and nullification action ( See Science of Survival re methods used by subject to handle others). It results in mind-screwing overruns, which is a suppressive action. (See Talk on A Basic Qual in your PTS/SP pack).
    A person could literally have a dial wide two-swing FN of the dial, which takes a bit of time and still be pressed for “more”. And end up with some dubbed-in EP instead of their EP-cognition. Evil is all I can say. And may explain why there is as much robotism as there is.

  335. froghopper

    Spelling errors, the line should read DM’s MOB and not Mod/ line ref what case guy should read case gain ( sorry)

  336. Marty

    I believe this phenomenon is called “suicide by cop.” This is when an individual purposefully puts himself in a situation that can only end with a cop taking him out in order to stop wider carnage.

    You are apparently, in dm’s eyes, the only
    one who can be trusted to put in what’s left of his slimy, raggedy ethics. He can’t stop himself, so you are being made responsible for stopping him.

  337. martyrathbun09

    lunamoth, that sounds about right. All the bullshit I don’t bother putting on the blog points to that conclusion.

  338. jason beghe


  339. Tony DePhillips

    They stole my church,

    This is exciting stuff!! I am anxiously waiting to see your smiling faces here on Marty’s blog!!

  340. Tony DePhillips

    That was kick ass McGwire!!

  341. Freetothink

    Tory I’ve enjoyed watching several of your videos.

    I have to admit when I started to wake up I was kind of afraid of you for some reason. I didn’t dare watching your videos for more than a few seconds. I had all sort of preconceived ideas about you. Those ideas were not very flatering. I had something similar going on about Jason Berghe. I was still a kool aid drinker & so PTS to the CoM.

    Once I de-PTS myself a bit & grew more “balls” (thanks to Marty & Co) I sat down & watch all of Jason’s interview & several of your videos. I realized how close minded I had been. Here are 2 great people that have suffered at the hand of my Church & I had not given a chance to listening to what they had to say before making a judgment. What a “Bot” I had been. “Bot” no more!

    Although I don’t agree with everything you say or do I really appreciate all the years you’ve dedicated to the true aims of Scientology & all that you are doing now to educate people & bring them support & comfort.

    I believe you are one of the true heros of the crumbling down of the CoM.

    My heartfelt thanks,


  342. Let me introduce myself. I am one of those “under the radar” individuals and operate that way because of my pivotal position in life, delivering “true Scientology” to a desperate planet in a corrupted field.
    Obviously, to “come out” would destroy that activity. One day soon I’ll tell my story. And it looks to be very soon.
    I found this old video of Marty that I’d like to share. In the video, when he says “Cowboys”, substitute “RTC” and when he says “Red Sash”, substitute “GAT symbol”.

    Love you all and remember, despite the sheer lunacy and what appears to be all our future salvations being wiped out, in terms of eternity this is just a blip in the screen. This is the evolution of our religion. In fact, this is a necessary step for us to get the mass on what LRH has been telling us in the Green Vols, PTS/SP tech, etc. And we’re the ones who are going to take responsibility for LRH’s legacy and the gift he gave us so that this insanity can never occur again. Better that it happened sooner than later.
    We are eternal. Our cases have been opened (any auditing better than none) and we have been trained – more importantly we have DUPLICATED LRH. The future looks bright so if we’re going to now play this new game that has been dumped in our laps let’s keep that Spirit of Play, absolute insouciant viewpoint, with a Tone 40 certainty riding above any tone level we choose to employ to shine the light on the cockroaches that have gotten into the pantry.
    My goal is to bring the Spirit of LRH back to this planet and fulfill his legacy.

  343. Fellow Traveller

    Me thinks scampish WH is one with the force. Or perhaps one force to be reckoned with….

    Bruce Pratt

  344. Karen wrote :

    “Hamish reads me a Telex. An Eval was done. I am a WHO. I am the WHO of the entire Eastern United States !!! The stats have collapsed, Bo Wennberg has blown and I just audited him. . Therefore I must have with *criminal evil purposes* designed wilfully to crash the stats of the entire continent !! !!!!!!

    For this High crime, I am assigned to clean the sewers and the deeper drains in the galley for 14 hours a day, pending a Comm Ev. My certs were cancelled.”

    This and the rest of the story reminds me of history :

    Fanatic “true believers” getting hold of a “heretic” or “witch” and burning the person at the stake … to purify their own community, so that the mercy of the Lord will be upon them again …

    This was “normal” in Europe some centuries ago. By now, even the Vatican has expressed his regret for that. However similar abuses still happen in a few very “old style” Muslim countries.

    And in Miscavige’s “church of the operating satan”.

  345. Freetothink

    Veritas, absolutely beautiful poem. Thank you!

  346. Jim,

    Forget all that velcro stuff. Exercise is the way to go. Keep the body tuned up. Practice balance every day. Strengthen the muscles that provide balance.

    Perhaps, you can combine all this stuff in awkward sexual positions. Make exercise really, really fun with a great paycheck. And maybe you can find someone who really is turned on by the Michelin Man Suit thing. It doesn’t do much for me, but hey I’m a guy. I’ve never been able to kill one bird with a one stone, much less two, but I’ve heard that’s the way to go.

    Let’s just hope that moose are not attracted to the Michelin Man mockup. Outrunning a moose will really test those squeaking joints. And you’ll probably have to toss all your cucumbers at Mr. Moose to get him distracted. I’ve heard tell that cucumbers, properly rotted, will turn off a moose about as quick as anything.

    Got to go practice throwing stones.

    And cucumbers.

    Never know what you’ll encounter in life.


  347. Good for you Theystolemychurch!
    Sounds like you have a very theta family.With entire families leaving the church intact to become Independants it will be interesting to see how DM attempts to “spin” this!

  348. Karen,

    You’re right.

    If this were a handful of squawkers, I wouldn’t waste my time. This is a gathering place of theta. We’re amassing (maybe wrong word–athetaing?) to bring about long needed changes. Not just to the CofM, but to this universe.

    Lots of good communication happening behind the scenes. This blog is the oft-noted “tip of the ice berg.”

    The following is from an e-mail that went to Just Me:

    “Excellent news about Karen coming out.

    When you said my childhood sounds like crud, you’re right. But, I’m learning a lot from it. Picking that family wasn’t a mistake. I had things to learn and understand. Sometimes when everything is going right for you lifetime after lifetime, you fail to understand how the lives of others can be so miserable.

    I don’t know that DM isn’t part of a much larger plan to increase our understanding. In the broader picture, he’s really more a social annoyance than a full-fledged social horror.

    In the grand scheme. Not the personal one.

    Certainly, he’s caused pain and misery. But his body count is relatively low–and the deaths have mostly been due to incompetence rather than plan. Insensitive on my part, but true. A myopic view magnifies his impact. A small explosion in a small room seems much larger and more powerful. But, I believe history will dismiss him. Even educated Christians seldom remember egregious Popes.

    In the broader picture, DM is a joke.

    The best that can be said of him is that he’s provided us an opportunity to witness and understand how Scientology can be misused to the detriment of others–before the government got ahold of the stuff and created an actual social nightmare. DM is a weekend seminar so the lessons become real–so we understand the need to safeguard the technology of freeing thetans.

    Hard lessons often require hard experience.

    So, DM’s a hard lesson. So what? It’s a valuable lesson. Let’s learn from it, correct what went wrong, and get on with what we came here to do. Theta is gathering here for a reason. We can all feel it. We’re learning how, when and where to apply that theta, how to direct the greatest resource available.

    In the end, DM will be the nothing he so desperately tries not to be. The rest of us will discover something so magnificent and far reaching that few of us will notice the little cockroach rummaging in the garbage, pretending to be the greatest cock roach ever.

    Face it, if DM understood theta, if he were capable of actually perceiving the beauty and joy and creativity of theta, he would not act as he does. He acts as he does because he is blind to theta. DM is an enthetan. He doesn’t understand.

    But, we do.

    And we are gathering.

    And we feel the power building.”

    Much love


  349. Thank you for your brilliance and courage!
    I can only say, this is the POST EVERY SCIENTOLOGIST SHOULD READ!
    Sincerly with admiration for all that you have done and are doing.

  350. Great post Knowbody!
    Always wonderful to have a new poster in the idependant field especially one who has a flair for writing as you do.But even more so one who appreciates the analogy of wild west cowboys to our mission here. 🙂

  351. “He can’t stop himself, so you are being made responsible for stopping him.”

    The Narcissist Psycopath. A special brand of insanity

  352. MissBridgett

    I just reread your story again and all the comments thus far. You are so inspiring, and a beautiful being inside and out. Your lovely countenance shines and radiates pure theta, and I feel blessed to know even this much about you.

    Thank you truly for your courage, from one mother’s heart to another’s.

    Love, *MissBridgett*

    …word is spreading everywhere, among Scientologists and Non-Scientlogists

  353. KB,
    Welcome to the blog, posting-wise. I got exactly what you said. We’re good. Nah, better than that.

    Nice to have you where-ever you choose.


  354. Y’all,

    This morning, I listened again to Il Maestro’s piece at

    It has particular appeal to me today, given the gathering speed with which Scientologists are waking up, withdrawing their support and walking out of DM’s church.

    By the way, does everybody realize that TODAY IS THE FIRST-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MARTY’S BLOG? And what a year it’s been!

    Just Me

  355. Han,
    I’m with you up to the last parenthetical comment. The first part, well that’s the dramo then in’it. That’s what we’re here for. R6 – Mr. Mind as Marcus Swanson used to say. Yep.

    As to the last comment though, I keep telling people (aside from Spartacus) I’m Lucifer, Beelzebug (yes ‘bug’. Nobody ever gets that right), Lord of the Salmon Flies, (uh-huh) and well, darn well red. Umm, sort of pink actually, but that’s what Caucasian bodies are. NOW they tell me. PINK!!!!

  356. Forced entrie and burgarly and theft.

    Was this at Gold ?

  357. Thanks for that special ack from you axiom38 (or should I call you “Clint?”). It feels wonderful to be back home again in my original group with the Phoenix rising!

  358. Thank you Jim. It’s nice to be had.

  359. MissBridgett

    Interesting that today is Marty’s Blog’ 1st Anniversary! How appropriate…it is Canada Day here! ( Independence Day July 1st here in Canada) *

    Happy *Independence Day* to Marty, for his courage to stand up and speak out, and for creating this blog 1 year ago today to provide a safe place for all of us to be able to do the same.


  360. Had to share this with all.
    Just got a big fat check on my repayment cycle for my money on account at AOLA.
    To any of those on the fence. Time to make your move before the current management is BUSTED and CONVICTED for the criminal actions they are committing on a daily basis.
    It will occur and if my perception serves me correctly, which it usually does, it will be SOONER than later.

    Thank you all for being here and communicating!
    Jason Beghe…you helped, watched all your videos.
    Marty…you really helped.
    Carol…you helped too, very much!
    Now, to create my new future with real spirtual enlightenment!
    The future is looking very bright!

  361. Tory Christman

    Thank you so very much! That means a *great* deal to me. I understand you having that view of me…how could you not? It’s built in by that group.
    ((Someone from my YT site told me they are now saying I’m C.I.A~! I laughed, thinking she was joking. She then corrected me, “No–this isn’t a joke–they now show your photo, Jesse Prince, a few other known “SPs” and then we had to go to the examiner”! (eyes roll)

    Thankfully someone knew the qualifications for the C.I.A. and posted them, saying no way—re me! They’ve run a black PR campaign on me for 9 years and 11 months now. I’ve only made it and continued thanks to the many, many people both here in LA and on-line who have been kind, compassionate, understanding, and there for me. I’ll always thank each of you!

    Also, I understand you not agreeing with all I say, and to me, that’s a great thing! That IS where I came up with “the Scio-Truman show” as that IS how it is, within the “Church”. Free speech was long ago weeded out, with all roads leading to DM.

    Right before I escaped out, I literally felt like I was in the movie “Pleasantville” –the only difference is those “in” were all in black and white, and *I* was turning bright colors! It’s a very scary feeling, and once you wake up, there are those moments of utter fear, until you realize the vast majority of your real friends are OUT HERE! 🙂

    You are most welcome, and I greatly thank you, and all who help expose the abuses of this insidious organization, pretending to be a church, when a Judge even called them a “mafia-like organization”. That IS how they are-
    and I can only hope you, and others help your friends get free, too.

    Blessings to you, and please bring more! 🙂
    Tory/Magoo (free for 9 years, 11 months now)

  362. Here’s a poem I found for you, Karen.

    “Angel of Reflection

    It begins in your heart as a yearning.

    Then you question your life and your goal.
    But the questions just keep you returning
    To a place hidden deep in your soul.

    Though you can feel alone and unworthy
    As you try to remember what’s real.
    You’re restrained by emotions you don’t see
    And the pain is so raw it won’t heal.

    With a subtle awareness you’re feeling
    As an Angel appears magically,
    Who then offers the process of healing
    You’re now free to be all you can be.

    She will mirror intense love that’s so true.
    Reawaken, envelope her Light.
    This magnificent Being before you
    Brings a treasure that’s your Divine right.

    (c) AngelStar”

    Thank you, Karen. You are a magnificent being.

  363. Yup! This evolution is indeed separating out the men from the boys.

  364. Happy 1st Anniversary Marty!
    And Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canuck posters!
    Drop by on my blog Miss Bridget as “who knows?” we could be neighbours.
    Do you know Jim from Canada? 🙂

  365. DM: “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!”

  366. LOL Jim and Michael

    Teeth fell off thanks to you, cant´t see that much either to find them now.

  367. Lucy James

    Dear Karen, Janis, Mike, Sinar, Sarge, Dan, and all who worked with LRH.

    We love stories about LRH. When ever I see LRH stories on this post I read them several times.

    Before DM took over, any event held there was always a story about LRH. By survey it was what public wanted to hear about. Sadly, that doesn’t happen now.

  368. Ax,
    In fact, I’m now a Cape Bretoner, having spent so much time there and being the owner of property. If you didn’t know, Cape Breton hasn’t really joined Canada as yet. Still, it IS Canada Day and that’s a good reason to tipple. I’ve got me a bottle of demerrera rum and some pop. Here’s to all!

  369. ΘTater/GaryL


    Very well said indeed! Truth has a funny way of showing up whenever needed, huh?

    Just LOOK and “POOF” there it is!!

    Thank you for joining this blog of “Marshal Marty’s”.

    (Did I just say that??!!) :):):):) (Sorry Marty, I get “sudden” with my humor [different then sarge’s type of sudden]. I think it’s permanent funnyboneitis.)


  370. Goddamn I love you Michael. There, it’s out. Whoever the being writing that email is, you too.

  371. Joe Howard

    True enough, John was a bus driver at
    Gold for several years. However, he did get back in the chair in the early 2000s. He was one of the last who tried to handle me before my expedited route out in late 2003. (Another Gold staff member blew the same day.) At any tate, John still had excellent session presence and was a very fine auditor. Definitely not a robot.

  372. martyrathbun09

    Well, he’s back in Estates now, Dan. I guess his auditor presence was too good.

  373. Another Layer

    Yes indeed, Happy Anniversary, Marty! Wow! What an accomplishment! I just glanced through your posts over the past year and what a brilliant job you have done for the whole family of man!

    With all respect.

  374. The Oracle

    I have not seen any L.R.H. reference on “Golden Age Of Tech”. I would imagine any “Golden Age” would be a reference to when Hubbard was on the lines and researching and providing.

    I was taken aback when I discovered David Miscavige had declared all certs invalid of auditors who had not trained under his new system. Because this is a heavy justice action. But I know many people who had only been involved with auditing people for years, were told their carts were no longer worth anything until they retrained (a justice action).

    I am curious, and others may be as well, if Karen, who was trained personally by Hubbard, was also told she had to retrain under the new David Miscavige system, and if her certs, issued under Hubbard by Hubbard, were considered invalid. In other words, if someone Hubbard personally trained himself, was declared incompetent by David Miscavige?

    With regards to Karen’s son, he will follow Karen. That situation will resolve as he falls into new solutions for his responsibilties with his family that do not tie in with the Church. It is not easy to be a man responsible for a wife and child and amist whatever pride comes with responsibility, to feel you may be disturbing the sanctuary you provide for others. But it will all come to pass and the family lines will reconnect.
    The red carpet has a way of rolling out for Karen.

  375. one of those who see

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for speaking out. It is an honor to be writing to one of the original Class Xlls!! It has been very helpful to hear your confident opinion on the “new definition of an FN,” the basics etc..

    Imagine if for the last 24 years we all had just gotten better and better at applying LRH’s tech, instead of one unusual solution after another!

    It is so important that this is happening now when so many of us who got into Scientology in the 50’s – 80’s are still here.
    Our children really know no different. Although, I’m sure the wise self-determined ones who are actually doing courses must have questions at this point.

    My last cycle at one of the higher orgs did not go well-understatement. No one called to apply the tech “Recovering Students and Pcs” so I did it on myself. Resulting conclusion – No auditing.

    Once things had gone so wrong, I started thinking… Where is everyone at events??? Ray Mithoff, Norman Starkey… People seemed to have disappeared. Then, these fundraisers started. And I thought…Didn’t I read somewhere in policy not to do that kind of thing. So… onto the internet and here I am.

    I wish you the best with your son. The disregard and intended distruction of the 2nd dynamic is one of the more obvious indicators of where DM is at.

    I am under the radar because of family as many are here.

    We certainly hit a bump in this road to freedom, but have already learned quite abit. I know I will never be the same again.

    Marty, once again I have to say…Wow!

  376. Marc Abian

    By the way, where are all these “SP” declares? Supposedly Marty and Mike have one, this person claims Tom D. has one and so on, but has anyone actually received one? What about JB?

    If people are claiming that people have been declared, there should certainly be paperwork. In other words, dox or get out!!

  377. The Oracle

    And I know her son knows, the red carpet also rolls out for the people connected to her.

  378. Jack Airey


    You ROCK!!!

    This statement of yours hit me between the eye’s. THANKS!!! I hope you post more often.

    “The future looks bright so if we’re going to now play this new game that has been dumped in our laps let’s keep that Spirit of Play, absolute insouciant viewpoint, with a Tone 40 certainty riding above any tone level we choose to employ to shine the light on the cockroaches that have gotten into the pantry. My goal is to bring the Spirit of LRH back to this planet and fulfill his legacy”.

    Hey all you Independents, LETS GETTER DONE!!!

  379. Impartial English Girl

    Thanks Tone! x

  380. Dear Marty,

    Each time they throw gasoline on the fire, I am willing to strike harder than I can be hit.

    Now I will tell the story of recent service at AOLA in DM’s church. This happened 18 months ago.

    It was October/November 2008. I had just given AOLA something like $60,000.

    October / November / December are very busy months for me. 200 phone calls a day every day. 300 Emails a day, every day. ( Kinkade Art is in high demand for the Christmas Season)

    I dropped off the $60,000 the money at AOLA, but it’s hand off and no attendance til Christmas is over. So I am out of touch with AOLA til January 2009.

    In the first week of January 2009 I have the flu with a raging temperature. (Very rare for me to be sick. ). I call AOLA and get a run-around “Folders are under Review”.

    I call and call and call, no service, cryptic answers. Finally I call the Captain. I am confounded. With 12 intensives on account, I can’t get a session when I have 103 temperature ?

    Do you know that they will not even give me a Touch Assist ! They just scooped up $60,000 and then my folders went to Flag to comply with DM’s order of 10,000 to be on Solo Nots.

    After my last 2 disasterous visits at Flag FSO in 1990/91 it was well known by all that I was not returning there.

    So my folders were taken out of the Org and sent to Flag, without my permission and I was blocked from auditing and lay in bed ~~ and never even did get a touch assist.

    That was the last time AOLA got these 5 figure “donations” from me. You cannot imagine how it feels to pay some $60,000 and be denied some baby assists to make you feel better ?

    Church ? Professing to Help ? Professing to give service ? Suck out the $$$$ and to hell with the public ! We are here to do what COB wants. Now get your ass to Flag and start paying again !

    What they get away with, its quite something.

  381. Glenn,
    Reading your post, I had a sense of the life and vigor that was ashore at the FH in the beginning days. It was my first brush with that theta. I know it. I got it again today.

  382. martyrathbun09

    Karen, It is a rapacious, money maw.

  383. Actually certs were not canceled. There were too many LRH references about permanent certification. The way CofM gets around that is through licensing, so although your cert is still good, you can not audit unless your are licensed through your org, mission or IHELP. If you don’t have GAT certs you can not get licensed.

    Insidious? eh? Clever little rats!


  384. rory medford

    just like EF Hutton said “one client at a time” so goes it with the Independents

    One thetan at a time joins the Independent movement

    Its liberating for all!!!

  385. Dearest Karen,

    I’ve been waiting a bit to write to you but can’t any longer contain myself! It doesn’t look like your emails and responses are going to slow down any time soon…much to my delight.

    The effect you coming out publically has had on me is huge. I know what you have been going through and what it took for you to take this huge leap.

    I know how dedicated to LRH and standard tech and policy you have been committed to and are still committed to. I know of the torture you have had to endure over the years at the hands of DM, RTC, etc. I know of the injustices. I know of your incredible courage and persistence over the many years, of your dedication as a mother, as a friend.

    You have my total admiration.

    It is almost inconceivable to me that Alexander has been persuaded to treat you as he is. Having had numerous indepth conversations with Alexander and knowing who he conceives himself to be, I can only say that he is obviously so “out of valence” that he has lost his senses..and forgotten who he truly is and what he has been working towards all these many years. It pains me to no end.

    Karen…you are a beacon of hope and an example for all of us. I know in my heart that “all this too shall pass” and you and Alexander will be reunitied as will all of the disconnected families.

    I love you dearly…call on me anytime my friend,

    Sherry Katz

  386. Magnolia

    “us lowly public”
    Those times are gone….
    there are no lowly publics but only Scientologists 🙂

  387. Karen are you inclined to reverse the money flow ? Money is part of his power over others. Too dangerous in his hands, Like giving a 2 year old a box of matches.

  388. Rain,
    Another perfect set-up.

    License. We don’t have no license. We don’t need no stinkin’ license!

  389. Jim, I can’t cough up the list of to-do’s but from memery somewhere It says to SO people to preserve your theeth. 😉

  390. Vade retro Satana!

  391. Thought Provoking

    Thank you for your reply and for defining lens and lens master.

    Yes, I can see we do share similar passions. Isn’t it great to be part of the solution?

    I’d love to be in comm with you further. I know your swamped right now but I’ll be in touch shortly either through your site or email.

    Karen (Yes, we share a name too!)

  392. Thought Provoking

    Michael and Just Me,

    Thank you for sharing that amazing letter. I am overwhelmed by the truth it communicated! DM really is that insignificant and we need to take care of business and learn what we can from this. Again, thank you to all who shared this communication!

  393. Karen,
    I’ve tried to write something here several times but haven’t been able to express what I want in harmony with your post.

    OK, here’s the best I can do right now; I got the spirit of Scientology from Mary Sue’s description of Ron, late for supper, because he ran across somebody that went ‘in session’ and he, being an auditor, did what auditors do.

    That’s what all this is about. Beings become auditors, with tools and skill and care and courage, freeing other beings.

    That is you. That is many others. The finest beings I have ever been graced to know.

  394. Dear Leonore,

    Thank you very much indeed. I echo your thoughts and feelings.

    I have been divorced from Heber for over 20 years. Heber did marry again ~~ a girl called Jane.

    Jane Jentzsch. Australian, very cool person she was an OSA auditor.

    When Heber was confined to the SP Hole and brutalized on “cleaning Freewinds bilges” detail,
    he was not permitted to speak to family. (for years)

    After not talking to Jane, his wife for 3 years, she blew from OSA and lives in the Los Angeles area. Her daughter blew Bridge Publications subsequently.

    DM once again ordered Heber to divorce Jane.
    He complied and divorced her.

    David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board RTC specializes in splitting up spouses and breaking up families. My scene with Alexander is only one of hundreds of like cases.

    Here is a list of a small portion of David Miscavige ordered divorces :

    Let’s start with the TOP of Scientology: RTC

    1.Marty Rathbun was married to the RTC Rep Ann Rathbun. Anne Rathbun was made to divorce Marty.

    1a) Mike Rinder has been seperated from his daughter Taryn and his son Benjamin who work slavishly for DM’s church. Mike is not permitted to see them or have any connection,
    and they have indoctrinated against him.

    2. David Miscavige sent his own wife Shelly away to CST – a remote location and she is now under tight security watch.

    3. David Miscavige forced his own parents to divorce.

    4. David Miscavige ordered all RTC staff to divorce their spouses or be busted out of RTC and posted in a lower org.

    5. David Miscavige ordered that there were to be no more marriages at the Int base.

    6. David Miscavige ordered Warren McShane to divorce his wife Marcella (Marcy) of 30 years who worked in the Snr C/S Int Office. Their son Sean McShane left the Sea Org and neither Warren nor Marcella can speak to him.

    7. Laurisse Stuckenbrock was ordered by DM to divorce her husband Uwe after he blew from the base. Uwe was sent to the RPF in PAC and later died.

    8. Greg Wilhere was made to disconnect from his son Darius who was sent off to Africa. Darius’ wife Becky was made to divorce Darius once he was offloaded from the Int Base. This whole family was torn apart by DM.

    9. Carol Bourke was ordered to divorce her husband Thomas Bourke who was a Gold staff member. They had been married for over 20 years.

    10. Darnelle Bloomberg and David Bloomberg were forced by DM to divorce as Dave was not in RTC – another marriage destroyed after 20 plus years.

    11. Fleur Thomas was made to divorce her husband John Thomas when he was offloaded from the Gold Base.

    12. Luzia Radstrom was ordered to divorce Jesse Radstrom as he was a Gold staff member and not in RTC even though they work 5oo yards from each other on the same property.

    13. Ailon Barram (former DM personal secretary) was married to Rebecca Redmond and he was made to divorce her when she was suspected of “snooping” and being disaffected with DM. She was promptly sent to the PAC RPF and Ailon was forced to divorce her.

    14. Brousseau, John (“JB”) – Divorced from Deidre who was in Gold

    15. McKay (Viau), Tori Lynn– Divorced in the early 90s from her then husband Ghislain Viau.

    16. Graves, Chelsea – Divorced husband (Adam Sala) so that she could go to RTC – because Adam didn’t “qualify” to go to the Int Base. Adam was also later offloaded from the Sea Org.

    17. Matsumura, Nori – was married to Jenny Gaynor. Divorced in the early 90s (apparently Jenny since died of cancer).

    18. Rossi, Liz – was married to Jim Moonie but was forced to divorce him when he was busted out of RTC in the late 80s/early 90s.

    19. Irons, Georgiana (Dave’s personal steward) – was married to Ron Sommerville- now divorced.

    20. Valerie Light (Dave’s personal steward) – was married to Danny Light, son of Janet Light (head of IASA on the Freewinds). ordered divorce.

    21. Sue Piche was made to divorce Gilles Piche in the early 90s when he was busted from RTC and sent to the RPF. She later married Greg Wilhere (1998) for which both her and Greg were then busted from RTC due to Sue’s blow history (an out qualification for RTC – she blew the Sea Org in 1995 to go see her SP declared parents in Africa).

    23. Tanya and Stefan Lewis. Oh Boy. One day this story will be told. They are both out.
    This story is electric. Tania previously worked in RTC as DM secretary.

    24. Hara O’Hare was busted from RTC after working there for 20 years because she refused to divorce her husband of 30 plus years and father of her two children – Brenden O’Hare and Leah O’Hare.

    25. Mette Jensen Pereznieto was forced to divorce her husband Leonardo after he was sent to the RPF (mid 90s).

    26. Marion Dendiu was forced to divorce her husband of 10 years – Bill Dendiu – in 1997 after he blew from the Int Base.

    27. Elsie Tucker Benhraiem (RTC Rep) was forced to divorce her husband William Tucker when he got in trouble with DM.

    28. Ty Webb was forced to break off his engagement of several years with Ari Brenner when she got in trouble with DM and was sent to the RPF at Flag.

    29. Mariette Lindstein was forced to divorce Billy Lindstein after being separated from him for six plus years (he was sent off the Base as a command team member in 1996 and was later sent to the RPF).

    30. Lesley Worstell (Tyrer) was forced to divorce her husband of many years, Robert Worstell when he was offloaded from the Sea Org due to a medical condition. This was not before they had been separated for at least four years when Lesley was posted on the Int Base and Robert stayed in LA as he was not qualified to go to the Base.

    31. Susanne Widmer Hattenbach was forced to divorce Jonathon Hattenbach.

    32. Most RTC Reps sent off from the base were separated from their spouses at the base for several years. . A couple of examples from this evolution are Melanie and John Peeler: Melanie was sent off to Flag as an RTC Rep in 1996 while John remained at the base. They were separated for 4 years. John left the SO in 2000 and Melanie was forced to divorce him.

    The head of the “Church” that has enforced abortions for 25 years, enforced divorces since he took command and ruthlessly seaerates children from their parents.

    Thank you BFG for compilation.

    Leonore, I appreciated your input.


  395. Dear Sherry,

    Thank you so very much. Boy, you are too kind. I am aware that you had an extremely tight comm line with Alexander.

    He has disconnected from me at this time.
    I like your phrase “all this too shall pass.”

    By the way your declaration on this blog was awesome. Time, Place, Form and Event.
    I am proud to be your friend.


  396. Karen,

    Greetings! I believe I met you years ago when you were on a FLAG tour at an Org. I remember a female auditor and C/S doing interviews then who seemed so much like an angel, that it practically took my breath away.

    This was after a partially botched L’s delivery at FLAG, and I was in no hurry to return for a damned review. However, the short interview you delivered was so good — you created a space so clean, with quiet calmness, high ARC, and duplication so precise — that I was persuaded to return to FLAG. Real LRH Tech and an honest delivery of it certainly impinges – and it doesn’t take a sledgehammer either! Long story short, the subsequent review cycle did not go well – that was not your fault — and I’ve stayed away ever since.

    Besides this review, the only other Mestsavage COS service I’ve done since was an OT Debug where (apart from brief interludes of pure theta) I felt almost taken captive on the Freewinds by particular crew members intent on covert invalidation, psyop suggestions of divorce from my non-Scientologist wife, and snatching as much cash as possible out of my wallet. There was a moment on the Ship — studying PTS/SP materials on my own after normal hours so I could comp a course and get the hell out – where I felt physically nauseous at the recognition that the study materials described conditions on the Freewinds.

    It took Marty’s blog to reconcile conflicting data about Scientology for me. Thanks Marty, for the truth. And thanks, Karen, for a reminder that the dream of a technical rescue from spiritual travails may be, just may be, more than mere smoke and mirrors, or a carnival side show where suckers are separated from their possessions by slick operators.

  397. Michael

    Whew ! Whew!

    What a wordsmith, what a way with words.
    Another leatherbound edition.
    Absolutely must read.

    Please send my congratulations and acknowledgement to the writer !

    Much love,

  398. Froghopper ~~

    Mary Sue Hubbard was the terminal anyone could petition on a 2d matter. She always granted the petition. She had grace. She was a Manuela to LRH (Simon Bolivar P/L)

    On the Apollo she was famous for being the support to the crew in a very personal way. She was the symbol for family.

    She lived at 2345 Chislehurst walking distance from me for years when I lived on Nottingham Ave in Los Feliz.

    Everytime I walked and ran with my dogs I would look up at the very covered and shaded windows, hoping to get a glimpse of her. I did this for years.

    I had an extremely good comm line with her in the 1970s and she wrote me many private letters with her calligraphy slanted writing especially after I was flown to audit Arte Maren in jail in Washington DC after the FBI raid. (6 week mission)

    I knew she was off limits. Someone at AOLA years ago tried to be in touch with her in the 80s and was promptly all but executed by Miscavige.

    He wanted her demolished, crushed, humiliated , completely smashed and made incapable of any input into the running of the Church.

    She has 2 guards that reported to DM daily on every move, Nigel audited her.

    I am guessing Marty will tell the full story one of these days….

  399. Sadly, before my Mother-in-law passed away, I was trying to get “Gold” to film her. She and her husband started with LRH in 1950. If you’re trained, you even heard LRH say:
    “Hello to Wing and Smokie Angel, and
    Flo and Paul Bezazian”. The Bezazian’s were my now X-husband’s parents.

    Oh did they have stories!
    One I love the most was when Harold (their son, my now X-husband) met LRH.

    It was during the Congresses, and LRH was taping each talk. So Harold tried to slip in to get a few coins for a candy bar. Unfortunately, Ron knew these tapes would be listened to, long after that day, so he’d lock the doors.

    Harold (then about 5 he said), sat listening to this tall, red haired man go on and on and on
    about “Theta” “ARC” etc. Finally he finished.

    Harold zoomed outside to grab something to eat. As he did, he told me “This big, tall, red haired guy leaned way down and looked in my eyes.

    He thought “Oh no! He’s going to ask me about what he was talking about, and I have no clue.

    Ron leaned down and said:
    “Are they giving you enough popcorn and
    peanuts, young man?” He told me he knew
    that *second* “This is the guy for me!”

    Thought you might enjoy that.
    My best,

  400. martyrathbun09

    Ya reckon?

  401. Actually certs were cancelled. I did not mean to suggest it was done overtly. Everyone’s certs were cancelled and everyone was ordered to retrain. It was done very covertly and it is a heavy justice action, done overtly or covertly.

    I would still be curious to know if someone of Karen’s status,trained personally under L.R.H., was ordered to retrain or if anyone suggested to her she needed to go with David Miscavige’s new system. Or “train” on “Golden age” (more like the nickel age) of tech?

  402. Karen,

    They are criminal, and their condition of exchange is criminal. It was hard for me to accept this reality, but now I’m used to it and I know it’s the plain truth. And it’s good Scientologists like all of us that have kept DM’s criminal operation going. That’s the power of LRH’s tech. Fortunately, all of us have finally separated Scientology from the C of M and have withdrawn our support. With powerhouses like you coming out as Indies, enough support will finally be withdrawn from that criminal operation to kill it (something like Atlas Shrugged) and allow real Scientology to rise and flourish.

  403. Totally! Being declared “SP” IS a badge of honor.
    Here’s a funny story about that, as you asked me, Karen, to tell stories as they come up, so here goes:

    I, too, was one of those people, it seemed I was always trying to swim upstream, proving “I’m NOT PTS”–even though I have Epilepsy. Oh, the torture that caused. (And if that blips in your universe, please keep it to yourself–I’ve lived 30 years, gotten the entire Flag Land base Crammed on Medicine–and lived *way* too many years being evaluated for re that).

    Finally right around this time, in 2000, I was on ARS (First net group), basically posting rubbish.
    I wasn’t working for or with OSA—I was on my own, in my dining room, and had finally found out they were stopping (or trying to) free speech on the net. This was a HUGE wake up call for me, as I didn’t get into Scientology to STOP free speech.

    As an OT and a volunteer, OSA used to send me out to “handle the critics”. After a year or so—–I’d realized these critics (be they Scios who had left, or the many people now fighting C of S due to abuses)—maybe they knew *a* thing I didn’t. Thus I began posting.

    I made 4,000 posts, in 4 weeks, right around this time (June/July of 2000) (Manic? Yup).
    One of those posts was from someone (a critic I believe) who said: “Magoo’s Honorary SP 3 Declare” (And this is why I constantly remind people: You never know what you may do that could literally change someone’s life).

    They basically said I was such a bad example as a Scientologist, they were declaring me SP 3 (three—at the time they had these various levels of SP).

    Once I saw it, I thought: “No! No! I’m NOT an SP~!” And I wrote quickly to say I couldn’t accept it.

    But as I vacuumed my house (don’t all good things come to you doing errands?)…It came to me: hmmmm…..

    hmmmmmm…Honorary SP?

    HONORARY SP 3!!! Suddenly the entire
    C of S horror show of “SP” blew—I laughed
    and haven’t been the same since, In a VERY good way.

    Thanks for listening. To anyone lurking, I hope this gets you to think. 🙂
    Love to all,

  404. Doc "Smith"

    Hi David and others,
    IMHO it is important to keep all comm lines as open as possible. When I found out from my step-daughter (Amy) what was going on I didn’t really have a choice to remain under the radar. She outed me in her book and in Germany, but that’s totally OK with me. It gave me the freedom to be totally open here and elsewhere in real life, however those I have tried to comm with inside are mostly blind and no longer comm with me, so that avenue of comm is closed and I can’t get enough ARC with many of my friends to tell them the truth of what’s going on.
    I was a long time staff member, then a steady fast student and an opinion leader to some degree with many staff and public, but those lines are cut.

    Having some who are under the radar due to not wanting their families torn apart, their carreers distroyed can work to our advantage as they can plant seeds of communication with others still in to lead them to look and find the truth. All of us have our own realities, and dynamics and can choose for ourselves how to help the cause (or not) IMHO.

  405. That’s the spirit, Jim!

  406. Great story, Tory. Thanks!

  407. Happy Anniversary, Marty. You’ve made us a true group! And that’s a real turning point. 🙂

  408. Dear Chuck,

    Thank you for your very kind words.
    In a sense you are a Class XII in admin. I do not know anyone who was so drenched in Green on White for 35 years… also had access to the LRH advices which few people saw.

    I have been struck at how kind you have been re comments of the RPF and decks at Int Base. This is remarkable. There is no rancour, no hard feelings and I admire that.

    We all meet our “Waterloos” and only the resilient ones can rise again.

    Definition (British phrase) (I was raised in London, England)

    * waterloo – a huge defeat or crushing blow from the opposition. Waterloo – a town in central Belgium where in 1815 Napoleon met his final defeat

    You and I ~~ we met our Waterloos like so many readers of this blog, We met our Waterloos and rose again ~”Tomorrow is another Day….”

    Thanks Chuck.

  409. Thought Provoking


    Perfect clip from an obvious long time independent!

    Ye haaa!

  410. Han,

    “Church of the Operating Satan.” Oh my, that’s perfect. I’ll remember that one. What perfect positioning for the C of M!

  411. Thank you Karen. It is a pleasure having you, as well as all of the other dedicated Scientologists, coming out and exposing DM. We have truth, ethics and tech on our side and because of people like yourself, we can ultimately win this game once and for all.

  412. Knowbody,

    What a pleasant surprise your post was! And what a pleasant surprise you are! Thanks for arriving. We’re all coming home to the right place, aren’t we?

  413. Thank you Lo.
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Remember that old phrase ?

    “If you can’t stand for *something* you will fall for *anything*

    Like the readers of the blog, there comes a time you just can’t fall for it anymore.


  414. CD,
    I drank Happy Valley water for years. Apparently, it’s got like a billion more parts of fluoride, naturally, than ‘recommended’. My ‘theeth’ turned grey as a result. I stopped using fluoridated toothpaste. Theeth recovered.

    I have most of my theeth. Lost one to ignorance. The rest, well, cheese, Peter Gilliam’s Cal Mag, Arm and Hammer, and lots of comm to the body has kept the rest in place. For now.

    All I want is to be able to eat corn on the cob until this thing wears out.

  415. I would like to throw in a few comments in regards to what both Jim and Karen have said about MSH and divorces.
    Mary Sue was very involved in making sure staff were treated well, made to stay connected to their families, etc. Not only because it created more work for her as the guardian due to resulting legal hassles or PR flaps but because she cared. If she felt LRH was too hard on the crew, she spoke up and would address the matter with him. But if he was gone and she had command, she did as she pleased and would change the schedule to align with the lighter schedule she had the GO on. She enforced liberties even for those that felt they had too much to do and so couldn’t take the time off – she made them go anyway.
    As for the long list of divorces, this was tried on my husband and I, but didn’t work 28 yrs ago.
    Add to that list Greg Wilhere being forced to divorce Sandy whom DM dis not like and would also take his bad feelings for her out on Darius. Marty, don’t forget when DM removed Geray from working as his assistant and then made you
    divorce her.
    LRH did not care what job someone was on, it had nothing to do with who they were married to and if he found out someone was posted in another location then their spouse, I have run messages to HCOs to get that handled and the spouses reconnected immediately – this however, did not happen for my own family but thats a different story.
    He was big on making marriages work. When Joan Roberson was CS5, she showed up for work with sunglasses on. LRH walked over to her and lifted the glasses off her face and saw she was hiding a black eye. Capt Bill and she had gotten in a fight resulting in a fist in her face. I had to round up Capt Bill and get him to report to his cabin when LRH headed with Joan. LRH spent several hours with them both doing a chaplains handling until the upset was resolved and both were happily back together. He felt if the tech was used correctly, there shouldn’t be any divorces necessary it was just a matter of cleaning both terminals up and rehabbing the initial feelings they had in the beginning. If a third person got involved with a married couple, this then became an ethics matter and the purpose was to get the original couple to resolve matters between them.

  416. That ‘s incredible!
    What happened to caring? Service?ARC? Theta?

    LRH would be livid!!!
    I know I am!

  417. McGwire,

    Thanks for excercising and expressing your integrity. If everyone reponded this way to such BS, suppressive, SP-boosting messages, DM would be gone by now!

  418. Monica !

    You cannot imagine the shock to come back to port and find our home the Apollo gone !!!!

    We had no passports. We had a mad mob on the dock. 1/2 the crew were on libs and some 150 of us were left behind when the Apollo sailed to get out of harm’s way………..

    We did have Mike Rinder who was stationed in the Madeira office in Funchal as in-charge. Boy, was he in overdrive.

    (Mike, I truly love and admire you more than you know)

    I stayed with MarySue (for old Guardian’s Office reading this blog, let it be known that I made sure Mary Sue made it back in those little dinghys to the Apollo before anyone else.)

    She was a true First Lady.

    Monica, girlfriend.
    A big hug.

  419. Tory,
    That story.

    Well, I’ll be.


  420. Oh Karen, I am so so so very sorry for your loss. I really have no words, other than that you and your son and daughter-in-law have my very deepest sympathy.

  421. Just to clear up the confusion and give credit where credit is due, Michael (OnceUponaTime) wrote that passage in an email to me earlier today.

    Just Me

  422. arbfn,
    Daily, moment by moment actually, I am in jawdropping, gaping amazement at what this man did with Dianetics and Scientology.

    This is it.

    TRUST yourself.

  423. Karen,

    Ann emailed me that I needed to take credit as author because there was some confusion. But, what the hell, we’re all in this together and authoring something much greater.

    Meaning often depends as much on the reader as the author. What understanding and vision is the reader capable of?

    So, to me, what a person understands and feels from anything I write is a reflection of their readership more than my authorship.


    Right back at you. I hear you’re going to Florida. Give Ann a big hug for me.


  424. Looking In.

    Thank you for this. Right on.
    In the avalanche, literally deluge of mail received ~~ (I have been mail bombed )


    I will faithfully respond to all ~ give me time

    In the avalanche of mail received the enforced 3 swings of the needle ~~ DM tech is clearly one of the hottest buttons causing an uproar of mammoth proportion of over run pcs pulverized into the ground with overrun. This is an internal major WHY.
    Of course they blame the Internet sites.
    When you assign cause to wrong WHYs there will be no door opened for handling.

    You hit it right on. This is why Marty does what he does. This is why Mike Rinder and all of use here are doing what we are doing.

    This is an autopsy.

    Thanks LookingIn.

  425. Janis,
    I can think of no being, save maybe one if she can get over what has gone on, that is closer to me than Paul. Paul and I were ‘joined at the hip’ as twins. That was more or less the universe agreeing to what is anyway.

    I know he is aware, as I am, you, Terri, and the first Messengers, well, I have the admiration, the awe, the due respect, what words cannot express, for each of you.

    Love, yes. More.

    As much as LRH had for MSH.


  426. Doc "Smith"

    Hey Karen and everyone else out there,
    As a VM I gave hundreds of nerve and touch assists, and would be happy to do so again, for nothing. I’m sure there are many of us that feel that way, so lets get our own VM network up so that if anyone needs an assist or something, no problem.

  427. Thank you Centurion.
    That’s when I lived on Nottingham in Griffith Park.
    I live now only a short distance from there.

    Thanks again.

  428. NOTSaware.

    Thank you. I am guessing you are the one that audits in multiple languages ? What an asset.

    I am English/French bi-lingual and would audit the Ls in both languages. French more rarely.

    Good to *MEET* you.


  429. Dear George,

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    These name calling adjectives are *Wrong Items*
    thrust on you.

    You do not have to accept a Wrong item !

    I like it that you cancelled that decision.


  430. Thank you Profant, what a nice thing to say.

  431. Thank you Pat.
    I am back locked on private Email, but I will respond.

    I understand what you say.

  432. Thank you English Girl.
    You duplicate the mother hat.
    Thanks for the video ! What a treat.

  433. Mark Fisher

    Thank you Karen for the kind words.

    I wanted to make sure that I was video taped when the SP Times interviewed me so that people could see I was telling the truth.

    If it helped others to get informed about what has been going on under DM, then I am very grateful.

    Hope to see you soon if you come to Vegas.

    Love, Mark

  434. one of those who see

    I am so thrilled with this 3rd dynamic! Everyone, so articulate and intellegent. This is the new civilization right before our eyes.

    The other night I wrote a poem:

    I dream
    Goodness prevails
    Adventure begins
    Freedom is here

    Simple and True
    most are friends, I believe
    there is little to fear
    from each other

    We are in this together
    beautiful beings all
    I can see it so clear
    We will rise from the fall

    Freedom to look
    Freedom to learn
    No longer afraid
    Eyes open

    A true group we have here
    artists abound
    intelligence, mirth and love free to shine

    You are who I found
    Many years ago, now
    when I first read a book from a friend

    Then the light was obscured
    I could not perceive your presence
    All trudging our way through
    so many suffering-the madness!

    Although the threat is not past
    The darkness is lifting
    and I cry tears of joy…
    For there you are.

    All my love & my postulates for everyone to be united with family and friends and make it to full OT. Thank you Marty. And ofcourse Thank you Sir -to LRH.

  435. Dear Cured Robot.

    You know in this day and age the SP declare is a joke.

    It is neither here nor there. 90% of my private mail could care less about my new status as Suppressive Person. And they are still in the Church !

    The Cognitive Dissonance of declaring someone like Marty, Mike, Haydn, myself and others is ludicrous to those who know us well.

    LRH has a policy in the PR series of attacking Opinion Leaders. It does the complete reverse to the attacker.

    Public Relations Series 6.

    Jim Logan….MOQ…can you do one of your coachiing posts?

  436. Thank you bigawatts, Otater, Thought Provoking, and Tone41. Yes, the momentum is building and it’s building with some very able beings. We’re still a small group compared to the C of S but we’re the ones connected to Source and last time I looked theta is still senior to mest so for me it’s beginning to look like it’s an almost unfair fight. If one doesn’t put his own ethics in then life will. I see life coming down full bore on the C of S very shortly. In addition, they are attacking each other from within and commiting outrageous acts that scream out “Please stop me!”
    Well, they’ll be obliged shortly.

  437. Oracle. I am sorry your certs were cancelled. I don’t know how they could do it, if you had a permanent cert and did not have them revoked. It was a big deal in LA with the interned permanent crowd. (I am .one) I have friends who have valid certs but can not audit. I know it’s semantics but that is the sick part. Certs really were canceled by the imposition of licensing, but at the same time auditors were told “we aren’t canceling your permanent certificates”, but you need to be licensed to audit. I think we are on the same page. I was trying to point out the double-speak

    And Jim, right on, we don’t need no stinking license, badge, or permission.

  438. ΘTater/Gary

    Bruce (my Fellow Traveller),

    Stay tuned for the next letter 🙂 It’s daring and suspenseful, No? Ah Qui! mon ami! (And that’s about as much french that I know.)

    Dropping a letter here tomorrow and a special one at the post office tonight! Mystery what fun!!


  439. ΘTater/Gary

    Han Solo,

    “Church of the Operating Satan”!! That is DinkyMan’s HELL!

    Of course his level of “Operating” is below even that of the other BeezelButt. He’s reeeaaallll solid, man!


  440. ΘTater/Gary

    Cheers to all you Canadians (and one’s holding out) 🙂 !!


  441. ΘTater/Gary

    Tory, That story is what Ron was about. Being in contact with everyone in his presence. That’s an OT’s OT! Love that guy!

    Thank you Tory for topping my evening,


  442. Thanks Jack!
    It brings me joy knowing I created such a positive effect in you.

  443. ΘTater/Gary

    one of those who see,

    Many universes joined here to bring this joy of ours. Yours is a light breath of theta!

    Thank you for your thoughts and postulates,


  444. You should have gone to flag. When I was there I got sick and racked up many thousands of dollars worth of Class XII touch assists.

    (No frequent change of auditor for me;)

    I was there from LA in an effort to get my clear status sorted out, odd you would think AOLA could have done that. It never got sorted out either though.

    I ended up seeing a female auditor in the field down in San Diego, I wish I could remember her name. Took her about five minutes to clear it up, after we went through out ruds etc.

    Karen thank-you so much for doing this, coming out and creating that flow for others.

    I’m wondering if your Kinkaid ll wind down, he seems to be anyway.

    You’ve sure got the creds to change careers!

    I met you once at a party in the Hollywood Hills but I was so new to Hollywood and the big blue complex I had no real idea of who was who. BUT, yeah…it was a bunch of Scientologists at a PARTY. Speaking out loud about wins and the tech and drinking a bit of wine and singing… and the IAS reges weren’t there.

    Anyway, when I posted before I only talked about Alex, so I wanted to say something to you. I am sure you are wise enough to know Alex is under the influence but still it must hurt. I’ll be glad when it’s over and you and Heber can be grandparents, married or not.

    I tell you something is really rotten in Denmark when you’re government is run like a bad cult and your church is run like a fascist government!

  445. David,

    I’d like to second the request for tolerance, understanding, and ARC. “Grow a pair, will ya,” is nothing but invalidation. I’ve seen enough of your posts to know you’re better than that.

    As others have said, all of us Independent Scientologists are in this together. We’re a group. We all have our individual circumstances. Members who occassionally invalidate those who are still underground serve only one purpose: to lessen the ARC in the group and to that extent make it less of a true group. And to that extent to serve the purposes of DM.

    As others have pointed out, and as I’ve pointed out before myself, those of us who are underground and in good standing with the church can do things that those who are out cannot do. We can keep comm lines in with people on lines and gently lead them to truth at the right time.

    You said, “You and your friends cannot know about these things and then DO nothing.”

    Uh, who says that Free Spirit, or any of us, are doing nothing? And how would you know?

    ARC is sacred, and ARC and theta will keep this group strong. Please try not to interrupt that with inval. Granting beingness gets much better results.

  446. Karen, I am enjoying this thread. Question for you. You wrote:

    “A relative handful of us kept the delivery high and the Gross Income rolling in, month after month, year in and year out. Half a dozen Class XIIs were the main source of income for the FSO. We kept the ship afloat with delivery of the Ls and other auditing ”

    If 6 Class XII’s worked 40 hours per week at $1,000 per hour, that is $240,000 per week, or $960,000 per month in tax free income for COB to squander on, say, private investigators that cost $650 a day. My questions for you my dear:

    1. If you pulled in $40,000 a week for Flag, how much were you paid?

    2. In addition to PI’s, what other ways do you think DM, Flag, and CoS in general squander or waste parishioner donations? I ask this question because you are a successful business woman who know the value of a dollar and of hard work.

    3. What should DM have invested in instead of Idle Orgs?


  447. Knowbody,

    I can’t wait to meet people like you in person. Yep, theta is still senior to mest, which is why we will win this fight. 🙂


  448. Karen, your story is awe inspiring! It’s been many years since we sat in the aft lounge and it’s so great to hear of your bravery. very well done. Ex

  449. knowbody ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩ ♥ ∞ !!!

  450. Thanks Joe.
    This is the DM policy against family.
    It is endemic in the system and the culture
    of the Sea Org.

  451. And Marty… your guarantee is better than gold! And, Just Me, me too you.

    Just loving all here. Thanks Karen #1, Your Humble Servant,Just Me, Tara, Jim, Michael, Thought Provoking, Tony, Freetothink, for letting me know the poem spoke to you.

    There’s a typo — the line should be: “despite a world that tells us to give up” (typo reads ‘what’) …

    Anyway, the appreciation, love and theta came through — as yours does to me, and I treasure you all.

  452. Thanks very much EXFSO.
    I could use that ID !

    In the FSO I was the Class XII CS.
    I have 1200 hours of Solo Nots under my belt.
    Furthermore, I am a trained Solo Nots CS.

    When I returned to Flag on an ordered HCO sec check in 1990, I was forced to do some 12
    Baby Courses designed for people right off the street. I was told the HCO sec check would not start til these “mandatory” baby courses were done.

    Each course took 1/2 day to complete. (each one and I am a super high speed student)
    I had to pay $120 a day for my Sand Castle suite, plus meals, car rental etc, while I was forced to do the most entry level courses.

    My Class XII CS training and Solo Nots CS training was deliberately nullified so that they could show me who was boss.

    Over the years as things got worse, my loyalty to LRH made continue. But like Marty said
    (quoting Popeye)
    “I’ve taken all I can takes and I can’t takes no more!”

  453. Double speak is exactly how they managed to cancel everyone’s cert and order retrains on every Scientologist .

    Certified means endorsed authoritatively as having met certain requirements and holding appropriate documentation and officially on record as qualified to perform a specified function or practice a specified skill. If you have your certs you should not need a license.

    license means accredited, the act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization.

    I don’t recall Hubbard insisting anyone have anything to audit, except their training and certificates.

    Why would anyone need permission to use knowledge they have already paid for and learned? If they have been certified as having completed the requirments and they paid for their training, why would they need permission further?

    This imples formal permission is senior to the training! What is more important, the skills or the permission to use them?

    By not granting a “license” (sounds as if they can’t decide whether they are the I.R.S. or D.M.V.) they are saying the certs are not valid.

    You see how they did that?

    But for the record, my certs whatever certs I have were not cancelled by anyone for one reason, I never asked for permission to keep them or be me or use what I have paid for and learned.

  454. Hey Mac.

    Thank you for being in touch. I remember well when those days at OSA INT when it was on the 2nd floor of what used to be the “CMO PAC”building.

    It is now being renovated to be (the whole building)
    an IAS $$$$$$$ Reg center.

    Lord protect us all.

  455. Thank you TinTin.

    When all is said and done, we must remember the True Spirit of Scientology.

    Very well said.

  456. Dear Jack,

    Thank you for your great postings, your great Independence Declaration and your great spirit.

    I believe I just added you as a Facebook friend.
    Hope to see you very soon……


  457. Thanks Darren.

    I will take that as a compliment.

    LRH said “It is a rough universe and only the *Tigers* survive and even *they* have a rough time !”

    I am perfectly willing to become more and more TIGER

  458. ♡•**•.☆☼ Happy Anniversary Marty’s Blog!☼☆.•**•.♡

    Theta tsunami☼☆.•**•.♡ ☼☆.•**•.♡ ☼☆.•**•.♡

    Thinking back to my first hesitant contact months ago, wow, my questions, and outpoints I’d observed and experienced within the Walls of Mestavolofy were unresolved — but I knew what I knew! And isn’t the truth wonderful, how it ultimately always makes us right!?!? Especially when we’re willing to own our own “wrong” LOL!!

    and how far I’ve come … with pure Scientology, no additives — zooooomm DO THE BRIDGE! and we have Scientology back.

    ♥ our community. your comms, your poems, your joys, your tears, the references, your suddens:) … ❤ to each of you for the gems you are and contribute., and for loving LRH

    I know it has not been easy. All the wiser, and the best is yet to be!
    ♡•**•.☆☼ Happy Anniversary☼☆.•**•.♡

  459. Good for you, George!

  460. Dear Cured Robot,

    He has smashed the best and the brightest into salivating fools.

    The horror of SP Hole has somewhat lessened, but they are marched to MCI (dining facility) like a little band of Auschwitz prisoners 2 in a line.

    Attention !! March !! All in white shirts and cookie cutter uniform. That occurs with Heber and others in the SP hole.

    This is the kind of power he has over the lives of these veterans. And, make no mistake, they are prisoners, in lock down without the ability to leave.

    It will end. It might end sooner than you think.

  461. Dear Self A Ware.

    Thank you for this nice note.
    Alexander does not have a child coming, they lost the child.

    And just so the readers here know what happens in the Sea Org, when Andrea was found to be pregnant she was sent to the Galley the CC INT to wash dishes all day long on her feet.

    This is a Deck assignment (Labor)

    Thank you for your kind words on Alexander.

  462. Thank you Lives well.
    Thank you also for the good LRH references.
    PAB 84 was especially good.

  463. Karen, I’m appalled and horrified that this was allowed to happen, and that no one was there for you … 😦 Especially after you’ve given your all, and I’m not talking about just money.

    LRH would have had an auditor to you within the hour. I know this for a fact. He once sent me to audit someone, an old friend of his in need, not even a Scientologist. (Happy to give more details privately). I walked into an infirmary and faced where angels fear to tread — and if I knew one thing about LRH, it was this: Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.

  464. Hey Johnny,
    Great to see you posting here! I loved your stories as they came out, and it was fun when you finally told us who you (BTs2Free) are. Yes, Please do post more stories here. Many you can just copy/paste from past posts, eh? And thanks, Karen, for his web address. A great guy, and an excellent singer 🙂

  465. Dear Joe,

    Many thanks for this nice note.
    Their hate site on me increased my popularity by 1000%.

    They look up ‘War and Peace” and find Marty’s blog and my Email address, and I barely turn around and have another 100 Email !!!!!

    I always respond to a comm cycle. I promise to respond to all backlogged mail.

    “Footbullet” is right on.

    Thanks Joe !

  466. the oracle

    This blog could be called the Vital Information Rundown. By the way, I noticed that was taken off the lines way back. I have noticed most of the information coming through this blog is in fact, vital information. I don’t know why anybody would be working to shut this line down, beyond the L.R.H. reference in vital information:

    Recent intensive investigation into blocks on tech, dissemination and communication lines uncovered an aberration which is quite widespread and especially common in society.


    You can see this in newspapers, government policies, the medical profession, psychiatry, economics and especially education.

    I have for years tried to get to the bottom of why people will not teach people. It is the single greatest fault in existing culture in my opinion. The answer that fits all cases is a failure to relay information, brief, instruct, train or supervise stemming from a general past and current OVERTS OF WITHHOLDING VITAL INFORMATION. This gives a dramatization in daily conduct of failing to relay information, brief, instruct, train or supervise.

    And underlying that is the intentional impulse to do so overtly or covertly in a mistaken attempt to forward their own first dynamic.

    — L. Ron Hubbard

    HCOB 6 October 1974 The Vital Information Rundown The Technical Breakthrough of 1974

    So for those of you in the Church thinking of your own first dynamic, and working to suppress the information being shared on this blog, you have (probably actually HAD if you are a Sea Org Member)eight dynamics. Do the math.

  467. Dear Patricia,

    A “Free Heber” protestor ! Not pesky at all !
    Thank you indeed for all you have done.

    Yes, one’s life can change in a heart’s beat.

    Thank you Patricia, nice to *MEET* you.

  468. What a lovely note with clear perceptions Victoria.
    Thank you for this.

  469. Thank you Theo.

    When I talk about the 3 needle swings to call an FN
    being rubbish, it is not “karen says…”

    LRH and Daivd Mayo CSed the thousands of hours of sessions on the Flag ship Apollo for years.

    We used the standard definition of FN and called it as originally defined.

    All were winning pcs with almost no trouble.
    Many public returned and returned and returned to ship as the auditing was considered superlative.

    NO 3 needle swings. This is all made up nonsense.

    Furthermore at the FSO after we landed in Daytonna right through the years, there was no 3 swings of the needle.

    Golden Age of Tech is a ridiculous non LRH “DM being the Founder” when he is not tech trained and does not have a clue. Notice how he obliterated Ray Mithoff and pulverized him into a whimpering Yes Man.

    Notice how there is no Senior CS INT.

    There is a Golden Age production assistant cameraman who is ruthless and grabbed power and is “know best” on tech line, destroying LRH legacy.

    Standby to learn more…..


  470. Wow, in the Church of MEST, $60,000 doesn’t even buy a touch assist. Whatever happened to helping people because people deserved to be helped? I would have been there with a warm blanket, a thermos of hot chicken noodle soup, and an E-meter. I know from personal experience that a simple flying of the ruds can crack a fever in a few minutes.

  471. Oh, and I’m sure AOLA is missing those $60,000 Christmas presents, but with no delivery, what do they expect?

  472. Dear Karen#1,

    In about February 2008, the CoS released a video in which allegations were made that, among other things, Anonymous people had made death threats against Heber Jentzsch.

    We all asked ourselves the same question: Who is Heber Jentzsch?

    Two and a half years later, I know without a shadow of doubt just how significant Heber is to Scientologists. The outpouring of love and concern on this blog and others for Heber evidences just how much Heber matters.

    Reading your post today, and the numerous responses to it, I sense that you are another of the giants of Scientology and that your decision to publicly leave organised Scientology in favour of independent Scientology will deeply affect many people.

    Thank you for standing up to the tiny tyrant. he loves to do his work in secrecy and darkness. Your decision to expose his deeds to the light is vitally important and will help bring him to account and end the abuses.

    I pray much love and joy in your life, and the reunification of your family.

    ❤ H

  473. Dear Chris,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Coming from a fellow CS, it means a lot to me.

    I heard of a couple of Sea Org auditors actually departed the Sea Org because of fierce opposition to the newly discovered definition of “3 needle swings to call an FN”

    DM even threatened comm evs and declare on auditors who violated his dreamed up absurdity and balderdash ! Can you believe that ? What wall ??

    This is why the public flock to Marty for clean up. There would be no need to turn to others if it was done right the first time.

    Thank you for proudly wearing your Class VIII badge.

    I am proud to be your friend.

  474. Dear Tom Gallagher.
    Very nice.
    Big smile.

    ML Karen

  475. One of those who See.

    Aesthetically beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing.

  476. In over 25 years of auditing outside the CofS the biggest mishandling I have seen that hangs up the most people has been inval of Clear.
    LRH said that people tend to drmatize their own out ethics by putting in “ethics” on others – HCOPL 12 July 1980 “The Basics of Ethics”.
    I therefore have to strongly suspect that DM falsely attested to Clear and is badly in need of an HCO sec check on the matter.

  477. Glen !!!

    Dear Glen !!

    Fellow Apollo shipmate. (((((((HUG))))))))

    I fondly recall how you were invariably late for morning musters in the Interneship room while Jeff Walker would sarcastically ask:

    “Hey Glen, what is your excuse today ??” You made Walker madder and madder and you continued to be late for roll call……


    Remember those days ? We were read out all LRH ‘s CSes, fresh from his pen that just came from his research room. He barely wrote the CS and we studied it. What a treat. How we saw the genius. Every day Every day as the tech rolled out.

    Private mail please (I am super backlogged but will catch up.)

    Much love ~~~

  478. Dear Karen, yes I do audit in multiple languages, you’ve found me on fb. I’ve also given you my skype contact so we can have some fast comm cycles as needed. You’re very valuable to mankind and particularly to me, in view of the fact that an expert C/S is for me like a gold mine.

  479. Karen, two points came up on WWP (again, Why We Protest, the home of Anonymous on the web) that I was asked to pass along.

    First, I was asked for a reference for the “Deterrent Formula.” I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know the reference, but was asked to ask. (Like Bruce said, it certainly sounds like quintessential LRH. I’m familiar with the concept from other studies.)

    Secondly, and I’m confident that you have already thought of and are handling this, there was also suggestion that you obtain repayment of any money you have on account at AOLA, etc. Like I said, I’m sure you have already thought of this, but it my Hat to pass along the comm.

    I hope all is well.

    — Kha Khan

  480. Grasshopper

    Hi Karen! WOW, is all I can say. I know you through your work with selling Thomas Kinkade artwork. I am a former executive for The Thomas Kinkade Company, and we connected up recently since you are the premier seller of Thomas Kinkade on eBay.

    I am also a trained auditor, and it never occurred to me that you, this mild mannered, lovely seller of the beautiful artwork of Thomas Kinkade, was a Flag-trained Class XII C/S who was hand-picked by LRH to join the SO! I was absolutely, and I mean absolutely flabbergasted! We got along very well, and now I know why!

    Let me say a few things to those here about your work with Thom’s artwork, and your value to Thomas Kinkade and the Thomas Kinkade brand.

    First, on eBay, you are the one of the highest rated Ebayers there is. You are the highest rated of those that sell Kinkade’s work. Your eBay rating (today – it is sure to be higher tomorrow!) is 3,829. That is 3,829 positive transactions, which is incredible. In the last year alone, you have received over 500 positive transactions. You have 100% positive feedback – no one complains about you! You actually have a higher satisfaction rate than TKC!

    Now, let’s think about 500 transactions for the year. These are not $5 coffee cups, these are paintings that consistently sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars. These are pieces that are fragile and not easy to ship intact. And yet you do, 100% of the time. On your profile page, eBay says: “Has earned a track record of excellent service on eBay.” You are very good at what you do, and stats do not lie.

    You have a wonderful reputation with the dealer community, and I know that the company offered to bring you on board at one point. Everyone knows and loves “Karendelac” in the world of Kinkade.

    A word on Thomas Kinkade. Thom is an artist, not a saint. I worked for him for several years, and I can say he is a good man. A Christian man, he would be the first to tell you he is a sinner.

    Despite whatever personal flaws the man has, I know a lot of Scientologists who love his work, and the reason why is that he had a way of capturing Theta. He calls it God’s Light. Isn’t that what Theta really is? People either love or hate his artwork. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of his art’s merit, there is no denying the power his art has. His art is inspirational to a large, large number of people, and supply a dose of Theta to people who really, really need it. It is no accident that doctor’s offices and trauma centers have Thom’s art on the walls or on their computers. A lot of people look at Thom’s work as a respite against the insanity and chaos of their environment, as an ideal to aspire to. In this context, Thom’s work is very powerful. No one looks to Dali, or Picasso, or Van Gogh as respites against a chaotic environment, even though they are great artists.

    I say all this to let folks reading this blog know perhaps a different side of you, one completely removed from the Scientology world, and to let them know that in this world you have achieved consistently high production and customer satisfaction for a period of years in a very difficult game, in a very difficult economy. Karen, your work with Kinkade is just another way to spread the Theta around. And, you do it with grace.

  481. Impartial English Girl

    That’s nice Karen, but thank YOU. Such an inspiration.

  482. Dear McGwire.

    Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this.
    What a wonderful response !

    You are one kick-ass thetan.

    I like you already ! LOL


  483. Dear FREESpirit,

    How nice of you to acknowledge me on that session I did on you at Int Base.

    Yes, I noted you were gone, I was in lockdown for months after that.

    Probably nothing in my entire life has upset me as much as what was done to me at Int Base by the sadistic madman.

    I just don’t seem to be able to let it go and move on.

    Normally helping others can pull you out of anything. I would sit and cram WDC members in Qual, fly ruds, help here and there in study time and fall to pieces in my bunk bed every night.

    I had no power of choice.

    Thanks for making me smile. It was very nice of you to chip in on this blog.


  484. Thank you Bigawatts.

    I am big on the Concept of Angels.

    I liked this very much.


  485. Jim Logan wrote :

    “The first part, well that’s the dramo then in’it. That’s what we’re here for. R6 …”

    Good comment, Jim. You certainly are one funny guy and a good auditor.

    But there is a deeper relevance in your post :
    if the organisation is R6-ridden then it should be wise to remove all restimulation factors regarding that bank.

    No more pictures of the R6 god on the ethics book or in any promo, no more volcanoes on book 1 etc.

    No more army / navy like structure, no more drill seargant behaviour patterns, no more “you have to sacrifice dynamics 1 and 2”, no more “we are right and the other group / country must be dead wrong”, etc. It’s all former practices BS.

    No more “justice system” that can be used to forward injustices or eliminate people with unwanted opinions ( courts and re-education camps have been abused for that almost since the beginning of time. Former practices again ).

    It’s really time to move higher … so why not a lot higher 🙂 I am absolutely certain that there can be a more benevolent organisational structure ; one that does more to keep people from getting into robot valences when the going gets tough.

    It should be obvious that these rebel ideas don’t touch or alter any auditing tech.

  486. #28 was Jesse Reiss, not Ty Webb which Ari was engaged to.

  487. Hi Marty,

    Oy vey. You don’t do much invalidating of members of your own group on this blog!

    I had a whole bunch to say about this, as to me ARC among our group members is one of our most precious assets, and should be preserved as a senior policy. But I’ll save my sermon about this for the next time I see invalidation of one of our own — which I hope is never again!

    In the meantime, let’s just remember to grant beingness first and jump down peoples’ throats only when it’s really proven necessary. 🙂

  488. jim cherkas

    Have you thought of certified mail? That Heber has to sign so you could prove forgery?

  489. Cured Robot

    OMG, you guys made me laugh so hard I almost fell off the couch. Thanks for the morning laugh :O :O:O:O:O

  490. Virgil Samms

    Karen, sorry it took so long to respond. We’ve been on the road.

    Your declaration is one of the most important ones of all time. It is David Miscaviages ultimate error is messing with your family. He pays the ultimate price. Look at the responses – highest-ever!! You got friends!!

    Karen, I remember you auditing Artie Marin when he was imprisoned in Los Angeles. I thought: “What a thetan. She is going into prison to audit Artie every day. How brave.”

    That’s the way I will always remember you Karen – brave and caring. We love you dealy.

    Now, we walk hand and hand to Int and defeat the mother of all squirrels. This is the quickening – there can only be one – tech, standard tech.

    Thanks again for being here Karen.

    Tom and Linda.

  491. Theta is LRH’s name for Spirit. Spirit transcends all religions. When I read people here say they have rediscovered Theta, I read it as them saying, “I have found my Heart once again, I have found the beauty of Spirit: Love, joy, peace, and patience with others.” These things unite us.

    Elvis Presley was exposed to Scientology. He said, “It is all head and no heart.”

  492. I am with you on the structure thing. No more Military.

  493. In Good Standing means Butt kiss

  494. Thought Provoking

    Ah, simple truths…I like it!

  495. 2 friends at OSA after 3 or so months, helped iva back channels to get my folders back.

    I continued at AOLA after that. The auditing prior to Golden Age of Tech and after is day and night.

    Yes, I burned through my fever and could not get even a touch assist. AOLA is run by 2 RTC “office of COB” reps who literally run the show, to hell with CLO, ILO. Dear Leader runs every aspect of Scientology directly.

    Subsequently Maggie Butterworth Senior CS was wonderful to me and we talked on the phone many times.

    I was re-assigned away from Dan Woodruff, one of the best auditors there for causing him to be “disaffected”.

    That’s right, blame the pc.

  496. Exilda !!!

    Fellow Apollo Auditor !!
    The early days ……Those were the days.

    I did read your Independence on this blog.
    I am thrilled to re-connect.

    Private Email.

    Exilda, you fine thetan you !

    much love,

  497. What I found amazing about Ron was the expansiveness of his space. I’ve noticed that some orgs have an aura of clean space around them – AOLA fror instance. He had that effect all on his own – he would go off the ship for a while and later I’d feel a sort of clean open-ness when LRH got to around 300 meters from the ship. Things had a tendency to go somewhat crazy when he was away for a while then he’d return and things would suddenly go right again.
    He had the rare ability to just look at someone and make their day with a total granting of beingness.

  498. GrassHopper.

    I am very moved by this. I am in touch with more than one Vice President and others execs but I think I know who you are.

    Thank you very much. Wow.
    When the Thomas Kinkade company called me to offer me a job as a Consultant, I was WOWed. I did not accept….conflict of interest, but I knew I had arrived.

    I do not deal with any Scientologists in my Kinkade business, I face outward into the world.

    My clients read like a “Who’s Who” of Forbes Magazine. I own the ultimate mailing list.

    Not the purpose of this blog, but Marty will indulge me by saying a word here ~~
    Thomas Kinkade images hang in the Pentagon, White House, Billy Graham Library, The Vatican vestibule and while others criticize him, (who have never sold a painting in their life), few artists cam command $150 million a year in sales….. Thank you for saying good things about him. No other artist has been contracted by the Walt Disney Company with unprecedented access to Disney Archives for that many future images.

    Let’s hook up on Private Email. I am rushing to catch a plane, but will be in very good touch.

    What a surprise. I never ceased to be amazed at who reads this blog.

    Marty told me it has been 8000 hits a day in the last 2 of days. Golly Miss Molly.

    Please be in touch and thanks again.


  499. Dear JSwift,

    No No No. Auditing was not $1000 an hour in the 1970s !!!!!

    I think the entire cost of an L rundown was more like $3500 to completion.

    Private Email on other questions dear.
    I am rushing to catch a plane, so be patient.


  500. froghopper

    Ralph Nice message you put on here, I am a witness to the granting of Beingness, he also did not ever beleive some one could not do something .

    It can be done and that was his attitude , and its not even an attitude , I correct myself to it being a great ability. !!! We salute you SIR.

  501. Chris Baer

    As an ex-mission staff member, and ex-SO, it is enlightening and invigorating to hear some of the comments here from those who actually worked with LRH and MSH. It aligns with how I thought it would be (and in many cases was) when I joined the SO in 1976. I can only imagine the purposes being re-ignited and realizations being had, by all who are reading and truly duplicating the comm here on Marty’s site. Thank you!

  502. And corn from the COB will be eaten. I was just jesting a bit.

  503. Hi Karen,

    I’ve been up in the Austrian Alps for the last 10 years or so just delivering the tech in a quiet and beautiful space.
    I got away with doing free repairs for auditors for a little while – I didn’t think it fair that auditors should have to pay for the tools of their trade from a meagre allowance but that got stopped later.
    E-meters are yet another area where it seems DM got involved. I find the Quantum to be a rather inferior product. With a heavily overcharged PC F/Ns can be small and fleeting and one gradually pulls off the crap from CofDM misauditing. The Quantum seems to miss them. I’ve done side by side comparisons with an old Mk 5 as approved by LRH and a Quantum. The Mk 5 can show a small obvious F/N but the Quantum is stickier.
    As far as how I’m doing – I’m a little pensive at the moment.
    Back in 1982/3 there was a huge exodus from the CofS. Many people spotted DM as the WHO back then and an SP declare was written up on him. A lot of the history of that time is written up in the magazine “Reconnection”. I’ve made copies available for download at
    Initially there was a spirit much like that here now – lots of people started up delivering the tech. Gradually the termites started gnawing at the roots of the Bridge. Within a few years 95% had drifted off into squirrell tech that electrified people for a while but left them at effect.
    I just don’t want to see that happen again.
    Perhaps it isn’t exactly the right time and place but I’ll ramble a bit about it anyway while the thoughts are here.
    Those with vested interest and other purposes attacked in 3 ways that I noticed most prominently.
    1. Invalidation of Clear. I remember sitting with Frank McCall back in 1978 in the FH garage one evening on the RPF. I had just got the job of RPF review auditor. He was helping me out and explaining some tech matters. I remember him talking about the worst tech errors and how an R3R error just messed up one engram chain and how out int stirred up multiple chains but messing up the State of Clear involved the whole bank and was the most serious error.
    Back in the earlier 80s the termites started to undermine the State of Clear introducing doubts until many began to wonder if the State even existed.
    The second area of attack was LRH himself. It started with little quips about his sci-fi writings and hints that he had taken drugs and went on from there to what we see on critical sites now.
    The third main area of attack was KSW.
    LRH’s own son, Nibs, jumped on the bandwagon of fleecing the newly out selling exteriorization courses using psychedelic drugs.
    I’ve posted earlier here about some of the others. Its good to have Marty around here now – I haven’t personally met him but he seems to have a high confront of evil and a low tolerance of BS.
    People in tech positions are sheltered from the sort of things that Marty and Mike would deal with daily.
    You are a shining beacon of technical competence. My concern is that you might let the high level of ARC that you feel for all lead you into reasonableness when dark souls start to introduce their seeds of doubt. Most of those darkened souls are merely PTS but there are a few actual SPs sitting around in our field.
    I think that we need to balance things – LRH said “Flourish and Prosper”. I can see that a lot of people here still have attention on the crimes of DM and his henchmen. A few of the henchmen will try and play innocent and join our ranks seeking to play the power games they have played for aeons. But we have perhaps put too much attention on feeding the like of DM with theta to pervert. Such beings crave beyond anything else attention, however debased that attention might be. The greatest blow that can be delivered to DM and his ilk is to not give him that attention but to continue applying LRH’s legacy auditing and training ourselves and each other.
    There is an LRH definition of responsibility that I don’t have to hand where he talks about responsibility involving a complete unacceptance of anything that might stand in the way of one’s assuming a position of cause.
    DM and his henchmen are worms that live vampirically from the part of LRH’s comm lines than they can divert into their evil realm.
    If anyone wants to make progress on the Bridge without all the crap then I’m here delivering and so are quite a few other good people.
    I can see that Marty and Mike are ably holding positions as Guardians of our freedom to apply the tech outside that which is no longer a Church. Some will be helping them directly on those lines. I think that the greatest contribution that most here can make is to audit and train using LRH’s legacy while keeping a watchful eye for those who would divert us from it.
    A final thought in my long ramble – some seek to misidentify disconnection with the right of a thetan per the Code of Honor to give and receive communication as one wishes.
    So if someone piles entheta about LRH on you and when you want to cut the communication accuses you of disconnection don’t buy it.
    Tell them where to go and just Flourish and Prosper.

    But to answer your question, Karen – when most people ask “How are you?” they just want a social “Fine, thanks” but I think you wanted an answer 🙂

  504. In class iV Org it’s not even about Money. The staffs there are so overwhelmed with their Events that they don’t know what their Job is.
    Once our daughter had a loss of a good friend who died.
    She was crying the whole day. So I called the Org and asked for an auditor to give her an assist with the remark it wouldn’t matter what it costs.
    5 hours later I got a call that the C/S wanted her first to be routed to ethics because of other practices and she couldn’t go in Session before that is cleared up..
    I was upset as I knew she has no other pratices but it just was a no.
    We just asked for an assist !!!!!!
    I couldn’t believe I was talking to the D/co of a C.O.S. No service !
    So we got our daugther over it with lots of 2 way comm.
    The reason why she was accused of other practice was that as a national Sport champion she was doing some mental exercises before her contests together with her coach.
    She had once an argument with the MAA about it. He wanted to tell her that that is bad and confuses mentally and wouldn’t be aloud by the church. To tell a winner the exercises he does is squirrel, was just totally nuts.
    Our daughter never went back on lines again thinking the org is a bunch of nuts.
    The intelligenzia leaves and what’s left is the not too brights and people with a button on their self importance like DM, who propably thinks he’s the most important person on the planet.
    Please my friends hurry up, I can’t stand that idiocy anymore.

  505. ZOMG! $3500 for an L Rundown!

    Q: What does $3500 buy these days in C of M?

    Answer: 5.3 Private Investigators @ $650 a day.

  506. Mike Hobson


    I tried to reach you today regarding the project we discussed, but the e-mail bounced and the server claims your mailbox doesn’t exist any more!

    If you have changed your e-mail address, could you please send it to me? Or have the OSA gremlins played one of their dirty tricks and falsely cancelled your account ?

    Please let me know.

    Michael A. Hobson

  507. Thanks Tone 41, Jim and OTater/Gary—So happy each of you enjoyed that story. I’ve always loved it, too.
    As I said, it was very sad for me that “Gold” wouldn’t film stories from Flo. She was in her 80’s, OT 8 and had fantastic stories.

    She always called Ron a “rascal”. I got Bridge to invite her to speak for a private B-day party with local celebs/ non-Scientologists. Many people (staff) after told me she “Changed my life–I never knew Ron and now I feel like I do”.

  508. Now it makes sense, Karen.

    It’s wonderful to have you here!

  509. Karen

    Just curious what was the anmount of that freeloader bill and what was it for?

    Just for some perspective.


  510. Liz Gablehouse is on Facebook by the way.

  511. Han, just wanted to say I’m with you on this, and so are many other people I know. I get the feeling from some on this blog is that they just want to take out the Dick Monster and pick up where we left off around 1979. Personally, as an ex-GI I’ve always had a case of ‘cognitive dissonance’ that a paramilitary organization should, or could, deliver ‘total spiritual freedom’. As many are coming to realize, the seeds of destruction were right there all along in the structure of the Church.

    So absolutely the tech must be saved, but let’s lose the military mindset and the heavy-handed ‘ethics’, and practice what we preach: Freedom and restored self-determinism.

  512. I want to smack DM’s bottom , or rather Empty his wallet(IAS) that will make him Bawww(cry) harder.

  513. Are you becoming a Scientologist again Tory? That would be great!

  514. “The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual’s freedom to alter his considerations of space, energy, time and life and his roles in it. If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barriers such as those of the physical universe, and barriers of his own creation. Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation. He creates these barriers himself, or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  515. Read this and you know thew SO must be getting rid of queitly and without sorrow.

    “All mankind lives and each man strives by codes of conduct mutually agreed. Perhaps these codes are good, perhaps they’re bad, it’s only evident they’re codes. Mores bind the race. Coaction then occurs. Thought and motion in accord. A oneness then of purpose and survival so results. But now against that code there is transgression. And so because the code was held, whatever code it was, and man sought comfort in man’s company, he held back his deed and so entered then the bourne in which no being laughs or has a freedom in his heart.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  516. crashingupwards

    And i can see why Elvis said that. But there is a heart. Buried. Most dont take time to appreciate it caught up in the organizations constant push.

    Today the organization has lost its soul as well as its heart. Marty’s blog has been good for getting both back. Great place to share and acknowledge. And its free.

  517. crashingupwards

    Karen, nice your dealing in a quality product. I have “a holiday gathering” oil on canvas in my living room.And it wasnt cheap. But he does capture the spirit, doesnt he.

    Beats selling those lazer prints on corners as so many in the field used to do in the 70’s to make a buck.

  518. Well, here’s the org now. I went to go see if I had a declare. They didn’t have one for me, but there was a note (unspecified where, since they didn’t have my ethics file) that I was declared.

  519. Hi Monica,
    I think you know that Marty is a very strong supporter of LRH and his tech as are most of the people here.
    He has possibly not seen the statements that you have made heavily attacking and denigrating LRH and Scientology.
    I’d like you to clarify here where you stand.
    I know that this is Marty’s place and its not up to me to say what is acceptable here.
    What I will do is call anyone who has attacked LRH or Scientology publicly and posts here to answer concerning their actions.
    I don’t hold grudges.
    Are you with us?

  520. Dear Karen,

    Well done to you on having such courage and personal integrity.

    Miscavige and OSA keep trying to use the threat of disconnection from family and friends as a way to blackmail, silence and manipulate people and it’s to their own demise.

    Their actions are evil and cowardly. They know this to be true which is why they publicly continue to deny “disconnection” exists.

    I once posted a “Little Dickie – Bedtime Story” (authored as Mr. Peacock) which pointed out that the misuse of disconnection FORCES people to take an active stand against the “church”, who otherwise wouldn’t.

    Miscavige could have gone on and on with the fraud and out tech but as soon as he started chopping up the family unit, he sealed his fate.

    It’s strong, good people like you that guarantee freedom and sanity for all.



  521. martyrathbun09

    Ralph, I can moderate, man. To start holding past public statements against people is a tad osaian.

  522. Freedom Fighter

    Well, I need to do a better job choosing my words, too.

    My comment wasn’t meant as a slight on the auditors — I was one of those who blew off the GAT training due, in no small part, to the F/N definition fiasco. My original comment was meant as a slam on DMs perversion of the tech — perversion that has not only affected many a PC adversly, but has also affected many a well-intentioned auditor trainee like myself.

    winsmexico, it sounds like you were able to make it through all of that training intact. I sincerely commend you for that.

  523. Deirdre, I cross-posted your picture of OC Org to the Ex Scientologist Message Board (ESMB) and Why We Protest (WWP), the home of Anonymous on the web. To give credit where credit is due and as SOP, I did so with a “hat-tip” (credit to you) and a link back to your post.

    I think the fact that they have reserved parking for “Humanitarians” is interesting and significant. Hence the titles of my cross-posts: Reserved “Humanitarian” parking at OC Org (picture)



    I think the reserved parking is significant (and quite frankly, to me distasteful) because it is yet another example of purchased, and unearned, status / indulgences. I also think it sends the wrong message. How many non-Scientology churches do you know of that have reserved, close parking for big contributors? As opposed to, say, people who may not be qualified for handicapped parking but nonetheless are elderly or infirm?

    Also, congratulations on your SP declare.

  524. Ralph,

    That sounds about right. Of course, DM is badly in need of HCO sec checks on a whole shitload of matters!

  525. Karen, I wondered about your grandchild. I am so sorry to hear this. Sadly, an abortion makes losing a following pregnancy a greater possibility. Your son and his wife should know the great joy a child brings, especially after such losses as they’ve had.

  526. Thank you Victoria,

    Thanks for you input and comments.
    Re your comment on Kinkade winding down, no such thing.

    Not sure what you meant.

    A party in Hollywood Hills *without* IAS regges. That was enough Era, that was another time.

  527. Thank you Lo.
    This DM Scientology service today.
    She has a friend who died and they send her to
    Ethics for other practices FIRST !

    That really parallels the mind ! ( Being sarcastic).

    A couple of years ago, I fell and badly hurt my knee ( I am a jogger….hey accidents happen)

    I could NOT get an assist at AOLA for a heavily injured knee. It was awful. I am in pain on an immediate trauma, they do do extensive D of Ps, run around, check my clearances, 3 weeks to get to handle an engram !!!!!

    This is the kind of boggle-the-mind ludicrous “service org” that DM has morphed the Orgs into.

    It is over the top.
    The service is absolutely appalling and nothing like back in my day.

    You say she was a national sports champion….I do not know what mental exerices before a contest but it sure doesn’t sound like self auditing.

    I understand why she never went back.

    Thank you for communicating.

  528. Felicitas Foster

    thank you for this poem – it displays devotion, caring and love. You have set these words so wonderfully – what an art work.
    I am very touched.
    Thank you.

  529. rory medford

    It’s amazing what happens when one by one we remove ourselves from a suppressive influence. All of your flows open up which includes finances but most of all you gain so much freedom and soooo much more theta enters your world. Threats, force, intimidation and coercion is the MO of the C of M and one by one people leave the flock as they open their eyes and see whats going on. LOOK dont listen. They talk a good game but dont deliver and they tear apart families and break the spirit of people in the fold. Its a cancer which is spreading throughout and within the C of M!!!!

  530. Grasshopper

    Thanks, Mr. Swift. Yes, Theta is Spirit; it is the best in all of us, it can be viewed as the Creator – or God.

    I don’t know if you are familiar with Alan Watts. He is a Zen Master and has written numerous books on Buddhism and Zen.

    His writings on God come closest to how I personally feel about Theta, our relationship to “Him”, and perhaps is another view of Theta, from a non-Scientology point of view.

    Paraphrasing Watts drastically, all of existence is basically “God” – God is everything and all of us. We are all connected because we are all part of God. Individually, we are all “instances” of the Divine, of God. God experiences His creation through us – we are part of Him. We are from Him and we go back to Him.

    Now, if you substitute “Theta” for “God” above, it’s like that. Not 100%, but pretty close.

    Deepak Chopra has spoken and written on similar views of God and consciousness.

    Scientology is so powerful because it is a systematic way of experiencing God. It took me a long time to figure that out. When your concept of God is Western – the Deity in the Sky, the R6 mock-up, you lose the concept of what many people, especially in the Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, mean when they discuss God.

    The top of the Tone Scale is “Serenity of Beingness”. Tone 40. It is not what some SINO’s (Scientologist In Name Only) do when they yell at you and try to “Intend” you to do some action or another. It is being in full communication and “one-ness” with the Universe. Affinity or Love. Reality and Duplication of what is. Communication or perhaps Communion. Ultimate Understanding. Acceptance, Tolerance, and Confront. Grace. Pure Beingness. Picture the sitting Buddha.

    I have achieved this state. There is no description of the Goodness that comes from it. I also live on the planet and so do not maintain this state. Part of my mission is to learn to live in this world while also being in a state of Grace. Not easy.

    This is why I use Hubbard’s technology. It helps people transcend. It helps people strive toward perfection – note that perfection, like absolutes, is unobtainable. But, we can and should strive to achieve it, because we are all better off when we do.

    This is hard to reconcile with certain staff yelling and screaming and making up stories and tossing people in the “brig” and “asking” staff members to abort their babies. It is hard to reconcile with people who are actively trying to decommission the Road to Truth. It doesn’t reconcile because it can’t. SINO’s have usurped the name, but only the name.

  531. Grasshopper

    Thanks, Karen. I read some of the asinine comments on Marty’s “other sites” and my goodness! Not that it matters to me what they do to me, but in attacking you they are attacking me. They are saying that the training I had is worthless because I did not do “GAT” and re-re-re-read The Basics.

    Essentially, they are admitting that everything they delivered prior to 2008 was a fraud and overt products! This is, naturally, absurd, but what an admission! The ultimate Tech Degrade. I mean the ULTIMATE Tech Degrade!

    And then they miscall F/Ns because the needle didn’t do the cha cha? They admit that their ideal orgs can’t deliver grades to their public by routing all grades PCs to flag? (I still can’t believe that – someone, please say – and prove – it ain’t so!). Who has the tech, really?

    Vaya con Dios, Karen!

  532. This business about F/Ns is just beyond crazy. Its hard for me to figure on how people buy it.
    I’m still not buying that DM is the why. If he hadn’t jumped in there then another would have done so. Most of the people who left the CofS in the early 80s promptly found another Guru. People like Bill Robertson, Neville Chamberlain, Irene Mumford even gained a following.
    At the moment in this group Marty is the Guru. We are almost faced with a similar situation to Rome and the Caesars and the Senate.
    In creating our new community I think that the Senate has to be stronger than the Caesar.
    I haven’t really seen a reason to criticize Marty .
    We are moving into a position where the CofS is going to collapse and DM is going to be driven into jail or exile in Lower Slobovia. Perhaps he takes a few million $ with him.
    So we have to start thinking about a new structure for the Church. Dictatorship, however benevolent, has the problem of succession as demonstrated in Rome and with DM.
    What we are doing now will inevitably lead to the death of the CofS as it exists organizationally and the need to create a new structure.
    It might take a little while but I think we have to think now about how we are going to restructure our Church.
    Given events over the last year or so I don’t really see anyone but Marty as taking over from DM. I wouldn’t like to have him appointed as Führer but as President with a group of elected senators as a moderating influence.
    I’d suggest that Senators would need 1000 hours of WD auditing hours on others to qualify. We’d have to see – ideally OEC FEBC Class 8 OT8 but there aren’t many around.
    DM is about to fall – we have to think ahead about how to pick up the remains.

  533. The money that you are talking about was paid by Scientologists for the future of Scientology. I’d rather it was saved for the future of Scientology than paid out to individuals in law suits.

  534. I think that we shouldn’t call it Mayo NOTs but LRH NOTs. From my understanding LRH created NOTs and DM labelled the original version as Mayo NOTs in order to introduce his squirrel version.
    I have met few people in this corrupted scene that I trust – Janis is one of them. She has said that NOTs was LRH and that fits.
    The original LRH NOTs works – DM NOTs does not.

  535. Only a few people had the Vital Info R/D.
    DM needed to suppress it.

  536. rory medford

    David meets Goliath BUT the Independents are David this time.. No need to use a sling or stone we have the INTERNET to reveal what goes on behind the scenes and what people have experienced over the years under DM’s reign.

  537. Ralph,

    I agree with you here – DM is not the Why. He is the Who. Not only is he just a Who, he is just the current and most recent Who. This planet is riddled with Who’s just like him.

    This discussion has popped up a number of times recently, each time we (the group collectively) look at getting an answer to “How did DM manage to grab power?” as step 1 to finding a real Why. I don’t believe this will work, as it necessarily focuses on one event at one point in time – DMs power grab. What about all the others in the past and the future idiots still to try? It also shifts all the blame onto another and we know how that relates to responsibility.

    May I suggest we look at this from a different angle:

    What we we, humans on planet Earth, doing that we allow ourselves to be dominated by weaklings? Why do we allow our HCOs and Quals to be dismantled so frequently?

    Being OT is supposed to proof one upoup against being PTS, and yet the group allowed a real SP in despite the group being led by some of the best OTs ever.

    These are contrary facts and my hunch tells me it’s not because the state of OT is inadequate. Rather, there’s an omission but I do not know what it is. On the bright side, we DO have trained evaluators that can find it out.

  538. Dear Mat,

    Thank you very much indeed for this nice Email.
    I very much appreciate your comm on all levels.

    I considered the Mr Peacock series very enlightening.

    And encourage world wide readership of this profound series, beautifully written.

    Thank you for your kind words and friendship.

    Ditto and echo on your statement on Miscavige.


  539. As Joe Howard/Dan Koon, in the “Pro TRs Course” utters his lines, at the end of the session at the end of that movie, the preclear cognites his ulcers are gone, the preclear waves his hands all over the place and puts down the cans, and pats his stomach, and recall what Joe Howard/Dan Koon does next, remember this scene was written and directed by LRH, Joe/Dan acknowledges and ends the session.

    NO F/N INDICATED! THAT is the reference for what the hell an EP is! PC’s trouble handled.

    I wish the films were out for all to see and re-see.

    I wish all the earlier versions of all the films were available.

    I wish the whole shebang were available.

    Maybe someday it will be.

    Maureen Bolstad Smith wrote up on one of the chat sites how a machine was used to produce the F/N that’s been in the last several verison of the film that shows the different emeter reads.

    A MACHINE, not a HUMAN, is the “F/N” in the last two versions of the Emeter Reads film.

    Maureen gives the gory details in her posting how Luigi perfected that “F/N” electronically.

    There’s a LOT of history to be ushered out of the heads of ex Sea Org members about everything.

  540. GrassHopper :

    Thank you dear. And for the private Email as well !
    Oh wow.

    Here is what is not realized~~

    The hate sites are not comparable to this kind of site which is actual communication and heartfelt experiences within.

    The hate sites are made up nonsense as an OSA Ops.

    They do absolutely nothing to change the mind of someone already convinced one way or the other. You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink concept.

    I don’t agree with visit the hate sites. I used to do ~~ but M and M have locked me down to not give it the time of day, and I don’t.

    Folk who have known me and cared for me for a long time, can see it is pure rubbish.

    But just for fun, for it to backfire, one of the my comm lines sent

    1) My write up on departure, coming out


    2)the hate site on me to a bunch of OLs and significant top dogs, for them to learn how the Church’s dirty ops retaliates against a long term veteran. The concensus is this no Church.

    Whatever Dm has done, it is …..well you get the idea.

    The absolute revulsion is yet another footbullet.
    It is a classic and can be done in an amusing way to show how the “Church” operates.

  541. Dear Climbing a 9′ High Board Fence

    Marty told me who you were>


    When you come out it will create Thermonuclear earthquakes…….. can’t wait.

    Yes, we go back a long ways together.
    I am trying to do catch ups with vast amounts of mail that pour in by the hour.

    Much love,
    I know much of your story.
    I am still WOWED.


  542. Dear Ralph,

    Thank you a very clear overview of these points.
    I am going to re-read and digest some of this when I can give it my full attention time.

    You have had longevity from the Apollo days to see many things roll out. And, like me, you can do a THEN and NOW.

    The masses of the public upset on their Clear declares going back and forth, being On/Off,
    ON/OFF is a Tsunami. I have the Emails.

    The masses of public over run and ground to a pulp with the 3 swings of the needle definition is
    a colossal tsunami boarding on a cataclysm.

    Buying all those Buildings of granite with chandlier lights ain’t going the handle the public………

    Thank you for communicating and sharing these views.


  543. Dear Ralph,

    Just for re-orientation ….on the Apollo…did I do your Power Processing ? I do recall auditing you. The crew got TONS of auditing up the Bridge.

    LRH unlike DM pushed staff enhancement and it wasn’t Sec checks year in and year out.

    The only sec checks I recall at that period was the sec check done when you were leaving the ship for Annual Leave which was a given. Everyone took 3 weeks. It was the reach and withdraw of life. A break from production so that one came re-vitalized.

    Libs and Annual Leave were granted effortlessly…….remember the days ?


  544. Do Birds Fly?

    Congrats on your Doubt Announcement and welcome! I do hope you can get your son to to see the light. I am currently going through this with my daughter. Best wishes!

  545. I belong to a number of Yahoo groups. Here they are:


    Hope this helps you. We are happy to help you in any way.



  546. Dearest Karen,

    I met Alexander when he was working for the IAS. You don’t meet this kind of person every day of the week! He would call me, using a variety of crazy accents, trying his best to prank me. It actually worked a couple of times. What a talent! I don’t know what he’s doing now, but he really should be in show business as an actor, comedian, etc.

    Luckily, all my sons cognited on what was going on with the Church years before I did but never said a thing. Instead, whenever the subject of Scientology came up, they would slyly change the subject. They were afraid that I would disconnect from them if they told me their opinion of the church–like that would ever happen.

    One of these days, your Alexander will understand, that nothing is more important than family. I have the same fantasy as others on this thread–Alexander wakes up and rescues his beloved father from The Hole. Now, somehow or other, we need to get an IPhone to Heber. Send it registered mail! It’s a felony to mess with the Post Office. I dare them to do it!

    My thoughts and postulates are with you. I have some horror stories of my own regarding my divorce and Flag’s horrific out tech. Luckily my ex and I realized separately what happened and we are friends now, though he’s happily married to some one else.

    Thanks again for coming out, sweetie. I hope one day we can meet.


  547. Thanks, Kha Khan. I’d like to know what I was declared for, though. (I can guess, sure.) The E/O gave me the HGB building’s address, and the chances I go there approximate the chances I’d simultaenously be struck by a volcano and a meteor.

    Not being the churchgoing type, it’s an interesting question what other churches do. And is special status parking based on money or works? That’s a more interesting angle.

    What I was most struck by was how much change had occurred since I was in, and how gradual much of it was for the people I knew still on staff. For them, it probably didn’t seem as big a change as it did to me.

  548. Hi Karen,
    Merril Mayo did my Power. You did some review and my original OT7 auditing in Tenerife.
    Yep, things were a lot better then than what I see and hear of current oppression. Things gradually deteriorated after a huge affluence in Daytona. That was the high point I think. There was recuitment drive and hundreds of new staff joined. They got little auditing and training so the obvious result was a drop in the GI/staff ratio. The Apollo was a tight group – I knew everyone’s name at least and a new face was immediately noticeable. In 1980 it seemed that LRH was strongly on the lines – ethics went through a very light phase. Then the pendulum swung and the insanity started in earnest. Not long before I left in 1982 I looked at the hundred or so staff auditing completions for a week – 99% were sec checks and one finished a grade. Back in the Apollo days it seemed that although there were the occasionally rough times Scientology was a priority. Not so now 😦

  549. splog – yep – thats the area I look at too.
    Ideal Scene – a community of OTs working together towards the aims of Scientology.
    Repeatedly groups and societies fall under the control of Suppressives.
    It seems that LRH was aware of this and evaluated the situation with the development of Super Power as the handling.
    The implementation of Super Power could well have resulted in a saner management after LRH left. Super Power met with repeated stops.
    So if we hung all those outpoints together I think we’d end up with a Why for the current state of affairs along the lines of:
    LRH plans for stabilising Scientology for the future and de-oppressing staff were deliberately sabotaged and the Who is DM.
    The long term handling would thus involve getting Super Power in a deliverable form being delivered in the Independent Scientology Community.
    I’d be pleasantly surprised if a copy of the materials turned up in my email. Given that LRH originally intended its delivery within a few months at Saint Hills I don’t think we’ll need to ask for donations for our own theta trap building.

  550. Hey Ralph,

    I came here to reconnect with and support my dear friend Karen in her fight against DM and to congratulate her on her freedom.

    As you can see, people who have posted here in support of Karen have all kinds of differing viewpoints on LRH. I did not come here to get into an argument with anyone over LRH. This is neither the time nor the place. Each person can look at the information that’s out there and make their own decisions where they stand.

    What we are all in agreement on is that the current organization is highly abusive and that people are better off out, than in and I applaud the work Marty has done in exposing that. Let’s work together to see that happens.

  551. Dear Ralph,

    The choice of my wording was poor. You are right on LRH NOTS.

    What I meant was ~~the David Mayo time zone of NOTS permitted the pc to have their wins.

    The DM era of this level enforces 3 swings of the needle making it pretty rough, force bogs, painful over runs, invalidation of wins and so on.
    I speak from having been through it in the last few years.

    I must have wasted a huge (say 150) amount of hours bogged down at AOLA with the “Golden Age of Tech” and the redefinition of what a floating needle is.

    I would have D of Ps, Qual consultancies, visits to RTC office on site to give these long dissertations of ‘SOMETHING IS WRONG’.

    My auditor at the time was Burt.

    Any and all auditing and training with David Mayo at the helm was far superior to the student auditor robots created today and the altered and squirreled David Miscavige tech.

    Meanwhile, he is buying and posting on the Scientology sites *New Pretty Buildings* !!!!

    Pcs and students are bogged down, but let’s
    acquire MEST !

    Unconscionable atrocities continue at INT base even today, but let’s buy more *Pretty New buildings* !!!

    In the Internet is exploding with more ex public and staff with their heartfelt stories and experiences, changing forever the way DM’s “Church” is viewed, but let’s buy more *Pretty New buildings* !!!

  552. Thank you “They’ve Stolen my Church”

    Good strong loyal family.

    Thank you for your contributions to this blog.

    Yes, it is LRH’s legacy we are fighting for.

  553. Thank you Tone 41.

    My apologies for slow acknowledgement.
    You are a good contributor to this blog and you are appreciated !

    ML Karen

  554. Chuck ~

    That was good input.
    I wish Maureen Bolstad would contrubute to this blog.

    She suffered 100x times more than me at INT base. I have followed her story closely.

    Good Chuck, good spot-on observations.

    I do not fault Mark Headley, John Peeler, you, and others, that were given literally little no personal case gain, no ascent up the bridge, substantial brutality in exchange for years of service.

    I understand only too well how y’all arrived at the conclusions you did.

    Again, this is instant demand for sucking out maximum production from SLAVES (So members) while they give the SO member no case enhancement, deprived Sleep, little to no pay, no vacations, no day off, no access to direct communication with family, enforced abortions, enforced divorces and a newer rule to not even fraternatize with another SO member in a lower Org !

    Sounds like a CULT ? it is ! DM transformed the Church into a cult !

    This will end. It might end sooner than you think…..

  555. Huckleberry


    A very well done on your announcement and, beyond that, your courage. It’s a tough confront, made so much tougher because it pits friend against friend, which is DM’s intention. He’s a King SP. It’s not a coincidence that all the XIIs have been gotten rid of, one way or another.

    Much Love, Huck

  556. Ralph,

    Thanks for that. I hadn’t considered Super Power.

    Before I read Dan’s article at the link you provided, all I knew about Super Power was whatever the church had published. And none of that had much in the way of specifics.

  557. Thank you Anna,
    Your note is more than appreciated.
    Happy 4th July !
    Independence for the Independents !


  558. Felicitas Foster

    Yes, and before DM took over the event programs always included to have a table and two chairs for LRH and MSH with water glasses name tags etc next to the stage. This nice habit is long gone since.

  559. Like that is going to happen when it remains in Miscavige’s paws.

    And INDIVIDUALS matter, they should get their money back especially when the “church”screwed them over.

  560. Hi Karen,

    I posted a greeting previously but it may have not made it for some reason, so, I once again say hello and thank you for joining the independent field.

    Now, the question that is burning a hole in my thetan, is this: Are you going to consider lending your Class XII skills as an auditor to independent Scientologists?

    I wish you the very best….


  561. On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 8:22 AM, Nancy Many wrote:
    Welcome to the real world Karen. My name is Nancy Foster Many, I live in northridg CA and you gave me my Power Processes at St. Hill — oh so many years ago. But I know why LRH asked you to join the SO, it was your space. You are the
    only auditor I have ever felt this way with, but just entering your room and space melted so much case. You were so calm and precise. It was YOU — it was your theta, that’s what LRH noticed.

    I live in Northridge now, and I don’t know exactly where you live, but I would love to meet with you again. I have written a book – Since I had been a spy for both the GO and OSA – (I was a spy for the GO in Boston when I went to Siaint hill. I was an admin person, just ate it up, did every single course they had and I was lucky enough to be on the lines as an evaluator when LRH came back on the Evaluation lines. I am so so very grateful for that.

    I was later sent to RPF, where I became the CS — with hardly any training, but the Snr CS’s were pleased with my work. I used the Data Series Tech and realized how similar the Data Series is to CSing. First dyn/Third dyn amazing.

    I later spyed for RTC and Then OSA for a while. So when I had my doubts on Scientology as I saw it under the new Regime –I did got to various ethics officers, but never got it resolved (how could I). My lovely auditor was Kristen. It was not auditing, it was interrogation and went on day after day for over a week. She would stand up and scream at me. I would get off what I considered and overt and she made the classic statement “You can never committ and Overt on an SP” Now
    from the PTS training I had had, that actually was the ONLY way you got PTS. And it goes all the way back to the Philadelphia course with DED and DED Ex’s. That’s when I knew. They grilled me about the Hubbard family (I was very good friends with suzette at the time) and I could feel it.

    But I kept trooping on into that room with Kirsten until my last session with her when I spent 6 hours bent over a trash can with the dry heaves… Within 2 days I had a full Psychitic Break — and it lasted strongly for months and remnants for years.

    My husband helped me pull out of it, but the truth I have learned is that no matter what drives you Psychotic (and many things can) It is still you to find your way out. Up untill that point I had had excellen auditing, even the bad was good if you know what I mean.

    So that was what gave me a strong base. I had also, after you gave me my Power, gone on to complete the original OT 3x,,7,4,5,6 and 7. Which were phenomenal. I know they are having trouble with OT8, well how bout putting back in some LRH and pull those OT levels back, they were very extroverting and after all that internalizing with OT3, it was such a great balance. I still play with some of the things I learned their, Then one day I went from OT7 to OT3 and worked my way back up to OT5.

    I am thankful for ALL of my auditors, but I am especially thankful of you. I really don’t know the tech behid Power Processes, I just remember being in your soft gentle space and it didn’t seem like you did much,, but I would walk out that door completely different.

    If I had not had all that good auditing Kristen could have easily kiiled me. I am now working with the enourmous amounts of people at the upper upper levels who have also gone Psychotic, suicidal, and mentally unstable. I have been able to help most, but sadly I have lost a few.

    I am so glad you mentioned no type 3’s under your watch, because I was at Int management and we were always informed of any type three across the world, and yes there were some, but they were not in Scientology for long, not far up the bridge and usually had some out qual that was never caught.

    Karen, I have an OT8, 36 years in,, thousands in donations, supposed to return the ship in the morning and she arrived at my door SUICIDAL. Is that the EP, from my point of view it certainly seems that way under DM. Anyway, I have published my book and inundated with the amount of people so similarly damaged. It makes me cry. I do what I can do to help. And some I have helped, I mean really helped.

    We are beginning a non profit foundation called the Life Skills Foundation to give assistance to people leaving staff, especially cloistered SO membe who may not even know what a resume is, or may have no where to go,, cause they have lost their family by leaving. I don’t know if you would be interested but, I would love to talk about it with you and also all the Type threes that I am currently working with.

    Your auditing was the best I ever had, the most bang for the question (LOL) We were at the flag base together when it was in CW, but our paths did not fully cross — you were tech and I was admin.

  562. DM could call it Mayo NOTS because everybody knew his contribution to them so he could easily invalidate them with Mayo being declared.

    Many people contributed to the field of Scientology many who’s names will be lost in history.

  563. Oo0h Ralph are you going to sec check me too 😉

    Let’s keep it behind closed doors for commom descency 🙂

  564. This time Alexander and Andrea are routed out with love. Kirsten Caetano, in charge of External Security at OSA, befriends Alexander in an unnatural, unheard of way. She arranges for his apartment rent to be paid. Helps arrange and approves him working for a Scientologist owned company at a very high wage, and gives him lots of sympathy and compassion. She strokes his feathers every way she can. He is given $3500 after he signs a bunch of documents on video.

    The benevolence is truly touching.

    And I always thought if its not money-driven, then its gotta be pure PR work.

  565. Many did contribute as LRH has said. LRH had the job of filtering wisdom.
    Some say that LRH plagiarised Dianetics from Freud. I looked through a lot a of Freud and found one sentence saying that trauamatic incidents seemed to link up in chains.
    I read most of the works of Alisteir Crowley and found a few creative processes of limited workability and some sort of axioms that really didn’t hit the point.
    I read through everything writtten by Korzybski and saw that LRH had taken about 0.01% of what he said. LRH didn’t even read Korzybski – he got a brief summary from Robert Heinlein which was all he needed.
    I see people claiming to have contributed wisdoms to Scientology but LRH had the job of taking the contributions and filtering out the nonsense. So if someone wrote 1000000 words and LRH read them and use 100o they would claim responsibility. The other 999000 if used would have destroyed the workability of Scientology. Even Miscavage might have had some useful ideas. A few of the changes in the latest editions of LRH books make sense. Not many. I even found a single sentence in the writings of a 19th century mystic which is the keynote of NOTs. But it was the only sentence in several volumes that made sense. The rest was about mercurial harmonics of the states of the soul and the interactions of the elemental wavelengths therein.

  566. To add a little – Cat Daddy – almost nobody knew to what extent David Mayo contributed to NOTs.
    I really do not want to hit against David Mayo totally as I see that he did contribute a lot in his work.
    He seemed like quite a mellowing influence in the early 80s.
    What I will say is that he said LRH gave him the job of looking after the tech until LRH came back. Please look at the extent to which he is here now doing ttohat job. He did dump his hat and accepted a payoff. When he got the payoff he stopped answering my emails and cut communication with many others.
    NOTs was an incredible advancement in the tech. David Mayo claimed a lot of responsibility in its creation.
    My observation is that David Mayo did not create a single new innovation of value in the tech after leaving the CofS. He wrote some confusing nonsense about harmonics of Clear .
    Anyone with the wisdom to come up with NOTs must have been a genius. Most of LRH writings are the works of a genius. I have not seen a single innovation come from David Mayo.
    He did make extensive contributions in using LRH tech but he was not an innovator nor a genius of LRH’s magnitude.

  567. Dear Nancy,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Understood. The interrogations resulting in a mental breakdown is more than understood.

    There is a lot I can say here, but I will hold off and I see you have written me private Email.
    That Type 3s (mental breakdown pcs) have to come to you, after Church auditing is a stunning revelation.

    Again, this is one of those times when I will say nothing more at this time.

    The fact that an OT 8, 36 years in, expected to arrive at Freewinds arrives at your door SUICIDAL shows the result of the current squirrelled technology.

    Nancy, I have received private Emails from OT 7s and OT 8s who did the “Golden Age of Tech Bridge” and gave hundreds of thousands for spiritual gain (with the David Miscavige perverted clear cancellations over and over, and the re-definition of the needle) asking me if it was all a scam in the first place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am overwhelmed. (rare for me)

    This is why Marty declared the Church of Scientology dead.

    Such is the final result of the Church’s work and why I call this a psychological autopsy.

    We will be in touch.

  568. Nancy:

    More on Kerstin.

    Kerstin, like my son Alexander Jentzsch was born and raised in the Church. She knows absolutely nothing else. She knows only the culture of the Sea Org. She is ARC straightwire case level and knows nothing about the consequences of how and why this type of interrogation can effect the case in a deeper sense.

    She is “run” and a mere execution arm of
    Tracy Danilovitch, daughter of Alycia and John Danilovitch. Tracy is the RTC rep in ILO
    that runs the OSA puppets.

    Tracy, the ILO RTC rep is run by Office of COB and Miscavige.
    There are 4 of them left, I guess the others got demolished and wiped out.

    Back to the carrot and the stick.
    Kerstin has an aging father who lives in the Anthony building on Fountain Avenue.
    Kerstin has no money to pay for his medical bills.

    Normally an aging SO member would be offloaded. But Kerstin for 23 years has duly followed DM’s orders. She does what she is told to do unquestioning, unrelenting with a sense of duty and being a “good Sea Org member.”

    Her father will be taken care of medically and Kerstin works for it.

  569. Thank you Foremost.
    True benevolence.

    Standing for everything we don’t stand for.
    I find it delicious.

  570. Deart Windhorse,

    I am catching up on backlogs and apologise for this slow response undeserving of a special thetan like you.

    Thank you so very much. I will enjoy our private Emails and further communication.

    much love,

  571. Dear Windhorse,

    I am catching up on backlogs and apologise for this slow response undeserving of a special thetan like you.

    Thank you so very much. I will enjoy our private Emails and further communication.

    much love,

  572. Dear Robin,

    I think I confused you with Robin Lindsell, also from the UK….. so much of my message may not have made sense…

  573. Felicitas Foster


    What a wonderful way to give a description of a very important viewpoint:

    The top of the Tone Scale is “Serenity of Beingness”. Tone 40. It is not what some SINO’s (Scientologist In Name Only) do when they yell at you and try to “Intend” you to do some action or another. It is being in full communication and “one-ness” with the Universe. Affinity or Love. Reality and Duplication of what is. Communication or perhaps Communion. Ultimate Understanding. Acceptance, Tolerance, and Confront. Grace. Pure Beingness. Picture the sitting Buddha.

    I have achieved this state. There is no description of the Goodness that comes from it. I also live on the planet and so do not maintain this state. Part of my mission is to learn to live in this world while also being in a state of Grace. Not easy.

    This is why I use Hubbard’s technology. It helps people transcend. It helps people strive toward perfection – note that perfection, like absolutes, is unobtainable. But, we can and should strive to achieve it, because we are all better off when we do.

    I was very touched by your words – thnak you.


  574. Dear Karen,

    I read your Declaration of Independence on Marty’s website. Wow! What a story. I have wondered for years what happened to you, and recently through Marty’s website I got back in comm with Trey Lotz, whom I had met on the FlagShip Apollo in 1975 I had lost touch with him, too, and wondered about him. When I got in touch with him, I asked about you, and he told me you were doing well in Los Angeles. However, he didn’t go into detail. So I was very surprised to see your post, and very thrilled to find out you are healthy, wealthy, and wise! And incredibly surprised at your Independent announcement!

    We met back in 1977, I believe at the Flag World Tour Event in Houston, Texas. I was the girl you talked to who was in grief, actually crying in front of you, over the love of my life getting married to someone else, and you said, “You’re in a secondary. Why don’t you go to Flag and get it run out? and I remember thinking, and saying,” Yes, I am in a secondary, why don’t I get it run out?!!”. I had come to Houston only for the event, and was going to drive back home, over 3 1/2 hours away, and you suggested I stay and go back to Flag with you the next day. I had only the clothes on my back, and my purse, and thank God, a check book. Do you remember the harrowing trip to the airport the next morning, where we almost missed the plane, and you were so freaked out that you would be late for a session? Neither one of us being from Houston, we got lost on the way to the airport, and the traffic was horrendous! We got to the airport at the time the plane was supposed to be departing! And we made it with OT postulates, and they actually stopped the plane and had reserved seats for us when we got on!! Wasn’t that incredible? Wow!! I never forgot that, or your story of training on the L’s at Flag, being trained by Ron to “within an inch of our lives”!! To this day, I don’t think I have ever met anyone with your TR’s, and to me you were a shining example of LRH tech! I have been so concerned and in wonderment about what happened to you after you married Heber. It is so good to have the mystery, and the group engram, cleared up about that!

    I share your pain over the disconnection of your son. There is nothing like a mother’s love and no person, or agency less than God has the right to interfere with that. Maybe not even God! When my son disconnected from me for the first time, at the age of 13 or 14, I began an internet search to find out if I still had any legal rights as a mother. My search led me to stories of executives at INT who had blown and told their stories via affidavits from legal cases involving the Church, in which they told of the abuses to which they had been subjected. Knowing something about the law, I knew these were statements subject to perjury offenses; I couldn’t imagine that many stories being lies. I found other heartbreaking stories of disconnection, enforced abortions, suicide, gulag-like conditions in the Sea Org in the RPF’s, severe punishments (running around a May-pole all day in 115 degrees in the desert all day, for months on end, and it goes on and on. This was my introduction to what was going on behind the scenes, and I read these stories in disbelief that these were SCIENTOLOGY organizations I was reading about! Just like you, it was disconnection that led me to being on this blog!

    During that time when I was doing my internet search, I talked to a very preeminent attorney who knew nothing about disconnection, or the Church, and his first reaction was ” That sounds like the Nazi’s during World War II, that separated children from their parents. He also stated it was against “Natural Law”, which is actually a legal subject in which the basic survival impulses of man and his common decency towards others is regarded as a category of lLaw. There is a great definition of “Natural Law” in WikiPedia. I found out that I had ALL my rights as a parent, as I had never given up custody, but only allowed my son to be with his father, so that he could go to Delphi, and get what I considered to be the best education on the planet. I sent my son a cell-phone so we could be in better comm, and so that I could care for his needs, and what I got back was a disconnection letter and the cell-phone! Later, when my son got back in comm with me, he let me know he was coerced into that first disconnection letter, and it was against his self-determinism, and he cried as he apologized for doing that to me, at the age of 18.

    When Tommy Davis got up before the world on CNN, and said “There is no disconnection policy.”, I flew into a rage, and the next morning put up the website called “, even though I know exactly nothing about how to put up a website. In my blog comment, I promised that the world would know what happens when a mother is disconnected from her child. Here again, on your coming out, they are finding out! By “they”, I mean anyone who would adhere to and forward this barbaric practice!

    Karen, I am so glad that we are re-united! I am so happy to know that you are O.K. and thriving, and know that we will HANDLE DISCONNECTION, just like we handled the airport, the airplane, the ticket counter personnel, and the flight attendants back in 1977. We’re gonna be on that airplane when it takes off!! And we’re going to safely land on the destination runway of BEING BACK IN COMM WITH OUR LOVED ONES!

    With all my love,
    Lady Minn

  575. Dear Karen,

    Sorry about that! The website name is

    And yes, we’re MAD about it, too. (Disconnection, that is!)

  576. Dear Centurion,

    This is a good question and I am glad you asked it.

    I will not be involved in any auditing, C/Sing and so on in the field. This does not mean that I will not point to a source reference or handle some quick query by pointing to an LRH quote or some such.

    My life has gone in a different direction and while I am here with all of you on this blog to protect LRH’s legacy, I will not be returning to
    auditing and CSing.

    My objective primarily is to see that David Miscavige, Gold cameraman masquerading as a Technical Expert while brutalizing the prisoners at Int Base is brought to justice. And his squirrel technology cancelled.

    Thanks for asking.


  577. Dear Huck,

    Thanks for this note.
    The wear and tear and erosion on Class XIIs over the years is really something.

    And your observation of pitting friend against friend is right on !


  578. Thank you Joe M.

    I appreciate your warm wishes !


  579. Thank you Knowbody.
    Great post and great link.
    I love these You Tube links.

    My goal is to bring the Spirit of LRH back to this planet and fulfill his legacy.

    End quote.

    Great goal !


  580. Do Birds Fly
    Thanks much for the little note.
    Best wishes to you and your quest to win with your daughter.

  581. My dear Songbird,

    Thank you very much indeed for your well wishes and good thoughts.

    You really made me laugh. Alexander would do that with me ~~ call me up in an Irish Brogue or Indian accent, or German voice and fool me. LOL.

    It was very enjoyable to read your note.

  582. Thank you for your reply, Karen.

    Although having your services as an auditor and C/S would be an incredible addition to the tech delivery in the independent field, your dedication to getting Mestsavage removed is no less valuable.

    I respect your decision and look forward to your products towards that end.



  583. Ralph,

    Thanks for the clarifications about the allegations that Freud, Korzybski, and others came up with the tech. I tire of hearing such things as LRH himself mentions in many places that individual grains of truth can be found all over the place, but sifting the grain from the enormous quantities of chaff is where the genius is, in addition to then making further discoveries and assembling the whole into a workable technology.

    There is too much LRH bashing on the blog, and in this instance you have beautifully silenced it.


  584. munkiesquire

    Karen, I am happy for successes and new found freedom. However i am confused about something. After enduring years of extreme hardship in the SO under DM’s
    leadership, why on earth would you allow your own young son to enlist in the very organization that was responsible for your own mistreatment? Maybe you explained it, but I have read your post twice and i cant seem to find an explanation.

  585. Lady Minn.

    What an enchanting posting, thanks much…..
    The enforced disconnection between family members creates lifelong enemies, but DM’s “Church” just does not get it.

    You covered many important issues and I want to spend some time with you. Thanks for the private Email as well.

    I am very impressed with what you have said and I will be in touch.

    much love,

  586. Chris Black

    Goldang it, girl, you gone made me cry!

    Good tears, mind you.

    When I read your response, I remembered the feelings of friendship and love and hope and common vision and reuniting with old, lost friends, and doing this again and I remembered how it was, and how it was intended to be, and it was so different from what it is now.

    I’m glad we are recovering it here.

    And I am the one who is proud to know you, and humbled by your friendship, Karen. I am at your service.

    With utmost ARC, Chris

  587. Thank you Munkiesquire.

    Alexander wanted to be with his father.
    Remember, he had been born and raised in this culture.

    I did not over-ride his decision

    I can be a Monday Morning Quarterback (looking in from hindsight) but that is neither here nor there.

    Thank you for your good wishes.

  588. Dearest Karen,

    Thank you so much for your reply. It is so great to be back in comm with you. I would love to spend some time with you – couldn’t imagine anything better! Not telling what we could do together, with those OT postulates in full force!

    Much love,
    Lady Minn

  589. Dear Karen,

    Just a correction to my last comment: “No telling what we could do together, with those OT postulates in full force!


    Lady Minn

  590. Fellow Traveller

    Huckster —

    I am glad to see you are still around. I for one have missed your poignance and humor.

    Bruce Pratt

  591. I am glad you came out and wrote your story Karen. I feel for Herber in a pit. Oh man, you had a run in with the same osa lady I did. She must be an implanter. Thank you for being there.

  592. theta networker

    I first got some inkling of the scene over a year ago — Only know have I started talking about it to other Scientologists who I know … in a way that will not “rain on anybody’s parade” … I know the/my purpose/the purpose of this conversation is not to tear down Scientology … My thing is that it has become clearer and clearer to mr that — as those who compiled the facts which any Scientologist can see on the website — unless one is indeed scared … intimidated by the Church as it is currently constituted: The unavoidable conclusion is that that which some have come to hate is indeed not L. Ron Hubbard or his technology, but those who have taken it over and changed it. And “they” or “those” really means David Miscavige and whoever follows him and, it seems, considers him as “an equal to” Ron or as having the authority to change/add to, delete or alter the Tech … I have pored over and over that web site, and many of their LRH references I recognized immediately … I do not think they have falsified anything that they say …

    For now, I’ll just say that my understanding is that even if RTC was put there by Ron to protect and preserve the Tech, Ron finished the Bridge before he left … and he didn’t omit anything or plan on the “head of RTC” to take on his hat of “finder of lost tech” as we were told by David Miscavige with the release of the Basics … No … Ron who created the Data Series was not giving us overt products which then necessitated “a product recall.” I am learning, finally, tell the difference between “enemies of Scientology” and actual internal enemies — I mean those in treason to LRH.

    In accordance with The Code of a Scientologist, Credo of a True Group Member, and the Creed of the Church: From the Church’s creed:

    “We of the Church believe…

    That all men {people} have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others and, that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”
    There was and is one Source. Source did not pass to Int Management.
    I believe I go with the old man.

  593. thetanetworker

    I would like to know what else may be done to help him, Karen … but, as you have opened my eyes — and as anyone can see that Heber is not seen on the web site of “The President of the Church of Scientology,” I sent the following e-mail over a week ago:

    Subject: Is Heber Jentzsch still the President of the Church? …

    Dear PRO,

    I haven’t seen “hide nor hair” of Heber at any events for a long time. And I see no mention of him on your website “Answers to Commonly Asked Questions What Is the True Story of Scientology?,” which comes up on the top of my browser as “What Is the True Story of Scientology? The President of The Church of Scientology Answers Your Questions” …

    I have always thought of Heber as a hero …. for standing up for us in Spain … even if it meant going to jail …. He must be around 75 years old now. I would like to know if he is alive and well and if he is still President of the Church.

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  595. I need more info on getting auditing. I’ve been a Scientologist for 15 years and have had complications with getting correct Tech and correct auditing actions delivered. I was looking at Pierre Ethier’s videos. I’m looking for a private very well trained , Class XII auditor to deliver the PTS Rundown and possibly Grades and CCRD.

  596. “I am sure you can imagine my reaction first to the ‘Golden Age of Tech’ and then to ‘The Basics’ events where DM in his infinite arrogance put down and invalidated all prior training and auditing.”

    How could I have been so stupid as to not have noticed all those errors?

    Gee, you people are dumb. I noticed those errors from the very start–which explained all the insanity I witnessed around me–so, I didn’t even bother continuing with MY studies/therapy.

    Why did you, if you KNOW so much?

  597. Gee, your own comm lag isn’t exactly 100% instantaneous, is it … what with you just now commenting on this post made, when … SEVEN FREAKIN’ MONTHS AGO!

    Stick around. Maybe you’ll speed up. 🙂

  598. Did I touch a nerve, there? You had to leave a comment to my post?

    What in god’s name do you think “everybody” is doing in life? Scoping the Internet for anything and everything pertaining to pseudo-Scientology?

    How about trying this, instead? Start bitching about why CSI is making people buy the same books (albeit “corrected”) all over again, instead of exchanging them at no cost. Only an SP would expect people to double dip.

    Actually, since you didn’t come up with that one on your own, maybe you deserve to continue getting bad auditing? By the looks of things, that’s all you people are ever going to get, because there are still errors…. Oh, you didn’t notice?

  599. Wow! Great story Karen. I just started reading Marty’s blog about a month ago and finally arrived at your post. I have wondered for years where the hell you and Heber were. Now I know. I knew you and Heber were split up, but had no idea that the King Of Squirrels was instrumental in it. By the way, I’m an old timer and remember you and Heber as icons at Flag. I was one of the first to receive NOT’s at Flag when it was first released. I worked with Heber on a couple of occasions, but never met you personally. I only saw you walking down the breezeway between sessions. You were a busy auditor! Anyway, I want to thank you for writing your story here. It has helped me to “seal the coffin” on DM. As LRH once said (I’m paraphrasing the hell out of it as I don’t have the quote in front of me, but do remember it fairly well)…”if a Class XII talks about something as simple as the weather, you better listen.” I’ve never forgotten it. In fact, Claire Reppin (another Class XII and a dear friend) was one of my auditors and I listened to her. Again, THANK YOU for your story Karen. Flourish and prosper!

  600. Hi Karen,
    I thought I would throw a comment in here relating to LRH stories. I remember in the early days how many of the old timers used to tell us stories about being with him. Well guess what? I had a friend who went to Freewinds and bumped into DM and asked him, how come we don’t hear personal stories about LRH any more? Get ready for the answer from DM…”oh we don’t do that any more, because it acts as a hidden data line”.
    I was FLOORED when my friend came back from the ship and told me that. It just proves how INSANE and squirrelly DM really is. I’m sure he is loaded with MU’s. But that of course is the basis of squirrelling.

  601. Whatever happened to John Eastment? Is he on the declare list too?

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  606. Ann Greig Gosh Know her very well she audited me and we were very good freinds also Irene Thrupp we are going back years.

  607. Meant to say I also knew well Irene Thrupp/ and what about Molly Spriggs the mimeo famous typist

  608. Nice to see you posting You will not rememeber me as we never met. Way back then at that time where there had been related issue on material
    Denmark was well alive some one known then as Carol kanda and myself assisted people with info to many with doubts about the Church and what was going on with changes within the church.
    This was when Indepts / Free zone first opened and the first break away movement began from that end of the globe.

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  611. I always used to study article in news papers but now as I am a user of internet thus from now I am using net for articles or reviews, thanks to web.

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  614. Way to go Karen! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your videos.

  615. Well written Karen. Thanks for posting Marty.

  616. deElizabethan

    Karen, thank you for sharing this with us who may have missed it.
    Love Always to You.

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