Story of a squirrel – Part One

A Squirrel: “A squirrel is doing something entirely different. He doesn’t understand any of the principles so he makes up a bunch of them to fulfill his ignorance and voices them off on a pc and gets no place.” – LRH

Some close friends of mine have recently received notice that they are “declared”.  They did not receive a written declare order. They were not informed of the alleged declare by staff members. They were told by public – DM’s new cannon fodder.  Both of the most recent declares by rumor mongering and innuendo said that my friends were going to, allied with or somehow supportive of a squirrel.  No particulars, no specifics, just pure generalities.   To get a glimpse of what I am talking about visit this link:

DM’s inability to confront and communicate with the situation that confronts him is indicative of the EP of the “Scientology” his church now practices. We aren’t like that in the independent field. We give particulars, evidence and name names. And right now, I am naming David Miscavige as I tell the first in a series on his well-earned title as the mother of all squirrels.  By the time we complete this series, I believe it will become apparent that those who are currently being “declared” are being declared for the very crime the public who are informing them of their declares are guilty of. That is those public are remaining connected with and supporting with money and irrational zealotry the world’s biggest outright Squirrel.

Let’s start with basics – a word being given a whole new meaning by the man Tommy says “gives a whole new definition to ‘religious leader.'” Grade Zero has quite apparently been taken out of the line up. Anyone who knows the first thing about the Bridge knows that absent having one’s Grade Zero IN, one might as well not shell out another penny for the rest of his 1/2 million dollar Bridge. If one has not attained the ability gained from Grade Zero and continues, he or she is literally on a bridge to nowhere.   One certainly belongs nowhere near an auditor’s chair who is not a complete, thorough Grade Zero completion.

First, the church’s Mecca (Flag Service Organization) has been coerced into short-circuiting all orgs on the planet by ripping off their Grades pcs and potential Grades pcs. Once at Flag, pc’s are being so quickied that the pcs are in no shape for the rest of the Grades, and are easy marks for years of overwhelming mind games on their Clear statuses (subject of another part in this series) and a seemingly endless OT VII along with its expensive six month sec checks and gang bang regging sessions.  DM is so proud of this state of affairs that he has Flag committing serial violations of  HCO PLs Technical Degrades  and Keeping Scientology Working – and a host of C/S Series HCOBs – by promoting quickie Grades.

DM’s STASI-like execution of his own brand of “Disconnect” exacerbates the inability-to-communicate situation. With virtually no justice apparatus remaining within the Church, there is a vast network of rumor and innuendo keeping the faithful in line with verbal declares, statements that some are not in good standing, “so and so is disaffected”, etc.  In order to survive among the Scientology public sector one must become adept at watching what he says, watching with whom he communicates with, watching what he reads and watching what he watches. If you tiptoe artfully enough around the omnipresent egg shells, why, you’ve got a chance to make it along the Bridge.

But, at what cost?

Below are video’d success stories of three recently attested “OT VIIIs” aboard the Freewinds.  Here is the living proof of the EP of Miscavology’s Bridge to nowhere. I have never seen such petrified, solid, controlled, and nervous “success stories” in my life.  To be fair to these “VIIIs”  in the videos – they are being forced to read from prepared statements that were obviously coordinated, stacked with pat acknowledgments and, if you look really closely, in a way downplay LRH to the “the most famous name in Scientology” and/or his org that doesn’t even exist.  Their obsequious promotion of such off Source DM inventions as “Ideal Orgs” betrays their slavish adherence to the party line; even anti-LRH and anti-Scientology ones. That they submit to and comply to such indignities speaks volumes about their EPs.  If you think I am over reacting, and that you’d like to attain the independence, presence, communication skills, and reach of these fellows, then don’t bother Q and Aing with your doubts any more. Just head on into DM’s church and learn the lock step.

OT VII Success stories:

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  1. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Can’t wait for the next installments…

    With respect to your post, I did not know about the quickie Grades, except from tidbits here and there. I would add to that the seeming dismissal of Academy Level training — hundreds, if not thousands of parishioners are directed with great force to route onto and do basics checksheets since two years or more.

    Its been a source of curiosity and wonder to me from where the next generation of auditors will come. It’s not difficult to predict a great shortage of them in the coming years. More, as many an old timer will agree, the Academy was the hip place to be thirty to forty years ago. Now, the Academy and the Academy Levels seem to be the domain of org staffs, for the most part.

    But Grades and, in particular, Levels are not big-ticket (money) items, so meh. Better to sell books and tapes and tens and tens of basics checksheets, and insist upon everyone’s compliance.

    The erosion and neglect of basic fundamentals from both sides of the Bridge on pcs and students portends very badly.

    As an aside, the man in the 2nd video link above was on the maiden voyage cruise in 1988. He had a spectacular completion speech back then and was, at that time, a beautiful product.

  2. Off topic but I need to know this ASAP. Is LRH ED Int 301 the reference giving a 6 week time machine for superpower to be released in 78′? I haven’t seen the reference but apparently this covers this point, can anyone confirm?

  3. SA,
    Yep, that’s the one. Here’s a fair use quote from it: “Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks as we are right now super grooming the Super Power auditors in a special International course.”LRH ED 301 INT 17 December 1978.

  4. I have no doubt these beings had wonderful wins on their level. I`m somewhat reticent to comment on this subject as it`s somewhat of a taboo topic. I`m not on the qual lines of the ship so technically I`m not saying one way or the other on their completion.

    What I did notice was consistent was a pat ack of RTC and COB. There were parts that seemed either scripted or maybe even coached. They are almost word for word.

    In any case, with these people, by their acts, or omissions, they will make their futures. I wish them the best.

    I`d also like to see the can`t have on the level handled. It is apparent that the cost makes this for some exclusive group. That can`t have, what`s up with that.

    All the above, IMO.

  5. Wow. I am shocked and severely saddened by these OT VIII speeches. While I haven’t seen any for 5 years, all I can say is they are NOTHING like they used to be. Hard to find the words that describe each of them — monotonous, bored, insincere, robotic, rehearsed, controlled — obviously not keyed out?!!
    Clear evidence of squirrel tech. I am so sorry this was allowed to occur. All I can say is David Miscavige’s Brand New Church of Scn — you are hereby placed on notice and your time is running out. I promise it. LRH’s legacy is to be standardly applied. And it will be applied standardly. You have failed, you are called out. Check mate.

  6. Well…

    This topic is very deep and could open a door to a big handling.

    Squirrel. But; what´s behind a squirrel?

    When people can´t get results from a standard practice you can expect they will alterate it?

    What kind of people can´t get results from auditing for example?

    What kind of people can´t get tone arm action or case gain?

    To which kind of people a degraded being immitates?

    And what will happen to all the people down his command lines?

    What kind of people would give a “verbal” hard ethics assignement (a very bad news) and would rumor about it with generalities?

    If you study in deep the c/s series you´ll find the effect that has in somebody, an auditor for example, to shake his valid data and “correct him” with false data.

    Would this make him standar or squirrel?

    So up, up, up all the “squirrels” is who?

    Can you see where this goes?

  7. —-
    “SUPER POWER. A Super fantastic, but confidential series of rundowns
    that can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or not that puts
    the person into fantastic shape unleashing the super power of a
    thetan. This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm
    of ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts world
    Clearing within reach in the future. This is a parallel rundown to
    Power in Saint Hills which is taken by the Dianetic Clear. It
    consists of 12 separate highpower rundowns which are brand new and
    enter realms of the tech never before approached. Power is still
    very much in use on the Grade Chart but is for those who didn’t go
    Clear on Dianetics. Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills
    within the next 6 weeks as we are right now super grooming the
    Super Power auditors in a special international course. It will be
    delivered in almost all languages…..

    “SUPER POWER. There is no reason a Dianetic Clear should be denied
    the powerful gains which research made available in ’78 (see above).
    For the public who have gone Dianetic Clear, and those who haven’t,
    Saint Hills will become a mecca where they obtain the most excellent
    results obtainable in Super Power.”
    — ‘Super Power Rundown Series’, L. Ron Hubbard, LRH ED 301 INT, 17

    Yep. See above.

  8. Barney Rubble

    While these are touching to a degree, esp the 80 something year old female.

    It is staged and kind of sad. When did one have to prepare a speech approved by others? I never knew of this change?

  9. Carmela is AOSHANZO Public E/O, possibly Dir I&R, not sure though:

    Timemachine started 5:21pm. 6/11/09

    Hi Carmela,
    I have reached a final decision.
    I will be severing ties with the org pending analysis as to why so many SP declares have been done on beings who are OTVIII and clear on the dynamics they have been accused of suppressing.

    I was told to leave the AO a few years ago, after barely starting STCC, as I was “not AO public”.
    I wish to end cycle with the invalidation and criminal exchange on that and receive my course fee back. Per refunds policy it is mandatory, legally binding and well posted.

    I will also get $900 in undelivered services from Sydney Day, you can run that if you think they will get enturbulated.

    I will also receive all IAS donations that are off policy per LRH and have slowed peoples bridges. Orgs earn their buildings and build new civilisations out of WDAH and outreach activities. IAS is squirrel.

    I am not so sure they will be able to avoid my reasoning as well as the OT staff so you may save losing more of your team at this time. I have done doubt, the current structure is off-policy, has an “excuse” about books and buildings in its place and is running Scientologists into the ground.

    Example: Narconon filmed people coming off drugs a few years ago in sydney, they filmed it at Mike Woods house, I was living there, they used our flatmates, who don’t like scientology and pretended to the entire scientology int public that this was a Narconon group… modus operandi.

    I do not condone what David Miscavige has done. Neither would LRH.

    I feel no hate, harm, upset towards you and never have. I do not want other “cycles” stuck to me, we obviously have different ideas on KSW1. Lets move on with our own cycles.

    You are working hard, you are even under great pressure and possibly by maintaining an aesthetic approach to life could be even further made wrong by insinuations of “out-2D” flows etc. I mention that because you felt you needed to clarify what you intended by “You look good” when you greeted me at the AO one day. Never compromise with your own integrity. Never disparage yourself or minimise your power. If it is not an item, DONOT clean a clean, but it came up and I noticed indicators.

    The following are facts:
    I have inarguable data as to David Miscaviges hatting on Policy as of 1990. In deposition he answered “No” to “Have you ever graduated the Org Executive Course?”

    To find the data hit ctrl-f (thats the ctrl, control key and “f” simultaneously) type OEC if you want to find his 1 hour Q&A or just “Org Executive Course” to hone straight in.

    He had restructured the orgs by this time.

    Kind regards,

  10. Okay, Marty, I’m hungry and I’ve cranked up the confront level a bit…dish out the dirt (personally I get heartburn from mixed nuts!)

  11. Yes. Just Google “Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks.” It is an accurate quote.

  12. “Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks as we are right now grooming the Super Power auditors in a special International course. It will be delivered in almost all languages”. LRH from LRH ED 301 Int 17 Dec 1978.

  13. You are correct StarsAwait it was RED 301 Int RJ 30 here is what he says:

    (begin fair use)

    SUPER POWER. A super fantastic, but confidential series of rundowns that
    can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic
    shape unleashing the super power of a thetan. This is the means that puts Scientologists
    into a new realm of ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts world
    Clearing within reach in the future. This is a parallel rundown to Power in Saint Hills
    which is taken by the Dianetic Clear. It consists of 12 separate high power rundowns
    which are brand new and enter realms of the tech never before approached. Power is
    still very much in use on the Grade Chart but is for those who didn’t go Clear on
    Dianetics. Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks as we
    are right now super grooming the Super Power auditors in a special international
    course. It will be delivered in almost all languages.
    The New World Corps is being formed and trained this very minute, candidates
    for which must be Class IV, OT IIIs. Orgs were once promised Power for their staffs.
    If org staff are very, very good and get on policy and everything. they will one
    day look up and see a New World Corps team move in on them, and then…. New
    World Corps mean just that!

    (end fair use)

  14. Wow Marty I can’t believe that these guys attested to what is currently the highest level on the Bridge!

    What was that?

    Interior with full deception?

    I’ve seen better results from Life Repair back in the bad ol’days!!!

    Haven’t any of these guys done a Comm Course?

  15. Grade 0 ability gained “abilty to communicate freely with anyone on any subject”. (Ref; the Grade Chart).

    I can’t help wondering how many at OSA have had a full Grade 0 to EP. I have been asking some perfectly reasonable important questions for some time now and there is either “no answer” or answering question with question: “where did you hear that?” etc.

    Similarly when I see the OT success stories I wonder whether these people have actually got much conceptual grasp of the basics they have slavishly been studying. One does not need to be a Class VIII C/S or Data Series evaluator to notice that the Ideal Orgs program is not producing “explosive growth” of auditors, or that the dozens of individual reports of abuses at Int are not all the product of hallucinogenic and bitter church-haters. A simple study of SOS will suffice.

  16. These internal videos were obviously leaked like the infamous manic freakout by Tom Cruise that started the Anonymous protests.

    It will be interesting to count the hours or days until they’re removed because of a copyright infringement complaint by Cof$. Meanwhile, check out the comments below, and perhaps make one yourself if you feel inclined.

  17. The best thing about those videos was the cheesy 1960s Game Show Music.

    It reminded me of the Dating Game.

    Contestent: “Bachelor OTIII number 1. I just gave a factual KR on DM. Do you disconnect from me, spoil my reputation, or email my SP declare?”

    OTVIII #1: “I don’t date girls like you.” ((TAKES OFF MIC AND LEAVES.))

  18. What is sad for me to watch, not so much the woodenness or the WOWness but the fact that I know at least one of the people and he isn’t remotely considerate, kind or generous to others. I am SURE he would like to be – he’s not a bad person – he is just driven by stats and thus IF you aren’t going to be part of his stat base, then factually you don’t exist for him.

    And IF you deny someone’s existence by basically looking through them, not being interested in them — it doesn’t matter which OT Level you attest to, or how many words of realization you claim.

    You just AINT being kind or good. Which in Tibetan actually translates to COMPLETE.

    As in a COMPLETE human being — without muck, habitual patterns, stuck in the past, or pretended future.

    A community cannot survive unless it has kindness BECAUSE kindness widens to wisdom.

    No insane community can survive. Take a look at our community called planet earth — it’s on a death spiral …
    but I believe there are those committed to change – as evidenced by this blog!!

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


  19. martyrathbun09

    Well put. All virtues spelled out in TWTH by the way.

  20. TWTH was one of my fav rundowns. Didn’t have much appeal though for FCCIs — not flashy enough. Not “out there” enough. Just wonderful plain validation of our basic goodness and a reminder to be kind.

    Had one of the most life changing realizations about my family! Glad to hear that you are delivering this.


  21. Marty, the Sea Org Executive Directive comdemning David Mayo (it was issued by Ray Mithoff Snr C/S Int in 1982) has the same title as this post. Is this intentional?

    Also, I would be interested in your take on David Mayo.

  22. Martin,
    Hang on buddy, you’re in for quite a ride.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Of course. It was directed and edited by the mother of all squirrels. Mayo was pretty damn competent. But he succumbed to ego in wanting to outright replace LRH and when rebuffed, outright attacking him and when rebuffed, he was bought off and quietly rode into the sunset.

  24. I think that is the most succinct and accurate description of that whole cycle I’ve ever read.

  25. AND, if you recall, that SOED had an excerpt of an LRH advice that stated in part “You cats better start being able to spot SP’s!”…….

    As a relatively new staff member at that time, I thought it was odd that LRH would say that about his own auditor, much less some one he spent a lot of time with on the Apollo…..

    However, if that was a valid LRH advice, I think it still holds true today. 🙂

  26. I don’t know where you have been for the past 15 years Barney but there isn’t one speech that you have seen in these mass graduations that isn’t scripted. I was heavily scripted when I spoke at FLAG and we did it constantly at CC and PAC. These are just really bad scripts and obviously they aren’t even really happy. I guess before the people at least believed the script.

  27. He who would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars: general Good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, and flatterer.

    William Blake — poet, artist and very good friend of Thomas Paine

  28. Jim,

    Without getting too much into”taboo topics” here in the free world of free speech, I will tell you this.

    Having completed OTVlll and been thru the speech regiment I can tell you that you had better write something in thanking RTC and COB or it would have been sure to cause your return home to be delayed(Ha!) You have to get your speech “cleared” thru..oh I forget now her post.. but I see her face. And the people comping these days have to mention the Basics although I didn’t hear that on these speeches Marty provided(did I?). When I was on the ship in 2007 after the basics came out, I heard a ton of OTVlll speeches..every one of them had stuck in their speeches somewhere praises of the Basics. At the time, it really bothered me as it was quite evident that it had been VERY coached into the person to do so. And delivery was so unnatural as to be annoying to listen to.

    When I gave my speech in 2003, I couldn’t really think up much to say as it had all been said before and there honestly wasn’t anything new to say. How much of “my space is huge.” “I love everyone” and “I can cause anything” and “now I’m REALLY me” can one repeat after each OT level?? But that’s a whole other story.

    So I did a lot of thanking to the staff and housecleaning crew who were all truly beyond fantastic.

    And obviously, I was able to come up with wins good enough to pass “inspection”.

    What I’m saying is true for me and may not be true for others, of course. But I will add this, after having been contacted by numerous other OTVllls now, I am not alone.

  29. Ha ha that is good! I tell you..just hearing that opening music on these videos gave me a stomach ache.

  30. Is it thrue that David (Slappy the Squirrel) Miscavige is in fact just an non-OT Cameraman. I am just curious alsoo about the buzz about the real appointed next “leaders” or helmsmen of the C of S and what Slappy has done to them. Do you have a plan in place to build back what was lost in 1986 or even before ?

  31. What do you mean, Mayo was rebuffed? By whom? He was spied on, harassed and sued, but had financial backing to fight the case. And who was behind all that? Hubbard or Miscavige?

    Did you ever see this news article? Note the dates and connect the dots.

  32. Mayo was really weird. In fact, Flag late 70’s was really weird. I arrived there from PAC expecting to be in “the friendly place in the world.” Instead I observed Sr. Exs riding in the elevators not looking or talking to each other AS IF they didn’t know each other. Pers Comm sat by himself!! at meals and no one dared talked to him. My booth was in front of his so EVERYDAY I would smile and say hello. FINALLY, he started to say hi to me. It was a strange game I played with myself.

    I just couldn’t stand it. And circumstances led to my blowing in late 1980 — whew — so happy to be outta there.

    Was lucky — never got declared. Friends in high places and all that. Oh — money helped too


  33. martyrathbun09

    T, thanks for coming back with some of your wonderful scholarship. Your family had a great time and is flying high after partaking in some of those “minute particulars.”

  34. martyrathbun09

    Miscavige…long story.

  35. Yeah my BS meter went on alert when I saw that the issue of “Story of a Squirrel” was issued as an SOED and not by the Ol’man personally.

    The truth is that Mayo made some efforts to sabotage the tech by canceling the Pro TRs course as a prerec for the Levels. Also a lot of Grades PCs ended up being run on unreading Questions and Items because he declared they didn’t have to read in order to run them.

    He also as covered in C/S Series 115 began to mix major RDs with repair actions. Also I know that Ron wasn’t too pleased with his piloting of the HRD, nor the DCSI which he ended up having to do himself.

    That said, compared to what Miscavige has done, Mayo was a paragon of Standard Tech!

    Not only that but Ron wanted Mayo sorted out and salvaged, but instead when Mayo was turned over to Miscavige’s tender mercies he was tortured with a suppressive alteration of the Running Program that had no relationship to the actual RD!

    Of course like the whole Franchise fiasco, Ron was never given the actual details on what actually happened to Mayo, like the fact that they had him out in the hot desert sun running round a tree for 15 hours a day, or the fact that he was kept under constant watch like a common criminal and that when he decided he had enough he “blew” which was the only part of the story they told the Ol’man of course leaving out the minor details of the “enhanced interrogation techniques” that were used prior to this “blow”!

  36. martyrathbun09

    Pretty accurate sum up, RJ.

  37. WH, I watched the videos and they seemed like people who were pretty happy with themselves. But i also take your point about people. I would add to you list of attributes the ability and ease in which a person can grant beingness, which is the first rule of PR as well as a strong first indicator of a persons true state, in my opinion.
    I dont know the individuals in those videos, but their wins didnt seem much more than what one could expect from a TR’s course done to a good EP. I didnt see Homo Novis standing there.
    The public from my viewpoint always seemed to be people absorbed in their first dynamic and I always valued any staff member as more valuable than anyone in the field. But there are public who had they not been able to afford it would have been staff and visa versa. I think that the public scientologist is for the most part very much concerned soley with themselves when it comes to the affairs of the church and no one should expect any sort great support from anyone on current church lines when looking for change. Paul Haggis is a great exception and truly stands out in my mind.
    But at the same time, as the independent movement grows and more and more auditing and services are available outside the church, the public will follow. Cost will be one factor. Granting beingness and safety will be another.
    This subject will not be contained or controlled. Its impossible.

  38. Dear Sir Marty can you direct me to that long story ? Or are you in the process of writing a book about him ?

  39. martyrathbun09

    Haven’t written that story yet.

  40. ClearlyMistreated

    My husband and I were still very much on purpose when we went to the Freewinds in 2005. Even then we commented to each other about how contrived and non-VGIs the OTVIII completions were. We guessed that they were all forced to include “how I’m going to contribute to command intention” in their speech since they all strained to do so.

  41. It seems that DM has just let your dear LRH run a mock in his 70ties. And one who saw it going wrong run of with the original tech to Russia. (Ronsorg). We the dutch will publish anything since time has been. Gellileie got banned by Rome: Strill Amsterdam publiosfed his works. We the dutch are free Speech Champions. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO FREEDOM. Dear Mister Rathbun gather your friend all over the world to silence the Mother of all Squirrels. That wil be in anonspeak EPIC JUSTICE and alsoo EPIC WIN (gain)

  42. Dear Sir Marty,

    This might be a real dumb question in your eyes but I’ll ask it anyhow.

    Do you fear that the C of S could or would sue you for anything, something or nothing and if they would, do you have the means to pay an attorney?

    Can you legally be wiped out?

  43. Couldn’t have left them in more caring hands than you and Mosey, for which I am … lost for words actually.

  44. sherry,
    Well, I suppose I should have predicted that an individual’s success would be put on a CSW line and subject to rewrite and ‘party line’ to meet another’s approval. But, I didn’t.

    I had no idea this ridiculous exercise was what was occurring. DM dictating success stories. I’m having trouble envisioning this on any flow as when I do I lose the ability to see and become MEST. It’s supposed to be ‘plus’ 8, not minus.

    This is NO AUDITING per HCOB 5 April 69, hence, the omitted reality of the success.

  45. Ex RPFer,
    I’m disgusted by this idea of scripted success and graduations. You’ve suggested it is a matter of course and has been for 15 years. What reference did you have for participating in this?

  46. Very astute observation Tom. I missed that one, but I did notice that some of the quotes looked …er…familar.

    Like the one about his grades being “phony as a three dollar bill” which I remember on the Xdn Lectures and the one about “bird dogs” which comes from the RA’s on Roll Back.

    Yeah obviously a Davy special cut and paste 🙂

  47. martyrathbun09

    Fear: no. Suit: for what? Wipe out: no.

  48. Barney Rubble

    Re: David Mayo:

    I don’t mean to interrupt the new thread of this commentary on another subject, but I was a CS Page for David Mayo on the Apollo and yes he was weird.

    He reminded me of an LRH pretender, with zero ethics presence of R. He had a larger presence of himself. Go to the R reference about being “Interesting” rather than “Interested”.

    That’s David Mayo.

    But, I’d have to say he studied the shit out of the PC Folders and took his task/job very seriously. He was a hard worker, and dug down deep into cases.

  49. Even in the 90’s OT VIII completions were tightly controlled. That pressure-cooker atmosphere was oppressive then and the heat has since been turned up many degrees. Being on the Freewinds was one of the worst experiences in my long Scientology history. Doing OT VIII and training in the course-room was fine, but that ship. . .that crew. . .it was like a prison ship.

    Sparing the gory details, one funny anecdote illustrates the point of “canned” OT VIII completion speeches. At that time, RTC and DM’s egos, while “gargantuan”, were nowhere near as bloated as now. LRH was still Number One, and he and the SO required a mention. But someone decided that any metaphors used in the completion speeches had to be vetted.

    Therefore you could NOT say that OT VIII was like a fresh spring breeze blowing away the fog of the ages. But you COULD say it was like a Category 5 hurricane making landfall on the shore of aberration.

    You could NOT say OT VIII was like opening a beautiful gift on Christmas morning. But you COULD say it was like being granted immortality by the Gods of Valhalla.

    It just floored me when my speech was edited in that vein. That and hundreds of other large and small oddities and ARC breaks eventually added up.

    Being an OT VIII then involved a loss of personal identity and free-will. I know what its like now. What identity? What free-will?

  50. Hmmm…interesting dichotomy there. Oppression and…auditing!

  51. Marty,
    I was there with you with the Diane Coletto incident/secondary. My wife audited you! I was the Case Supervisor! Read my latest story about SCN at Associated Content and get in touch with me…Ron wants us to get into solid comm!

  52. I too knew David Mayo and my impression of him was quite different! I thought he was a wonderful man with loads of integrity

  53. Thought provoking

    Wow…those “successes” were not at all the raves which make others want to get up the bridge. Despite the randomity that might be occuring, they look efforty and unnatural. I can understand the need for approval to ensure confidential info isn’t inadvertently relayed, but wholesale butchering of one’s success is just unforgivable.

    While on the ship, I observed some incredible OTVII successes in the late 80’s that put these to shame. As far as hearing the same success again and again, that is what was most intriguing about the wins. People all over the world were having consistent raving wins, although there were similarities, each one was uniquely that person…in a new unit of time.

    The videos lack “elan vital” that should be present at these top levels. Naturally one wants to operate across the dynamics after getting some mind blowing case gain, these guys are simply unbelievable.

    My KTL speech was more dynamic than any of the ones shown. And the gains just kept coming even after completing. I had a fabulous time reading SOS right after that.. For the first time in my life, reading LRH was like getting an intensive or two. I could only read for about 20-30 minutes at a time because I would get so exterior that I couldn’t take any more…I had to just have my win. Sometimes I would make it through a whole paragraph, most often…just a few sentences. Sheets of charge were falling away by the second. I was on a persistent F/N for weeks and I hadn’t read more than a few pages.

    When a person experiences a remarkable change in case, they need not say a thing…it is aparent in their expression and beingness.

    Showing these, as the representative success at the top levels is akin to a car salesman telling you the Edsel was really a Rolls Royce. What a degrade…from the blue-white diamond I received on KTL.

  54. Marty,

    You mention verbal declares. Around 2004 I got fed up with being told that I was declared and that there was an issue, but never receiving it despite repeated requests.

    Finally, I wrote a letter to Cont Justice Chief, cc Int Justice Chief (and probably some others as well, don’t remember) pointing out that, by their own policy, “If it isn’t written, it isn’t true,” and since I was a an ordained Scientology minister and had nothing to the contrary in writing, my ordination stood and I considered myself authorized to advertise and perform, as legitimate COS clergy, all Scientology services my status entitled me to, including but not limited to Scientology weddings, funerals, and christenings. I didn’t threaten to do so or threaten anything at all, just pointed out that by their own policy, I was authorized to.

    I received my goldenrod declare within a month, pretty quick for a disorganized, overworked gang doing something they hate to do.

  55. martyrathbun09

    Dan. Thanks. I guess that is what it takes.

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